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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    Why are you asking?
    Quote Originally Posted by Vance View Post
    Yup. Had this in store and since it fit the requirements, I decided to put it in.
    Wait that’s not allowed. You only have two sheets.

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    Yeah, reminding people I only posted Cacareco after retracting my first sheet because I deeply regretted submitting it

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    Wow, did not know that was a rule. Alright then, I'll be retracting one of the previous sheets and having this one substitute.

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    Hm. I don't think that should be allowed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinetree View Post
    Hm. I don't think that should be allowed...
    It's not? I'm sorry, I should really read up on the rules.

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    Yeah asterism said before with Nails' Gunner that if you retract a sheet you can't post a new one in its place.

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    Like the two entries rule has been here since the first contest and is right on the OP. It's also constantly talked about.
    Being able to just go back and choose a sheet to keep and add a new one after you've had the chance to get feedback and see whether or not the sheet is popular isn't fair in a contest. You should delete the third sheet, and I'm 99% sure that's what Asterism will ask you to do if he sees this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden View Post
    Yeah asterism said before with Nails' Gunner that if you retract a sheet you can't post a new one in its place.
    I see. Well alright then. I'll take out the sheet and post it in the CAS-3 [Create a Servant] thread.

    Edit: It's done.
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    personally i think vance should be allowed to cheat

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteFrenzy View Post
    Jesus Christ, that's like 20+ Servants already! You guys are CRAZY and I love y'all for this I'm having so much fun reading them. Since I wasn't able to go through them all in a single sitting, I'll leave comments [S](I'M
    Toriyama Sekien
    Ah yes, hello fellow warrior whose online life is being consumed by Genshin’s new event. You braved these odds and came with an amazing sheet nevertheless, and for that I’m very proud. When I was thinking of this prompt, a furry shut-in wasn’t in my bingo of possible Servants… Am I glad someone decided this was too normal and went plus ultra on this challenge? Absolutely. The slightly manic, chuuni energy she’s emanating is also sending me. And let’s not even mention the union with Bo Yi, it was an inspiring take and the final result, albeit a bit wonky, is still sooo charming. I love this Servant! Also I bet she can make good cash in today’s market good for her I want the best for her go and conquer paypal.
    Imagine one day I decide to turn Bo Yi into the villain.

    The day is today.

    It's going to happen while I find a way to break a singularity into three pieces and rush out a pair of faceclaims.

    On another thought, I'm going to make Sekien the bad person because the plot was more in her favour.

    Damn, I'm undecisive as hell.
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    Still finding out the lyrics to Thest.
    Website I made in my middle-high/secondary school time

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    The bird yet never flitting, always sitting, still is sitting
    on the crimson lunar bust that stands above my chamber doors;
    and his eyes have all the seeming of bloodsuckers ever dreaming,
    and the lamplight of his soul is strewn across the parlour floor;
    and ideas in blood that speak of shadows write upon that floor
    Class: Caster
    Alternative Classes: -
    True Name: Edgar Allan Poe
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Attribute: Man(?)
    Height: 173cm
    Weight: 57kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: America


    STR: D
    END: B
    AGL: C
    MANA: A
    LCK: C
    NP: A

    Overture - Chaotic Order ⅠOverture - Chaotic Order Ⅰ
      The Sun shone bright in the skies. Deep in the valleys of eastern Hesse, a wedding began. Beautiful songs and flowers bloomed in that fragile moment of peace. The union of two people was cause for celebration, of course. The church of the village overflowed with joyous townsfolk, and even the youngest children could not help but dance in the streets. Dire times abounded in this era, but for one brief moment, divine love could shine.

      The bride and groom, newly married before God, stood on the steps of the village fountain, their appreciation for their friends and well-wishers unbound by human limits. Almost as if in answer to the accumulated happiness, the water of the fountain began to sway, even as it sprayed into the air. A crystal formed, though not of ice alone was it made. The happiness of these people gathered within it, their wishes for life and love accumulating like raindrops in a cloud. The commoners looked up in awe, and the priests fell to their knees, speechless at the display of God's kindness.

      Yes, it was indeed God's will. Gather the love of the world, the love of the community, and the love of the people. A glimmer of the eightfold light of God formed in that pure white gem.

    Class SkillsClass Skills
    Item Construction D
    The ability to construct tools tinged with magical energy. Unfortunately, this author never gave praise enough to elevate his armaments beyond the level of common Mystic Codes, and he never invested in the features of magecraft in that field either.

    Territory Creation C
    The ability to construct a territory fitting his purposes as a magus. While he could perform this on the level of a B-rank Lair-type Workshop, he has willingly decreased its rank to suit his current existence.
    「Simply put, I am a phantasm, a symbol representing an author. Therefore, all I need is a study to write in.」
    ... is how he considers it.

    Overture - Chaotic Order ⅡOverture - Chaotic Order Ⅱ
      Merriment and joy were cut short. The spring breeze began to bluster and chill. A gale blew through the town, and before the church, dark figures appeared from a ripple in space. The townspeople who witnessed their arrival hurried away, yet never once averted their eyes. Panicked shouts and distant screams broke through the tension of the air, as people gathered torches and whatever arms they had at hand.

      The first was a small human, no larger than a child of perhaps ten winters. His hands were covered in flawless red silk, adorned by thick golden rings on each finger. Beneath a black cloak, a keen witness may have seen the dim glitter of golden stitching on an oversized shirt, nearing a robe on the young man. None saw his face, for it was covered in a mask, one half embracing the light of Kadmon, the other engulfed in the frigid dark of Gehenna, but eyes the shade of lavender in full bloom pierced through the mask. The boy's smile was inescapable, like the maw of a sea beast, grinning as a boat sailed into its mouth.
      The second was an overplump woman, an aristocrat of keenly apparent taste and wealth. Her dress was fit to her sizely form, trailing in six lines behind her if she were to walk about. An amulet adorned her chest, pure sea-pearls set in topaz and chained by platinum. Nothing but the most expensive and decadent skincare products, with real pearl gleam, adorned her face, the extravagance of her appearance matched only by her wit. A businesswoman's bloodthirst filled her eyes as she appraised the crowd of peasants, as if screaming to whoever dared witness her to strike a bargain.
      Third, a younger lady, half-moon glasses balanced precariously on her nose. Her brown hair was tied in two buns, and a strange plate was in her arms, papers affixed by a metal latch. A curious quill was in her other hand, yet as she wrote and marked off matters attended and unattended, the ink never needed refreshing. She was dressed in a suit, perhaps similar to what more affluent parishioners may have worn, with a handkerchief in her breastpocket. Not one person caught her in the eye. Whether by chance, or some queer power, whenever she looked up from her papers for a brief moment, her glasses became like walls of light.
      An absurdly tall wolf-man was perhaps the most terrifying of the group. His fur, bushy and yet tamed, was white-and-grey, and even when merely considering his head-mane, was longer than the small boy was tall. His eyes were those of a predator, untamed and wild, even as he wore an almost ostentatiously fabulous attire, gold of the finest carat highlighting his form and muscle with flawless style. This beast of a man simultaneously embodied civilization, and the brutal strength of the wild.

      And finally, the ringmaster. His attire was pure white, and in his hand was a wooden cane. A shard of amber was set in the end, below which the villain grasped his staff. As he opened his immense cape, his snow-white suitjacket, with golden chains and buttons, was revealed, and yet, it was the cape which surprised and terrified the townspeople, for its interior appeared to be the night sky. The keen among them saw that it was the sky indeed, the sky over the town at night, shifting as the man moved to match the skies above him. One of his crimson eyes was behind a simple monocle, and screamed of a divine right to rule. The man doffed his top hat, and bowed deeply to the villagers.

      "KNICKEDIKNACK! The Timeless Count thanks you for your services!" He announced, straightening with a toothy, inhuman smile upon his face. "Without your aid, the Heart would never be complete, decrees Graf von Zeitlos."

      As if acting on a cue with practiced precision, the aristocratic woman fished a jewel from her purse, and smashed it upon the ground. Instantly, the town was surrounded by translucent walls made from pure magical energy. Several villagers, who had attempted to flee with children, were sent flying back into the town's limits. The screams gave way to new panic, as the villagers repeated the man's name as if the Devil himself had crawled up from the dirt to seize their souls.

      "The Heart of Purity cannot be left to common devices, groans Graf von Zeitlos. Walder, fetch the Heart."
      The wolf-man made for the church doors. The priest in charge of it attempted to hold the beast back, but with a flick of just one claw, he was sent flying, clutching his intestines in his hands. God may have graced the fountain of the town with His glorious purity, but that too left an unmistakeable scent for a hound as trained as he. In short order he returned, the symbol of love and hope in his claws. In that short time, many villagers attempted to assail the remaining foes, and yet not one had so much as scratched off a flake of skin; all who tried were transfigured into plantfolk by the aristocrat, who gave a dark chuckle with each soul she condemned.

      "Before the end, Graf von Zeitlos will tell you this!" The white-suited man began. "To those who listen from beyond, the Count says this: your struggling is useless. The path to salvation shall never be found." He began to laugh, slowly wheezing out a near-sobbing final cry as he rose into the air. The woman with glasses and the wolf-man paid no heed to this, but the overweight aristocrat and the child's grins only grew. "To you, subjects-to-be of the Count..." He now addressed the townsfolk.

    "KNICKEDIKNACK! Niemals das Licht mehr können scheinen! Die Leere jetzt reißt Ihrer Welt auseinander! Reiß dann ein Loch ins Gewebe der Realitätsgestalt!The light will never again shine for you all! The Void will rip your world apart! Now, rip a hole in the fabric of reality's design!"

      As he commanded, a black heart erupted from his chest, beating with fell energy. At once, the walls began to emanate spots of light. Not merely the walls that the aristocrat had erected around the town, but also the walls of the town, the ground itself, and even the people. Streams of darkness poured forth from the heart, a sphere of darkness growing from the heart as terror and despair set itself in the very world around them. It truly was as if a hole had been ripped in God's design. But their terror lasted but a short time, and the last thing any of them heard was a child's voice, saying "adieu", as the world became silent and still. The people, the land, and even the air froze in place, preserving the village's final moments in time. The villains had vanished in that same moment, leaving not a physical trace of their presence. Merely memories and magic.

    Personal SkillsPersonal Skills
    Metzengerstein B+
    The totality of Poe's literary styling described in a single word. The name is derived from Edgar Allen Poe's first published short story, Metzengerstein: A Tale in Imitation of the German, which set the path that would define Poe's career as a writer in grim fable. It causes all of his magecraft, and especially his Bounded Fields, to take up a Gothic aesthetic quality. Allegedly, if he sat down to write, it would allow him to condense a full novel's worth of literary mastery into a short story, but Servants are rarely afforded such luxury.

    Anti-Spirit Magecraft C
    Ancient magecraft that allows one to entrap, subdue, or dissolve spirits. His magecraft was originally built with a keyword of "birds", which are known in the world of magecraft to be "those that carry souls into the afterlife". They are techniques passed down since the late Age of Gods, each one a Mystery that would make a family in its own right.
    However, as the techniques have gone unused for so long, the rank has degraded. Originally, he could sublimate even a Heroic Spirit with ease, but in his present form as an untrained magus who merely remembers his ancient spells, his techniques are too clumsy to achieve that level.

    ???Vampiric Nature B
    A skill that betrays one's original self, the existence of one who ██████denies human history. Because of the principle in his blood, the rank should be elevated beyond his station, but he refuses to accept that outcome. He is but a hatchling, unworthy of flying in the moonlight. Inferior.

    Overture - Chaotic Order ⅢOverture - Chaotic Order Ⅲ
      The town was indeed frozen. From afar, two individuals, one of ether, the other of blood, watched as the town was frozen in time. 'Overseers' some would call them. Emissaries from the Holy Church, who exist to right these wrongs and purge the heresy of stealing God's love. But they would disagree. Neither one of them felt that kind of affection for humans. They were beings who could not feel such emotions.

