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Thread: Pure Sensuality [A Flip Flappers Fanfic]

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    Pure Sensuality [A Flip Flappers Fanfic]

    So, after finishing up Flip Flappers yesterday (great show, BTW), I decided to write a little Yuri smut of the two heroines as a way to break through my writer's block. Well, I say 'smut' but honestly, it came out pretty tame all things considered, with little more then light bondage and some mild kissing and touching. Basically, most of the emphasis isn't on the visceral details but on how adorable a pair the two make together.

    I planned to make this as part of a set of maybe five or six Flip Flappers fanfics featuring different characters (like Cocona x Yayaka, for instance), but since this took a fair bit longer to write then I imagined that idea may not come to fruition. Especially since I have other writing ideas to work on. (Like my oft-neglected original fiction story) Despite the tameness, this is still smut so (mild) viewer discretion is advised. Really though, I'd say cuteness overload is a more serious worry here...

    Some spoilers for certain events in the Flip Flappers show as well, so be warned!

    Pure Sensuality:


    "Cocona, Cocona, Coconaaaa!~"

    Upon the third such exclamation, Papika tugged petulently on her eponymous girlfriend's sleeve. She who was named Cocona glanced back, amusement showing in her features as she did her best to feign ignoring her overenthusiastic lover's antics.

    "Cocona, let's do something fun! I'm booooo~ooored!"

    At this repeated dismissal, Papika let out a long, childish, brain-meltingly adorable whine. Nontheless, her demands washed off Cocona like the blue-haired girl was a stalwart rock in the midst of Papika's raging torrent of excitement.

    Cocona smirked silently to herself. Though she didn't admit it, it was nice to simply be able to enjoy quiet time with Papika like this. Ever since she'd first met the beautiful orange-haired girl, Cocona found herself thrown into a nearly unending flurry of excitement and adventure. Fields of sweet-tasting snow, worlds dyed in a thousand kaleidoscopic hues each more bright and brilliant then the last.

    But now, things had mostly quietened down after the final battle with Mimi- or rather, the dark twisted likeness of Mimi that had been given shape in Pure Illusion. There hadn't been as many as excursions to Pure Illusion as of late, and Cocona found herself thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet while it lasted.

    "While it lasted", in this instance being the time it took for Papika to whimper, whine or do some other dog-like thing in her direction. That girl really was too much to handle at times, yet Cocona could hardly bring herself to mind. Any resentment that she had at repeated disruptions of her peaceful order were instantly quelled upon looking into Papika's wide, innocent cerulean eyes.

    That said... she really sometimes wished she had a way of tying the other girl down and keeping her under control for at least some meager amount of time...

    Suddenly, a wicked idea began to take shape in Cocona's mind. Hmmm... Papika did say she wanted to try something fun, right? And Cocona had exactly the idea for her!


    Papika repeated, her voice now questioning. Still a without a word, Cocona rose up off her expansive bed that the two were seated upon and firmly met Papika's gaze.

    "Hmm... I think I just might have something fun for you after all..." Cocona said, deliberately drawing out her words so as to further entice the other girl.

    "Something fun? Really? Thanks a lot!" Papika exclaimed as she jumped up and down happily on the spot, her questioning tone lost in a rush of newfound enthusiasism.

    Ignoring her, Cocona walked over to her closet and opened it up, pulling out the relevant supplies from its depths- a handful of ropes and multi-colored clothes. The ropes were in case she ever needed to tie a knot for some reason, the cloths were old scarves or bandannas that she'd long since grown out of. But right now, they were to serve a rather different purpose.

    "What are you doing?" Papika gawked curiously, doing her best to look into the closet over her still rummaging girlfriend's shoulder.

    "Getting ready," Cocona muttered simply, rising back to her full- and not terribly impressive- height with newfound supplies in hand. She'd learned a little from the twins Toto and Yuyu when it came to deadpan responses.

    "Ropes?" Papika questioned again, blue eyes darting innocently to the telltale objects held in her girlfriend's supple hands. "What are they for?"

    Cocona just smiled knowingly, excitement brewing as her plan was about to take shape. "You'll see."

    "Now take off your clothes."

