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Thread: Lunatic Break Spiral [Capsule Servant] [Lemon] [Apocrypha Spoilers]

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    Lunatic Break Spiral [Capsule Servant] [Lemon] [Apocrypha Spoilers]

    Warning: This story contains major spoilers for the ending of Fate/Apocrypha. Please don't read it if you want to remain unspoiled.


    Lunatic Break Spiral

    It was far too much.

    Even though she had gone out of her way to regale the city of Fuyuki with her presence, not a single child had been able to recognize her. As the most important celebrity in all of France, she expected to at least be noticed by one person. Instead, this cruel and irreverent world had conflated her legend with Napoleon, and that damned pink-hair had somehow become more popular than her.

    It made her furious. She wanted to scream her name from the town square, to let everyone know who exactly it was that they were ignoring.

    Ah, wait, wasn’t that exactly what she was doing now?

    “People, no, peasants of this town! Your sins have not escaped the eyes of the Lord! If you wish to make amends, please, buy a Jeanne-chan figma, or a promotional poster, or petition for the creation of a Jeanne clone. Everyone, let’s work together to end this Saber boom! Diversity is the spice of life, and the British don’t know anything about spices!”

    The crowd that gathered to see this strange girl’s rant instantly dispersed.

    “What was that, some kind of idol show?”

    “Mom, what’s that girl doing there?”

    “Shhh, don’t pay any attention to such people.”

    Jeanne fell onto her knees. “No! Wait, come back...please...”

    Well, this was to be expected. Even in her original lifetime, the people had considered her insane, before they too came to see the light of revelation. But, she had already learned her lesson. All she had to do was continue to believe. If she pestered them nonstop for the remainder of her vacation period, she could definitely still get a few hardcore fans!

    Yes! She was certain of this, so she definitely wasn’t crying. She definitely didn’t want to go back home and complain to Gilles.

    She wiped her eyes, and stood. Fearlessly, she would charge forth into the world, and leave behind the best impression she could.

    A strange person was standing in front of her. Thanks to a white and red hoodie, she couldn’t make out their face. However, it was clear that the person was sniggering, barely containing their wild laughter.

    “Haha, you really are—hahahahahaha!” Nearly doubled over, this stranger continued to mock her.

    Jeanne’s heart filled with fire. Who dared to besmirch the honor of France’s holy virgin? She would defend her honor, even if she had to spill blood. The world began to turn red around her, and—

    Oh no no no no no no no! She wasn’t supposed to activate her Noble Phantasm like that!

    With a deep breath, she returned to her feet. No, this was a much gentler world. There were other ways to trounce this disrespectful little brat.

    “You there! I challenge you, let us do battle!”


    “Yes, it is a duel of sorts, a game of Capsule Servant!”

    “Oh, wow, that’s pretty great! Sure, I accept! As for the wager, what about...the loser has to do anything the winner wants?”

    Now that she could hear it clearly, the person’s voice was quite feminine. Then, she had her answer. After she showed this foolish girl the error of her ways, she’d have her scrub the floors of the Kotomine church for a week.

    “I accept these terms, now, let us do battle!”


    A second crowd had formed to see the sudden duel in the middle of Shinto. It was the perfect stage for Jeanne to prove her worth.

    So why was she losing?

    She ground her teeth. The enemy’s Servants were weak, but coming out at an alarming rate. If she could only hold on long enough for a single use of her trump card...

    She risked everything on that gamble. She summoned down a Saber, annihilating the enemy vanguard. As Saber’s health ticked down, it cleared away more and more of the small golems, until the tiny hero of Germany collapsed, returning to ether.

    Then, the enemy swarmed her bastion. She was losing health quickly, seventy five percent, fifty percent, twenty percent...


    God Is Here With Me
    "Luminosité Eternelle!"

    The defensive barrier went up, surrounding her base. It would only last a short time, but that was enough. She had already accumulated enough Mana for her assured victory.

    “Gilles de Rais! I summon you forth!”

    The tiny Servant that emerged was a grotesque looking man, wearing a dirty cloak and robe.

    “Ahh, to be summoned by Jeanne again, I feel so happy I could die!”

    “Shut up, you dirty old pervert! Just win this for me, and I’ll thank you later!”

    “Very well, as you command, my dear lady.”

