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Thread: FGO Emoticons?

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    figured it was right under the circumstances

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    Quote Originally Posted by mAc Chaos View Post
    Which ones do you all want added, specifically? I can do it.
    Quote Originally Posted by KAIZA View Post
    The new ones pls

    Chaldea Heroes

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    Quote Originally Posted by GundamFSN View Post
    Nikiri has what I dub Blessings of the Boobs, see. As long as what his rolling for has two conspicuous mountains, they'll come to him one way or another.
    Quote Originally Posted by GundamFSN View Post
    Well, fine. Nikiri has this thing called 「我が往くは爆乳の彼方・・・!」
    Quote Originally Posted by Nikiri View Post
    GundamFSN. Thank you.

    Just before rolling I said 「我が往くは爆乳の彼方・・・!」

    First ticket. Da Vinci-chan NP2.

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