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Thread: Fate/Prototype: Blue Silver Fragments Complete Version

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    Thanks for your great questions. I agree that Master Reiroukan deserves way more respect now compared to Tokiomi Tohsaka. I've been mulling on your questions ever since I read them, so here are my answers.

    1a) The Self Geas contract was made between the Rider camp and the Caster camp. Paracelsus did indeed break the contract by giving Saber the Philosopher's Stone ergo betraying Rider. However, placing the curse on Misaya was a separate thing and not part of the actual Contract.

    1b) As for the curse on Misaya, Paracelsus did set up Misaya to be cursed. To be precise, he set up the curse and all Manaka had to do was to activate by infiltrating Misaya's dreams. He probably did it bit bit after Berserker's attack on Misaya and finished his preparations when he cast his "good luck charm" on her after Berserker's defeat.

    1c) As to whether or not Manaka turned Master Reiroukan into a Living Dead, I don't think she did. Most of the damage being done to Master Reiroukan was actually because of the backlash from the contract annulment. Even in the scene when he was informing Misaya about her curse. He was still suffering from the effects of the contract annulment, not from being turned into a living dead. Additionally, one of Manaka greatest traits is her cruelty. She repeatedly insists that going after a Magus' children is more effective at destroying a Magus. Since Master Reiroukan was immobilized by Manaka's spell, I think she activated the curse on Misaya in front of him to break him and then coerced him to hand over his Master rights for Caster to her out of despair.

    Once she received the Master rights for Caster, she then left for Mt. Okutama with Assassin (and maybe Caster - not sure if he does leave with her because it is not stated what happens after)) . This is further supported by the Journal Entry when it says, "If a magus consents, then things will go reasonably well, but it is more than likely that this will done through forcible methods such as intimidation or torture," insinuating that this does indeed happen. After Manaka is gone, the spell on Master Reiroukan gets broken and he rushes to Misaya, where he informs her about the curse and then stabs her to cast suppression magic to suppress her curse, so that she may live longer. After that, he may have stumbled out of the room and died outside, not wanting Misaya to see his death if she woke up. The other alternative is Master Reiroukan used Necromancy on himself to force himself to walk, but considering the pain he was suffering from the Contract Annulment, it is unlikely this is the case.

    The reason why Caster doesn't stop Master Reiroukan is either because of the guilt he feels or he has already left the mansion and then comes back the next morning to speak to Misaya. Either is possible.

    Q2) I don't think Paracelsus gives him an Azoth Blade. First, because the term used to describe the mystic code is a sharp knife. Two, because the blade's design doesn't match the official Azoth Sword's design as the knife has curved hilt, while the Azoth sword does not. So I think it is a different mystic code Master Reiroukan used.

    I guess, it is possible that he got it from Paracelsus out of a sense of guilt, but I don't know. It's not accurately stated what Master Reiroukan was looking for in the workshop besides a possible cure for Misaya's curse.

    Edit: Double-checked, the book indeed describes the weapon Master Reiroukan used as a Knife Mystic Code "鋭いナイフ", not a dagger. This is further confirmed in the Drama CDs where in V5 CD1 Track 2 regarding the morning after the betrayal, Misaya discovers the knife next to her father's corpse and panics calling it an "knife." She then realizes that the entire thing with her father stabbing her is real.

    Edit 2: The next chapter elaborates further on the blade that Misaya's Father used. She describes in a self monologue that for a few years she tried to research the knife, but couldn't find anything about it. So it is definitely not an Azoth Blade.
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    Hi guys,
    Here is Part One of the completed translation of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver - Arc 2: Best Friend Arc - Act 6. It covers the aftermath of Caster's betrayal.
    Part Two will be up some time later today.

    If you want to listen to this scene, please check out Fate/Prototype Fragments of Sky Silver Drama CD Vol 5 - CD1 - Track 2 & 4.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Fate/Prototype, Fragments or any Type-MOON related property. This is just a fan translation and should not be taken or used without my express permission.

    Part 1-A - Misaya Third Person Perspective


    The truth told to her in front of her father’s corpse is――――
    Fate/Prototype: Blue Silver Fragments - Arc 2: Best Friend Arc - Act 6
    Written by: Hikaru Sakurai
    Illustration by: Nakahara
    Translated by: PhoenixRising
    A dream――――

    It would have been better if it was all a dream.
    I wanted to believe it was all a dream.
    However, all of it wasn’t a dream.

    Night had already vanished.
    The grounds of the vast Reiroukan Manor were filled with the signs of early morning.
    It was a quiet morning.
    An unchanging morning with soft sunshine.
    The air still had a lingering coldness to it. The coldness of mid-winter had already eased somewhat and the slight warmth that is barely visible in the chill that touches her skin, makes her feel that the arrival of the next season is approaching.

    As she walked around, she exhaled white breath.
    Leaving her bedroom, she walks down the hallway to many living rooms, guest rooms, studies, her father’s bedroom, her mother’s bedroom, the spacious dining hall, the kitchen and even her father’s and grandfather’s workshop in the end.
    There was no one in the mansion.
    Both Caster and his Homunculi had disappeared too.
    There was only one girl in the mansion.

    ――――In other words, the only human alive was Misaya Reiroukan.

    Yes. She is alive.
    Misaya did not die.

    She remembers the blade that her father swung up as he chained some non-sensical words together last night and how he stabbed her small chest with it. There is no way she could forget that. So, when she woke up from her slumber, Misaya immediately checked her chest.

