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Thread: Create-A-Servant 2

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    Nobutsuna: Interesting sheet, but feels kind of sparse in parts. It'd help to include more detail in his Skills, since as of now it's not at all clear what the first two actually do. And I'm reading things correctly his NP seems to actually hinder rather then help him, since it has no special effects other then being unable to cut certain opponents. I like the lightsaber katana visual, though.

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    So I'm not sure you understand what Charisma means here.

    It isn't in the sense that D&D portray it, as how much your character can command attention and respect. Super sensei skills and credentials.

    Here it denote how well your character commands a large group of people. Actual leadership skills.

    C Rank in Charisma means you are able to lead a whole army effectively. That's thousands or tens of thousands of men.

    Even granting he eventually had that many simultaneous students he never lead them all at once for anything.

    C Rank Charisma is the very limit of what he could achieve and even that is questionably wanking it.

    C++? Completely absolutely unwarranted.

    I also like how apparently for you Japan is the only part of the "Eastern World".
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    somewhere on some continent, in some random city of some merit.
    Hey has any one done manifest destiny as a servant? I know that an event wouldn't useuillly be capable of become ing a servant but it's something I want to try rather then a hero who repesents and event, a servant who actually is the event you get what I'm saying or would that be to much of a stretch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by venomking View Post
    Hey has any one done manifest destiny as a servant? I know that an event wouldn't useuillly be capable of become ing a servant but it's something I want to try rather then a hero who repesents and event, a servant who actually is the event you get what I'm saying or would that be to much of a stretch?
    Manifest Destiny seems like a pretty abstract idea to make into a Servant, so I wouldn't recommend it honestly. The closest I can recall was Ail Don's Columbia, who was a personification of America with a Skill based on Manifest Destiny. If you're really set on the idea you could even try writing up a John L. Sullivan Servant, since he was the one who coined the phrase to begin with. (That said, I highly doubt the guy could be a Heroic Spirit)

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    somewhere on some continent, in some random city of some merit.
    Yea, if it's just one idea, if I was going to do an event I'd probably do the American revolution(so that I can take endof monarchy from George that way it can still exist and makes sense) and do pretty much what you did with your Brittan servant, the exemption being instead of representing a country it it represents the event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by venomking View Post
    and do pretty much what you did with your Brittan servant, the exemption being instead of representing a country it it represents the event.
    I'm... pretty sure I didn't do a Britain Servant?

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    Never knew Kenshin have an ultra swordsmen become her vassal, good job man. Since most of Sengoku period books focus more on the general achievements more than their badassary, so he rarely mentioned in those books.

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    Throne of heroes probably idk
    Quote Originally Posted by Theoneandonlyz View Post
    So I'm not sure you understand what Charisma means here.

    It isn't in the sense that D&D portray it, as how much your character can command attention and respect. Super sensei skills and credentials.

    Here it denote how well your character commands a large group of people. Actual leadership skills.

    C Rank in Charisma means you are able to lead a whole army effectively. That's thousands or tens of thousands of men.

    Even granting he eventually had that many simultaneous students he never lead them all at once for anything.

    C Rank Charisma is the very limit of what he could achieve and even that is questionably wanking it.

    C++? Completely absolutely unwarranted.

    I also like how apparently for you Japan is the only part of the "Eastern World".
    The eastern world part... Well i needed a good name for a skill so i went with some nasuspeak there and there. I was reffering to eastern world as a whole rather than just japan but also reffered to japan in some parts

    I also put the charisma back to C since i was stupid, but the ability to get a total of 84 disciples sounds amazing no. charisma denotes one's charm and the ability to unify an army or a country (or in Nobutsuna's case, Students), kid gil also has charisma (At A+ for god's sake) and afaik he didn't lead any armies.

    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden View Post
    Nobutsuna: Interesting sheet, but feels kind of sparse in parts. It'd help to include more detail in his Skills, since as of now it's not at all clear what the first two actually do. And I'm reading things correctly his NP seems to actually hinder rather then help him, since it has no special effects other then being unable to cut certain opponents. I like the lightsaber katana visual, though.
    The first skill is supposed to make one invincible according to Wiki but i don't know since its not very well explained, Musashi Has it at A+ rank but since its a skill derived from the kenjutsu school nobutsuna founded, i gave him an EX in that skill

    The second one is bassicaly an ability to automatically adapt to counter any other style of fencing and combat.
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    somewhere on some continent, in some random city of some merit.
    yea you did, in fact you had an image of artoria as the pick
    for it, since i guess she represented briatn or something like that

    - - - Updated - - -

    or maybe that was, that user with the bearded saber. its been a while since i saw it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by venomking View Post
    yea you did, in fact you had an image of artoria as the pick
    for it, since i guess she represented briatn or something like that

    - - - Updated - - -

    or maybe that was, that user with the bearded saber. its been a while since i saw it.
    Definitely wasn't me, and I doubt it was Funderful either, though I do remember seeing a sheet like that in Modern Fiction.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ah, here it is. A pretty cool idea, too bad it's so sparse and unfinished...

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    Saber of Jiangsu:
    Prelude Before Greatness

    “Hiiiiyyyyoooo~ The greatest Saber, Liu Bang has arrived!
    Hmmm… Yo, Master, I’m starvin’ right now; so why don’t we go and eat?
    Don’t worry - if I’m lucky, we might eat for free.”

    True Name: Liu Bang, Red Dragon’s Scion

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Place of Origin: China (Qin Dynasty)


    Strength - C+
    Endurance - C
    Agility - B+
    Mana - B
    Luck - A+
    Phantasm - B

    His eyes have more of a serpent's look than a dragon's.


    Height/Weight: 171cm/65kg

    Likes: A good meal, Xiao He, His wife

    Dislikes: Working, Reading, Smug scholars

    Talent: Making friends

    Natural Enemy: Gaozu of Han, Kiyohime, William Shakespeare, Xiang Yu

    Attribute: Sky

    Traits: Servant, Humanoid, Male, Draconic, Divine

    Armament: Sword, Chě Xiāo(Noble Phantasm)

    Catalyst: Fang of the White Serpent


    Class Skills:

    Magic Resistance - B
    Grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the developed Resistance that merely rejects magical energy, this Skill cancels the spells altogether.

    Cancels spells with chants three verses or below. Even High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals will hardly affect Saber. Because of having blood relation to the Red Dragon, an incarnation of the God-Farmer Shennong, he has ample resistance against magecraft. In turn, Saber is susceptible to "Anti-Dragon" attacks. Additionally, this Skill will be useless when the magecraft involved is "Anti-Dragon," assuming that's possible.

    "Ah-haha, that 'Sea of Flames' was but a warm-up!"


    Riding - N/A
    The ability to ride mounts and vehicles. While this Skill covers all beasts and vehicles, dragons are an exception.

    Somehow, this Skill is nullified. According to Saber:

    “A true commander shouldn’t ride above his allies! He should be on his own two feet, leadin’ the charge to the enemy!”

    …The truth is that he has a D-rank in this Skill, and believes a good excuse is a better alternative than a low-ranking Skill.

    Personal Skills:

    Charisma - C+
    A composite Skill consisting of a person's charm as well as the natural talent to command or unify an army or country. Increases the ability of allies during group battles.

    Although Saber cannot lead an entire country in this form, he is able to expertly gather and lead a ragtag group of a couple thousand farmers and make them act like a cohesive and disciplined unit. And because of his friendliness, Saber is able to easily attract capable individuals to him with just conversations alone. It was said that Saber was so popular with the common people that when he shot arrows with messages to rally behind him attached, the citizens immediately overthrew Pei’s magistrate and allowed Saber to become the Duke of said city.

    …However, it may take a bit more to convince others that he’s not too drunk to fight.

    “I may not be good in strategies as Zhang Liang, money-wise as Xiao He or brave as Han Xin... But I have the voice to employ these three heroic guys, and took the world for myself!”


    Fearless Coward - A
    A self-contradictory Skill that shifts its effects depending on the situation. Reserved for those that displayed unparalleled bravery in their highest and showed base cowardliness during their lowest. Should the user be at an advantageous position against an enemy, they receive a boost in Strength and bonuses on physical-based actions. However, the user gains a boost in Agility and bonuses in eluding their target if the opposite occurs. If the user and their opponent are at equal footing, then the Skill will not activate.

    Known to be incredibly stubborn, Saber is driven to accomplish anything despite ridicule or defeat... most of the time. Although there were other more capable than him, the rebel didn’t care; if his friends were risking their lives for him, then he would risk his own in turn. As such, it was common for him to lead the charge during battles. If Saber were at a disadvantage, however, he was quick to pull everyone into retreat. Throughout the Han-Chu Contention, he met loss after loss; but despite that, Saber gradually earned the love of the people and eventually defeated Xiang Yu during the Battle of Gaixia.

