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Thread: Kara no Kyokai Movie Pamphlet Q&A

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    Kara no Kyokai Movie Pamphlet Q&A

    Chapter 1 – "Overlooking View"

    N/A. If anybody has the Q&A session from the first pamphlet let me know, because I couldn't find it.

    Chapter 2 – "A Study in Murder (Part 1)"

    Q: What was your favorite scene in Chapter 2?
    Takeuchi: I thought he snowy scene at the beginning was impressive.
    Nasu: Same here. The opening scene is full of deep emotions. Now, if you're talking about what scene exceeded my expectations as the original writer, that would be when Akitaka tells Shiki there's a stalker outside her room. It was just too adorable the way Shiki said "You can leave him be," then scampered back to the futon and pulled the covers over her head. Oh, and the heroine Mikiya's tears were nice too.

    Q: Do Shiki and Mikiya have good grades?
    Nasu: Mikiya's are exceptionally average. As for Shiki, she's an honor student during the events of Chapter 2. When she woke up after the accident, however, her past habit of truancy resurfaced and she fell out of the teachers' good graces.
    Takeuchi: Not that she cared, though.

    Q: How proficient is Shiki's swordplay?
    Nasu: About the same as that legendary swordswoman of Fuyuki.
    Takeuchi: Wow, Shiki is amazing! …Or rather, isn't it Fujimura that's amazing!?
    Nasu: Of course, Shiki prefers knives over swords. But, setting aside likes and dislikes, if she was willing to lose the knife obsession and seriously show her full power as a swordswoman… well… it'd be enough to give a 200-year-old warrior monk pause.

    Q: When Shiki bought that leather jacket, was it out of her own allowance? And if so, how much does she get?
    Nasu: She has a monthly allowance of 50,000 yen. If she ever needs more money beyond that, she casually puts out an "I wanna go shopping" sort of aura, and the ever-perceptive Mr. Akitaka will make arrangements.
    Takeuchi: An "I wanna go shopping" aura… So that would be, like, staring at something she wants with gleaming eyes, right? …I'd like to see that.
    Nasu: Nah, she'll just be a little bit more grouchy than usual. Definitely.

    Q: I know Shiki binds her chest when she's in her kendo outfit, but does she usually go braless otherwise? My heart is thumping just thinking about it!
    Takeuchi: Yeah, you definitely wouldn't wear underwear with a kimono, right?
    Nasu: Now we just have to get Ufotable to make Chapter 2: The Transparent Kimono Edition.

    Q: Shiki's father seems like a really scary person. What does he do for a living?
    Nasu: Naturally, he's Yaku――*cough*, I mean, he manages a diverse portfolio of companies. He occasionally acts as a "consultant" for rival organizations, and has a large number of "freelance employees" on retainer in his home. And he's a bit old-fashioned, so he won't hesitate to resort to violence when the occasion calls for it.
    Takeuchi: I see. Basically, you're saying it was a really dangerous thing that Mikiya did.
    Nasu: Oh, and he's also a member of the Gourmet Club.

    Q: How are relations in the Ryōgi household? Like, do they sit down and enjoy meals together as a family?
    Takeuchi: …Probably not.
    Nasu: The Ryōgi household still observes the old Japanese dining traditions. In ancient Japan, hierarchical relationships were made readily apparent even within families. A dining table where everybody sat down and ate as equals would be unheard of. Rather, each individual is given their own table that indicates their status.

    Q: The Ryōgi mansion is really huge. How many people live there? They must have a lot of servants, right?
    Takeuchi: Well to start with, there's the beautiful mother.
    Nasu: Though, regrettably, there aren't any twin maids and the elder brother is off living on his own. As for servants, I guess there are about 20 if you include the young ones.

    Q: I noticed that there's a bamboo grove near the Ryōgi mansion. In the spring, do they ever do things like hunting bamboo shoots together as a family?
    Takeuchi: …Probably not.
    Nasu: But they at least go on walks, for sure! Though it's really just Papa Ryōgi and Mama Ryōgi. Occasionally, Shiki will see them spending time together out there from her room.

    Q: Can Shiki and SHIKI communicate with each other?
    Nasu: They can't talk, but they can both understand what the other is feeling. When one comes out it's like the other goes to sleep, and at the moment they switch they feel each other's desires, basically. So after SHIKI enjoyed eating at McDonald's, Shiki was grumbling about it. "What'd you have to go and do that for? …In the first place, I wanted to do it…"
    Takeuchi: All the me's inside of me are always holding Me Court. There's a defendant me, a lawyer me, even a prosecutor, judge, and spectator me.
    Nasu: So you're a total scatterbrain. Got it.

    Q: I couldn't help but worry about Mr. Akitaka. What kind of person is he, anyway?
    Takeuchi: I heard he's a former Yakuza.
    Nasu: Former, huh? I don't know about that…
    Takeuchi: I-I wonder what he's doing now!
    Nasu: They say he's a butler. I imagine he's entrusted with handling all the household affairs.

    Q: Is Daisuke a good detective? Does he ever get to gather a bunch of people in a room and declare that one of them is the culprit?
    Takeuchi: He's the type of guy that will never get promoted regardless of his talent.
    Nasu: He's a great detective, but a terrible police officer. The police force places great value on respecting the hierarchy, so his chances of promotion were destroyed the moment he asked "Why on earth should I have to clear something like who I'm gonna marry with my superiors!?"
    Takeuchi: Stuck in a hierarchical organization beyond all imagination… and yet, able to talk so casually about marriage. Even Daisuke has a story, huh?

    Q: Is Mikiya popular with the girls at school?
    Takeuchi: That guy… he'll blossom into a true lady-killer in about three years or so.
    Nasu: He'll be a laid-back, terrifying twenty-year-old lady-killer. Without a doubt, those cool, composed gestures will spell instant death for women that crave stability.

    Q: Daisuke often discussed various aspects of the case he was working with Mikiya. I have to ask, has Mikiya been the real brains of the operation all this time?
    Takeuchi: I'm sorry, Uncle!
    Nasu: All right, now that Daisuke is asleep, the Great Reasoning begins! …Anyway, it's not like they have logic battles at the scene of the crime or anything, but occasionally Daisuke likes to hear what Mikiya has to say as a third party observer.

    Q: What do Mikiya's parents think of the fact that he leaves every night to go to Ryōgi's house?
    Takeuchi: Oddly enough they never noticed. You know, I actually snuck out at night to go have fun a lot myself, when I was younger.
    Nasu: My family was pretty laid back in that regard. Like, "You're going out? Well, if you're not back by midnight be quiet when you come in, you don't want to wake your father." But still, doing it every night would have been a bit much. *laugh*

    Q: Who's the one that washes all the blood splatter off of Shiki's kimonos?
    Nasu: All those sorts of troublesome tasks are handled by…
    Takeuchi: It's the super-butler, Akitaka. Obviously.

    Q: Did Shiki's father ever get mad at her for staying out late every night? I was a little worried because he seems like a pretty strict guy.
    Takeuchi: H-Hooooney! Has Shiki still not come home!? It's already 5 minutes and 20 seconds past the 6 o'clock curfew!
    Nasu: If she had a family like that, Shiki would definitely be a more cheerful person. *laugh*

    Q: What was Azaka doing during "A Study in Murder (Part 1)"?
    Nasu: She was adopted into a relative's family, and was biding her time, waiting for the perfect moment to launch her Brother Conquering Campaign.
    Takeuchi: See you in the next life, Elder Brother.

    Q: What was Tōko doing during "A Study in Murder (Part 1)"?
    Nasu: She was traveling all over Japan looking for a comfortable hideout.
    Takeuchi: It was the "Almost Blowing Up a Hot Springs Resort" chapter of Tōko's wanderings.

    Q: What was the reporter that read the news in Chapter 1 doing during "A Study in Murder (Part 1)"?
    Nasu: He was working hard on the variety show circuit, doing things like participating in a polar bear plunge with other entertainers, bombing on stage, and going to the Amazon, all for the sake of one day becoming a famous newscaster.
    Takeuchi: These questions are starting to drift off topic a bit…

    Q: What was the relationship between Mikiya and Shirazumi Lio like?
    Nasu: They had a simple senior/junior relationship. Though to Mikiya it was a perfectly normal acquaintanceship, to Shirazumi it was an unbelievable friendship. Or to put it another way, it was an unrequited love.
    Takeuchi: Shirazumi didn't have any friends?
    Nasu: Going by his standards, the only person you could call his friend was Kokutō. Well, he's a fastidious misanthrope by nature, so it stands to reason he wouldn't have many friends. He hates both men and women alike. As for why Shiki was an exception, it's because she was neither.

    Q: Would Shiki and SHIKI get along?
    Nasu: Allow me to answer with a hypothetical. Suppose I made a clone of myself. As long as I play all the games and he does all the work, that's perfect. I'm happy, the staff is happy, everybody wins. But, is that really what would happen? What would you do if the only result is that I beat twice as many games in the same amount of time?
    Takeuchi: Well, first of all I think I'd kill you, hahaha.
    Nasu: …Umm… Anyway, what I was trying to say is that having to deal with yourself would probably be really exhausting for anyone.

