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Thread: Fate Prototype Fragments of Blue and Silver - Fan Translation

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    Fate Prototype Fragments of Blue and Silver - Fan Translation

    Hi, I'm putting up some translations from the Fate/Prototype: Blue and Silver Fragments in here, because its more appropriate.
    But, my translations are not 100% accurate, so please do not copy them

    Disclaimer: Also I do not own Fate/Prototype, the Fate series or anything related to Type-moon, so just consider it a fan translation and please do not copy them.


    Fate/Prototype Beautiful Mind Act 5 - Part 3.


    ――――And then, time proceeded merely just once.

    8 years later.
    It is 1999 AD.

    In a corner of a certain special hospital ward and general ward, Shinjuku Prefecture, Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

    When the second historical Holy Grail War had begun.
    When the battle between seven Masters and Servants unfolded.
    When the young saints were trying to end that life.
    When I was at the end of my further painful days, because of the terrifying beast that had been embedded in my body.

    Under the unchanging ceiling.
    Beyond the many cables.

    As I was surrounded by people in white coats with empty expressions.

    ――――A few days later, he complied with the only selfish desire I ever had in my life.

    Part 1:

    I don’t have a wish for the Grail.
    As this body had already been filled.
    I always believed.
    In the world’s warmth.
    In the goodness of people.

    When I slayed the terrifying Medusa who slaughtered many heroes, when I helped out Andromeda who was offered up as a sacrifice to Cetus the monster of divine punishment, when I took back my mother from the evil influence of the wicked king Polydectes.
    Even after I ruled as king of Tiryns.
    The gods of Olympus saved me, and always protected this body.
    The great god Zeus, the goddess of war Athena, and the god of wisdom Hermes, wouldn’t vent their hatred at many people even if they gave them praises, and extended their hands to my dilemas and crises on my many adventures.
    The king who defeated evil and monsters who hurt people――――
    That kind of thing, couldn’t be doubted if there was a being that was disconnected from the right world.

    I was always, blessed.
    I wouldn’t be crushed by my dangerous life.
    The road that I must proceed on, to the world filled with radiance was clear at any time.
    That’s why.

    When I also first saw your figure, I believed that you were a person who needed to be saved from himself, this time, in a world where I had accomplished manifestation as a Servant who obtained a temporary life.
    You who I’m connected to.

    That day, your body was connected to countless cables like Andromeda did that time
    You, who always continued to care on your white bed.
    A frail young boy.

    A person who continued to live connected to machines being burdened by your clan’s great ambition, to achieve a Heroic Spirit Summoning,

    Isemi: “Do I interest you?”

    You, questioned me as such.
    You, told me a story about the constellations, then returned because you had a great bond to the people that you were connrcted to.
    About the constellation Perseus――――this body, which had been summoned to the heavens by Athena’s decree to become a constellation.
    You can’t see it now, because it was an Autumn constellation in this land to the Far East.
    It is now winter.
    The cold season.
    It was sad, when I knew how difficult it was for you, although I thought that you might want to look up at the winter night sky by going outside with you.
    Your body can’t leave this white room, as you were being terribly devoured by a disease.

    It was so sad.

    You, couldn’t experience what a rustling wind felt like in a field.
    You, couldn’t experience the smell of even fragrant saltwater at the beach.
    You who couldn’t experience seeing the beauty of a starry night sky.

    Aah, if so――――

    My wish.
    My wish to the Grail which was said to be granted to the one Servant and Master by winning through to the end, could we see the autum starry sky together?
    You were so surprised, when I told you so.

    Isemi: “Have you so easily, decided on your wish?”

    It was not mysterious at all.
    So there was not one thing in this body before I was summoned, that I would wish for.
    It mustn’t be about my desires, since I received a constellation.
    In that case, I would try to wish for my new friend which I had gotten to know like this after I was summoned.

    Let’s see the Perseus constellation, together, once your body’s been healed.
    You didn’t nod with approval, when I told you.
    And, you said as such.

    Your life which should have died 8 years ago, along with everyone in your clan like this.
    Even a person who called me their friend could do it.
    That’s why, I desire nothing for myself――――

    If you “wished for the happiness of a greater amount of people to the Grail.”
    A life that brings pain whenever your heart beats.
    His breath was like he drunk down needles.

    I didn’t actually feel alive, so it didn’t suit the countless pain that you felt.
    After that, I tried to say it to you, as it was a case where you only waited for your death.
    I didn’t spill complain about my every dissatisfaction, and discontent, to your infinite tormenting pain .
    You, wished for the happiness of people, without absolutely worrying about your body which was being undermined till it was gruesome.

    Ah, you are surely a hero.

    Great god Zeus, Athena, on behalf of Hermes, why, can’t you save him?
    There was a person more suitable to become a constellation than someone here.

    A Hero.

    No that’s wrong, you were a person who wished for people’s happiness which was provided only by a sacred item, without relying on violence to crush and hurt something.

    It was real as I had heard it from you, that the gods had already, detached themselves from the earth.
    At least there were no gods on this earth.
    The compassion granted by the saint’s voice, was nowhere in this city that was dyed in radiance even at night.

    Isemi: “I have a wish.”

    That day, you said it.
    You smiled, as if you could do anything if it was possible for yourself.
    You wished to come and see the figure of the city.
    You wanted me to see the many people, remember it, and then tell you about it as best as I could.
    It was, your meager wish.
    My chest hurt and I thought somehow that you were hesitating, about whether I was worried about the good things I would tell you about, until you gave forth that word.
    Even though it wasn’t to a extent I thought that I was grandiose like that, you seemed very sorry for me.

    I have no wish.
    Even if you said so, it’s inexcusable to completely turn over my palm.
    No, it was an easy task.
    It really was like that.

    It wasn’t necessary to think that it was a necessary weakness to think about my nervousness, even though a friend would request something from a friend.
    I walked around throughout the day, recording the figures of the small children frolicking around with their parents smiling together, and the scenes of the chirping birds and the trees in the huge parks, weaving my way through the valley of the skyscrapers that seemed like they would reach the heavens, as I wandered the town, according to your wish.
    Although I thought that it wasn’t good for your person for it to remain in a record in a thing called a photo, you, waved it across your obstinate neck.