      "That makes three. Only five more Hearts until Pleroma Fall. It's absurd that they can simply wield that much power so freely, even this late into the game, wouldn't you say?" The living man, dressed in a priest's vestments, asked his comrade
      "Perhaps. Even in a region like this, it begs the question of just who the Count is. I doubt a human could be born with that scale of magical energy in this era. Even in the Age of Gods, the amount of people born like that could be counted on one hand." The ether-born individual responded. He looked up to his friend, with a brow raised. "Well, inquisitor, perhaps we should investigate for ourselves."

      "I couldn't agree more." With that, the man leapt from the cliff, seemingly without regard for his own well-being. His companion shook his own head, before following him at a slightly reduced pace. If only one of them was wounded, it would be no issue, but it would be troublesome if both of them needed to rejuvenate.

      Perhaps frozen was a poor description. It was not so much that the town was frozen, so much as it was that it stopped. It was like space itself within the town had been paused. The air stunk of what was, and what would be. Time itself was disjointed, like a video reel that had been stopped mid-animation. The past and the future were both present, and yet nothing was happening.
      "This isn't magecraft, old friend. This is something far greater. A power beyond even the mighty of the Superiors. I suspect that even the old spider hag would tuck her abdomen away and run for the hills if she saw this."

      It clicked. The alleged priest looked to the church, a smile forming on his face. "Perhaps she would. But consider," he reached a hand out, and black lines formed in the air, tracing faultlines in the space-time fracture, "this isn't an end result. This environment, this condition of being frozen, it's merely a stopgap. It's erasing the future, rather than storing it." The priest began to laugh, throwing his head back as his braid slid down, its pointed purple tip hanging mere inches from the ground. His ethereal partner raised a brow at his behaviour, though it was hardly anything new to their dynamic.
      "Oh my prosperous lance, think of it! A total rejection of human history, a canal to the Swirl! The idiot is trying to completely rewrite reality in his image!"
      The smaller man finally got the joke. He joined his friend in laughter. "He can't be serious! That pathway has to have closed more than a thousand years ago! Just who does he think he is? Even a Demiurge-grade Divine Spirit would be destroyed by merely attempting the first step, let alone any other Elemental or Spirit!"

      His words jostled the priest out of his laughter, a frown forming swiftly on his thin features. "A Planetary Spirit, perhaps?"
      "Like the Princess and her Rival? No, we'd know well in advance, and the situation would never rise to the level of diverging from Human History, because the Princess would simply eliminate them anyway."
      "Then what on Earth could possibly be attempting to follow that pathway?"
      "I'm afraid," the shorter man patted his friend's shoulders, "we simply don't have enough information."

      He started off, moving to leave the town. "Come now, we would do well to return to our workshop. We can plan a course of action before Chaldea's arrival better out of there."
      "So you believe they will come?"
      "They have no choice. Their human history won't survive if this world exists. Our destiny is already fixed either way, so as the losers in the great game of survival, we should help the victors, shouldn't we, Tarantella?"
      "Perhaps you're right, as usual, Edgar."

      As they left the town limits, the priest made one last comment.
      "But would it kill you to call me Master from time to time?"

      The young Servant, Edgar Allan Poe, merely laughed.

    Noble PhantasmsNoble Phantasms
    Haemonomic Nevermore
    Caution, croaks the Raven, for Death is in the Skies

    Type: Anti-Undead
    Rank: B+
    Range: 30
    Maximum Number of Targets: 100
    Idea Fragment Restoration #16. The Principle that Edgar Allan Poe carries in his blood, the proof of a vampire. The original user was the Dead Apostle Gransurg Blackmore, the Lord Black-Wing. Through various circumstances and events, the Idea Blood become part of Edgar Allan Poe. Over a thousand years of disuse, degradation, and replication as a Heroic Spirit have caused it to lose some power. As compensation, it has become more customizable.
    The creation of a Reality Marble, an inner world that speaks of death. Recreating the scene from the night on which Lord Blackmore died, the church of his final battle on the edge of insanity, Poe brings his foes in. He warns his visitors to pay attention, for the birds that wheel in his skies are unyielding to only one group of people; the dead.
    A Noble Phantasm that eliminates anything dead, without exception. The birds that descend from the skies rip away at the flesh, allowing no time for even the most powerful bloodsuckers to restore their bodies, until eventually their soul is the sole thing remaining, and is left naked before the lord of this land.
    As the territory itself is customizable, it is possible to fuse the birds, to focus targets, and to modify the environment in a limited-degree approximation of Marble Phantasm within the confines of the Reality Marble.
    However, it cannot be sustained for more than a few minutes. This is not Poe's limits as a Servant, but rather the limits of a degraded
    Idea Blood
    Haemonomic Principle

    Tarantella Annabella
    To You, this Principle Pours in Blood

    Type: Anti-Unit (Master)
    Rank: C
    Range: 10
    Maximum Number of Targets: 1
    A Noble Phantasm that reflects Poe's status as one of the most renowned authors born from American history. It is the ability to extol, to give praise to "a single individual" and raise their existential status. It can't achieve something absurd like the creation of a Demon, but if the idea is merely to make "one mage" able to equal "one Servant", then sufficient praise can accomplish that task.

    It is a Noble Phantasm that could be considered constantly-active. The more Poe praises the qualities of his Master during his summoning, the greater the effects of this Noble Phantasm. However, if Poe's Master is someone who "does not deserve exaltation", then it will simply never come into effect.

    The praise cannot be forced or coerced. It must be genuine, as it is his feelings, his essence as an author which incarnates in this Noble Phantasm.
    When Edgard Allan Poe once again disappears on a dark night, then the effects will vanish with him.

    As an aside, the Noble Phantasm's name changes depending on his Master, but always makes reference to at least one or two of his works.
    「There's no such thing as being too self-referential as long as you're good at it.」

    Heroic Spirit Tale - Edgar Allan PoeHeroic Spirit Tale - Edgar Allan Poe
      It began long ago. Once, there was a human. His name is lost to humanity, not recorded in the pages of history, not even in the world of magecraft. Even still, this man was a magus. He studied, sanctified, and began to assume the knowledge of avians. He was an eccentric magus, and garnered the attention of even the great and mighty. The mage was beaten down, yet by miraculous chance, survived. To the mighty one, he pledged eternal loyalty.

      No longer did he merely study birdkind, he now became one with them. The deathly bird who served the lord of the world was born, and his kin likewise took his prompting. However, one day, the mighty lord whom the black-winged bird-master served perished. In grief and madness, the loyal servant went on a rampage. Everyone in his path, he destroyed. Even a clan of demons, who bathed in human blood, were wiped clean. Eventually, the chosen ones of God brought him to his knees. The devilbird, on his deathbed, was killed.
      It was not the executors of God's will who killed him, however. One of his own kin took his life, out of pity and grief for his maker's suffering.

      This lesser bird, merely a hatchling compared to the mighty blackwing, could scarcely contain the devilbird's power. He flew to the World's Navel and roosted in the dark. Centuries passed, and the cave became lively. The hatchling, now fully grown, was disturbed by the movements of humans, who tore apart the earth to bear deeper into the crevice in the Earth's surface made by a near-dead dragon. He flew again, the principles and ideas within him now stable. He flew, flew, and flew yet more, for years on end, until he found himself in the warm seas. He met a snake, who had shed its skin a dozen times over, and the bird made friends with the snake. They were both ancient, aimless creatures, who did not belong as they were among humans.

      "And yet," said the snake, "we need to be among the rabble, don't we?"
      "Perhaps not among them, not as predators." replied the bird. He thought for a moment, words gathering in his mouth. "To be among them would be to discard ourselves as predators. To hatch again as a chicken and a gartersnake."
      The snake laughed. The bird laughed.

      The bird left, soaring over the forests and mountains. It became dangerous over time, as the humans became ever smarter, their eyes turning from the ground and field to the skies and stars. They did not appreciate the bird's presence. No, rather, they could not appreciate the bird. From the beginning, they never could.

      Time passed, and the bird found the snake once more, though now it danced as if it were a spider.
      "I tire of my wings." the bird told the snake.
      "Truly? Is that even possible, old friend?" The snake was incredulous, believing it impossible.
      "Yes," said the bird in turn, "I believe it is. These old wings need to rest. Perhaps it is time to walk among prey, to shed the wings of a raptor, and court the world as a chicken."
      The snake shook its head. "After all this time, I still truly do not understand you."
      At this, the bird smiled. "I seek to return to the Egg, and yet you of all people don't understand. How like you, ███████."

      The bird soared away soon after. Never again would the bird meet the snake. The bird could feel it in his chest, they were destined to be forever apart.
      He soared far, far away, and roosted across the seas. He prepared his final ritual as a magus, a ritual that would return him to the origin and bring him forth anew, memories of his past locked away, and his body capable of growth and age.
      For a brief moment, the World's Egg was shown to him, but that memory too was shackled.

      Birth. Birth. Birthbirthbirthbirthbirthbirthbirthbirthlifelifeli febirthlifebirthbirthlife.
      He was born anew. He hatched into the world again, unaware of his life as the bird.

      His new life was filled with tragedy. His father abandoned them, and his mother died. He was sent across the sea, came back, and built a life for himself as prey. Yet, even as prey, he became renowned, his words and papers being celebrated as masterpieces. History recorded this life almost as if the author was scribed into reality itself.

      However, that life would one day collapse. Too soon for such a mind. The church, who the bird once aided in killing the blackwing, tracked the bird's new self down. The author was on his way home, when he was beset on the road. When the churchmen pierced his flesh with their holy rituals, his original life flashed back to himself. The bird descended into the author, and madness took him. He killed the churchmen, but not before one of them cast a spell on him. His body began to deteriorate as he devoured the man, body and mind being no different. The principles in his soul overflowed, as if he was merely a hundred years old.

      Four days later, the author, Edgar Allan Poe, died. In his final moments, he cried the name of the clergyman who lay a dying curse on the bird, and cried his thanks to him. 1300 years late, he would finally meet his lord again.

    Craft EssenceCraft Essence

    The Poetic Principle
    That distant shore is eternally unreachable.
    The past can't be reclaimed, no matter how hard you try.
    But even still, the future is real.
    The future is your birthright as a living being.
    If what one must lose is their past, then what they will gain is a future.
    Master of Chaldea, all of mankind will lose their past. They already have.
    So it is your burden to give them their future.
    No matter what the cost may be.

    Tarantella: Ah, my dear Master and old friend. How many times have you died so far?
    Hans Christian Andersen: I heard about that little incident with Dickens. How embarass- what do you mean "bo dai sat-ta e han-nya"?
    Dracula: ... Seriously? Someone like you?
    Marsh & Cope: Now there are some names I could praise! Progression for the sake of mankind, expansion for the sake of science itself. Though, really? Lizards? They're clearly birds, the superior lifeforms.
    Comte de Saint-Germaine: If I recall, you've been alive quite a while. I wonder if it's possible for you to summon yourself...? After all, as the immortal count, you're almost certainly still around. I wonder how your fashion sense developed.
    Nostradamus: Get your eyes off me, you filthy creature! I didn't toil for a thousand years for you to simply peer into me like that!

    Bram Storbius: I'm receiving a spiritual message from the writer. Translators need to be injected with nine doses of Idea Mosaic.

    Author's NotesAuthor's Notes
    Surprise. You shouldn't get too invested in the story spun in this sheet yet. You've actually been graced with the fortune of getting a sneak-peak prologue to the prologue of Chapter 6 (or 7, if you include the prelude that was the Prosperous Poisonous City Nineveh) of a rather grand story I'm weaving. We won't be returning to the story of Tarantella, Edgar, nor the good Graf von Zeitlos for a long time.
    Consider it an anomaly born of the
    Graf von Zeitlos
    Timeless Count
    's grace.

    Quite obviously, we've strayed quite far from "Edgar Allan Poe". Indeed, with some points moved and relatively minor amounts of data scrubbed, you could easily make the argument that it's not really Edgar. If you feel that way, please know that you're probably right by all reasonable measures. I'm just being an unreasonable little weasel.

    yes the joke of the sheet is literally just how Gransurg's Reality Marble was named "Nevermore" I'm so funny
    yes i did call dr arach an old spider hag
    no she will not show up even if i really want her to just show up once just to fuck with people.
    maybe one of her Metastases. just one for a treat. eventually

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    About halfway through my sheet (it's taking this long mostly due to a lack of time), and I'm becoming less and less sure of myself. Well, I'm in too deep with this sheet now. I'll just hope it turns out good in the end.

