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Thread: Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamamo-no-Mae Goshujin-sama View Post
    I do wonder why the Mangadex links don't work for some like they use to.
    I think the forum got hit by a DMCA strike, so now all links to piracy and/or file sharing websites don't work to protect against future takedowns, or something like that.

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    New chapter 81 just came out!

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    >1st page


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    Lol, they hung up Karna in the rain.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Ngl I already forgot that they still have Jinako stuff to sort out...

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    Sooo what's their plan now?

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    Thanks for the raws AleisterSwole. This looks like a very cute chapter as well lead in to an interesting next one, though it is sadly a little short. I'm wonder what the conversation was about
    It looks like Tamamo is controling the talk with her ability to change from comic relief to serious on the dime and not seem strange. I looks like Rin is the only one to notice. Tama also seems to be tring to help Kazuhito realize Suzuka feelings. Also its funny that Hakuno is the one who gets the nose blead this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac View Post
    Lol, they hung up Karna in the rain.
    First thing I thought is that Violet is using him as a Teruteru Bouzu.

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    By request
    Here's the translation of the latest chapter. It's short, but it looks like we'll finally be heading to face Suzuka soon.

    Foxtail Magazine Chapter 81
    Page 1:
    Chapter 81: Sakagami Kazuhito 10
    Kazuhito: Haa // Haa // Haa // Haa // Haa… // Haa… // Haa… // Haa…

    Page 2:
    Rani: The Thesis of the Still Heart program // has been successfully installed.
    Kazuhito: Phew… // I see.
    Rin: … // …Sakagami-kun. // You really find your Servant hard to deal with, don’t you?
    Kazuhito: ? // Hard to deal with?
    Rin: You really don’t want to save her, so much so that it makes you throw up, right? // But you still can’t bring yourself to abandon your own Servant. // Well, // if you can bring her back to help us defeat Kazuradrop, I have no complaints either way.

    Page 3:
    Kazuhito: …
    Tamamo: Rin-san, // you’ve got it backwards.
    Rin&Kazuhito: Backwards?
    Rin: Which part?
    Tamamo: … // It can’t be helped. // Master, // Sakagami-san. // Come over here. // Let’s have a nice secret chat in the corner.
    Rin: Wha… // What’re you doing?
    Tamamo: I’m just trying not to talk about people’s weakness (ruby: SG) in front of others. // Think of it as the compassion of a considerate fox. // Having my Master listen in is just a necessary price of that.
    Hakuno: I don’t really get it, but if it’s something you don’t want others to hear, shall I leave?

    Page 4:
    Tamamo: Master, if Sakagami-san and I // had a secret chitchat in the corner of the room by ourselves, can you really say you wouldn’t feel jealous?
    Hakuno: … // I’d be jealous! // Really jealous!
    Kazuhito: What happened to the old Kishinami who told me through eye contact that we both have it rough?
    Rin: …I’d prefer if we shared all information with each other, // but if Caster is going out of her way like this, there must be a reason…right?
    Leo: However, // it’s impossible not to be curious when they’re whispering like that right in front of us.
    Gawain: I apologize, Leo. // I tried picking up their conversation, but she seems to have put up an anti-eavesdropping barrier.
    Leo: What a shame. // She’s terrifyingly cautious.
    Rin: Personally, I find you two far more terrifying.
    Rin (thought): Backwards, huh…

    Page 5:
    Tamamo: I feel bad about advising Sakagami-san like this, // but I’m the only one here who understands your circumstances.
    Tamamo (thought): Suzuka-san will just have to put up with it for now.
    Kazuhito: I…understand myself, at least… // It’s just like Tohsaka said. // I… // have trouble dealing with Saber… // Yeah… // That’s right…there’s no mistake about it. // I’ve always been fed up with her selfish attitude.
    Tamamo: “I can’t run away.” // “I can’t have fun.” // “I can’t let myself have fun.” // —That’s what you’re always thinking, right?
    Kazuhito: …!

    Page 6:
    Tamamo: Think back very carefully // about why you’ve tried to push Suzuka-san away until now. // And why you can’t stop shaking right now. // If you’re going to face Suzuka-san head-on—
    Hakuno: Ah, // I think I kinda get it. // For me, facing my Servant // meant facing myself.

