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    Ceritified mac moment.

    (Good job on making it mac)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mAc Chaos View Post

    I lol'd

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    Can see why KT said that's a really outlandish idea but the presentation is pretty slick

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    Collection of cherished moments
    Quote Originally Posted by Kotonoha View Post
    <Zagrin> I'll kill ya Plue

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    Yes. Exactly.
    Collection of cherished moments
    Quote Originally Posted by Kotonoha View Post
    <Zagrin> I'll kill ya Plue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leftovers View Post
    The nuclear option.

    Once, there was a kingdom. Many warriors flocked to its lands and swore their arms to its cause. Battle by battle they conquered in its name, growing its borders, building its legend. They were great, it was said, and great was their kingdom, and greater still their king. Their power, unrivalled, could only be likened to God's kingdom, whose earthly regents they were. Blessed warriors, they were called, holy knights, champions of the faith. And yet, for all their powers, human, all too human.

    Once, there was a kingdom built by men, for men. Naturally, it was by the hands of men that it fell to ruin.

    Those knights, strong of arm and faith, yet weak in flesh and mind. Time made murderers, adulterers, covetous tyrants of them all. The legend they built came to a piteous end. Their dreams ephemeral, their bonds frail.

    They were warriors, but they were no heroes. Men this weak could not carry the weight of their own dreams, let alone humankind's. The kingdom they built is less than dust, their deeds dissolved into falsehoods. The names they bore remain as cenotaphs, spinning fables of what was not and what may yet have been, avoidant of the truth. That they who lived such lives were men, and lived as men, and died as men, and all they ever served was their desires.

    And what is it humanity desires? A hero. And what is a hero? Someone who serves man. And who can serve man, when man only serves himself? One that is above, and beyond, man.

    That kingdom had had its fill of warriors, who only blaze the path of ruin. Its people called out for a hero, one who could walk the path of salvation for everyone to follow.

    A man above the desires of man. A master of all who chooses to serve all. The perfect knight. A hero.

    That is I.

    And I alone.


    True Name: Galahad
    Alignment: True Neutral


    STR - A
    END - A+
    AGI - D
    MGI - C
    LCK - A+

    Class Skills

    Magic Resistance - A: The protection bestowed upon a knight on a divine quest. Rejects magic, rituals, and heresies of all kinds.

    Riding: - (E): The skill to control steeds of all kinds. Having sailed on the Ship of Solomon and ascended to heaven, Saber cannot ride upon any earthly steed or vessel anymore.

    Personal Skills

    Champion of Virtue - A: Immaculate chivalry, dispassionate justice, peerless mastery, unwavering faith, absolute loyalty, stainless purity. The embodiment of the chivalric virtues cannot be brought to ruin unless by his own doing. Saber is unaffected by rank-downs and status effects of any kind, up to and including checks of instant death, befitting of one who survived the trial of the Siege Perilous. Additionally, this Skill functions as a variation of Charisma, imposing awareness of Saber's overwhelming excellence on those who lay eyes akin to mental interference. The degree of its effect on other Servants depends on their alignment, with Lawful Servants merely seeing Saber for what he is and Chaotic or Evil Servants facing LCK rank-downs.

    Revelation - A: The quest for the Holy Grail began with a vision, and was guided by revelations every step of the way. Saber's divine visions only reveal information about the Holy Grail, but in a Holy Grail War this encompasses many things indeed, from the actions of those who plan to undermine the sanctity of the contest to those whose hearts are clouded and bring their twisted desires on the battlefield. Visions pertaining to the participants of the Holy Grail War may be revealed to him, and he innately grasps certain aspects of the character of those he meets, specifically pertaining to their wishes, vices, and virtue or lack thereof. Additionally functions as a sixth sense in battle, where Saber's attunement to the voice of God may guide him to the optimal action.

    Keeper of the Grail - EX: He who has held the Holy Grail and seen the light of Heaven. Having attained the Grail, Saber became its keeper, fulfilling the destiny of man and precluding the need for others to follow in his footsteps. As its champion he receives the majority of the magical energy support needed to materialise from the Holy Grail instead of his Master, and replenishes it at a higher rate. Additionally, while he is defending the Grail from others, he receives plus modifiers to all his stats that don't already have them. However, as those who fight in the Holy Grail War have been chosen by the Grail to begin with, he cannot kill an enemy while they are actively fighting for it, but only block their path as a test of their mettle and worth. Finally, having already attained the Grail in life, Saber cannot under any circumstances take the Grail for himself again. In return, he may repeat the wish he had wished upon the Grail in life at any time: he may choose the time of his own death.