    - - - Updated - - -

    After looking through your Poe sheet Hux, I honestly really find it to be a really well designed, and I'm glad you made reference to some of his lesser known works. My only gripe is though, EAP's unique personality is having trouble shining through in this sheet, and his personality really feels a bit too "mysterious" (IMO) for someone like him. Other than those two points though, really good Poe sheet.

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    "Everyone thinks I do heroin. It's not even true, I do crystal meth."
    -Josh Henderson
    "For you to have summoned me as a Servant....this is either a really bad cosmic joke, or you are in dire need of a drug addiction hotline."

    "Not that I'm complaining here, I rarely see any action outside the Throne. Sometimes I question how I even made it there."

    "But don't worry, Master. However obscure I as a Servant am, I'll still try my best to guide you to victory."

    "Servant, Cas....Caster? Caster. My True Name is Lazăr Edeleanu. Come, Master. We need to cook."

    First Ascension

    Second Ascension

    "Oh hey, this was when I was growing more and more invested in running my company, back in 1910. Have you ever heard of 'Allgemeine Gesellschaft für Chemische Industrie?' It was founded and ran by me when I moved to least, until the damn Nazis bought it out from under me. No, I am not exaggerating, the company that bought the company was filled with Nazi sympathizers. Hypocritical bastards..."
    Third Ascension

    "Check it out! I somehow got this crystalloid....humanoid....whatever-oid, form all of a sudden! I'm not actually sure why, but this feels pretty neat....Hey, where did my bracelet go?"
    Final Ascension

    "...I'm sorry, Master. I may or may not have played dumb for a little bit here and there, but don't worry! I'm still the very intelligent, very savvy and very wise Caster who you still owe 10 Saint Quar-uuuuuuh, I mea, who you don't owe any...SQ to at all. Ow, saying that physically hurt. Hm? Then what's with this blatantly crystalline get-up? Well, let's just say....a friend's helping me out. Somewhere, in a place where no light exists."


    Class: CasterForeigner

    Other Eligible Classes: AssassinAssassin, Caster

    True Name: Dr. Lazăr Edeleanu

    Aliases: Father of Drugs, King of RefinementFather of Drugs, King of Refinement, Q'yth-az

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Attribute: ManEarth

    Origin: Historical FactHistorical Fact/'An Early Frost' by Scott David Aniolowski

    Region: Bucharest, RomaniaBucharest, Romania/M'thura

    Height: 177.8 cm / 5'10"

    Weight: 198 pounds / 89.811kg

    Traits: Male, Humanoid, Hominidae, Servant, Weak to Enuma ElishDivine, Existence Outside the Domain, Threat to Humanity, Male, Humanoid, Hominidae, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish

    Catalyst: Any physical product containing amphetamines. Seriously, just get a bottle of Adderall or something.

    Talents: Chemistry, medicine production, business management

    Natural Enemies: Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Adolf Hitler

    Likes: Breaking bread, breaking bank, breaking expectations, Breaking Bad

    Dislikes: Poverty, Nazis, classism, meth dealers ("I invented the stuff they're peddling, dammit! I deserve royalties! 30% royalties!")

    Personality: An innovative intellectual who prides himself in his work, discoveries and the rewards of his hard work, Edeleanu is what you might expect of a workaholic inventor archetype. He's always hard at work, trying his hardest to pump out new products, doing his best to to gather new consumers and patents for his work. A shrewd businessman who is nonetheless a hard worker, an avid researcher and a pioneer of an inventor who's products and methods are still used to this day.

    He's also what you might call a greedy prick. Or, in less polite words, 'the kind of piece of shit who would stab you in the back if he thought you had more lint in your wallet than him.'

    A childhood of poverty has left Edeleanu desperate for wealth and riches, an education being looked down upon and crushed beneath the heel of his fellow students at prestigious schools has ingrained a pathological desire to stand superior over everyone around him, and his company having been been bought and repurposed during the Nazi regime against his will has drilled a hoarding problem into his Spirit Origin, leaving him unwilling to throw away even his failed experiments.

    Edeleanu is a paranoid micromanager, hoarding his possessions, his connections, even his experiments from anyone and everyone around him. He works off of the old adage of 'waste not, want not', and calls even obvious failures 'successes in the making', constantly finding ways to utilize everything at his disposal to near-maximum efficiency, consequences be damned. Greed is his justice, funds and patents his motive. Lazăr Edeleanu is a man who craves luxury and constant 'better lives' for himself and his descendants built off of hard work and never-ending determination.

    After all, there's always someone better to strive to defeat. There's always a higher star he can shoot for.

    Wish for the Grail: A wish for the Holy Grail, hm? Bah, I don't need a Grail for my own goals! If I weren't the one handling my own affairs and efforts, there's no point in the first place! All that glorified battery needs to do is just keep me incarnated and let me handle the rest!"To feel a human hand without it crumbling into crystal under my grasp. To enjoy the sweet and soft taste of bread without it hardening into minerals in my stomach. I do not want much. I do not need much. I simply want to experience humanity as a human. To know life outside of that cold, lightless planet on my own. That is all I ask for."

    Strength: D-
    Endurance: C+
    Agility: D+
    Mana: B-
    Luck: A-
    NP: A+


    Bond DefaultA baby boy was born in a poor household in the town of Focşani, Bucharest, under the loving care of a devout Jewish woodworker and a stay-at-home mother. From the very beginning, the days were hard, as the family was in constant poverty, the father struggling to make ends meet with his meager wages as the mother rationed whatever scraps of food they could muster together.

    However, fortune would shine down upon the boy as he grew up. He was a prodigy, a savant of science and a genius student who went on to study at Saint Sava High School, one of the most prestigious high schools in all of the mere age of 12. However, Edeleanu was still poor, and despite his genius, his status as a commoner who walked the vaunted halls of what was once the 'Royal Academy of Bucharest' led to immense bullying and social isolation, as students attempted to chase him out of the school. Nearly broke and barely able to support himself, Edeleanu lived in a basement room and supported himself through tutoring people.

    Once Edeleanu had completed his liceu education and obtained his baccalaureate he immediately headed to the University of Berlin to study chemistry under the guidance of Sir August Wilhelm von Hofmann, eventually being the one to accidentally synthesize amphetamine, being the indirect cause behind the creation of meth and the keystone of modern painkillers. He received his doctorate in 1887 and immediately bounced around from teaching job to teaching job.


    Bond 1Once he'd returned to Romania, he was hired by Constantin I. Istrati first as an lab assistant, then as a lecturer at the University of Bucharest's Faculty of Sciences in the Organic Chemistry Department. In 1906 he was appointed as Head of the Chemistry Laboratory at the Geology Institute, founded that year, and director of the Vega Refinery near Ploiești, a refinery owned at that time by the German company Diskont. In 1907, alongside Ion Tănăsescu, he co-organized the Petroleum Congress in Bucharest and co-authored a monograph on the physical and technical properties of Romanian crude oil. One year later, he would discover a revolutionary oil refining process that is considered to be the foundation of oil refinement, used to this very day.

    In 1910, Edeleanu moved in Germany where he founded "Allgemeine Gesellschaft für Chemische Industrie", a chemical manufacturing and oil refining company that he ran for 25 years until the beginning of the Nazi regime, where it was bought by the Deutsche Erdöl-AG without his consent. Having lost his company by still having the immense fortune he'd claimed as it's former CEO, Edeleanu returned to Bucharest to live out the rest of his days, where he died peacefully at the age of 79, in 1941.

    Long after his passing, around 80 Edeleanu facilities still stand worldwide, and his Edeleanu Process is still used today, in its many variations, as the basic process for manufacturing and refining various high quality oils for usage. Edeleanu himself obtained 212 patents for inventions in Romania, the United States, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, and Holland.


    Bond 2Class Skills:

    Item Construction (Medicine) A+
    A Caster-class Skill, and the Skill to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Also, this Skill requires time to gather components and manufacture items.
    Being the man who invented the forefather of pain-killers and antidepressants, his creations are borderline-panacea medication that deaden all physical pain, clear the mind of mental disruptions and intruders, and can even boost someone's physical and cognitive prowess in a pinch.

    Territory Creation A
    A Caster-class skill, and the Skill to construct or reconstruct a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana.
    Caster creates a 'temple-like workshop' where he is free to conduct the research and refinement of materials brought to or collected by him, given enough time and understanding of the material at hand.
    Existence Outside the Domain EX
    The Class Skill of a Foreigner, which depicts the descent of a being from the void of outer space unto the World.
    Somehow, someway, Foreigner has become a herald of an Outer God, despite never having seen or come into contact with one. Despite that, Foriegner possesses what appears to be fragments of Authorities from an evil God, shards of something from a place lightless, cold and oh-so lonely.

    Item Construction (Medicine) A+
    Normally a Caster-class Skill, and the Skill to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Also, this Skill requires time to gather components and manufacture items.
    Being the man who invented the forefather of pain-killers and antidepressants, his creations are borderline-panacea medication that deaden all physical pain, clear the mind of mental disruptions and intruders, and can even boost someone's physical and cognitive prowess in a pinch.

    Territory Creation A
    Normally a Caster-class skill, and the Skill to construct or reconstruct a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana.
    Foreigner creates a 'temple-like workshop' where he is free to conduct the research and refinement of materials brought to or collected by him, given enough time and understanding of the material at hand.

    Divinity B
    A skill that denotes the measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not.
    Having somehow become the herald of a higher being from space, Foreigner has obtained a strong rank of divinity.
    Ores gleam under his skin. Stones and minerals envelop his form. The man before you is wreathed in beautiful, demonic crystal.


    Bond 3Personal Skills:

    Derivatives Of Phenyl Acids B
    The crystallized knowledge of chemistry and medicine that led to the unintentional creation and synthesizing of amphetamines in 1887. With this skill, Foreigner is capable of learning how to create any form of chemicals or chemical byproducts he lays his eyes on, though it works best when viewing drugs or medicine.

    Edeleanu Process A+
    The physical manifestation of Foreigner's most famous invention, the revolutionary oil refining process still used today. With this skill, Foreigner is capable of magically (in a literal sense) refining and thereby enhancing any items, people or even Noble Phantasms so long as they have a physical form for Foreigner to interact with, so long as he has a sufficient amount of materials on hand. Essentially juiced-up Reinforcement that's cumulative and long lasting (lasting a month on end before re-application is needed), with permanent effects on fuel sources and objects that would qualify as 'fuel'.

    Pioneer of the Stars EX
    The unique Skill given to Heroic Spirits that became turning points in human history. All difficult voyages and challenges which are considered impossible turn into events that can be realized.
    Caster's accidental synthesizing of amphetamine was the cornerstone to the creation of multiple other drugs and medications, opening the way for the synthesization of essential medications commonly used today. However, for some reason this Skill feels....different, from other users of Pioneer of the Stars.
    Derivatives Of Phenyl Acids B
    The crystallized knowledge of chemistry and medicine that led to the unintentional creation and synthesizing of amphetamines in 1887. With this skill, Foreigner is capable of learning how to create any form of chemicals or chemical byproducts he lays his eyes on, though it works best when viewing drugs or medicine.

    Edeleanu Process A+
    The physical manifestation of Foreigner's most famous invention, the revolutionary oil refining process still used today. With this skill, Foreigner is capable of magically (in a literal sense) refining and thereby enhancing any items, people or even Noble Phantasms so long as they have a physical form for Foreigner to interact with, so long as he has a sufficient amount of materials on hand. Essentially juiced-up Reinforcement that's cumulative and long lasting (lasting a month on end before re-application is needed), with permanent effects on fuel sources and objects that would qualify as 'fuel'.