    The Caster class Servant was not of a normal design. Its special ability was to summon an infinite amount of minions, enough to overpower the weak Golems that were produced by the enemy Caster. That was the difference between the two of them. Gilles needed no preparation time, nor had any cooldowns. If there was ever a truly broken Capsule Servant, it was him.

    “Come forth, my beasts! Let us revel in slaughter, and once more, dance upon this world to honor our Lord!”

    Cute, starfish shaped abominations rose from the ground, and marched forward. Their eyes shone like buttons, and they had tiny smiles on their faces. They looked entirely harmless.

    That was, until they met the Golems. A mass of warped flesh erupted out, and demolished the advancing enemy. With the force of a tidal wave, or more aptly, a surging avalanche of meat, they closed in on the enemy’s base. Surely, not even the legendary Avicebron could hold against this.

    All-purpose Magecraft Capture Book
    “Luna Break Manual!"

    A heavy tome smashed down on top of Gilles, crushing him completely. At the same time, the monsters that swarmed the enemy’s base vanished. Everything had been ended by that move.

    “Alright! Let’s finish this! Go, Red Saber!”

    Fifteen copies of the same Servant were summoned simultaneously.

    “Hey, that’s ridiculous, you can’t just end it like this!”

    “Aha, but I already am!”

    Rebellion Against My Beautiful Father
    “Clarent Blood Arthur!”

    Fifteen tiny lights smashed into Jeanne’s weakened base, ending the battle. The battlefield fell away, and the Servants returned to their capsules. It was over.

    The crowd cheered for the mysterious heroine. The crazy chuunibyou had been defeated by an unknown hero of justice.

    The girl put her hands on her hips, and laughed raucously. The high of victory was still strong, and she intended to savor the spotlight while she could.

    It was all well, Jeanne reasoned, even if it was her fate to lose, another female couldn’t possibly have any wicked demands in mind.

    “Come with me.” the girl said, gesturing for Jeanne to follow her.

    They moved through the crowd, and entered the back alleys of Shinto. Somewhere around Verde, the girl stopped, and turned around. She pulled off her hood, and pink hair spilled out. He stretched his arms into the air, and bounced on his heels. Grinning happily in front of her, was the Rider of Black.

    “You! Why do I have to deal with you again, especially in this place!?” Jeanne said, jabbing her finger at him.

    Astolfo put his hands into his pockets. “Ahahaha, that’s just what I’d expect from Ruler! Really, you haven’t changed at all, or have you? I guess it doesn’t matter.”

    Jeanne folded her arms, causing her breasts to shift. “Enough of this game. You’ve made a fool of me again, so just tell me what you want.”

    He made a sly grin, “Oh? Instead of what I want, are you sure it isn’t you who wants me? After all, you challenged me so enthusiastically back there.”

    “Don’t be a fool, just tell me! I want to at least enjoy the rest of my vacation.”

    He placed a hand under his chin. “Erm, well, I didn’t really think this far ahead, so...Oh! I know, why don’t you go on a date with me?”

    “Hwa?” She nearly fell over in surprise. “Are you kidding? Who would want to go on a date with a person like you?”

    Astolfo pouted, “Hey, that’s really not fair. There were lots of girls who, erm, well, that aside. You already agreed to the terms, though really you shouldn’t have since nobody has as little self-restraint as I do. So this is actually entirely because of you.”

    Every time he spoke, Jeanne felt a little bit more of her mind being eaten away. His words were a corruption to everything sensible, and made him the most irritating little thing in the world.

    Regardless, he was right. She had accepted the terms arrogantly, certain of her victory. If there was anything wrong here, it was that she, a Saint, appeared to be on the receiving end of divine punishment.

    She sighed. “Fine, whatever, I’ll go on a date with you. Tell me where you want to go.”

    He leapt at her and hugged her waist, sending both of them spinning. “Excellent!” He released her, and then said, “But, I wonder where we should go first.”

    Jeanne caught her balance, and glared daggers at the pink-haired knight.

    Ignoring her, Astolfo pondered the choice for a bit, but then leapt into the air, and twirled like a ballerina. Upon his landing, he pointed straight ahead, in a seemingly random direction.

    “I’ve decided, let’s go there!”

    “Do you even know where that is!?”



    As it turned out, he was pointing toward a bookstore inside Verde. An employee offered to help them as they walked in, but Jeanne politely declined. Astolfo simply charged in, picking up and opening anything that looked interesting.

