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Thread: Fate/Grand Order Story and Lore (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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    Balor is Irish and already has a preestablished association with eyes in TM.

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    He has a connection with eyes in myth lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petrikow View Post
    Pruning and translations
    It's time for a sequel:

    Partially the reason I started looking into this was the term we discussed first: 濾過異聞史現象 (NA; Felling Theoretical Phenomenon).
    After some deliberation (mostly out of respect of the translators), I've decided to talk a little about why I feel this term has received possibly the most confusing translation they could have possibly gone for.

    I'll break this down into 4 points:

    1. It is unclear:
    I can only imagine as an English reader of F/GO that this term confused the hell out of people when it first appeared. What is 'felling' referring to? What does Theoretical do in there? At least phenomenon is quite straight forward.
    On the other hand, reading it in Japanese, it's entirely clear what its referring to, almost immediately (aside from maybe 濾過 (Percolated)). 異聞史 has just recently been introduced in ways of 異聞帯 (Lostbelt) which in and of itself does not tell a lot. Still its clear what the premise is: things that are 異聞 ('Lost') are from branches of history that have been pruned (see: Pruned Events) so 異聞史 is basically just that: "Losthistory"; clear and to the point and reflects the same thing as "Lostbelt".
    Altogether, this becomes: a phenomenon where 'losthistory' has percolated/filtered onto the planet. And once you think about it like that, it's not all that odd of a term, really; despite how long it is. It just a term used to describe the process of how Lostbelts appear.

    2. It is inelegant:
    This really is more of a point where your mileage may vary, but I do not like the sound of "Felling Theoretical Phenomenon" in the slightest. You have to use it with 'the', in English, of course: The Felling Theoretical Phenomenon. But even then it sounds stilted and odd and it just feels like it tries to force this comparison to their other (mistranslated) terms in Pruning/Chronicle Theoretical Phenomenon that isn't there. Had it been "Theoretical Felling Phenomenon" it actually would've sounded a little better and flowed more naturally in English, but once again, they had to force the comparison, and so it sounds bad.

    3. It is inaccurate:
    No matter how you splice it, the words just don't fit.
    Felling is... what exactly? 異聞史? 濾過? What the hell does it mean? Does it have something to do with the 伐採 that happens during Compiling of Quantum Timelocks? Who knows!
    Theoretical, from where? And why? To force the comparison to Pruning/Chronicle? Why?
    Phenomenon is at least entirely accurate but runs into a self-made problem they have where it overlaps with the Pruning Theoretical Phenomenon, but I feel like I've covered that enough.

    4. It is misleading:
    We return to what started this whole conversation: No, the theoretical in this term has nothing to do with 編纂・剪定事象 (Compiled/Pruned Events).
    In fact, it seems the entire reason why this translation is the way it is, is because of this extremely misled attempt at tying these terms together.
    Yes: Pruned Events are tied to the Lostbelt concept, but there was never any reason to force these terms into sounding the same.

    I don't know their thought process behind coming up with them, sadly.
    But in this case, I really don't think it matters; the results have already shown themselves:
    The translations of these terms have only ever caused confusion.

    "Ok, but do you have a suggestion for an alternative then?"

    Sure: Percolated Losthistory Phenomenon.
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    Meanwhile chuuni Nasu when he came up with it: ROKA IBUNSHI GENSHOU sounds dope for a terrifying event that happens in part 2.

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    Mmm, yeah, given that every Apostle has a "schtick" (Muramasa having god slayer components, Douman having darkness components), I can see Balor for Holmes since his whole thing is elucidation. Buddha's enlightenment revealed the Four Noble Truths, and while Balor isn't known for that, his eye does burn shit. As for Rasputin, I'm assuming something to do with (un)death. I actually think Baldr would work for him.

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    Altogether, this becomes: a phenomenon where 'losthistory' has percolated/filtered onto the planet.
    There are actually several interpretation to specifically 濾過 (Percolation/Filtration).
    As I wrote, perhaps it is trying to signify the filtration through of several of these 'Losthistories' onto the planet.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anastasia
    ダ・ヴィンチ ああ。多くの知られざる異聞史の中から、
    Right, perhaps we ought to see it as the strongest among one of many unknowable Losthistories being used as a military weapon;
    ダ・ヴィンチ 汎人類史を押し潰せるほどの可能性を持ったものが、侵略兵器として使われたとみるべきだ。 Something bearing a possibility of such strength that it could crush pan-human history.
    ダ・ヴィンチ 人理焼却はゲーティアという個の生命意志による人類史への攻撃だった。 The Incineration of Human Order was an attack on human history carried out through Goetia's individual life-will.
    ダ・ヴィンチ だが今回は違う。異聞帯という人類史による、地球そのものへの攻撃だ But this is different. This is an attack on the planet itself, performed by these human histories we know as Lostbelts.
    ダ・ヴィンチ 濾過異聞史現象。あえて名前をつけるならこんなところじゃないかな。 The Percolated Losthistory Phenomenon;
    If I had to give it a name, it'd be something like that.
    So the Percolation/Filtration in this case would be the attack itself, as in, that's the function through which Da Vinci figures they've attacked the planet.

    The other interpretation is that this word instead refers to how the Fantasy Trees have filtered out certain possibilities from history and that's why the word is used like that. This does feel pretty convincing because it perhaps fits a bit closer to our conception of what "filtration" entails. On the other hands its a little bit harder to get a grasp on how that would tie in with the above. We know they are possibilities and that at least Da Vinci thinks there's some selection process going on (first 2 lines), or at least, implies so.

    What do you think?
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    One thing that Da Vinci's theory did not cover is the fact that alien god originally needed only 1 LB (LB5) until Kirschtaria demanded more, and was also using it to nurture a body. It saw no problem with any LB being destroyed except for 5. Once it accomplished the job, UOM proceeded to use the blackhole to eat up the LB and even about to wipe out the remaining Apostles if it wasn't for Kirschtaria's final attack.

    So to me it feels like "LB being used to attack the planet, crushing panhuman history stuffs" is not the goal, but a necessary step for something (so far its to give it a body but maybe there are more to it), similar to Goetia incineration being an energy gathering to fuel his time travel plan, not that his plan was to only burn down human history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily Emilio View Post
    One thing that Da Vinci's theory did not cover is the fact that alien god originally needed only 1 LB (LB5) until Kirschtaria demanded more, and was also using it to nurture a body. It saw no problem with any LB being destroyed except for 5. Once it accomplished the job, UOM proceeded to use the blackhole to eat up the LB and even about to wipe out the remaining Apostles if it wasn't for Kirschtaria's final attack.

    So to me it feels like "LB being used to attack the planet, crushing panhuman history stuffs" is not the goal, but a necessary step for something (so far its to give it a body but maybe there are more to it), similar to Goetia incineration being an energy gathering to fuel his time travel plan, not that his plan was to only burn down human history.
    Yeah, obviously Da Vinci is a bit off-mark here, but she's still the one who apparently came up with the term, so her 'interpretation' is the most relevant in analyzing the word.

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    I think the idea behind 'Felling' is like cutting down some trees in a forest to keep it from overgrown. After reading Petri's explanation, it does sound way too similar to Pruning Theoretical Phenomenon and inaccurate to describe Lostbelt process. Their reasoning behind Theoretical Phenomenon is probably it refers to 'what if' scenarios in history, so a theoretical timeline that the planet could've occurred to.

    I imagine the process as when leftover branches are being grafted back to the tree whence it was pruned, so my own take on alternative term would be Splicing

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    Thank you for the analyses Petrikow. Those of us that don't speak Japanese are definitely playing at an increased difficulty and I can only hope it's not causing us to miss important clues.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lily Emilio View Post
    So to me it feels like "LB being used to attack the planet, crushing panhuman history stuffs" is not the goal, but a necessary step for something (so far its to give it a body but maybe there are more to it), similar to Goetia incineration being an energy gathering to fuel his time travel plan, not that his plan was to only burn down human history.
    Holmes mentions that the trees are most likely just a gateway, with the mystery being to where, and why they have galaxies in them, a question they keep posing suggesting it must be important. It's interesting how the trees are a threat to humanity while the Beasts are not suggesting that they're not directly connected to Beast VII.

    Catching up with all the theories, if CHALDEAS has it's own counterforces, then would have its own monsters of those forces? I'm still of the opinion that Beast VII might be the Beast of Alaya, but could they be of this replica earth? We're told one of it's job is supposedly to protect us against aliens (I would assume only in the age of man), but since the TPP/PLP or at least the incineration side is managed by Alaya/humanity's will, that sounds like it'd be something it'd leave to its agent which would explain why it's such a strong focus at present.

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    Here my crack theory about the Apostles : Nasu based them on the four Lords from Dark souls

    We have established that Nasu likes Dark soul
    Douman’s gods have power over Darkness one of the four main powers of the Lords
    The other powers are Light, Life and Death
    As you can guest these power oppose each other (Light vs Darkness, Dark vs Light)

    If said theory is true then surely Rasputin and Muramasa would oppose each other with the motif of Life/Death.
    Holmes’s gods have power over Light makes sense because the way he fights (Light beams + his NP sureofong his targets with Light).

    Speaking of the Gods I do like the idea of having gods of each Lostbelt represented in the four Apostles.

    Plus the combination could be based on the similarities of the Lostbelt

    -Douman : Lb1 and Lb7 are harsh environments where Humans have to change themselves in order to survive
    Gods represented are Chernabog (1) and Itzpapalotl (7). Represent Darkness
    Not much to say here since it has been said before

    -Muramasa : Lb2 and Heian have a land where multiple races exist and clash (Humans and Jotan in lb2, Humans and Oni in Heian). Gods are Hodr (2) and Susano (Heian). Represent Death because of his legend and his gods
    have killed someone meant to be unkillable.

