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Thread: Beast's Lair Fanart Contest 2016

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    Beast's Lair Fanart Contest 2016

    Hey guys, it's time for another contest hosted by your very own shitty artist, Me.

    I'm hosting a fanart contest, with real physical prizes, and I will actually deliver on said prizes (even internationally)

    What are the prizes? Well, they will be physical Fate Grand Order cards. Some of you may remember me making them some time ago. Here's a photo for those of you who have not seen or do not remember.

    They're pretty good quality cards

    So, there will be two major categories:

    1) Best general TYPE-MOON fanart: Draw any TYPE-MOON character(s) in any situation doing anything.

    2) Create-a-servant: Draw a custom servant and provide a stat sheet and skill list. For this category, art skill is less important than having a good idea. For this category and this category alone, you can have someone else draw your servant for you. The artist WILL NOT receive a prize in this case and only the servant-sheet creator will. In other words, you must commission an artist or otherwise get them to agree to drawing a servant for you.

    Fairly self-explanatory though I will delve into the details a bit more as I think over it more.

    For those two categories, there will be a 1st prize, 2nd prize, and 3rd prize consisting of 3, 2, and 1 Fate Grand Order styled cards respectively. The card can contain anything you want, servant or CE or even fanart (including the servant you made for create-a-servant) Judging criteria will be considered at a later moment.

    There will also be bonus prizes of a single FGO-style card for other stuff that will be considered later in the future (most comedic, most erotic, etc) and a Judges' choice award (when I find out who will be judging). Entries in both categories will be eligible for bonus prizes.

    General rules:
    1) No more than one entry per category per contestant (though you may retract and resubmit entries at will). The servant-sheet creator is counted as the entrant in the create-a-servant contest, not the artist. Meaning multiple people can commission the same artist and that artist can also create their own entry.
    2) Commissioned artists do not have to be BL members but a BL-commissioned artist will be favored over an outsider-commissioned artist.
    3) Judges cannot pick or rate their own fanart/create-a-servant
    4) Contest ends December 15th (tentatively)
    5) Please send me your entries via private message (subject line should be which category you're entering). You're free to post it in a thread but if I have a record of all entries it makes it much easier.
    6) Entrants must have a BL account older than this thread.

    Addendum: If you screw over an artist you commissioned, I will personally find you and light your asshole on fire.

    I've honestly not thought this through a whole lot so stuff will change (a lot) so uh, be forewarned of that.
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