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Thread: TM Fanfics Index: Recommendations & Discussion. Updates never

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    Lightbulb TM Fanfics Index: Recommendations & Discussion. Updates never

    More like twice a year.

    What I need to add a new story to the Index:
    • Link to the story.
    • Story name
    • A positive review of your own.
    • Plot synopsis. If your review gives the synopsis I can work with that. It must give the casual reader an idea of what's the fic about, hopefully in two lines, or so. About two tweets in length.

    Arashi made a Guide to Things Japan. You might wanna read it.

    Color Guide: Good, Neutral, Bad

    Try to do things by yourself. If it's possible to find it by scanning the index, you have no business asking. I'm reading the thread, even when I don't update, so I will remember you being an idiot. Renko, this goes double to you.

    Rec Thread 1. It's bad.
    Rec Thread 2. It's not bad.
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    Long Stories
    Chaos Theory, by Moczo (
    ItsaRandomUsername, IhaxlikeNoob, Imperial, Seika, Riven, TheMegas, Hymn of Ragnarok, CosmicVibe, Imperial, Rafflesiac, Kyte, Kyte, Christemo, +42Raven2785, Aiden, BlackField, Flere821, Elf, Lunaludus Scribex, Bloble, Alulim, Neir, Lycodrake, Sylentnight, nitewind, Knick, Mattias, KAIZA, Kelnish, gwonbush, Servant Shiki, YeOfLittleFaith, rajvir, Petrikow, Muramasa, Rodyle, KooriRenchuu, gesalt, ShadowStorm666, DezoPenguin, Fafnir, Kirby, Stormwhite, Fan_Fic_Reader, KarmaDemon, Nephirin, tenrou29, Guy, UnlimitedBladeWorks, Gray, Bdoom, Meh, Frostyvale, francobull3, Draconic
    The smallest of changes impact life the most, and Shirou makes his mark on a certain Illyasviel Von Einzbern. What happens changes the entire face of the Holy Grail War in mere moments.
    A take on an Illya-route storyline. Vey well-written with decent humor and above-par action scenes.
    Tainted Ideals, by Stormedge (
    Sylentnight, IhaxlikeNoob, Imperial, Riven, kay4today, Hymn of Ragnarok, +31Kyte, Rodyle, ItsaRandomUsername, Aiden, Flere821, Lunaludus, Alulim, Lycodrake, nitewind, Knick, Kelnish, gwonbush, Servant Shiki, Tiresias, rajvir, Muramasa, KooriRenchuu, gesalt, ShadowStorm666, LJ3, Fafnir, Kirby, Stormwhite, TheInfamousMan, Fan_Fic_Reader, Guy, Rafflesiac, Bridgeburner90, UnlimitedBladeWorks, Dullahan, Arashi_Leonhart
    In the fire that ravaged Fuyuki city, it was not Emiya Kiritsugu who saved the life of a young Shirou, but the tainted grail itself. WARNING: Kotomine Shirou
    Postnuptial Disagreements, by Zalgo Jenkins (BL link)
    ItsaRandomUsername, Seika, DezoPenguin, Riven, Hymn of Ragnarok, curtis mancannon, +18Kyte, Bloble, Sylentnight, Sunco, Tiresias, Rodyle, KooriRenchuu, Emy, Fafnir, NewAgeOfPower, ArcherReborn2, ShadowStorm666, Stormwhite, Kirvy, Guy, gesalt, Rgal, Lunaludus Scribex
    Nasuverse/Sekirei crossover. Years after AU 4th Grail War the son of Archibald El-Melloi finds himself embroiled in a supernatural tournament fought between aliens and their handlers. His boundless pride as a magus compels him to show these backwater natives the true meaning of competition.
    Provides refreshing originality of plot and choice of protagonist/narrator (which is to say, a "traditional" magus), combined with hilarious narration and an utterly dysfunctional dynamic between protagonists.
    The Hill of Swords, by Gabriel Blessing
    Kelnish, Arashi_Leonhart, Riven, Muramasa, Elf, +24ItsaRandomUsername, Bloble, Alulim, IhaxlikeNoob, Neir, Lycodrake, Sylentnight, BlackField, nitewind, Knick, Mattias, Lunaludus, Servant Shiki, gwonbush, rajvir, Rodyle, KooriRenchuu, gesalt, DezoPenguin, Fan_Fic_Reader, tenrou29, CG-3m1y4, Kirby, solopy567
    Shirou as the titular character of Familiar of Zero. While taking liberties with Shirou's character and the mechanics of the nasuverse, it's still a very fun story. Shirou and those around him grow as characters, develop strong bonds, and get to be pretty badass. Completed.
    Lancer Gets Serious, by Bloble (
    IhaxlikeNoob, Five_X, Daiki, +24Kyte, BlackField, KAIZA, ItsaRandomUsername, Lunaludus, Sylentnight, Neir, Rodyle, KooriRenchuu, gesalt, Fafnir, NewAgeOfPower, Stormwhite, NamesAreHardToComeUpWith, KarmaDemon, Arashi_Leonhart, Rafflesiac, Kishou the Badger, Dullahan, UnlimitedBladeWorks, Meh, solopy567, Dullahan, Shrapnel
    Kotomine Kirei is bored, and so decides to mix it up a bit, namely in the form of a command spell ordering the Hound of Ulster to use his full power for the duration of the Holy Grail War; a new path awaits the participants. WARNING: SpoilerSakura dies. Completed at last.
    Fate/Revelation Online, by Daniel Gudman
    core_88, YeOfLittleFaith, Ergast, Epiren, Muramasa, alguLoD, Mooncake, Kirby, Lunaludus Scribex, Duncan Idaho, +14KooriRenchu, lethum, rajvir, Chicago Ted, Xamusel, Fafnir, Nephirin, NewAgeOfPower, Bloble, Rafflesiac, Meh, TheMegas, CG-3m1y4, Fan_Fic_Reader
    Ilya likes to play video games, and in the time she has remaining, Shirou is more than willing to play the new VR game with her. But when they are trapped inside the game, [Sword Art Online], they determine something even more distressing: Kayaba Akihiko is definitely a Magus.
    Or: SAO is a big experiment and they're caught in it.
    Fate/Night Sky, by fraggle
    Riven, Flere821, +19warellis, nitewind, Knick, Kelnish, Lunaludus, burningclaw2, gwonbush, YeOfLittleFaith, Tiresias, rajvir, Muramasa, KooriRenchuu, gesalt, Santo, Duncan Idaho, ItsaRandomUsername, Gray, Fan_Fic_Reader, TheMegas
    It was just a small wish: To live with their master and their friends as those uneventful days passed by, to see him grow up as he chased his ideals by his own strength. To become an ally of justice; a hero who can save everyone.
    Rather than mash the two universes together along the lines of canon, the fic instead starts off with the basis of Shirou becoming the Master of the Book of Darkness and the Wolkenritter at a young age, keeps it firmly grounded in the FSN setting, while slowly introducing elements from the Nanoha-verse. Scenes transition between light hearted comedy and slice of life to darker, plot moving points without feeling out of place. The fic also delves into the development of Shirou's character very well, but thankfully stays away from overplaying his hero tendencies.
    Remember, by GoldenLark (SB thread)
    Lunaludus, kay4today, Seika, Bridgeburner90, +19Kyte, BlackField, Elf, Bloble, Raven2785, nitewind, Kelnish, gwonbush, rajvir, Muramasa, Rodyle, KooriRenchuu, DezoPenguin, Fafnir, Flere821, gesalt, TheMegas, Fan_Fic_Reader, CG-3m1y4
    Tohsaka Tokiomi, in true family fashion, inadvertently uses a certain pendant in summoning his Servant, and consequently gets a different Archer than the one he was expecting. (Hint: It's Emiya doing Emiya things)
    Tomb of the Sun God, by Bloble
    Pata Hikari, Imperial, Five_X, Kirby, Hymn of Ragnarok, Siriel, Seika, +14Kyte, NamesAreHardToComeUpWith, Rafflesiac, Fafnir, Dullahan, gesalt, TheMegas, NewAgeOfPower, Siriel, Flere821, Chicago Ted, Meh, Nephirin, Dullahan
    It's the midst of World War 2, and a ancient disaster buried deep in Egypt is ready to go off, changing the fate of magic, and the world! Our protaganist, a "Scribe" whose duty is to record such ventures, is taken off to Egypt. Where he, an Archibald, and an Atlas Alchemist have to find the source before it's too late. All while dealing with curses, church zealots, and good old fashioned traps.

    It's Indiana Jones in the Nasuverse. What's not to like. Fun two-fisted pulp action with a sufficiently entertaining nameless narrator. Action, wit, danger and all that. IT IS COMPLETE.
    Eureka! or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Structural Analysis, by VelsperTheCat
    Sylentnight, Imperial, Bridgeburner90, Bdoom, +17Kyte, Flere821, Bloble, Alulim, nitewind, Mattias, ItsaRandomUsername, Kelnish, Neir, Tiresias, rajvir, Muramasa, gesalt, LJ3, tenrou29, DezoPenguin, Fan_Fic_Reader
    In which Shirou tries to solve magic with engineering, ends up with Frankenstein's Loli Monster. It's two years before the Holy Grail War, how is he supposed to deal with a Servant already? WARNING: You may end up liking Shinji.
    The Hearts of the Suffering (, by Arashi_Leonhart
    Imperial, Kirby, Siriel, Christemo, Christemo, +14Kyte, gwonbush, Olive, nitewind, Flere821, Bloble, ItsaRandomUsername, TheMegas, Rafflesiac, Vagrant, CG-3m1y4, DezoPenguin, core_88, Ergast
    The failed Fifth Holy Grail War is ten years gone. Grail War veterans Rin Tohsaka and Waver Velvet say the world is better off without the ritual, but several movers and shakers in the Clock Tower have a vested interest in seeing it continued in more "capable" hands.
    Good characterization and distinctive voices for everyone make it an enjoyable read.
    Shinderella, by RadiantBeam and Moczo
    KAIZA, Riven, Hymn of Ragnarok, +15ItsaRandomUsername, Flere821, Lunaludus, Aiden, gwonbush, Chacho, rajvir, KooriRenchuu, gesalt, DezoPenguin, kay4today, Fafnir, Rafflesiac, Fan_Fic_Reader
    The cast of Fate/stay night stars in a production of Cinderella, with Shinji in the titular role. A Tiger Dojo production, brought to you by a FLOW OF GENIUS. Hilarity and madness ensues.
    The World Without, by Lunaludus Scribex
    Elf, Seika, kay4today, Fan_Fic_Reader, +14Kyte, ItsaRandomUsername, Bloble, BlackField, Aiden, Mattias, Alulim, ShadowStorm666, Fafnir, Imperial, Elf, Renko, Ergast, Nephirin
    Tiger Dojo 1 AU/continuation. One refusal does not end the story...nor one casualty, the battles. Even without Emiya Shirou, the Grail War goes on. WARNING: Dead Shirou. Tempers flared and Shirou lost his head.
    I Put On My Robe and Wizard Hat, by VelsperTheCat
    Sylentnight, Arashi Leonhart, +15Kyte, ItsaRandomUsername, Aiden, Bloble, Alulim, nitewind, Knick, Kelnish, mangafreak7793, rajvir, KooriRenchuu, Zer0light, NamesAreHardToComeUpWith, Fan_Fic_Reader, tenrou29
    On the eve of the Fourth Grail War, several parties decide to change their battle plans. Now Shirou Urobuchi must try to survive in a world of Magi. He will do it for the lawls. WARNING: Massive crack. Of the good kind, really.
    Maybe I'm a Lion, by Dullahan
    Leo, IhaxlikeNoob, Seika, +14Kyte, ItsaRandomUsername, Arch-Magos Winter, Aiden, Flere821, Bloble, Sylentnight, gesalt, Emy, Lycodrake, TheInfamousMan, Kirby, Arashi_Leonhart, shiningphoenix
    Kara no Kyoukai / Prototype (the game). Shirazumi Lio had the bad luck of punching the AC unit where one Dr. Mercer had hid a viral bomb. Then he died, came back to life, ate his coroner and has had somewhere between five and seven mental breakdowns in about half a day.
    Lio's monologues and dialogues are comedy gold, and the rest is no slouch either.
    Recently broke the half-million words! (And yet it's in part 2 of 6)
    For Want of a Relic, by f0xh0undvix3n
    Misheard, Kelnish, +15Kyte, rajvir, KooriRenchu, Tiresias, kay4today, Bloble, BlackField, RavingScholar, Santo, mAc Chaos, Crimson13, Stormwhite, Fan_Fic_Reader, Rafflesiac, Meh
    Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi's stolen relic was one shipped from Ireland rather than Macedonia. As a result, an inexperienced Master determined to prove himself and a desperate Servant seeking absolution share in a quest for victory and recognition.
    Remember those Next Encounter matchups? This is a fic with those. Still in progress, this fic develops the match from their summoning to them starting to actually be able to communicate with each other. There's also cutaways to the success or utter lack thereof that the other Masters and Servants are having, everyone's in character despite what events change and what events don't.
    Path of the King, by Neoalfa
    IhaxlikeNoob, Bridgeburner90, Bridgeburner90, Pata Hikari, Lunaludus Scribex, TheMegas, Flere821, Ramen234, +14BlackField, Servant Shiki, rajvir, ShadowStorm666, NewAgeOfPower, rajvir, LJ3, Rodyle, tenrou29, shiningphoenix, UnlimitedBladeWorks, Gray, Cyronyx
    With swords that aren't yours, with skills that aren't yours, for dreams that aren't yours. Your entire existence is a lie!" - "Then I'll show you that even fake dreams can become reality." A different choice, a different path, a different FATE.
    A story about a Shirou who sought to make a difference earlier than his counterparts. He's already using his twenty-seven circuits and is training himself to become an 'Ally of Justice', subsequently fighting crime in Fuyuki city, and in the process taking on the mantle of a vigilante known as "Archer"
    Fight/Knight, by Tobias
    Kirby, Rafflesiac, Siriel, Vagrant, +13Ergast, TheMegas, Gray, UnlimitedBladeWorks, Fan_Fic_Reader, Kishou the Badger, TheInfamousMan, Bdoom, Chicago Ted, Meh, Epiren, Shrapnel, GhostDIGIT
    A Fate AU revolving around boxing where the Grail Wars are tournaments, the Servants are boxers, and the Masters are managers. Shirou is the manager of the debt-ridden Emiya Gym, and Saber is a boxer fighting for her lost honor. Together, they stake everything on winning the no-rules King of Boxers tournament.
    From Azure to Zero, by Siriel
    mAc Chaos, Epiren, Duncan Idaho, ItsaRandomUsername, Christemo, +10YeOfLittleFaith, Guy, Rafflesiac, shiningphoenix, TheMegas, Fafnir, Bdoom, Meh, gesalt, Ramen
    A crossover of the 4th Holy Grail War with BlazBlue, as a certain awkward and clumsy girl from the NOL ends up as Kiritsugu's Servant.
    Fortunately for readers, it bothers to show characters interacting and reacting. Complete!
    Want and Need, by Kiiam (
    Knick, TheInfamousMan, +12Kyte, Imperial, RoanDracniil, Fafnir, rajvir, Patcheresu, Flere821, Epiren, Kirby, Stormwhite, Fan_Fic_Reader, Rafflesiac
    How does the Grail choose a Master or a Servant? Fact of the matter is, it knows the difference between want and need. Masters of the Fourth Holy Grail War know they want a strong Servant, but the Grail knows the Servants they need. AU take on the 4th HGW with all new servants and some different variants of servants you already know.
    Untouchable, by I3uster
    Five_X, +12Kyte, ItsaRandomUsername, Mattias, Spinach, Erlkonig, VelspertheCat, DezoPenguin, IhaxlikeNoob, Fafnir, NamesAreHardToComeUpWith, Guy, Kirby
    Not everyone can be a main character. Some people are just Enforcers. These are their stories. WARNING: It's like 90% OCs.
    The Hound and the Blacksmith, by Elf
    Raven2785, Imperial, +10Kyte, BlackField, Aiden, Bloble, nitewind, Kelnish, KooriRenchuu, Fafnir, Hymn of Ragnarok, tenrou29
    One's a Celtic demi-god with a lust for battle and the ladies, the other is a former Counter Guardian who's body is made of swords. Together they fight the forces of evil. Or something.
    Escaping Fate, by Arashi Leonhart
    ItsaRandomUsername, Pata Hikari, +10Arch-Magos Winter, ItsaRandomUsername, Bloble, nitewind, Kelnish, VelspertheCat, Muramasa, DezoPenguin, Fafnir, TheMegas
    A post-Fate story that chronicles Shirou and his friend's life as they save a young girl who was a victim of magus experiments. Initially a rather human story about relationship development and living with past trauma, actual plot has begun to show up and evil has begun to rear its ugly head. Characterization is spot-on, the new OC is actually likeable, and the storytelling within the fic are for the most part like 93% canon-compliant. WARNING: Some love scenes, some torture scenes, a tiny bit of derp scenes.
    To Tame a Magus, by Bloble
    Kirby, Ergast, +10Kyte, Fafnir, ItsaRandomUsername, gwonbush, YeOfLittleFaith, Siriel, NamesAreHardToComeUpWith, Rafflesiac, Kishou the Badger, gesalt
    A ZnT/FSN Crossover. You know how most ZnT fics have Louise summon Awesome Familiar #7? Not here. Behold, Louise's new familiar: Shinji Matou, in all his Shinjirific glory.
    The Three T's of Victory, by Alulim (
    KAIZA, +11Kelnish, ItsaRandomUsername, Flere821, burningclaw2, YeOfLittleFaith, VelspertheCat, Imperial, Rafflesiac, Bdoom, Fan_Fic_Reader, Meh
    Terror: Something that must be overcome to be victorious. Triumph: When you attain victory there is nothing else. Trap: Umm, something to watch out for...? Shirou, please be careful. Shirou summons Rider Astolfo as his Servant.
    Steel and Cherry Blossoms, by Elf
    Raven2785, +11Arch-Magos Winter, IhaxlikeNoob, ItsaRandomUsername, nitewind, Lunaludus, VelspertheCat, rajvir, Muramasa, KooriRenchuu, DezoPenguin, Magus
    After a wish is made for a perfect world, there is someone who still needs to be helped. if only there was a fallen hero with a complex for saving people to call for. Archer/Sakura, but Archer and Rider have good chemistry. Fic's dead, but the interrupt point works well as an ending so it's okay.
    Life is an Endless Dream, by Pata Hikari
    KAIZA, Lunaludus Scribex, +10Kyte, ItsaRandomUsername, DezoPenguin, Raven2785, BlackField, NewAgeOfPower, YeOfLittleFaith, ShadowStorm666, Fafnir, RadiantBeam, Brytte Myst, Draconic
    In one universe, Tohsaka Rin ended up following the same path as Archer, becoming a twisted Heoric Spirit. What happens if, when, in another universe, she gets summoned as a Servant? Rewrite of "Endless Dream"
    The Thirteenth Trial, by ItsaRandomUsername
    DreamsRequiem, +10Rafflesiac, Kirby, Bdoom, francobull3, Fan_Fic_Reader, Jacktheinfinite101, Christemo, Bloble, Gray, Christemo
    Illya kidnaps takes Shirou on a date, with her ever trusty servant, the Greatest Hero in all of Greece, watching ever closely. The plot twist: story's set during one of Hollow Ataraxia's four day loops. Full of fluff and comedy, while also tinged with drama.
    The Xth Loop: Sword & Stilled Time, by ItsaRandomUsername (
    Sylentnight, Arashi_Leonhart, +9Elf, Flere821, nitewind, gwonbush, Muramasa, Fafnir, Kirby, Fan_Fic_Reader, Renko
    How many times had Homura Akemi failed to save Madoka Kaname? Too many times. But what are these things known as Counter Guardians? What happens when she somehow contracts with one? With this unexpected ally, do they have a chance to set it all right? Madoka Magica crossover. Updates slowly.
    Saint Of Zero, by SatireSwift
    Dragoon, DezoPenguin, Kishou the Badger, ItsaRandomUsername, Hymn of Ragnarok, +6Xamusel, Fafnir, TheInfamousMan, Guy, Fan_Fic_Reader, Leo Novum
    The Gandalfr is the Shield of God, meant to protect their summoner from harm. Through faith and blade, here was a man that protected the weak from all that would do them harm, and his life ended with no regrets. Though Louise did not mean to summon a Guardian Knight, there were few greater she could have asked for.
    Shattered Heaven, Shatteraxia, by Tesculpture
    Kirby, Elf, +9Rafflesiac, Imperial, Bloble, Ergast, rajvir, Epiren, Misheard, Gray, solopy567
    Shattered Heaven is where Archer get transported into a parallel, everyone-is-the-opposite world due to Rin's experiments. So basically things like tyrannical Saber, shy and insecure Gil, actually saintly Kotomine, and evil-mastermind Shirou. Shatteraxia is a sequel of sorts, where the normal and parallel world merge. While they aren't exactly masterpieces of literature, and the fight scenes could be better, they're still fun and interesting to read, mostly for the character interactions.
    Vestigial Mercies, by Zalgo Jenkins
    Kyte, TheMegas, +9rajvir, Fafnir, Tiresias, DezoPenguin, Imperial, kay4today, Lycodrake, Alulim, Dullahan
    Young Kotomine takes the place of Shirou in the fire, gets rescued by Kiritsugu and is given away to Risei, grows up as Rin's sort-of-friend sort-of-apprentice and participates in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Kirei gets Jeanne d'Arc. Rin gets Gilgamesh. Oh yes.
    Mahou Senki: Lyrical Days, by Heroslayer (
    Sylentnight, Muramasa, Riven, +11Lunaludus, Bloble, nitewind, Knick, Kelnish, gwonbush, rajvir, Rodyle, gesalt, Santo, Fan_Fic_Reader
    The wheel of fate is derailed as Emiya Shirou is brought up in Uminari City. Watch the birth of a Magical Hero as the boy with a body of swords meets the White Devil. Lyrical Nanoha crossover. Not to be confused with Lyrical Days, fraggle's retake on the topic.
    Fate/Genesis, by Verg Avesta
    ItsaRandomUsername, +8Flere821, gwonbush, KooriRenchuu, LJ3, name93, Kiiam, Imperial, Rafflesiac
    The tale of the First Holy Grail War is one closely linked with failure. Though the ritual may not have delivered on its promises of glory and achievement the story of Makar Zolgen, Justeaze Von Einzbern, and the others who fought within it is still worth telling. Emphasizes on thoughtful worldbuilding and meaningful character interaction before the actual War itself begins.
    Kariya's Legacy, by Born of Prayers
    ShadowStorm666, +8Arch-Magos Winter, Kuradora, KooriRenchu, Flere821, Fafnir, kay4today, rajvir, Kishou the Badger
    Due to a chance meeting with Kariya before the events of Fate/Zero, Shinji strives to follow in his uncle's footsteps and save Sakura from damnation of the Matou Clan. To do so, he must make many sacrifices and will endure pain like no other to compete in the next Holy Grail War, including becoming a Spellcaster—all for Sakura's sake. An AU Fate Stay Night story.
    Shinji's still a bastard but he limits it to everyone that isn't Sakura. Sacrifices are made. And this isn't a Shinji/Sakura story. It's only 4 chapters old and it seems pretty good. Good!Shinji seems to be the flavor of the month. You could say it's still the same Shinji without the blinding stupidity.
    Role Revert, by Pata Hikari
    Raven2785, +8NewAgeOfPower, Flere821, Fafnir, Servant Shiki, RadiantBeam, Polly, Bridgeburner90, UnlimitedBladeWorks
    Things look like normal and the Tohno mansion for Shiki, except for... Wait... Why is Akiha waking him up and calling him Shiki-Sama? and where are Hisui and Kohaku? What's going on?
    This being an AU fic, characters are acting, well, out of character, let's just say you shouldn't expect to see demure Hisui here.
    Fate/Somnium Summer Redux, by Verg Avesta
    Seika, +8Neir, ItsaRandomUsername, Flere821, Spinach, TheMegas, Rafflesiac, Bdoom, NewAgeOfPower
    A Sixth Holy Grail War (or so it seems), set in Fuyuki with a mix of old and new characters. Much of the detail is obscured by a first-person view, and the author keeps even more from you. Finding out what on Earth's going on is part of the attraction, but it makes for a powerful 'fic alongside strong personalities, good action, and a style best described as 'visual novel without the visuals': not just choices in the manner of a CYOA, but sentence structure, vocabulary and scene construction are all part of the pastiche. Readership has a tendency to vote for any immediately obvious Dead Ends to collect the Tiger Stamps.
    A Stolen Heart, by Aladar
    ItsaRandomUsername, Kirby, +7I3uster, Bloble, Spinach, Dragoon, KooriRenchuu, Rafflesiac, Elf
    In another time and place Lancer is a hardboiled detective who has seen too many tough days, hard at work trying to get to the truth to a grisly murder case buried beneath a muck of lies and corruption.

