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Thread: Lord El Melloi II Case Files

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    The turning point/climax of their life.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Sorry but when you will Make a PDF of the 4th volume of the Light Novel?

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    There is an epub here and you can google websites to convert epub into PDF:

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    Chapter 1 Part 3

    Chapter 1 Part 3

    Moving through the frozen forest was more difficult than I had anticipated.

    With each step, I sunk into the snow up to my ankles. With our vision completely obscured by white, we would regularly come across bushes and branches sticking out at unexpected angles, blocking our progress. Thanks to cold resistant charm Caules had given me, the cold wasn't so bad, but it still felt like my feet would freeze in place if I stopped moving.

    Yvette, Karabo, and Melvin.

    The four of us pressed on into the forest. Karabo held a Black Key in his hands, using it as a dowsing instrument. Though it was a practice still used today to find sources of water and veins of ore, when used by an Executor of the Church, I imagined the degree of precision was likely much higher.

    One after another, our footsteps crunched through the snow.

    It felt like each step took ten times as much energy as normal. Feeling like the scenery around us differed from that I had seen from the train window, I tilted my head to the side.

    "Did it really look like this before?"

    "The landscape itself is likely being manipulated," Karabo said with a heavy voice.

    "As I mentioned before, the original Ainnash was something that appeared once every fifty years, lasting only for a few days, manifesting as something similar to a Reality Marble. The Children of Ainnash are similar, but the currently accepted theory is that no two of them manifest in the same way. Most likely, each one persists until it has completely exhausted its supply of magical energy."

    "...the Children only appear once..."

    Something about that had a sad ring to it. Normally, aren't children supposed to outlive their parents? But the Children of Ainnash appeared only once, before disappearing forever.

    "Apparently it is fairly common for them to only appear for a short period of time. Though that depends greatly on the individual Child."

    "Even so, it's not like we can just sit around and wait it out." At my reply, Karabo gave a small nod.

    At the very least, we were all aware of that.

    "You seem to be quite concerned about Waver," Melvin spoke up from beside me.

    "...he is my master, after all."

    "I guess that's true, but..." he replied with a bitter smile, not slowing his walking.

    Unlike when we first found him, he was now wearing appropriate clothing for dealing with the cold, but he still seemed unexpectedly energetic. Even walking through this much snow, he was barely breathing any harder than normal. My master would certainly be gasping for breath at this point. That said, he had spat up blood twice already.

    " are quite different from my master, aren't you?" "Hm? Ahh, yeah, he's not very good at Strengthening, is he? For something like this, you just need to let your Magic Circuits take over for your nerves, so if it just comes down to moving, it's nothing special. Unfortunately that doesn't work so well for your other internal organs, but as long as your heart doesn't stop, walking should be no problem."

    It sounded like he had just said something incredibly dangerous, but I supposed magi were generally like that.

    Spinning his wrists, Melvin frowned faintly.

    "But, the Mana here is hard to use. Is the forest affecting the air here as well?"

    "According to our previous investigation, that seems likely. However, it's not quite as bad as the original Ainnash. According to the Church's records, Mana is entirely unusable within the main body. Using any sort of large scale magecraft becomes quite difficult there."

    "...I guess you could call it a magus slayer, couldn't you? Even just using Mystic Eyes for investigating is pretty tiring~" In response to Karabo's words, Yvette put a finger beside her eye, taking her usual pose. Even among all this ice and snow, her character seemed unbowed. To be honest, I was jealous of that strength. Maybe that was a bit strange for me, but I just couldn't find that quality in myself.

    Melvin lifted up his violin case with a wink.

    "Okay. If that's the case, then there's no problem. There should be something I can do about that. Yvette L Lehrman, would you permit me to take a look at your Magic Crest?" In response to his offer, Yvette frowned.

    "And you're going to charge me the usual Weins family fee?"

    "Well, these are kind of extenuating circumstances, so for now let's call it free."

    "Well in that case, please do!" Flipping up her pink twintails as if it was payment in and of itself, Yvette revealed the nape of her neck. Though I couldn't tell just by looking, it seemed like that was where the Lehrman family transplanted their Magic Crest.

    Taking a tuning fork out of his violin case, Melvin concentrated for a while.

    Striking the tuning fork lightly against the case, a booming sound echoed throughout the blizzard. As the sound made the nape of Yvette's neck start to move, Melvin began to mutter.

    "Living things all have their own wavelength. Whether it's an ant, a bird, or a human, they all have their own. While it is similar to that of one's blood relatives, it's never quite the same. such, the problem with Magic Crests, being living things on their own, is that they have different wavelengths from that of their hosts." As he spoke, he took a number of vials of medicine from his violin case.

    "As such, if these wavelengths can be made closer, the effectiveness of the Crest will grow considerably." With swift motions, he mixed the contents of the vials into another and mixed them.

    After doing so, he struck the tuning fork once more, before using a finger to apply the medicine to, the back of Yvette's neck, as if drawing a magic circle there.


    The incantation was short.

    I felt like I heard the sound of something exploding. It was probably just an illusion. Phenomena of Mystery that didn't completely reach the realm of reality were perceived only innately within the human consciousness - I felt like I had heard something like that in my Clock Tower lectures.

    Rubbing the back of her neck, Yvette's eyes widened slightly.

