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Thread: Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail

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    Here's the translation of the latest chapter. (For those who don't understand what the start of the chapter is talking about, go back to when Saber took down Caster and Leo escaped with Hakuno and you'll figure it out.)

    Foxtail Magazine Chapter 59
    Page 1:
    Text: What awaits the imprisoned Caster upon opening her eyes—
    Chapter 59: Awakening

    Page 2:
    Kazuhito: …So that’s where it was. // Tch // It must have fallen onto you back during the battle. I’ll be taking it back.
    Caster: …Where is this?
    Kazuhito: This is a prison set up within the castle grounds. // In here, your magical energy won’t recover and you won’t be able to release your strength, no matter how much you rest. // That’s why you’re still on the verge of death.
    Caster (thought): —But my pathway with Master is still connected… // He’s alive—!

    Page 3:
    Sound Effect: Whish
    Kazuhito: !
    Caster: You’re plagued by a huge contradiction, the way you are now. // Normally, you would never accept spending the rest of your life like this—
    Kazuhito: What?
    Caster: …I finally understand. // This is a fragment of your avatar, which was customized when you connected to SE.RA.PH— // You and this bell are linked. // This is the reason why your memories flowed into me.
    Kazuhito: Memories…?

    Page 4:
    Kazuhito: …Damn it. // Not again
    Kazuhito (thought): It must have been caused by my specialty in “dispersion”…!
    Caster: …I was wrong to call you a rotten soul without knowing anything. // Though I admit it’s impertinent of me, // please listen to my soliloquy for a little while.
    Kazuhito: …?
    Caster: “I won’t run from anything”… // Though awkward, that’s a truly momentous decision.
    Kazuhito: …
    Caster: …Doing something about that twisted curse of yours is not my place, so I’ll overlook it. // But your current state has been forced upon you by BB-san.
    Kazuhito: …!! // B… By…? // …BB…? // That’s right… I accepted BB’s proposal…

    Page 5:
    Kazuhito: So…what!? // Even if… that’s true… // Is it wrong to go with the flow…!? // Is it so wrong… to want to… live…!?
    Caster: I’m not talking about whether human survival instincts are right or wrong. // …Regardless of the process to get there, // in the end, a person’s answer is created from within oneself— // Only by constantly making choices on your own can you finally obtain a true self. // Make sure not to forget that…
    Kazuhito: Do you want to deny me for simply obeying BB…!? // Are you trying to tell me… to become like Kishinami, who chose not to run away!? // Caster!

    Page 6:
    Sound Effect: Tap
    Kazuhito: !
    Saber: …
    Caster: JK! // What happened to my Master…?
    Saber: Hah? // Leo took him. // That shiny prince ran off with him. // Leaving you behind.
    Caster: Phew…

    Page 7:
    Caster (thought): The last thing I remember before blacking out is seeing Gawain-san leap towards us. // This is Leo-san we’re talking about… He surely made the best possible decision in that situation.
    Caster: …That king isn’t anything as cute as a “shiny prince”.
    Saber: —Hmph. // Seem like this isn’t // enough to rattle you.
    Caster: …
    Caster (thought): …What am I so relieved for? // I never had any right to care for Master’s safety from the start…
    Kazuhito: … // …So, what happened, Saber?

    Page 8:
    Kazuhito: Did Shinji betray us after chasing after them? // Did you find BB and Kishinami?
    Saber: …Umm, // err…
    Saber (thought): I came back before I could decide whether or not I should tell him…
    BB: With this, all conflict will disappear. // In other words, // I will annihilate // …all of humanity.

    Page 9:
    Saber: … // …!!
    Saber (thought): That’s BB-chan’s objective…seriously!? // That would mean—Kazu-kun’s sister would— // —In other words, if we keep obeying BB-chan like we have until now, Kazu-kun’s only family left might die. // No! // I can’t let that happen! // But if we defy BB-chan, Kazu-kun will die— // … // I…I…!