    It's a gritty pulp detective novel with Nasuverse characters in it, featuring tons of violence, sex, bad weather, and Lancer as a weary private eye tasked with solving the murder of a 'fan favourite' character. Read if you enjoyed Sin City, Sherlock, House, insane twists, violence, mysteries, or good writing.
    Just an Unorthodox Thief, by The Infamous Man (
    Kishou the Badger, Mattias, +7Fan_Fic_Reader, Fafnir, Rafflesiac, Bdoom, Flere821, ZidanReign, Leo Novum
    Fate/Zero x Lupin the 3rd crossover. Kotomine Kirei, in trying to summon the iconic Assassin, gets a brightly colored thief instead. No one knows what to expect out of him, least of all his troubled master, and the stakes get even higher when Inspector Zenigata and the Owls of Minerva join the fray. One thing's for sure: Lupin and Kirei are going to have one hell of a time.

    The fusion of both universes is well balanced in comedy and drama. It is interestingly believable that Lupin could ascend to the Throne of Heroes, and his death before becoming a servant was quite tragic. Everyone is in character, and are written in a way that you just want to root for all of the main characters. Assassin for his heists, Kirei for his unique characterization, Zenigata for his quest to arrest Lupin, and Saber for overcoming each obstacle related to Assassin.
    Fate: Reach Out, by Vegeta the 3rd
    TheInfamousMan, burningclaw2, Lunaludus Scribex, Duncan Idaho, +7Epiren, Muramasa, Ergast, Fan_Fic_Reader, Gray, Kirby, ZidanReign
    A chance decision leads to an unlikely discovery. The mention of a rumor leads to an unbelievable mystery. And the connection to a long forgotten family leads to an unforgettable experience. Welcome to Inaba, Yu Narukami... or should I say Shirou Emiya? (Co-Authored by Nameless Flame Wielder)
    Manages to keep Shirou's voice, while presenting a possible new path for him.
    Solenoid Flux, by fallacies
    Flere821, +8Kyte, VelspertheCat, ItsaRandomUsername, Alulim, Mattias, KAIZA, Fafnir, Dullahan
    On the eve of the 4th War, the Berserker that Matou Kariya summons to his command is instead a boy hero from the End of Days. Evangelion + F/Z crossover, Shinji Ikari summoned as 4th HGW Berserker. Fusion fic between the two settings, with SEELE playing a role in the Moonlit World.
    Reminder that fallacies has a terrible habit of never completing fics.
    The Manhattan Project II, by Five_X
    Mattias, +7ItsaRandomUsername, Bloble, KAIZA, Asdfghl, Chacho, gesalt, TheMegas
    In the 1960s an imitation of the Holy Grail War is created, its purpose to end the Cold War. However, the magi involved have much different agendas...
    There's no sugarcoating here. Expect war to be ugly.
    Prismatic Chaos, by Alyeris (
    KAIZA, +7Kyte, Kelnish, ItsaRandomUsername, rajvir, Muramasa, gesalt, Fan_Fic_Reader
    The second magic, the doorway to infinite possibilities. Exposed to it's effects from a young age, the Emiya Shirou that should have been is no more. In his stead is... Emiya Kirika? Why are there two Sabers? What's going on with this grail war!?
    Lyrical Days, by fraggle
    Flere821, Riven, Lunaludus Scribex, +6gwonbush, Flere821, Kirby, YeOfLittleFaith, ItsaRandomUsername, Fan_Fic_Reader
    Shirou is born in the flames of Fuyuki City, his soul destroyed and reforged in fire. The boy is burned away and the image of his saviour is seared into his soul, the happiness he sees becoming a dream he will chase for the rest of his life, until one small girl changed everything: "Listen carefully because this is very important..." Nanoha spoke, " will be my friend."
    Fraggle's take on Heroslayer's original idea.
    A New Age, by Bloble
    IhaxlikeNoob, TheMegas, +6ItsaRandomUsername, Flere821, VelspertheCat, KooriRenchuu, gesalt, Rafflesiac
    A mysterious group meets in an unknown location, their subsequent actions ending the current era; and usherring a new Age of Gods to replace it... as well as bringing back heroes of old. WARNING: Currently on hold.
    Homunculove, by Mereo Flere
    Muramasa, +7Kyte, Flere821, Alulim, Stormwhite, Fan_Fic_Reader, Rafflesiac, TheMegas
    A Prisma Illya-based scenario, where it will mostly focus on how Shirou became accustomed to being part of the Emiya-Einzbern family. Prepare for just an ordinary slice of life story about a cute family doing cute things.
    Fate/Extra: The Midnight Sea, by Xyphos
    The Moon Cell. Host to 417 Masters vying for a wish in a tourney where only one may be granted. From the start, a Master with fragmented memories and no wish is thrown into the fray. How to survive against, or work alongside other Masters are not his only problems however, when even the system itself threatens to go haywire in this Holy Grail War.
    The War of Kings, by Pale Wolf
    Kelnish, +6ItsaRandomUsername, Alulim, nitewind, Rodyle, Fafnir, Flere821
    A Code Geass and Fate fusion. Behind the scenes of the Black Rebellion another war is being fought between magi. The story is mostly focused on the characters of Code Geass, it being 1963 and all, but almost all of the servants are familiar faces. C.C.'s absent, but it's explained in-story. Servants v Mechs, crazy plans, and snarky characters abound! Ongoing. Warning: OCs
    What if (Almost) Everybody was Shirou's Servant?, by Mereo Flere (
    KAIZA, +6Kyte, VelspertheCat, DezoPenguin, TheInfamousMan, Kirby, Fan_Fic_Reader
    Shirou broke Heaven's Feel by accidentally summoning six servants. It's all slice of life and shenanigans from here.
    Well, at least until Ilya and Berserker crash the party.
    What It Takes to Win, by VoidHerald aka. Kagaseo (
    Dragoon, Riven, Riven, +5Servant Shiki, IhaxlikeNoob, burningclaw2, KooriRenchuu, Fan_Fic_Reader
    An investigation after the Fourth Fuyuki War led to the disablement of the Grail, and a different goal in life for Shirou. When a new, bigger, illegal war begins, he's forced to face difficult battles: this time, the Grail won't be satisfied until only one Master is left standing.
    Fate EMIYA, by darkeldar
    NewAgeOfPower, kay4today, Rafflesiac, +4Nephirin, mAc Chaos, TheMegas, Meh
    "This is a story of a man, who more than anything else, believed in his ideal, and was betrayed by it, driving him to despair."
    Another take in an alternate War, except told by Shirou way after the fact.
    Lives And Times Of Kaleido Shirou Schweinorg, by Various
    YeOfLittleFaith, +5Raven2785, rajvir, Zer0light, Phearo, Fan_Fic_Reader
    The life experiences, adventures, and misadventures of Shirou Zelretch Schweinorg through the multiverse. A fun collection of snippets based on the premise of "What if Shirou was raised by Zelretch?", detailing several of his travels. Quality and style varies, but still has some very good writing.
    Fate/Re:Trace, by Aladar
    ItsaRandomUsername, +5I3uster, Spinach, Dragoon, KooriRenchuu, Rafflesiac
    This is the tale of the Sixth Grail War, a war that was supposed to never happen. The major mage city of the west, Hartcroft, is thrown in chaos as the various factions try to minimize the damage and keep up the masquerade, the Association from Europe tries to use the War to spread their influence to the west, the Church interferes with the hidden agenda to retrieve the new Grail for themselves, Waver Velvet and his disciple Rin Tohsaka arrive in Hartcroft to investigate why there is a War when the Grail should be gone and seven new Masters fight for their dreams in an all-out battle that may not even have a winner. WARNING: This is a Nasuverse original fiction, so like 99% OCs.
    FateGeass: The Eden Vital War, by Alfheimwanderer
    Kelnish, +5KooriRenchu, burningclaw2, ItsaRandomUsername, Servant Shiki, Magus
    A retelling of Code Geass with a few elements of the Nasuverse, not the whole system mind you, tossed in for funsies. Milly Ashford get's ascended to not a background character which is always a plus in my book. The parallels between some of the servants and the characters that are, for lack of a better term, mimicking them are pretty compelling. Namely Suzaku and Lelouch. It's a fun ride that has a fairly satisfying end. Not the most serious of stories. Important to note that most of the nasu elements are twisted to match the story rather than the story being molded to fit the elements. Complete.
    The Souls of Heroes, by LD 1449
    Ergast, Ergast, ZidanReign, +4Kelnish, VelspertheCat, Bloble, Gray
    Demon's Souls crossover. A divergence of Fate route just before Archer gets killed vs Berserker. Things HappenTM and Shirou, Rin and Saber are now stuck in Boletaria, fighting to survive and return to Fuyuki. And there's no respawns for them.
    Prism Mayhem, by Ausreford
    Adrian Gecko, Kyte, +4ItsaRandomUsername, absolutezero001, VelsperTheCat, Fan_Fic_Reader
    Sometime before the battle with 8th card, Illya and Co. get Kaleidoscope'd to the canon Fate/Stay Night universe and end up causing the Grail Wars to go off the rails in no time flat. Characterization is solid, there is some pretty good fight scenes, and it has a good mix of Prisma Illya's zaniness and the more serious Fate/Stay Night story. The plot is just starting to pick up, but I recommend it to anyone who likes Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya.
    Evangel Notes, by AlfheimWanderer
    ItsaRandomUsername, +4Raven2785, Flere821, Asdfghl, mangafreak7793
    Evangelion/Angel Notes fusion. Tokyo-3, existing in a soon-to-be Land of Steel, is defended from the failed Archetypes of Gaia sent there by the planet to wipe a pocket of humanity off the map by the Three Children, the first Ether Liners of their kind.
    World of the Moon, by pureauthor
    Flere821, Chacho, +3Riven, Arashi_Leonhart, DezoPenguin
    A series of Tsukihime oneshots, of a variety of genres such as action and humour. The main pairing is Arc + Shiki.
    Holding Back The Sea, by Ryuugi (SB thread)
    Flere821, +4nitewind, Mattias, rajvir, Rafflesiac
    Percy Jackson of 'Percy Jackson & the Olympians'/'Heroes of Olympus' series gets raised to Heroic Spirit status and gets summoned as Berserker in 4th HGW. Haven't been updated for quite a while though.
    Fate: Nightmare Apatheia, by Heavy Valor
    Sylentnight, +4ItsaRandomUsername, YeOfLittleFaith, NewAgeOfPower, Kishou the Badger, Seika
    The forefather of Britannia made a contract with the World. A forsaken Prince, a contract with an Immortal. A Hero, a contract with a Servant. This is the story of these eternal bonds, the victories and failures of their promises. Being rewritten as Fate:covenant apotheosis.
    Twisted Elysium, by don't take me seriously
    camptain_n00b, +4Kyte, kay4today, rajvir, Rafflesiac
    "Think of it this way, Master. The thought that you may not be the person you thought you were your entire life…it is a very disturbing concept, isn't it?" Fate/Zero AU where the Masters and Servants switch roles. There are some further changes from canon, but they get explained before the story starts, so you aren't flying blind.
    Heaven's Fall into Black Chaos, by Siriel
    TheMegas, Christemo, Rafflesiac, +4Daiki, mAc Chaos, Frostyvale, Ramen
    Following up on the events of "From the Azure to Zero" this story goes over the events of the 5th grail war with very different players from in canon. While it's still a crossover with BlazBlue, Noel's presence is so much smaller here, it might as well just be classified as Nasuverse only.