    Even though it was good that his body didn’t move too much, because he would slide out of the cables.

    Isemi: “I want, you to see it, with your own eyes. If you could tell me about it, while I can still feel and see.”

    End of Part 1

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    don't quote me on this

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    Beautiful Mind Act 5: Part 3-2:


    You were still saying that.
    I told you everything as though I had seen it that day.
    Immediately, you smiled seemingly happy, while having a coughing fit.

    Isemi: “……..My, wish. It was, the things that you saw, today.”

    He said.
    You, said so as you thought about people who hadn’t even witnessed them by himself.
    What a beautiful thing he said.
    What a sad thing he said.
    Even though you love people and the world like this, would you who had achieved this love the people that I had seen in town?

    And, now.

    In this day called today, it was the seventh day since I was made into the modern world by your summoning.
    You were breaking down from what I could see, due to the effect of my body which was absorbing your life force itself, the prana which continued my existence in this world, I received it until it was heart breaking.
    The flames of your life have disappear, after the little bit of time you’ve had expired.

    With this, I couldn’t support you in the battle to obtain the Holy Grail――――
    I had no means.
    I had no choice but to look at the weakening you, as I stood at your bedside like this.
    That might also be good.
    At the earliest, my body will go and disappear together with you, If it was because you lost your life, it was because I also couldn’t heal you.
    It might also be possible to send my voice to the gods if it was the latter, however I was uncertain whether I would return to the constellations, whether I would return to the Throne of Heroes.
    You will also become a constellation――――

    Isemi: “Because I won’t be an adult.”

    Your trembling throat.
    I knew that you were changing the little bit of life that you had remaining into your words, voice, and sounds.
    You were a person who chose a Heroic Spirit that achieved an unnatural fate to be your Servant in the Holy Grail War.
    You shouldn’t have done so if you didn’t want to do it, although I had heard that it was decided like that.
    So, you continued.
    You returned only a smile to my controlled words, as I said that that kind of chatter was bad for your body.

    Isemi: “Because……you, are the only selfishness, in my life.”

    What are, you saying?

    Isemi: “I was glad that you were a fortunate person, and not an unhappy hero.”

    He already, couldn’t speak.
    I knew.


    I understood.
    That body which was being completely consumed by the disease, filled him with unbelievable pain to the extent that even just releasing words like this hurt him.
    Please at least, I wish for your final moments to be even a little bit peaceful.
    Although, you fully continued your words.
    You turned to me.
    You said that I was your first friend, to me, to Perseus.

    Isemi: “Because――――aren’t happy things, surely, what content people wish for? When you pray to the Holy Grail, you think of warm things. So, please……


    So that there was happiness, and peace, for people――――
    He smiled like he was dreaming.
    You, quickly departed from this world, while speaking words that didn’t become words.
    The Command Seal which was suspended on his right palm was consumed, as I was incarnating.
    I obtained a flexible body, obtained a creaking frame.
    Surely, as I wished and prayed to fill the world with happiness.

    Rider: “So that’s it.”

    I had obtained a new skeleton over my whole body.
    I had obtained new flesh over my whole body.
    I, was gazing at his dead face, now, as I recognised the reality that must be a surprise to say that I had been connected to your real heart in place of my spiritual wound, as I surely felt that I had obtained a body that didn’t consist of masked ether, and my red blood was circulating more hotly through my body.
    Nonetheless he employed a Command Seal――――
    He incarnated my body.
    Somewhere in this small body, he had enough power remaining to go that far.
    Would it become a secret magic, the individual character called you might apply to the Command Seal like this?
    I just, looked at you as you died, as I accepted your wishes.

    Rider: “You go that far, for everyone…….”

    At that moment.
    There was something which swirled in my heart.
    I thought about, your unrewarded life.
    I lowered my head to your heart which believed in the world’s warmth, without hating others until the end.


    I remember my anger till it was repulsive, at everything that couldn’t save you.

    ――――My anger melted muddily, with my honour, with my affection.

    You lost all of your colour, and died impurely to the blackness that couldn’t send your light.

    Rider: “I pray, now, to the Holy Grail.”

    For your happiness.
    If you say now that you can’t even become my distant father Zeus, then I’ll say that the Grail’s power is truly omnipotent.
    I will swear here.
    You, a holy person.
    You, a person who wished for the happiness of people.


    Only you, more than anyone, must be happy.
    I won’t let them take you, from this world which didn’t extend its kind hands to you.

    (To Be Continued)

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    Poor kid had a real hard life.

    He didn't deserve that shit.

    I'm rooting for you Perseus!

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    Fate/Prototype: Blue Silver Fragments
    Beautiful Mind: Last Act

    Disclaimer: As usual I don't own Fate/Prototype, Fate, or any Type-moon properties. This is just a rough fan translation so please do not copy it.
    Thank you and enjoy.

    Part 1:

    The princess of the Root next lays her hands on

    ――――Her loveliness, had become her form.

    Pure and innocent.
    She was also a person who could be likened to a flower and a fairy.
    If there was a poet who knew about the previous world then they could hide that figure in an illusion, while also putting in their many thoughts of their feelings, and there is no mistake that it could be expressed while speaking of its countless mysteries which they lived to devote all of their finesse to.
    Her precious beauty which gently filled a person, and not her charm which could bring a person down into madness, was more beautiful than the flowers which proudly bloomed in the above ground garden.
    The girl, who was soaking in the bathtub, there in the bathroom which could be seen as somewhat meagre if she could compare it to the scale and spaciousness of the estate, shined until it was clear.

    All of her body was filled with these feelings.
    Anyone could understand if they saw her dyed pink cheeks.
    There was “love” in here.

    The heat of the hot bath which was lathered white with soap, wasn’t the reason why her body temperature had risen.
    Because the girl knew it.
    Her loved one was right near her.

    Manaka: “Hey, Saber. Can you hear me?”

    He was beyond the door which was inlayed with frosted glass――――in the dressing room that must’ve been terribly cold.

    ….was there.