    "I might lose a hundred times, but a single victory is all it takes...!"


    Yán Dě’s Blessings - A-
    A gift for those who possessed the blood of Shennong, the God-Farmer of legend. The one who pioneered techniques such as slash-and-burn, and his self-experimentation on hundreds of medical and poisonous herbs imparted vital knowledge to the first people. Although he died tragically after a failure to ingest an antidote in time, he was hailed as a hero of mankind despite his divine nature.

    For those who bear the blood of Yán Dě, they gain the ability to harness the power of flames, resist poisons, and knowledge of healing techniques. A combination of B-ranking Divinity, Mana Burst (Flame), Poisonproof, and Medical Procedures. However, Medical Procedures is absent for Saber due to his personality. And because of his unique method of conception, Saber takes more damage from "Anti-Dragon" attacks. ...On the plus side, Saber's Mana Burst (Flame) is on par with dragon breath in terms of destructive power.

    Although most would claim relations to Huangdi, Saber boasted being a descendant of the Red Dragon, an incarnation of Shennong, after learning his heritage from slaying the White Serpent. Given that Shennong was the progenitor to all farming techniques and medicine, it's no wonder that Saber was loved by the common folk. Perhaps this is also why Saber managed to survive for so long despite his infection… and how he can drink so much wine throughout his life.

    “My birthright, huh? …Guys, I know what we’re doin’ next!”

    Noble Phantasms

    Proof of Future Greatness

    Anti-Unit (Self)
    Rank: C
    Range: 1-72
    Max Targets: 1 Person

    “It ain’t one of those punchin’ ghosts, but it’s better than nothin’.”

    A Noble Phantasm stemming from accounts about Saber possessing an “aura” of someone destined for great things throughout his life. Not only was Saber believed to have a dragon-like appearance, it was also said that there was a dragon protecting him in the form of a shadow. This shadow was apparent when Saber sleeps, where it seemingly wraps around his form protectively. Now taking form as a literal dragon-like entity, Saber has the ability to conjure his shadow into a Chinese Lóng, going as long as around 13 meters in length.

    Like some sort of guardian spirit, the entity automatically manifests to protect the Servant from all harm; from taking an otherwise fatal attack to stopping him from overdrinking. And assuming one manages to slay the projection, it will reappear after half a minute or so. Because it is not a true Phantasmal Beast, however, the shadow-dragon is unable to breathe flames. Additionally, when it is temporarily defeated, Saber's Luck parameter will suffer a demerit until its regeneration.


    Chě Xiāo
    Incomplete Sovereignty, Sealed in Rust and Rot

    Rank: B+
    Range: 1-90
    Max Targets: 300 People

    “Trust me, this IS a legendary blade forged by an immortal! It’s justa' little… rusty, that’s all!”

    Saber's signature blade, even before he ran away with his convicts - well, sort of. One day he got a rotten steel rod from an immortal living in Nanshan Mountain, and named it Chi Xiao. Despite ridicule from those around him, Saber wielded the “sword” with pride. Later, when he and the convicts encountered the White Serpent, the drunken Saber fought and cleaved it in half before passing out. Upon waking up, he found a crimson sword among the smoldering carcass, with the words “Chi Xiao” written upon it. Afterward, Saber learned from a mysterious old woman that the Serpent was the son of the White Emperor… and the one who killed him was the son of the Red Emperor.

    Normally, this Noble Phantasm would’ve taken form as its sword form. But because Saber forced himself into a younger form, the sword was also reverted back to a crude red-steel rod; as a result, it lost all of its qualities as the Sword of Sovereignty. Less of a rod and more of a club, it can easily crush armor with a force unexpected of its size. Aside from being used to smash around, the “sword” can wreath itself in howling winds to deal extra damage as well as increasing Saber's attack speed.

    Although weakened, the “sword” became something entirely different from the Sword of Sovereignty; instead, it is the symbol of the birth of a new age. Upon invoking the Noble Phantasm’s True Name, a miniature cyclone will envelop the “sword.” Combined with Mana Burst (Flame), the cyclone will be charged with searing flames of the Red Emperor. With a downward smash, the ground erupts in a massive eruption of flame, followed by razor-sharp winds carrying the flames forward in a massive inferno; mimicking the Slash-and-Burn technique used by farmers to clear forests for new farmland and revitalize old ones. And like how a prosperous new age is reborn from the ashes of the old, the ashes left behind grants a healing effect to all nearby. Wake up and smell the ashes indeed.

    This is a digression, but assuming the “blade” comes in contact with potent venom or other dangerous substances, there's a chance that it may be reformed back into the Sword of Sovereignty…


    Emperor Gaozu of Han was the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, after usurping the failing Qin along with his fellow dissenters. In turn, he created the longest-lasting dynasty in the history of China. To this day, a majority of the country's citizens still refer to themselves as “Hŕnzú,” or the Han Chinese.

    But before Gaozu, there was a peasant nobody named Liu Bang.

    Liu Bang was from the village of Fengyu, where he was said to be born after his mother witnessed a dragon hovering beside her during a rainstorm. As he grew up, he was something of the village rascal; lazy, hates reading and managed to get him into trouble countless times. Despite that, he possessed a certain charm that allowed him to befriend many; namely the famous Xiao He and Cao Shan, who covered for him when he was a local sheriff. It was said that Liu Bang once saw Qin Shihuang during the latter’s inspection tours in Xianyang; as the First Emperor’s convoy passed him, the youth exclaimed in awe,

    “Woah! Now that's what a great man should be!”

    The young man’s fate took a turn when some of the convicts he was escorting to build the Emperor's mausoleum escaped. Knowing that losing convicts was a capital crime, Liu Bang took the risk and released the rest before running with them. Touched by his kindness, most of the criminals joined Liu Bang and became a group of outlaws. Together, this motley crew of fools managed to slay a great white serpent, which marked Liu Bang’s fate as a man destined for greatness.

    After several years living on Mangdang Mountain, the Dazexiang Uprising began; the Qin Empire is failing, and many desired to overthrow the dynasty. After a “complication” with the Magistrate of Pei, Liu Bang became the Duke of Pei, before joining in on the rebellion against Qin. It was there that he met his comrade and friend Xiang Yu, who raced him to overtake Guanzhang, the heartland of the Qin Empire. Within two years, Liu Bang successfully occupied the Qin capital Xianyang - toppling the Qin Dynasty completely. Because he was first to take over Guanzhang, the rebellion dubbed Liu Bang the “King of Guanzhang.”

    Even though Liu Bang was rightfully won the title, Xiang Yu became resentful of him. After splitting the Qin empire apart into 18 different kingdoms, Liu Bang was moved to the remote Bashu region, with his title changed to the “King of Han.” At this, their relationship soured to the point where both fought each other in a 5-year battle for supremacy that was the Han-Chu Contention; where the two armies fought each other viciously while conquering the 16 other states. Despite multiple defeats, Liu Bang prevailed after Xiang Yu’s suicide during the decisive Battle of Gaixia. Afterward, the kingdom of Chu surrendered and all of the states were unified under Liu Bang.

    Although reluctant, Liu Bang was crowned as Emperor Gaozu, thus founding the Han Dynasty. During his reign, Gaozu lowered the taxes of the populace, simplified and lightened Qin’s draconian laws, spread Confucianism, and forged peace with the Xiongu via political marriages. For all the good Gaozu has done to China, however, it cost five of his trusted friends -- who he killed out of fear of revolt; it was said to his deathbed, Gaozu rejoiced and grieved for their passing. Even his personal life was plagued with intrigue and blood, as his Empress Lü Zhi and Consorts fought to have their children be the successor for the throne.

    However, the aging Gaozu was wounded by a stray arrow and became bedridden from the resulting infection for months. Although the infection can be cured, the delusional Gaozu denied treatment, claiming:

    “Isn't it Heaven's will that I managed to conquer this empire in simple clothing and with nothing but a sword? My life is determined by Heaven. It is useless even if the legendary Bian Que is here!"

    Gaozu finally passed away in 195 BCE, leaving Liu Ying as successor. The Han Dynasty would continue for another 419 years, marking it as the longest reigning Dynasty in Chinese history.

    Personal Traits

    Strangely, Saber doesn’t take form as Gaozu, Emperor of the Han; but rather as Liu Bang, the brash but cunning rebel upstart who is on his path in becoming the Founder of the Han Dynasty.

    For the one who founded an entire Dynasty, Liu Bang is hardly a good role model. For one, he is exceptionally lazy; if it’s anything other than eating, fighting or flirting, then it’s near impossible to convince the rebel do follow through anything else of his own volition. Even asking to lead would take effort, as Liu Bang finds it "really bothersome." Because of his great dislike towards reading, Liu Bang can be a bit air-headed and impatient regarding scholarly topics like poetry or literature. Liu Bang will act like other people's big brother and is incredibly informal; meaning risks of revealing his True Name is always there. How in the world did he manage to charm many is a miracle in of itself.