    "What's this? Suddenly my whole body is feeling warmer..."

    "As I just said, I've stimulated your Crest temporarily. I've only increased the circulation of magical energy by about twenty percent, but that should feel pretty good physically, no?"

    "As expected of a Tuner," she said with a shrug, as if trying to hide how impressed she was.

    "Okay. I feel like I should have no problems at least until we fine the leyline."

    "Hahaha, I'm glad to hear it. Mr. Karabo isn't a magus, so there's nothing to be done there, but what about you, Gray?"

    "Oh, umm, I'm not a magus either, so..."

    "But your right hand is....ah, well, if you say so," he said, shaking his head lightly.

    "Anyways, back to the previous topic. About you and Waver," he said, swinging the conversation back around.

    Though I was taken off guard by the sudden change in topic, Melvin seemed completely unbothered by my inability to keep up with his pace.

    "Though it was just a rumor, I heard he took you on as a student for reasons other than you being a magus, right? But you still came to a place as dangerous as the Rail Zeppelin, and are even willing to step foot into a Child of Ainnash. That's not something that can be described as just a student-teacher relationship, I don't think."

    "Doesn't that go the same for you though?"

    Instinctively, I responded to his question with one of my own.

    Though I thought that was a little rude of me, he didn't seem to mind as he nodded.

    "Of course, that's because I'm Waver's closest friend!" So now he was not just a friend, but his closest friend?

    "Though I've been funding his adventures since ten years ago, this was my first chance to experience them myself. And after coming this far, in for a penny, in for a pound, right?"

    "Even then, you're still willing to risk your life?"

    "Haha, well at any rate, I don't have a Magic Crest. As long as there's someone ready to take over my work, it's not like anyone would be terribly sad if I died. Oh, that's not a jab at the previous Lord El-Melloi or anything," he said, stepping energetically onto what others might consider a land mine. Of course, the reason my master and Reines were suffering so much was because the previous Lord El-Melloi hadn't prepared even in the slightest for the possibility of his own death, but listening to Melvin so nonchalantly poke that hornet's nest was somewhat refreshing.

    The snow-laden wind swirled around his fingers, soon disappearing back into the raging blizzard. With his pure white hair framing his face, he looked like a character pulled out of a television commercial. Besides the faint blue of his eyes, he seemed far removed from any and all colour.

    Almost like a spirit of Winter.

    "Um, I heard you were a friend of my master's, but what sort of relationship do you two have?"

    "Hmm. I suppose the most relevant would be as debtor and lender?" he answered, tilting his head to the side.

    "He owes you money as well?"

    "Actually, I was the first person to lend him money," he narrowed his eyes with a proud snort. As if recounting a fond memory, he continued with a bright voice.

    "The first time we met was when I was bragging in class. I had a maid with me, carrying around a collection of jewel Talismans my Mom had put together for me. Apparently upset at all my bragging, he ended up punching me."

    "You sound awfully cheerful for sharing such a terrible story about yourself," I said reflexively.

    It was hard to put in words, but the fact he wasn't nearly as openly terrible as someone like Atram Galiasta made his own grossness stand out even more. And why did he always have to bring his mother up all the time? The one thing that surprised me about the story was that I couldn't imagine my master as he was now punching someone out of anger. Sure, when he was bringing Flat to task, he would muster up some physical strength when it was appropriate to the problem at hand, but that always seemed to be a nuisance to him.

    "Well, back then, anything and everything made Waver angry. He was unapproachable, and was always writing some thesis or other, so he probably thought everyone else in the Clock Tower was an idiot. At any rate, he was a rather prickly character," Melvin continued to speak as we walked.

    "Eventually, after one of our classes - was it Evocation or Transformation? Anyways - he came up to me and said 'you said you'd be willing to give money or whatever in exchange for an interesting story, right? Well I'm going to flip the whole Clock Tower on its head, so give me the money for a plane ticket.' Whether it was something I actually said or not, it sounded like something I would say at the time, so I bought him the ticket after all."

    It was a version of my master beyond what I could imagine.

    A master I didn't know. A time I didn't know. But a past that certainly occurred.

    "Oh, I didn't expect all that much from him. Maybe he was finally planning on running away, and was going to return home? But even then, I figured I'd see something interesting if I had my maid tail him for a year, so I figured he'd keep up his end of the deal. Did you know? Watching someone break and fall after trying their best is a rather delicious sight." Melvin's soft words dripped through the blowing snow like rain.

    The line he had just spoken seemed far too well matched for his pale lips, giving the impression of some sort of demon. Right after saying they liked people in an exaggerated tone, he immediately whispered about his own corruption and betrayal. Indeed, the difference between them seemed slight at best.

    "When he returned to the Clock Tower, he paid back all the money I had lent him with some crumpled up bills. I don't know whether he made that money while he was abroad, or if he borrowed from someone else to pay me back. All he did was apologize, saying something like 'sorry, I couldn't show you an interesting story like I promised.' So this is my apology. I was just a powerless idiot. But there is something I definitely have to do, so please lend me some money again. I want to buy the El-Melloi Classroom that our professor left behind.' That was, of course, far too amusing.

    I ended up getting interested as well, so I told him I'd lend him the money, so why don't we become friends? Best friends have the greatest right to ask for things from each other, right? Well, in the end, Reines ended up buying up all his debt, so she holds all of it now," Melvin said with a strange laugh.