    Noble Phantasms

    The Sword in the Stone
    Rank: A
    Type: Passive

    "Never shall man take me hence, but only he by whose side I ought to hang, and he shall be the best knight of the world." The sword that crowned Saber as the greatest knight of all, bestowed by the king of knights himself. Drawing this sword marked the beginning of his quest, and it never once wavered until its wielder's quest was finally complete. When Saber draws his sword to fight in a battle for the Grail, fate itself decrees that he prevail. Clashes of equal rank are always in his favour and saving throws always go his way when faced with killing blows. As long as this sword is drawn, Saber cannot be defeated.

    The perfect knight does not falter by any action but that of his own doing, and so this protection will fade if Saber is ever anything less than the paragon of what a knight should be.

    The Sword of Strange Hangings
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Self, Anti-Unit, Anti-Army, Anti-Fortress

    The same sword, wielded with an impure heart. Cancels all personal skills in exchange for raising all stats to A+. Shoots beams and stuff. Saber will not use this.


    It is said that there is no such thing as a perfect knight. That is not strictly true. What is meant is that such a thing as a perfect knight could not possibly be human. That much is true.

    Galahad is the answer to the prayer for a man above the needs of men. Men tore the kingdom apart for petty rule, so he does not wish for power. Men broke their vows over lust, so he does not care for women. Men turned on one another because of their fickle hearts, so his feelings do not waver.

    Even the greatest heroes fell because of their humanity, and so the people asked for a hero who was not human. His is an existence meant to not be able to fail. His perfection is his own nature, and he has known nothing else. His victory was inevitable, the salvation he brought guaranteed. In other words, from the very beginning his choice had been denied.

    A perfect knight is something people wish for their own sakes. If something meant to serve humans possessed humanity of its own, it would no longer do so.

    Saber lived and died for the sake of others, so that the disgrace of his progenitors may be washed clean and the failed kingdom consecrated in memory as a shining beacon of virtue and knighthood. The burden he bore for Camelot became his own legend, but Camelot is no more, and never was the entirety of the world to begin with. In any era, in any place, the perfect hero is something that people will turn to when nothing less will do.

    But that future may yet change. The humanity of today has turned away from its gods, shunned its icons, and is aiming to surpass even the world it inhabits. This modern world where humans no longer need heroes is one that pleases Saber, insofar as he can feel, and it is one he believes fulfills the wish underlying his own creation, as well as explains why he has been summoned in the first place. Until that moment when his duty is finally fulfilled he will protect this march of progress, and he believes that his existence as the perfect hero should suffice, rendering all other heroes obsolete. It is only natural that he should feel they fall short of the mark, compared to himself.

    Saber does not hesitate to expound on how superfluous the existence of other Servants is, not to mention their lacking credentials as Heroic Spirits to begin with. As an embodiment of virtue his moralising knows no bounds, and he will mercilessly criticise the failings of others without a hint of either tact or ill intent. Saber could never be accused of possessing social graces.

    It can be said that although his intentions are inherently pure-hearted and virtuous, the goals he might support and the actions he may take to facilitate them are not necessarily 'good', although they are undoubtedly those of the "justice" he is meant to serve.

    Long ago, humanity wished for someone who would show them how to strive for something higher, someone to prove that man can rise above petty pursuits and the failings of the past to achieve personal greatness. Galahad is all too happy to keep reminding them, even after they ask him to stop.

    My god, the fun I would've had.
    jeez, what a cool sheet. glad I somehow stumbled in here to see that. I really like your writing style.
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    Here's my meta changing tanky assassin the Mormon Avenger

    Born to Sarah and Orin Rockwell, Orrin began life as a curious lad. His family’s land, inherited from their ancestor Edmund Rice who helped cultivate the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was settled right next to the land of the Smith Family. Not reclusive and a family of preachers, yet also secretive. He was eight years younger than the man who would become the father of Mormonism, Joseph Smith.

    In the early days he’d faithfully and obediently listen to Joseph who proclaimed to be a prophet and do odd jobs to help pay for what would become the Book of mormon, believing him to be righteous. To further prove his loyalty he joined the army, got a gun, and used the pay from his job to help Joseph Smith.