    Page 7:
    Hakuno: That’s why you said you would face Saber // not as her “Master”, but as “Sakagami Kazuhito”. // Because you must start by truly understanding yourself. // Right? // Tamamo seemed to be having trouble giving advice, // so I summed it up in my own way, but did I get it right?
    Tamamo (thought): —Yes. // We’re accomplices (ruby: partners) after all! // I do what Master can’t, // and Master does what I can’t…!
    Tamamo: What an incredibly stylish relationship we have—!
    Hakuno: Wh…What?

    Page 8:
    Kazuhito: Hey, your nose is bleeding…
    Hakuno: Ah. // Don’t worry, it’s just poison.
    Kazuhito: Just poison!?
    Hakuno: This is something precious I obtained // as a result of facing Tamamo.
    Kazuhito: I see—I don’t get the details, // but basically, you’re being dragged around by your Servant as usual, right?
    Hakuno: Muh. // That’s true, but I’m going to drag her around too from now on.
    Tamamo: !?

    Page 9:
    Violet: This is my compassion as a former colleague. // As long as you don’t try anything, I won’t let a hand on you.
    Jinako: T-Traitor…! // What’re planning to do to me!?
    Violet: I just said I don’t plan to do anything to you, didn’t I? // Did I not convey it properly?
    Jinako: I never thought Karna-san would be that incompetent…
    Violet: That Heroic Spirit gave his all, you know? // Ah, but his communication ability was certainly lacking.
    Jinako: Just like I thought… // I knew he was the type to leave out the important part when he talks.
    Karna (thought): Am I so bad that I come up as a common topic in conversation…?
    Violet: —I heard that you saw the battle between Kishinami Hakuno and Sakagami Kazuhito // as a representation of your own fate.

    Page 10:
    Jinako: Wh… // Who would ever…
    Violet: Breaking through the Venus Statue… // will be the final battle on this floor. // I will wait until it’s over to see // what decision you come to. // If you choose to fight with us, that’s fine. // If you choose to oppose us—
    Jinako: ! // …I see. // Vio-san is just like Kishinami-san… // You just want Karna-san’s help, not mine.
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    Thanks for the translation!
    I appreciate the funny Hakuno moments here and there. And I guess the poison is going to stick around for a while, hopefully it won't debuff him or anything.

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    Thanks for translating.
    Jinako: —I heard that you saw the battle between Kishinami Hakuno and Sakagami Kazuhito // as a representation of your own fate.
    This part should be Violet talking, yes?

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    ch 81: **************

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    Once again thank-you both EDreamer, and TheSkipRow for the translation and type set. The Tamamo talk scene was so cute. I may be miss reading but on page 9
    Jinako: T-Traitor…! // What’re planning to do to me!?

    Shouldn't it be What’re "you" planning to do to me!? .

    If I'm miss reading sorry. I greatly appreciate all the work you all, AleisterSwole EDreamer and TheSkipRow, put in to bring us these chapter.

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    Finally we're back on track to fight Suzuka. It's been the thing I was waiting for since I caught up.
    Next chapter seems like it will focus on Futaba I mean, Jinako. I'm down for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSkipRow View Post
    ch 81: **************
    So Sakagami doesn't want to save Suzuka if it means he has to at look at himself. I hope Jinako will make the right decision.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shrapnel View Post
    Bob the Builder's evil twin.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imperial View Post
    HF felt like Nasu holding up a megaphone and screaming, "LOOK AT HOW SAD THIS IS! ISN'T IT SAD? YOU SHOULD FEEL SAD!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Altaris View Post
    > Einzbern

    > Making smart decisions

    Pick one

    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    Palingenesis just sounds like we're creating Sarah Palin.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leftovers View Post
    >tfw you betray your ideals to get some

    Quote Originally Posted by Mizukume View Post
    In short, Japan's syncretism BS striked again.

    Quote Originally Posted by castor212 View Post
    of the Boobs

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    Tomorrow hopefully a new Chapter

    Saw this image and thought it was cute and shows how far these two have come since the start.
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    New chapter 82, with some nice colored illustrations at the beginning.

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    Takenoko's made some twitter posts about the 10th anniversary, including a commemorative pic and a interview with Nasu (the website is seemingly locked to Japanese IPs only.)

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    It took long enough but they finally getting inside... time for Kazu to fail at talk-no-jutsu
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    Thank-you AleisterSwole for the raws. Happy 10 years for Fox Tails I'm so glad it made it this far and hope if keeps going strong.

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