    I didn't even need to stop and think as to what event caused my master to change so much. The Fourth Holy Grail War. After that, he travelled around the world, teaching magecraft to a number of students.

    But there was one more thing that caught my interest, that I wanted to ask about.

    "Why...why did you take such an interest in my master?"

    "Hmm? Ah, that. People are surprisingly able to grow, you know? In short, life travels only in one direction, so if you leave it up to itself, its abilities and skills will continue to develop. It's actually a lot harder to stay in one place. In a place like the Clock Tower, it's common enough to see people develop tremendous skills in magecraft. -but, very few people can ever change the entire direction their life is going. After all, that's like having one's truth, the foundation of one's own soul, be reborn as something new. At the very least, I don't know anyone else who was able to face their own uselessness like that. Don't you think that's interesting enough in itself?" Melvin's words somehow reminded me of what my master said to me, back in my hometown.

    Can people really grow? And now, as proof of that, Melvin spoke of the person named Waver who had changed his entire way of life. Though the words they spoke were totally opposite, they somehow felt painfully close.

    Though I couldn't really put into words why I felt so.

    "Though I can't say I ever expected him to take El-Melloi's title of Lord and take over the Faculty of Modern Magecraft. After the resignation of the previous head, the seat had been open for a while, so maybe they were just that desperate."

    "The previous head?"

    "Yeah. Though he was a pretty skilled person in his own right, soon after Waver returned to the Clock Tower he disappeared. The Faculty of Modern Magecraft is typically looked down on by other magi, so even though it was a main Faculty of the Clock Tower, none of the other Lords seemed interested in taking it over. And so when the family now at the bottom of the Twelve Great Families, the El-Melloi family, was in a position that no one knew what to do with them, it seemed like a perfect match."

    "Ah, I see."

    I had been wondering who had been in control of the Faculty of Modern Magecraft up until the fall of the El-Melloi family, but if it had been vacant until that point, everything made sense. Maybe that was common knowledge to the people of the Clock Tower, but since I had only been there for a few months, everything was new to me.

    "Can I ask you something as well?" Melvin spoke up.

    "Who was it that hurt Waver so badly? There was someone other than me, right?" My heart jumped into my throat.

    Though his expression was as innocent as ever, I felt like he was peering straight into my heart.

    "...well, umm..."

    As I opened my mouth to answer,

    "-this looks like it," Yvette suddenly spoke.

    "Right there." Pressing down on her eyepatch, she pointed forward.

    I don't know if that exaggerated pose, one finger in her hair and half her face covered was necessary or if it was just some sort of appeal, but either way Karabo drove the first marker - one of his Black Keys into the ground.

    Standing alone amidst the white snow, it looked to me like a small, lonely grave marker.

    "That should be good. I was told we need at least two more. Miss Yvette, could I ask you to guide us to the next spot?"

    "Of course~" Yvette replied with a carefree nod, setting out into the forest again.

    Just as I was beginning to think that things might go smoothly after all, Karabo stopped in his tracks.

    " seems that marker was enough to signal us as intruders," he said, glaring into the distance. Among the densely packed trees of the forest, some of the branches began to move.

    Not due to the weight of the snow, but entirely on their own.

    Like a whip, the branches arced towards us. Though they seemed easily strong enough to punch through a human being like they were no more than paper, the unnatural branches were cut down with a single flash of Karabo's Black Key.

    "So these are the branches that brought down your helicopter?" Staring down at the branches now writhing on the ground, Karabo spoke in a cold voice.

    Neither his gaze nor his earlier strike belied any agitation at the sudden surprise attack. Was that a sign of what kind of conflict he had overcome in his life within the Holy Church?

    From within the blizzard, another branch began reaching toward us, prompting me to take a combat ready stance.


    "Ihihihihi! Looks like it's our turn after all!"

    Releasing the hook that held Add in place, he immediately slipped into my hand in the form of a scythe. Though I didn't really want to reveal him to everyone, this wasn't a situation where I could afford to think like that.

    "Ooh, how dynamic!"

    Blowing straight past Melvin's wide-eyed face, the scythe cut down the approaching branch.

    "Please step back," I said, bringing the scythe around to bear again.

    But at that point, I noticed another point of concern.

    (...this is...)

    My body felt heavy.

    Just like Melvin had said, the air in this frozen forest was wrong. I couldn't even absorb half the magical energy I should have been able to in an instant. I'd have to sharpen my senses to compensate. Adjusting the flow of magical energy to allow for a sufficient amount of instantaneous output, I scaled back on stamina and physical strength.

    With a sharp breath, I swung the scythe again together with the magical energy.

    The branches rushing towards me were once again severed cleanly. Bringing the scythe to bear again, as I looked to the tree that was the source of the branches, my eyes wavered.

    The branches I had cut down earlier were now moving at my feet.

    The fallen branches reached for my throat once again.

    At a timing I couldn't match. At an angle I couldn't protect from. Just as I was sure it would punch straight through my throat, a shadow passed through.

    Karabo's Black Key struck the branches down again.

    "Be careful. As an entity related to Dead Apostles, you can't assume they follow the same rules as other forms of life."

    The old man from the Church's gaze flitted about, ready for anything.

