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Thread: Sheet Graveyard

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    I still have the ML sheets of all my applicants for those who want them, alone in the single custom inbox thing I ever made, forever reminding me of my shame.
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    Notes 3
    Name: Elvira Leonov
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22 (Physically)
    Allegiance: Russia


    HP: 60
    MP: 40

    Strength: 3
    Fortitude: 3
    Agility: 4
    Combat Skill: 4
    Ether Pool: 4
    Ether Output: 4


    Unreadable - Tier III
    When Elvira doesn't want you to know what she's thinking, or what she plans to do, she is able to completely cut off her 'combat presence,' becoming someone that doesn't even seem 'hostile.' Her truths and lies sound the same. There is absolutely no killing intent, no small subconscious tells that show where she is going to strike next, nothing. Each strike is unexpected, like those of an assassin, and her fighting style is quite difficult to get used to as a result. Something better countered with instinct then training, no matter how long you fight her, her thoughts and feelings will remain closed to you.
    [Emotional tells are completely unreadable. Elvira has a higher chance of hitting her opponent, regardless of the situation.]

    Super-soldier - Tier III
    As someone who is used to fighting battles against groups alone, Elvira was already a freakishly capable soldier even before her awakening as an Ether Liner, and her awakening just made it even more obvious that battles against multiple opponent meant nothing to her. Holding off groups of enemies by herself, her ability to reduce and avoid damage, even when faced with overwhelming storms of attacks, is rivaled only by a few. Even when fighting against multiple powerful opponents, the disadvantage of being ganged up on is not nearly as heavy as it should be, and at times, even becomes an odd form of advantage.
    [Melee attacks have their damage reduced based on Elvira’s STR.]


    Legacy Testament: Cleaving through the ground with her Knight Arm, a wave of ice erupts along the ground towards her opponent. Ends with jagged ice impalement if they aren't quick enough.
    [Deals strong EtO damage. Inflicts Wound Sign. Ground-based attack, so it cannot hit airborne enemies.] Cost: 4 GP

    Raest: Requires physical contact. By physically touching the opponent, it is possible to "flash-freeze" certain parts of their body, not only slowing them down, but causing them quite a lot of pain.
    [Freezes the enemy on a successful hit, reducing their SKL by 1 rank as well as inflicting EtO based damage. Futher reduces other stats if used in succession.] GP cost: 5

    Order Shell: With some assistance from the Knight Arm, a circular dome of reinforced ice, enough to cover Elvira and a few others, is created. Only really useful for blocking weak types of bullet hell, it is nevertheless something she is known to do to protect weaker soldiers.
    [Creates a protective barrier around a selected area. The barrier's thickness is such that minor attacks are absorbed by the barrier, but any bigger damage than those will result in the protection breaking.] GP Cost: 8

    Knight Arm

    -Order Heart-
    A massive crystalline javelin, whose main use lies not in melee combat, but by destroying Elvira's enemies from afar, freezing their bodies and turning them into things that cannot move, and thus, cannot harm others or disrupt the world. Representative of a rather extreme realization of Elvira's desire, "a world without chaos," it freezes not only those it impales, but the world around it's landing zone when thrown, creating a "frozen world of order," where chaos is stilled through forced stagnation and order.

    Main Quality: Vetur Heimur
    Because it is a javelin instead of a more traditional spear, the main source of damage for Order Heart requires the Knight Arm to be thrown at the enemy. Upon striking anything, be it the flesh of the opponent, or even the ground surrounding them should they dodge, the javelin discharges in a massive explosion of ice, a field of white crystal erupting from the impact zone, and tearing through anything it touches in waves of frozen destruction that leaves only the deathly chill of a frozen world behind, slowing those it is not able to consume. This does not permanently damage the weapon in any way, however, it does need time to "recharge" between uses, and is thus more commonly used to wipe large amounts of mooks from the face of the earth, then it is to an opponent capable of keeping up with her. (barring ASTRAL FINISH)
    [High STR and ETO based AOE damage. It hurts like a motherfucker. Four round cooldown.] GP Cost: 7 GP

    Main Quality: Wound Sign (Frozen Soul)
    When used as a more traditional lance, the wounds dealt by Order Heart freeze over, keeping them open, and slowly freezing the insides of the opponent until they finally stop moving completely. Brutal.
    [Wounds dealt by the Knight Arm do not heal and the opponent takes damage from frostbite. However, it is possible for the opponent to slow down the freezing process or negate it altogether.]

    Secondary Quality: Recall
    The ability to summon her Knight Arm back to her hand in a manner reminiscent to that of magic. As Order Heart is a weapon that is meant to be thrown, this sort of quality is more of a required secondary power.
    [If you are disarmed, recalling the Knight Arm can be used in lieu of your Ability action for that turn.]

    Secondary Quality: Still a part of me
    The ability to control and adjust the flight path of Order Heart with just her thoughts. While she cannot create motion in the weapon where there isn't any, so long as it is moving, she can adjust the weapons flight path like she would adjust the movement of her own arm.
    [When aiming Order Heart, it’s possible to pick any target in sight and ignore obstacles that would prevent you from throwing it in a straight line.]

    Secondary Quality: Incandescent
    As much as Elvira would like to not draw attention to herself, her Knight Arm glows with a brilliant silver light. Makes her stand out more on the battlefield, and lets allied soldiers know that an Ether Liner has just appeared to rain frozen hell down on the opposition. Yay morale!
    [It glows. Good work.]


    Lost the backstory somewhere, but cuz the rp gimmick was lol amnesia, it matters not!
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    Death is nothing but a disease.
    But it is one that often comes from all sides.
    An end like that is coming, and yet here you are.

    Tell me.

    Could you kill someone you love for the sake of everyone else?

    What a cynical worldview, Messiah.
    Real heroes would find a different answer.

    Right, right.
    The power to break through a sad reality—
    I wonder—

    Will they be able to show it to me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by I3uster View Post
    I still have the ML sheets of all my applicants for those who want them, alone in the single custom inbox thing I ever made, forever reminding me of my shame.
    Sure why not
    Arthur-san is my waifu
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    My first profile made for the good ol Grill War along with my twin Lethum:

    True Name: Back when she was alive she was called Iya but now it is Milbunk and Lethum who are the servants.
    Class: Caster
    Alignment: True Neutral

    Strength: C+
    Endurance: C
    Agility: D
    Mana: A+
    Luck: B+
    NP: B

    Skills: `
    Magic Resistance Rank A: Because Iya is a Caster from an age before Gilgamesh she can easily protect herself from modern magi’s attacks and even other servant’s magical effects to an extent.

    Territory Creation Rank A: Creates an area that is advantageous to oneself as a magus. Enables the creation of a “Headquarters”, superior to a “Workshop”. Inside the base Iya can repair and create spare parts for the NPs she acquires.