    -Rasputin : Lb3 and Lb6 have rulers who conquered the world. Represent Life to oppose Muramasa plus it fits with his priest motif. Gods could be Shouxing (3) and Dagda (6) the former because of Kirei’s Chinese elemnts (Bajiquan and Mapo tofu) and the latter because of his relation to the Holy grail

    -Holmes : Lb4 and Lb5 have a land ruled by gods that smite the humans judged unworthy. Represent Light by default but it suits him. Gods could be Mitra (4) and Aletheia (5) since the former would work for his job as a spy and the latter compliments his abilities while being hard to notice since she is a minor goddess

    Interestingly for that last Gwyn’s eldest son was supposed to inherit the Light but betrayed his father and helped his enemies and all records of him disappeared.

    If we assume in this case that Alien World master = Gwyn this would make a link with Moriarty who would be the Gwyndolin that enforces the Alien world’s will.
    Plus opposition with Holmes creates a sun-moon opposition dynamic.
    Also the rivalry of Light-Dark works better with the Alien god.

    Oh and I guess that Koyanskaya would be Seath in this scenario.

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    I really have to stop letting the translations accumulate like this...

    Anyway, since catching up to the entire thing all at once would be troublesome in many ways, I decided to break the backlog into smaller batches and post them as I finish writting. Here comes the first batch:

    ブリテン島に古くから伝わる妖精ではあるが、このオベロンはシェイクスピアの戯曲『夏の夜の夢』に登場する 妖精王の特徴が強く表れている。

    戦闘能力はそれなりだが情報収集、戦闘支援に優れており、カルデアの任務を成功させる為、まさに身を粉にし て飛び回ってくれる働き者。

    属性:混沌・悪  性別:男性
    「真名? そうだね、妖精王オベロンもいいけど、呼び方はあればあるほど都合がいい。

    おそらく、世界でもっとも有名な『オベロン』はシェイクスピアの戯曲『夏の夜の夢』に登場する妖精王だろう 。
    戯曲中において、オベロンは偉大な力を持つと描写されるものの、その人物像は身勝手で大人げな い。

    この物語に登場するオベロンは妃であるティターニアの新しい小姓を巡って彼女と仲違いを起こし、その報復と して『目覚めた時に目の前にいたものを好きになる』薬を使って小姓を自分のものにしようとした 。
    しかし、その薬はオベロンの従者である妖精ロビン・グッドフェローのさぼり癖から、ライサンダーとディミト リアスにもかけられてしまい……。


    15世紀の作品『ボルドーのヒュオン』ではあらゆる願いを叶える魔法の使い手、妖精の森を統べる王として描 かれた。

    思慮深い性格の為、計画・作戦の実行には慎重を期するが、仕掛けるタイミングは決して逃さない。強気の攻撃 性(見ようによっては野蛮な)をもって状況を制圧する。

    大人のスマイルをするくせに少年らしい仕草が残っていたり、少年らしい夢想家のクセに大人としての権力、実 行力を持っていたりする。

    教養はあるがそれを鼻にかけるコトはなく、高い理想はあるが人々に強制するコトはなく、弱者ではあるが暴力 には従わず、

    「僕は幸福な状態が好きだ。虫には綺麗な水が必要なように、妖精はそうでないと生きていけない からね」

    かつては『妖精の森』の王であったが、時代とともにその領土は失われ、物語の上を放浪するだけの存在となっ てしまった。
    その為、陣地作成スキルは最低ランクのものとなっている。逆説的に、“今では名前だけの王”であるオベロン を示すスキル。

    道具を作る能力。妖精妃ティターニアにすら呪いをかける『三色草の露』など、心を惑わす道具に関しては最高 位の職人となる。

    オベロン本人は王である為、移動はあくまで優雅に自らの翅で行うが、人目がないところではスズメガ(時速1 30km)に乗り、あらゆる土地に駆けつけ、人々の心を先導する。


    いっときの強制ドーピング。対象の魔力をあげるが、それはいっときのもの。時が経つと失われるものなので、 宝具の使用は計画的に……

    オベロンの妃であるティターニアは様々な妖精や女神(マヴ、ディアナ、ティターン)の複合体として創作され た妖精である為神性を持っているが、オベロン自身は混じりけのない『妖精の王』である為、神性は獲得してい ない。

    ランク:E 種別:対人宝具
    レンジ:5~40 最大捕捉:7人

    背中の翅を大きく広げ、鱗粉をまき散らして対象の肉体(霊基)を強制的に夢の世界の精神体に変化させ、現実 世界での実行力を停止させる、固有結界と似て非なる大魔術。なんだそうだ。

    Introduced in the "Fairy Round Table Territory Avalon le Fae".
    A Servant summoned in the land of Britain in order to defeat Morgan, who ruled over the Fairy Nation Britain.
    Although a fairy handed down in the British Isles from ancient times, the traits of the Fairy King introduced in the Shakespearean play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" have became strongly apparent in this Oberon.

    While his combat prowess is somewhat decent, he excels better in intelligence gathering, combat support. A hard worker who bustles about and truly makes the utmost efforts in order to make Chaldea's mission a success.
    Our reliable Fairy King, who does his best for the sake of Britain's proper future.

    Most likely, the most famous "Oberon" in the world is probably the Fairy King that appears in the Shakespearean play "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
    In said play, Oberon is portrayed as possessing tremendous power, but with a self-centred and childish character.

    "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is the tale about an one-night turmoil that has the lovers Lysander and Hermia as its leading pair.
    The Oberon that appears in this story causes a breakup with his consort Titania over her new page and, as retribution, attempted to make said page his own by employing a drug that "makes one fall in love with the person before them upon waking up".
    However, due to the truancy habits of Oberon's valet, Robin Goodfellow, Lysander and Demetrius also end up taking the drug...

    In addition, there are others stories dealing with Oberon.
    In the 15th Century work "Huon of Bordeaux", he is portrayed as a magic user, a king that rules over a forest of fairies.

    A handsome man with white skin, silver hair and blue eyes.
    A compassionate pacifist that is both gentle and active.
    Due to a thoughtful personality, he takes the utmost care when executing a plan・strategy, but he never misses the timing to take a shot. He suppresses a situation by means of a cocksure aggressiveness (which may appear barbaric depending on how you look at it).

    A perfect prince of light, much like the character of a fairy-tale.
    The protagonist of a story who is simply sly.
    Despite smiling like an adult, he retains boyish mannerisms. Despite being a boyish fantasizer, he possesses the political power, execution powers(1) of an adult.

    Despite being educated, he does not boast about it.
    Despite having high ideals, he does not enforce them on people.
    Despite being a weakling, he does not abide to violence.
    Despite being the greatest prince of light in fairy history, he cannot take to a wife.

    "I like happy circumstances. That is because, just like how bugs need clean water, fairies cannot subsist without this."

    Height/Weight: 174cm・56kg (human form), 17cm・6kg (fairy form)
    Source: Germanic folklore, literature from Middle Ages Europe
    Region: Fairy Nation Britain
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Male
    "My True Name? Let's see, it would be fine to simply call me Fairy King Oberon, but it also convenient to have as much appellations as possible. Things like Prince of Winter, or maybe Robin Goodfellow... or something like that. Well, there is quite a lot, you know?"

    Territory Creation: E-
    The ability to build one's own encampment・workshop as a magus.
    Once the king of the "forest of fairies", but as the time changed he ended up losing his dominions and becoming an existence that just wandered over stories.
    Due to that, his Territory Creation skill amounts to its lowest rank. Paradoxically, this skill denotes how Oberon is "now a king in name only".
    The person himself is trying to keep this a secret, so he does his best not to reveal that he has a low Territory Creation ability.

    Item Construction: A+
    The ability to manufacture tools. He is a top-ranking craftsman in regards to tools that mislead the heart, such as the "dew of three-colored grass" that could curse even the Fairy Queen Titania.

    Riding: A
    In English Fairy History, fairies supposedly ride on bugs when travelling.
    Since Oberon himself is a king, he consistently moves around elegantly with his own wings. But when away from public gaze, he rides on a hawkmoth (flight speed of 130km/h) and goes rushing to all regions, guiding the hearts of people.

    Veil of the Night: EX
    The arrival of the night brings about a rise of fighting spirit to his own party by means of an enormous experience of success, escape from reality.
    Mostly identical to Merlin's "Charisma of Dreams".

    Morning Lark: EX
    The start of the morning brings about an enormous increase of mental exaltation, self-evaluation to his own party.
    A momentary coercive doping. It increases the magic power of the target, but that lasts only for a short while. Something that is lost as times passes, so use your Noble Phantasm as scheduled...

    Divinity: -
    Oberon's consort Titania possesses divinity due to being a fairy produced(2) as a combination of various fairies and goddesses (Mab, Diana, Titan). But since he himself is a "king of fairies" without any impurities mixed in, Oberon has not acquired divinity.


    Lie Rhyme Goodfellow - Tale of a Dream Held Out Towards The Distance
    Type: Anti_unit
    Range: 5~40
    Maximum Targets: 7 people
    A counting song about an impossible paradise, told by Oberon.
    By spreading the wings in his back widely and scattering his scales, he forcibly converts the target's flesh (Saint Graph) into a mental body of the dream world, suspending his execution powers(1) in the real world. A High-Thaumaturgy falsely similar to a Reality Marble. Or so it seems.
    In exchange of becoming invincible, those who fall into a dream become incapable of interfering with the real world.

    (1) as in "the capacity to get things done"

    (2) the Japanese term used here (創作, sousaku) refers specifically to a literary creation

    妖精國ブリテンで語られる滅びの伝承……全て無に帰す奈落の虫……から生まれた、世界を呪う終 末装置。
    妖精國での名はヴォーティガーン。汎人類史においてブリテンを異民族たちに売り渡した滅びの先導者、卑王ヴ ォーティガーンと同じ名である。

    本性を明らかにした時、「好きなものは一つもない」と口の端をつり上げ、悪びれる事なく公言す る。

    出典:妖精國ブリテン、Fate/Grand Order
    属性:混沌・悪  性別:男性
    「真名? ああ、ヴォーティガーンでもあるけど、それがなに?

