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Thread: Fate/Prototype: Blue Silver Fragments Complete Version

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    Hi everyone!

    As promised, here is the completed translation of Part One of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver - Volume 3 - Act 1
    Part Two will be up some time later today.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Fate/Prototype, Fragments or any Type-MOON related property. This is just a fan translation and should not be taken or used without my express permission.

    Part 1-A: Third Person Perspective - To listen to the Summoning Scene - please check out V1 CD1 - Track 3 of the Drama CD


    Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver
    Novel 3 -Beautiful Minda Arc - Act 1

    Assassin meets Manaka――――!

    A certain day in February, 1991.
    At the corner of the warehouse district in Minato Ward, Tokyo.

    “Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill.
    Repeat five times.
    But when each is filled, destroy it―――”

    The man’s words loudly resound.
    It is a chant.
    Originally, a group of words to guide miracles that could not be achieved even with the inner secrets of magecraft.
    Then is the man a believer of miracles? No. Like many of the mages in the twentieth century, the man was also a shrewd realist. Only those who exercise unusual mysteries need a cold gaze to stare at the world as it is.
    If he dares to express it, then yes, it is possible. But what backs up the man’s chanting?
    At least, it was just enough for the man to be convinced.

    In other words――――
    It is the Holy Grail.

    Yes, the holy cup.
    Is it the cup that the messiah and his apostles used during the Last Supper?
    Is it the holy relic that was pursued by those medieval knights?
    Or is it the “ancient” cauldron that was said to be its original[1]?
    The details are unclear. The people from the Mages Association who mediated the story didn’t say anything to the like, and even the priests from the Holy Church who brought the request to the association in the first place didn’t inform them of its history, even if they knew where the cup was brought in from.
    There was only one thing he was certain of.
    The Holy Grail that the priest from the Church showed him just once――――was the real deal.

    The man clearly remembers even now, that moment, when he was captivated and overwhelmed by it.
    Its majestic presence.
    A brilliance reminiscent of an accumulation of mysteries.
    And above all else, that tremendous amount of mana.
    It even gave him the delusion of his whole magic circuits getting excited. The true form of the Holy Grail that the man saw and felt, was an existence equivalent to the legendary dragon race that continues to endlessly generate mana just by breathing.

    What’s more, what the man saw was nothing more than Symbol[2].
    It is said that the amount of mana in the Saint Graph[3] which is hidden somewhere in Tokyo, a city located at the end of the Far East, far surpasses even the Lesser Grail’s and makes almost every impossibility possible.
    In a word, yes. Is it an omnipotent wish granting device――――?

    ――――Heed my words”

    While concentrating on his chant, a memory revives in the corner of the man’s consciousness.
    The priest was speaking.
    “On the dawn of the Holy Grail’s activation, your wish will surely be fulfilled.”

    “My will creates your body”

    The ultimate magecraft, the Root.
    It is possible to reach the long-cherished wish and even greatest ambition of all mages.

    “And your sword creates my destiny”

    First, he must summon a virtuous soul using the power of the immense Lesser Grail.
    The number is seven. The number designated by the Holy Grail.

    “If you heed the Grail’s call and obey my will and reason, then answer me.”

    Not just anyone can do it.
    Only the seven Masters chosen by the Holy Grail can summon the Seven Servants who are virtuous souls.
    Heroic Spirit Summoning. Truly, an unattainable miracle. An impossible mystery. In order to participate in the battle royale, in order to become the last Servant and Master pair and obtain the right to use the Greater Grail, he is trying to subordinate――――a Heroic Spirit, a being that is unreachable by a human magus as a Servant[4].

    “I hereby swear.
    That I shall be all the good in the world,
    That I shall defeat all evil in the world.”

    A reverberating spell.
    A magic ritual that cannot be achieved.
    A magic circle drawn on the floor that should not be activated.

    “Thou Seventh Heaven clad in the three great words of power
    Come forth from the circle of binding, Guardian of the Scales――――!”

    Ah, behold.
    Now, the light of mana is being emitted from the magic circle.
    Now, the shapeless spirit entity is obtaining a tentative body through ether.
    Sure enough, the impossible summoning proved possible here.
    Before the man who had finished weaving his spell, such materialisation was achieved.
    It was likely one of the first ever Servants summoned in perfect form through human means.
    Its class is Assassin.

    It was――――
    A figure that suited the darkness.
    It wore a skull mask.

    ――――And, it had the figure of a young vivacious woman.

    [1] Original: Archetype
    [2] Symbol: Lesser Grail
    [3] Saint Graph: Greater Grail
    [4] Servant: A type of familiar

    Part 2-B: Journal Entry

    Servant Assassin.
    A Heroic Spirit summoned into the class of “Assassin” who excel at infiltration, reconnaissance and manoeuvring.

    They boast a high degree of agility, but do not have high performance in their other parameters.
    First of all, if you face enemies like Saber, Lancer and Archer――the three knight classes directly, then it will not end well.
    Naturally, the tactics you can adopt are limited to surprise attacks.

    However, Assassin in a surprise attack exerts terrifying ability.
    It is the “Presence Concealment” skill that makes it possible.

    As a prerequisite, Servants basically possess a high sensing ability.
    If there is a magical reaction, a Master can also detect them, but there are many cases where a Heroic Spirit’s sensing ability exceeds that of their Master. It is possible for them to sense not only mana but presences unique to a Servant.

    However, Assassin’s “Presence Concealment” negates their sensing ability.
    Please note that this is different from the disappearance of a presence due to spiritualization.
    With this skill, Assassin will launch surprise attacks at will while maintaining their body.

    To sum it up in one word, it is a miracle.
    It is very difficult to respond and deal with them.
    A Servant who is supernatural and equal to a reproduction of a myth will sometimes be able to respond to a sudden surprise attack. But, what about the Master themselves?
    Although their attack and defence performance is not as good as the three knights, a Heroic Spirit is a Heroic Spirit.
    But a Magus cannot hope to defeat Assassin.

    In an attack that targets the Master.
    Know that Assassin is the strongest.

    On record, the Assassin in the First Holy Grail War slaughtered three Masters.
    This is a strict fact.

    If you are worried about Assassin, then you must always wait for your Servant.
    However, that is also a bad move overall――――

    Fear Assassin.
    It can be one of the most powerful Heroic Spirits if used correctly.

    (An excerpt from an old notebook)

    Part 2-C: Seiji Jinga - Third Person Perspective (To listen to this section, please check out V1 CD1 – Track 5 of the Drama CD)

    It’s the best――――

    The man who successfully summoned a Heroic Spirit which should’ve been the first in history, described this moment as such deep down.
    It’s no wonder he was screaming cheers without knowing it.
    The history of the Jinga family which was his own family is not futile, and in the Far East which is regarded as the next generation in the world of magecraft, have acquired the strong feeling that the accumulation of hundreds of years of history was meaningful in itself.
    The summoning process itself doesn’t have much skill, but it is still the first historical large scale magic ritual taking place in Tokyo――――so it must be due to the Jinga family that he was found to be a Master fit for the Holy Grail War which is a conflict over the Holy Grail.

    Man: “Haha.”

    The man laughs.

    Man: “Hahaha.”

    The man laughs.
    After that, he cheered loudly.
    With the same or more excitement as his earlier spell.

    Man: “I did it, I did it!!”

    How long did he continue applauding himself?
    A few seconds, a few minutes? It shouldn’t have been more than ten minutes, but the man at that time was completely out of touch. Despite correctly recognising that the achievement of the first-ever Heroic Spirit summoning was due to the Grail’s own power, it was such a great joy to him.

    The man――――
    Seiji Jinga was a magus.
    He was a thin man.
    Is he regarded by his sharp acuity?
    Or by his pale thin features?
    That impression will change 180 degrees depending on the viewer.
    But, what about this moment?