    Tool Creation Rank C: Allows the creation of spare parts and ammunition for any modern weapon that Iya can use. Iya however cannot create weapons from scratch she must acquire those from an outside source. But she can repair damaged or broken weapons at a possible cost of rank as a NP.


    Ethereal Armory: The ability to make any modern weapon that Iya holds a NP. If she picks up or buys a complete weapon the rank of it is E. If she builds the weapon from premade parts it equals a D rank. And if she carefully creates the modern weapon from scratch the rank of the weapon is a C+ or B. Any weapon that she turns into a NP will stay as long as Iya is alive and allows it to remain a NP.

    Historical Crystallization: One of Iya’s strongest techniques A technique that allows Iya to inject mystery or age into an object or a person. Iya injects into an object by touching it and as long as she has touched said object/person she can insert however much Mystery/Age she wants. She can also lay wires or traps that if triggered will count as though Iya had touched the object/person. When Age is inserted into an object it drains said object of all prana but cannot destroy it. If Mystery is inserted into an object it can give the object certain boosts and even allows the object to serve Iya as a type of familiar.

    Duel Body: Iya's connection to both of her selves allows for the other to be revived should they ever die. The process takes about a day and upon completion the missing one reappears in the same type of summoning ritual they were first brought with. The missing twin retains all memories they had received up until the moment of their death.

    Other Abilities:

    Gunsword: The weapon that was found by Theocrass and was used as a catalyst to summon Iya. Her main weapon that she can use for both melee and ranged attacks. The Gunsword shoots concentrated balls of energy that is even harmful to servants and as long as Iya has a sufficient amount of Prana stored does not even need to worry about ammo or reloading. If the shot strafes a target it is possible to cause severe burning.

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    posting best dad in Notes 3

    Rob Townsend
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Height: About 5'10-5'11, he's a pretty tall guy.
    Weight: Lean, but powerfully muscled.

    STR: Delta (4)
    FRT: Gamma (3)
    AGI: Gamma (3)
    SKL: Gamma (3)
    EtP: Delta (4)
    EtO: Lambda (5)


    Facemelter: Rob belts out a nasty solo on the Battle Axe, the grain-infused waves cutting muscle and shattering bone, not to mention the obvious solid-to-liquid conversion of the facial region.
    [AOE, forward 90-degree cone. Does EtO-based damage.] GP cost: 6

    Cry of the Banshee: Dramatically increases the amplitude of Battle Axe's sound, increasing the distance it travels by a significant amount, and also makes it really fucking hard to get close to him without your head exploding.
    [Amplifies the sound of the Battle Axe, giving him increased range and allowing his every sound to deal low ETO damage to targets in a limited radius each round.] GP Cost: 3 per round

    Flash of the Blade: Rising to a fever pitch, playing faster and faster, Rob blurs with the sheer speed of his playing and attacks with great speed. (kinda ran out of ideas here)
    [Amplifies Rob’s swinging speed greatly, allowing him to use a normal attack three times in one turn.] GP Cost: 6
    (6 GP for two hits.)


    Tier 3 Perk: Charisma: Rob has a natural stage presence, hyping up the crowd and making them lose their very minds in the whirlwind of hype that is a live concert of his band, End Fighters.

    Enhances the potency of Rabble Rouser and also generally makes him good at talking to people I guess [Sure ok]

    Tier 2 Perk: Musical Ability: Naturally talented from a young age, Rob plays his axe with the greatest of skill, easily capable of stunning any crowd of any race with his pure talent.

    Tier 1 Perk: Single Dad: Self-explanatory, really.
    [Minor bonus when doing Dad Things. GM fiat I guess.]

    Knight Arm: Battle Axe
    An axe, chrome strings gliding across the head, a bizarre, yet awe-inspiring fusion of instrument and weapon, shining with a brilliant azure light.

    Primary Qualities

    Rabble Rouser: Like any good rock star, Rob knows how to play a crowd, it's where he's at home, playing for the crowd, feeding them with his music as they feed him with their cheers and support. He strengthens them, and they strengthen him right back. Gaining power from inspiring others is one of the powers of the Battle Axe.

    Basically, the more people that are within earshot of the Battle Axe, and thus being strengthened by its effect. The greater Rob himself is strengthened by their cheers, two-way buffing, kinda. MY FANS ARE MY POWER.

    [Rob’s masterful plays inspire his fellow comrades and awe the opposition, giving his side the favor of the legendary GODS OF ROCK AND ROLL, who will bless him with their power.]

    Bring the Thunder: The primary offensive capability of the Battle Axe, Rob taps into the sheer unbridled force of nature that is the Storm, and uses it to strike his enemies down, the sheer force of lightning, the unrivaled power of thunder, the rampaging wrath of a tornado, and the sheer cold of a blizzard.

    He also uses it to let his daughter do what she wants, like make snowmen in a Texan summer.

    [Smites the target area with either lightning, wind, or a chilling blizzard. Deals high EtO-based damage and has a one round cooldown.] GP Cost: 8

    Secondary Qualities

    Extension of the Body: Battle Axe is literally part of Rob's body, it cannot be separated from him at any time unless he's dead or it is "dispelled".

    Masterful: The sheer craftsmanship and sharp beauty of the Battle Axe is awe-inspiring to all, it brings hope to the masses and fear to the enemy.
    [The enemy suffers a penalty to accuracy when directly attacking Rob.]

    Confusing Nature: While it is impressive to the eye, the dual nature of Battle Axe makes it difficult to understand how exactly it functions, or indeed what it even does. The very nature of the horrible pun obfuscating its power.
    [Enemies will misunderstand Battle Axe’s functions, and assume it is a weapon meant for melee due to its axe nature.]

    no yellow text here

    only effort.jpg

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    Well, found some more sheets if you guys want them.

    Halls of Marble

    "Listen. All those other heroes take down monsters, fight giants, and save the girls. Me? I promise a song and a good time. Drinks if you're good."

    Name: Zotikos
    Faction: Corinth
    Backstory: On the beautiful green hills of Arcadia, Zotikos was born to a humble shepherd and loving seamstress. As soon as he could walk, the boy would learn the craft of his father and his father’s father. By the time he turned 8, he knew all there was to learn about shepherding. He knew how to lead the sheep, to protect them from danger, which meadow was better for grazing, and how to read the sky for signs of storms. He had the makings of a master shepherd like his father and his father’s father before him.

    All that changed one day when Zotikos and his father visited the local marketplace. While looking at the wares, Zotikos was distracted by a traveling musician. The man said that he hailed from Athens. Then he started to play on his lyre.

    Zotikos was immediately taken with the beautiful sounds. His drive towards shepherding forgotten, he asked the man if he could teach him. The musician refused, saying that he had no time teach. Zotikos repeatedly begged him to reconsider until finally the stranger gave him a simple set of pan pipes and a worn lyre.

