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Thread: Inheriting Magecraft

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    Inheriting Magecraft

    So this is a weird topic. Couldn't really find an answer to this. The reasoning for such a question is due to something I planned but didn't want to make any mistakes. So I'll just ask first:

    Kids inherit their parent's magecraft right? Like how Illya inherited her mothers Alchemy. Could she inherit Kiritsugu's time control?
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    They can inherit their parent's crest, but that doesn't mean that they inherit everything about their parents. Illya is a special case because she, her mother, and all of the previous generations are clones of Justeaze (or whatever the spelling is for her). She probably could have inherited Kiritsugu's crest, but why would she/the Einzberns want something so inferior to what was engineered for her?
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    Mage eugenics programmes help families trend toward similar areas of magecraft, but the Crest is by far the most important factor. Now, to inherit the Crest, you should be a part of the bloodline, or else you're running a very high risk of rejection. But that's very different from magecraft being handed down inherently.

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