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Thread: Fate/Grand Order Story and Lore (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathhappens View Post
    also Cu Chu (At least iirc he's only rumored to be a child of Lugh).
    Not a rumor by most accounts. But, to blah blah a bit, trying to explain the stuff where there’s ambiguity about Lugh being Cu’s father would cause a lot of confusion because it involves stuff like Cu reincarnating and being born from potentially several fathers (Lugh being one of them, but more than that, being the one that tries the hardest) and two mothers in the same story, or being born from his mother without a father (although Lugh is given credit for orchestrating this when God isn’t).

    A little more blah blah if you’re interested... the reason Lugh is generally accepted to be his (primary) father is because it helps to explain the light and heat things that Cu displayed himself, such as “the hero’s light”, his soul or spirit being made entirely of light, and melting snow 30 feet around himself and the heat being so intense that people like his charioteer Laeg couldn’t approach him (this was in his usual state, by the way, not as riastrad, although heat was even more strongly associated with that).

    (Side note: the similarities in one of Cu’s physical descriptions and one of Surya’s didn’t go unnoticed by Hull.)

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    I wanna ask you guys, whaddya do you think the Lostbelts' themes're? For example, LB1 talks about "the survival of the fittest", and LB2 talks about "love". But what about the others?

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