    There was one more of us whose gaze had changed.

    Having removed her eyepatch, Yvette's eyes were sparkling. No, the eye beneath her eyepatch wasn't an eyeball at all, but a ruby giving off a vibrant scarlet light.

    "Tadah! Yvette's Artificial Mystic Eye - Incineration Version!" With a roar, the empty space in front of us burst into flame.

    The cluster of branches reaching toward us were consumed by the blaze along with the blowing snow. Following Yvette's eyes, the swirling inferno vaporized the snow and incinerated the branches all around us.

    "...I see. I had heard that Mystic Eyes made from jewels could reproduce the effects of Noble Colours."

    "I can't keep it up that long, though!"


    Like a gale force wind, the Black Keys responded to Yvette's shout and flames.

    The figure that stepped in to cut down the remaining branches looked like a dark storm, only borrowing the shape of a person. Completely defying all outward signs of his advanced age, he moved with a ferocity beyond that of even a wild beast.

    In the spray of white snow, the black blades danced.

    Like the scar marking the side of his face, it created a striking scene.

    (...this is the strength of Mystic Eyes...of the Holy Church...)

    In a way, I was moved. Though Heine, who I had met at the Castle of Separation had also been a member for a time, this was my first time seeing their true strength in person. Rather than taking a single Mystery to its limit, like a magus - this was a person who devoted his all to denying those Mysteries.

    But there was still beauty in that.

    At this uttermost extreme, Karabo's movements were refined to the point of perfection. Not just Karabo alone, this was likely the fruit of the hundreds that had come before him, polishing their skills, their art, and handing them down to him.

    "Alright, time to switch!" Without hesitation, Yvette reached into her own eye socket.

    Once again, she replaced the jeweled eye that was held there. This time, it was an iolite. From my lectures in Mineralogy, I had heard it was a stone that strengthened one's spiritual perception, and that there were tales of it being used in place of a compass on ships in the Scandinavian sagas.

    "Owowowowow....okay, this way!" Without missing a step, the black-robed priest turned, following Yvette's instructions.

    Preparing to take his place against the attacking branches, I took a position beside Karabo as he ran.

    As I did, the ground collapsed out from under me.

    Just as it seemed I would fall into the dark hole opening up below me, Karabo grabbed my arms and pulled me to safety.

    "T-thank you..."

    "That hole was just covered with snow a little while ago."


    Could he use his Mystic Eyes like that too? Moreover, he must have trained extensively to be able to us his ability to observe and make use of information from the past while concentrating completely on the present battle. After rushing forward for some hundreds of meters, Karabo wasn't even slowing down. The fact he was able to move at this pace while covering all of my movements from attack spoke of the long years he must have spent fighting as a team.

    "W-wow, this is..."

    Struggling valiantly to keep up, Melvin's eyes were spinning.

    After a few minutes of running, a steep cliff suddenly appeared from within the depths of the blizzard.


    "Don't stop!" the old man shouted.

    The reason for his cry was clear. Behind us, the rush of branches hadn't stopped. Weaving together through each other, kicking up snow as they surged forward, the attacking branches seemed like some sort of enormous snake.

    "We're going down!" Reaching the edge of the cliff, Karabo kicked off the ground. Watching him leap down the steep hill, Yvette blinked repeatedly before shaking her head in disbelief.

    "Geez! This is why they call you guys from the Church savages!" Holding her skirt down, Yvette slid down the hill.

    Turning around, I saw Melvin standing, out of breath behind me. Without hesitation, I pushed him down the hill.

    "Sorry, Melvin!"  "Aaaaaaah! This feels just like a roller coaster!! Bleahruovuagu!"  As he slid down the hill, without slowing, Melvin managed to skillfully eject the blood he was vomiting.

    It appeared he actually was using his Magic Circuits to stand in for his nerves. That was certainly something an ordinary person would never be able to do. I wasn't sure that was really something to praise him for, though.

    With as much force as I could manage, I also threw myself down the hill, turning my eyes to the bottom of the hill.

    Immediately below me, Yvette was pointing.


    "Got it!" Karabo threw a Black Key to mark the spot Yvette indicated.

    I felt some sort of power run through the ground.

    Two down.

    "Just one more!" As he continued speeding down the hill, Karabo's eyes snapped down.

    At the bottom - at the edge of a steep cliff, another wave of branches of death was rising towards us. The forest was anticipating our actions, and moving to intercept us. It also seemed like after placing the second marker, the forest's hostility toward us was doubled.

    They were acting as if to protect something.

    As if to say it wouldn't allow us to progress any further.

    Or possibly...

    ( won't let the Rail Zeppelin go?)

    Such a thought flitted through my mind.

    Slicing through a particularly large branch as he was still sliding, the old man shouted.

    "Miss Gray!"

    "Okay!" Even without saying it, I knew what to do.

    As if to stop myself from sliding down the hill, I sank the blade of my scythe into the side of the hill. Using the reaction from that movement, I polevaulted myself up into the air. Throwing the weight of the scythe into a spinning spiral, I drew a black half moon through the pure white world.

    Slicing through the entirety of the branches attacking us, I grabbed one of the severed limbs. As the branch struggled to pull back, I used it to force my forward movement into another direction. I launched myself towards the tree that was the source of the branches.