    Q: How did Shiki usually pass the time at home? Did she just practice sword drills all day or what?
    Nasu: She received grueling lessons in Japanese harp, flower arrangement, calligraphy, swordsmanship, jujutsu, and dance. And she studied cooking as a hobby.
    Takeuchi: Hmm, hmm, I see. …Grueling?
    Nasu: Grueling.

    Q: Was Mikiya nervous the night before his date? When I imagine him furiously making plans about what to do… ah, I think I might fall in love!
    Nasu: He was super-nervous. I bet he able to sleep at all that night. Near the end he almost broke down and called Azaka for advice, but his pride as a man wouldn't let him… If it were a visual novel, this would have definitely been a decision point!
    Takeuchi: Like, if you made the phone call, Azaka would drop everything and rush in from the countryside to butt in on the date—!?
    Nasu: Without a doubt, this was a pivotal moment…!

    Q: Are Shiki's kimonos high-class goods? Did she choose the cloth and have them custom made?
    Nasu: She can't actually distinguish between different types, but because she's been in contact with nothing but high-class goods her entire life she can at least tell the difference between "good" and "bad". At the kimono fabrics shop, she'll pick out a material without hesitation and leave, at which point Akitaka will look at the price only to find that it costs as much as he makes in two months!
    Takeuchi: Well, it's partly because kimonos are expensive, right? I bet she also has a lot of hand-me-downs from her mother.

    Chapter 3 – "Remaining Sense of Pain"

    Q: What was your favorite scene in Chapter 3?
    Nasu: To put it bluntly, I loved the scene where Shiki poses dramatically and says the "Even if it's God…" line. As for the scene with the most unexpected impact, it was when we got to see Tōko with her hair down because she didn't think she'd have any more visitors that night.
    Takeuchi: Yeah, the faceoff on the bridge was the best. A super royal road of romance. You can't help but get fired up!
    Nasu: And just purely by animation quality, the bridge collapse scene was awesome. Though it was so well done I couldn't help but think it looked more dangerous than impressive. *laugh*

    Q: When did Azaka become Tōko's apprentice?
    Nasu: Since she formally became Tōko's apprentice after Shiki woke up, that would be sometime around June or July of 1998. But, Tōko and Azaka had already met before then. While Azaka was still living at her relatives' house, a series of strange incidents occurred, and Tōko was the one that got to the bottom of it. As the daughter of the house, Azaka got dragged cooperating with the investigation. Though at that stage, probably neither of them would have guessed that they would eventually become master and apprentice! By the way, when Kokutō first came to Tōko's office, she had no idea he was Azaka's older brother. As for why, it's because——
    Takeuchi: Hey, hey, is it really okay if you go and spoil things like that?
    Nasu: I-Is that bad? It's bad, isn't it? Then, someday when you least expect it I'll go ahead and blab it out…
    Takeuchi: You're being irresponsible again…

    Q: Shiki and Azaka's banter was really interesting. So I want to know, what does Shiki think of her?
    Nasu: She thinks she's an interesting person. And, she's a person she doesn't have to worry about. Or to put it another way, Shiki really likes Azaka as a female friend. And, Azaka really, really hates Shiki.
    Takeuchi: Mmm. Somehow, I feel like I've seen that kind of relationship somewhere before. I wanna say… the fickle vampire and flat-chested little sister?
    Nasu: Ah. That's actually pretty close. The fact that both little sisters are thinking something along the lines of, "Even though I want to hate her, it's no good if she ends up liking me… Could it be that if big brother wasn't a factor, I might actually like this person too?" is particularly similar.

    Q: Did Fujino and Azaka's friendship start when they entered high school?
    Nasu: That's right. They knew each other from Reien Academy. They were both outsiders because they didn't enter Reien until high school, so they ended up becoming friends.
    Takeuchi: I see. So that's why Fujino didn't know that Mikiya was Azaka's older brother, huh?
    Nasu: You got it! If she had known, the scenario would have forked off onto a completely different route. The final confrontation would have changed to Combustion versus Distortion. Yeah, Reien Girl's Academy would be completely obliterated!

    Q: What kind of compensation does Shiki receive when she takes on Tōko's requests?
    Nasu: Basically, Shiki is satisfied as long as she gets to at least temporarily sate her murderous impulse. However, in cases like Fujino's where the target is captured alive, or where the target to be killed is something formless like a spirit, it seems Shiki is left feeling somewhat unsatisfied. When that happens, Tōko will usually give her an upgrade to her artificial arm, or maybe a rare knife to stop her sulking.
    Takeuchi: An artificial arm? 1,000,000 yen. An antique knife? 500,000 yen. The murderous impulse she felt that day? Priceless.

    Q: Was Mikiya able to keep his cool even when Fujino stayed the night in his apartment?
    Nasu: I've said it before and I'll say it again, that boy has the patience of a saint! It's abnormal! …Well, he had to step outside to cool his head when she took a shower, but still.
    Takeuchi: In the original book, didn't he excuse himself to go buy cigarettes, even though he doesn't actually smoke?
    Nasu: That was also out of concern for Fujino. Seems like the poor guy really was nervous, huh?
    Takeuchi: Ah… just once, I'd like to be able to come off cool under pressure like that, you know…?

    Q: Why did the ID cards Shiki received have "Araya Sōren" as the name?
    Takeuchi: I wondered that too. It made it seem like Araya must have already had his fingers in everything that happened, even then.
    Nasu: I wasn't trying to imply that at all! …Just think of it as a random coincidence. Blame the Counter Force or something.

    Q: By the end, Fujino was able to bend an entire bridge. But, is there anything that even she can't bend?
    Nasu: In Fujinon's world, things she thinks of as "unbendable" won't bend. Since I already talked about it in the Chapter 3 Pamphlet Interview, I'll leave it at that.
    Takeuchi: So then, what's something that won't bend in Fujinon's world?
    Nasu: Come on, that's so obvious! Doesn't it go without saying that it's that guy she met at the interscholastic field day in middle school!?

    Q: Does Garan no Dou get mail service, even though it's covered in a Domain that makes people avoid it? And for that matter, what about water and electricity? Are utility workers able to check the meters?
    Nasu: Surprisingly, all of that stuff runs just fine. It's because even though it repels unwanted visitors, it also has to maintain its existence as a legitimate business.
    Takeuchi: I suppose that's the difference between a magus living in the modern age and a magus hiding away in the modern age.

    Q: So, Tōko spent all her money ordering that "Ouija Board" thing, but… what's a Ouija Board, anyway?
    Nasu: It's a tool for communicating with spirits. By using a pendulum with the board, it supposedly allows you to magically converse with the dead. It's similar in concept to the practice of table-turning. It was created in Victorian England (1848~1886), but you can buy them online even today. Umm… don't actually do that, though.
    Takeuchi: So did Tōko actually intend to have fun trying to talk to spirits?
    Nasu: Nah, she mostly just bought it because she thought it would look good in her office. Or, maybe she intends to use it as one of the 38 instant-kill weapons carried by the Mecha-Mikiya that she's bound to make sooner or later.
    Takeuchi: Tōko's pretty… unfettered, huh?

    Q: What is Café Ahnenerbe's specialty?
    Takeuchi: Without a doubt, it's the blueberry pie.
    Nasu: Basically, you can't go wrong with the pie. The shop owner bakes as a hobby, so he's always experimenting with new and whimsical flavors.

    Q: The Reien Girl's Academy uniform is supposed to be pretty popular among the fashion elite. Was it created by a famous designer or something?
    Takeuchi: Rather than that, doesn't it seem more like it was designed a long time ago and never changed since? It's that obstinate feeling that catches hold of the heart of mania.
    Nasu: It has a pious air about it that seems tailor-made to tickle the fancy of those with twisted minds!

    Q: How many cars does Tōko own? And does she really have an ATV…?
    Nasu: She's a speed freak, that one. In her underground garage, she has four cars, two motorcycles, and what looks to be an honest-to-god reciprocating engine propeller plane. Of course, the original ending involved using that plane to escape after defeating the Demon God.
    Takeuchi: Too bad we couldn't use it. But hey, devils never cry, right?

    Q: Is Kokutō's ability to find lost objects an extension of his natural constitution?
    Nasu: It's in his nature. Or rather, he's too sincere for his own good. It's almost a kind of stubbornness, in a way.
    Takeuchi: So then was that almost-stalking event from Chapter 2 another one of his natural abilities?
    Nasu: This again? Didn't you bring it up in the last Q&A, too? Anyway, yes, it was his natural ability. I mean, if it was you, do you think you'd have it in you to stake out a Yakuza stronghold for days upon days for the sake of someone you fell in love with!? That's crazy!

    Q: When Kokutō and Fujino met in junior high school, what kind of gathering were they at? Was Fujino a participant in some kind of sporting event?
    Nasu: It was an interscholastic field day. Sort of like a big rally to promote a sense of community between different schools, I guess? Around six of the city's junior high schools participated in the competition. Needless to say, it was mainly track and field events. Since Kokutō's athletic ability was poor, he was given administrative duties instead of being chosen as a participant. Specifically, he was put on the health detail, which is why he took care of the injured Fujino even though she was a student from another school.
    Takeuchi: Geez, with a job like that Mikiya must have been tripping flags with girls left and right that day without even realizing it.