    Annoying child, I cannot teach you. But if you dedicate yourself to your art, perhaps one day you’ll be as good as I. With nothing left to say, the musical stranger sent Zotikos on his way.

    Never did he realize that that annoying child would end up surpassing him and every other musician alive.

    After many years of hard work and several surprising encounters and adventures, Zotikos matured and his mastery over music was peerless. Many rumors and stories started to rise around Zotikos as he got older: some say that he is friends with the god of the wild, Pan; some say that he was challenged by Apollo and managed to match the god of music in ability; some say that he is a guest of honor to Dionysus’ orgies, playing for the women while they worship the wine god; some even say that when one of Athens’ most powerful heroes was sent to invade Corinth, Zotikos managed to defeat him with just his music; witnesses say that his songs commanded nature itself. And many more outlandish tales are told about Corinth’s “Music Man”.

    But when questioned about whether the stories are true, Zotikos merely laughs.

    Strength: Great
    Endurance: Great
    Quick: Good
    Clever: Heroic
    Luck: Legendary

    Areté (Music)
    Surpassing Orpheus of legend, Zotikos’ mastery over music is of the highest level achievable by humans. No one in current times can match his musical prowess and knowledge except the gods Pan and Apollo. When concentrated intently, his ballads and songs can carry power comparable to high magecraft.

    Traveler of the Wilds
    After impressing the wild god Pan with his musical ability, Zotikos was granted a boon. Being an avid traveler, the musician asked for the god’s blessing for when he was traveling in his domain. Assenting to his wishes, Pan bestowed upon Zotikos his protection. So long as Zotikos respects the wilderness he will never be truly lost within it and he is protected from its wildlife.

    (see Perks Areté (Music))

    His lyre and pan flutes that the musician gave him many years ago. And several goatskins of wine and food.

    Fire Emblem

    Ahaha~ Beware evil-doers for I, the Rose of Desjardins, have taken the field!
    An old family of fierce warriors, the Desjardins trace their descent from the legendary hero, Dorcas Greenhand. Although the lands they own are lush and rich, their main focuses are warfare and battle. For many years, House Desjardins helped defend the realm of Judgral. Producing many great knights and generals, they are afforded much respect despite being a Minor House. As the eldest son of Lord Grann was born, Florian Desjardins was expected to be a grand example of the Desjardins’ might.

    Unexpectedly, the son of the Steel Giant ended up being quite...incompetent. He holds himself as the Rose of Desjardins despite being utterly useless on the field of battle. A complete embarrassment, Florian was the blotch on his family’s formerly spotless record. When news spread that Lord Hakon of Chalphy was rebelling, Florian immediately set off to help quell the uprising. In his mind, it was his sworn duty as a Hero to keep the peace of the realm.

    Modeling himself after the heroes from his books, Florian heralds himself as a Hero of Justice. However, he is weak of heart when it comes to combat. Unwilling to admit his faults, Florian always excuses his shortcomings as “vengeful magic from a sorcerer who he had defeated” or something similar. Beneath his exaggerated exterior, he is aware of his incompetence and idiocy. He keeps up the charade because it is the only way to stave off the feelings of depression from his inadequacies. But behind all this is a drive to improve himself and a selfless need to protect those who cannot do so themselves.


    HP: 30 (30%)
    STR: 8 (25%)
    MGI: 3 (0%)
    SKL: 7+3 (40%)
    SPD: 6+4 (40%)
    DEF: 7 (30%)
    MDF: 3 (10%)
    LCK: 0+7 (30%)
    GOLD: 5000

    Continue (Tier 1)
    - Initiates another hit.
    ~ (Attack Speed)%

    Miscellaneous Info
    · House Desjardins’ sigil is a blue flower surrounded by thorns on a field of gold. Their words are In Adversity, We Bloom.
    · Florian’s younger brother, Lazarus Desjardins, is much more successful. Florian feels overshadowed by his little brother.
    · In actuality, Florian has the capacity of being a great warrior, perhaps the greatest from House Desjardins. But he is hindered by his attitude and fear of battle.
    · Despite being very handsome, Florian is shy around women


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    My rejected Ouro sheet. Got rejected because she would kill people much higher ranked then her (or something along those lines). I'll have more later (along with an image, it seems that the one on this sheet was broken for some reason).
    Elizabeth Courtenay

    Elizabeth Courtenay

    The Lady/Mistress of Traitors

    HP: 200
    MP: 400
    SP - 800
    STR - 10 (D)
    CON - 10 (D)
    AGI -20 (C)
    DEX – 40 (A)
    INT - 20 (C)
    RES - 20 (C)



    Lilith and Eve

    A pair of repeating rifles, that at first glance look identical to the 1894 model of lever loaded Winchester rifle.

    Unknown in their origins and their original purpose or maker, Elizabeth obtained these by killing a pair of rather famous Shadows that were sent out to kill her. Both rifles are in essence magical artifacts that „imprint“ a supernatural concept to the target objects (in this case, the bullets loaded into the rifles). Hypothetically, the guns could be salvaged and turned into another type of weapon (as long as the magical core is intact), like Elizabeth did when she obtained them (the artifacts were originally swords with the same concept), however such a process would most assuredly require expert skills in artificing and a significant time.

    Lilith is a jet black rifle that embalonizes the idea of „Conversion“. In essence, it transforms the previously normal bullets into converters of magical energy. When in contact with an active supernatural manifestation (such as an attack or a shield), Lilith consumes the energy fueling the manifestation and uses it to increase its own attack power. Attack power is boosted in relation to the scale of the mystery absorbed (the larger the mystery, the larger the power boost). Magical items are deactivated upon hit (as the energy fueling them is lost) but can be easily reactivated.

    Eve on the other hand, is a white rifle that represents the concept of „Temptation“. Upon a successful hit, the identity of the „supreme authority“ (in the target's mind) is replaced by the image of Elizabeth. Not an ability that controls the targets mind, but rather one that corrupts the views held by the person. This can have massively varying effects on targets, varying from only mild loyalty (for highly individualistic people) to blind devotion (for individuals with an extremely loyal predisposition). However, once „converted“ the individual will feel loyalty towards Elizabeth (to the point where they look up to her as a leader and follow her instructions). Once hit, the conversion process cannot be stopped or reversed, but can be staved off for some time by abilities or perks that convey a high degree of mental protection.


    Fanatical Drive

    A sense of purpose and intent that borders on ridiculous and inhuman. In Elizabeth, this is manifested by her hatred of the Scribes. This grants her exceptional mental resilience against mental attacks and spells (such as illusions) in addition to granting her some overall fame in the magical world. However, all interactions with Scribes are greatly complicated (both from her and their side). It would not be a stretch to say that non-hostile interactions would require truly exceptional circumstances.