    While some info from "From Azure to Zero" is definitely required to explain a couple things, this sequel does a very good job of standing on it's own, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone could jump right in with nothing but a small summary of the previous story's events.
    The Laughing Master, by Leo Novum
    pulsor93, Imperial, Imperial, +3Kishou the Badger, TheInfamousMan, ZidanReign
    This entire problem started because I was barmy enough to accept a job offer from an Einzbern. Trust me, never trust a German when it comes to magical problems.
    Or to put it more simply, John Constantine is hired to obtain Avalon for the Einzberns, only to wind up becoming Master of Saber himself. John is written as in-character as you can get, and how this will affect the 4th Holy Grail War are only beginning to be felt.
    Dual Wielding, by Thrythlind
    In the aftermath of the Fourth Grail War, a Servant was left behind in the world of mortal men. Ten years later, when the Fifth Grail War begins this has a profound impact on what is to come for Shirou Emiya.
    Shirou enters the Fifth Grail War with two Servants--a flirtatious knight and a severe swordswoman (one of whom is the anomalous eighth Servant) who are eerily similar yet worlds apart. You would think he has this war won, but a combination of a changed up Servant roster, justified paranoia and two Servants who mix about as well as oil and water have already started undermining his chances. The Grail War has just begun, and it's already going off the rails.
    Robot Nasu Season 1, Season 2, by various authors
    Flere821, +3ItsaRandomUsername, Elf, TheInfamousMan
    The Nasuverse, as comedy skits. Great humor, if they don't go over your head.
    Stitches, by Farmer Kyle
    TheInfamousMan, KooriRenchu, Epiren, +2burningclaw2, rajvir
    For a history project, Ichigo travels to Fuyuki City to gather local information after an awry Hollow attack destroys the school. He heads to Ryuudou Temple to learn of its history, only to stumble into a secret war that has been waged for almost two centuries. This is the story of a boy trying to find his place in the world, and the girl who stitches the pieces back together.
    Fate: Zero Eos, by Mr. Sparkles
    Sylentnight, +3Rodyle, ItsaRandomUsername, NewAgeOfPower
    A story of the Second Pacific War, and a story of the Fourth Holy Grail War. One man's search for meaning and one man's search for his ideals in the midst of the Britannian invasion of Japan. The prequel to Fate/Nightmare Apatheia. Rated T for some violence.
    Warnings: It's a bit OC heavy and it does take a while for the two stories to interact with each other, but other than that I really consider it a great story.
    Saturday Morning Grail War, by VelsperTheCat
    Kyte, Imperial, +2gwonbush, ItsaRandomUsername
    The Yggdramillenia have successfully stolen the Grail from Fuyuki, and with it they have reshaped civilization. Welcome to Heaven's Fall, broadcasted live throughout the world!
    Fate/Twilight, by moguera
    Just before the 4th Grail War, an OC magus decides he isn't having a serial killer accidentally summon a Servant. He gets rid of Mr. Cool and accidentally gets branded the master of Caster. However, his Servant, instead of being a Heroic Spirit, is a rather confused Unicorn by the name of Twilight Sparkle.
    What follows is a well written story that keeps everyone on the Fate side of things perfectly in character and doesn't compromise the feel of the original show. The differences start small and end up changing things in a meaningful way, and neither Twilight Sparkle or her OC Master are horribly written or overpowered (quite the opposite, really, as all he wants to do is perv on the War, and she just wants to get off this crazy planet full of horrible people killing each other). I definitely recommend it if you're the kind of insane person who manages to be a fan of both My Little Pony and Fate/Zero.
    Timeline of Fate, by TypeMoonFreak
    BlackField, +3Kelnish, rajvir, Gray
    Shirou gets sent back to the time of King Arturia and becomes a knight of the round table.
    Fate:covenant apotheosis, by Heavy Valor
    Kishou the Badger, rajvir, +2Fan_Fic_Reader, ItsaRandomUsername
    Fate:Covenant Apotheosis is actually a remake/rewrite of Heavy Valor's Nightmare Apatheia.
    Valor decides to write the beginning before all the action happens, and allows us to fully see the friendship between Shirou and Lelouch as well meaning friends who happen to bicker on their different beliefs. It allows Shirou to understand that there's more to heroism than black and white, for starters.
    Fate: Shifted Origins, by Barbarossa
    Bdoom, +3Lycodrake, Brytte Myst, Kishou the Badger
    Fate Shifted Origins, at first glance, looked like something that would probably be bad. Tokiomi decided to give Rin to Zouken instead of Sakura, and is the story of the proceeding Fifth Holy Grail War. The characterization is great, the changes all have made sense so far, and it's overall extremely interesting read. Barbarossa has done an excellent job taking a premise that I usually shy away from and have grown to associate with mediocre fanfiction and taken it in a direction that makes me anticipate every new chapter.
    Straight Edge, by fallacies
    Kirby, +3gwonbush, ZidanReign, Meh
    It's a Nasu x Worm crossover. It's basically Shirou in a superpower setting, complete with secret identities and costumes and shit, and Shirou's adorably chuuni superhero name.

    It actually subverts the usual trend in crossovers where one universe basically gets "translated" into Nasuverse mechanics, whereas here, Nasuverse mechanics got translated into Worm mechanics. Well, it's a bit more complicated than that, where it feels like Worm got translated into Nasu got translated into Worm again, but whatever.

    The prologue (the first post) is mostly world-building stuff in the first half, and basically an overview of how Zero went in the second. Shirou's story starts at chapter one.
    Beyond Emptiness, by Chacho
    LeopardBear, +3Kyte, Aiden, Dullahan
    Technically a Touko/Ryougi shipfic, but also happens to have the best-written Touko on the board - worth reading solely for that.
    Crosswinds of Fate, by WayFarer2000
    Epiren, +3Bloble, DezoPenguin, Draconic
    Zelretch decides to send Rin, Sakura, Shirou, Saber and Rider to Potter-verse, where, after interacting with the locals, eventually become instructors at Hogwarts. Rather than take up the DADA post (the Frog still has this), they instead teach the subjects: Formulcraft and Runic Magic. This takes place during Book 5, where already there are some differences from canon (on Potter-side).
    Eternal Geass Moon: The Garden of Sinners, by Alfheimwanderer
    Kelnish, +2ItsaRandomUsername, mangafreak7793
    The supernatural elements of Code Geass are totally replaced with Nasu's schtick with some fudging to make it work. Fucking everyone is ported over too. You've got Mana Ryougi pretty much being her mum, Milly Ashford as a Rin analogue, Archer style Ilya, Zelretch that isn't awful lolItrollyou, military efficient Enforcers, and about a bazillion other things. Dead Apostles Ancestors, Magicians, Knightmares, international politics, ESPers, and all kinds of other diverse elements from the involved franchises are brought together into a very enjoyable story. The sheer amount of stuff going on can be overwhelming, and sometimes the elements crash together instead of flowing with the story. And it hasn't been updated in roughly one forever.
    Phantoms, by Burnout
    warellis, Imperial, +1ItsaRandomUsername
    The Sixth Holy Grail War has begun. For Ichiro Tanaka, the protege and adopted son of Emiya Shirou, the Heaven's Feel is more - much more - than the chance to claim the Fifth Magic for the Association: It's his only chance to save his soul. WARNING: Heavy on the OCs. Also dark stuff. Like cannibalism
    Vajra, by Old Iron (+ Santo)
    YeOfLittleFaith, +2Flere821, rajvir
    Fate Testarossa Emiya had never before thought she could have a father as wonderful as Emiya Shirou. Fate Testarossa raised by post-UBW Good Shirou. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Crossover.
    Even if I'm not your regular hero, I'm still trying to save people!, by VelsperTheCat
    Kyte, +2Kirby, ItsaRandomUsername
    In a world where superheroes are the order of the day, someone accidentally stumbles onto Kiritsugu's legacy. Will he be able to shoulder the responsibility?
    A Witch's Tale of the Fourth Holy Grail War, by Rodyle
    KooriRenchuu, +2Kyte, Chacho
    During the Fourth Holy Grail War, Uryuu Ryuunosuke, 'hobbyist' Extraordinaire, went about his summoning a little differently than in canon. This brings a different Caster candidate into the Grail War with a similar 'hobby', Beatrice the Golden, Witch of Rokkenjima. How will their differing styles of the art of mass murder turn their relationship? And how will the other participants of the war deal with this new Servant as she does as she is wont to do?

    It most probably won't go anywhere, because Rodyle can't finish a fic to save his life.
    Schrödinger's Sisters, by AnimaDisciple
    Kishou the Badger, +2rajvir, shiningphoenix
    Schrödinger's Sisters has Tokiomi seriously regard Sakura's Imaginary Numbers affinity and send Rin as the Matou apprentice instead (which means Sakura stays a Tohsaka). She has an entirely different breakdown to Sakura, in which she tries to keep vigil before realizing she wasn't learning magic and after her only hope of leaving (Kariya) is gone, she becomes a LOT more violent and irritable, quickly putting Shinji in his place. She still greatly cares for Sakura though, and keeps a distance with the reminder that they're not sisters anymore.
    Sword Vector, by fallacies
    In an antique land at the border of the Apocalypse, Emiya journeys to seek the Sword of Beginnings. The vectors toward the Land of Steel align, and the stage for a final confrontation is set. Kind of a crossover between FSN, the greater Type-Moon world, and Notes, and inspired in VelspertheCat's Eureka. Goes in depth with the world-building, with strong research, but high on the verbosity.
    Might be the first author to claim Shirou is a Libertarian. Right or wrong, it's food for though.
    Reminder that fallacies has a terrible habit of never completing fics.
    Memories of a King, by Polly
    Daiki, kay4today, +1Mattias
    A story about King Arthur and her life back in Camelot, and how Nasu's one simple change altered the myth of King Arthur.
    Seriously Heroic Quest for the Holy Grail, by Anonymous
    Mattias, +2Rafflesiac, Fan_Fic_Reader
    "So, what if Type Moon was a JRPG, one that stuck to the rules and tropes of those kinds of games, although in its own unique fashion. What if the plot of it all was plainly evident to one person, while everyone else tried to fight the forces of darkness?"

    A RPG parody Starring Shirou an his erstwhile sidekick Shiki Ryougi, as they try to avenge the "destruction" of their village, against the "evil" empire of Sakura and Rider. Where the entire cast is as competent a JRPG character as they are combatants in a magical deathmatch.
    The Thirteenth Labor, by ExistentialBeliever
    Kishou the Badger, +2Arch-Magos Winter, John At Dawn
    A Berserker Heracles centric story in that his Mad Enhancement isn't activated and watches over Illya like a surrogate father (so character focus is on Team Illya). All characters are characterized well, especially the main characters, and the periodic dream cycle snippets happening in the chapters. It was originally intended to be a one shot of him watching over her, but has since then become a full fleshed out story, and one long over due for the Greek Demigod.
    Before the Eye of God, by Siriel
    Christemo, +2Bdoom, mAc Chaos
    Douglas Williams is a hard-boiled detective in Portland, Maine and the primary investigator involved in a nasty pair of ritualistic murders committed with copper stakes. With nothing but his wit, his partner-in-being-hilarious-halfjerk cops Jon and the enigmatic Second Owner of the city, Leonard Conroy, who has a bad habit of hypnotizing Douglas to get information for his private investigations, our brave coffee critic tries to solve the crime of the murders that have clear links to the supernatural, the world Douglas is entirely unfamiliar with, which his pestering Magus "friend" is the supreme authority of in the area.

    It's a detective fic of an entirely OC characters in a Nasu setting, with little to no actual magic. It's a perfect mix of humor and seriousness, and entirely compensates for the usually quantity-lacking humor in Siriel's other works. Douglas is, so far, one of those characters who despite being pretty simple in being your run-of-the-mill snarky detective is extremely compelling, and Conroy, despite less screentime is also quite interesting.
    Echoes of the Void, by AlfheimWanderer
    Riven, +2DezoPenguin, solopy567
    Scorned as "the Zero", Louise de la Vallière has never cast a successful spell in her life. With the Familiar Summoning Ritual her last hope to prove herself a mage, what will result when she summons someone else inextricably linked to the void?
    Yet another Zero no Tsukaima crossover, this time starring Mana Ryougi. It makes use of some interesting creative liberties, such as the nature of demon hunters on the ZnT side, as well as some very violent encounters early in the story that explore Halkeginian politics. Great character relationships and development, and while perhaps not as fun as Hill of Swords, it is of higher literary value.
    Fate/Desiderantes Affectibus, by Rowan Seven (SV)
    Bloble, +2Nitewind, Chicago Ted
    PMMM x F/Z. Short version: Kariya gets a Sayaka.
    It does interesting things with lesser-used characters and takes the traditional story in different directions that don't feel unnatural. Sayaka and Kariya actually make a pretty good pair. The story even made me root for the guy despite him normally being my most hated Zero character. Bonus points for making Lancer almost as likable as his Stay/Night counterpart. Sure it's not perfect; some of the dialogue is a bit awkward and plenty of characters are conveniently shoved offscreen to make room for the plot, but on the plus side this story avoids most of the common pitfalls of fanfiction by not having Sayaka magically fix everything, and staying true to each character.
    In Consideration of Courtesies Exchanged, by Glow
    Kirby, +2Kyte, Leo Novum
    A character-focused fic where Waver, now Lord El-Melloi II, becomes engaged to Luvia in a political marriage thanks to Clocktower politics. Well, there's not much there so far other than set-up, but it reads very nicely, and provides interesting looks into Luvia and Waver's characters, for all that's there at the moment.
    Calling Card, by Twi
    Bloble, +2naschyamamoto, Draconic
    It's a post-grail war fic featuring a post-humble-pie Shinji as the protagonist. The premise is a crossover with Psyren, featuring time travel into an alternate future Land of Steel and psychic powers that are just different enough from the normal Nasuverse variety to peak interest while remaining plausible. The cross is a smart one; Psyren's setting meshes well with the Nasuverse without feeling shoehorned in, and the story's structure gives the spotlight to many of the minor side characters that appear in Fate/Stay Night, putting careful focus on characterization over oodles of action. Shinji's bitterness and elitism is also enjoyable to read and comes off as fresh when combined with first person narration.
    Inaccurate Legends, by Midnak
    Tiresias, +1Kyte
    A war fought between characters from Arthurian legend. Monty Python's one. Yes, including our dear Arthur(ia). It's about as silly as you'd expect.
    Fate Alternate Routes, by traingham
    warellis, +1Muramasa
    Meet Emiya Shirou, self proclaimed superhero and a ladies man, despite not knowing it himself. These are the untold stories of his affairs with the dangerous women who live under the same roof with him. WARNING: NSFW in parts.
    Fate/Second Killer, by NamesAreHardToComeUpWith
    Sylentnight, +1ShadowStorm666
    What if Kiritsugu's enemies catch up to him, and he and Shirou are force to go on the run? What if he decides to teach Shirou everything he know's and Shirou goes on to become the second Magus Killer? Deadfic.
    Daughter of Shinigami, by O. Hakubi
    MrTags, +1DezoPenguin
    Satsuki Arima is very much her parents' daughter. She looks like her mother, renowned fashion model Arcueid Brunestud, and has her father's love of knives. And because she's her parents' daughter, when she starts having visions of a vampiric murderer who's killing people, she just has to investigate - if only to prove to herself that she didn't do it.
    Where Shadows Run From Themselves, by OldManDempsey
    DezoPenguin, +1Kelnish
    Another noir-eqsue tale from the author of "Heaven's Side Story," this one returns to the theme of the magical world crossing over into the mundane one and the consequences for both sides, but in this case more from the emotional perspective. A supernatural murder leads Rin and Mikey into a story of tragedy, guilt, and misplaced vengeance.
    Promises of a Wandering Hero, by Neoalfa
    NewAgeOfPower, Ergast, Lunaludus Scribex, +2Gore, ShadowStorm666, Fafnir, rajvir
    Shirou Emiya, whilst travelling back from London, meets a certain grandmother who is keeps calling him Keitaro... and out of his kind heart, he obliges to DNA testing... He is, indeed, her grandson.
    Steadfast, by Bard Linn
    An alternate universe of Gabriel Blessing's In Flight. "We promised to stand beside you. Do not push us away now." [Diverges after chapter 38, Rin, Saber, Shirou centric.]
    Instead of pushing away Rin and Saber, the authors make sure that they are included in the plot and make an effort to develop the Sekirei cast along Shirou and Saber, they also add a feasible reason as of why Shirou acts like a mini Kiritsugu sans with a lot more morals, he was more or less brainwashed.
    Loser's Bracket, by Fallacies
    Kirby, +1Kyte
    A Fate/Index crossover, in which Saber wins the Grail War and wishes for a Shirou to witness a world where she was never king, transporting him to the Index-verse.