    Q: I read that after the incident, Asagami Fujino lost her vision. Will she ever be truly saved, or is she doomed to suffer in some way forever…?
    Nasu: That's her crime and her punishment. But she didn't completely lose her vision, you know, just her eyesight. Or maybe, her eyesight became extremely poor would be a better way to say it. As for whether or not she's able to adjust to it, you can catch a glimpse of that in Chapter 6 of the original work. Anyway, if we're talking about Fujino's "Happy End", that already happened at the beginning of Chapter 3 when she met Mikiya and walked home with him. You could say she was saved right then, since that conversation was the only thing she ever wanted. As far as Fujino is concerned, it would have been fine if her story ended right there.
    Takeuchi: Ah. So that's the reason she smiled then?
    Nasu: Still, it was ultimately just a "Consolation Happy End". The divergence point for the best ending had already passed three years prior.

    Q: So Fujino's father forcibly induced her insensitivity to pain in order to suppress her power, but why? Didn't the Asagami family want to pass on unusual abilities to their descendants just like the Ryōgi family?
    Nasu: That era has long since passed. Though the Ryōgis have been very successful economically, the Asagamis have been defunct for quite some time. Probably, Fujino's father realized that their family no longer had any reason to exist shortly before their collapse. In the modern era, nobody wants people with unusual abilities anymore, so there is no need to pass them on. Rather, they should be eliminated. That's what he decided.
    Takeuchi: But that's not right at all. If they had opened the Twist Shop FUJINON, they could have taken the world by storm! They'd open stuck-on bottle caps, moonlight as rubber rollers, and make sculptures for the Hakone Open-Air Museum!
    Nasu: Hahaha. That's a pretty niche place to work, huh?

    Q: The scene where Fujino calls out to Mikiya in the rubble of the collapsed Broad Bridge was just too moving. Somehow or another, I demand you give him to her…!
    Takeuchi: Eh? That monologue was directed at Mikiya?
    Nasu: Not quite. For the sake of time and so as to not overcomplicate the message, the movie version focused mostly on memories of Mikiya during that scene. But the actual intent was a little different. The "I want to keep thinking" she said then was actually referring to her entire life up to that point, including her current state of feeling alive, and the state of numbness she'd lived in up until then… man, when you put it into words it really sounds kind of stupid. Anyway, it was pretty similar to Kirie's situation in Chapter 1.

    Q: I really want a Reien Girl's Academy uniform. Can't I buy one somewhere?
    Nasu: In the midst of a barrage of serious questions, the Steel Savior makes its appearance! I really want a Reien uniform, too, you know. Or rather, I want to find a bride to wear it for me! 2D is okay!
    Takeuchi: That doesn't really answer the question, though…

    Q: That shithead Minato Keita never really had his story resolved. Does he ever receive divine retribution for his sins?
    Nasu: Well, as Kokutō would put it, simply having to continue living after everything that happened is punishment enough.
    Takeuchi: But let's say his penis got torn off in some kind of accident, too. Just because.
    Nasu: It hurts just hearing you say it!

    Q: Since Shiki can even kill diseases, how about a spinoff where she changes jobs and becomes a doctor?
    Takeuchi: Another spinoff!?
    Nasu: Her rival will be the heretical priest that removes tumors without a scalpel, Kotomine BEAUTIFUL. …But wait, doesn't that mean that George is the final boss again!?
    Takeuchi: On the other hand, a doctor that can kill diseases just by looking at them doesn't make for a very interesting story.

    Chapter 4 – "The Hollow Shrine"

    Q: What was your favorite scene in Chapter 4? <Rocky>
    Takeuchi: The scene where the bandages came undone. The long-haired Shiki is no mere beauty, she exceeds perfection.
    Nasu: Mine was when Mikiya was humming "Singing in the Rain". Director Takiguchi faced the bar set by Chapter 2 and rose to the challenge! It exceeded even my wildest expectations as the original author.

    Q: We saw that Tōko is a certified speech therapist, but does she have any other certifications in addition to that? <Lemon>
    Nasu: Ah, certifications… certifications… haha… (He has a faraway look in his eyes.) Well, it's like this. Tōko said it, too, that a certification isn't really proof of anything, it's just a scrap of paper. Likewise, as long as you've actually got the skills to back it up, things like licenses or certifications are completely unnecessary…
    Takeuchi: In short, all of her certifications are forgeries.
    Nasu: Right. Though, to answer seriously… if we go by categories, she's qualified in Medical Treatment, Construction, Business, and Information Gathering.

    Q: What was the "Runic Protection" that Tōko talked about? <Yellow>
    Nasu: It kept spiritual bodies from invading. As long as the rune stone was present, the stray worldly desires drifting around the hospital were unable to enter Shiki's room.

    Q: It seems as though Kirie's father and Araya were acquainted somehow, but what sort of relationship did they have, specifically? <Sky Blue>
    Nasu: Saying that he was an acquaintance of her father was just a little white lie. He needed a pretense to take over handling the payment of Kirie's hospital bills after her family died. His face might be scary, but Araya really was Kirie's secret guardian angel.
    Takeuchi: What a great guy…
    Nasu: Preparing for everything is the secret to victory. Well, even Araya's great efforts couldn't account for Shiki falling in love with a normal person, or the loss of the first person he scouted, or finally, in Chapter 5, that utterly worthless guy who… whoops! I've said too much.

    Q: After Tōko cast her spell on the corpse, she mentioned something about the "ᚨ (Ansuz)" being too weak. What's an Ansuz? <Dango>
    Takeuchi: Oh, that. Just Google it!
    Nasu: Though the precise meaning of each rune varies depending on the magus, Ansuz is generally used for "Combustion". …Well, that's the rule in Kara no Kyōkai, anyway. The maximum effect of Ansuz is actually "to make known". Aside from that, according to Miwa-sensei, Dagaz and Ehwaz are also very popular choices as fire-type runes!
    Takeuchi: You should Google Miwa-sensei, too!
    (TN: They are talking about Miwa Kiyomune.)

    Q: What was the "Bizarre Incident" that led to Azaka becoming Tōko's apprentice? <ID>
    Nasu: I'll tell you some day, but for now it's a secret. As far as theme, think Edogawa or Yokomizo.
    Takeuchi: So she found Azaka in a lake, upside down with her legs sticking out of the water.
    Nasu: …Azaka isn't dead. Though actually, aside from that you're not far off.
    Takeuchi: Wha… I guessed right!?
    (TN: He's been dodging this question for years…)

    Q: Mikiya accompanied Shiki when she was transported to the hospital. Afterward, was he interrogated by members of the Ryōgi household? <Ranma>
    Takeuchi: What a scary question. Mikiya… right until the very end… you wouldn't give them your name…
    Nasu: Mikiya really is insane! If it was me, I'd end up throwing up as soon as I was caught. …Setting that aside, Shiki's parents had already heard from Akitaka that Shiki was acting strangely. Even if they didn't know all the details, they at least understood that their daughter was the one causing trouble.

    Q: You've mentioned that Shiki's brother is living away from home and that he's ineligible to be the Ryōgi heir, but I want to know, what kind of person is he? <Kyō>
    Nasu: Sort of Gackt-like.
    Takeuchi: Shibuya… Public Hall…
    Nasu: I wonder if there's even a single person that will understand this…

    Q: Shiki's mom is incredibly beautiful. I'm actually envious of Shiki's dad. Tell me, how did those two meet and fall in love? <Humanity>
    Nasu: Shiki's mom was an aloof beauty that had a certain elegance like the setting sun. Shiki's dad was a leader in the reviled 23 Districts Gang (and also the cheerleading captain). Eventually, in order to protect Shiki's mom, who was being harassed by a group of delinquents, Shiki's dad started silently walking her home every day. And after that… Well? What do you think? No good?
    Takeuchi: There have been a lot of questions about Shiki's mom. Everybody must have felt a pretty big impact from her. Well, I had a pretty big impact, too. Also, self-reflection. She isn't something you should cram your dreams into.

    Q: What was Araya doing while he worked at the hospital where Shiki was staying? Was he going around making strange, enticing offers to everybody he ran into? <Hirai>
    Takeuchi: That guy really works hard, huh? With so many irons in the fire it's a wonder he could keep track of it all!
    Nasu: Since he was probably using an artificial body designed for passing as a doctor, he might have actually been a little bit sociable! And he worked in the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine.
    Takeuchi: There it is! Dr. Araya's Origin Therapy! They say it can destroy a person's troubles together with their personality!
    Nasu: Improving a person's character with drugs or wiping away their earthly passions with sermons are both strictly forbidden by the law.

    Q: Tell me about the amazing backstory of the old man that attacked Shiki! <Neuta>
    Takeuchi: You mean that flashy walking corpse, right?
    Nasu: He was a charismatic Cyber DJ. …That's a lie. Actually, the only reason he had such a unique character design is so that the audience would immediately understand that the corpse that was wheeled in at the beginning and the corpse that attacked Shiki are the same. It was the production staff's idea, so give them a hand for their thoughtfulness, okay?

