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Thread: Garden of Avalon Cd Drama

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    Garden of Avalon Cd Drama

    Hi! This is a translation of the whole GoA Cd Drama. It is far from perfect and it is mostly to help people to understand at least what's going on.

    Just a heads up, its a translation of the translation of this video so there are segments that may no be totally exact but I've tried to keep it as precise as possible. Also, there are some parts with an interrogation sign, those were not so clear for me. Many thanks to the person that initialy translate it to portuguese.

    Also I allowed myself the liberty to add some illustrations to enhance the experience. (Probably gonna end up adding more)

    Here the Google Docs of it :

    Feel free to edit it if you find mistakes.

    So that's pretty much it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This is a really great work, a lot of characterization for Saber and introduction to another context through the eyes of really great characters. Share your thoughts about it.

    Garden of Avalon:

    At the Garden

    Merlin: Existed there a slightly inclined plain, where flowers of many colors bloomed.

    The light of the spring sun and the fragrance of summer filled the afternoon.

    The autumn breeze and the starry firmament of winter covered the night.

    On the ground, there was flowers and insects.

    In the woods there was water, green and with animals.

    Moreover, where the water reposed, there was beautiful spirits.

    This island of frontier (?) eternally prohibited and never explored by humans.

    Its name was Avalon.

    [01 Track: at the Garden]

    It was other name for the place where certain star, Earth, rest its soul. Internal sea of the stars.

    In that flowery garden exists something that has the shape of a person.

    He wore a simple mantle, but with the highest quality of knit.

    Long rainbow colored hair that went through the sunshine.

    He focused onto a pupil without any force of will in a faraway place.

    The man thought, “Probably it will begin its downfall” he said for an island of certain habitants of the fifth century.

    And it was all for this Paradise.

    The man was a magus for a certain King, but before the last battle,

    That non-human fled to this paradise, for personal reasons involving woman.

    He became key for great magi that appeared in various myths and legends.

    However, he possessed prove for his position above all other magus - the eyes that could see through the world.

    Coming from union between a Succubus with a human.

    His name was, The magus of flowers ,Merlin.

    Merlin was walking through this garden of flowers.

    This paradise did not have limits because it was constantly changing.

    Upon reaching the bounds of the island, the scenery would change to a dry land that in reality its name was Britain.

    In front of his eyes, existed a rough gate.

    In that gate, there was only one phrase engraved --- Only the sinless may pass.

    Merlin shrugged his shoulders and without deviating, passed through the portal.

    At that moment, a hill that was in the desert transformed.

    From the ground, a thick stonewall emerged and trapped the magus.

    Merlin murmured in thoughts about what caused this.

    [So only the sinless may pass]

    The man, knowing that it was a trap, kept moving forward because those words hurt.

    For Merlin, that could view all possibilities, the world was nothing more than a painting.

    A painting that Merlin feels that is more beautiful with a happy conclusion for humanity.

    However, in the painting, love for humans or even for a particular individual did not exist.

    ? Consequently, getting rid of the source of prosperity and happiness of some was like killing bugs.

    ? Without even having to choose which one was good or bad, liked it or not.

    Then, he himself was not even conscious of his sin.

    Maybe, someone sinless in this land it’s only myself. It’s what he thought.

    Merlin lends a hand to humans, so he create kings.

    Even so, for what happens in the reign, he won’t have responsibility or feelings of guilt.

    A man inside the narrow cell, seated in a rock fragment that emerged from the ground.

    Raising his sight high.

    A little open window existed in the wall.

    ? If it was the same epoch, the man would be able to see the world no matter the place.

    The magus of flowers placed a hand in his bag and told to his familiar: (Cath Palug)

    Soon, soon, the last stage.

    But before that let me tell a bit of a story of the past.

    Dawn of Appointment

    Saber: Oh, Oh no…

    Many thanks, you woke me up.

    I was worried yesterday, but it seems that you have keen eyes. I am certain that you will be an incredible war horse, just like my father’s, Eto.

    Yes, yes. I will prepare the morning meal for everyone later.

    Anyways Eto, is time for your brushing, isn’t it?

    Please listen, Eto. Yesterday, I finally managed to land a blow on Éctor… Well... In truth, I only pushed him one step, however isn’t it enough to make a difference in the unforgiving battlefield?

    But… as of late, he seems troubled.

    For a knight as Éctor, to be silent and somber. I worry for him.

    Ah, forgive me. I stopped brushing.

    A while ago I asked Éctor.

    Saber : Éctor, if you have any worries you can tell me, I will do everything I can to help… unless you plan to cut down our meals… Really, is it something to do with your legs or your back?

    And then he said.

    Hum, its only your impression. My body will remain fit for another ten years. However, Arturia, you don’t seem quite ready to do everything to help.

    He said so without losing his usual matter-of-fact tone.

    You are right,
    Certainly, Kay-niisan must be causing troubles again.

    Alright, I’m done. You have also today beautiful hair, Eto.

    Saber: Sorry to keep you waiting, Ector! I overslept!

    Éctor: You seem lively enough for one who just woke up. Very well then, now hold your sword; we will train all the morning, no breaks today.

    [02 Track: in the morning]

    Merlin: Fifth century, island of Britain. This country was passing agitated times.

    The Saxons, foreigners that crossed the seas, demanded lands.

    Britain was an island ruled by a king and royal families.

    There were unresolved conflicts between the families, that’s why there was cooperation between some of them and the invaders.