    It was surely because of it, that the girl’s cheeks were stained pink.
    Her eyes were trembling, and shining like they wet.
    Purely, the girl thought of him.
    Innocently, the girl yearned for him.
    It was a fact, the truth that couldn’t be mistaken for the result of observations.

    Therefore for his sake, the girl lived.
    She knew of the wish from his heart, and she was determined to devote “everything” in order to achieve it.

    The world’s greatest playwright, Shakespeare probably said it.
    If this was, unmistakable love itself.
    The world’s greatest children’s author, Andersen must’ve said it.

    If this, was a thing that could destroy worlds and build worlds.
    Therefore the reason she yearns for him is because she feels it, therefore she loves him――――

    She will build up everything.

    According to literature.
    At the end of magical mysteries and miracles, in this Tokyo of 1991, a group of Heroic Spirits who were supernaturally the strongest had achieved being made into the current world, and altogether they could stand in hand and become an obstacle to her.
    There was the pharaoh who made the earth and heavens his belonging, there was a woman who manipulated a super heavy strangely shaped lance, there was a great hero of the distant Orient, there was a girl who had a fatal poisonous soul, there was a magus who controlled the five elements, and there was a mad beast who howled at the moonlit night.

    She wouldn't waver.
    She wouldn't be afraid.

    If about everything in the world tried to stop her, the girl wouldn’t show all of her hesitation.
    It was a thing called her love; with it the world couldn’t roughly bare its fangs to her.

    She could just regret her own stupid deeds.
    The exemplification was possible.
    Even now, in this moment too.

    Manaka: “……..Saber.”

    The girl slightly repeated his name which she had called out.

    2 days ago.

    Even though she said she had piled up the very best on top of the very best, and exhausted her hands, especially with her many layers of plans, the decisive battle in Tokyo Bay had left severe wounds on his body.
    Although all of his wounds were healing already, due to her almighty medical treatments――――at first, she was somewhat confused by the excessive depth of his wounds.
    By all rights first he had shown her an expression that he hadn’t shown her before.

    Manaka: “You’re there right? My prince, no, my lord knight.”

    Again, she called out.
    To the ill-tempered King of Knights who couldn’t return her words.

    A second, two seconds.
    As expected there was no response.

    If she were to speak of it as an objective fact, for example she could say that they were separated by the door, and he had declared beforehand that “he was reluctant to get close like this to a lady bathing,” he could answer her calls while she still had her white naked body until it was clear, but as expected it was the same reluctant thing to do.
    The girl, pouted a bit here, but did she know or didn’t know of his troubles as he was still a knight?
    Her lovely cheeks swelled again――――

    Manaka: “It’s bad, if you don’t give it to me properly there. Because we don’t know when, any kind of scary Servant will come to attack us.”

    As expected there was no reply.
    Here, the girl pouted again.

    Therefore she did so; she assaulted her dilemma by herself for herself.
    Even though she had the ability to control all of creation, the girl――――
    Because she couldn’t see beyond where she’ll end up at.


    It was a mere shackle which she imposed on herself.

    Manaka: “Or……..”

    Chuckling, the girl tried to smile this time.
    The girl’s trembling had already stopped, and her innocent smile was said that she was rather troubled once from with all her heart because of her honest and even pure beloved knight.
    Must he see the suitable age of her mischievous heart, or must he look at her innocence which passed as somewhat young as he was more than her age too.
    In either case.

    Manaka: “If you’re being malicious like that, I too, have a plan. Umm let’s see, not in that place, rather…….”

    That, fascinating echoing tone.

    Manaka: “I’ll be together with you too……”

    Her words had put on airs like Morgan le Fay.

    Manaka: “Enter, the bath――――

    Pitiful, it was an act like executing self-mutilation.
    It’d be okay if he saw, the proof.


    Because it was said to be prohibited, it must be authentic from the type of expression which said that she was surprised and shocked while saying it to her herself.
    After the sign that she realised something by herself like that, the girl’s cheeks were dyed bright rose pink very fast.

    At the earliest, it wasn’t a story that will stop until she was pink to a degree.
    In a blink of an eye, she was dyed red up to her ears.

    Manaka: “N, n, no, nothing at all. It’s nothing, nothing, since.”

    The manner in which she was becoming embarrassed by herself as she said it to herself, that she’ll do whatever without speaking of being caught in her own trap, and self-mutilation.
    The manner of the girl who was sinking into the bathtub while mumbling “I am, a fool” even now, wouldn’t change as pure and innocent girls who were in love with love were countlessly spread out throughout the world.

    Blub Blub Blub.
    Blub Blub.

    She sunk down to her face.
    More bubbles were floating, in the white bubbles――――

    Journal Entry:


    About changing into their spiritual bodies.
    One feature that was automatically installed on Servants when they were made into the current world includes a function to transform into a spirit body which is not their real body.
    Without it being a thing that must be accurately called a function, it is proper to note that it is a thing which had been secondary as an effect.

    First, as a being made up of Aether, they who have been summoned possess a temporary body.
    They are entities within the current world.
    They are unchangeable to a point where they’re physically configured and even if it’s temporary, they can’t proceed to only destroy if they approach a physical barrier.

    At the same time, they are as expected, a spiritual being that mustn’t be in this world.
    They, who are restricted to not achieving “incarnation” in special circumstances, are still beings that are not forced to be in the current world, at the same time they are beings in the current world.


    They can get a special trait that’s like the function called dematerialisation.
    It is possible for them who became a spirit body to slip through and remove the physical barrier like a wall, by changing into a being that isn’t physical, and despatching the physical interference.
    Again, originally, it is for beings that do not belong in the current world.

    The volume of magical consumption to maintain them, who had untied their temporary bodies and changed into a spirit body in the current world remarkably decreases.
    If there is a situation where they changed into a spirit body, and they are a powerful Heroic Spirit who possess high magical consumption, the burden on the Master will be greatly reduced.


    In a situation where they have transformed into a spirit body, a Servant can’t physically affect another person.
    Therefore, a typical Servant’s practical use is hypothesised to be something called “When it’s normal dematerialise, and materialise when it’s time for battle” ――――

    This greatly influences a Servant’s traits as well.
    Usually if manifesting, they are also people who have meaning.

