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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey View Post
    Id like to know, Nine
    If pinetree, dracoscribe, Chain and Cing Krimson gave you permission to post their sheets on reddit. Just going by the latest comments of yours
    Just to make sure, because we had this discussion prior and many did not want that. Its a new Generation here, propably unaware of your habits, so perhaps you ask them?
    I don't know about the others but he actually did ask me back then and I said I didn't care.

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    To be clear, I didn't submit Cacareco because Gunner was disqualified, I submitted Cacareco because I came to heavily regret submitting Gunner in the first place. Also, because pinetree (and later Baron Magnus) vouched for me to be able to submit an extra sheet, and asterism at the time didn't tell him otherwise

    It's another reason I went with Cacareco, because if I wasn't allowed to submit her, well, being an illegitimate candidate was part of their story anyway

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    Aaaaahhhhh more Servants to read and react to! Also comments I wanna reply to. Now let's see what I'll do fir--

    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey View Post
    Id like to know, Nine
    If pinetree, dracoscribe, Chain and Cing Krimson gave you permission to post their sheets on reddit. Just going by the latest comments of yours
    Just to make sure, because we had this discussion prior and many did not want that. Its a new Generation here, propably unaware of your habits, so perhaps you ask them?
    Wait what?! I wasn't told of this!!!

    Oy, Nine! What the heck, man?! Not cool, man! Not cool!

    Quote Originally Posted by NINE-lives View Post
    Iím sorry. Iím just autistic, constantly on anti-depressants and other medication and just canít write or focus enough to write. Iím just trying to be less annoying.
    As Scotcheroos has said already, that isn't an excuse to constantly nag others, much less post someone's work elsewhere without permission. If you want to be less annoying, try thinking of it this way: you're having a hard time focusing? Other people could be too, and what you're doing might be how you cope/help with your lack of focus, but it's taking focus away from others.

    Okay I know I'm not the most qualified to say stuff like that but still, I wanted to say something.

    okay now gotta read the sheets and other stuff...
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    Persona 5: Refraction (SV link; link)
    "You didn't have to fight for me, you know." "And you didn't have to curl your hair so we'll look even more alike." Ren stared before he softly chuckled, Akira joining him not long after. With one simple decision as a child, Ren Amamiya goes to Tokyo alongside his little sister, Akira. (P5R Sibling AU) (Ren/Ann, Akechi/Fem!Akira)
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    My list of my Servants! Still small for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey View Post
    Id like to know, Nine
    If pinetree, dracoscribe, Chain and Cing Krimson gave you permission to post their sheets on reddit. Just going by the latest comments of yours
    Just to make sure, because we had this discussion prior and many did not want that. Its a new Generation here, propably unaware of your habits, so perhaps you ask them?
    I would also like to mention, Nine, that I do NOT give you permission to post my sheet on Reddit. You do not touch my work. Ever.

    I will also be incredibly pissed if I find Aimo's sheet on Reddit.
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    I have no idea what the hell I am currently doing

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    Why are you asking?

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    Out of genuine curiosity, which Reddit are you posting the sheets in anyway Nine?

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    Iirc back then it was r/curatedtumblr and a few others.
    But let's just move on and not bring this up ever again.
    The less attention we give to his actions, the better.

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    good day to everyone

    I have now finally completed my sheet (That is to say, I will not update it anymore unless I wish to add an interaction between Sekien and other upcoming servants).
    In this update, I have added all four ascension art for Sekien, as well as the Bond CE art and a little teaser to the next servant I'm making.

    Still finding out the lyrics to Thest.
    Website I made in my middle-high/secondary school time

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    As an advice to all
    No one forces you to release a sheet once ur first draft is finished. Use the 3 weeks to finetune your sheets however way you see fit.
    Editing over time isnt ruled out, but i personally get the feel one might edit to appeal more to the crowd once feedback rolled in.
    If you turned in a test, you cant request the teacher to give it back because you noticed something wrong in your answers afterward.
    Just...dont rush it.
    Adding quotes is a separate topic. Thats a-ok
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    Another that has been on my list for a long while. I really wanted to do him justice, especially after falling in love with him going through the Ring of Fire series.

    Haha! So, it seems my work was not done, was it? All the better!

    The Golden Lion of the North

    Class: Gatekeeper
    Other Classes: Archer, Rider
    True Name: Gustavus Adolphus Rex Sueciae
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Place of Origin: Sweden
    Height: 217 cm.
    Weight: 63 kilo.
    Likes: Composing hymnals. Warfare. Passionate people.
    Dislikes: Weak opponents. Tyranny. Religious oppression.
    Natural Enemy: Oda Nobunaga
    Armaments: Swords, muskets, and cannons.

    STR: B
    END: B
    AGI: C
    MGI: D
    LCK: A
    NP: A

    Class Skills:
    Territory Fortification (A):
    The primary class skill of Gatekeeper. Allows the designation and fortification of a domain Conceptually similar to a Caster's Territory Creation skill, the designated domain aides one's abilities as a defender and combatant, rather than as a magus.

    The man who raised Sweden into a European power, expanded and maintained its borders throughout his military career, and a celebrated protector of the Protestants, Gatekeeper is remembered primarily as a ferocious protector and warrior.

    Riding (C):
    One can flawlessly manage beasts and vehicles if they have received the proper training and adjustments. Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above average skill.

    Godís Resolution (C):
    While he does not qualify for the Ruler Class, Gatekeeperís devout belief and servitude has gifted him with seven command spells to do with as he wills.

    Personal Skills:
    Captain GARS (D):
    One of Gatekeeperís more eccentric activities was making himself a captain in his own army under the name of GARS, using the identity to either investigate his own ranks, mask his movements, and generally interact with others without his reputation affecting it.

    Using this Skill, Gatekeeper comes under the effects of both Powerless Shell and Espionage, being perceived as little more than a friendly, larger than average human.

    Father of Modern Warfare (A)
    A title he gained posthumously, Gatekeeperís innovations and creative use of tactics alongside his integrations of both artillery and firearms into his army granted him many victories and recognition by other military leaders as one of the greatest generals of all time.

    While giving him both Strategy and Tactics at A rank, Gatekeeper also has ingrained understanding and proficiency with all forms of modern weaponry.

    Charisma (A):
    A man that was widely renowned for both his indomitable spirit and infectious energy, Gatekeeper was a charismatic warrior who gained the respect of almost anyone who met him and was highly regarded by his own men and people.

    Noble Phantasm
    Hakkapeliittain Marssi: With God and Arms Victorious (A)

    Gatekeeperís greatest Noble Phantasm is named after both the march made for his famous cavalrymen and his own personal motto.

    Similar to a certain Demon King, Gatekeeper wields the weapons of his army, able to manifest swords, muskets, and cannons to manipulate and command. While he can summon them in large numbers, they are nowhere near the scale of the aforementioned battle.
    That is, so long as he is outside his territory.

    Within his claimed territory, Gatekeeper is able to call forth his full military might, able to summon clouds of swords, whirlwinds of firearms, and a hailstorm of cannon fire. A relentless assault of weaponry to destroy any who would invade his territory.

    Were he summoned as a Rider, this Noble Phantasm would summon his soldiers as shadows to fight alongside him once more, if only for a short time.

    Lion of the North: The Lord God is My Armor! (B)

    While he wore a buff coat in life for protection, Gatekeeper placed trust in his God to protect him in battle and has manifested that belief as this Noble Phantasm.

    Rather than wearing actual armor, Gatekeeper is wreathed in a thin venire of golden light that protects him from magic below its own Rank, gives an equivalent rank of Protection of the Faith, and grants him the far more versatile ability to shift his Parameters. He is capable of temporarily increasing his Strength and Endurance at the cost of his other Parameters, even able to bring them both up to A+ if he lowered the rest to E.

    However, the longer the shift is utilized, the weaker Lion of the North becomes, requiring a refractory period between shifts else it would be temporarily disabled.


    Gustav Adolf II was the King of Sweden during the infamous Thirty Years War where, despite only reigning for twenty-one years, he became known as one of the greatest generals to have ever lived.

    Raised from childhood to become both an effective soldier and politician, Gustavus was already participating in political councils by age ten and joined the war the moment he turned seventeen. Sadly, that same year, his father would die from illness.

    Under normal circumstances, Gustav would be considered too young to take the throne, but he was appointed despite this due to the widespread knowledge of his capabilities. One such display was his appointment of Axel Oxenstierna as his Lord Chancellor, a man who was completely devoted to him and served to balance out the new kingís passion.

    He continued to show intelligence and military prowess over the next decade in resolving the three simultaneous wars they were entrenched in when his father died, fighting off all three, personally negotiating treaties with the first two and stalemating the third into a truce, all while starting reforms, endearing himself to his people, and marrying Maria Eleonora after traveling across Europe in search of a bride.

    It was only after he had done this and restructured his military into the powerhouse it would be known as did he turn his attention to the war raging in Europe. Under the appeal of the Protestants in Germany, Gustav intervened in the war that would cement his name and military genius.