    Moreover, a king opened a road to that relation.

    His name was Vortigern, the Usurper.

    Born in Britain, he had a force of will incarnated in a white dragon, focused in Britain’s perish.

    Uther Pendragon, the greatest King, was defeated in battle with Vortigern and then forever disappeared from the eyes of the people.

    And so, Britain enters an era known as the age of darkness.

    Despite this, the Britons did not lose hope – for all that the great Magus Merlin had prophesized.

    Merlin: “The King Uther is hiding the one that will be his heir. He will become the King of the next generation.”

    “The Incarnation of the Red Dragon. The new king will bring many knights together to a round table and together they will vanquish the White Dragon.”

    "The King lives. It shall be known soon."

    That was a story from ten years ago.

    Furthermore, this heir will be fifteen this year.


    Éctor: Arturia, it seems that Kay forgot his things. Go to town and bring it to him. You can make it on time if you leave now.

    Saber: Sight … My own brother, a knight, forgetting his own lance? Is that possible?

    Éctor: Indeed, It must be because there have been no jousting held in the recent years.

    Saber: Understood, I only have to take this to Kay-niisan, right?

    Éctor: Do so... this will be your last task for the day.

    [It’s Merlin! Merlin has come!]

    Saber: Oh, Merlin?

    [Yes, he came saying that he will chose Uther’s heir. All the knight of the realm are gathering. The one who pulls the sword from the stone shall become the new king.]

    [Who will it be? Who will become king?]

    Saber: I see, that is the sword of selection then.

    Saber: Kay-niisan.

    Kay: Ahhh.

    Saber: Is that the sword of selection?

    Kay: Oh, sword of selection, chose me!! Ughhh!

    So that thing tells me that I am not worthy of becoming king?

    [Is that great knight also not worthy?]

    [I wonder if the new king will really appear]

    Kay: It is a sword that none can draw, a figure that only by existing causes problems.

    The one that will become king will be decided by a tourney.

    Saber: That is...?

    Kay: It is already decided, this is a good way for to decide.

    Saber: Even if a king was not chosen?

    Kay: What is a king cannot be seen. It is more human to measure who has more power with its hands and with money.

    Kay: it is easier to help ourselves with objectives that align with our interests. No one wants to see or become “the agent of god that saves everything”.

    Saber: Kay-niisan, Do you think he same?

    Kay: Of course. You should go back to father before you get mocked for having such a slender feminine body that can barely hold a sword.

    Do you understand? This your first and last opportunity. Go back to home.

    [It seems that they will decide who will be king with a competition, let’s go see!]

    [Should we also go?]

    [So Merlin prophecy was not true]

    Saber: No one wants to see, no one wants to be…

    [03 Track: Stories]

    Why have I been falsely living as a man named Artorius?

    Why ever since I gained use of reason I've been trained in swordsmanship, teached about the country and denied my own desires as a human?

    It is clear.

    All was for this day.

    To pull the king’s sword, she had a kind heart.

    She did not know her own parents faces.

    To fulfill the objective of creating an “ideal king”, I was born as a part of that plan.

    ? Truthfully, she couldn’t feel any emotion or wish about the pain inflicted by her father, king Uther.

    The same with the special missions that came from the teachings from the magus, she didn’t have any emotions towards that.

    But these fifteen years that have been lived and experienced, day by day with nothing noteworthy befalling, with his adoptive father, Sir Éctor, his stepbrother Kay and the lively voices of the people that lived in the city.

    It was something different from admiration or love.

    ? It was only that it resonated in her as something right and beautiful.

    I want to become a habitant of the city or I want to join the community (circle), she did not possess that kind of wish.

    Even when she occasionally pictured that scene, she tenderly shut it down.

    This way she will lose everything. She knew that from the bottom of her heart.

    When young, while she wasn’t too smart, but she was very hardworking, and therefore she told herself that it wasn’t going to happen.

    Just like humans born to be human.

    For dragons, their desired function also exists.

    Saber: Thanks, Kay-niisan…

    But… forgive me.

    Merlin: Is better if you think it through before pulling that sword.

    Saber: You surprised me. This is the first time we meet outside a dream, isn’t it? Merlin"

    Merlin: Not to say anything bad about it but it is better if you stop. After pulling that sword, you will stop being human

    Not only that, you will be hated by all kind of humans and you will reach a horrendous death

    Saber: No...

    Merlin: Is that alright?

    Saber: Many people were smiling so.... Certainly this path ... I don't think is the wrong one.

    Merlin: Ahhh, so you drew the sword? You end up choosing the hard path.

    Even still, miracles have a necessary price.

    Oh King Arthur, would you trade that for your most valuable possession?

    Kay - A story of the knights

    [04 Track : Starlight]

    Kay: Five years. That’s when we became family.

    Not my age, hers.

    At first sight, I immediately knew that she would be a beaut, but father told me: “Treat her like a brother” And so that was what I did.

    However, there was not a chance in hell it could be kept as a secret.

    King Uther came up with the idea of creating a next king that would be no human.

    A hybrid between dragon and man.

    Born in the mold of a human body, the incarnation of a king.

    Blood of king Uther, blood of dragon. In order to bind them together it was necessary a suitable woman of noble blood.

    Without a trace of romance, a union that only cared about the result.

    What? You think there was love in it? You seriously believe that?

    It’s because you can’t understand that exactly why you are inhuman.