    As a user of a rather unique brand of Timeline Magic called „Counter Clockwise“, almost all of Elizabeth's spells are enchantments focused on reversal of the timeline from the perspective of a single individual or object.


    Reversal of time (upto 15 seconds) and manipulation of an unanimate object. An ability that is mainly used to redirect and recreate attacks allowing in essence the perpetual recreation of an attack. By casting the enchantement, typically on a bullet, Elizabeth is capable of recreating non-successful attacks through the reversal of the personal „timeline“ of the bullet. Once cast, the enchantment works (on that specific attack) until a successful hit is scored.

    (In essence. Attack > Gets Blocked > Time for the bullet is wound backwards, attack is recreated > Repeat ad Nauseum until successful > spell stops)


    Reversal of personal time. Reverses the last 15 seconds for Elizabeth's „body“. Removes any negative effect or damage on her, as long as it was not applied not more then 15 seconds before the activation of the spell. It is activated by feeding mana through the enchantment symbol engraved in her body. Automatically activates upon death (as long as she has mana to cast it), but does not activate when knocked unconscious (or stopped from casting spells).


    An enchantment placed on an attack, which on a successful strike rewinds time to the „point of attack“ constantly. Nullifies supernatural healing and regeneration, since the damage is always „rewound“ to the point where it was highest.


    Reversal of „Time“ associated with Elizabeth's position. By casting this enchantment, Elizabeth can move in space to any position she has occupied in the past 10 turns. However, it is an ability that can only be used to „retreat“ (unless her opponent is in a location that Elizabeth has been in within 10 turns).
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    >fire emblem rp

    I still feel bad for letting that one die. DAMN YOU, YUN.
    Quote Originally Posted by lantzblades View Post
    says the hater, you keep on hating, i'll be around ignoring your invalid, incorrect opinion.
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    [18:01] Leo: feeling superior to EU makes me hard
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    I still believe that Toaru RP's alive T.T

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    However, when used on PCs, the difference between speed is calculated by post per day, all decimals rounded appropriately to the nearest whole number. When the two rates are compared, for every number above KT's posting rate, their AGI is dropped by one. If they hit AGI 1 and there is a difference, a stat will be dropped by one until the difference is entirely eliminated.
    That Frog When you will never come up with an ability this good.
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    Notes 2 Sheet


    Rufus McMahonn
    Age: 14

    Strength: 20
    Agility: 50
    Endurance: 20
    Grain: 10
    Total: 100

    Personality: A happy-go-lucky fellow, Rufus enjoys company, talk and people. While he does not seem to complain about being alone, there are explicit signs that he psychologically rejects the concept in his head, occasionally leading to temporary cases of acute schizophrenia. As a result of his experiences, he seems to have a soft spot for those less fortunate than he is, and a likewise distaste for people who are wealthy but do not put their wealth into helping others.

    Background: Born and raised for the first five years of his life in a military facility in Russia, his role was to assist in the removal of mines left over from the last few wars. However, after no more than that one year, the other A-Rays working within the facility, after hearing the other revolts and hopes of gaining some form of autonomy, grew restless. Being the youngest of the A-Rays, some A-Rays forced Rufus to escape the fighting - though in more ways than one this caused the A-Ray's side to have a big drop in their combat numbers.
    'Free' from the 'wrath' of his keepers, Rufus spends the rest of his life as a street urchin moving between Russia, the country which his kind are discriminated against, and Persia, where there are occasional bouts of political unrest stemming from the constant attacks against India following the failure in Moscow. In this time, Rufus learnt how to stay alive using any means necessary.

    A-Ray Ability
    Black death
    Developing and evolving through the ages, the rat attribute of Rufus allows him to safely be the carrier and user of various pathogens and parasites. His inborn venom, which resides within his blood and saliva, is a particular poison which converts any existing Grain energies and new Grain particles into a virus that spreads through the body, diminishing available Grain energies for spells, restricting movement and rapidly turning the enemy's flesh cancerous. Should the victim attempt to use spells or any other abilities requiring Grain, the virus then acts like fuel, ignited by the activation of the ability - which can then deal the opponents body proportionate to the power of the ability or spell being used.

    Learn - Tier 1
    Using his heightened senses, photographic memory and common sense hammered solid by his street smarts, Rufus has the ability to observe and record anything he experiences and sees, storing it in his brain indefinitely. While an imperfect use, Rufus has occasionally used it to perfectly copy any abilities, skills and spells of others, so long as Rufus is capable of it (excluding factors such as practice and the like).

    Godfeller – Tier 1
    A pair of identically stylised blades, with lengths which make it impossible to determine if they are swords or daggers. Rufus obtained these twin blades when a disgruntled fighter of sorts was disappointed with how the name did not truly match the weapon’s capabilities and thus disposed of it – the form of the blade made many of its attacks too shallow to mutilate or create deep wounds. What the fighter didn’t realise was that the Godfeller is a conceptual weapon, imbued with the concept of ‘defenseless’. While it only creates cuts which can enforce the two similar ideas of ‘death by many cuts’ or ‘death by blood loss’, it can bypass any resistance from armor it comes into contact with, effectively forcing all attempts to defend without spells useless. Packed alongside Rufus’ habit of licking whatever he’s attacking with, it can become quite a formidable combination. Unfortunately, Rufus is under the impression that his poison is infact another bonus of the weapon, rather than his own innate ability.
    The two blades, Rufus found, could also be connected at the butts of the weapon toform a short bow-cum-dual blade. As the dual blade usage seems confusing to Rufus in the few attempts he tried it, Rufus primarily uses the weapon in this form for its long-range capabilities.

    Sleight of hand - Tier 2
    Having being left alone in the streets and seen as though he were rubbish someone had not cleaned up, Rufus had to resort to less respectable means to survive. Primarily, this involved expertly done theft and pickpocketing.

    Nimble body - Tier 2
    Both from his innate genes as well as his experiences, Rufus possesses a very agile and flexible body, which allows for the use of parkour and acrobatic movements, as well as expert-leveled close-quarters combat.

    Blending in with the crowd - Tier 2
    Being a mere homeless kid who wanders about, Rufus is ultimately 'inexistent'. This, coupled with his knowledge of stealth and disguise allows him to slip past anything and anyone he wishes, or failing that, escape anything and anyone alike with ease.


    1. Detonate (Diversion)

    Having been used to the destructive power of mines and other explosives from a young age, Rufus sought to mimic that same power with anything he could get his hands on. His first somewhat successful attempt led to this, where Rufus directed grain energy from his body into a pebble. Because the energy was not stable, it caused a bright flash and loud noise from the pebble after a five second delay, leaving the pebble charred afterward. While not his intent, Rufus has started using this for diversionary tactics.

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    I spent so much time in this backstory...