    So far, it's been pretty entertaining, and it's probably the only good Fate/Index crossover yet. Good fights, fun dialogue, and a genuinely interesting and compelling plot, especially because of the manner in which Shirou was transported to the other verse. Plus, all the meshing of mechanics of both sides seems to be pretty well thought out.
    Reminder that fallacies has a terrible habit of never completing fics.
    Solstice Reverse, by fallacies
    Imperial, +1Frostyvale
    In the city of Misaki, Japan, the 5th War for the Moon Cell would determine the fate of humanity. A Fate-Tsuki cross that involves more than Shiki inexplicably going to Fuyuki just in time to get branded with Command Seals, though it does wank Shiki as a Servant slayer incredibly hard. It's not even a Nasuverse story so much as it's fallacies throwing things into a blender and serving up the slurry. You have things like Ortenrosse and Cornelius Alba showing up as Masters and Alba being a sort of Willy Wonka character to the world at large.

    It's weird, it's fun, it's wordy. fallacies shows the usual incredible attention to magical formulas and theories, and it's clear from every chapter being a prologue and the note in the very first chapter that this is more of a glorified pitch than a true story.
    The Stewards of Gaia, by Rafflesiac
    Siriel, +1TheMegas
    Dimitri Thirioakis, a heretical magus who believes that all humans are worse than scum and a plague upon the earth, has discovered a way to rewind time: an ancient device inside of the Clock Tower that is in fact its namesake. However, the device requires an extremely powerful source of energy. Therefore, Dimitri steals an Eastern Dragon Scale from a warehouse of the Bartholomei so that he can become a divine existence with enough power to use the Clock Tower. The story picks up from there.
    The Magnificence, by Imperial
    "Seven Samurai, magi edition". The gist of it is a rag tag band of magi, teaming up to fight vampires. Svelten, to be exact. Featuring Shirou, Kairi, some of the dudes who didn't get much screentime in Apocrypha, and Touko.
    Young, but promising.
    Shinji Matou and the Philosopher's Stone, by alfheimwanderer
    A Harry Potter/Fate cross wherein the differences between the two magic systems are explained in a way that makes more sense then in most.

    Shinji is still a little bastard but as he is a kid he is not on the level of Shinji in canon.
    TOUEI, by Cascade
    Following the Sixth Holy Grail War, Takara Aozaki heads off to university, where she meets a very strange and stubborn boy named Kira. And as if she needed more irritation than that, the pair soon encounters an enemy that Takara can't kill - and Kira nearly is killed, saving her life. Now the pair of them are indebted to a mysterious magus, who has errands for them to run . . . It's almost enough to make her nostalgic for the Grail War - at least she knew what was going on, then.
    Fate/Another World, by /a/nonymous magica
    Fate/another world is a CYOA about two teams that summon Servants, or rather Heroic Spirits to do battle for the Grail. This was caused from a mishap in the War before it. The story focuses on two protagonists, the Master of Red Saber and the Master of Black Lancer. Check it for daily updates and a chance to participate in the story!
    The Price of Survival, by PhoenixAct
    FSN meets Battle Royal as the Shirou and the rest of the students from his class are kidnapped and forced to kill each other on an isolated island in a fight for survival. But the kidnappers may have gotten more than they bargained for with Rin and Shirou in the mix.
    Shattered Blade, by DrakeBalkyr
    After several years of traveling the world's battlefields, Enforcer Shirou Emiya finds himself in Shin Tokyo. Leave it to a man with E ranked luck to go on vacation and end up trapped in yet another battle royal between magical beings. Inspired by Gabriel Blessing's In Flight.
    Shirou does not replace Minato, but is rather his older brother. Also featuring more interaction between Shirou, Karasuba and Takami and less harem and exposition.
    Nails, by Tacks
    Tohsaka Rin, an ambitious and strong willed young magus of 23, travels to Valencia, Spain, to participate in the Fifth Grail War. There she attempts to summon Saber but instead finds herself in command of...Berserker?
    Characters seem to veer off to left field, but the story in itself is solid and the characters are consistent once you get parts the initial shock.
    Infinite Swords, by DaGunth
    Emiya Shirou can instantly understand any weapon he sees. An IS is most certainly a weapon. What will happen when the amateur mage is thrust into the futuristic world of the IS Academy?
    Starts off a bit rough, but improves with time, and doesn't wank Shirou.
    A New Hero in a New Land, by Verdalt1
    A land where Magic is not secluded, a land where Dragons and mystical creatures still exist. In another world lies a lone hero who strive for the happiness of everyone. Fate seems to work on the strangest of ways... then again, a hero's duty is never done, right? Fairy Tail crossover.
    Post UBW Good, Shirou dies after disproving that you cannot save everybody at his death the Throne accepts him as a hero and is summoned by Zeref to Earthland Zeref wish is to be killed be either Shirou who is an Heroic spirit and in Zeref mind an HS has a good chance of doing that or help Natsu to do it.
    Fate: FINAL, by Vegeta the 3rd
    "The 50 Year War" has passed, but another war is on the brink of horizon. To those that know only of the battle for regents, it will be known as the "War of the Lions". For the selective few Summoners, their comrades, and the Zodiac will be known as "The Holy Grail War".
    Servant of Zero, by Mazuku Torai'nu
    A ZnT cross where Louise summons Archer. The actual Counter Guardian Archer, that is. Definitely not an offshoot of GB, Louise isn't TSUNRAGE ALL DAY ERRY DAY and Archer is calm, analytic and not a sociopath (or Shirou 2.0). Worth trying out.
    Ghost's Guardian, by Icura
    Sarah Kerrigan was left for dead on New Gettysburg until Alaya intervened. Now, she's bonded to a smart-mouthed, white haired mysterious man. And what the hell is this about her being a magus?

    What would Sarah become had been she not captured by Zerg and became Queen of Blades, and instead getting herself contracted to Will of Humanity's companion? Looks pretty original, doesn't bend too much lores from both sides, and amazingly fast-packed action with well-written narratives. The closest we get of "what would happen if Shirou transported into the world of (pre-)Notes?".
    Fate/Empty Throne, by FFFX
    The plot follows the Fifth Grail War, and re-imagines the Karakura Town characters as members of the Nasuverse: Ichigo and Ishida, for example, are members of magus lineages. Ichigo enters the War with the hope of wishing his mother back to life, and summons Archer, while Rin gets her Saber.
    The battle scenes are high-action, and the character development and interaction are strong. Archer's force of personality is very entertaining.
    The Goddess of Hope, by Dminion
    Duncan Idaho, Bloble, Bdoom, +1solopy567
    Tokiomi Tohsaka summons Goddess Madoka, and from there the ripples just keep happening. Maybe she can give Kirei the answers he seeks.
    Fate Amicitia, by SanguineLord
    Twilight's fate is about to take a turn for the strange. A magical ritual has begun in the land of Equestria, and it's not in any of Twilight's books. It's no spell a pony ever cast. It's dangerous. It's destructive. And there's no getting out of it once it's begun. It's called the Holy Grail War, and it's about to engulf the entire town of Ponyville.
    Contractual Obligations, by Deer-Shifter
    Fate is a fickle thing. Time and time again, the Once and Future King has woken from her slumber to aid her country in its time of need. The World could not refuse her plea, her prophecy, but it has entered a never-ending loop as a result. Fed up, Alaya sends one of her dogs to fetch the key to a new Guardian.
    Simply put, EMIYA has to "recruit" Arturia.

    Uses the myth to build upon Nasu's setting.
    Fate Recondite, by Ravoleck
    Shirou sacrificed himself to take Gilgamesh with him, dropping both of them into the Holy Grail. So he should be dead, right? Then why does he have so many questions? Questions such as why is he still alive? Why is the moon shattered? What is a faunus?
    Fate Magnus Bellum, by 00Altair
    The King and the Saint... two heroes now simply known as Saber and Ruler. Together, both set out to find out the reason as to why the latter was summoned in the first place. To ensure that order was restored. However, the answers they seek are not what either expected them to be. This is their story, and the story of all those who participated in the Great Holy Grail War.
    Moonlit Fate, by Jaenera Targaryen
    Roa chose a different person to reincarnate in. Blood heralded his coming into the world, and now the Moon rises, casting its light over a city stained with blood and evil.
    Fate/Hollow Fake, Fate/Hollow Order, by ZerbanDaGreat
    Hollow Fake: The Grail War has come once again to Fuyuki City, but in a way that nobody was expecting. The story follows Tamiko Kurosawa, a stressed out barista whose life is changed forever when she and her friend unwittingly are plunged head first into the secret world of mages and servants. As events unfold, Tamiko and her servant, Lancer, must navigate their way through the war, and try to figure out how to keep themselves alive until the end.

    Hollow Order: The ongoing sequal to Fate/Hollow Fake where we play as Rostam Hargrave, heir to a modest magi lineage joins Chaldea to help save the world. Then tragedy happens, we become a Demi-Servant and the only Master in Chaldea. As the only master available, social link with your Servants and lead them into Singularities to stop the world from ending.
    Thaumaturgic Awakening, by Xylix
    Enforcer Contract #CIL201009-6: Investigation of possible interdimensional threat: Type-D. This request has been jointly commissioned by the Roman Catholic Church and the Mage's Association. Contract Signed, Rin Tohsaka, Enforcer Unit 09.

    It's a Worm/Fate crossover done in the perspective of the MC from Worm. Surprisingly well written considering how cringy the synopsis sounds.
    Fragments of Chaldea, by GhostXavier
    Between singularities, there was plenty of downtime for the summoned servants and their master. Even with humanity's fate in constant risk, they manage to form a small semblance of a new life within Chaldea. Here they were family. An unusual and often dysfunctional one, but a family.
    Review: FGO's Collection of Slice of Life One-Shots. Really go read to see the how the Heroic Spirits along with FGO's main characters and Chaldea's surviving employees are doing within Chadea Security Organization. Some were awesome, some were heartwarming, some will make you laugh, and some will make you cry. Highly recommended. Do expect weekly updates.
    Template, by Anonymous
    Kyte, Kyte, Kyte, +1Kyte
    No this is not a real fic. LongTemp
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    Short Stories
    Lunatique, by Moczo
    I3uster, Arashi_Leonhart, Hymn of Ragnarok, Polly, +29Asdfghl, Sylentnight, Arch-Magos Winter, Rodyle, Raven2785, ItsaRandomUsername, Aiden, BlackField, Flere821, Bloble, Knick, Kelnish, gwonbush, Tiresias, Chacho, gesalt, Emy, DezoPenguin, Fafnir, Kirby, Stormwhite, Fan_Fic_Reader, Renko, Nephirin, tenrou29, Guy, Rafflesiac, francobull3, solopy567
    Zelretch vs Crimson Moon. So good that some people took it as their canon view of events. Excellently written and it might be the best action piece on BL with engaging dialouge and incredible action scenes. Oneshot length, quickly read, and you won't regret it.
    Sick Time, by Moczo
    Flere821, +31Kyte, IhaxlikeNoob, Tiresias, Elf, ItsaRandomUsername, Servant Shiki, YeOfLittleFaith, Santo, KAIZA, Bloble, Arch-Magos Winter, Aiden, Riven, Muramasa, KooriRenchuu, gesalt, Emy, DezoPenguin, kay4today, Fafnir, Kirby, Stormwhite, Arashi_Leonhart, tenrou29, Guy, Rafflesiac, Fan_Fic_Reader, TheMegas, UnlimitedBladeWorks, Magus, francobull3
    Rin catches a cold. In her attempts to fix herself she increasingly worsens the situation, and her condition. The entire story runs on glorious Mozco brand comedy-insanity and exasperated Archer trying to cope with the madness. A must-read.
    Went Left, Mind Flayers, by Arashi_Leonhart
    Mattias, Ergast, Riven, Pata Hikari, +19Kyte, gwonbush, ItsaRandomUsername, RadiantBeam, Kirby, Raven2785, Bloble, Fafnir, Servant Shiki, DezoPenguin, Stormwhite, Nephirin, Rafflesiac, Flere821, Lycodrake, Siriel, Guy, shiningphoenix, Xamusel
    Featuring the Type-Moon side character on their own adventure, with no Main Characters to save them. Arihiko, Satsuki, Nanako, Issei, Shinji and Ayako venture off of a wooded trail one night and run into monsters. Set post-Ciel Route and post-UBW True. Completed!
    Debt of a Sword, by Gabriel Blessing
    Kelnish, Riven, +16Kyte, Sylentnight, nitewind, Knick, Flere821, Lunaludus, Servant Shiki, Bloble, gwonbush, rajvir, Muramasa, Rodyle, KooriRenchuu, Fafnir, Stormwhite, Fan_Fic_Reader
    Shirou inserted into Sekirei. Focuses on Miya, her late husband, and Shirou with the other characters and events of Sekrei in the background. The character interactions are the big appeal. It's a pretty rewarding read and has been heralded as "What In Flight should have been" by some on this forum.
    Fletching, by AlfheimWanderer
    Raven2785, Riven, Bridgeburner90, +15Aiden, ItsaRandomUsername, Flere821, Bloble, Asdfghl, Kelnish, gwonbush, Neir, Velsper, mangafreak7793, rajvir, Muramasa, KooriRenchuu, Stormwhite, Kirby
    In a post-apocaliptic world, can a man wishing to be a hero continue on the right path, or will he become lost like so many before him. Surprise pairing! This one's a side story of Evangel Notes, but reading it is not needed.
    Objective: Emiya, by Moczo
    Aiden, Riven, Hymn of Ragnarok, +15BlackField, ItsaRandomUsername, Flere821, KAIZA, Kelnish, gwonbush, Tiresias, Neir, gesalt, DezoPenguin, Fafnir, tenrou29, Rafflesiac, Kirby, francobull3
    A tale of Ilyasviel von Einzbern seeking the attention and affections of her most important person... in the most ineffective of all ways. WTF. Hilariously cracky.
    Sever and Bind, by Arashi_Leonhart
    NewAgeOfPower, +15Kyte, RadiantBeam, rajvir, Bloble, Santo, ItsaRandomUsername, YeOfLittleFaith, Flere821, Ergast, Koori Renchu, Mooncake, Arch-Magos Winter, mAc Chaos, Kirby, KarmaDemon, Guy, Rafflesiac
    Saber hated Kiritsugu. She hated him for who he was and what he represented.
    Most of all, she hated him for being so much like herself.
    Dear Tohsaka, by Tobias
    Raven2785, Arashi_Leonhart, kay4today, +13BlackField, ItsaRandomUsername, Arch-Magos Winter, I3uster, Bloble, Kelnish, Sylentnight, Velsper, rajvir, Augustine, Muramasa, tenrou29, Bridgeburner90
    Set a few years after the end of UBW, Sakura writes a letter to Rin. There's also a part 2, Dear Emiya and a part 3, Dear Matou. It's sad, bring tissues.
    All from a Hospital Bed, by NamesAreHardToComeUpWith (
    KAIZA, Raven2785, +13Kyte, Kelnish, ItsaRandomUsername, gwonbush, Sylentnight, Velsper, Tiresias, rajvir, Muramasa, Fafnir, Arashi_Leonhart, Bridgeburner90, Meh
    During the events of the Holy Grail War, Shirou takes momentary pauses to visit Ayako Mitsuzuri post-bloodfort. Yet every time he visits, he has changed more and more...
    Toy Soldiers, by Arhel
    Stormwhite, Imperial, Riven, +12Kyte, YeOfLittleFaith, Bloble, Kirby, Elf, Misheard, Ergast, ItsaRandomUsername, Fan_Fic_Reader, Guy, UnlimitedBladeWorks, You
    Ten possibilities in a world of infinite choices. Ten short drabbles featuring Shirou and each of the Servants of the Fifth Holy Grail War.
    I Am Not There, by Arashi_Leonhart
    Sylentnight, [POST=1302003]KirbyPOST], +12Bloble, Neir, ItsaRandomUsername, Velsper, Flere821, gwonbush, rajvir, Muramasa, gesalt, DezoPenguin, Nephirin, Bridgeburner90
    Nobody knew what happened for sure. The township remembered the storm that had raged through their countryside. He remembered the divine wind of their savior.
    A Study in Velvet, by Zalgo Jenkins
    DezoPenguin, Polly, Imperial, +11Kyte, Bloble, Xamusel, RadiantBeam, Tiresias, Raven2785, Fafnir, Arashi_Leonhart, ItsaRandomUsername, Nephirin, Guy
    A one-shot fair-play murder mystery (magical, natch) set at the Clock Tower and with a post-Fourth War, pre-Lord El-Melloi II Waver Velvet as the protagonist and detective. That by itself is enough to recommend it, but the clues are fairly presented and the glimpse of Clock Tower life entertaining, and Waver's snarky narration is fun.
    Eclipse, by Polly
    Daiki, mAc Chaos, NewAgeOfPower, Ergast, +9RadiantBeam, Arashi_Leonhart, KarmaDemon, DezoPenguin, Flere821, kay4today, Bloble, YeOfLittleFaith, Guy
    A dive into the mind of Dark Sakura and Saber Alter. An interesting piece exploiting similar contrasts, still lurking feelings and cold logic both girls have to face. Saber fall into despair as Sakura rise in exhilaration. The dynamic is interesting. Sakura struggling to maintain her composure before the darkened servant. The Servant composure being rendered fragile for an instant. At the heart of their relationship is Shirou, the one element still able to make both react emotionally. It's subtle, but it fits very nicely.
    Fuyuki High Class Reunion, by sasahara17
    Hymn of Ragnarok, +12Kyte, Rafflesiac, ItsaRandomUsername, Imperial, Kirby, CG-3m1y4, Ergast, Flere821, Milbunk, Rgal, Fan_Fic_Reader, Sinon
    Just a small class reunion for Fuyuki High alumni... that just happens to take place during the Fifth Holy Grail War.