    Q: Was Shiki's refined palate able to endure eating hospital food, or did she go hungry while she was there? <Mokkun>
    Nasu: Naturally, they brought in the head chef employed by the Ryōgi household to cook all her meals. …Okay, that's a lie. At the time, Shiki was so out of it that she didn't care about her meals.
    Takeuchi: …Disgusting… Can I really eat… this kind of thing…? *Choke*
    Nasu: Didn't care "about", not didn't care "for". She was deeply shaken, so it was like she was floating through everything she did.

    Q: Why was Tōko being so sincere toward Shiki at the end, saying things like "To be hollow means you can be filled without limit, right?" and other stuff like that? Did something that happened tug at her heartstrings? <Sacchin Route Whar?>
    Nasu: It's because she could feel Shiki's unvoiced wish to live a normal life despite being endowed with a power that encroaches on the domain of God. Afterward, she took up molding Shiki as a hobby. Oh, and as for the Sacchin Route, please wait a while longer.
    Takeuchi: Sacchin has nothing to do with this!

    Q: Shiki can see the death of everything with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, but is there any kind of risk involved? <Ramza>
    Nasu: None at all. Hey, wait a minute… this character is invincible! But looking at death for too long does make her uncomfortable, just from the sheer strangeness of it. If you watched Chapter 4, you should understand what I mean.
    Takeuchi: There's no stress on her brain or anything like that? Even though in Tsukihime it was almost enough to shatter that Shiki's psyche…
    Nasu: To begin with, Tsukihime's Shiki was never supposed to be an ability user of that caliber. His talent was only at the level of Pure Eyes. Kara no Kyōkai's Shiki, on the other hand, is the greatest masterpiece of the Ryōgi clan, the "shell" that they had been cultivating for hundreds of years. Her potential alone is already almost cheating. On top of that, because she connected to "there" and learnt the concept of death while she was still comatose, it comes as easily to her as breathing.

    Q: What was Mikiya doing while Tōko was looking for the hospital Shiki was staying at? <Riverstone>
    Takeuchi: He was standing in front of her hospital room, perfectly silent. What a creeper.
    Nasu: That wasn't Mikiya, that was just a common criminal! Anyway, if you want to know more about this part, you should read the original novel. After all, he who does not work, neither shall he eat.

    Q: How strong is Tōko's rune magecraft? <Dawn>
    Takeuchi: Whoa, this person has a super-suspicious look in their eyes. Shhh! She's just some good-for-nothing? I can't say that!
    Nasu: Tōko's rune magecraft… hmm, honestly it's not very strong. Her real talents lie in doll-making, and to a lesser extent biological modification.

    Q: Since the "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception" ability wouldn't disappear even if Shiki gouged out her eyes, does that mean that she could still "see" things if she went blind? <Kōki>
    Nasu: It's death "perception", not death "sight". Even if she completely lost the ability to see, she'd still be able to grasp the concept of death.
    Takeuchi: Basically, she's not seeing death with her eyes alone.

    Q: Did Mikiya ever fool around with the sleeping Shiki during his weekly visits? <Yamacchi>
    Takeuchi: So you want to know, like, whether or not he ever smelled her hair or something?
    Nasu: Even though he knows that if he ever so much as touched her the super-butler would immediately crash into the room through the window, ready to take him down? It'd never happen.
    Takeuchi: I see. But, what if he just smelled her hair? What if he only went that far? What about that, huh, Kinoko!?
    Nasu: Calm down, Takeuchi. I've been thinking this since Chapter 1, but… you won't be happy unless you can turn Mikiya into a pervert, will you?

    Q: Tōko's personality changes when she puts on glasses. If she put on sunglasses, what kind of personality would she have? <Boruboru>
    Nasu: I never thought of that.
    Takeuchi: She'd turn into one of those cute weirdo characters with a nonsensical verbal tic. Here, Shiki, take this! Believe it!
    Nasu: I never thought of that either.

    Q: When Shiki was attacked by ghosts in the hospital, was that because it's a place that naturally attracts that sort of thing? Or, was it Araya's doing? <Path of Carnage>
    Nasu: Of course, it's all Araya's fault. The American subprime crisis and the fact that DDD Volume 3 still isn't on sale are both Araya's fault too. Look, I've got the evidence right here. Araya Sōren's name is right here on the imprint at the back of DDD Volume 2…!!
    Takeuchi: DDD not coming out is probably about 80% because of your own procrastination, though. You're blaming Araya too much.
    Nasu: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (He's running away…)

    Q: I instantly fell in love when I saw Shiki in her hospital nightgown, is that okay? <Nakanaka>
    Nasu: It's okay. Because, if Mr. Nakaka is insane, that means I'm insane too. And could two insane people be having this conversation? Exactly.
    Takeuchi: …You're supposed to be sane…? *bewildered stare*
    Nasu: I'm always running at 200% sanity! It's a nonstop climax!
    Takeuchi: Yeah, that's just because you're all turned around.

    Q: Shiki wouldn't let anybody else cut her hair while she was checked into the hospital, but is that how she's always done it? <Miimii>
    Takeuchi: The rumored "Far-away Nii-chan" used to do it for her. In fact, it was his single, solitary job.
    Nasu: Sounds great, somebody sign me up…
    Takeuchi: If you're even a millimeter off the mark it means you're gonna get punished, though, right?
    Nasu: Hahahahaha. But that's what I want.

    Q: Shiki has excellent motor skills for having just woken up from a coma. Is that a natural ability? <Cherry Blossom>
    Nasu: It's a combination of the physical skills she's had pounded into her since infancy and her own naturally good instincts.
    Takeuchi: …Hmm, but wait. It was also partly because of the massage therapy she received while she was in the coma, right? And don't forget, the way she was moving those first several days after waking up was kind of…
    Nasu: It's Shiki, so you know she must have undergone an unbelievably strenuous rehabilitation program! Like, half a day of hellish exercises, followed by half a day of lying on her bed, wallowing in ennui!

    Chapter 5 – "Paradox Spiral"

    Q: What was your favorite scene in Chapter 5?
    Takeuchi: The scene where Tomoe returns to his true home. There's a whole mountain of other scenes that are good, but that one stands out because to me, the quality of Chapter 5 comes from Tomoe's portrayal.
    Nasu: A lot of high-level things happened in Chapter 5, but the scene that really gave me chills was when Shiki was reviving in the elevator just before the final battle. No matter how often I watch it, that heavy bass and torrent of film gets me every time. And I have to give Director Hirao a hand for slipping in that clip from the final chapter, that was a brilliant touch.

    Q: What did Tomoe do for meals while he stayed over at Shiki's place? Don't tell me… he was eating Häagen-Dazs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…? <Alaya Shiki>
    Takeuchi: The pile of questions we got about this is just as big as the pile of Häagen-Dazs cartons itself. Or rather, instead of "questions" we should say "in-depth investigations".
    Nasu: Please understand, this was all production's doing. …Is what I'd like to say, but I practically live off ice cream myself. And I even know of one director that can go three days on nothing but canned coffee!

    Q: What kind of relationship did Tōko and Araya have in the past? <White Sleep>
    Nasu: They were students under the same master. They took interest in each other as fellow countrymen… or not. Actually, it started off with them exchanging views as two people with similar ideals. Though their paths differed, their relationship was that of rivals aiming toward the same goal.

    Q: Azaka is so cute I can't stand it! Please, tell me how I can shift her affections from her brother to me! <Daybreak Soirée>
    Nasu: …That's a hard question, but I'll give it my best shot. First, I think Azaka has a weakness for older men. And it seems she also likes black hair and glasses. What else, what else… ah, right. You need to acquire an "If I do that, my life as a human is over!" kind of quality that nobody else has. But it has to be something that's taboo, not illegal.
    Takeuchi: Basically, he's saying you have to become Mikiya.

    Q: Did Alba have a thing for Tōko? <Tiny Mustache>
    Takeuchi: Yeah. He's quite the yandere, that guy.
    Nasu: Before that, though, he probably wanted to be acknowledged. The London-era Alba was always popping in to Tōko's research laboratory just to gossip and brag about himself.
    Takeuchi: What an annoying personality…!

    Q: Will it be possible to repair the antique katana now that it's broken? <Yasunosuke>
    Nasu: Even if it was reforged, the years it had accumulated before would be lost.
    Takeuchi: A lot of people asked this question. Since I thought it was going to be Shiki's final weapon, too, I was pretty shocked when it broke almost as soon as it finally appeared!
    Nasu: That's how ultimate weapons should be.

    Q: When all's said and done, what was the Root that Araya sought? <Canon>
    Nasu: The end of history, and a record of humanity's merit. Which is to say, it's the "observation of everything, from start to finish".
    Takeuchi: Hmm… It's the same with novels, manga, and anime, right? If you don't read or watch all the way to the end, you can't properly evaluate the work.
    Nasu: That's putting it too plainly, but you have the gist of it. Only, there's no guarantee an individual will reach that "end"…

    Q: Even though Kokutō got his license, it doesn't seem like he'll get a chance to use it. Could it be that he'll just end up as Miss Tōko's driver? <MAKI>
    Nasu: That's not fair! From here on out he takes Shiki along on lots of trips to hot spring resorts and things. But, because he's an overly safe driver, Shiki always ends up frustrated by the time they finally arrive at the inn.
    Takeuchi: Wow, that's really lovey-dovey, huh! Even though I already knew about it.
    Nasu: When the movie version comes out, it'll be twice as lovey-dovey as it is in my head. Rakkyo, love UP!

