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Thread: Lord El Melloi II Case Files

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    Do you have any other place where you put your translations? I don't trust on BL staying always up.
    Kinda hard to imagine a Case Files related emergency that couldn't wait long enough for a mod to tell mAc to give the server a kick.

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    Not at the moment. I don't know really know where else I'd put it to be honest.
    Alright then.

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    You could download the PDFs for offline access.
    Already did.
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    Can anyone link me to the translation of the later LNs that dealt with magical formula patents?
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    Merry Christmas boys and girls.

    Chapter 2 Part 2

    Chapter 2

    Part 2

    When I awoke, I was lying down. I could feel my back pressed against a rocky surface. Somewhere nearby was the sound of water dripping. My mind followed that sound as the water splashed against stone.

    (....a cave...?)

    On the edge of my dim vision, I noticed an indistinct figure that made every nerve in my body go wild. I tried to stand, but couldn't put any strength into my legs. It must have been because of the Mana Burst I used earlier. With how difficult it was to absorb the mana in the atmosphere in that frozen forest, I had entirely exhausted the Od present in my body, so naturally I was feeling the consequences of that now.

    Even so, I still had the energy to shout my enemy's name. "Hephaestion!"

    The Macedonian warrior was crouched down in front of a small fire. As if she hadn't noticed me calling out to her, she casually threw another stick on the fire. "Looks like you're awake," she said, eyes still locked on the fire before her.

    Checking myself briefly, I was completely dry. Someone must have cleaned the snow off of me while I was unconscious. Naturally even I could figure out who that was.

    "Why did you help me?"

    "Because you're a warrior," Hephaestion answered, staring deep into the flames. Short and sharp. She gave me the same words she had the first time we met.
    "It would be unacceptable for you to die in an accident like that. A warrior should die on the battlefield. I have no intention of hurting you here, so don't worry."

    She spoke as if it was obvious. It was like she had been asked a simple addition question. In an era where a single moment's hesitation could spell your own death, perhaps that simple and straightforward way of thinking was valuable. Despite my nervous anxiety, she made no move to attack me.

    Slowly, I rose to a seated position. Catching my breath, I forced my brain to work. If I had just collapsed due to the exhaustion of my Od, then I probably hadn't been unconscious for that long. Probably a few dozen minutes at most. I had no idea how far the train had gone. Would it be possible to catch up to it? Even if I couldn't, how could I let everyone know I was okay? I couldn't help but feel anxious.

    My mind raced around in circles. My blood was terribly cold, and I couldn't stop myself from sweating uncomfortably.

    (If my master was here, then...)

    Even if it was Flat or Svin, it would be so much easier. I wondered how Caules was doing on the train. Melvin had been the last one to make it back, so I wondered if he was okay too. And I wondered how my master's condition was.

    But no matter how much I thought about these things, it wouldn't help. Rather than think of what others would do, I had to figure out what I could do in this situation. I was the one in this mess, so I had to think what the best course of action was for myself.

    (But what can I do...?)

    I glanced at the soldier by the fire. Even with her just sitting staring at the flames, her presence was suffocating. I wondered if all Heroic Spirits were like that, or if she was special. At any rate, there was one thing I wanted to get from her...

    After thinking long and hard, I chose my words carefully.

    "...what is your connection to the Heroic Spirit my master summoned?" I didn't say the name Iskandar. I was afraid to say it out loud. For a short while, the only thing that answered my nervous question was my own voice echoing back at me. Once that echo died down, the Heroic Spirit finally answered.

    "Of all the things to ask," she replied with a grunt. "What was our connection? How were we connected? Yes, it's a question I got often. To think even in this situation I'd get asked that." Hephaestion shrugged with a smile. Her expression seemed somehow happy as the fire threw shadows across her face. That was my guess, though I didn't have much experience in reading people with how few friends I had. Narrowing her eyes, she spoke slowly, as if speaking to the darkness of the cave itself. "Originally, I was told to watch over him by the mother."

    "The mother?" I was taken a bit aback by the sudden introduction of a new character. Perhaps asking about her past life meant that names of people I didn't know would come up, but I hadn't expected it to be anyone's mother. After asking about Iskandar, the man who had come closest to conquering the entire world in human history, I hadn't expected the story to start there.

    "Hmph. With the way I followed him from battlefield to battlefield, many people mistook me as his lover. That caused me no shortage of problems. But with the way he bellowed about the blessings of Zeus and with how hairy he became, there was nothing left of his old cuteness by the end."

    "...I see."

