Been a looooong time since I've watched a Jackie Chan film so I thought I'd fix that with one of his more recent films, "Police Story: Lockdown" - the second dark and gritty reboot of the Police Story franchise though this one diverges even more from the old forumala by being set in mainland China and not even being a martial arts movie, presumably because Chan is getting on in years so that whilst there's still some cool fight scenes it's all very modest MMA moves that a trained cop might realistically be able to pull off.

Anyways, if I had to quickly sum up the plot, it'd be that police captain Zhong (Chan) is lured to a bar where he is taken hostage by a mysterious man. Zhong quickly realises this is no ordinary kidnapping as he starts to recognise the other hostages from a murder case he investigated five years ago. Time is running out as neck bombs will explode if the true killer from back then isn't exposed and stuff.

I mentioned yesterday during my comments about a anime film of the Rashomon effect, but this film is an even more apt comparison as you have faded memories from different perspectives all clashing and vying for what is the true reality and whatnot.

Anyways, a really good film. I often forget that Jackie Chan isn't just some comedic stuntman but a genuinely good actor who gets to strut his stuff in this more subdued film. Definitely a recommend from me.