    "-Huh?" Papika looked up at her confusedly. "M-my clothes?"

    "Mhmm." Cocona gave a slight nod of confirmation. "It's not like I haven't seen more of you- or you, me- in baths and the like. So it's nothing new."

    "I guess..." Papika murmured, beginning to undress with mild reluctance. Her blouse went first, pulled up over her wild orange mane of hair and tossed carelessly across the bedroom. Next came her skirt and stockings, joining it in the newly formed pile. By the end of this short process, Papika was left clad solely in her pale pink undergarments. A mix of playful and bold, yet innocent and girlish that suited Papika's appeal perfectly. Or so Cocona felt, at least.

    "W-w-what now?" Papika asked, a slight stutter in her voice. Her arms reached up shyly to cover her half-bared chest, fingertips cupped over petite breasts. At other times the orange-haired girl had no problems baring her body totally around Cocona, but now she clearly felt the weight of her girlfriend's stare.

    After taking several wordless moments to admire the thoroughly flustered face- and body- of her girlfriend, Cocona spoke once more.

    "Turn around." Her voice was gentle, light and without any undue aggression. Yet, the girl's tone was unmistakably that of a command.

    Papika did as such, embarrassment- and confusion- welling up as her girlfriend carefully strutted across the bedroom to her near-entirely bared back.

    "W-what are you-?" Papika's burgeoning question was cut off by a mild yelp of surprise as she suddenly felt a soft yet unyielding material encircling her wrists.

    "Tying you up, silly," Cocona answered matter-of-factly, tightening the rope until Papika's wrists were immobilized securely- but comfortably- behind her back. Before her girlfriend could respond any further, Cocona gave a playful shove to Papika's back. Without her arms to properly support herself, Papika tumbled forward to land with her back against the bed.

    "Ooooooph!" Papika gave a startled cry, her voice muffled against the bedcovers. Without further ado Cocona got up on the bed as well and atop her now rather hapless girlfriend, straddling her in a position of exquisite dominance.

    That witch Welwitschia from the desert world hadn't lied. Cocona really did harbor fantasies of tying up and dominating her girlfriend for a long time before she recognized them as such herself. Albeit, not to hurt Papika or make her unhappy.

    No, what Cocona wanted right now was simply to share with her girlfriend the absolute pleasure now welling up inside her. It was an expression of gentleness and utmost love, not hateful violence.

    And if there was one thing Cocona could be sure of, it was her love for Papika. A love that woke her from the meaningless douldrums of ordinary life, a life that sustained her through the chaos and tribulations of Pure Illusion, a love that freed her from the stifling embrace of the being that claimed to be her mother.

    "I love you, Papika."

    Cocona whispered the words, a mere paltry confirmation of the ones echoing deafeningly from the depths of her own heart. Their faces scant inches apart, Papika could feel her girlfriend's breathy words caressing softly against her cheek.

    "I... love you too, Cocona," Papika whispered in likeness. In spite of uncertainty over her predicament, all fear in Papika's expression evaporated instantly before her girlfriend's heartfelt words. She was in the hands of the girl who she loved more then anything else, so she had nothing to fear.

    That too, was one thing she could be sure of more then anything else.

    Overcome by passion, Cocona leaned in even closer to her girlfriend, transgressing the already insignificant distance between them to plant a possessive kiss. Their lips met and Papika whimpered with desire as Cocona overtook her, what had begun as a demure peck on the lips shedding its petals to unveil a frenzied dance of arousal. Cocona felt her tongue slip past Papika's soft lips and intrude upon the interior of the girl's mouth, eliciting yet another plaintive gasp. With her tongue, Cocona explored Papika's inner sanctum just as vigorously as the duo had ever ventured forth through Pure Illusion.

    Only the warmth of Papika's peach-toned body against her own, the feeling of their tongues dancing together... those were certainly no mere illusions. Indeed, Cocona had never felt quite so real as in that moment- that embrace of passionate love.

    After a veritable eternity, Cocona broke off from the kiss, rising back up from her girlfriend's newly peach-pink face to look into her wide- even more so then usual- eyes.

