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Thread: Fate/Grand Order General Discussion (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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    I for one am very happy that there aren't too many diversions from grinding this event without CEs.

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    Makes it easier to play other games too.
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    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamera View Post
    God forbid someone wants new contents instead of grinding for a shitty makeshift event that should never be three weeks long in the first place.
    God forbid they've had the same event format for over a year now (or longer even?) and obviously no intention of changing that, so people just actually take it into account instead of daydreaming and complaining about a lack of realization. The events now are basically designed so that you can almost entirely clear them with just natural AP, so why not just do that and use the rest of the time to do something else? There's not gonna be a new big content drop in the middle of an event, because they've shown for a long time now this is the format they're sticking to.

    That said, even if they did put out something new, "new content" would just mean another shitty event that people would complain about anyway, because OC2 is definitely not coming until at least the end of the year, so I really don't see what difference it makes. Oh boy, the shop event is over and I get to do a mission event, how fun.
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    Ugh cokesakto no no no
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    your ability to be wrong about literally everything you post is truly astounding. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but you haven't been right once.
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    The gay pics were the most entertaining thing going on in this discussion.

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