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Thread: Physical Grand Order Cards

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    Physical Grand Order Cards

    Hey so AX is over and I'm broke (not because of these cards, for other reasons) so I don't really feel like making any more of these.
    I did promise to give a more detailed guide on how to make Physical FGO card though.

    Necessary links:

    Aister's FGO card generator

    Make Playing Cards


    Helpful links:



    Kyte's early game galleries



    This is not exactly how I did mine. In fact, it should actually be somewhat better than the super janky way I did mine these last few times because you can easily include names and stats.

    First, download whatever card art you want off cirnopedia, kazemai, imgur, whatever and organize it in folders for easy management. Then punch them through Aister's FGO card generator. (0* Avenger, Mooncell and Alter Ego are missing but there's not really a whole lot of those to begin with)
    Save your newly created cards and then punch them through Waifu2x. They need to be 900px horizontally (don't remember how much vertically) and the downloaded github version of Waifu2x should let you set those parameters easily. You can probably do them in batches too or write a quick script that will let you do that. (If it doesn't I'll probably just write one myself at some point)

    Next, you'll need to put a 25 pixel border around all the cards because makeplayingcards wants a bit of a buffer for the edges. Unfortunately that gives you a little bit of a top border or bottom border depending on how you fiddle with it on itself so don't take those measurements as gospel. Imagemagick lets you add borders in bulk.

    After that, you can add up to 130 cards per deck to makeplayingcards. Note that these are tarot card ratios. Pick any settings you want, I went with the cheapest ones myself. Also, with the way the borders were set up for me, I had to go through each and every card and click them once to center it properly. If you don't you get a slight border on the bottom and if you do, you get a somewhat less noticeable one on the top. After you feel nice and comfy, put in an order.

    Addendum 1:
    For special classes (0* Avenger, mooncell, etc) you can dig around a bit on cirnopedia's html source and download those icons (and the 0* border) and then manually create the cards.

    Addendum 2:

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I probably won't answer because I'm a lazy fuck but hey, maybe I will.
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