    Immaturity aside, Liu Bang is a natural-born leader. Because of his humble birth, the rebel has a deeper understanding of the common folk and will always stand by them without a thought. Although Liu Bang isn't that bright, he makes up for it with his valor and charm; when the rebel wanted something done, he can assemble a band of misfits and lead them to absolute success. In addition to his words, Liu Bang is extremely perceptive of his friends; as such, he is most likely the one who remembers everyone's birthdays -- or weaknesses. the Saber displays the propensity to learn from mistakes, as it was proven when he was about to abolish Confucianism, his tutor Lu Gu read the philosophy to him and gained respect for the famous scholar’s works.

    Claiming that because that he was summoned at his youth, Liu Bang does not have any recollection as the Emperor of the Han Dynasty.

    “‘Xiang Yu?’ Oh, the bloke was such an ass-ah-uh-um-I mean an awesome guy; we’re the best companions-slash-rivals ye’ll ever see!”

    That’s a lie. As a Heroic Spirit, Liu Bang remembers everything from beginning to end; like how he and his friends drifted apart, and how they were killed to ensure the security of the Dynasty. Although his intuition was mostly correct, Liu Bang wondered if there were a better way instead of resorting to such drastic measures. Knowing his neglect of his wife/empress also caused the Lü Clan Disturbance doesn't make it any better either. Perhaps, this is why Liu Bang took form in his younger years; for it was a simpler time where politics and intrigue are far from everyone's minds.

    Fueled by personal failings, Liu Bang desires a “what-if,” a possibility to resolve both his friends’ supposed defection and the neglect of his wife. While Liu Bang never regretted his time as emperor, he wondered if there was a better outcome to those unfortunate events.


    (Really appreciates the works of his wife Lü Zhi… and is also terrified of her as a result. Despite being an arranged marriage, Lü Zhi diligently supported Liu Bang, even when he went in hiding with the convicts. Even as Empress, Lü Zhi was an excellent administrator and diplomat; greatly helping her husband in terms of workload. However, she can be too diligent; her habit of offing nobles and consorts for either trying to betray or getting close to Liu Bang is kind of unsettling. This may have something to do with her family's side occupation as fortune-tellers...
    “O-on the plus side, she can be kinda cute at times…”)

    (Knowing his limits, Liu Bang understood the values of ‘United we stand.’ As such, he’ll try to befriend everyone he meets. Although connections are a powerful asset in the East, Liu Bang genuinely treasured the bonds he shared. This may be why the deaths of his former compatriots haunted him. Strangely, Xiang Yu is an exception…)

    (A known braggart, Liu Bang can talk about his achievements at a tavern for hours on end - whether it's true or false is another matter entirely. As a result, he can either be "Everyone's Best Friend" or "Everyone's Worst Enemy" in such an easy manner. Thus, it is for the Master's best interest to restrain the Saber from getting carried away - - effectively acting as the replacement Xiao He.)

    Craft Essence/Relations

    The Sparrow Vanquishes the Phoenix
    It's weird for me to go all poetic, yes; but it kind of sums up me against that sorry excuse of a Hero Xiang Yu.

    Not that I'm much better, though.

    Oh, I'm very aware that I'm nothing who started at nothing. For that, I'm very much afraid - of many things, in fact. Fearing for my life when capital punishment was assured. Fretting about the possibility that one of my followers may turn against me. Terrified that the ever-invincible Xiang Yu will up and grind us into the dust. But I stood cool and confident, trying my damnedest to get the best out of the worst. And because of my friends and a large amount of Luck, the world was in my grasp.

    When my generals claimed that they won't fear death if it were to serve me, I laughed at them. The notion was ridiculous; only a madman can truly be stoic in the face of certain death. I told them they may not be afraid, but their leader certainly does. ...My point? If there was one thing I can honestly be proud of in midst of History's Bests, is that I am the most human of them all.

    So be afraid, Master; for it is what keeps us human.


    Relations with Other Servants:

    Jing Ke: "Heehee, so ye're the one who tried to shank the Emperor? Well, failed or not - you just earned yerself a party! Don't worry, drinks are on me!"

    World's most rambunctious pair of "Party Friends." Nightclubs and bars beware, for their lollygagging will leave their reserves bare. The Assassin also serves as a horrible enabler for Saber's drinking, much to Xiao He's horror.


    Gaius Julius Caesar: "...Huh. The comparin's nice and all, but I ain't seein' the similarities here."

    In the annals of history, both men were remembered for the foundation and expansion of their respective empires. And just like their accomplishments, both Sabers leave a poor impression upon meeting them in person. Although both would snidely deny their similarities, their penchant for lounging and indulging drinks, converse their days away about trivial nothings. Nothing alike, they said.


    Xiang Yu: "Guess I can't act my way out of this, yeah? Hehh, I suppose there is no other way except my greatest technique... Runnin' Away!"

    Former oath brothers-turned-archnemesis. While the Overlord admired Saber's forwardness while the rebel applauded the general's prowess, their backgrounds and values eventually caused a rift. A turning point was Xiang Yu's executing 10,000 Qin surrendering soldiers, which disgusted Saber greatly. But it was until the Feast at Tong Gate that sealed the inevitability - - for only one can truly rule the country. In the end, Saber only scoffed at the fallen Overlord's final stand in Gaixia. Upon manifesting as Servants, it is guaranteed both will attempt to kill one another regardless of their allegiances. Given Saber's current condition, however, an encounter can only end in a one-sided fight.


    Xiang Yu (Lostbelt): "I always believed that piece of shit was terrifying enough. This is worse. Much worse."


    Xiao He: "Eh-hey-heyy, if it ain't my life-brother! Come now, let's celebrate your arrival with the biggest feast-ehh? Err, alright, with a single drink then! ...C'mon, it's been only a minute and you're givin' me that look of yers' again!"

    Saber's life-long friend, who accompanied him from the village streets to the imperial halls. However, what was formerly a belligerent yet trusting bond has frozen into a distant relation. Aware of this, Saber is giving his all to mend this millennia-long friendship. Although the Archer maintains his frown of mild disgust, the crease in his brows tells otherwise. Perhaps it could truly be the good old days again...

    "Hhurrnn... The migraines are coming back again."
    ~Xiao He


    Han Xin: ...*cough*

    There wasn't a reunion more uncomfortable than this. The awkwardness is unbearable. The blank stare from the Lancer's eyes is incredibly unnerving- It's probably best for Saber to leave before something drastic happens.

    "...Running away as usual. As expected of my lord."

    ~Han Xin


    Toyotomi Hideyoshi: "'Sandal Bearer?' Hahh, makes my poor ass look well-off in comparison."

    Kindred spirits due to similar circumstances in life. At least until Hideyoshi transforms into his older form via Noble Phantasm. Because the older form embodies everything Liu Bang stood against, expect them to turn into bitter foes.


    Zhang Liang: "...I forgot to thank you for everything. But I suppose that means little to you, yeah? *Sigh* Couldn't hurt to smile a little, you know."

    Away from prying eyes and ears, the Saber loses his thick dialect. Before the hooded figure, the fire in his eyes dulls. Even if was duty-bound, it was no doubt everyone's fate was pulled by the person before him. So to make up for a promise forgotten by a cynical emperor, the rascal has come in his place to leave a single thanks.


    Finally got the formatting right.

    Took nearly a month, but I finally made arguably my favorite figure in Chinese history. He may not be heroic, one cannot deny his shrewd mindset and charisma to lead, which led to him founding the Han Dynasty. Honestly, he's not so different from Hideyoshi...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepMode View Post
    Liu Bang
    Hey it's Liu Bang! I guess this is the Lily version sorta kinda?

    He's no Liu Xiu but still infinitely better than Liu Bei.

    The skills and alcoholism add some nice flavor.

    I'm now tempted to try making this Liu Xiu Rider I got a idea for. It's better than running up against wall on that Bai Suzhen/White Snake sheet I'm struggling to pull out.

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    Behold, my most insane concept yet!

    Source: [X]
    Class: Archer
    Alternate Class: Caster, Rider
    True Name: Zeus / Tom Swift / Jack Cover. For simplicity's sake, he prefers to go by Tom Swift.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Origin: Mythology/ Tom Swift series of novels/ Historical Facts
    Region: Greece / America

    STR: D
    END: C
    AGI: B
    MAN: C
    LUC: A
    NP: B

    Height/Weight: 190cm/130kg
    Gender: Male
    Likes: Inventing, Beautiful Women, Adventure Novels.
    Dislikes: Hubris, Breaking the Law of Hospitality
    Talent: Creation of Pseudo-Technological Wonders
    Attribute: Earth
    Traits: Human, Divine

    Class skills:

    Magic Resistance:
    Measures one's capability in defending against attacks or weapons containing magical properties. It is a different skill from resisting magical energy, as it cancels spells all-together. At this rank, Single-Action spells are cancelled. It is at the same degree as an amulet that rejects magical energy.
    Two of the components of Archer's existance were born in an age where almost all magic has long fade away. As such, they have never met any magic in their life and thus he possess a low rank in this skill. While Zeus's influence has slighly increased the skill, the fact that his "core identity" is that of Tom Swift keep it low. On the upside, thanks to his association with electricity, protection against lightning-based magic is boosted.