    Dragon Age sheet

    Name: Ilzen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Race: Elf
    Nationality: Ferelden
    Weapons: A massive enchanted two-handed sword, reddish in hue, with quite the snarky personality, known as Tharis. Also has a short dagger as a side-weapon.
    Class: Warrior
    Origin: City Elf

    Ilzen has always been a man of few words, and after the death of his wife, he seems to only ever speak when he deems it necessary. Combined with his normally melancholic mood, and his looks, this seems to create a sort of intimidating aura around him that makes it rare for others to approach him, even humans who might want to bully or attack elves.
    He is, most of the time, a tranquil, calm and rational person. Slow to anger, but those that make an enemy out of him may wish to never have been born. Slow to make friends, but to those few that manage to become close to him, he will be loyal until the end.
    He still mistrusts humans for what they caused to his family and his friends, but does not hate them. He seems to see being a Gray Warden as a job, one he intends to do the best he can do. However, working with him might be hard, as he is not very open to making friends or talking with his teammates.

    Ilzen is tall, and towers over most elves and even some humans. With broad shoulders and muscular arms, his strength is apparent to most who see him. He has dark eyes, and medium-length dark brown hair that falls to the sides of his face. Usually, he looks like he is always frowning.
    Normally, he does not care about what clothes he wears, and he things simple is left, preferring a normal shirt and pants combo. In his back, he always carries the sheath with Tharis in it.

    Ilzen was born in a medium-sized village in Ferelden, near the coast of the Amaranthine Ocean. This village had, like many others, a separate community for the elves, who were specially hated by the small time freeholder that owned the land. The place where they lived was apart from the village, and in miserable conditions.
    Like all alienage elves, Ilzen lived day to day by completing many menial tasks. On his free time, he practiced swordsmanship, as a tradition that had passed down from his family for generations.
    His life was mostly normal. He got married at the age of 25, and had a daughter that same year, then another one the year afterwards. Although life was hard, impoverished as they were, Ilzen and his wife were as happy a couple as they could be, and their daughters grew healthy despite the poor conditions of life.
    This went on for 8 long years. As it tends to happen with happy times, there was not much to comment about it. And as it also tends to happen, those happy times met a brutal end.
    The village was besieged by some bandits, most coming from other countries. These kind of troublemakers weren’t uncommon, specially in somewhat far-away villages like this one. However, they weren’t much of a threat, as there were plenty of able men ready to defend it, and they outnumbered the invaders. The trouble would have ended easily, just a footnote in the village’s story, if it wasn’t for the freeholder.
    A man who wished to avoid bloodshed and the loss of human lives into a fight that would probably have had casualties on both sides, and who also hated elves with a passion, as he saw in them the source of all of humanity’s troubles. He was a cowardly, but smart man, and saw this as a chance to kill two birds with a single stone.
    He made a deal with the bandits: he would allow them to attack and sack the elves and nobody else. This would be facilitated by the fact that the elves lived a bit away from the human homes. As he knew very well, the bandits were low on supplies, and were pretty desperate, so they did not dare to question their luck and fell over the elves that same night.
    It was a bloody skirmish. Most of them were sleeping when the attack started, but were woken up by the screams of the first to die. The elves grabbed what weapon they could get, and put up a futile resistance. Death was everywhere that night, and Ilzen’s wife was between the first to fall. He himself was wounded in the massacre, and his sword broke. With some of the houses aflame, he went back to his own, searching his daughters to protect them.
    He found his house, already under assault. Some of the defenders still standing kept fighting there, although they were fewer by the second. Ilzen penetrated in the interior of his house, finding his daughters hiding under a table.
    This tale would probably have ended there, and both Ilzen and his daughters would have died. But then the elf’s eyes fell into a colossal sword that was hanging by the house’s wall.
    A relic from the Fall of Arlathan, a surviving artifact that had been passed down generations of his family, and due to its cumbersome size, it had never been truly used as anything but a decoration. Thinking of using it to defend his daughters in a last stand, to sacrifice himself to give them a chance to escape. He extended his bloodied right hand towards it...
    And that was how Tharis woke up for the first time in uncountable years. Absorbing the blood, Ilzen’s vitality, and then even his lifespan. Finally restored, and now bond with Ilzen, Tharis urged him to fight and open up a way to escape, and lent his own power to accomplish it.
    This was, for one reason or the other, the last straw. Bringing to the surface the emotions provoked by everything that had just happened to him, the loss and pain overwhelmed him, and Ilzen rampaged against the bandits, cutting down their leader in the fight.
    And he finally escaped the village, bringing his daughters with him, the only three survivors of the elves. But his trials did not end there.
    Although they managed to escape the death trap at the village, the furious bandits pursued them endlessly to avenge the fall of their leader and many of their own. During that time, Ilzen learned of Tharis, and his use, although the living sword remained coy about his secrets. The sword also revealed that to activate itself again, it had drained Ilzen’s vitality, and nearly halved his lifespan.
    Whenever they tried to reach another village or city, they found the bandits ahead, and soon, they were cornered, having reached the limit of the strength. It was then when a last turn of fate would save Ilzen and his daughter lives. A wandering Gray Warden was in the area, maybe in an unrelated mission... Ilzen would never know. Despite this Gray Warden being an human, he saw the elf’s plight, as he fought to protect two little girls from the leftovers of the bandits.
    He sprang into action, and both men fought together until all enemies were routed or laid dead in the ground.
    Impressed by Ilzen’s skills, the Gray Warden recruited him by the promise of making sure that his daughters would be protected and cared for. Seeing no other real option, the elf accepted, even if he knew well the consequences. After all, he had little to lose and much to gain.
    He said his goodbyes to his daughters, knowing very well that he may never see them again, and set out to become one of the grim defenders of Thedas.


    • Strength: C
    • Dexterity: D
    • Willpower: D (300 Stamina)
    • Magic: E
    • Cunning: F
    • Constitution: C

    Two-Handed (Lvl.2)
    Warriors who wield two-handed weapons can reap tremendous damage through wide arcs of enemy flesh, although they forgo the protective benefits of a shield.
    Mighty Blow (Lvl.2)

    • Ilzen assumes a new stance, holding his massive sword above his head, like a hawk ready to strike down its prey. Then, he unleashes a powerful, mighty strike with all the weight of the sword added to his own. The strength of this strike counts as two ranks higher, but it is easy to see this attack coming.
    • Cost: 20 Stamina.

    Cleave (Lvl.2)

    • Using all of his considerable skill, Ilzen takes advantage of the long reach of his sword to attack not only his target, but the enemies surrounding it. Target is hit with the normal strength of the attack, while the others are hit with one rank less of strength. Has chances of destroying the armor or shield of those hit by it.
    • Cost: 20 Stamina.

    Steel Barrier (Lvl.2)

    • Ilzen changes to another stance, holding his sword closer to him. A defensive stance that makes Ilzen become like a wall of steel, upping his constitution by one rank, and increasing his chances of blocking attacks.
    • Upkeep: 20 Stamina.

