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    Session 2 Summary

    So here's a little information on what happened during our last session, which stretched on for a good time so even a summary is going to be a little long. Hopefully Morm will provide a more complete dump on it:

    Quote Originally Posted by Igor
    "So you have all chosen your paths, then..."
    "Ah, I almost forgot. Now that the moment of tension has passed, allow me to introduce myself."
    "My name... Is Igor."
    "The place which you see before you is the Velvet Room, a place where the collective unconscious of humanity can be accessed. A place detached from space and time... A world beyond, so to speak."
    "Should we meet again, it is likely that your issues will be addressed by one of my subordinates.
    "Now then... It is time for me to fulfill my part of the deal."
    The party is surprised as they realize that the Velvet Room they were in had been some kind of gate all along, as with a snap of fingers Igor causes the doors behind him to open wide for the players to pass through.

    After hanging behind to give Igor their thanks for saving them from certain demise, the party ventures through to the gates that will take them to the waking world once more. However, the world that awaits them is not in the form that they expect...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucia?
    "On that day, the world changed.
    The reality which Man had built, where they continued to build marvels that drove them close to the realm of God, awakened that which should not ever be awoken.
    They reaped from the Fruit of Knowledge, and opened the gate to a world beyond their understanding.
    Yes... In their hubris, Man roused the beings that sleep between the stars in the sky, those that lurk beneath the shadows, and those that hail from the depths of the earth.
    A time of trials will soon fall upon the Children of Man, the same kind as those that took place milennia ago.
    Will they reject the coming tide once more, at the price of a terrible Catastrophe?

    Will they seek refuge in the Kingdom of Saints, and in the time of need reinvent themselves before the Lord?
    Or will mankind surpass what their creator expected of them, and bring about a world of their own make and rule?
    The world that these humans will create...

    ...I cannot wait to see it..."

    "As you woke up, the light of the sun greeted your eyes, morning having dawned on the world.
    However... The world before you... Was one that you didn't recognize."
    The party awakened to find that they were still in the hangout, but while things there remained much the same, the same didn't apply for the rest of the entire city. They quickly grew disoriented and panicked. One of them screamed about their family. Others remembered their missing companion Lucia Ferikawa, and immediately asked of her whereabouts.

    However, as they started to search for the hideout for clues of the missing girl's whereabouts, Tetsuo discovered something extremely surprising on one of the tables of the hideout:

    A letter.

    Letter Contents

    "I managed to escape. Somehow, I did it. That bastard... He turned them all to dust, right before my eyes... I couldn't do anything, I- Hikaru- (the writing becomes unintelligible for a moment)"
    "...This is the place where that monster appeared. I am leaving this here in hopes that someone may learn from what I have seen that night, and the two other nights I have spent amidst this nightmare."
    "...If you are reading this letter and aren't one of 'them', then you either already have what you need to survive... Or you have spent all this time running in fear or seeking shelter."
    "For those of you who are in the run, let me give you advice. The creatures which have invaded our city, just like the monster that killed my friends, are known as 'Demons'."
    "They are creatures taken straight from fantasy and myth, with powers as diverse as they are terrifying. More importantly, the weapons of mortals are mildly to completely ineffective against them."
    "If you wish to survive this world, even if for example you traveled to a police station and found survivors there, there is no guarantee they would be able to help you. Rid yourself of the common sense of your old life- It will not serve you here."
    "There are only two ways to deal with Demons. Hopefully, none of you are part of the first choice, if so this letter has fallen into the wrong hands and I will regret having written it."
    "Your first choice is to offer yourself to a Demon Lord. These are Demons that have become strong enough to forge a Domain for themselves. If you are lucky, the Demon will find value in your soul and allow you to keep your life and sanity at the cost of your free will... Giving you the power to survive by his side as an eternal slave."
    "If found wanting... Then you will likely just become a mindless thrall, no more than a repugnant creature to feast on other humans' Magnetite to be returned to your Lord, alongside your own."
    "Finding a Demon Lord should not be difficult... They love to announce their presence and mark their territories, and the fights between their followers are anything but subtle. Be wary of nearing those locations, however. These Demons are not called 'Lords' over nothing."
    "But I will speak no further on that account. Unless you are truly desperate, do not seek to join the ranks of Demons. Were I given the choice, I would sooner die."
    "As for the second choice... If you wish to survive in this world without surrendering your soul to a more powerful being, you have only choice."
    "Rise to their level, and conquer the dangers of this new world."
    "Become a Devil Summoner."
    "By becoming a Devil Summoner, you will obtain the ability to summon Demons that will fight by your side, striking down your foes in your name."
    "While it should normally be impossible to command a Demon without another Demon, there is a way to obtain a Demon who is neutral in the struggles between Lords without any power at your side."
    "In order to do this, you must possess one of the infamous COMPs, and download the 'Key of Solomon', also called 'Summoning App'."
    "But I am sure that you already knew that COMPs had something to do with the Demons, after all. There's no reason the Demons would covet the devices so much, right?"
    "If this is old news to you, you might be disheartened. After all, COMPs are vanishingly rare and the chance of finding one in this city without being killed would be difficult."
    "However, it is for that reason that I have written this letter. To you who has been running away and hiding from the terrors of the night... I have come to bring you the Light you seek."
    "Outside of this building, by the streets, my car should still be there. I have placed several sealing wards on it, ensuring that Demons will be wary of accessing it and will be scathed should they try to force the doors open."
    "They were a gift meant for my friends, but... If these COMPs can save just another human being, then that is enough for me."
    "As for how to get rid of the wards, this is what you have to do..."
    (The Letter follows with step by step instructions that range from things mundane to outright latin chanting.)
    "In the rare chance that we meet in this city, I shall tell you my name. I am Lucia Ferikawa, Devil Summoner. And I will not rest until I have seen the murderer of my friends crushed before me."
    "Good luck in your travels, fellow Survivor... Let us show these Demons what we humans can do."

    Needless to say, the party was shocked by the contents within. The notion that the world could have been taken over by Demons seemed laughable... But after their encounter with Chernobog, they could no longer deny that their friend's words were the truth.

    The knowledge that Lucia had decided to leave these COMPs, which as far as they knew were priceless in value, in hopes that they would reach someone who needed them moved the party, but the instinct of survival moved them before that.

    The party rushed towards the place where Lucia's minivan had been parked, and they sighed in relief upon finding it intact- The wards had done their job. Tommy worked to open the wards which Lucia had planted, and fortunately succeeded without much trouble.

    Within the van, they found them- Seven different COMPs, each painted a different color, likely one for each of Lucia's friends.

    With almost excited haste, the party proceeded to each take one COMP for themselves.

    Hikaru Kuzunoha jumped first at the chance to get the Red COMP.
    Tommy Takeshi settled for the depressing Black COMP.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto, in contrast, took the White COMP.
    Hana Shiratori timidly grabbed the Blue COMP.
    Julia Takeshi took her Gold COMP without much of a fuss.
    Hane Kanzaki frowned in annoyance as she grabbed the Pink COMP.
    Finally, Kazuma Ryumori acquired the Green COMP.

    (SMT Super Sentai assemble!)

    Upon booting up the COMP, they were greeted by Lucia's questionable taste in humor as the COMPs contained the silhouettes of small-looking demons as their background, no doubt trying to inspire some kind of misguided cuteness.

    It did not take them long to find the 'Key of Solomon' spoken of on the letter- The big blue Star of David was the only cue they needed to realize the location of the app.

    However, upon starting the app, the party was surprised by the COMPs suddenly coming alive together in a phenomenon that they most definitely had not expected:






    "Hiiiiii there everyone!"

    A holographic figure manifested itself before the party, introducing herself as the beautiful and marvellous Tico, first thanking the party for choosing her and then exclaiming how wonderful their time together would be.

    Calling herself the party's Navigator, she informed them all they needed to know about the Summoning App, but gave them sad news- They wouldn't be able to summon a demon automatically using the App, because their bodies had already awakened to power by forging a contract with a Lord-like existence.

    It was at that same point that Tico explained how the party differed from true Devil Summoners. A Devil Summoner was one who formed a symbiotic relation with the first Demon they summoned. The Demon, which automatically obtained the title of 'Lord', could feed directly on the user's Magnetite through an enhanced link that empowered them greatly, and the Summoner obtained a (mostly) loyal follower who would protect them from the other predators in the world, as well as awaken powers similar to their own in their Summoner.

    However, without any 'Lord' to call their own, the party had no choice but use their own minds and newfound abilities to obtain Demonic servants of their own. These lesser Servants, who obtained power from their Summoners and offered only their servitude in return, were known as 'Vassals'. To obtain a 'Vassal', they would have to convince Demons on the wilderness of the city to heel before them and swear loyalty, either by persuasion or by force.

    They did not have Lords, for the one who had pacted with them had left them to govern themselves. They were Lords in their own right, commanding the power of their souls to fight against the Demons and establish the domination of Man over the creatures of the night. Yes...

    They were...


    With that announcement, Tico vanished before the party, but not before telling them that new features would be added to the summoning app after they performed a successful pact with a Demon and strengthened said Vassal. She told them to summon her once more once they acquired a Demon willing to join them.

    Thanks to Tico's explanation, the party found a new objective- Find Demons to claim as their own, and recruit as allies in order to survive the world.

    It would not take them very long to find exactly what they wanted.

    "H-hi there, humans! You wouldn't mind helping me out, would you?"


    Barely an hour into their journey, the party was faced with their first battle.

    Awakening to their powers, the party used the abilities Igor gave them for the first time to destroy the demons in the way, though they were also surprised and terrified by the abilities that the monsters brought to bear.

    After the battle, Tiana approached the party with stars in her eyes and expressed her desire to join the party as one of the group member's Vassal. She looked at the whole party, and ended up settling for Hane, whose smell she found the most delicious.

    After forming a pact with Tiana, the party questioned her about Lucia Ferikawa and other humans, and while the former inquiry ended as a bust the latter revealed promising information, revealing that the Pixie of the Fairy clan had indeed spotted humans before she was attacked by the Kobolds.

    The party went off to search for the survivors, but while they would achieve their objective, their reunion would bring anything but relief to them...

    (And I'll cut it off here since Morm has all the important info)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, here's the other Session 2 characters that showed up and FCs for them:

    The cutest Navigator


    Obligatory Tutorial Pixie

    Tiana, Pixie of the Fairy Clan

    The Detective

    Detective Kurosawa:


    Nemeria, Nekomata of the Beast Clan

    Arthur-san is my waifu
    [20:57] frantic: I can't even remember what opinions I actually hold about the thing compared to shit I made up to piss people off
    [17:13] Airen: Its not an airen character unless gay

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    Here we are, the RP Logs for March 31st.

    XI: New Friends

    Detective Kurosawa: You guys getting bored over there?
    We're almost there, station's only a few minutes away from here.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Are we there yet."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Just a whole lotta walkin, not much goin' on right now. Can't say it's worth complaining about though, I guess."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh, thank you so much! I've been resisting the urge to say the words 'are we there yet,' for ten minutes!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Such impatience from the youth these days."
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy's been fiddling with his COMP the whole time.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Like you're any better. Tetsuo."
    Erl K. (GM): The trip to the station had been full of conversation from both the Detective and your group, as the Detective had spoken of his purpose for lingering in the area while you had revealed to him the strange nature of your powers.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo, despite his laid-back appearance, is drumming his fingers on his leg rapidly.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Yo. Tico." he whispers. "Got any secret functions? Y'know, the stuff you don't show to little kids?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "HEY, TOMMY, WHATCHA DOIN!"
    Erl K. (GM): You could see that while there was sadness in his gaze at the death of the officers, he was also anxious to get to his base.

    Tommy Takeshi: "NOTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "WHY ARE WE SHOUTING?!"
    Tico: "Hmm... That's a secret~!"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You know if you want to look at porn by yourself you can just say it."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tommy's trying to foist porn."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Did Tico just say something?"
    Tico: "Why don't you, like, get stronger before asking again? I'm sure it'll be awesome when you do!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "I'm not an idiot! Everyone's knows all the porn's on the internet, and the internet's gone!"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "She said she's the cutest."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Oh come on... I just wanna get some music onto this thing before my phone runs out of batteries."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "So, you imply that she is the porn…"
    Tico: "Actually, like, you should be getting a chance to do that really soon!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, she'd be the foremost authority on 'erself, wouldn't she? So she'd know."
    Tico: "Now."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "WHAT!!!!"
    Erl K. (GM): At that moment
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Don't shout in my ear before I sock you."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (this is the dude hour)
    Erl K. (GM): The sound of an explosion echoes through the ears of the group, coming from a nearby street.

    Detective Kurosawa curses
    Detective Kurosawa: Let's go!
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Was gettin' a bit bored!"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Time to probably hurt things ~."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "On it!" Kazuma lets his whimsical mask drop.
    On to business.
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy frowns at his COMP. "This ain't over," he promises. "One day you'll be screaming Metallica lyrics."
    Julia Takeshi: "Welp."
    Tommy Takeshi: Then he shoves it in his pocket and replaces it with a gun.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Who…? Who are they?"
    "And what are those?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Looks like we got someone in trouble."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Imaginary people."
    Tommy Takeshi: "C'mon, Kaz, be less cliche."
    Julia Takeshi: "O-oni??" Julia harkens from a traditional family and quickly recognized the mythological imagery.
    Setanta: Fear not, young miss! I shall break through these dire foes in no time at all!
    Tommy Takeshi: "They're demons, and these guys are waiting to be saved."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Need some backup?!"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Dunno sounds like chibi wants to solo this."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "If you say so."
    Alice: Hmhmhm~ These misters look fun! Hey, Big Sis! Let's play tag with them!
    Tommy Takeshi: "Wait, these Oni guys look kinda badass."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You want to contract with one?"
    Personally, their mouths are a bit too freaky for me.
    Tommy Takeshi: "I mean, never hurts to at least hit 'em up."
    Centaur: -!?
    What is this!?
    Tommy Takeshi: "Seem like the sorta dudes that can apprecaite some good tunes.
    Centaur: Human intruders, in Lord Bifrons' lands!?
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hey, it's some two-headed-horse-guys."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I dunno."
    Centaur: Fools! What are you doing!? Do you notice the humans at your flank!?
    The Centaurs shout at the group of Oni.
    Tommy Takeshi: "YO!" Tommy waves.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Pay no attention to the human beings behind the curtain."
    Julia Takeshi: "Oh hey, more fodder."
    Oni: "Ah!?" Some of the Oni turn away from the Demon being surrounded to look at the party.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I don't think they do. I don't they're the type to appreciate help, either, horse-guys!"
    "Hey, redface! you like fire?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "You guys work for Bifrons!?"
    Oni: "Hah! Did ya bring these humies as yer help, Setanta!? Didn't know ye became such a pussy!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma prepares to cast Agi.
    Nadja: The Nadjas giggle.
    "You've really let yourself go this time, Hero!"
    Setanta: "Blasted followers of the Fallen Lord-! If I had only a fragment of my full power, my dark power would destroy you all!"
    Setanta speaks proudly, but to an astute observer, they could see that his knees were shaking somewhat.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Oh boy, he's one of 'those' types."
    Tiana: "Ohhhh! I know that guy!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Eh?"
    "What, he some kinda oversized fairy?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Setanta sounds a little familiar."

    Tiana: "He's Setanta, of the Fairy Clan! The young reincarnation of the legendary Cu Chulainn!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Oh, right, that guy."
    Tiana: "But... He looks kinda weak. What's with that..." Tiana snorts. "He looks so shabby!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Oh, yeah, of course, Cu Chulainn, that guy. Right."
    Tommy has no idea who that is.

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "He might have some Incan gold on him."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "So are you going to commense with the breaking?"
    Oni: "Anyways, doesn't matter if it's one humie or ten! As long as we have Lord Bifrons' power, yer all going down!"
    "We'z having humans for dinner tonight!"
    The Onis cheer.
    "And why not start with this lil' girl over here...?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Honestly, I'm a little offended that all of these demons are just interested in my body."
    Alice: Alice looks up at the Oni innocently.
    "Do you want to play a game, mister?"
    Julia Takeshi: "The perils of being a male sexual object, huh Tets?"
    Oni: The Oni laughs.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Bet the game is betting on how long he lasts."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's agonizing."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Uh, shouldn't we be... saving her?"
    Julia Takeshi: "I bet fifty on the little girl"
    Oni: Sneering wider than a human can, the monster raises its glaive in preparation for an attack.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Gettin' a weird vibe from her..."
    "But you're not wrong."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah, no, this ain't happening."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well just pull out that pokedex and check."
    Oni: "Sure we can, missus. Here's my favorite game... I call it BLOODBOWL!"
    Julia Takeshi: "Yeah we gotta move now."
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy draws the gun from its holster and aims.
    Julia Takeshi: Julia does the same as her brother
    Oni attacked Alice with his glaive!
    Damage (Phys) 40
    Tommy Takeshi: Just remember how to shoot. You've done this before. Go for center mass, just like dad said-!
    Too late!
    (if this wasnt cutscene mode i'd have just shot first...)
    Alice: "Ow-!" Alice cried out, taking the Oni's attack head-on. The party watches in horror as the cleaver cuts through the girl, splitting her in two halves...
    ...Or rather, that's what should have happened...
    "Hehehehehehehehehehe." (bold)
    Julia Takeshi: "Oh fu-"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well that's a laugh isn't it, chibi's seem to not be made of paper."
    Alice: Before the party's eyes, the open wound that carves through Alice's body mends almost as fast as the Oni swings, leaving only blood on the floor and an immaculate girl standing over the Oni's weapon.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Bad vibes, man!"

    Alice smiles.
    Alice: "That was a cool move, Mister~"
    "It's my turn now, right?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That ain't no girl."
    Alice: A dark aura emerges from the girl.
    Oni: The Oni takes a step back. "Wai-"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (I wonder if I could knock her out if I put everything into it...)
    Julia Takeshi: "I hope it's not a giant super mecha."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Nah is just a trap."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That darkness...."
    It was like the one that had killed his friends.
    Alice used Die For Me!
    Death comes...
    Julia Takeshi: (death is lewd)
    "RIP deathflag Oni. We'll always remember him in our hearts." Julia says solemnly
    (aand I gotta dinner. Blob, wanna control Julia while I'm gone?)
    Alice: In an instant, an infinite darkness like that of the void and emerges the Oni, leaving only his screams as the infinite darkness swallows everything and leaves only empty air on the world.

    Adaleiz Kimura just watches dispassionately.
    Julia Takeshi: (as in, her attacks)
    (or erl can do it either way gotta bounce)
    Tommy Takeshi: (uh)
    (erl should do it)
    Alice: "That was fun! ...But I don't think any of the misters want to play anymore with me... Guess I'll leave it to you, Big Sis!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo's grip tightens on his bat.
    Detective Kurosawa: "What the hell is that girl..." The detective mutters with a pale face.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Gone, just like that."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "That's if you haven't already taught them a lesson"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Just like one of those awful cartoons..."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So are we still going to help?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: She was a monster, of course. A cute face over something out of a nightmare.
    Tiana: "Th-that girl, she can't be..."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Try not to wander too far"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Course we're gonna help, scary or not, changes nothing."
    "We're the heroes, after all."
    Setanta: Setanta notices that the party has decided to fight.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well then let's roll out."

    Adaleiz Kimura pets Alice's head.
    Setanta: "Well met, heroes! A stellar time for you to appear!"

    Hikaru Kuzunoha starts striding towards the enemies

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto gives a cheesy thumbs-up.
    Setanta: "Let us dispatch these villains with great haste! Aid me in this knightly task, and I shall owe you a debt!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "...I guess it's power metal, if you stretch it."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I shall accept to doing everything you say!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sounds swell, little dude!"
    Erl K. (GM): Bifrons' forces move in to intercept you.
    It's a fight!

    Erl K. (GM): remember you guys have to move your tokens
    Kurosawa are moving to reinforce Setanta and the others
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: say when your done
    Erl K. (GM): ok
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well some meatheads and some others so since those Oni look like bitches I'll start with you."
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy's glad for the gun, because it gives him a reason to stay in the back line.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha:
    Hikaru Kuzunoha released a volley of sharp energy needles at Nadja!
    Crit(DC90) 97
    Damage (Gun) 73
    Crit Damage 108
    HP Cost 14
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (pfff)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (go go me)
    Oni: "Not so fast!"
    Standing in the line of fire, Oni intercepted the blow!
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Tch."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (n e w t e c h)
    Erl K. (GM):
    Julia Takeshi devastated an area with shockwaves of unstoppable energy!
    Crit(DC90) 13
    Damage (Almighty) 87
    Crit Damage 144
    HP Cost 38
    Draconic: Okay, back
    Erl K. (GM): Julia's body moved, then released a devastatitng discharge of physical energy that damaged the enemies!
    (Dia so useless for enemies)
    (gonna have to rethink this turn order)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Alright, Ponyboy, let's dance!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Centaur!
    Hit (DC50) 48
    Crit(DC25) 99
    Damage (Phys) 74
    Crit Damage 99
    Erl K. (GM): (ow)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (fuck my life)
    Erl K. (GM): (forgot to buff)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (literally fuck everything)
    Tommy Takeshi shot Centaur with a 9mm handgun!
    Damage (Gun) 79
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "MAYBE YOU SHOULD SUCK MY COCK!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Why can we see the centaur's HP bars?)
    Erl K. (GM): (maybe cuz I didnt look at permissions right)
    Tommy Takeshi: "KEEP IT PG"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "WHATEVER CHOIR BOY."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "You're going to to attract more of them with all that yelling."
    Erl K. (GM):
    Hane Kanzaki used Bufu! Oni was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
    Freeze (DC80) 75
    Damage (Ice) 75
    Kazuma Ryumori: "This is how it all ends. Two Banchos arguing like a pair of old ladies."
    Tommy Takeshi: "GOOD! WE'VE GOT PLENTY OF AMMO!"
    Erl K. (GM): 112.5
    Tiana used Zan! Oni was blasted by a whirlwind!
    Damage (Wind) 48
    (yep definitely need some HP buffs)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Please stop yelling. You're making my ears ring."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "WHAT DID YOU SAY SPEAK UP."
    Erl K. (GM): ur turn drac
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Hi there, red dude."
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy may have just deafened himself.
    Just a little.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I'll give you one chance to back down, and I'll let you go. Otherwise, you go the same way as your friends there."
    Erl K. (GM):
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 19
    (before I forget, auto regen)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Since when were we taking surrenders."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz, they're with Bifrons! No mercy!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Fine."
    Kazuma Ryumori used Agi! Oni was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
    Burn (DC75) 60
    Damage (Fire) 45
    Erl K. (GM): 22.5

    Oni: The Oni laughs.
    Erl K. (GM):
    Hana Shiratori used Halley! A small heavenly fragment strikes Oni, burning away their defenses!
    Damage (Almighty) 82
    Enemy Def -1
    Janx ur turn
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Hoo our cute little Hana learned a cool trick."
    Adaleiz Kimura: Adaleiz Kimura used Mudo! The power of darkness swallows Oni...
    Death (DC75)
    rolling 1d100
    = 36
    Adaleiz Kimura: "...."
    Setanta: "Vile scum! Your time is up-"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Nice. Hey, dude, you're looking a little pale. Your head's gone all pink. You want a glass of water or something?" Kazuma jeers.
    Setanta cleaved Oni with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 61
    Damage (Phys) 73
    Crit Damage 121
    HP Cost 16
    "And mine is now!" [john cena here]
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (you can't see him)
    Erl K. (GM): 36.5
    Kazuma Ryumori: (I was talking to the one)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (resistance strong)
    Oni: "That all you got, Setanta!?"
    Setanta: Setanta visibly flinches.
    Detective Kurosawa: "How about you worry about yourself first?"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "When in doubt chibi hit it more."
    Detective Kurosawa:
    Detective Kurosawa used Zio! Oni was shocked by falling lightning!
    Shock (DC80) 41
    Damage (Elec) 74
    Nemeria scratched at random foes multiple times!
    Hits 4
    Crit(DC90) 31
    Damage (Phys) 56
    Crit Damage 71
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh, I guess you probably can't hear me anymore."
    Nadja: "Sh-shit! These humans are way too strong!"
    The Nadjas look at each other.
    "Smell ya later nerds!"
    The enemy escaped!
    Centaur: "Wait! Come back here, harlots!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Why you little-!"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Tch little shits."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Who the heck were you guys, even?!"
    Erl K. (GM): The two Centaurs grimly stay and fight.
    Centaur decreased every foe's defense!
    Defense Down 1
    Tommy Takeshi: But secretly, he's relieved. Shooting something that looked human would've been... difficult.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Gotta admire them for their balls, at least."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "We can make their deaths quick in honor."
    Centaur used Bufu! Kazuma Ryumori was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
    Freeze (DC80) 76
    Damage (Ice) 44
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Dammit!"

    Tommy Takeshi: "Are you guys insane!?"
    He can't help but yell.
    Tommy Takeshi: "There's only two of you!"
    "Your friends got wiped out instantly!"
    Centaur: "We give our lives for Lord Bifrons!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "So why are you... still... here!?"
    Erl K. (GM): (PC turn again)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You would rather die, than run and live? Why?!"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Ssssh tommy appreciate the fact that the idiots are willing to throw their lives away. It makes our jobs easier later."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha cleaved Centaur with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 51
    Damage (Phys) 77
    Crit Damage 117
    HP Cost 14
    Erl K. (GM):
    Julia Takeshi devastated an area with shockwaves of unstoppable energy!
    Crit(DC90) 96
    Damage (Almighty) 82
    Crit Damage 123
    HP Cost 38
    Julia Takeshi: (back)
    (wow I missed the hwole battle)
    Erl K. (GM): U just
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Pfff someone sure wants to show off huh."
    Erl K. (GM): meme'd 2 enemies
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (and Tetsuo's self-esteem died a little more that day)
    Tommy Takeshi: "..."
    Julia Takeshi: "Meh, not a big deal" Julia dusts her jacket off.
    Tommy Takeshi: This wasn't nearly as satisfying as fighting Legion.
    Erl K. (GM): Victory!
    The party obtains 100 EXP!
    Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma walks up to one of the dying centaurs. "You know, we did away with Legion, your equestrian demoninesses. We could have protected you if you just switched sides."
    Erl K. (GM): The party obtains 500 Macca!
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Shut up, Kazuma."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Hell no."
    Tommy Takeshi: (they're dust, drac)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Not interested in protecting a bunch of trash like that."
    Alice: "Hehehehehehe! That was fun, Misters!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Uh oh)
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy casts his eyes on the three they rescued.
    Alice: "You're amazing! You all look so fun!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Ayy, you alright, kid?"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "That's because we're the best."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That's not a kid, Tommy."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Oh, right."
    Alice: Alice smiles wordlessly at the punk-styled man.
    Tiana: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "How astute."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "....Only just remembered."
    Tommy Takeshi: "But..." he frowns.
    "You're a demon?"
    "But you don't look scary at all."
    Alice: Alice curtsied.
    "Hehehehe! Thank you, mister. Alice is really happy you feel that way!"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Tiana doesn't look scary and she's a demon, seems rather obvious that they come in all shapes and sizes."
    Julia Takeshi: "Uh... hi?"
    Draconic: "Uh, by fun… you mean in the fun but you don't plan on killing us, right?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "I keep forgetting..."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Oh, right, what about you two?"
    He glances over at the others.
    Julia Takeshi: "Oh shut up Kazuma." Don't provoke the crazy demon girl, damnit.
    Alice: "Kill you?" Alice's smile widens. "Killing does sound fun! Would you like to die, mister?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Maybe later."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I'd rather not."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Only if you'll die for me first."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Back off, miss."
    Tommy Takeshi: He walks up to the little boy, grinning.
    Detective Kurosawa: "Only bad girls kill people."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Its a personal policy you know."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Not bad, shrimp. Maybe when you grow up you'll be some kinda badass."
    Alice: Alice puffs her cheeks.
    "Alice is not a bad girl!"
    "Right, Big Sis?"
    Alice turns towards her Summoner.
    Julia Takeshi: "Alright people, all of you calm down." Julia moves towards Alice and kneels besides her. "Hey Alice, name's Julia, how are you?" She smiles kindly at the girl demon and isn't scared at all nope.
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Alice is a good girl. You've made big sis proud today."
    Alice: "Hehehehehehe!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I mean, she's really scary, but I'm pretty sure you're on our side, right, Alice?."
    Nemeria: "How can she speak with one of the Fiends so recklessly... Is that woman human at all?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "She's on her summoner's side."
    Alice: "Umm... Your side? What do you mean, mister?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "We aren't really sure, Miss Nemeria."
    Alice: "Are you playing with someone?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: Julia is Julia."