    『知性が低く無邪気な分、人間社会を模倣している妖精國の妖精たちの輪に入れなかった小妖精(フェアリー) 』たちの森。

    この森は妖精國で居場所がない妖精、いじめられて逃げてきた妖精、そもそもいるだけで『毒をまき散らすな』 と迫害されてきた妖精が集まり、為す術なく死んでいく森だった。
    『嫌われたまま、忘れ去られたまま朽ち果てるしかないものたち』の森のただ中で、今代のヴォーティガーン… …オベロンは発生した。

    オベロンはブリテン島が生み出したサーヴァントであり、ブリテン島が生み出した終末装置(ヴォーティガーン )でもある。
    これまで様々なカタチの『悪意』として現れ(『モースの王』もその一つ)、ブリテン島を滅びに導いていたが 、女王暦を築いたモルガンによって二度阻まれ、三度目の出力方法として作られたのが『オベロン 』である。
    妖精國においてもっとも気品のある風の氏族、あるいは翅の氏族のどちらにも似た姿をしているので大人気だが 、実際は妖精ではなく、
    といった、島の持つ『生物への嫌悪感』という吐瀉物の中から生まれた(生まれてしまった)、一匹の虫にすぎ ない。

    だが皮肉な事に、ブリテン島は『古妖精オベロン』として出力したが、モルガンによって混入してしまった汎人 類史の影響で『妖精王オベロン』としての霊基が被ってしまった。
    彼の中で『終末装置としての目的』と『妖精王オベロンとしての在り方』が混在しているのはこの 為である。

    暗い影のような髪、沈みこんだ碧眼、鋭い手足を持った美男子。童話に出てくる悪役のような、完全な害悪。闇 の王子。

    人々の破滅する様を見るコトが生き甲斐だと語るが、これが本心なのか偽りなのかを測る術もない 。
    まわりを貶めて不幸にするのは、『自分だけが好き。自分だけが幸福でありたい』といった理由ではなく、『た だ、みんな気持ち悪い』から。

    真実を見る妖精眼の為、眼に映るあらゆるものを見下しており、たえず胸からこみあげる不快感を隠して、さわ やかに笑っている。

    表の顔は全て演技だが、オベロンの嘘は完璧なので『作り物』ではない。その気になればそういう風に生きてい ける、という『本当の顔』でもある。

    オベロンにとって、人間も妖精も等しく『どうでもいいモノのクセに目障りで、気持ち悪いクセに幸せそう』な 、排除の対象となっている。
    オベロン本人が一生涯『幸福』を感じ取れない為、何の苦労も工夫もなく、生きているだけで『幸福』を獲得で きる他の生命はとにかく目障りで理解できないものなのだ。

    ランク:EX 種別:対界宝具
    レンジ:無制限 最大捕捉:無制限

    ブリテンを滅ぼす『空洞の虫』、魔竜ヴォーティガーンに変貌し、その巨大なミキサーのような口と食道(空洞 )で、世界ごと対象を飲みこみ、墜落させる。

    かけられたサーヴァントは他に類のない能力向上を得られるが、そのターンの終わりに、全ての効果を失って永 眠する。


    あらゆる嘘を見抜き、真実を映すこの眼は、オベロンに知性体が持つ悪意・短所・性質を明確に見せつけている 。

    憎しみも恨みも持てず、ただ空気を吸うかのように人類を根絶したくて仕方のないオベロンは、その長い欺瞞と 雌伏の果てに人類悪と同じスキルを獲得した。
    端的に言うと、人々の心の方向性(場の空気)をさりげなく悪い方、低い方、安い方へと誘導する 悪意。

    また、同じ『夢の世界』の住人であるマーリンとは相性が致命的に悪く、オベロンはマーリンからの支援を拒絶 する。
    これは物語に対するスタンスの違いから生まれた断絶であり、オベロンはその偽装能力のほぼ全てを対マーリン に振り分けている。
    その為、マーリンはオベロンを認識できず、千里眼でオベロンと話している人物を見た時、その人物はひとりご とを口にしているように見えるだけである。

    世界でもっとも有名な妖精戯曲「夏の夜の夢」はそうやって幕を閉じたが、それは転じてオベロンの性質を表し ていた。
    人類史において、彼の言動は『何をやっても嘘』というレッテルが貼られてしまい、結果、「本当の事は(言え )無い」という呪いが刻まれてしまったのである。


    「クソども。いずれ全部ブチ壊してやる」という彼の攻撃性は嫉妬や憎しみから生まれたものではなく、ティタ ーニアへの愛から生まれたものである事を、オベロンは決して言葉にはしない。
    Oberon Vortigern

    His true identity is not that of a Heroic Spirit from Pan-Human History, but rather a Servant that was given birth in the Fairy Nation Britain.
    A doomsday device that curses the world, born from the folklore of destruction told in the Fairy Nation Britain... the bug of the abyss that turns everything to nothing.
    The name Oberon is merely something he goes by in Pan-Human History.
    His name in the Fairy Nation is Vortigern. That is the same name as the Vile King Vortigern, the guide of destruction that sold over Britain to a different ethnic group in Pan-Human History.

    The great liar Oberon. Even his name, very existence is a lie.
    Upon revealing his true colors, he will raise the corner of his lips and declare that "there is not a single thing that I love", without being shy about it.
    ...naturally, this is also a lie. After all, there is nothing worth deeming a truth in his words.

    The "Autumn Forest" located in the outskirts (Wales) of the Fairy Nation.
    A forest of the "powerless bug-type fairies", of the "small fairies that, due to their low intellect and innocence, couldn't mingle with the fairies of the Fairy Nation, who imitated human society".

    This forest was a place where the fairies that could not fit in the Fairy Nation, that ran away after being bullied or that were persecuted just existing (under the pretext of "do not spread your poison") would gather and then die out while being at loss for what to do.
    In this forest that belonged to "those who had nowhere else to go", "those who had no choice but to rot away while being hated, being forgotten", the Vortigern of this generation - Oberon - emerged.

    Oberon is both a Servant given birth by the British Isles and a doomsday device (Vortigern) produced by the British Isles.
    Up until now, it had manifested as a "malice" of many forms (the "King of Mors" was also one of them) and attempted to lead the British Isles to its destruction, but had been thwarted twice by Morgan, after she established the Queen's Calendar. "Oberon" was then created as its third output method.
    Although highly popular in the Fairy Nation due to possessing a figure similar to the most elegant of the Wind Clan (or maybe even the Wing Clan), he is not in fact a fairy but nothing more than a single bug that was given birth (ended up being born) in the vomit and excreta possessed by the island - the "feelings of repugnance towards living beings" such as "it is disgusting to see a history that died out long ago continue for more than 10,000 years", or "I want to get rid of everything that lives in this island, all the traces of this island".

    But ironically, while the British Isles outputted his as the "Ancient Fairy Oberon", he ended up being clad with the Saint Graph of the "Fairy King Oberon" due to the influence of the Pan-Human History that was mixed in by Morgan.
    This is the reason why the "objective as a doomsday device" and the "way of being as the Fairy King Oberon" got mixed up inside of him.

    A handsome man possessing sharp limbs, sunk blue eyes and a hair that looks like a dark shadow. A complete evil influence, almost like a villain that appears in a fairy-tale. A prince of darkness.

    Since all his words and deeds turn into lies, he never speaks the truth.
    Despite saying that seeing people's downfall is his raison d'κtre, it is impossible to tell if these are his true feelings or just another lie.
    The reason why he makes the surrounding people unhappy by causing them to fall is not due to something like "I love only myself. I alone should be happy", but because he "simply feels that everyone is disgusting".
    He has no love for others, and also, no love for himself at all.

    Due possessing the Fairy Eyes that see the truth, he looks down on everything that is reflected in his eyes and refreshingly laughs while hiding the discomfort that constantly fills his chest.

    While his public face is entirely an act, Oberon's lies are not a "sham" due to being perfect. They are also his "true face", as he can keep on living in such a manner if he feels inclined to it.
    That being said, since he is cursed into "lying no matter what he does", there is no meaning to his true feelings.

    He will never hold affection towards all people, all living things.
    As far as Oberon is concerned, humans and fairies are both targets of elimination.
    "They are eyesores despite being insignificant existences, and look so happy despite being so disgusting".
    Since Oberon himself can never feel "happiness" in his entire life, all other lifeforms - which can acquire happiness just by being alive, without any troubles or hardwork - are incomprehensible and outright eyesores for him.

    Height/Weight: 174cm・56kg (human form), 1,440km of length・--kg (bug dragon form)
    Source: Fairy Nation Britain, Fate/Grand Order
    Region: Fairy Nation Britain
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Male
    "My True Name? Oh, there is also Vortigern, but what about it?
    I told you that it is convenient to have as much appellations as possible, didn't I

    End of the Dream: EX
    A dream of closing years. A strengthening skill applied in a single target.
    The Servant that receive this obtains an unparalleled boost of abilities, but lose all effects at the end of the turn and fall into an eternal sleep.

    ---those who lose their dreams will never again have the strength to awaken in reality.

    Fairy Eyes: -
    Not the mystic eyes that people possess, but the field of vision that "switches over the world", which fairies are endowed with from birth.
    These eyes that see through all lies and project the truth acutely flaunts the malice・defects・dispositions possessed by intelligent creatures to Oberon.