    Man: “………I did it!”

    In the Far East, he was born and raised in a family lineage, that was relatively old and suitable enough to be called a prestigious family.
    In his twenties, he inherited the position of family head from his predecessor​ along with their magic crest, and although it was a request from the Holy Church, he was a magus who held the skill to be selected for a city-wide magecraft ritual that was equal to sponsorship from the Mages Association, the centre of the magecraft world.
    He was not always happy with his ancestry and his twenty-odd years of life.

    Although they’re a prestigious family, it is only relative.
    Their scale is different from that of the genuine one like the Reiroukan family and their influence on public society is small.
    Moreover, the Far East is considered a backward frontier in the magecraft world, and is in fact, far from the level of the London based Clocktower―――― the Mages Association. Meaning, it is far from the Root which is the greatest mystery and the pinnacle of truth and magic.

    While studying alchemy, the magic of his family, and inheiritng the magic crest, the man called Jinga was always irritated and thirsty. Is this right? Will he, like his father and grandfather, just live dreaming that his future descendants will obtain their ambition at the end of their diligent studies and inheritance?

    He was different.
    He was chosen.

    What he felt so far, must have been no more than impatience, craving, no―――ambition.
    He didn’t know the history of the Grail brought into Tokyo.

    And its not as if he swallowed the slogans, “The activation of the Greater Grail is proof of a miracle,” “Therefore, we will demonstrate its miracle with the cooperation of you mages,” “We will not thwart you from achieving your long-cherished wish by using the omnipotence of the grail,” solemly spoken by the bunch from the Church, but he got on board anyway.
    The attitude of the Mages Association messenger was unforgettable.
    Courteous, but rude. Did the Clocktower see the magecraft ritual in the Far East, the Holy Grail War, as a poor-planned approach to reaching the Root or something to be recorded just in case?

    The truth is unknown, but it was clear that they despised him, the man called Seiji Jinga.
    However. But.

    Seiji: “Hahaha. A Heroic Spirit…, it showed itself to me as a Servant! To me of all people! I was able to put a legend, an embodiment of mysteries into a frame, as one of my familiars!”

    Surely and steadily.
    He took a step towards the Greater Grail.
    He hadn’t receive notification from the Holy Church that other magi had successfully summoned their Heroic Spirits.
    Then, as he suspects. He’s the first in history. He was probably the only one in the world who was the first to perform a perfect Heroic Spirit summoning.

    Seiji: “I will! I will do it!”

    His determination. Overflows from his lips with his excitement.

    Seiji: “I will! I will slaughter the other six Masters and Servants! I will find the Greater Grail hidden somewhere in Tokyo! I’ll obtain the Grail with these hands―――― and take the Root, the long-cherished wish of all mages!”

    A shout of cheers.
    His voice shakes the dark warehouse.
    Inside the warehouse where all the inner cargo was emptied and abandoned, except for Jinga, there was only the newly summoned Assassin now. He had no collaborators. And he never called any magi who were close to his family to Tokyo as his force.

    Jinga recognized that the true nature of the Holy Grail War was a solitary battle.
    ‘A struggle I should do all by myself.’

    That is why, he has already poured in all of his family fortune. He needn’t worry abou how much he shouted inside the warehouse. He purchased all the cargo inside the surrounding warehouses, and modified them into his own magic workshop. This area of the Minato Ward Warehouse District is now the territory of Seiji Jinga.
    If a magus steps into it, he’ll kill them.
    Even if a Heroic Spirit comes to attack them, he’ll turn the tables on them.
    With himself and this woman.

    Seiji: “……….A Servant.”

    Eventually, he recognises her.
    His partner who is magically bound to him through the summoning.
    A Heroic Spirit who achieved materialisation, and the Servant who is the key to the Holy Grail War and his greatest fighting strength――――

    ――――It had the form of a young woman.

    The moment he realized that.
    Sudden emotions passed through Jinga’s mind.
    Heroic Spirits are extremely powerful beings. Far surpassing human wisdom, myths and legends reappear, and freely exercise their mysteries as if it were child’s play such as those exercised by magi.
    Therefore, even if it was a young girl.
    She can’t just be a woman.

    Seiji: (A woman…..)

    Yes, he thought.
    His heart was pounding.
    The core of his body became hot.
    It was a reaction he had no knowledge of after living for more than twenty years.
    Or maybe he wouldn’t have had reacted at that moment, if hadn’t actually had the best excitement in his life with the fact that he had summoned a Heroic Spirit. Perhaps he could afford to calmly observe the woman as the embodiment of a paranormal mystery.

    But, that didn’t come to pass.
    He was interested in her.
    To put it bluntly, yes, he desired her.
    For her youthfully tense body.

    Seiji: (Her age……is she in her mid teens, late teens……or……..)

    He was head over heels.
    For the woman’s young and supple figure.
    For her well-proportinate brown limbs.
    For her body that was covered by a perfectly thin black robe.
    He didn’t see if she was trained for battle, but he was fascinated by the woman’s body which was filled with intentional femininity.
    Sadly, he wasn’t one to touch the sword and risk his life with a blade.

    Seiji: “…….You……’re, my Servant, right?”

    Seiji Jinga doesn’t notice.

    That this woman is an unmistakable warrior.
    Her body. Her black thin silk. They were nothing more than a woman’s weapons.

    Seiji: “You answered my summons……you came… order to grant my wish……right?”
    Assassin: “Yes.”

    It was a voice as if she was enduring something, like she was suppressing something.
    It was a woman’s voice.
    Jinga, recognised that the woman was also lustful.

    Seiji: “Then, you acknowledge me as your Master…..yes?”
    Assassin: “Yes.”

    It was a quiet obedient voice, as if it was enduring something.
    It was the woman’s voice.
    Jinga realized that the woman was waiting for him.

    Seiji: “I like to know your name. Tell me.”
    Assassin: “My name, so you don’t know it?”

    It was a terribly calm voice that seemed to realize something.
    It was the woman’s voice.
    Her facial expression was covered by a white mask, so he couldn’t peek at it.
    It hid from her eyes to her nose. However, given the contours of her face and her well-shaped lips, he couldn’t help feeling certain she had a beautiful face. Jinga imagined the woman smiling seductively behind the mask.

    Assassin: “I am the one who was led to the class and name of Assassin.”
    Seiji: “I see…..”

    He nods while loosening his collar.
    The woman is seeking him.
    Then, he must respond in kind.

    Assassin: “I am the one who kills all life.”
    Seiji: “I see….”

    He approached the woman step by step and nods.
    The woman is anxious.
    If she is, then he must comfort her.

    Assassin: “I am one who can only kill. Even so, is it okay……if I serve you?”
    Seiji: “Of course.”

    He whispers, while reaching for the woman’s cheek.
    The woman is at a loss.
    Then he must guide her.

    He had met her. His destined partner. So, what else is there?
    Seiji Jinga steps into her space without any doubts. He doesn’t realize that he is the one who does what he wants, without any hesitation or worry. Despite his magical mental defenses, despite being inside his own magic workshop which was his own territory, he does so.

    Is it due to his Servant’s skill?
    No. It’s not that.
    It is something not recognisable to the Master.
    It cannot be understood just by grasping the form of the “Servant” that imprisons a Heroic Spirit as a magical being composed of parameters and skills, which accompanies the summoning backed by the enormous mana of the Lesser Grail.

    ――――It’s because she is what she is.

    Assassin: “Well then, Master. I dedicate all of myself to you. My name, as well as my Noble Phantasm too.”

    It can be called a habit.
    The woman――――
    Assassin holds the man’s stretched hand. Before she touches his cheek.
    After that, she turns over his palm. Jinga whose body balance had crumbled falls on his back, but just before that, she gently hugs him. As a result, he was held by her from above when she propped her knee on the floor.