    "T-that felt..." Papika's already small voice trailed off wispily, unable to find words to express the newfound feelings coiling up in her chest. Cocona got a secret thrill from seeing the normally indomitable and headstrong Papika at a loss for words.

    "-Great," Cocona said simply, finishing for her girlfriend. She too was breathing heavily and found it difficult to think, but her naturally calm and collected disposition allowed her to muster some semblance of coherency in the aftermath.

    After a brief moment, Papika's wits returned to her as well. "You know..." she began, a playful edge to her voice. "You forgot to finish tying me up. See?" The words were accentuated by a coquettish wiggling of her free toes.

    That teeny, insignificant gesture immediately shattered whatever sense of restraint Cocona had left. In one smooth, abrupt motion she flipped the orange-haired girl on her tummy and instantly reasserted her dominant posture.

    "I guess so," Cocona muttered lightly, pulling back on one of Papika's long and slender legs with one hand while readying another rope with the other. It was long past the point of a simple game to divest the time away now, but nontheless Cocona didn't have the heart to back down on something she'd started. With the warm sunlight streaming through her bedroom windows, Cocona assured herself that her girlfriend would end up thoroughly bound by the evening's end.

    Papika kicked her leg back playfully, dispelling Cocona's concentration and nearly knocking the bundle of rope straight out of her raised hand. "S-stop it, Papika!" Cocona barked, trying to suppress the laughter in her voice. "Hold still!"

    "Na-ah~" teased Papika as she continued to kick her bare heels wildly back and forth, presenting the very image of pouting girlishness.

    After several unforgettable minutes of effort, laughter and mock-wrestling with her nearly naked girlfriend, Cocona finally managed to get a sturdy grip on Papika's flailing legs. "Gotcha!" she exclaimed triumphantly.

    "Oh no, the meanie Cocona has captured me! Heeelp!!" Papika cried out with exaggerated plaintivity while Cocona set to work on binding her legs. First she wound rope over and around the girl's ankles, tightening it until they were securely fastened together. More rope was quickly and methodically added around her calves, then above and below her knees, completing the tie in record time.

    With each rope after the last, Papika found her degrees of freedom rapidly diminishing. When it was finished, she could only kick out her legs both at a time or wave them around as a single appendage, almost as if she were a mermaid of some sort. Papika would probably enjoy being a mermaid, thought Cocona idly to herself.

    Swimming freely through pure blue rivers, exploring into the depths of the limitless ocean, ocasionally popping up to frighten (and seduce) unwary sailors...

    Cocona hastily shook her head to dispel the rapidly forming imagery of Papika with a mermaid tail and seashell bra from her mind. Just having Papika before her like this, bound and grinning ear-to-ear, awaiting happily whatever Cocona had in mind for her, was already overwhelming enough for her poor senses. Adding fantasy to that potent mixture surely risked felling Cocona from an overload of sheer cuteness.

    "How's that? Tight enough for you?" Cocona asked wryly, rising up to oversee her handiwork with the expression of a satisfied craftswoman.

    "Nope!" Papika chirped, her cheery expression unpeturbed by her increasingly stringent bondage. "I can still move my arms and legs, see?"

    To prove her point, Papika hefted up her legs and drove them into the bed like pneumatic pistons, lifting herself backwards onto her feet into a perfect standing posture. "Voila!" Papika exclaimed triumphantly, attempting to mimic a magician's gesture with her hands. Since her arms were still securely bound behind her, the gesture only ended up causing Papika to topple over into a faceful of comfy bedcovers.

    Cocona tried to stop herself from bursting out laughing. She truly did. It was, however, quickly proving to be an impossible task. "Nice job, Papika. Say, was that facevault part of your act too or just an improv?"

    "...Meanie," grumbled Papika, puffing out her cheeks and glaring at her girlfriend in what must've been her best impersonation of a hurt puppy. Since her face was partially buried in covers at the time, her puffed-out expression ended up looking more comical then anything.

    "You look ridiculous," Cocona managed between giggles. She decidedly neglected to mention just how enticing it was to see Papika's shapely little butt thrust up at a near-90 degree angle from her bed, swaying slightly back and forth with her every movement. Resisting the temptation to reach over and give her bratty girlfriend a spanking was shaping out to be yet another impossible task for poor Cocona.