    Shaking her head, she moved off to the educational materials section. After a moment of browsing, she found a calculus textbook, at about the same level as the one she read before. Even though she was just here to relax, the opportunity to gain knowledge still enthralled her.

    She flipped through the pages, burning concepts into her mind. Though she couldn’t entirely visualize them, it was still incredible to be able to gain knowledge so easily. If only she had this opportunity back then.

    She was snapped out of her thoughts by a loud bang. Astolfo had reemerged, carrying a stack of books. Manga, magazines, and even an anthology of traditional poetry. The pile was slammed down on the table she was sitting at. He moved behind her, brushing his chest against her back, and peered down at the textbook over her shoulder.

    “What’s this?” he asked.

    “Oh, these are differential equations. In this time period, children have to learn these things before they can join society.”

    “Ah, so that’s why there’s this thing called a public school!”

    Jeanne smiled to herself. “Yes, it is a beautiful thing, for knowledge to be spread so far.”

    “I had a tutor when I was younger, but most of the things he taught me were pretty boring.” Astolfo said. “It was more fun to go out and play.”

    Her expression soured. “Only someone born into high society could scorn such a valuable gift. You simply did not understand its value.”

    He chuckled, “I guess you’re right about that. I never really thought about it that way, I just did whatever I wanted to do.”

    He flipped open a manga volume, lazily reading through it. “Still, I don’t think that that was a bad thing. Look around you now. Everyone here is the same way. When we have the ability to relax, there’s no need to work hard, you know? So, isn’t it actually more important that in this world, people can afford to not work sometimes?”

    She did not have a response. Everything she pursued was with absolute conviction, even though she had recently done something rather silly. Whimsical things like Rider only irritated her. Regardless, she could not reject his statement.

    They read on in silence for a little while longer, until the store manager requested that they buy something or leave.


    They left the store with two bags. Astolfo’s held assorted volumes of Tsukihime and a large collection of haiku. In Jeanne’s, there were three different textbooks.

    Rider dragged her around, searching for places to go, until they stopped at a crepe shop for a quick break.

    She was not picky, and ordered a simple strawberry and cream crepe. Rider, on the other hand, had ordered a monstrous dessert, consisting of almost a whole bunch of bananas, a litre of chocolate syrup, and three kinds of jelly.

    She stared at it in a mixture of revulsion and amazement, her left eye twitching.

    “Want some?” he offered.

    “No thank you.”

    As he gobbled down something that should have never been made, she began to eat her own crepe. It was a light snack, with a flaky, delicious crust. The filling was sweet, and had a wonderfully simple flavor. Truly, her nation had achieved a miracle in creating this delight.

    Before she had finished half of her crepe, Astolfo had already cleaned his plate. With a burp of satisfaction, he leaned back in his chair.

    “Was that to your liking?” she asked.

    “Of course! If I didn’t think I’d like it, why would I order it?”

    “Still, your tastes are,” she wiped a smear of cream away from her mouth, “rather unique.”

    “Well,” he said, “it’s no fun if I just do what everyone else does, after all. If I do anything, I want it to be because I wanted to do it. Anyway, I didn’t think that chocolate was supposed to taste that good! I should have gone to America when I was still alive.”

    She scoffed, “Yes, I suppose it would have to be someone like you to travel the world for the sake of a confection.”

    He wagged a finger. “No, you see, it’s you who’s too serious. If there’s something you can enjoy, you should do your best to find it!”

    She finished her crepe, leaving her fork and knife in the plate. Again, he was right. If she wasn’t seeking pleasure, then why was she in the world now? It wasn’t like she had any big goals to achieve; it was just a brief vacation.

    A hand on her forehead, she grinned. Nonsensical as he was, Rider wasn’t wrong here.

    “Very well then. Do you have anything in mind for our next destination?”

    “Ah, wait a second, I don’t think I can move around that well right now. My stomach is a bit full.”



    After a brief visit to the bathroom, Rider flounced out, just as energetic as before.

    “Okay! I heard that there’s a pretty good movie showing right now, so let’s go there next!”

    “You heard that in the bathroom?”


    The theatre was crowded, since many people had come for the opening of Tiger Dojo: Magical Girl Quest. However, another, far less popular movie was running. For some reason, this theatre was also showing Dracula (1992).


    “I think we may just skip this one.” Jeanne said.

    “Yeah, that’s a good idea. Let’s get out of here, I think the park across town is pretty nice at this time of day.”