    Gustav carved his way into Germany, winning every conflict he participated in as a seemingly unstoppable force of warfare. However, Gustav would meet his end almost a year after what is considered the peak of his career after being separated from his cavalry during a charge. Within the fog, the king was shot multiple times, before being stabbed off his horse and taking one final shot to the head.

    Only one year after his death, Gustav Adolf would become the only Swedish king to be given the title of ďThe GreatĒ, immortalizing him as one of their greatest rulers and adding further to his lofty reputation, one that would only be further mythologized with time.


    Gustav is an energetic and joyful tower of a man, bringing the same passion he has in battle to every interaction he takes part in. Infectious, charismatic, and empathetic, it is hard to dislike the man unless you are already predisposed to do so. He eschews things like titles and social niceties in favor of having an equal and honest conversation with others, willing and able to talk about any number of things.

    All this bursting energy is tempered by a cunning mind and intelligence one could easily forget with how personable and easygoing he can be, something that also endeared him to the common people of his time. He can discuss the finer points of both tactics and art just as well as the satisfaction born of physical labor and conquering an enemy. He constantly channels both these parts of himself, being a boisterous and friendly giant that could also be networking connections with his interactions.

    Above it all though, Gustav is a devoutly pious man. He sees his time as a Servant as more time to serve his God in whatever way he can. He will follow his heart, believing that his Lord his guiding his every footstep as he faces the challenged placed before him. As such, he cannot stand the presence of evil or demonic forces, and inherently dislikes all the anti-heroes that populate Chaldea even as they all work towards a common goal. However, he endeavors to hold his tongue walk the path he believes right even if his road mates are of questionable quality.


    Oda Nobunaga: A demon king of slaughter, terror, and persecution. I think it should be clear to both of us what is about to occur, don't you agree?

    Christina Augusta: Ha! Of course you would become a Heroic Spirit! I expected no less!

    Napolean: Well, this will certainly be an interesting battle! I suppose it's natural for one to challenge those they admire.

    Alfred Bernhard Nobel: Another revolutionizer of warfare! It is perhaps those who seek peace the most that can so greatly wage war. I should know.

    Si Pitung: Yes, to battle is wonderous, but it is not all to life. Perhaps you should reflect on things outside of your bloody path.

    Sugawara no Takasue no Musume: I'm certain my daughter would adore meeting you. It's likely she's already read your poetry.

    Sorghaghtani Beki: He admires her capability as a ruler, but she seems to have a difficult time interacting with the boisterous lion.

    Christian Caldwell: You monstrous, misguided soul who tarnishes our Lord's name. Not one more life shall be claimed by your hands.

    Alena Arzamasskaia: Such a powerful spirit! May God guide us both well until the end.

    Craft Essence


    You certainly are your father's daughter.

    Willful. Passionate. Immovable in your beliefs.

    You are also undeniably your mother's daughter.

    Artistically infatuated. Eccentric and beautiful. Tempestuous.

    When I first held you, I knew what a trickster, what a beguiler of both men and women you would become when you fooled us all at your birth.

    My pride and my joy, regardless of what anyone may believe.

    Creator Notes

    This is where I tell everyone to read the Ring of Fire book series in honor of the recently deceased Eric Flint. I also say that I almost made his FC Leo from Guilty Gear, but decided his didn't have enough regality to fit Gustavus. Still, I'm glad he's finally done. I actually have his Archer form planned as a Servant in a different story I've been kicking around in my head, so this gave me the excuse to create a baseline for making that. It's great how the world works out sometimes.

    Do you like jazz short stories? Do you want something to distract from making Servants? Do you wish the idea of Shirou Kotomine didn't immediately bring edgelords to mind? Well, I can't promise it's good, but some would disagree with me.
    Fate/Without Justice

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    Looking at Gustavus' relationships, is there now a canon version of Christina, or was it meant to be a reaction to one of the Christina sheets here?

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    《 ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ 》

    Making films has never just been a job to me, it is my life.
    I have some interests outside of acting - I sing and I've written
    books, for instance - but acting is what keeps me going, it's what I do, it gives life purpose.

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ 》

    C A S T E R
    Of Film

    《- Sir Christopher Lee -》

    "Oh, what a surprise. I hadnít thought this occasion would ever come. Well, my name is Christopher Lee, in life I was a known actor. Now, I believe I belong to the Caster class of Servants. I greatly look forward to our partnership. May we both learn from this time spent together."

    Class Caster
    True Name Sir Christopher Lee
    Alias Christopher Frank Carandini Lee
    Alternate Classes Assassin, Saber, F̷̝̼͓̻̝̼͉͙̣͕͐̆̿̔̾̆͊̔́͋̓̂͋̈͜a̷̢̢͚̻̺̥͎̙̻͂͋́̈̔͐̆̉͆̅̀͘ ̧̙̣͎͍̫k̵̠͇̍͑͛̓͌͝ẹ̶͍̲̞̞͖̩̑̌̓̄̇̽̅̅̌̕͝r̸̒̅̐̊̉̄́̎̒̾̅̚ ̧̧̖͚̪̝͚̮͚́̿̾
    Origin England, 20th century
    Alignment Neutral Good
    Armaments -
    Catalyst Props or costumes used or worn by him
    Attribute Human
    Height/Weight 196 cm / 6í5Ē
    94 kg / 207 lbs

    E E E
    B C C

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Class Skills ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Class Skills ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    Item Construction (Fake) D
    A skill that denotes a Servantís ability to magically create, or improve the concept of items. A common class skill of the Caster class. Caster was not a true magician in life and only had passing knowledge of the occult, never truly attempting to learn magecraft, as such this skill would normally be lost.

    However, thanks to his Noble Phantasm, L̶̛͖͚̫͙̜̩͕͔̝̞̄̍̂͊̾̓ͅͅo̸̱͎͈͇̮̘͈̪͌͆͌́ŕ̷̟̬͚̱͎̔͗̇͊͂̏̀ d̶̢̨̢̟͎͔͖̬̲͛́̅̆̆̕ ̷̧̪̺͕̯͙̙̙̼͕̫̔͒̀͛̈́͝ͅö̴͎̜̙̞́̀͗͝f̵̧̘̘̏͜ ̵̡͙̳͖̻̂͗͑̃̾͒̋͝M̵̢̧̡̧̛͇̈̔̈́̊̽͝i̸̘̗̺̳̯̊̄s̷̉̔̈́̒͗́̀͌͑͊̅ ̫̯͈͙͈͖͜r̷͔̦̔̚ű̴̩̘̣̖̲͖̩̇͒̿̐̿͗̿̓͘̚͜ͅl̴͖̖͔̜̟̀̌̒̾̃̒͝ͅ ̠̦̥͙e̶̼̫͇̲̕, Caster is able to closely approximate the Item Construction skill, as such granting him its fake variant. Caster, through his Noble Phantasm, is solely capable of manifesting items used by the roles he portrayed in life. However, should they hold any special magical qualities they are completely lost.

    For example, because Caster is one of, if not the most well known actor of the vampire Dracula. He could theoretically manifest a copy of Vlad IIIís spear, this however would not grant Caster access to Vlad IIIís Noble Phantasm Kazikli Bey.

    "Truly marvellous these Noble Phantasms. Now I feel as though I have an entire theatreís backstage area in my back pocket at all times. Iím not very fond of props, I try my best to avoid them when I can. My friend, Peter Cushing - Perhaps youíve heard of him as well - he would probably very much like to have such an ability. He was always fiddling with some prop or other."

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Personal Skills ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Personal Skills ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    All Kinds of Talents B
    Granted to Servants known for possessing many different talents throughout their lives, allowing them to make use of those skills. Servants with this skill also learn and acquire new skills at an accelerated rate.

    Caster was incredibly skilled in a multitude of fields in life, knowing multiple languages, being trained and ranked in multiple martial arts, having received military training in multiple fields and, of course, being skilled in a number of art forms, such as acting and singing. Faker is able to easily make use of these skills, and his ability in them seems to have increased as well, for example, languages Caster was only conversational in he can now speak fluently. Caster also learns at an incredibly accelerated rate, making it very easy for him to acquire new abilities.

    "A lot of people were often surprised and impressed by my knowledge in so many fields. Many focused on the many languages I know, stating how impressive it is. Iíve taught languages to myself many times now. Learning things is not nearly as hard as the world likes to make it out to be. It only requires some desire for self-improvement, motivation, patience and a bit of dedication. Most anything can be learnt to a proficient level this way in a year or two, and even less. Should you ever have a desire to learn any of the languages or other such that I know, I will be very happy to help you should you want."
    Appreciation of the Arts D
    A skill that denotes a Servantís infatuation with arts of various different kinds. A Servant possessing this skill may be able to identify Noble Phantasms if they contain art related anecdotes.

    Being an artist himself, as a singer, author, and actor, as well as spending large parts of his life with traditional art and reading classical literature, Caster has developed a certain sense for art that allows him to recognise it with relative ease after a brief period of observation.

    "Art is such a wonderful thing, I can barely fathom how itís possible that others canít be amazed by it. Any form of art, even if itís largely considered bad, captures the thoughts of the artist, anyone who worked on it in any way, and even the time and the circumstance in which it was made. That alone should be enough to appreciate it."
    Storyteller B
    A skill that denotes a Servantís ability to eloquently and captivatingly tell tales and legends. The narration can be changed at any moment to better fit the mood or mental state of the audience, a storytelling ability specialised in improvisation.

