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Thread: Fate/Grand Order Story and Lore (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sssgth View Post
    Caenis was always a bad fit for a “trans rights” Servant anyway—their desire to go from female to male is explicitly due to trauma rather than any inborn quality, and when they die, their corpse is female.
    Maybe it's because trans people are so desperate for any kind of representation in stories that they'll latch onto things like this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    This is true, even when d'Eon is in the game. Then again, they're also pro-royalty, which isn't great.
    Quote Originally Posted by Deathhappens View Post
    Really, all 3 of the romances in F/SN are 'for want of a nail' kind of situations.
    Quote Originally Posted by forumghost View Post
    You mean because Shirou winds up falling for the first of the three that he Nailed?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
    I speak for the majority of important people* *a category comprised entirely of myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by asterism42 View Post
    Maybe it's because trans people are so desperate for any kind of representation in stories that they'll latch onto things like this.
    Let's also not forget the same thing happened with Astolfo, and while I do understand how his whole shtick might confuse some people it takes literally 2 minutes of research to see that he's just fucking with people.

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    He's just living his best life. Well, his best second life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirGauoftheSquareTable View Post
    Caenus/Caenis leaned hard into ancient Greek toxic masculinity for that one
    shit BL says

    Quote Originally Posted by I3uster View Post
    It's like with centaur girls, you're fucking a horse. Sure the human part is the one that moans but your dick is in the horse, no way around it.
    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    boytoy angst > fulfilling life of misanthropic extremist environmentalism
    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac View Post
    ladies, he's single
    Quote Originally Posted by OverMaster View Post
    Yeah, but that's because he's got more issues than National Geographic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Araya's Dry Cleaner View Post
    You can rage, but there is no waifu communism.

    You are not getting government-handout waifus.

    Once and always and nevermore.

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