    They left Verde after that. The afternoon had turned to evening, and they walked toward the big bridge. In the quiet night, only the distant sounds of traffic echoed through the air. They passed by a desolate field, filled only with a sickly brown grass. Supposedly, there was once a concert hall there, but now, it was completely empty. Quickly, they passed it, and stepped up onto the bridge.

    Using the pavement at the edge of the bridge, they walked toward Miyama. On the other end of the bridge was a small park, where they could spend some time doing...well, he had no idea what they would do there, but he’d figure something out.

    Astolfo hopped up onto the railing, and balanced himself on it as they made their way across. Both of their bags were in his outstretched hands.

    “Well, I think that was pretty fun and everything. What about you?”

    “Hmm.” It had been a very strange afternoon, but she found herself surprisingly relaxed with him. “I think I might have enjoyed it.”

    Rider gave her a brilliant smile. “See? It really was okay in the end. Even though you were so weird at the start, I think you really did start letting yourself have some more fun, but I still don’t understand what you found so wrong with me back there and so I was kind of confused but I guess that doesn’t really matter anymore.”

    She nodded, her lips twitching into a small smile. His idiocy had somehow become quite endearing.

    “Hey, Rider, how are you still able to have a body?”

    “Oh? You mean, why I’m not a doll inside a plastic ball right now? Well, that’s easy! It’s because I still have my original Servant contract with the Holy Grail.”

    “What? That’s impossible.” She made a puzzled frown. The Holy Grail no longer made proper Servant contracts, only summoning them into those cute little dolls. For him to stay like this meant that he was still supplied by his Master.

    “Yeah, I guess you were already gone by then. It’s from our mutual friend, you know. He’s still out there, on some other side of this planet.” He gestured across the river, as though it somehow illustrated his point.

    “Ah, I see.” So that boy was still well. A small amount of happiness bubbled up inside her.

    “I’m surprised, Jeanne! You actually looked pretty cute just now.”

    “W—what are you saying? Don’t try to tease me! It absolutely won’t work!” She summoned up her flagstaff and swept at his feet.

    Astolfo nimbly leapt over it. “Eh? No no no, I’m not teasing you or anything. It’s true, that’s all!”

    Their slow walk turned into a sprint. Astolfo danced atop the railing, dodging her clumsy attacks. Racing toward the end of the bridge, he avoided everything, not even dropping his bags.

    “Come back and die! I won’t let myself become a worse joke character than you!” she cried. A wild stab at his midriff missed by a hair’s width.

    “There’s no way I can die yet! I still have to do so many things in this world! I haven’t even been able to—” He ducked, as another attack arced over his head.

    “Don’t care! I still have my honor as the Maid of Orleans; there’s no way I’d let someone like you ruin it!” Running after him, Jeanne continued her relentless assault.

    “Uugh, but really, you’re cute you know? You’re still cute when you’re doing something like this, so I’d say that you’re the cutest thing in the world!”

    “Shut up! The fans already think that you’re cuter anyway!”

    Astolfo skidded to a halt; the sudden stop forced her to pause in her tracks.

    Throwing the bags onto the bridge, he placed his right hand on his chest, and extended the other one toward Jeanne. “It doesn’t matter what the fans think! I’m a man, so I don’t count! That’s what I believe. Since you’re a girl, if one of us was cuter, it would have to be you!”

    Her embarrassment only grew as he spoke. A fiery blush blossomed on her cheeks, and she glared impotently at the petite knight. What a man; if he said something like that, she really couldn’t argue with him. Was she meant to deny that she was cute, after he’d handed over his title?

    “A—Astolfo, I am...that is...”

    Before she could finish, the pink-haired boy lost his precarious balance, and fell into the cold river with a splash.


    Astolfo shivered, taking the towel that she handed to him. Since her hotel was closer, they stopped there first. He had removed his jacket and shirt, and currently only had his skirt and tights on. It was a surreal sight. Jeanne felt as though she was looking at a young girl, rather than a young man.

    “You’re still quite dirty, so I suggest that you use my shower.” she said. “I’ll prepare some clothes for you, so don’t worry about getting dressed afterward.”

    He nodded, and marched off into the bathroom. Before long, the sound of running water filled the room. He would probably be done soon enough. In the meantime, Jeanne set out a simple combination of a blouse and dress pants. The blouse would be quite loose around the bust, but there was no helping that.