    Having made a legend out of being an actor, Caster is naturally great at this skill and is able to easily captivate his audience with his stories and performances. Mechanically, anyone listening to Caster either has their defensive parameters severely dropped, or their offensive parameters dramatically raised, depending on what effect Caster chooses his story to have.

    "The craft of acting is a tiring one. Not because one can easily grow bored of it, but because perfecting it, in my opinion, is entirely impossible, leaving any good actor to continuously strive for self-improvement, only to end up not reaching that state of perfection they were attempting to work toward. But, as far as I am concerned, as tiring as it is, it is also captivating."

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Noble Phantasm ~~ ★ ~~ 》

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Background ~~ ★ ~~ 》

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Description ~~ ★ ~~ 》

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Relationships ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    ......NoSomething is wrong here...You make your way through the as always stainless white hospital-like walls, looking for Caster. It had been a few days since his summoning, you had a good idea where he would be. He had taken to sitting out in the sun, reading a book and drinking tea, whenever he wasn't otherwise busying himself. It came to no surprise that he was indeed there when you saw him. Sitting on a nicely decorated white garden chair, getting as much sun as he could, a small table next to him with a tea can and a cup filled with still steaming liquid next to him. A set of reading glasses sat low on his nose and he seemed to be incredibly engrossed in a black bound book.

    Not engrossed enough, however, to fail to notice your approach. He rose to greet you, and though the rest of his face wasn't his eyes were smiling at your sight. That expression too however quickly faded when he saw you. A quiet sound of understanding escaped him. He knew something was wrong.

    "It would appear I have been found out." He said, quietly, with his otherwise so booming and commanding voice, "Well, would you like to sit? I have just made the tea, if you would want a cup." As he spoke he had already moved around the table to reach for another chair. You decided to oblige and sat, shortly thereafter a teacup appeared in front of you from seemingly nowhere and Caster poured tea. A short nod and a smile later, he was back on his chair, book open again.

    "I can imagine why you are here. So, to make it short, yes, I have been keeping secrets from you. Not out of malice, or because they are some unspeakably terrible monstrosities writihing inside me like some of the other Servants here. No, it is much more mundane than that. I simply did not wish to share those things yet. They are private... and sensitive." He looked over to you for a second, "The world was often of the opinion that I was a hardened consumate professional. I was really much softer than most thought, I just elected not to share as much."

    "But," he turned the page in his book, "before we go, do allow me to finish reading this chapter. It should only be a few more pages"

    Silence settled in for a minute or two, only occasionally broken by the sound of Caster turning a page. You got a better look at the book now. It was a copy of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Fellowship of the Ring", a book that Caster must have read dozens of times by now.

    "Now then, let's go.", his voice soundenly sounded again, followed by the sound of the book closing, "Let my very mundane secrets be revealed."

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ 》

    I was always fascinated by fairy stories, fantasy, you know,
    demons, necromancers, gods and goddesses, everything that
    is out of our kin and out of our everyday world. I was always
    interested in enchantment and magicians and still am.

    To be a legend, you've either got to be dead or excessively old.

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ 》

    F A K E R
    Of Film

    《- Sir Christopher Lee -》
    First Ascension

    "You have found me out, Master. Yes, I am of the Faker class. Although, ďFakerĒ is a rather crude term to call an actor, isnít it? I do apologise for deceiving you. There have always been things about myself I preferred to keep to myself. Many of these things are now laid bare to you. Truthfully, I donít quite feel comfortable with you knowing all these things. Sadly, I believe now I can no longer hide that, can I?"
    Second Ascension

    "It seems that all my otherwise harmless capabilities have been somewhat weaponised by this Throne of Heroes of yours. It really is a shame that it did. I was rather content being a rather harmless man. I can assure you, being a harmless man is much more fun than being a dangerous one."
    Third Ascension

    "I must say, I was very surprised when I found myself labelled as a peer to some of these great characters, many of whom I had thought to have been fictitious. Some that I had even portrayed myself. I would have thought that it would be the character, not the man portraying them, who would be placed on the Throne of Heroes and summoned like this."
    Final Ascension

    "Despite my initial shock at my summoning and my still to some degree continuing confusions at the situation I find myself in, I must say that I am still quite thankful for your summoning me. Iíve had the chance to have wonderful conversations with the Servants here. If nothing else, then this experience has enriched me by affording me the chance to converse with these great kings, artists, musicians and writers."

    Class Faker
    True Name Sir Christopher Lee
    Alias Christopher Frank Carandini Lee
    Alternate Classes Assassin, Caster Saber
    Origin England, 20th Century
    Alignment Neutral Good
    Armaments -
    Catalyst Props or costumes used or worn by him
    Attribute Human
    Height/Weight 196 cm / 6í5Ē
    94 kg / 207 lbs

    E D E
    A B EX

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Class Skills ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Class Skills ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    Camouflage EX
    The skill that typically appears as the class skill of Servants of the Faker class. It allows a Servant to mask and even change the appearance of their parameters, class and, in rare cases, their appearance. This skill denotes a Servantís ability to convincingly pretend to be someone else.

    Fakerís legend is largely known for his acting career, wherein he portrayed wide ranges of personalities and characters in ways that captivated millions of people around the world. As such his rank in this skill is as high as it could conceivably be, allowing Faker to change the way his True Name, Class and Parameters appear to his leisure, should he wish to, he could appear as a Saber class Servant whose Parameters are Rank EX across the board. Faker is even able to change his appearance to his liking. He is theoretically capable of becoming a perfect duplicate of anyone and anything he wishes.

    Due to this skillís high rank, even abilities such as True Name Discernment fail to recognise who he is. Only Noble Phantasms should normally be able to see through his disguise.

    "You appear worried, Master? Oh, do you believe that I may still be lying to you about my identity? Well, I canít prove to you that I didnít, all I can do is reassure you that I am indeed the actor Christopher Lee. If you are still concerned, I wouldnít hold it against you, perhaps you can ask mister Sherlock Holmes for his professional opinion. He and I have been having great fun using this skill against him, and seeing how long he takes to find me out."
    Item Construction (Fake) C++
    Normally one of the class skills of the Caster class. As Faker was not a magus, he normally would not have access to this skill. However, due to Lord of Misrule, Faker has an ability that can roughly approximate the Item Construction skill, granting him this skill.

    Faker is able to manifest items that would normally be owned by the characters he has played, or props and costumes that he used during movies. However, when manifested through this skill, the conjured item loses any special properties it would normally have.

    However, due to Faker spending a lot of time studying magecraft, particularly the occult, he actually attained some magical knowledge that allows him to - with some effort and time - return some of the magical properties to the objects he can materialise. If he chooses to materialise something that would otherwise be a Noble Phantasm, and spend the time to return some of its power to it, he could likely elevate it to a level where it would resemble a weak Virtual Noble Phantasm. However, doing so even once would require extensive amounts of mana and quite a long time.

    "Truly marvellous these Noble Phantasms. Now I feel as though I have an entire theatreís backstage area in my back pocket at all times. Iím not very fond of props, I try my best to avoid them when I can. My friend, Peter Cushing - Perhaps youíve heard of him as well - he would probably very much like to have such an ability. He was always fiddling with some prop or other."

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Personal Skills ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Personal Skills ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    All Kinds of Skills B
    Granted to Servants known for possessing many different talents throughout their lives, allowing them to make use of those skills. Servants with this skill also learn and acquire new skills at an accelerated rate.

    Faker was incredibly skilled in a multitude of fields in life, knowing multiple languages, being trained and ranked in multiple martial arts, having received military training in multiple fields and, of course, being skilled in a number of art forms, such as acting and singing. Faker is able to easily make use of these skills, and his ability in them seems to have increased as well, for example, languages Faker was only conversational in he can now speak fluently. Faker also learns at an incredibly accelerated rate, making it very easy for him to acquire new abilities.

    Before, Faker used his knowledge of art, that is encapsulated in this skill, to simulate being in possession of the Appreciation for the Arts skill.

    "As you can plainly see, not everything I had revealed to you initially was a lie. I am, honestly, rather proud of this. I worked hard on many of these skills, to bring them to a point where I deemed them presentable. It is a very gratifying feeling to know that this hard work is recognised by something such as the Throne of Heroes."
    Curse Arts C
    A skill that denotes a Servantís ability to employ magecraft, specifically curses. In life, when Faker began some study of magecraft and the occult, he eventually attained a level of power comparable to an average magus, however now as a Servant this magical ability has been amplified, allowing him to cast curses that even magi would have some trouble defending against.

    Faker specialises in eastern curses specifically, with which he can do things such as causing nightmares, amplifying certain negative emotions, or sowing self-doubt in someoneís mind.

    Though Faker is rather skilled in this field of magecraft, he chooses not to use it as long as he can excuse avoiding it and, unless absolutely necessary, would actively disobey his Master to refrain from its use.