    (An extract from an old notebook)

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    Even being weakened by lack of Masterness, Rider still almost manages to kill Saber.

    GG, Oz. We shall not see your like again, probably.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    Ha, solves that question then. Heroic Spirits are made of ether. Good job.

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    Fate/Prototype: Blue Silver Fragments
    Beautiful Mind: Last Act

    As usual I don't own Fate/Prototype, Fate, or any Type-moon properties. This is just a rough fan translation so please do not copy it.

    Thank you and enjoy.

    Part 2-1:

    A certain day in February, 1999.
    Sajyou Mansion, Suginami Prefecture in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

    Who knew that there were three Servants, in this small mansion, now?
    Who could’ve guessed?

    Even the person from the Holy Church who started it was a Cardinal, the Templar Order, Lords in the Mages Association over the ocean, and people of the Far East Mages Association who must’ve known about it.
    No-one could’ve predicted it, that just a single magus girl could tie a contract with a Heroic Spirit, and allied with a further two Servants, etc.――――

    Girl: “……..”

    The girl, exhaled a bit of white breath.
    She knew that her breath was exhaled out of her temporary lungs.
    Silently standing still, the girl――――Assassin, grasped the cold night atmosphere with her brown body.
    There was no deep meaning, in having her standing here with her substance, as she deactivated her spirit body transformation.
    It wasn’t a case where she burned her competitive heart by continuing her materialisation until it was unnatural, as Saber was greatly loved more than anyone by her Master.

    No, no.
    Because it might’ve been her Master’s desire.

    If she said it strongly did she want to see, the person beyond her gaze, with those substantial eyes?
    The garden which was called by her Master as “Garden” ――――was splendidly covered by reminiscent glass-styled walls and ceilings.
    The knowledge brought from the Holy Grail didn’t tell her the particulars of garden landscaping, but even so, she could comprehend that it was a splendid garden with a glance.
    There in the night for sure, she had seen its shining beauty under the stars like this.

    The girl hadn’t seen it in the morning itself.
    So, she didn’t know whether it was also true in the morning.
    She was just, only gazing at it.

    She stood at the end of the passage which continued from the main mansion, without opening the door to the Garden, she was in front of the door.
    Without entering, patiently, she continued to gaze at it through the glass.

    Assassin: “The result, huh?”

    She didn’t enter.
    She wasn’t allowed.
    The door had been laid with protection magic.
    Did it have a certain effect, on the protected target that was selected beforehand to be safe by entering in there?

    It’s interesting, that the target was strengthened by a type of curse.
    Even for a Servant the degree of it could function effectively.
    The girl naturally thought that “she mustn’t step anything further than this,” particularly, if her body didn’t entirely have a kind of Magical Resistance Skill.

    If it was a Servant who had entered here, there would just be a person with a suitable goal――――
    Was there a Servant who would murder an enemy Master, in the Holy Grail War?

    ???: “Who’s there?”

    A soft voice.
    It was a sound that was filled with caution from somewhere, though she seemed to not be vigilant.
    It wasn’t the enemy.

    It was without a doubt human.
    Terribly young, and terribly fragile.

    It which was released from a young child’s throat, didn’t resemble the sound of her Master.
    It wasn’t a case where she didn’t notice the other person’s approach.
    Just, even if she sensed it still, she had only decided to gaze at this garden.

    She who was her Master’s kin had decided that she wasn’t a target for necessary precaution.

    It was just that.

    Because of that she let out another one of her white breaths――――
    Assassin, turned around while shaping her “face” with her Transformation skill.

    Her garments, already she was glad she could always feel in her one-piece form.
    If it was because she transformed her body in the estate, it was a thoughtful act that didn’t suit her figure as a Servant, but hereafter, would it be good way to keep it in mind even if it was her face?

    Assassin: “Pardon the intrusion.”
    Ayaka: “Umm, are you……my father’s guest?
    Assassin: “Yes.”

    Smoothly, she spat out a lie.
    She was accustomed to lying.
    It was the same in her previous life, and it didn’t change even now that she had materialised in the current world via death.
    If it weren’t for welfare which wasn’t the case as she would have gone and officially re-contracted with her Master, she wouldn’t have to prey upon the lives of men who were heading to their amusement quarters every night, in order to provide her with prana, to maintain her body.


    Prana which she would continue to devour.
    She would normally use lies.
    She drove men made with lying gestures, tempted them with words of lies, and smiled with a lying face.

    Tonight as well, she would surely do so again.
    On a street corner right in Ogikubo, Shinjuku, or Nagano

    “U, umm.”

    The young child opened her lips again, couldn’t she bear the silence?

    Ayaka: “Are you, maybe, one of my big sister’s friends?
    Assassin: “Yeah.”

    Again, she spat out a lie.
    She immediately realised that it was a matter which was a contradiction and an anticipated response.


    Assassin: “I’m an acquaintance of Mr Hiroki Sajyou, and I’m a friend of Miss Manaka.”

    She smoothly compensated for it.

    ‘Is that so?”
    Assassin: “Yes.”
    Ayaka: “I see……”

    Was it because she gave out the family name, although it was just more or less her tone.
    Was she suspicious of her?

    Even if that were so, there was no problem.
    She had gotten used to infiltration.
    If it was when she was alive, she could proceed countless times to the base of the commander and western knights who had defiled the soil and people in power who had restored their religious organisations, and there were several times that she had encounters with young children unexpectedly.
    She had let them go without a problem, which was the same for her soldier companions and the strong knights.

    Above all else, she didn’t hate children.
    If she could speak of whether she liked them or hated them, right, she liked them.
    If with her body which couldn’t conceive or give birth, she could feel especially lovingly to the young people.

    To the innocence that should’ve been raised with love.
    To her companions who were eternally non-existent, that was an opportunity which she could embrace with both of her arms.

    Assassin: “You’re, Miss Ayaka, right? Miss Ayaka Sajyou.”
    Ayaka: “Yeah, so.”
    Assassin: “I’m――――”

    What should she say?
    Her name.

