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    Cards Against Humanity Fan Decks

    Yep. I've done it again.

    Well, actually, this one is more than a year older than Cards Against the Nasuverse. It is therefore not as good. You may have already seen this. You might have if you looked at my other I don't know if anyone has actually ever used my Cards Against the Nasuverse? I tend to doubt it, but on the other hand I imagine the only way people could organize enough players would be via the chat room, and I'm rarely there. If you liked that, you might also like this too.

    This deck contains the god of trolling, a lovable squirrel girl who is proud of her underboob, amoral eggheads, and a beautiful woman with a penchant for cosplay coercion who's in love with creature made of black sludge. And the Azure. Naturally. Now containing what I like to call the "Teach Me Miss Litchi Expansion Pack."


    Cards Against The Azure

    These may need to be reordered, but it's virtually impossible to do from a phone.
    Also, my link didn't work, but I can't fix that right now, I'm really sorry, and it'll be fixed by tomorrow evening.

    Black Cards:
    They've all taught everything with _ on their face and _ in their heart.

    Azrael ate _ for breakfast, and has been snacking on _ ever since.

    The most disturbing thing Arakune ever ate was _.

    After a failed mission, Kokonoe decided to upgrade Tager with _.

    Not even _ was effective against the Black Beast.

    I am _! THE END HAS COME!

    There is no _, just _. This is the power of _.

    Kokonoe would use _ to kill _.

    Ring the bell and _ shall appear.

    My soul burns with the rage of _.

    _ located. Intense attraction... confirmed. Expression of love... initiated. (May need to change love to another blank)

    Okay, why the HELL do you think I give two shits about _?

    In the end, _ finally killed Terumi with _.

    This world is nothing but _!

    I'll show you the truth of this world... the truth called _!

    I was finally inside _! Why'd you have to evict me?!

    Jin finally reciprocated Tsubaki's feelings for him when she gave him _.

    Of course I'm gonna kill ya. But first, just let me _... (…You must construct additional pylons, Draconic!)

    I'm in _. Weird. Not that I don't deserve it a hundred times over.

    I may be a twisted son of a bitch, young lady, but that doesn't mean I don't have _!

    Dispatched in mankind's darkest hour. We are _ of _!

    Even without any sense of direction, Celica was still able to find _.

    White Cards:
    Only being an optimist when it's creepy.

    Getting hurt and ending up in a maid's outfit.

    Hazama's Corrosive Jet Black suit.

    Traveling all across time so you can spy on Rachel's boyfriend.

    Making a bunch of worms do an unholy mix of breakdancing and lambada, and watching as they exploded from the strain… but a hundred times worse.

    That moment when Tao proved that she CAN learn things.

    Tager's On-Call Disposal Services Ltd.

    Having the gall to serve Rachel iced tea.

    The punishment for even suggesting that Jin might be related to Yuffie. (I actually kinda like Yuffie, but I'm sure Jin would hate her).

    Reducing Noel to tears in front of an audience.

    Getting stage fright in front of an audience of one cat.

    Tao's mammo-centric view of the world.

    The thought of Jin and Tsubaki making kittens.

    High-arching publik orifices.

    The most handsome man of this century.

    Everyone gushing about Kazamotzu cuisine.

    Kagura's selective hearing.

    Selective hearing so severe that it causes auditory hallucinations.

    A tiresome and boring little man.

    Ruining Kagura's harem scene.

    Spouting off a new bit of nonsense every time a woman enters, hoping in vain that one of them will be caught off guard and copulate with you.

    Ignoring the owner of the building you've invaded and carrying on with your conversation as if she wasn't there.

    Hiding meat buns in your cleavage.

    Tsubaki's resolution to hide things in her cleavage.

    Tsubaki's resolution to hide things in Litchi's cleavage.

    Everyone getting together and doing fun things while Tao's gone.

    One more person that Hazama can put between himself and the cat.

    Part of Tager's mission.

    Teaching the intricacies of Ars Magus to a mental infant.

    Taking up the work of the proletariat.

    Armed horses, Corporal Evil, and hand-holdings.

    The Ragna of yesterday.


    Taokaka's appetite.

    Tsubaki's secret fetish for period adventure films.

    Satisfying Tsubaki's secret fetish for period adventure films.

    The Isle of Ranking.

    The Isle of Brotherly Violence.

    Another goddamn talking island.

    A wedding so secret, that the groom doesn't even know he's married.

    Falling out of the sky, crushing two people, and then exploding.

    Having a big tuna party.