    Anti-Anthropic Principle: D
    The power to call a "halt" to everything that humanity has produced, all the laws that work to the benefit of humanity.
    Originally, this is a skill possessed by the "Beast Class".
    Possessing neither hatred nor resentment, Oberon simply can't help but to wish to eradicate humanity as naturally as drawing a breath. So, he acquired the same skill as the human vices after a long period of deception and dissimulation.
    Frankly speaking, this is a malice that nonchalantly leads the trends of people's hearts (the surrounding mood) into a bad, low and cheap direction.

    Also, his compatibility with Merlin (who is also a denizen of the dream world) is incurably bad, so he rejects any support from Merlin.
    A divide born from their differing stances towards stories, Oberon assigns his camouflage abilities almost completely against Merlin.
    Because of this, Merlin cannot perceive Oberon, so when he sees someone talking to Oberon through Clairvoyance, it will simply look like said individual is talking to himself.

    A Midsummer Night's Dream: EX
    A curse Oberon has carried ever since he emerged.
    "All is but fleeting dreams.
    None of the events that happened is worth of being deemed true---
    The most famous fairy drama in the world - "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - came to an end in this manner, but that in turns represents Oberon's disposition.
    In human history, his words and deeds were discriminated as "lies no matter what he did" and, as a result, he ended up receiving a curse of "having no (being unable to say the) truth".

    "You pieces of shit. I will crush you all one day".
    Oberon will never say that such aggressiveness of his is not born out of envy or hatred, but derived from his love towards Titania.


    Lie Like Vortigern - Eye of a Dream that Falls Into the Distance
    Type: Anti World
    Range: Unlimited
    Maximum Targets: Unlimited
    The true form of the Oberon that emerged in the Fairy Nation, turned into a Noble Phantasm.
    He transforms into the Demon Dragon Vortigern - the "bug of the cavity" that destroys Britain - and swallows up the target along with the entire world with his giant, mixer-like mouth and esophagus (cavity), causing them to plunge down.
    Not something that kills the opponent, but a "path to another world" that drops him into an abyss without a single speck of light.

    Okita Alter (Swimsuit)
    ただ一度の輝きのために調整された決戦英霊のはずなのだが、何の因果か水着に着替えて夏を満喫するまじんさ んスタイルに謎進化。

    ところで脇にいる君、誰? もしかして迷子かな?

    出典:Fate/Grand Order
    属性:中立・中庸  性別:女性
    「煉獄が人形態の時はその分、霊基を分けているので、いつもより少し軽く小さくなっています。ちなみに煉獄 のデータはこちらです!」

    出典:Fate/Grand Order
    属性:混沌・善  性別:?
    「剣形態のサイズは主の状態に合わせるから特に決まってないぞ。って、剣形態ってなんだよ!? どっちかっ てーと、この人形態が異常なんだからな」

    沖田総司の別側面であり、抑止力の行使のために霊基を改変、調整された極めて特殊な英霊のはずなのだが、今 回、戦場を南の島のバカンスと定め、再構成。というか基本ステータスに始まり、外装から武装に至るまで新規 金型で作り直したレベルの新英霊としてモデルチェンジ。いうなら、まじんさん玖式ぐらいである 。

    いわゆる水着姿ではあるものの、本来の適性クラスであるセイバーとして顕現。第3再臨は単騎投入による戦線 の完全崩壊を目的とする、超パワー型の殲滅形態。



    抑止の守護者の水着姿として夏休みにおける単独での行動が可能。絶望的な状況下の渚に顕現させ、単騎で目標 を殲滅、もしくは駆け落ちでの対消滅を目的として調整されたため高ランク。

    外装そのものがセイバークラス用に再構成されているため、本来の沖田とか足元にも及ばないレベルの対魔力。 病弱? そんなものは実家に置いてきた。好きなかき氷のシロップはブルーハワイ。煉獄ちゃんは貫禄のイチゴ ミルク。


    俺がうとうとしててもなんも可愛くないでしょ? にしても、まったくなんだこの扱い辛い霊基は !

    沖田オルタが到達するであろう剣の極み。長い、永い戦いの果てに集積された悠久無敗の剣が持つ 術理。
    完成しつつも未完というよくわからない理念。沖田総司という煌めきから遥か彼方へと至った成れ の果て。

    専用装備である『煉獄』による総合戦闘オペレーティングシステム。そもそも武装というよりは、サポート用の 補助システムといった方が近い。
    というわけで、わりといいことをいうのだが、肝心の主がよく話を聞きそびれるので十全の効果を発揮してはい ない。

    あらゆる光を束ね黒きに輝く、魔神セイバー専用の概念礼装。日盾と月鎧の形をとり、次元違いの防御力を発揮 。

    ランク:A+ 種別:対界宝具
    レンジ:1~9 最大捕捉:12

    超日月光が虚空を穿ち、無穹の空を斬り開く超絶魔剣の一閃。あらゆるものを両断し無尽へと還す概念としての 宝具の一面も持つ。

    霊基が安定しない状態で放つのは難しく、その場合(霊基第1、第2)は本体の維持は僅かな時間 にとどまる。

    そんなわけで、煉獄独立行動形態である霊基第1、第2では二人の仲良しお手てつなぎフィニッシュとなり、そ れはとてもカワイイ!


    ちなみに煉獄の基本人格(人格といっていいのか微妙なところであるが)は雄剣であり、煉獄ちゃん時に持って いる短剣はそれが表面化した姿。それゆえ本来のサポート音声は男性を思わせる凛々しくカッコいいイケメンボ イス。……のはずなのだが、煉獄ちゃん時にはとてつもなくカワイイ系ボイスになってんだが、どうしてこうな った、俺!


    この状態の魔神・沖田総司、いわゆる沖田オルタは後述の霊基が少し斬り離されている関係で、長い戦いにおい て摩耗していく前の、決してあり得ない、あり得たかもしれない姿である。そのため、本来の沖田オルタより、 若干、感情や情緒が豊かに見受けられる。それか、ただの夏の海の魔力かもしれない。

    ……で、ご覧の通り、この度の霊基の再構成において二人に分かれているわけだが、これは武装である煉獄が沖 田オルタの霊基の一部を切り離して、自身に融合。独立した霊基として行動を可能にするためであ る。
    煉獄は本来、沖田オルタが暴走した時に、そのあまりに強大な力を封じ、本体を消滅させるための、安全装置と いうか体のいい自爆装置であった。

    だが長い年月を共に戦ううちに自我を得て、沖田オルタを殺すための装置である己を消すという意志を無意識の うちに生成することとなる。

    それが、今回の召喚時に表層化し、自爆分の霊基を沖田オルタから切り離し、独立した小沖田オルタともいうべ き姿をとり現界したわけである。

    ―――この機会に俺は消滅する。そうすればもしかしたら主はこのくだらない運命から逃れられるはずだったか もしれない。そのはずだったのに、なんでまた主は俺なんかを使い続けようってのかね。

    いや、そうか、そうだったな。主はあの長く、とても永い、どうしようもない戦いを続ける運命であっても、あ の無穹の空の下で……。



    Okita Souji (Alter)

    A final-battle Heroic Spirit adjusted for the sake of just a single radiance... or so it should have been, but for some reason she underwent a mysterious evolution into a style that changed into a swimsuit to enjoy the summer.
    Also known as "Swimsuit Genie(1)・Okita Souji Alternative".

    By the way, who is the one beside her? A lost child perhaps?

    A different aspect of Okita Souji and an extremely peculiar Heroic Spirit whose Saint Graph was adjusted, transformed in order to be employed by the Counter Force... or so it should have been, but she has been reconfigured once the battlefield at this occasion had been established as a vacation in a southern island. Or rather, since not only her base parameters, but even her armor and weapons were rebuild into new metallic variants, this is more like a model change to the level of being considered a brand new Heroic Spirit. Something like, Miss Genie Mark-IX.

    Although this is the so called swimsuit form, she has manifested as a Saber - the Class that she was originally suited for. Her Third Ascension is a super power-type extermination form, intended to bring about the complete collapse of a frontline by means of induction of a single unit.

    The swimsuit form of the final fate of a possibility that Okita Souji - who died while still young - might have reached.

    "---no way, no way. Where exactly my owner is heading to?"

    This condition of Genie・Okita Souji (also called Okita Alter) has a somewhat detached relationship to the Saint Graph discussed below - an impossible (but that might have existed) figure, from before she became worn down from a long period of battle. Consequentially, she may appear (to some extent) more rich in emotions and passion than the original Okita Alter., as you see, those two were separated during the reconfiguration of Saint Graph at this occasion, but that is due to her weapon, Rengoku, cutting off a portion of Okita Alter's Saint Graph and fusing it with himself. This was done so that he could move as an independent Saint Graph.
    Originally, Rengoku was a safety measure to meant for sealing away Okita Alter's immense power and annihilating her main body whenever she went on a rampage - a nice-sounding self-destruction mechanism.

    However, after spending a long time fighting together, he obtained an ego and uncounsiously developed a will to erase himself, who was mechanism meant to kill Okita Alter.

    Such will was brought to the surface in this summoning, causing him to cut off the self-destruct portion of Okita Alter's Saint Graph and manifest in the figure of an independent, small Okita Alter.

    "I was going to take this opportunity to disappear. By doing so, it was possible that my owner could escape this absurd fate. That was supposed to be the case, so why does my owner keeps trying to use someone like me again?"

    "Oh, I see, that's right. Even though my owner was fated to continue that long, much too long, hopeless battle; in that unlimited sky, she..."


    "It was a long, much too long time. But I was always..."


    156cm・42kg (1st, 2nd Ascension), 163cm・51kg (3rd Ascension)
    Source: Fate/Grand Order
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Gender: Female
    "Since my Saint Graph is proportionally divided when Rengoku is in human-form, I become somewhat lighter and smaller than usual. Incidentally, here is Rengoku's data!"