    Pioneer Outside the Stars EX
    A twisted and warped version of Pioneer of the Stars, the true form of Edeleanu's Pioneer of the Stars skill, and a Skill retained by Heroic Spirits that became turning points in histories outside the domain of Gaia and Alaya. All difficult voyages and challenges belonging to Existences outside the World's Domain which are considered impossible turn into events that can be realized.
    In life, Edeleanu managed to forcibly tear a psychic connection open to an Outer God and force the aspect of humanity, an impossible aspect, into the Outer God's existence, thus having this Skill at a high rank.

    Crystalloid Intellect EX
    A Skill normally shared throughout every person affected by a certain Outer God. However, as Foreigner is the only person affected at the moment, he is the only person with this skill. A Skill formed by merging with and subsequently subsuming a shard of Q'yth-az through near-impossible means, Foreigner now shares the same Saint Graph and Spirit Origin of Q'yth-az, in that their 'existences' have long since become entwined. It is not that Foreigner is a herald of Q'yth-az, more so that Foreigner has become Q'yth-az but retained his original personality and capability of human growth and emotion.


    Bond 4The asphalt humanity walks upon today. The gasoline that fuels their vehicles. The painkillers and anti-depressants they're prescribed over the counter in pharmacies and local drugstores. These small commodities society has gained over the decades are all things taken granted for in the modern era, so prevalent and widespread in this day and age that nobody ever really thinks about nowadays because they've become so prevalent to our daily routine that nobody really cares.

    However, imagine life without something as simple as paved roads. Imagine life with gasoline and other fuels absent from society, rendering cars and other mechanical vehicles into little more than fancy hunks of sculpted metal. Imagine life without medications for one's ADHD or narcolepsy.

    There are dozens of medications derived from the amphetamine drug compound prevalently used to treat mental disorders all over the world. There are over 6,000 common everyday necessities that are created by the by-products of petroleum refinement, all of which builds modern society is unknowingly supported by to this day. Without any of them, modern society would be drastically different from what it is today.

    And every single one of the existence of these ever small yet ever essential necessities can be traced back to Lazăr Edeleanu's work.


    Bond 5
    Noble Phantasm:
    Allgemeine Gesellschaft für Chemische Industrie
    General Company for the Chemical Industry
    Rank: C-
    Classification: Anti-Country(Self)
    Range: 20-600
    Maximum Targets: 1,000 People
    The manifestation of the chemical company that Caster founded and personally oversaw in life. An instantaneous Bounded Field that covers and supersedes a specified building of choice, thereby expanding his territory from a single room to an entire building. Inside the affected building, faceless 'employees' manifest, toiling day in and day out producing and perfecting chemical products under Caster's command. In here, Caster is capable of instantaneously manufacturing drugs for allies and enemies alike. Caster is also capable of manipulating the produced drugs' effects so long as they remain within the Bounded Field and are within the limits of modern medicine (so no sudden resurrection drugs of any kind), though the moment they leave he cannot do so even if the drugs were to re-enter the Bounded Field.
    Given the legitimate front as a chemical company that would have the potential to become a pharmaceutical powerhouse, and the subsequent network of connections and information said status would lead to, Caster's Bounded Field grows the more his company's fame rises, and has the potential to engulf an entire country with enough time and preparation.

    Allgemeine Gesellschaft für Chemische Industrie
    General Company for the Chemical Industry

    Rank: C-
    Classification: Anti-City(Self)
    Range: 20-600
    Maximum Targets: 1,000 People
    The manifestation of the chemical company that Foreigner founded and personally oversaw in life. An instantaneous Bounded Field that covers and supersedes a specified building of choice, thereby expanding his territory from a single room to an entire building. Inside the affected building, faceless 'employees' manifest, toiling day in and day out producing and perfecting chemical products under Foreigner's command. In here, Foreigner is capable of instantaneously manufacturing drugs for allies and enemies alike. Foreigner is also capable of manipulating the produced drugs' effects so long as they remain within the Bounded Field and are within the limits of modern medicine (so no sudden resurrection drugs of any kind), though the moment they leave he cannot do so even if the drugs were to re-enter the Bounded Field.
    Given the legitimate front as a chemical company that would have the potential to become a pharmaceutical powerhouse, and the subsequent network of connections and information said status would lead to, Foreigner's Bounded Field grows the more his company's fame rises, and has the potential to engulf an entire country with enough time and preparation.
    In reality, this is a falsehood brought on by Foreigner's efforts to disguise his true Noble Phantasm. Allgemeine Gesellschaft für Chemische Industrie is nothing more than his Item Construction (Medicine) and Territory Creation skills being overclocked to maximum output, the 'faceless employees' mere helpers and servitors of the power behind his Saint Graph. The maximum range is only a large city, though the network he builds upon is very much real and capable of influencing those outside it in a 'Mandela Effect'-like psychological phenomenon, giving off the illusion that it is instead an Anti-Country Noble Phantasm.

    An Early Frost
    Un Îngheț Timpuriu
    Through Me, Unison Is Born Unto The World
    Rank: A+
    Classification: Anti-Planet, Anti-World(?)
    Range: 1-9,999
    Maximum Targets: Everything in range
    The true Noble Phantasm of Lazăr Edeleanu. A transformation from 'Lazăr Edeleanu the human' to 'Lazăr Edeleanu, extension of Q-'yth-az'. In life, Edeleanu was exposed to a shard of Q'yth-az sent through space as a 'feeler' of sorts, the crystal having been unearthed and remade into a crystal bracelet which Edeleanu bought as a wearable trinket from a local merchant at the flea market. Having been too weak separated from the main body of Q'yth-az to finish the conversion process, Edeleanu was able to subsume the shard, becoming a 'crystalline human' who maintained his humanity and forcibly opened a tenuous connection to the Crystalloid Intellect that resided on M'thura as the impossible 'aspect of Q'yth-az's humanity', something that, by virtue of being an Outer God, Q'yth-az should not have in the first place.
    When Un Îngheț Timpuriu is activated, Foreigner both strengthens and taps into his connection with Q'yth-az, temporarily superseding a patch of the Texture of the World with a Texture from M'thura and converting almost all organic material within area of range into eldritch crystal formations, which in turn would affect more organic material that touches the newly formed crystals, spreading the crystal formations exponentially. In truth, the epicenter of this Noble Phantasm is limited, but if the mana connection were to be sustained enough that the crystal formations could form outside the M'thuran Texture? The end of the World itself would become a non-zero chance of possibility.

    "Y-wgah'n hrii grah'n, ftaghu gof'nn, Q'yth-az'nyth, Q'yth-az'or, uh'e hupadgh Q'yth-az tharanak ehye 'bthnk uth'nke nilgh'ri, y'hah!"


    Bond ExtraDuring his studies in the University of Berlin, Edeleanu visited the flea market on one of his rare days days, where he was not swamped by his studies and no one had arranged for private tutoring sessions. He had saved up a small bit of excess funds for a few souvenirs to purchase, and planned to obtain some trinkets he could send back home to Romania during his time in Germany.

    Among the booths and laid out carpets he visited in the flea market was a small booth tucked away in the corner of the market, headed by a stoic, wiry man selling cheap jewelry and rhinestone-laden accessories, nothing of significant value but all handcrafted with visible love and care. One of these jewelry was an unassuming crystal bracelet, the same luster as common clear quartz and priced just a little higher than the same. Edeleanu bought it among a necklace for his mother and a silver sing for his father. When
    he sent the trinkets home by mail, it was the bracelet he kept over the rest of the trinkets, wearing it almost at all times throughout his life from there on out.

    It was a comforting weight on his wrist. It was a security blanket of a fallback when he felt overly stressed. It was a character tic where he would fidget with it when he was nervous.

    A normal, unassuming clear quartz bracelet he was fond of nonetheless.In truth, the bracelet was crafted from a 'feeler shard' of Q'yth-az, a Great Old One who resided on M'thura, a lightness planet somewhere outside the Fireworks Galaxy who had sent shards of itself throughout the universe in an attempt to 'infect' other planets and spread itself to all known life. A few feeler shards had managed to find their way into the World, and one such shard had been unknowingly unearthed by the booth owner and remade into the crystal bracelet Edeleanu now wore. Though the booth owner had handled the crystal with protection from skin contact during his crafting, Edeleanu had laid his hands against it during his trip through the flea market and exposed himself to the influence of the alien entity.

    However, the problem for Q'yth-az was that the shard having been remade into a bracelet had weakened it's influence immensely. It's sudden reconfiguration and tampering at human hands had scrambled the connection Q'yth-az maintained over the shard, so when the Great Old One attempted to convert Edeleanu and turn him into a servitor, the impossible happened.

    Through sheer spite and will, Edeleanu subsumed the psychic influence from the feeler shard bracelet, utilizing it's connection with Q'yth-az's main body to rip open a mental gateway between the two in a self-defensive rage. Unknowingly, this introduced human aspects to the alien soul of Q'yth-az, implanted into the eldritch mentality of the Crystalloid Intellect and gradually changing it over time.

    Still, the physical configuration process was already underway, and Edeleanu was partially changed, retained the outer appearance of a human but gained physical properties akin to that of a crystal. Even though the mental conversion cycle had been halted on it's tracks Edeleanu was still turned into an 'extension of Q'yth-az'. A physical aspect of/force from the crystal entity meant to turn Earth into a replica of it's crystalline domain. A task that was always doomed to fail.

    For you see, because the mental conversion process was prematurely stopped, Edeleanu had retained his humanity and personality as a result. He could think for himself, act for himself, disobey for himself. Circumstance after circumstance after circumstance and a herculean amount of luck and effort had combined the two normally mutually exclusive situation together.

    Edeleanu had indeed become an aspect of Q'yth-az. Specifically, he had become the aspect of Q'yth-az's humanity. A role that, however impossible it was, he retained and held from the moment he was crystallized until his death. The sole scrap of proof that, some way, somehow, humanity could win over even the impossible cosmos themselves, and all it's cruel and horrible denizens.

    The man who proved that humanity would, now and forevermore, always prevail.


    RelationshipsThomas Edison: "You made people work 24/7 to finish half-completed half-baked inventions for your own fame. I made people work 24/7 to finish chemicals produced from scratch that people needed. We are not the same, Edison. Get out of my lab, you thief."

    John D. Rockefeller: "…Rockefeller? Excuse me, Master, I need to make a few....calls."

    Marie Antoinette: "Recently, I've been starting a mineral collection of my own from minerals I'd managed to snag from the Singularities, and I've been displaying them in my room. They remind me of a...close friend of mine after all. Most of the Servants who pass by don't really care, which is to be expected, but there is this one Servant that does come by to admire them. I would be happy about it, were it not for the fact that she calls them 'beautifully shining rocks'. They're not rocks, they're minerals! Minerals, dammit!"

    Foreigner-Class Servants: Oh, um, uh, n-nothing to see here. I don't know what you could possibly mean by me 'feeling similar to you', I'm just a normal businessman!....Please stop staring so intensely, you're kind of making me nervous."Hm? Oh, it's just you guys. If I remember correctly, you're the heralds to some of the bigwigs in the pantheon, right? What are you doing around little old me? I'm kinda like an entry-level clerk in the whole system, I don't know why I'm of any importance.....California? Urk. I have no idea what you mean by that, Ishouldprobablygonowokaybye!"

    James Moriarty: "Ah, Master, do you know who that shady-looking old man is? Apparently he's been reading ServantGram meme posts and saying them in real life, and I really don't have it in me to tell him that not everything has to be a 'certified Jimmy moment'.....James Moriarty?! Seriously?!"

    Adolf Hitler: "....Master. Keep me away from him. Not because of what I could do to him, but because of what would happen to Chaldea if you were all caught in the crossfire. Trust me, the further away from him I am? The better."

    Jesse Livermore: is busy discussing stocks with Livermore, gesturing to an electronic record of stocks from America before the world had been Incinerated. Notably, there's a large binder filled with documents that Edeleanu occasionally checks through every now and then.

    Jesse Livermore but he got Area 51'd: "Hey, uh, Your Majesty, hahaha....Is this about the time I said your play was a little boring? I didn't mean anything bad by it, honest!"

