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Thread: Passion Acknowledged ("Fate/Stay Night" lemon one-shot)

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    Passion Acknowledged ("Fate/Stay Night" lemon one-shot)

    Shirou Emiya brought the cup closer to his nose and breathed in the faintly sweet scent of the tea. It was rare for him to be alone in the student council room, especially when the sun was about to set, but after doing a variety of chores around the school as a favour to Issei, he felt he deserved a treat before going back home. He drank the tea slowly, taking care not to miss any of its warm, slightly bitter taste even for a moment. He sighed as he set the half-empty cup down again, perfectly content.

    Shinji Matou stood in the doorway.

    Shirou blinked a few times. No, his eyes weren’t playing a trick on him: there was Shinji, standing tall with his arms crossed, a familiar smirk on his face, and looking better than he had in some time, with his skin displaying a healthy, rosy glow – it seemed he had fully recovered from being forcibly turned into the Grail’s vessel. He even looked more energetic than he did the one time Shirou visited him with Sakura.

    “Heh. What’s the matter, Emiya? What’s with that silly look?”

    Shirou smiled warmly. “Shinji. It’s good to see you out of the hospital.”

    “Tcheh! It’s good to be out of there!” He stepped into the room and, without any ceremony, pulled out the chair beside Shirou and sat. “I was tired of staying in bed all day. It was so boring, you know? Well, of course you don’t know – you wouldn’t know what to do with a lazy day if it hit you with a bat, right?”

    Shirou’s smile grew even wider. Any fears he had of Shinji reverting to his usual self were just put to rest: he was still the blunt, but honest guy he used to be – back when they were still friends. He had missed that Shinji.

    “So, what brings you here?” he asked, genuinely curious – he didn’t think Shinji had ever been even near the student council room. To his surprise, Shinji’s smirk turned into a friendlier smile.

    “Heh. Why else, fool? I came to talk to you.”

    He was still smiling when he said that, but Shirou could see the way his body tensed up, how he brought his hands together in front of him. Whatever it was he wanted to talk about, Shirou could see it was something which bothered him, try as he might to act casual. Brows furrowing in concern, Shirou simply nodded and replied:

    “Then let’s talk.”


    And talk they did. The cup sat forgotten on the table, the tea long gone cold as Shinji poured out his heart. His foolish, futile ambitions of carrying on the Matou family’s magical tradition, his hurt pride and wounded sense of self at seeing that Sakura would be the one to do it instead, his impotent rage at having been denied what he wanted the most for something completely beyond his control... All the pettiness, the jealousy, the things which twisted and churned inside him until he felt he could nothing but lash out at the world, especially those nearest to him.

    “Like Sakura.”


    “And Rin.”

    “...Yes, her too.”

    They stayed silent for a while, with Shinji looking everywhere except at the person beside him, and Shirou just... ...thinking.

    He thought back to Shinji hitting Sakura for the first time – but not the last, he was sure of it; thought of what Shinji had tried to do in this very school, how he only failed because Caster usurped his plan; thought of how he had watched happily as the golden hero killed the white-haired winter maiden.

    He had told Rin that as long as she had only been unsuccessful – as long as she hadn’t made a mistake –, she could still be proud of herself. Shinji had made many mistakes, however, mistakes which weren’t in Shirou’s power to forgive (could even the gods forgive such mistakes?).

    And yet...

    “Shinji” he commanded. The blue-haired young man turned to him, trying vainly to keep up a façade of confidence.

    Shirou smiled. He could see it in Shinji’s eyes: he was fighting against himself. Shirou would always acknowledge such a fight.

    As Shinji saw Shirou’s open, inviting expression, he felt the tension drain away from him in the breath he didn’t know he had been holding.

    “Thank you... ...Shirou.”

    Something welled up from deep inside him and gently carried his consciousness away in the whispers of a dream. Outside of himself, he could see his body acting on its own, a puppet with invisible strings, to lean into Shirou and kiss him. It was only a gentle kiss, a mere contact of the lips, but both men nearly jumped out of their skins as if lightning had struck them.

    Shinji moved back, the first one to recover from the shock. The truth is that he had known for years how he felt about Shirou, even as he hated himself for that; now that those feelings were out in the open, he felt rather comfortable, like they were an old friend sitting in companionable silence beside him. Shirou, however, was still reeling from how much unacknowledged passion there was in the kiss – and not from Shinji.

    Both just stared at each other for a while, neither willing to look away, but neither able to say or do anything. Finally, Shinji just smiled affectionately, no hint of his usual smirk.

    “I’ll see you around, Emiya.”

    He stood up and started moving toward the door.

    “Shinji, wait!”


    Their lips met once more as Shirou firmly held Shinji’s face in both hands, lightning coursing through their veins.


    Their tongues danced. They drank madly, deeply of each other in an embrace driven by long-denied feelings which had finally been released. Those were sloppy kisses, with both lost in passion and neither being much experienced, but they didn’t care.

    Shirou broke off from Shinji’s lips only to dip and start kissing his neck and sucking on it, eliciting small shivers of pleasure. His hands tenderly moved downward his partner’s body, until one of them went under Shinji’s shirt and rested on his back, caressing it, while the other went inside Shinji’s pants and started massaging his hardening dick. Shinji yelped in pleasure.