    Adaleiz Kimura pats Alice's head.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Oh come on, cat lady. She may be a demon, but a little girl's a girl no matter where you go."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "That's her scientific classification."

    Alice blushes.
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy can't imagine being scared of someone so dainty.
    Julia Takeshi: "uuuu I got ignored." Julia just sulks on the side.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tch."

    Alice too absorbed in headpats to notice.
    Tommy Takeshi: (this is a clusterfuck of a convo lol)
    Erl K. (GM): yeah ok

    Hikaru Kuzunoha pats julia on the head
    Erl K. (GM): follow my lead people
    And dont just go off tangent
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (whatever)
    Erl K. (GM): Keep it cool
    Kazuma Ryumori: (okay)

    Julia Takeshi: Yeah we were kinda stepping on each other here, anyway lets just
    move on
    Detective Kurosawa: "Anyways... Is this... Fiend, your Demon, Miss?"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "She's my little sister."
    Alice: "Yep!"
    "Me and Big Sis will be together forever!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Like, your actual sister?"

    Alice looks angry by Kazuma's comment.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm sorry."
    Alice: "Of course I'm her real sister! You poop-head!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I take things literally sometimes."
    Julia Takeshi: "... Kazuma, just stay silent over there okay."
    Tiana: "Hahahahaha! She said poop-head!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, I'm glad they're getting along."
    Julia Takeshi: "Uhm, anyway, Mr... Setanta was it?" Julia finally approached the other demon.
    Tiana: "I... I'm Tiana, my lady! I like you!"
    As Tiana chats with Alice, Setanta turns towards Julia and kneels.
    Setanta: "Fair lady! You were most valiant when you vanquished the villain Bifrons' goons!"

    Setanta kneels down to kiss Julia's hand.
    Adaleiz Kimura: "So unfaithful..."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Bad luck against those Oni, brother, good hustle, though."
    Alice: "What's unfaithful, Sis?"

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto gives a thumbs-up.
    Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma looked on appraisingly. This Setanta fellow seemed to be a very formal individual.
    Julia Takeshi: "..." Julia has literally no idea of how to respond to being treated so gentlemanly. "I-I was just helping a little bit." She scratches her head a bit confused.
    Setanta: "Thank you, good brother!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "WHOA NOW"
    Setanta: The Fairy Knight smiled at Tetsuo.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Alright kiddo that's cute but back off for a bit."
    Setanta: "Aha! My apologies!"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "He seems eager to impress everyone..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "It means that he's being disloyal, Alice, but your big sis is joking, I'd say."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Kazuma cool your tits, arright?"
    Setanta: "I did not know you were courting this lady, human."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "He said it, not me."
    Setanta: "If I have infringed upon your customs, I apologize."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Why does everyone pick on me…?"

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto holds up his hands, stone-faced.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Tets, have you been making moves behind my back?"
    Julia Takeshi: "Pffft" Julia starts laughing immediately at the misunderstanding. "Ah, don't worry, Tommy is just my big brother."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Why? Jealous, future brother-in-law?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "...wait, no, that makes no sense. Tetsuo doesn't care about being subtle."
    Setanta: "But I must say, I am impressed with how quickly you dispatched those foes!"

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto flutters his eyelashes.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Thank you. You weren't a slouch yourself."
    Setanta: Setanta approaches the party with an eager smile, his eyes sparkling over his scarf.
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy flips him the bird and turns back to the kid, who he's eyeing with a critical gaze now.
    Setanta: "Humans..."
    Setanta suddenly yells.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Don't be mean, Takeshi."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ah?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Uh…"
    Tommy Takeshi: "I ain't done nothing - eh?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, sure, okay."
    Alice: "Hey! Don't shout, mister!"
    Setanta: "A-Ah, forgive me for that."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Take your pick of the lot."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Uh, kid, I like your guts, but..."
    Julia Takeshi: "Eh...?" Julia is surprised for a moment. "Well, if you want to, I don't see why not."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "'Cept pinkie at the back. She's spoken for."
    Tommy Takeshi: "You're a bit young to be fighting, aren't ya?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I think he's more capable than you are."
    Setanta: "But I cannot help but wish to join your party! Such a strong group will surely let me achieve my true form in no time!"
    "Ah, I see that my form causes you doubt!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "And what would that be?"
    Setanta: "However, make no mistake! I bear the blood of heroes in me!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "True form, so you wanna get stronger so you can become like a true man or something?"
    "True demon, I guess."
    Tommy Takeshi: "That's pretty power metal."
    Julia Takeshi: "True Deman?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "He's de man."
    Setanta: "One day, I shall be reborn as the one and only Cu Chulainn, wielder of the all-powerful Gae Bolg!"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "...."
    Julia Takeshi: "Haha yeah, that sounds pretty metal, Setanta."
    Kazuma Ryumori: …
    Tommy Takeshi: "W-wait." He chuckles. "Gay Bolg? Really?"
    Julia Takeshi: "Yeah I got no issues with you joining in. You can pick whichever master you like." She elbows Tommy.
    Vri: screaming into the void this is the sound of my dying soul
    Tommy Takeshi: "Ow-!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You would notice that, Tommy."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You don't know what that is? Tommy, that's the Heart-Seeker."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "He's still seeking because he misses all the time."

    Hikaru Kuzunoha ba dum tishs
    Kazuma Ryumori: "It's a spear that unfailingly kills its target."

    Setanta squints his eyes at the party.
    Tommy Takeshi: "We can't all be walking encyclopedias..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I just like mythology."
    Erl K. (GM): rolling 1d4
    = 1
    Julia Takeshi: "Or otakus." Julia says shamelessly
    Setanta: "I choose you, Fair Lady!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Looks like you made a friend, Julia."
    Setanta: "You are no doubt the strongest one amongst this group!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Try not to give your brother-in-law an ulcer."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You got that right."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Kids blind I see."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Wait! I mean, yeah, that's true, but wait!"
    He points.

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto guffaws
    Tommy Takeshi: "No making any moves!"
    Setanta: "Hmm... But how shall I fight if I can make no moves?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "He's right you know."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "With your mind duh."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Can't be a man unless he makes the moves."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Uh..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Her brother's just worried you'll make her fall in love with you. He's very insecure."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "So sis, ready to go?"

    Alice giggles.
    Julia Takeshi: "Hahaha. Very well, Setanta!" Julia bursts out laughing, but for some reason, her laughter sounds quite heroic. "I accept! I shall show you the path to become a true man!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz I swear to god if you don't shut up-!"
    "Wait, noooooooooo!"
    Alice: "But... I want to stay with these people, Sis!"

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto sighs.
    Alice: "They're fun!"
    Julia Takeshi: One can almost see the aura of macho martial artists appearing behind her.

    Adaleiz Kimura sighs.
    Julia Takeshi: Her manly aura is overwhelming.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Aw, crap."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (almost)
    Setanta: "Master!" Setanta's eyes glitter.
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Maybe for a short while..."
    Tommy Takeshi: He's repelled by the aura of manliness.
    Erl K. (GM): For some reason, Julia suddenly feels a chill crawl up her back, along the sound of something distant snapping.
    Erl K. (GM): ???: -That no good pupil of mine, calling another his Master! That dog...
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (pfff cat fight)
    Julia Takeshi: (uh oh)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I smell some grape jelly)
    Erl K. (GM): (this is not hearable by the party btw)
    (its meta)
    Tommy Takeshi: (that means you drac)
    (no talky)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Have I said anything?)
    Julia Takeshi: "Hmm? Must have been a sudden cold breeze..." Julia shrugs
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (no bully blobbo)
    Erl K. (GM): Setanta has struck a pact with Julia Takashi.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (duh)
    Erl K. (GM): Setanta joins the party!
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Welcome aboard."
    Erl K. (GM): Alice is stalking the party! Adaleiz tags along!
    Kazuma Ryumori: (that's encouraging…)
    Julia Takeshi: "I have finally acquired my demon!" Julia smiles victoriously... then she goes over what she said... and suddenly falls on the floor, sulking.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, that was a nice detour, let's keep moving."
    Julia Takeshi: "I-I am not that manly..."

    Adaleiz Kimura pat's Julia's head.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So manly your a trap mhm."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You're not manly at all. You're just tougher than any of the buys here."

    Hikaru Kuzunoha makes faces at julia
    Kazuma Ryumori: "That includes me."
    Julia Takeshi: Julia flips Hikaru the bird
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Regretably…"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Love you tooo ~."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "If you need some tips on being manly, I might know a thing or two."
    Tommy Takeshi: On the other side of the party, Tommy is sulking identically to Julia.
    "She's not that manly..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "As long as I don't have to flirt with everyone, I'll take you up on that."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: magic
    Erl K. (GM): 30 min break guys
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: rip
    Erl K. (GM): gotta make dinner and shuffle the scene
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: see ya later

    Vri rolls around
    Tommy Takeshi: (we can use the chance to get janx intro out of the way)
    Erl K. (GM): Yeah
    Kazuma Ryumori: "So, how did you meet your big sister, Alice?"
    Julia Takeshi: (yeah sounds like a good idea)
    Erl K. (GM): Talk freely
    Julia Takeshi: (we prolly shouldnt involve NPCs since Erl's afking)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Oh, right.)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Willing to bet she found a COMP and things happened from there."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "My uncle got me one as a gift."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Don't think we got your name."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "And Alice was the demon who came to you?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Your uncle someone important, Miss...
    Adaleiz Kimura: "I suppose so."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Neat."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "As for my is Adaleiz Kimura"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Hikaru."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Wow. You from outta country too? I'm Tommy Takeshi."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tetsuo."
    Hane Kanzaki: "Hane."
    Raci I.: "Julia."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "An' he's Kazuma."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "My full name is Butt Monkey, apparently…" Kazuma said, deadpan.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (nailed it)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Glad to see you've accepted it!>"
    "That's Hana by the way
    Erl K. (GM): (You know acknowledging that you get called a butt monkey, something which IIRC only happens OOC)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I will END YOU Hikaru… One day."
    Erl K. (GM): (only makes it worse right drac)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Come at me I'll break you like a twig."

    Adaleiz Kimura adjusts glasses.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Don't mess with him, he's like Ivan Drago if he was a pathetic loser with no life."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "And people wonder why things got like this..."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You mean the greatest person with no life."
    Kazuma Ryumori: (meh… I've come to accept it. Besides, eventually they'll learn to appreciate me.)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You can be anything you want, you NEET loser."

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto noogies him.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Fine, you could break me like a twig, Hikaru. I agree."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Sure I'll be the guy who hands your ass to you."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "But I can turn you into toast."

    Hikaru Kuzunoha starts grappling with Tets
    Erl K. (GM): ok
    what do you guys think about this
    every 4 PC actions
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Oh no, Hikaru-kun, yamete~"
    Erl K. (GM): the enemies take a turn

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto swoons
    Erl K. (GM): could make battles more fun
    Draconic: Sounds fair.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (sounds ok)
    Raci I.: We would need to give it a try
    to see how it works out
    Tommy Takeshi: (seems a bit arbitrary and gives enemies more turns than us)
    Kazuma Ryumori: Blob's got a point.
    Erl K. (GM): only when theres a big difference in number
    Vri: we can try that and if not lower the counter
    Tommy Takeshi: (i'd go for a mixed turn system where agi decides move order)
    Erl K. (GM): or its, like, a bsos
    Tommy Takeshi: (like DnD but no initiative)
    Erl K. (GM): yeah I guess that could also work
    Julia Takeshi: (tbf I agree with bloble, should be mixed agi system)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i would also not object for obvious reasons)
    Julia Takeshi: (I guess a single boss could have multiple actions, thats def a thing in SMT)
    Tommy Takeshi: (for both enemies and allies obv)
    Draconic: Bloble's thought this out pretty well, I'd say.
    Erl K. (GM): I just have been
    Tommy Takeshi: (and multi-action bosses can obviously be a thing)
    (also this allows for ambushes and the like)
    Erl K. (GM): (oh you can add turn multiple times)
    Erl K. (GM): (guess I know how to roll bosses then)
    Adaleiz Kimura: "So I guess I should ask...where am I being dragged to?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Police Station."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah, don't worry. Shady dude over there is a cop."
    "He's dependable."
    Erl K. (GM): wait
    I got it

    Adaleiz Kimura shrugs.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's a place to hold up for the night."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "First the police station and then demon castle until finally the wooooooorld."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hikaru we agreed not to talk about that until things are in place."
    Erl K. (GM): rolling 7
    = 7
    Adaleiz Kimura: "It's good to know the amount of insanity in the world has not changed"
    Julia Takeshi: Julia puts an arm around Adaleiz. "We're taking over the world." She deadpans.
    Erl K. (GM): rolling 6
    = 6
    rolling 6
    = 6
    rolling 7
    = 7
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Isn't it?" He agreed, "Nice sense of consistency."
    Tommy Takeshi: (erl what are you trying to do)
    Erl K. (GM): rolling 10
    = 10

    Adaleiz Kimura is a bit surprised by the gesture.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (mad sorcery)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "It's also a place for Tiana to continue getting in touch with her aggressive obsession with Hane's chest."
    Erl K. (GM): rolling 10
    = 10
    rolling 8
    = 8
    check turn order
    Tommy Takeshi: Fist, meet the top of Kazuma Ryumori's skull.
    Erl K. (GM): adding people's to the turn
    people's ag*

    Kazuma Ryumori ducks.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Learning."
    Erl K. (GM): rolling 7
    = 7
    rolling 5
    = 5
    Kazuma Ryumori: (so, Tetsuo is the fastest one here?)
    Erl K. (GM): hold on
    gonna install a script
    and see if it works
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (vroom vroom)
    Adaleiz Kimura: "So, you all have your own...."

    Adaleiz Kimura gestures in Alice's direction.
    Hane Kanzaki: "...Not all of us."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No."
    "We're blue collar summoners, so we have to go out and find demons."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Truly the Alexanders of our time..."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "We're pokemon trainers in short."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo glances around.
    "Not sure I like the new version."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm holding out until we find an agreeable dragon. Not for real though."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Pokemon dooooooooooom."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I'll take the demon who decides he or she likes me."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "What's the other? Pokemon Despair?"
    "Pokemon Destruction?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "You don't gotta put it like that. Pokemon's so lame..."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Says the guy who caught all 150."
    Tommy Takeshi: "I was 9!"

    Kazuma Ryumori nods sagely.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Kids are dumb!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You were clearly more grown up back then."
    Tommy Takeshi: Another swing.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Now now, there are girls present, Tommy." He said chidingly.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You're never too old for Pokemon.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He ducks out of the way.
    Tommy Takeshi: "One of these days..."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Only the child is afraid of being childish"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You sound like an old man."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I think she's just too smart for us."
    Julia Takeshi: "Sage words from our new companion." Definitely not admitting to anything.
    Tommy Takeshi: "I bet you read that in a book somewhere," he says triumphantly.
    "Doesn't count if you're quoting an old dead dude."
    Julia Takeshi: "Reading books ain't a crime, Tommy."
    "You should try it."
    Tommy Takeshi: "It's a crime against passion is what it is."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "They tend to be less disfunctional"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I think his brain would explode."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Nah, Tommy's a smart guy, I'm sure he could handle a good book."
    "Like See Spot Run."
    Julia Takeshi: "Really?" Julia shows a conspiratory smirk. "I heard that nowadays bookish, smart guys are all the rage..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Okay, give him a break."
    Hane Kanzaki: "Think that still has too many words for him."
    Tommy Takeshi: This time he feints a punch and goes for a low kick to the shin.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i'm really tempted to have Tetsuo fall on the ground and get hurt and have Tommy feel like an ass)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "If they are, I'm clearly not getting the reverence I supposedly deserve."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (but nah)
    Tetsuo takes the blow in stride, wincing.
    "The truth is painful."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I think your question answers itself duh."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Why you little..."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Gotta be awesome like me, or no cigar."

    Hikaru Kuzunoha poses
    Julia Takeshi: Julia pats Hikaru with pitying eyes.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "When's the last time you showered."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Aw i'm touched thanks gorilla."
    Tommy Takeshi: It's official. He's seen some gnarly shit in this demonic world, but it's this that managed to finally put Tommy Takeshi in a bad mood.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Tommy, one day, you'll find a story that you just can't put down. Just because book reports ruined literature for you doesn't mean you can avoid them forever."
    Julia Takeshi: Julia grabs Hikaru's skull and starts exerting pressure.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Alright, alright. He's had enough."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Just be sure to stop before you kill him. Julia."
    Julia Takeshi: "Yeah stop bullying my Bro,"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "I fear for the human race if this is what remains of men."
    Tommy Takeshi: "This ain't real bullying," he grumbles.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "What did I do?!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, we're all probably going to die in a couple of generations if the world's like this, due to genetic shit."
    "Might as well enjoy it while it lasts."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Providing we survive this hell."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Please if we were bullying him we'd get him to jump and extort some change."
    Julia Takeshi: "Probably nowhere near enough of a genetic pool left, yeah."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Nah, you're not thinking broad enough."
    "Countries with no COMPs, or rural villages and shit."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Who knows, maybe there's some magical thing out there that'll make the world better."
    Tommy Takeshi: "They'll probably be mostly fine."
    "It'll be the cities that get hit hardest."
    Hane Kanzaki: "We only know what's gone on in Tokyo, so, there's still a chance other places might not be nearly as devastated."
    Tommy Takeshi: "So this is probably the worst of it. Ground Zero and all."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Let's hope so."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Like I said, if the rest of the world is like this."
    Julia Takeshi: "To be honest I'm surprised the demons were able to just murder humanity so fast here." Julia thinks for a moment. "I mean, given their speed, they probably already spread through most of Japan, I'd say."
    "Dunno about other countries tho. I doubt the US would fall that easily..." Her face becomes dark and gloomy as she contemplates the apocalypse.
    Tommy Takeshi: "They're not organized enough to take over shit."
    "These guys were skirmishing over a few blocks."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Let's hope this wasn't the real version of the Seven Hour War. I don't think I could handle Demon Half-Life."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Here's another thought, how are so many demons poppin out? Were they all summoned by people with COMPs? Can they just summon themselves?"
    "Things to ponder."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Maybe some demons can summon other demons?"
    Julia Takeshi: "We should ask Tiana how she got summoned here later."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Have it on my desk by tomorrow, no late entries."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Faust used magic circles and Kabbalistic formulas. But we needed the next-gen tablet and holograph tech to do it."
    He holds up his COMP. "It's all in this thing."
    Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma looks to Tiana to ask but she appears to have fallen asleep with her face in Hane's chest.
    "Dammit. Why is she such a perv…?"
    Julia Takeshi: "Formulas..." Julia seems to think of something and falls silent."
    (Uhhh Drac)
    (not controlling NPCs plz)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (drac pls)
    Tommy Takeshi: (thats godmodding)
    Hane Kanzaki: "If demons could summon other demons, wouldn't everything be way worse?"
    Julia Takeshi: "Dunno, does it get worse than tbis?" She asks, pointing at the burnt ruins of the city.
    Adaleiz Kimura: "That assumes they all want to summon more demons."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well we could be dead."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "We have to assume that Bifrons can, at least."
    Tommy Takeshi: "That's a stretch."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Really?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah. Only thing we've seen summon a demon is a COMP."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "So maybe demons are getting COMPs?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: So, you think that someone summoned Bifrons?
    Tommy Takeshi: "But can they use 'em?"
    Julia Takeshi: "We really haven't seen if he can replenish his troops, but maybe it isn't that much of a stretch."
    Erl K. (GM): gimme a sec
    Adaleiz Kimura: "If they can't use them, they'd have to have a steady supply of fools summoning his minions."
    Kazuma Ryumori: Oh… uh, Hikaru, you're still hurt."
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Can I use regent?)
    Julia Takeshi: (we're back to full HP)
    Hane Kanzaki: "When we... when we got separated from Lcuia, wasn't Chernobog surprised about the fact a COMP summoned him?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Not Hikaru. Look closely.)
    Hane Kanzaki: Lucia*
    Julia Takeshi: "Huh?" Julia turns towards Hane. "I was kinda... dead. What happened afterwards?"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Chernobog?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Well no shit he'd be surprised. These things are brand new. Mushroom head was probably expecting a ritual circle and some dead chickens."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Giant demon badass, sort of killed us."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "There's a mushroom god rolling around killing people."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "We got better, obviously."
    Hane Kanzaki: "I mean, we all died, but I said a bit too much...."
    Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma pulls out his COMP and shows Adaleiz the profile on Chernobog.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo is studiously not thinking too hard about the whole 'dying' thing.

    Hikaru Kuzunoha slaps tetsuo on the back
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Maybe you all had too many mushrooms..."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "If you die just punch death and get better."
    Kazuma Ryumori: I assure you, we didn't.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, I dunno, that was a pretty wild party."
    Julia Takeshi: "Enough mushroom for the rest of my life."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "No but kaz here had to many drinks, that was pretty funny to watch."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "That was definitely food poisoning."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maybe it was 'Mushroom' poisoning?"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "...."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Don't quit your day job..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Actually, hell, I have a low alcohol tolerance. It was probably both."
    "But it couldn't have been one or the other, I was sick as hell.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's a night job, not like you'd know."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Maybe you're still sick. Having a fever dream."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "That'd be nice."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "If only."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah, no. Fuck that."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maybe we're all dead and this is purgatory, like that shitty American show."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Fuck that even harder."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Please, no smoke monsters."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "PFFHAHAHA all hail superpowers dude."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maybe this is all in someone's head as they stare at a snowglobe."
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy's already forgotten that there are two kids here.
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Maybe you're all figments of my imagination and i've finally lost it."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "That'd be better than smoke monsters at least."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So i'm the man of your dreams huh, why thank you."
    Kazuma Ryumori
    Tommy Takeshi
    Hana Shiratori
    Julia Takeshi
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto
    Hane Kanzaki
    Hikaru Kuzunoha
    Adaleiz Kimura
    Erl K. (GM): There we go
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I'm touched."
    Erl K. (GM): sorcery
    at its finest
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maybe we're all dancing daydreams in an unfathomable idiot god's mind, and one day he'll wake up, then- poof."
    Tommy Takeshi: (how did you calc that)
    Erl K. (GM): (scripts)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (the fuck is that)
    Erl K. (GM): (worth every buck)
    Julia Takeshi: "Calm down Nyarlatothep."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's Azathoth, you plebeian."
    "Nyarly is actively malevolent."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Gazuntite."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Also racist."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Ah."
    "There's the station."
    Hane Kanzaki: "I thought we were done with nerd talk..."
    Adaleiz Kimura: " my imagination couldn't be like this."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Yeah, Nyarlathotep's the one that comes after humanity."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hey, I need something to talk about, some people are really into that stuff."
    "Bullshit philosophy and crap."
    Julia Takeshi: "Do you mean shitty light novels."
    Tommy Takeshi: "You read shitty light novels?"
    "Come the fuck on."
    Julia Takeshi: "Haha of course not."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "She says, looking away."
    Julia Takeshi: "I just know a bunch of people who do1"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "....."
    Hane Kanzaki: "That's a pretty specific thing to deny, Julia-chan~"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Joooooooooin meeeeeeeeeee."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "So, Tetsuo, which would you least want to run into right now? A Mi-Go, or an Elder Thing?
    Julia Takeshi: "... At least I ain't as nerdy as Kazuma."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Alrigh, Tets, gimme the man card. I'd understand Kaz but you've got no excuse to be this geeky."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm proud to be a geek."
    Tommy Takeshi: He won't mention that he knows all this shit too.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "How bout you come take it, smartass?"

    XII: Sanctuary

    Erl K. (GM): At the entrance to the station, the party is greeted by a group of figures.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Wouldn't you have to be the one to give up your man card first?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Hey, I'm perfect."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Nah I think that card belongs to your sister."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "My, what fine enforcement officials."
    Tommy Takeshi: "You guys just need to see me in my element. Japan's too small a country for someone like me."
    "What the-?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "That's not even up for discussion. Your sister is the badass."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Affirmative action's taking off."
    Gozuki: "HALT!"
    Julia Takeshi: "Yeah there ain't a country big enough to contain your nerdi- oh damn."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Gotta be progressive in the new times."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "So, we've got a bovine and an equestrian…"
    Mezuki: "FOOL!"
    The horse suddenly jump kicks the other Demon.
    Adaleiz Kimura: "....maybe i'm the one on mushrooms."
    Mezuki: "Do you not see that the Detective is with them, you incompetent brother!?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I like this horse."

    Julia Takeshi pats Adaleiz
    Kazuma Ryumori: "He's got style."
    Cop: "...Good to see you back, Boss. Between your girl, the refugees and the scary missus, we've had our hands full-"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Refugees?"
    Tommy Takeshi: He perks up at that.
    Julia Takeshi: "Scary missus?" Julia starts to get scared.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Scary girl?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "You never mentioned..." he half expected an empty station.
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Hoh? Who's the scary girl?"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (fucking cops)
    Yozora Shiranomi: A girl appears out of thin air behind the cop, making him jump to the air.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo quietly makes an appreciative noise.
    Yozora Shiranomi: The two Demons immediately kneel.
    Julia Takeshi: Julia sighs in relief. If it was Sister-in-Law that'd have been scary.
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Yeah, yeah, good boy I guess. Did he give you too much trouble, Mezuki?"
    The girl approaches lazily, bouncing a katana over her shoulder.
    Julia Takeshi: "Nice sword."
    Mezuki: "Of course not, Master. I am an expert at handling this buffoon."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Longswords are better."
    Gozuki: THWACK
    Tommy Takeshi: He ain't impressed.
    Yozora Shiranomi: "He means you, buffoon."
    Julia Takeshi: "Oh shut up you unrepentant westaboo, everyone knows katanas are cooler!"

    Detective Kurosawa chuckles...
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo shrugs, "I got no dogs in that race."
    Tommy Takeshi: "That's exactly what a nationalist anime geek would say!"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Folded a thousand times under the heat of the rising sun mhm."
    Julia Takeshi: "Hmph, you traitor to the yamato spirit."
    Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma looks up at the horse demon, Mezuki apparently. "I feel for you. Really, I know exactly how it feels to put up with well, 'people' like your brother."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Everyone, meet miss Shiranomi. Age 18, still in high school... Or should be, at least."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Heya."
    He waves
    Yozora Shiranomi: "I may have been skipping a bit..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Hi there."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Yamato's died with salary man culture and we all know it."

    Yozora Shiranomi waves.
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Sup.'
    Julia Takeshi: "Hi!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Yo."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "..."