    And that’s how Artu --- King Arthur’s was born.

    They called conceptual fertilization in the magic terms, so I hear.

    Putting the abilities of a dragon in a human without altering the growth of the human.

    No one could grow normally after that, but even at that point, she was already different.

    It is almost hard to believe it now, but she wasn’t any different from any of the others girls in town. Once in town, she became just like her surroundings.

    She was a town girl, a simple town girl.

    Ah, but being a sore loser was a trait that she born with.

    The fact of winning or losing to someone other wasn’t what made her sore,

    Rather she was sore about her own weakness.

    When faced with defeat, she would quickly lift her head and continue.

    Adamant while walking forward, but because of that she was hurt easily.

    Maybe because she was too obedient she could not ignore certain things.

    A girl like that that was raised for 10 years under the strict watch of my father.

    So of course, she would become an ideal king. It was a lot of trouble for me however.

    The story after she pulled the sword of selection is one that you can tell better that I can.

    When she concluded her training in order to master the sword of selection, Caliburn, she finally started calling herself the rightful King.

    She then started the first of the eleven battle we’ve had with the Saxons.

    She defeated the cruel king, Vortigern.

    And formed our castle, Camelot.

    After that, ten years.

    There’d never been a dull moment, for both you and I.

    You fooled around with women while calling yourself the aid of the king, and I’d chase after a woman’s rump while performing my duties as one of the Round Table.

    All this while King Arthur would bring and bid a group of bickering lords and accomplish great results against the fight against the Saxons.

    Well, you could say that it was indeed a good and pacific reign.

    So like the old reign of king Uther had wished, a perfect king was born.

    Meanwhile, our worries amounted to nothing.

    There wasn’t any knight that cared enough to ask if she was really a woman.

    Even after all this, no knight truly accepted King Arthur.

    Those people that shouted for the “ideal King”, the moment they realized that that ideal could not possible save absolutely everyone, they pushed all the blame on her.

    And the result of it is this.

    When King Arthur comes from Rome, Mordred will have an army already raised.

    As for I, I cannot stand more of this internal fighting idiocy.

    By talking about any appropriate motive, I ordered retreat.

    Finally, you want to hear what I think of King Arthur, you say?

    Ever since she was little, she’d been trained by the old man and given a king’s education for the greater portion of the day.

    And out of the sole free time that she had left, she used it to sleep, take care of the horses or patrol the city.

    During her life, she couldn’t personally experience was she was trying to protect.

    Is there something else that makes one shudder so much?

    I am a man who will cut off the head of a giant if asked, but she made even me wince.

    In the time we lived with father, I couldn’t’ help myself and once asked because of how sickening it was.

    Kay: “Hey, when are you sleeping?”

    “Do not worry, brother. I’m going to sleep from dawn until the sun rises”

    She said so with a smile. From dawn until the rise of the sun. That’s not even three hours.

    But the next day, I met you and learned a truth that I did not want to know.

    She, even in her sleep, had been trained on how to be a king by a succubus that was a magus.

    What a joke. In other words, she hadn’t been truly sleeping.

    Because of that, now that I see the country on the edge of falling I find myself thinking.

    “Bollocks. What was it that she wanted to do so much to have to go that far?”

    At the starlight

    [08 Track: Drone of Avalon]

    Merlin: After the fall of Vortigern, King Arthur began the reconstruction of the ancient citadel that was destroyed.

    Even still, Britain’s future remained dim.

    The daily life of the population was not changing, causing the flourishment of evil on the people’s hearts.

    “Wasn’t King Arthur the king that would shine?”

    “The one that if we follow his words would lead us to a prosperous country?”

    Saber: The fact that I would be reprimanded was inevitable.

    Because of this year plans, we were forced to buy farm products from other countries.

    I’m going to be in need of Sir Lancelot help another time.

    Merlin: Since always this island has been poor. Everybody though that when Vortigern Usurper was defeated we would gain peace.

    Even so, the result was different. Humans like the truth even though they hate things that too truthful.

    As long as King Arthur remains as the ideal king for those people, they will depend of King Arthur and degrade him at the same time.

    You will have to ignore or even crush what they say in order to rule.

    All of what you receive are injustices and twists.

    However, the more of it, the more the daily life of the population stabilizes.

    Saber: So the more I suffer, the more the country will prosper. Is that what you say?

    Merlin: Yes. You knew about this, didn’t you? You knew about this when you pulled the sword of selection.

    Saber: Yes. And for that I have the pride to say we are doing well.

    Please, watch me Merlin. I won’t say that it will be now, but I can say with certainty that this country will become a great one, not one to lose against the legendary Avalon, I’m sure.

    Merlin: Was in that moment that the magus realized the mistake.

    What was important for her was not actually being king.

    She pulled the sword only for the sake of the people. She, since the start, did not held any pride for being king.

    The mistake of the magus and the old king Uther.

    As soon as he perceived the difference between what they demanded and what she demanded, the magus knew that she would despair.

    Either way, no matter the reign that will continue, she will regret. When this happens, just guide her, he told himself.

    The magus was ashamed for having such disgusting overconfidence.

    He tried, now that he could still change the way but…

    It was already too late.

    Gawain - A story of the knights

    [06 Track: Day of Camlann]

    Gawain: I never doubted the power of the king.

    He was the personification of the ideal knight.

    Only by seeing him fighting on the vanguard, when I accompanied him, I had the certainty that Britain would have a bright future.