    The name of Hassan-i-Sabbah wasn’t just hers.
    In becoming the only Hassan in this world, a name passed as something lacking in herself.
    Even her fragile body which longed for the touch of another person, couldn’t possibly think that she could complete her mission more than enough as a leader of a religious organisation which many had held, and if she stretched her arms she was only, one of the successive generations of Hassan’s herself, because she just died hanging onto the hand of that friend.

    Even if she obtained the Grail with these hands, and some sort of miracle occurred in the Holy Grail for example――――
    It was a thing that could be called ridiculous.
    Surely her body, could be called Hassan.

    Assassin: “About me, please call me Zill.”
    Ayaka: “Zill”
    Assassin: “It means shadow, in my native tongue.”


    It suited her to a t.
    Without knowing herself, she had come close to expressing her smile of self-derision on her mouth.
    She restrained her awareness.

    This smile, wasn’t something that should be shown to the young child.

    Ayaka: “Zill, do you like the Garden?”
    Assassin: “…….Yes. I just, had to turn my eyes to it, because it was very beautiful.”
    Ayaka: “Is that so?”

    Sighing, the young child said it.

    After that――――
    Softly, gently, she became shy.
    A moment.

    Assassin endured her desperation for the urge to attack her.
    She was, a lovely thing.
    If Manaka Sajyou who was her Master was the moonlight, then her body was the shadow of night, the expression that the young child showed was of sunlight itself
    Did the comparison pass as an exaggeration?

    Absolutely, not.

    Even if her nature seemed different, surely, she was a person who could reach Assassin in the heavens.
    If she could say it limitedly to a point she was a beautiful person who she could not reach, even if the amount of light was far unattainable to her Master’s, surely, it was light.

    She was different from her Master, as she was a person who she must not touch.
    She could touch her Master.
    She couldn’t touch this young child.

    Even a bit, since there was an absolute difference.

    Ayaka: “Here, is my studying spot.”

    The young child said.
    While being faintly shy.

    Assassin: “Is that so?”
    Ayaka: “Although I can’t really say, what those studies are……”
    Assassin: “I don’t mind.”

    It was studies for black magic which was her family line’s magic.
    If an onlooker could see, they would immediately know that this end of the garden had these facilities for that reason.

    Ayaka: “The truth is I thought it was my big sister’s place, but now I can use as my own.”
    Assassin: “That’s……..I wonder if it’s true.”
    Ayaka: “Huh?”
    Assassin: “No. I’ve said too much. Please forget it.”

    These facilities wouldn’t be necessary, to her Master.
    There was probably no meaning for such things as magic studies.
    Without even borrowing Caster’s words, Assassin would arrive at that fact herself.
    Without even differentiating the huge cause which said it of eastern and western styled magics, all magical family lines, for sure her Master, the world’s――――

    Ayaka: “Umm……..If you want to see it, the Garden, would you like me to guide you?”

    She reached out her hand, to her.

    What purity, what good will!

    She couldn’t.
    If she touched her body, she would suddenly fall into anguish and reach death.

    Assassin, shirked off the young child’s stretched out hand.
    Unexpectedly, she mistook her eye measurements, with a degree of naturalness which she thought was that her hand didn’t reach her.
    Her white fingers, couldn’t reach her brown fingers.

    Ayaka: “Huh?”
    Assassin: “Please restrain yourself. Miss Ayaka.”

    She disagreed.
    It wouldn’t become heavy hand in hand.

    Assassin: “You shouldn’t reach out you hand, to a vulgar person like me.”

    Yes, the Hassan of Serenity didn’t notice until her final moments.
    In reality there was one possibility that she stopped here.
    The precious, beautiful and even gentle sprout of hope, wasn’t a thing that she had ever given her, from here on several days later, she was said to have given it to the blue silver knight――――

    She didn’t notice.

    She had just stopped just a bit immediately before it.
    She couldn’t respond―――― to her stretched out hand.

    Part 2-2:

    Man: “I see――――”

    In a room which was a guest room if it was originally one, in the Sajyou Family’s house.

    Quietly, the man mentioned the words.
    It was a man who had beautiful long hair.

    If his figure was perhaps one of an onlooker, he was a man who possessed charming features which many could speak of their favourable impressions.
    The long slits of his eyes, were thought to be elegant and gentle at the same time.
    His smile which had given relief and sympathy to other people, was expressed on his mouth which had a good shape to it.

    Inside the Sajyou’s family workshop, in the guest room that had been further changed into a workshop, the man――――Caster nodded with approval.

    He had greatly consented to it.

    About the Servant without a Master like he himself had become.
    While possessing a sacred sword, it wasn’t the knight who could use it for its original purpose.
    Because that knight truly had a Master, there was another that he could speak of here.
    Same as Caster, she was a useful person to Manaka Sajyou who was her Master without a contract.

    Her class was Assassin.
    Her true name, the Hassan of Serenity.
    Or was it Hassan-i-Sabbah?
    She was a pitiful woman.

    He hadn’t gotten to know her up till her detailed past, but roughly, she had a tragic life.
    But, her current way of life, reflected as a life that had surpassed a bit warped for Caster.
    With that, she was a person that he could say was suspicious even though somehow he could grasp what even his own wish from his heart was.
    She was already, here.

    Even though he said that he deeply understood.

    Caster: “Was it the thing that you were seeking? Assassin”

    The words dissolved into the silent room.

    Caster: “…….Never, are you a vulgar thing. You are a noble person.”

    His words were a verdict.
    Was it a certain prosecution, or, was it about a certain conviction?

    Caster: “Although, if that’s so. You should probably know now, what carrying it out will accomplish, huh”

    He turned his gaze to the corner of a room.
    At the cultivation tank for Homunculi.

    Something was floating in the liquid medicine.

    It was absolutely a thing that had no use, but what, was its unexpected purpose――――

    Note: Assassin's fake name is Zill. Yeah, her fake name really threw me through a loop, but I found a middle-eastern name that matched the translation. There were many spellings of it so I went with Zill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    Ha, solves that question then. Heroic Spirits are made of ether. Good job.
    Didn't we know this forever?
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    Fate/Prototype: Blue Silver Fragments
    Beautiful Mind: Last Act

    As usual I don't own Fate/Prototype, Fate, or any Type-moon properties. This is just a rough fan translation so please do not copy it.
    Thank you and enjoy.

