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Thread: Shinzaverse/Masada's Chuuni Mind - Dies Irae/Kajiri Kamui Kagura/Senshinkan/Other Light Games

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    Really wishing nothing but the best for these folks. Maybe this will be the start of their own T-M. of sorts.
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    I know that it has a lot of contexts, but in terms of Mercurius's speech at the beginning of the game about "the stale wine of an unearned victory", I wonder if it's a reference to several classic legends where the story, very early on, tells you that the so-called "hero" is protected by the gods and is thus ensured victory. At the very least, Journey to the West does this, where all the "dangers" that Sanzang experiences are only there to rack up his calamity counter to 81, but none of them are there to actually kill him. In other words, if his life is really in danger, some god will directly intervene to rescue him, regardless of the success or failure of his own disciples to rescue him. With literally no chance of defeat, is that really a victory? Imagine a sporting match where your enemy will occasionally make some good-looking moves to impress the crowd or make it look like you might lose but is ultimately rigged to take the fall, if you still can't win, despite the match handicap. Or more accurately, if it looks like that you really will lose, the referee will literally shoot your opponent to lock in your victory.

    On the other hand, the real challenge is never touched upon beyond losing to it in the first few chapters what with Wukong losing to Buddha. Obviously, Mercurius can be directly confronted in Dies irae.
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    After a long time and many breaks I finally finished reading Dies Irae.
    The voice acting was definitively the high point of the work to me, it may be the best I ever heard. I loved Mercurius' delightfully annoying voice, I never thought there could be a voice so annoying and yet so fun to listen to. Wilhelm's voice was another favorite of mine. The chants were peak chuuni and I fucking loved it.
    It does get kinda long-winded though, and it happened way too often of a scene ending just when I was really getting into it and then changing the pov thus killing my motivation to read (which was oddly nostalgic as it remembered me of the times I read actual(lol) books). Or maybe I'm just too boorish to appreciate the prose.
    The heroines didn't leave much of a impression on me. I guess my favorite in terms of personality and appearance is Rea but I ended up liking Kei quite a bit. Shirou best girl. Beatrice was adorable in the very little sol screentime she got.
    It's a shame other shinza banshou vns aren't translated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanashi(kari) View Post
    It's a shame other shinza banshou vns aren't translated.
    Interview with Kaziklu Bey (Dies Irae spinoff with Wilhelm as protagonist) is translated, and also there is translated light novel mostly about Rusalka -

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