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Thread: Fate/Grand Order General Discussion (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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    Nastya gacha and no quartzez
    isn't it sad

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    Couldn't even give Nastya her NP upgrade, isn't it sad

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    New interludes wasnt what I was expecting but at least the story is good. These will be fun to read in 2 years.

    If interludes do a take a week then there is still time for an event. They can't just have nothing for 3 more weeks.

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    Yang's looks like it was pretty funny overall, though I missed most of it due to lack of kanji understanding. The Salome one was kind of random, but I guess they needed to throw her in somewhere so that she wasn't going 2 years without any sort of story.

    Beyond that, all I can say is that it got me 15 quartz thanks to getting me to another x10 interlude completion. They still could have done a fucking hunting quest batch or something else too.
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    So if I'm reading this right DP is saying that the feature almost everybody hates that is bad and makes the forum objectively worse will never go away because that would negatively impact another feature that nobody has ever used and most likely never will use just in case someday, someone wants to use it. Is that right?
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    Blegh, had extra finances come in just today. Spent 4 packs to get Morgan and 1 extra copy of Barghest. Baobhan kept coming again and again. Total 6 packs (2 were from when LB6 just launched) for only 1 copy of Morgan as my 5* Servant. Here's hoping that Fae Lancelot comes.

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