    Independent Action: (A)
    The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from one's Master. At higher ranks, it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without an established contract. . At this rank, it is possible for a Servant to stay in the world for about a week without a Master. However, to use Noble Phantasms , backup from the Master is necessary.
    Even at a young age, Tom Swift constanly went alone on perilous adventures, rejecting the need for guidance from an adult. Zeus was also greatly wandering, frequently abandoning both his duty as the king of gods and his wife Hera to mingle on Earth. It seems that both these anecdotes have managed in Archer gaining a high rank in this skill.

    Personal skills:

    Science Hero:
    A skill reflecting the litterary archetype of the same name: a character who trough their own genius alone, create wondrous invention far beyond the technology of their time periods. In some case, it has been shown that these so-called "impossible device" where oddly rather accurate predictions of future technology, such as Tom Swift's own Electronic Rifle, which inspired the creation of the Taser by Jack Cover. As such, it cannot be said to be "inventing machine using scientific knowledge" but rather "recreate something that will be invented in the future". As such, a possesser of this skill will make amazing wonders no matter the time period in wich they are summoned in. In the case of the 21th century, one can even create things from Science Fiction such has forcefield or anti-gravity device. However, due to the fact that such creations are far too advanced compared to present knowledge, they cannot be reproduced by normal scientist. Plus, due to stemming from a subconscious knowledge of the future and not from scientific skills, their inner workings cannot be explained properly.
    Indeed, Tom Swift was described in his novels to possess no formal education beside high school, wich is why he cannot ever be called a scientist, but is rather an "intuitive wonder-maker". He seems to be prone to creating objects similar in fonction to artifacts described in greek myth, such as Invisibility Helmets or "Guiding Thread" made of pure light. However, due to not being summoned as a Caster, his creations will always pale before equivalent magic items

    Innovation- Safe Arrest : (C)
    A special Skill given to heroes who brought about innovation to their eras. In Archer's case, it refers to his introduction of the Taser, Jack Cover's invention, in the equipment used by police forces around the world. Tough it seems rather small compared to other Innovations in history, one cannot deny that it did lead to a sharp decline in suspect injuries since its introduction. And any innovation, no matter how small, deserve to be immortalised. Or at least that's Archer's justification for this skill.
    As such, Archer possess the ability to "defeat one's foes trough the least injuries" possible. In other world, he will almost always find a way do defeat his foes without hurting them too much. Indeed, the only way he wouldn't be capable of non-lethally dispatching a foe would be if he was trapped in a fight where "death is the only option" on a conceptual level. This skill is useful when capturing enemies for interrogation or when Archer really doesn't want to hurt the person he's fighting (mostly when the foe is a pretty woman).

    Charisma: (A+)
    A Skill consisting of a person's charm as well as the natural talent to command or unify an army or country. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. At this point it is no longer popularity or skill, but rather a kind of spell (curse) in itself. An army led by him will have a tremendous increase in abilities.
    Zeus was the King of Gods in greek mythology, and tough he frequently made human errors, he was still deeply respected and/or feared by all during his reign. Due to the fact that this skill stem from his personality and not from any supernatural powers, it is one of the few element of his identity that he didn't manage to seal away. If asked why a simple adventurer from a novel possess this skill, Archer's response would be "there was a really obscure book where I became king of a tribe of underground people" or some other pathetic excuse like that.

    God Divine Core: (B)
    A Skill that expresses one being a perfected god from birth. A composite Skill that comprises the Skill Divinity, preserves the absoluteness of the mind and the body, repels all mental interference, prevents the body from growth and prevents the figure from change no matter how much calories are absorbed.
    Even after suppresing most of his powers behind the identity and powers of "Tom Swift", Zeus can't fully supress his divine nature, tough his fusion with two phantoms have indeed lowered his rank in this skill. If the opponent where to discover his protection against interference, he would pass of this skill as a kind Immune System Nanites that he would pretend to have created shortly after he was summoned. If they discovered his Divinity, however, he wouldn't even attempt to make excuses and just flat-out admit his true nature.

    Noble Phantasm(s)

    Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle

    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1
    Max. Target: 1

    At first glance, this Noble Phantasm appears to be a simple amalgation of the Taser, Jack Clover's invention, and its influence, the electric rifle used by Tom Swift in the novel of the same name. It is an electroshock weapon primarily designed for non-lethally arresting criminals. It fires dart energized with electricity, designed to paralyses any target that it touches. Tough the weapon designed by Jack Clover need the darts to be attached and limit them to a number of two, the addition of the fictional device remove this limitation and allow Archer to shoot as many as he like. They provoke a intense paralysis effect on any enemy they touch. Weaker ones are immediately knocked out while those possessing an higher Endurance may continue to move only with a malus to dexterity. It serves as Archer's primary weapon and seems like a rather weak Noble Phantasm, as beffiting of one wielded by an amalgation of Phantoms. However, it hide an immense power...

    Taser Keravnós
    Anger of the Thunder God

    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Fortress
    Range: 1-99
    Max. Target: 400

    In truth, like its original owners was fused with a Divine Spirit, the taser was combined with a Divine Construct wielded by Zeus- the Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt was given to Zeus by the Cyclops, brothers of the titans, that he released from Tartarus. It was a mighty weapon that represented his Divine Authority over lightning and thunder. Even now that its form has changed, its might stay the same, just hidden under a weaker aspect.

    To unleash its true power, Archer call upon its True Name and launch a single dart toward the sky. The entirety of the sky within the range will then be darkened by thousands of storm cloud. These cloud will then unleash a veritable fury of lightning upon all of Archer's enemy, almost always annihilating them. Indeed, as Zeus possess authority over all of the world's thunder, so can Archer theorically summon an infinite number of lightning whose might are far superior than any of their normal brethen. Even Archer's own Innovation skill cannot stop the foes that are struck by these from dying, as during the attack, he temporarily cast away the mortal aspect he adopted to truly embrace his role as God of Lightning. Indeed, Archer's identity as Zeus become obvious to any who sees him use all of his might, and he cannot hope to hide it from them any longer.

    But that is generally not a problem, as few enemy Servants are capable of withstanding Zeus's power at full power.

    Closed Seal, Temple of Light

    Rank: D
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1-10
    Max. Target: 1

    A shield that Zeus is often described as using, wich bear the head of the Gorgon, and was gifted to him by his daughter Athena who had herself gotten it from Perseus, the slayer of the beast. If he were to be summoned in his "true" form, it would without a doubt show the pure destructive power possessed by the great monster. However, the fact that neither of Archer's two other components possessed something that could be linked to it and that Zeus was never described as using this formidable power has considerably weakened the power of this Noble Phantasm. Now, it only possess a "cheap knock-off" (as a certain disgraced godess would put it) of Medusa's own Breaker Gorgon.

    This "futurustic" looking shield (wich mean it's black and has blue glowing lines) bear at its center a lentil that is normally closed. Upon activation of its True Name, the lentil will open, imposing a weakened version of Breaker Gorgon upon anyone who look at it directly, or even use "mind sight" to seer it. It impose a split-second living nightmare on them, an illusion that force them to sees their greatest fear. Yet this particular illusion is not strong enough to really affect them beyong weakening their resolve a little bit and making them hesitate on striking Archer, so it is more of a distracting effect than a weapon. However, it still carry the effect of Mystic Eyes Breaker and thus would negate any such powers, wich make it ideal for fighting Servants such as (ironically) Medusa, who relies on them for fighting. Even then, it's still too situational to be called useful.

    The truth is, Archer doesn't really care about the loss of power of this Noble Phantasm. In his own words, it was just an unsightly trophy that he only carried along because it was a gift. In fact, he even go as far as saying that its new appearance is a pleasing development.


    Archer is a really peculiar existence, born from the selfish meddlings of a capricious Divine Spirit.

    Said deity was none other than Zeus, leader of the Olympians, who passed his days watching humans from afar, amusing himself. He then saw an event that greatly interested him: a gathering of numerous heroes and monsters, summoned from beyond the dead. And amongst these heroes were some of the prettiest woman he ever saw. The god then decided that he had to become part of it. Yet there was a rather large problem. Divine Spirits couldn't be summoned normally!