    Part 3:

    Journal Entry:


    About a Servant’s hobbies/preferences.
    As mentioned before, they who have been summoned into the current world clearly possess a personality, in other words it is obvious they possess an inherent nature and preferences.
    About the point that they must construct a smooth relationship, it is not a thing that should be described more than this.

    Specifically from here.
    I wrote down whether it was important in a situation with any kind of hobbies/preferences.
    The frequency of human contact with a Servant can be grasped without limit, if a Servant turns into their spirit form in peace time; to the utmost of their ability; it’s the same as performing a materialisation only when in combat.
    In a situation like that, you can anticipate that a person has no room to participate in their hobbies/preferences.
    But, for some sort of reason――――

    The chances to make contact with their hobbies/preferences increases without yourself, in a situation that says, that “the frequency of contact due to the intent of the Masters and Servants themselves are many, perhaps it is difficult to go into spirit form as they have very unique circumstances.”

    An example I know of, was something concerning meals.
    A certain Servant had a specific preference for meals, clearly.

    Without going into their spiritual bodies, were they therefore people who wished to continue to remain in their real bodies?
    Or, would the act called eating work as aid for their prana supply?
    Surely, prana was in other words related to their life force, but it was a fact that rest and nutritional supplements which were for body life functions were also a fact in order to operate efficiently.

    The supplementation of a Servant’s prana supply is unclear about whether it could be regulated precisely.
    But, even if the implied supplementation as support was if by chance thin…...
    If their preferences/hobbies are clearly understood, it would be a bad idea to disregard it.

    If there is a kind of thing that could be treated with your own ability and skill, it could be sufficient for them as it is not a thing that could ever work as a minus for the Holy Grail War.


    Of course, it’s a story, if it’s not contrary to the rule of Mages which talks about the concealment of mysteries.
    There is no problem saying that its “good if they are recklessly sufficient.”

    (An extract from an old notebook)

    Part 3-1:

    He heard a lovely echo.
    He could immediately notice that it was the girl’s playing and humming.
    It was a fairy’s singing voice.

    Saber yearned for the distant days, where it was granted in the deep forests of Britain his birthplace.
    There were many modern mages who spoke of them as Phantasmal Beasts, in the past he had virtually observed them, listening to their sounds and voices which they emitted at the time, and exchanged touching words with them at that time, if they were a kind of magical beast and giant who pared their claws to the people, they were defeated facing his blade.
    The words sent to his body which was seated at the dining table like this, now, was nothing but a beautiful melody which resembled a chorus of fairies as he heard them around that time.
    The girl, who was his Master in the world’s first Holy Grail War.

    Manaka Sajyou.

    Her humming, was truly lovely.

    According to his recollection from that figure.
    If it was that Great Mage Merlin, he would’ve compared her to a flower certainly.
    Even with himself who had run through Britain in just wartimes which were estranged from Japanese poetry, he felt she was a flower.

    It was the same as when he saw her for the first time――――
    A large flower proudly blooming brilliantly, and wet with morning dew.

    Manaka: “I’m so sorry. I’ve made you wait, though I’m sure you’re probably very hungry.”

    The girl who had finished taking a bath, had made a full blown out dinner.
    It was like the dining table was lined up with dishes of the world itself, it was a splendid thing.
    The main was roast chicken which was filled with plenty of herbs and roasted, and exquisite roast beef which was in a state where it had a grilled exterior and a half raw interior, was from England.
    In the soup, was two kinds of Austria style goulash to which she said “I am proud of its deep flavours because I’ve added lots of paprika powder in it.”
    The salad and the various kinds of hors d'oeuvres, could’ve been just mistaken for French style and was it the particularly delicate artist handling it?

    First of all it was according to this.
    But, she said, “it was normal if it was up to here.”

    Manaka: “Although you a Servant, who’re more than human. More than anything else you seem to eat well, still, because I know you…….or rather, from here on its victory or defeat.”

    While smiling, like a flower.

    Like the stars, she was clad in radiance.
    While twirling around like she was dancing, the girl, lined up the meals just narrowly on the spacious dining table.

    From Russia there was bright red Borsch.
    From the Orient was pelmen with kebabs, and the chinese was shumai with knife-sliced noodles.
    In addition there was Japanese kettle rice, and the various sized shaped breads were German style.

    There was still much more, with this and that――――

    “Now, Saber. Eat lots of it♪”
    Saber: “This is, incredible――――”

    He was wide-eyed, before the mountain of food.
    Although one by one she introduced them to him each with a words, he wasn’t able to grasp it from en route.

    Um,what were those black round eggs?

    Although it looked like chicken eggs, he hadn’t seen black ones himself until it was like that.
    Was it from a creature that he didn’t know about, or was it a demon beast or a phantasmal beast?

    Saber: (Truly. You, can do anything, can’t you. Manaka)

    He couldn’t even match a pro cook.
    The girl’s cooking arm, had become more perfect and had grown than before.

    Manaka: “Please, don’t restrain yourself. Will you just eat only your favourites? After that……..if you can, please tell me, which of these was the most delicious.”
    Saber: “Ah.”

    He nodded approvingly.
    He thought a bit, as he opened his mouth.

    “I wonder if its okay to eat these by myself.”
    Manaka: “Of course. Even as the world turns, you will surely eat it.”

    It was, doubtable.
    He was about to return it, however Saber gently tucked away his words in his throat.
    The girl’s face.

    So he thought that he mustn’t cloud up that real smile which floated in there.

    That girl――――

    Naturally, it was endowed with a proper brightness to it.

    Manaka: “There are also seconds. ……But, sincerely, don’t push yourself“

    She was so, lovely.

    Cheerful and kind, truly a girl in itself.
    Without a speck of cloudiness too, there was no deception.
    Saber who didn’t have a masked smile had actually strongly felt it.
    While she carried her deeds like she was omnipotent like that, while possessing a mysterious natural talent that ought to admired as it shouldn’t even reach an ancient magus’s, while she exhibited a cruelty that he thought was cheap for even Morgan Le Fay at the time――――she showed a smile, like this.


