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Thread: Beast's Lair History

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    I once tried finding my first post on this site
    Then I realised I'd rather not know exactly how long I've been here.
    Then I realised that's not even accurate anyway since I'd been lurking on occasion for years earlier.
    Time flies.
    shit BL says

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    It's like with centaur girls, you're fucking a horse. Sure the human part is the one that moans but your dick is in the horse, no way around it.
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    boytoy angst > fulfilling life of misanthropic extremist environmentalism
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    ladies, he's single
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    Yeah, but that's because he's got more issues than National Geographic.
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    You can rage, but there is no waifu communism.

    You are not getting government-handout waifus.

    Once and always and nevermore.

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    I first knew of the forum in 2019 when I downloaded the Fate TL. Everything else happened after my join date.
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    I get this vague feeling from your posts that you're looking down on people who don't share your view, which is what it is, but at least take a moment to snort some common sense between those hits of pretension.
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    My opinion is better than your opinion, so it isn't up for debate.
    Quote Originally Posted by Comun
    Telling us that you're rich is not going to make anyone stop laughing at you for believing in self-insert NTR.
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    You seriously underestimate the human potential for wanting to fuck stuff, my dude.
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    Welcome to BL, new user. Don't forget to fate/stay mad
    Quote Originally Posted by Sione
    Prententious killjoys with comically academic "critiques" are just as annoying as braindead gachoomers. This is the only valid horseshoe.
    A Fond Farewell to Type-Moon is a fucking gold mine.

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    I'm pretty sure my first post was in Five's Fem!Shirou CYOA, since I'd been lurking for about a year by that point and only joined so I could mess with Mike's "All Sakura, All The Time" plan.

    Which, I guess means that I joined up out of spite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    LotGH isn't too long, only 110 episodes for the story proper and another 50 or so for the gaidens. The longest thing I've watched recently was Star Trek DS9, and I think that comes out to around 360 anime-sized episodes. I've really got to rewatch LotGH...
    I had the LotGH OST in my car's CD changer for years. It motivated me to learn more about classical music. I really do need to rewatch the series, especially since I was too focused on the /a/ memes at first (Bittenfeld making forceful breakthroughs, the battleship Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli, Yang's alcoholism, the fever dream that was Golden Wings...)
    The gaiden were a bit of a step down in animation quality as I remember. You could save time and avoid them.

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    I don't remember if their animation quality was worse, but the stories really are great once you've finished the main OVA. Or I think there's some watch order that deftly weaves them in alongside the main 110, but that's too complicated for me.
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