    Zeus looked at his options. He could fuse with a magus's soul and become a Pseudo-Servant, but it would make his identity obvious if he had too few traits to hide it with. He was also unwilling to hijack the summoning of a true Heroic Spirit, because it carried a risk that their amazing abilities would steal his thunder (pardon the pun). No, he had only one choice: use phantoms, who possess distinct traits but whose legends are too weak to truly stand out, and merge with them to create a sort of Fake Heroic Spirit. To do so, he searched for phantoms that were connected to him trough their association with electricity. He found them in the form of Jack Cover and Tom Swift.

    Jack Cover was a generally unremarkable NASA scientist and businessman whose main clame to fame was the creation of the Taser, a tool used by policemen to apprehend suspects with the least harm done to them possible. Tom Swift was his childhood hero, the main protagonist of a series of adventure novels that started in 1910. He was a teen genius that invented numerous wondrous gadgets, including the electric rifle While both of them were too recent and obscure to become Heroic Spirit, their shared connection with the taser earned them a place in humanity's collective history, bringing them to the rank of phantom. Enamored by the concept of becoming a Science Hero, Zeus choose them to absorb into his manifestation as a Servant. The Divine's Spirit's mystery was lowered while the two phantom's own were upgraded, bringing them to a level that was suitable to be summoned.

    And thus the Divine Science Hero Archer was born. Beware, ladies, for he will soon invent a way into your hearts!


    On the surface, Archer's personality seems to be Jack Cover's idealised image of his childhood hero Tom Swift. He is a brave and ingenious young man whose love for inventing wonders and aventures seems to be inegaled. He spent a lot of his time fabricating amazing items seemingly for the sake of creating itself, and he love discovering new places and escaping mortal perils. Furthermore, he seems to have inherited from Jack a love for adventure novels, particularly for sci-fi ones. He is almost always plucky and cheerful and seeks to find a positive in all things.

    While all of this mostly true to some extant, one will discover by digging closet that it is, without mistake, indeed Zeus who form the core personality of the Gestalt. He do spend a long time making numerous technological artifacts, but he then spend even more showing them off to impress women. And while he doesn't mind a bit of adventure from time to time, he is really mostly motivated by the gracious damsels in distress and the rewards they might offer to their savior. In short, he's an horndog who will always try to woo a woman he deems as beautiful, no matter if he's in peril or if the woman herself is trying to murder him. In fact, his "pluckiness" and "cheerfulness" look more and more like frivolousness the more time you spend with him. Thankfully, the phantom's influence seems to have mellowed him out and he can get that "no means no", tough it will surely take him countless efforts before giving up. In fact, the reason he absorbed the identity of Tom Swift into his own is because "a courageous adventurer will always attract the ladies". He is also attracted to guys, but has a much stricter standard for them. In his own words, they have to be smaller than him, to not have unsightly muscle and to have a gracious, feminine face. In short, his type's Astolfo.

    All that said, there's is certain things he absolutely can't overlook. The first one is disrespect of the gods in general, not just him. To him, someone who think themselves as better than gods is an inredeemable sinner, and he will oppose them without caring what their intention is. If insulted by someone who do not known of his divine nature, he will be more forgiving but will still angrily challenge the offending party to prove his might. Even then, if he fails or is denied the challenge altogether, he will surely play childish tricks and them. He also absolutely cannot support any breaking of the rules of Sacred Hospitality and will immediately strike down any who dare commit such a repugnant act. Even if the world has changed, that is one principle he cannot let go.

    As a side-note, any sign of racism shown by Tom Swift has been purged, because it doesn't fit with Jack's ideal of a hero and because Zeus think it's really unattractive.

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    Zeus / Tom Swift / Jack Cover
    Well this is certainly a lot of fun. Love it!

    So something good did come out of that Shinjuku mess.

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    The last update to the OP was about 50x50 posts back, or about 1/3 of the whole thread ago. That's a good while back, so I think now might be a good time for an update.

    Has anyone been keeping track of/compiling everything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 87 View Post
    The last update to the OP was about 50x50 posts back, or about 1/3 of the whole thread ago. That's a good while back, so I think now might be a good time for an update.

    Has anyone been keeping track of/compiling everything?
    Quote Originally Posted by ThirtyFour34 View Post
    Index by NMR-3 and Bird of Hermes

    Archer - Bass Reeves by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Bass Reeves by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Colt Peacemaker by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - George Washington by Bird of Hermes
    Archer - James Bowie by RoydGolden
    Archer - Lucky Luciano by Ail Don
    Archer - Punxsutawney Phil by Ail Don
    Archer - Ulysses S. Grant by WhatShouldNotBe
    Archer - Virgulino Ferreira da Silva by JetKinen
    Archer/Rider - Hiawatha by Funderfullness
    Archer/Rider - Lillian Frances Smith by Ymir
    Assassin - Allan Pinkerton by Ail Don
    Assassin - Charles Manson by Ail Don
    Assassin - Pteskawin by Ail Don
    Assassin - Santa Muerte by Ail Don
    Assassin - Spymaster 711/George Washington by 4score7years
    Assassin - Virginia Hall by Zh1212
    Assassin/Caster - Br'er Rabbit by Dozer095
    Assassin/Rider - Dorothy Gale by Alexcoene
    Assassin/Saber/Lancer/Rider/Caster/Berserker/Gunner - 711 (George Washington) by 4score7years
    Avenger - J. Robert Oppenheimer by WhatShouldNotBe
    Berserker - Andrew Jackson by Ail Don
    Berserker - Galvarino by WhatShouldNotBe
    Berserker - George Andrew Romero by Zork Knight
    Berserker/Brawler - John L. Sullivan by Ail Don
    Berserker - La Llorona by asterism42
    Caster - Benjamin Franklin by Alexcoene
    Caster - Elvis Presley by RoydGolden
    Caster - George Washington Carver by Zh1212
    Caster - H. P. Lovecraft by MehKitteh
    Caster - H.P. Lovecraft by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Henry Ford by Zork Knight
    Caster - Jimi Hendrix by I Am The Table
    Caster - Noah Webster Jr. by Ail Don
    Caster - Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs by Zork Knight
    Caster - Sarah Winchester by WhatShouldNotBe
    Caster - Walt Disney by Zh1212
    Gunner/Assassin/Rider - Bonnie&Clyde by venomking
    Lancer - Richard Nixon by Endabend
    Lancer/Berserker - America by Ail Don
    Rider - Jean Lafitte by CritHit
    Rider - Sibyl Ludington by Dionysian_Lumberjack
    Rider/Archer/Gunner - Theodore Roosevelt by Endabend
    Rider/Saber/Lancer/Archer/Caster/Berserker/Assassin - Amelia Earhart by ItsaRandomUsername
    Saber - Babe Ruth by Ail Don
    Saber/Archer/Berserker - John Carter of Mars by WhatShouldNotBe
    Saver - Antônio Vicente Mendes Maciel by Zork Knight

    Ancient Mesopotamia:

    Arabic Mythology & History:
    Avenger - Muhammad by MehKitteh
    Caster - Abdul Alhazred by Zork Knight
    Caster - Scheherazade by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Manas by Funderfullness
    Rider - T.E. Lawrence by Ail Don
    Rider/Lancer - Sinbad by Alexcone
    Ruler - Saladin by Spartacus
    Saber - Saladin by NMR-3
    Shielder - Dhul-Qarnayn by Funderfullness
    Shielder/Saber/Archer - Nusaybah bint Ka'ab by Funderfullness

    Archer - Ned Kelly by WhatSholdNotBe
    Assassin - Namorrodor by Diablo Interceptor
    Caster - Rainbow Serpent by WhatShouldNotBe
    Rider - Old Tom by Spartacus