    Q: Even though Tōko said she has no interest in aggressive acts, how would you rank her simply in terms of combat strength? <R1>
    Takeuchi: You know, a long time ago she was actually quite the little hell-raiser. Once, she even blew up a stolen motorcycle with runes.
    Nasu: Setting the past aside, at the time of Rakkyo she's weaker than Azaka. But hey, this person—or should I say, mass-produced robot… she might have a battle-ready Super Tōko Unit stashed away somewhere, yeah…?

    Q: Is there any way to call Tōko "Dirty Red" and not get killed? …Ah! I just stepped on a land mine! <Mojio>
    Nasu: If Tōko can learn the concept of yandere, you might have a slim chance.
    Takeuchi: Why, you… You called me "Dirty Red"…!! I'll never forgive you…!! (Event Flag Set)
    Nasu: That's a death flag.

    Q: When I see the cute, lovey-dovey Shiki that comes out at the end of each episode, I can't stop smiling! What should I do? <EDGE>
    Takeuchi: When the production staff sees everybody smiling, they can't stop smiling either!
    Nasu: Such a spiral is too terrible for words! *Cries*
    Takeuchi: The Final Cute Shiki is already becoming a Ufotable tradition.

    Q: How big is the difference in strength between Shiki when she's wielding a katana, and Shiki when she's wielding a knife? <Seiya>
    Nasu: The difference is enough that if there was a Rakkyo Warriors game, Katana Shiki would be the player and Knife Shiki would be the opponent.
    Takeuchi: Amazing!! Umm… It is amazing, right?
    Nasu: Let's take the fight scene from the middle of Chapter 5 as a convenient example. In this scenario, Shiki would be "Katana Shiki", and all the apartment residents would be "Knife Shiki".

    Q: This is just a sudden thought, but is there anybody that Tōko likes? Or maybe, somebody that she liked in the past? <MADLAX>
    Takeuchi: At the very least, Kinoko loves Tōko.
    Nasu: Whenever I fall in love it's always a one-way crush, hahaha. Somebody needs to hurry up and invent the Matrix. Now, to give a real answer, she doesn't have anything serious going on at the moment. Though it seems that when she was still living in Misaki there was one guy she might have been really interested in.

    Q: I love love love Alba so much I'm going crazy! What's his most favorite food in the whole wide world? <Sucocchi>
    Takeuchi: Everybody loves Alba! Of course, his favorite food is chocola- *PUNCHED*
    Nasu: It's actually the casual homemade food (an Aozaki sisters specialty!) that Tōko cooked long, long ago. The dish was "Pizza Crackers". According to Tōko, making them for Alba was the biggest mistake of her life.

    Q: What's that red loser Cornelius Alba's origin? <Miya Jōsōji>
    Takeuchi: Everybody loves Alba! Of course, his origin is chocola- *PUNCHED*
    Nasu: The socially-awkward mushroom is going to answer this one seriously, it's "Refutation".

    Q: You've probably gotten this question a lot, but… "Does Shiki normally wear a bra?" I couldn't help but notice that when Tomoe was doing the laundry, it was all underwear… <Galan no Du>
    Takeuchi: I just wanna say, that pen name is too awesome. GALAN no DU!
    Nasu: In other words… don't rely on the original author! *punch*
    Takeuchi: Hah, like from the end of the s-CRY-ed manga. I get it.
    Nasu: Anyway, about your question, that was just for the movie version. But what's the fuss all about? As a youth, you shouldn't want to experience that kind of cohabitating lifestyle anyway!

    Q: Why did Alba's appearance change so much from his original design? <Bache>
    Takeuchi: It's because that original design was decisively rejected by Nasu. Or rather, even in Plus Period I'm pretty sure it was noted as a rejected design.
    Nasu: From the start, I wanted him to have a coat that, while it could plausibly exist in reality, would make people's heads turn if you wore it to town. Also, he had to have a silk hat and walking stick, that was non-negotiable. The fact that his German Shepherd didn't come along is disappointing, though.

    Q: Shiki's kicks are great. I want to know what other techniques she's mastered. And, if it's possible, I'd like her to hit me with a Shining Wizard or a Frankensteiner. <Enjō Nomoya>
    Nasu: Since the basis of her techniques is the Nyanko-style triple turn in the air, she's particularly skilled at moves that involve jumping toward huge opponents to defeat them. When she's lying in bed, she secretly dreams of trying out flying reverse armbars and other moves like that.
    Takeuchi: She did spin a lot more than usual in Chapter 5.

    Q: How did a young man of Tomoe's age manage to keep his cool while living under one roof with the girl that he liked? What was his secret? <shen>
    Nasu: As far as Tomoe is concerned… that's easy. It's just that he loved her too much.
    Takeuchi: He must have realized that some things are beautiful because they cannot be obtained.

    Q: Could Araya Sōren's Domains even stop a skirt that got blown up by the wind? If so, I'd like to work hard and acquire that ability. <Silver Noyuki>
    Takeuchi: Nice! That's a very magus-like way of thinking. Even though there should be plenty of easier methods to achieve your goal, you would dare to do something as outrageous as creating a Domain. You're going to be a real heavyweight someday.
    Nasu: I've walked this path ahead of you, Silver Noyuki…! This idea you have of stopping skirts… is futile! In the first place, if skirts were to disappear from our society completely… what then!?
    Takeuchi: What a foolish way of thinking! Just being able to see what isn't supposed to be seen, that's good enough!

    Q: At the very end, Shiki skillfully obtained the key to Mikiya's apartment. Though I think it would be wonderful if she occasionally lets herself in, spiritedly cooks up a meal, and then waits for Mikiya to come back, how will the key actually be used? <Snowy Night>
    Nasu: Beeeeeep. Attention, attention, this is an official announcement. The aforementioned scenario has been formally adopted by Nasu Kinoko's brain. Later, Mr. Takeuchi will illustrate it.
    Takeuchi: If I draw it, though, won't it become such an embarrassingly sugary-sweet episode that you won't even be able to look directly at it?
    Nasu: That's exactly what I want. Batter up!

    Q: Does the cat have a name? <Tears of the Lamb>
    Takeuchi: Its name is Chihaya.
    Nasu: Isn't that your cat's name? …Speaking of which, I thought you said you were going to get two kittens and name them Hisui and Kohaku, you… you backstabber! I named my Roomba "Aigis", you know.
    Takeuchi: (This guy… Did he really give such an embarrassing name to an automatic vacuum…?)
    Nasu: But, she was kind of a clumsy girl. She was always starting up by herself, and running out of batteries, and in the end she got sent off for repairs and never came back.

    Q: So, about the photo that appeared near the middle of the movie. I recognized Sōren and Alba, but who was that person standing in the middle? <ARIA>
    Takeuchi: T-Tōkooo!! They're saying you look so different they can't recognize you!!
    Nasu: I guess she went through too many minor model changes over the years, huh?

    Q: In the end, Alba was killed without ever getting a chance to shine. Looking at him purely as a magus, about how strong was he, really? <FEN>
    Nasu: As a matter of fact, going purely by attack power he ranks higher than all the magi that have appeared in Type Moon tales so far. Though, he'd have poor compatibility against Kayneth. Let's see… if you put his ability in fighting game terms it'd be like being able to spam super moves without restriction.
    Takeuchi: Wow! What a super-annoying power.

    Q: Am I right in thinking that Tomoe wouldn't be recognized as a member of the opposite sex by Shiki no matter what happened? Also, please give me Fujinon! <A Certain Famous Strawberry Ice Cream>
    Nasu: Totally wrong! After all, Tomoe is a girl, right? So if Shiki were to become a boy, see, Tomoe would be properly recognized as a member of the—―Hey, put that down! What are you doing!? Let me go!
    Takeuchi: Shiki is a real stud, huh?
    Nasu: Incidentally, Fujinon has already returned to Planet Boobies, so giving her to you is beyond my power… Please, forgive us our worthlessness…

    Q: In Chapter 5, Araya Sōren said his origin was "Stillness". What are Mr. Takeuchi and Mr. Nasu's origins? <KTO>
    Nasu: Mine is "Games".
    Takeuchi: An instant answer!? This guy… He didn't even have to think about it…!

    Chapter 6 – "Oblivion Recorder"

    Q: When and how did Kurogiri Satsuki master the Tongue of Babel? <The 9th Servant>
    Nasu: When he was kidnapped by fairies, it's safe to assume they tampered with him in various ways. Kind of like Shocker from Kamen Rider.
    Takeuchi: Kurogiri Satsuki is a modified human. He was altered by fairies as a child, and became a thirty-year-old with a proclivity for dreaming!
    Nasu: Oh, I wish somebody would alter me!