    It was like a glacier built up over a tremendous number of years, that had taken the form of a tree.

    Immediately beside the cliff, the tree of ice sprouted more and more branches.

    Reminding me of a spiderweb, the countless branches spread out in every direction. On top of that, each of the branches began to sprout thorns of ice as they filled the empty air. Most likely if I were pierced by a single one of those branches, my entire body would freeze over.

    That being said, with my full force attack already in motion, there was no way for me to stop from falling to the other side of the cliff.

    (-like, I care!)

    I expelled the fear from my mind.

    Paying attention only to my position in the air and in keeping my own balance, in a way that would make even my body collide with it, I brought the scythe down at an angle. Ignore the splintering branches, the shattered icicles, the pain of impact. Since long ago, I was always good at ignoring my own pain. Be it physical or not.

    For an instant, the wind calmed.

    The glacial tree, cut diagonally straight through, fell. As I watched the severed tree fall away from me, I was suddenly struck by a sense of weightlessness as the cliff face began to rush by me.

    "Ihihihihi! Try not to go splat at the bottom!" Ignoring Add's commentary, I extended the scythe out as much as I could as I fell.

    Just barely, I was able to snag the edge of the cliff face. Sliding down a number of meters, my desperate effort finally brought me to a stop about halfway down.

    At the same time, there was movement above me.

    Considerably behind me, I heard Yvette shout..


    "-three!" I heard the sound of Karabo's Black Key punching into the ground where Yvette had indicated.

    Many times stronger than before, I felt a torrent of power surge through the ground. It felt almost like some enormous creature was struggling beneath the earth. Called a dragon in some places, or a god in others. Along the line of that distortion was what was called a leyline, the same as what supposedly ran through the classrooms in the Clock Tower.

    (...did we do it...?)

    At the very least, it seemed like no one else fell down like I did. It seemed the battle at the top of the cliff had come to an end. The magical branches that had pressed down on us like storm clouds had vanished, not a single one remaining. As had the formless animosity the forest had turned on us.

    Looking down for the first time, I felt a flush of fear grip my stomach as I realized the bottom of the cliff was still some dozens of meters below me.

    "Gray!" Though I couldn't see him through the blizzard, Melvin's shout barely reached me.

    "I'm okay! I'll meet up with you later!" Recognizing that it would be difficult to ascend at this point, I answered him as I turned my sights to the bottom of the cliff.

    Finding a handhold to support myself on the cliff face, I returned Add to the hook on my right shoulder. While I naturally had no experience free climbing, even if it was incomplete, I was able to compensate for my inexperience with my Strengthened body.

    (If only I could use magecraft that would help me float down...)

    As I recalled the conversation I had had the night before with my master about Flight Magecraft, I made my way down one handhold at a time.

    Before too long, I had made it to the bottom. Now at the lowest point, my eyes were immediately drawn to a single point.

    "This is...?" Buried in the snow was what looked like a silver seed.

    Though it seemed to be no more than an empty, dried out shell, it still possessed a lingering scent that told of a tremendous amount of magical energy. If the cast-off shell held this much, how much more would the actual seed have held? The thought alone made me shudder.

    I suddenly remembered Karabo's words.

    It seems that once they have grown mature, the fruit begins to drip blood.

    Some of those drops become seeds, and after a period of time, they evolve into a different form than that of their parent.

    (...this is, that seed?)

    Something like this just happened to be along the path of the Rail Zeppelin? It just happened to sprout at the moment we were passing through?


    "Looks like you've found something interesting," a voice called out to me.

    With just that, my thoughts froze over completely.

    I felt my whole body, down to each of my individual fingers, go stiff. How much of that could I blame on the cold? As if to prevent me from fooling myself in that way, the figure in front of me had a terribly severe air. With just a single battle, even my soul itself had become spellbound.

    Awkwardly, I raised my eyes.


    "I figured you'd probaby come here. But it seems I was wrong. My objective was that scowl, but... Perhaps I've lost a bit of my intuition from being away from the battlefield for so long."

    Within the calm air of the forest, that voice had a majestic echo. As if her words were the only thing this forest couldn't suppress.


    The reason the branches had receded was no doubt because they were afraid of her.

    Even if they were an existence born of a Dead Apostle. No, specifically because they were, they couldn't come close to this Heroic Spirit.

    "Unfortunately, it seems that surly guy isn't here."

    The crimson-armored Heroic Spirit - Hephaestion spoke, as if bored.
    The Fourth Order - Long form, Church-centric story. Follows the life of a young knight within the Church, and her personal battle against the heretical.
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    The tuning scene was a lot different in the anime, lol.

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    canon finish apo vol 3

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    The anime was overall incredibly more thirsty than the novels.
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    Punching out some nerd doesn't make you a better magus.

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    Has anyone made pdfs of the translations? just curious.

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    I don't know if the writing in this one was especially awkward, or if I was just especially bad at writing it out, but I don't have the focus to keep working on it and I've put it off long enough, so here you go.

    Chapter 1 Part 4

    Chapter 1

    Part 4

    Approaching the edge of the cliff, Melvin shouted.

    "Gray!" Despite Strengthening his own eyes, he couldn't quite make out what was going on below through the darkness. It felt like she was facing off against someone, but the bizarrely thick magical energy made his perception in the area hazy.