    "Black magic, magecraft, occultism, satanism. I once took an interest in this peculiar part of human history. I know of the Holy Grail Wars, the Throne of Heroes, the Holy Grail and other such - Hence my surprise at my existence as a Servant - I have met people who had been utterly consumed by their magical abilities and entirely lost in them. Magecraft, of any kind, especially the harmful one, I have found, is like a great black pit. It is very easy to fall into, to lose oneself within it, and it is so very difficult to remove yourself from it again. Magecraft asks for a heavy price, through its practice, sooner or later a Magus loses his soul."
    Espionage D
    A skill that describes a Servantís ability to hide and gather information, by way of making them appear as friendly to their intended target. It causes others to misunderstand the Servantís status and perceive them as anything from non-hostile to beloved friends. At Fakerís rank, most people will not suspect him of any ill intent he might harbour for them. People susceptible to Mental Interference will more likely perceive him as a friend.

    After having been expelled from the Royal Air Force during World War II due to an optical nerve failure that prevented him from flying, he joined the RAFís Intelligence Branch. Though the exact nature of his deeds are unknown to this day, there is a well known anecdote from when he and Lord of the Ringsí director Peter Jackson were discussing the death of Fakerís character Saruman, who would be stabbed in the back. Supposedly, Faker objected to Saruman screaming in pain by saying: ďHave you any idea what kind of noise happens when somebody is stabbed in the back? Because I do.Ē This anecdote gave credence to the idea that Faker was part of some clandestine part of World War II, including assassin-like missions.

    Because Fakerís only proof of possessing this skill being anecdotal, it has received a slight rank down. Normally it would likely be about Rank C.

    "This part of my life is one I rarely speak about and one I try not to remember when possible. For good reason as well. I have seen, very clearly, the terrible things one man can do unto another. Those events have likely scarred me in some terrible way that I canít truly understand. The threats we face here are so incomprehensibly large that they feel not nearly as dangerous or repulsive, but seeing one man destroy another as thoroughly as I have witnessedÖ itís something else entirely."
    Thespian EX
    A skill granted to Servants that created a legend through acting for others. It can be considered an improvement of the Storyteller skill, although this skill not only involves the telling of a story, but also the performance of it. In effect, this skill is similar to the Charisma and Proof of Friendship skills, Faker specifically is capable of reducing a Servantís fighting spirit greatly merely through his commanding presence. Fakerís version of this skill also triggers upon singing, similar to the Alluring Euphony skill, due to him being not only a known musician, but also an opera singer.

    Faker is possibly one of, if not the most well known actors of all time and holds the record for having the most screen credits in movies of all time by a wide margin. His performances have irreversibly altered the characters he played as well as how humans look at the medium of acting as a whole. Because of this, Faker receives the highest rank possible in this skill.

    "I donít personally believe that I am as good of an actor as the world believes me to be. I spent years travelling from place to place, acting, singing, maintaining stages to learn and hone my craft, so I will not deny that I am skilled at what I do. But I could never help but to think that those who see me as such a monumental figure in acting are blowing my career out of proportion."

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Noble Phantasm ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Noble Phantasm ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    Lord of Misrule
    Role of My Lifetime

    Anti-Unit (Self) | E - EX

    The name of this Noble Phantasm is taken from the biography of Faker, written by himself. However, conceptually this Noble Phantasmís true nature is simply a collection of all roles that Faker has ever portrayed, without any exception. This Noble Phantasm stores the memory of that role, and allows Faker to draw on those memories and reassume those roles.

    On the most basic level, this Noble Phantasm can supply Faker with items the character may at some point in their life have owned, or props that Faker used when portraying the role. This particular part of the Noble Phantasm is what grants him his Item Construction (Fake).

    With some more Mana used to fuel this Noble Phantasm, it can give Faker access to the knowledge and even some of the skills that his roles would have had, regardless whether or not he should realistically be able to be in possession of such a skill. Faker can, for example, copy Frankensteinís skill Wail of the Falsely Living should he wish to, even though he is not a living dead himself.

    The truest power of this Noble Phantasm is revealed when Faker speaks its true name, along with the name of any role he portrayed. In doing so, Faker assumes the physical appearance of said role, his parameters are set to match that of the role he is now portraying, all of his skills with the exception of Thespian and Camouflage are temporarily sealed and he instead acquires the skills of the chosen role. However, most importantly, he also gains access to that roleís Noble Phantasm, should they possess one. In most cases, the rank of these Noble Phantasms are slightly decreased, but are otherwise fully available to Faker.

    So long as this Noble Phantasm is fully active, Fakerís Saint Graph and with it his existence as a Heroic Spirit cease to be, instead he becomes fully immersed himself in the role he portrays. He becomes indistinguishable from whomever it is that he wishes to portray and to any discerning magecraft, Faker will appear entirely as though he was that role. However, it should be noted that Faker is still completely in control, and though his personal Saint Graph briefly disappears, he is not taken over by some other spirit. He merely exists as someone else for the duration of this Noble Phantasm.

    In short, his Noble Phantasm, when used fully, is the ultimate Camouflage. A fake so convincing that even the original would question whether or not they really are their real self.

    "An incredibly intriguing thing, this Noble Phantasm, donít you think so. It really is impressive to think that such power could be drawn from my performances alone. I was always convinced that acting had some special power that came with it, but never to a degree like this. Regardless, it does fill me with some odd sense of pride."

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Background ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Background ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    Christopher Lee was born May 27, 1922 to an Italian contessa and a British army officer. After a stint at Wellington College, he joined the Royal Air Force, attaining the rank of flight lieutenant during his World War II service. Lee then pursued an acting career. Though initially dismissed by casting directors because of his imposing 6-foot 5-inch (1.96-metre) stature, he was eventually cast in "Corridor of Mirrors".

    Numerous supporting roles followed, but it was not until starring as the title characterís monstrous creation in "The Curse of Frankenstein" that Lee began to garner attention. That role inaugurated an extended relationship with Hammer Films, a production company thatówith the help of Lee and his frequent costar Peter Cushingówas credited with revolutionizing horror film making. Though his lanky frame and cadaverous features were found unsuitable for romantic roles, Lee perfectly embodied such iconic horror characters as Count Dracula, whom he first played in "Horror of Dracula" and later reprised in a number of sequels. However, Leeís turn as Sir Henry Baskerville in The "Hound of the Baskervilles", an adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes mystery, indicated a dramatic range extending beyond the mimicry of reanimated corpses.

    While cementing his place in the pantheon of cinematic Draculas, Lee became the catalyst of another film franchise with the release of "The Face of Fu Manchu". In that film and its sequels, he exuded menace as the devious title character. Leeís distinctive demeanour continued to secure him roles in such films as "The Wicker Man", in which he played a pagan priest; "The Three Musketeers" and its 1974 sequel, in which he took the part of Count Rochefort; and the James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun", in which he starred as Bondís nemesis Scaramanga. Appearances in a steady series of unremarkable films were punctuated by a well-received turn as Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, in "Jinnah".

    Lee later appeared in Peter Jacksonís lucrative adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkienís The Lord of the Rings, playing the wizard Saruman in "The Fellowship of the Ring" and The "Two Towers". He reprised the role in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" and "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies", both based on an earlier Tolkien work. His looming presence caught the attention of director George Lucas, who cast him as Count Dooku in the Star Wars movies "Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith". In addition, Lee was cast in several Tim Burton films, including "Alice in Wonderland", and in Martin Scorseseís historical fantasy "Hugo".

    Lee penned a number of books, including an autobiography, titled "Tall, Dark, and Gruesome" (rereleased in 2003 as "Lord of Misrule"). He was made a Commander of the British Empire in 2001, and he was knighted in 2009.

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Description ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Description ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    "Well, of course, as any good thespian, above all else I enjoy acting and performing before a crowd. It really is something incredible, when done well. I donít think I would rather have done anything else in my life than that if Iím entirely honest. Any art, beyond that, is near and dear to my heart. I am particularly fond of novels, but any form of entertainment and art is just as precious to me."

    "I dislike people who are too sure of themselves. Arrogance, simply put. If you are confident enough that you, with only little work, can achieve something that others could never even dream of with effort ten-fold to yours, that is a dangerous thing, a very dangerous thing indeed."

    Wish for the Grail
    "I donít honestly believe I have a wish for the grail. I have lived a long successful life, and though there were times that were very difficult, I am still fully content with the legacy I have left behind to the world. I have learnt much from my years among the living and I have given them much to learn from, at least I would like to think I did. What more can I ask for?"
    Bond 5

    "What do I like beyond acting? Well, I would say that I enjoy improving myself. The process of learning is a wonderful, if on occasions difficult to the point of being excruciating, one that allows for so much growth in myself. Learning something new brings new perspectives, and improving this newly learnt skill only serves to deepen this. Until, eventually, without ever trying to, you as a person have bettered yourself."

    "Forgive me if I end up sounding as old as I am, but I have to say that I have some nagging distaste for the general direction of humanity as a whole. Apart from perhaps only the fields of science and maths, we exist in an age of decline. Look at the world. There is decline in morals, ideals, manners, respect, truthfulness: just about everything, in fact."