    After that, she sat on her bed, and waited. She had expected that he would be done fairly quickly, but he was taking quite some time. With a sigh, she flicked through one of the day’s purchases. Tsukihime was a strange series, featuring a princess and an assassin in the far future. After a few minutes, she set down the volume, and noticed the dirty clothing that hung on the closet’s handle.

    If he was going to take so long, she might as well wash them. Her hotel was an upper-class establishment, and so there was a washer and dryer in every room.

    Unfortunately, it happened that those two machines were in the bathroom.

    She was only going in to clean his clothes. No, she didn’t have the slightest bit of interest as to his gender, and she absolutely was not going in to peek. It was just to handle the washing.

    She opened the door, releasing a cloud of steam. Behind the screen, a lithe silhouette was visible in the shower. Astolfo made no reaction, so she ventured further in, and opened the closet that contained the washing machine. His clothes went in, and she closed the machine. It would handle the rest.

    Still, it was strange. Though that knight was meant to be a boy, he wore a skirt and a girl’s shirt. Crossdressing wasn’t something that she could criticize. She had done her share of it in life. Still, she was curious. Even while she held the ability of Ruler, she had never been able to discern his gender.

    So, why not take the chance now?

    A blush crept onto her face, but she decided to steel her resolve. For the sake of gathering information related to the Holy Grail War, she had to go this far. She neared the shower, slowly approaching the edge of the stall. Standing on a bathroom stool, she was able to peer over the edge. There, everything was revealed to her.

    Pink hair clung to his face and back, put out of its braid. Rounded shoulders traced down to a flat chest, that showed a hint of musculature. His derrière was smooth and rounded, much like a woman’s. She could not see his front, as he was turned away from her. Eyes closed, and shampoo in his soft hair, he looked every bit a young maiden. Even more so than she did.

    Ah, but a strange heat had risen inside her. She continued to stare at his body, wondering briefly how it felt. Would he be soft, or firm?

    No, these lascivious thoughts were unacceptable. As a holy maiden and saint, she had a duty to maintain her purity. Taking a deep breath, she stepped off the stool, and touched the floor.

    Her foot landed on a puddle. Without a moment to register it, she slipped and fell over, landing inside the shower stall. The curtain was ripped away, so she grabbed onto the first thing she hit for support.

    Her hand landed on a soft object. It was warm and squishy, and seemed to pulse with life. The sudden surprise over, she opened her eyes.

    Astolfo was directly in front of her, legs spread, and blushing deeply. She didn’t dare look at the place between his legs, but she followed her arm down, and saw what she had been touching.

    In disbelief, she squeezed, once, twice. In response, the thing in her hand hardened. She couldn’t draw her eyes away from it. The object she had touched was undeniable proof that he was indeed a he.

    “J—Jeanne, I—I didn’t know you were interested in this kind of thing. I guess I did tell you to go after the things that you found pleasurable. Erm, I’m kind of happy, really, but please, could you not be so rough with me?” Blushing like a schoolgirl, Astolfo stammered out those words.

    “Kyaaaah!” She retreated to the bathroom door, crossing a distance of three meters in an instant. Staring at her hand, she continued to open and close it; she could still feel his length in her hands.

    Seeing this, Astolfo somehow grew extremely bold. “Oh? I see. Did you perhaps doubt that I was a man, Miss Holy Virgin?” His lips twitched into a teasing smirk, as he stood, once again exposing the proof of his manhood.

    “N—n—no, I only, I just...”

    Astolfo stepped out of the ruined stall, coming so close that she could feel the steam from his body. His frame was perfect, without an ounce of fat. With one hand, he gently caressed her face. “You just what? I didn’t take you for a common pervert, you know. Still, I guess it’s normal for a girl to be interested in a man’s body.”

    No, she couldn’t take that kind of insult lying down. “Tch, that’s nonsense! A man’s body? Don’t pretend that yours is so great. I was only interested because you looked so cute!”

    Ah, no, that wasn’t what she meant to say at all.

    Astolfo pinned her to the wall, his body pressed against hers. Something hard poked her legs, but she forced herself to ignore it. Still, he pulled her head down with a hand, bringing them eye to eye. Droplets of water fell from his face, making him seem innocent and pure. “Want me to show you? Just how well this body functions, I mean.”