    Q: Was there some kind of ulterior motive to having Seo Shizune appear in this version? It's making me anticipate further developments… <karl>
    Nasu: All I'd heard was that there was just going to be a glimpse of her at the end. I never expected her to actually have lines.
    Takeuchi: Wasn't it decided relatively early on that, since her character design was finished, she absolutely had to make an appearance even if she didn't say anything?

    Q: In your opinion, what was the most "infatuating" scene in Chapter 6? <karl>
    Nasu: It has to be the scenes from Azaka's childhood.
    Takeuchi: For me, it's the last action scene. When the magic circuits shot out from Azaka's glove and up her arm, I got chills.

    Q: Tōko is an academy graduate now, but when she was still a student how were her grades and conduct? <shen>
    Nasu: With her bright and cheerful personality, excellent grades, and ability to deftly handle both serious matters and American jokes, she was one of the three shining stars of the dorm. …Well, kidding aside, Glasses Tōko happily enjoyed her time as a high school student.
    Takeuchi: Now I want to know about the other two stars…

    Q: As the language of the world, the Tongue of Babel is supposed to influence the world itself. What kind of enchantment was cast on Azaka's Walkman to let it dispel that effect? Was it a product of Kurogiri's research left behind at the Association? <Uzawa Akira>
    Nasu: They never mentioned anything about a "Tongue of Babel" in the movie version! …I'd appreciate it if you could just close your eyes and plug your ears at that part.

    Q: Tell the truth, are you on Team Shiki? Or Team Azaka? <Maitake>
    Nasu: I'm on Team "Shiki/Azaka Marriage".
    Takeuchi: Neither of them have blonde hair, so…
    Nasu: In other words, you're on Team Lio?

    Q: Please, I beg of you, reveal the secret history of the Reien Girl's Academy uniform! <Tora Kaburi>
    Takeuchi: Okay, but it's a trifle long. We'll have to start from the part where Sister Riesbyfe was caught up in the events of the Holy G…irl's Uniform War created to decide the ultimate uniform.
    Nasu: Right. And after that, things turned out the way they did, for various reasons.
    Takeuchi: …Too fast!
    Nasu: At that time, the frontrunners were the John Bull magus (of a lineage renowned for their ability to grasp failure from the jaws of victory) and the Maid Servant. If they had won, the Reien Academy uniform would be——

    Q: How is Shiki's academic ability? If you compared her to Mikiya, which one would come out on top? <Orikaze>
    Nasu: Just going by basic specs, Shiki is superior. But, since she's so apathetic her performance ends up more or less average. Motivation is a talent, too.
    Takeuchi: Such profound words.

    Q: Which of the Reien girls is your type? (Multiple answers allowed) <karl>
    Nasu: Seo is the best.
    Takeuchi: It used to be Fujino, but for various reasons it's Shiki now.
    Nasu: But, the "That's good, very good!" in movie version has a certain charm as well.
    Takeuchi: I looove the person inside Miss "Very Good"!!
    Nasu: Come on, man, have some respect.
    (TN: Takeuchi is talking about the voice actress.)

    Q: What is Kurogiri Satsuki's origin? <Mafty>
    Nasu: Nostalgia.
    Takeuchi: You can't return to the forest of cats.
    Nasu: Ah, good one. But if we're bringing up Taniyama Hiroko, I'd have to recommend "elfin".

    Q: After the case was wrapped up, Shizune offered words of gratitude to Azaka. Could it be that she had foreseen everything that happened? <Willow>
    Nasu: She had been able to see that Azaka would solve a case during the break, at least, even if she didn't know the details.
    Takeuchi: I see what you did there!
    Nasu: That reasoning falls apart at the end, stop it.
    (TN: I think they just devolved into throwing around quotes from Trick at the end…)

    Q: I can't get Ōji's "That's good, very good!" out of my head… Please, do something! <Tomato>
    Takeuchi: There's nothing we can do about that.
    Nasu: I want you to make "That's good, very good!" into your ringtone. "Kinoko, you're way past the deadline!" "That's good, very good!"
    Takeuchi: That's not good at all!!

    Q: Do you have any memories that you'd like to return to oblivion? <noir>
    Takeuchi: It'd be easier to list the things I don't want to forget. I've lived a shameful life.
    Nasu: All of my memories relating to the Mitarai Kiyoshi series, the Manor series, and the Yōkai series. That way I can read them again as if it was the first time!
    Takeuchi: Hey, Mushroom. Wasn't the question about whether or not there's anything you'd like to forget?
    Nasu: Eh, close enough. It's fine.
    (TN: The items in Nasu's list are all long-running Japanese mystery novel series)

    Q: Please tell me a bit of the legend of Tōko's time as a student. < Uzawa Akira >
    Nasu: One time, she caused a hurricane just by winking.
    Takeuchi: One time, she made a pitcher shit himself by standing in the on-deck circle!
    Nasu: At her prime, she even made Mashin Eiichirō drop dead just by putting on her glasses in the morning.

    Q: Settle it once and for all, who has the bigger breasts? Shiki or Azaka? <Tamio>
    Takeuchi: Looking at my notes, I have Shiki marked as "miniscule" and Azaka marked as "normal".
    Nasu: …Huh? Wasn't Shiki's chest pretty decent on that one bath towel print?
    Takeuchi: …There's a rumor that they've gotten bigger recently.
    (TN: [url=]Boobies![url])

    Q: Doess Azaka have a complex? <Raku>
    Nasu: There was that bloody New Year at the beginning of Chapter 6. Ah, wait, but wasn't that more of a trauma? Hmm. She must have been a troubled child, back then.
    Takeuchi: If it was something like not being able to ride a bike, that would be cute.
    Nasu: …*Gulp*. Are you a god?

    Q: Is Shiki a dog lover? <NUA>
    Nasu: It seems she doesn't hate them. Though it might be more accurate to say she likes them for their personality, and not just for being dogs.
    Takeuchi: They probably just remind her of Mikiya. Because he's "Puppy-kun", right?
    Nasu: Hahaha, you're still obsessed with that, huh?

    Q: Where does Tōko go to buy tools related to magecraft? <Yururi>
    Nasu: She orders everything from Dark Amazon, the giant organization seeking a monopoly on distribution in the magic world. Even the bigwigs at the Association are beginning feeling a sense of impending crisis at the way they're gobbling up markets for magical items one after another.
    Takeuchi: And the way they gather so much personal information on magi that shop with them is pretty nasty, too.
    Nasu: "Look, this Aozaki Tōko customer buys everything the Good Smile Company releases! HAHAHAHA, she's a goddamn lolicon!" …Like that?

    Q: When God's Word gives a command, how long do the effects last? <Alaya Shiki>
    Nasu: It varies depending on the time and effort he puts into it, but basically about a day.
    Takeuchi: Got it. So the effect is about the same as when you say "I'll work hard starting tomorrow!"
    Nasu: Even a hypnotic suggestion couldn't make me do that.

    Q: Young Azaka is too cute!! Give her to me, I don't care how!! Twintails are the best!! Big Bro Takashi is the best!! Thank you so, so much!! <Kyonpechi>
    Takeuchi: The concept for Young Azaka was "a perfect, doll-like beauty". But hey. Even though a lot of people keep telling us to hand her over, that's… not really a question, is it?
    Nasu: That's right. …And in the first place, it's completely impossible for us to resolve such anguish. Because, if you're talking about Young Azaka, she's right here next to me, and
    Takeuchi: There, there. That's quite enough.

    Q: Does the Seo Shizune that appeared briefly in Chapter 6 also have "that" hobby, just like Seo Akira? She does, right!? <Very Goooooooood!>
    Nasu: She works on it passionately!
    Takeuchi: And with enthusiasm alone, she's able to…

    Q: Seeing as how Shiki wasn't able to kill words, I'd like to know, how far does her capability to understand death actually extend? <The Red Loser Isn't a Loser!>
    Nasu: Well, it's just a rule of thumb, but if it's the normal Shiki then she can kill everything that physically decays. The thing with words is that she doesn't regard their death as "decay" but rather "fading into oblivion".
    Takeuchi: Ah, so it's a problem of recognition, then.
    Nasu: Of course, that realm of recognition is already no problem at all for the inhuman Miss " ".

    Q: While Shiki was working undercover in Reien Academy, she wore the school's uniform. Now, this is just a stray thought, but… did she wear a uniform in middle school, too? …It's just a thought! <One That Lives In The Boundary>
    Nasu: …Shit. I'm trying to imagine it, and every factor about that is a winner…
    Takeuchi: If it was a pitch-black sailor fuku… yeah, that'd be great

    Q: How much destructive power was contained in Azaka's final axe kick? <Kara Kyo>
    Nasu: 10 Albas.
    Takeuchi: 30000 Neco-punches. It's enough to punch right through the Comiket catalog.
    Nasu: Couldn't that could kill somebody!?