    There was nothing wrong with it.

    The blade that should have penetrated her deeply, and even the wounds that were created by it were gone.
    However, the torn marks in her nightgown showed the continuity between what happened last night and the present.
    Still in her nightgown, she walked and walked and ran all over the mansion till she was more than half-way through it. Eventually, Misaya saw it in the courtyard, just outside the main residence on the opposite side of the main gate. With a screaming expression, thick blood vessels emerged all over his body and stiffened with blood flowing from many blood vessels, it was the figure of her father.

    With his knees propped against the cobblestones, her father was looking up at the sky without toppling over.
    Her father’s time had already come to a halt.
    Her father’s body temperature had already disappeared.
    Traces of bloody tears were stuck to his cheeks from white wide-opened eyeballs.

    Misaya: “Father…...”

    She calls out to him a little and reaches her right hand out to him.
    She touches his cheek.
    It’s cold.

    He was terribly cold.
    She could understand it without activating her magic-clad vision.
    Her father was dead.

    This was the second time she had touched a dead relative. The first was her grandfather. However, it was decisively different from that of her grandfather who laid down with a peaceful expression as if he was still sleeping.
    An appearance with the cry of agony plastered on his face.
    A posture that reveals the limits of despair on his body.

    It was different.
    Death is more――――

    Yes, Misaya may have unconsciously thought until that moment when the air of graveness and tranquillity which reminded her of the arrival of warmth even in this chill, fills the body of living things. In her Necromancy training, in her Black Magic training, and even when she saw the death of many living things, her reals feelings were unwavering when she was in front of her grandfather.
    But. At this moment.

    Misaya was staring at her dead father. She could touch him.
    She truly learned of his agonizing death. She learned the despair of death.
    And, she learned of the cloudiness of his eyeballs which had halted while still reflecting the limits of his fear.

    ――――Even so, Misaya Reiroukan did not shed tears.

    Certainly, she had choices.
    At this time, she had the option to cry like a helpless child or scream like a pitiful girl. Her last option was to cry from salvation while inheriting the anguish, despair and fear from her father.
    However, Misaya didn’t cry.


    The tears did not flow.
    She doesn’t know if she is sad.
    Or even if she had emotions rising within her.

    Is it because of her kingly mindset which was even acknowledged by Rider, a pharaoh who ruled the ancient world?
    Is it because she is a woman who was born to be a chief ruler and not a submitter?
    Misaya’s spirit was not shaken by the reality of the disappearance of the happiness in her life. Or, was it really being realized in this moment? The little queen who was filled with enough wisdom to function as a ruler that governs over the weak and the masses, remained terrifying calm at this time.
    Without shaking, without shedding a tear, without screaming, she just faced reality.
    Misaya silently understood as she stared at her father who had turned into a mere statue that embodied some kind of bad taste and the traces of his bloody tears that would have travelled down his cheeks.

    “It wasn’t a dream.”

    Her father who screamed while bleeding from his forehead and was overflowing with the same thing from both eyes.
    It is not a dream. This is reality.
    In other words, in her body is――――

    “It truly is regrettable. He didn’t even fulfill his personal desires, let alone his ambition.”

    A voice she knows.
    Its terribly calm sound made her feel all the more uncomfortable.
    Misaya slowly looks over her shoulder.

    There was the tall figure of Caster.
    With long hair that glitters as if it is wearing morning dew.
    In contrast to that of her father, his face showed an expression that was far too calm.

    Questions came to mind before her surprise.
    Even if she didn’t precisely understand it, her father’s blood was all dried up. So how is he maintaining his form like this, when his Master is dead and time has passed?
    A Servant cannot continue to materialise if their mana supply is cut off from their Master.
    Her father is dead.
    He is alive.

    Meaning, unless he has some special skill, he had no choice but to supply himself with mana from another source. For example, devouring human souls. There are other means, yes, such as obtaining a new Master by tying a pact with someone different than his original Master.

    Misaya: “No…...”

    He betrayed him?

    Caster: “Yes. As you have guessed, I now have a new Master. As a result, your esteemed father has died and a fatal curse has been left on pitiful little you.”
    Misaya: “You’re lying.”

    She mutters.
    Her voice was leaking out naturally.

    Caster: “It’s not a lie.”
    Misaya: “But, Von Hohenheim. You’re………”

    You’re my friend.
    You said it yourself.

    Misaya could only stare at Caster awkwardly and speechless.
    There is no way for her to express it in words.
    The tall black-haired man, without having any facial expressions on his well-featured face, approaches her, and moves his lips close to her ear while peering into it.

    Caster: “Is that right, little lady? You’re a young magus and still a young king.”

    As he said it.
    It was ice.

    His voice made her feel terribly clear and cold.
    Therefore, Misaya thinks of ice.
    An ice demon. An ominous creature which does not have facial expressions or emotions.
    Its frostiness cannot be burned with fire. There is no one on earth today, no human who can handle magic that can burn through the four, no, five elements of Paracelsus who has mastered every form of elemental conversion magic alive.

    There is no confusion. However, Misaya quietly listens to his words.
    Her lips didn’t tremble.
    No tears were flowing.
    At such a Misaya, he opens his lips.

    Von Hohenheim Paracelsus continues his words as he stares into the clouded eyeballs of her father who had turned into a statue like corpse. To point out his beloved pupil‘s small careless mistake.
    Quiet as the signs of early morning.
    Secretly like a close relationship.