    Doing everything you were going to do to a tuna to Ragna instead.

    A dream that just sucks so much that you don't know whether to be relieved, or incredibly disappointed.

    Having a SCARY way with words.

    Threatening to fill every one of Hazama's holes with Kokonoe's special candy.

    Dropping an asteroid on a single person with science and then Segwayin' on outta here.

    Silvervine lollipops.

    Whatever Ragna did to the first three Murakumo units he met.

    Trinity's weird habit of popping out of random objects.

    Luna's 'good' side.

    A man metaphysically inside another man.

    Jin the fox.

    Roy's fabulous coffee.

    An eldritch horror gleefully realizing that he's in a roleplaying game.

    The Sword of Morning Glory.

    Whatever the hell Arakune's body is made of.

    An impossible number of bugs and skeletons inside one's body.

    A legitimately romantic tentacle rape scene.

    Ada Clover's voice.

    A unique grimoire that turned a young man into a stunningly hot girl.

    Feeding Azrael.

    Getting drunk on catnip water.

    The power of Makoto's underboob.

    Punching someone TO THE MOON.

    Bang's subordinates.

    A temporal paradox caused by the continued existence of a red jacket and a sword called Bloodscythe.

    Kushinada, whoever the hell that is.

    Kushinada's Lynchpin.

    The Azure Grimoire.



    A man inside another man. (Funny only because it's not at all what's being implied).


    Weak american damage.

    Incestuous yanderes.

    A tartar.

    Butt Floss.

    A pile of kittens.

    Kagutsuchi puffer fish.

    Stabbing your crush a million times then forcibly committing double suicide with him.

    The pure nothingness of the boundary.

    Bisexual squirrels.

    Noel's cooking.

    Ice brick.

    Spamming ice cars.


    Yuuki Terumi.

    The most obnoxious god ever.

    Slipping on a Peking Duck.

    Making fake VROOM noises while playing with motorcycles.

    Putting Jubei in the GODDAMN ROSTER ALREADY!

    Bang's manly chest.

    Tager's manlier chest.

    Azrael's manliest chest.

    Crying your heart out while listening to Stardust Memory.

    Getting lost in Noel's eyes.

    An arm that's also a bomb.

    Pronouncing "Arakune" correctly.

    Lotte Carmine, whoever that is.

    Another goddamn Murakumu unit.

    Bang Shishigami!

    An incredibly loud ninja.

    Lies. And evil and lies... And bell peppers!


    Non-consensual cosplay.

    A soul that burns with the rage of a thousand squirrels.

    Chopping someone up into little tiny pieces! ...and not eating them.

    A bad time to embrace a new dirty little fetish.

    Stealing Makoto's boobs with science.

    Not knowing whether to be relieved or incredibly disappointed.

    Ungrateful little bastard...s.

    Always attracting the who's who of mental illness.

    Replacing the word 'Mongrel' with 'brother,' every time Gilgamesh says it.

    Listing to a conversation between Rachel and Tohsaka.

    A kickass werewolf butler.

    The kind of abuse that Tager puts up with.

    Golden Tager X.

    Cat allergies.

    Upping the ante. For science.

    Tao's kitty senses.

    Succumbing to the awesome gravitational pull of your boobies and getting sucked into your own cleavage.

    Getting pwned by a total n00b and then lapsing into l33t.

    Noel's undetectable dignity.

    A sense of worth entirely determined by a lack of big boobs.

    Wallowing in despair, dismay, grief, frustration, misery, and all sorts of other unpleasant nouns.

    Punching someone to the moon.

    A machine with three distinct personalities who are all in denial about their severe god complex.

    A vampire that never drinks blood.

    A vampire tea party.

    Giving two shits about a vampire tea party.

    Rachel's extremely gay cat.

    Nago the cat/umbrella/chair/cannon/matress…

    Gii, everyone's favorite punching bag.

    The number of incidents that could be listed were Nagi and Gii to pursue a workplace abuse clause.

    Stomping on Ragna's head ten times.

    Lies lies lies lies lies LIES!

    Amoral eggheads.

    Whatever Tao's face actually looks like.



    Pedo-bear Bloodedge.

    Ragna's first love interest: a copy of his sister.

    Ragna's second love interest: a clone of his surrogate mother.

    Catnipping too much catnip.

    Relius' sex dungeon.

    Thinly veiled rape metaphors

    A twisted son of a bitch with feelings.

    Rachel's attitude.

    A million squirrels calling to you.

    Just so you know, I'll take suggestions for cards here as well.
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