    Q: What's the name of the move Azaka used to defeat the giant fairy? <Erupting Burning Azaka Finger>
    Takeuchi: Exploding Fairy Punch!
    Nasu: It wasn't really a punch, though. I'd say it was more of a… fortissimo.
    Takeuchi: Exploding Fairy Fortissimo!
    Nasu: That sounds like some kind of Visual Kei song

    Q: After the case was wrapped up, what did Shiki do with her Reien Academy uniform? <Sanda>
    Takeuchi: A whole lot of people asked this one. Though I can't imagine why…
    Nasu: The almighty butler Akitaka was entrusted with its safekeeping!
    Takeuchi: I can't tell whether I should be happy about that answer or not.
    Nasu: In several years, he'll quietly and discreetly pass it on to Mikiya. Akitaka is such a gallant guy!

    Q: I could have sworn I caught a glimpse of that person that returned to Planet Boobies. Did she come back to boost ratings after there was nothing but flat chests for so long? <Please Don't Delay Chapter 7>
    Nasu: Such an idea never crossed my mind.
    Takeuchi: Miss "Very Good" is also flat chested. …Huh? She got bigger in the anime?

    Q: What kind of fairies are there around Mr. Nasu and Mr. Takeuchi? <Tuna Mayo>
    Takeuchi: Late at night, a mushroom-type fairy that does nothing but play games appears in the office.
    Nasu: That fairy works tirelessly when he's at home, you know. Or should I say, gaming time is both subtle and complex, so stop saying those kind of things.
    Takeuchi: If you say so.

    Chapter 7 – "A Study in Murder (Part 2)"

    Q: Congratulations on completing Kara no Kyōkai. It seems like only yesterday the first movie was coming out in theaters. How do you feel now that it's all over? And please say it like Araya. <Strawberry Baron>
    Takeuchi: What an unreasonable person. Though I don't hate the idea. Which is to say, I'm giving the floor to Nasu!
    Nasu: Ambition is a flower that never blooms. There is no end. That obsession will persist until the last star in the sky flickers and dies.
    Takeuchi: Okay. I have no idea what you just said.
    Nasu: Therefore, even if the work ends, our suffering and delusions won't end until we die… would be the gist of it.

    Q: What was your number one favorite scene in Chapter 7? Please say it was the part just before Shiki killed the lunging Lio. <shen>
    Takeuchi: Oh, wow, this is hard. There were so many visually stunning scenes this time. But if I had to choose, I guess it would be when Shiki fought Lio in the back alley?
    Nasu: Ah, the background music in that scene was good, too. Everything from the way he made his entrance on had a real circus-like quality to it. On the other hand, my favorite scene was when Lio got hacked apart at the end. It was a transient one-minute climax.

    Q: Why did you decide to make Shiki wear kimonos all the time?
    Nasu: Since her internal concept was "interconnected opposites", I wanted to make her external appearance a combination of two different elements to match that. In other words, a fusion of Japanese and Western styles. And I thought that lace-up boots with a kimono look good together. It's what the waitresses at Bashamichi wear.
    Takeuchi: I guess instead of "Taishō Roman" you could say her style is "Taishō Modern". In fact, when I was in Shinjuku the other day, I actually saw somebody wearing boots with Japanese-style clothing.
    Nasu: By the way, Bashamichi is a high-concept family restaurant. If you're a sophisticated person, I highly recommend it.

    Q: What happened to all that saliva? Did Shiki kill it? Or did it evaporate on its own? <Aquablue>
    Nasu: It evaporated. …Well, it was mostly just something added to the movie version to show that the saliva was incredibly hot.
    Takeuchi: Narratively, it was supposed to explain why Shiki recovered so fast: the heat from the saliva induced perspiration, lessening the effect of the narcotics in her system. As a scene, though, I think the evaporation of the saliva represented Shiki's purity being impossible for anybody to taint. Or at least, that's what it meant to me.

    Q: Lio wanted to make people like himself using the Bloodchips, but does the blood of somebody with an awakened origin really have the ability to awaken the origin of others? <Kyonpechi>
    Nasu: Nope. That was all Lio's delusions. The narcotics in the cocktail were still dangerous, though.
    Takeuchi: It had narcotic ingredients?
    Nasu: Yes. The cannabis is treated as an as-of-yet unanalyzed narcotic in the era of the work. It was used in the novel as a way to demonstrate Mikiya's encyclopedic knowledge. …It was a long time ago, okay?

    Q: This might be a stupid question, but was the reason that killing Araya didn't count as murder because he was ultimately a human(?) that existed "outside the boundary"? <Tomomaro>
    Nasu: There's no one who deserves to be killed.
    Takeuchi: That's so whitewashed it's blinding. I'm tired of listening to your theoretical ideals.
    Nasu: Anyway, magi don't count. Or should I say, Araya might as well be a monster. He's a living dead person. Even if you kill a dead person, it's not like that's a crime… wait, wouldn't that be desecration of a corpse…?

    Q: What is Shiki's best feature, in your opinion? <Iwao>
    Takeuchi: Oh, that… It's gotta be her voice!
    Nasu: He said it! This guy right here, he really said it!
    Takeuchi: Other than that… hmm… maybe her singing?
    Nasu: He's still doing it! He's just talking about the person "inside" the character!! … As for myself, I dispassionately recommend her cat-like, rabbit-like, girlish aspects.

    Q: What will Tōko do after she leaves Mifune? <Naked Eyes of Death Perception>
    Takeuchi: This was probably the most-asked question this time around. As expected, people are curious.
    Nasu: I don't know what she'll do next, but way, way down the line she ends up working as some kind of doctor in an orbiting satellite.
    Takeuchi: She's practically immortal since she can change bodies, right? Is it possible for her to make a baby?
    Nasu: You mean, like, a Tōko Mark VII?

    Q: After Tōko leaves, who will teach Azaka magecraft? <its>
    Nasu: She'll get homework in the mail from Tōko. If she takes an interest in it, I think she'll be able to be dispatched as Tōko's head apprentice someday. But then again, Azaka doesn't have a reason to study magecraft anymore, right…?
    Takeuchi: When she becomes an adult, she'll be able to say things like "You know, as a girl I was able to use magic." There's a certain amount of elegance in that.

    Q: When Shiki was a little girl, she called her brother "Big Brother". What does she call him now? <Chien>
    Nasu: NEET.
    Takeuchi: How cruel!! Just now, the fans fell over in shock! Anyway, while we're on the topic of her brother, people also wanted to know if he's got a job…
    Nasu: Nope. Since he'll be the successor if something horrible happens to Shiki, he's being taken care of, in a sense.

    Q: Shiki's chest was jiggly, huh? If you were to compare her to Tōko, which of them would be jigglier? I can't decide at all. <Ryūshū>
    Takeuchi: It seems der Führer was quite interested in Shiki's chest. There were a lot of questions this time regarding her size and proportions.
    Nasu: I'm interested, too. Teach me, Takashi-sensei!
    Takeuchi: Eh? Well, okay, if you insist. If Shiki is a jiggle, then Tōko is definitely a wobble.
    Nasu: I don't want to hear that!! As far as Boobie Aliens go, Fujino is enough! (That's just talking about Kara no Kyōkai, though…)

    Q: The scenes after Shiki was captured by Shirazumi Lio all seemed much more erotic than what happened in the original novel. Is that the sort of thing you two are into? Or was it the interest of the production staff, instead? <iichan>
    Takeuchi: Rather than their interest, you should call it their "crowning achievement". A heart-throbbing NTR-ish masterpiece.
    Nasu: When I was watching that scene I just kept thinking, "Shit, can't that Mikiya bastard just die already!?" Anyway, here's some trivia. If you printed off the image of that collapsed Shiki, it would be bigger than a tatami. Instead of a body pillow, it'd be a body mat.
    Takeuchi: A body mat? Somehow… that's kind of cool, actually. I can… die in peace now.
    Nasu: Great works are only accomplished with a bit of madness.

    Q: What're you gonna do now?? <I Want Mystic Eyes>
    Takeuchi: Even though this is the last one, people still sent this kind of meaningless question...
    Nasu: If I'm not mistaken, I'll be saving the world with Ms. Lightning. (In the latter half of December.)
    Takeuchi: He's really excited about a certain mega-blockbuster RPG!
    Nasu: Hey! Not playing such a high-budget game would be sacrilegious. If nobody bought them, they'd stop making such extravagant Japanese RPGs altogether, you know!

    Q: I've completely fallen for that beautiful, mature lady drug dealer. Is there anything interesting you can tell me about her? <Nightglow>
    Nasu: That cool big sis transmigrated into the Otoko (Neko) from Fate/hollow ataraxia.
    Takeuchi: Eh? Then Ms. Neko is mixed with a monster?
    Nasu: Seems there was a fusion error, and she ended up combined with a cat.
    Takeuchi: T-The ultimate lifeform…!

    Q: (I bet a lot of people thought the same thing, but…) I really, really want to celebrate everyone's birthday. I'm sure my dear senseis must understand my desires, so please tell me what they are! Or at the very least, tell me Shiki and Mikiya's… <Shiki and Mikiya's Classmate Y>
    Nasu: Shiki's birthday is February 17. Mikiya's is December 20.
    Takeuchi: Somehow, those dates have an "Ah, so that's how it is!" kind of feel to them.
    Nasu: It's because they were both born in the winter.