    Faster than he could say, “What’re you doing!?”
    The woman cuddled close to him.

    Beyond his gaze――――there was the woman’s face directly above Jinga.
    The woman’s fingers touches his cheek and his casually stretched black hair.

    ‘Aah. I want this woman. No, she’s been mine since the moment I summoned her.’
    ‘We walk together for the sake of our ambition.’
    ‘What is my ambition? No, I just want to kiss her now.’

    Yes, he thought. In that moment.

    ――――Their lips overlap.

    It was a first for him.
    It’s not like he had zero relationships with the opposite sex, but even so, he can assure that he had never tasted this before. The organ for vocalisation, his mouth, his tongue, was plugged up, so he moaned with his throat instead. It was a sweet moan.
    She had soft lips.
    It was a hot kiss.
    He quickly became intoxicated――――
    Everything becomes hazy. His consciousness and thoughts become dull.
    His ambition. Long-cherished wish. Family lineage.
    Mages Association. The Holy Church.
    Holy Grail. Greater Grail. Lesser Grail.
    Heroic Spirit. The summoning. Ability. Noble Phantasm.
    Something is terribly weighing on his mind, but he didn’t think anything more on it.
    A hot, soft, sweetly melting pleasure amply permeates his brain through his lips and tongue.

    ――――And with that, Seiji Jinga ended his more than twenty year life.

    Assassin: “…….My true name is Hassan-i-Sabbah. My Noble Phantasm is Zabaniya[1].”

    With a sigh. The woman slips out words.
    Their lips were already separated.
    As the woman lets go of him, Jinga’s body which had completely lost the heat of life softly collapses to the floor.

    Assassin: “All of me is a lump of poison.”

    Her nails, skin, body, body fluids.
    Everything is poisonous.
    Everything is a blade.
    Everything is death.

    It was the true identity of the woman with the name of Hassan.
    A poison in the shape of a woman.
    A woman who was completed as a poison.
    A flower of assassination that recreated the “Poison Damsel” in long ago Indian myths.
    Even her high-quality perfume like body odor, even her sighs, are poisonous.
    Even her fresh and lustrous skin, even her body, is poisonous.

    In particular, the poison in her mucus is too strong. No matter how much talismans and magecraft a human magus protects themself with, if she touches them once, there is no way out of the consequences. Even if they are a Heroic Spirit, if they receive the death kiss twice, they will meet the same end.

    In other words――――

    Assassin: “Meaning death.”

    The woman was a warrior.
    To be exact, one who continues to take lives in the darkness.
    As determined, and as ordered.
    Following her own way.

    Assassin: “………..”

    As she stares at her Master who has collapsed like a marionette with its strings cut, the woman exhales.
    Deeply, deeply. Heartbreakingly.
    If there were living things around, then her poisonous breath would’ve stopped their movements.
    After doing so for a few seconds.
    The woman leans over her Master’s corpse.
    Once more, she brings her lips down to his lips which had started to get cold――――

    Assassin: “…….It wasn’t you……”

    At a distance of touching or not touching.
    She briefly said.
    [1] Zabaniya: Delusional Poison Body
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    Hi everyone!

    As promised, here is the completed translation of Part Two of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver - Volume 3 - Act 1
    Part Two will be up some time later today.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Fate/Prototype, Fragments or any Type-MOON related property. This is just a fan translation and should not be taken or used without my express permission.

    Part 2-A: Journal Entry

    Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver
    Novel 3 -Beautiful Minda Arc - Act 1

    As explained before――――

    They cannot exist without mana.
    That is, they cannot exist without a Master.

    Strictly speaking, the mana used for materialising and summoning Servants is the Holy Grail――――
    The Lesser Grail will perform it.
    The Grail makes the impossible possible.
    This can be thought of as proof that the Greater Grail is an omnipotent wish-granting device.

    The Servant’s physical maintenance after being summoned, and other sequential consumption due to combat actions etc.
    The Master will be in charge of all of these mana activities.

    Speaking further――――
    The Master becomes “a custodian to this world” for the Servant.
    The summoned Heroic Spirit remains in the world with their Master who is a human of that age as a keystone.
    After all, they cannot exist without a Master.

    Then, what if they lose their Master?
    Many disappear immediately, depending on the original nature of the Heroic Spirit.

    When the Master is lost, the Servant loses their custodian and vanishes from the world.
    If they have the Independent Action skill, they can maintain their bodies for one to several days, but the Independent Action Skill is the special characteristic of the Archer class, and does not apply to Servants from other classes.

    However, exceptions do exist.
    It is possible for a Heroic Spirit who has performed suitable deeds of long-term solo infiltration in their anecdotes, myths and legends, to possess the Independent Action Skill regardless of their class.
    Therefore, you should never let your guard down even after killing a Master.

    Further exceptions are――――

    By consuming a large amount of mana, they can supress the dispersal and maintain their bodies.
    One example is the replenishment and maintenance of mana by “feeding” on souls, which was described earlier.

    As mentioned earlier, “feeding” on souls is not expressly forbidden for us magi.
    However, if it is done excessively, it will easily lead to the leakage of mysteries.

    When the exception of exceptions occurs――――there is no other choice but to take appropriate action promptly.

    (An excerpt from an old notebook)

    Part 2-B: Assassin - First Person Perspective (To listen to this section, please check out V1 CD2 – Track 5 of the Drama CD)

    What am I doing?
    I upon materialisation with my mind as myself.
    What did I do before this unlikely event?
    What are you doing, me?

    I who had materialised was certainly myself.
    Different from my lifetime, yet the same as my lifetime, a poisonous flower, the Poison Damsel. The Hassan of the Serenity.

    There is a man in front of me.
    The man, like many of the men who I’ve met in my lifetime, sought me.
    I touched him as I was ――――

    And killed him. Again.
    I killed him.
    Because I thought this time for sure.’
    That is my wish.
    That is the height of my shallowness.

    My one wish that was a poison, killing all those who snuggle up to me.
    Even if they touch me――――
    Someone who doesn’t die, doesn’t collapse, and smiles at me.
    Was I hasty? Even before obtaining the grail, if this person could, or……

    Am I going mad?

    There shouldn’t be any creature who can touch me and keep their life.
    Even if they were a tough Phantasmal Species, I’d kill it, Now, even more than in my lifetime, my body is poisonous. My Noble Phantasm. My way of being has now been sublimated into a form as a Heroic Spirit.

    Thus, I cannot fulfill my wish.
    I cannot obtain the Grail anymore because I killed him, my Master.
    I already have no choice but to wait till I disappear.

    I will disappear into the mist and send the memory of my foolishness and regrets to the throne.
    Even though I have no choice, but to disappear――――

    I can’t stop myself.
    I don’t want to disappear.
    I don’t want to die.
    I haven’t given up yet.

    Innocent people ――――
    I kill the people who live in this Far-Eastern city. I kill. And I kill.
    I touch the man who sees me and approaches me. I touch him. And kill him.
    One day. Two days.
    It’s already been three days.

    While murdering people, I maintain my temporary body.
    While devouring souls, I maintain my tentative life.
    There should be no hope anymore.

    I’m thirsty, while seeking something.
    I hunger, while wishing for something.
    Is it mana?
    Is it food to keep myself in this current world?
    It’s not something.
    More like I’m definitely seeking someone.

    I will keep killing them. Tonight too.
    I will keep standing on the street corner. Tonight too.
    I will change my figure with my ability――――at best, only my clothes.

    In the crowd, men with tired faces call out to me.
    I smile.
    I’ll do my best. While hiding slight emotions, I hope that the men I kill from now on are at least dreamy until their final moments.

    But, ahh.
    I wonder why――――
    The men say.
    “Oh, you’re lonely, ain'tcha?”