    Height/Weight: 83cm・13kg (1st, 2nd Ascension), ??cm・??kg (3rd Ascension)
    Source: Fate/Grand Order
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: ?
    "My size in sword-form changes to match my owner's condition, so there is nothing particularly fixed about it. Or rather, what do you mean by sword-form!? If anything, it is this human-form that is abnormal."

    Independent Action: A
    It is possible to mobilise independently during the summer break as the swimsuit form of a Guardian of the Counter Force. Since she has been adjusted with the intent of manifesting during a hopeless situation in the beach and single-handedly exterminating the target (or maybe bringing about their mutual destruction by means of elopement), its rank is high.

    Magic Resistance: A
    Since her armor itself has been reconstructed to be used by the Saber Class, she is endowed with a Magic Resistance that the original Okita cannot hold a candle to. Weak Constitution? I left such a thing back home. Her favorite shaved ice syrup is Blue Hawaii. Sengoku-chan is a dignified Strawberry Milk.

    "By the way, Regoku got used to sleep quite soundly. Isn't that cute?"

    "There is nothing cute about me dozing off, right? That being said, why is this Saint Graph so unmanageable!?"

    Genie Sword: B++
    The acme of the sword that Okita Alter will supposedly arrive at. The artistry possessed by the eternally undefeated sword, accumulated at the end of a long, long conflict.
    An incomprehensible doctrine that is incomplete, yet nears completion. A mere shadow of the glimmer called Okita Souji, which reached the far beyond.

    Rengoku: B
    A comprehensive-combat operating system by means of her exclusive equipment, "Rengoku". To begin with, rather than an armament, he is closer to an auxiliary system meant for support.
    That being said, although he makes pretty helpful comments, their effectiveness cannot be fully demonstrated due to the owner herself failing to hear them.

    Sun and Moon: A
    A Craft Essence that converges all light and releases a dark radiance, which only Genie Saber can use. Taking the shape of a sun shield and a moon armor, they display a completely different level of defensive power.


    Zekken・Mukyuu Issen
    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 1~9
    Maximum Targets: 12
    A light that surpasses the sun and the moon, shining over countless nations(4) and enlightening the blue threshold.
    The light that surpasses the sun and the moon pierces the void, cutting open the space of the unlimited sky as a single brandish of a transcendental magic sword. A Noble Phantasm that also possesses an aspect as a concept that bisects all things, turning them back to the infinite.

    It is difficult to release this when her Saint Graph is in an unstable condition and, in such cases (like her 1st and 2nd Ascension), she can only maintain it for a very short while.

    That being the case, during the 1st and 2nd Ascension in which Rengoku is in his independent action condition, this finishes with the two of them amicably holding hands. That is so cute!

    " I'm telling you to forget about that."

    Incidentally, Rengoku's original personality (although it is questionable whether one can truly call it a personality) is derived from the male blade, and the short sword that he holds when in Rengoku-chan form is an expression of that. As such, his original support voice sounds gallant, cool and handsome - something normally associated with a man...

    "...or so it should have been, but how come it turns into an unbelievably cute voice whenever I turn into Rengoku-chan!?"

    "...Hehe. You're really cute, Rengoku."

    (1) again, I'm going with this translation for 'majin' (魔神) due to the correlation with "genius"

    (2) those last sentences are written in such a way that it makes difficult to tell which one of the two is actually speaking.

    (3) roughly, "Definite Sword, Single Brandish of the Unlimited Sky"

    (4) the Japanese word used here (塵刹, jinsetsu) is sometimes used in Buddhism to refer to the entire material plane

    Anastasia (Swimsuit)
    「夏? 私はロシアの人間よ。ちょっと暑い程度何とも
    ヴィイもアナスタシアに合わせて可愛らしい姿に着替えているが、相変わらず目が怖いことに変わ りはない。

    属性:混沌・夏  性別:女性
    ヴィイの身長は30~50cm。不思議なことに測る度に身長が違う。体重は不明だが、瞼が重たいのは確かだ とかなんとか。


    マスターに対しては猫のように懐き、猫のように気紛れに翻弄し、猫のように雑に扱い、猫のように甘えたいの だとか。






    ランク:B 種別:対人宝具 
    レンジ:1~10 最大捕捉:1人

    ヴィイの魔眼によって、一時的に季節を反転させ、その際に生じる膨大なエネルギーをまるっと攻撃に置き換え た宝具。

    ランク:C 種別:対人宝具 
    レンジ:1~10 最大捕捉:1人

    ただしそれは圧縮された氷塊にパウダースノーをまぶしただけの代物であり、回転が加わることによって、想像 以上の破壊力を持つ。
    Anastasia & Viy

    The princess of ice that underwent a Class Change to a swimsuit Saint Graph.
    "Summer? I a Russian, you know. I won't be fazed just because it is a little hot."
    Due to becoming worn out if she lets her guard down, she keeps shaved ice always at hand.
    Still, eating too much of it will cause her head to hurt.
    Viy has also changed into a lovely figure to match Anastasia, but that doesn't change the fact that its eyes are scary.

    Since this is summer, swimsuit that we're talking here, her aspect as a mischievous girl has been completely highlighted.
    However, this causes her to nonchalantly attempt reckless things that she wouldn't do normally - so attention is necessary.
    She might even charge on foot into lava, all while laughing.
    Rather than acting independently, it seems like she has more fun walking around with her friends・comrades・her Master.

    In regards to the Master, it seems like she became affectionate like a cat, whimsically makes fun of him like a cat, treats him roughly like a cat would and wants to be spoiled like a cat.

    Just like how the summer turned an indoor-type shut-in into an outdoor-type survival gamer, it also ended up changing Anastasia into a snickering, prank-loving outdoor-type girl.
    The Master is probably the only one capable of stopping her as she goes into a rampage.

    If Caster Anastasia highlighted her aspects as an imperial princess, this version of her emphasises her free and easygoing attributes.

    Due to that, her personal space is small (to begin with, she is the kind whose sense of distance grows terribly close once you deepen your emotional bonds with her) and she has a side that likes to tease and enjoys seeing others become flustered about herself.

    However, maybe as a result of her aspects as an imperial princess being suppressed, it seems that her feelings of loneliness for not having her siblings around also ended up being strengthened.
    If one wants to become intimate with her as a Master, he will have to put and effort to distract her from said loneliness.

    Even if she were to wear a swimsuit "I am an imperial princess, you see? I believe I can just stay graceful as always." - or so she said to her friends in Chaldea.
    (It goes without saying that said friends began laughing at her immediately after, leading to a fight)

    However, what stood in her way was something pure, which paid no mind to gracefulness. Not a beautiful carnivorous animal, but the airhead bombshell girl - the absentminded French girl (that part is self-proclaimed) - Charlotte Corday (swimsuit).

    "Isn't she stealing my limelight(2)? Hey, don't you think so?
    Not to mention, she is a Caster now!

    And thus, this fated pair firmly came to grapples with each other, becoming good friends.
    Anastasia: "How about, I get the right side and you the left side?"
    Charlotte: "That sounds good!"

    "That is not good at all!"
    The Chaldea police would eventually chase after the two of them while saying that, but that was still far away in the future for the pair at the time.

    Height/Weight: 158cm・40kg (Anastasia)
    Source: Historical fact・folklore (Viy)
    Region: Russia
    Alignment: Chaotic Summer
    Gender: Female
    Viy's height is about 30-50cm. Strangely, it seems to change every time that it is measured. Its weight is unknown, but its eyelids surely appear heavy(1), or something like that.

    Independent Action (with Viy): EX
    So long she has Viy, she can go off on her own to relatively anywhere.
    Employing the Noble Phantasm is also her strong point.
    However, she herself doesn't feel like leaving the Master's side much.

    Fairy Contract: B+
    Contracts for when wearing a swimsuit are treated as a separate matter.

    Shvibzik (Summer): B+
    A variant of Shvibzik, to be used in summer.
    It is possible to manufacture, manipulate, materialize everything that Anastasia perceives as part of summer.
    Although powerful, "things that are part of summer" usually don't include objects that would be useful when attacking.
    "I might be able to make a beach hut's iron plate for cooking fried noodles though."

    Freezing Summer Time: A
    "...this is so much fun.
    I might end up wishing for time to freeze."

    A compulsory halt by means of Viy's Mystic Eyes.
    By placing this over herself instead of others, it stops all sorts of attacks from reaching her for a certain amount of time.

    Acceleration・Spirit Eyeball: B

    Something that converted Viy's Mystic Eyes into something constantly invoked.
    It causes the surrounding magical energy to swirl, and continues to provide Anastasia with an advantageous environment.
    In terms of a First Person Shooting game, it would be like forever staying in a condition where you can unilaterally snipe the opponent from a high position.


    Snegleta Snegurochka - Snow Summer, Graceful are the Drops of Silver Frost
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Although the Snegurochka is a folkloric snow woman, there is no particular connection between it and this Noble Phantasm.
    A Noble Phantasm that temporarily reverses the season by means of Viy's Mystic Eyes, converting the vast energy produced entirely into an attack.
    Contrary to its magnificent appearance, it is quite severe.

    Under-throw Freeze Sinker - Ice Block Throwing・Sure-kill Baseball
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Throwing what appears to be snowball by means of the princess' sure-kill underhand pitching.
    However, that is nothing but a compressed block of ice that has been smeared in powder snow, bestowed with an unimaginable destructive power by adding rotation to it.
    That alone would outrageous enough already, but Viy's Mystic Eyes make it forcibly bend while retaining the force of a straight ball.
    Fundamentally not employed in "FGO". Probably.

    (1) the Japanese term used here (重たい, omotai) can also be translated as gloomy, depressing

    (2) not exactly correct, but there is no direct translation for キャラが被る (kyara ga Kaburu; roughly - overlap in character/individuality) in English. So I'm going with this, as it is the closest equivalent I could think of.