    Hikaru Kuzunoha yawns
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fought some demons, saw some spooks, sup with you?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I'd be a lot more trusting of police officers if they'd just stop leering at me for, like one minute."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz, that's no good."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Well my ex thought that he could buy me back if he gifted me a COMP or something, heh... I was gonna throw it away, but I'm glad I didn't now."
    Hane Kanzaki: "Maybe you just act suspicious?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You're no better."
    Tommy Takeshi: "American police are heartless pigs, but the Japanese ones do alright."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "That's true, actually."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Still, you could say that I was in deep shit until Mr. Detective over here saved my bacon."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Police suck no matter the country."
    Julia Takeshi: "I see you've already got two demons."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Guys thinkin' they can just buy women like that," He shakes his head, "I'm Tetsuo."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "I actually got both of them at once with my first summon."
    Hane Kanzaki: "Am I really all that suspicious, Kaz? Have I ever done anything wrong?"
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Guess these guys just can't leave the other alone..."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Don't hate the player, Hikaru, hate the game. It's all the old people government's fault our boys in blue get a bad rep."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "They seem pretty loyal, so I guess you lucked out."
    Julia Takeshi: "Did they come in a package?" Julia can't help but to be curious about the phenomena.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Maybe they just have a bonded myth or something."
    Kazuma Ryumori: Oh, sorry, Hane, I was talking to Tommy.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Convincing."
    Mezuki: "I will not even deign that bait with a comment."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Suppose you could do worse than a duo out of Osaka like these two."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey, Mezuki, I just want to say, I admire your patience."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Anyways, guys... Get settled in. Base is yours, feel free to explore or use the rooms on the third floor, that's where we keep the staff in."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Is there a list of refugees?"
    "I'm looking for a few names."
    Detective Kurosawa: "First and second floor is for the refugees."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "All hail me!"

    Detective Kurosawa nods.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Are my parents here?!" Kazuma asked desperately.
    Detective Kurosawa: "Tomogawa! Get me the list of refugees!"
    Cop: "Yessir!"

    Hikaru Kuzunoha goes to find a swivel chair as he waits for everyone else."

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto leans up against a wall, digging a coin out of his wallet.
    Cop: "Here it is, sir."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He looks at it for a moment, turns it over, then flicks it into the air.
    rolling 1d2
    = 2
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh, right, Tiana, we wanted to ask you whether demons can summon other demons?"

    Detective Kurosawa silently passes the list to Tommy.
    Julia Takeshi: "..." Julia closes her eyes, caredul to not build up any expectations. Given the situation, chances are her family is dead, but... there will be no way to confirm it.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tch, tails."
    "Bad luck..."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: Hmm this looks like it'll take a while and it would be rude for everybodies glorious leader to go on ahead guess I'll just mess with my comp.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He pockets it again.
    Tommy Takeshi: He fiddles with the COMP.
    Julia Takeshi: She then peeks at the list from Tommy's shoulders
    Detective Kurosawa: "Don't get your hopes up kid. We only have 50 people in this building, including our personnel."
    Tommy Takeshi: He finally summons the courage to look at the list.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh…"

    Adaleiz Kimura goes and finds a spot in a corner with Alice, though she seems to be focused on a book from her bag.
    Erl K. (GM): The Detective's words hit home the depressing nature of your situation.
    A city such as Tokyo had dozens of millions of inhabitants.
    Something like 50 people... It was like a speck of dust in the desert.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (ha depressing)
    Erl K. (GM): Of course... Tommy does not find anyone related to him in the list.
    Be it family... Or Nozomi.
    Detective Kurosawa: "Do your folks even live by this ward, kid?"

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto looks at the list closely, looking for the name 'Yoshimoto'.
    Tommy Takeshi: "They're in the older district."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "No, no they don't. You're right. Mom and dad… they wouldn't be here…"
    Tommy Takeshi: He wordlessly passes the list to Tetsuo.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He grunts, and takes the list.
    Detective Kurosawa: "Well, this place is much more 'ghetto' than something like a place for big-wigs, so I'll doubt you'll find someone like that."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Nozomi goes to school in one of the other wards, I think. Nowhere near downtown. But she might've been here shopping on her day off..."
    Julia Takeshi: "Don't give up hope, Tommy. We... we should go search for Nozomi by ourselves...." She really doesn't know what to say.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Mm."
    He's not the type to break down.
    Instead he just... becomes still.
    Detective Kurosawa: "There's always the chance that place with the angels is keeping her."
    "Don't give up, kid."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "If you want to go looking for someone, I'll join you. I may be a goof, but I do want to help. If you want to find this girl, I'll do everything I can to help."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He looks down the list steadily, the piece of paper, quietly, on the edge of hearing, begins to shake, ever so slightly.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh, right, Tiana?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "It's fine."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He then passes it off, smiling wryly, "Guess I should'a known, ah? Bad luck, seems to be the day for it."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Let's worry about what's in front of us."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Still, his smile seems empty.
    He goes back to the wall.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "If you're sure, Takeshi. But we'll keep an eye out."
    Julia Takeshi: Julia closes her eyes and plops down on a chair. It is hard to say what she's thinking.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Kaede...)

    Yozora Shiranomi approaches the group.
    Yozora Shiranomi: "So."
    "You guys fought demons, then?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah."
    Julia Takeshi: "A few times."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "So it would seem."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "More like crushed them."
    Hane Kanzaki: "We've done a bit."

    Yozora Shiranomi whistles.
    Julia Takeshi: (did we level up from the onistomping btw?)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (nah)
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Well, that's a mighty party you have there. I'm not surprised."
    Julia Takeshi: (kk)
    Yozora Shiranomi: (it was easy so no)
    Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma then spotted a swivel chair and something strange came over him. He walks over to the seat and sits down.
    Then he reaches over to the side of the desk and spins himself around several times.
    "Okay, glad I got that out of my system."
    Tommy Takeshi: "You been fighting too?"
    "...on your own?"
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Well someone has to stand guard while the Detective goes rescue people."
    "Not an easy job, but I owe him big time."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (Sounds like a stay at home wife)
    Haruka Kurosawa: "Dad!"
    Hane Kanzaki: ( she's dead )
    ( guarantee it )
    Haruka Kurosawa: A young girl suddenly glomps the Detective.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, look at those two guys she's got, Takeshi," said Kazuma getting out of the chair, "One's a minotaur, and the other's a horse that does drop kicks."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Ey there, princess." Kurosawa kneels down to lift up his daughter. "Were you good while daddy was off beating the bad guys?"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "More like being a damsel in distress."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Mm."
    He doesn't feel much like joking at the moment.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Hikaru, play nice…"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Never."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo doesn't say anything, but he smiles, a bitterness to it.
    Haruka Kurosawa: "Of course I was! I stayed close to Yo-chan all day!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "She's, like, twelve!"

    Yozora Shiranomi smiles awkwardly, scratching her cheek.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You're gonna pick on a kid?"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Ha cute awkward."
    Haruka Kurosawa: "Who are these people, daddy?"
    Haruka's eyes stop by Alice, and the girl smiles shyly.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "We're the local Sentai team. We fight demons."
    Alice: Alice smiles back, with a softer edge than normal.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Captain awesome nice to meet you."

    Hikaru Kuzunoha spins around in his chair
    Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma observes this change in Alice's demeanour.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'm Tetsuo."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm Kazuma."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Black ranger Tommy. Transform and roll out."

    Adaleiz Kimura looks up from her book.
    Detective Kurosawa: "Just some kids helping me out with the bad guys, Haruka." The Detective affectionately rests a hand over his daughter's head.
    Julia Takeshi: "I'm Julia."

    Haruka Kurosawa smiles.
    Haruka Kurosawa: "Nice to meet you, everyone!"
    Julia Takeshi: For once, she doesn't participate much in the generalized horsin around.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Likewise."
    Haruka Kurosawa: "Does that mean they have superpowers too. Dad?"

    Detective Kurosawa laughs.
    Detective Kurosawa: "Sure they do."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "The strongest superpowers."
    Julia Takeshi: "Oh yeah we definitely do."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, all of us except Hikaru."
    Alice: "I have superpowers too!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Hikaru just thinks he does but it's been Tommy and Tetsuo making him think he's cooler than he really is."
    "Alice though is the real deal."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "...Oi." Yozora's expression breaks from her normally loose face. "When did she get there?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Bonk."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Boy, you just love startin' shit, doncha?"
    Julia Takeshi: "Alice does whatever Alice wants." Julia deadpans.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Hikaru's been totally asking for it for an hour."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "A natural punching bag."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "And right that she should, no one can stop her."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "...
    Haruka Kurosawa: "W-Wow, that's amazing!" Haruka claps at Alice's movements, making the other girl laugh.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: Tiana how much energy do you have to spare for healing?"
    Alice: "I like you. Want to be my little sis?"
    Detective Kurosawa: "Uhhhhhh..."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo twitches.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well is she makes her a little sister she probably won't eat her soul."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Sorry girl, she's taken."
    Julia Takeshi: "It might be better that way..."
    Alice: Alice puffs her cheeks.
    Hane Kanzaki: "Well, Hikaru, if I let you torture Kaz, what do I get out of it?"
    Alice: "Fine, be that way. But she's my friend anyways!"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "What do you want?"
    Alice: "I'm Alice! We're friends, right?"
    Haruka Kurosawa: "Of course!" Haruka smiled without fear.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Insurance that I don't blab her deep dark secrets."
    Alice: Alice smiled wider.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Hikaru. He's The Sun. He'll keep healing on his own."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey detective, do you have a riot shield I could borrow?"
    Tommy Takeshi: (oh wait is that OOC knowledge)
    (if so nix it)
    Detective Kurosawa: "Oh, about that, kids."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "That doesn't mean I want to get hurt though."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (I mean we did regen so probably obvious)
    Detective Kurosawa: "I think this is a good time."
    "Shiranomi, mind helping me hook these guys up to the Amala Network?"
    Julia Takeshi: "The what"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "The what now?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Same."
    Tommy Takeshi: "You guys got Internet!?"
    Tico: "Like, time for an explanation!"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "That sounds like an internet for cultists."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "....?"
    Hane Kanzaki: "An actual connection?"
    Tico: Tico bursts out from the COMPs.
    Julia Takeshi: "We might prevent Kazuma dying from abstinence."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Oh... It's you."
    Adaleiz Kimura: (no one ever picks the male option)
    Tico: "Yo-chan! Geez, why haven't you called me in so long~"
    "Your BFF is angry, you know!?"
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Yeah..." Yozora cringes.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (bunnies will die of loneliness and that would be horrible)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You're cheating on us, Tico?!"

    Hikaru Kuzunoha snerks at the exchange
    Julia Takeshi: (Choosing TIco wasn't a mistake)
    Tico: "Course not! Tico is, like, everyone's BFF! Except the real bad guys, those guys are like, gross."
    Julia Takeshi: "Well, I guess Legion was gross as hell."
    Tico: "You betcha!"
    "Anyways, explanation time!"
    "The Amala Network is a lot like you guys' old internet, but like, TWICE as epic. See, after all your fights, your COMPs have been collecting the loose bits of demons you've killed and like, stuffed them inside, giving you loads and loads of Macca!"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "The internet is dead people huh..."
    Julia Takeshi: "The internet being hell would explain many things."
    Tico: "You can use that Macca to buy whatever you want! Demons, skills, weapons, loot, it's awesome!"

    Yozora Shiranomi snorts.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "That sounds, kinda fun, to be honest."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "The power of capitalism is mighty indeed."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "If by 'Demons' you mean that horribly expensive gacha, then you might as well count it out."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "G-gacha..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Please no…"
    Julia Takeshi: "It's over. All hope is lost."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Gacha... truly the internet is hell."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Ugh."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "We're dead."
    Tommy Takeshi: "This world is haunted by a spectre... The spectre of capitalism."
    Tico: "But that's not just it! If you get hooked up to the Amala Network, you guys can also, like, call each other with your COMPs!"
    "As well as anyone else you've met before and added as a contact!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: Tico, is Capitalism a demon, and can we kill it?"
    Tico: "Isn't that, like, amazing?"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Could we call lucy?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Not really. We figured that out ages ago."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Don't kill capitalism, you dirty red."
    Tico: "Err..."

    Tico Tico freezes up.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Well, the calling bit."
    "Not the whole magical gatcha thing."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Now look what ya did."
    Tico: "Sure. if you ever meet your friend you can!"
    Julia Takeshi: "I dunno, her COMP was already there with the other ones, so her number might have been registered..."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Capitalism is evil, mate."
    "Corporations and shit, stomping on the little guy..."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Met before or after the demon fun party started?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Is there a way to cheat the gotcha?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "If there's one good thing about the apocalypse its all the companies and shit got blown."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Blah, blah, blah, Man's inhumanity."
    "Who gives a shit."
    Julia Takeshi: "And here I thought you were the yank one, Tommy."
    Tico: "Anyways, we doing this or what!?"
    Julia Takeshi: "Aren't ya guys supposed to be all about the capitalism?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "I'm American, not dumb."
    Julia Takeshi: "Yeah we're doing it, of course."
    Tico: Tico turns to the other two Devil Summoners.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Yeah, I guess.
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Yes."

    Hikaru Kuzunoha waves for tico to continue
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fine, fine."
    Tico: "You guys wanna add them?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Yes, definitely."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Not gonna rant about PMCs and the free market and repressing individuality when that shit's dead and gone."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Sure. They don't seem like they're the 'ambush then loot you' kind."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Might as well. We're all allies in here, aren't we?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Add away, Tico."
    Tico: "Alright then, here it goes!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "...wait. Nobody's recording our calls on this thing, right?"
    Julia Takeshi: "Ugh... now that you say that there's bound to be some stupid humans trying to loot and shit..."
    Tommy Takeshi: "The Amala Network is Net Neutral, right?"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "I met some the other day."
    Tommy Takeshi: "I don't want some shady-ass dude spying on me through this thing..."
    Hane Kanzaki: ( oh boy shops )
    Erl K. (GM): How shops work:
    Julia Takeshi: (Hane def looks like the type of girl to love shopping)
    Erl K. (GM): You can shop at any time outside battle. Skill Shops directly infuse a chosen Demon with the skills you buy, but be mindful of the fact that a Demon may only hold up to 8 different active skills at once.
    Weapon Shops and Armor Shops will open a portal to the Netherworld trader, who will drop your order at your location in defiance of all laws of space and time.
    It works the same way as the Weapon/Armor Shops.
    Adaleiz Kimura: (is there free shipping?)

    Kazuma Ryumori subtly flirts with Gozuki just because he probably won't catch on.
    Erl K. (GM): The Weapon/Armor/Item shops are all ran by the Netherworld Melchiom Branch, and guarantee free shipping across all domains barring the plains of Eden.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (why)
    Kazuma Ryumori: 'Psst, Mezuki, what doesn't your brother understand?"
    Mezuki: "Many things. Too many to count."
    Erl K. (GM): Anyways, it's shopping time for you guys!
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Do you mind if I try to confuse him? I wouldn't want to cause trouble for you."
    Erl K. (GM): Chat a bit and see if there's anything you want.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Looks like we all got one account to share."
    Adaleiz Kimura: (is my macca tracked somewhere?)
    Erl K. (GM): (is my macca tracked somewhere?)
    check Macca & EXP
    I'm using a global variable to simplify things
    Vri: gnome amulet...
    Tommy Takeshi: "Alright, the actual evil shit here is."
    Tommy Takeshi: "What kinda sick fuck puts a sentient being in a fucking GACHA?"
    Erl K. (GM): oh right
    Tommy Takeshi: "..."
    Erl K. (GM): You have
    11 Stat points, Janx
    Tommy Takeshi: "Well wait, they're demons."
    Erl K. (GM): Check your sheet
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Probably a demon."
    Erl K. (GM): Attributes and Abilities
    you have a stat points attribute
    Tommy Takeshi: "Right, all lawyers go to hell and all that..."
    Erl K. (GM): from which you can take points to add to your St, Ma, Vi, and Ag attributes
    Hane Kanzaki: "C'mon, there's nothing wrong with a little gambling..."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You got something against lawyers?"
    Erl K. (GM): St increases physical power and HP, Vi increases HP and eventually reduces damage taken
    Ma increases magic and SP
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Why would there be a gatcha," Kazuma moans.
    Erl K. (GM): ag increases turn speed
    Tommy Takeshi: "Come on Hane, this isn't Granblu or Candy Crush or whatever stupid phone games you've got."
    Erl K. (GM): people with 30+ Ag also
    Adaleiz Kimura: (oh, so i can distrribute those?)
    Erl K. (GM): get to act twice per round
    (I just decided this)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (nyoom)
    Erl K. (GM): (if I can implement it that is)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Okay, Tetsuo, we need to get you that Swiss Cutter. All in favour?)
    Adaleiz Kimura: (i dont see macc or exp stats at all)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Gacha's are evil but they always have so many nice and shiny things in them..."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's under demon skils)
    Erl K. (GM): there Janx
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (for whatever reason)
    Julia Takeshi: (1700 for the whole party?)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Well whatever. Julia, you get my share. I ain't touching these damn shops."
    Erl K. (GM): (welcome to Jew SMT Race)
    Julia Takeshi: "Uhhh, I guess we should divide the macca between the eight of us first."
    Erl K. (GM): (Better get ready to sidequest for them bux)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "We're a bit light on scratch, so let's only get what we n-"
    Erl K. (GM): (but for now you're poor)
    Julia Takeshi: "So we get... 212 each?"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "...
    Tommy Takeshi: "I dont need Macca. Divide it by seven."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: Being broke fucking sucks."
    Julia Takeshi: "Yeah I'd say to just grab some medicines and stuff for now."
    Erl K. (GM): yeah Janx
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Get some Patra Stones."
    Erl K. (GM): you added 6 to your Ma
    so now you have to remove 6 from your stats
    oh you finished leveling
    Kazuma Ryumori: (I'll give my money to Tetsuo for now, because while my knife is fine for now, that Swiss Cutter would help Tetsuo a lot.)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Those weapons looks so cool though, especially that legion one. Nothing like turning your enemies into trophies."
    Erl K. (GM): >Ma/Ag build
    oh god dual shadow spam
    Tommy Takeshi: "Hikaru, I'm seriously worried about you."
    Adaleiz Kimura: (=D)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Petra is probably the smart option though."
    Kazuma Ryumori: Tetsuo now has 424M.
    Adaleiz Kimura: (when you have not one but two death spells, why not go ma? :P)
    Erl K. (GM): you guys just
    hand me the final shopping list
    when you're don
    I'll make one for it
    Julia Takeshi: "Let's use Tommy's share for a revival bead."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Sure."
    Erl K. (GM): there
    all of you can edit that
    Tommy Takeshi: While the party squibbles over >capitalism, Tommy saunters over to Yozora.
    "Yo. Got a question, if you don't mind."
    Kazuma Ryumori: Seriously, the Swiss Cutter… give Tetsuo megapowers.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (How about we don't)
    Tommy Takeshi: He holds up a stick of grape-flavored gum.
    "And a bribe."
    Julia Takeshi: (Swiss Cutter is way too costly by this point)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I'll miss all of them anywayyy)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "It gives you 3x the chance to hit."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Hahahaaaaa)
    Julia Takeshi: (Like OOC-wise I think we're better off buying med supplies for now, we aren't really lacking in damage.)

    Yozora Shiranomi smoothly takes the bribe.
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Ask away."
    Tommy Takeshi: (tommy's mostly gonna be support so his stats dont matter much)
    Kazuma Ryumori: The important thing is that it makes Tetsuo more likely to hit.
    Julia Takeshi: (Tommy should nab Dia at some point)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Erl, how does the knife work, is it like the scratch and it's all one to-hit?)
    Adaleiz Kimura: (so my mana goes up right?)
    Tommy Takeshi: "You're high school, right?"
    Julia Takeshi: (what did Tarukaja do btw?)
    Yozora Shiranomi:
    Adaleiz Kimura used Mudo! The power of darkness swallows Detective Kurosawa...
    Death (DC75) 38
    (don mind me just testing)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Ever see a girl with black hair and red highlights, like mine?"
    Julia Takeshi: (sudden betrayal)
    Tommy Takeshi: "She'd be about your year. Not sure if the same school, but..."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Hmm... Well, yeah. But I know like three of those."
    "Ah, same year?"
    "Sorry, I got nothing."
    Tommy Takeshi: "No prob."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "You know..."
    "Your best bet is probably asking a Demon>"
    Tommy Takeshi: "..."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Anyway, what I'd rec is at least one of each healing item, don't need weps or armor)
    Tommy Takeshi: "I figure, if she ran into a Demon..."
    Julia Takeshi: (so yeah I'd say one or two beads, the rest on meds and dis-stuff)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Either it's dead, or she is."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Naw, I mean."
    "Some Demons can grant wishes and stuff."
    Tommy Takeshi: He blinks.
    Yozora Shiranomi: "And scrying is not that hard, if you're looking for a normal human at least."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Seriously?"
    "Like the genie from Aladdin?"
    Yozora Shiranomi: "That's probably a Demon somewhere."
    Julia Takeshi: "By the way Setanta, did you run into someone like what Tommy describes? Or a blonde suit-wearing girl?" Julia asks as if just remembering that
    Tommy Takeshi: "...huh."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "I mean, I heard that the reason Bifrons even went to a shithole like this, was because he was running from a Demon called Shiva."
    "Sound familiar?"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "The god?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Uh... some kinda Indian, six-armed dude? With blue skin?"
    Julia Takeshi: "The biggest badass in hindu mythology?"
    Detective Kurosawa: "Oh yeah, the term Demon is much broader than you would expect."
    "I haven't seen anything other than a monster, but if the rumors are to be trusted..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: Speaking of; Tiana, can demons summon other demons?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Hm..."
    Suddenly that gacha seems more appetizing.
    Tiana: "Well, yeah. Demon Lords have Vassals, you know?"
    Tommy Takeshi: If he can get a demon with scrying powers...
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Called it!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Damn."
    Tiana: "Our Queen and King command an army of Fairies, after all."
    Julia Takeshi: "Shit, I guess we really gotta go for the head."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "That explains the number of demons local to bifron"
    Tiana: "The Fallen Clans... They're like, presidents of Hell or something."
    "They have a lot of manpower to burn through."
    Nemeria: "Close but not quite."
    Julia Takeshi: "Hey Tiana, if I may ask, how did you get summoned here on the first place?" (I actually don't remember if we already asked her)
    Nemeria: "It is true that the Fallen have a lot of influence, but there are also lords of hell amongst the Tyrant clan that are plenipotentiaries of their domains."
    Tiana: "Hmm? I don't remember."
    "I guess... I was called?"
    "It was something like a song..."
    "When you guys connected to that Amala Network thingie, I kind of heard it again..."
    "Maybe the one who made it knows what happened?"
    Tico: "Aaaand that's my cue to leave. Ta-ta!"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Later tico."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Alright threw up a list)
    (Check it over and shit)
    (we need to move through this or this'll never get done)
    Erl K. (GM): seems good
    no skills?
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (This is why I said for other people to check)
    Erl K. (GM): (Well)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I got no skills, so they should speak up)
    Erl K. (GM): (I say save)
    You guys are getting more demons in a bit
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: I guess that seems fine
    Erl K. (GM): lets move on
    Tommy Takeshi: (tommy wont use it on principle so im staying out of this convo entirely)
    "Well, thanks anyway."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (This is tentative people fucking say something jesus)
    Tommy Takeshi: He hands over two more sticks of gum.
    For the bozos.
    Kazuma Ryumori: seems like a good list.
    Tommy Takeshi: (i'd personally invest in status cure skills)
    Julia Takeshi: (uhm)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (if people have any ideas)
    Julia Takeshi: (I think our budget is 1700 macca so that list goes over our limit)
    Erl K. (GM): (it does not)
    (he spent 810 macca)
    Julia Takeshi: (ergh, my bad)
    (I counted things the wrong way)
    (I say list looks good tbh)
    (is what I'd buy)
    (skills a bit too costly, I'd say to put Dia on Tommy or something like that maybe?)
    Tommy Takeshi: (he wouldnt use it)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Well, I thought skills were demon only)
    (to buy at least)
    Erl K. (GM): Skills demon only ya
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (this is why I didn't buy any)
    Julia Takeshi: (oh k)
    Erl K. (GM): Ok
    Advance plot now y/n
    Kazuma Ryumori: Tiana could probably use Dis if she doesn't have it.
    Adaleiz Kimura: yyyyyy
    Tommy Takeshi: (y)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (please)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: Need to go to bed
    Kazuma Ryumori: [y]
    Julia Takeshi: (y)
    Detective Kurosawa: "Alright, you guys should get some rest. Tomorrow you can decide what to do."
    Vri: well maybe I have some more time
    Hane Kanzaki: ( tiana does have dia )
    Kazuma Ryumori: okay.

    Detective Kurosawa hurries everyone towards their rooms.
    Julia Takeshi: (maybe giving Patra to Tiana?)
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Oh right, third floor gets to use their own showers."
    "Don't wanna share with the refugees after all."
    "Come on, I'll show you to them."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Lead the way."
    Adaleiz Kimura: (do we get our own rooms or do we share?)
    Erl K. (GM): (You'll have to share somewhat)
    (like 3 per room?)
    Tommy Takeshi: As she leads the way, Tommy pulls out his COMP and starts fiddling with it again.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Patra cures charm?! that could be really important down the road.
    Julia Takeshi: (I guess Julia, Hane and Hana will share a room then)
    Tommy Takeshi: This thing's just too damn weird.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: tommy, hikaru and tets?
    Tommy Takeshi: (sure)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I'll sleep in the room farthest away from Alice)
    Tommy Takeshi: And now he knows the shop, it's even weirder.
    Erl K. (GM): >Kazuma bunking with Alice
    Tommy Takeshi: Plus Tico being all evasive... yeah, this isn't a free sword.
    Erl K. (GM): this cant end well...
    Tommy Takeshi: It's got an agenda behind it.
    Kazuma Ryumori: [!]
    Adaleiz Kimura: (LOL)
    Erl K. (GM): Guess we're making it rooms of 4
    Janx go with the girls
    Alice can sleep with you =3=
    Adaleiz Kimura: (that's less hilarious, but sure)
    Erl K. (GM): Suddenly, something happens.
    not suddenly
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Ok, stop there boyo."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh no Setanta)
    Draconic: I actually am almost curious as to what would happen in I were forced to sleep in the same bunk as Alice, but I also don't want to die.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Little Lancer Jr. all alone)
    Setanta: "...? I s something the matter?"
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Yeah, like, there are girls there. Only girls. Who are going to sleep."
    Julia Takeshi: "Huh, that's right..."
    Setanta: "Rest assured, I am not bothered by this. I shall keep watch vigilantly over my Master."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Can't you sleep in the COMP, Kid Kool?"
    "Or is the pokemon comparison wearing thin."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "No, no... You're not the one who's supposed to be bothered by it..."
    Julia Takeshi: "Ahem, Setanta." Julia speaks in a more authoritary tone. "Why not go with Tommy and company? It's bound to be more fun for you there. Also, it is an order."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I think the comparison still works."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Yeah, you can bunk with us."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Geh-!?"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Man this room is going to suck."
    Setanta: "I could slumber within the COMP, indeed, but I shall not refuse an order from my Master!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Brothers-in-arms and all that."
    Setanta: Setanta walks over to the males.
    Tommy Takeshi: "R... alright, pal, you're with us."
    "This is the manly room for dudes with 'tude."
    Setanta: "What ho, brothers! Do not worry, my spear shall keep you company on this cold night."
    Tommy Takeshi: "..."
    Julia Takeshi: "Pfffft"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ahaha."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "O…kay…"
    Tommy Takeshi: Tetsu, you bunk with him."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Damn... That's kinda cute..."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fine, fine."
    "Means you gotta bunk with Hikaru or Kazuma."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Oh I'm joking, c'mere kid."