    ――――It was a rumour.

    Assassin: “No, I’m not.”

    ――――Of a foreign girl who gently calls out to adults.

    Assassin: “I’m not lonely at all.”

    ――――It was night.

    Assassin: “But…….”

    ――――The girl appears in the city late at night.

    Assassin: “I’m sad.”

    ―――It was death.

    Assassin: “So, I can’t laugh.”

    ――――As her name suggests, she always bring death.

    Assassin: “……...Will you comfort me?”

    Like that.
    While responding to the men’s voices as quietly as possible.
    I will touch them tonight as well.
    I will kill them tonight as well.

    One. Two.
    After touching, kissing and killing the fifth man in a small hotel room――――

    I will head to the front of the station again.
    I feel like I’m gradually getting to know the nights in Tokyo.

    To be more exact, about the habits of the Tokyo men who approach me.
    They are very tired and frustrated by something.
    They see me standing alone in the night crowd, and call out to me.

    There are all sorts of men.
    Men who worry about me being by myself.
    Men who really seem to be trying to console me.
    Men who do not hide their lust.
    There are also groups.
    Dangerous ones――――by human standards, even dangerous lightly armed men.

    I touch everyone.
    My only criterion is whether or not they called out to me.

    Now, off to the station.
    On the outskirts of Ikebukuro station, Ikebukuro, Toshima Ward, Tokyo. This area is very crowded and nice.
    Especially the area around the station’s north exit is good.

    There are many men on their way home because the residential area is close by.
    Moreover, yeah――――
    There are so many hotels.
    As soon as I get a call, I go up to a room somewhere.
    But. If I do that too many times……
    I’ll be surrounded by armed people.

    When it becomes a fuss, I’ll kill even the people who don’t intend to talk to me.
    Therefore, I have to avoid trouble as much as possible.
    I may be going mad, but I want to stick to the rules I’ve set for myself.

    I’ll stop standing near the north exit in succession.
    Let’s go to the east exit.

    Yes, I think――――
    But I’ll change my mind depending on whether or not there’s a Servant there.
    I sense it. Two presences. Two Heroic Spirits are clashing right near Ikebukuro station now.
    From the direction and distance, they’re probably near the Sunshine 60 building,

    Run away――――
    Yes, I should have thought.
    I can’t participate in the Holy Grail War anymore anyway.
    But if those who don't know it notice my existence, I'll be killed.
    That’s why, I have no choice but to flee.

    I jump into the dark back alley, while completely blocking my presence.
    Straight away, I land on the rooftop of a multi-tenant building.
    I’ll leap over the building’s rooftops one by one, and leave Ikebukuro for now.

    I can’t afford to get dragged into a battle between Servants.
    I don’t want to die.
    I still want to live.
    I don’t want to give up yet.

    That’s why, I will live, live, live.
    I will survive――――

    ???: “Oh my?”

    ――――There was a voice. It sounds like a small bell.

    ???: “You’re a strange one. Nuh-uh, I don’t know many Servants though.”

    ――――Destiny stood there.

    ???: “You’re Assassin, right?”

    ――――She had the form of a little girl.

    Girl: “Eh, I see.”

    ――――In other words, a girl who is omnipotent. Or is omnipotence like the girl?

    Girl: “You…..”

    ――――Smiling in the moonlit sky, she looks like Potnia Theron[1].

    Girl: “You don’t have a Master, do you? Well then…….”

    The girl’s pure white hands.
    While bathing in the starlight and moonlight.
    Shining, dazzling, as they are――――were touching my brown skin.

    [1] Potnia Theron: The World’s Princess

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    Thank you once again, Phoenix! Really looking forward to finally seeing this done (so I can actually talk about it with my friends who don't read JP).
    Quote Originally Posted by Mcjon01 View Post
    Ugh cokesakto no no no
    Quote Originally Posted by Neir View Post
    your ability to be wrong about literally everything you post is truly astounding. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but you haven't been right once.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kateikyo View Post
    The gay pics were the most entertaining thing going on in this discussion.

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    Hopefully you have enough time to work on Arc 5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlameLib View Post
    Alternatively if anyone has the scans of the raw LN copies, that would be wonderful.
    Been lurking on these forums for some time now and had to make an account. First, Phoenix thank you so much for translating this light novel. Now, second this for BlameLib I don't have raw scans of the LN's but what I do have is pdf and docx files of the light novel.

    Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver 1-5
    I hope this will work for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaucyOmelette View Post
    Been lurking on these forums for some time now and had to make an account. First, Phoenix thank you so much for translating this light novel. Now, second this for BlameLib I don't have raw scans of the LN's but what I do have is pdf and docx files of the light novel.

    Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver 1-5
    I hope this will work for you.
    Could you by any chance also get your hands on Labyrinth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamp View Post
    Could you by any chance also get your hands on Labyrinth?
    I in fact do have files for Labyrinth. I'll post that in the Labyrinth thread.

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    Hi everyone!

    Hope everyone is having a lovely Father's Day. As promised, here is the completed translation of Part One of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver - Volume 3 - Act 2
    Part Two will be up some time later today.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Fate/Prototype, Fragments or any Type-MOON related property. This is just a fan translation and should not be taken or used without my express permission.

    Part 1-A: Third Person Perspective - To listen to this scene - please check out V1 CD2 – Track 1 of the Drama CD

    Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver
    Novel 3 -Beautiful Mind Arc - Act 2

    Written by: Hikaru Sakurai
    Illustration by: Nakahara
    Translated by: PhoenixRising
    What lies ahead for the mad knight and the ordinary boy―――――?

    Noon on a certain day in February, 1991.
    Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo―――――

    Near the east exit of JR Shinjuku station. In front of the Alta, as it is commonly called.
    Although he had a cold sweat when he saw the police box on the right-hand side immediately after leaving the station, it seemed Tatsumi Kitano’s worries would somehow end as a needless concern. Whether it’s because of the place called Shinjuku, or because it was noon, the area around the east exit is full of people even though it was a genuine weekday.
    A crowd in Shinjuku. Basically, it seems there were many men and women around the age of twenty, but to be honest, Tatsumi wasn’t good at guessing the ages of others. Even last night, he made a big mistake in his new friend's age. However, there are many men who are as old as him, perhaps like college students.
    If it’s like this, perhaps he and his――――new friend will not stand out.
    Though he is a foreigner with a slender and cool impression, and although there is no doubt that high-pitched cheers of female students will fly if he is taken to a classroom, for some reason, he has a calm look and is well-familiar with the crowd.
    He looks natural to be there.
    He, who suddenly looked up at the huge Altavision and quietly walked, while nodding, “Heh….”
    Surely. He is getting familiar with it.
    Even so, he has a neat appearance and his kind and gentle green eyes.
    If they notice him even once, their eyes will stop. See, even now, young women who are passing next to him are making an expression that says, “If you don’t have any plans, I’m always looking,” but regrettably for them, they were walking beside the JR railway tracks where hand-drawn movie signboards were lined up on the wall in the direction of West Shinjuku.

    Berserker: “Even if you think you understand it in your head, it’s still surprising.”

    Oops. He is saying something.
    Stopping chasing women with his vague gaze, Tatsumi turns to him.

    Tatsumi: “Oh, yeah. That’s true. Foreigners are eye-catching after all.”
    Berserker: “I’m talking about this Altavision.”
    Tatsumi: “Ah.”

    This is bad.
    It was a totally strange exchange.
    His maternal grandmother often told him to “listen to people in a calm manner.”

    Tatsumi: “Guess so, you didn’t have street vision in your time. You didn’t have TV yet, right? …...Huh, but don’t you all have knowledge of the modern era?”
    Berserker: “I told you, even if you think you understand it……?”
    Tatsumi: “Oh. My bad.”