    A parody of Peggy Sue fics, this is completely ridiculous and over-the-top. The real comedy takes some time to get to speed, but it's worth it. You start relatively serious with some good chuckles, right until you hit the turning point and the story ascends to complete and total magnificent chaos.

    It's a real shame that this isn't a full length story, but at least as a one-shot it doesn't leave us hanging, at around 10000 words, it's a pretty substantial read.
    Death and Justice, by Arashi_Leonhart (
    IhaxlikeNoob, +12ItsaRandomUsername, gwonbush, Raven2785, Flere821, I3uster, gesalt, Fafnir, Bloble, Nephirin, Guy, Rafflesiac, GhostDIGIT
    On board a ship in the Sea of Japan, Kiritsugu Emiya and Kiri Nanaya come across a ceremony of violence. In succeeding their respective missions they inadvertently cause a disaster in the making.
    Mirror, Mirror, by Moczo
    Flere821, +12Kyte, kay4today, Fafnir, gwonbush, Kirby, Fan_Fic_Reader, Nephirin, Guy, Rafflesiac, shiningphoenix, Meh, francobull3
    Rin summons FatePrototype!Gilgamesh, meets F/SN Gilgamesh, and the two King of Heroes verbally spar in the typical Moczo-style humour.
    Mind of Aluminum (, by Moczo
    DezoPenguin, +12Kyte, kay4today, Fafnir, rajvir, gwonbush, Kirby, Fan_Fic_Reader, Nephirin, tenrou29, Meh, Magus, francobull3
    Rin teams up with Shinji and finds that, amazingly enough, he really has something to offer that will guide her to victory in the Holy Grail War! Because even if it wasn't as funny as hell, any fic that contains the line "… are you suggesting we shoot Shinji out of a catapult to spread disease? Because I can get behind that." should get a rec for that alone.
    Meaning, by Santo
    DezoPenguin, Riven, +10ItsaRandomUsername, Kuradora, Servant Shiki, Flere821, Arch-Magos Winter, rajvir, YeOfLittleFaith, gwonbush, Guy, Kirby
    Some demons are born into evil. However, the greatest and most terrifying are those that fall into it. Kotomine Kirei was a man who had all that he ever should have wanted, strength, intellect, a career, a devoted wife, and even a precious daughter. This concise yet powerful oneshot recounts for us his past, his mission, his struggles, and ultimately, his being cast from the one thing he truly needed most by the one enemy he could never defeat, Himself. A very, very good fic of a very hard hitting subject, a man's fall from grace.
    The Story of How Waver Velvet Came to Compile Lord Kayneth's Encyclopedia of Arcane Secrets, by Prix of Heroes
    Siriel, Bloble, +10Kyte, Rafflesiac, LeopardBear, Imperial, Shrapnel, Peanut-007, ItsaRandomUsername, Saint Nick, Bridgeburner90, Imperial
    Silly title aside, quite an interesting take on what would have brought Waver to take up Kayneth's legacy. Waver is consistent enough with how he was by the end of Zero, and it avoids the pitfall of trying to make his initial research valid. In fact it takes the care to explain why old magi families are such a big deal.

    The narration is good, perhaps a bit too wordy at times but it knows to take a step back when dialogue starts so it doesn't get in the way, making the read quite enjoyable.
    Chaotic Experience, by Santo
    YeOfLittleFaith, Kirby, +9Kyte, Raven2785, Arch-Magos Winter, gwonbush, rajvir, Fafnir, alguLoD, Meh, Fan_Fic_Reader
    Shirou has a day off, and Ayako is not going to let him waste it. Fluffy shippy fluff.
    One Week, by Dullahan
    Kirby, Seika, ItsaRandomUsername, Mooncake, +7Kyte, Flere821, Bridgeburner90, Lycodrake, Bloble, shiningphoenix, Rafflesiac
    A KnK crack fic, focusing on Lio, Fujino, and that other ghost girl Kirie Fujou. In an AU world where Araya is a supervillian or something, his lackeys are given on week off for vacation because of supervillian organization regulation reasons. And so commences their story of most definitely not enjoying their beach episodes, featuring Lio and his MIaLy monologues, Fujinon lusting over Azaka's thighs, and Fujou being a drama queen. Special appearances of Arihiko and (the other) Shiki.
    The Importance of Proper Communication (, by Moczo
    DezoPenguin, Riven, +9Kyte, Imperial, kay4today, Fafnir, gwonbush, Bridgeburner90, Meh, francobull3, pulsor93
    A funny one-shot about the confrontations in Eps. 14-15 of Fate/Zero, Tokiomi/Kariya and Berserker/Gil. Because Happiness Worms are, surprisingly, not a thing!
    What I See, by Arashi Leonhart
    Servant Shiki, +9Kyte, Bloble, Kelnish, Kuradora, Raven2785, Arch-Magos Winter, DezoPenguin, Fafnir, ItsaRandomUsername
    Rin Tohsaka is presented with caring for a doomed Shiki Tohno. Post-HF True, Post-Arc True.
    A Wingman's Woes, by Bloble
    DezoPenguin, Daiki, +8ItsaRandomUsername, Kuradora, Servant Shiki, Mattias, BlackField, Fafnir, Elf, gwonbush
    It occurs to a girlfriend-less Arihiko that his best friend lives in a mansion with "three smoking babes" and uses the Power of Friendly Nagging to arrange an introduction. That goes just about as well as anyone but Arihiko would have expected. A bit predictable, but a source of much laughter in the execution.
    Tsuki no Ori
    The Moon’s Corral
    , by You
    Imperial, ItsaRandomUsername, +7Rafflesiac, Sesto, Leftovers, Glow, Frostyvale, GhostDIGIT, Arashi_Leonhart, Alternative Ice
    Five vampire kings compete for the Coral Princess and change the world along the way.

    In a dying world, inhuman creatures lord over a fading human civilization as five vampires gather to court the otherworldly Coral Princess, thwart each other's efforts or die trying. It pulls ideas from every corner of the Type-Moon world, serving mostly as a prequel to the desolate Land of Steel from Notes but still hitting a few dozen other notes along the way. Filled entirely with original characters, Moon's Corral doesn't miss a beat. Where most original fanfiction characters are one-note extras or overpowered bullshit incarnate, You's vampires are a colorful collection of zealots, cynics and martyrs.
    Battle Continuation (, by F-1
    Hymn of Ragnarok, Hymn of Ragnarok, Imperial, Ergast, +5rajvir, KarmaDemon, Kishou the Badger, Phearo, Fan_Fic_Reader
    An alternate UBW, where Caster has almost won. Unfortunately, Shirou will not give up. And neither will Lancer. Short and poignant.
    Devil's Thrill, by Polly
    Kirby, Rafflesiac, +6Mattias, Kelnish, UnlimitedBladeWorks, Imperial, shiningphoenix, Elf
    Another short-story set in the obscurer reaches of the verse, in which Narbareck hunts (or for now, prepares to hunt) Blackmore. While as of the time of this post the version I posted doesn't have any fights in it yet, Narbareck is still a psycho yet entertaining MC, and the Vatican "politics" are interesting to read about.
    If Not Alexander, Then Diogenes, by Megkips
    Misheard, Kelnish, YeOfLittleFaith, curtis mancannon, +4Kyte, Aiden, Pata Hikari, Fan_Fic_Reader
    The continuing post-series adventures of Waver Velvet, Lord El-Melloi II etc. A study of mage culture, how dismantling the Grail poses a challenge in bureaucracy more than actual magic, how Waver became a total badass in a world of snobs, how he and older Rin became BFFs, some cool OCs, a detailed description and knowledge of the setting while fleshing out the parts that aren't touched on, and a finding aid. No shipping.
    Medium Rare, by Bloble
    Kirby, +7Rafflesiac, Saint Nick, mAc Chaos, Shrapnel, ItsaRandomUsername, Imperial, Ausreford
    A Natalia-centric fic, about her, Kerry (when he was a kid), and an OC Enforcer pursuing a Sealing Designate in Australia. Rife with lovely Bloble-flavored dialogue and narration, and it's a pretty fun premise as well.
    Moonlight on Steel, by RadiantBeam (
    KAIZA, +6Kyte, Flere821, Aiden, Sylentnight, DezoPenguin, Fafnir
    In which Miyuki follows in Nanoha's footsteps, and Satsuki gets a second chance at life. Tsukihime x Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha crossover (Post-A's, AU)
    Tsubame Gaeshi
    , by VelsperTheCat
    ItsaRandomUsername, Kirby, Bloble, +4Kyte, NewAgeOfPower, Fafnir, Arashi_Leonhart
    An origin story, with a twist, for the wraith who would be Sasaki Kojiro. A young farmer's normal life is permanently flipped upside down for the worst.
    A fine job setting mood and establishing the period tone of the story. There's also no shortage of horror, both of the psychological and bodily variety. The extended look into the protagonist's psyche as it is rent by hopeless fear and fathomless anger shows well just how sucky it gets to be for mundane peoples in the Nasuverse when the supernatural encroaches on their lives.
    Njeri, by Brynhilde aka. Silver Lauzurite
    ItsaRandomUsername, Arashi_Leonhart, Bridgeburner90, Imperial, +4I3uster, Sylentnight, Raven2785, Bloble
    Post-/Zero, Pre-/Stay Night oneshot detailing the quest taken by the Einzberns in order to claim the catalyst needed to summon Herakles. But for Illyasviel Von Einzbern and her retainers, it's not just a journey to seize an item, it is also a journey to discover the self and the true meaning behind purpose. Highly recommended for introspective storytelling, character development, and magus combat that has that Type-MOON sort of oomph. WARNING: Warzone violence.
    A Clock Tower Affair, by Bloble
    Kyte, ItsaRandomUsername, +5Flere821, shiningphoenix, Rafflesiac, Olive, Mattias
    A whimsy, goofy and just a bit pervy story about Rin, the Clock Tower and survival in an environment where bribery, blackmail and repressed sexual tension are the norm.
    Has been qualified as "Lemony Snickett at a drug-fueled orgy" and "Douglas Adams on a trip of narcotics and harlequin romance".
    Sharkura, by Mereo Flere
    Kirby, +6Imperial, ItsaRandomUsername, TheMegas, Ergast, Elf, Fafnir
    A dramatic one-shot, detailing Shinji and the start of his descent into darkness, where he must weigh his huma-

    Nah, just kidding. It's crack. Sakura is a shark.
    The Wagtail's Cuckoo, by Syroc
    Lycodrake, +6Kyte, Rgal, Kuradora, NuitTombee, Fan_Fic_Reader, Rafflesiac
    Cross with Sekirei. This time, Avalon doesn't quite cut it, and Kiritsugu has to take him to the leading medical firm in the world: MBI. A short story about young Shirou adapting to his new life and family. Complete.

    Not perfect by any means, but very cute.
    Demimondaine, by Dullahan
    Kirby, +6ItsaRandomUsername, Saint Nick, Rafflesiac, Christemo, Bloble, Frostyvale
    It's a Touko-centric fic, based on her adventures while Mikiya and Shiki were still in high school, as well as tales from her youth. I dunno what more to say about this, other than "it's good", but the narration is fun and compelling, and it gives great looks at Touko's character that we haven't quite seen in other works or fics.
    Happy Riniversary, by Moczo
    Elf, Riven, +5DezoPeguin, Bloble, Rafflesiac, Fan_Fic_Reader, francobull3
    Post-UBW Good. Rin Tohsaka's first ever anniversary is rapidly approaching, and she has a few big problems. First, how does one get an anniversary present for the King of Knights? Second, if one's chosen present is stolen by one's evil rival from Sweden Finland, how far should one go to get it back? Although perhaps not up to Moczo's absolute best, perhaps due to an excess of Comedically Flanderized Rin as the POV character, it still provides a blizzard of classic deadpan gags and gut-busting lines, a cutely blushing Saber, and Hannah the Would-Be Dentist. At its best, I think, when Rin and Luvia are laying into one another.
    Anti-Bono, by Zalgo Jenkins
    Raven2785, +5Kyte, Siriel, mAc Chaos, Fafnir, Rafflesiac
    Kotomine Kirei and Emiya Kiritsugu are sworn enemies... in the court of LAW!
    Featuring Judge Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi.
    Honestly it's just an opportunity to riff Ace Attorney.
    substance.DepenD(Dance), by I3uster
    Kirby, +5gwonbush, Kelnish, ItsaRandomUsername, Elf, bridgeburner90
    A DDD fic, though you don't need to be familar with it to enjoy it. (You should read it anyways)

    Like a murder mystery, in which Arika and Tomoe investigate a string of murders, involving the yakuza, drug addiction, and demonic possession. The action itself is surreal, trippy, and quite brutal, but the narration is the best part. Tomoe and Arika are witty and entertaining, and the Possessed and drug addicts' narrations are chilling and pretty insane.
    In a Ruined Castle, by Icura
    ItsaRandomUsername, +4burningclaw2, IhaxlikeNoob, rajvir, Fafnir
    As the conclusion of Unlimited Blade Works approaches Gilgamesh finds out just whose soul the cycle of reincarnation caused Shirou to end up with, and this knowledge dangerously fuels his obsession with the Faker. For that reason the King now wishes to utterly possess him. Gil/Shirou brofic. No homo.
    Twisted/Bended, by Laith
    KAIZA, +4ItsaRandomUsername, Aiden, Flere821, Fafnir
    The story of a man who tried to love a woman and a woman who loved the man. That's all there is to this story.
    Something not often seen in fics, the story of how Kotomine met his wife, their time together, and the tragic end of their love. Another great piece from the Fanfic Contest.
    Heaven's Side Story, by OldManDempsey
    DezoPenguin, +4Kelnish, IhaxlikeNoob, ItsaRandomUsername, Bloble
    A film-noiresque UF piece in which an OC private eye helps Rin track down a stolen magical item that's leaving a bloody trail through London's conventional underworld. A good, concise story and entertaining narrative voice make for a solid, atmospheric read.
    Fragile Thing, by curtis mancannon
    ItsaRandomUsername, +4Kyte, Rafflesiac, UnlimitedBladeWorks, Christemo
    After suffering tragedy, Tohno Shiki has rejected his name and accepted his violent nature. Now Nanaya Shiki, an assassin-for-hire, he lives up to his growing reputation as the Satsujinki. But karma catches up to him, and with the aid of an alchemist - among other shady figures, he must go down a bloody path of no return to rescue one of the few people in his life that he cares for.