    When he returned he became the sword of the church. Joseph would have him deal with difficult elements and enemies of the church, a job he gladly did utilizing the skills he learned in the military. He did so with no one ever able to come close to proving his guilt.

    The closest he got was when Lilburn Boggs accused him of trying to assassinate him on the orders of Joseph Smith. Joseph was confident they were innocent, claiming that Rockwell couldn’t have shot Boggs because he was still alive.

    When the trial arrived this fact combined with the fact that Boggs never considered one of his rivals, known for violence, before Rockwell quashed the accusations and attempt. In retribution he ordered that the mormons be violently excommunicated from the state, an order that they complied with before force could be brought to bear.

    Moving to Utah, he was granted a prophecy by Joseph ‘I prophesy, in the name of the Lord, you—Orrin Porter Rockwell—so long as ye shall remain loyal and true to thy faith, need fear no enemy. Cut not thy hair, and no bullet or blade can harm thee’.

    Upon the death of Joseph he continued to watch over the family, it’s secrets, and its purpose as well as the church. He still killed for the church but much less frequently. Upon his death, his prophecy was fulfilled as no blade nor bullet harmed him.

    Orrin Porter Rockwell

    Assassin is a man of contradictions. Despite his deep faith and penchant for violence, he is deeply philosophical, loyal to even non-believers, and a good man at heart and a love of alcohol.

    Rather his violence is reserved for those he believes deserve it. Simply speaking against mormonism, even harshly, he doesn't believe is deserving. Its when it raises to violence that he lets loose his own violence. This naturally extends to his loyalty; once violence begins he will defend his master tooth and nail.

    After all, loyalty is important to Assassin. Any promise he makes he will do his utmost to fulfill it, even should the other party prove disloyal to him. This naturally extends to his master, serving as their sword even should he become aware of a potential betrayal.

    Finally he simply is a man that wants to help others. He helped Joseph Smith, expecting nothing in return and felt gratitude when he received a baptism in return. He felt gratitude when Joseph Smith granted him a prophecy. He felt gratitude when the family accepted his aid after the death of Joseph Smith.

    Yet for all his good he indeed does have a dark side. Once he finds violence an acceptable answer to a problem, he immediately escalates, unless told otherwise, to attempting to kill the target. While he prefers to do so with them aware he has little issue with sniping them from a distance.

    The only exception are other mormons. He will kill them but he will do so with great hesitance and sadness.

    Strength: B
    Endurance: B
    Agility: C
    Magic: D
    Luck: C


    Presence Concealment: B
    Despite the supposed number of deaths he caused, he was only ever ‘caught’ once and even then was not proven guilty. In fact, no real evidence was provided that he did the crime beyond his reputation as a sword of mormonism.

    Guardian Angel: A
    He defended the faith. He defended the family. He defended the prophet. He is the sword of Mormonism and he defends the faith with zeal. He had a reputation as an assassin for Joseph due to his deep faith and ties with the church, being the first to be baptized and being a co-founder. He even received a prophecy upon being proven innocent.

    Marksmanship: B
    He has a long, successful career of gunmanshop. One particular anecdote regards him expertly shooting at an outlaw that ambushed him to make him dance without ever actually hitting him despite his rapid-fre. Further he had a reputation of only using one shot to kill his victims. Even his gun is aptly named ‘the Mormon Avenger’ and is his trusty sidearm that he always uses.

    Eye of the Mind (True): B
    He served in the military for several years and accumulated a record. He also served as the sword of Mormonism, utilizing quickdraw duels arranged secretly. His experience with battle has left him with this ability to utilize his experience to help him in battle.

    Golden Rule: D
    Based on how he funded Joseph Smiths various projects by utilizing the means he had available to him.

    Noble Phantasms

    Lex Divina Prophetae
    the Prophecy Spoken by Prophet Joseph

    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    Rank: A

    A powerful defensive noble phantasm based on the legend of Joseph Smith granting him a prophecy upon his joining the church in Nauvoo. It stated ‘I prophesy, in the name of the Lord, you—Orrin Porter Rockwell—so long as ye shall remain loyal and true to thy faith, need fear no enemy. Cut not thy hair, and no bullet or blade can harm thee’. So great was this protection that an outlaw gang ambushed him, unloaded all their guns towards him, and all the bullets did nothing to him allowing him to draw his own guns and slay each other them.