    Page 10:
    Saber (thought): I have to tell Kazu-kun— // But if I do… Kazu-kun— // Kazu-kun might… // …No…!! // I don’t want Kazu-kun to go through that again—
    BB (flashback): Suzuka Gozen-san. // Your wish… I’ll grant it. // That is the only remaining means to survive
    Suzuka (flashback): …I don’t want this… // I—wanted to spend so much more time with—
    Suzuka (thought): Besides…
    BB (flashback): for the two of you, who should have vanished already.
    Suzuka (thought): I also—

    Page 11:
    Saber: Err… // The thing is—
    Kazuhito (flashback): But I’ll express my gratitude, at least. // …Thank you, Saber. // Ugh… // Fumi…
    Saber (flashback): Yeah…In other words, // your wish // is to make your family smile!
    Saber: …! // B… BB-chan… // told Matou and the others…

    Page 12:
    Saber: that the wish she’ll make upon the Holy Grail // is the total annihilation of humanity…
    Caster&Kazuhito: !!
    Kazuhito: …The annihilation… // of…humanity!?
    Caster: That means… // your sister will…?
    Saber (thought): Why are you opening your mouth here—?
    Kazuhito: Guh…
    Saber: Kazu-kun…!

    Page 13:
    Kazuhito: Haa // Haa // Haa // In other words… BB…is… // saying… she’ll… kill… Fumika…!?
    Kazuhito (flashback): I too // will not run away from my fate… // That’s what I decided…
    BB (flashback): …What is there to be ashamed of? // All humans want to keep living. // No one wants to die.
    Fumika (flashback): I can’t properly smile either—
    BB (flashback): Now, fear and cling to death. // That is the first step to granting your wish, // Sakagami-san.

    Page 14:
    Kazuhito: Ugh… // Guh… // Ugh—
    Saber: Kazu-kun! // …!
    Caster: You’re not going to chase after him?
    Saber: …It has nothing to do with you.
    Caster: …Are you waiting for him to break free from BB’s binding curse…? // Do you intend to keep steadfastly waiting until then for your punishment?

    Page 15:
    Sound Effect: Ring
    Saber: That’s… Kazu-kun’s… // I see… // You saw, didn’t you, fox?
    Caster: Oh my. // Are you perhaps jealous?
    Saber: If I interrogated you with some girls’ talk and you said that you liked Kazu-kun now, // I would cut you down right here and now and make some fox stew, even if Kazu-kun tried to stop me.

    Page 16:
    Saber: But // there’s no way that would happen in your case, right? // … // Whether he choses to live or die… // I’ll simply obey his orders.
    Caster: …But, // Sakagami-san isn’t the only one clinging to this life, is he? // If the future that Sakagami-san chooses is to rebel against BB-san—

    Page 17:
    Saber: … // …Fufufu. // What a clever, clever fox you are. // If you make another sound, // I’ll cut off your tongue.
    Text: Suzuka Gozen turns savage as her heart is in disarray.
    ~The sage cries out. "Open, Gates of Heaven. Bless us and bestow miracles upon us!"~

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    53.5 is on its way as well now. Just needs a few more touches.

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    I thought savepoints was typesetting this manga, what's going on?
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    SkipRow asked if he could take over and after having him try it out for the previous chapter we decided that's good. I do too much other stuff nowadays tbh, and you should've noticed my track record for keeping up with this is really poor, so it's really for everyone's best.

    So yeah, I'm out for Foxtail from now on.
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    Glad to hear everyone is OK with it. Thank-you savepoint for all your work up to this point it was greatly appreciated.

    EDreamer thanks for the great translation.

    Now I know where Tamamo got the bell came from. So Saber knows BB is messing with Kazuhitos mind but she wants to stay with him longer so her doing nothing to help him is punishment to herself. Is Tamamo at the end saying Saber may value her (Saber) own happiness over Kazuhitos?

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    Here's Chapter 53.5.

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    That was great TheSkipRow Thank-you. I didn't see any mistakes and I read this and ch 54 three time. I look forward to you future work on FoxTails.

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