    Berserker (Lvl.1)
    The first berserkers were dwarves. They would sacrifice finesse for a dark rage that increased their strength and resilience. Eventually, dwarves taught these skills to others, and now berserkers can be found amongst all races. They are renowned as terrifying adversaries.
    Steel Rain (Lvl.1)

    • Channeling all his spirit in the next instants, and letting the flow of his emotions take control, Ilzen’s movements become faster, wilder and more unpredictable, acquiring a beast-like characteristic. Dexterity and Strength are increased by one rank each, and there are increased chances of enemies being intimidated and running away from him.
    • Upkeep: 30 Stamina.

    Unique: Tharis, the Fade Sword (Lvl.1)
    An enchanted, magical living sword, hailing from Arlathan. An artifact that has been passed down Ilzen’s line, and has remained asleep since the Fall of Arlathan. Awakened now by the pact done with his current wielder, having consumed part of his lifespan to sustain itself, Tharis now blazes full of life.
    It is suspected that Tharis was a Fade spirit that got trapped in the sword by one of Ilzen’s ancestors in an experiment, but that is just speculation, as Tharis does not seem to care much about it and has refused to answer all questions. Tharis has a sarcastic, snarky personality, and loves to make fun of others, sometimes trying to purposefully make them angry. He specially loves to tease Ilzen. Despite this, he seems to have a somewhat twisted sense of fairness, and acknowledges the elf as his master.
    Searing Edge (Lvl.1)

    • Using Ilzen’s own physical energy as a fuel, Tharis moves by himself at incredible speed, striking the air and creating an unavoidable wave of blood-colored lightning that strikes a single foe, searing through armor, shield or even weapon, and causing a grievous wound on the target. If the target is unarmored, or has its armor broken, it will be stunned the next turn.

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    Besides, I don't see what's so terrible about looting anyway. It's only property, they're not actually harming anyone.
    Quote Originally Posted by lantzblades View Post
    when I say hero I don't mean hero in the spirit sense. I mean a morally grounded, good natured person who doesn't slaughter innocent people. No such person exists in the Nasuverse.
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    [16:15] <~Katie> lesbians has always been my gimmick and i will exploit it to the fullest

    [22:56] <@Sei> airen is pegging hero this time
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    DA RP char
    Name: Master Werack
    Title: Senior Enchanter
    Race: Elf
    Nationality: ???
    Origin: Mage

    Personality: Senile old codger, who occasionally uses the free marches suffix serah, but never messere. He is likely quite insane, but at the same time showing occasional hints of a deep and almost unfathomable mastery of magic.

    Appearance: Master Werack is more gnarled and stumpy then the old, well-worn walking staff he leans on for support, his white hair may have at one time been long and flowing, but not his mostly bald head now only has awkward tufts of once-hair that go in every directions. His clothes are universally a ratty old robe, loosely belted on that may occasionally come open enough to reveal the only thing under it is a tattered pair of old underwear. And NO, he won’t put some pants on, thank you very much!

    Background: “Master Werack? He was the one who trained me when I was a boy. He did not look any different than either, I think he has always been a cankerous old coot. I do not even know where he came from. My current theory is that he was already here grumbling and carrying on before the Circle was established, and they just built the college around him.” -First Enchanter Astebadi

    One of the senior enchanters teaching at the Antiva college of magic, Master Werack has been teaching as long as anyone can remember, his origins have been lost due to time and poor record keeping on part of the Antivan circle. He has no friends and commands every little respect despite his station. His classes, often filled were only semi-understandable sermons ranging from every subject imaginable, nonetheless occasionally will produce truly gifted students; though these too invariable are invariable unsociable and often filled with strange ideas about magic that continually frustrates orthodox teachers. Despite being a teacher at the Antiva Circle, he shows no trace of the Antivan accent, heavily implying it is not his ancestral home.

    He was recruited into the Grey wardens when a group of scouts visited the Circle and demanded to see the students, intending to locate a promising mage and either convince him or her to join or invoke the rite of conscription, however, the Circle's enchanters sent a delegation out and offered a compromise, they would be offered the service of a full on Senior enchanter, a title which by definition identified the person as a truly gifted uses of magic, if the Wardens agreed to take no more people besides the enchanter, and the circle would be allowed to select the member that went. The Wardens jumped at the chance, it was rare that a candidate of that calibur could be aqquired from a circle without considerable political backlash.

    It wouldn't be to long till they would realize how thoroughly they had been had.


    • Strength: F
    • Dexterity: F
    • Willpower: A
    • Magic: S
    • Cunning: F
    • Constitution: F

    Perk- Senility
    Master Werack does not truly “level up” in the traditional sense, as he gains experience he becomes better at remembering the knowledge he already knew, in truth, Master Werack is capable of using all forms of magic almost interchangeably. When casting a spell, there is a major chance that the rank of the spell will be one higher or one lower then he intended, with appropriate alterations in spell cost. There is a moderate chance that the spell will have a similar effect in nature when cast, but a different origin. For example a frost or fire bolt may become an arcane attack, or a CC effect such as sleep might change to arcane prison, a self-protection spell may even change drastically such as to become a druidic shape change. In rare cases, as a result of accidentally mixing in extremely powerful ritual magic as parts of a spell not intended to contain such powerful energies, a spectacular spell failure may occur with random but amazing effects, this may include summoning beings from the fade or extremely powerful monsters, teleporting or even blowing the party to new landscapes, or other such fantastic magics.

    You have learned to control the powers of fire and Ice, burn an enemy to cinders, or freeze him in his tracks. Masters in the field can combine these two schools of magic to devastating effect.

    Firebolt level 1:
    Unleash a firebolt into an enemy or group of enemies that explodes on impact, depending on their constitution score verses Werack’s magic, they may be staggered or blown off their feet.

    Winter’s grasp level 1:
    Trap a single target in a freezing chill, dealing damage and slowing them. Depending on their constitution score verses Werack’s magic, they may also be frozen solid.

    Counterspell level 1:
    Shut down one enemy spell effect or interrupt a spell being cast, to the caster based on the difference between the enemy mage’s willpower or magic (whichever is higher) verses Werack’s magic. If the difference is 2 or greater, he will also be silenced.

    Arcane shield level 1: Sustained 50 mana
    Erect a barrier of magical energy around yourself capable of warding or slowing certain attacks. Constitution +1. At the beginning of each battle, the senility effect may change this spell.

    Force Mage

    • Force mages are a fearsome sight on the battlefield, bending the laws of nature to crush, toss, and debilitate their foes. Though considered a new specialization, it has started spreading far in northern Thedas. There, there many mages who excel at this specialization, and their combined research has refined the school considerably.
    • Benefit: Willpower +2

    Fist of the maker – level 1
    A blast of mana striking from above that can drive a weaker enemy to his knees or even off his feet. In addition to normal spell damage, check enemy STR against master werack’s MGI. If the difference is 2, Agi = 0 for the next round as he must climb back to his feet. If difference is 3 or greater, he skips his next round as he must recover from being crushed to the earth.