    Wish for the Grail
    "I have given some more thought to your question and it occurred to me, that, if the Holy Grail can truly grant any wish, should I come in possession of it, I should certainly use it in a way to benefit mankind at large. There are so many issues in our world, surely there must be a few problems that are within the Grailís power to solve."

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Relationships ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Relationships ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    Servants related to art, writing, music or acting
    "It really is a delight to now be around these long gone greats in their fields. Though some are much more peculiar than writings about them had led me to suspect, conversing with them is still a most fascinating thing."
    "I had imagined him very differently from this. Though, I have to say that he carries the air of a great ruler. The most surprising thing so far has been his insistence that I refer to him as ďCharlieĒ. That took quite some getting used to."
    "This oneÖ was a surprise to be sure. The Creation is so very different from what I would ever have imagined it to be. I believe I am quite fond of her. I know her story well, I have played her party many times after all and my Noble Phantasm allows me to peer into her memories. I know not whether she feels any affection or resentment toward me. She does not seem to mind my presence, and any second I can spend making her a little less miserable is time well spent I think."
    Vlad III.
    "I suppose I owe him thanks, after all, it was his legend that allowed me to play Dracula in as many films as I did. Without that, I may not be here today. I will say, I think he would benefit quite a lot from leaning into his legend a bit. I know first hand how powerful Dracula is, in a sense I am Dracula after all, and he would do well to work to accept that part of him."
    Sherlock Holmes
    "The Sherlock and I have a complicated relationship. He and I enjoy what I would call a friendship of sorts. He is quite put off by my knowing his thoughts on occasion, other than that, I believe he enjoys our conversation. Then, of course, our little games, in which I attempt to pose as another Servant here and we see how long it will take him to figure it out. As far as I can tell he greatly enjoys those little brain teasers."
    James Moriarty
    "Moriarty. I know him well. Or rather, Holmes does, and so do I by virtue of my Noble Phantasm. I canít quite make up my mind about him. My knowledge of him makes me despise him, yet, seeing him and Fran get along as well as they do makes me believe that he cannot be that bad."
    Charles-Henri Sanson
    "I witnessed the last public execution in France, if I remember correctly it was 1939, when I was only a 17-year-old. A dreadful event. I would later go on to portray Sanson in a two part historical film. I know this boy is rather complicated. He does not seem to like me. He believes that, as I played so many villains with whom I am connected by my Noble Phantasm, I must be evil as well. Whether he is right or not, I don't know. I suppose that's for everyone to decide on their own."
    Dr. Henry Jekyll & Mr. Edward Hyde
    "I never honestly portrayed them, at least, not exactly. I played a set of characters known as Charles Marlowe and Edward Blake, who were merely Jekyll and Hyde given new names. I for one quite enjoy speaking with Jekyll, he is a true scholar and seems to enjoy hearing himself talk, meanwhile I take notes, like an eager student."
    Cķ Chulainn (Caster)
    "His Noble Phantasm is all too familiar to me. Although, in our conversations he has once expressed to me that he is quite tired of people informing him of that particular movie. It must happen rather frequently. He is a bit brash, but I enjoy speaking with him. Perhaps that is the knowledge of Odin peeking through?"
    Charles d'Artagnan
    "I have many, not so fond memories of him. But, looking at him myself, I quite enjoy his presence. He was quite amused after I had told him I played Rochefort in films made about him and the Three Musketeers. He now gives me the honour of allowing me to practice my swordplay with him every once in a while."
    Yosano Akiko
    "This one I have heard about occasionally, though I have to admit I never got around to reading her writings. Though, from what I have gathered from our conversations, they must be rather interesting, so I would be more than happy to acquire some copies of them."
    Johannes Kepler
    "I am quite happy that a mind like his is here. I am happier still, that he seems to be happy to converse. Someone of such renown surely has much to offer to me in terms of conversation and insight. I have not had the chance yes, but I will surely pay him a visit soon."
    Toriyama Seiken
    "I have seen her artworks, very briefly once, I am excited to see what, if anything, she creates here. Her demeanour reminds me very much of Fran, perhaps I have taken a liking to her for that reason. She does not speak much, but she does not seem to dislike my presence."
    Cope & Marsh
    "I did read about them and their exploits. It seems that even as Servants their pettiness knows no end. A shame, really, imagine all the great things these two could have done had they only chosen to work together. The world may have been a richer place for it."
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    "This one really was a shame when it happened. I read about it in the papers and I was quite shocked. That said, this Servant in particular I attempt to avoid whenever I can. His image reawakens some ratherÖ uncomfortable memories in me."
    Heinrich Schliemann
    "Frankly, I think heís an absolute idiot. Iíve given him some of my mind as well, but he is stubborn in his refusal to learn anything from his own terrible misdeeds! He upsets me greatly, and I would be much obliged if you kept him and me off of the same team unless absolutely necessary."
    Yoshitsugu Otani
    "His is a tale that I am not terribly familiar with, though now that I have made his acquaintance I will devote an afternoon or two to reading up on it. However, what I am rather familiar with, being as excessively old as I was, is struggling with oneís failing body. Another thing I am very familiar with as a proud Englishman is tea. So there is some common ground between us, and our conversations over tea have been rather pleasant."
    Christian Caldwell
    "I have been, and forever will be, appalled by the terrible things that were done during the witch hunts, moreso because I can vividly imagine it. I know the smell of burning human flesh, and the screams of the one it belongs to. I can hardly fathom what would drive someone to believe that to be righteous."
    Comte de Saint-Germaine
    "With his story I am very familiar. I have not sought out conversation with him, there is likely not much I could learn from him regardless. I will say, however, that his talents in speaking like a waterfall have to have some application somewhere."
    Jenny Lind
    "Of course I know of Jenny Lind! And when I had heard that she had been summoned here I hurried over as quickly as I could to converse with her. She is truly marvellous, just as much as I had imagined her to be. I wish we could have worked together in life. But, perhaps now she and I can work together here. I am certain a performance with her would be breathtaking!"
    William Randolph Hearst
    "His bleatings he will share indeedÖ My only issue with him is that he just wouldnít stop bleating and bleating afterward. He spreads misinformation and lies, thinking he can control the people with it. Much to my chagrin, it would appear he is right. Especially from what I remember happening around the last few years of my lifeÖ Age of Decline, remember?"
    "In life he was a truly remarkable man. Here, I believe he and I are somewhat kindred spirits, never satisfied with anything we have learnt and practised, always looking to improve further and further. I occasionally convince him to spend study-time together, those days are particularly productive.
    "I know well of her story. But, I must say, she is a fair bit too prideful for my tastes. I harbour no negative feelings toward her, if anything I admire her dedication to her craft, but she is not the kind of person I wish to spend my leisure time with. That said, I am happy to help should she ever require my aid in anything."
    Chevalier de Saint-Georges
    "I have listened to his music many times, and now having met him, I think him to be a rather pleasant fellow. He and I occasionally engage in friendly fencing. Though, I hardly ever put up that much of a fight. I am an old man, after all, there is only so much I can do against a man as skilled as him."
    Sugawara no Takasue no Musume
    "I know of her and her work and have read some small parts of it. She is a peculiar one. I find her wish to chronicle her journey from a young, bright-eyed child to a mature adult very intriguing"
    Alfred Nobel
    "For what it is worth, I hold no grudges against him, despite seeing his invention used right before my own eyes. One can hardly know all the ramifications their own actions cause. I cannot really know if he intended anything terrible, but, given the sorry state of himself as a Servant, I suspect he well and truly meant no harm at all."

    Author's Note
    This is it, the Servant I was talking about when I was discussing making a rather recent Servant. He has only passed on seven years ago. The other reason I struggled with the Servant is that not much is known about Sir Christopher Lee's private life. He kept a lot of things to himself, and rightfully so, but it made writing his personality and giving him diverse skills a little difficult. I eventually decided to give him skills about things he has made some strange remarks about. His words on Satanism and Occultism are weirdly chilling to listen to.

    I used the Alter Ego card and icon for him because there isn't one for Fakers. Also, given that he is an actor, I thought the imagery was quite fitting.

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ 》

    My Servant Compendium

    Recent Servants:

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    I can't believe it... You didn't even mention his role in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spammin Spiff View Post
    I can't believe it... You didn't even mention his role in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.
    I know, I know, I am a rube and a fraud to not mention his most controversial, interesting and game-changing role. That said, had I rattled off every role he played, I wouldn't have been able to finish on time for the Contest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NailsInYourFeet View Post
    Looking at Gustavus' relationships, is there now a canon version of Christina, or was it meant to be a reaction to one of the Christina sheets here?
    Any that are somewhere on the forum would be linked like the others. No, that one's just an interaction with one that hasn't been made in the class I think would work for her.
    Do you like jazz short stories? Do you want something to distract from making Servants? Do you wish the idea of Shirou Kotomine didn't immediately bring edgelords to mind? Well, I can't promise it's good, but some would disagree with me.
    Fate/Without Justice

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    What is the meaning of strength?

    Is it to surpass all who stand before you? To surpass the challenges of life? Or perhaps to defeat the limits of the flesh and the mind. To become truly strong in spirit and character?

    What then, does it mean to be strong?