    The story's prose is brutally visceral, emotionally blunt and raw. Darkly fascinating and uncomfortably human in the way that only front row seats in the mind of a murderously unrepentant psychopath can be. Fragile Thing's actual story has only really just begun, but it can carry itself through technical merit and atmosphere alone. The use of underutilized characters in fanwork such as Sion and would-be Tsuki II characters also helps it in its atypical story.
    Faker (part of the Verg Avesta Christmas Special 1), by Verg Avesta
    ItsaRandomUsername, I3uster, +3rajvir, Nephirin, Bridgeburner90
    Mind of Steel. Mad props to Verg Avesta for not only choosing to write out a Mind of Steel fic, but also making it incredibly awesome and GAR to boot regardless of the inherent grimness of that Bad End. My kind of angst - palpable, but also twinged with hope in spite of it all.
    Ad Astra, by violetarcher
    Ascarde, +4Siriel, ergast, Rafflesiac, gwonbush
    "It's the first day of the rest of her life with the King of Heroes." Follows immediately after CCC's Gilgamesh route. Gilgamesh affirms to be Hakuno's sword in a final oath, Hakuno sees right through Gilgamesh's tsun act, and not much else happens. Slice of life.

    A little internal monologue heavy, set from Hakuno's perspective, but is short and sweet.
    Savior, by You
    ItsaRandomUsername, +4nitewind, Velsper, Bridgeburner90, Rafflesiac
    You know that guy at the end of Fate/Extra who just shows up all of a sudden and you have to fight? This is his story. This is about the fall of Twice H. Peaceman.
    King of Fakers, by deviatesfish
    Kirby, Meh, +4Kyte, shiningphoenix, Fan_Fic_Reader, rajvir
    In this war, everybody is a King! Unfortunately, that isn't necessarily a good thing.

    Viciously, unrepentantly silly.
    Jokin' Zouken , by Imperial
    Kirby, +5NamesAreHardToComeUpWith, Rafflesiac, Phearo, shiningphoenix, TheMegas
    An alternate HF route, in which Zouken manages to be even more monstrous than before. It's silly. And punny.
    King of Heroes, Do You Have Enough Cards?, by Mereo Flere
    Kirby, +4Kyte, TheMegas, Rafflesiac, Fan_Fic_Reader
    Another short crack one-shot, in which Archer is summoned into another irregular Grail War. This time, battles shall be decided by CHILDREN'S CARD GAMES!

    No motorcycles, though.
    Clipped Wings, by ItsaRandomUsername
    Kirby, Imperial, +3Bloble, shiningphoenix, Elf
    A one-shot DAA-centric fic, in which Enhance fights Ortenrosse. It's pretty refreshing to read, seeing as how it focuses on the more obscure parts of the Nasuverse. The fight was great, the dialogue entertaining, and overall it's a pretty fun read. Seeing as how this is Enhance, it sorta has a DMC-ish flavor to it.
    Rafflesiac, +4Kyte, Christemo, Sinon, Mandolin
    It is the tale of the innocent Fuyuki City's greatest hero, the young yet extraordinarily stylish and incredible Matou Shinji, and his battle against the unspeakably evil Doktor Zolgen. As a giant robot threatens to wormify everything, can Fuyuki City survive the battle of heroes?

    Very funny crack, with multiple humorous characters and quite the ending.
    Hero Light, by Bloble
    Mattias, +4Imperial, Peanut-007, ItsaRandomUsername, Elf
    A nice action piece of Cu fighting Iskander's army, one who wants to recruit their opponent and the other who just wants to have a really good fight. Cu fighing an entire army is always where he shines best, even if he ends up dead at the end. Might have additional chapters in the future, but works well as a oneshot as well.
    Heldenhaft, by Cornuthaum
    Short and sweet, it cuts to the chase of the Holy Grail War as a legendary deathmatch. It's a brutal two-on-one melee between heroes that delivers with a lot of bloody mayhem, but the real standout is the three distinct POVs that each have something to say about that it means to be a Heroic Spirit. I like way it plays both sides against the middle with the idea that they're all caught up in patterns by their very nature as legends, but it also criticizes the notion that they are entirely enslaved by their history. Their history is their power, but they wouldn't have been heroes if they were predictable types to rest on their laurels.
    If Thy Hand Offend Thee, by Mithrigil
    Misheard, +3Kyte, YeOfLittleFaith, Kuradora
    It's Risei Kotomine centric, and focuses on Kirei growing up and his crises of faith, and Risei's relationship with him as his father. It's good, clocks in at a little over 3000 words, and is worth a read. Brings a perspective many don't think about.
    Snow Bunnies, by Arashi Leonheart
    Kirby, +3Kyte, Chicago Ted, Bloble
    A one-shot, focused on Taiga, family, and Christmas. There isn't too much to say about this, except it's fluffy and sweet, mixed with somewhat sad. It's a short story, so it's more of a read-it-and-see sort of thing. But it's still good.
    A Tale of Two Shikis, by Mereo Flere
    Kyte, +3Renko, Nephirin, Pata Hikari
    Arcueid and Shiki go for a stroll. Arcueid gets lost. Arcueid meets Shiki.
    A cute piece of silly fun that plays with the similarities between Nasu characters.
    Alexandriad: The Song of Fire, by SuperGoldenFroggie aka. Froggie aka. Ziodyne
    ArcherReborn2, +3Kyte, Leftovers, Kishou the Badger
    The Spring-Time Familiar Summoning Ritual summons the being most suitable for the mage. A soul of fire summons forth a soul of fire. The right spark can cause anything to burn. Louise summons Alexander the Great and then the story stopped updating.
    The Meaning of Birth, by KotomineArturia
    Kelnish, +3ItsaRandomUsername, Neir, Phearo
    In a world of magic and mystery, one lone man struggles to fulfill the basic needs of life.

    It's Kotomine, Gilgamesh, and Lancer out with normal people. The three of them are already ridiculous in the main story, so taking their character dynamics and putting them in the real world is just fantastic.
    Magitech and Aqua & Ruby drabbles, by Aiden
    Flere821, +3Kyte, Fafnir, Fan_Fic_Reader
    Magitech summary: HGW Servants are now giant magitech robots, magecraft's no longer a secret to the world, and a ton of world-building has gone into this. The series contains large amounts of humour and awesome.

    Aqua and Ruby summary: Altrouge visits Zelretch, runs into Rin, and the two girls eventually becomes friends/lovers with a lot of teasing involved.
    Vampire Story, by Bloble
    Imperial, +3ItsaRandomUsername, shiningphoenix, Rai Burnout
    Roa reincarnates. This is nothing new. Neither is the host, the immortal castoff and a lot of bodies left along the way. But things are going a bit differently this time around, and a Tohno is trying to pick up the pieces.
    Bloble takes the Roa tragedy and makes it hurt that much worse. Without giving too much away, he takes a great stab at a potentially darker ending for Tsukihime and plays it out to a logical conclusion.
    Warning: Bloody. Dark. Titles and pseudonyms instead of names. Bad end for pretty much everyone.
    Venom, by I3uster
    Bridgeburner90, Rafflesiac, +2DezoPenguin, Guy
    A honestly terrifying oneshot in the diary, and mind, of a girl who sees herself on the verge of insanity and has yet no idea why. More could be said about it, but at the risk of spoiling what happens. A definite must-read for anyone who ever enjoyed the Far Side style of literary craziness.
    dul thar am, by infamousplot
    Imperial, arsdraconis, +3Bloble, Rafflesiac, Kirby
    A "missing scene" short about Lancer's final thoughts and the last conversation he will ever have (Fate route).
    By the time we start the story, the battle is already over. Lancer is bleeding out. Saber and Shirou are long gone. Gilgamesh is insurmountable. Death is inevitable.

    So it becomes a story less about a last stand and the kind of person who would make one. What does it mean to be a hero?
    Ale to the King, by curlydots
    Meh, +3John At Dawn, Fafnir, pulsor93
    After the fight with Caster, instead of things going downhill all the servants go celebrate in a bar. In which Saber is mean drunk, Gilgamesh is still an asshole, and Diarmuid fails to live up to Irish stereotypes. Good for a quick laugh. Quite a bit of typos though.
    For Nought, by Frostyvale
    Kirby, +3Dullahan, Imperial, Bloble
    A one-shot fight scene, and narration on one side's thoughts and whatnot on the other. The combatants are never named, but the narration makes it clear it's Tohno and Ryougi.

    The narration is unique in that it's almost second-person, where it itself is mostly a monologue or speech by Tohno, directly addressing Ryougi as the "you". The fic itself doesn't focus on the exact details of the fight (like, say, "choreography" and exact moves of the fight, and so on), but rather Tohno's thoughts on Ryougi, and the difference in the two's views on life, death, and their mystic eyes-- Tohno's eyes have brought him to cherish life, while Ryougi's eyes are used to fulfill her murderous impulse, and so on.

    The narration is also fun in that it's almost deranged. So yeah, pretty fun
    Declassified Files of an Unwitting Demon Hunter, by ItsaRandomUsername
    Servant Shiki, +2Raven2785, MrTags
    A oneshot of an adventure of Shiki Tohno as Satsujinki, along with an agent of the Burial Agency and his partner.
    Pater Noster, by Renflower21
    warellis, +2Imperial, Fafnir
    Kotomine Kirei recites a final prayer before the start of the Fifth Holy Grail War - an insight into his thoughts on religion and the battle that lays ahead.
    A Madman's Happiness, by NamesAreHardToComeUpWith
    Sylentnight, +2KAIZA, rajvir
    Kotomine Kirei has a dream about his old family.
    Smells Like a Teen Spirit, by RoadBuster
    Elf, Polly, +1ItsaRandomUsername
    Canaan x Melty Blood Crossover. Canaan finds herself in China again after the events with Alphard had unfolded some time ago. While experiencing deja vu from past events, Canaan finds herself caught in a battle more supernatural than even her unique talents can call for. Luckily for her Riesbyfe Stridberg is there to help. Author does a nice job capturing Canaan's unique thought patterns and knows a lot about guns. Oh, and Yuri hints of Ries and Sion as well.
    Reshuffle, by Zalgo Jenkins
    DezoPenguin, +2Kyte, rajvir
    Shinji (our protagonist) is the elder, magically gifted son of Tokiomi Tohsaka. But not quite as gifted as his little sister Sakura. So his father pawned him off on Zouken Matou, who'd been stuck with no heir but his talentless granddaughter Rin. Worms ensued. Or in other words, Rin and Shinji swap places and then Shinji becomes Sakura. And then the Holy Grail War happens. Only one chapter in, but the variant sibling relationships make this interesting, as does Shinji in the Sakura role, still something of a dick like his canon self but considerably more proactive than Sakura was in his own destiny (and considerably less impressed with Emiya Shirou).
    Time Machines Don't Exist, by Mereo Flere
    Kirby, +2Kyte, Rafflesiac
    A short humor one-shot, in which Shirou gets his hands on a DeLorean, and tries to convince Rin to join him to go time-traveling.
    Twelve Days of Noel, by Verg Avesta
    Mattias, +2Flere821, Fan_Fic_Reader
    When preparing for the Christmas party, Azaka and Avenger get trapped in Zelretch's Treasure Chest, and in trying to phone for help get glimpses into parallel worlds. Verg's 2013 Christmas Special.
    Killing Eyes and Faerie Hounds, by Ryuugi
    ItsaRandomUsername, +2gwonbush, Rafflesiac
    An impulsive decision made in a chance encounter with one of the Fae Folk leads to Tohno Shiki and his would-be victim forging an unlikely alliance for the sake of their lives when a power struggle turns all eyes on them. A Dresdenverse/Nasuverse fusion, where Butcher's work is the setting that calls the shots.
    The Extraordinary Life of Matou Shinji, by Sesto
    Bloble, +2Leo Novum, Mattias
    A nice snippet of what a theoretical autobiography by Shinji might read like. The humour is fresh, Shinji is Shinji doing Shinji things, and the whole thing has this casual sort of atmosphere that can only be imparted by a magnificent bastard downplaying everything not relevant to his greatness. The only flaw is that it ends far too quickly.
    Victorious Forfeit, by MiniNephtys
    Imperial, +2Kyte, Elf
    Rin reads about the Second Grail War, which is strangely applicable to her own situation.

    It's a nice, simple little tale about Rin and Archer's dynamic juxtaposed with a Master-Servant love story of the past. The past being the best predictor of the future, etc.
    Whom I Loved Beyond All Other Companions, As Well As My Own Life
    τὸν ἐγὼ περὶ πάντων τῖον ἑταίρων, ἶσον ἐμῇ κεφαλῇ
    , by Megkips
    Glow, +2Kyte, Prix of Heroes
    It's an adult Waver story in which Waver takes a short vacation from his work at Clock Tower to pursue a bit of closure in Greece regarding Iskander.

    The characterization of Reines and Waver differs slightly for readers of Case Files, but it's not bad characterization by any means and the story has a solid idea behind it. Most importantly, it's a story that doesn't rely on ships or drama or politics to carry it, and offers some nice bittersweet feel-good moments for Waver fans.
    Saber eats Lancer, by sudoheathen
    Bdoom, Neir, +2Vagrant, firagadam
    It's an extremely short silly crackfic, the name explains it all. Saber eats Lancer. It's incredibly cracky, and quite entertaining. It's only 750 words, so no great investment of time, either.
    Waiting for one's arrival, by Racke
    qqchurch, Ergast, Imperial, Techlet, Siriel, +2Lycodrake, Xamusel
    Albus Dumbledore has no Boy-Who-Lived. What he does have is a headache, and two very odd children searching for a cure to a wasting illness in Hogwarts' library.
    An HP x F/SN oneshot told from the PoV of Albus Dumbledore as he tries to look for Harry Potter while juggling his workload and the issue of mysterious children appearing through unknown magical means with the goal of finding a cure for their dying part-Homunculus friend.
    Sherbette's Sherbet, by ItsaRandomUsername
    Kirby, +2Rafflesiac, CG-3m1y4
    BL's first Red Dragon fic. A humor one-shot, in which a maid embarks on a quest to make her master sherbet. Not much else to say about it, other than it's cute and funny.
    In Somnia, by Frostyvale
    Bloble, +2Kirby, ItsaRandomUsername
    A Tsukihime fanfic starring Nanaya Shiki (or is it?) in a dying dream world (or is it?), in a psychedelic trip that perfectly captures the eerie weightlessness of Tsukihime's stranger scenes. Not a word is out of place. Dialogue is snappy and full of character, and it certainly seems to be going somewhere (or is it?). Recommending it hard because something's gotta save fanfics and this just might be the one.
    Cetacea, by fallacies
    Asunder, +2ItsaRandomUsername, Frostyvale
    Another of fallacies' classic reinterpretations of Nasu elements, this time mixed with fun poking of the mobage genre. Cetacea is a set of snippets featuring Detective Gudako that never quite descends into complete parody and is all the more humorous for it.
    What Rough Beast, by Oblivion Correction
    Imperial, +2Kyte, LeopardBear
    During the Third Holy Grail War, Avenger and his Master slouch toward Fuyuki.

    Though sadly a one shot, this nasty little number does a lot in not much time. It's really more of a character piece than anything else, focusing on Avenger's mocking, manipulative personality and dark sense of humor as he and his Master travel from Europe to Japan. A scheming Servant isn't anything new, but Avenger is a character who doesn't get much attention in fanfiction circles. And when he does, he's almost always a Sauron-like figure glaring down at the heroes from the magical artifact everyone is chasing. So kudos to Oblivion for letting him be an unsettling, fascinating character instead of the generic doomsday threat stuck in a cup.
    Diaulodromia, by Megkips
    Prix of Heroes, +2Kyte, Orange
    Sakura and Shirou test the bounds of their friendship as Shirou slowly but surely becomes the Heroic Spirit he was always meant to be. Archer has a different perspective.