    Detective Kurosawa covers Haruka's ears.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's my victory."
    Julia Takeshi: "I make the best decisions."
    Tommy Takeshi: Better anyone than the geek and the mad man.
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Your decision making skills do seem above the rest here."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Laugh all you want. When we get out of this, you'll be on my payroll."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "An' I'll either be dead in a ditch or King of the Known World, let's focus on now."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, that just means I get a bed to myself."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Yep. Lucky you."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: 'Suuuuuuuuuuuuuucks."
    Tommy Takeshi: Discreetly fiddling with the COMP, he sends a test message to Julia: [You're evil.]
    Kazuma Ryumori: "No, lucky you. I tend to grab onto things in my sleep."
    Julia Takeshi: [Aww, you make me blush ]
    Erl K. (GM): Night dawns, and slowly the party begins to succumb to slumber...
    Tommy Takeshi: (what, no midnight heart-to-hearts)
    Adaleiz Kimura: (however will i confess my undying love for Julia)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( that's pretty touchy feely )
    Erl K. (GM): you guys can do it now
    if you want
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (Tets... now that we're alone I have something to tell you.)
    Erl K. (GM): while I upload some bgms
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (?)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (These beds suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (They're not great)
    Tommy Takeshi: (i actually do have a thematically appropriate thing to talk to lil-cu about lol)
    (but it can wait)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (first thing we do when we conquer the world is get amazing beds)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Probably not water beds, though.)
    Kazuma Ryumori: ("Let's just make sure there's a world to go home to first.…")
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (You aren't invited to this secret whisper party)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (Just because things got a bit smashed doesn't mean the world disappeared idiot.)
    Adaleiz Kimura: (is this some sort of collective unconcious dream-chat?)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I assumed it was whispering)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: nah we're just hudded under the blanked in our secret pillow fort
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [I could also just do text talk]
    Julia Takeshi: (What are all of you doing here anyway)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: totally
    Kazuma Ryumori: ("I'm not saying the world disappeared. I'm saying that we should make plans for what happens if the world stays like this.")
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: ("The plan is punch the demons, save the people, go from there.")
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: [Take it over, bam easy peasy]
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: ("See how it works out.")
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: (Hope lucy is okay...)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [I'm sure she's fine, tough broad.]
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: ("Just worried she would decide to do something stupid without us around.")
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [Met a few in my time, and let me tell ya, she's one of the toughest.]
    Kazuma Ryumori: [If you plan on being some sort of tyrannical dictator, I'm going to stop you.]
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [Who said anything about tyranny?]
    Tommy Takeshi: (fuck that. anarchy)
    (no money, no worldy problems, everyone shares)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [Anarchy is stupid and for fucking idiot morons]
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: [I'll be whatever the hell I want to be]
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [You want Mad Max? That's how you get Mad Max.]
    Tommy Takeshi: (if movies were real, then we'd all be serving skynet right now)
    (whatever sticks it to The Man, that's what I'll go for)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [There's always a Man.]
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: [Looks like the demons beat it to it]
    Tommy Takeshi: (hopefully our Man got fucked nearly as hard as tokyo did)
    Kazuma Ryumori: [The Man is gone. The demons ripped Him to pieces.]
    Tommy Takeshi: (but probably not. am i the only one that's feeing weird about trading away dead demon bits to an unknown over the demon internet in exchange for weapons?)
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: [Its kinda weird...]
    Kazuma Ryumori: [Did you have to make it weird?]
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: [Not sure we can do much else though.]
    Draconic: LUCIO!!!!
    Tommy Takeshi: (oh and that gacha? thats literally slavery)
    Oni: "Oi, yo! What are ye doing!?"
    Tommy Takeshi: (like, whoever's running that shop is clearly not a good person-)
    Kazuma Ryumori: [That's something I can agree with you about]
    ???: "Demons... Blocking the pathways where men used to travel?"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: [Dunno demons seem like an odd lot]
    Blob: (okay lets shh here)
    Oni: "You got that right! This land belongs to our Lord now! Anyone who goes through has to pay the tax!"
    ???: "There is no toll which you can offer mankind for traversing the land they have been entrusted with by God."
    "But I see... I shall humor you for the moment. What would this tax be?"
    Oni: "Yer life, of course!"

    Oni attacks!
    ???: "Heh..."
    The mysterious figure parries the Oni's blows, without even drawing a single sword from his sheathes.
    "I see... So this is the kind of hospitality your Lord offers..."
    "It seems that this blade of mine must be drawn again, so that mankind will avoid suffering..."
    Oni: "Wha-"
    ???: There if a flash from the man's hand, and at that moment the world is enveloped in light.
    "Brothers... If you can hear me across this vastness..."
    "Do not lose hope for tomorrow."
    "Though the darkness before you may be vast, do not cast away the hope that beats in your heart, the pride of your humanity and sanctity of free will."
    "Those who hold true, and have faith in the light... Shall be welcomed in His Kingdom without doubt."
    Erl K. (GM): With those words, your dream ends.

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    Above you.

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Yo, we got any grub around here?"
    Detective Kurosawa: "I had the weirdest dream last night..." The Detective groans, as he pours himself coffee.

    Vri grumbles about beds and cramped rooms
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: whups
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Ugh… I don't want to go to school today…" Kazuma moans as the sun shines through the window onto his face…
    Detective Kurosawa: Seeing you descend, he turns his head up.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Same, some weirdo with a sword."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Coffee, guys?"
    Palad1n .: "Good morning everyone..." Hana said as she rubs her eyes.

    Detective Kurosawa stiffens.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Morning. Yes please."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "If you're offerin'."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "zzz"
    Detective Kurosawa: "Wouldn't happen to be a guy that was shedding light everyone, would it?"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Sure why not let's kill my tastebuds."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah. Makes sense."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Yup glowy sword man."

    Adaleiz Kimura groggily grabs coffee.
    Tommy Takeshi: "I mean, we just learned Angels were a thing yesterday."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Seems like. Schooled a couple of Oni, talkin' bout a Kingdom, something about brothers."
    Hane Kanzaki: "I don't like this shared dream stuff..."
    Julia Takeshi: "Yeah weird angel dude..."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Of course we'd subconsciously want it to be true."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "No kidding? We all had the same dream?"
    Cop: "Sir... We saw a dream like that as well..."
    Julia Takeshi: "I... is there any tea around here?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma heads downstairs.
    Hana Shiratori: "It's weird, but weirder things have happened..."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Julia. Coffee."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I would say that's strange but fucking magic so whatever."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Not enough of a personal touch to be one of my dreams, so must'a been a special case."
    Tommy Takeshi: "It's just a dream."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Well shit... Guess we'll be wondering what that was all day."
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy doesn't really care.
    "It's all subconscious, guys. Dreams don't mean shit."
    "I mean unless you're a musician tripping to get inspiration."

    Detective Kurosawa starts making coffee for the party.
    Julia Takeshi: "I can't say I give much of a shit." Julia has never been much of a morning person, so she's sporting less of a filter right now.
    Hane Kanzaki: "Don't you need it then, Tommy?"
    Julia Takeshi: "Dreams are dreams, it'll matter once we run onto the angel guy or something."
    Hana Shiratori: "But see, angels might be on our side after all."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "None for me thanks… waitasecond…"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Nah, always been able to get on fine without it."
    "I ain't mediocre enough to need a boost."
    Hana Shiratori: "And because he mentions a kingdom, then I guess what the detective said was true."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh… right. The end of the world happened… sonofabitch…"
    Detective Kurosawa: "Which is it, by the way? Black? Cream? Sugar and Cream? Or do I just surprise you?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Same.
    Tommy Takeshi: He pauses. Frowns. Brain working slowly.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Go with the last."
    Tommy Takeshi: Steps back.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I need to live dangerously."
    Julia Takeshi: "We should go loot some clothing, can't wear the same thing every day..." She starts grumbling to the side.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Do not surprise me."
    "Do not give me coffee."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Too early for this shit, pinky."
    Hana Shiratori: "Cream please."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Coming right up, Madam."
    (ok enough memes)
    Tommy Takeshi: (that was a bonk for hane, not kaz)
    Adaleiz Kimura: "C-cream"
    Julia Takeshi: "I-is there no tea here... well, I guess straight up black coffee will do."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Black, sir."
    "Like my COMP."
    Phew. Saved it.
    Erl K. (GM): While the party sits by a table to have breakfast, Kurosawa looks up from fussing over his daughter to look at you.
    Detective Kurosawa: "I think it's about time we discussed Bifrons."
    Tommy Takeshi: They coffee's hit by this point, and Tommy nods energetically.
    Hana Shiratori: Hana immediately straightens up when she heard that.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Right. We're beating up that fucker."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Demon Lord in charge of the area, real shit-heel, gotta die."
    Julia Takeshi: "Right... We need all the intelligence about him we can get our hands on."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Has a lot of people captive."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Not just that, but he's got a small army of Demons at his beck and call, and may even have a human Vassal."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Let's talk game plan, we gonna do this piece-meal and take out his lieutenants?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Nah, fuck that. I'm not pussyfooting around."
    "We charge right in and kick his ass."
    Detective Kurosawa: "That can only do so much, I'm afraid. Bifrons' castle is the most heavily reinforced area, and most of lieutenants live in there."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Probably best to do at least some of that and knock off that human if it turns out true."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Woah, hold on."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo sips at his coffee, stops, peers at it, then sips some more.
    "Damn good coffee."
    Hana Shiratori: "Don't be overconfident tommy."
    Detective Kurosawa: "You don't want to do that... Not with the Demon allies we have right now."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So we go around and start trouble then?"
    Detective Kurosawa: "See, there's this plan I've been having for awhile.
    Tommy Takeshi: He folds his arms..
    Detective Kurosawa: cooking*
    Julia Takeshi: "WE're all ears."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Figured, with the way you were goin' on."
    Hana Shiratori: "Let us hear it, then."
    Detective Kurosawa: "You guys know what a Demon Lord is, right?"

    Hikaru Kuzunoha nods
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "They're badass demons that've carved out a spot of land for themselves."
    Hana Shiratori: "To an extent."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah. Head Honcho."
    "Big Boss."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Like feudal lords, but worse."
    Tommy Takeshi: "The Man."
    Hana Shiratori: "Good analogy, Tetsuo."
    Detective Kurosawa: "They're Demons that can establish control over a Domain, and summon Demons all over the area to hijack the Magnetite of beings that come into it."
    "But not all Demon Lords are like that."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "We got a good Samaritan?"
    Detective Kurosawa: "The most important thing about Demon Lords is that they are rulers. They hold command over other Demons, and an unleashed Demon Lord can control an entire army."
    Tommy Takeshi: "What, like loyalty, or like mind control?"
    Detective Kurosawa: "No, it's more due to the Clan loyalty."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No reason it can't be both, though."
    Julia Takeshi: (told ya the clan thing was gonna be important)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He sips some more coffee to hide his grimace. Those poor officers...
    Julia Takeshi: "Well, Lucy's letter said they can mind control humans somewhat."
    Detective Kurosawa: "In any case, I'm digressing."
    "There's a shrine close to this ward, one that's been taken over by a Demon Lord that supposedly commands its own soldiers."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So we go greet the neighboors?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "What's so special about it?"
    Detective Kurosawa: "My objective is to get that Demon Lord's help, and use its cannon fodder to soften Bifrons' defenses."
    Hana Shiratori: "....Can we even be sure that the demon lord will help us?"
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy frowns.
    Detective Kurosawa: "No... Which is why I'm talking with you guys now."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Well either it's friendly and we make a deal, or it's not and we kick its ass."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Of course..."
    Detective Kurosawa: "I need you to go out and gather Demons until each of you have one to call your own."
    "With any luck, that Demon will be of the same clan as the Demon Lord, and we can reach an easy arrangement."
    "If we're unlucky... Well, you'll have the firepower."
    Julia Takeshi: "What clan is that demon lord?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Let's start up a list, we need clothes, food, demons..."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Dibs on lucifer."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He pats his pockets.
    Detective Kurosawa: "I'm not sure." (Read haven't planned that far yet)
    Tommy Takeshi: "I'm not gonna waste time level grinding."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You can have him."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Anyone got some paper?"
    Tommy Takeshi: He stands, incensed.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "There should be some around here somewhere, it had offices after all."
    Hana Shiratori: "There must be some lying around here."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Every minute we waste, Bifrons gets stronger. We can't afford to throw away a day looking for pokemon."

    Hikaru Kuzunoha goes off to search
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "And what the hell are you gonna do, ah?"
    "Run in there, swinging you dick around?"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "So you're going to throw yourself at him powerless?"
    Vri: erl there's paper right?
    Tommy Takeshi: "We're plenty strong enough like this."
    Erl K. (GM): yes vri
    Tommy Takeshi: "We kicked Legion's ass. A lieutenant."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "...that'd be a sight"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I don't think we are."
    "Your sister almost died last night."
    Hana Shiratori: "Tommy, have you forgotten that night?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "..."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "The Detective almost died that night."
    Hana Shiratori: "That night when we..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "That's a yes…"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Those three officers DID die that night."

    Hikaru Kuzunoha waltzes back in and drops a stack in front of tets
    Hana Shiratori: "Biffons might be as strong as that."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Bastard…"
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Bam, I'm magical."
    Tommy Takeshi: He sits back down and sighs.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Listen, I'm right there with you."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Always a smart idea to win a fight before it even begins."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "People are in trouble, and some fucking shit-head demon FUCK, is sitting thinking he's hot shit."
    "He's got normal people, INNOCENT people."
    Julia Takeshi: "Bifrons is probably much stronger than Legion, just saying."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "People who don't deserve that shit."
    Hana Shiratori: "It's not like I couldn't understand your feelings." Hana said with a sigh of her own. "I just want to make sure we really have a chance of winning if we do it."
    Julia Takeshi: "If we go running in without a plan we're just going to die."
    "We might win, we might be strong enough to win, but at what price, Bro?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "If you wanna take down the Man," He smiles, "You need the power of the people, right?"
    Julia Takeshi: "How many of the people here would die?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "..."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "So let's round up a posse and run him outta town."
    "Ol' West-style."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Sounds like a plan."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Recon ho."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Well, I hope you all have fun."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo holds out his fist.
    Julia Takeshi: "I agree with Kurosawa, at the bare minimum each of us should have a demon to get a shot at this."
    Tommy Takeshi: Reluctantly, Tommy meets it with his own.

    Kazuma Ryumori fistbumps.
    Tommy Takeshi: "In that case."
    Alice: "Let's go, sis! I wanna see who wins when they play with each other!"
    "Besides... You're gonna play with them too, won't you?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Let's do recon on that other demon lord Kurosawa mentioned."
    "Chances are we'll run into demons of its Clan in its territory."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Well.. I guess I could use a change of clothes..."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Oh, Adaleiz."
    "You don't have to come with us. We just picked you off the street. Don't feel indebted or anything."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "...Who's the Master again?"
    Julia Takeshi: "Also, I know this sounds selfish but... we might want to scout the surroundings to see if we can find anyone we know..."
    Hana Shiratori: "I think that is normal, Julia."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "And hey, we can actually do that splitting up thing now."
    Yozora Shiranomi: "Well... Good luck on that guys. We'll be holding the front."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "If we're doing that we should divy up the healers and work out who stays on base defense."
    "Nm solved that issue."
    Tommy Takeshi: "If anyone stays, it should be someone with a demon."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Agreed."
    Tommy Takeshi: He perks up. "Julia, you got pretty beat up yesterday. Wanna take a break?"
    Detective Kurosawa: "I guess if you guys need me, I can come along with one team."
    Julia Takeshi: "Nahhh, I'm plenty fine now. It's kinda weird actually."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "the power of acquiring a young man."
    Hana Shiratori: "... Are you sure?" Hana asked, worried.
    Hane Kanzaki: "I can stay behind if you want someone to hold the fort."
    Tommy Takeshi: He deflates slightly. "Demon magic. Right."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "We'll be fine, sir. Besides, think of your daughter. She needs you more than we do."

    Tiana looks nervous.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Hane you have a healer."
    Tiana: "Um... I'm not sure I should go without Master..."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Course, demons stick with their buddies."
    Julia Takeshi: "I mean I got all burned up but I was fine later..."
    Tiana: "I mean, if what that bunny hag said is true, then I'll die if I'm not close to a COMP when I get killed!"
    "That's awful!"
    Julia Takeshi: "Right, we'll be keeping the demons with their masters."
    Hane Kanzaki: ""Hmmm..."
    Setanta: "Death would be most terrible indeed."
    Alice: "Death sounds like fun!"
    Julia Takeshi: "I guess we should let Kurosawa and Yozora hold the fort, and we can divide in two groups of four humans."
    "But first, what would each group do?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "One scouts Bifrons' territory, one scouts the other Demon Lords'."

    Adaleiz Kimura pats Alice.
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "A group to recon the surrounding territory and a group to go scout this lord?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "And we try to nab a demon of the Lords' Clan."
    Hane Kanzaki: "I guess I do have to come with, then."
    Tommy Takeshi: "...I don't like that word."
    "Talking about collecting demons like they're a new pair of pants or something."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I'll check out the other Lord."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Convince them of the righteousness of our cause."
    Tommy Takeshi: "This shit is why I stopped playing pokemon..."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Just think of it like shounen, FRIENDSHIP
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Or just the strength of our fists."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: ."*
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Sure it is…"
    Erl K. (GM): So
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Whatever works."

    Adaleiz Kimura sighs.
    Erl K. (GM): move your tokens until you have 2 teams
    if you are splitting up
    Kazuma Ryumori: Which team is which?"
    Adaleiz Kimura: (to be totally meta we should have an an offensive demon each team)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh yeah)
    Tommy Takeshi: "I'll investigate the other Lord. If I go to Bifrons' territory I might be too tempted to just rush the castle."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (one healer for each sounds good too)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Who's with me?"
    Julia Takeshi: "I guess I'll have to go with my bro."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Really, Kaz? I thought you didn't like me much."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I'll come with. But you realize this is a recruitment mission, right?"
    "We don't get along, true, but I know the value of these things."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'll go scope out Bifronzino's place then."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Aight."
    Hana Shiratori: "I'll come with you."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sounds good."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I'll go punch some of bifrons demons I guess."
    Julia Takeshi: (I think Hikaru and Julia should go on different teams cause they got a similar focus and similar offensive power)
    (that works)
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Each team having an offensive demon would make sense."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (that was my thought too)
    (but now we have no healer...)
    Erl K. (GM): (switch Hane and Hana)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Hane, you and Tiana should go with Tetsuo's team."
    Erl K. (GM): (or move Janx to Lord team)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Alright, book girl. Tommy's gonna teach you why literature is obsolete and music is the future."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You really need both…"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Raining Blood is shit!"
    Julia Takeshi: "What do you think inspired power metal, dummy?"
    Hana Shiratori: "Language, Tetsuo."
    Tommy Takeshi: "You. Me. Roof. Later."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "It's not shit. I just can't stand it."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Fight, fight, fight."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I hate it, but I will not judge it."
    Tommy Takeshi: "...alright. If anything happens, we're keeping in touch via COMP."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Well... Good luck guys. Remember to turn back the moment you're wounded."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sounds good, here, I'll test."
    Julia Takeshi: "Right, we should keep in contact."
    Detective Kurosawa: "Just come to the base and we'll heal you right up."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "If you start fighting, even the minotaur will be smarter than us, so do not fight."
    Erl K. (GM): From now on, you can always return to the base after a battle to rest fully, but that will automatically cause time to pass.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Oh right, Detective. That shop was selling Kevlar Vests. Don't you guy have any of those?"
    "Or is that like, JSDF stuff."
    Julia Takeshi: "Right, there are guns here, people who haven't got one could just grab one..."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [Test, might as well be serious]
    Tommy Takeshi: "And a baton would probably be better than this dented bat...'"
    Detective Kurosawa: "We do have a few... But not many in stock. Lots of cops running around with them a few days ago... Lots of dead cops lost on the street."

    Detective Kurosawa goes to check
    Detective Kurosawa: "...Yeah, we have one vest remaining."
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well we might be able to get it off their bodies."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Give it to Hane.
    Or Hana, actually.
    Detective Kurosawa: (Hane resists gun already lol)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Whoever doesn't want to get shot the most."
    Tommy Takeshi: "You guys hold onto it, then."
    "It's only the two of you and some cops here, right?"
    "If someone attacks, you'll need it."
    Julia Takeshi: (does our group have a healer?)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Me)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (you've got Drac)
    Detective Kurosawa: "...Thanks."
    Julia Takeshi: "Yeah, you guys will probably need it more, at least we can disengage if things go wrong)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (he's the regen guy)
    Julia Takeshi: (right)
    (how are u handling splitting up erl?)
    Erl K. (GM): And so, the teams split up.
    Kazuma Ryumori: (you can count on me.)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (maybe just a general city background, but a line splitting)
    Erl K. (GM): (split screen)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (might be a bit awkward if we both get into combat, but w/e)
    Hana Shiratori: (Maybe take turns?)
    Erl K. (GM): (we can do the combat simultaneously)
    (it doesn't really matter)
    ( I can only focus on one thing at once)
    (so probably better that way)
    oh right
    while I get working on a sheet
    Erl K. (GM): have this music
    Tommy Takeshi: (so erl we're in some kinda shrine-y woods-y old-y area right)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Anyway, if anything attacks us, I suppose Alice can just… uh… play… with them."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Alright, hold up."
    "Alice, you shouldn't be fighting. You're a kid."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "She's probably older than you, and she's stronger than all five of us put together."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz, she's a kid."
    "A thousand year old kid's still a kid."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "I don't believe social norms really have a place in this world now."
    Kazuma Ryumori: And she also got cut in half, but she didn't seem to mind.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Alice? What's your take?"
    Erl K. (GM): (busy atm
    Hikaru Kuzunoha: Sorry I was already tired and i've stayed up far to late I need to call it
    I'll be free all sunday though
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (g'night Vri)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (g'night)
    Hana Shiratori: (Nightie vri)
    Julia Takeshi: (back)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo sighs.
    "I hope my sister's alright."
    Julia Takeshi: "Man..." Julia cracked her neck. "I think that if that makes you feel any better, Alice can just attack from a distance."
    Hane Kanzaki: "Yeah, she was real nice..."
    Tommy Takeshi: "It does, actually."
    Julia Takeshi: "Either way, this big sis is gonna protect Alice."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "If only Alice were more into brothers… I'd feel a bit safer…"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I don't like talkin' about that stuff too much, and it's been awhile since we've really talked, but, I just want her to be okay."
    "I'm not the best brother in the world."
    "Or the best son."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "....."

    Adaleiz Kimura hugs Alice.
    Erl K. (GM): ok
    I'm done
    lemme test one thing
    Fallen Asuka attacked Dokkyo with a sword of pure darkness!
    Crit(DC90) 30
    Silence (vs 5) 19
    Hits 1d2
    Damage (Phys) 166
    Crit Damage 248
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (WORRY)
    Erl K. (GM): (wow ok damage op)
    Tommy Takeshi: >5
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Let's hope that thing doesn't attack us.)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (he'll probably be over here)
    (or her, I suppose)
    (Bifrons is a Fallen, I believe)
    Erl K. (GM):
    Fallen Asuka attacked Dokkyo with a sword of pure dark plumes!
    Crit(DC90) 48
    Silence (DC 60) 67
    Hits 2
    Damage (Phys) 117
    Crit Damage 167
    Fallen Asuka attacked Dokkyo with a sword of pure dark plumes!
    Crit(DC90) 76
    Silence (DC 60) 83
    Damage (Phys) 121
    Crit Damage 161
    that seems fine
    buckle up
    Erl K. (GM): cuz its SMT time
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (my body might be ready)

    XIV: Split Paths

    Erl K. (GM): ---PARTY ONE--- (Consisting of Tetsuo, Hane (and Tiana), Hikaru and Hana.)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (toot party party)
    Hana Shiratori: (We're party one, huzzah)
    Erl K. (GM): Hikaru's party advance through the city, looking for Demons.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (>Hikaru)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( > dead man )
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (orz)
    Hana Shiratori: (Ayy)
    (Sad there will be no snark between Tets and Hikaru)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's okay, Hane can pick up the slack)
    Erl K. (GM): The party wanders around, but despite crossing many streets the followers of Bifrons are nowhere to be found.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Wonder if we should be shaking a bag or something..."
    Erl K. (GM): It is not unsurprising, then, that the party would be caught off guard when a voice approached them.
    Sherah: "Looking for something, handsome?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (aw yis)
    Hana Shiratori: (gratz tets)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Oh, this'll be good.)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wait no Hana's here)
    Julia Takeshi: (I'm cheering for Hana)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (have to act carefully)
    Julia Takeshi: (go get the succubus, you devil girl)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ENGAGE COVERT OP)
    "Maybe, who's askin'?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: (be very, VERY careful.)
    Sherah: (also)
    (look at lilim)
    (doesn't she look a lot like hana)
    (wavy hair, blue, same eye color)

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto sweating
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (not IC ofc)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Oh god)
    Sherah: "Hmhmhm... Well, I guess I am."
    The demon approaches Tetsuo, sidling up to him and running her dainty fingers over his chest.
    Hana Shiratori: "..."
    Julia Takeshi: (MENACING)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo, with long experience in his current profession, doesn't react too much and smiles, although he feels a dark presence at his back.
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Hana is totally over you Tetsuo)
    Hane Kanzaki: She eyes the situation warily.
    Sherah: "You smell good, human... As if the Devil's own luck is around you..."