    Caster: “It was the same in the past.”

    He softly――――

    Caster: “And it hasn’t changed even in the modern era.”

    He touches her cheek――――

    Caster: “Magi do not have friends in the truest sense of the word.”

    He quietly whispers with a husky voice――――

    Part 1-B - Misaya Journal Excerpt

    There was a kind magus.
    He loved his daughter.
    I think he loved her.
    But he was a magus before he was a father.
    Therefore, he could not oppose the ambition carved into the blood flowing through his body.
    So, he placed a curse on his daughter.
    He placed a curse that would end in rotting death, so that she would take over the ritual and achieve their ambition.

    There was a bad bad magus.
    He must have loved many things.
    He was a kind person.
    But he was a magus before he was a man.
    So, he betrayed the kind magus who was his master, and served someone else.
    And so, he vanished.
    He told the kind magus’s daughter, “Magi do not have real friends.”

    The daughter became alone.
    She had a death curse placed on her.
    No one could help her.
    Because the daughter was also a magus.

    He would defeat all the scary things.
    A prince who smiles like that――――

    That person is definitely somewhere in the world.
    The girl knew it.
    Exactly like in her picture book, a kind and gentle person just like a fairy tale knight.
    Surely, he will save the princess, someone, somewhere in this world.


    At least, come to my side.
    But the prince did not come.

    (An excerpt from an old notebook)

    Part 1-C - Caster Third Person Perspective

    Caster: “The war situation can be said to be to our Master’s advantage. The temple complex which had appeared in Tokyo Bay has already lost its majesty. It is our victory. Although all of it depended on our Master’s orders, we couldn’t have done it without the existence of the holy sword you wielded. It was so powerful. That temple――――that Reality Marble.”


    Caster speaks to the young man lying on the bed.
    Although his tone was suitable for mixing it into the songs of the songbirds who tell of the arrival of morning, the young man did not put Caster into his sight. Although he had already awoken from his sleep, he turned his green gaze towards the window and not the man’s face.

    Suginami Prefecture, Tokyo, Sajo estate――――

    In a room of the mansion which is one of his Master’s bases, Caster continues his words regardless.
    The young man’s reaction is meaningless.
    However, it is as if what he says has meaning.

    Caster: “That light brought forth from your[1] sacred blade. It is the radiance of the dazzling stars. I could sense that there was tremendous mana in it, but I couldn’t completely grasp the particulars of it just by looking at it once. Is that the radiance of true ether, or is it……?”
    Saber: “……. I’ll never show it to you again, Caster.”
    Caster: “That’d be right.”

    He nods at the young man’s words.
    The only purpose that the girl, Manaka Sajo, who was the sole Master to both Caster and the young man, had for this first historical magical ritual of the Holy Grail War is nothing other than to simply fulfil this young man’s earnest wishes.
    Due to the function of the Holy Grail, only one Master and Servant pairing can remain at the end.
    If that is the case, then even if they both serve the same Master, one of them will eventually die without reaching the final moment. Will they be forced to commit suicide with a degree, or will their spirit core be crushed by their Master’s hands, or will they be murdered by Assassin, another Servant?

    Caster: “It’s quite unlikely that Miss Manaka will make you swing your holy sword again to kill me.”

    Therefore, he will have to take some measures to see the re-release of the holy sword again.
    What a shame.
    He sighs as he says so, but he never said he would give up on it.

    Caster: “But that topic is for another time. You are more important. I’ve been ordered by Miss Manaka to fully heal you, since you were injured in the long battle last night.”
    Saber: “I’ve already fully recovered.”
    Caster: “Seems so. As one would expect of Miss Manaka Sajo.”

    As he said so, he had already activated his magical vision.
    It is really amazing. The healing magecraft used by his Master has succeeded in completely restoring the young man’s temporary body which should have been deeply damaged in the fierce battle in the temple complex. There are already no traces of the serious injuries that had almost reached his spirit core, because he faced off against the transcendent lightning brought by the “huge lightbulb” which reminded him of the power of the ancient gods.

    Caster: “Splendid.”

    He touches the young man’s collar with a long finger.
    As he gently touches the body of the young man who does not return a response again――――

    Caster: “The Okutama clan that Miss Manaka went to is in a state of destruction. They will not reappear during this Holy Grail War at least. I can also say that Assassin also worked very well in this regard.”
    Saber: “Sure.”
    Caster: “You should be happy, Saber. There is only one enemy Servant left. Miss Manaka has begun the preparations for the Underground Greater Grail. Your are now on the verge of your wish, not only for we Heroic Spirits who achieved materialization in the present-day to kill each other, but also for the sacrifice of the lives of the many people living in the Far East.”
    Saber: “…. Sure.”

    Caster questions the young man.
    The noble Heroic Spirit.
    The sky silver knight.
    Arthur Pendragon, the king of Britain and a legendary holy sword user.
    What is your wish that should be granted at this very moment?

    Caster: “There’s no need to hide it. I’ve already heard it as Miss Manaka’s words. But I want to hear it from you. From your lips, your wish that will guide me to the end of my treason and rebellion, at the expense of the innocent lives who were born to be loved.”

    His reply did not come immediately.
    For a while, only the voices of the songbirds echoed through the window of the room.
    One second.
    Two seconds.
    After three seconds, the young man said it.

    ――――The salvation of my homeland.”

    Caster: “I see.”