    This author prefers to write gen and responded to a prompt I wrote for this gen-focused exchange for fic which involved Archer and Sakura interacting, since it has been pointed out that this is a deficit in primary canon. What I received was more than I had hoped for and incorporates some considerable meditation on the dichotomy between Archer and his formerly-Shirou self. It also has an interesting take on Archer-Shirou's journey to becoming an Heroic Spirit that takes place largely from an outside perspective and how others (Sakura and Rin) react to the decisions that lead him in this direction. As a bonus, there is some ambiguous Rin/Shirou background stuff that seems to indicate a fairly popular understanding of Rin/Shirou that it doesn't quite work but happened in a way that reads as bittersweet but not the focal point to the story. This story also features Sakura in a largely positive light and actually lets her do a few things in the narrative. Then, at last, there is a scene that ties everything together and it is, in my opinion, very beautiful.
    Like a King, by ItsaRandomUsername
    Fafnir, +1Flere821
    Gilgamesh applies for a job.LIKE A KING. Lonely Island spoof.
    (Remember that "Like a Boss" song? Yeah that)
    Into The Rain, by RadiantBeam
    DezoPenguin, +1Fafnir
    A "what if" fic centered Rin finding Sakura in HF before Shirou can, resulting in a more immediate acceptance of her sisterly feelings, followed by awakening of feelings that aren't really appropriate for sisters, but nothing Rin's skills at self-delusion can't handle. And Shirou may be getting the best consolation prize ever for losing his love interest.
    It's also dead.
    Where It Counts, by Mithrigil
    Seika, +1Crimson13
    A one-shot, covering Kariya growing up, and his relationships with Aoi, Bakuya and and Zōken over the years until he leaves the Matō household, achieved by vignettes set in certain years of his life.
    Ilya's Castle, by Tobias
    Kelnish, +1Rafflesiac
    A novelization of the Ilya's Castle minigame. It's a very straight forward story and totes worth the read.
    Shion Means Remembrance, by Arashi_Leonhart
    Kirby, +1Kyte
    A bittersweet short story focused on Issei and Rider. Basically, he encounters Rider alone after school when Team Shinji sets up the Bloodfort, and after hearing her situation (and need for mana), he offers his help, of sorts.
    Tsukihime: Realistic, by KaoruAoiShiho
    Five_X, Bloble, +1ItsaRandomUsername
    A piece of provocative fiction our intrepid author herein presents, with the intent outright stated to be the intimate enhancement of Tsukihime in a fashion approximating reality with far more veracity than the pungent prose of Nasu. Accompany yourselves with a realistic and masculine Shiki who assimilates his sublunary desires and knowledge in clear harmony with those realistic, masculine obligations of our own world. Unfathomably distinguished in juxtaposition to the ephemeral predecessor and autochthonous work by Nasu and his unworkably quixotic appeal to readers.

    (It's a silly fic)
    To Die Like a Human, by VelsperTheCat
    Kyte, +1Fan_Fic_Reader
    Ever wondered what did Ilya think and feel during the Grail war?
    A first-person study on Ilyasviel von Einzbern, from birth to death to beyond. HF route.
    Nadir, by I3uster
    The Burial Agency has their hands full as they hunt one of the strongest vampires in the world. Loads of Executor goodness. Comes with a free Narbareck.
    Nine Ways Archer's Plans Went Horribly Wrong, by Mini Nephthys
    Duncan Idaho, +1Kirby
    Nine very short snippets where Archer's plans went awry.
    Rust, by Bloble
    Archer being Archer as fuck.

    A new twist on a familiar character that stays true to his essence with some great fights on the side and an eerie setting; Like some sort of post-apocalyptic Western.
    Swapping Fates, by goldenteaset
    Imperial, +1Renko
    Four conceptually linked shorts about a Fourth Holy Grail War changing up the Master/Servant combinations and watching the butterfly effect in action.
    Each installment follows the same premise of What if X was Y's Servant, but they're not in continuity with each other. Right now, we have:
    Kariya and Arturia, Tokiomi and Diarmuid, Kiritusugu and Lancelot (Saber edition) and Sakura and Gilgamesh
    The Heat Death of the Universe, by Anonymous
    LeopardBear, +1Kyte
    Nasu Kinoko believes in truth and miracles. Urobuchi Gen disagrees.
    Let's be clear: This is not an actual Type-MOON fanfiction. It's more like metafanfiction. It's also wicked cute. Oh, and Nasu is a girl.
    Gilgamesh Plays With Dolls, by Delusional Fishies
    Kirby, +1pulsor93
    Gilgamesh found a way to vent his hatred over Archer. It involves dolls.
    Unfinished Business, by Extrinsical (BL)
    Rai Burnout, +1Bridgeburner90
    One day, Shinji approached them on the roof of Homurahara Academy. Post UBW, game verse.
    Mirror Therapy, by Gramarye
    It's a short, 3k word KnK fic about Touko and her musings as she's alone, working on Shiki's arm. There's not much to say about this, but it's a nice look into Touko's character, her thoughts, and her (presumed) history.
    The Time Is Now, by Matou-kun
    Peanut-007, +1Kyte
    The Time is Now is one of the deepest literary works I have ever read. Matou is a genius, between the god like characterization, the impeccable prose, and exploration of themes on every level of the story he has created a perfect fic. His pacing makes the story never seem to dull or slow at the wrong time keeping the plot moving at a fast pace while never becoming incoherent or too complex to follow. He brings the reader into a deep and vivid world of magic hidden behind the mundane with complex characters that will make the reader wish for more story to read at the end of every chapter.

    Actually no it's just a joke but it's a good joke.
    It's Tanabata, and what is a Lonely Little Sister to do?, by ItsaRandomUsername
    a.k.a Brotherlover. Also a Lonely Island spoof. Ilya and Akiha take a more aggressive approach to their onii-chans.
    Loyalty, by Wordgawk
    It is not only the end that Archer looks out for. A short character piece about Archer, his angst and what he thinks of Rin.
    From Across the Throne of Heroes, by Corvus no Genmu
    One-Shot Series. The Holy Grail has become corrupted… controlled by the Evils of the World but there is enough of its core, of her original self, that retains, that remembers… That all rules are made to be broken… So let us witness the wondrous fractures of the Kaleidoscope…
    In All Things, by Arashi Leonhart
    Soon after their daughter is born into this world, Mikiya and Shiki go over what her name is to be. A sweet, touching oneshot that captures the personas of both characters perfectly as they receive the greatest gift this world has to offer us, a child. Very typical Arashi in both character analysis and general literary quality. Short, but very, very good.
    Honor Remains, by curlydots
    "You'd prefer if I died fighting you then?" Diarmuid says, his voice heavy with amusement.
    Saber and Lancers fight in the Einzbern forest ends a little differently. Basically knights bonding over knightly stuff.
    Servants who Never Should be Summoned, by OverMaster & others
    A collection of short snippets about various characters being summoned as Servants. Humor and characterization vary.
    A Small Warmth, by Polly
    Post UBW-Good Story. In which the relationship between Saber and Rin is touched upon and their importance to each other elaborated on, the meaning of everyday happiness is explored, and Saber makes peace with herself.
    On the Independent Development of Magic Circuits and Its Implications, by Megkips
    It both explores what it would be like for Waver to succeed with his awesome paper and studies from before Fate/Zero, his reaction to it, and really gives the feeling of a research paper in the excerpts.
    Broken Steel, by bard_linn
    A possible 'what if' scene for Archer's background.
    Emiya Shirou chose to turn his mind to steel during the 5th Heaven's Feel and has to live with the consequences, even beyond death.
    Three Bladed Weaponry Fetishists Walk Into A Bar, by Wingless
    Three protagonists of TYPE-MOON works sits at a table at Ahnenerbe and bond sort of.
    A nice oneshot showing us how no true protagonist is even halfway sane (at lest not in a Type-Moon work) in a humorous manner.
    Gilgamesh Tries His Hand At, by Augustine
    Gilgamesh tries his hand at various things such as Baseball, Contest Judging, and Bake Sales, all with the same arrogance and style one can expect from him.
    Gotta Contract 'Em All!, by Stormedge
    A parody of both Fate and Pokémon, where the Servants take the Pokemons' place. Except for Saber, she's a regular girl subbing in for a Servant. Forcibly.
    It's about as ridiculous as you can imagine.
    Property Damage, by Kagaseo
    Zelretch, bored to death, decides to cause mischief. As a result, the Grail calls upon seven of the most overpowered Servants the Throne of Heroes has in store. In the not so grim darkness of the current present… there can only be property damage. And crazy aliens.
    Castlevania: Fate of the Dragon, Castlevania: Finale of the Dark Ballad, Castlevania: Minuet of a Cursed Fate, by Cosmic Compiler
    The story of a love that stretches trough the Ages, the Love Mathias Cronqvist once held for a certain King of Knights, the hatred he gained after her dead and the second chance he gets to meet the woman he loves and maybe once and for all attain that ever distant utopia they once dreamed.
    Blood Arthur, by TwilightsCall
    Mordred wakes up in a corridor with no memory as to how she got there, but this doesn't bother her. She's more interested in what's waiting for her at the far end of the hall.
    Review: Aside from having wonderful prose, and flowing beautifully, this story is a wonderfully accurate character study of Mordred and to a lesser extent Arturia as well, but such a simplified description does it a disservice. It paints a sympathetic Mordred, without ignoring her flaws, and then gives the reader a tragic look into her confused and skewed view of the world, that ultimately evolves into a subtle, but profound sense of horror when you see what awaits her at the end of the road.
    Their Hated Fates, by ForceWalker
    One was doomed to fail his ideals and be sentenced to a life of endless killing as a Guardian. The other doomed to be denied her father's love and be the villain to her legend. Both of them had their very beings twisted with hate, and dealt fates where they could not be saved. But when they meet in battle, perhaps a small happiness shall finally bloom for them.

    The story paints EMIYA and Mordred in a different yet similiar light, with one thing connecting them like a red string of fate. Like the title suggests, their hatred against their fates (and by extension, themselves and each other) is the major grab of the story, and seeing both of them refused to give up no matter what brings a good feeling to my heart. Decently written, no full-on bullshits like most other Fate stories and ended in a good, bittersweet note.
    Helix, Unfurled, by Gramarye
    In the aftermath of the confrontation at the Ogawa apartment complex, three survivors leave the battlefield relatively unscathed. In Touko's mind, this should feel like more of an achievement than it actually does.

    Hey look, it's a Kara no Kyoukai fic. This story is in Touko's headspace/perspective and is a sort of missing scene and character study immediately following the end of Mujun Rasen | Paradox Spiral. In it, Touko interacts with Mikiya in a way that rings true and considers the future and a sense of response to what happened to her in that narrative. I find it haunting and thought-provoking in a way that makes it worth rereading and possibly incorporating into one's personal headcanon. It is short but not frustratingly so. I particularly appreciate the light hand with which the author draws very realistic interplay between the characters that feels like show-don't-tell as far as the characters' feelings are concern in a way that feels very genuine and enjoyable to read.
    Template, by Anonymous
    Kyte, Kyte, Kyte, +1Kyte
    No this is not a real fic. ShortTemp
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    NSFW Stories

    Fate/Far Side, by Arashi_Leonhart
    Raven2785, Daiki, Seika, Pata Hikari, +23Flere821, Arch-Magos Winter, ItsaRandomUsername, Lunaludus, Bloble, nitewind, Mattias, Kelnish, Neir, Muramasa, KooriRenchuu, DezoPenguin, Fafnir, Kirby, Stormwhite, Fan_Fic_Reader, Ergast, Renko, TheMegas, Xamusel, solopy567, Frostyvale
    Kiritsugu takes Shirou to Misaki city on a trip to see a physician for his illness. Years later, with the knowledge of what really happened to his father Shirou takes a trip to Misaki once more. Written as a VN novelization, with multiple routes and whatnot.
    And Then Rin Messed Up, by Arashi_Leonhart
    DreamsRequiem, +18YeOfLittleFaith, RadiantBeam, Kirby, gwonbush, ItsaRandomUsername, Olive, Ergast, Mooncake, Aiden, KooriRenchu, Santo, Raven2785, Arch-Magos Winter, TheInfamousMan, Fan_Fic_Reader, Fafnir, DezoPenguin, Nephirin
    It's a oneshot lemon, but it's mostly a humor fic about Rin trying to make Shirou feel better. And fail at it, for the most part.
    Hidden Option, by Arashi_Leonhart
    Kirby, +18Kyte, ItsaRandomUsername, Bdoom, Bloble, Vagrant, gwonbush, Five_X, nitewind, Fafnir, Lycodrake, Rafflesiac, Meh, Fan_Fic_Reader, Neir, Mattias, Daiki, CG-3m1y4, Flere821
    A short Ayako/Shirou lemon. Diverges from the scene in the UBW anime where Ayako confronts Shirou, where this time, Shirou accompanies her to the staff room. Self explanatory, it's a lemon.
    Shared Resonance of Possession Experience, by Arashi_Leonhart (
    Sylentnight, +15Kyte, ItsaRandomUsername, Arch-Magos Winter, Raven2785, Bloble, Suncofold, Kelnish, gwonbush, Neir, mangafreak7793, rajvir, Fafnir, Nephirin, shiningphoenix, Duncan Idaho
    On the run from the Association and Church, a chance encounter between Sion Eltnam Atlasia and Shirou Emiya changes their lives. Complete.
    Breakfast at Kotomine's, by Five_X & LeopardBear
    Elf, +14Kyte, Raven2785, KooriRenchu, Fafnir, DezoPenguin, Bloble, Kirby, Arashi_Leonhart, shiningphoenix, Bdoom, Meh, Christemo, AbareKiller, Olive
    Jeanne of Arc shows Lancer how much of a "Holy Virgin" she isn't by seducing him, insulting him, and plain seducing the Hound of Ulster. There's even creative uses of cooking oil in this story as well. Spares no description.
    That Ever Illusive Utopia, by Elf
    Arch-Magos Winter, +13Raven2785, Aiden, BlackField, Flere821, Lunaludus, Bloble, gwonbush, Servant Shiki, rajvir, KooriRenchuu, Kirby, Gray, Magus
    Archer centric and following a very different ending to HF, where Ilya decides to make a happy ending for her Onii-chans - both of them. As the aftermath of this unfolds, Saber experiences difficulty adapting and atoning with her actions while corrupted. Perhaps a certain white haired hero can help with that.
    Of Leaves and Lilacs, by Dark Pulse
    ItsaRandomUsername, Chacho, kay4today, +6Lunaludus, Bloble, Raven2785, Velsper, DezoPenguin, Stormwhite, Fafnir
    Follow two eventful weeks in the like of Tohno Akiha post-Kohaku route. Lesbianism and self-reflection. Since this is a Tsukihime fic naturally dark subject matter and violent undertones abound.
    Not The Welcome She Was Expecting, by DezoPenguin
    Fafnir, +8Servant Shiki, Lycodrake, RadiantBeam, Aiden, Arch-Magos Winter, ItsaRandomUsername, Elf, Arashi_Leonhart
    Set post-Heaven's Feel True End. Having returned to the Clock Tower following her first visit home in a year, Rin finds her studies going wrong thanks to unfinished business left behind. Sent back by her mentor to solve the problem, her return to her home is interrupted by an unexpected guest, and things she should have already realized. 2013 Fanfiction Contest winner. 'tis got yuri.
    Didn't Even Make It... To the Onsen (Rin), To the Hospital (Saber), To the End of the Movie (Sakura), To the Mission Briefing (Caren), To the Festival (Ilya), by Arashi_Leonhart
    ItsaRandomUsername, +7Servant Shiki, Muramasa, Fafnir, Bloble, Kirby, Nephirin, Bridgeburner90, Petrikow
    Because sometimes you just want a quick fix of Fate/stay night smut of your choice without it being bogged down by an overarching plot. Has something for everyone.
    Peorth, by Yuurei-san
    Elf, +6ItsaRandomUsername, KooriRenchuu, Fafnir, DezoPenguin, RadiantBeam, Fan_Fic_Reader
    An unexpected meeting between two unlikely people is sometimes all that's needed to change anything and everything. Alternate UBW route, Lancer stumbles on Sakura in great need of both a man and a hero.
    Nice Boat, by RoadBuster
    Elf, +6ItsaRandomUsername, Fafnir, Kirby, Nephirin, Fan_Fic_Reader, TheMegas
    Luviagelita Edelfelt and Emiya Shirou are undercover for the Magi Association to investigate strange happenings on Fem's Casa. They find that the cruise boat is housing a Dead Apostle while fighting their some what "forbidden" attraction to each other. Shirou x Luvia.
    Fate/Stay Away, by Arashi_Leonhart
    DezoPenguin, +6Fafnir, Bridgeburner90, Lycodrake, Ergast, Vizorsan, Magus
    A series of vignettes encompassing the Fate route with Shirou summoning Saber Alter in Saber's place. While the events play out more or less as they did in canon, the changes in their relationship occasioned by Saber's different personality are heartfelt and well-described. Plus well-above-average smut in the lemon parts.
    Against the Cold, by ConquisteloCait
    Seika, Polly, +4kay4today, Chacho, RadiantBeam, DezoPenguin
    Saber and Iri: feeling and sensation; Riding and dildos.
    Premise is oddly common among Saber/Iri porn writers, in that it comes as Iri is starting to lose feeling while her body breaks down. Anyway, the sex takes its time and is generally very well written, I think the personalities are captured strongly, and the promise of 'fluff and smut' is properly fulfilled, throwing good slices of character work into the encounter.
    The Trinity Series, by Kieran
    Elf, +4Lunaludus, rajvir, gesalt, qqchurch, Seika, kay4today
    The daughter of Shiki & Ciel, EMIYA, a misplaced and unusual Servant, and Ilya find themselves warped into an alternate reality of the Harry Potter series, where Harry Potter was killed by Voldermort. The motley crew tries to advert the problems that Harry Potter does with some very interesting, and cataclysmic results. Beware the self-insert.
    Third Option, by Frostyvale
    Kirby, +4Kyte, Fafnir, Fan_Fic_Reader, Walnut Sparks
    Someone finally wrote it. A Shirou/Sella lemon, based on that Prillya OVA where Sella dons the maid outfit. Fluffy, funny, and so on, though the lemon part's pretty short.
    An Empty Attachment, by Bloble
    Petrikow, +4Fafnir, ItsaRandomUsername, Meh, Dullahan, Polly
    Girls with dicks are truly the height of erotica. (It's Shiki Ryougi x Touko)
    "Positively Shakespearean!"
    The Last Lesson, by Bloble
    Bridgeburner90, +4Fafnir, ItsaRandomUsername, Meh, Dullahan
    KnK smut, sequel to An Empty Attachment. A great return for the futa porn except now it's a lesbian threesome and I think we can all agree that's a good thing.
    The Loli Grail War, by Twelveseal
    With a premise that is is something out of crackfic territory, "All the Servants in a Grail War are little girl Type-MOON characters," the kid gloves come off and the gauntlet that will decide the fate of and the world will be thrown. Unexpectedly but justifiably dark, and capable of dishing out humor, horror, and drama with ease. Also SURFING ZELRETCH. WARNING: Lemon, gore, some OCs and genderbending. Please stop and consider there're lolis, gore and lemons involved in the same fic.
    Hardest Choice Ever, by Pata Hikari
    Arashi, +2NewAgeOfPower, Rafflesiac
    Shirou Emiya, as the eldest son of Kiritsugu Emiya, is geas-contracted to wed one of the daughters of Tohsaka. Damn that old man and his drunken ways. AU, crackish, lemon. The result of people discussing how to write a comedic lemon.
    Bloodless Sins (DSM link), by Elf
    ReverseLogic, +1NewAgeOfPower
    The latest in her Catharsis series, Elf gets back to her favorite couple. After recovering from Kotomine's attack during the Grail War, Rin is surprised to find Archer somehow miraculously resurrected. However the mass resurrection isn't as happy as it seems as people try to make new lives, and Matou Shinji realizes he has many sins to atone for.
    Private People, by MiniNepthys
    Diarmuid deals with Love Spot troubles and Tōsaka Rin's matchmaking by faking a relationship with Archer. Given a chivalrous knight and a mysterious un-named hero aren't expected to go over the top with PDAs, neither of them is particularly troubled by the arrangement. Yet ...
    Riders on the Storm, If You Give This Man A Ride, by MiniNephthys
    Waver has to manage his harem of Riders. It's humour and fluff and relationships and some gentle harem satire and a bit of sex, all in less than 700 words. Mini's an artist of one-shots, packing so much into so little space, drawing you in very quickly and easily, hitting hard to get the reaction she wants.
    Wearing Her Favor, by emiyas
    After Archer fights Rider, he finds that something has gone askew in his connection with Rin. But after a day like that, he’ll do what it takes to reaffirm his allegiance to her.
    It's not a perfect Rin/Archer fic, they're both slightly OCC, but it's an enjoyable read for a one shot.
    That's one way to wake Nii-san up, by Pata Hikari
    After some months of relationship, Akiha decides to satisfy every man's fetish. Except that she didn't take into account Kohaku's deviousness, and Shiki's bad dreams.
    A short fic, with an often neglected pairing, funny, sweet and with a nice lemon. Especially because Shiki is not much of an asshole.
    Continuing Dreams, by CrimsonParagon
    Three different oneshots, set after Arcueid True, Hisui True and Akiha True.
    Post Arc-True, Shiki is still unable to accept Arcueid's last words, and decides to go and rescue her from the Castle, helped by an old man. Inspired by the manga until this point, the story becomes original when someone decides to oppose Shiki's intent. Someone who knows Arcueid very well, and has no idea why a mere human would waste time with his natural predator. Mostly drama, with a slight side of fluffy feelings.