    Sherah licks her lips.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (incoming doom meteor)
    Hana Shiratori: "So, who might you be, miss?" Hana asked politely.
    Hane Kanzaki: [ Are all demons obsessed with smell? ]
    Hana Shiratori: Surpressing any dark thoughts she might have.
    Sherah: (They are obsessed with magnetite)
    "Hmm?" The demon girl cranes her neck to stare at the girl standing behind Tetsuo.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Must be the new cologne," He remarked idly, "I'm Tetsuo, and may I have the pleasure of your name?"
    Adaleiz Kimura: (hana and tet a thing?)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He smiled charmingly.
    Sherah: Her eyes twitch slightly, and then her smile widens.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (They got childhood friend flag)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (They were at the very beginning)
    (It's been getting less and less likely though.)
    Sherah: "Oh, I am Sherahette, a Lilim of the Night Clan... We are known for visiting men at night and showing them things out of this world."
    "You, human, though... Can call me Sherah~"
    Kazuma Ryumori: (PPPPPPFFFFTTTT!!!)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Tetsuo using that Host experience)
    Erl K. (GM): Before the situation can escalate to meteoric levels, however...
    Oni: "Thar she is!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: (What is he a whaler?)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's a bit earlier to use the proper turn of phrase)
    (hurr hurr)
    Oni: "Oi, ya bitch! Ye drained my Magnetite out, but ye didn't even return the favor after ye said ye would!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ah?"
    Sherah: "Ahhh!" Sherah quivers at the intimidating cry of the Oni.
    Hana Shiratori: "Demons...!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo notes the Oni's words carefully, but steps up.
    Sherah: "Help me, Tetsuo! These brutes want to use my body like a blow-up doll!"
    Oni: "We want to wha-"
    Hane Kanzaki: "That's something I didn't expect to hear today."
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Like you don't want to use his in a similar way…)
    Sherah: "They want to grip me by the ears like they were handlebars, and take out their meaty co-"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "-ntrollers, and play video games, all night long."
    Centaur: "ENOUGH! Foul harlot, you will repent for stealing from Bifrons' treasure!"
    Hana Shiratori: "Biffron's... treasure?"
    Sherah: "He means Magnetite, obviously."
    "I can't help it, okay? A girl's gotta feed..."
    Julia Takeshi: ('treasure')
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Lady knows what she wants."
    Julia Takeshi: (brb)
    Sherah: "Huhuhu... I like you."
    Erl K. (GM): It's a fight!
    ---PARTY TWO--- (Consisting of Kazuma, Tommy, Julia (and Setanta), Adaleiz and Alice)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Anyway... So, you guys workin' for Bifrons? Great! We've got a special offer."
    Kazuma Ryumori: (I suddenly wish I were in Party One)
    Erl K. (GM): Tommy's party advance through the mountain grove, inspecting the surroundings of the mysterious shrine.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wish vri was here ;_
    Kazuma Ryumori: "No you don't. He'd rip you apart.)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Man, this is like the grandparents' place."
    "All peaceful and nature-y and shit."
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Your relationship with Hana would be history)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Yeah but I have no one to banter with)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (you have me. In spirit)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( okay i can play the sexual harassment game )
    Tommy Takeshi: He snaps a picture with his COMP and mails it to Tetsuo: [GETTING MAD LEAVES ALL OVER ME U JELLY YET]
    Dokkyo: "Hmm? Humans?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Huh?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Eh?"
    Dokkyo: From the bushes, a Demon emerges!
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Eek!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Yo!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo quickly slides his COMP in Sherah's direction and takes a picture, sending it without comment.
    Tommy Takeshi: He waves.
    Dokkyo: "Wow... It's really humans! The first I've seen since I got here!"
    "Hmm... A little shabby, but..."
    Adaleiz Kimura: "...."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Holy shit! Takeshi!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Hey! Got a moment?"
    Dokkyo: The Demon bumps a fist with her palm.
    "Alright, I can feel it! You guys are Summoners, aren't you?"
    She puffs up her chest.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Yeah."
    Dokkyo: "I'll give one of you the incredible privilege of being my Master!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Why?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Sweet!"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Pass"
    Tommy Takeshi: He hands her a printout.
    "We're recruiting!"
    Dokkyo: "Bifrons? Who's this?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "A jackass!"
    "We're gonna go beat him up!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [Remind me to get working on those membership cards]
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Whoa, when'd you make that? Not bad!"
    Hane Kanzaki: ( why am i not here to insult this graphical piece of shit )
    Tommy Takeshi: "About five minutes on a police computer," he says proudly. "I did all the posters for my band in high school."
    Dokkyo: "Hmm... I don't really get it, but if that's the kind of thing my Master's gonna run around doing, it's my duty as their wife to help them out!"
    Tommy Takeshi: Not that they'd ever been popular...
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I mean, it's nothing special, but it works."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (gwahaha)
    Tommy Takeshi: He ever-so-subtly steps behind Kazuma.

    Dokkyo circles around Kazuma.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (GWAHAHA)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Uh..."

    Dokkyo sniffs Tommy
    Hana Shiratori: (kazuma got a waifu)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Hey, I dunno how to say, this, but-."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (but he's already got a GIRLFRIEND)
    Fallen Asuka: "...Foolish."
    Tommy Takeshi: He glances at Julia and silently begs for help.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh hey i was wrong)
    Julia Takeshi: (back)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You have a cute girl with tails admiring you Tommy, do NOT mess this up… I would give anything to be in your position right now!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz."
    "Shut your trap."
    Fallen Asuka: "So... You are the ones..."
    Tommy Takeshi: ""
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Uh oh…)
    Fallen Asuka: "The ones who have been attacking my Lord!"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "I think foxwaifus are the least of our problems"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Oh! Hey!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wuh oh)
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy waves the poster.
    Erl K. (GM): Sensing a terrible energy, the party dives for cover!
    Tommy Takeshi: "Wait-!"
    Erl K. (GM):
    Fallen Asuka used Maragi! The battlefield was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
    Burn (DC75) 40
    Damage (Fire) 73
    Tommy Takeshi: "WHOA-!?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Okay, I was almost cooked, that wasn't fun…"
    Julia Takeshi: "Uh, Tommy... I don't think he liked your poster._
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (or is it she)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (She)
    "Who are you?"
    Fallen Asuka: "Hear me, enemies of Lord Bifrons. Mine given name is Asuka, and mine true name is Fallen, for the Clan blood that flows through my veins."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Oh, must be one of those minion types)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Your what-!?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, I don't give a damn who you are. You tried to hurt my friends. You're a problem."
    Julia Takeshi: "Hear me, bitch of Bifrons. Mine given name is Julia, and mine true name is FIST, because that's what is going to end up imprinted on your face!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Whoa wait, wait-!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (FIST JULIA)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Alright, lady, just chillax for a sec."
    Fallen Asuka: The expression of the Human Vassal darkens.
    Tommy Takeshi: "Have you considered..."
    "NOT serving Bifrons?"
    Julia Takeshi: "fuck that, she tried to burn us alive."

    Fallen Asuka laughs.
    Tommy Takeshi: "I mean, he's a dick."
    Julia Takeshi: "She doesn't seem like she'll be open to reason."
    Fallen Asuka: "Why would I NOT serve him?"
    "Look at the power of he has given me! My soul! My blood! My very heart beat with the power of Demons!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Okay! Okay! Good question!"
    "Fair point!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "She's beyond reasoning with. She's sold her soul."
    Fallen Asuka: "His will is my will!"
    Julia Takeshi: "Because you're now looking edgier than the new Power Ranger movie?"
    Fallen Asuka: "His enemies are my own!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Counter offer-!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "She doesn't have any free will."
    Julia Takeshi: "Hah. Want power?"
    "Want superpowers?"
    Tommy Takeshi: "The power of METAL!"

    Adaleiz Kimura puts her glasses in her coat pocket.
    Julia Takeshi: "Maybe I should show you some superpowers."
    Fallen Asuka: "And you, who interfere in his grand plan, are nothing but nuisances!"
    Adaleiz Kimura: "i guess its time to play"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (TIME TO PLAY THE GAME)
    Alice: "Hmhmhm... This'll be fun."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "So, Asuka, I'd run. Fast."
    Julia Takeshi: "I will show you what true fear looks like!"
    Dokkyo: "I-I'll help! I don't like this woman!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I wasn't planning on sparing you," Kazuma says, "But Alice probably won't leave you in recognizable pieces."
    Erl K. (GM): It's a fight!
    Tommy Takeshi: "It might be dangerous. Get behind us."
    Erl K. (GM): Calculating turn order...
    Kazuma Ryumori
    Tommy Takeshi
    Hana Shiratori
    Julia Takeshi
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto
    Hane Kanzaki
    Hikaru Kuzunoha
    Adaleiz Kimura
    Adaleiz Kimura: (alice doesnt have init?)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (this thing is weird)
    Julia Takeshi
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto
    Kazuma Ryumori
    Hikaru Kuzunoha
    Hana Shiratori
    Hane Kanzaki
    Adaleiz Kimura
    Tommy Takeshi
    Erl K. (GM): Oops Im doing things
    Tommy Takeshi: "Okay, okay," he's still not mentally prepared to the fight. "How about-?"
    Kazuma Ryumori
    Tommy Takeshi
    Hana Shiratori
    Julia Takeshi
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto
    Hane Kanzaki
    Hikaru Kuzunoha
    Adaleiz Kimura
    Erl K. (GM): ok
    rolling 1d20
    = 3
    Alright, now we can begin.
    (Asuka acts twice per round)
    ( So I had to add another turn for her)
    Erl K. (GM): (manually)
    Adaleiz Kimura: (i think it ate alice's turn)
    Fallen Asuka: (I ate it)
    (Alice wont do anything in the fight)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (you need more gym badges, janx!)
    Fallen Asuka: "Humans, you cannot even begin to comprehend the power of my lord..."
    Draconic: "We kicked Legion's multiple asses."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Come on now, he can't be half as scary as Chernobog-."
    Fallen Asuka: "Become Ashes!"
    Fallen Asuka used Agi! Tommy Takeshi was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
    Burn (DC75) 95
    Damage (Fire) 65
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You look like piecemeal compared to that."
    Tommy Takeshi: "WHOOOOOO--AAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (and now tommy is on fire)
    Tommy Takeshi: He staggers backwards.
    Fallen Asuka: (Tommy will suffer 10 damage on every of his turns.)
    Julia Takeshi: "Oh shut up, stop bragging about your shitlo- SON OF A BITCH I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH YOUR OWN FUCKING SKUULL!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Get the hell away from him, you bitch!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (good thing we bought some burn heal)
    Erl K. (GM): Party one, Tiana's turn
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Incidentally, I didn't know you watched, Red vs. Blue, Julia."
    Julia Takeshi: (Erl, what did Tarukaja do?)
    Julia Takeshi: "Blue vs wha-?"
    Erl K. (GM): (attack up for whole party)
    Tommy Takeshi: (i've got the attack up and defense down skills)
    (you just worry about punching)
    Julia Takeshi: (k we'll do a double buff on first round)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Katie)
    Tommy Takeshi: (do the skills stack?)
    Julia Takeshi: (to maximize ass-kicking)
    (iirc they stack up to 3 in SMT games)
    Erl K. (GM): KATIE U HERE
    Tommy Takeshi: (no i mean can i use it 3 times in a row)
    Hana Shiratori: (erl what does halley do)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (takes away defense)
    Erl K. (GM): (Almighty damage and DEF down to an enemy species)
    Hana Shiratori: (an enemy species?)
    Erl K. (GM): (I couldn't code individual buffs for mooks)
    (It judges them based on the character ID)
    (not tokens)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i think katie's gone)
    Erl K. (GM): well
    Erl K. (GM): Yeah
    I'll act for him instead
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (fug)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( back )
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ok nvm
    Hane Kanzaki: ( sorry mom called me )
    Erl K. (GM): NVM
    Hana Shiratori: (speak of the devil)
    Tommy Takeshi: (kt how was my photoshop)
    Erl K. (GM): (oh right)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( do we know the weaknesses on the oni btw )
    Tommy Takeshi: (i worked very hard on it for 3 minutes)
    Erl K. (GM): (fair warning Janx)
    Hane Kanzaki: (blob pls )
    Kazuma Ryumori: (you're up KT)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (they're strong to Phys iirc)
    Tommy Takeshi: (no thats janx)
    Erl K. (GM): (Asuka Nulls Dark and is immune to instant death)
    Tommy Takeshi: (kt is hane)
    Kazuma Ryumori: Tiana is also KT
    Tommy Takeshi: (oh, unless we're doing both fights at once)
    Adaleiz Kimura: (oh, sadface)
    Tiana used Zan! Oni was blasted by a whirlwind!
    Damage (Wind) 46
    Erl K. (GM): which oni was it
    wasnt looking
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (remember to ruler)
    Tiana: ( the one in front )
    Julia Takeshi: (we have no idea of what Adaleiz can do btw)
    Erl K. (GM): oh maybe this was too much HP
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (she's got mudo)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( jesus erl )
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh boy)
    Tommy Takeshi: (lol janx you went to the wrong fight)
    Adaleiz Kimura: (apparently)
    Julia Takeshi: (do you have anything else Janx?)
    Adaleiz Kimura: (im a minion slaughter, not a boss killer)
    ( i have more insta-death, and some zappy thing)
    Julia Takeshi: (we can't see your sheet for some reason)
    (I guess u'll have to zio ur way through)
    Erl K. (GM): Ur turn Janx)
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Blah blah blah...Zio"
    Erl K. (GM): (Why cant you see Janx sheet)
    Adaleiz Kimura:
    Adaleiz Kimura used Zio! Fallen Asuka was shocked by falling lightning!
    Shock (DC80) 13
    Damage (Elec) 57
    Erl K. (GM): (I just showed it)
    Adaleiz Kimura: (my spells arent on my sheet)
    Julia Takeshi: (oh nvm)
    Erl K. (GM): Morm
    ur turn
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (yep)
    (alright then, uh)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( morm pray we can kill these in a reasonable amount of time )
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (this is kind of a bad match-up lol)
    Julia Takeshi: (we're so going to get our shit kicked by Asuka)
    Erl K. (GM): (go for the centaurs then)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Hey, you've got me)
    Tommy Takeshi: (kaz pls heal)
    (be my healslut forever)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo swings around to the side, going for the softer target of the centaurs in the back, praying in the back of his mind to NOT. MISS.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I don't even need to do anything for that to happen."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (pls no missorino)
    Erl K. (GM): JUST DO IT
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto:
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Centaur!
    Hit (DC50) 63
    Crit(DC25) 79
    Damage (Phys) 62
    Crit Damage 98
    HP Cost 11
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i deed it)
    Erl K. (GM): a singular strike!
    Julia Takeshi: (Its more an issue of dealing v little damage lol, going by the hp bar this bitch got a solid 1k)
    Erl K. (GM): (the damage will climb up once you debuff her
    Kazuma Ryumori: (I don't have any debuffs)
    Tommy Takeshi: (i am the debuff, it is me)
    Erl K. (GM): waiting on kt.jpg
    Hane Kanzaki:
    Hane Kanzaki used Bufu! Oni was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
    Freeze (DC80) 102
    Damage (Ice) 80
    Adaleiz Kimura: (i have the best debuff)
    Erl K. (GM): damn
    Adaleiz Kimura: (sadly she's immune)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( i am furiously clicking )
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (good shot)
    Erl K. (GM): 120
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Oh, then healing you is the order of the day after all)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (weak to ice then)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( SPAM BLIZZARD IT IS )
    Sherah: "Can't we just get along?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (remember to have fairy use Zan, it does additional damage)
    Sherah used Marin Karin! Attempted to dominate Oni!
    Charm (DC60) 103
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Blizzaga saga!)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (here comes marin karin)
    Hane Kanzaki: She sighs in relief when she realizes she froze it solid.
    Tommy Takeshi: (MARIN)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (MARIN FUCKIN KARIN)
    Tommy Takeshi: (FUCKING)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( jesus )
    Tommy Takeshi: (KARIN)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (figured, with null charm)
    Hana Shiratori: (MIND CONTROL)
    Kazuma Ryumori: [SWEET! That NEVER works in the real games!]
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (he got distracted by the sex)
    Kazuma Ryumori:
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 16
    Tommy Takeshi: (kaz she will oneshot me)
    Sherah: that was a free action Kaz
    Erl K. (GM): that was a free action*
    You press Regen at the beginning of every turn
    no matter what
    Then you do whatever

    Kazuma Ryumori used Dia! Tommy Takeshi was healed!
    HP restored 100
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (well ok)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( overheal boys )
    Hana Shiratori: (I guess I'll attack the centaurs )
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (you could finish off the oni up front)
    Erl K. (GM): use ruler pls
    Hana Shiratori: (Isn't he mind-controlled)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (no, pink dot is)
    (blue is froze)
    Hana Shiratori: (ah)
    Erl K. (GM): pink dot is MC
    Hana Shiratori: (kk)
    Erl K. (GM): blue is freeze
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I also have Zan, btw)
    Hana Shiratori:
    Hana Shiratori used Halley! A small heavenly fragment strikes Oni, burning away their defenses!
    Damage (Almighty) 81
    Enemy Def -1
    Erl K. (GM): 121.5
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ded)
    Hana Shiratori: (definitely ded)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (almighty v strong)
    Erl K. (GM): RacingeR
    Come on
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (she's doinge it!)
    Julia Takeshi: "Die painfully." She spits as she just walks towards Asuka, projecting a massive aura of aggressivity and then just straight up punching her in the face with all her might.
    Julia Takeshi cleaved Fallen Asuka with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 56
    Damage (Phys) 83
    Crit Damage 127
    HP Cost 17
    Adaleiz Kimura: "How manly"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "You set her brother on fire. You're dead."
    Julia Takeshi: "Fuck you."
    Erl K. (GM):
    Centaur decreased every foe's defense!
    Defense Down 1
    Tommy Takeshi: "AHASHAFDOIHAFD"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (can't someone use that burn heal on him)
    Erl K. (GM):
    Centaur released a volley of sharp energy needles at Sherah!
    Crit(DC90) 58
    Damage (Gun) 60
    Crit Damage 93
    HP Cost 14
    Oni cleaved Centaur with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 73
    Damage (Phys) 60
    Crit Damage 77
    HP Cost 19
    M A R I N
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey. dude, I'm standing in front of you for a reason. And stop screaming in my ear!""
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (K A R I N)
    Erl K. (GM):
    Hikaru Kuzunoha is pushing his body to its limits!
    Overlimit ON
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (hikaru time)
    Erl K. (GM):
    Hikaru Kuzunoha invoked the Chariot's power and pummeled Oni with lightning-fast blows!
    Crit(DC90) 29
    Damage (Phys) 66
    Hits 1
    Crit Damage 97
    HP Cost 30
    Hana Shiratori: (ooooh)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (pffff)
    Hana Shiratori: (lol)
    Tommy Takeshi: (whiff)
    Erl K. (GM): Race
    Do u control Setanta
    Or do u want me to take care of it?
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Mass Destruction meme failed)
    Julia Takeshi: (I'll do it)
    Setanta boosted every ally's attack!
    Attack Up 1
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (man that Sherah/Hana resemblance is spooking me)
    Fallen Asuka: "Despair, those who have raised their hand against Lord Bifrons..."
    Hane Kanzaki: ( much spook )
    Fallen Asuka:
    Fallen Asuka attacked Julia Takeshi with a sword of pure dark plumes!
    Crit(DC90) 59
    Silence (DC 60) 76
    Damage (Phys) 109
    Crit Damage 165
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ow)
    Fallen Asuka: 54.5
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (not so much ow)
    Tommy Takeshi: (julia has that good of a phys resist???)
    (i thought it was only 20%)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( resist is always 50% )
    Erl K. (GM): Oh it was 20%?
    Hane Kanzaki: ( wait )
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (pff)
    Tommy Takeshi: (you said there were soft and hard resists)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( not even our gm knows )
    Erl K. (GM): (no its Resist Phys)
    Tommy Takeshi: (but im not sure which she has)
    Erl K. (GM): She takes half damage
    Draconic: "Hey, Asuka, my friend looks surprisingly alive for a dead girl."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (we just don't know)
    Fallen Asuka: Oops
    Erl K. (GM): I clicked twice
    Draconic: "Maybe you're just pathetic?"
    Erl K. (GM): Its your turn tommy
    Tommy Takeshi: "Urgh....."
    Tommy focuses his spirit for a moment, and shuts out the pain.
    Julia Takeshi: "Is that all?" Julia spits blood. "That all? I'VE TAKEN BIGGER HITS FROM SHITTY THUGS, BITCH!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (doesn't she know you always shoot the medic)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Hey... demon lady... you might wanna hide... cus this is gonna get pretty fuckin' metal."
    Julia Takeshi: (uuuhh drac, looking at your HP)
    Tommy Takeshi:
    Tommy Takeshi debilitated Fallen Asuka's defenses!
    Defense Down -1
    Julia Takeshi: (You might uh, want to step off the frontlines)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Tommy gained the status [Ninja Immune])
    Draconic: I can't be 1-hitted.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's true)
    Dokkyo: "Hang on, everyone!"
    Dokkyo boosted every ally's defense!
    Defense Up 1
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (b u f f b o i s)
    Julia Takeshi: (btw, silence means I can only use ultimate hit right?)
    (and shoot)
    Dokkyo: (yes)
    Tommy Takeshi: (and no battle cries ;-
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (rip)
    Oni cleaved Tetsuo Yoshimoto with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 52
    Damage (Phys) 68
    Crit Damage 104
    HP Cost 19
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hurf!"
    Oni boosted every ally's attack!
    Attack Up 1
    Hane Kanzaki: ( not like this )
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo staggers back and doubles over, gagging.
    Fallen Asuka: "You think your cooperation gives you strength... But the power of my Lord is stronger!"
    Fallen Asuka decreased every foe's stats!
    Stat Down 1
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Do you really need to give yourself the constant pep talk?"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Your lord is weak, and you're a helpless little girl."
    Hane Kanzaki: ( heal you morm? )
    Adaleiz Kimura: "That's pretty savage coming from you"
    Julia Takeshi: "Oh, just shut up, bitch"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (may as well)
    Tommy Takeshi: (shhhh)
    (silence means no talky)
    Hane Kanzaki:
    Tiana used Dia! Tetsuo Yoshimoto was healed!
    HP restored 84
    Kazuma Ryumori: "She's getting on my nerves too…"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ah, hm)
    Hane Kanzaki: "Don't die on me, yet!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (forgot about crit-heals for a minute)

    Adaleiz Kimura sighs.
    Adaleiz Kimura: "Zio"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's fine)
    Adaleiz Kimura:
    Adaleiz Kimura used Zio! Fallen Asuka was shocked by falling lightning!
    Shock (DC80) 56
    Damage (Elec) 58
    Kazuma Ryumori: Also, she set one of my friends on fire!
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Just like back in High School!"
    Adaleiz Kimura: (is the dc for zapping stuff supposed to be as high as insta-kill?)
    Fallen Asuka: (zapping is a paralyze)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh it me)
    "Arright, let's keep at it!"
    "Tch, gettin' in the way?"
    Julia Takeshi: (what does heat wave do erl)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fine, I'll smack ya down!"
    Erl K. (GM): Phys damage to an area
    instead of single foe
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto:
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Oni!
    Hit (DC50) 48
    Crit(DC25) 26
    Damage (Phys) 71
    Crit Damage 98
    HP Cost 11
    (every time)
    Erl K. (GM): (how quickly the tide turns)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's always by like two)
    Julia Takeshi: (I think that lunge needs a better hit chance)
    Hane Kanzaki:
    Hane Kanzaki used Bufu! Oni was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
    Freeze (DC80) 70
    Damage (Ice) 85
    Erl K. (GM): 127.5
    Hane Kanzaki: ( just a bit short on the freze )
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (if i hit him, he'd be dead...)
    (womp womp)
    Sherah: "Muah~"
    Sherah used Marin Karin! Attempted to dominate Oni!
    Charm (DC60) 59
    Kazuma Ryumori: (AWW!!!)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (my luck is contagious)
    (clearly meant to be)
    Tommy Takeshi: (do i debuff more or start shooting)
    Hana Shiratori: (that was close)
    Kazuma Ryumori:
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 17
    Erl K. (GM): (she'll counter buffs with debilitate
    Julia Takeshi: (given bitch debuffed our stats, I'd say to debuff her more)
    Erl K. (GM): (so debuffing to -3 her defense is the best choice)
    Kazuma Ryumori: What's Sol?
    Erl K. (GM): Sol deals Medium Light/Fire damage
    and ups your atk
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (praise that sun)
    Tommy Takeshi: (shes prolly weak to light)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey, Asuki, or whatever your name is? How much do you want to bet that I could reduce Biffy to a snivelling little girl with my little finger?"
    Kazuma Ryumori used Sol! Fallen Asuka was smote by the power of the Sun!
    Burn (DC50) 27
    Damage (Fire/Light) 103
    Own Atk Up +1
    Julia Takeshi: "That line was horrible, dude."
    Kazuma Ryumori: (But it's sure to provoke her…)
    Julia Takeshi: (who is Biffy even)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i-i don't know)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (She's obsessed with Bifrons)
    Erl K. (GM): 154.5
    Julia Takeshi: (oh)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (big damage)

    Fallen Asuka turns to stare at Kazuma.
    Kazuma Ryumori: So I gave him a cutesy nickname to piss her off.
    Tommy Takeshi: (also, heal us)
    Fallen Asuka:
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 24
    Tommy Takeshi: (lol burn countered)
    Julia Takeshi: (he already had rolled the regen)
    Kazuma Ryumori: I already used Regen.
    Hana Shiratori: "Tetsuo, try to not be so reckless."
    Fallen Asuka: (oh)
    Tommy Takeshi: (oops)
    Fallen Asuka: (well you regen'd more now)
    Julia Takeshi: (not complaining lol)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Bah, a man's gotta go all out!"
    Hana Shiratori:
    Hana Shiratori used Bufu! Oni was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
    Freeze (DC80) 41
    Damage (Ice) 76
    Fallen Asuka: (I like how party 1 is having fun)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Even if it's counterproductive!"
    Fallen Asuka: (meanwhile party 2)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Especially then!"
    "But yes you're probably right."
    Fallen Asuka: 114
    Adaleiz Kimura: (i should prob go to sleep)
    Hana Shiratori: "We're a party after all, so don't take it all upon yourself."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Party 2 has menacing boss music)
    Julia Takeshi: Julia flips the bird at Asuka, then pimpslaps her across the face.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (we're over here jamming to mass destruction)
    Julia Takeshi:
    Julia Takeshi attacked Fallen Asuka with a pair of brass knuckles, surging with unstoppable power!
    Damage (Almighty) 64
    Hane Kanzaki: "She has a point, you know, we all gotta take turns crushing them."
    Fallen Asuka:
    Centaur decreased every foe's defense!
    Defense Down 1
    Julia Takeshi: (Erl are you sure the debuff is having any effect?)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tch, this might sting.)
    Kazuma Ryumori: Not good)
    Julia Takeshi: (because we're basically hitting the same amount of damage)
    (Erl are you sure the debuff is having any effect?)
    (it definitely is)
    Hana Shiratori: (Erl does my bufu not kill the oni)
    Fallen Asuka: (I can check out the rolls if you're worried)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it should)
    Fallen Asuka: (it has 19 HP hana)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (o-oh)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (so he's gone)
    Fallen Asuka:
    Centaur used Bufu! Tetsuo Yoshimoto was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
    Freeze (DC80) 8
    Damage (Ice) 44
    Oni attacked Centaur with his glaive!
    Damage (Phys) 57
    Adaleiz Kimura: (night folks)
    Tommy Takeshi: (bye)
    Fallen Asuka:
    Hikaru Kuzunoha cleaved Oni with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 33
    Damage (Phys) 123
    Crit Damage 201
    HP Cost 14
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hooh, freezer b-b-burn..."
    Hana Shiratori: (night janx)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (G'night)
    Fallen Asuka: (Setanta goes first)
    Julia Takeshi: (was gonna say)
    (fuck it bugged out)
    Setanta cleaved Fallen Asuka with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 10
    Damage (Phys) 71
    Crit Damage 105
    HP Cost 16
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Tommy's red part is now fire, btw)
    Fallen Asuka: "Death to those who bear the power of Light!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh noo)
    Fallen Asuka: Asuka's black wings suddenly spread and she rises into the air, diving for the the back of the party!
    Fallen Asuka attacked Kazuma Ryumori with a sword of pure dark plumes!
    Crit(DC90) 109
    Silence (DC 60) 68
    Damage (Phys) 117
    Crit Damage 176
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh jeez)
    Tommy Takeshi: (WAT)
    Julia Takeshi: (I told you bro)
    Tommy Takeshi: (IS THAT SINGLE DIGIT HP)
    Julia Takeshi: (I told you dog)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Rrrrgh-!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (he's got 1 HP)
    Hana Shiratori: (wow)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (because he has endure)
    (otherwise one shot)
    Julia Takeshi: (he got one-shotted)
    Fallen Asuka: (I recommend)
    (an item)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( gotta brb )
    Kazuma Ryumori: "HAH! That all you got" Kazuma staggers. backwards. Maybe it hadn't been a good idea to provoke her… but he did what he set out to do: He distracted her from Takeshi.
    Fallen Asuka: (actually dont)
    Tommy Takeshi: Kaz is near death. Kaz, that stupid, creepy, awkward dumbass, is hanging on by a shred of life.
    Fallen Asuka: (I think u might be screwed)
    Tommy Takeshi: Rage.
    Julia Takeshi: (yeah we're fucked)
    Tommy Takeshi: (if this was dnd I'd go for a grapple lol)
    Julia Takeshi: (we're better off using a bead on him if he croaks)

    Alice frowns.
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy lunges forward, jamming his gun into the strange girl's stomach, and pulls the trigger.
    Julia Takeshi: (but again, bitch has like 1k hp and we're hitting on the sixties)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Don't… worry about me!"
    Julia Takeshi: (I think)
    (you went overboard)
    Tommy Takeshi:
    Tommy Takeshi shot Fallen Asuka with a 9mm handgun!
    Damage (Gun) 64
    Julia Takeshi: (especially since she's slapping me for like one third of my HP)
    Tommy Takeshi: "FUCK. OFF."
    Dokkyo boosted every ally's defense!
    Defense Up 1
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Beat her down…! If she knocks me out, then just fix me up later…"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Stop drawing attention to yourself…"

    Julia Takeshi makes rudes gestures on Asuka's direction
    Tommy Takeshi: "I WON'T!"
    Oni cleaved Oni with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 53
    Damage (Phys) 68
    Crit Damage 104
    HP Cost 19
    Tommy Takeshi: "ME!"
    Julia Takeshi: (for the record one third of my hp is like the entire hp bar for most people here)
    (I think)
    Fallen Asuka: "And now-"

    [There was an attempted mercy by our GM here that has been erased from time.]