    Christian Caldwell: "Oh jeez, that guy. Don't get me wrong, I don't really have a problem with his identifying as male or anything, but for fuck's sake, he won't shut up about doing God's work and hunting down witches and on and on and on! Seriously, I think some of the Rulers are starting to get annoyed! The Rulers! How big of a prick do you have to be to annoy literal judges of absolute impartiality?....That pun was unintentional, stop laughing-"

    Emergency Food: "Master, is this yours?" "Hi Master!" "Yeah, he kept sneaking into my room because he thought the taiyaki I liked to snack on were actual fish. Please keep a closer eye on him." "They looked just like real fish! I bet they would taste like real fish too!"

    Johann Adam Weishaupt: "Humanity is filled with as many good deeds just as they are filled with evil. Pride and charity, vice and virtue, they go hand in hand with one another and push humans forward. Such an overly rational viewpoint of humans, who categorizes it down to simple decisions and black-or-white style questions and answers....I do not accept it. I refuse to accept it."

    Leonhardt Euler: "Master, Master, check it out! Euler helped me set up a ServantGram account for company purposes! I'm gonna see if I can sponsor him for some of his posts later....hmmm.....maybe some painkillers for his headaches....? He really does need to spend a little less time on his phone."

    William Topaz McGonagall: "Just go to your happy place. Just....go to your happy place. Don't think about poisoning him with excessive amounts of toxic drugs. Don't think about the way he rhymes outhouse with cow house. Happy placccccccce. Aaaaaaaagh."

    William Randolph Hearst: "So, you stream now?.....Wanna do a sponsorship?"

    Iceberg: ".......Nope. Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope. I am far, far too sober to deal with this. NOPE!"

    Georges Melies: "That aura...I do not like how smug it feels. I do, however, like the fact that she's planning to torch Edison's room with Tesla. Don't me, I'm gonna head over there to....keep them in line. Yes. Keep them in line and not join in on the fun."

    Roger Godberd: "....Was it worth it? Gallivanting around and playing hero while the innocents were killed to keep you safe? Was it all worth it?....No, there is no need to answer. I can see it so clearly on your face. Be grateful. A second chance at life is something rarely anyone, rich or poor, can gain. No more half-measures, Godberd."

    Jirocho Shimizu or Casanova: "You're goddamn right that life's all about living! The future can wait in line, it's the present we should send time reveling in! To life, and all it's ups and downs! Cheers!"

    Nemian de Fuile: You know, I get that she's supposed to be all big and evil and scary and whatnot but for some reason all I can focus on is her bird aspects."Birby, heheh."

    Carl Tanzler von Cosel: "I can bring her back, you know. Or, well, I can bring her body back. You wouldn't like what happens to her soul, but it's better than nothing, I'd say. Offer's always there if you have completely given up."

    Kitty Genovese: You were murdered in broad daylight and nobody tried to help you? Fucking hell, what has the world come to....?"I never did like the big boss' old man. He was always a sadistic jerkoff. Always watching people get hurt for his own pleasure. Always spying on others from the safety of his house. He was a bit of a grumpy old man and a recluse, yelling at others from his porch, last I hear...Hey, don't look so angry. I'm just saying it as it is."

    Unsinkable Sam: is sitting near a tree in the simulator, reading a book with one hand and gently petting Sam's cat ears with the other. There is a notably gentle and happy smile on his face as he does so.

    Roberta Hooke: "So you were the one who was called 'England's Leonardo'? What was it like when you made your first major discovery? I remember the first time I synthesized amphetamines and immediately leaped out of my chair screaming 'Yeah! Science bitch!'....those were nice days."

    Frances Glessner Lee: Hi, I'm Dr. Lazăr Edeleanu. Do you know that I have rights? Constitution says I technically do. With that in mind, please get out of my lab before you break something valuable and I call security on you for trespassing, because I sure as hell don't see a warrant on you."

    Howard Phillip Lovecraft: Spending your life running away, always looking behind your back, always glancing over your shoulder at beings outside your maddened gaze....So much so that your books became the thread they needed to notice our World. But even then, your battle was valiant, and your resolve to protect humanity awe-inspiring. However much or little it fought well, Lovecraft. Thank you."I'll be damned. I never thought I'd meet the man who told Nodens to go fuck himself. You shouldn't seen his face after you left! Man was chugging his way through Squidward's spirits supply and ranting angrily while drunk."

    Aimo Allan Koivunen: "Okay, note to self, my original amphetamine products potentially have the ability to turn humans into crazed super-soldier berserkers. Now....How do I raise that chance to 120%?"

    'Kilroy': "....I'm glad. You and yours gave Germany a good old boot to the face and knocked them back to their senses. That's...more than what I can say a whole lot of other people did. All I did was run away when the first sparks of conflict started up. At the very least, I...I should have stood up for myself when they came for my company, even if only just a little."

    Related Dialogue Thomas Edison: "Hmmmm....I sense a fellow inventor having been summoned to Chaldea. Perhaps he would be so inclined to let me take a few looks at-why do I smell catnip coming from my room?"

    Marie Antoinette: "Master, have you seen the new Servant's room? They're filled with these beautiful shimmering rocks that glint in the light! Ah, they all look so beautiful~"

    James Moriarty: "Hm? Oh, that ServantGram thing? I'm just messing around, no need to worry. Fran's just been getting very into the social media scene is all."

    Abigail Williams: "....For some reason, when I look at that man I get really angry. Like, really, really angry, because they made a super big mistake or something....oh well! He gave me extra pancakes. Extra pancakes are always yummy!"

    Yang Guifei: "Master, who is he? I don't know why, but when I look at him, it's like I'm seeing a solid shadow walking through light, absorbing it and leaving something cold and lonely behind. It's really weird and kinda hurts my eyes. :("

    Vincent Van Gogh: "A-Ah, Master. I've begun putting some of my paintings up as a small art gallery, would you like to come take a look? I know there's already one or two people there, and one of them even said 'bravo' to me! E-Ehehehe..."

    Jacques de Molay (Foreigner): "Hmm. That sleazy-looking guy over there looks really suspicious....oh well. The shitty goat running around my heels doesn't seem to like him, so that's a nice plus. I guess I'll just leave him alone for now."


    Bond Final
    Stop. This is a private matter.
    Don't try to go any further here.
    ....Tsk. You're a very stubborn person, you know that? Fine. Just this once. Take a look at what he said.
    Bond FinalNovember Frost

    ".....I do not understand humanity. No, it is better to say that I cannot understand humanity."

    "They fight wars over trivial disagreements and resources, then turn around and defend those who made said disagreements with them, and give their hard-won resources away."

    "They classify one another on minor differences like gender and skin color, then coddle them from others as 'advocates' and 'allies' of those they would previously spit upon."

    "They preach and quail and yell for peace and unity, then turn and fall upon them in conflict and sheer rage when out of sight. Yes, I cannot understand humanity. They lack unison. They lack true camaraderie. Compared to a being like I, who spreads unity with a touch, I cannot comprehend their moral values.

    "But even so....even so, he liked them. From his birth to his death, he always worked to bring humanity to a better tomorrow, however much he could. Even if his greed got in the way, even if he was blinded by wealth, his motivation remained the same at it's core. He loved humanity with all his heart...and perhaps, so did I."

    "I'll believe in you, Master. Even if the World falls upon your very soul, I shall stand by you nonetheless. Here. A token of my thanks, for showing me humanity from a human's perspective. Just be careful not to touch it."

    When you wake up in your bed the next day and look around your room, you see a shining, small patch of what looks like frost in the far corner of your west wall. It's an innocuous, shimmering sheet of something cold and brittle, but it does not melt in the heat of Novum Chaldea. It looks so much like a patch of permafrost.

    You know better.


    Art Sources
    First faceclaim was yoinked from a pinterest that led to a safebooru image that led to a dead end link and no artist tag, so sorry, no idea who made it.
    The second faceclaim was drawn by the very talented Kentauloss!
    Third faceclaim is from Callarin! Very talented. Go check them out!
    Final Ascension faceclaim is in the same situation as the first ascension. Pinterest to safebooru to dead end link. Sadge.
    I legit have no idea who drew the Bond CE's drawing, I just yanked it from a wikia to be honest.

    NotesI told you all I was saving the Breaking Bad jokes, didn't I?

    Caster's ServantGram tag is CrystalM(y/e)th btw
    I told you all I was saving the Breaking Bad jokes, didn't I?

    Foreigner's ServantGram tag is CrystalM(y/e)th btw

    Q'yth-az's first ever appearance was in the 1994 short story 'An Early Frost', where the Great Old One manifested on the coast of California, overshadowing a beachside resort/holistic healing center where some of his feeler shards had ended up, infecting several humans into crystalline formations and driving the last survivor mad from exposure. Suffice to say, there may or may not have been a few Outer Ones who got just a bit pissed off at what happened. Just a little.

    After three or four hours of research, here is the closest human translation for the R'lyehian text in the NP: "I (shall) reside (in my) followers, (beneath the) skin (of) my children. (The) servants of Qyth-az, (the) aspects of Q'yth-az, (the) people born of Qyth-az (who) bring integrity (and) unity (through their) essence (unto) everything, amen!"

    Uth'nke is a made-up R'lyehian word because there's no real word for 'unity' in R'lyehian

    ...This is what happens when you you begin a Servant idea at 1 in the morning and further elaborate on it more when it;s past 4.

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    You, noble prince Charles, are more blessed than Alexander the Great. He for his part had seized an immense empire, but not without were born to a splendid owe it to heaven that your empire came to you without the shedding of blood, and no one suffered for it.

    — Erasmus of Rotterdam in Education of a Christian Prince

    I know it, I know that this gift is but a waste in the hands of a foolish king. Still, because I am their last hope, because I strive to do good, I must fullfill their expectations.
    The Last Roman Emperor

    Are you the one who has summoned me? I am of the Saber class, my true name is… Charles V. Tought I have sinned in the past, I won’t fail my duty a second time. Summoner, let me ask you a question. Do you seek the Holy Grail? Do you seek peace and salvation for humanity? As long as your heart harbors these noble wishes, then I shall be your knight. No… I shall be your king. Your hopes and dreams, I will carry them until the end.

    Class: Saber
    True Name: Charles V
    Surname: Charles I of Spain, Charles of Habsburg, the Last Crusader, the Universal Monarch, the Last Roman Emperor
    Alignment: Loyal Good
    Qualified Servant classes: Lancer, Rider, Ruler, Voyager
    Attribute: Human
    Origin: Historical Facts


    STR: B
    END: C
    AGI: B
    MAG: D
    LCK: C
    NP: A+

    Likes: Knight stories, crusaders, God
    Dislikes: Spiders, protestantism
    Talent: Inheriting crowns

    [ Identity ]

    Charles of Habsburg or Charles V, born the 24 February 1500 in the Prinsenhof of Ghent and died 21 September 1558 was famous for the particularly high number of crowns he inherited. Heir by his father to the possessions of the House of Habsburg (Kingdom of Hungary, Kingdom of Bohemia, Archduchy of Austria, etc.), the seventeen provinces of the Netherlands and Franche-Comté, by his mother the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon and the Spanish colonial empire, as well as the Kingdom of Naples and elected Emperor of Germany in 1519, he was the most powerful monarch of the first half of the 16th century.

    This accumulation of territories and powers was the product of a matrimonial policy which thus made Charles V the heir to a large part of Europe. His destiny, even before his birth, had always been to reign over this immense collection of christian realms.

    A mission given by his family

    But above all, a mission bestowed by God.

    Never had a man been so close to possessing the whole of Europe since the ascension of Charlemagne. Seeing this, Charles V saw in it a sign that he absolutely had to unify the world under one banner. At the time, Christians thought they were coming to the end of time, with the apocalypse coming soon and with it the mythical Last Roman Emperor, a prophetic figure from popular eschatological beliefs.

    Charles V appeared as the last emperor who wished to realize the Carolingian dream of an empire at the head of an united Christianity. This desire for Christian unity in the face of the progression of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans and Mediterranean was systematically opposed by the kings of France Francis I and Henri II, who willingly sought the Turkish alliance, and called into question by the Protestant reform, initiated by Martin Luther from 1517. To these problems which arose throughout his reign were added revolts in Castile, in the Holy Empire, in Flanders and in Brabant.