    Crap, he did it again.
    It completely slipped out.
    Tatsumi bows while cursing his own bad habits.

    Berserker: “Don’t worry, Tatsumi. It’s true it’s a confusing feeling.”
    Tatsumi: “My bad, really. ….So, umm, how is it? Shinjuku. As you said, we came to a place full of people.”
    Berserker: “Yeah. I saw something good. Some things look different, but the people hasn’t changed.”
    Tatsumi: “Hmm?”

    What is he saying――――
    Even though he can only see him as the same age as himself, or at most twenty years old.
    This new friend makes really strange statements.
    But that's not surprising.
    Because, he is…...

    Berserker: “Thank you for bringing me along, Master.”

    He isn’t a human being.
    He isn’t a person who lives in the present era.
    After all, he is a Servant――――who was summoned by Tatsumi Kitano.

    Part 1-B: Journal Entry

    Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver
    Beautiful Mind
    About a Servant’s knowledge.
    As mentioned earlier, the Holy Grail automatically bestows Servants a set of prerequisite knowledge from the moment they are summoned, to see what a Holy Grail War is like.

    In fact, they materialize because of their Master.

    Seven Servants and Seven Masters. 3 strokes of a Command Seal.
    If you obtain the Grail and become the last Servant and Master, your wish will come true.

    Their original state is different, and they are sometimes summoned as a magical being consisting of parameters, skills and classes. In addition, even the disposition that allows Servants to sense the unique presence of each other――――

    They comprehend the rules of the Holy Grail War which they themselves are part of.
    Even in the unlikely event, there is some problem on the Master’s side, like they obtain a Command Seal and they summon a Heroic Spirit by accident, without having most or all of the prerequisite knowledge, a Servant will be able to accurately understand the situation, and be able to tell their Master what the Holy Grail War is.

    On the other hand――――
    Heroic Spirits are also bestowed with knowledge of the current era by the Holy Grail.
    They are automatically given the language and general knowledge of Tokyo, where the Holy Grail War will be held.
    Thus, a Magus does not need to study and investigate the mother language of a foreign hero.
    Nor exercise magecraft that allows simultaneous translation.

    Servants handle Japanese which is relatively difficult to learn like their mother language.

    According to the Overseer, this is an effect for the smooth progress of the Holy Grail War.
    By doing so, the Heroic Spirits will continue to fight for the sake of their goals without being confused and comparing it to their lifetime, even if they see or hear modern aspects.

    But, bear in mind.
    Even if they are already in a state of “awareness,” it is not experience.
    There is a good chance that the servant will be very interested in something modern.

    Understand the nature of your Heroic Spirit.
    Never separate their consciousness from the Holy Grail War.

    (An excerpt from an old notebook)

    Part 1-C: Third Person Perspective - To listen to this scene - please check out V1 CD1 – Track 6 & 8 of the Drama CD

    Tatsumi Kitano was an ordinary young man.
    A second-year high school student attending a metropolitan high school in Setagaya when he was about to change from a boy to a young man.
    His grades were average.
    He was average in sports too.
    The girl he likes is a classmate who sits next to him and smiles at him once every three days.
    His hobbies were bird watching and reading.
    Yes, he was confident in reading books as they were, even if it did not reflect in his grades.

    However, he didn’t know the truth of the world.
    Everything was average.
    He didn’t excel at anything.
    At best, he was good at photographing and observing animals, as the animals caught behind the viewfinder of his single-lens reflex camera and binoculars happened to stop moving for a strangely long time.

    However on a certain day in February, 1991…..
    Two days ago, counting from that moment he was walking with him in Shinjuku――――

    He did something unusual.
    Or rather, it found him.
    He had seen that his standard scores was just in the middle of the printout with the results of the nationwide mock test written on it, and realized that he was not a very special person. When a box of mementos, some keepsakes of his maternal grandfather who died at the end of last year, were sent to him from his parents place.
    Yes, the only difference from his classmates, was that Tatsumi had been living alone since Spring in a small apartment in Setagaya. His mother and little sister went with his father who decided to transfer to the countryside for some reason about the impact of the economic bubble burst, and only he remained in Tokyo to prepare for exams.

    He didn’t expect anything special from the sent items.
    He didn’t expect such things like proof he was the descendent of a great person whose name appeared in Japanese history textbooks, or a work of art that could be ridiculously expensive. If it was a few years ago when he was indulging in anime and manga which he had completely graduated from now, he might have dreamed of―――― inheriting something like a gem or a sword from a myth or legend, and that it would trigger the beginning of his days of dizzying adventures.
    An old photo. An old book. An old fountain pen that’s out of ink, and something like a journal that describes the time when he was serving in World War II. One by one, he checked out the small items left by his grandfather while reminiscing on his memories.

    Tatsumi: “What’s……this?”

    A black notebook that is different from the notebook in which the days of harsh wars were indifferently spelled out.
    There was a strange list of letters there.
    Maybe it’s because he liked to read some occult books that made him think like it was some spell. Or, maybe it was a hereditary trait he has in his body now that he thinks about it. In any case, Tatsumi read out the long passage aloud.
    Even though there is no magic circle.
    The words did serve as magecraft.

    He saw a light. Although Tatsumi thought for a moment that the coherent light he saw on a special feature on nuclear technology in a science magazine which was different from an electric lamp, flame or the sun, stars and moon, he had some faith the blue light was of a different nature.
    And then, he appeared.

    His new friend.
    A foreign male who seemed to be a little older than himself. The color of his eyes was beautiful.
    Different from when he opened the front door of his apartment. The light that floats above the six-tatami mat room and draws a geometric pattern ――――he was later informed that it was a pseudo-magic circle by him, was as if it was boiling. He materialized as if he was clad in blue light particles.
    Tatsumi’s reaction immediately after, was unremarkable and not particularly noteworthy.
    For the time being, he should say――――
    He screamed at the end of his shock. Somehow he managed to calm down after he saw his “quiet” gesture.
    He was wondering how he should deal with him. He honestly believed his words when he said, “It’s okay.”
    He wonder if this was a visitor. He brewed tea in a teapot while telling him, “Wait a minute.”
    It may have been the best possible response for Tatsumi who grew up only in peace, without knowing magecraft, mysteries, violence or dangerous places. As a result, choosing the act of "dialogue" in front of a sudden intruder would have been one of the correct answers.

    Tatsumi: “So, uhh….”

    For a while――――
    Catalyzed by the spell Tatsumi spoke and something in his grandfather’s keepsakes, a supernatural event occurred that would not have been originally possible. The event caused him to appear in his small apartment in the corner of the Setagaya Ward. His name.
    Tatsumi who heard such things from his mouth from over the low dining table, poured a second hot cup of tea into his throat and then tried to calmly and diligently break the ice while remembering his grandmother’s words.

    Tatsumi: “Berserker? Jekyll? Hyde? So, what should I call you?”
    Berserker : “Berserker. I don’t mind if you call me that.”
    Tatsumi: “I see.”

    However, he didn’t feel like a Berserker.
    That was Tatsumi’s impression of him as an intruder.
    Certainly, Berserker must be a synonym for old Scandanavian warriors. He was glad he read that book that cites only knowledge that has little to do with grades. What percentage of his classmates could can make sense of it even if they hear the same word?
    In that regard, he may not be so mediocre.

    “Don’t say my true name as much as possible. I don’t know where the the other magi’s ears are, because whether you like it or not, it’s up to you to hide my true identity.”
    Tatsumi: “That so?”
    Berserker: “Yes.”