    However... Only once.

    Only once, there was a fight where I feared for the king’s victory, only able to stay behind and watch the king from behind.

    Vortigern, the demon dragon.

    ? That was the form of the one who wanted to destroy Britain.

    With one strike of Vortigern, the launched soldiers evaporated.

    My own holy sword (Galatine) had his brilliance stole.

    The King’s holy sword (Excalibur) was also lit only as a weak bonfire.

    The battle extended to several hours.

    The roar of the demon dragon brought dark clouds that created even more destruction.

    The neck of the dragon manifested, engulfing weapons, corpses, and wreckage of the citadel in its wake.

    … The king probably already knew.

    Vortigern was Britain itself.

    Gawain: King Arthur, the body of the enemy is Britain itself.

    Despite having the holy sword, we cannot win. We must retreat for now!

    Saber: “I will require your assistance a little more, Sir Gawain”

    Gawain: KING?!

    Saber: “You and I here together. What are wilders of holy swords if they cannot quiet one or two fits of the island?”

    Gawain: Yes!

    King! I trapped one of the demon dragon hands!

    Saber: You did well solar knight, hardy Gawain. If I rip the other side, he will be no longer able to escape to the skies.

    Gawain: However, because of that we are unarmed.

    Is that?!

    Saber: To the light that reaches the last frontier

    Gawain: What is that shinning lance!?

    Saber: And so, cut the skies and bind the earth…

    Storm fury, RHONGOMYNIAD!!

    Saber: Vortigern…

    Vortigern: Fools, All of you … To defeat one tyrant they would bring other holocaust.

    Oh my little brother Uther, you cannot save this country.


    Because the age of mysteries has already ended.

    From now on, is the time of civilization, the age of man.

    The power that is in your essence is at odds with humans.

    At long as you exist, Britain has no a future.

    Curse your fate, the old Britain has fallen long time ago.

    Gawain: When the King pulled his spear away from the old man.

    He gave a laugh capable of shaking the city and turn it to dust.

    When the end of the war was declared, the king was brighter than ever.

    Anyone who could gaze that shinning figure of the king would certainly left captivated by his power.

    A demonstration of how divine was that battle.

    Our country was dry, but as long as we have King Arthur, we would not fear anything.


    After the king completed the construction of Camelot and the seats of the round table were filled, the king gave the welcome to Queen Guinevere.

    Guinevere even though she knew the truth, she gave all her support to the king and fulfilled her roles as the Queen.

    That time was when the stories about the round table bloomed all over the country.

    In truth, I didn’t matter how dim Britain was, Camelot was always filled with smiles and hope.

    While the people believed that it was due King Arthur prestige,

    The knights had the pride to tell that it was because of all the effort made by everyone.

    Even after this, the King was the only one that looked to the reality that still suffered.

    There isn’t a flower that blooms eternally.

    Even if the situation in Camelot is wholesome

    Britain was on its way to his fall.

    Saber: So… The reasons behind the drought and poverty were not only the invaders, you say?

    Merlin: Unfortunately.

    It is also because this island is far away from the continent.

    But even with the continued disappearance of magic in this star,

    This island is still layered with the air of antiquity.

    It is because of that the Picts, dragons and succubus still exist.

    Lastly, Britain inhabitants are also included in that category.

    Saber: You say the population is also included?.

    Merlin: Not only the foreigners are the invaders.

    The earth itself is being changed.

    The bad harvest will probably continue until you guys perish.

    Saber: So we should obtain and develop new means of living?

    Plant imported seeds, accept different bloods, change our ways of existing in this island?

    Merlin: What I’m saying is that that is one way from two options.

    Saber: Either way…more time is necessary.

    If we do maintenance or if we make changes,

    All must be done after stopping the foreigner’s invasions.

    Merlin: You think that you have a chance of victory, King Arthur?

    Saber: Absolutely.

    “Prepare the sails, we will eliminate all the enemies that dare to set foot on Britain”

    [02 Track : in the morning]

    Merlin: It was the twelve battle in which King Arthur fought. The final phase was approaching.

    And just like that it began the journey with their destiny for two knights.

    There was not a day without a war council.

    As well as no night without camping.

    That she was on the vanguard was probably a way to show determination.

    So as to set on battle, it was necessary to discard many people.

    ? The reason why we went on battle was because eliminating all our enemies was necessary.

    In order to protect all the country, depleting a small village to prepare the armament was common practice.

    Saber: These are measures to achieve victory on the upcoming battle. I want you to lend me your support!

    There was probably no other knight that had killed more, that was more hated that her.

    Despite that, there was not hesitation in setting of a battlefield.

    When she sat on the throne to repose, she closed her eyes filled with sorrow.

    You have to discard your humans emotions if you want to save everyone.

    That oath, she protected it with great rigor.

    Then, after uncountable victories.

    “King Arthur doesn’t understand people feelings”

    It was what a round table knight murmured before leaving King Arthur service.

    After that, other recognizable knights went back to their lands by their own volition.

    The king accepted that, thinking that it was an obvious outcome,

    And gave the administration of the lands to them.

    If they stayed in their lands, depending on how the fight against the invaders went, they could be used as bait.

    That measure left the knights more scared.

    ? It was like this that beautiful reason of honor of knights, the king became isolated.

    But her heart did not change.

    After a year that she left Camelot.