    Emotion overcame caution as Cocona strafed across the bed, getting into position to deliver a smack to her girlfriend's prominently upended bottom. Smack! Her hand collided sharply against Papika's panty-clad rear end, just hard enough to hurt without leaving any prominent marks.

    "O-ouch!" Papika yelped, surprised by the sudden assault on her senses. "C-Cocona," she stammered out her girlfriend's name. "W-why did you...?"

    Without a word Cocona hefted up Papika bodily, hoisting the girl's slight body over her stocking-clad knee while readying her open palm for another humiliating blow. Papika was so light and willowy that carrying her like this was almost effortless for Cocona. Girl must be made of sugar dreams and rainbows, she thought wryly.

    Well, knowing how Pure Illusion worked she would hardly be surprised if that turned out to be literally the case. It would certainly cast another impression on the sweet fragrance lingering in her lips after their kiss...


    Another sound of impact resounded, tallying another stinging slap across Papika's perfectly perky posterior. This was was harder then the last, carrying more emotion behind it and leaving behind a faintly visible red handprint upon her peachy skin. Papika cried out Cocona's name again, more in confusion then pain. The beginnings of watery tears were already taking shape in her deep blue eyes.

    "Did you ever wonder how it felt like for me?" Cocona asked. Her voice was a mess of emotions, passion and sadness and anger and concern all bleeding into one another to form some gestalt whole that its bearer could hardly fathom. "You run off..."

    Smack! "Cocona!"

    "You risk your life."

    Smack! "Cocona!"

    "You get hurt for my sake..."

    Smack! "Coconaaaa!~"

    "All without asking a single word as to what I feel!"

    Beginning as a mere whisper, Cocona's voice now reached a pained shout as she delivered the last blow of her five-hit combo on Papika's rapidly reddening rear. "Papika..." Her voice broke in a sudden flood of tears as she said her lover's name. "If you ever got... If I ever lost you, in Pure Illusion or, or even anywhere else then I... I really, really don't know how I could ever forgive myself..."

    Cocona looked down at Papika's hurt expression and felt a sudden stab of guilt from deep in her chest. She'd gone too far now. What had started as a mere game had escalated into revealing feelings of pent-up bitterness and frustration which Cocona had hardly even been aware of until they had poured out of her.

    She should've listened to what that damned witch said... she was fundamentally empty inside, and showing others her true self would only get them hurt. It was foolish. Foolish to go this far around Papika. Foolish to expect the other girl to understand this side of her. What she'd done was just...

    "...Unforgivably foolish."

    Cocona murmured, more to herself then Papika. Then she added, "Papika... I'm so, so, sorry... I know I don't deserve your forgiveness but..."

    The next few moments were dominated by a deafening silence, and for a single terrifying instant Cocona feared that what she'd done had truly alienated her from the other girl- the very light of her existence- altogether.


    "Aw, you weren't that hard on me, silly!" Papika exclaimed, her features immediately shifting back to her usual ear-to-ear grin even as tears still lingered at the corners of her eyes.

    "What...?" Cocona muttered, jaw nearly dropping in joyous disbelief from this sudden whiplash of emotion.

    "I mean, you just cared for me, right? You bottled those emotions up and then they overflowed but... I know you didn't mean to do me any harm. Right, Cocona?" Papika craned her neck around to meet her girlfriend's tear-streaked gaze, batting an eyelash playfully. "Besides, sure it hurt a little but... honestly, it was kind of fun being scolded by you like this! A new side to my dearest Cocona..."

    Cocona began to laugh despite herself, finally letting the absurdity of the moment make its mark on her. "Papika, Papika, Papika..." she murmured her lover's name with incredulous affection. "Just what did I do to deserve a girl as good as you?"

    "I'm sorry for making you worry, Cocona..." Papika whispered horsely.

    "That's enough, my sweet Papika." Cocona cut her off with a comforting smile. "I'm the one who should be apologizing here, not you."

    "...Kiss it and make it better!" Papika blurted out suddenly.

