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Thread: DVD's Art thread

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    DVD's Art thread

    Hey, i actually posted some art way back in the day. I thought this was a nice place so i came back. Here's some of my artwork.

    Some portraits i just finished. These were actually done years ago before Fate Zero was even and anime, i decided to revisit them.

    Just to show how much i improved since then, here's the original Gil.

    Finally Here's a work in progress of something I'm working on

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    Looks quite good.
    Are you going to complete them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by draidecht View Post
    Looks quite good.
    Are you going to complete them?
    Yea eventually

    Here's another set i finished. I didn't touch berserk much but Lancer i completely redrew from the one done in 2008.

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    Another set

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    I like the way you've drawn Gil's expressions. Also Saber's cape looks very fluffy!
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    This is the last set

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    I'm back! It's been ages since I've posted here. Here's two drawings one is a work in progress. Anyway i always thought this forum was cool, i just don't draw much type moon anymore.

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    I really dig the Roa WIP! Seems like it would look really cool when you finish the rest of it! It's nice to see the visible improvement from your posts now and from your last posts. I don't draw much Type-Moon anymore either, but occasionally I get the itch whenever I play Melty Blood or watch something Type-Moon. related.

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