    Caster nods.
    With a cool expression on his face that said he understood everything.
    As he gently stares at the young man who had materialised as Saber, the first ranking Servant and a knight who wields the shining holy sword, he even smiles.

    Caster: “You are…….”

    You who are here are――――

    Not the one who will defeat all evil in this world,
    the one who fight against all greed in this world,
    and the one who will open up all the tomorrows in this world.
    Even now, you are still the king of a ruined country even after an eternity of time has passed.
    Which is exactly why.

    Caster: “Finally, I understand. The reason why my neck which has committed the evil of high treason is still before you, a virtuous knight, and is still fixed on my torso without being cleaved off. I thought it was strange. Why are you, who saved this Far Eastern capital from Ozymandias’ tyranny, and even saved the daughter of an enemy Master from the assassin’s daggers of Berserker…….”

    A shadow was visible on the man’s face.
    Is it caused by the angle of the sunrise passing through the window?
    In the eyes of the young man who had finally turned his gaze towards him, that shadow looked like the traces of bloody tears.

    Caster: “Why don’t you kill me and point that holy sword at Potnia Theron[2]?”

    ――――The King of Knights of a ruined country.
    ――――You are probably not a hero of justice.

    As he said that.
    Caster Paracelsus slightly smiled again.
    [1] Your: Saber

    [2] Potnia Theron: Queen of the Root

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    Hi guys,
    Here is Part Two of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver - Arc 2: Best Friend Arc - Act 6. This covers one of the scenes from Fate/Prototype - Particularly Scene 09 in the animation materials translated script.
    The last section is set on Day 7 of the Second Holy Grail War.

    Next up:
    Novel 2's Special Act: Magicians

    Disclaimer: I do not own Fate/Prototype, Fragments or any Type-MOON related property. This is just a fan translation and should not be taken or used without my express permission.

    Part 2-A: Hiroki's Journal Entry

    About a Servant’s wish.
    It is said that many of Heroic Spirits who materialize due to a function of the Holy Grail, each have their own unique wish. Paradoxically, Heroic Spirits who meet an unnatural death without granting their wishes in their lifetime will participate in the Holy Grail War, a large-scale magic ritual held here in Tokyo.

    The wishes that the magi who are to be Masters have is often an ambition.
    In other words, to reach the “Root.”
    It is an ambition and a long-cherished wish for us magi.

    However, not all Masters necessarily wish their ambition to the Holy Grail.
    The Holy Grail brought by the Holy Church is said to be an omnipotent wish-granting device. That is what that Cardinal pledged in the name of the sole Lord they followed.
    Before the wish-granting device, there will sometimes be a Master who holds an individual wish rather than an ambition.

    Therefore, grasp you Servant’s wish at an early stage.
    As mentioned before, if the wishes of a Servant and Master are incompatible, they must recognize that a tragic conclusion is inevitable.

    In many cases, the Servant that materialize upon being summoned appear to have some similarities to the nature and mindset of the Master, but that is not absolute either.
    Only their mindset on the surface is similar, it is their wishes that are in conflict――――
    That would be the most notable pattern.

    If the person who sees this notebook is one who inherits my bloodline.
    Fight with your Servant, win, kill and gain your wish.
    Use even your Servant’s wishes from time to time.

    (An excerpt from an old notebook)

    Part 2-B: Misaya (Older) Monologue

    I, Misaya Reiroukan quickly recognized the death curse placed on myself.
    Even though I had no subjective symptoms, I definitely did have a lump of poison embedded in my life. The total amount of curses closely entwined with the magic crest in my body is more than enough to kill a single human being. If they just wanted to kill me, they wouldn’t need such a powerful curse.
    I’m sure I will suffer and die. I……
    Unless I obtain the Grail――――

    The blade that my father raised and pierced through my chest.
    What the hell was that?
    It must have penetrated my chest, but there were no scars when I woke up.

    That blade.
    I couldn’t clearly remember its shape.
    I can recall my father’s words, his appearance and his gaze. But only those.
    As for the blade, I couldn’t investigate much about it in the end. Of course, I tried to search for it with magic, but no matter what I did, I could not clearly reconstruct the memories that had scattered into fragments.
    I figured that it was probably a mystic code used to truly complete the deadly curse――――
    But there is no conclusive evidence to date.

    The Holy Grail War ended soon after.
    I heard a rumour that a child of the Sajo family who where a magus lineage which had roots even now in the land of Tokyo like the Reiroukan family was worthy of the title of Seraphim, the first-ranked Master and that they slaughtered the remaining Servants and Masters one by one with vivid skill.
    Even so, the Holy Grail never came into the hands of the Sajo family.
    For some reason, the child of the Sajo family died on the verge of victory and the Sajo family head died as well.

    ??? (Implied to be Sancraid): “Unfortunately, you seem to have had a bad experience with your Servant’s little revolt. “

    A man of the Templar Order who had been dispatched as an “Overseer” from the Holy Church――――a tall Catholic priest who gave me the impression of a reptile somewhere――――told me when he greeted me as the acting head of the Reiroukans, when he came to announce the end of the Holy Grail War.

    ‘Oh, I see, that what’s happened.’
    I thought in that manner.
    As I was little convinced.

    After that――――
    I told my mother who had come back from our second residence everything after father’s funeral. My father’s death. The end of the Holy Grail War. And, of the deadly curse that was given to me by my father.
    My mother wept and hugged me as she got lost in her tears, but I didn’t shed a tear.
    As I already knew what I had to do.