    King Arthur emerged victorious from a battle that would divide the fate with the foreigners.

    It was the natural result.

    The knights were all fighting to be able see the light of tomorrow.

    But her, she fought to obtain victory using all the war tactics at her disposal.

    That is how a country on the border of destruction could obtain a brief moment of true peace.

    … To tell what comes next after that, it really tires one

    She told a secretary, one that she could supposedly trust, the secret of the island.

    This secretary advised that because the island was losing its magic we needed to search for a miracle of the same size.

    The king accepted that idea.

    And the rest was passed to the myth, the search for the chalice of the rounded table.

    Many knights eagerly left in search for the golden chalice that the king talked about, but the always returned empty handed.

    And then, ten years after King Arthur obtained the throne, at the last one.

    The infidelity of Queen Guinevere with Sir Lancelot was discovered.

    Lancelot – A story of the knights

    When we returned to my domain’s castle and arrived in my chambers, sleep overtook the Queen.

    In her cheek remained the marks of the tear streaks.

    … The other knights did not know just how much the Queen admired and gave support to the King.

    Betrayal. The maiden heart of the Queen was tainted by receiving the infamy of infidelity.

    Doubtless, she was continuing to apologize to the king even now even on her dreams.

    I sat on the bed still in helm and armor.

    Knowing the situation the king was in, I at least owned out of loyalty to remain in armor until the return of the expedition from Rome.

    The night was long.

    Until the Queen would awake, I reflected on what the Queen told me of half the life of the King.

    There was only some that knew her true identity.

    She literally cloaked herself in iron and sealed that truth for all her life

    Of course, there was people that suspected about the king’s identity, however,

    The King, owner of the sword of selection, doesn’t get injured or age.

    That holy sword had the protection of the lake spirits,

    Granting the owner longevity and perpetual youth.

    Indeed, the king was invincible.

    Consequently, nobody questioned the truth about the king.

    I’m a knight from another country.

    A French knight holds to a creed in which he will left his own country in order to take the hand of the maiden hat he loves if she is in peril.

    For that reason, I experienced a stigma, but one that allowed me to watch the round table with clear eyes.

    “The king doesn’t understand others feelings”

    After saying that, Sir Tristan left the round table.

    The king fatigue became remarkably apparent.

    The Queen was concerned about the king

    And I also shared the worries about the burdens placed onto the king.

    We shared conversations, came to know and rely on each other.

    And then I learned from her of the true identity of the king,

    of the Queen's loneliness,

    And of my own callowness.

    At that moment, I was filled with anger.

    A fury towards all things pure.

    I felt an uncontrollable rage towards the island of Britain itself.

    ? The knight who rose to the rank of secretary, Agravain, knew the secret of the King.

    He used that knowledge to threaten the queen.

    When the queen received that insult,

    That made me take my final decision.

    I slashed through many knights, stole the life of friends.

    And fled to my domains.

    I’m a traitor who committed adultery, becoming a foul beast that cannot call himself a knight.

    … That is okay.

    The man shouted that inside his heart.

    All to obtain the woman who I loved.

    Even still …. The king told me that he forgave me.

    Saber: “My friend, my pride, my ideal knight.

    If you had seen fit to commit such actions, they must have good cause. I believe on their justness.

    Lancelot: As soon as I saw the letter of pardon, I saw that my soul would fall into madness.

    I foresaw a painful end.


    But the king truly forgive.

    He was giving his blessing to me and the queen.

    If I were in the king’s position, could I really forgive a man who wronged me that way?

    No, that was a flawed question.

    The king was unlike us to begin with.

    He wasn’t human nor raised as one.

    But still, she tried to live rightly as one.

    Even after not being able to experience human happiness, she loved the happiness of the people.

    She truly was a monster,

    A greater one than Vortigern.

    ? That is why the others could not understand and they feared.

    I respect and admire the king even now,

    But I cannot accept, I must not accept her way of being,

    If I call that was of living “wonderful” that would make me equal to the knight that left the castle.

    The fear born in me now will one day become anger, then hate,

    And compel me to continue cursing the ideal king for all eternity.

    It was a horrid future but it was a fitting punishment for one like me.

    The Departure

    It was a ceremonial dawn.

    The harbor was agitated with the preparations for the great fleet.

    She and the magus were far from that commotion in the dock, having their last conversation.

    Merlin: And so, finally, the expedition to Rome.

    Saber: Yes, first attack and then negotiate.

    Merlin: Honestly, as always you hate to lose.

    Saber: We also have many accumulated complaints, so we will attack relentlessly.

    After we suppress them, we will propose the peace conditions.

    Merlin: That is good.

    [However, Britain is a country that is fated to fall sooner or later.

    Or I rather say that one that is already decaying.]

    What would you do If I started saying that?

    Saber: I’d get more furious to your everyday jokes.

    Britain will not fall. I am doing everything that is possible for that.

    Merlin: Ah, that’s right. I forgot something that is recent.

    I cannot joke about humans.

    ? Hmm, such recent story still feels like it’s so old.

    Uther and I raised an ideal king,

    I think that was good.

    However, what happened next did not happened as planned.

    We sought the ideal king and while you sought for the people happiness.

    From the start, what we saw was different.

    It would have been better If I could have perceived that difference faster.

    Saber: “Merlin?”

    Merlin: It’s ok. Everything is going to be fine.

    Saber: It’s time to depart.