    What meaning does strength itself have?

    You cannot call yourself just, if all you have is strength. You cannot call yourself successful, if all you have is strength. You cannot call yourself a Hero if all you have to your name is overwhelming power.

    What then, does it mean to be a Hero?

    A Hero is a symbol which inspires those around itself to follow the same path. A Hero is an example which is upheld as the best and greatest, an incarnation of human potential and triumph over the limitations and dangers of the world around us.

    “Even so, what does it mean to be called the Strongest? But to now live as a Hero?”

    That was the question he must now answer.

    Which challenges could he face now? How could he inspire those who watched him to follow in his footsteps. And more importantly, what kind of life should he lead now that he walks the world once more?

    “It seems I have found plenty of challenges. Now then… will you do me the honors of witnessing your strength. Not as a hero, not as a fighter, but as fellow humans.”

    Other Classes
    Lawful Neutral
    Height / Weight
    1.65m / 80kg
    Japan / Brazil
    Historical Fact

    “A simple question to a simple answer. I wish for a challenge, a goal, a battle I must wholeheartedly dedicate myself towards. As a Hero, I can do nothing less, and while as a warrior I must aim for victory. There is no fun in a fight you know you will win.”


    “Asking heroes from across the world to play by my rules would be arrogant, however, as the human acknowledged as the strongest, I must insist that all cheating be kept outside of the ring.”

    Humanoid, Male, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish

    Allow me to tell you a tale.

    The tale of a man who traveled from the Land of the Sun to the beautiful shores of the New World. A man who, carrying the knowledge and skills developed by his forefathers, served as the foundation upon which an entirely new way of fighting was built upon. And whose strength was envied and praised throughout fighters of his era.

    That is OtŠvio Maeda.

    Known locally as Conde Koma and Count Combat internationally, Maeda, originally named Mitsuyo, allegedly won no less than two thousand bouts, though he’d been accused at the time of faking the numbers, the reputation built by the man was staggering to the point that he would be crowned with a title which very few have ever been able to hold.

    The Strongest Man who Ever Lived.

    Other accomplishments include being one of the major ambassadors for Japanese immigration to Brazil. As well as being reffered to as the Father of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, an enduring school which is today known worldwide for birthing some of the most talented fighters of the modern age.

    He fought no wars.

    And bore no arms.

    One could think of him as a warrior out of time who dedicated himself to the search for inner strength rather than power in a world where a strong body, discipline and determination were no longer what let one stand on top of the mountain.

    Maeda eventually would move to Brazil, where he changed his name, married and adopted a single daughter. His name cemented in the history of the sport he loved and the fighting style he helped create, even if his legend is young and simple, and he himself lacks the capabilities and gimmicks that other Servants of his type might have, the title he bore as Strongest in the World was the genuine mark of a master.

    But… it isn’t enough.

    Because Count Koma is still a man of the modern age. Because his contributions weren’t beyond the scope of what a human should be capable of achieving, summoning one such as him would require circumstances impossible to achieve within the Standard Holy Grail War.

    As such, Mitsuyo Maeda shouldn’t be capable of being summoned.

    He bore no weapons.

    He killed no enemies. Nor has he conquered any arena but that of the sport.
    But not all hope was lost.

    Circumstances have lead to the perfect storm which manifested the Strongest Man of the Modern Age as the bootleg ‘Boxer’ Class. Part of a scheme for the creation of weaker bootleg equivalent classes to the Standard Seven, these Variant Classes opened the door for various figures who would normally be unavailable as Servants to take center stage as the faction possessing the 7 Standard Classes hunts them down finish an artifact known as The World Grail.

    Not one to squander an opportunity Maeda has chosen to manifest during the incident and has made use of the bootleg Saint Graph many times since.

    For what purpose?

    The answer is simple.

    To fight.


    “What lofty words for an old man like me. Don’t expect too much from a barehanded warrior against actual legends, brat.”

    While it is true that Maeda has earned many acolytes and won countless victories, the man behind the name is much humbler than one would expect. One could call him a warrior who lives for learning, and for teaching. Not someone who finds any thrill in the act of victory, but in the road leading to the destination.

    He is but a common man.

    A man with no grand destiny or past before him. Having no famous ancestor or inhuman mutation. A human that if alive wouldn’t have an ounce of the power he possesses now as a Servant. Yet, being known as the Strongest means he must uphold that mantle with seriousness and dignity.

    And as a Hero, that means accepting all challenges.

    “The Creator of Bajiquan, Masters of Pankration, Mentors of Heroes and brave warriors whose names dwarf my own. That is the new mountain I must climb. As the lowest of the low, I must now prove myself in this new arena where legends and myths do battle. And I will do so as a simple man.”

    Though he is humble, this old man still holds himself with pride.

    He is still the strongest.

    The man known as the Count of Combat.

    What he seeks then isn’t to reaffirm his place above others, but to reaffirm to himself that his strength, even now, isn’t limited by the new body his spirit inhabits but his own ability to learn, improve and pioneer, becoming stronger with each engagement, learning from every defeat, undaunted by the challenge he now faces when fighting against humans whose strength far in excess surpass his own.

    In truth… he couldn’t be happier.

    “The Strongest? Maybe at some point, another time and place. But this isn’t then. The man who remained undefeated over two thousand times cannot hold a candle to these legends in the flesh.”

    It is exciting.

    A challenge he cannot easily beat.

    There is nothing he can do but do his best against them. Even as he fails again and again, his heart remains firm. That in this new arena, against these new opponents his legend has now reached its greatest height.

    Class Skills

    Presence Concealment E-

    A leftover of ‘Boxer’s original Assassin Class vessel. Something that doesn’t match the abilities or demeanor of a professional fight, rather, one could say that it reverses what might consider the norm for the class in that his presence is such that any and all who see him will immediately recognize him as a fighter. However, due to his nature as a Variant Class and being such a young Servant by default, other Heroic Spirits might mistake him for a human so long as he doesn't express his intention to challenge them.

    Which isn’t often.

    Hence the minus.

    Personal Skills

    Jiu-Jitsu A

    A style of ground fighting developed by Maeda in Brazil. Being one of its creators and premier practitioners, this Skill’s rank is the highest possible, incorporating techniques meant to wrestle down or throw enemies off or into the ground, it increases Maeda’s strength by Skillfully decreasing the enemy’s ability to fight back, so long as they are on Maeda’s grip, physical parameters fall by a full rank.

    This fighting style is considerably static, sacrificing speed for endurance.

    Judo A

    A second set of techniques which Maeda possesses. Different of the Jiu Jitsu which he pioneered, Judo focuses on grappling and throwing techniques, which were passed down to him by one of the four greatest practitioners at the time, it is said that Maeda would throw both inexperienced and experienced students as a show of respect, though the practice would often frighten away beginners, Maeda was part of the second generation of the Kodokan Judo Institute.

    As a Servant, this set of techniques isn’t meant to weaken the opponent but to maximize Maeda’s own raw strength and leverage it as if it was greater than his own. Foregoing defense in order to focus on all out attack, one’s strength is increased at the cost of endurance.

    Sumo E

    A fighting style in which Maeda trained as a teenager. Lacking the proper build for it, he nonetheless understands and applies the basics as a form of ‘added gimmick’, one final fighting style which he can fall back on in case his most favored techniques aren’t effective against an enemy. As a Servant, the three fighting styles which Maeda learnt all amplify different aspects of his physical abilities while reducing others. Sumo being one which increases his Speed at the cost of both power and endurance, the only source of Maeda’s striking techniques.

    Noble Phantasm
    Conde Koma: Formal Challenge of the Strongest Man
    Anti Unit / Rank C


    To put it simply, the ability to win a fight is split into three areas. Striking harder, striking faster, and endurance. Whether you can control the flow of a match depends on these three qualifications. Many have been the heroes who excelled in one of these three areas, or perhaps all. From fleet footed Achliles, to the mighty Heracles, to other great heroes of the past who exemplify endurance. Having the skill and ability to fight these heroes would simply be beyond a young Heroic Spirit like Maeda.

    Which is where this Noble Phantasm comes in.

    To call it a curse would be an exaggeration.

    Rather, one could see it as a contract upheld by two parties who agree to a just fight. One on one. Similar to the Spear owned by Achilles, this Noble Phantasm creates an even playing field between the two fighters. A bounded field which marks the ‘arena’ where their fight will be taking place.

    An open invitation challenge.

    It is, however, a far more insidious plot which preys on those who lack knowledge of who the user is and traps them in a one on one match which equalizes not only their parameters, but also all other circumstances such as magical energy available and even the ranking of their own skills. Conde Koma in actuality is a set of circumstances which maximizes and creates a scenario where Maeda will always possess a chance of winning no matter how outmatched.

    The conditions needed to activate it are thus.

    - This must be a one on one fight
    - The Challenger cannot use weapons
    - The fight must take place inside a closed location

    Once these conditions have been met, a new set of rules within Bounded Field will be established and result in penalties to the offending party in the form of a debilitating curse.