    Fallen Asuka:
    Fallen Asuka used Maragi! The battlefield was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
    Burn (DC75) 35
    Damage (Fire) 69
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (rip kazuma)
    Julia Takeshi: (cause as is this fight is unwinnable)
    Tommy Takeshi: (pls)
    (what happened to tommy provoking her)
    Fallen Asuka: (she used AoE)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (well she hit him, didn't she)
    Fallen Asuka: (she's allowed to do that)
    Tommy Takeshi: (awwwwww)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (she's also salty as hell at light damage)
    Tommy Takeshi: (well, pop the bead)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (hey you've got a res bead.)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (KazumaDiesToUnfittingMusic.mp4)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (lol)
    Erl K. (GM): (yeah)
    (I think the problem is that this boss)
    Tommy Takeshi: (wait, erl)
    Erl K. (GM): (was meant for full party)
    (and not for 4)
    Tommy Takeshi: (you said)
    (a demon lives in a COMP right)
    (so can it be transmitted from one to the other)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( skip me i am busy atm )
    Erl K. (GM): (huh...)
    Tommy Takeshi: (pls give fairy)
    Erl K. (GM): (It can)
    Julia Takeshi: (I guess it'd make more sense for full party)
    (but as is it ain't mathematically possible)
    Erl K. (GM): (well if you guys lose)
    Tommy Takeshi: (we can win)
    (if we can get tiana here)
    Erl K. (GM): (then think of this as your obligatory scripted loss)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Wait where'd that fairy go?"
    Julia Takeshi: (I'm not satisfied with an obligatory loss after I mouthed off like that tbh lol)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Between me and Julia we can win)
    Tommy Takeshi: (same, im gonna win out of pure salt)
    Erl K. (GM): Using the COMP, Tommy transfers Tiana to his group!
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Did those assholes over there steal her?"
    Hana Shiratori: "Tiana, where are you...?"
    Erl K. (GM): (well then what do you want race)
    (you wont let me change the HP)
    Julia Takeshi: (idk)
    Tommy Takeshi: (we're gonna WIN)
    Julia Takeshi: (lets see how this goes)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fucking Tommy, he would grief like this."
    Tommy Takeshi: (THAT'S WHAT)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (could use a rez)
    Julia Takeshi: (I mean, I'd say to change her total hp to something rational, not just gm cop-out reduce it because alice saving us is just as bad lol)
    Erl K. (GM): (I dont get it, I try to make something smt level hard and then people shit on me, try to make it too easy and they say its way too easy)
    Julia Takeshi: (this isn't SMT hard)
    Tommy Takeshi: (no, you dont need to change anything)
    (we can win this fight at this level of difficulty)
    Julia Takeshi: (this is- blargh lets just continue)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i'm having a fine time over here)
    Kazuma Ryumori: Seconded!
    Let's GO!
    Erl K. (GM): (who do I heal)
    (You're in command blobs)
    Tommy Takeshi: (can you cure silence??)
    Erl K. (GM): (yes)
    Tommy Takeshi: (do it)
    Erl K. (GM):
    Tiana used Amrita!
    All ally status ailments removed
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Me next and I'll do another 130)
    Julia Takeshi: (*him)
    Tommy Takeshi: "GAHAHAH!" He's mad with pain and anger.
    Erl K. (GM): (actually)
    Julia Takeshi: (rip you lose the turn unless Adaleiz uses the bead)
    Erl K. (GM): (you're going to skip your turn)
    (you're dead right now)
    (and your turn is in 4 steps)
    Julia Takeshi: (unless Adaleiz uses the bead to rez)
    Erl K. (GM): (ohwait)
    (use the item janx)
    Julia Takeshi: (which she should cause she can't do jack with Zio tbh)
    Tommy Takeshi: (he left )
    Julia Takeshi: (Janx is gone)
    Tommy Takeshi: (you have her drag him out of the way and bead up)

    Adaleiz Kimura uses Revival Bead!
    Adaleiz Kimura: 89.5
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Sorry about that guys… but you have to admit, It bought you some time…"
    Erl K. (GM): (also kazuma)
    Julia Takeshi: "It didn't"
    Erl K. (GM): (get the hell out of her range)
    Tommy Takeshi: (setanta can tank)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Alright, let's go for a synchronized attack."
    Erl K. (GM): (now that people know she can fly they can stop her from doing it)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Big guy here is friendly for the minute, so let's squash his friend."
    (should I YOLO or safe)
    Erl K. (GM): always YOLO
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (thinking YOLO)
    Hana Shiratori: (safe)
    (Hana always recommend safe)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (420 YOLO$WAG IT IS)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Oni!
    Hit (DC50) 83
    Crit(DC25) 91
    Damage (Phys) 66
    Crit Damage 116
    HP Cost 11
    and it's good
    Erl K. (GM): 58
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (does my crit damage come from inflicted or totaled at the end)
    Hana Shiratori: (oooooh)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (crit heal that is)
    Erl K. (GM):
    Hane Kanzaki used Flamberge! Centaur was set ablaze and cleaved in twain by a blade of elemental rage!
    Crit(DC90) 58
    Burn (DC50) 28
    Damage (Phys/Fire) 118
    Crit Damage 180
    HP Cost 23
    Tommy Takeshi: (kaz, i recommend self-heal)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (sry)
    Tommy Takeshi: (also, the real OP is)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (emasculation station that's the place to be~)
    Tommy Takeshi: (this boss will never run out of mp)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Retreat, regen, then Sol)
    Erl K. (GM):
    Sherah used Zio! Centaur was shocked by falling lightning!
    Shock (DC80) 45
    Damage (Elec) 53
    Tommy Takeshi: (retreat behind setanta)
    (and heal to fuck)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (HEAL TO FUCK)
    Erl K. (GM):
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 22
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 20
    Tommy Takeshi: (more back)
    Kazuma Ryumori:
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 17
    Julia Takeshi: "Adaleiz, you should call the other group for reinforcements!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "Tiana is... our reinforcements..."
    Kazuma Ryumori:
    Kazuma Ryumori used Sol! Fallen Asuka was smote by the power of the Sun!
    Burn (DC50) 62
    Damage (Fire/Light) 96
    Own Atk Up +1
    Julia Takeshi: "We need more."
    Tommy Takeshi: (OH, THE BURN)
    (but wait no why now you'll get oneshotted again)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it keeps happenin)
    Erl K. (GM): 144
    Tommy Takeshi: (THATS A THIRD)
    Erl K. (GM): (actually yeah)
    (lets reduce her MP to what she originally had)
    (giving bosses infinite MP is not fair0
    Hana Shiratori:
    Hana Shiratori used Halley! A small heavenly fragment strikes Oni, burning away their defenses!
    Damage (Almighty) 100
    Enemy Def -1
    Tommy Takeshi: (lol ok)
    (told you debuffs work)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Hey... I bet you're feeling a bit... crispy, huh?"
    He laughs, painfully.

    Fallen Asuka snarls.
    Julia Takeshi: "I guess bitch saw the light."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Oh hey, I missed your voice..."
    "You were always a good singer..."
    Julia Takeshi: "AND NOW SHE SAW THE FIST"
    Julia Takeshi cleaved Fallen Asuka with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 9
    Damage (Phys) 92
    Crit Damage 143
    HP Cost 17
    Fallen Asuka:
    Centaur used Bufu! Hana Shiratori was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
    Freeze (DC80) 13
    Damage (Ice) 69
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hana you okay?!"
    Tommy Takeshi: (hana's weak against ice??)
    Fallen Asuka:
    Oni cleaved Oni with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 29
    Damage (Phys) 80
    Crit Damage 109
    HP Cost 19
    Hana Shiratori: "I-I'm okay..."
    Tommy Takeshi: (jesus this SMT)
    (i love it)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (no she's not!)
    Hana Shiratori: "Urk..."
    Fallen Asuka:
    Hikaru Kuzunoha released a volley of sharp energy needles at Centaur!
    Crit(DC90) 31
    Damage (Gun) 69
    Crit Damage 108
    HP Cost 14
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (She's weak to fire!)
    Fallen Asuka: 103.5
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (And being punched!)
    (I checked!)
    Julia Takeshi: (Setanta aims to keep her from taking flight)
    Setanta cleaved Fallen Asuka with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 42
    Damage (Phys) 65
    Crit Damage 102
    HP Cost 16
    Setanta: "Foul villainess! You will rue the day that you challenged we brave few!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (what a hero)
    Julia Takeshi: (Tommy also got to retreat back)
    Fallen Asuka: "How can this be... For my strength to be deplenished this much...!"
    (Also see race)
    (It wasn't impossible)
    (just hard)
    Tommy Takeshi: (i love playing on hard mode)
    (this is like that one dnd oneshot we had)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Erl, why'd Hana take damage that big)
    (she's not weak to ice)
    Fallen Asuka: (Oh she isn't)
    Julia Takeshi: (dude that's still way too much, this fight is okay for full party, for half party it was impossible)
    Tommy Takeshi: (where we ended up with half the party dead, one character with 1 HP, and a wizard with no spells)
    Fallen Asuka: (I derped)
    Hana Shiratori: (My vit is really low I guess)
    Tommy Takeshi: (BUT WE WON)
    Julia Takeshi: (we needed Tiana to save us lol)
    Fallen Asuka:
    Fallen Asuka used Maragi! The battlefield was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
    Burn (DC75) 45
    Damage (Fire) 63
    Julia Takeshi: (also janx needs to step back too)
    (why are the distance attackers getting so close to heer)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I shall house-rule this as Hana thinking she was impaled by ice and then Tetsuo just picks it out of her shirt)
    (or something)
    Tommy Takeshi: (tommy's an all rounder)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (or Hane)
    Julia Takeshi: (right now we need him to keep debuffing)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Urgh-!"
    Julia Takeshi: (so get the hell back)
    Tommy Takeshi: He stumbles back. That last blast of flame was dizzying.
    Tommy Takeshi debilitated Fallen Asuka's defenses!
    Defense Down -1
    Tommy Takeshi: "You've been down too long... in the midnight sea..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "That's a good line."
    Fallen Asuka:
    Dokkyo boosted every ally's defense!
    Defense Up 1
    Julia Takeshi: "I'm naming my next attack Holy Diver"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I should really use Fortuna, but it never seems like a good time)
    Oni cleaved Hikaru Kuzunoha with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 61
    Damage (Phys) 78
    Crit Damage 117
    HP Cost 19
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (that's 39, right)
    Fallen Asuka: (fairly sure Hikaru had less HP tho)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (he's got strong to phys)
    Fallen Asuka: "Kuh-!
    Fallen Asuka attacked Tommy Takeshi with a claymore!
    Damage (Phys) 80
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh fug)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Urk-!"
    Is that inside him?
    Erl K. (GM): you actually survived
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (how much HP)
    Tommy Takeshi: No, it just came out the other side.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wowiewowow)
    Fallen Asuka: "How... How are you still alive-!?"
    Tiana used Dia! Tommy Takeshi was healed!
    HP restored 91
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's because he's an idiot!)
    Tommy Takeshi: "I'm too metal... to die here..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Unlike you, he's not a little bitch!"
    Fallen Asuka:
    Adaleiz Kimura used Zio! Fallen Asuka was shocked by falling lightning!
    Shock (DC80) 82
    Damage (Elec) 75
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (SHOCKU)
    Tommy Takeshi: (YOU WA SHOCK)
    Fallen Asuka: P A R A L Y Z E D
    Julia Takeshi: "You bitch... you are going to suffer so much you'll be begging for mercy... I'm going to drag Bifrons before you and rip his innards out and torture him to DEATH IN FRONT OF YOU!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (edgy)
    Julia Takeshi: (she got super pissed off)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i mean yeah fair)
    Julia Takeshi: (though she's also mostly provoking her)
    Kazuma Ryumori: Julia's our resident edgelord.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (still edgy)
    Julia Takeshi: (so she'll focus on her already)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh it's me again)
    Erl K. (GM): (how quickly the tide turns)
    (see race)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Right, time to finish this off, hopefully!"
    Erl K. (GM): (S E E )
    (one lucky paralyze)
    Julia Takeshi: (I still maintain what I said)
    Erl K. (GM): (game is deeper than you think)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto:
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Oni!
    Hit (DC50) 62
    Crit(DC25) 33
    Damage (Phys) 71
    Crit Damage 128
    HP Cost 11
    Julia Takeshi: (she's not even at half HP dude lol)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (and i end at full hp)
    (smellin like roses)
    Julia Takeshi: (Tets went all FUS RO DAH)
    Erl K. (GM):
    Hane Kanzaki used Bufu! Oni was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
    Freeze (DC80) 64
    Damage (Ice) 81
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (NOW IT'S TIME FOR AN ALL OUT ATTACK)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (She will be in a moment. Interrogate the charmed Oni while he's still in love!)
    Erl K. (GM):
    Sherah used Energy Drain! Oni was stripped of their power!
    MP Absorbed 13
    Damage/HP Absorbed (Almighty) 48
    Kazuma's turn
    Julia Takeshi: (drac heal)
    Kazuma Ryumori:
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 19
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (can we ask him stuff erl)
    Kazuma Ryumori:
    Kazuma Ryumori used Sol! Fallen Asuka was smote by the power of the Sun!
    Burn (DC50) 94
    Damage (Fire/Light) 138
    Own Atk Up +1
    Erl K. (GM): (yes)
    Tommy Takeshi: (OOOOOOH)
    Julia Takeshi: (...)
    Erl K. (GM): (the power of)
    (Max atk buff)
    Julia Takeshi: (well whatever, damage is damage)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: ( 420 PRAISE IT)
    Erl K. (GM): (and max debuff)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "PROMINENCE SPIRE!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Have I worsened her burn?)
    Erl K. (GM): (yes)
    Tommy Takeshi: (wait a sec, was that FREE?)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (probably looks pretty oh my)
    Tommy Takeshi: (as in, no mp cost at all?)
    Julia Takeshi: (yes)
    Erl K. (GM): (oops)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (aha)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (nope)
    Tommy Takeshi: (lol)
    Erl K. (GM): (ive been forgetting to substract his MP)
    (25 MP left)
    (he used it 3 times IIRC)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (alright gang, what do we ask)
    Julia Takeshi: (now I wish ranged people would leave her range before she maragis 4 of us to death)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (we have a reasonably complaint prisoner)
    Erl K. (GM): Ok
    Kazuma Ryumori: Arden!Awww. I can only use it one more time…
    Erl K. (GM): lets just say party one won
    Hana Shiratori: "So this is what everyone is feeling..." Hana muttered, shaking from the cold and pain she just endured. Tears threatened to get out, but she held it back, focusing on the last oni remaining instead.
    Tommy Takeshi: (pls dont edge out on us guys)
    Erl K. (GM): And get to finishing party 2's fight
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (sounds good)
    Erl K. (GM): go race ur turn
    Hana Shiratori: (agreed)
    Julia Takeshi: "Hey bitch, die!"

    Tetsuo Yoshimoto shakes pom-poms from a distance.

    XV: The End of the Struggle.

    Julia Takeshi:
    Julia Takeshi cleaved Fallen Asuka with a whistling slash!
    Crit(DC90) 80
    Damage (Phys) 99
    Crit Damage 161
    HP Cost 17
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Simple, but it gets the message across."
    Julia Takeshi: This time she punches her in the solar plexus

    Kazuma Ryumori busts a move.
    Fallen Asuka: "You...!"
    Tommy Takeshi: (pincer attack-!)
    Julia Takeshi:
    Setanta attacked Fallen Asuka with his spear!
    Damage (Phys) 63
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (how lewd)

    Fallen Asuka recovers from Paralyze! Skips her turn!
    Tommy Takeshi: "That's my sis..."
    (she's max debuffed right?)
    Fallen Asuka: (-2 I believe)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ay how bow dat)
    Tommy Takeshi: (not sure if debuff or shoot)
    Hana Shiratori: (you can do it guys)
    Julia Takeshi: "Keep your distance and either weaken or shoot at her!"
    (plz leave maragi range thx)
    Tommy Takeshi: (or maybe zan, would she take extra damage from the burn ailment)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "how do you like that deep… penetrating…
    lance contact?"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Zan would b good)
    Tommy Takeshi: Time for him to bust out... the least metal move in his arsenal.
    Tommy Takeshi used Zan! Fallen Asuka was blasted by a whirlwind!
    Damage (Wind) 54
    Fallen Asuka: ohwait
    Tommy Takeshi: (decent)
    Fallen Asuka:
    Dokkyo boosted every ally's defense!
    Defense Up 1
    Julia Takeshi: (what's her total HP even)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (hahaa)
    Julia Takeshi: (kek)
    Tommy Takeshi: (nice)
    "Come at me... bro..."
    Julia Takeshi: (rip)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (good thing we got those revival beads)
    Tommy Takeshi: (THE SPAM)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh COME ON!"
    Fallen Asuka:
    Fallen Asuka used Maragi! The battlefield was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
    Burn (DC75) 62
    Damage (Fire) 47
    Tommy Takeshi: (least it was a low roll)
    Julia Takeshi: "Even in death, I flip the bird at thee"
    Fallen Asuka: (Tiana has a different debuff0
    (So I have to reroll for her)
    (and Uh)
    Fallen Asuka used Maragi! The battlefield was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
    Burn (DC75) 37
    Damage (Fire) 72
    Julia Takeshi: (ok Drac, you either heal us or we die)
    Fallen Asuka: 108
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh noooo)
    Tommy Takeshi: (WHY)
    Julia Takeshi: (facepalm)
    "You... FUCKING... BIIIITCH!"
    Erl K. (GM): Tiana's ashes vanish into the COMP, and are returned to Hane's COMP.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Did Tiana actually…"
    Hana Shiratori: (Tiana won't forget this)
    Tommy Takeshi: "WE CAN BRING HER BACK!"
    Erl K. (GM):
    Adaleiz Kimura used Zio! Fallen Asuka was shocked by falling lightning!
    Shock (DC80) 25
    Damage (Elec) 75
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm going to kill you, you sick, little WHORE!!"
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (good timing)
    Kazuma Ryumori:
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 17
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (maybe heal tho)
    Kazuma Ryumori: Then who?
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (well)
    Tommy Takeshi: (me prolly)
    Kazuma Ryumori:
    Kazuma Ryumori used Dia! Tommy Takeshi was healed!
    HP restored 83
    Erl K. (GM): (500 HP left)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (also, remember, we have meds)
    Erl K. (GM): (I was gonna say keep attacking)
    Tommy Takeshi: (because everyone else is either out of range or can survive)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (you can heal yourself)
    Julia Takeshi: (well if Tiana was around we could heal both, now one of us is gonna croak next turn)
    (but its k)
    Tommy Takeshi: (julia is fine)
    (shes tanky)
    Julia Takeshi: (I got a strat)
    Tommy Takeshi: (triangle race)
    (three way pincer)
    (no, closer)
    (she cant get near drac)
    (unless... oh, i see)
    (race, you have setanta and julia at once)
    Tommy Takeshi: (DOUBLE ATTACK)
    Julia Takeshi: Julia takes out her gun and shoots Asuka in the leg.
    Julia Takeshi shot Fallen Asuka with a 9mm handgun!
    Damage (Gun) 103
    Erl K. (GM): (damn son)
    Fallen Asuka: Asuka reels from the blow!
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (BOOM HEADSHOT
    Julia Takeshi: (and now I'll have Setanta take her place and tank while keeping her away)
    Tommy Takeshi: (wait, did that just scale with strength?)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (she punched the boolit)
    Tommy Takeshi: (i thought guns scaled with agi)
    Fallen Asuka: (they scale with St thus far)
    Julia Takeshi:
    Setanta attacked Fallen Asuka with his spear!
    Damage (Phys) 58
    Fallen Asuka: (otherwise gun mult-hit builds would be godlike)
    Tommy Takeshi: (but... how...)
    Kazuma Ryumori: Hell yeah! More deep penetrating lancing."
    Julia Takeshi: "Keep her there, Setanta!"
    Setanta: "You shall not pass, villain!"
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Setanta, you're my new best friend!"
    Julia Takeshi: (son of a bitch)
    Fallen Asuka used Maragi! The battlefield was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
    Burn (DC75) 93
    Damage (Fire) 48
    Tommy Takeshi: (uh oh)
    (its okay guys, kaz counters burn!)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (BANNING)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Gh..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: She's on fire too, don't forget.
    Tommy Takeshi: "UWUOOOOOOH!"
    Julia Takeshi: "Uugh..."
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Gah!"
    Setanta: (I stand by the decision this was a good fight)
    Setanta: (isn't it fun when you are pushed like this)
    Julia Takeshi: (I stand by saying it needed some tuning down lol)
    Tommy Takeshi:
    Tommy Takeshi shot Fallen Asuka with a 9mm handgun!
    Damage (Gun) 74
    Julia Takeshi: (or at least should've given us some more clear boss bheavior to exploit)
    (it ended up working out so meh)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (aw shit)
    Dokkyo used Agi! Fallen Asuka was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
    Burn (DC75) 24
    Damage (Fire) 73
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (now watch as she enters DESPERATION MODE)
    Julia Takeshi: "Tommy, why... do you keep... getting closer to shoot her...?"
    Fallen Asuka: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"
    Julia Takeshi: (welp, one of us goes down now)
    Fallen Asuka: "Die, Die, Die, DIE! JUST DIE!"
    Tommy Takeshi: "NEVER!"
    Fallen Asuka:
    Fallen Asuka attacked Tommy Takeshi with a sword of pure dark plumes!
    Crit(DC90) 80
    Silence (DC 60) 70
    Damage (Phys) 81
    Crit Damage 124
    Tommy Takeshi: "NEVE-!"
    Julia Takeshi: (phew)
    Fallen Asuka: (dude)
    Tommy Takeshi: He is suddennly without his voice.
    Fallen Asuka: (buffs)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (rucky)
    Fallen Asuka: (dont underestimate them)
    (everyone has Rakukaja 3)
    (thats 30% less damage taken)
    Tommy Takeshi: Which is a shame because he'd belted out a pretty good rendition of the power rangers theme a second ago...
    Fallen Asuka: (fox is the MVP in this fight)
    Adaleiz Kimura used Zio! Fallen Asuka was shocked by falling lightning!
    Shock (DC80) 14
    Damage (Elec) 71
    (like I said race)
    (game is deep...)
    Julia Takeshi: (doesnt counter my earlier points)
    (can you stop doing that already?)
    Tommy Takeshi: (NUKE THAT BITCH)
    Erl K. (GM): finish her
    Tommy Takeshi: (with a cool speech)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey, call for Bifrons. Call him and maybe he'll come and save you," Kazuma snarls as he approaches her. "Beg for mercy! BEG!"
    Erl K. (GM): what was your earlier point Race
    Let's argue it
    Kazuma Ryumori:
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 19
    Tommy Takeshi: (okay less edge more cool)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (boi he bout to do it)
    Kazuma Ryumori:
    Kazuma Ryumori used Sol! Fallen Asuka was smote by the power of the Sun!
    Burn (DC50) 63
    Damage (Fire/Light) 146
    Own Atk Up +1
    Tommy Takeshi: (jesus)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (mother of god)
    Hana Shiratori: (THE SUN)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (I am a boss)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (THESUNTHESUNTHESUN)
    Fallen Asuka: "A-Ah... The power of Light... It is..."
    "Consuming me..."
    Asuka disappears into dust, leaving behind her sword and armor.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (loot)
    Kazuma Ryumori: I use a sword.
    Hana Shiratori: (Victory Fanfare)
    Erl K. (GM): Victory!
    Tommy Takeshi: (its yours)
    Erl K. (GM): The parties obtain 2000 EXP!
    Julia Takeshi: Julia shoots one more time, the bullet burying itself in the ground as she spits out a mouthful of blood.
    Erl K. (GM): The parties obtain 2000 Macca!
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (cash money)
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy tries to say something, but finds himself still silenced.
    Julia Takeshi: "Don't worry. I'll send your lord to follow you in hell soon enough."
    Tommy Takeshi: He settles for a thumbs up.
    Erl K. (GM): anyways race
    what were your earlier points
    you said
    And I quote
    it was "mathematically impossible"
    without Tiana
    Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma picks up the sword, but barely manages to make it two steps before he collapses to the ground.
    Erl K. (GM): I bet without Tiana you would've still won
    Kazuma Ryumori: "That… was dicey…"
    Tommy Takeshi: Tommy offers Kaz a hand.
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Thanks Takeshi."
    Tommy Takeshi: "Nah..." he says.
    "You were... like, 100% Dragonforce."
    Julia Takeshi: (My point is that the fight was still badly balanced. It was still mathematically impossible and relied on Tiana being bs'd into our side to save our bacon or we'd have died when Kaz went down)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Through the fire and the flames, we carried on."
    Erl K. (GM): It was not mathematically impossible
    stop using that word
    Julia Takeshi: (because we'd never would've had time to recover that way)
    (ok lets go with mathematically improbable)
    Tommy Takeshi: (race, stahp)
    (it was a Hard Mode fight)
    (which is fien)
    Erl K. (GM): Did you predict the buffs would work the way they did?
    By the time rakukaja ramped up
    Kazuma Ryumori: "Dragonforce… Hehe…"
    Erl K. (GM): she was much more manageable
    Hana Shiratori: (Seems par the course for SMT for me)
    Tommy Takeshi: (this is a good difficulty IMO)
    Julia Takeshi: (meh whatever, I just hope that maybe I can do anything more than scratching at the boss next fight.)
    Tommy Takeshi: (keep it like this)
    Julia Takeshi: (I'm done arguing, brb.)
    Erl K. (GM): (.-.)
    (that's how SMT boss fights are)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (meanwhile back at the ranch)
    Erl K. (GM): (You wear the boss down)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Can I see my loot? I have to go in a sec.)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (we're all kind of hanging around wondering what to do about this oni)
    Hana Shiratori: (we finished him)
    Erl K. (GM): You want the sword and armor Kazuma?
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (well yeah, basically)
    Erl K. (GM): Kk
    Asuka's claymore has 40 Weapon Attack and adds a Silence chance to your normal attacks
    Julia Takeshi: (He did all the hard work, it should go to him)
    Tommy Takeshi: (kaz earned it)
    (its his)
    Erl K. (GM): Asuka's armor grants Null Dark
    Tommy Takeshi: (oh, hm)
    Erl K. (GM): and resist Fire but you already have that
    Tommy Takeshi: (well he already has resist dark doesnt he)
    Erl K. (GM): nope
    he resists light
    Tommy Takeshi: (then let him have that too)
    Kazuma Ryumori:
    (Let's just say it's that…)
    Tommy Takeshi: "Dude... you need to come up with better speeches."
    Panting, hands on knees, he breathes heavily.
    "You gotta make it... flow. Like a stream or a waterfall or a really great line."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (also, that's a couple of levels)
    Erl K. (GM): Yes
    one sec
    Tommy Takeshi: "Oof."
    "Hey, um... sorry for getting you involved in this."
    Erl K. (GM): The party has reached Level 5!
    Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm not good at coming up with awesome lines on the spot… But thanks."
    Erl K. (GM): The party has reached Level 6!
    Tommy Takeshi: "You too... sis..."
    "I mean... c'mon... you could've insulted her better than that..."
    Julia Takeshi: "... Let's go back to the station. Oh, and you should take the foxgirl, Tommy."
    Tommy Takeshi: He shakes his head.
    "Listen, uh... you were great, really. But I've got a girl."
    Julia Takeshi: "And getting a demon ain't the same as getting a girl."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (well what if it's a demon-girl)
    Kazuma Ryumori: "And I can't take her. She's…well… I'm a bit… too into fox girls. I couldn't handle it."
    Julia Takeshi: "You need help man, you've been getting torn the hell up in every fight."
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (TAKE THE GIRL ALREADY)
    Kazuma Ryumori:
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 18
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 23
    Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
    HP restored 17
    Hana Shiratori: (It's a cute fox-girl, there is no better deal)
    Erl K. (GM): hold up
    I'm doing things
    Julia Takeshi: "I can't even tell which part of your hair is dyed red and which part is on fire anymore."
    Kazuma Ryumori: (unless it's THIS fox girl:
    Erl K. (GM): There
    everyone at level 6
    level up yo stats
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wonder if I should pump more AGI or get some muscles)
    (or invest in magic)
    (hum hum)
    (fuck it time to speed)
    Tommy Takeshi: (1 in ma, 1 in st)
    (still going balanced)
    Hana Shiratori: (Guys, should I raise Vit)
    Tommy Takeshi: (prolly a bit)
    Erl K. (GM): also ending the session now
    We'll wrap things up tomorrow
    Tommy Takeshi: (kk)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (no session tomorrow? Alright)
    Julia Takeshi: 1 in St, 1 in Vi
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: 2 into ag
    Erl K. (GM): (I mean)
    (I can do a session tomorrow)
    (but last time I didn't)
    (or did I)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i think you did)
    Erl K. (GM): (Oh)
    (well we can do one yeah)
    Julia Takeshi: you tried
    but it didnt work out due to various factors
    I mean we can try tomorrow as well
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (if people are up for one, I can be here)
    Kazuma Ryumori: (Only one stat point per level?)
    Erl K. (GM): Also sorry race
    there was no way to know how the fight could have turned up
    but I was just feeling bad
    Kazuma Ryumori: I'll be around from morning to 5:00
    Erl K. (GM): Because first you guys were bragging about how easy the fights were
    Raci I.: I'll talk to you in a bit through PMs
    Erl K. (GM): so I wanted to make them for like SMT
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: ah, no
    Erl K. (GM): more*
    so I got angry when that wasn't good enough either
    Kazuma Ryumori: But for now… I've gotta take a nap. Like…forever.
    Raci I.: nah your approach wasn't bad, you just needed to do some fine-tuning
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i'm gonna go put a point into ST)
    Raci I.: I just got pissed off when u went all "SEE, SEE" on me
    Erl K. (GM): Well I was happy
    You normally go SEE SEE here when a turnaround happens
    Raci I.: Admittedly I spoke too soon since we had no previous experience to measure buffs and debuffs
    Erl K. (GM): and you know it
    Draconic: I just got a fab new sword, so both Ma and St where before it'd just be Ma…
    Erl K. (GM): if it happens in uragay
    it probably happens there too
    Draconic: g'night all.
    Raci I.: It didn't come across with that meaning.
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (what time tomorrow?)
    Tommy Takeshi: so hey, it was just a bit of miscommunication
    misreading intentions
    no big deal
    Erl K. (GM): god your like that uni friend I have
    that thought I was attacking him
    Palad1n .: What bloble said
    Tommy Takeshi: tbf its hard on the internet
    to read intent
    this is known
    Erl K. (GM): but yeah anyways
    Draconic: I'll just… show up tomorrow morning or such…
    Erl K. (GM): not sure who fox waifu is going up
    Tommy Takeshi: add to that cultural slang and sayings and how they translate and you get a clusterfuck
    Erl K. (GM): going to*
    Palad1n .: I'll raise MAG and VIT
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: roll at random
    Erl K. (GM): I guess I will
    Tommy Takeshi: tommy would take her, at least temporarily, if she gave him a cute face or something
    Tommy Takeshi: i initially wrote him to be the magician best friend who has terrible luck with girls and probably gets fucked over
    but i guess unintentional romantic hijinks is fine too
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (also i will laugh and also be a little salty if after all this the semen demon goes with hana)
    Palad1n .: erl won't do that
    he'll give hana a white knight
    Erl K. (GM): did you know that Lilim can take the form of their target's ideal woman
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: worry
    Erl K. (GM): Now look at how Sherah looks like
    Tommy Takeshi: o shit
    Erl K. (GM): I think someones in the closet
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: ....
    Raci I.: lol
    Tommy Takeshi: hana is a lewd girl
    Erl K. (GM): what I mean is
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: that's not what in the closet means
    Erl K. (GM): sitting under a tree
    Tommy Takeshi: no way, i thought it was
    Erl K. (GM): Oh
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: yeah same
    Erl K. (GM): lmao
    Tommy Takeshi: or perhaps
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: I was really confused
    Erl K. (GM): yeah sorry
    its 3 30 AM
    not in the best of mental states
    Tommy Takeshi: gotta say tho
    really mad hype
    Erl K. (GM): remember that I RP until late morning and spent 100 bux on this