    In the winter when I moved up to middle school, my mother fell ill and soon passed away.
    And so, I became alone.
    Come to think of it, it’s been that case since the moment of that early morning.

    Misaya Reiroukan was alone.
    I had no family.
    I had no friends.

    However, I can say that it was fortunate.
    It was a kind of “discovery” for me.
    Being alone worked to my favour for everything.
    Literally everything.
    Continuing to hone my magecraft skills, exerting the right influence in the right place as the Reiroukan family head, came much better than when I was young and under my parents’ protection――――

    As a magus.
    As a ruler.

    I, Misaya Reiroukan made the most of these eight years for my own growth.
    If that man who ruled the ancient world saw me now, he must be laughing heartily at me, the one who is said to have the traits of a ruler.

    It was very easy for me.
    I’m fine by myself.
    Without restraining myself, like myself I only feel that way ――――

    ――――There should only be just one queen.

    It was possible for me to naturally shape Misaya Reiroukan who reigns in both global society and the magic world. Sure, the name and power of the Reiroukan family had some minor revisions, but a part from that, I would have done the same things without it.
    I became a ruler.
    As a result of my own abilities, choices and actions.

    I will rule.
    I will protect them.
    The people who were as powerless as I used to be in my younger days. The masses. And the innocents.

    I shall give them happiness.
    For they, the weak and ephemeral.

    While advancing my rule in the land of Tokyo, I was quietly aware of it.
    I can change the world as I am.
    That is the truth. That is everything to me.

    I will never make a mistake like I did in my younger days again.
    The price was high, but yeah, I learned it. I kept waiting. While deciding what I can achieve, as I carry out my rule onto the world spreading before my gaze.

    And then, eight years after my father’s death.
    The year is 1999 AD.
    A six feathered Master’s Degree appears on my nape――――

    That time has arrived.
    My first and last chance to break the curse that will lead me to my death.
    My first and last chance to continue on to the “Root” which is our ambition.

    The second coming of the Holy Grail.
    The materialization of Heroic Spirits.

    At last, the days of slaughter which enshroud me with the choking scent of blood.
    At last, my brutal end where I can exercise all of my temperament and abilities.
    The time when a Master’s Degree will appear on my body.
    You came for me.
    Before the curse destroys my body and life.

    Part 2-C: Lancer (Cú Chulainn) Third Person Perspective

    A certain day in February, 1999.
    Reiroukan Manor, Tokyo.

    In the cold air of the early morning, Lancer accurately grasps the location of his Master.
    Right in the center of the terribly wide courtyard.
    There was a woman, feeding the hunting dogs that had been remade into a demon hound type-thing. That’s it. That is the man’s master.
    A gorgeous woman.
    A woman who had mastered many magecraft at a young age.
    A ruler who truly should be called a prodigy.
    In truth, he didn’t mind if they regarded her as the true “queen” of this Far Eastern capital called Tokyo. Since the elderly in charge of national politics asked for this woman’s mood on a daily basis, one could say that she is the one who governs the Far East itself.

    Contrary to her youthful body that made her seem like a teenage girl her age, the aura that covered her and the presence that was even conveyed by her downcast eyes was truly that of a ruler.
    He knew such a woman.
    She existed a bit before the man’s lifetime. A genuine queen who viewed the trends of the world with those slender arms as her belongings and was so impertinent that he even called her an Amazon. Rulers who don’t pay attention to those who claim to be king. He knows――――that on the contrary, it was such women who were greatly involved in the turbulent lives of men. Yes, it was one such woman who gave the man his final moment.

     (So this chick is my fate, huh?)

    The man quietly thinks.
    While recalling the philosophy book he got in one of the main residence’s studies yesterday to kill time with.
    He stares at his Master.
    The black-haired woman. Misaya Reiroukan. She was giving the guts, the raw meat that was prepared as food for the demon hounds, while keeping a tight hold on it without changing her expression once. Is it because of the individual qualities that made him feel weird, a type of sexual allure and bewitching at the same time?
    Or, is it because of the strange situation they found themselves in?

    Sitting on a step some distance away from his Master, the man ignites the cigarette he holds in his mouth. It’s not so bad for a present-day luxury item. Especially this cigarette which he can enjoy whenever he likes.
    He puffs out some tobacco smoke――――

    As he turns his gaze to the courtyard fountain, he reflects a little.
    The Holy Grail War has already begun.
    Seven days had already passed since the seven Masters who aim for the Holy Grail, the omnipotent wish granting device had gathered.
    The man had already crossed swords with three of the Heroic Spirits under the command of Misaya as Lancer, the fourth ranked Servant, but there has been no particular movement since then.
    He had no orders.
    At present, Misaya wasn’t trying to set up an attack against the other Masters.
    Which is exactly why, the man had the time to release his spirit form and read a book in the study. She still told him to stay by her Master’s side, but he is free to walk around the estate for example. Well. Other than her bedroom. He said that he would never enter her bedroom without permission.

    Lancer:  (……. What’re you planning, my Master?)

    He had no complaints.
    But there was some distrust.
    The man stares at Misaya while daringly including it into his gaze as an emotion.
    And then――――
    Straightaway, there was a reaction.
    As expected of the Queen of the Far East. Did she detect and show even the slightest emotion?

    “Are you dissatisfied with my plan?”

    Misaya said.
    With a calm voice that had a sexual allure that is inappropriate for her age.