    Effectively this passive noble phantasm exists to protect him from slashes and projectiles. Whenever he would be targeted by such attacks he may make a luck check to try to phase through the attacks. If he chooses to take them, instead the damage is displaced to his hair, destroying parts of it. If all his hair should be destroyed, he must consume enough prana to regrow it as for as long as he is bald this noble phantasm is sealed.

    Confodietur in Tenebris
    Crackshot Under Night

    Type: Anti-Unit (FINISHER!)
    Rank: B

    Based on his greatest feat. In total darkness, with no moonlight or even firelight, a bank robber fled with the riches he stole. Being the only one witnessing he pulled his gun out and let the robber flee for 5 minutes, reaching the crest of a hill. With a single shot from his Mormon Avenger he killed the man while he was a speck on the black sky.

    This attack, unlike prior attacks, already has hit the opponent. The moment he pulls the trigger when utilizing this noble phantasm the opponent being hit is already a determined, sure, unavoidable outcome. While protections can minimize the damage, he ultimately is aiming and picking where he shoots his enemy whether it be in the heart, head, neck, or other place on the body. Further protections based on blocking line of sight or other senses, including illusions, fail to prevent this effect.

    Otherwise, the attack is simply a bullet from his C-rank armament the Mormon Avenger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Petrikow View Post
    Ceritified mac moment.

    (Good job on making it mac)
    i forgot nero even existed......

    thanks for helping me petri!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Plue View Post
    This one speaks to me on a spiritual level.
    Do you like jazz short stories? Do you want something to distract from making Servants? Do you wish the idea of Shirou Kotomine didn't immediately bring edgelords to mind? Well, I can't promise it's good, but some would disagree with me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morg van Destro View Post
    This one speaks to me on a spiritual level.
    That's dangerous, it probably also shot you on a spiritual level!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kotonoha View Post
    <Zagrin> I'll kill ya Plue

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    Warning: A Canon Version of Constantine XI now exists in Fate/Grand Order. This sheet is now obsolete.

    Constantine XI




    • Vibrant
    • Astute
    • Mysterious
    • Just

    True Reincarnation

    STR: C (C+ in Greece)
    END: B (B+ in Greece)
    AGI: B (B+ in Greece)
    MNA: C (C+ in Greece)
    LCK: E- (E in Greece)

    ᴄʟᴀꜱꜱ ꜱᴋɪʟʟꜱ
    Magic Resistance (B): Negates E, D and C ranked spells. It is difficult for them to be affected even by Greater Thaumaturgy.

    Riding (C): One can flawlessly manage beasts and vehicles if they have received the proper training and adjustments. Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above-average skill. However, Constantine XI cannot ride the likes of Phantasmal Species such as Monstrous Beasts

    Self-Field Defense (C): Applies damage reduction beyond defensive limits, but he is excluded from the effect's target.

    ᴘᴇʀꜱᴏɴᴀʟ ꜱᴋɪʟʟꜱ
    Defensive Engineer (Custom, B, A in Greece or European Turkey): Constantine can improve the defenses of one’s lair, mundane and magical, by up to B-Rank, making them hard to penetrate by intruders. This applies to things as mundane as walls, moats, and reinforced concrete bunkers, as well as bounded fields and mystic sentries, which he gains an ability to interact with and reshape to more efficient parameters.

    Military Tactics (Sieges and Last Stands, A-): Applies a + modifier to a single Anti-Army Noble Phantasm of oneself and allies and a rank down or - modifier to the enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm. Note that if not in a siege or last stand, this merely applies a rank up to up to a single Anti-Army Noble Phantasms with their rank not exceeding A of oneself and allies and a rank down (as long as it is not A rank or higher) or - modifier (as long as it has a +) to enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

    Bravery (B): At this rank, the threat of overwhelming force does not faze Constantine XI, who can resist mental interference effects of this rank (note that Magic Resistance already negates most such attempts to interfere with the workings of his brain), but more importantly, it increases the Melee Damage he inflicts.

    Battle Continuation (C, Fourth Personal Skill): A Skill that allows for the continuation of combat after sustaining mortal wounds. It will also reduce the mortality rate from injury. This Skill represents the ability to survive and/or the mentality of one who doesn't know when to give up, consisting of one's strength of vitality in predicaments.