    "It looks like something is happening down there - Karabo?" Looking up, he saw the priest go stiff.

    "...this is bad," Karabo muttered as he turned around, his voice hard..

    "The Rail Zeppelin has already begun moving. Towards us."


    I felt every nerve in by body strain.

    My knees began to shake, and my breathing became shallow. Just standing before that, my soul was being crushed.

    My opponent was a Ghost Liner. A reflection of a Heroic Spirit that had engraved its name on human history - a Servant. Even if magi were described as super human, they weren't even comparable to the Mystery inherent in her body.

    As she walked towards me, I could see her as nothing less than an angel of death.

    "Now then,' the warrior spoke clearly. "It seems you haven't given up your will to fight. I'm not particularly interested in playing with you, though."

    Holding my breath, I released the hook holding Add in place yet again, pulling him into my hands.

    As he took the shape of a scythe once more, I forced my brain into desperate motion. I felt like if I let my guard down for even a moment, I would pass out. Wouldn't that be so much easier? Even so, there was something I still had to do. I couldn't afford to be knocked out here.

    "...why did you attack my master?"

    "I already said, because I couldn't stand him."

    "Even so, there must have been a different reason you called him out. You said you were the vassal of the one who stole his relic when we first met. On top of that, being a Servant, that must mean you have a Master."

    "So you have a basic knowledge of Servants?" the warrior - Hephaestion said with a small smile.

    It felt like that smile would freeze my heart solid. I had stood against terrifying opponents any number of times. The beast targeting Magic Crests, and the monster hidden within the body of that Grand magus. But this was the first time I had ever felt this kind of pressure. Even more than being a Heroic Spirit, she was a creature specialized purely for combat, a person whose abilities were refined specifically for battle.

    "If that's the case, let that blade ask the questions. That is how I - that is how we were."

    "...that's not how I do things," I answered, forcing the wavering tip of my weapon still.

    I felt like there was a snake writhing in my gut, that I might throw it up at any time.

    Withstanding the urge to let my knees collapse, a different sound reached my ears.

    The sound of a raging steam engine. Though it ran almost entirely on magical energy, that old fashioned sound was truly fitting for that train.

    (...the Rail Zeppelin...?)

    Now that I thought about it, it wasn't that strange.

    The reason the train had stopped in the first place was because of the Child of Ainnash causing it to lose its way. Now that we had marked out the path for it, it was hardly surprising that it had started moving already. Most likely, it would run close by here. But considering it's speed, it would still be a few minutes.

    As I thought that, the unforeseen events continued to unfold.

    A large crack opened up in the ground below us, suddenly expanding to rob us of our footing.

    "The ground...!"

    "Ha, I'd expect nothing less from a fragment of a monster. Now that it's lost control of the leyline, it's already falling apart," Hephaestion's lips curled. As if to say it didn't matter either way to her. In reality, she had her Gordius Wheel, so the forest collapsing around us was no issue for her.

    I, however, had no such ability.

    In short-

    (-I just have to settle this with one strike...)

    At any rate, there was no way the same technique would work on a warrior like this more than once. What I could do remained unchanged. I just had to put everything into a single instant.

    For a moment, the sound and destruction around me seemed to stop.

    Time seemed to stretch, freezing around the two of us. Though I could hear the distant sound of snow falling from above the collapsing cliff, I couldn't see any movement.

    (An avalanche...?)

    Most likely that was because of the changing landscape.

    Though I was aware of the changing battlefield, it was irrelevant. All that mattered was myself, and the warrior naming herself Hephaestion.

    -you possess a body that reflects that Hero.

    The words I was given in my home town. Now I had to forget even that. Maybe this was the first time.

    For my own life, it was now or never. Being pushed up against a wall like now, I understood that past and future were mere accessories to life. If this woman was a warrior of Macedonia, then it went without saying that was how she lived as well. '
    To Philotomo
    Glory lies beyond the horizon
    ' - the words that connected hope to a land yet unseen, it made sense they came from an era where life was ever-changing.

    "...ah, not bad," she smiled again. "I had thought warriors had died out in this era, but it looks like you're built pretty well. Stranded in the gap between life and death, I can see that shine in you, of trying to grasp life in your hands."

    "I know...the suffering my master is going through is more important," I replied.

    "Well said," Hephaestion laughed derisively.

    The snow exploded. As I kicked off the ground, the snow around me was blasted into the air.


    As fast as physically possible.

    Focusing to the point I couldn't see the colour in the world around me, I compressed every ounce of strength I had into these few seconds.

    The match would be decided in a single strike.

    If that was the case, then the strike I should choose was-

    "Add, Limit Release Level One!"
    "Ihihihihi! I guess there's nothing else we can do, ihihihiihihihi!"

    In my hands, the scythe dismantled itself, taking a form like a spinning Rubik's Cube. The raging magical energy within it took on a new form.

    A battering ram.

    Aside from Rhongomyniad itself, it was the form with the most destructive power.

    As I brought the battering ram to bear, magical flames poured out from it. Translating into the terms used to describe the skills of Servants, my master had told me it reached a level similar to a D Rank in Mana Burst. Now, I slammed that full power down on Hephaestion.

    As she blocked the strike, Hephaestion's sword groaned in protest.

