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Thread: Quest of Fate - Apocrypha Universe Grail War

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    Bedtime. Now Seigi!!!!

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    Mm... Torn between 1 and 2, but I think 1.

    They all need rest, and besides, self-loathing aside I think Seigi would understand enough not to have them wake up with him simply gone. It’s a thought, but not what I think he’d act on.

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    1. Seigi needs some time during which his brain isn't running on "MUST SOLVE PROBLEMS OR PEOPLE DIE" mode and hopefully without the body stress that comes with that. Which doesn't mean (as HBM noted on Discord, come here if you haven't *nod nod*) that he may not feel guilty afterwards for taking some rest instead of being productive, but it seems like a good point to try to get him some moral/emotional support that could kick him out of his spiral of self-loathing.

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    I simply just want a good thing for him. It is the choice that has the least chance to lead to any other stressful event.

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    Oh, nice, an opportunity to learn more about Risa - wait, she won't be involved? Never mind, then.
    Hmmm... I think healing Yorkie would be the morally correct choice, but how hurt can she really be if she just (vigorously) took part in a threesome? :-P
    I choose 1.
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    Day 09
    Evening Phase - 03
    Emiya Household

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    What am I even doing?

    Am I trying to get myself killed?


    But acting like this... won’t help them, just like it won’t help me. I can punish myself for crimes I haven’t actually committed but it won’t make me feel better and it won’t help the people I love. The people I lo-


    Seigi you fucking idiot.

    I slowly raise to my feet and raise off of the bed and-

    “Nuh?” I’m instantly given away by Risa noticing I’m not in her arms. “Come back to bed, please don’t go.”

    “I’m just a little sweaty, just let me take my clothes off.” I shake my head and I’m blessed with the fact that I am telling the truth rather than having to lie to her and Yorkie. I hear a soft me~ow as I turn to face the mirror, as a certain someone is clearly awake.

    “Hey, since when did your hair grow waist level ponytails in a few hours?” I hear Yorkie ask.

    “Eh?” I reach behind me and she is quite right. Although my body reverted back to the way it previously was before the transformation, it seems the excess hair remained.

    “Ah how troublesome.”

    I move to get it in all in a ponytail to get it easier to shorten and I can feel two sets of eyes gazing at me.

    “You two cats enjoying the view of the eye candy or something?”

    “Yes.” They call out in unison.

    I honestly don’t know what to say so I keep my mouth shut.

    Risa rolls over to line up with Yorkie who ended up rolling on top of her while they both face me. “So, do I have you to thank for training him to please two ladies at once?”

    “Oh I was quite happy to be the first to hit that and he was mostly a natural but he did take the few pointers well.” Yorkie chuckles as I hear a smooch as the girls kiss each other again. “Technique was second nature but when he started it was endurance he mainly needed to work at so you’re welcome for him and the seven inche-”

    I am thankful that Risa interrupted Yorkie for another make out session as I disrobe.

    “I will say-” Yorkie continues while laden with kisses, “I never got treated to oral worship like that before, honestly a girl could get addicted!”

    “It’s my kink.”

    “Giving or receiving?”


    Yorkie lets out an adorable giggle before reciprocating the kisses as the two are still in the bliss of post-release which I let out a puff of pride about. And then as Yorkie begins taking her clothes off entirely I hear gasps. Not pleasant ones either.

    “Seigi…” Risa begins.

    “Look at your back.” Yorkie finishes.

    “Bugger. Well, there goes my modelling career. At least my abs remain flawless at least.”

    It’s no surprise at least, the duel with Morgan I ran in and almost got myself killed. Next time I won’t be able to pull Nigredo, Aoi’s Metsu or that transformation out of my pristine arse. If you don’t laugh over your problems you’ll cry and I’m tired enough as it is.

    I go back to bed first and Risa pulls up the covers. “We got shit to do tonight, but I think we’ve earned a break.” she says before giving both Yorkie and I a kiss.


    “You too York.”

    All three of us huddle close and savour each other’s touch of skin upon skin under the duvet. “You two…” I mumble out. ”I promise I’m gonna keep you safe. I’ll do whatever it takes t-” And then I drop like a sack of potatoes.

    With Seigi Nomikata firmly asleep, resting for a few precious hours with his beloved, Risa and Yorkie still stirred. Risa was the first to speak.

    “Your arm…”

    “I know someone who deals magi with prosthetics, it’ll be fine.”

    And a return to silence once more, till as the minutes stretch out, Yorkie is the one to break it.

    “I’m sorry.”

    “It’s oka-”

    “Please…” Yorkie interjected, the strong woman was practically pleading with Risa. Who, after a few seconds out thought nodded to let her continue. “I’m not the kind of girl that other girls go for… I’m selfish, I’m a bitch. I’m lazy, hell I’m still around at Clock Tower because it’s a convenient cover for my freelance work because who expects a burnt-out formerly gifted student to be the one to collect your kneecaps? I put my own interests and wants as a priority, anything beyond that is a little temporary effort before I go back to putting myself first.”

    She then lets out a sigh as she begins to avert her gaze before Risa extends a hand to Yorkie’s jaw and gently tug it back. “I think self-loathing won’t help us at all. As you probably know if you did your reading, I was a Cadmus Yggdmillenia. I was a favourite of Darnic but he favoured another. I tried to prove myself and become a Master but that privilege went to Celenike who Darnic made me her attendant. She got off on acts of sadism towards the homunculi and her own servant and I did nothing despite knowing what she did was wrong because I had a stupid crush and she was just nice enough to keep me in line and thankful. When the Yggdmillenia’s Saber died, I was there and was saved by her Rider and a Master of Red, Kiritsugu. I sold them all out, smashed Celenike’s head in with a brick and did nothing while a rogue Ruler killed Darnic. I could have saved him but I just stood there and watched, he died at my feet begging.”

    Yorkie’s jaw dropped. “That’s fucking hardcore.”

    “My point is that you’re not the only one who has a claim on being a slutty bitch.”

    Yorkie instead shook her head and pulled Risa in tight. “You’re neither of those things.” “That’s my point. I got better, and so can you. I’m better than the person I was yesterday and she was better than the person she was the day before.”

    The older woman nodded. “Yes. I don’t want to be that person anymore. I want to be better… I don’t want to hurt the people I like anymore. I don’t want to hurt you anymore.”

    Risa wrapped her arms around Yorkie and kissed her, slow, passionate and honestly a little sloppy. “Self improvement and all that shit, it’s hard work and not an adventure. If you’re willing to put in the effort, I’ll get better with you too.” She paused. “Are you crying?”

    “No, I'm not crying, what are you even on about?” Yorkie lied as tears began to well up.

    Risa chuckled as she wiped the tears from her second lover’s face. “I want you to stay and I like the company, I have two hands after all.”

    “Did you steal that line?”

    “Yeah.” Risa chipped in as she wrapped her arms and legs around the woman laying atop her. “And what you said about not being the kind of girl other girls go for did that mean I was the first woman you’ve slept with?” Risa’s smile was wicked and eyes glowing with a red vigour of the final villain.

    “Wha-?! N, no i’m just picky with a preference to me-”

    “How many?”

    “N-not a lot…”

    “Heh, well if we’re alive tomorrow I’m making breakfast, I hope you like excessive sugar and chocolate sauce. Right now, just hold me.”

    Eventually I come to, before raiding some vaguely familiar looking clothes from a wardrobe and taking up the jeweled blade I acquired from the Tohsaka’s.

    "Ok girls, lets go to work."


    End of Afternoon Phase

    The Game has Auto-Saved, if you reach a Bad or Dead End, you will automatically restart from this position.

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