    Archer/Ruler/Rider/Saber - Edward IV by Ramseph Boltstar
    Archer/Saber - Sir John Hawkwood by Zh1212
    Assassin - Arturia Pendragon by Brunestud Incarnate
    Assassin - Culhwch by Ail Don
    Assassin - Guy Fawkes by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin - Lawrence John Wargrave by Sherlock1110
    Assassin - Oswald Mosley by sutaa
    Assassin/Lancer - Constantine of Dumnonia by Constructman
    Assassin/Saber/Caster - Sir Kay by RoydGolden
    Avenger/Rider - Captain James Hook by Alexcoene
    Berserker - Boudicca by Legends Storyteller
    Berserker - Efnisien by Zh1212
    Berserker - King Arthur (Lion) by Nuclear Consensus
    Berserker - Mina Harker by Bird of Hermes
    Berserker - Richard III by 4score7years
    Berserker - Tom o'Bedlam by Ail Don
    Berserker/Saber/Caster - Uther Pendragon by Bird of Hermes
    Berserker/Assassin - Spring-Heeled Jack by Alexcoene
    Berserker/Monster/Beast/Avenger - Vortigern by Draconic
    Berserker/Saber/Assassin - Sir Gaheris by Bird of Hermes
    Caster - Bladud by Alexcoene
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    Caster/Saber/Ruler - Morgan le Fay by Ymir
    Lancer - Jack Meridew by sherlock1110
    Lancer - Jaufre by Alexcoene
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    Lancer - Queen Victoria by asterism42
    Lancer - Sir Bedivere by RoydGolden
    Lancer/Saber - Percival by Bird of Hermes
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    Rider - Robert I by asterism42
    Rider - Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim by Jetkinen
    Rider/Archer - Henry Morgan by Ail Don
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    Rider/Saber/Berserker - Kay by Bird of Hermes
    Rider/Saber/Lancer - Bedivere by Ymir
    Ruler - Guinevere by Ymir
    Ruler - Ćthelflćd by Bird of Hermes
    Saber - Artoria Pendragon by Frostyvale
    Saber - Bran the Blessed by Ail Don
    Saber - Galahad by zikari8
    Saber - Green Knight by Sunny
    Saber - Jack the Giant Killer by Jetkinen
    Saber - Thomas Hobbes by 4score7years
    Saber/Berserker - Accolon of Gaul by Alexcoene
    Saber/Berserker - Macbeth by Crying
    Saber/Caster/Berserker - Uther Pendragon Lily by Bird of Hermes
    Saber/Lancer/Berserker - Sir Balin by Bird of Hermes
    Saber/Lancer/Rider/Archer/Berserker - Sir Ywain by Shrapnel
    Saber/Rider - Sir Kay by Alexcoene
    Saber/Rider/Berserker - Cai by Ymir
    Saber/Rider/Berserker - Ywain by Ymir
    Shielder/Lancer - Galahad by Draconic
    Shielder/Saber - Sir Breunor by Master of Chaos

    Caucasian Mythology & History:
    Archer - Koapla by Ail Don

    Archer - Ao Guang by Theoneandonlyz
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    Assassin - Goujian of Yue by zikari8
    Assassin - Ip Kai-Man by JetKinen
    Assassin - Wong Fei-Hung by Skull
    Avenger - Mother Lu by Dionysian_Lumbrjack
    Berserker/Caster - Mao Zedong by Adlet
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    Caster - Wen Shi by Funderfullness
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    Rider - Guanyin/Olga Marie Animusphere by zikari8
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    Saber - Terracotta Warrior by Mr.Obsidean
    Saber - Yuenü by Gally
    Striker - Zhang Sanfeng by WhatShouldNotBe

    Christianity and Judaism:
    Archer - Nimrod by Alexcoene
    Archer - Saint Barbara by AvengerEmiya
    Archer - Valentine by asterism42
    Archer/Berserker - Nimrod by Hakuro
    Assassin - Cain by Prix of Heroes
    Assassin - Cain by RoydGolden
    Assassin - Judith by Adlet
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    Avenger/Caster/Ruler - Abel by RoydGolden
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    Caster - Jezebel by asterism42
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    Rider - Elijah by RoydGolden
    Rider - St. Christopher (genderbent) by PBlades
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    Saver/Avenger - Lucifer by Fish11
    Saver/Saber/Rider/Caster/Ruler - Yeshua Bar Nazareth by RoydGolden
    Savior/Avenger - Jesus by venomking

    Classical Mythology & History:
    Archer - Apollo by asterism42
    Archer - Aristaeus by Funderfullness
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    Caster - Orpheus by asterism42
    Caster - Orpheus by asterism42
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    Caster/Berserker - Arachne by venomking
    Lancer - Adonis by asterism42
    Lancer - Caeneus by Ail Don
    Lancer - Meleager by RoydGolden
    Lancer - Philip II by Ail Don
    Lancer - Telegonus by SSW
    Lancer/Rider/Berserker/Monster - Damasen by RoydGolden
    Rider - Arion by Funderfullness
    Rider - Bucephalus by Ail Don
    Rider - Cynane by Ymir
    Rider - Diomedes of Thrace by Funderfullness
    Rider - Endymion by asterism42
    Rider - Gaius Julius Caesar by SSW
    Rider - Helen & Clyteamnestra by SSW
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    Saber - Damocles by RoydGolden
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    Saber - Perseus by WhatShouldNotBe
    Saber - Remus by Sunny
    Saber/Lancer/Rider - Constantine the Great by Adlet
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    Saber/Rider - Iolaus by RoydGolden
    Saber - Meleager by venomking
    Saver - Hercules by venomking
    Shielder - Pallas by RoydGolden
    Shielder/Lancer - Aeneas by Bird of Hermes

    Assassin - Thutmose III by Bird of Hermes
    Avenger - Akhenaten by Diablo Interceptor
    Berserker - Arsinoë II by Daneel Rush
    Berserker - Thutmose II by PBlades
    Lancer/Caster - Hatshepsut by Bird of Hermes
    Rider/Caster - Khufu by Funderfullness

    Fairy Stories:
    Assassin/Berserker - Bloody Mary by Bird of Hermes
    Assassin - Goldilocks by Magikewl
    Assassin - Hansel & Gretel by Dessert Taiga
    Assassin - The Big Bad Wolf by Alexcoene
    Assassin - The Big Bad Wolf by Legends Storyteller
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    Caster - The Beast by Alexcoene
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    Rider - Black Knight by Mr.Obsidian
    Rider - Little Red Riding Hood by Bird of Hermes
    Rider - Santa Claus by Bird of Hermes


    Germany and Germanic Peoples:

    Rider - Chu Dong Tu by Funderfullness




    Maritime South-East Asia:

    The Netherlands:


    The Slavs:

    Sub-Saharan Africa:
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    The Nasuverse
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    Alter Ego/Saver/Beast - Yaldabaoth by Aridwolverine
    Saber - Sir Marok by RoydGolden
    Caster - Timun Mas by ThirtyFour34

    Because I'm kinda lazy, I didn't bother to put these sheets into their respective category and just put them in the order of their post date, so if you're kind enough, please feel free to remake this, also feel free to point out any mistakes.

    I will probably update this list if there's a new sheet. Maybe.


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    "Servant, Tower. Here I am, answering the summon. So… are you my master?"

    Full Image

    Vessel: Tower
    True Name: Nimrod
    Imprint: Merodach
    Height/Weight: 1,58m/49kg* Not including the weight of armor pieces
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Attribute: Human


    Strength: C Mana: A++
    Endurance: D Luck: C
    Agility: A+ Noble Phantasm: C

    Class Skills
    Mad Enhancement: EX
    Improvement of the servant's combat efficiency in exchange for loss of reasoning... or it should be the case, but Tower still seems to keep her intellect intact. Rather, it's her personality that seems to be broken, submersed in the concept of being a living weapon who only cares about hunting targets and defeating them. While outside of combat it is possible to have a conversation with her, she's prone to blind recklessness while fighting, acting as a 'single minded killing machine' who'll not listen to orders or retreat.
    Another unusual aspect of this skill is that there is no actual enhancement of the servant's attributes. Instead, it seems to display effects similar to those of Battle Continuation (A).

    "Ahah... what are you trying to pull, master? Aren't servants meant to fight?"

    Independent Action: D
    Gained from the possible Archer class that this servant can also be summoned in. However the rank of this skill is severely downgraded from its original value due to bad compatibility with her current summon as a Tower class.
    At D Rank, it gives little tactical benefits, acting more as predisposition to push forward without consideration for the orders of her master. It somehow also allows her to resist the power of one command spell with sheer willpower. Of course, that cannot be called a positive point at all, and it's more of an anomaly.
    "Yeah it's a bother, so just try to not get in my way for once."

    Exceed: --
    Sublimation of the concept. Intentionally or not, the servant was completely fused together with the idea of another Phantasmal entity or construct, altering not only its appearance but the very foundation [霊基] and abilities possessed. However, this isn't something that is originated entirely from the summoning, and its roots can many times be found in the past of the Heroic Spirit. In a way, it is reminiscent to a certain process used to fuse heroic spirits with physical bodies.
    In this case, the skills Divinity, Mana Burst(Star) and Juggernaut are conceded.
    "Unusual...? That's a word you could use to describe my state right now. It's fine, it's fine... if I can still fight then there's no harm done."

    Personal Skills
    Divinity: B
    Any one holder of Merodach has what can be called 'the divine right to rule', given by it. Merodach is by all means, a divine construct of light. Being fused as one with such a thing, it's no surprise that Nimrod possesses the same rank of divinity that a demigod would have.
    "Tch... guess it does increase my base attack a bit, so it's not useless."

    Charisma: E
    Leadership skills increase, but the morale of troops significantly decreases. Once a great king commanding a unified humanity, this aspect of her is all but gone. It's not something followers would notice at first, but all those under her command are fated to ruin.
    "There are some memories I suppose. Most of it is very muddled though."