    "This, is-!" Her eyes were open wide. Even Hephaestion couldn't completely stop the power of the battering ram. Thus, it followed as a matter of course. The source giving birth to this Mana Burst was like a true Noble Phantasm.

    I poured more magical energy into my body.

    Even as the Magic Circuits throughout my body screamed, I pushed them to their full capacity. My body would become as a cog in that machine. With the battering ram still between us, I poured even more magical energy into it. Firing out the back of it like a jet engine, I used the exponentially greater force to drive it into her.

    The recoil of the strike blew me back up into the air.


    That recoil was exactly what I was counting on.

    Running up the walls of the collapsing gorge, I saw the pitch black train come into view.

    (The Rail Zeppelin-!)

    "Miss Gray!" I heard a voice from far off. Maybe it was Melvin's voice.

    "Gray!" On top of that, another young man's voice called out.

    Caules Forvedge. Really, he should have been looking after my master, not looking out for me.

    Holding the door open wide, Caules stood, hand outstretched. Along with the train, I noticed something else.

    The avalance I had heard earlier.

    As if pursuing the train, an avalanche of enormous proportions was bearing down on it.

    Even so, I couldn't stop. With nowhere else to run, all I could do was try and get back on the train that was now outspeeding it. Judging by its current speed, it should barely have been able to outrun the avalanche.

    Kicking off of the collapsing cliff face, I put my full strength into one last step.

    (Make it-!)

    I reached out my hand.

    Desperately, I stretched as far as I could.

    Caules' hand reaching towards me drew closer and closer. Behind him, I could see Karabo and Yvette. It seemed everyone else had managed to get on the train safely. It didn't seem like the train had stopped for them, but since they were all magi or members of the Church, that was likely not a significant obstacle for them.

    (----make it----!)

    My fingertips brushed against Caules'.

    For an instant, wind whipped up around us. With its last dying efforts, the Child of Ainnash reached its branches toward me, grabbing and pulling me away from the train. Though they weren't especially sharp in their movements, with my focus entirely directed forwards, that touch was fatal.

    Even as I swung my scythe down, it was too late.

    In the time it took me to blink, I saw the Rail Zeppelin leave me behind as I fell back into the snow. As that pure white enveloped me, overwhelming all else, I had the disturbing premonition of being completely absorbed by it.

    "....Gray...!" Far away, so painfully far away, I could hear Caules shouting.

    -and then everything went dark.
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    I'm enjoying this much more than the anime. I like that Gray's clearly capable beyond normal humans, but somewhat helpless in a situation where everyone else has an edge of their own. I get the anime had to work within pretty tight constraints but the rewrites to Rail Zeppelin just leave me feeling more and more disappointed with how it went when compared to the novel.

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    "...that's now how I do things," I answered, forcing the wavering tip of my weapon still.

    not instead of now

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    Fixed, thanks for the corrections!

    Chapter 2 Part 1

    Chapter 2

    Part 1

    Let's rewind time just a little.

    The air itself seemed to be moving nervously.

    Because, though painfully slowly, the frozen breath of the forest was seeping in. The heater was on, of course, but naturally it couldn't do much against the overwhelming cold of the forest outside. Not just this one room, it was like the Rail Zeppelin itself was gradually being frozen solid.

    Within that room sat a single silver-haired girl.

    Olgamarie Asmleit Animusphere. Daughter of the Lord of Astrology.

    Her surroundings had an inhuman degree of orderliness to them. There was no way another person would be able to tell this was once the scene of a murder. Aside from the obvious bed and carpet changes, even the rest of the furniture had been swapped out. The headless body of Trisha Fellows, after receiving some magecraft to preserve her Magic Crest, had been moved away to the freight cars.

    ", something's wrong...something is definitely wrong," the girl whispered.

    She had been investigating this room for a while.

    Of course, only since the room had been cleaned. And with the way the room had been cleaned, there was almost no where left that could hide anything. If investigated using the methods of modern science, it was hard to believe even a single useful clue could be gleaned. Even so, the young girl diligently continued her investigation of that half of the train car, going over it again and again.

    She had no particularly reason for doing so.

    Nothing but the slightest hunch. After separating from El-Melloi II and the others, with no where else to go, she returned to her room. The moment she arrived, she felt the slightest sense of unease, hung over the room like a down blanket.

    But to continue investigating this room that had been cleaned to such a degree that not even a drop of blood remained smacked of obsession. A tenacity born of more than persistence. The mental fatigue had begun to grow dark shadows under her eyes. Though one's first instinct might have been to lament the marring of such a beautiful face, her faintly worn out expression gave her another kind of indescribable charm. Rarely, misfortune served to refine the better qualities of a person, so perhaps she was someone like that.

    One could say that was her greatest quality as a magus. No matter how it appeared as madness to others, the ability to pursue one's own beliefs with no regard to the thoughts of the masses for thousands of years was the proper way for
    the inhuman
    a magus

    As the member of a Lord's family, she was simply pursuing that feeling of unease-

    "Ah!" Suddenly, the train lurched into motion.

    Surprised by the sudden movement, she winced as she stumbled.

    "...ow..." she said, holding her hands close. "The train is moving again? Did something happen? No, more importantly..."

    The girl's expression turned to the empty air.

    There was nothing there. Only the faint flow of cold air. But, as she timidly reached out, she felt a bizarre ache in her hand, and she began to work her fingers through the empty space.