    Erl K. (GM) died for your RPing
    Tommy Takeshi: true hype is not merely given to you, it is something you must take for yourself
    Palad1n .: And I thank you for that erl
    Tommy Takeshi: to sieze victory from the jaws of defeat... to truly get gud... there is no greater satisfaction
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: go the fuck to sleep and we'll pick it up at sometime around noon maybe
    Tommy Takeshi: now sleep erl
    Erl K. (GM): hopefully yeah
    Tommy Takeshi: we'll talk more tomorrow
    Erl K. (GM): night
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: g'night
    i'mma go walk doge
    Tommy Takeshi: im out too
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: and then try and do DATABASE DATABASE
    Erl K. (GM): realtalk that was mad hype though
    Palad1n .: I'm ready for another long-ass session
    Erl K. (GM): I was on the edge of my seat
    Tommy Takeshi: yeah tbh erl when i told you to put it back
    i was running on pure salt
    i had no plans to win lol
    Raci I.: I.. tbh I think the one emoment I had fun was later on when the buffs actually let us fight back and I could pull stuff like the setanta switcharoo
    Palad1n .: Okay, gonna have lunch now
    Erl K. (GM): now
    Raci I.: otherwise it was okay, took a bit to get me going
    Erl K. (GM): imagine what it would have been like
    if you went to fight Bifrons
    without leveling up
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i was a little put-out that you guys got the big huge boss fight, but it's okay)
    Tommy Takeshi: oh this fight was definitely a slice of humble pie for tommy
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (but also yeah maybe don't do that)
    Palad1n .: And before I go, gonna say Hana totally doesn't know what to feel about Tetsuo
    Tommy Takeshi: expect lots of emotions
    and maybe a bit of manly tears
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (#TetsWasRight)
    Tommy Takeshi: and/or inelegant blubbering
    Raci I.: I just hope Julia telling him off has some effect
    Tommy Takeshi: tommy's an idiot so
    he had to learn with his body
    Palad1n .: The recap session is gonna be something isn't it
    Manly tears and comforts everywhere
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (also this might be a time to mention it)
    (but i looked up the Priestess card)
    (and it says (love-wise) there will be an important woman in your life that you may not be able to get)
    Hane Kanzaki: ( apologies, for my lack of responses today, had family problems )
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's coo katie)
    Palad1n .: (oooo)
    Tommy Takeshi: the magician card literally has
    "you will not get the girl"
    "and horrible things will happen"
    Palad1n .: (I already have in mind what the devil means for Hana)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: course I have Fortune and Death
    which is basically
    Palad1n .: (CHANGE FATE)
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Fortune is #Destiny the card
    Tommy Takeshi: i wrote tommy with the intent on him getting mindbroken and his girlfriend dying in horrible ways but now that he overcame his fate and turned into the fool it's completely different
    and i have no idea where it'll go
    Raci I.: we'll see if Nozomi's still alive
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo doesn't like talking about his family, but is very worried about his sister
    so much that it's starting to crack his shell
    I'm trying to characterize as sort-of Naoto-esque in that he's trying to have a handle on the situation and be reasonable and cool-headed
    but he's only human and there are times when he gets close to losing his shit
    Tommy Takeshi: im characterizing tommy as desperate and terrified, so he's just trying to do something and anything and do as much as possible as fast as possible without stopping to breathe
    because if he stops he wont be able to move again
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He still hasn't quite recovered from watching Hana and Hikaru die.
    That hit him hard
    Tommy Takeshi: characterization yo
    its good shit
    now im out for real
    Tetsuo Yoshimoto: yah
    g'night yall

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    I'm a bit late to responding to this, but I'd be interested in possibly joining future RPs.

    I'd need to have definite times to work around my work schedule, but any of the days are doable for me if I have enough prior warning.

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    Your world of peace is over.

    The tranquil days of normality you once experienced shall never come back. The moment you woke up, you knew this in your heart.

    And yet, it is within human nature to yearn for what is lost.

    We all desire for a place to belong. Some trample upon others to attain it, others do so through kindness.

    There is no doubt that only suffering awaits you if you also chase such a naive dream. Yet, you raise your head to the sky nonetheless.

    So you'll fight, then...?

    Hmhmhm... Very well, then. It is time, then, for the story to begin.

    Of a fool who dreamed of a endlessly distant world, and chased after it to infinity...

    It's FUCKING happening.

    In case you don't know what this is, Titanomachy is one of the (if not the) best RPs out there in the forum, and what this is is an attempt to bring it over to the Roll20 platform. Me and Race will be co-GMing this, which means that I'll be the one that works through most of the code and he'll be the one that handles the setting aspects.

    Together, we will make magic happen.

    We will take a total of six PCs, three for each group. One group will be GMed by Race, the other by me. Unlike most other RPs, coordinating backstories for this one is either discouraged, or it's encouraged for the relationship between the PCs to have some kind of flaw or hostility between them. This is because trusting your companions is a big part of the theme of this RP.

    The genre of this game will be Survival/Battle RPG, with an attempt to break even between the two fields. What does this mean? It means that while you will be able to fight your way through problems, the RP will place a high emphasis on the weight of making decisions, and the need to manage your resources properly. Failure to do so may even cause that due to a lack of preparedness some of the PCs might die.

    If this interests you, then read on.

    If you want to apply, then all you have to do is fill this simple sheet with your character's information:

    Name: The character's name. Self explanatory.
    Age: Minimum age is 14 because anything less would be kind of awkward.
    Backstory: Give us a brief story of your character's life before they were cast off into the warped world. What did they do for a living? Family? Friends? What were they doing when they suffered from the translocation? Did they have any troubling antecedents or did they live with their head down? List everything that comes to mind.
    Personality: How is your character like? Who does he like? Who does he hate? What values does he uphold? Try to be as creative as you can, interesting people have interesting things happen to them.
    Appearance: Faceclaim. You know what's up.

    Stat Distribution:
    Spiritual Rank: This is Titan's equivalent to a 'Level', it's set at '2' by default. Provided you survive, you'll see it going up a fair bit.
    Health Points (HP): This is calculated by us, so I'll just give a short explanation to know what it is. When your HP hits 0, you don't immediately die. Instead, you get knocked into a sort of 'critical' state where depending on the situation you might die in a few turns if not healed or you'll get knocked unconscious.
    Spiritual Power (SP): This is calculated by us as well. It measures the amount of spiritual energy you can muster before you suffer from exhaustion and can no longer make use of your Spiritual Power.

    And now for S.S.E.E.E.S

    Strength is your physical power. Among other things it determines the weight you can lug around, your ability to punch things to death, and the ability to use heavy weapons. It also boosts your HP.
    Endurance is your staying power. Stamina as well as resilience, it largely determines your initial HP and it slows the rate at which you become exhausted. It also makes you take less damage from physical attacks.
    Spirit is your ability to channel spiritual forces. The bigger your Spirit, the more SP you have and the more your magical attacks hurt. (The meme god stat).
    Existence is your innate talent to repel spiritual forces that attempt to interfere with your self. The bigger your Existence, the harder it is for enemy magic to affect you. It also boosts your SP a little.
    Skill affects your ability to land hits, aim accurately, and boosts your ability to learn practical skills such as learning how to use a weapon or maneuvering through difficult territory. It also boosts your HP a little.
    Evasion amplifies your ability to run from battle, greatly improves your initiative in the turn order, and makes it easier for you to dodge enemy attacks. (The other meme god stat).

    You have 70 points to distribute over these stats. Keep in mind they will later be boosted but other factors, but the main thing you need to know is that a 10 in these represents the average person, a 15 represents someone who has trained themselves to an exceptional degree, and a 20 represents an olympic level of performance in that field. You can go all the way down to 0 and all the way up to 20 in every stat (I wouldn't recommend zeroing anything, seriously don't.)

    Perks are those special characteristics and abilities of your character that are representative of him or her, that define what they can do. They can range from very precise, to very broad, although the individual power of the perk will also vary with its scope. You can take a maximum of 3 perks of your own invention. The uses and effects of the perk will be determined by the GM, but ideas from the own players are considered. Take in account that while I allow slightly supernatural perks, like a sort of danger sense, instincts, or stuff like that, I will also not allow those who badly surpass the extremes of normalcy.

    One of your three perks will be your focus perk, a specialty that allowed you to succeed where others failed. This perk will be both slightly stronger than the other two and those who you might obtain during the course of your adventures, and also have slightly better growth.

    Furthermore, every character starts with this perk, gained due to the Unbound starting attribute.

    Fate-Breaker [Unbound Trait]
    As an human being, transported to the Warped World, highly malleable by spiritual abilities, you possess an unique trait between the many kinds of creatures and monsters that inhabit these accursed lands. More than anything else, humans posses the singular ability to stubbornly resist the currents of fate, and with great effort, be able to even win against this force. You gain a single use ability to alter an inevitability, and gain a chance to change destiny. Do remember, though, that the usage of this ability only gives an opportunity. If trapped in a situation where survival seems impossible, the usage of this ability will provide a small chance of survival that will have to be grasped by your own effort, and won’t magically solve the challenges or problems that present themselves before you. Furthermore, once this ability is used once, it will be gone for the rest of the RP, although there may exist methods to regain it, or even to develop your skill to fight against fate...

    Awakened Power

    Congratulations, you've got superpowers! Well, you've got one superpower, but it's a really good one. Unlike the original Titan RP, we no longer limit Spiritual Powers according to an Offensive, Support, or Defensive use now. You get to be a powerful All-Rounder!

    Keep in mind that Spiritual Powers often split their abilities between these three roles. Luckily, your power is one that should be strong in every aspect, but it doesn't hurt to know what said roles are, so you can decide where you want to steer yours.

    Offense: The ones in charge of dealing the damage during battles. A very straightforward specialty. Normally those who focus in offense prefer to not overly attract the attention of the enemies in group engagements, and their own survival is focused on doing big amounts of damage with their power to the enemies to quickly eliminate them before they become a threat.

    Defense: The ones in charge of absorbing enemy damage during battles. Generally staying in the frontlines, seeking to attract the most attention of the enemies towards themselves, and serve as a shield for teammates during group engagements. Their own survival is focused on outlasting the enemy using their defensive power.

    Support: Utility, the ones in charge of supporting and using many kinds of useful abilities in battle. The control towers of the team, that in group engagements usually stay behind or in the sidelines, focusing on increasing the performance of their teammates, and even commanding and coordinating them to increase the overall efficiency. Their own survival relies on the intelligent use of their own abilities to increase their sustain and drag the enemies down to their level or below.

    Spiritual Power: The supernatural ability awakened by your character in the Warped World. Unlocked via unknown means, this is the main crutch of your character that will help them survive the oncoming events. What this ability can be is only limited by the player imagination, although there are some things to take in consideration.

    First, the ability itself will start somewhat weak, but it will be flexible and grow alongside your character. Second, the GMs will not allow abilities that are obviously overpowered, or can be used to break the system. Third, like with perks, the overall power of the ability will be affected by its scope. For example, imagine the case of a character having a space manipulation ability, and another having a teleport ability.

    Although the one with space manipulation may obtain more effects or uses out of his ability, including a teleport of some sort, their own teleport will never be as efficient as the one whose ability and its uses are based solely on his power to teleport, and might never develop some of the tricks the other will end up having access to.

    This is your trump card. Your last resort, your finishing technique, what you use when things have got too dangerous for you to handle with your normal power, and need to go beyond your limits to survive. The invocation is a single ability that is an extremely powerful expression of your normal spiritual power, taken to another entire scale. However, unlike your spiritual power, your Invocation must have a single, concrete use, one that exchanges flexibility for power. This very powerful Last Resort can only be used once per day, and will burn away a considerable amount of SP, so it must be used wisely. If you don't have enough SP left to use it, it is possible to cast it anyways at the cost of reducing your SP to 0 as long as your SP is not below 10%.

    We will announce the deadline after reviewing our schedules. For the time being, feel free to get started with your brainstorming.
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    Deadline for Roll20 Titan's sheets is the 18th.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1984 View Post
    Besides, I don't see what's so terrible about looting anyway. It's only property, they're not actually harming anyone.
    Quote Originally Posted by lantzblades View Post
    when I say hero I don't mean hero in the spirit sense. I mean a morally grounded, good natured person who doesn't slaughter innocent people. No such person exists in the Nasuverse.
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    [00:12] <~Katie> of gay memes

    [16:15] <~Katie> lesbians has always been my gimmick and i will exploit it to the fullest

    [22:56] <@Sei> airen is pegging hero this time
    [22:56] <@Sei> for once airen isn't the uke
    [22:56] <@Kuroyuki> I thought Air was the Woman in the Relationship?
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    Now that Morm has returned--again, welcome back by the way--I was wondering if anyone was interested in continuing SMT? (provided that Erl's available)

    Since this thread hasn't been touched in almost a year to the day, I'm unsure whether anyone will even look at this.
    Anyway, we might be able to meet up in the #BLRP room to to discuss this prospect further unless KT would be willing to allow me into #regalia if all eight of you are in the room and I'm in #notes.

    Anyway, let me know either here or, if I'm in #notes, you could alert me there too.
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    That makes me think of Rin as a loan shark.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hymn of Ragnarok View Post
    Admittedly, she'd probably be the hottest loan shark you'll ever meet. She'd probably make you smile as she sucked you dry.

    Oh dear, that doesn't sound like yuri at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Techlet View Post
    Not with that attitude.

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    The year was 20XX. Humanity made great advances in the information industry, leaping through breakthroughs in the pursuit of reaching beyond the grasp of reality.

    Through the COMPs, they succeeded. These devices, manufactured by the Futsunushi Group, circulated all across the globe as a revolutionary prototype for cutting-edge holographic technology.

    Unfortunately, the same technology that brought them closer to their dreams would unwittingly end up spelling out their doom.

    The ability to bring data to the real world in physical form did not only bring Mankind one step closer to their Creator. It also breached through the very fabric of reality, blurring the line between the spiritual and the temporal.

    As the veil over the hearts of men was lifted… The beings that dwelled within were roused from their slumber, and an ancient seal was lifted.

    Demons: digital devils, originally no more than abstract ideas and concepts designed by humans themselves, poured free from the COMPs as they were given life through a mysterious software known as the ‘Devil Summoning Application’. Possessed of a great power and whimsical natures as fickle as the hearts of man, they rampaged all across the world.

    It only took days for the entirety of the planet to collapse into anarchy.

    As the human governments collapsed, Demons moved to fill in the power vacuum that was left. Claiming the land for themselves, they established all-powerful Domains where their word was law. Those humans within were left at their mercy and utterly helpless.

    Yet, that was not all. Soon after the Demons’ invasion, the heavens themselves cracked open, and a legion of countless feathered beings swept across the land. They sang a great chorus, heralding the coming of judgment and beckoning humanity to seek repentance before God.

    Just as it had been foretold by the words of Man’s ancestors, seven trumpets echoed across the land.

    The Apocalypse had begun.

    Yet, this is not a story about Judgment Day. It does not concern those humans who were cast to oblivion, nor those who embraced God and were welcomed into the Kingdom of Saints.

    The humans of this tale, against all odds, survived the Apocalypse.

    This is a story about the humans who survived hell… And rose to fight back.

    New Tokyo
    20 Days after the Apocalypse

    Hiii~ Here’s your order, sir!

    Furukawa looked at the omelette that had been dropped on his table, then at the catgirl maid waiting expectantly with a bewildered expression.

    “...Thank you?” He managed a reply after seconds of staring at the catgirl’s unsettling, unblinking eyes. When the pair of triangles on top of her head suddenly twitched, he flinched and almost jumped out of his seat.

    But all the maid did was bow. “No, thank you for your service!”

    He barely reacted at that, nor to the little ‘meow’ she made while retreating to the building’s kitchens. Even though he knew it’d just been a harmless interaction, his legs were still shaking.

    “It never gets easier, doesn’t it?”

    Furukawa blinked, turning his head to stare at a smiling man who approached his table. His furrowed brows relaxed just the slightest bit as he noticed the blue uniform he was wearing.

    “Officer,” He bowed his head respectfully. The man laughed and waved at him.

    “There’s no need for that. I’m off duty right now, not that there’s much I could do to help as it is.” The cop pointed at the seat next to him. “May I sit here?”

    Furukawa nodded hastily. “O-of course!”

    “Thank you.” He said politely, nodding as soon as he was seated. “Officer Nakahara, at your service.”

    “F-Furukawa, sir.” He replied nervously. What did a cop want with him?

    “Ah, relax. You’re not in trouble or anything.” Nakahara raised his hands disarmingly. “I just wanted to know your opinion on things, since you’re a new face here.”

    “My opinion…” Furukawa shook his head. “What about?”

    “Well… How about the service, for a start?” He chuckled. “The omelette isn’t too bad, is it?”

    “The omelette-?” He looked down at the cutesy dish in front of him, sprinkled with ketchup, and raised his voice. “No, of course not! I’m grateful there’s food at all!”

    In truth, he was still amazed by just how much there was to eat in this place. With the state the city was in, he thought they’d be feeding the refugees nothing but soup.

    “Ah, I see.” Nakahara nodded understandingly. “So you weren’t shaking because of allergies, then.”

    Furukawa stared at the officer, a shiver running down his spine. “No, sir.”

    “Yeah… I understand how you feel.” Nakahara sighed. “But in the end, it’s all thanks to them that we can feed you like this.”

    He cast his glare towards the kitchen, and the cat-eyed creatures that poured back and forth from it.

    “Thanks to those Demons, that is.”

    Furukawa shivered, images of crumbling buildings, fires and human screamings echoing through his head and drowning the tranquil silence of the café.

    It was surreal. The same type of creatures that had rampaged across Japan, destroyed his home, and almost eaten him alive were the same he now depended on to stay alive.

    “It’s still hard to get used to, sir.” Furukawa admitted his fears. “I understand now that there’s different types of Demons, but when I look at these girls… I just can’t help but think I’m being eyed like a piece of meat behind my back.”

    He hated to sound ungrateful, but it’d been a while since he had told anyone about his problems. The words just poured from his mouth without thought behind them.

    “...You’ve got some sharp instincts, Furukawa.” Nakahara said, thin-lipped. “I guess that’s why you managed to make it here despite everything.”

    Furukawa was tempted to ask what that meant, but a cold chill held him back.

    “...I am still grateful, though, Officer Nakahara.” Furukawa expressed himself to the officer, whose eyebrows rose.”After everything that happened with those Demons showing up, k-killing people left and right… I didn’t think I’d ever find a place to rest again.”

    Nakahara stared at him, and replied. “To be fair, neither did I.” He laughed at Furukawa’s confusion. “To be honest, a week ago, I was tempted to throw in the towel. If not for them…”

    Furukawa’s curiosity was piqued. “Them?” He asked.

    “Hm?” Nakahara’s eyes gleamed. “I guess you haven’t met those kids yet, then.”

    “Kids?” Furukawa was startled. “May I ask what happened, sir?”

    “Sure.” Nakahara stretched back in his seat and swept his arm about the room. “Long story short, everything you see here didn’t exist up until a week ago or so. Not the café, or any of the buildings outside.”

    Furukawa nodded, he’d known that the ‘safe zone’ that was New Tokyo had been created sometime recently. Yet this was new to him. “I thought the JSDF was responsible for that.”

    Nakahara laughed, to his surprise. “They wish. If they had that kind of power, we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

    Furukawa was shocked. He’d been met at New Tokyo’s checkpoint by a JSDF cordon, working together with the feline demons to handle the flocks of refugees that made their way to the safe zone every day.

    Did Nakahara imply that they all existed at someone’s mercy?

    “They’re doing a good job of running things, but building this place?” Nakahara shook his head with a smile. “Nah, the JSDF is heroic, but they’re just people in the end.”

    He stared out the window fondly. “Those kids are the real deal.”

    Furukawa simply watched him, stunned with awe.

    “When they first walked into the station with the boss, I thought they were just some dumb brats running to their deaths. We’d lost so many comrades trying to take this place, I’d already given up all hope.”

    Nakahara chortled. “They sure proved me wrong. Went right up to that Demon Lord’s castle and busted his ass like it was a walk in the park.”

    “Furukawa,” Nakahara smiled at him. “I understand your fear. Demons are terrifying. We’re as helpless as a kitten against them, in many ways. But you know what? ‘Helpless’ doesn’t mean ‘hopeless’.”

    Furukawa managed to ask. “Why is that, Officer?”

    “Because no matter how many Devils fly here to pick a fight with us, they’ll get defeated every time they come. You see, Furukawa, those kids are even better than a Demon or Devil.”

    With a bright grin on his face, Nakahara spoke fondly.

    “Those kids, they are…”
    Devil Conquerors

    ===Arc II: Tokyo in Flames===
    Coming soon.
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    Post Break Time

    Break Time
    The Aside Where Kazuma Meets a Goblin, Gets Smacked by a Weak but Heavy Demon, And Makes a Friend

    The sky was the same.

    The view after leaving the New Tokyo domain was a sharp reminder that they had only reclaimed a small piece of the world. And that their friends and families were still outside the only safe zone.

    And here he was, taking a detour. In Kazuma’s defense, the rest of the group was taking a break and he’d just gotten restless without a manga to read or a game to play.

    Everywhere he looked, there were abandoned cars, mangled streetlamps, and fallen power lines, all set to a backdrop of shattered buildings, the wind whistling through their skeletons. But if he looked up, the sky was the same.

    He looked back at the others. Julia was watching Setanta perform a kata with his spear, while Tetsuo and Kuroda were talking with Sherah and Mikoto.

    In front of him was a convenience store. Probably the last one they’d see for a while before heading back to a more urban area. The window had been smashed in, and most of the shelves had been knocked over.

    It had been weeks. At this point, it wasn’t looting; it was reclamation. That’s what he told himself anyway. Still, it was unlikely that an owner would be coming back for any of the stuff inside. He carefully stepped through the broken glass, stumbling for a moment and feeling a sharp edge scrape along his pant leg. It hadn’t torn at least, so no harm done. He carefully lifted his leg away from the glass and steadied himself.