    "Wha-ha?" Cocona exclaimed.

    "You heard me," Papika said with a giggle. "You hurt me, so kiss it and make it better."

    "You're... y-you're..." Cocona stuttered despite herself.

    "Yep! My butt, dummy!" Papika explained in a tone that suggested self-evidence, thrusting out the aformentioned appendage in an innocently tantalizing fashion.

    "R-right..." Cocona murmured. Then, she leaned her face down and planted a slow, delicate kiss upon Papika's slightly bruised bottom. Papika's skin there felt soft and sweet against her lips, just like every other part of the girl's lovely body. Papika's whole body quivered lightly against her touch, stimulating her sensitivity.

    "Mh-waagh~!" She let out a pleasured moan. "C-Cocona...!"

    "Is that all better now?" Cocona asked in a faux-matronly tone, struggling to resist the urge to burst out laughing once more as her girlfriend squirmed affectionately against her.

    "Yup!" Papika answered unhesitantly, her smile widening ever so slightly. "Thanks for doting on me, Cocona." She said it in a suddenly sensuous, breathy tone, far more erotic then the usual cheerful pattering of her voice Cocona was used to.

    Cocona blushed, her girlfriend's voice stirring up something primal inside her. "D-don't say it like that!"

    "How should I say it, then?" Papika asked, innocently batting her eyelashes once more. "I'll say it however you want, Cocona. I'll be whatever you need."

    "...I still haven't finished tying you up properly now, have I?" Cocona asked, desperate to divert the subject before her blush became too noticable. Honestly, the girl being tied up and spanked should by no rights have the upper hand in this situation!

    "Nope," Papika murmured, demonstratively wriggling her bound arms and legs. Wordlessly, Cocona proceeded to extricate Papika from her knee and plop her bound girlfriend unceremoniously back on the bed, tummy flat against the sheets. "Wah, not so rough~!" Papika cried out playfully.

    Next, Cocona reached back for her supply of ropes and resumed once more her task of binding the orange-haired girl. She inspected the tie closely, ascertaining the remaining points of freedom Papika had and thinking of how best to strip them away. Her arms and legs were bound thoroughly as could be, but she could still move the two around independantly. If Cocona wanted a truly complete tie, even that scant freedom would have to go.

    But first... There was a little extra she had in mind.

    Reaching out, Cocona proceeded to wind let another length of rope just below Papika's elbows, tightening it until her arms were drawn together at that point. "Nngh..." Papika moaned from the strain on her shoulders. "T-that hurts...!"

    "You said you wanted it tight, didn't you?" Cocona asked. "Besides, I know you're flexible. You can handle it."

    Indeed, Papika was one of- if not the- most flexible girls Cocona had ever known, and when another rope above her elbows completed the tie, the young lady's arms were welded together inseperably at the elbow, fused together into a single impotent appendage. Not a single ounce of wiggle room was present for the poor girl.

    "It's tight... But I don't mind so much," Papika admitted, all the while Cocona tightened the ropes until the bound girl's arms were painted an altogether pleasant shade of peachy pink. "Not when it's you anyways, Cocona."

    Cocona then added another rope to the one securing her girlfriend's wrists, connecting it to the one at her ankles. After tying the final knot, Papika's wrists and ankles were bound together, securely hogtying her. Now she was well and truly helpless, unable to move her arms and legs at all except in short, clumsy bursts.

    "There," Cocona said, smiling down at her now completed handiwork. "I doubt even you can wriggle your way out of that!"

    "We'll see..." Papika chirped, before putting her all into escaping her newfound predicament. She bucked, twisted and squirmed wildly from side to side, seeking to find even a single spot of give in the network of ropes crossing her body. But no matter how hard or defiantly Papika kicked and struggled, the bonds held firm.

    "You're right, Cocona. It really is inescapable!" exclaimed Papika, that realization seeming to make her grin even wider. With no other means to express the enthusiasism she felt, the girl simply settled for rocking herself back and forth excitedly across the bed, sending rippling waves all along the sheets.

    After Papika had thoroughly tired herself out struggling, Cocona approached her with two red cloths in hand. "I'm still not done, though," she said cryptically.