    She really couldn’t hold back any longer. It wasn’t a matter of desire, but nonetheless, she wanted to feel him. Even if this was just an unfortunate coincidence, she had been completely pulled in. Her arms encircled his petite frame, and she pulled him close for a kiss.

    It felt terribly awkward, like kissing a small child. He was shorter than her, but still returned her force with a fierce intensity. He prised apart her lips with his tongue, and explored around her mouth. He was hot, and the steam rising from his body made her head feel light. His wet body soaked her clothes, sending a pure excitement through her.

    In the middle of that, one of her hands wandered down to his cock. Though he was soft and smooth everywhere else, here, he was incredibly stiff. She wondered how it was possible for someone like him to even have such a part. She touched his tip, and in response, he jolted against her, putting even more force into their kiss. Dancing hands removed the buttons of her shirt, trailing down her sides, to the curve of her hips.

    She took the shaft into her hand, stroking up and down. It throbbed in her hand, and just to see how he would react, she circled her finger around his head. Again, she moved up and down, feeling every part of his length. It was springy, but hard, like a cucumber. Astolfo had hooked his fingers around the hem of her skirt and panties, and tugged them down to her knees.

    His fingers slid down toward her entrance, playing slowly across her abdomen. She gasped as he stroked down her slit, agonizingly slowly. Her fingers tightened around his cock, now moving up and down vigorously. He probed deeper into her, sticking his fingers into her folds, while rubbing her nub with his thumb. The moist, pliant flesh opened for him readily. In a gentle rhythm, he pulled in and out, and she moaned in pleasure.

    As his fingers penetrated her, she went at his cock with more and more energy, flashing up and down with a wet squelch. All of a sudden, Astolfo’s groans intensified, and his length pulsed. A sticky white fluid splashed onto her, covering her mound and thighs.

    “Ah, wow, you really didn’t waste time there.” Wiping away the discharge with his hand, and trailing his fingers over her skin, he then licked his digits clean. The sheer lewdness of his act drove her mad. “Okay, Jeanne, I guess I’m going to have to do this another way for a little bit.” A salty taste filled his mouth, but he ignored it. He wanted to taste something far sweeter.

    He pulled off her shirt, allowing her breasts to spill out. The garment was cast away, and he pushed her against the wall, nipping at her nape. Licking, sucking, he felt and tasted her flesh. She shuddered, as he squirmed against her body, and her bare waist. Moving down, he lapped at her breasts, starting from the bottom, and ending at the center. He didn’t quite bite, didn’t quite suck, but savored the feeling of her nipples, playing across them with his tongue.

    Then, with his mouth still on her breast, one of his hands began to squeeze and stroke her ass, feeling down all the way to her thighs. Her skin was smooth, and her body firm, but still, oh so soft. Touching it like that made him feel like eating her up. His fingers slipped into every crack of her body, his warm palms gliding over every inch of skin. Without even touching her lower parts, he had her moaning again.

    Something jabbed into her from below again. After a short reprieve, he was ready to continue the main show. His length had swollen with blood, and stood higher than it did before. It was poised to enter her, but Astolfo had something to say.

    “Ah, hey, Jeanne, I don’t mind doing it like this, but wouldn’t you be more comfortable sitting down?” His grin was mocking, daring her to say anything else.

    She had quite enough.

    Grabbing his hands, she pushed him to the floor. Face flushed, legs spread, he looked every bit like a maiden about to be violated. If it wasn’t for that silly smile on his face, she would feel too confused to continue. Raising her hips, she positioned herself above his erect length.

    A crimson blush filled her face, but she had to make a retort. “I’ll take the top, you little brat.”

    Biting her lip, she sunk down, taking his head into her. The pink tip pushed into her flesh, sending a surge of pleasure through her body. The swollen head rolled into her, creating an electric sensation against the folds of her flesh. Droplets of fluid dripped from her slit, coating his length. Slowly, tenderly, she lifted her hips up and down, letting him enter her bit by bit. It was a strange feeling, that something so foreign entering her body could feel so natural. For the sake of pleasure, her hips continued to jerk up and down, in a sensuous rhythm.

    Astolfo wasn’t inactive either. His hands roamed her body, groping, squeezing, pinching everything he could touch. He rubbed her swollen lips with one hand, while his other massaged her breast. Her body was intoxicating, and simply to touch it amplified his excitement.