    - No weapons may be used
    - The fight must be 1 on 1
    - Do not leave the boundary of the ‘ring’

    Reducing all parameters to a rank under Maeda’s. Violations also can pile up, reducing parameters further and weakening the opponent to the point Maeda can effortlessly defeat them. However there are other consequences and mechanics to be observed, such as the existence of ‘time outs’ which are called after a period of ten minutes between each ‘round’.

    A ‘referee’ may also be appointed by both parties taking part in the battle.

    This judge must be deemed impartial by both and is given the right to end the match in favor of either part and be knowledgeable of the rules of the bout. Though this aspect of the Noble Phantasm isn’t used often, as there are very few beings outside of another Servant who can accurately watch a match between Heroic Spirits and is capable of making an accurate call.

    The winner is decided either by knock out, referee interruption, or disqualification.

    In summary, this Noble Phantasm creates the perfect storm of circumstances where a lowly Heroic Spirit of the Modern Age can combat heroes of myth on equal ground and stand a chance to win on his own merits. Though it isn’t something that the likes of a Caster or Assassin would agree to, there are many heroes, however, who wouldn’t think twice of accepting it.

    Either out of pride or arrogance.

    Bond 10

    “So this is what the Peak looks like.”


    How long had it been since he’d felt like this? Not as a Master. Not as a Teacher. But as a mere student meandering along the path, learning from his failures, falling only to rise again with each defeat. How many times had he manifested since this vessel became available to him? How many times had he challenged the great masters and heroes of history…

    Only to fall short.

    Again and again.

    His body was crushed. His pride was humbled.

    Of course, what did he expect? How could a man from the modern era stand up against heroes who faced and stalled entire armies? How could he break through the blessings and treasures of the gods with his meager strength? The simple strength of a man who was barely his mentor’s disciple yet was hailed as the Strongest.

    So he’d defended that title.

    Again and again.

    Yet he failed.

    Again and again.

    He still remembered his first summoning. Well, maybe remember was the wrong term for it. His records, meager as they might be, retained the information of the incident which lead to his current incarnation as a Heroic Spirit. Barely above a Phantom, he nonetheless challenged heroes much greater than himself.

    He died.

    Only to try again.

    He face down Mighty Heracles. And failed.

    He faced down the Warriors of Ulster. And failed.

    He faced the great legends of his homeland, and the strange spirits of the land which welcomed him with open arms. And the fights were as difficult as those which came before. Because despite his fame, despite his record and the title he carried, OtŠvio understood reality.

    “I am weak, Master. A man of mundane strength. Mundane Skill. I have neither the Mystery nor the Weight to my legend which might grant you victory. Not against the enemies you now face. But regardless of that… you have allowed me to try.”

    So try he would.

    Continue, he would.

    As many times as it took.

    As many losses as it took.

    “Thank you for the bottom of my heart, Master. Now, please, stand aside. It would appear our challengers are here.”

    He knew not the name of the enemy Master. A young woman bound to a wheelchair, the material it was made off far beyond anything he’d ever seen in his life. Her smile was light, but determined. The smile of someone who was confident, yet aware of danger. The most deadly kind of smile. Her servant was different, he had seen fit to announce himself upon entrance.

    The man had a presence to him.

    That of a Master. From the way he walked to how he breathed to how naturally he stood, his wild mane of hair contrasting his own shaved one.

    “An old man?”

    He bowed in respect.

    Though this might have been a battle to the death, that was the courtesy afforded to a fellow warrior.

    “OtŠvio Maeda, the Strongest Man in the World.”

    His declaration earned him a quirked brow, but his eyes, shining with recognition, and then mirth. The knowledge bequeathed to them by the World Grail filling in the blanks for the man who struggled to retain his composure before crossing his arms, his stance relaxed and unbothered.

    “I am the Golden Horned King, Kinkaku.”

    Ah, one of the Monkey Sage’s adversaries.

    He offered a handshake.

    “Let this be a fair battle.”

    It was a losing battle.

    Even though the conditions to activate his Noble Phantasm were fulfilled. Even though he was fighting in close quarters against an Archer, though how a Palm Tree Fan was supposed to classify you as one he didn’t know, he was still the one on the back foot. The one whose strikes rung hollow. The one being pushed back even as he desperately attempted to put up a fight.

    Was it surprising?

    No. He had long since abandoned the idea of being the strongest.

    Rather, he’d never embraced it to begin with.

    And against such a skilled opponent there was nothing he could do but struggle.





    This man was stronger than him.

    Faster than him.

    The only area where they were rivals was in Skill. And even then it was the only equalizer he had against a truly monstrous opponent. There was nothing he could do but struggle. Nothing he could do but to desperately put up whatever resistance he could as he was slowly pushed towards the edge of the ‘ring’.

    ‘Never once have I fought from a position of strength.’

    He simply fought.

    And he won.

    He won so many fights he was called ‘The Strongest’.

    More vile than any curse, that title seemed to mock him even now. As if to say he could not grow beyond this point. That humans couldn’t be stronger than what he was. Mitsuyo Maeda… no, the man who would go on to become the Strongest couldn’t think of a greater insult.

    He wasn’t the Peak.

    He was nowhere near close to it.

    ‘Then fight, and win.’

    He smiled. Even now his young Master was desperately rooting for him, even if he probably knew their chances were low. He could sense the turmoil inside his heart, could hear the words unspoken, could see the look of fear and worry for him, a long dead man who had been foolish enough to accept this battle.

    Then he would do his best to answer those expectations.

    He blocked and incoming strike, hands closing tightly around the Demon King’s arm as the older man pivoted, back against the man’s chest, he leveraged Kinkaku’s massive bulk over his shoulder, allowing the momentum to carry him forward and gravity to do the rest of the job.

    Their arena, an abandoned gymnasium, shook with the impact.

    Boxer coughed flood.

    He could feel his ribs breaking as the Demon King lashed out with a wild strike, his supernatural strength greater than his own. The force was enough to throw him backwards, feet digging deep grooves into the floor as his vision blurred with pain, his mind numbed by the adrenaline.

    He took a wheezing breath.

    Even as a Heroic Spirit, he was still week. Far too weak.

    ‘Are you okay?’

    He tried to send his Master some measure of reassurance. The young man was wracked with guilt and worry. How could he not? Despite not knowing each other for long, Maeda could only hope the young man wouldn’t suffer the consequences of this defeat. He was fine with losing.

    But he couldn’t afford to, in this instance.

    “You’re done, old geezer. Just hand over the kid and we’ll be outta here.”

    In this Variant Grail War, Masters were marked by special Command Seals. They couldn’t be spent, rather one should think of them as ‘keys’ meant to unlock the Greater Grail. With so many Servants running around, one needed only to collect enough Command Seals to make a wish. Maeda’s death was wholly unnecessary.

    “I must respectfully decline.”

    He stumbled back to his feet.

    He was fine with losing. He’d long since accepted there were greater, stronger heroes out there.

    But he still couldn’t lose.

    “Your funeral.” The Demon King shrugged.

    As Servants, the man was just on another scale entirely. It would be impossible for a mundane man like Maeda to fight him, no matter how prepared he came or how many tactics he employed. His chances of victory were almost zero in most scenarios. It would take a miracle to overturn this stark difference in power.

    But his chances weren’t zero.

    They never were zero.

    And so long as that was the case… therein lay the potential… for a miracle.

    Kinkaku moved with inhuman speed, muscles straining with inhuman strength as he closed the gap between them, the world coming into focus as time slowed to a crawl, and the mere man watched death approach. Another defeat for the tally. Another lesson learnt. That was what his dearest wish.

    To keep learning.

    To keep improving.

    So long as OtŠvio Maeda remained weak… his potential was limitless.

    And right here, right now, the conditions for his victory were fulfilled. The scales between himself and his opponent evening as newfound strength revitalized his body, power he’d never possessed, speed he could never hope to achieve, magical energy his young master could not provide. The moment his Noble Phantasm was enacted, it was only a matter of time until an opening presented itself.

    A one on one fight.

    A fitting arena.

    And a wish not for power, but to serve as an example.

    Under these circumstances…

    He was the Strongest in the World.

    His search continues.

    Across space and time.

    Countless battles to come. Countless defeats.

    The man who was once declared the strongest in the world lacks not for ambition or inner strength. Rather, the will to achieve victory is the one area in which he surpasses all those who stood before him in life. And it will be the one hope he holds in the battles to come in this new lease in life.

    ‘Thank you.’

    He bowed before the prone form of his opponent.

    He wouldn’t strike the man’s Master, nor would he deal any finishing blows. The battle itself was the reward he sought. Even if it was foolish, he could never bring himself to win like this. Weakening others so he could stand above them as the Strongest was a shameful power.

    But it was one he would wield for the sake of others.

    “Shall we head out, Master? The other Servants will soon notice us.”

    He tried to hide his excitement.

    He couldn’t wait for the next battle.

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    "Servant Rider, giving it my all...! Thanks for summoning me Trainer, now don't let anything get you down 'cuz we're taking first place for sure!"

    Rider of Futility:


    True Name: Haru Urara

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Alternate Class: Berserker

    Summoning Catalyst: An Omamori made from one of her betting tickets.

