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Thread: Fate/EXTRA Last Encore

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    Quote Originally Posted by mami-kouga View Post
    That's pretty interesting, and as expected of Nasu
    I'm at half of the first chapter. The storytelling reminds me Stay Night a lot, but much much more focused on his theme of Decadence and Loss (every two page there's somewhat that screams DECADENCE).

    Amari is the fianceť that Shinji never had (too bad that's a farce), and Hakuno is... pleasant. He's still the non-emotions brick, but he's more like a guy with social problems who likes have friends even if he can't show it.

    The book is good, there're a lot of notes that help the reader to focus on little important things and I like this a lot. But, yeah, it's a good book but a bad work, because Nasu should've to write a story for an anime and instead he makes something that it's a lot difficult to make good as a medium outside Novels/Visual Novels.

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    And the wastes potential reara its ugly head again. Nasu should have just written it as a side extra game rather than an anime...

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    So I was re-reading the thread in search of translations of the Drama CDs and:
    Quote Originally Posted by Lobo View Post
    1-Amari summons her servant "What the hell is this?!" "This is the story of the events of my HGW" Amari introduces her servant to Shinji "Rider, stay, stay". When he start to question about him she ask him about his servant, he goes on an 8-year old excited rant talking about his servant. She zones him out, thinking her strategy. All this is in floor 1 before Chakravartin.
    2-Amari is in charge of the city, a very excited kouhai follows her and talk to her, パパルパム・ミュートリン (V.A. Ai Yamamoto). To Amari, she's one of many pawns in her police force, but maybe this live is not so bad after all. Floor 1 after Chakravartin.
    3-Events of anime episode 1, specially the part where she convinces a very traumatized Shinji to kill. Exposition about her servant, true name revealed some info and her strategy. Drakes appears to talk with her. Amari is wary of her, Drake is "I do know your game but i don't care, if he's dumb to fall for it that's on him"-kinda actitude.
    4-Amari kills an ally of her and his Lancer, released Dromy. Shinji stay behind in the first floor. She will continue on. Chakravartin is released on the sky. She meets with Rin, scene from the Alice floor between the two of them. Alice's rampage forces her to go back to floor 1.
    5-Amari recounters Shinji, who has been name floor master. They allied to form the city. Amari meets with Drake once again, same actitude.
    6-Shinji has falls on a state of apathy that Amari doesn't understand. She shows him the police uniforms, Shinji "cosplay?" Amari tries to talk with her overly excited kouhai, she has also given up and left, a programme robotic NPC vertion replaced her. Amari breaks down on that feeling of loneliness. Crushing the resistance (Rin) is anything that she has left.
    7-Episodes 2 and 3 from her perspective. She informs Shinji of the new master and his saber, Shinji freaks out of recognition (that he kill that master) and cuts communication. She don't get it and can't reach him. Cyber Ghost and Dead Face. Battle of Rin stars at "I'll let the rest to you two", battle against the NPC police women, the berserkers. Confrontation between Amari and Rin, Rin goes demi servant mode and defeats the Berserkers. Mention of Top Servants. Rin wins and Amari unleashes Fenrir, scene cut (no battle). Rin gives the final blow against Amari, the city is getting flooded and Amari apologizes to Shinji, finally having understood his problems (He wasn't there to hear her, only Rin). She dies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kotonoha View Post
    Ok yeah the context for top servant is just Amari going "hey she just turned into that Top Servant she had". What are top servants, we just don't know.

    Fun fact, the Shinji that Hakuno met in the office was Amari using his avatar, the real deal never left the roof.
    So, nice and all that Cu is a confirmed Top Servant, but what I'm curious about is: does anyone have the full translation of the first Drama CD? Cause I found the 2nd one linked in this thread and all but I found first nowhere to be found.

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