    Now, it was okay to speak of the girl’s cooking and behaviour.
    Was the flavour in there, a bad thing?

    In there certainly, were his sympathethic feelings and affections here that were damaged in battle.
    That’s why――――

    And, if the girl personally produced this flavour.
    He couldn’t help taking the ray of hope.
    Saber opened his mouth like this, suddenly.

    He thought about his memory from the previous day.
    Was it, Archer’s words when they had collapsed together with his supernatural special move?

    Archer: “Hey, King of Knights. The man whose shining sword still brandishes glory.”
    Archer: ――――What, will you wish on the Holy Grail for?”

    He recalled further memories.
    Was it, Rider’s words that shook his god’s authority together with his firm conviction?

    Rider: “I know, that light.”
    Rider: “I witnessed it once. On that day where my friend, my brother, were separated from my side for the first time.”
    Rider: “Then, you will surely――――”

    Either way he was a powerful person who should be admired.
    Either way he was a warrior that must be praised.
    There in the Holy Grail War which they must’ve staked their lives on for their wishes, they who were dazzling to a degree were heroes.
    Then, what about himself?

    While asking himself, he, thought of her father’s words, when he spoke about the girl before his eyes.

    Part 4 will be coming up soon. Pls comment in the meanwhile.
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    Beautiful Mind: Last Act

    As usual I don't own Fate/Prototype, Fate, or any Type-moon properties. This is just a rough fan translation so please do not copy it.
    Thank you and enjoy.These are the last parts of the Last Act for Arc 3.

    Part 3-2:


    Hiroki Sajyou: “That is―――― It was about after your summoning, that Manaka had come to show a smile like that.”

    It was about some days ago.
    Before he headed towards the decisive battle above Tokyo Bay.
    The current head of the Sajyou family, Hiroki Sajyou had spoken with Saber who he had called to his own room.

    Hiroki Sajyou: “That was before, she was said to be more than human.”

    The current head’s private room.
    There was no-one else in there.

    Currently, Assassin and Caster too had come to newly show their forms in this estate.
    Manaka who was a participant in the Holy Grail War, wasn’t even there.

    Since she made the meal.

    Hiroki Sajyou: “…….Anyway, Manaka has clearly changed in her mental state after your summoning. She started behaving like a pure girl, who is still around that age.“

    Hiroki Sajyou was quiet.
    He spoke faintly, without destroying the atmosphere as he spoke only factly, and simply.
    Saber asked him, “then.”

    The girl from before he had been summoned, which was the real girl?

    Hiroki Sajyou: “A girl? Ah, that’s right. Apparently, it was that, but that was a child who was could predict anything and everything, than roughly a baby. At the time, it seemed she could predict even her own fate.”

    Her fate――――
    Before he opened a concrete example, he continued his words.

    Hiroki Sajyou: “But, at that time in her mental state, that presence had disappeared. Her natural talent for magic as it was, and her manner of predicting about herself at least had been lost. In exchange, that, had lost all of her expressions in her cheeks. Around that time, my wife was not in this world, but the woman who I employed as Ayaka’s wet nurse said, that she seemed like a ghost who lived similar to my eldest daughter, Lady Manaka.”

    How would you have felt?
    Saber had asked him as such, but there was no response.

    Hiroki Sajyou: “I have grasped it to a certain extent for Ayaka but…… From the start Manaka somehow truly noticed Ayaka’s existence.”

    They were cruel words.
    For the young child called Ayaka Sajyou.
    For the girl called Manaka Sajyou.
    Right, even if it was for either sister――――

    Hiroki Sajyou:
    “And, now. Manaka through your summoning has obtained various expressions. But…….”

    He summed up his words.
    It, seemed to be a monologue, and not a conversation.

    Hiroki Sajyou:  “…….It’s futile. I, cannot assert that she’ll be happy.”

    Part 4:


    Saber: “Manaka.”

    It was in the middle of the meal.
    It might not have been be a topic for right in the middle of the meal.
    If the girl was smiling as a girl, if my self-awareness and instincts say that more than ever that I should leave her as is, because she was smiling like this, and if there was a time where she would obtain love, and I clashed in that moment with my judgement which says that I must speak to her.

    The result, the latter had won.

    Saber, made up his mind and opened his lips
    Already, this was the nth time of same act, but…..

    Manaka: “…….It’s not an exaggeration even if I said that the general outcome of the Holy Grail War had been decided, already. Isn’t that right?”
    Saber: “Huh?”

    Still with a smile, Manaka Sajyou turned around.

    Manaka: “Yes, Saber. It’s already natural that I’ll win.”

    She was cheerful, as she prepared another serving of soup onto the plate before speaking to him.
    Her expression, was still like the goodness of a fairy.
    Her words, were still brightly innocent.

    Manaka: “――――Soon, the six Masters and Servants. All of them will be dead.”

    Was the same.

    It hadn’t changed, from when she was happy at Saber’s words when he mentioned his impressions to the taste of her cooking.
    It hadn’t changed, from when she smiled happier than anyone when he had told her that it was delicious.
    And, when she tilted her small neck lovingly for some reason, to Saber, who had told her, “It’s not good to kill a person,” at the beginning.
    Anything and everything was still the same.

    Manaka: “The hamburger was more easier than I thought. Although I was worried when you fought saying no matter what, to begin with you shouldn’t have lost, and yeah, if you had tried to end it, I would’ve had to kill you together with the Master surprisingly quickly.”
    Manaka: “The goulash was more easier than I thought. Although I was worried because my cooking shouldn’t have been familiar with you surely, to begin with you loved my delicate flavours, and yeah, if you tried to make it, it would’ve become delicately seasoned surprisingly quickly.”

    I see.
    Is this, so?