    I didn't know why, but I found those words strangely relieving. It was like the feeling of a rolling stone coming to rest in the place it belonged, a kind of meaningless feeling.

    But the Heroic Spirit continued. "But there was really no king like him," she said, voice heated. As if she drew them from the flames in front of her, Hephaestion's words were intense. It was as if the person she was speaking to had turned into those flames. Burning since more than two thousand years ago, an unquenchable flame in the form of a person. A will of fire.
    "The great expedition, the invasion of Egypt, the battle against Darius III, the war in the Indian Jungle...all of these things made his heart dance. Even when crossing the Ganges, his excitement didn't abate in the slightest. Even when he had collapsed due to illness, he drove us endlessly to pursue that sea at the edge of the world. How intense had those words been? How much had they shone to us? How much did they torture us? Even the sun's heat was as nothing before them. Like those words were boiling each cell of our bodies, they drove us to run ever forward. As we screamed from that pain, we covered thousands of miles. Burning as brightly as we could, even when his flame was extinguished, we never turned back."

    Even now it seemed like the fire in Hephaestion's heart was growing. It felt like it was enough to incinerate everything in this tiny cave. It was enough to fill this cramped space with the memory of great armies long past. And then she spoke with an intensity far greater than that heat.

    "I was his closest friend. I won't let anyone deny that."

    And yet I wanted to. Whether directly or indirectly, I had heard my master speak of that Heroic Spirit numerous times. Those gentle yet distant words, as if he was calling out to someone in the far distance, had been locked up like treasure in my heart. But the emotion that charged his words was entirely different than Hephaestion's. It was the same thing I had felt when she first met my master the night before. The same emotion that had repudiated my master, trampling him down with no room for argument. It felt like her words weren't aimed at anyone in particular. Not at all. To put it in words, it was like she was talking about an absolute concept. Like a believer speaking of their god...

    Was that the truth of it? If the king stood as a symbol for the people to pile their envy on, perhaps it was normal for his subordinates to worship him like that. I felt that was close. If I said that was it, most people would likely agree with me. But somehow, I felt a small, prickling sense of unease. A sensation in the middle of my chest that I just couldn't ignore.

    "But, you..." The feeling made itself into a question. I remembered the dream that I saw. It wasn't reality, but an even greater truth, a distorted fragment beyond what i could imagine on my own. The figure of a woman, standing at the edge of the world, voice trembling as she shouted at the endless sea before her.

     Answer me, Iskandar...!

    "...why were you alone, condemning Iskandar?"

    It was almost like I could physically feel the silence overtake the cavern. A heavy pressure covered the cave. A powerful feeling I couldn't put words to erupted from her, punching straight through my heart. It felt like my heart and lungs were suddenly in a vice.


    "What did you see?" Her voice reminded me of a snake. The voice that squeezed itself out of her throat was terribly cold. Her twin-coloured eyes were locked on me, shining as if to deny any effort I might have made to evade the question. The moment I realized what was happening, before I could avert my eyes, she gave me an order with those Mystic Eyes.

    "Answer me. What did you see?"

    A Noble Colour of Compulsion.

    " my were..." The magical energy in those eyes forced my mouth to move, and I spoke. "...a distant were alone...and you this what you wanted?...why didn't you let this go?..." With no regard to my will, those words spilled out. Unlike the time on the roof of the train, I didn't have Add in my hands to help purge her magical energy from my circuits. "And you said....'Answer me, Iskandar'..."

    After saying that much, I was finally released from the curse. Her instructions had been fulfilled.

    "I should have noticed. You're something like a priestess. You're pretty susceptible to possession." Hephaestion spoke, her voice like ice scraping against iron. A weaker person might have given up on life just hearing that. The enmity dripping from the depths of her voice was that venemous. "But I said I wouldn't hurt you. A warrior of Macedonia would never go back on their word."

    As she spoke, Hephaestion slowly stood up. She turned away. The sound of her leather boots on the stone floor of the cave sounded like a blade. The scent of something like flint filled the air.

    "Once you can move, leave. Though I don't know if you'll be able to catch that train."

    With that, she left the cave behind. It took almost a minute before I felt the pressure on me relax. Forcing my still trembling body still, after a few more minutes, I managed to push myself to my feet. As much as I wanted to rest, there was no way I could reunite with my master if I did that. When I made my way out of the cave, I noticed the landscape had changed completely. As if the landscape of snow and ice had been a lie, it had been entirely replaced with the dense forest from before. Though the sun was still high in the sky, only a dim light reached through to the forest floor, and there was no way to tell which direction the Rail Zeppelin had gone.

