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    Heavens Failure

    For those who aren't aware there is a doujin series called Heavens Failure where it follows up on Shirou after the events of Heavens Feel where, upon being revived by Illya, is inhabiting her body. It's comedic in nature and pretty cute. While there are 5 chapters that were translated I was looking up Limit Break and noticed that there are two extra chapters that were never translated into english. Chapters EX and EX 2. I'd searched for any possible translations that existed but could find none, afterwords I tried to fine the original translator which was a task as they didn't leave their names on a translators page on the doujin. It appears the original translators and editors for it have already retired from the community without posting anything on the translation host site since 2015.

    Basically I really do want to know what else was left in the series and was wondering if there were any fans that could translate it, point me to where I might be able to request a translation, read and summarize it, or really anything.

    I'm not sure if there's a more appropriate place to post this thread.
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