    At the end of a life of fighting, physically undermined and disillusioned by his failures against France, the Lutherans and his own family, he voluntarily stripped himself of his powers. Dividing his empire between his brother and his son, Philip II.

    [ Class Skills ]

    Magic Resistance (B)

    Magic Resistance grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether.

    Cancels spells with a chant below three verses. Even if they are targeted by high thaumaturgy and higher rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected. A skill that goes hand in hand with his role as the Emperor of Christendom, the universal monarch elected by God.

    "I wouldn’t be much of a holy knight if I couldn’t fend off the witchcraft used by demons and pagans."

    Riding (A)

    Riding is a Class Skill of Rider and Saber class Servants, denoting the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. Rider-class Servants will typically possess a high rank. It is said that dragon type mounts are an exception, requiring a different ability other than Riding.

    All vehicles and creatures except those of Phantasmal Beast ranks and Divine Beast can be used as mounts. This rank is high enough to be eligible for the Rider class. A skill gained due to the idea that Saber is the appointed monarch of God. As such, he must be able to ride every creature on earth, but it is above all the idea of ​​​​dominating the world that is engraved in his mind that allows him to ride others with such efficiency. A fitting skill for a man who sent fleets to the four corners of the world. Everything in order to eventually unify the world.

    "Alas…all seems to have been in vain."

    [ Personal Skills ]

    Imperial Privilege (A)

    Imperial Privilege is an ability that, due to the insistence of the owner, Skills that are essentially impossible to possess can be obtained for a short period of time. In cases when the Rank is А or above, even the "burden to the body" can be acquired (such as Divinity).

    Saber is one of the greatest emperors of the European world, one of the last rulers who was on the verge of unifying Europe and restoring the dominium mundi of Charlemagne and the Roman Empire. His influence was immense, reigning over the new world of the Americas as well. He was chosen by God to dominate the world, and so he must possess an unlimited number of abilities, such is the privilege of the universal monarch.

    "My empire… it is my duty to restore it. Master, will you help me in my quest for salvation? Together, I believe we might be able to achieve what the Lord expects of us. Yes, I can see it ! Soon, this world shall be ruled by Charles V, with the Holy Grail everything is possible!"

    Last Crusader King (B)

    Last Crusader King is a skill which represents the chivalrous nature of Charles V, that of a sovereign who grew up hearing about the exploits of legendary knights and the great crusades against the Muslim world. He trained himself to master the art of chivalry until achieving perfection and thus become a defender of Christianity, fiercely fighting heresy.

    When Saber faces enemies of catholicisme, his physical parameters increase by an extra rank. This obviously includes demonic creatures and witches but also any pagan heroes who do not follow the strict religion of Catholicism. During his lifetime, he was famous for having faced the Islamic threat but especially the new Protestant reformation led by Martin Luther. This skill could be qualified as the achievement of a man who fought the enemies of the Holy Church all his life.

    "I really don't understand. Why Luther? Why?! It doesn't make sense, why would he ruin this world peace we were going to achieve? That is no holy man. In all my life, I believe I never saw a man as egotistical as Luther. Darn it! For his sins, he must be punished!"

    On the Roads of the Empire (A)

    On the Roads of the Empire is a skill bestowed to rulers who spent their entire life traveling in their empire. A skill that only a monarch with huge territories and who never stays in one place for a very long time can possess.

    In his last public address, Saber describes his life as "a long journey" and recalls that he has traveled ten times to the Netherlands, nine to Germany, seven to Spain, seven to Italy, four to France, two to England and two in North Africa. During all his travels, the emperor left a documentary trail in almost every place he went, allowing historians to assume that he spent 10,000 days in the Netherlands, 6,500 days in Spain, 3 000 days in Germany and 1000 days in Italy. He then spent 195 days in France, 99 in North Africa and 44 days in England. For only 260 days, its exact location is unrecorded, all being days spent at sea traveling between its territories.

    This skill effectively allows instantaneous transportation between each territory possessed by Saber. The crystallization of his role as an emperor who must be present everywhere in his world. The inner working of this skill is not much different from that of a forced teleportation achieved by the use of a Command Seal although the mana required is somehow reduced. Still, Saber will need to ensure that he has the required magical energy before using this ability. He is limited to locations that are defined as belonging to him and as such he needs to spend quite some time to secure a leyline and make it his own.

    "Certainly an achievement, but I must admit that it is not as glorious as it seems. In the end I only traveled, I am a king with many crowns but I never had a place I can call ‘home.’ But such is my destiny, for I am not a man, but an emperor."

    [ Noble Phantasms ]

    Heir to the Crowns
    Dominium Mundi

    Type: Anti-Dominium
    Rank: E~EX

    Dominium Mundi, an idea of universal dominion developed in the Middle Ages and directly inherited from the memories of the glorious Roman Empire which had spread its influence to the entirety of the known world. As the Noble Phantasm of Charles V it reaffirms his role as the prophesized Last Roman Empire: a figure of medieval European legend, which developed as an aspect of Christian eschatology. The legend predicts that at the end times, a last emperor would appear on earth to reestablish the Roman Empire and assume his function as biblical katechon who stalls the coming of the Antichrist.

    An Emperor that would unify the christian world into one banner.

    Dominium Mundi is the essence of Charles V crystallized into a Noble Phantasm. From his birth and until his abdication he was a man who inherited the crowns of others. The epitome of a ruler that would never stop until all crowns would be unified. Charles's full titulature went as follows:

    Charles, by the grace of God, Emperor of the Romans, forever August, King of Germany, King of Italy, King of all Spains, of Castile, Aragon, León, of Hungary, of Dalmatia, of Croatia, Navarra, Grenada, Toledo, Valencia, Galicia, Majorca, Sevilla, Cordova, Murcia, Jaén, Algarves, Algeciras, Gibraltar, the Canary Islands, King of both Hither and Ultra Sicily, of Sardinia, Corsica, King of Jerusalem, King of the Indies, of the Islands and Mainland of the Ocean Sea, Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, Brabant, Lorraine, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, Limburg, Luxembourg, Gelderland, Neopatria, Württemberg, Landgrave of Alsace, Prince of Swabia, Asturia and Catalonia, Count of Flanders, Habsburg, Tyrol, Gorizia, Barcelona, Artois, Burgundy Palatine, Hainaut, Holland, Seeland, Ferrette, Kyburg, Namur, Roussillon, Cerdagne, Drenthe, Zutphen, Margrave of the Holy Roman Empire, Burgau, Oristano and Gociano, Lord of Frisia, the Wendish March, Pordenone, Biscay, Molin, Salins, Tripoli and Mechelen.

    As a man who was born to receive all the crowns of the world, it is only natural his Noble Phantasm is the ability to inherit the crowns of others. That is the true nature of Charles V as a vessel of crowns. As such Saber can receive the “crowns” of other servants present in the world. To obtain them, he must either make the servant willingly give it to him, or he must himself defeat the king to take its crown. It should be noted that this only applies with servants who are rulers like Artoria Pendragon or Iskandar. Once a new crown is obtained, Saber obtains the right to use the former monarch's possessions which include its Noble Phantasms. However he cannot use those based on a personal emotional connection (ex: Ionioi Hetairoi) or a special technique (ex: Outrage Amazon).

    Although it is a Noble Phantasm with a high potential in the right context, each crown obtained requires new magical energy to fuel them or else they become a burden on the body. In the worst case, Saber's Saint-Graph can collapse on itself. To avoid such an end, it is possible for Saber to bequeath one or more crowns to someone else, this sub-ability of the Noble Phantasm is called
    The Last Emperor is but a Dream
    . The individuals who have obtained the crown must however in turn supply it with mana, in a way this power can be seen as a curse. Although he has the ability to abdicate his crowns, he will do anything to avoid getting to this point, he thinks it is his duty to wear all the crowns in the world on his own.

    "This is what I am, this is what I have always been. Since my earliest childhood, I remember being the heir to a multitude of crowns. Wherever I go, I am destined to complete the mission given to me by the Lord, it is my duty to prepare for the end of time and to become the Emperor of the Last World."

    [ Personality ]

    Saber is a man who takes his role as universal monarch very seriously, he is convinced of his mission to unite the world under his power. In his eyes, this is the mission given to him by God. But during his lifetime, the weight of all these crowns was too heavy, overwhelmed and tired, seeing himself unable to carry out his projects of unification to its terms, especially in front of the Protestant threat. He abdicated, dividing his empire between his son and his brother and putting an end to his dream. He saw his reign as a succession of mistakes and sins, even the abandonment of his crowns was a shame for him. He deeply regrets his cowardice, but being summoned in his golden age is for him an opportunity to once again attempt to fulfill his divine mission. He is not a man made to carry so much responsibility, but he has an unfailing honor, he sincerely believes that the only purpose of his existence is to become the universal monarch. Thus, even if his whole being ends up destroyed by the weight of the crowns, he will continue to assume his responsibilities. He will not make the same mistakes again, he will not cowardly abandon his position and will go to the end of things.

    "Soul of Christ, sanctify me. Body of Christ, save me. Blood of Christ, inebriate me. Water from the side of Christ, wash me."

    Saber is a particularly pious man, he was one of the last rulers to have inherited the chivalric ideals of the crusade. Although he admires his predecessors, the original Roman Emperors, he is first and foremost a great admirer of figures such as Godfrey of Bouillon, Richard the Lionheart or Charlemagne and his paladins. He behaves like a valiant knight, courageous but above all loyal. He will defend the interests of his superiors but especially of God. But still, Saber knows how to relax, and can, if he wants, have a bit of fun. He is a voracious glutton, he eats without stopping. In a way, this reflects his essence, that of a black hole that absorbs the possessions of the universe.

    "I am a King and a Knight. I will serve and lead you to the end of times. I will trust you, and you must trust me.”

    In the Saber class, his personality is that of his younger days. He is hopeful but also kinder than ever. A man who dreams of heroism and justice, as such he is loyal and very serious in his work. That also makes him the most naive and zaelot version of himself. If he was summoned in another class he might be a lot more pessimistic and tired. This version of Charles is one who didn’t yet directly suffer the greatest loss of his life. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t deeply regret what he ended up doing in his later years. But he is a lot more optimistic than the version of himself who abdicated. Charles is determined to do things right this time.

    Yet the outcome of his dreams is oblivious.

    This man doesn’t have the strength to be a king. His dreams are just too unrealistic. What he wishes for is a christian utopia. But perfection cannot exist in this world, it is simply impossible.

    That is why, he will definitely fall again.

    [ Interactions ]

    Christian Caldwell: "Hmm… yes, I can see that you are quite pious. That’s good, yes we should never forget that we humans are sinful. But… well, how can I say it? I think your methods are flawed. I have seen your people. You create chaos because of your own flawed view on faith. H-huh? What’s my view on religion ? W-Well, I’m a king not a thinker. These kinds of questions are to be asked to the pope… or something like that.”

    Comte de Saint-Germaine: "Well… you definitely look like a promising scholar. Your knowledge might be useful, yes I would definitely be glad to finance someone like you.”

    Nostradamus: "Sorry but… I’d rather not hear your predictions…”

    Felix von Luckner: "Oh, you’re definitely a skilled sailor. I need people like you to explore the New World. Wait no sorry, the Age of Exploration is but a memory of the past. Still, you are skillful, I will eventually need people like you to protect the seas that our Lord created.”

    Unas: "What’s that? Aren’t you Gluttony incarnated? That’s… rather disgusting. Well, I can’t hope to understand pagan servants and their strange rituals.”

    Sorghaghtani: "A wonderful queen. It pains me to know all her work was for nothing. Well, nothing is eternal. Except what the Lord create… ah yes, I was supposed to create the Last Roman Empire right? This last and eternal human kingdom. I couldn’t achieve God’s will, what a shame.”

    Chevalier de Saint-Georges: "'Chevalier'?! Ooooh! Wonderful, truly wonderful. I knew that the ideals of chivalry wouldn’t fade even in the future!”