    "What's that?" Cocona looked up at the cloths with apprehensive, yet eager eyes.

    "I still need something to shut that pretty mouth of yours, after all," said Cocona, lowering the cloth in front of her captive girlfriend's mouth. "Open wide and say 'ah'."

    "H-hey, you can't just- MMMPH!" Papika's protests were interupted when Cocona abruptly crammed the first cloth into her lover's wide-open mouth. Before the girl could spit it out, Cocona wound the second bandanna tightly between Papika's perfect teeth before tying it off into a knot at the back of her head- careful not to catch any of her girlfriend's luxurious orange locks in the process.

    This newly created gag cleaved straight across Papika's face, keeping the first layer of cloth lodged securely in her open mouth. The thick cloth made Papika's cheeks puff out even more adorably then usual, like a wide-eyed chipmunk.

    "Mmph mmmph mmmmmmph!!" Papika cried out, the two layers of silencing cloth effectively muffling her feigned protests into incoherent gibberish.

    "That should keep you quiet, at least for a little while," Cocona said wryly. Then she too began to strip, tossing aside her blouse and skirt to reveal a simple, yet girly pair of white bra and panties over her petite form. Papika looked up at her now nearly nude girlfriend with noticable appreciation as Cocona descended down, joining her securely bound-and-gagged lover on the soft bed.

    "Let's just stay like this for a little while, okay?" Cocona asked, wrapping her slender arms around Papika and pulling her bare skin closer against her own.

    "Mmmgh~" Papika murmured contentedly. Even with her movement severely restricted, the bound girl still managed to nuzzle her head deeper into Cocona's chest. All the while, Cocona's fingers tangled themselves affectionately in the girl's long and wild orange mane, stroking careless patterns in her tangled locks.

    "Sleep tight, sweet Papika," Cocona whispered, kissing her girlfriend on the forehead.

    There would surely come a time when they would pursue more adventures in Pure Illusion. They would risk their lives, laugh, cry, be seperated and find each other again. Cocona held no fears awaiting such a future, but even so...

    For now, it was nice just to be able to snuggle quietly with the girl she loved more then anything, without any adventures or fantastical craziness.

    Feeling Papika's warmth and soft heartbeat, soon Cocona too drifted off to a pleasant sleep, ready to face whatever challenges awaited her in the morning.

    The End


    Alternate Ending- Pure Recursion

    Pen tore across paper like a speedboat cutting across turbid water, scrawling down letter after letter, word after word at breakneck pace. So fast was Sayuri writing down her story that the paper stood a serious chance of igniting from the friction.

    As Sayuri wrote, the secretary of Flip Flap's face lit up in a fierce blush. Her eyes widened lasciviously as a hint of drool trickled down the slender dark-haired girl's cheek. "Yes, yes... my flawless work of Cocona x Papika bondage fanfiction is finally... finished!" Sayuri exclaimed, jotting down the last letter of her 'masterpiece'. Looking across all she'd written, the girl could hardly believe just how well inspiration had struck her- all the while her face blushed deeper and deeper.

    "Hey, what are you working on?" A familiar enquiring voice rang out from behind.

    "N-nothing!" Sayuri snapped, whirling her chair around to face the newfound speaker while hastily hiding the notebook behind her back.

    "Was that a book? It looked interesting," Cocona asked curiously.

    "Ooh! I wanna see, I wanna see!" Papika proclaimed, jubilantly skipping up and down behind her close friend.

    "It's..." Sayuri fumbled desperately for a sufficient excuse. "Top-level technical research into Pure Illusion! Y-yeah! Nothing you kids would be interested in." She gestured with her free hand in a 'move along, now' gesture.

    "Okay..." Cocona muttered, taking her disappointed-looking friend's hand and walking away down the hall of the Flip Flap headquarters. "Let's go, then."

    Sayuri sighed with relief once the two were far enough away. Then she took out her notebook once more and began to add the last few corrections on her lewd work.

    Some things were better left secret, after all.


    I wouldn't mind feedback, but I rather doubt I'll be getting it here given both where this is posted and the content itself. In any case, I hope you enjoyed reading this!
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