    Pushing one of the overturned shelves back up, he opened up his COMP and used the light from its screen to illuminate the boxes. He found a few bandages, which he packed away in his pockets before remembering that he not only didn’t need them.

    He abruptly realized that he could smell something rotting in the shop, mixed with a stale metallic tang that he was growing morbidly familiar with. Kazuma frowned, snapping his COMP shut and tossing the bandages aside. The smell got worse the closer he got to the cash counter, and he figured he wouldn't have to look to know what was behind it. A scratching noise was coming from nearby and he almost drew his sword before realizing that whoever the victim or victims were, they had been here for a long time and the chances of the current resident being their killer was actually pretty low. The sound, a little like a chisel scraping against stone, was actually pretty easy to trace now that he’d noticed it. Moving to the other side of the store, he found another overturned shelf and heaved it upright.

    “Hey, what’re you doing with that–put that down!”

    The noise was high, yet guttural. A small feral sound, and not surprising considering its source: A vaguely humanoid imp about two feet high with a long nose and short red fur.
    “Yo, human, the hell’re you doing?! I don’t go into your home and rearrange your furniture, what’s your excuse? Any particular reason ya had to expose my front porch to the harsh light of day?”

    Kazuma looked at the goblin nonplussed. The demon had removed the unopened boxes from the shelf he was using for a ceiling and was in the middle of digging a hole underneath. It was only a few feet deep. Not enough to be called a tunnel. If this was his front porch, then he had a log way to go before he could make an actual living space.

    “I was just looking for supplies,” Kazuma offered.

    “What, you mean all the junk here? Wait, some of it’s not junk, some of it’s food, and that’s my food. And ya can’t take the humans just because they've gone stale, either, I keep them around for the air freshener.”

    Very different opinions on what made something smell like home, clearly.

    “Oh…kay?” Kazuma agreed. "I won’t take your food, then. Still, some of the junk here is actually useful to humans.”

    The hospital could probably use medical supplies, even if he and his friends didn’t need them…

    “Can’t imagine how.”


    “You have a noisy roommate, or something?”


    “Probably just that damn ogre again. He hasn’t come in here yet, mostly just backs against the exterior wall in the back. That brute’s too stupid to look for a way arou—”


    Kazuma looked at the ogre. It was a purple-skinned giant tall enough to scrape the ceiling with its head. A shaggy mane hung from its head and down its neck and sharp tusks jutted from its mouth.

    “An… akuma?” he stammered, drawing his sword. On the ogre’s part, it just growled and grabbed up a huge fistful of items from the detritus scattered on the floor. Kazuma could see a package of Pocky and what looked like a chocolate bar, but he couldn’t be sure without being able to read the label. It threw all of it into its mouth with what he would have described as reckless abandon. Then it picked up a bottle of melon soda and bit down on it, the seal at the top splintering with a crunch. It chewed on the glass a few times, some more deeply unsettling crunching sounds coming from its mouth before it popped the rest of the bottle in its mouth and chewed that up too.
    “I feel like I should tell him that he’s doing it wrong, but my expectation is that he’ll just hit me with that tree he’s lugging around if I do.”

    And it was lugging a tree around with it. Or a very large branch. It was stripped of leaves for the most part, but had enough pointy edges to add an extra sting
    even while it smashed through bones.

    “You do whatever ya want, pal,” said the goblin. “I’m outta here!”

    “What?!” Kazuma shouted, glaring incredulously at the goblin. “This guy breaks into your home, eats your food… uhh… chews on your glass? No, it sounds even worse than I thought it would when I say it out loud…never mind, let’s just kick this brute out.”

    “How d’ya plan on doing that, human?” as agitated as the goblin sounded, he still managed a perfect deadpan stare. “Ya gonna ask politely?”

    “I’m holding a sword, I have a COMP, and for some reason, I’ve been given magical powers. I’m going to use them.”

    “Whatever ya say, kid. Nice knowin’ ya.”

    “Okay, maybe this calls for a demonstration. How’s this?!”

    He charged at the akuma and swung his sword at the side of the giant’s knee.


    The akuma keeled over, balancing on its uninjured knee and it’s free hand.

    “I was… kind of expecting you to fight back more. Or, you know, just fight back, period.”

    Sharp teeth parted and Kazuma was hit with a faceful of foul demon’s breath and was distracted enough by the heat and the smell that he barely reacted in time to avoid the branch that very nearly smashed him into the ground. The akuma was crippled, but he’d been foolish to assume it was helpless.

    “Could I get an Agi, or… honestly, anything you do would help!” he complained, but the goblin was apparently more interested in avoiding the stronger entities in the room. “Fine. On my own it is.”

    He focused as the tree branch came down at him again. The akuma roared, and Kazuma avoided the strike and its follow-up before flames began to wrap around his weapon. He swept his sword overhead right as the branch came down a third time, and released the Agilao spell as the weapons collided. He was swatted flat against the floor by the ogre’s superior strength. His vision swam, and he saw stars from hitting his head against the tiles, but he could see the flames consuming the akuma’s club.


    “You should be thanking me. Flailing around with a giant stick is never a good idea, no matter what the context is. And I’ve had enough of this.”

    He grit his teeth. His ears were ringing and the room spun like a carousel even if he didn’t move, but laying here was asking to get his face tenderized by a demon that probably only stood a chance because he‘d been careless. He forced himself to roll over and as soon as he got his hands underneath him, he pushed himself off the floor, his shoes struggling to find purchase as boxes of toothpaste and bandages crumpled and slid out from under his weight.

    The akuma swung one arm at him, and only connected because he was still slipping on scattered products. Least. Convenient store. Ever. And that was a lame pun. He staggered as the blow sent him reeling with its sheer weight. However, as much as the impact hurt, it also reoriented him and he found his balance again. Turning around, he rushed the akuma and before it could punch him or swat him with its giant arms, he’d gotten far too close for the demon’s brutish attacks to be effective. One more step was all it took.

    He drove the black sword deep into the demon’s chest, and then tore it out, leaving a lethal gash behind. The akuma roared, and made several grunts that sounded like profanities before slumping over and expiring.

    “Swing that around, musclehead.”

    He wiped the blood off of his sword on a tattered bathmat — probably a bathmat, at least — and took a deep breath. He looked around; the convenience store was a scene of devastation, so no harm done. No significant difference in its appearance at least. Maybe the goblin would feel otherwise, but if he was hiding somewhere, he was doing a good job of hiding.

    “Is it dead?” came a voice from the store’s back room. It didn’t sound like the goblin.

    “Uhhh… that might depend on who’s asking.”

    A pair of red eyes glinted in the darkness. Kazuma nearly took up a combat stance again except for the frightened whinny that the sight of his weapon seemed to elicit.

    “Ugh, come on, man. Is there anything you’re not afraid of these days?” this voice was similar to the other unfamiliar one but for a few subtle differences. A slight rasp, and possibly a higher pitch. Something shoved the red eyes forward and a pair of black horses trotted into the store. Well, one trotted, the other just stumbled out and cringed.

    “Are you crazy?! It can burn the skin from our bones!

    “Hey, I resent that. What kind of savage do you take me for?” Kazuma frowned.

    “Oh, ya actually killed the housewrecker,” said the goblin, “Go figure. Never thought ya had it in ya. Like, seriously, how're ya not cheap bratwurst material? Makes no sense. Feel like I'm losin' my mind.”

    “Okay. Rude.”

    “What? I’m serious. Ya look like you got lost on your way home from band practice. Never woulda guessed ya could trash something’ twice your size and with, what? 500% more muscle mass? Sounds about right.”

    “I feel like you’re trying to compliment me, but you’re doing a catastrophically bad job of it,” Kazuma resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

    “—doesn’t mean he will,” the second horse’s complaints continued, evidently not having stopped in the first place. “I legit can’t believe that you’re my older brother.” Kazuma stared at the two horses. There was something off about them — besides the very obvious fact that they were talking — but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

    “So… yeah… it’s dead,” he said to the first horse.

    “Oh, thank you so much!” it gushed back, “You have no idea what it’s like, not having hands, and only being able to run away. You’re the best human I’ve ever met!”

    “Are you gonna be okay?” Kazuma winced at the demon’s overwhelming gratitude.

    “No. No he’s not, and no he isn’t.” said Horse #2.

    Kazuma snapped his fingers as he realized what was strange about the two horses: specifically, the pair of curved, goat-like horns jutting from the backs of their heads.

    “Sorry if this comes across as rude, but what kind of demon are you guys?”

    “Never seen a bicorn before, huh?” asked Bicorn #2.

    “I actually haven’t. At least, not to my recollection.”

    “Oh. Well, whatever, I guess.”

    An awkward silence ensued.

    “Yo, horseboys, ya got names?” the goblin demanded. “Y’know it’s rude to just barge inta someone’s home without even introducin’ yerself.”

    “Uhhh,” the first bicorn hesitated with his now predictable skittishness.

    “Not ready yet? That’s fine, I’ll start. I’m Skarrg. Your turn, human.”

    “What?” Kazuma blurted, as much from being unprepared for the question as his ability — or lack thereof — to pronounce or comprehend the name.

    “Yer name. How ya identify yerself in a crowd of other presumably identical humans. What people call ya when they don’t wanna say ‘hey, you, with the sad look on your face.’ The thing that—”

    “Jeez, I get it! My name’s Kazuma. Can you stop now?”

    “Fine. Nice to meet you Ka-zooma.”

    “Uh, that’s not—”

    “Okay, your turns now!” Skarrg interrupted, pointing at the bicorns.

    “I’m not sure we should—”

    “Ugh! The hell with it! I’m Snow, and this is my… older… brother, Fergold,” the second bicorn blurted out, interrupting his apparent sibling.

    “Don’t just tell them my name! What if—”

    “They haven’t killed us yet, and they've already introduced themselves. Could you be any more cowardly?”

    “I just don’t want to get hurt again.”

    Snow lowered his head and ground his teeth together in a surprisingly potent expression of equine frustration.

    “Human, can we talk for a sec?” he growled.

    “I’m not killing your brother if that’s what you’re about to ask.”

    Fergold squeaked and hid behind one of the shelves that Kazuma had righted.

    “Dude, the hell is wrong with you?” Snow squinted at him. “Look, maybe some demons are like that, but I don’t want my only family to die.”

    Oh. Well, that was a relief.

    “Okay, sorry for assuming. What did you want to talk about?”

    “I noticed you've got one of those COMP things that devil summoners have. Could you make a pact with my brother?”

    Kazuma had to admit that he’d considered offering to do that himself. He couldn’t help sympathized with Fergold. That in mind, he wasn’t sure that he could manage to take care of a demon who couldn’t fend for itself. Of course, he did have another option.

    “I’m not sure that I’d be able to protect him. Right now we’re going to meet with the Yatagarasu, and it happens to… uh, live…? No, reside, near a pretty dangerous place, and even after that, me and my friends are probably going to be heading closer to where most of the fighting is happening in Tokyo.”

    “Great. So you can’t do anything for me,” the bicorn huffed.

    An easy smile worked its way onto Kazuma’s face as a plan came together in his head.

    “Not as such, but I do think I can still help. Could you tell me a bit about your brother first?”

    Snow looked at the shelf that Fergold was hiding behind and sighed.

    “He wasn’t always like this. We used to watch each other’s backs like brothers are supposed to. This whole… you know… started a few months ago. We just had a long streak of bad luck and ran into a lotta demons that were all too happy to kill us.

    “I figure that by now you’ve seen that that ain’t exactly outta the ordinary, but we were proud and made some bad decisions. Stood our ground when we shoulda galloped.”

    “So he got beaten down a few too many times?”

    “I guess? I dunno, but he got some serious injuries. Several times. I managed to get him patched up each time, but at some point, he just sorta changed. I used to look up to him, you know? He was my big bro. Took care of me and all that. But for the past while, it’s been the other way around. And I can’t do anything with him anymore, because he’s too damn scared of getting a few scrapes. A human like you wouldn’t get it.”

    Kazuma grimaced.

    “You might be surprised. Let me guess. You resent him. You still care about him. He’s obviously important to you, but you feel like you hate him for making you—”

    “—deal with his bullshit, yeah, that’s exactly it! How the hell’d you know that?”

    “Well, I was going to say ‘issues’, but close enough. TO answer your question… my friends and I… well, some of us get along okay, but I’ve been at odds with a few of them almost constantly. I wasn’t originally part of their circle. I just… they seemed to be having so much fun together, and I wanted to be part of that. So I sort of forced myself into their group. Some of them were accepting, but a few of them didn’t want me there at all. They’d make fun of me, or trash talk me, or just tell me to shut up… I admired these people so much, but I found that I also had to prove something to them. I had to make them see I was better than them, somehow. I just… I hated them for making me feel like an outsider, and even though I’m a part of the club now, I’m still jealous of how close they all are. And part of me… a really big part of me… still holds a grudge against them.”

    “But you also admire them, so it’d be a bitch to just curb-stomp ‘em and toss ‘em aside, something like that?”

    “Told you we’d understand each other.”

    Snow gave an approximation of a smirk before narrowing his eyes into a squint.

    “Wait, how does any of that do me any good?”

    “Simple: I want to build some connections, and even if I can’t take care of your brother, there is actually a place for him.”

    Fergold’s head popped out from behind the shelf.

    “Huh? What do you mean?” he whinnied. “This isn’t a trick, is it?”

    “No. Don’t worry, I’m serious. Basically, I’d like to make a pact with you, Snow. In exchange, I’ll tell you two how to get to New Tokyo. It’s a domain run by a human. My friends and our demons defeated the previous Lord, and one of our allies took over and made it into a safe zone for anyone who doesn’t want to fight for survival.”

    “Sounds like Fergold’s idea of paradise,” Snow added wryly.

    “Uh, yes, obviously,” said the other bicorn. “Don’t make fun, Snow, I’m sold on this place! If it’s real, I mean.”

    Basically, you wouldn’t be safe travelling around with me, Fergold, but you’d be safe in New Tokyo without needing Snow to protect you.”

    “So I could, like, send him there and go back to the way things used to be?” Snow pawed the linoleum floor eagerly.

    “Not quite. You should probably go there together just in case. If we make a pact, you should be able to find your way back to me on your own. You don’t have to come find me immediately either if you want to stay in New Tokyo for a while to make sure your brother gets his feet on the ground. …Hooves on the ground? Never mind.”

    “Huh. Okay. In that case, lemme introduce myself again. I’m Black Snow, a Bicorn of the Wilder clan. I like this. Sounds like fun.”

    “I’m glad you approve. I’m Kazuma Ryumori. I look forward to working with you. New Tokyo is a few kilometers south-east of here. You can actually follow the road back there” he gestured back in the direction that his friends were (presumably) still sitting, until you reach the domain. If there’s anything else I ca—”


    Someone cleared their throat and Kazuma jumped, having almost completely forgotten about Skarrg.

    “Glad to see that you’ve got everything sorted,” the goblin said, in a faux chipper tone, his paws clenched into fists. “So that’s the end of that story. Now get the fuck outta my house! This ain’t a damn conference room, it’s my burrow!”

    “Oh. Gosh, sorry about that,” Kazuma winced, bowing politely. “I’ll, uh, get out of your way.” Fergold was out the broken window well before he made it there, seemingly spooked by Skarrg’s temper.

    “Thanks for gettin’ rid of that ogre, by the way,” the goblin added as Kazuma stepped over the smashed-our windowsill. “…but don’t come back!”

    He suppressed the grin threatening to give him away as he and the two bicorns left the convenience store. He hadn’t gotten any supplies, but he’d made a friend. Possibly more than one. As he walked back to the his friends, he gestured to the road, pointing back the way they came.

    “You just follow this road until you start to see humans and demons milling about. Don’t attack anyone, and you’ll be fine there.”

    “Is that the only rule?” Snow asked.

    “There are more, but as long as you don’t hurt anyone, no one’ll hurt you. But seriously, don’t hurt anyone. If this was all some elaborate trick, there will be consequences.”

    Snow rolled his eyes.

    “Fergold couldn’t pull the wool over someone’s eyes if he tried, and I just wanna live my life like I used to. You made me an offer that lets me get there, so I’ll stick with your plan.”

    “Good. Stay safe.”

    Snow gave him a look that said ‘are you for real, man?’

    “Okay, okay, I get it,” he raised his hands in surrender.

    He watched as the two bicorns set out down the road.

    “You think there’ll be treadmills?”

    “I don’t know, Fergold, but if there are, they probably won’t be demon-sized.”

    “Hey, don’t be a killjoy!”

    “I’m not, I’m just being realistic. And stop talking like a human, you’re freaking me out.”

    “So… You gonna tell us what the hell you were doing just now, or do you want us to guess?” Julia asked, raising an eyebrow.

    Kazuma grinned.

    “It’s like this…”
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    Above you.

    The sky was dark.

    It made sense, of course, it being night-time, and all. Sun goes down, sky gets dark, simple as that, right?

    Except that's not how things worked, it's not how Tokyo worked. Countless lights, neon, fluorescent, headlights on the street, apartments, houses, companies burning the midnight oil. Light was boundless in the Tokyo he knew, before this whole mess.

    Now, while it was still city-like, it wasn't the same.

    The domain, New Tokyo, they called it, got on his nerves. Like a picture frame tilted just so.

    It was idealized, of course, the image of what the Detective had in his mind, all the smaller, wide-scale imperfections- not removed but smoothed over. Like he'd gone through the city with an editor and just prettied it up. Being out here in the suburbs, maybe it wasn't so noticeable, but for him, a city boy who'd lived a solid chunk of his life in the City's- well, not underbelly, that was more recent, let's go with the guts.

    When you live down there in the guts of the city, and you look up at the sky, just like he was now, it's always bright.

    Now, it was dark, and far too quiet.

    "The Moon's beautiful tonight, isn't it~?"

    Tetsuo grimaced, stubbing out the last of his cigarette on the railing he was leaning on, turning to look over his shoulder at the winged woman leering at him.

    "Yeah, it's swell, could die happy or some crap like that," He grumped.

    Their conversation, not so long ago, had put him in a foul mood.

    It was why he took this night watch duty to have some time to himself.

    Unfortunately, his...

    What even was she?

    Servant? Vassal? Companion?


    Life was full of that uncanny valley comparison, he reflected, looking at the sinfully attractive features of the Lilim, they were familiar, of course. He'd been seeing them for a good portion of his life, usually frowning back at him with a scolding on her lips as she applied some iodine.

    On reflection, probably shouldn't have broken those pots, but it was an accident.

    "Enjoy what you see, master~?"

    He blinked, shaking his head.

    But it wasn't her, just like the domain, it was smoothed over, a little too shiny, too perfect.

    "Do you make yourself look like that," He asked, looking out over the balcony, "Or is it one of those eye of the beholder things?"

    Of course he enjoyed what he saw, seeing that face drenched in sinful thought, that body oozing with sensuality, speaking those words with those lips.

    He was a man, of course he enjoyed it, of course he wanted it.

    He wouldn't lie to himself.

    "Hmm~ I suppose it's a bit of both, maybe?"

    He blinked, turning to face the demon maiden more fully, as she settled herself on that same balcony, shifting her legs just so.

    He tried not to pay too much attention to the motions of the admittedly very nice legs, emphasized by the scant leotard-like thing she wore around.

    Did she even wash it?

    "We are all of the Night," She said, "We are at home in dreams, in private desires, and in turn, we are shaped by them, but we are all children of my mother, and so we have a certain resemblance to her."

    A small shrug, "Or perhaps if you saw her you'd think she looks like me? And thus, just like her, no?"

    He turned away, fishing in his pocket for another cigarette.

    "You know, master. For a man in the sort of work you were in, you're a bit of a prude," For a moment, the languid, sultry tone became almost petulant, "Honestly, you'd think a woman had never made her intentions so open."

    He grunted, "Well this country does have one of the lowest birth rates for a reason, we're all so repressed and pent up we barely even know what it is."

    "Oh but you know, Maaster~," She grinned, "I know you do, I see the way you look at not just her, but all of them, The slight pang of envy as you see the warrioress fuss over that ward of hers, the rose-haired girl with the sour voice who becomes so tender when you are alone, who keeps your secrets..."

    She chuckled, an almost elegant 'ufufu', "Perhaps that's why you're so harsh on that airhead with the sunny disposition, the other men are spoken for, one having that tailed sot mooning over him, and the other staring off into the city almost as hard as you."

    "Do you see him as a threat?"

    He blinked, "What, Kazuma? No, no of course not, I just think he's an idiot who's going to get himself hurt."

    Her head tilted, "Why all the concern? Certainly he's a fine enough sword, and that birdbrain of his is useful enough to have around, but he hasn't the utility of the blockhead fool, or the raw power of the wild man. Why does he dwell in your thoughts, so?"

    Tetsuo sighed, taking the rolled tobacco into his mouth, fiddling with his lighter.

    He glanced around, taking in Sherah's slightly amused expression tinged with curiosity.

    "Because he reminds me of someone so bent on living up to expectations that he'll crash and burn when he can't meet them," He flicked the lighter, "I've seen the look in his eye he gets sometimes, that 'want', how he puts on airs when he's in the zone, it's a front, at least partly. I know, because I do that. He's just..."

    He sighed through his teeth.

    "Honest?" She queried.

    "Kinda," He grunted, finally lighting his cancer stick, inhaling slowly, "He just hasn't learned the art of lying to himself yet, then you can be whatever you want, and you'll actually believe it. Have your expectations blown up so bad that just about anything can get over that bar."

    There was a brief silence, the usually aggressive demon waiting patiently.

    He smoked for a moment more, "I don't want that to happen to him, so that's why I'm hard on him, he's got boots on the ground and head in the clouds," A puff of smoke, "Just don't want the fall to hurt him so bad."

    "Hmmm..." A warmth pressed behind him, "So you play the part of oh-so-stern big brother and squish those dreams of his so he won't end up like poor old you, scarred, sad and so alone...?"

    A gentle hand brushed over his shoulders, a long nail passing over the layer of cloth that covered the sign on his back.

    "Fufu, a wise old dragon to the young buck, no-"

    He twitched violently, whirling about as a quick wingbeat heralded a swift retreat, the Lilim looking a bit harried, and almost lightly chagrined.

    "No. Do not. Ever, speak of that. That's not me, and that's not who I am."

    His voice was rough, angry.

    A Dragon was supposed to be wise, rising to the top, at the center of the heavens, divine wisdom and all.

    What was on his back was nothing more than a Worm, crawling on the ground, staring at the sky with fury and resentment.

    "But," She said quietly, knowingly, "It is who you want to be."

    He stood in silence.

    "You have many wants, Master, if this one may say so," She said calmly, expression not unkind.

    "A Knight in Armor, for the unreachable Star."

    "The reliable wheel for the racing Chariot."

    "A steady hand on the Fool's shoulder."

    "To stand with Strength when her might falters."

    "And to steer your young Icarus away from that Sun."

    There was silence, it hung thick over the watch post.

    "Truly, Master, I do not know why you are so hard on yourself," She fluttered over to his side, fanning herself, "You pull yourself in so many directions, it's a wonder you don't collapse, putting a little of yourself in each person you speak to, you should spare some for yourself, you know."

    "Myself, huh."

    Did he even have one of those?

    A 'self'?

    He used to, but it died in that abandoned office, and its corpse hung on his back, a symbol of a broken oath.

    Who really is Yoshimoto Tetsuo, but a bundle of regrets and wants and misery?

    Well, there was one more thing.

    "Who is that man you hate so much?"

    He blinked, stirred from his thoughts, "Wha?"

    The Lilim stared at him, ruby eyes glowing faintly, "The one in your dreams, the White Tiger. You hate him, don't you?"

    His fists clenched, the still lit cigarette fell to the ground, bitten in half.

    "Who is he?"

    Memories flickered like an old projector, a pensive frown, a flicker of something in an eye, a reflected bow.


    "My patriarch."

    Yoshimoto Tetsuo, a man who could no longer bear that name, stared to the east.

    "My father."

    A simmering hate.

    "My enemy."

    Sherah tilted her head, a spark of interest in her eye, "An enemy, hm? Do you wanna kill him?"

    He was silent for a few moments, mulling that over.

    “I don’t know.”

    He scuffed a shoe lightly against the floor.

    “He’s a piece of trash and I wouldn’t lose any sleep if he broke every bone in his body, but do I want to see him dead?”

    He didn’t have an answer for that.

    The image of that man in his mind is one that conjures many complex emotions. Anger, fear, resentment, disappointment.

    “If he’s still around in this madhouse,” He waved a hand out to the east, “I’m fixing to give him a good kick in the ass, it’s been a long time coming, and that, definitely, is something that I want.”

    That much was certain.

    “Hmmm,” came the response.

    “Master, if that man is your enemy, and he beat you, what would he do to you?”

    “He’d probably do all kinds of terrible things, have his goons beat me close to death, then I probably get tossed in a hole somewhere where they make it slow.”

    His response was unflinching, knowing.

    “But I ain’t him, a man doesn’t deserve to die like that, and even if he’s a lowdown cockroach of a garbage person, he’s still a man, he’s the one who gave me my name, and I guess that deserves something.”

    He chuckled, “Plus, it’d be real annoying, because my sister’d hate me forever, she could never hate him like I could.”

    A considering hum, the gentle sweeping of leathery wings at his back, “I can’t really empathize, I consider my sisters fools and my mother an old crone who’s lived too long, I can’t be binding myself to what they’d want or what I think she’d want, because then I can’t be me.”

    Tetsuo sighed, “Yeah, living your life only for other people isn’t any way to live, unless that’s what you want to do, living for others for yourself, I suppose. Selfishly selfless, maybe.”

    He tsk’d, “That ain’t me, though. I’ve been down in the gutter for long enough that you have to look out for yourself a little, or nasty people will take everything you have. I look out for others not only because I need them to survive, but because I guess I care about them, I would be sad if they died.”

    He paused for a long period, “To be honest, aside from living by that code, I don’t have much. Honestly, I held to it mostly out of spite. It was barely ever real in the first place, a sort of honor among thieves' romanticism created for public opinion, but I hung onto it because I believed in it. Looking out for the little guy, holding true to my word, fighting for what I believed, that kind of stuff. It’s a bit lame and trite, but it’s what I got.”

    He licked his lips, “I thought my old man believed in it too, was in this for more than just money and power. But then he, just because his position, his power, was threatened by something so stupid…”

    He shook his head, “It showed me who he was. So now, I guess that’s a desire of mine, to see him torn down and rubbed in the dirt he threw me in, and then, after that…”

    He shrugged.

    “If he’s even still alive, I suppose I’ll figure it out along the way.”

    She fluttered into the air, settling herself on the ledge, meeting his eyes.

    “So those are your desires, vengeance and retribution, anger and hate.”

    She smiled at him, “How delightfully masculine, master, you’ll make a girl swoon. We even have something in common, how grand! I’ll just have to do my earnest part as your concubine, then. Maybe a little encouragement in those dreams of yours.”

    Tetsuo turned away, grumbling, “Y’ain’t my damned concubine, regardless of what you try and put in my head, you signed on so I can help you get what you want. Which is strength and power to come back home to Momma and kick her off the seat.”

    A sniffle, a dainty hand covering her eyes, “So cruel of you, to deny a pure maiden’s earnest affections, that coldness only makes my heart yearn for you more~!”

    The night continued in this vein for some time more, a jab, a riposte, a come-on and immediate rebuttal, the relationship was transparent, even shallow.

    But, over time, perhaps it would become deeper.

    The disgraced son and the wayward daughter, drawn by fate or fortune, who can say.

    But the story of sinful desire will go on.

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