    William Topaz McGonagall: "O-Oh, yes I guess that’s quite nice… ?” (He would rather hear songs about the exploits of Charlemagne’s Paladins than McGonagall’s poetry.)

    The Mary Celeste: "A cursed ship? Hmm… I guess I should make sure none of my ships are cursed. Especially those with colonists.”

    Cacareco: "What? That… cannot be. Are you an unicorn?! Wonderful!”

    Aristocles "Plato" of Athens: "Philosophy? Right, sorry I'm not really a thinker. My purpose is to rule, I trust the church for thinking about the hidden meaning of God’s world. Oh? A fight!? Yes, that’s more like me. All right! I accept your duel!”

    Ismail al-Jazari: "... this is a glimpse into a future I could never imagine. But I understand your true nature. You are the New Jerusalem, the Tree of Life that stands at the end of times! The time when humanity will attain this world must definitely happen. For this, I must unite humanity. I must prepare humanity of the apocalypse.”

    Vercingetorix: "It is an honor to meet the greatest adversary of Julius Caesar. Now we must fight. Rome won’t lose against you anytime soon!”

    Otavio Maeda: "A duel? Of course, it would bring me great shame to refuse this chivalric invitation.”

    Artoria Pendragon: "T-The legendary King of Knights?! So she was a woman... that's unexpected. But still, she's still the great king of the stories. I have nothing but respect for her.”

    Romulus: "The founder of Rome?! Oooh! He's a wonderful man. Yes, such positivity about our civilization is truly wonderful!”

    Charlemagne: (They both have a similar personality and are great friends. Charles considers him his "senpai" and he hopes he can learn to be as "cool" as him one day.)

    Karl der Große: "You are... the greatest Emperor who ever lived. I'm sorry I couldn't be as great as you. But please watch me. To know that such a man is watching over me. It brings me great joy and determination!”

    Francis I of France: "Huh... so you became a servant too? I see, unfortunately for you I don't intend to let you win this time. You never accepted my request for a duel, how about finally acting with honor and facing me? Yes, now! Come on, I'll beat you until there's nothing left of you!”

    Suleiman the Magnificent: "Suleiman, of course you have also become an heroic spirit. What are you going to do, continue your conquests? We never really got to talk like this, but do you carry on your shoulders the dream of a unified Islamic empire? If so, we may not be so different. But then again, you know how it is, in the end I'm a Catholic, so you are my enemy.”

    Henry VIII: "Oh... long time no see... so, still as problematic as ever? Seriously, can't you just act a bit more seriously? And stop with this anglican nonsense. Anyway, I'm going to beat the shit out of Francis. You're with me? Ha, I knew it! If there's one thing we have in common... It's that we both want to beat this piece of shit. O-Oh... Master. You were there... act as if I talked normally, okay? Please?”

    The 16th Century Gang: Somehow, Henry VIII, Francis I and Charles V always end up hanging out together in Chaldea. Not that they're good friends (there is actually a lot of tension between them) but fate just seems to make it happen. They are often joined by other servants such as Suleiman or Magellan.

    Martin Luther: "I despise him.”

    Ferdinand Magellan: "I was informed of your actions once Victoria returned to Spain. But it seems that this was just a misunderstanding. Very well, although I am late, I proclaim you the first explorer of the world!”

    Charles II: "... I guess, my blood is that of a dreamer. I can only turn expections into dreams, but reality is always so far away. I dream, I fail, and people suffer the consequences. Aaaah... my descendant, how sorry I am. Everything is my fault. I'm sorry I could do nothing but dream. If I had succeeded then surely you wouldn't have suffered. If I had succeeded then there would have been no need to dream. In the end I know that I am a hypocrite. My mission is to fulfill the wishes of others but I can only wish in return. It was to be expected. Because I did nothing, my legacy is despair itself. I'm sorry. I’m sorry you couldn’t live in a nicer world. I'm sorry you couldn’t grow up as a human. I'm just... so sorry.”

    [ Epilogue ]

    Lostbelt VI
    El Dorado

    Charles V had been given a second chance.

    Through his summoning as the Crypter’s servant, he could redeem himself.

    He inherited the crown of Inkarri and became the new King of El Dorado. Once again humanity had put their hopes and dreams on his shoulders.

    Its weight was… overwhelming.


    “Don’t stress yourself, things are going to turn out good.”

    Those were the words she gave him. And it worked. As the Crypter of this Lostbelt, she turned this hollow dream into an utopia.

    Truly she was worthy of the title of queen.

    Was he worthy of being her king?

    “You should trust yourself more, because you’re the only one who can truly understand how special you are.”

    That’s what she said about him.

    He didn’t really understand.

    He probably was quite an excuse for a king.

    But at least, peace had been achieved.

    Until once again, everything fell apart.

    What were they called again? Ah yes, it was Chaldea. Even though this world had done nothing wrong, even though it was a glittering utopia for humanity. They decided to crush it.

    Charles had failed to defeat them, and now they were heading to the center of El Dorado.

    Once again he had been weak.

    Once again he couldn’t live up to the dreams of his people.

    Why ?

    Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ?

    Why must he always fail? Why must he always betray everyone? Why must this world be this… unfair ?

    As such thoughts went through his mind, he arrived in the throne room. His Master was smiling as if she had been waiting for him.

    “Is everything okay… Saber?”

    Her voice was calm and gentle. Charles felt a little bad as he wasn’t able to answer with such delicacy.

    “I-I’m… I’m sorry.”

    “You shouldn’t feel sorry about that Saber. Didn’t I already tell you? You should trust yourself a little bit more.”

    “Trust myself… ?”

    How could she say this to him?

    “Ha… ha… are you jesting? Trusting myself when everything I have accomplished is failing everybody? My people, my family, my crowns, God and even you! Even though I should be strong and noble, everything slips through my hands. My grip on things is feeble, and with each passing moment everything might break apart! Aude, don’t you see how pathetic I am? Even with this much power, I end up losing it all. What should I do to protect the lives of my people!? What should I do to end all evil in this world?! What should I do to make things better ?!”

    Charles sounded exhausted, but after all of this, he still had one last thing to ask of his Master. After everything he said he might not have the right to ask anything of her, but still, in the depth of the abysses she is the only light he can see. Charles can feel it, he’s more than tired and as it is, his conduct will once again cause the utter destruction of everything. That’s why with a trembling voice, he cannot stop himself to ask it:

    “Please, Aude… what should I do?”

    For a moment there was silence. Aude had her eyes closed as if she was examining the question her servant had asked her. She knew that she couldn’t answer it. So when she opened her eyes, with the same gentle smile, she answered him with another question.

    “Saber, do you know what the wishes of your people are?”

    “The wishes of my people? Well… for most of them they just want to live peacefully, right? After the world was blanked out, El Dorado was truly their only hope…”

    “Yup! A happy life in a happy world. Of course, they don’t just have one wish. Humans are a bit greedy after all. And there are layers to each of their wishes. But let me directly get to the gist of it. For example, little Pino wants to become an astronaut. Not because someone asked him to do it, or because he needs to do it. He just wants to see the earth from the moon. His mother wants him to grow up healthy and strong. Again that’s not because he asked her this or because she’s forced. She merely wants the best for her child. Then there’s Wielfried who wants to become the greatest cook in the world. Or Amanda, who wants to make new friends. Or even Pedro who wants to go out with the girl he likes. It’s simple isn’t it? Everybody wants something. That is what makes us humans. The fact that each one of us has a dream. So now I want to ask you one last question…”

    At this moment, her eyes looked directly into those of Charles. Gleaming with light, her smile made it seem the entire world was now illuminated by her light.

    “What do you want to do?”


    What did he want again?

    “I want…”

    That’s when he reminisced about her words: “Trust yourself.”

    “I… I want a happy ending.”

    “Is that so?”

    She smiled at him. Her voice wasn’t judging Charles, only accepting his wishes.

    “In that case, do you want to give me your crowns?”


    “Don’t worry, I understand. That’s not something easy to answer. You’re someone who’s very nice, that’s why you can’t just say yes. That’s okay, tell me your answer when you’re ready. I trust you. You and only you. Not because you’re strong or wealthy, just because you’re nice.”

    And so he thought about it.


    After everything that was said, there was only one thing left to say for Charles.

    “... w-will you become my q-... my lord? The true and only ruler of this world. And in exchange, I will become your knight. And I swear... I will fight to protect your kingdom…”

    “That would be wonderful.”

    “Then… then it’s decided. Aude Blancheflor Griffon de Diane-Andenne, I, Charles, Last Roman Emperor and King of El Dorado, give you my crowns.”

    Aude smiled.

    Everything was going as planned.

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    Crusader, are we? Come to the Holy Land to seek the Kingdom of Heaven?

    Hush… Steel yourself, my lord. Your pain will last only a little longer.
    Every wound you suffered, every injury you endured, every blood you spilled

    These are sacred penances that will surely bring your soul ever closer to salvation.

    The Knights Hospitaller originated around the end of the 11th century as a monastery-hospital located right next to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, tasked with providing medical care for the Christian pilgrims that managed to arrive in Jerusalem. It was operated by Brother Gerard, a humble yet enigmatic monk from the Provence region of France.

    In the Conquest of Jerusalem during the First Crusade, Gerard played a key role in aiding Crusaders from within the city walls. Immediately after seizing control of the Holy City, some of the crusaders were recruited as volunteers for the hospital. Thus was formed the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, with Gerard serving as its first Grand Master.

    Initially, the Hospitallers were responsible only for the humanitarian endeavors of taking care of the sick, the poor and the injured. A virtuous institution that administers the well-being of everyone in need, whether allies or enemies.

    However, within the few years of its founding, the Order rapidly expanded its sphere of influence and range of activity as they obtained more territories and authorities. Having secured exclusive privileges from the Pope himself, the Knights Hospitaller was transformed from a mere charity into a fearsome military order, actively participating in the government and defense of the Kingdom of Jerusalem—becoming one of the foremost vanguard of the Crusades and Christendom.

    The Hospitallers sought to extend the Lord’s infinite mercy towards those needing it the most. This means saving lives through curing sickness or treating wounds. However, there are certain illnesses and wounds in this world that can only be cured through death. For example—the plague known as vampires.

    For the purpose of properly treating such plagues, they carried out secret experiments and developed forbidden sacraments, passed down from their first Grand Master. As the Holy Church’s leading expert in medical technology and spiritual surgery, the Knights Hospitaller are known in the world of magecraft for performing extreme modifications on their own body, and for wielding consecrated armaments made from the body parts of Saints.

    During this the 11th century, the Holy Church’s official doctrine against vampires had not yet been fully established. Unlike the Burial Agency that later succeeded them in the crusade against Dead Apostles, the Knights Hospitaller's initial stance towards vampires was not that of total eradication, but to use them as tools, for something of an almost heretical nature.

    Though it has now been completely scrubbed from their history, the original Knights Hospitaller of Jerusalem once sought to use the mortified flesh of a Superior Dead Apostle, who is their own founder, to recreate the miracle of the messiah—in order to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Holy Land.

    Class: Assassin
    True Name: Blessed Gerard
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Origin: Historical Facts and Rumours
    Attribute: Man

    In truth, Brother Gerard was a Greater Dead Apostle of the Rozay-en bloodline. At one point, he vowed to mortify his own abominable flesh and absolve his own accursed soul. A vampire who pursued the Lord’s infinity mercy, and sought to live and die as a human.

    Perhaps the fact that he had been able to be summoned as a Servant is proof that he had succeeded.

    STR: D
    END: A+
    AGI: B
    MGI: B+
    LCK: C
    NP: B

    Class Skills:
    Presence Concealment: A+
    Hides one’s presence as a Servant. Ideal for covert activities such as spying. Can vanish thoroughly and become impossible to perceive even by a Servant. Perhaps the high rank of this skill that Assassin obtains is a vestige of his previous life as night-lurking vampire.

    The efficiency of this skill lowers when preparing for an attack, but Assassin much prefers to use this ability to heal and treat other’s wounds completely undetected.