    "What do I do now...?" I mumbled to myself, clenching a hand in front of my chest. As I did, my fingers brushed against something inside my cloak.


    "We made it through..."

    The conductor sighed softly from the control room of the train. For those who knew him, seeing such a brazen display of relief from him would have been a shock. He had dedicated his entire existence to making the train run like a well oiled machine. "I had feared there was a chance it was the main body of Ainnash itself, but I suppose that was an absurd fear..."

    "Thank goodness," the auctioneer gave a small nod.

    The main body of Ainnash was a being on the same level as their own master. They would have had no choice but to put their lives on the line in defense of the Rail Zeppelin. For those of them left behind, that was their only mission.

    After a while, like a tree leaving its roots, the conductor stood up. "Though it has put us behind schedule, let us wait for our other guests."

    Normally, their usual customers would have sent a familiar by now. Even if they weren't able to place a winning bid, the information of what Mystic Eyes went to who was vital for those living in the world of magi. But they had only just broke free from the Child of Ainnash. It was hard to say whether even half of the regular customers would show up.

    Perhaps having guessed the situation, the auctioneer nodded. "Apparently there is also one guest who has yet to return from the Child of Ainnash."

    "If there was only one casualty, we should be thankful. Whether to that which they believe in, or something else," the conductor spoke in a dignified tone. That was the conclusion of the one responsible for running the Rail Zeppelin.

    Chapter 2 Part 3

    Chapter 2

    Part 3

    "...well, that's the Rail Zeppelin for you. Once it's got the leyline, even a Child of Ainnash isn't an obstacle. Wow, how exciting! To think I'd get to witness something so exciting with my own eyes!" Melvin Weins stared up at the sky, overflowing with emotion.

    They were in a grassy field. Despite being the middle of winter, the field was rich with green grasses, broken here and there by the sight of withered heath. There were traces of the area being developed somewhat, but perhaps that development was still in its earliest stages, as there were no signs of other people or buildings. Standing at the back of the stopped train, the white-haired young man shook as he held up his violin case. The train had run for about ten minutes after breaking through the Child of Ainnash before coming to a stop. Apparently, as Melvin had surmised, they didn't consider it to be a threat anymore.

    In contrast to Melvin, Caules was sitting beside him at the back of the caboose, restlessly watching the tracks behind them. Realizing his point of concern, Melvin suddenly became flustered.

    "Oh, uh, of course I also feel bad about Miss Gray! But she looked pretty tough, right? I find it hard to believe she'd be done in by an avalanche or two, even if it would make it hard for her to meet up with us!"

    "Don't worry about the excuses," Caules sighed. "I know that you're a real magus at heart."

    He had already figured out in their short time together how much Melvin enjoyed watching others fail. He was the same as El-Melloi II's stepsister - though she was only his sister thanks to the results of the factional warfare in the Clock Tower. There was something that seemed a bit different, though. For example, his objectives and methods. In Reines' case, she seemed to enjoy others' suffering, which led her to interact with them in the first place. In contrast, Melvin seemed more like he just wanted to observe people, and through that observation he came to love seeing tragedy.

    Caules shook the thoughts from his mind after a few seconds. The crimson stain on the handkerchief at Melvin's chest was proof he had been vomiting blood again. After breaking free from the Child of Ainnash, he had been out of commission for a bit while he took his hematopoietic medicine, but after only a few minutes he seemed to have fully recovered.

    "It looks like the tracks have been there the entire time, but the fact that the train lost them when it lost sight of the leyline must mean that they weren't here before. Were they built just now? Or do they only appear from the back side of the world when the Rail Zeppelin approaches? How interesting! I feel like mom would be proud of me if I wrote a thesis on it!" Melvin continued to speak as he looked down at the tracks.

    A number of shadow-like figures that appeared to be familiars had visited the train, but they were probably just from the other invitees that Yvette had mentioned earlier. Apparently they weren't especially serious about joining the auction, as unlike Melvin they only sent familiars in their stead. Most of them had gathered in the third train car, a place Caules had yet to visit. Apparently that was a waiting place for the familiars of the guests.

    " the auction will be tonight then," Melvin said, his voice overlapping with the sounding of a steam whistle.

    "My apologies for the wait. As we have reached the scheduled time, we will now be departing."

    As the announcement played from a nearby speaker, the train began spewing black smoke into the air again. The locomotive lurched into motion, slowly but surely picking up speed. In truth, rather than an actual steam engine, the train likely moved from some sort of magecraft or other Mystery.