    Post Hisui-True, Shiki and Hisui have long abandoned the mansion, but they are still trying to get over the pain of the deaths of those that were dear to them. The fic isn't exceptional, but it's probably because there was little of interest that could be said about the scenario in the first place. Furthermore, the OC friend of Shiki, while not badly written, makes you wonder why the story couldn't just use Arihiko. On the positive side, the theme of getting through the hardships, and coming to better days, is as Tsukihime as Tsukihime can get. Lemon presence but not a terrible one.

    Years after Akiha-True Shiki has settled in his role as Tohno Shiki but he still fears the killer that dwells inside him. On the outside, the Tohno group is undergoing a crisis, and one of its more powerful members is still vying for the position of leader. Plus, you know, being Akiha's husband can't be that easy...
    A long oneshot, that combines action, drama and some very nice fluff. Has NSFW content, in a not-bad-at-all lemon, and Nanaya-would-approve levels of violence.
    Ocean Stroll, by Bloble
    There's nothing terribly deep or exciting going on, but it's sweet and fuzzy inducing and can incite some chuckles. And bonus points for creative analogies and euphemisms with the sex. Also so Bloble's claim in the NSFW section isn't just whacky futa.
    Made to Break, Fear in the Dark, by Prix of Heroes
    Made to Break: Several thousand words during which Touko takes Mikiya's virginity. Despite the title giving off darker vibes, the content is actually the opposite if not too sweet in its development. No it's not fluffy, but its definitely sensual in every sense of the word. Coupled with the author's attention to detail in prose, even if the pacing takes a bit to dive into what its for, it all flows well without making the wait unbearable. I really liked it for giving Touko a more emotional- if not primal- need to character. A definitive recommendation for a tiny diamond in the desert.

    Fear in the Dark: A direct sequel following from Made to Break sees Touko and Mikiya's relationship develop further. If the first installment felt a bit more slow, then don't worry, as the pacing now ramps up (heh) without the prose suffering a dent. The relationship between the pair grows as the view focuses more on Mikiya than it did for Touko last time. Whether intentional or not, the contrast of focus balances the scales. It contrasts the two's perception of time in a certain sense. Retaining the same quality as before, its an enrichening read well worth your time. A prayer for further installments.
    A Change of Pace, by Five_X
    Medb drags her Master along to buy new clothes. Giving into her demands, he quickly finds himself between a boxed-in-space and a sultry Medb.

    Unsurprising considering the character, it's a Medb lemon. With due respect to her servant-class, the plot runs from point A to point B in content. And boy what a ride it is; Store Changing-Room sex is second to the highest level of public indecency (first is Elevator sex). A public shame paid for by the end, but hey, its definitely worth it. The pacing doesn't squander at all as even it seems it wants to get into the action straight ahead. The prose itself sparking the already innate tension of the setting with the succinct dialogue and body language. Speaking of setting, despite featuring a character from Fate/Grand Order, it takes place in everyday society. So for those looking for erotic content without prerequisite knowledge of the main setting, this is just for you.
    Corrupted Holy Maiden's Holy Night of Corrupted Holies, by ItsaRandomUsername
    Jeanne D'Arc Alter has the holiday blahs, and it's up to you to try to snap her out of her funk.

    Another Fate/Grand Order fic, this time it takes place in its main setting. Directly inspired by the 2016 Christmas' event CE Holy Night Supper artwork, the fic features Jeanne Alter. The viewpoint is presented in 2nd Person and told with a humorous narrative. For content, its wet and sloppy considering the amount of alcohol consumed. It also has some fetishes in the mix (hah). All in all, it works and is further enhanced by the double dosage of endorphins to your brain if you want to get into the science of it. As a Jeanne Alter fan, it was a guaranteed read.
    Template, by Anonymous
    Kyte, Kyte, Kyte, +1Kyte
    No this is not a real fic. LemTemp

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    Bad Stories

    Fate/Zero Sense, by The Infamous Man
    In the Beginning of the Fourth Holy Grail War, seven Masters summoned their servants to fight. However, with the exception of one, six masters... didn't get quite what they were expecting... OR What would happen if everyone but Kitsurugu summoned a servant from an anime (or in Kirei's case, Deadpool.)
    Has a sequel in the works called Fate/Stay Away and a Carnival Phantasm variant called Carnival Frenzy.
    Note: TIM himself does not like this story. Please keep that in mind if you don't like it either.
    A Demon Lord's Hero, by Fahad09
    Shirou from an AU Route makes a deal with Serafall from DxD to save Illya, now he lives in the world of DxD dealing with the plans of devils and the fallen angels. He is the Queen piece of Serafall Leviathan and original DxD is pretty much completely derailed, some of the DxD characters are changed in terms of personalinity, Shirou abilities are stupidly OP, but he still feels like a Somewhat close character to the original, decently written.
    Fate/Black Reflection, by Nameless Flame Wielder
    Kurosaki Ichigo of Bleach series and his friends investigate Fuyuki and the HGW. An crossover fic of Bleach and F/SN, fusing the two settings (such as incorporating Soul Society into Nasuverse lore). A divisive fic.
    God Slaying Blade Works, by Marcus Galen Sands
    The first Fate/Stay Night-Campione! crossover. A Heavens Feel Shirou finds that himself and Illya have been pulled into another world by a corrupted Grail. There his actions lead to him becoming the Eighth god killing Devil King. Now he has to deal with becoming someone who rules where he walks, even if he doesn't want to. That and trying to find a way back home. WARNING: wordswordswords
    Clarent Blood Arthur, by kingofbeasts
    What happens when Ilyasviel von Einzbern summons a different Berserker for the 5th War? More importantly, what if the one she summoned has an axe to grind against a certain King of Knights? (HintIt's Mordred)
    From Fake Dreams, by ThirdFang
    BlackField, IhaxlikeNoob, Flere821821, Riven, +6Lunaludus, nitewind, Knick, burningclaw2, KooriRenchuu, pulsor93, ItsaRandomUsername, Raven2785, Sylentnight, Imperial, Tiresias, DreamsR, Seika, Riven, Duncan Idaho, Kirby, -2Bridgeburner90, Arch-Magos Winter
    Kiritsugu dreams of the future. A future tainted by yet another Holy Grail War. He will not leave Shirou unprepared. WARNING: Divisive. Very, very divisive. Also wordswordswords.
    In Flight, by Gabriel Blessing
    Kelnish, +4nitewind, Lunaludus, KooriRenchuu, solopy567, ItsaRandomUsername, Kyte, Sylentnight, Imperial, Techlet, Seika, Seika, Seika, Flere821, Gore, DreamsRequien, Riven, Duncan Idaho, Hymn of Ragnarok, TheInfamousMan, Epiren, Ergast, -2Servant Shiki, Renko
    UBWgood!Shirou as the main character of Sekirei. Shirou discovers his birth parents, builds a harem of aliens. The story starts out fairly strong; the interaction between a grown son and newly discovered family held a great deal of promise. Unfortunately the author made the cast too big and tossed in far too much exposition and harem antics. Also Shirou's characterization is rather off. Love it or hate it; this story is undeniably popular. Might as well check it out and draw your own conclusions.
    Nerve Damage, by CrossyCross
    In the basic gist, Shirou is a literal Prana Factory due to his nerves also becoming Circuits and him somehow surviving the process, uses Word Magic that can solidified and used as a weapon, mostly in the form of swords, BREAKS HEAVEN'S FEEL BY SUMMONING FOUR SABERS- Saber, Saber Lily, Saber Alter, Red Saber/Nero. Then, we have a major changes happening. Like Waver becoming a Master again.

    Deleted Stories

    Fate/Alter Time, by Leo Novum
    ShadowStorm666, Imperial, +2NewAgeOfPower, rajvir
    Things are apparently going on the same as before but things are quite different deep down. Is it the same or is it any different? A tale of an absolutely selfish man against the tale of an absolutely selfless one. Alternate ending to Fate/Zero the Matou's win and end up causing the Fuyuki disaster. Tokiomi and Maiya still alive. Kiritsugu is not cursed.
    The author has deleted the fic.
    Frozen Chronicles: Eternal Heroes, by Leo Novum
    Mankind has been united against the trans-dimensional threat known simply as Nova since the year 2005. However, most of their battles are won at great cost and humanity is always at the verge of loss. The Second Hero of Humanity, Aoi Kazuha, almost dies in battle only to be rescued by a certain archer. Thus starts this story.
    Freezing crossover. It is wordy and the chapters currently written are mostly world building and characterization, primarily of the Freezing cast of characters with alteration of the Freezing timeline. However it has built up an interesting world so far. Your mileage will vary.
    The author has deleted the fic.

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    Also IRUn at least post a link on the old thread linking here.

    There we go.

    102 days. Whee.
    Best of luck.
    McJon01: We all know that the real reason Archer would lose to Rider is because the events of his own Holy Grail War left him with a particular weakness toward "older sister" types.
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    No that's the time since last update. Finally reached boredom critical mass. :V

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyte View Post
    No that's the time since last update. Finally reached boredom critical mass. :V
    I knew that. That's why I wished you the best of luck.

    Do you want me to leave Electric Boogaloo up until you've taken down all of its info, or are you okay with me unsticking it right away?
    McJon01: We all know that the real reason Archer would lose to Rider is because the events of his own Holy Grail War left him with a particular weakness toward "older sister" types.
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    Funny story, I was just about to update this myself and take the load off Kyte's mind until he went to do it himself.
    McJon01: We all know that the real reason Archer would lose to Rider is because the events of his own Holy Grail War left him with a particular weakness toward "older sister" types.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsaRandomUsername View Post
    I knew that. That's why I wished you the best of luck.

    Do you want me to leave Electric Boogaloo up until you've taken down all of its info, or are you okay with me unsticking it right away?
    Don't quite get it but ok.

    I already posted everything. I keep text files with this stuff.
    I actually updated thread 2 before starting on thread 3, and meant to add a link once I was done making thread 3 but you guys fucked up my plans. :P

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    Just gonna say thank you for doing this Kyte, since it is otherwise a thankless job.
    The biggest thanks I can get is no nagging to update. :V
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    You have the wrong Thirteenth Labor there, by the way.
    McJon01: We all know that the real reason Archer would lose to Rider is because the events of his own Holy Grail War left him with a particular weakness toward "older sister" types.
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    Oh for fuck's sake this is why generic names are shitty.
    irun yours came second so change the name of yours.

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    Cheers for the update, Kyte!

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    Or not. No one recommended Existential's.
    McJon01: We all know that the real reason Archer would lose to Rider is because the events of his own Holy Grail War left him with a particular weakness toward "older sister" types.
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    k fixed

    Quote Originally Posted by ItsaRandomUsername View Post
    Or not. No one recommended Existential's.
    That'd be where you're wrong.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I actually thought "huh an old fic suddenly got a bunch of upvotes".

    - - - Updated - - -

    Btw I'll note dreamsr sucks at writing summaries so somebody might wanna augment 13th labor's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyte View Post
    k fixed

    That'd be where you're wrong.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I actually thought "huh an old fic suddenly got a bunch of upvotes".

    - - - Updated - - -

    Btw I'll note dreamsr sucks at writing summaries so somebody might wanna augment 13th labor's.
    Nah, I'm looking at the thread right now and it was literally just John at Dawn saying "That's funny, there's another story I thought you guys were talking about," and no individual comments on it besides my going "LOL, I'll go check it out then."

    Changed the title, by the way, because the original scene name was 13th Trial so I decided I was okay with it.

    Summary's fine, though. It tells literally everything a reader needs to know about it, until the plot eventually derails as the loop ends.

    - - - Updated - - -

    so much for not nagging you, Kyte, sorry.

    Further EDIT:
    In what is totally not an abuse of my modly powers, I just went and made an improved summary myself.
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    McJon01: We all know that the real reason Archer would lose to Rider is because the events of his own Holy Grail War left him with a particular weakness toward "older sister" types.
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    I think we might be miscommunicating. I meant the ones here.

    Anyways you're not nagging. Nagging is what I-forget-who does by asking when will I update or please update.
    Somebody once even dared to VM me about it. The nerve!

    (Hypocrisy time: Inertia Dawn when. :V)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyte View Post
    I think we might be miscommunicating. I meant the ones here.
    Wow that was ages ago. I stand corrected.

    (Hypocrisy time: Inertia Dawn when. :V)
    Get someone to clone me to do all my class projects and maybe then I'll be able to flesh out the half-baked idea I have in my head. V:

    Well, if you want something done right, gotta do it yourself- Newer summary for Thirteenth Trial=
    Illya kidnaps takes Shirou on a date, with her ever trusty servant, the Greatest Hero in all of Greece, watching ever closely. The plot twist: story's set during one of Hollow Ataraxia's four day loops. Full of fluff and comedy, while also tinged with drama.
    Last edited by ItsaRandomUsername; November 3rd, 2014 at 03:51 AM.
    McJon01: We all know that the real reason Archer would lose to Rider is because the events of his own Holy Grail War left him with a particular weakness toward "older sister" types.
    My Fanfics. Read 'em. Or not.

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    I never thought I would see the Bad/Deleted section come back.

    Great work as always, Kyte

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