    Merlin: Sorry, I will stay here; I made a little mistake, for the time being I will have to hide a bit.

    Saber: Even though I have told you many times to avoid troubles with women,

    No matter how much years go by, you never change about that.

    Merlin: Only because it is my main reason to live.

    What is a life worth without flowers?

    Saber: Honestly…

    Merlin: To the magus who spoke proudly... She gave a warm smile.

    That’s true, the magus had seen her smile now uncountable times,

    However, she never smiled for her own sake.

    When this girl sees people happy, she wholeheartedly smiles.

    Saber: Thank you, Merlin. I am grateful to you.

    You have been a great mentor for me.

    I, unlike you, never got involved with someone of the other gender,

    Therefore, I don’t really know how to put this feeling into words.

    ? For being here, for accompanying me for these many years, I appreciate you.

    It could be that I might have been in love* with you.


    The king did not blush, and was neither ashamed as a maiden.

    She simply spoke her heart, irrelevant thoughts.

    Of course, that was not love,

    She only tried to put into words her wandering thoughts, just wanting to show the highest level of gratefulness based on the lived.

    The last conversation ended.

    Aboard the ship was the king that parted towards the golden sea.

    When he saw that, the magus started a monologue.

    I don’t understand human love.

    Arturia, she does not know human love just yet.

    Between the two, they talk about love, is there a limit to irony?

    No, isn’t that the natural result?

    Two no – humans trying to imitate humans.

    That just cannot work.

    The day of Camlann

    [Great victory!]

    [Now the fighting will end!]

    [I will return home after this battle]

    [Yeah, my family is waiting]

    Saber: We formed a treated with Rome.

    At least, for while I’m alive, Rome won’t attack us.


    News of Lord Mordred, he started a rebellion.

    Seven of the eight princes had a series of defeats and report that Camelot has fallen.

    [06 Track: Day of Camlann]

    Merlin:That was the signal for her retribution of hatred.

    Son of Morgan, copy of King Arthur, an unplanned child.


    He…no, She prepared the elements for the rebellion and crumbled Camelot while Arthur was absent.

    She formed an army on the border coast to eliminate Arthur on his return.

    And it will be called later on the world as King Arthur’s last battle.

    A battlefield where the flower will lose its petals on the sunset.

    A showcase of a body that will lose a great deal of its light.

    The battle of the hill of Camlann

    Mordred’s army was waiting for Arthur’s army that was tired from its expedition to Rome for an ambush.

    Even still, Arthur managed to disembark thanks to Gawain and Kai efforts that were in Britain.

    A war that extended across the entire island, all lands of the country would receive irreversible wounds.

    This situation. Without retreats or repercussions.

    She knew the motive of the rebellion.

    The knights that approved Mordred’s rebellion were now united for their hate towards King Arthur.

    Uncountable wars, dry lands.

    Children starving.

    The people that endured that were saying that they could no more.

    Saber: [This are measures for the upcoming battle. I want you to lend me your support]

    This she said to the knights.

    The King was truly an ideal one.

    If everyone could live righteously without corruption then, without a doubt, it will reach being a prosperous country.

    However, how much? How much longer we have to endure to receive that reward?

    Saber: Everyone is at the limit so… Is okay if I...?

    Merlin: The king was an ideal one.

    However, because she was ideal, she could not measure the weakness of the people.

    Anyone who could see her in that moment would understand.

    That her heart, at that moment, was broken.

    On the seventh day of fighting.

    The battle reached the hill of Camlann.

    The conflict between the two armies continued until the sunset.

    Both armies extinguished each other until all that was left were mountains of corpses.

    In that hill soaked in blood, she recalls the words of certain knight.

    [---The King does not understand people feelings]

    Certainly, she admits it while she puts together her broken heart and readies her spear.

    The sacred sword had even lost its brilliance.

    When her heart broke, that star that was on the Earth froze.

    Only two knight remained on the battlefield.

    What was in front of the king was an armor of strange form.

    A sword with boiling blood, Clarent, the knight that wielded it had the shape of a ghost.

    The ghost, thirsty for something that led him to steal the country and kill many soldiers, spoke:

    Mordred: Finally, King Arthur.

    Saber: Mordred.

    Mordred: I took me long to arrive here. I roamed the entire battlefield.

    What do you think? With this, your country is over. Over.

    Even if you win or I win, all is over.

    Why do you deny me the throne?

    Why do you not accept me as your son?

    Why did I born with this form?

    Answer me! Why!?

    [09 Tack: Drone of Avalon]

    Merlin: Arthur’s holy spear pierced the leader of the rebellion entrails.

    The cursed sword of the leader of the rebellion, before perishing, cut part of the Kings head, taking it with it his life expectancy as well as one of his eyes.

    King Arthur… Arturia used his holy sword as a flare for the rest to see them in the hill.

    ...Probably a face that none wanted to see.

    She bit her lips with all her strength to suppress her desire to cry.

    The sadness overcome her ragged breath.

    She saw the end of Britain.

    And screamed…

    Saber: I fought many battle, stole many lives.

    That is why I accepted having a death cruller that anyone else.

    That why I accepted to die being hated by everyone.

    Despite that...

    I wasn’t supposed to be the only one?

    Someone other than the King would have the same death?!

    That wasn’t it

    It shouldn’t have been that!

    That wasn’t the end that I sought!!

    That Britain would end… I knew that…

    However, I wanted to believe that it would be a more peaceful end, like in a slumber…

    This is wrong.