    Misaya: “You wonder why I forbid you from using your original weapon in battle. You feel that I refuse to lift the seal over your Noble Phantasm because I fear your betrayal.”
    Lancer: “Ah?”

    He reacts to her abrupt words.
    They were misleading words for the man.
    Dissatisfaction and distrust. The man thinks ‘Ahh, she fired back,’ because there is no way this woman was unaware of the difference. Daring words for a daring gaze?

    “Nah, that’s not it. Although it is kind of tough without Gáe Bolg, well, I can battle without it.”

    He shrugs his shoulders and continues.

    Lancer: “You’re right as a Master. I have no complaints about waiting till the rest of the participants show up. But――――”

    His words are a little evasive.
    He immediately heard about Misaya’s circumstances after he materialised.
    Her time limit.
    Unlike the other Masters, the woman called Misaya Reiroukan has no time left. A deadly curse that can only be lifted by obtaining the Holy Grail. No matter how overflowing with wisdom she is, she cannot fight elegantly as if to show off.
    Worst-case scenario, he will need to partner with Sancraid and brawl voraciously.
    Thus, the man of the lance says.


    Misaya smiles――――

    Misaya: “My life and my beliefs are two separate things. Weighing pros and cons disgusts me.”

    At least as long as they can afford to.
    With that said, the mistress deliberately turns towards him.
    The crimson guts held in his Master’s white fingertips was moving and although the demon hound beside her was sending her a hungry-looking glare, she ignores it. The man takes Misaya’s gaze head on and drops his shoulders with a “Good grief.”

    Lancer: (I’m dealin’ with another strong-willed woman again.)

    However. It is not so bad.
    It will end with a reasonable win without one dilemma.
    Besides, this woman. Her face resembled hers in some respects. It may be more like that in terms of the nature of her beauty, but this troublesome temper of hers is still reminiscent Scáthach[1] to the man.
    Highly proud and doesn’t serve anyone.
    A born ruler.
    Brimming with wisdom, he understood better than anyone that she was different from ordinary people.
    Just like seeing into oneself, he can see through the character and temperament of others――――

    Misaya: “Did you know that heroes who are summoned as Servants have something in common?”

    Misaya suddenly said.
    Stopping to focus on the memories of his past, the man listens again.

    Lancer: “Yeah? What’s that?”
    Misaya: “Although it is not true for every Servant. It seems that those who are destined to reach an untimely end during their lifetime will answer the Grail’s call.”

    Chuckling, the mistress amusingly lifts her mouth.
    That is unmistakably her exerting his rage as a superhuman, while they are people who have built a name for themselves as a hero in their lifetime, it can ultimately be read as if she is mocking the Heroic Spirits who are bound by their human deeds. In fact, that’s probably it.
    Lord help me.
    Exhaling, the man replies.

    Lancer: “So, all of them have regrets? That’s so messed up. Unfortunately, what you’ve said has nothing to do with me.”

    Misaya: “It would seem so. However, I love those disgraced Servants who place their wishes upon the Grail. You don’t really suit my tastes.”
    Lancer: “Then you should’ve picked more carefully before you chose me.”

    If she wanted a resentful slave, then there were plenty of others she could choose from.
    As he kept it up, he stood up from the step while shrugging his shoulders. This is the end of his foolish conversation with his mistress. Currently she said his only job was to be a guard dog, so at best, he will continue to be vigilant so that any intruder can be killed on the spot.
    And then――――
    In that moment when he stood up and began to turn into his spirit form.

    “As for me, I wanted a hero who was killed by a woman.”

    Her echoing voice mutters.
    They were supposed to be words imposed on him, but……
    At the same time. The man senses that the words were directed towards Misaya Reiroukan herself.
    This is her real intention.
    Yes, the man―――― Lancer concludes.

    They were just an excuse to judge herself. Her voice. Her words. The emotions included in them certainly existed. Although still young in her late teens, this woman who sits in the Far East as its ruler and shines her talents at the end of her studies and training as a magus, clearly held some strong feelings towards the Servant.
    Not for the spearman personally.
    Towards heroes.
    Towards Heroic Spirits.
    Towards Servants.
    Perhaps she was showing it unconsciously, but the colour of these emotions are yes――――

    (Revenge. Or is it retribution?)

    The man thinks of the profile of the one woman who was in his past, whom he even sometimes called a “goddess.”
    That’s right. This gorgeous girl whose mindset is similar to Scáthach who ruled the “Land of Shadows,” is not Scáthach in terms of facial expressions and gestures, but is very similar to that in any event. To that person, Medb, the queen of Connacht who was even called the goddess who ruled over royal authority, evil and madness.
    To that woman who trampled over the earth with a seething desire for revenge and killed him, Cú Chulainn.

    It was the first time he was convinced of it.
    As the man felt Scáthach inside of her rather than in her looks.

    However. In this moment.
    Lancer Cú Chulainn undoubtedly overlapped Medb’s profile with Misaya Reiroukan.
    The bewitchingness of the girl’s flowing eyelashes which were aimed at him who was speechlessly gazing at her were truly.
    Lips that slowly open.
    The tip of her tongue that spins sounds, voices and words.
    Is truly――――

    Misaya: “Because, then he’d know just how scary women are, right?”

    Her whispering voice.
    Along with her bewitching smile.
    Is charming, cold, quiet and yet somehow cheerful.
    It truly resembles Queen Medb. Like Medb and Scáthach, huh?