    He――――Berserker appeared to be a calm young man.
    Like a foreigner, sitting directly on the floor seemed a little difficult for him, but he sat cross-legged on the tatami mat as if he was properly taught to, and replied to his words while staring straight into Tatsumi’s eyes. If he asks, he will answer.
    Tatsumi was convinced that he mustn’t be a robber with a special scheme in mind.
    There would be no merit in rushing into a high school student whose living alone’s apartment, knowing that there is obviously no stuff or money, and above all else, his eyes.
    He didn’t feel like he was a telling a lie.
    Not because he was alluded to his grandfather’s keepsakes, but intuitively, Tatsumi was reminded of his grandfather’s clear gaze who had passed away last year. They were somewhat similar to his. They were quiet eyes that spoke only what he had witnessed, unlike the words that were trying to steer the other person with some objective.

    “True name, huh?”

    ―――True name, Jekyll. Or rather, the anti-hero, Hyde.
    Berserker had told him that both were his real names.
    Naturally, he knew of them. They were the names of a main character in an old overseas novel. A good scholar who lets the “evil” part hidden within himself go on a rampage with a special drug, or, that was how the story went.
    The name of the scholar is Jekyll. Hyde is the one who claims to be the “villanous” personality who appears with the drug.
    Both are strictly the names of the same person. It is typical for characters in a novel with a special disposition to have them, whereas, a real person nomally doesn’t have two names.
    Even so, Tatsumi didn’t think he was lying.
    If so, then is he….?

    Tatsumi: “So is one your real name and the other is a pseudonym you usually use in association with your real name?”
    Berserker: “Both are my true names.”
    Tatsumi: “I see.”

    He didn't really get it.
    It felt like he was drawing some kind of parallel line.
    Something definitive is missing in this conversation.

    Tatsumi: “Um, hey. Berserker. I want you to answer me properly because its important….”
    Berserker: “What is it?”
    Tatsumi: “…..You’re human. Aren’t you?”
    Berserker: “No, I’m not.”
    Tatsumi: “Hm?”

    So that’ s it.
    There was certainly a definitive gap, though.

    Berserker: “Truly. You possess good eyes, Tatsumi.”
    Tatsumi: “Huh? My eyes?”
    Berserker: “As you’ve suspected, I am not a human being. I am a Servant who will aim for the Holy Grail with you.”

    And like that――――
    From his mouth that spoke with clear reason, Tatsumi learned the existence of the “Holy Grail War.”
    The omnipotent wish granting device, the Holy Grail.
    Incarnations of myths, Heroic Spirits.
    Users of mysteries, Magi.
    The many mysteries that sternly exist in the world, and the unknown world of magecraft.
    And that his own “right eye” was a “Mystic Eye” that allows him to use some kind of magecraft. That it was likely his maternal family were the descendents of a magus lineage, and he believed that past no longer existed since there was no oral inheritance, but Tatsumi himself may have coincidentally inherited that trait as an atavism.
    And that he was chosen to be one of the Masters who are the participants in the Holy Grail War.

    Tatsumi: “The Holy Grail War, huh? And its starting in Tokyo.”
    Berserker: “That’s right. No, it’s better to say…..that it has already started.”
    Tatsumi: “I see……”

    In all honesty.
    He was fully aware he could only understand about half of it.
    The world of magecraft? Holy Grail? Heroic Spirits?
    Magi? Himself?
    Even if he believes it let alone understand it, all this content requires a lot of energy.
    Even so, he’ll take all of Berserker’s words at face value.
    Tatsumi decided so. It was only a short time since he had met him, but he had decided on that.
    Not because he witnessed the supernatural event of people appearing from nowhere. He feels like such a feat is a doable trick.
    The reason why he decide to listen. It was――――
    It was probably because Berserker's eyes resembled his.
    It was his grandfather’s clear eyes that Tatsumi saw at the end.

    Part 1-D: Journal Entry

    Heroic Spirits who are summoned with the tremendous power of the Holy Grail are heroes.
    Or at least that’s what the people at the Holy Church told the Mages Association.

    This is true on the one hand, but there are special exceptions.
    It is the “anti-hero.”

    A person who has an evil nature but is defined as a hero.
    So called “anti-heroes” are such people. Originally, it is not possible for the Holy Grail which is said to be a sacred cup according to literature, to summon an evil person.
    I am not going to discuss the concept of good and evil here.
    However, if the “virtuous soul” the Holy Church speaks of is at least a Heroic Spirit, then this is a contradiction.

    I can think of several possible reasons.
    Although their original nature is just and good, they are――――an exceptionally evil Heroic Spirit.
    If good and evil are still theoretical concepts, then this theory would be a bit painful.

    If I were to speak of another possibility……
    Suppose the Holy Grail doesn’t guide only “virtuous souls”, after all.
    Then, it would be reasonable to have “anti-heroes” mixed in with the righteous heroes.

    The men from the Holy Church would strongly reject this supposition.
    If I were to borrow their words……

    “The Holy Grail is completely good.”

    They would declare.
    Therefore, if an "anti-hero" should appear in the Holy Grail War, the former theory must be correct. But if they told it to us Magi that way――――

    The words they swear to the God they serve are absolute to them.
    Therefore, I have no choice but to place my trust in them. But.

    There is a strange uneasiness.
    I didn’t get any divination from my astrology. It’s just――――
    An indescribable anxiety is now in my heart.

    (An excerpt from an old notebook)

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    Hi everyone!

    Hope everyone is having a lovely Father's Day. As promised, here is the completed translation of Part Two of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver - Volume 3 - Act 2

    Disclaimer: I do not own Fate/Prototype, Fragments or any Type-MOON related property. This is just a fan translation and should not be taken or used without my express permission.

    Part 2-A: Third Person Perspective - To listen to this scene - please check out V1 CD2 – Track 3 of the Drama CD

    Shinjuku at night. Keiou Department Store Rooftop.

    Tatsumi brought him here, saying softly that he wanted to see the sky.
    He remembers coming to this place with his parents and little sister who were still in Tokyo when he was a little child, as if I hadn't even moved up to middle school. Yes, it was a clear memory.
    Perhaps it was his mother who said, “if you live in Tokyo as if the night had disappeared, then you strangely wouldn’t look up at the night sky as much.” The countryside where his grandfather lived as well as his mother’s hometown was located in a small village in a mountainous region with deep greenery, and at night a starry sky as far the eye can see appears, he thought it was “awesome” in his childlike mind――――so maybe because of that, when he came to this department store rooftop which was close to the sky, young Tatsumi would unintentionally look up at it. Even now, like this.
    While few, the stars are there.
    They shined beautifully, if not as much as in the countryside where his grandfather was.

    “……...Now which one is the Winter Triangle?”

    He mutters, while exhaling his white breathe.
    When he turned his gaze back into the sky, there was a terribly nostalgic scenery there. A play facility that was like a small amusement park, which is typical of a department store rooftop――――Keiou Sky Playland with several rides for children. It was past 5 pm, so it was already closed.
    So there are few human figures.
    Contrary to Tatsumi who was sitting on one of the benches close to the fence, he, Berserker turned his cool eyes towards the starless night sky. What was he thinking? Are the stars he sees different from his homeland, or rather, the English capital city of London where he lived in his lifetime? Or did the stars look different in the northern and southern hemispheres?

    Berserker: “Two days ago. I told you the night we met.”
    Tatsumi: “Hmm.”
    Berserker: “I….I am certainly a character in a story told as a novel. To be precise, I am the person who became the model for it. No, I am what the human who transformed into a Heroic Spirit after his death was and something who was guided to you in the form of a Servant by you and the Holy Grail.”

    They were certainly the words he heard on that night, two days ago.
    Tatsumi held the same deep emotions as that same time. That is…...

    Tatsumi: “It’s so confusing …….”
    Berserker: “I’m sorry. But this is the truth. I used to be objective when I was a scholar in my lifetime, but now, I have the most certain objective facts. I can assure you, I’m a Servant not a human.”
    Tatsumi: “It’s okay. I believe you. You are a Servant, not a human, and you came to do this Holy Grail War thing with me.”
    Berserker: “That’s right.”