    Telekinetic burst.
    A sweep of powerful energy in a cone in front of the caster, this ability deals little damage, however, in exchange, has the advantage of effecting multiple enemies. If enemy STR is 1 less than master werack’s MGI, move him back 20 yards, if it is 2, in addition to effect 1, he will be blown off his feet. If there is a wall or some obstruction in the path and effect 2 triggers, normal spell damage occurs.

    Unique specialization

    Senior enchanter.
    You are one of those whom have been charged with instructing young members of the circle with the learning of magical arts, thus, you have a deep and abiding understanding of all magical principles and especially of those one’s utilized by others, including enemies. This results in the ability to recognize an enemy spell as its being formed and adapt it to your purpose.

    Ability:Stern Teaching Level 1: sustained cost 50 mana.
    Once per round, if an enemy casts a magic spell during his turn, you can automatically cancel the magic and then recast it yourself without consuming your normal turn in battle, even if you would not normally have the school necessary to perform that magic. The level of spell this effect can apply to depends on the ranking of Stern Teaching.

    The idea I was going for was a crotchety, surly old bat who at first seems just barely more useful then he was worth...but every once in a while, when he did something really amazing, like, if a blood mage casts a spell, and he turned around and started screaming about how that wasn't how you did it, you were supposed to stand on one leg and slap tickle your own knee when casting, and then without batting an eye would actually cancel a blood magic spell, something he theoretically would have no ability to do, then turn around and cast it using his own caster stats meaning it was almost certainly a hugely more powerful version. Then when questioned about it he would wave his staff around and be like, whippersnapper, that wasnt blood magic, it was Arcane! you dont even know what arcane magic looks like, kids these days!

    Eventually I wanted to reach a point where if a mage, PC or otherwise, were to walk into his tent to wake him up for the day, and were to come across him stuffing a half chewed lemon down his pants with evident enjoyment, and when they asked master Werack what he was doing, Master Werack would start ranyting that the proper way to use magic was to have a spit covered lemon tucked securely under your balls, because how can you feel the flow of magic without lemon juice on your balls...

    Said mage would not be able to stop himself from at least momentarily considering going and finding a lemon.
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    Name: Satireshi Emiya Zelretch Pendragon Tohsaka Barthomeloi Von Einzbern, Director of the Mage’s Association, Blessed be his name.
    Real Name: Mike Hunt
    Race: Human
    Age: 32
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 300 lbs
    Eyes: Poop-brown.
    Hair: Trashy brown, already balding
    Appearance: An obese 300 lb man wearing very tight-fitting leather as his gut hangs out from his shirt.

    Alignment: True Neutral, according to himself.
    Scale: Human
    X = So low that it can't qualify for even F rank. That much lower.

    Charisma: X
    Strength: X
    Agility: X
    Speed: X
    Magic Resistance: Negative A+.
    Magic Ability: None, but he thinks he does. Claims his magic is on par with Merlin.
    Other Abilities:

    • Martial Artist ::X:: He tries and has yet to injure anyone except himself during his attempts. Still believes himself more competent than Bruce Lee. Only effective attack he has is the ability to roll with his fat. Still got defeated by his 8-year old cousin when he tried.
    • Chuunibyou ::EX:: He's so delusional that it borders on mental illness, despite him being in his 30's
    • Fat ::A+++:: 300 lbs, what did you expect?
    • Cosplay ::F---:: Fat and Chuunibyou don't go very well together. It gives birth to an abomination.


    • Bag of Ping Pong balls: For use when he wants to try using magic. He basically just throws them at someone and yells out the name of a spell. Does absolutely nothing, except maybe give a one year old a concussion.
    • Latex Swords: He has a few of them hanging on the inside of his coat, and gives them each a name. Sword of Darkness, Clarent, and Dragon Tail.
    • Guy Fawkes Mask: To be edgy and “anonymous”. He claims putting on the mask awakens his dark second persona.
    • Rider Belt: So he can pretend to be some Kamen Rider hero. Masked Rider from Saban.
    • Trenchcoat of Anti-Heroism: A dirty old leather duster with a shitton of studs that “symbolizes his heroic nature” while also remaining edgy and stylish.

    Origin: A child born from the union of a Japanese woman and a British man. But being raised as a spoiled brat who failed to achieve any meaningful milestones in his life, Mike remains regressed in Chuunibyou even in his 30's. Needless to say he has become a basement gremlin while living with his parents. He thinks he's bonded with a dragon and is some powerful warrior shit.

    Then he bothered some guy with Second Magic who kicked him to the Nexus. All while being blissfully unaware. Of course it should be mentioned that from his upbringing, everyone hates him for being a total little shit.

    Personality: The same of your average basement-dwelling internet troll. Unpleasant, Insufferably smug, aloof and generally just a pain in the ass. Will repeatedly try to enforce his own opinion over logic, even if it makes no sense.

    He believes all women either wants his dick really badly or are too shallow for him anyway. He also tips his fedora at every woman he meets and says "m'lady".

    Weakness: Take a look at the whole sheet and ask me if this warrants it at this point.
    Likes: Animu, Pizza, Kamen Rider, Gundam, Western Comics, Trenchcoats, Memes.
    Dislikes: Parents, Work, Reality, "Shallow" women, Dota 2 (and by extension, Russians), his chronic Diarrhea, Shaving.

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    This seems familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it

    (containment board containment board)
    [04:55] Lianru: i3uster is actuallly quite cute

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    So Notes 3 = officially ded?

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    [04:55] Lianru: i3uster is actuallly quite cute

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    Notes RP sheet:

    Walther Richter (Buster)

    Age: 19

    Knight Arm: Mental Murmur

    Backstory: Torn apart from his very much alive parents at the age of 18 Walther Richter had been identified as an Ether Liner with a problem. Due to an inherited neurological disease the young man had been severely mentally and physically handicapped for most of his life, his parents unable to afford the complex state-of-the-art neurosurgical procedures and treatments to allow him a normal life. As an object of military interest however, the tables had turned. For enlisting Walther as an Ether Liner the military would afford any expense necessary to turn him into a functional human. Rehabilitation was hard on Walther but thanks to the financial support of the military and his own determination he managed to reach complete physical rehabilitation and almost complete mental rehabilitation in the span of only a year. Now he is out to not only protect his homeland and his parents but also repay his debt to the military.