    ɴᴏʙʟᴇ ᴘʜᴀɴᴛᴀꜱᴍ
    Title: Legend of Imperial Rebirth
    Rank: A+
    NP Type: Anti-Self
    Range: 1
    Maximum Number of Targets: 1
    Description: Legends say that Constantine XI was saved from death by an Angel, turned into a marble statue, and stored in a secret cave underneath Constantinople’s Golden Gate in order to await true resurrection, after which he will, with God’s help, retake the city, restore the Empire, and drive the Turks back to Central Asia. This legend resonates in the hearts of the Greek people today, giving needed strength to the Servant.

    The Legend of Imperial Rebirth is a crystallization of those legends which form their own Noble Phantasm, a Phantasm which envelops his body and cloaks it in the stuff of myths, enhancing its wielder’s capabilities to far beyond what he had in life.

    And by that, when brought to the brink of death, Constantine XI’s clothes, armor, and sword turn as white as marble, and all Parameters and Skill Ranks are raised by one rank. He also gains the benefits of Golden Rule (Body), meaning that while he can be physically damaged, the damage in question cannot make him ugly. Not merely that, but Military Tactics reverts to its normal form and can be used without a malus in situations which are not a last stand or a siege. This effect lasts till the end of the fight.

    Title: Hexamillion Wall
    Rank: D (C in Greece, A in the actual Hexamillion Wall's location)
    NP Type: Fortress
    Range: 1 - 50
    Maximum Number of Targets: 1000.
    Description: The Hexamillon was a wall stretching throughout the Isthmus of Corinth with two castles on the end, and which had been repaired and rebuilt multiple times against invaders, never succeeding in its objective. Nevertheless, Constantine XI was one of the last rulers to try and strengthen it, turning the wall and castles into a strong point which had to be broken with Gunpowder and Cannons...

    A wall is conjured up across the battlefield with two castles at either end, and both wall and castles can shoot arrows of pure prana. This wall can withstand most mundane and magical attacks and can be strengthened to B-Rank by someone, not just Constantine XI, with the appropriate Skill (usually Defensive Engineer).

    The size of the wall and the castles depend on the size of the battlefield itself, but it can theoretically expand to the length of the Corinth Canal, which has the same length as the IRL Hexamilion Wall...

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    Another obsolete series of character sheets.

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    (Originally David Garcia Martinez from Lalin’s Curse, a Webcomic by Isaky on Webtoons. Used with her consent.)
    Daniel Palaiologos



    • Idealistic
    • Kind
    • Caring
    • Compassionate

    A long time ago, there was the Palaiologos Family, overlords of Modern Athens, Salonika, and Sparta's magical communities. They were Independent Magi who resented any form of oversight, including the Magus Association's, and though powerful for a while, their arrogance and lack of alliances with the wider network of Magi led their vassal families to slowly peel off and join the Clock Tower and even Atlas Academy, slowly chipping away at their strength. The lowest point was when the seventh child of the family, Deuel Palaiologos, left their ranks and married Maria Adamos, an ordinary woman and a scientist to boot, and chose to live a humble life as a restaurant owner, free from the burdens of Magus politics and seeking The Root.

    Daniel was born from that marriage, and for a while, he was left alone to be raised in love by his parents, going to school, making friends, and reading books of all kinds, which he understood and absorbed from a young age. A genius, smart enough that it counted as a curse, especially when coupled with a natural talent for Magecraft, which his father reluctantly taught him. This, however, was noticed by his grandfather's spies, who were still watching Deuel and his family. And it became worse when all of a sudden, all of Deuel's siblings, Daniel's uncles and aunts, died in mysterious circumstances, and so did their children, Daniel's cousins.

    This left Deuel, Maria, and Daniel as the only way for House Palaiologos to continue, and Anastasios Palaiologos, Daniel's grandfather and the Head of House, came directly for Daniel with a large detail of bodyguards - Deuel and Maria were damaged goods and so he wanted Daniel as his heir. Because of the threat of force, there was no choice but to let Daniel be taken away 'for training'. Daniel was ten then.

    The training was hard and unforgiving, and to keep Daniel motivated, Anastasios began fudging the truth, saying that the Palaiologos Family was surrounded on all sides by enemies such as the Clock Tower and the rest of the Magus' Association and that Daniel was being trained to be a hero who will eventually bring them down. Being an impressionable kid, Daniel believed his grandfather and willingly threw himself harder into his studies, which included diplomacy, etiquette, and the use of firearms and swords.

