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Thread: So I've been playing this recently...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikiri View Post
    Vampyr had the potential to be really good, but in my experience it was just ok. It was lacking something gameplay-wise, and the choices didn't feel like it mattered in the end
    I should clarify that when I said "choices" I didn't mean getting the different endings, but rather interactions with the Citizens of London since there's some cool scenes if you chain certain actions together. For example, if you manage to save the MC's mother but then afterwards kill your butler, he won't be there to stop your mother from succumbing to her dementia and wondering outside at night which causes her to be bitten and turn into a high level optional boss. That's just a simple example of many ripple effects because of the "Social Circles" mechanic.

    This is why I mentioned the forced autosave works against the game since you can't experiment to see how your actions affect things and it's not worth sabotaging the ending you want just to see what would happen if you did X action.

    But yeah, other than that I agree with you that Vampyr had the potential to be a classic but it was clearly a case of "vision beyond ability" since iirc this was only their second RPG game.
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    I decided to try the demo for the latest Monster Hunter after it crashed Nintendo's servers when it went live. It's pretty fun, this might be the one that gets me in, even if the lack of a proper lock on button and buried move lists irk me. But smashing the hell out of a giant Badger I found while wondering around with a stone guitar was really satisfying.

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