    As the train gradually pulled away from the scenery Caules was looking out over, his face twisted in an unpleasant expression.

    "Gray..." Caules murmured, his voice broken.

    As if to trample over the boy's wishes and prayers, the train only continued to accelerate.

    But in the next moment,

    "...there she is!" Caules' face lit up.

    Gray was sliding down the face of one of the distant hills, pursuing the train as it began to pull away.


    I realized that the Rail Zeppelin was beginning to move. Having already Strengthened my body to the limit, I lowered myself to reduce the air resistance. Thanks to being out of that frozen forest, the Strengthening was going much better than before, but even so I could tell I wasn't going to make it in time.


    "Add! Release the first stage!"

    As I ran, I unleashed Add. He took on the form of a large shield. Mounting the shield like a sled, I had it shoot a burst of flame all at once. With an apology to the grass being incinerated by the sudden burst of magical fire, I huddled down at the sudden acceleration.

    The shield leapt through the air. Flying in an arc, I came up to the side of the train.

    "Gray!" Caules shouted, along with some sort of incantation. A moment before I collided with the train, a strong crosswind picked up around me. As I struck the train car, I managed to remain conscious. Thanks to Caules' quick wind magecraft, the impact had been significantly weakened. Clinging to the side of the train car, I lowered my head weakly.

    "T-thank you."

    "Thank goodness..." Caules responded with a bright smile, leaning out over the metal railing. "Thank made it..."

    "...yes, somehow."

    Returning Add to his sealed form and putting him back on the hook under my cloak, I carefully made my way across the side of the train car to the deck at the back of the caboose where Caules was waiting. I then noticed another person standing there, totally stunned, and yet with a faint smile.

    "Hello, Melvin."

    "...ah, Miss Gray. I'm glad to see you're okay. Or rather, I'm impressed you managed to find the train."

    At his look of shock, I reached a hand into my cloak, pulling out a crumpled piece of paper. "This is...your invitation, Melvin. Sorry, I forgot to give it back to you." The invitation was giving off a faint light, indicating the position of the train. It was likely a function included to guide those who planned on boarding the train partway through the auction. Having found it when we retrieved Melvin from the forest, it had guided me to the train all the way from the cave.

    "Haha, how fortunate!" Melvin said, scratching his head.

    "Umm, what about my master?!" I couldn't help but blurt out.

    "Don't worry. Once we got out of that forest, his condition stabilized," Caules calmly responded to my worries. "He hasn't woken up yet, but he should any minute now."

    "I...see..." I dropped to the floor, energy suddenly leaving my legs. Having run the entire way from that cave, Strengthened the entire time, the moment my anxiety was relieved I had reached my limit. Rather than just fatigue though, it felt more like a bone piercing my heart had been removed.

    "Ihihihihi! What are you falling over for? And what were you thinking, turning me into a shield and riding me like that? That's not how you're supposed to-"

    "Uhh, who's voice was that?"

    "...d-don't worry about it." Shaking my head at Melvin's confused look, I secretly reached my right hand under my cloak. Of course, I ignored the muffled scream that resulted.

    It seemed I needed a bit more time before I'd have the energy to stand again. As I thought that, I felt something warm slip into my free hand.

    "Welcome back," Caules said, pulling me back to my feet.

    "...thank you. I'm back."

    "Shall we go see how the professor is doing?"

    "Okay," I said, supporting myself with the shoulder he offered.

    As we slowly made our way back to the freight cars, someone appeared from the darkness. "Ah, I noticed someone had boarded the train, so I came to check if things were okay, but I'm glad I did."

    Standing in front of us was a woman in brilliantly coloured Japanese clothing. Her long, smooth hair was the colour of night, broken by the faint red of her lips. Her steps were graceful and elegant, yet entirely silent. Even the way she stood held a dignity more imposing than any Mystery or magecraft.

    Hishiri Adashino gave a beautiful smile.

    "What is it?"

    "I would like to ask everyone to gather in the lobby car." She spoke as if she was inviting them to tea. But there was no way there would be such an innocuous invitation from a woman like her.

    "....what do you mean? What are you planning?"

    "Well, we don't really have a choice. The usual guy is still snoozing away, so it looks like I have to step up and play detective for now," the magus of the Faculty of Law, Hishiri Adashino, declared with a sweet smile. "I can't just reveal the culprit if we don't have everyone gathered, can I?"
    Thank you for your hard work, looking forward to read more

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    Can anyone link me to the translation of the later LNs that dealt with magical formula patents?
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