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Thread: Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] PC version Mirror Moon TL insertion project

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    OMGWTF!? Dropbox just decided to "suspend" public access to all of my links for generating too much traffic. That is such bullshit. I'll be reuploading it to somewhere else. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also word of advice to everyone, don't use Dropbox.

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    So i started the download again right before you said access was banned, and now it seems to be running smoothly (at 411 of 656 mb, but thats twice as far as i got before) so it might have been a traffic issue with dropbox

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    It would be good if it were uploaded in form of torrent. Just little suggestion.

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    finished it, the files were fine, it was dropbox messing up, everything seems to be working in the patch now (not that ive applied it yet i mean in terms of nothing is corrupted now)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceCaptainKatsura View Post

    It would be good if it were uploaded in form of torrent. Just little suggestion.
    I might consider doing that in the future.

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    What about Mega? I mean, it's always at max speed, unlike torrents or other sites right?

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    Mega tends to have location issues, like some spots cant access it at all, so it wouldnt really be fair to everyone.

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    Well I'm putting it on Mega as we speak, but in the meantime, maybe someone can help me with issues with the other sites I tried. I tried Rapidshare, it successfully uploaded, I'm looking at the uploaded file right now......................but I don't know how to get the download link to post..............somebody know how to do that with Rapidshare.

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    So i got RN downloaded and running, but when i tried to follow the readme instructions on the patch, its still in japanese, i tried putting the patches into the game folders as well as the save data, but that didnt work either, any ideas?

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    the savedata folder also didnt exist until i ran the game for the first time

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    That's normal. The same is true for FHA and I'm pretty sure the original FSN.

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    Yea but even with the patches in the save folder, the game is running in japanese

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    correction, the menu when you right click is in english, but thats it

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    ............that's weird. Maybe because you got it from Dropbox there's something wrong with it.

    Try this

    for the record, has anyone else gotten it working? Just to see if this is a problem on his end or mine.

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    It might be the crack i'm using isnt compatible with the patch, ill try this though and get back to you on if it works or not
    also point of clarification, are all 9 patches supposed to be in each save slot? as the way mine set itself up each route has its own save folder i tried with all nine and just the three specific ones before but niether worked, ill try again with this

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    could you seed the link for a bit? it cant download currently without any, if it works ill seed it for a few days for the rest of the people

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    All three routes go to the same save folder, put all 9 patches marked "English", and the Op patches in there. Also put patch FateH, in the main game folder for Fate, UBWH into the main game folder for Unlimited Blade Works, and HFH into the main game folder for Heaven's Feel.

    It could be an issue with the crack, but I'm using one and it works for me.

    Edit: it was seeding, now the area that says "seeding" is dark red...............forgive my inexperience with torrents.

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    how do you get all three to use the same save folder? currently each route has a folder, and when it automatically creates a save folder that folder is within the folder for the route. I tried merging all three but so many of the files have the same names

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    Um............each route should not have a separate save folder..........they should all go to faterealtanua_savedata, in your documents. In fact, it literally should not allow a save folder to be created within the game folder. After all think about it, it wouldn't make sense for the folders to be separate, you need to get all 5 endings to unlock LE, if they were in separate folders, that would be impossible.

    Sounds to me like it's a problem with the rack you used or you have it somehow set to create the savefolder where it shouldn't.

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    i think the place i downloaded it from is the issue, as it had all three routes seperately, honestly if yours is working it might be a hell of a lot easier to upload the whole package (patch, game, folders) as a working copy, considering of the two different versions of RN i have tried so far, they both ran 9in japanese) but the way their folders were set up were completely different

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    actually, i think the way these cracks have to work is that they have to be in the route folders and they dont use a directory (they have to be in the same folder as every file assosiated with them) so they create individual save files, currently looking for alternative cracks but theyre hard to find

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    Ok I'm just retarded. Once you run the game the first time, a folder appears in the folder the .exe file is in called "savedata" and i was trying to put the patches there. However, what I needed to do was find the "faterealtanua_savedata" folder that was automatically created in my documents and put it there. Everything is working now

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    well it's okay, i will wait for the day when someone upload the OP with hq, but thanks for the ptach, i'll test it.

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