    Charlotte (Swimsuit)

    属性:混沌・夏  性別:女性
    眼鏡をかけるとインテリジェンスが高まる、と刑部姫にアドバイスされて一部再臨で装着している 。

    服装は露出が多いことに若干恐れおののいたものの、幾人かの「全然問題ないから」という言葉に勇気づけられ ている。
    手品師になった動機は自分でも不明だが、シルクハットから鳩を出した際に受けた拍手に、割と適職なのではな いか、とガッツポーズした。







    ランク:C++ 種別:対人宝具 
    レンジ:1~5 最大動員数:100人

    通常、彼女の技量では良くてDランク程度の破壊力、Eランクの幻惑効果であるはずなのだが、スキル+謎の天 使(仮称)の相乗効果によって空恐ろしい攻撃に成り得ることがある。

    水着の派手さに照れつつも、この夏こそ勝負の夏……とばかりに、ぐいぐいと主人公を圧してくる 。

    性格が劇的に変わった訳ではないが、弾けることを恐れなくなったため、前より積極的だとサーヴァントの一部 には極めて警戒されている。





    共に本来の霊基では色々なことがあったものの、水着(手品)霊基の今くらい、ひたむきになってもいいんじゃ ない?

    Charlotte Corday

    A Servant that underwent a surprising Class Change into a swimsuit... or rather, an illusionist Saint Graph.
    Although her Class is tentatively a Caster, there is nothing Caster-like about her.
    She produces a pigeon with illusionism. Even if said pigeon is just an inorganic ether body, at a glance it seems just like a pigeon.
    The fact she is clumsy outside of combat has not changed.
    She practices daily so she might one day elegantly perform illusionism before an audience and the Master.

    She changed jobs from an Assassin to a Caster, but there is no particular differences between this and her Assassin self.
    Although somewhat panic-stricken by the great exposure of her attire, she got encouraged by the words of several people that "there is no problem at all".
    She herself does not know why she became an illusionist, but she felt somewhat triumphant over receiving applauses after having pulled out a pigeon from her silk hat, even believing that the job suits her somewhat.
    (Still, that would later lead her to become depressed over not being able to handle cards skilfully)

    Despite being embarrassed about the flashiness of her swimsuit, she is pressing hard on the protagonist... just because she feels that this summer surely is the decisive season.

    While there has been no dramatic changes in her personality, she became more assertive than before due to no longer being afraid of getting broken - causing a portion of the other Servants to grow extremely vigilant towards her.

    By the way, she was taught the necessary skills for magic tricks by a shady, dandy bartender and a mysterious centaur sage.

    She might not have any talent for it, but by compensating it through earnest efforts, she is able to maintain a pretence of being an illusionist.

    That was truly a fated encounter.
    On one side was the imperial princess of a vast country. On the other, a commonplace girl that merely lived in a French monastery.
    These two - who would have never crossed paths in proper history - ended up meeting each other.

    And that meeting led to an alliance between kindred spirits being formed...!

    Although both went through a lot during their time in the original Saint Graph, it should be fine to become single-minded now that they changed into their swimsuits (illusionist) Saint Graph, right?

    Having yielded to the temptations of an imp, the young girl no longer feared anything.
    On a later date, a certain imperial princess was greatly troubled over the fact that "I ended up awakening something outrageous..."

    Height/Weight: 166cm・43kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: France
    Alignment: Chaotic Summer
    Gender: Female
    She wear glasses in a portion of her Ascension due being advised by Osakabe-hime that they would raise her intelligence.

    Magic Show Field: EX
    A variation of Territory Creation.
    It constructs an appropriate environment for the performance of magic tricks.
    This covers for her poor skills.
    Thanks to the mysterious angel (provisional name), mistakes in her tricks can be mostly glossed over.

    Magic Goods Create: C+
    A variation of Items Construction.
    The higher the rank, more feasible it is to instantly produce the goods necessary for magic tricks.

    Since Corday is but an apprentice illusionist, she can only handle simple magic tools.

    Illusionist (Fake): C+
    A bewitching skill that does not rely on magecraft. A genuine technical ability.
    There are also some rare owners of great finesse that are able to acquire its (True) variant.
    It cause others to see (or maybe experience) things that cannot be seen, that should not exist.
    Since Corday is a posteriori magician, her competency is clearly inferior to other magician Heroic Spirits.

    Haphazard Show Planning: A
    While she tends opens a show based on a momentary mood and impetus, for some reason the surroundings get extremely excited.
    Apparently a few mistakes are forgiven, and the audience ultimately gets satisfied.

    Angel of Legerdemain: EX
    The mysterious angel (provisional name) backs up her magic tricks.
    Once you contemplate everything carefully, it turns out that this angel is the most mysterious thing of all...
    Everyone (including Corday) thinks so.
    It erases the wariness of the audience, expands their tolerance levels towards amusements and enlivens the surrounding mood, but...
    Frightening enough, this does not change even during combat.


    La Fιerie d'une Nuit - An One-Night's Dream is to be Applauded
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~5
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    A Noble Phantasm that simultaneously performs an attack and bewitchment by means of a magic show.
    Given her competency, this would normally has (at best) about D Rank of destructive power and E Rank of bewitching effects, but it has the potential to become an awe-inspiring attack by means of the synergy with her skills and the mysterious angel (provisional name).

    Little Da Vinci (Swimsuit)

    出典:史実、Fate/Grand Order
    属性:秩序・夏  性別:少女体
    (レオナルド作による未完の馬の彫像、『巨大な馬(Gran Cavallo)』より)


    お土産話を聞かせて欲しい、といつものように言おうとして、今回は同行できることを思い出したダ・ヴィンチ は照れ笑いを浮かべるのだった。



    初めての財宝探索、ということで獲得した財宝追跡スキル。本来は金、銀、その他の鉱物などの探知を行うが、 戦闘においてはアクティブソナー的な役割を果たす。


    ランク:A 種別:対人宝具
    レンジ:1~10 最大捕捉:1人

    神秘は古ければ古いほど強力だが、あいにくとダ・ヴィンチちゃんのメカ恐竜は最新のカテゴリに入るため、神 秘としての力は今ひとつ。

    そこに籠められたサーヴァントたちの想いを考え、あるいは前任者たちが記録で愚痴る姿にいけないと思いつつ も笑う。

    憧れつつも自身とは縁遠いもの、と思っていたダ・ヴィンチにとってこの特異点はまさに奇跡に等しい存在であ り、全力で楽しみ、全力で解決に挑むつもりである。



    ダ・ヴィンチが夢を語った相手は違う名の子供で、コロンブスが夢を詰った相手は別の子供なのだ ろう。


    Leonardo Da Vinci

    There is premonition of adventure in this year's summer...!
    Little Da Vinci acquired a swimsuit Saint Graph in such a manner.
    Having throughly checked the records from various events up until this point, she fully intends to enjoy herself.

    While this is a swimsuit Saint Graph, there is no difference from the original Little Da Vinci.
    Her Class has also changed from Rider to Ruler, but it seems her personality has not been affected at all.
    Still, maybe due to being in a Singularity, she is more full of curiosity than usual - constantly restless and wanting to run around.
    The fact that she is in a position to experience together an event, when could only remain as a spectator up until now, is probably the reason behind this.

    "Let me hear your travel stories".
    Just when she was about to say that, Little Da Vinci remembered that she was tagging along this time around and let out an embarrassed grin.

    To examine the records of Micro Singularities is one of the few amusements that Little Da Vinci has.
    What exactly happened? Why did such a preposterous Singularity came to be?
    Despite knowing she shouldn't, she can't help but laugh while thinking about how the Servants involved in it must have felt, or about the grumbling figures of her predecessors seen in the records.

    She believed all those things were far beyond her, even though she yearned for them. Thus, the existence of this Singularity is nothing short of a miracle for Da Vinci - and she intends to tackle its settlement with all her might, enjoy it with all her might.

    Leonardo Da Vinci and Christopher Columbus.

    They both lived in the same era, but there are no official records of them ever interacting.

    Probably, the person Da Vinci told his dreams to was a child with a different name, and the person whose dreams Columbus scolded was yet another child.
    Those two walked in different directions, aiming towards their own respective dreams.

    A promise from a certain evening.
    It is impossible to tell if it truly happened or not.
    The tale of a dream from two children.

    Naturally, it has no relation with her current self though.

    Height/Weight: 144cm・36.5kg
    Source: Historical fact, Fate/Grand Order
    Region: Year 2017・South Pole
    Alignment: Lawful Summer
    Gender: Little Girl
    Her True Name is Gran Cavallo (derived from the unfinished "Gran Cavallo (giant horse)" sculpture made by Da Vinci).

    Dreaming Machine: A
    A support-type dinosaur automata, which Da Vinci developed without sparing any time for sleep.
    Although simple, they are endowed with their own intellect and autonomous function. Each of them move like a proper dinosaur.

    They are:
    Triceratops: Fianma (Italian for 'fire')
    Futabasaurus Suzukii: Mare (Italian for 'sea')
    Urvogel: Vento (Italian for 'wind')

    Treasure Checker: B
    Since this is her first treasure hunt, she obtained this treasure tracking skill. Originally, it works by detecting gold, silver and similar minerals, but it also plays a role similar to an active sonar during combat.

    Shining in the Twilight: EX
    All adventures come to an end.
    If the Singularity disappears, its adventure will also be treated as nonexistent.
    Still, something brilliant can be found in any sort of Twilight.
    This has an effect falsely similar to A Dream to the Stars.


    Dinosaur Summer Goodbye - An Unforgettable Summer Vacation, A Dream of Chalk
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Converting the dinosaur automata into bullets, loading them into her favourite magic gun and firing.
    It displays several effects, depending on the type of dinosaur automaton.
    Mysteries are more powerful the older they are. Unfortunately, since Da Vinci-chan's dinosaur automata belong to the newest category, their power as mysteries is lacking.
    Da Vinci-chan is compensating for this with her creative originality.