    Four years later, Anastasios gave Daniel the family Magic Crest, and to all appearances, died of natural causes. Daniel was now Family Head at fifteen, inheritor of a large fortune in the mundane world but with declining respect and deference from other Magi and Spellcasters alike. And after meeting once again with his parents and childhood friends, Daniel began dutifully working to fulfill his Grandfather's will, which was to gather the misfits and outcasts of Magus society together into a 'Resistance' to fight the Clock Tower.

    The first sign things were wrong was when Daniel saw that these misfits and outcasts were no saints, and a few were actually scumbags who deserved to be cast out, being the child-sacrificing louts who worshipped cosmic horrors and embodiments of metaphysical tyranny which he thought the Clock Tower was. The second sign was that when Daniel became too vocal with this sentiment, one of these 'oppressed misfits' instead reported him to the Clock Tower, who promptly sent people to arrest Daniel and nip his conspiracy in the bud. Despite being a 'prodigy' with more experience than a kid should have, he was still a teenager and was thus easily lured out and captured.

    For a brief moment, Daniel considered blowing himself up rather than being subjected to the enemy's alleged cruel tortures, which included removal of one's magic circuits entirely. Then he was knocked flat by a punch to the stomach before he can do so, and woke up in a surprisingly comfortable cell. After that, he found out that not only had his Grandfather fed him lies, but that said Grandfather was still alive - He had created a unique form of Magecraft, based on Life and Necromancy Magics, which allowed him to add other people's lifespans to his own, tricking death itself into thinking he was supposed to still be alive. This magic was best-cast in a Bounded Field, and the real reason Daniel's uncles, aunts, and cousins died was because Anastasios had tricked them into a place with such a Field and transferred their lifespans to himself.

    And yes, there was a recording of Anastasios gloating about his plans, as well as other pieces of supporting evidence showing that his endgame was to use Daniel to found an organization to fight the Clock Tower and the rest of the Mages' Association, manipulating said organization to acquire power and knowledge for himself.

    After taking a while to absorb the information, Daniel allowed the Clock Tower to exact a fine from him of his Family's most powerful Mystic Codes, as well as give him an official reprimand. He would eventually join the Clock Tower itself, for despite its amorality, it was a net benefit for Humanity. And when news arrived that his Grandfather had re-emerged, in the Greek Lands which should be under his stewardship, he vowed to hunt down the old man.

    Along with stopping his Grandfather, Daniel's wish is to replenish all of Humanity's resources except for Fossil Fuels, as well as mass regrowth of forests and coral reefs, along with the removal of excess Co2 and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. This is not because Daniel is an eco-geek or a fanatic about the environment, but rather to prevent Humanity from destroying itself through resource conflicts and climate change and taking Magus-kind down along with it, because if that happened, all Magi's search for The Root would be ended permanently.

    ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴀɴᴅ ꜱᴇᴀʟ
    Three Pairs of Phoenix Wings

    Explain how and what activates their magic



    The Average One

    Heroic Iconography Magecraft - The Palaiologos Family's signature Magecraft, dating from Greece and Rome and adapted to the Christian and Secular Eras, Heroic Iconography Magecraft uses Jewelry shaped into a form resonant in the collective subconscious (stars, planets, swords and rings) as a catalyst for a Ritual of Transformation (nowadays as simple as lifting up one's badge into the air and letting it catch the light of the sun, moon, and stars), combined with self-hypnosis to push one's physical and mental capabilities to the limit...

    40 Generations

    ᴍʏꜱᴛɪᴄ cᴏᴅᴇ
    Jewel Star Badge and Uniform - A badge of electrum (a naturally-occurring alloy of gold and silver) and diamond which when held aloft, transforms Daniel's current clothing into a miniature version of this uniform, which acts as lightweight armor with decent resistance to physical and magical force (think the Chaldea Uniform from FGO).

    Electrum and Emerald Ring - A ring of electrum with an emerald set in its front, this ring carries basic Reinforcement and Healing Spells which allow for Olympic Athlete/Peak Mortal Human feats and basic regeneration (also based on the Chaldea Uniform from FGO).

    Orbis - A crystal orb which contains several smaller jewels which represent a Heliocentric Solar System instead of the usual Geocentric cosmology followed by most Magi. This allows Daniel to see brief glimpses into the past, present, and future, as well as act as a Mana Compass which glows bright red when he meets with a danger too powerful to handle.

    Telos - A modified Azoth dagger which can extend into a crystalline longsword which conducts Daniel's Elemental spells.

    Mundane Skills

    Fencing, Finance, Shooting, History, Literature, Computer Technology

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