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Thread: What would Arcueid (Extra) be like under a skilled Master?

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    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    and skills and nps
    No i meant weither or other physical stats would be limited like how you need to be a monster to get higher than A+ Strength.
    "Only in my company, will you not be a monster"

    anywhere than here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brunestud Incarnate View Post
    Are you telling me the + modifiers are temporary? This modifier stuff confuses me. I always that, for example, A B+++ Noble Phantasm was just the highest B rank, just under A rank but apparently it surpasses an A rank NP. Are they really temporary because Excalibur doesn't seem like it's damage value is temporary. This has been confusing me for a while since I read it because it made me think that why can't Lord Camelot be a A+ NP?

    Someone please explain this. Tell me if I said something wrong.
    I think normal Excalibur sword slashes dont cause the same damage as Excalipointer or as Excaliblast,so guess which one is normal A rank and which one is A+ and A++ temporary boost.

    Also, i wanna point out that temporary boost just means "Not Always On", it doesnt mean "Not Always Available".Although situations like gaping Gae Bolg holes in your chest might make them not available

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    Quote Originally Posted by madarra View Post
    which one is normal A rank
    The one in Ars Almadel Salomonis?

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