    Kama (swimsuit)
    「カーマ? 最近はなんだか微笑ましいですよねぇ」
    などというパールヴァティーたちの生温かい目に復讐すべく、愛の神が魔王マーラとして覚醒した姿(本人談) 。

    本気になった彼女は可愛らしい水着に身を包み、普段より積極的にマスターを堕落させようとする が……

    「どうです? これが夏の魔王マーラの真の姿です。

    どう見ても普段のカーマと全然変わっていないところが怖ろしいよね、と皆は顔を見合わせて頷き合うのであっ た。

    属性:中立・悪  性別:女性

    本気になって愛だの何だのという仕事をする気は依然としてないが、軽視されるのはそれはそれでなんだかムカ つく。
    「パールヴァティーも昔はあれだけ警戒していたのに、今はなんだか『いたずらもほどほどに』みたいな目です し。もっと本気で怖がったり警戒したりしてもらわないと、嫌がらせになりませんよねぇ……?」
    ここらで一発、愛の神としてではなく、堕落の魔王として改めてガッツリ存在感を示しておこう、 と!

    「いい機会ですし、全力でマスターさんを堕落させちゃいますよー。こんな私が水着で一緒にラブラブ(笑)す れば堕落しないわけありません。
     そして……私を甘く見ているパールヴァティーたちに。『丸くなりましたね』みたいなあの生温かい目で与え られた屈辱に! 本気で復讐してやります!

    マカラは水神ヴァルナやガンジスの女神ガンガーの乗騎(ヴァーハナ)でもあり、すなわち水を操 る力を持つ。
    夏の彼女が乗り回すワニやサメに似た形の謎フロートは、心地好いぷかぷかを演出すると共に、いかなる荒波も 乗り越え、ときには水上バイク以上の運動性能を発揮するという。

    普段なら「面倒くさいから嫌です」とジト目で拒否されるようなことも、まあ、夏ですし? の一言でやってくれるようになる、かも。

    アヴェンジャーの霊基を得た結果、シヴァに焼かれ宇宙と繋がったカーマの在り方は、依り代の少女の持つ希有 な魔術属性とさらに深く結びついてしまった。

    ランク:B 種別:対人宝具
    レンジ:2~10 最大捕捉:10人


    ランク:B 種別:対人宝具
    レンジ:2~10 最大捕捉:100人

    それは通常時と意味的には変わらないものであるが、現在の霊基の特性により、より深く、より虚ろなものとし て現れる。


    ジュースを恋人ストローで飲もうと提案したりしてくるが、実際にそうすると顔を真っ赤にしてドキドキしてし まう。
    一方的にマスターを堕落させることなどできるはずもなく、自爆するのがわかりきっているからで ある。

    しかしこの夏の霊基であっても、彼女が本質的にカーマでありマーラでもあるサーヴァントであること自体は変 わらない。そのカーマ/マーラの比率について、普段は6:4、ビースト時は4:6だという。
    「本人は3:7ぐらいだと思ってるみたいですが、元々と全然変わらないですよ?」(パールヴァ ティー氏談)

    "Kama? She has been adorable as of late, don't you think?"
    In order to get revenge at lukewarm views such as this from Parvati and the others, the God of Love has awakened to this figure as the Demon Lord Mara (or so she says).

    Summer makes you think of various sorts of temptations. In other words, summer is the season of depravity.
    What sort of Demon Lord would fail to make a display of her sense of presence in a time like this.
    Having turned serious, she wraps herself in a lovely swimsuit and attempts to lead the Master into depravity more assertively than usual, but...

    "What do you thing? This is the true form of Mara, the demon lord of summer. Aren't you scared of unintentionally falling to depravity~?"

    Everyone exchanged glances and agreed that the manner how, no matter how you look at it, she is no different from the usual Kama is indeed frightening.

    Kama pondered.
    'Maybe I've been taken too lightly recently?'
    'Do they think I am some sort of child, who probably would stay obedient so long they keep giving cakes and the likes?'
    'While I still don't feel like getting serious and doing my job of showing what love is all about, being held in contempt sorts of makes me mad.'
    "Even that Parvati, who used to be so cautious, is now looking at me as if saying 'keep your pranks moderate'. It is not really harassment if they don't get seriously scared and put on guard, right...?"
    As such, she made a decision.
    'For once, let me firmly show them my presence not as a god of love, but as a demon lord of depravity!'

    At this point, the ideal opportunity that is summer appeared.
    "This is a good opportunity, so I shall make the Master fall into depravity with all my might~. There is no way he won't be corrupted after getting all lovey-dovey (laughs) with me in a swimsuit.
    And then... I will seriously get revenge at Parvati and the others for the humiliation of not taking things seriously and looking at me with lukewarm eyes that say "
    you mellowed, huh?"
    It is too late to get flustered after doing something that cannot be undone~!

    The person herself claims to be in "a condition in which the aspect of Mara is more pronounced".
    As such, her attitude towards the Master is more assertive, more bold, more devilishly (impishly).
    ...still, how is that any different from usual?
    Not much actually.
    As befitting the summer, Kama is merely more proactive in regards to seducing the Master.

    Not only that, but since she is unreasonably specialized in attacks, her defenses became extremely weak.
    In other words, she is easy.
    Despite proposing that they drink a juice with a double straw, her face gets all red and she ends up becoming flustered when actually trying to do it.
    Therefore, Parvati does not regard her as particularly dangerous.
    For she understand that it is impossible for Kama to arbitrarily cause the Master to fall to depravity, and will just end up blowing herself up.

    Still, even in a Summer Saint Graph, the fact she is essentially a Servant that is both Kama and Mara in itself has not changed. In regards to that Kama/Mara ratio, supposedly her usual self is 6:4, while her Beast self is 4:6.
    And surprisingly enough, her current self is...!
    "She herself believes it to be 3:7, but it actually hasn't changed at all from before, you know?" (Parvati's testimony)

    Height/Weight: 156cm・46kg
    Source: Hindu Mythology
    Region: India
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Gender: Female
    The height/weight inscribed here is that of her basic condition.
    Due to the summer, the degree of freedom is greater than usual.

    Makara Floating: A
    A skill most suitable for playing in water during summer.
    Supposedly, Kama has a connection to the Makara, a sea beast from Hindu mythology.
    This Makara is also the mount (Vahana) of the Sea God Varuna and Ganga (the goddess of the Ganges) - in other words, it possesses the power to manipulate water.
    Supposedly, the mysterious float resembling a shark or alligator that her summer self rides not only produces a comfortable buoyancy, but can also surmount any raging waves and, at times, display greater mobility than a water scooter.

    Mara of the Midsummer Sea: EX
    A skill that denotes the summer earnestness of the demon lord.
    Can also be described as the summer version of the Mara Papiyas skill.
    It reduces her usual downer aspect that lacks motivation, making her behaviour slightly more active.
    Even things that she would usually reject with scornful eyes while saying "that's bothersome, so no" may come to be accepted under the excuse of "well, it is summer after all". Maybe.

    Hollow Demon: EX
    As a result of obtaining the Saint Graph of an Avenger, Kama's way of being as having a connection to the cosmos due being burnt by Shiva was further linked to the rare magic attribute possessed by the young girl that became the vessel.
    Therefore, her summer self perform attacks by means of a unique manipulation of magical energy.
    The flames of depravity will not disappear by any means but, due to the effects of this skill, they approach a condition of "existing while being nonexistent".
    This is the reason why, in her Third Ascension, the flames that burn her body "appear to have decreased somehow".


    Kama Rupastra - To Reach Love Extravagantly is a Romantic Summer
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 2~10
    Maximum Targets: 10 people
    Something that changed the flower arrows (Sammohana) possessed by Kama into a more summer-like shape.
    A cute swim ring that suits a beautiful girl the most. It is no exaggeration to call it a weapon that causes those who see it to fall in love.
    Once this Noble Phantasm hits, her depravity powers take the shape of a shadow giant and overflow.
    She herself does not know why it turns out like this.
    Rupastra is one of Kama's pseudonyms, and it means "that which makes beauty a weapon".

    Mara Sunyata - To Fall By Means of Romance is the Result of Love
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 2~10
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    An invitation to depravity performed while in a condition in which her aspect as Mara has surfaced.
    A dark universe reached a the ends of love.
    Although it has not changed in terms of meaning from her usual self, it appears as something deeper, emptier due to the special trait of the current Saint Graph.
    Those who fell in here can no longer escape.
    One can also describe this space as a flame converted into a cavity.
    Instead of a love flame that gaudily burns people to nothing, this is an empty flame that gently melts them away without making a sound.

    Caenis (swimsuit)

    ランサー霊基であれば海辺に一人で近づくことはまずないが、今回の霊基では「ちょっと行ってくる」とサーフ ボードを持って海に入っていくこともなくもない。

    属性:中立・夏  性別:―

    強いて言えば、夏のカルデア臨時保安要員としてゴルドルフに雇われた結果、普段よりも比較的とっつきやすく なっている模様。



    「普段とさして露出も変わらんだろうに、なぜこんなスキルが?」と言いながらフェルグスは呪わ れた。



    ランク:B+ 種別:対人宝具
    レンジ:1~50 最大捕捉:1人





    Kainis, whose Saint Graph became that of a Rider due to changing into a swimsuit.
    Her position is that of a provisional security personnel hired by Goldolf.

    While fulfilling her duties as the summer Chaldea's provisional security personnel, she intends to enjoy herself in her own way during her spare time.
    Were she a Lancer, Kainis would never approach the beach all by herself. But with this Saint Graph, it is not impossible for her to pick up a surfboard and jump into the sea while saying "I'll be right back".

    Kainis' Saint Graph was transformed when she changed into a swimsuit.
    There has been no fundamental change to her personality, but...
    If pressed to say, as a result of being hired by Goldolf as the summer Chaldea's provisional security personnel, it seems that she became relatively more approachable than usual.