    Manaka: “Although Rider was a powerful enemy, I thought it would’ve become something like that. See, didn’t Archer do his best? Even the king, must’ve dropped out from the Holy Grail War, with this.
    Manaka: “Although pelmeni was a powerful enemy, I thought it would’ve become something like that. See, by the way doesn’t it seem like gyoza? Although everything is not the same as expected, the essence, is to taking out the dish to wrap it.“

    The discrepancies――――

    Manaka: “Caster and Assassin are fine, because they’re good children, and I know they won’t disobey me.”
    Manaka: “The Roast Chicken was probably fine, because I’ve made it before, and if I know the tricks to it….”

    There were, no discrepancies.
    Finally he had arrived here――――Saber had begun to recognise it.
    These words wouldn’t reach her?


    It was reaching her.
    Without a mistake, the girl was noticing these words.
    In addition, she was returning it like this.

    In other words.
    All of the discrepancies, in her subjects about cooking and the trends in the Holy Grail War didn’t exist.
    All the discrepancies, in her subjects about cooking and the fact that she said to kill people hadn’t been noticed.

    Manaka: “……Um. I’m sorry, I apologise, if I had rub you the wrong way. You are kind, and you want to save people no matter what, even if you’re an egoistic person, even though I, know it…..”

    His gaze was shaking.
    Even her presence which had gotten wet, was drifting in his eyes.
    The girl’s expressions had unknowingly darkened.

    Manaka: “Even though I know, that you’ll hate me. I just, had to say it. …….I’m sorry, Saber. I, have to be more careful. So that you won’t grow to hate me…….”


    With straight clear eyes, the girl, said it like that.

    Manaka: Because I’ll make sure you won’t say it.
    Saber: “Manaka.”
    Manaka: “It’s fine. I, am fine. If its for your sake, I’lll do anything. Even if you don’t want me to kill someone, I’ll know it. That’s why――――”

    From cutting off his words, just once.

    She gently gently smiled.
    She gazed more lovingly than anyone.

    The beautiful girl who was even innocent, told it to the blue silver knight.

    Manaka: “I’ll achieve, your wish (ego).”

    ――――Accompanied by the radiance of a fairy.

    Manaka: “You who are kind. You who are cruel. You, will never, come to hate yourself.”

    ――――Together with the brightness of a flower.

    Manaka: “In exchange, I’ll, kill everyone for you.”

    ――――Her lovely eyes were more transparent than anything.

    Manaka: “Isn’t that fine? Hey, Saber? I, will persevere, and I’ll show you that I will surely save your Britain.“

    ――――She could paint out all creation.
    ――――In there, surely, was an untainted absolute white.

    Saber, closed his lips which he opened once.

    He didn’t say.

    All of the words that he had provided to persuade her, vanished like mist.
    The king of knights of a ruined country couldn’t accept all of her words.

    Truly, it was according to what the girl had said.
    For the sake, of the just one wish from his heart.

    Therefore, he had an absolute wish, which was the same as all the Heroic Spirits that were made into the current world in this land to the Far East by the power of the Holy Grail.
    Therefore he had already, decided, to save the distant days of his homeland even if he was dyed with black and red blood by his own hands which feigned nobility and innocence.

    He who was the blue silver knight.
    He knew of his own indiscretions, therefore he still hadn’t met, with his bud of hope.
    He just couldn’t, defy the girl’s shining feelings.

    (Part Three "Beautiful Mind"- Complete)
    (Continuing to Part Four)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seika View Post
    Didn't we know this forever?
    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    It was ambiguous though, since we're not even sure exactly what a Servant's body is made up of. Magical energy powers it, but it does become a flesh and blood system. And all the talk about how they're just partial emanations of a spirit, and spirits are usually made up of ether, you have to throw ether in there too.
    Quote Originally Posted by apo vol 2
    A Servant’s Noble Phantasm was brought into this world when they were summoned, and was naturally compiled out of prana. Though there were sometimes necessary conditions for activating it, it was rare for the Noble Phantasm itself to require materials to construct it.
    So then if we put what apo says and this says together. NPs are complied of prana but Servant bodies are made of Ether. In mahoyo when they talk about ether and magical energy it seems that ether is the more physical type. So then everything makes sense.
    Basically ether problems clarified, it's a Servant body and it's made from magical energy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    So then if we put what apo says and this says together. NPs are complied of prana but Servant bodies are made of Ether. In mahoyo when they talk about ether and magical energy it seems that ether is the more physical type. So then everything makes sense.
    Basically ether problems clarified, it's a Servant body and it's made from magical energy.
    So Servant's body -> compiled by ether -> ether made of prana?
    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    you don't need to think about it that hard
    Quote Originally Posted by castor212 View Post
    I dont get it
    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    nothing makes sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by castor212 View Post
    So Servant's body -> compiled by ether -> ether made of prana?
    To put it into a scientific context, Aether is more like the most minuscule basic part that make up a person's body (ie. quantum particles, quarks etc.), while prana is like the energy generated from those cells (ie. life energy, OD, Mana). Aether is very pure, so its practically invisible but its inside every living and non-living things at the most deepest level of their being.

    Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm not very good at explaining it.

    But, a Servant's body is made up of masses of this pure matter (Aether clumps) and then shaped into a form (like moulding clay into bowls, mugs and stuff), probably using their data from the Throne of Heroes.
    You can also say that their prana comes from their soul data I guess, because when their bodies are forming the ritual/Grail also moulds their prana network to what it was when they were alive.
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    Wait, so Manaka says Archer is a king?

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    That's what I was wondering too. I couldn't make out if she's talking about Saber or Archer.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    Thanks again Phoenix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christemo View Post
    Wait, so Manaka says Archer is a king?
    If she is referring to Archer, that means there are 3 Kings in this war (Saber, Rider & Archer) right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Li Shuwhere View Post
    Thanks again Phoenix

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    If she is referring to Archer, that means there are 3 Kings in this war (Saber, Rider & Archer) right?

    I think she is referring to Archer, as she says didn't Archer do his best? before saying that line. So, if you go by continuity its Archer. Although they're aren't many oriental archers who were also kings.
    This was a line used in the novel:

    「ライダーは強敵だったけれど、何とかなったと思うの。ほら、アーチャーが頑張ってくれたでしょう? さす がの王さまも、これで、聖杯戦争からは脱落した筈だし」
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