    "There's a spell here? Not on the floor or ceiling, but set on coordinates relative to the train car? But if that was the case, that creepy Lord should have found it..."

    As she said it out loud, she was faced with another fact.

    "'s reacting to my Magic Crest?" The moment she stumbled, she unconsciously activated her Magic Crest to Strengthen herself. Though it was only a portion of it, she did bear part of the Animusphere family Crest. Reacting to the activation of that Magic Crest, the hidden spell revealed itself.

    Otherwise, she would probably never have found it.

    (This is, probably...)

    If Trisha had been sitting on a chair, this position would have been exactly at her chest height.

    Touching the invisible Magic Circle hanging in the air, Olgamarie's eyes narrowed.

    "I remember this spell..." Again and again, she traced the figure in the air. As if her fingers remembered better than her head, it was like she was trying to dredge that memory up.

    (The Fellows family is...a branch family of the Animusphere family, right?)

    It was about the Magic Crest.

    Stronger families within the Clock Tower would divide their Magic Crests in order to expand their own influence. There were a number of ways this was accomplished, but in the case of the Fellows family, they had received the highest grade of division - in short, a portion of the Animusphere Source Crest had been directly implanted in them.

    That was proof of the Animusphere's unfailing trust in the Fellows family, and explained why Olgamarie's father had appointed Trisha to such an important post. Though it couldn't be said that, as her personal tutor, her relationship with Olgamarie had been a perfectly harmonious one, and she never spared Olgamarie the whip when she failed to make the progress she was supposed to, there was still no room to doubt her loyalty to the Animusphere family.

    Olgamarie's fingers froze in the air.

    Trisha's elemental affinity was for Imaginary Numbers, she remembered. Imaginary Numbers space, where "nothingness" existed as an actual thing, was something like a dimensional pocket, a place where objects would be freed from interaction with the flow of space and time.

    The only thing that could interact with this dimensional pocket was the original spell. Primarily that meant only someone with the same affinity for Imaginary Numbers could access it, but in certain cases there were other methods. Or so she had heard from Trisha.

    "...if it's set up to only react to her Magic Crest, then since our Magic Crests are from the same line, it reacts to the Animusphere crest as well?"

    It was like a lock. Of course, like any lock, it prevented anyone else from opening it, but by "weakening" the restrictions of the lock, it could be used to hand something over to someone else. Was it possible Trisha had set up this Imaginary Numbers space for something in particular?

    Carefully, Olgamarie began moving her fingers again.

    After tracing halfway around the circle, her fingers stopped again.

    "Stuck. I probably need some sort of password then. What would Trisha choose, thinking I would be able to guess it...?"

    Remembering that phrase Trisha most commonly leveled at her, her expression came close to tears.

    After a while, she finally repeated the

    "You fool, Marie. Get it together."

    Pouring magical energy into her curled fingers, she twisted them like a key in a lock. As if the air itself had spun, the object contained within the dimensional pocket was spit out, landing with a heavy thud on the floor.

    Olgamarie's eyes went wide.


    It was all she could do to keep from screaming.

    As a member of the family of a Lord, and as someone who had experienced her own attendant being murdered, it was still a sight she couldn't have imagined.

    "What is this...! This is...this is too strange! What's going on?! What were you doing, Trisha?!" Unable to keep it in any further, she began to shout.

    As she did, a sound caught her attention behind her.

    Turning to look, a dark figure moved in the corner of the room. After a brief moment, she realized that figure was a writhing swarm of spiders. Of course, she realized they weren't ordinary spiders, but the familiar of some magus at basically the same time.

    (-I was being watched?)

    As that shock struck her, the door to the room swung open.

    The door was supposed to be locked, but with the spiders in front of her, it wasn't hard to believe they had opened it. The locks on each of the guest rooms were simple, mechanical locks. For a magus of any actual ability, opening such a lock was far from difficult.

    "Sorry, kid," the gentleman stepping into the room apologized in words only.

    Jeanmario Spinerra. He was the one who said he had a stupid-sounding TV show called Jeanmario's Zombie Cooking or something. So, these spiders were his familiar?

    "I think you get it already, but I've been watching you since a little while ago. My goodness, I couldn't find anything at all, but it seems like your attendant has left you quite the parting gift here."

    Speaking in an amazed voice, the man in the white suit shrugged.

    Behind him,

    "Ah, good," she felt someone else nodding.

    That second person was someone Olgamarie had been afraid of from the beginning.

    "You found it for us. As expected of the heir of the Animusphere name."

    Magus of the Faculty of Law - Hishiri Adashino smiled happily.
    The Fourth Order - Long form, Church-centric story. Follows the life of a young knight within the Church, and her personal battle against the heretical.
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    Though one's first instinct might have been to lament the marring of such a beautiful face, her faintly worn out expression gave her another kind of indescribable charm. Rarely, misfortune served to refine the better qualities of a person, so perhaps she was someone like that.
    LMAO, Olga Marie was born to suffer.

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    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Thank you for your work. Just wondering, has anyone here collected the novel illustrations at full resolution?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crown View Post
    Thank you for your work. Just wondering, has anyone here collected the novel illustrations at full resolution?
    i have a zip of illuses for the first 7 volumes that i got from god knows where

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