    He nods as he turns from the starry sky towards him.
    He was a handsome man.
    Mr. Jekyll who he read about in a novel felt a little older then he appeared, but when he replied, he said it. “Servants are not necessarily limited to their appearance from when they died.” It awfully seems like that.

    Berserker: “I am a human from the last century……the 19th Century.”
    Tatsumi: “I’ve heard this already.”
    Berserker: “Yes. I’ve said it. That’s why I wanted to see the citizens, the people who live in this 20th Century. I knew what kind of society and customs Tokyo has in 1991 with the information granted to me by the Holy Grail.”
    Tatsumi: “I heard that too.”
    Berserker: “Oh. That’s true. And I became aware of it today. People haven’t changed. Same with the city, it's just a place where many people enjoy their lives.”

    As he said it, Berserker smiled for some reason.
    He had a kind and gentle expression.
    He’s sure it would have been nice to see this smile on the passing women, who were constantly looking back and whispering not only in front of Alta but throughout the night. Tatsumi vaguely thinks, it’s a waste to point it only towards himself, on the roof of a department store where there is almost nobody around in the middle of the night. Why does he smile, when his new friend who claims to be the same person as the protagonist of a novel――――materialised by surpassing time?

    Tatsumi: “Umm, are you satisfied? Well then, I’m glad too. It was worth the effort to skip class on a weekday.”
    Berserker: “You have my gratitude, Tatsumi.”
    Tatsumi: “No. Doesn’t this mean you’re thanking me again?”
    Berserker: “It's true that I'm grateful. So let me say it.”

    A strange turn, what is it?
    Berserker said to Tatsumi who actually tilted his head, after tilting it inwardly.
    His impression remains quiet without changing his tone. However, there’s a little enthusiasm somewhere in there――――
    No. Surely, it’s with determination.

    Berserker: “Even now, I still regret it. Even if it was derived from an experiment using my miracle drug, my own life couldn’t stop the “Hyde” within me. The fact that we had already made a lot of victims, when I stopped him in exchange for my life.”

    Sincere. Serious.
    It’s not like he was raising his voice at all, but they were heartrending words like a scream.
    It wasn't an atmosphere where he could interject too much.
    So Tatsumi silently accepts his gaze and words.

    Berserker: “I am a powerless Servant. Using the miracle drug which appears as my Noble Phantasm, my madness enhancement――――I actually think it’s closer to beastialization――――but whatever, there’s almost a big difference from ordinary people in not revealing my nature as the anti-hero, Hyde. Instead of not having the unique presence of a Heroic Spirit, no skill is activated and my assigned parameters are not exhibited.”

    Briefly, he pauses.
    It was the story he heard last night.
    “Therefore, even if I walk around outside materialized, the enemy will not detect me.”

    Berserker: “I am powerless. It’s difficult to exert my strength without going on a rampage. I’m not sure I’m the right person for the Holy Grail War which will probably unfold into a battle to the death as we probe each other’s true identities. Even so, I wonder. I still want to relieve the regrets smouldering in my heart in this city where people live without change as the time and place, I once lived in."
    Tatsumi: “……. This is connected to what you said when you said that you wanted to go out today.”

    At last, Tatsumi tells him the words.
    While slightly hoping for something, so that his meaning is not mistaken.
    And then, Servant Berserker――――

    Berserker: “Right. The Holy Grail War is stipulated to be a secret feud by the character of the mages, but the power of a Heroic Spirit is enormous. Their power which is wielded as a re-enactment of a raging myth or legend, may be equal to that of the great war your grandfather saw. If it intensifies, then Tokyo will turn into a literal battlefield, and many people may be sacrificed to it. That’s why, I…….”

    Again. He smiles.
    While keeping his eyes serious and sincere.
    However, while only changing the shape of his face to a gentle one.
    He said this.

    Berserker: “That’s why, this time, I want to be a hero of justice from the outset.”

    ――――And then….

    Part 2-B: Third Person Perspective - To listen to this scene - please check out V1 CD2 – Track 3 of the Drama CD

    In the past, Tatsumi was a hero of justice.
    With the power of justice given to him, he’d face off with evil monsters and organisations that threaten the city and throw lots of people into fear, by transforming or boarding giant robots, and continued to protect the peace of the city and its people―――――like other boys the same age.

    The days of his childhood.

    The past that protected the absurd world.

    For example, when he was innocently playing at this Keiou Sky Play Land.

    He did so until the lower grades of elementary school. It’s a memory of the distant past now, so he doesn't really think back on it, and doesn’t try to recall it because it’s too embarrassing to try.
    But. Certainly, he was a hero of justice.

    Identifying himself with the masked heroes he saw on TV, he would use his neighbourhood friends as the leaders of evil organisations and monsters. Naturally, he must have had roughly the same number of times when he had to stand in the way of the hero on the evil side instead. Childish make-believe. Interestingly, his little sister who kept tagging along saying, “I want to be with my brother,” would mainly play the hostage, as he kept saving the world and attacking the world until the sun went down.
    Was it fun?
    It’s more proper to say he doesn’t remember it well.
    Along with the other memories of his childhood inside Tatsumi, they were all vaguely contained into a “fun past where he played with everyone,” so it wasn’t clearly sorted into whether it was fun or not fun to pick up stuff that only focused on things related to heroes of justice.

    There was only one thing.
    There was one thing that he remembered by overcoming his embarrassment.

    Tatsumi’s Sister:“Hey, big brother.”

    It was when his little sister called out to him.

    It strangely happened when they were in the middle of going back home by walking along the Maruko River after going out and playing. The two of them were holding hands side by side towards their two-storey single family home which was very close to the apartment he was currently living in.
    She was smaller than a child her age――――but now she was much taller and could cheekily claim, “Maybe I’ll surpass you next year, Big Brother” ――――but his little sister would usually tag along with Tatsumi to the places he would go play.
    On the way back, they always walked hand in hand.
    He was told to do it by his father and mother, and even if he didn’t reach out to her, his little sister would wilfully hold his, as if it happened naturally.
    His little sister at that time wasn’t one who talked a lot, so on the way back, he would usually talk about something and his little sister would just nod, “yeah.” That is why he clearly remembers that time. He can recall it.

    Tatsumi’s Sister:“A while ago, when Nori did that bad thing….”

    He didn’t remember the details.
    However, it must have been after playing with his classmate, Norimitsu.
    Norimitsu is a villain. A vanguard of evil who attacks Tokyo.

    On the other hand, Tatsumi is a hero of justice. A cyborg who fights against evil, or something like that.

    And, his little sister who was the hostage as usual――――

    Tatsumi’s Sister: “It was a little scary…...”

    He didn’t know what made his sister say that. The current Tatsumi couldn’t specifically recall what he did, but, whenever Norimitsu who becomes engrossed or rather relatively actor-oriented, would splendidly laugh evilly in a loud voice or play the villain, making a speech about this or that just like a villain in a TV show, the adults in the neighbourhood would yell at him to “be quiet.”

    So maybe, that’s why she was scared. His little sister.
    The words of Norimitsu who totally behaves like a villain. His voice.

    Tatsumi’s Sister:“Just a little though.”

    As she says, his little sister’s hand was just a little…… Just a wee bit.

    Tatsumi’s Sister:“But I wasn’t scared because I was with you, brother.”

    "What's that?"
    “I thought you were scared.”

    He believes, he said it to her like that and made his sister laugh.

    Part 2-C: Third Person Perspective - To listen to this scene - please check out V1 CD2 – Track 3 of the Drama CD

    Tatsumi:“…….A hero of justice, huh?”