    Q: Is there anything Lio could have done to get with Shiki? <Jungle Detective>
    Takeuchi: That's like asking if you can have a marriage to a 2D girl officially recognized by a court of law. Totally, utterly hopeless.
    Nasu: Regretfully, that Adventure Log has vanished!

    Q: What is the name of Shiki's older brother?
    Takeuchi: Ryōgi Utsukushiibitsu.
    Nasu: Serious answer: Ryōgi Kaname.
    Takeuchi: I got totally ignored!
    Nasu: By the way, Utsukushiibitsu was the name of a member of a certain band from the golden age of Visual Kei. It's true. When I remember the way girls at live shows would scream out things like "Kyaaah, Ibitsuuu!" and "Utsukushiii!", almost fainting, I can't help but think Japan isn't that bad after all.
    (TN: The band he's talking about is called Deshabillz.)

    Q: Were there any scenes that made you think, "Wow, they made this part just for me!"? <Koyonaku>
    Takeuchi: The scene with Gakuto eating cup ramen. It looked really, really delicious.
    Nasu: The chase through the rain. Even though she was running like a girl, Shiki was still that much faster than Mikiya. Her stats must be really high!

    Q: Mikiya said he didn't want to be "special", but isn't he already "special" to Shiki? <Big Bro George>
    Nasu: Putting it into words ruins it, George.
    Takeuchi: "What does it mean to be special?" …That's one of the themes of Kara no Kyōkai. For example, something that's special to me would be… blonde hair.
    Nasu: You just got swept away in a really tiny direction!

    Q: What would happen if Mr. Nasu's origin of "Games" was awakened? <NUA>
    Takeuchi: He'd spend all day every day playing games, until finally merely playing games would no longer be enough to satisfy him, at which point he would start making games himself as well.
    Nasu: Umm, isn't that just how things are now? I guess I've been awakened!
    Takeuchi: But, that heavenly state wouldn't last long. Eventually he would lose interest in playing games entirely, becoming an ogre with nothing more than a single-minded drive to make games.
    Nasu: H-Hey, you're saying some scary stuff!! If I can't enjoy games, then there's no meaning in making them, you know!?

    Q: What happened to Mikiya, after Tōko left on her journey and thrust him headlong into the road of unemployment? Could it be, he secured a permanent position in the Ryōgi Group right off the bat!? <Chidori>
    Takeuchi: A lot of people asked about this, too. "Did he become a NEET? Did he become a shut-in?" …Seems people don't have a very high opinion of him.
    Nasu: He basically has two choices. The first is making the best use of his talents, finding employment at an honest company, and honestly working his way up the corporate ladder. The second is entering one of the accounting personnel starved companies affiliated with the Ryōgi Group, where he would strike out on his own, eventually becoming one of Papa Ryōgi's most trusted Fixers. I'll leave it up to the fans. Which one do you guys think he should do?
    Takeuchi: Wait a minute, isn't this an important decision?

    Q: So, Shiki. Can she hold her booze or is she a lightweight? Personally, I think it would be cute if she could drink sake but thought foreign liquor smelled bad, and got stinking drunk after just one glass, but what about you? Tipsy girls are pretty great, right!? Ah, but of course, no drinking until you're twenty! <Nichiru>
    Nasu: This one gave me pause. Mysteriously, it seems the thought of Shiki drinking alcohol had never crossed my mind… I wonder why? Maybe it's because I already imagined Seo as a drinker?
    Takeuchi: Well, she has a very Japanese air about her, so I guess she probably drinks sake, right?
    Nasu: If she was so weak to liquor that she lost all power in her arms and legs just from a sip, I'd probably die. From the moe. And Lio wouldn't have to use some kind of strange medicine, then, when sake would work just as well!
    Takeuchi: What!?

    Q: Kokutō was force-fed a lethal dose of that drug by Lio, and then still did his best to rush to Ryōgi's side. After all that, was his body okay? <Humanity>
    Nasu: As far as the drug is concerned, it required over three months of recovery. Plus, he can't even run anymore. But the worst of it was the mental damage.
    Takeuchi: Mental damage? Like, "I've… been tarnished…!", or something?
    Nasu: Please refer back to the scene from the middle act of the movie where Mikiya tries the drug and chugs water out of a plastic bottle.

    Q: Holding dreams of the future and memories of the past in their heart, two men stand on the threshold of a new adventure. As you set off side by side on this eternal path, please leave us with your parting words. <Yomousa>
    Nasu: We'll never come to this kind of place (TM) again.
    Takeuchi: Hey, hey, are you a jailor or something?
    Nasu: Okay, for real now. "Let's write a happy story together."
    Takeuchi: "To the next 10 years."
    Nasu: That's all for now!

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    I see, so besides the eye thing, Kokutou was crippled for life by the events of Chapter 7. That's interesting.

    Q: What happened to all that saliva? Did Shiki kill it? Or did it evaporate on its own? <Aquablue> [...]
    Takeuchi: [...] I think the evaporation of the saliva represented Shiki's purity being impossible for anybody to taint. Or at least, that's what it meant to me.
    the waifu is strong in this one
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    By the end, Fujino was able to bend an entire bridge. But, is there anything that even she can't bend?
    Fujinon can bend Servants!
    I really want a Reien Girl's Academy uniform.
    Me too.
    Anyway, magi don't count. Or should I say, Araya might as well be a monster. He's a living dead person. Even if you kill a dead person, it's not like that's a crime… wait, wouldn't that be desecration of a corpse…?
    This is all kinds of hilarious.
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    ilu McJon
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    This looks vaguely familiar.

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    There's a sixth one now, for movie seven.

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    It seems der Führer
    I don't understand
    Quote Originally Posted by asterism42 View Post
    That time they checked out that hot guy they were just admiring his watch, yeah?

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    Me neither.

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    Nasu: Nah, she mostly just bought [an Ouija Board] because she thought it would look good in her office. Or, maybe she intends to use it as one of the 38 instant-kill weapons carried by the Mecha-Mikiya that she's bound to make sooner or later.
    ...Super Tōko Unit...
    Quote Originally Posted by Seika View Post
    Yes, excellent. Go, Lyco, my proxy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcjon01 View Post
    Me neither.
    And in case anybody was curious, it's:

    I just wrote what Takeuchi said. I can only assume he's referencing some bit of Japanese pop culture dating somewhere between 1970 and 2010, since that's what most of the other non-sequiturs are.

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    I think it's a reference to those Hitler Reacts videos. I mean, that's what the humanity6 guy says, at least.

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    That's kind of what I guessed after googling it but I wasn't sure if that was really it, or if it was a coincidence and I just happened to be getting results about a popular meme from a broad/general search term.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcjon01 View Post

    Q: What happened to all that saliva? Did Shiki kill it? Or did it evaporate on its own? <Aquablue>
    Nasu: It evaporated. …Well, it was mostly just something added to the movie version to show that the saliva was incredibly hot.
    Takeuchi: Narratively, it was supposed to explain why Shiki recovered so fast: the heat from the saliva induced perspiration, lessening the effect of the narcotics in her system. As a scene, though, I think the evaporation of the saliva represented Shiki's purity being impossible for anybody to taint. Or at least, that's what it meant to me.
    How was anyone supposed to guess this was what happened?

    Also thanks for the translation McJon01.
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    Quote Originally Posted by terraablaze View Post
    How was anyone supposed to guess this was what happened?
    A better question to ask would be why Lio's saliva should be unrealistically hot at all. You'd think it'd hurt his mouth or something.

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    Maybe because "Consume" is Lio's Orgin right? Maybe it's related to that....


    Quote Originally Posted by Thedoctor View Post
    Why can't we all be as sexually devious as Renko?

    Miscellaneous Info

    Quote Originally Posted by Renko
    "I really loathe Fanfictions that are so horrendously horrible, it makes me want to go get my massive NAIL BAT OF RAPTURE and swing it real HARD to any AUTHOR who will dare create such filthy and disgusting piece of literature!"


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    So, Lio doesn't need a microwave oven and can't eat an ice cream?
    Last edited by R.Lock; December 13th, 2013 at 10:43 AM.

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    Cats can't taste sweet things. He wouldn't be able to eat ice cream regardless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dullahan View Post
    Cats can't taste sweet things. He wouldn't be able to eat ice cream regardless.
    Welp, that simply makes Lio even more of a failure of a creepy cosplayer if he can't replicate Shiki's duty to eat Häagen-Dazs.

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    Hm, since Kara no Kyoukai introduce the concept of awakening one's origin.....I wonder what would happen if Shirou were to awaken his.


    Quote Originally Posted by Thedoctor View Post
    Why can't we all be as sexually devious as Renko?

    Miscellaneous Info

    Quote Originally Posted by Renko
    "I really loathe Fanfictions that are so horrendously horrible, it makes me want to go get my massive NAIL BAT OF RAPTURE and swing it real HARD to any AUTHOR who will dare create such filthy and disgusting piece of literature!"


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    Bad fanfiction, I predict.
    Quote Originally Posted by asterism42 View Post
    That time they checked out that hot guy they were just admiring his watch, yeah?

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