    The desire in her grew even stronger, as she began to slide up and down his cock rapidly, making a constant wet sound. Her virginity was torn apart, but in the heat, she barely even noticed. Her breasts bounced, as she rode him faster and faster. Astolfo was nearing his limit, and he held her hips in his hands as she continued to slide around him. Still, he was bucking his hips up, sending small waves of pleasure up her body. Their bodies met countless times, as they continued to press themselves together.

    Before she knew it, the burning lust within her multiplied a thousandfold, as her walls tightened around his cock, and a long cry of pleasure broke past her lips. Taking that as his cue, Astolfo laid her down gently, supporting her head with his hand.

    He shook his head. “Honestly, Jeanne, if I thought you were fast before, you’ve really made me certain now.” He gave a cat-like smile. “Still, why don’t you just leave this last part to me?”

    “Hyaahn, if you want to finish so badly, just put it in.”

    Now on top, Astolfo took control of their tempo. He pushed himself in, savoring the slow slide into her. Even though she had climaxed, she was still hot, and tight enough. It was too bad that he was so close to the end himself, or he could have enjoyed it for a while longer. With a loud groan, he pulled himself out of her, before starting again. Like that, he inserted himself into her, again and again, extending his pleasure for as long as he could.

    Even she began to get into it again, gasping as he moved inside her.

    But, that was that. He was too close to finishing, and wanted to go out with a bang. He began to thrust furiously, pushing in and pulling out rapidly. The heat inside him built and built, until he spilled it all out inside her, some of it leaking down his shaft.

    His length now flaccid, he fell back, lying against the ruined shower curtain.

    “That was, pretty good, wasn’t it?”

    Jeanne blushed, but this time, looked him in the eyes. “Yes, I think it was an enjoyable experience.”

    Leaning back, Astolfo closed his eyes. The steam had cleared from the bathroom, leaving it somewhat cold and damp. “Yeah, so, want to do it with a friend next time? He’s on the other side of the world right now, but I’m sure you’ll agree once you see him, ehehehehehe.”

    “Ne—next time?”


    On the Other Side of the World, in a vast grassy field, a fair haired boy rested against a massive stone tower. Unlike a normal human’s, his eyes were red like rubies.

    A console beeped and vibrated in his hands. With all of his attention on the current battle, Sieg was more focused than he had ever been in his life.

    With a final victory fanfare, the game congratulated him. Another boss defeated, another heroine saved.

    He opened the back port, and pulled out the disc. The PSP was a dated machine, but more than enough to entertain him.

    “Fafnir! Get me the next one.”

    A grey dragon, about the size of a small dog, flapped its wings, and flew over to a pile of boxes that had been dumped a short distance away. Without taking anything from the pile, it returned, and shook its head sadly.

    “What? We’ve finished them all?”

    With a sigh, he shut down his PSP, and brushed his hair from his forehead. With luck, Astolfo would be coming by any day, hopefully carrying another set of releases. Maybe he would start on his doujin collection next time, though, he’d have to convince that knight to stay in Comiket for more than twenty minutes.

    Really, even as the Administrator of the Capsule System, he had nothing to do. Though he had come in contact with the Grail, storing it here simply meant that he was stuck.

    Up in the sky, a white light flashed, and a flying creature emerged. It had the head of an eagle, and the body of a horse.

    Ah, that was Rider! He was saved from boredom, at least for a little while.

    But, it was strange. On the back of the Hippogriff, there wasn’t one person, but two.

    Well, a guest was fine too.

    He wondered who it could be.


    Prillya and now Capsule Servant too.

    I originally intended to submit this for the "Unlikely Pairings" category of the Fanfiction Contest, but instead, I'll just upload it like this.

    Written on a bet with Christemo. Thanks to him for pre-reading, and to Kotonoha for translating Capsule Servant.
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    You got productive fast.
    Quote Originally Posted by asterism42 View Post
    That time they checked out that hot guy they were just admiring his watch, yeah?

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    I most definitely approve.

    Great job, Frosty; you do us all a service.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    My prayers for more Astolfo have been answered.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, Frosty.
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    Frosty, you certainly don't disappoint.
    Quote Originally Posted by Seika View Post
    Yes, excellent. Go, Lyco, my proxy.

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    I never knew I wanted this.

    Now I know I always wanted this.

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    You are based, Frosty.

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    That was super-cute.
    Would've preferred it without the smut, but that's probably just me.

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    Cute. We need more good F/Ap fics. ☆


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    Why can't we all be as sexually devious as Renko?

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