    Mana Burst (Star): A
    The ability to greatly increase one's combat performance through the use of explosive magical energy. This is a personalized version of the skill that focuses solely on greatly enhancing speed and projectile based attacks while abandoning defense and physical power. Agility and Magical Energy output are Ranked-Up.
    With the skill in use, movements will leave a trail of dark purple, flame-like magical energy. The same energy may also manifest from Tower's left eye occasionally, but it seems to be unrelated to any specific improvements to eyesight.

    "Why doesn't it boost my regular attacks you ask? I'm closer to an Archer than a Saber honestly... having powerful close-combat abilities would be unbecoming of me in the first place."

    Juggernaut: B+

    While actively attacking, nullifies the effects of prediction skills possessed by the enemy through the imposition of one's unstoppable path toward ruin as an undeniable truth over the opponent's senses. The role of a Tower is truly not to stand, but advance eliminating everything that stands before it. This is in fact a cursed distortion of what is known as Unified Language, which Nimrod utilizes on a subconscious level against her adversaries when fighting.
    Its effectiveness doubles when against those whose predictive skills are instinctual.

    Noble Phantasms
    Tower of Calamity
    Merodach, First Linchpin of Humanity
    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: C
    Range: 1~500
    Maximum Targets: 50

    It could be called a sword, or a spear. The name is certainly not right... one way or the other, it is properly called a Tower. But perhaps it is little more than shell, a husk meant to seal or hide the actual treasure. Still, even a husk can be a force to be reckoned with when talking about Noble Phantasms.

    It is classified as Anti-army, but its closer in usage to an anti-unit phantasm, with very low cost compared to its firepower. When in combat, it reveals a great number of small gun barrels along its length that can all shoot at the same time or in order. There doesn't seem to be a physical trigger, and Nimrod can make it shoot at any moment, even if the weapon is not in her hands.
    It shoots bullets made out of magical energy, that explode on contact. The firepower is enough to cover an entire city block, but it can also concentrate the energy for one larger 'arrow' shot from the tip of the blade. That variation possesses longer effective range, but it is better suited against individual targets rather than a large area of effect.
    The weapon has a obvious blade, so of course it can be used for close-quarters combat, even though that would be poor usage of its capabilities. And besides, what kind of long range fighter would choose to instead take up a sword?

    Even though it is only meant as a husk, this Noble Phantasm still is a technological relic from a time before the great deluge that wiped out most of humanity. The firepower it possesses could be said to be only natural to ensure whatever is inside is properly protected. Though it is also possible this irregular summoning altered its form and made it a bit overkill?
    "There's more to a Heroic Spirit than his legend you know. I was earth's mightiest hunter, surely you didn't expect me to reach that level with a mere bow and arrow. If you have a problem with it, then just properly summon me as an Archer next time, master."


    Unknown Noble Phantasm
    Type: ?
    Rank: ?
    Range: ?
    Maximum Targets: ?

    Information about Tower's second Noble Phantasm is not yet available.

    Blessing from the World's End
    Type: Anti-Unit (self)
    Rank: B
    Range: --
    Maximum Targets: 1 person

    When one's body is turned into a living weapon. It is of course a defensive Noble Phantasm, or rather, a curse meant to prolong the weapon's life in battle. Covering Nimrod's body with a black armor, it represents the Tower she supposedly built in the past, and its ideal of forever guarding humanity from extinction, a pillar holding together the 'texture' of its existence.
    However, no human can re-create the light of the gods. Etemenanki was an attempt to anchor humanity not by light, but by steel and darkness, holding the original light inside it.

    So, this Noble Phantasm makes Nimrod the embodiment of such concept. It must at all costs maintain her in fighting conditions, so every wound is patched and covered in black armor. The body itself is not more resistant to damage, but rather as long as Nimrod is alive, Etemenanki will keep fortifying her armor and keeping her alive. The steel itself becomes stronger the more it grows. If a limb is cut off, a new steel replacement is formed in its place, and even internal organs can be replaced to a point.
    The Tower must stand, for humanity's sake.

    Not to be confused with an absorption skill, Etemenanki instead makes use of Nimrod's own large mana pool to boost her survivability. Rather than using damage to fortify, it hardens in response to it. Once the battle is over, time is needed for her body to regenerate, with the armor slowly receding and letting wounds open again so they can be recovered.

    Character Profile

    Tower Servant


    Maybe humanity's first king, and leader of a civilization that was united after the great cataclysm. A 'mighty hunter before the lord', who eventually became maybe the most powerful human on the earth.
    Legend tells that he ordered the construction of a certain tower meant to reach the heavens and protect humans should they ever face extinction again, but God took that as heresy and cursed Nimrod and his people, confusing their languages and scattering humanity, punishing their hubris by never allowing them to unite as one.

    Source: Hebrew Myth
    Region: Ancient Mesopotamia
    Likes: Fighting, Hunting, Aggressive Music
    Dislikes: Waiting, Authority
    Talents: Is actually really good in fighting games
    Natural enemy: Kaiser
    She managed to keep her original attribute even in this irregular summon.

    Her story begins much before she was even alive. A man named Noah tried to reach the divine pillar of light called Merodach. It is not clear for what reason he tried to do this, or what are the details of what happened when he did, but the consequences of doing so where catastrophic. Merodach could be said to be the origin of man, or at least, what kept its existence from disappearing. Upon reaching the pillar, Noah took a small fragment of it, unable to hold anything more. However that small action caused the pillar to crack.

    The one thing holding the concept of 'humanity' was shaken and so humanity itself was, for a moment, rejected by the world.
    Such rejection took the form of a world wide calamity... a deluge. The Great Flood.

    And yet, thanks to the same Noah, humanity managed to barely escape extinction. And saved with him, the fragment of light, now in the form of a sword: Merodach.

    But it wasn't possible to wield it. No man could manage to hold even that fragment of power. So another method would have to be devised. As the years passed, Noah's descendants kept the fragment, not one being able to use its power. Instead, they came to the conclusion that being a fragment of a pillar of light, it needed to be such for its power to be accessible.

    Yes. Merodach was meant to anchor humanity, and therefore a new tower was to be built. One that could make the fragment whole again, and protect them should they be faced with another calamity. One day, a man who could hold the fragment himself would be revealed. A man with divine right to wield Merodach, chosen to rule and protect mankind from that tower.

    As time went by, a certain girl risen up among mankind.
    A mighty hunter before The Lord, and soon she began to be mighty in the earth.

    Charisma: E
    Degraded from its original B Rank. Like one born for battle, Nimrod was more like a hunter of men. She never meant to gather a following, but still people were naturally attracted to her power, and she led them to eventually take over mankind in a time when all humanity was no different than a single nation. During that conquest, Nimrod ended up also taking Etemenanki, the incomplete tower dedicated to be the anchor mankind, along with the sword Merodach that was kept inside of it, consolidating her rule once and for all.

    But Nimrod's tale doesn't end here. For all her achievements, the fate of the world under her rule would be one of ruin and tragedy. As the king of all mankind, her cursed fall would also be the fall of humanity.

    Mad Enhancement: EX
    A curse.

    The secret to wielding Merodach's true form was not raw power, but submitting one's self to the sword. Unlike her predecessors, Nimrod did not fear when she felt her own nature being changed by the weapon in her hands. The fragment soon changed, turning into a form of pure, burning light. Had Nimrod hesitated, she would be consumed by that light. But instead, the girl held on to what could no longer be called a sword. It was more like a purple star, its light taking over Nimrod's body and mind, her very spirit.

    She didn't hesitate, not even for a moment. But still, no human would be able to survive that light. When Merodach finally stopped burning, what was left of Nimrod couldn't be called human. Those who witnessed it would say that the King became a being closer to a divine existence... or maybe it would be more accurate to say that she was possessed by one.

    Juggernaut: B+
    The people are connected to their King.

    That is even more true for the unified humanity in the time of Nimrod. They were connected not only as a nation, but in spirit and mind through their [Language]. One becomes a King through their charisma, but to maintain their position as a King, one must overrule the will of their subjects with their own.
    In a world of unified language, Nimrod ruled because there was no other human with a will capable of overcoming her commands. If the King is pleased, then the people prosper. But if the King becomes enraged, the subjects minds and spirits are oppressed. A psychic link shared between humans, through the source of all things.

    If such a King of mankind were to become insane... what would that mean for her followers?

    Summoning her in this stage of her life is rare and irregular, only permitted because of the distorted rules of this scenario fusing her with Merodach as a Divine Construct. It is of course, still possible to make a proper summon of her from a time after she took control of Merodach, but it would require a corrupt grail in the first place.