    Strength- D
    Aglity- D
    Endurance- C+
    Mana- D
    Luck- E
    NP- E+++

    A cheerful yet clumsy go-getter. Rider possesses an unlimited competitive spirit dwarfed only by her near-total lack of talent, a fact which she's either oblivious or actively in defiance of. She'll ceaselessly throw herself into any athletic challenge and upon failing simply dust herself off and say she'll give it her all to win the next time. A stubborn optimism that can easily be called idiocy... yet, viewed from another angle, her perseverance despite lacking luck or talent is itself worthy of praise.

    Rider is aware of her status as an 「icon」 to the defeated and unfortunate (a fact she has somewhat mixed-feelings over), and will give advice encouraging them not to give up in face of hardship. While she gives the vibe of handling everything with a carefree attitude, that is not actually true. Rider is secretly frustrated by the fact that her popularity came only for losing, wanting almost desperately a 「real victory」 to repay the hopes and faith invested in her. However she diligently buries those feelings for the sake of not disappointing her fans. Until she reaches her goal, or her body cracks apart, Rider will continue racing ahead as a 「star of the defeated」.

    Another thing she won't admit is that Rider is somewhat resentful towards 「born winner」 heroes who were loved by fate. While she can't exactly fault them for taking advantage of the fortunes given to them, Rider will still act quietly sulky around them. It's likely a certain Indian bowman who earned the epithet 「Awarded Hero」 would earn her particular chagrin.

    Rider has no particular wish on the Grail, as her only desire has to be achieved on her own power for it to be meaningful. Seeking the power of an omnipotent wish-granter to erase her status as a 「born loser」 would be an abandonment of everyone who drew inspiration from Rider in her eyes. Instead Rider sees the Grail as just another 「trophy」 she pursued in life, seeking it purely for the sake of the challenge.

    Incidentally she has a fondness for cute accessories, having raced with a pink Hello Kitty mask in life.

    Attitude to her Master

    Rider refers to her Master as 「Trainer」 and is boundlessly grateful to them for believing in and supporting a weak Servant like her, giving her a chance to prove herself. If her Master is the type to self-underestimate she'll basically become their personal cheerleader trying to get them to think more positively of themselves. Rider couldn't get along with the kind of Mage who only values results, not caring about the methods used to obtain them, although it's unlikely she'd end up being summoned by such a person anyways given her lowly reputation.

    Likes: racing, the words "do your best"
    Dislikes: last place, being accused of not doing her best
    Talents: tenacity, inspiring others
    Natural Enemy: Arjuna

    Class Skills:

    Riding- B-
    The ability to ride animals and handle vehicles. As herself a racehorse this Skill is inverted to instead represent others' (mainly her Master's) aptitude to 「ride」 her. Doing so reverts Rider to her original equine form and grants the one mounting her proficiency on the level of an experienced jockey even if they had no experience for such things prior.

    However this shares her Eternal Underdog Skill to ensure their prowess falters before any sort of finish-line, ascribing a - modifier on this Skill. Furthermore upon obtaining human intellect and awareness she's embarrassed by the connotations of 「riding」 and hence reluctant to use this Skill. Only if she really trusts someone will Rider allow them to mount her, otherwise she'll just buck them off.

    Magic Resistance- D
    Confers protection against magical effects. At this rank only Single-Action spells are nullified. Magic Resistance equivalent in degree to an amulet that rejects magical energy. A modern heroine who never brushed against Magecraft in life, Rider would normally be only afforded the bare-minimum rank in this Skill. However as the tickets betting on her and even strands of her mane were made into good-luck charms Rider's body itself has become a living ward against magic, improving her resistance.

    Personal Skills:

    Eternal Underdog- EX
    The mark of one fated to perpetually chase an impossible horizon, never reaching the victory they seek. While expectedly a pure demerit, the Servant's perseverance in face of their endless losing streak paradoxically endears them to others, making this an epitome of 「underdog appeal」.

    This Skill applies a curse on Rider that prevents her from achieving a 「complete victory」. However she can exploit loopholes in this by accomplishing some secondary goal other than victory, such as failing to defeat an enemy Servant but allowing her allies to pass safely. Nevertheless this Skill essentially renders it a certainty Rider will lose the Grail War, although her Master may survive and come to grow as a person through it.

    This also serves as a Charisma variant. Normally Charisma inspires others in proportion to one's victories, but Rider drives others to root for her the more she loses. It is the ultimate charm of a 「born loser」 who never once won but refused to ever admit defeat either.

    Omamori Ataranai- A
    To buoy her unexpected popularity, Rider's betting tickets were made into
    good-luck talisman
    for protection against car accidents. As the word 「Ataranai」 meant both to lose a bet and to avoid getting hit, purchasing a ticket for her- a guaranteed loss- would equate to protecting one's car from collision. As a Skill this grants Protection From Arrows C equivalent to Rider's Master while in proximity to her, allowing small projectiles to 「randomly」 miss them.

    This effect can further be conferred at a distance by cutting her hair and weaving it into an amulet she gifts to the target, reflecting how locks of her mane were also made into Omamori. However this risks weakening Rider if she does it too much, as production was called off due to animal rights complaints.

    Looks Of Loveliness (Springtime)- C
    Rider's name means「Beauty of Spring」in Japanese, and her beautiful name was believed to be part of her popularity. A refreshing beauty akin to the arrival of spring that brightens the hearts of those who interact with her--- that is the nature expressed in this Skill.

    Noble Phantasm
    Makegumi No Hoshi
    Shining Star Of Losers Everywhere

    Rank: E+++

    Type: Support

    "I'm grateful, all of you continued putting your hopes and faith in a loser like me. It's because of that I... can keep stepping forward!"

    The sole distinction that affords Rider a place as a Heroic Spirit, her 「feat」 of 113 consecutive losses across her career as a racehorse, making her one of the few famous thoroughbreds to never win a single competition. While normally a racehorse that couldn't get results would be swiftly discarded, in Rider's case a miracle occurred. The audience's praises and cheers only rose in intensity as she suffered defeat after defeat, seeing in her an icon for those who persevered amidst misfortune. And their hopes continued to support her steps, allowing Rider to keep running with all her heart, reaching an unrivaled record of 113 races.

    Her celebrity even captured the heart of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi who commented 「I'd like to see Haru Urara win, even just once. The horse is a good example of not giving up in the face of defeat.」 For a mere equine gifted in neither talent nor luck to go as far as she did and inspire so many people is surely in its way a feat as impressive as that of genuine legendary heroes.

    Unreleased, this Noble Phantasm simply sublimes the concept of 「never giving up」, passively refilling a small portion of Rider's stamina and magical energy so long as she continues stepping forward. Additionally an effect akin to Battle Continuation and mental resistance at rank C is conveyed. Upon reciting the true name she gathers the hopes and faiths of every human who bet against all odds on her victory in the form of pale pink wisps. The more wisps infuse into her, the brighter a glow surrounds Rider, evoking the 「star」 she was once likened to. When the 「charging process」 is completed (which elapses several seconds) Rider surges forward enveloped in the aura of a giant divine racehorse and trailing ethereal sakura petals in her wake to ram the opponent.

    In this state Rider is no longer merely 「Haru Urara」 but something far more grand, humanity's deep-rooted admiration of the 「underdog」 archetype given form; an embodiment of their wish to see the scrappy upstart triumph over the invincible champion. Her Saint Graph becomes a conduit for all those hopes; propelling Rider's power as a Servant exponentially. Due to personifying the 「underdog」 archetype the power she pours into this charge is based on the gap in specs between Rider and her opponent; in other words, how far they surpass her. As most Servants would likely far surpass a modern heroine like Rider, this typically imparts damage values tantamount to a C-ranked Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

    However--- it is still fundamentally unable to 「defeat the enemy」. This is no limitation in power or skill but the concept of 「will never obtain a single victory」 engraved upon Rider's soul. No matter how powerful her attack becomes, how brightly her star shines, she will always just fail to defeat the opponent. Even so, by surpassing her limits Rider may be able to decisively weaken an otherwise invincible foe enough for her allies to finish the job. For instance if the opponent has divine armor that renders them invincible Rider would be able to crack it so they can be harmed by regular attacks.

    Pushing her Noble Phantasm this far would severely strain Rider's Saint Graph, potentially killing her in return for bringing the enemy down to a level where they can be defeated. It is the final favor of a racehorse who merely continued sprinting forward for all the people who supported her, a smile towards the future that encourages others to do their best even if she may be no longer around. As such the release of this Noble Phantasm also purifies mental interference and debuffs from Rider's allies, invigorating them by her conviction to fight until the end.

    So here's the goodest of girls to balance all these edgy bois lately. I was inspired to write out this sheet by seeing some good art of her (although it didn't fit the FC) and realized she'd fit the contest prompt. As usual comments and critique would be welcome. Thanks for reading y'all!

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    I did some McGonagall fanart because I fucked up a major practical exam and wanted to take a break
    Still finding out the lyrics to Thest.
    Website I made in my middle-high/secondary school time

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    That's awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gl4re View Post
    That's awesome!
    thanks man
    Still finding out the lyrics to Thest.
    Website I made in my middle-high/secondary school time

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