    Lancer: (……...This gal sure is)

    This time it was the man’s turn to expose his unconscious mind.
    From the bottom of his heart, the man drops his shoulders with a ‘lord help me.’

    Lancer: “You’re quite the woman.”

    From the bottom of his heart, he praised her like this.
    It’s not a huge lie.

    Misaya: “That’s quite the sarcasm.”
    Lancer: “Nope, I ain’t kidding. I pledge on this lance of mine that you are quite the woman. But, y’know. One piece of advice, you’re young, but if you keep acting like that, you’re not gonna make even one friend――――”
    Misaya: “Fine by me, I don’t care.”
    Lancer: “Hah?”
    Misaya: “It’s fine. Don’t you know?”

    He didn’t know.
    The mistress replied back to the man who spoke honestly with her.

    And, with unwavering determination and realization.

    Misaya: “――――I don’t need friends.”

    (Part 2 “Best Friend” – End)
    [1] Scáthach: His former teacher

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
    Next up: Novel 2's Special Act: Servants
    Did you mean to say "Magicians"? "Servants" is volume 1's special act, isn't it? It's also already translated by you, if I recall correctly.

    I think the only ones not fully translated by you at this point are:
    Arc 2 - Special Act: Magicians
    Arc 3 - Beautiful Mind - Act 1-5

    That's assuming you're not planning on redoing any of the other ones for whatever reason, but ultimately I'm thankful that you've worked on all of this and that we're this close to a full translation now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mcjon01 View Post
    Ugh cokesakto no no no
    Quote Originally Posted by Neir View Post
    your ability to be wrong about literally everything you post is truly astounding. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but you haven't been right once.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kateikyo View Post
    The gay pics were the most entertaining thing going on in this discussion.

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    Damn. Sorry about that. I mis-typed.

    I meant Magicians.
    It's been fixed up.
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    Imagine fragments sequel gets announced when the translation is finished

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    Once again, thanks for the translation.
    Her whispering voice.
    Along with her bewitching smile.
    Is charming, cold, quiet and yet somehow cheerful.
    It truly resembles Queen Medb. Like Medb and Scáthach, huh?
    It's amazing how it lines up in the end imho. Proto Cu mentions how Misaya reminds him of Medb and Scathach. And knowing that Misaya is Rin Tohsaka's prototype somewhat, him being attracted to Rin in UBW starts to make quite a sense.
    Dark, empty, evil moon under the hollow sky: the home of this miserable, hateful being. His body has rotten ages ago, his soul has long vanished without a trace. Only deep hatred remains. So far as this hatred burns and curses the soil where he once sided, the humankind will not perish. As time passes, he continues to overlook the humanity from the top of the tainted mountain...


    ...But his eyes remain fixed on a single thing far away.

    One, that hasn't been tainted by his hatred over the years, remaining pure and immaculate...
    A small, white flower that blooms on the horizon - Hortensia, that loves him and stays by his side.

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    @Takashi I can only hope so. I'm desperate for more Prototype stuff and so far my only hopes are either an anime, another novel series or potentially in FGO - hopefully Lostbelt 6. I really want Lostbelt 6 to be about Arthur's Camelot and Beast VI with potentially a pseudo-servant Morgan using Manaka as the base.

    @JusticeAmongSwords Yes it does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
    @Takashi I can only hope so. I'm desperate for more Prototype stuff and so far my only hopes are either an anime, another novel series or potentially in FGO - hopefully Lostbelt 6. I really want Lostbelt 6 to be about Arthur's Camelot and Beast VI with potentially a pseudo-servant Morgan using Manaka as the base.

    @JusticeAmongSwords Yes it does.

    I pretty sure, and I want to, in Lostbelt 6 we gona have something related to Proto, like the king of the Lostbelt an Arthur Lancer, on Olympus we watched how was launched a Rhongomyniad from LB6 to Olympus.

    and Y think a Proto Fragments Anime is pretty posible, we have to wait, after all with Zero it have the novels, then the CD Drama, and THEN an anime, then we have only to wait a little.

    and Finally if Atart to have very good attention I think is very posible a sequel of PRoto, maeby not from hand of Nasu, but with all nasu supervision and scrpits he wrote origanilly

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    We already know the king is a chick, don't we? Also the rhongo was fake, it's just a magical nuke made to look like rhongo.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mcjon01 View Post
    Ugh cokesakto no no no
    Quote Originally Posted by Neir View Post
    your ability to be wrong about literally everything you post is truly astounding. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but you haven't been right once.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kateikyo View Post
    The gay pics were the most entertaining thing going on in this discussion.

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    I have a question for yoy guys:

    How popular is Fate/Prototype Fragments in Japan? The release of Drama CD tells me that it must be kind of popular, but the lack of F/Prototype Fragments in Twitter, Google and Pixiv tells me otherwise.

    I am liking the story so far (poor Jekyll), but I heard from some people that it kinda have a stained reputation because according to them it is written by Sakurai, who was notorious at Septem singuarity wank as well as she made Manaka a sort of Mary Sue villain.

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    @omoshiroy Sorry, I don't live in Japan, so I can't say for sure. But I can answer some of that question. In pixiv and twitter, some people just tend to label Fragments as just plain Fate/Prototype or have the characters under multiple sub-categories like FGO. They normally don't bother separating the two. But there is a fair amount of artwork in the Prototype section, so I say Prototype Fragments in general is fairly popular.

    Individual characters like Saber and Proto Gil are more majorly popular though.