    Absolutely wrong!!

    I, who has accepted my own death, this … this I cannot accept!

    She, who was a whirlwind of frustration, heard a voice.

    [Propose an opportunity.]

    [To go back and fill that wish]

    [I want her soul after death]

    What was the meaning of that, probably she did not know.

    Even still, the king hold to that, saying that to avoid this end, she did not care the price.

    A bold miracle like that raised the sensation.

    The king, out of hatred for the fall of Britain, denied his own salvation.

    For the King, from that moment it started his search for the Holy Grail.

    She fell in a loop without salvation forever.

    At the Garden


    Ah! So it seems that I’ve been trapped.

    What a botched cage,

    The craftsman who did this seems to be quite bad with detailed work.

    [03 Track: Stories]

    The man took the stick on his shoulder and hit the ground with it's top.

    Suddenly, it transformed into something harder.

    It turned into a bell tower, and even after that, it did not break.

    There wasn’t anything that like an entry.

    This tower is in a place that doesn’t interact with the outside world.

    ? The magus, here alone, chose to see the way of the sin that brought him here when he was alive, without any particular motive.

    The man sat down in a rock and looked towards the window.

    She was seeing the destroyed hill.

    The man knows how and where she fell.

    She wished,

    Britain's salvation, no…

    The salvation of the people lost.

    And the result of this is that.

    The king's time stopped on the hill of Camlann,

    She was summon from all kind of eras from the abyss of death and in all of them demanding the Holy Grail.

    Strange situation, but she now lived like a heroic spirit.

    And then, when she manages to put her hand in the Holy Grail, the contract will be completed.

    She will probably continue to live as a guardian, same after death.

    Then so be it, the man thoughts.

    But there is one unacceptable thing.

    The girl without giving it a second thought decided that she needed the Holy Grail.

    She probably, will try to redo de day of selection.

    That would be a negation of her own existence.

    A pact to erase all the suffering and struggle that the girl named Arturia went through.

    That wish, even an inhuman magus like me could affirm that was a mistake.

    But at the same time, he knows of her stubbornness.

    No matter what happens, she will certainly get her hands on the Holy Grail.

    And in case of not obtaining it, her wish, she will probably still achieve it.

    How painful is to wait for a future without salvation?

    In the flower garden, time did not existed, but now it seemed as it had stopped.

    Every second felt as an unbearable eternity.

    ? Every second feeling like a moment of eye deviation.

    But then…

    Bediviere – A story of the knights

    Bediviere: The battle ended.

    The sunset was as the color of the blood that flowed.

    Now, only the night darkness dominated the battlefield.

    The hill was filled with corpses.

    A breathless knight was running.

    His hands were firm on the reins.

    And his wounded white horse continued earnestly.

    The only survivors were the rider, the white horse and…

    And this one king who was lying on the white horse’s back.

    Remain awake!

    If we get to that forest, certainly…

    The knight was aiming to the forest, which was not filled with blood.

    He knew of the king’s immortality.

    Consequently, he was sure that if the king could rest in a calm place, we would heal.

    Everybody could do nothing but to believe it.

    He did not fight for the country’s sake.

    He wielded his sword for the king’s sake.

    Thinking that his serve could help, the same young wanted to rise along the king.

    The king that did not show his true face.

    The young that hides his feelings and act impartially.

    If I stay close, maybe I will be able to see the true face of the king, he thought with expectation.

    However, what happened was completely different from his expectation.

    The king had never smiled for his own sake.

    Knowing that enraged him and only wished for his king to be awarded with the light someday.

    However, the king was still lonely.

    Consequently, the knight denied the king’s death.

    When they arrived to the forest, the knight carried the king's body.

    Bediviere: King, I will bring the troops immediately, so please, endure until then.

    Saber: Bediviere?

    Bediviere: King!? Have you regained your consciousness…?

    Saber: Yes, I was having a dream.

    Bediviere: A dream..?

    Saber: Yes. I have not seen many dreams, so I had a valuable experience.

    [09 Track: Particles]

    Bediviere: …Is that... Then please be at ease and rest. I shall go to get the troops in that time.

    Saber: Ahh…

    Bediviere: Your highness.. Have I been rude?

    Saber: No, I was just surprised at your point. I did not know a dream could be seen after one awakens. Are you saying I will be able to see the same dream
    if I close my eyes again…?

    Bediviere: Yes. If you strongly desire so, you should be able to continue watching the same dream. I have that experience as well.

    Such thing is not possible.

    What happens only once and not continuously is what people call a dream.

    Even still, the knight lies.

    He apologizes that this will be his first and last dishonesty towards the king.

    Saber: I see. You are knowledgeable, Bediviere.

    Bediviere. Take my sword.

    Listen. Pass through this forest and go over that bloodstained hill. There is a deep lake beyond it. Throw my sword into that lake.

    Bediviere: ------! Your highness, that is..!

    Saber: Go. Once you have accomplished my order, return here and tell me what you saw.

    Bediviere: And so, the knight takes the sword and goes over the hill with his indecision still in mind.

    The knight lamented so much for the king that we was unable to throw the sword.

    That is why he returned from the lake border to the king’s direction.

    However, the king had already foreseen that.

    When the knight lies that he had thrown the sword away,

    The king only replies to “follow his command”

    But that came to an end.

    As the knight figures out that he cannot change the king’s decision, after passing the mountain entrance, he throws the sword in the lake on his third visit.