    As a matter of fact, she rarely picks up any fights (that is to say, it is not like she doesn't do it at all).

    "A provisional security personnel hired by Chaldea for this year's summer, or something like that..."

    In this Saint Graph, Kainis is very counscious about it.
    This is probably because Goredolf personally commissioned her.
    As such, she is harboring a chaperone's point of view towards both the Master and the other swimsuit Heroic Spirits, but...
    That is something hard to notice at a glance, so she seems just like same old Kainis.

    Height/Weight: 174cm・59kg
    Source: Greek mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Neutral Summer
    Gender: -
    As usual, her dislike for the sea haven't changed.

    Riding: EX
    Kainis mount is a sea dragon... a legendary sea serpent, which is a subspecies of the dragon kind.
    Even if just a subspecies, the fact that she can freely maneuver a dragon kind makes her rank in the Riding skill extraordinary.

    Beach Crisis (Poseidon): EX
    A skill falsely similar to other summer Saint Graph's skills, such as Beach Flower and Beach Crisis.
    Those charmed by the figure of this beautifully perfected maiden are all bathed in the hex of the Sea God.
    While saying something like "Even though the degree of exposure(1) is not all that different from usual, why does she have this skill?", Fergus was cursed.

    Sea King-Style: B
    Original combat techniques that were jointly developed by her and Yagyuu Tajima-no-Kami.
    It specializes in combat in the beach.
    According to Kainis "this is just a recreation, a pastime".
    Not something produced as a form of self-cultivation, much less something to be left for the later generations.
    A mischevious prank that she merely attempted with an attitude of "let₯s try this out a bit" or "alright, let's do it". A single summer's dream.

    Summer-time Combat: B+
    The guidelines of the summer Chaldea's provisional security personnel taken shape in the form of a skill.
    It augments combat abilities. Particularly, additional bonuses are added when fighting on the beach.


    Sea Serpent Storm-Blue - Ride Fast, O My Sea-Colored Great Fang
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A full-powered throw performed while riding fast on her mount, the sea dragon.
    The harpoon that she fires directly hits and destroys the target while clad in magical energy in the shape of a sea dragon.
    Supposedly, the attack power is strengthened when the realease of True Name is performed in the beach.

    In addition, the harpoon employed here is her Noble Phantasm as a Lancer - the "Trident of the Sea God" - in a different shape.
    It is possible to catch a glimpse of it in the outward appearance of her Third Ascension.

    (1) as in, baring of skin

    Sei Shounagon (swimsuit)




    属性:混沌・夏  性別:女性

    狂化の影響か、アーチャークラス時に時折見せていた文人としての立ち振る舞いは更になりを潜めており、だい たい三割増しでうるさい。

    本人的には何故かバーサーカー=アウトローと勘違いをしている節があり、突然気取った口調で周囲に絡み始め るが、この状態はさほど長続きしない。


    街中をスケートボードで駆け抜け、戦闘時にはハンマーやスプレーを用いた殴打、体当たり、ビームなど何でも アリだが容赦はナシの残虐ファイトを得意とする。

    なお、カラースプレーには時間経過で消える特殊な塗料が使用されており、これを用いてどれほどの怪作や名文 を生み出したとしても、後に残る事は一切ない。


    思いつきで巨匠ゴッホの元で修行をするが、自分には絵の才能はないと思い知らされるだけであっ た。
    だが目覚めたビビッドな色彩感覚は彼女の綴る文字に新たな息吹を与え、目にした者の心を捕らえ てしまう。


    削り氷にあまづら入れて……ですっかりお馴染みの、あてなるもの(上品なもの)。日本最古のか き氷。
    だが……今年の夏はこれが流行る! みんな急げ!

    ランク:D++ 種別:対人宝具 
    レンジ:1~50 最大捕捉:1人

    固有結界の源となる想像力―――エモーショナルエンジン。そこから生み出されるエネルギーを全て推進力へと 変換し、ボードでストリートを疾走する大技。
    彼女のスプレーが綴る華やかな書き文字によって、敵対する相手は身も心もそのエモさに貫かれる のだ。

    平安期の女流作家が夏の誘惑に全力で乗っかり、水着に着替えた結果爆誕してしまったバーサーカ ー清少納言。

    生前にはついぞ体験し得なかった開放感と、「ひと夏の冒険」という格好の題材に揺さぶられる好 奇心。

    はしゃぎすぎて椅子を壊し、溢れるほどの花で着飾った牛車を走らせていた、あの華やかなりし定子サロンの時 代から、彼女は何も変わっていないのかもしれない。

    キラキラと夏に輝く彼女の姿に、懐かしい日々を思い描いて、どこかであの方も笑ってくれるだろ うか。
    Sei Shounagon

    A night to the summer. More so the season of the moon...(1)
    However, there is still a pile of fun things about summer!
    Swimsuits and shaved ice to the sea. And also a little bit of desire for adventure.
    Here we have yet another Heian woman who succumbed to such summer temptations.

    "Say, Masty~... How about we do something bad together?"

    And thus, this Berserker Sei Shounagon ended up being born.

    Whether you spend it diligently or play with fire a little, this year's summer is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
    "So let's enjoy it to our hearts content!"

    A summer-limited Berserker Class that transfigured her original Saint Graph after the feelings of anticipation and severe training in preparation to the approaching summer got mixed up with all kinds of different factors.
    Maybe due to effect of Mad Enhancement, the manners as a literary person that she displayed from time to time when in the Archer Class became even more subdued, and she got about three times more noisy.

    For some reason, the person herself seems to have a misunderstanding of "Berserker = outlaws" and she will suddenly pick up a quarrel with the surrounding people while putting on airs, but this situation shouldn't last for long.
    She will probably find it too tiresome while in the middle of speaking.

    In addition, it seems like her entrance into the Chaldea delinquent team has been rejected.

    Running through the city in a skate board, her forte is an anything goes, brutal fighting style that makes use of blows by means of a hammer and sprays, ramming attacks, beams and etc.
    "It's fine, for I am a Berserker."

    By the way, her color sprays employ special paints that disappear as time passes, so no matter what sort of travesty or famous literature she produces with them, nothing will remain after.
    A Berserker who is scrupulous in weird places.
    Occasionally, one can witness her and the children being chased by EMIYA after scribbling on the walls.

    There are rumours of all these weapons employing the technology of a different universe, or something...

    A woman writer from the Heian era that changed into a swimsuit and bursted onto the scene as a result of getting fully on board with the summer temptations - that is the Berserker Sei Shounagon.
    This is impressive, in many different ways.

    A sense of liberation that she was never able to experience in her previous life and the curiosity aroused by the topic at hand: "a summer adventure".
    Becoming highly merry, frolic and bustling about together with her companions...
    Such state of hers make it seem like she returned to being a young girl not only in body, but also in mind.

    Or maybe---
    She simply has not changed at all from her brilliant times in the Teishi Salon - in which she broke a chair due to getting too much excited and routed an oxcart that was overflowing with flower ornaments.

    Probably, that person is laughing somewhere while seeing that sparkling summer figure of hers and picturing those nostalgic days.
    "How adorable".

    Height/Weight: 157cm・46kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Summer
    Gender: Female
    "Hehe... my summer self is surprisingly bad, you know?"

    Summer Spirit!: A
    Despite studying under Great Master Gogh, it served only to make her realize that she had no talent for drawing.
    However, the vivid sense of colour that she has awoken to has breathed a new life into her compositions, which ends up capturing the hearts of those who see them.

    Night Pool Slider: A
    A thrill brought about by speed. After having learned such excitement, she can no longer return to your ordinary everyday life.
    There lays a glittering stage that pushed aside even the darkness of the night.
    "Let's plunge ahead, to beyond that brilliance...!"

    Atenaru Summer Sweet: A
    To put amazura(2) on shaved ice... an already well-known atenaru(3) (refined taste). The oldest shaved ice on Japan.
    An illusionary syrup, whose manufacturing process has already been lost in modern age.
    "However, it will come into fashion on this year's summer! Hurry up, everyone!"


    Emotional Engine・Vivid Full Sensation - Summer is a Heat Unknown to the World

    Rank: D++
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~20
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A summer so hot that nobody has ever experienced before is good!
    ...such stance of the writer Sei Shounagon has taken shape as a Noble Phantasm.
    Emotional engine---the power of imagination that is the source her Reality Marble. The energy it produces is completely converted into propulsive power for a bold technique that dashes across the streets on a board.
    By means of the gorgeous words she composes with her sprays, the opposing enemies are pierced in their minds and bodies by feelings of melancholy.

    (1) this seems to be a quote from her work "The Pillow Book".

    (2) a traditional Japanese sweetener made out of grape ivy. Sei Shounagon is famous for having a personal taste for it.

    (3) an ancient Japanese slang, which actually appears in "The Pillow Book". It means "something elegant, exquisite"

    Master of Chaos' Servant Standards

    F/GO ID: 011416057/カオス

    quote for higher truth
    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
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    Get famous in America, you're American. That's literally how America works.
    Unless you're Justin Bieber, Canada didn't want him, but America refuses to claim responsibility
    Quote Originally Posted by In a certain South Park episode...
    Kyle Broflovski: And what happens when an invulnerable cheater comes up against an elitist corporate dictator?
    Eric Cartman: A perfect storm of hypocrisy that everyone in the country has to deal with for months on end.

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    Or they will go with the good old our world is Chaldeas while the tree is the actual state where the world should be. So the LB's actions are rightful vengeance to get back what was theirs and that is why Holmes joined Alien God after knowing the truth?

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    I really don't get this strange obsession with being so negative about future plots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AAM1232 View Post
    I really don't get this strange obsession with being so negative about future plots.
    Kool factor. Being the good guys will not get otakus excited in this modern era.

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