    Nimrod qualifies for the regular classes of Saber, Lancer, Archer and Berserker, with the first two giving her different forms of Merodach, one sealed as a sword and one closer to its true form. The Archer and Berserker classes summon aspects of her as a conqueror and hunter, before her rule.
    The way she is as Tower is the furthest point in her life she can still be summoned as a servant, and even that only became possible through Exceed. The fact that she still looks like a young girl even then only proves how short was the span of her legend, and how quickly she went from a victorious king to an insane demigod who eventually cut off humanity's connection to the source, and the truth they shared left to oblivion.

    A true shooting star, quickly burning out.

    (Tower in The End of The World)
    Noble Phantasm
    "The pathways of origin are closing before us...
    I see, it is inevitable. As the tower crumbles, be consumed by flaming lights!


    Merodach, Original Sin
    Type: Anti-fortress
    Rank: A++
    Range: 1~100
    Maximum Targets: 1000

    Once released from its shell, the true form of Merodach is revealed: a crystallized construct of pure light. It can be similar to a sword, or a spear, or even an arrow: as it is light, it is formless, and can be changed freely to suit the needs of Nimrod in battle. When not in a solid state, its appearance is similar to the magical energy manifested in Nimrod's mana burst; dark purple fire-like light.

    By itself, it is an extremely powerful weapon with variable range and a 'blade' capable of easily slicing through almost any material. But the actual purpose of this form is the ability to converge it with the wielder's mana to then release it all at once in a forward blast that erases everything in its path.
    Nimrod first holds her hand in front of her, making the light take the shape of a bow and arrow. While pulling the energy string, she calls for the true name of her Noble Phantasm once again, and releases the arrow. Instead of a projectile, it explodes into an expanding wave of destruction that sweeps out anything standing in front of her, incinerating all that is touched by it in the blink of an eye.

    A representation of the right to select the king.

    That's what it would be usually, but that is only the aspect created and given to it by humans. The 'sword' too was just a shell from the start, and while there were those who could maybe use it like so, its true power went beyond the realm of men. It isn't a holy sword but divine light, or a fragment of it. Once fully released, the very nature of it changes to something similar to the original pillar, but if one wishes to control this power, it is necessary to sacrifice their own humanity and become one with that light.

    Once that happens, it wouldn't even be possible for the spirit to be summoned as a servant, however the special summoning of Tower makes it possible by degrading the spirit's foundation and fusing it with that of the construct.

    The last card to be played. Unlike the 'sword', this Noble Phantasm stands alongside the most powerful of all in terms of raw destructive power and scale.

    Craft Essence

    Cannon Spear
    Ancient weapon that's been distorted from its original.
    It's called a canon, but it doesn't fire cannon balls. The way it shoots is more like a gatling gun, a rotary cannon.
    The bullets are made out of concentrated magical energy, and are fast and numerous enough that even a agile servant would struggle with them.

    Why is it so big?
    Well it was modelled after a tower, so maybe that's related.

    There are chains connected to it sometimes. They look cool, and you could use them to throw the cannon around... but why would you do that?

    Erasure of Man
    Even extraordinary men are still forbidden from certain boundaries.
    Still, humans cross those limits, guided by their legendary ambition.

    Truly, these creations are children of calamity.

    To try and manipulate Heroic Spirits is heresy in the first place.
    Blindly following their desires, they answer to the grail and fight pitiful human wars.

    Yet, those that would comit such heresy didn't stop.
    Servants are soldiers, but they only desired weapons. There was no need for spirits with wishes of their own.

    The pieces in the board start to move.



    "Don't tell me you're disappointed in me, Master. I even went through all the trouble of answering this bullshit summoning too... This is what you wanted, so don't act like I'm the one insane."

    Level up
    "Huh... I might actually be able to trade some blows with other servants now."

    Saint Graph Readvent

    "Guess I won't be getting any less edgier huh..."


    "Ahahah... Feels like I'm burning up!"

    "Hey, hey, Master! Hurry up and give me something to fight!"

    "Ara... to think you could make me reach this stage; I sure hope you're not about to regret it Master. But this is perfect. Just sit back and watch me... I'm about to show you some amazing fireworks."

    "What nice prey. Why don't I give you a headstart?"

    "Fine. I'll shed some blood for you."

    "Got it."
    "Is that so?"

    Attack & Skill
    "Oh, this is exciting!"
    "Good, let's keep fighting."

    "Ah... if only I was ended like this back then..."

    "Fuck... guess that's it... huh..."

    "Good game. Too bad I can't kill you twice."

    "So what did you think? Of my true power I mean."


    "How long you're gonna keep me here? I'll rust, my stupid metal arms will rust!"

    "Of course I can be careful. I'm not mad you know."

    "I don't care for your reasons... right now I'm less than a shadow anyway, so it wouldn't matter even if I did."

    "This music you listen to is amazing you know? Fuck, why didn't anyone think of melodies like that back then?"

    "Master... I can't say I enjoy you trying to tell me how to fight. If you distract me, one of my shots just might stray and... well, why don't you try staying behind your barrier next time?"

    "What's the point in asking me of the holy grail? Think your little distortion didn't work?
    No, I don't have any desire for it..... well, maybe if it would let me stay here... Ah, no no... forget I said it."

    "I look like some other servant, do I? That's not unusual. All current civilizations originated in the first nation, so it's only natural that someone down the line would look similar to me. I guess I just have one of those faces."

    "If I were to be summoned properly, I would not have Merodach as you see it now. For much longer before I claimed it, it was held on to as a sacred sword. History doesn't even has it recorded in the first place..."

    "Of course, I could confidently say I was the first king to rule over humans. So if it is a sword made for selecting a king, it should obviously belong to me."

    Bond levels
    "Nimrod, huh... It's like looking in a mirror, but the image is not quite right."

    "I've never tried to pass as a man. If you ask me, the details were just lost in time. There's barely any proof I've lived today. Nevermind it. The past doesn't matter anyway."

    "I want to fight... All I did from the start was fight, again and again, until people started to rally behind me. Before I noticed, I was fighting for their sake, or so it was said. It didn't bother me; the larger battles made my heart race. It was all I needed. The thrill of the hunt."

    "Hey, Master. Do you think it was foolish of me? Not looking back... Advancing without thinking about what would happen. Did I... no... forget it. It's nothing."

    "You know... I'm a bit... pleased... that you were the Master I ended up with, even if I'm in this state. I've felt burdened with my mistakes for so long, and I could never afford to face them. Er... what I'm trying to say is... you've made me feel like it's not so bad to leave that behind me. I'm thankful for that, Master."

    "How about a cake made out of human entrails?
    Of course I'm joking you dumbass."

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________

    Trying out this whole sheet thing. I picked a servant with little actual historical background so it would give me more freedom to experiment since I've had this idea of the Tower class stuck in my head for a while.
    It... ended up being a lot more derivative than I wanted it to be, but it was still fun, if a little tiring. There was much more that I wanted to include, like a small dramatic narrative like I've seen in some sheets, but I thought that it would be just too much, and the tidbits of dialogue in the style of FGO scratched that itch fine so...

    I actually lost almost the entire thing at one point and had to restart basically from zero, but I think it ended up better for it. Anyway, that's it, sorry for any bad grammar or such, I'm not used to 'writing' in a creative sense in english.
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    Wow, you definitely put a lot of work into this. Not only that, there is a lot of creativity here. Though personally, I do think the Mana stat is little to high. Especially for a servant close to an Archer.

    Merodach is simple and straightforward, but since it is the original model of Caliburn it makes sense. Etemenanki reminds me a lot of the Berserk Armor from "Berserk", in the way that keeps the user together rather than just healing them. Was that perhaps an inspiration?

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    Was that perhaps an inspiration?
    More like shameless rip-off. At first I tried to come up with something that 'felt' like god hand but different, but I also wanted to justify her appearance in the illustration. Since the concept of her being the tower was already there from the start, I recalled that detail about the berserker armor and thought it would fit quite nice since there are already plenty of berserker elements in this class, so the whole armor growing on her body would be like she becoming more 'tower-like' whatever that means. One detail that's different is how the armor will recede after the battle is done. Sounded like a cool scene, all those metal pieces that got embed into her skin being pushed away with blood and guts pouring out.

    I do think the Mana stat is little to high. Especially for a servant close to an Archer.
    I'm not sure if I explained this properly in the sheet now, but her naturally high mana stat is being greatly boosted by mana burst(star). Maybe the right way to explain it is that it represents not only her reserves, but her output in... energy attacks I wanna say? Let's just put it that what isn't being increased in strength and endurance directly correlates to how high her mana and agility are.
    Since she won't have mana burst or Merodach as an Archer, the ranks of those stats should be more in line with what you would expect from that class.

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    I made changes to my Kamiizumi Nobutsuna sheet, Nerfed him a little a gave him a second NP and completly overhauled the original one.
    also explained the skills a little bit better.

    (unrelated question)
    When i explain the skills should i use the class name or the real name?
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