    As for CD Sales, the Drama CDs ranked this on the Oricon:
    Vol 1 - Highest rank was 10th place and it was on the list for 6 weeks
    Vol 2 - Highest rank was 9th place and it was on the list for for 4 weeks
    Vol 3 - Highest rank was 15th place and it was on the list for 3 weeks
    Vol 4 - Highest rank was 25th place and it was on the list for 4 weeks
    Vol 5 - Highest rank was 21st place and it was on the list for 2 weeks

    To get at least 9th, you would have to sell over 200,000 cds. Yeah, so again I say it is fairly popular, but probably only among hardcore Fate fans.

    I like the story too. I really want to see or read a completed Fate/Prototype. I don't know for sure if Fragments does have a stained reputation, but it is probably true for fans who are not a fan of Sakurai's writing style. Sakurai's writing is an acquired taste. She has an unique writing style, but it is apparently hard to translate. It took me a while to figure out how to translate it too, but I like her work.

    As for Manaka, well to be fair, she was probably already a Mary Sue kind of character when Nasu first created her. Since her basic description was that she was meant to be an all-powerful, omnipotent girl because of her connection to the Root. Sakurai could also only work off the notes that Nasu gave her.
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    Oh, that explains it. Thank you, PhoenixRising.

    I hope that Fate/Prototype Fragments will be serialized as a manga or as an anime in next 2-3 years, or maybe collab with FGO as an event.

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post

    I like the story too. I really want to see or read a completed Fate/Prototype.
    Yeah, I want to read a completed Fate/Proto in a form of either LN, VN or manga; they need to explain the origin of Manaka's connection to the root and how will it affect Ayaka since they're siblings, and I want more screen time and appearances of alter versions of Bryn, Ozy and Arash and their clash with proto-Cu and proto-Gil.

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post

    Vol 4 - Highest rank was 25th place and it was on the list for 4 weeks
    Vol 5 - Highest rank was 21st place and it was on the list for 2 weeks
    The sales for vols. 4 and 5 are pretty low... I wonder what happened.
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    The only thing I can think of is the gap between CD releases. Each Volume was released roughly 4-6 months apart. Additionally, Vol. 5 was delayed due to some production issues.
    So I think interest faded a little by the time Volumes 3, 4 and 5 came out, because it took a while to release them.

    They also did kind of explain the effect of Manaka's connection to Root on her relationship with her sister. Basically as Hiroki explains in the Drama CD and novels, Manaka treated Ayaka like a lesser being, as if she didn't exist and the times she did acknowledge her sister, she treated her more like a pet. Whereas Ayaka started suffering from an inferiority complex because her sister was so talented with magecraft and so beautiful. So Manaka's connection to the Root likely gave Manaka a superiority complex or a God complex.

    Then when Saber had that talk with Ayaka about Garden, Manaka grew jealous of Ayaka because she couldn't understand why Saber showed interest in Ayaka when she was clearly superior in her eyes. Which is why she kidnapped and tried to kill Ayaka, all the while demeaning her.

    As for how Manaka was born with a connection to the Root, I think it may have something to do with her Origin. Ryougi Shiki got her connection to the Root because her Origin was Nothingness. So I think Manaka has something similar. This is just a theory, I have no proof. But I believe that since the authors keep describing Manaka as Omnipotent, it is very likely that Omnipotence is her Origin and that is how she was born with a connection to the Root.

    I'm also interested in what Manaka's school life was like, because it is not mentioned in the novels. Would she be the honour student type like Rin or would she be a loner.
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    Bless you Phoenix for another wonderful translation. But yeah I hope that maybe there will be more Prototype exposure outside of Grand Order and it's native source ie Fate/Fragments + Fate/Prototype into other games like the Fate Extella series.

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
    As for how Manaka was born with a connection to the Root, I think it may have something to do with her Origin. Ryougi Shiki got her connection to the Root because her Origin was Nothingness. So I think Manaka has something similar. This is just a theory, I have no proof. But I believe that since the authors keep describing Manaka as Omnipotent, it is very likely that Omnipotence is her Origin and that is how she was born with a connection to the Root.
    As things go with origins you're probably not that far off the mark honestly and I can see that being her origin.

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
    I'm also interested in what Manaka's school life was like, because it is not mentioned in the novels. Would she be the honour student type like Rin or would she be a loner.
    As for Manaka's school life. I can imagine it being both if that makes sense. I believe that she would have probably been a honor student or any role that puts her or makes her feel above her fellow students and at first people may have wanted her attention but her 'etheralness' may be offputting to others. Or it could have entranced them even more. It feels like it's one of those "beware the fair folk" sort of deal where they seem too perfect that it's 'wrong' and often times they're right to be wary. So honestly it can go either way that she could have a solitary school life and just have far off admirers or she was so beautiful that people ignored any bad feelings or just didn't notice anything off about her. But my personal opinion is the former.

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    Manaka's magic circuits are connected to root. As seen manaka wasn't connected to root when she changed her body. "Shiki" was personality of the body and which is connected to root. My best assumption would be she is connected to root via magic circuits instead just of origin.

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    manaka has a hit squad of schoolgirls who squee oneesama~ and murder anyone who even contemplates approaching her

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac View Post
    manaka has a hit squad of schoolgirls who squee oneesama~ and murder anyone who even contemplates approaching her
    Considering what some people do IRL for some online entertainers. I can see it happening ngl haha.
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    All the school guys and girls would have been simping for her.

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