    Personality: The surgeries had the side effect of turning Walther into a savant, making him able to catch up and even surpass his peers in education in the span of a year. However his social skills and empathy leave much to be desired. Walther's reputation ranges from being considered a nuisance to talk to over awkward to “that weird guy that tried to sniff me once in the middle of a stuttering conversation.” He has a tendency to repeat things he said, slurr his pronounciation as his sentences approach the end and does not like to look people in the eyes. Due to his social awkwardness most Ether Liners are reluctant to be subjected to his Knight Arm, not wanting to “have the creepy guy inside of my head.” Regardless, he is an expert tactician and except for actual leadership skills a good coordinator.


    STR: Alpha (1)
    FRT: Gamma (3) => Delta (4)
    AGI: Gamma (3)
    SKL: Beta (2)
    ETP: Lambda (5) => Sigma (6)
    ETO: Lambda (5) => Sigma (6)

    Knight Arm: Mental Murmur

    A short, metallic-looking rod going out from the middle of his hand then splitting into two, 75 cm long rods, reminiscent of a tuning fork. Seemingly unassuming compared to the Knight Arms of other Ether Liners it is primarily not a tool for offense, but for coordination.

    Main Quality: Cranial Combination

    Allows Walther to mentally link individuals by shooting a bolt of lightning at them from Mental Murmur. The range of this bolt is about 200 meters. Targets will have their nervous system and brains linked into a quasi-hive mind. Once a member has been added to the link, they are put in one of the following modes:

    Energizing: the target is put into a coma-like state, their brain now fully devoted to increasing the processing power of the link. How much the link power is increased depends on the power of the target: an Ether Liner can usually bring the link up a rank by himself.

    Enslaved: The target follows simple orders issued by Walther. Complex actions like speaking are impossible as most of their brain power is used to increase the processing power of the neural link. However, running, moving, operation of simple machinery and firing of weapons is possible. Slightly increases the power of the neural link.

    -Enhanced: The target retains its will, profiting from the added processing power of the neural link. Slightly increases the power of the neural link. Enhancement is a Main Quality of Mental Murmur and will be elaborated later on.

    Depending on the number of people hooked into the link, it will have a level from 1 to 3; level 1 is automatically attained if the link is active.

    Unwilling targets need to have an EtP two ranks lower than Walther’s EtO to successfully be affected by Cranial Combination. In addition, for it to work they must be too exhausted to resist the effects, needing to be at 5 HP or lower. If they would be unaffected by the attack, then the attempt to link their minds will result in a stutter that will interrupt the casting of an ability.

    Willing targets who were subject to Walther’s Cranial Combination can choose to resist Enslavement or Energizing, provided they meet the conditions to do so.

    GP Cost: 3

    Main Quality: Accelerated Anything

    Mental Murmur works best on Ether Liners, which when enhanced will have their mental capabilities, their metabolism, and by extension their physical capabilities and their grain procession abilities upgraded. Each level has all the benefits of the levels before it. Walther also profits from enhancement.

    Level 1: Enhanced members of the link gain a boost to their main statistic (the highest one). If there are two or more attributes tied for highest, pick.

    Level 2: Enhanced members of the link gain HP and GP regeneration due to enhanced metabolization of grain. (HP and GP regen is 2/turn)

    Level 3: Enhanced members gain a boost to their two weakest statistics.

    A side effect of enhancement is the permanent sound of whispers being heard, mental residue floating through the link.

    Secondary Quality: Infiltration Information

    Being able to filter out the mental residue into useful information, Walther is able to deduce the strengths and weaknesses of every member in the link. Abilities and sheets of members of the link are revealed, no matter if friend or enslaved foe. Should they be in possession of abilities preventing this a higher Link level might circumvent these.

    [Reveals full information on the character’s stats, abilities and perks. Works on everyone in the mental link. Passive.]

    Secondary Quality: Electric Energy

    Able to generate electricity with relative accuracy regarding power and voltage which allows machinery to be operated with Walther acting as a generator. Can also be used to short out machinery by using a high charge as an EMP. A high link level might be able to short out machinery with electronic warfare countermeasures.

    Secondary Quality: Radio Relay

    By using Mental Murmur as an antenna he can intercept electronic communication or broadcast radio/telephone/whatever people use for their electronic communication needs messages. Depending on the level of the mental link he is able to crack encoded messages.


    Tier III: Carnage Coordination

    Analyzing the capabilities of his Ether Liner comrades he can increase the efficiency of their actions beyond the already existing mental boosts.
    Doubles the effect of the highest tier Perk of every Ether Liner in the link. If two perks are tied the GM decides which one gets boosted. Does not boost itself, of course.
    [Upgrades the tier of the highest perk of every member on the link but the user.]

    Tier II: Battlefield Breaker

    Able to analyze a situation and formulate tactics at an amazing pace. Receives additional information when facing an enemy, revealing weak points or allowing one to anticipate an attack, revealing the properties of the attack before it happens.

    Tier I: Analytical Augmentation

    Able to crack complex codes and able to calculate mathematical problems at high speeds.


    Enhanced Enslavement

    Due to the link adding function being limited by mental shielding and firing speed this spell allows an additional firing mode for adding people to the link. It sends an unfocused blast that targets anyone nearby and attempts to add them into the neural link.
    [Adds all targets in the area to the mental link. Checks against both EtP and HP left.] GP Cost: 12

    Neural Neutralization

    Channels the power of the link on a single target to overload their nervous system, Depending on the link level and the mental resistance of the target this has different effects. Assuming a target with average mental resistance:

    Level 1: Neural Stutter: Interrupts the current action taken with a stun that lasts less than a second.

    Level 2: Neural Stun: Stuns the target for a full round.

    Level 3: Neural Shock: Spreads the mental blast from the initial target, stunning all the nearby targets who are not given a shielding sequence through the link.

    GP Cost: 8

    Advanced Augmentation

    Channels the power of the link into a single target to massively augment their parameters. Can only be used on Ether Liners. While using it Walther has to remain stationary to precisely route the processing power to the target, and thus can obviously not affect Walther himself. This leaves him very vulnerable, obviously. All boosts include the boosts of previous ranks.

    Level 1: Fighter out of the Box: The initial boost of the main attribute is doubled. Can not break the stat cap.

    Level 2: Veteran out of the Field: Life and Grain regeneration increase to the point where the Ether Liner’s metabolism quickly speeds up, vastly increasing the target’s regenerative power. (Improves GP and HP regen to 5/turn)

    Level 3: God out of the Machine: The boost to the two secondary statistics is doubled. The boost to the main attribute can break the stat cap.

    GP Cost: 8 per turn


    - - - Updated - - -

    Includes a shitty pun. "Walten" means roughly "to control/preside" and "Richten" means "to judge/correct".

    Ha ha ha, I know my own language.
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    Oh I remember that one. Fun fact, buster and I chatted a bit during char creation and I eventually scrapped my original idea because it had some of the same "jobs" as Walther here but wasn't as good. Occasionally I have referred to buster being able to make some really OP char sheets, when I say that, I was actually thinking of this guy.
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