    The Holy Sword had returned to the lake.

    When he returned to the forest, crossing the mountain entrance.

    The forest was shining from the morning light.

    The distant battlefield.

    Without any trace of the bloodshed scenery.

    Inside of a gentle and pure light.

    Bediviere: When I threw the sword to the lake...

    ? The sword, the lady of the lake, certainly.

    Saber: … I see. Then you shall be proud. You have obeyed your king’s command.

    ------- I am sorry, Bediviere.

    This sleep will be … a… long ---------

    Bediviere: Are you watching, King Arthur…?

    … The continuation of the dream--------?

    The sky is high, clear and blue.

    Now, the battle has truly ended.

    Those words that I murmured were taken by the wind.

    As well as the sky sinks towards the infinite blue, the king slept seeing a distant, a distant dream.

    At the Garden

    Merlin: Yeah!!

    [Fou~ Fou~]

    Merlin: Beautiful, what a miracle!!

    With everything that happening in the world… To think that such ending existed!

    I do not know what happened but the story has calmed down.

    She at the end of her long search for the Holy Grail, has accepted her own destiny.

    I was not the weariness of fights or desisting.

    She, without a doubt, managed to obtain the Holy Grail, and then,

    She rejected it by her own will!

    No matter what anyone says,

    The king chose the best path.

    Even if there is destruction, this end is not a mistake.

    It was a life that she can be proud of.

    That…So if in the end she accepted it, there is no more need for me to leave.

    ->What you dreamed of.

    -> What you left behind.

    What you gave me.

    All of that was my reward.

    However… To see that stubborn woman to accept defeat is astounding.

    -> She must have had an incredible and strange encounter.

    -> Which it was ... I can't tell in which age it was as all I can see is the present.

    -> If I could at least see the future, I would be able to rejoice at that future outcome.

    Saber: [Thank you, Merlin. I am very grateful to you.

    You have been a great mentor for me.]

    That moment, it was truly problematic.

    I did not think that time in which those insignificant words would hurt so much could arrive.

    Although that is also a consequence of my own actions.

    I’ve already saw what had to be seen.

    No. I saw something much more beautiful.

    Go Cath Palug,

    I’m fine here.

    With your freedom, you will play into something really beautiful.


    The magician without any deep feeling,

    He saw the departure of his last partner out the window.

    In the far corner of the world, in a closed prison.

    Like no place in the exterior world, the immutable existence where the flowers bloom, a garden of memories.

    The paradise garden, Garden of Avalon.

    A man that has forgotten death waits, here, until the day the star fades off.

    And thus, the king's story became one to be told within this paradise .

    Written by: Kinoko Nasu

    Initial Traslation: Tancruz

    Damn, this took longer than I thought. Well I hope you all liked it.
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    Great work.

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    Wow the entire thing?! Thank you so much for the translation! I'm looking forward to reading through it

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    that was so cute in the drama cd

    - - - Updated - - -

    some are weirdlly written when I read it together while listening to the drama CD< but thank you very much for the time you spend for translating this.
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    Thank you for your trouble!

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    Great work! Thank you very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by castor212 View Post

    some are weirdlly written when I read it together while listening to the drama CD< but thank you very much for the time you spend for translating this.
    Thank you all for your words. Yes, some parts will need revising, the initial translation had some wordiness problems, ill fix them soon. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Yikes. Thanks for all the work
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    Did we know that Fou was Cath Palug?

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    I think Merlin mentions it in his 5 second cameo in Murrica.

    - - - Updated - - -

    also this was a good read,thanks for the effort

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetKinen View Post
    Did we know that Fou was Cath Palug?
    He says it right before he leaves in his E Pluribus Unum cameo.

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    Arturia lost an eye versus Mordred? And when she dies with Bedivere she is like that? This is new, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kariya View Post
    Arturia lost an eye versus Mordred? And when she dies with Bedivere she is like that? This is new, right?
    No(as in, it's not new).

    Also, good work, Owlz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kariya View Post
    Arturia lost an eye versus Mordred? And when she dies with Bedivere she is like that? This is new, right?
    UBW anime made it consistent. Seems Nasu had that in mind since the LN. It does seem something that can "heal" until Bediviere came. She did pass out before that tho.

    Quote Originally Posted by mirakura View Post
    Also, good work, Owlz.

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    I don't remember the eye detail. Dying with Bedivere is old stuff though.

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    I see, thanks Owlz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenieth View Post
    I don't remember the eye detail. Dying with Bedivere is old stuff though.
    eye detail is new.
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    That is like the least distinct head wound ever.

    Like you wouldn't even assume she lost an eye from that. Just that blood was covering her face and she winced cause blood in eyes is a no no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owlz View Post
    UBW anime made it consistent. Seems Nasu had that in mind since the LN. It does seem something that can "heal" until Bediviere came. She did pass out before that tho.

    yet in zero...
    Quote Originally Posted by FSF 5, Chapter 14: Gold and Lions I
    Dumas flashed a fearless grin at Flat and Jack as he rattled off odd turns of phrase.
    "And most importantly, it's me who'll be doing the cooking."
    Though abandoned, forgotten, and scorned as out-of-date dolls, they continue to carry out their mission, unchanged from the time they were designed.
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    I have finished timing all the track, if you have any changed please let me know. I have noticed at the end of last track there are two long lines which seem don't really fit with your translation.
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