    On the rooftop of Keio Department Store at night, he muses on the words of his new friend.
    Tatsumi Kitano was an ordinary young man.

    Average in grades.
    Average in sports.
    His hobbies were bird watching and reading.
    He never knew the truth of the world.
    He didn’t know magecraft, nor mysteries, nor fear.

    Fully like boys his age, while refraining from the Armageddon in eight years that some old astrologer prophesied, even if he sometimes said, “if the prophecy was true,” he’d just spend 1991 being busy and enjoying himself.
    Everything about him was mediocre.
    He doesn’t even remember the past when he was playing with his friends when he was little.


    Tatsumi:(Tokyo, will become a battlefield?)

    The Holy Grail War.
    Although he heard that it was type of magecraft ritual with such a name, he vaguely wondered if it was a war that exchanged lives. To put it frankly, he didn’t really feel it. He didn’t even have the concrete feeling that his own life would be in jeopardy let alone others. Even if he was suddenly told so, such a thing is impossible.
    That’s why he was able to listen to Berserker’s conversation no different than usual, and was able to show him around the city of Shinjuku. The words “somebody else’s problem” may have been the closest.
    But. Now….

    Hearing the words, “Tokyo will become a battlefield――――
    He had something to think about.
    He can also feel it.
    The name Tokyo is the name of a city in this country.
    The unmistakable capital. The city where he lives.
    When his father was transferred, Tatsumi had chosen to stay in Setagaya, Tokyo where he was accustomed to living in, of course, because the main reason was for exams, he was not aware of anything else.

    Even if that were so.
    He had something to think about.
    He felt it.

    Ah, the person named Tatsumi Kitano recognizes Tokyo as “his city.”
    Tokyo. This city, where he has inseparable close friends whom he has known since elementary and middle school.
    Tokyo. This city, where a gentle old man greets him when he takes out the trash in the morning.
    Tokyo. This city, where there is a convenience store clerk who exchanges words with him whenever he drops by on his way home from school at night.
    Tokyo. This city, where there are people always hastily coming and going in front of the private railway station he uses to go to school.
    ――――This Tokyo, where there is a female classmate who sits next to him and smiles at him once every three days.

    Tatsumi: “A hero of justice, huh?”

    Again, he was unconsciously muttering the same words.

    Berserker: “You can laugh if you find it funny, Master.”
    Tatsumi: “As if I could laugh at that.”

    He briefly replied.
    They were heartfelt words he coldly said.

    Tatsumi: “I don’t have a clue about magecraft or stuff like that. I didn’t think this right eye was such a big deal until you told me, and I don’t know if I can use it properly.”
    Berserker: “I’ll teach you. I wasn’t a magus in my lifetime, but I did attain a modicum of alchemy at the end of my pharmaceutical studies. So I can teach you that much.”
    Tatsumi: “Can we win with that? Those mages and Heroic Spirits are monsters, y’know.”
    Berserker: “Don’t know.”
    Tatsumi: “Haha, what’s with that? You’re so honest.”

    He chuckles lightly.
    Surely, this is also because he doesn’t really feel it.

    Tatsumi: “Don’t make me laugh.”

    Shrugging his shoulders, Tatsumi looks up at the night sky again.
    There are few stars out.
    He had a strange belief that his mother and little sister who were returning to her parents’ home for an estate sale were probably looking at the same sky as well. His father who should still be busy working in his new countryside workplace, and who should be being a corporate warrior at this time, was surely looking at the sky too.

    Tatsumi: (This is different from disobeying them. I got caught up in it.)

    He thinks of the bruise-like pattern that emerged on his body.
    A Command Seal. A black winged crest said to have been bestowed on him by the Holy Grail, which gives absolutes commands to his Servant and strictly indicates that he is a participant in the Holy Grail War. The number of wings is one. Apparently, he is of the lowest rank, as it seems the more wings they show, the better the magus.
    No matter how he thinks about it, it's bad.
    It’s crazy to think he can do something about it.
    Tatsumi recognized that he was relatively calm, even though he had not yet seen the wonder of magecraft and the tremendous power wielded by Heroic Spirits.

    A world he did not know.
    A mysterious world where those who exercise magecraft are rampant.
    He had heard from Berserker over the last two nights, that there are some mages who can compete with the police and army even though they are living flesh and blood, and even if they are a Heroic Spirit, they can destroy aircraft fighters and tanks. Believe it or not, they are amazing monsters.

    Thinking sensibly, his ordinary self didn’t think he could face off against them.
    Him, who couldn’t even beat trained police officers and soldiers? A second-year high school boy, who quit karate class in half a year, and at best, saved the world only in childhood games of make-believe?
    It’s so ridiculous. Yes, Tatsumi laughs because his reason clearly tells him so.
    Indeed, it was very ridiculous.
    The nature of Berserker he heard about last night is truly unsuitable for the mechanism of the Holy Grail War, and he comes and says that he must “defeat all six Masters and Servants” in that state.
    But, even so.

    Tatsumi: “…….If I can’t run, then I guess I’ll have to do it.”

    In this moment.
    Tatsumi Kitano decided to steel himself.
    If there is a person who knew of the real battlefield, or a person who actually knows the world of magecraft, then he cannot prepare himself for such a thing. He would say it was just a matter of going with the flow. Tatsumi also thought that this resolve and determination was something like that.

    Even so…...
    Tatsumi believes that this is his answer.
    He will protect this city.
    As long as he is involved in it, he will do as much as he can for it.
    After that, as his kind grandmother who passed away much earlier than his grandfather said.
    “Keep your eyes on what you have to do, without losing your composure.”

    Tatsumi: “Let’s do it, Berserker. I might not be a hero of justice, but, I, I want to protect this Tokyo where everyone gave me a smile. If this Holy Grail War destroys Tokyo and kills people――――― then I want to stop it!”

    However, certainly with his own will, Tatsumi was telling it to the non-human in front of him.

    Berserker: “……Thank you. Then my wish has been fulfilled here and now.”
    Tatsumi: “Hm?”
    Berserker: “In my former life, I who had turned into an “anti-hero” because I fell into evil madness and temptation, my heart’s desire was nothing but to carry out justice. So, Tatsumi. From the moment I was summoned by the young man called you, my wish……”

    ――――My wish to the Holy Grail. Was already fulfilled.”

    After expressing those words.
    With the night sky at his back, he turns his hand towards him.
    His new friend who had three names was holding out his right hand.
    His expression was quiet but still serious. Sincere.

    Berserker: “Let’s stop the Holy Grail War and save Tokyo. Your wish cannot be granted by the Holy Grail, you have to do it with your own hands, Master.”
    Tatsumi: “I’ll do everything I can. If the girl I like dies before Valentine’s Day, then, I can’t die even if I do die.”

    Saying it daringly light-heartedly, Tatsumi…. Also holds out his right hand.

    It was――――
    It was an oath under the starry sky.
    Somewhat different than an exchange between a proper Servant and Master.

    ―――――An oath of the new friends’ resolve and determination.
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    Thank very much for your work, as always!

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    Thanks but I have a question, there are somparts you write magecraft and other MAgic, but in the context of the sentence is a little not logic, that Magic is "Mahou"?

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    The kanji used in those sentences, "Majutsu (魔術)" can mean black magic or sorcery or generally magic.
    So I chose to use magecraft because that is the term that Aniplex uses a lot in their translations.

    Mahou (魔法)also means magic; witchcraft; sorcery and/or spell.
    But I imagine if they used it in the Fate world, magi would be offended as it would be imply mainstream magic like the magic shown in TV and magic shows which would be considered fake magic to them.​

    Since Tatsumi is a newb at magecraft, I thought it would be okay for him to use the term magic when he speaks because he probably doesn't understand the difference.
    However, upon further review, I have changed all sentences that use Majutsu into magecraft to be more consistent.
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