    “Damn it, Emiya” he said, holding Shirou off, “stop teasing me and just fuck me.”


    “What? Don’t pussy out on me now!”

    Shirou just nodded in response. He would have preferred to continue with the foreplay, but he understood Shinji’s burning too well – it mirrored his own. He silently took a condom from his wallet, and Shinji hungrily eyed as he covered his member with it. The latter couldn’t help but smirk as he noticed the wrapping, though.

    “ ‘Extra lubrication’, Emiya? How did you know?”

    “No, it’s just that... Rin still gets embarrassed when I try to go down on her, so she needs...”

    No. Shinji would not let Tohsaka steal this moment from him. He had no illusions that when it was over, Shirou would still be hers, but for right now, he was his – finally his – and he wouldn’t let him go.

    He kissed Shirou again, this time much more softly, but for what seemed a longer time than their earlier make-out session. Then he wordlessly pulled down his trousers, fully exposing his hard cock, turned around and got on all fours.

    Once again, Shirou just nodded in understanding.

    “Are you sure you want this?” Maybe it was a stupid question to ask someone with their naked ass up in the air, but it had to be asked.

    “Yes. Take me, Shirou.”

    And Shirou did.


    The friction between his insides and Emiya’s rubber-covered prick was painful, but there was also pleasure mixed with it. No – the feeling of pleasure was the greater, as the gnawing ache which still lingered in his soul seemed to subside, the constant craving finally satisfied. Jealousy, anger, worthlessness, all the mud stains on his heart had been washed away by that passionate tide; never had he felt as uplifted as now, when he had Emiya dick-deep in his ass.

    For his part, Shirou’s mind was completely blank, all thoughts and feelings – even those for his red devil – completely pushed aside by his determination – no, his need to lose himself inside Shinji, to tease him and please him and fuck him until both could no longer move. His body was moving almost of its own accord, each thrust slightly quicker than the last, a crescendo of sex which finally culminated in him pounding away like a machine, gripping Shinji’s ass tightly with one hand while aggressively caressing it with the other.

    Shinji kept on uttering wordless grunts in time with Emiya’s hips, slowly – try as he might to control himself – rising in volume, until finally he had to bite his sleeves to muffle his loud moaning. Shirou wasn’t as successful in stifling his pleasure, though, and kept on softly calling Shinji’s name in between breaths.

    “Shut up, Emiya” Shinji tersely replied, his voice almost breaking with the effort of controlling his passion. He failed to control his body, however: his own cock, already hardened from Shirou’s passionate kisses earlier, proudly sported a raging hard-on already oozing with pre-cum. He could feel something building up within him, taking him close to the brink of madness.

    Shirou was the one who crossed the threshold first, however: with a final, wordless grunt, he lost himself as his dick spurted hot cum inside the condom. Both stayed still for a moment, quaking slightly as the remaining sexual energy drained away, until finally Shirou pulled his cock out and moved to the trash can.

    “Shit. Emiya, you asshole!” Shinji said as he rose from the floor, holding a chair for support.

    “Huh?” Shirou looked back in confusion as he threw out the condom and covered it with the rest of the trash. “What, Shinji? Did I hurt you?”

    “No, but you didn’t let me finish first! Fuck, I was so close! Now I’m gonna have to jerk off, and it’s just not the same!”

    “I’ll take care of it.”

    “Huh?” Now it was time for Shinji to feel confused. It was a feeling which lasted little more than a second, though: his face turned a bright crimson shade as he saw Shirou, dick still hanging out of his pants, kneeling in front of him.

    “W-wait, you don’t have to...”

    “It’s ok, Shinji. I want to.”

    And there was the dumb, but friendly smile which always made Shinji’s heart skip a beat. God, did he love that smile! He felt as if it set the world right just by –

    Anything else he would have thought was lost to time as he felt Shirou’s breath on his still-sensitive, still-erect cock. He looked on in anticipation, his prick eager for Shirou’s sweet lips.

    Shirou could smell the musky scent of Shinji’s dick as he tentatively wrapped his lips on the head and tasted the salty, somewhat bitter pre-cum. He slowly took Shinji’s full length into his mouth – Shinji moaned –, passing his tongue over it as he did so – the moaning intensified, Shinji started quivering. Satisfied he was doing it right, he carried on, his head bobbing up and down as he alternated between sucking and licking his lover’s member, never letting it out of his mouth. He was more enthusiastic than skilled, but it didn’t matter, Shinji was so close to the edge he moved his hips in unison with Shirou’s head, wordlessly begging for release.


    The redhead’s mouth was busy, so he just grabbed Shinji’s naked ass with both hands – hard – as a means of reply. Shinji’s mind flew away on wings of desire, and his cock erupted in Shirou’s mouth in three quick successive bursts even as he, too, let out a wordless grunt. For his part, Shirou only swallowed the thick, salty cream. It was over.

    No. Not yet.

    Both young men stared at each other for a moment, trying to catch their breath as their orgasms subsided. Then, acting in greater harmony than even before when they were in the throes of passion, they moved closer together and kissed, one last kiss – mouth to mouth, cock to cock – as they held each other.

    There were no delusions: both knew this had been a one-time occurrence. But for a single moment in eternity, they were happy to have acknowledged what had gone ignored for too long.
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