    Personal Skills:
    Vows of Perfection: B
    The strict codes and rules that those following a monastic path or a knightly order must abide by. It mainly consists of the three evangelical counsels of maidenlessness, poverty, and obedience.

    Through obedience, Command Spells are twice as effective. Through poverty, all mana consumption is reduced. Finally, through chastity, obtains ascetic absoluteness of mind that repels all kinds of mental interference.

    Crusader Without a Sword: A
    The embodiment of Assassin’s achievements during the First Crusade. It is a composite espionage and sabotage ability consisting of methods to support one’s allies and debilitate the enemy without being involved in direct battle or even showing any kind of hostility.

    In Assassin’s case, by pretending to be a neutral field medic, he applies two different kinds of mercy. For allies, the mercy they receive is a painful but rejuvenating treatment. However, for enemies, the only mercy for them is a painless and quick death.

    Sanctified Remedy: A++
    The medical arts developed and employed by the Knights Hospitaller to treat their most honored lords, the holy sick. It ranges from first aid emergency medicines and healing sacraments to advanced spiritual surgery and sacred bodily modifications.

    There also exists a special Sacrament taught only to the upper circles of the Order, which can only be performed using catalysts made from the body part of Saints, capable of achieving miracles such as “Soul Transplantation” or “Saint Graph Replica” among other things.

    Noble Phantasm:
    Calvaria Sanguinis Rosa
    O Lord, Deliver Into Thy Merciful Hand the Holy Sinners
    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: A+

    “With my accursed blood, I shall invite all of us tarnished pilgrims who seek salvation into a banquet of mortification.”

    A grotesque Noble Phantasm that crudely combines Assassin’s nature as a Dead Apostle, the Holy Church’s baptism rites, the consecrated blood he drank from the martyrs of the Crusade, and the hospital right next to the Calvaria site that the Knights Hospitaller operated from. It is the ultimate salvation that Assassin attained—achieved by burning his own abominable flesh and sublimating his own accursed soul.

    In essence, it is a Baptism Rite that Assassin performs with his own blood on his own flesh and spirit, martyring himself in the process. His body transforms and disperses in all directions, forming thorns blooming with crimson roses, sharing with everyone pierced by the spines the pain that he just subjected himself to, also causing thorns of roses to emerge from within them. In addition to the effects of Baptism Rites, it is capable of drowning all physical and spiritual entities within the consecrated hospital into a crimson sea of blood.

    Afterwards, Assassin and those he deems “worthy of mercy” emerges from the pool of blood, completely absolved of any and all sickness and wounds. In Assassin’s case, he is liberated from his vampiric nature and is reborn with fully human attributes.
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    Reminder that the deadline for submissions is Saturday
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    I think we have 43 entries rn
    Aster, wanna reconsider the 5 instead of 3 votes suggestion?
    Behold! The works of a maniac!

    And my other contribution to this community!
    Advanced Formatting Guide
    Free FC Gallery
    Extra Class Comp

    Call me Formatting-sensei.

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    Oh boy, this certainly is a new record.
    Unfortunate that I probably won't have the time nor idea for a second entry, but it is what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BnEl15 View Post
    Oh boy, this certainly is a new record.
    Unfortunate that I probably won't have the time nor idea for a second entry, but it is what it is.
    I agree. Guess I will dump em in CaS3
    Still finding out the lyrics to Thest.
    Website I made in my middle-high/secondary school time

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    Much of this won't make sense without having read this, so go do that first. Or don't.

    "Happiness is neither outside nor inside us: it is in God, both outside and inside us."

    Servant Alter Ego, Blaise Pascal, has answered the summons.
    Judging by the look on your face, you already know how to properly address me.
    Therefore I shall do away with the formalities and proceed straight to business.

    Class: Alter Ego
    True Name: Blaise Pascal (Alter)
    Alias: Amos Dettonville
    Gender: Male
    Height and Weight: 175 cm / 63 kg

    Source: Historical fact
    Region: France
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Attribute: Man

    Strength: D+
    Constitution: C
    Agility: B+
    Magical Energy: A
    Luck: EX
    Noble Phantasm: A
    My alignment differs from the Blaise Pascal you've met before? Of course, this too has a purpose.
    The Blaise Pascal you know was held back by the shackles of his delicate constitution.
    Metaphorically speaking, he is an internist prescribing medication to a patient in denial over his terminal illness.
    As for me, my own fragility does not hinder a more direct approach, and in fact demands it.
    You may consider this manifestation as something close to a surgeon.
    In order to save the patient's life, surgeons must carve open the very body they are trying to save.
    However, our foolish patient is still in denial over his condition, so he'd see this intervention as assault.
    The change in alignment, therefore, is merely my preempting such a conclusion.
    Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher, writer, and Catholic theologian.

    He was a child prodigy who was educated by his father, a tax collector in Rouen. Pascal's earliest mathematical work was on conic sections; he wrote a significant treatise on the subject of projective geometry at the age of 16. He later corresponded with Pierre de Fermat on probability theory, strongly influencing the development of modern economics and social science. In 1642, while still a teenager, he started some pioneering work on calculating machines (called Pascal's calculators and later Pascalines), establishing him as one of the first two inventors of the mechanical calculator.

    Like his contemporary René Descartes, Pascal was also a pioneer in the natural and applied sciences. Pascal wrote in defense of the scientific method and produced several controversial results. He made important contributions to the study of fluids, and clarified the concepts of pressure and vacuum by generalising the work of Evangelista Torricelli. Following Torricelli and Galileo Galilei, he rebutted the likes of Aristotle and Descartes who insisted that nature abhors a vacuum in 1647.

    In 1646, he and his sister Jacqueline identified with the religious movement within Catholicism known by its detractors as Jansenism. Following a religious experience in late 1654, he began writing influential works on philosophy and theology. His two most famous works date from this period: the Lettres provinciales and the Pensées, the former set in the conflict between Jansenists and Jesuits. The latter contains Pascal's Wager, known in the original as the Discourse on the Machine, a probabilistic argument for God's existence. In that year, he also wrote an important treatise on the arithmetical triangle. Between 1658 and 1659, he wrote on the cycloid and its use in calculating the volume of solids.

    Throughout his life, Pascal was in frail health, especially after the age of 18; he died just two months after his 39th birthday.

    Likes: Miracles, dancing
    Dislikes: This ship of fools
    Talent: Mental math, picking lottery numbers

    Introverted and active. A "troubled prodigy"-type Alter Servant born from the possibility where "Blaise Pascal was purged of all bodily infirmities during his night of fire". That said, it seems "Amos"'s cat attributes haven't decreased; they've merely been shuffled around.

    Blaise Pascal's life was marked by two things of outstanding value: his genius, and his suffering. Naturally, if the nature of the latter changes, then so will Blaise Pascal's life. Freed from the restraints of his sickly body, Pascal's relationship with his loved ones was reversed, and the task of caring for his relations when they fell ill and eventually died while he stayed behind became his burden to bear.

    Although "Amos" has no desire to live up to people's expectations of Blaise Pascal (least of all in appearance), that isn't to say that he is entirely without prospects. He currently places his rational and intuitive faculties in the service of carrying on the original Pascal's dream: to make people see God. "Amos" has considerably more experience in this field than the Blaise Pascal in the Assassin class, but the means by which he accomplishes his mission is largely the same: go on contradicting men until they understand that they are monsters beyond understanding; pare away at their options until all that is left is Forward or Backward, Yes or No, Life or Death.

    The sort of Servant who goes beyond mere service and seeks to effect a profound change in his Master's way of life. Rather than give a thorough explanation of where certain things went wrong, "Amos" prefers to handle blunders with action. Combined with his personal vocation, he gives off the impression of "a man who takes off his friend's rose-colored glasses so they can see the red flags".

    "Amos" generally conducts himself like an Archer-class Servant, performing reconnaissance and combat operations at long distances. Due to the change in his personal circumstances, he is the kind of person who watches over others from a distance. Masters can measure the level of trust "Amos" has in them by gauging how long he leaves them alone, and also by how often he spouts uncharacteristically-sentimental nonsense like "No matter what, I shall definitely return to your side, Maître".

    Much like "Louis", "Amos" has no real wish for the Holy Grail, save to destroy it. Regardless of whether it is the genuine article or not, he thinks that allowing an omnipotent wish-granter to fall into the hands of a monster that changes its mind more often than its clothes is the surest path to ruin.

    Blaise Pascal
    "Louis is here too, I see... Maître, please do take care of him. Though he is loath to speak of it, he is truthfully quite reliant on other people, and fares very poorly when left alone. Me? Well, you could say we are polar opposites in that regard."

    Hans Christian Andersen
    "Monsieur Andersen's stories are excellent to be sure, but as expected, our personal compatibility is quite low. While we are of one mind regarding the question of human nature, his faithfulness as a scribe-- his pride as an author-- prevents him from recommending an answer."

    Sen no Rikyu
    "To achieve enlightenment, one must leave behind all preconceptions like sandals at the threshold, and dive headfirst into the mysterious and profound blackness of the tea room for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. --This is all well and good, but something feels... not quite right. For example, what happens after the ceremony of the ouabi-cha is over?"

    "Going on a journey with no set destination is no different from being lost. Rather than le Petit Prince, isn't that golden-haired child more like young Jeannot?"

    "Miracles are like mathematical proofs; they convince only the mind. This is why the resurrection of the dead-- as witnessed by our own Madame Martha-- is the central dogma of Christianity: it is a miracle that moves both the mind and the heart. --What's that look for, Maître? Don't tell me there's no one who has already passed on you would wish to see one more time."

    Edmond Dantès
    "Oh, isn't that the famed Comte de Monte-Cristo? His figure reminds of someone I know. This man, too, was imprisoned on false charges, but unlike our friend le Comte, he did not bother to uncover the truth nor struggle against his incarceration, and walked towards the guillotine as meekly as a lamb to the slaughter. --Come to think of it, this poor soul may be familiar to you as well, Maître. His name is 'Humanity'."
    Class Skills
    Independent Action: A
    The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from one's Master. It is possible to take action even without a Master. However, backup from the Master is necessary when using Noble Phantasms that use large amounts of magical energy.

    Magic Resistance: C
    Grants protection against magical effects. Cancels spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level of greater magecraft, Greater Rituals, nor against Church Sacraments.

    Personal Skills
    Hyperfluid Constitution: A
    Alter Ego Blaise Pascal's "flesh"; the body born from the miraculous events of a certain November day. "Amos" is immune to all attacks with "poison" and "disease" attributes, and can perform instantaneous bilocation by expending magical energy. He mainly employs this Skill in combat by encircling the opposition and crushing it through pressure coming from all sides.

    Talentum Soli Deo: B+
    Alter Ego Blaise Pascal's "mind"; the conviction hidden behind the names "Louis de Montalte" and "Amos Dettonville". Due to dedicating his entire self to God, "Amos" is granted access to the repertoire of Skills that "Blaise Pascal could reasonably have attained", including Espionage, Marksmanship, Human Observation, among others. The plus correction applies to the number of Skills that can be displayed at any one moment by utilizing the afterimages created through Hyperfluid Constitution to perform parallel processing.

    Dim Light: EX
    Alter Ego Blaise Pascal's "heart"; embers from the night of fire that continue to illuminate the dark path ahead. So long as this flame burns, Blaise Pascal will continue to unswervingly answer his calling.

    Noble Phantasms
    Les Deux Infinis: Barrel-Breaking Paradox
    Rank: D+++
    Type: Noble Phantasm
    Range: 3-10
    Maximum targets: 1 person

    A composite firearm named 'Étienne', after Blaise Pascal's father. As part of Alter Ego's grand plan of confronting humanity with their nature as "creatures that are restless like the sea yet nevertheless seek the stability of land", it takes for ammunition magical energy that has been condensed into the form of water, which is then forcefully ejected as rapid-fire gunshots. When compared to Assassin Blaise Pascal's version, this Noble Phantasm exchanges the water bullets' crushing effect for the ability to fluidly switch between handgun, sniper rifle, and railgun modes.

    Upon True Name Release, targets within the gun's sights receive a mental interference attack delivered by imparting the knowledge of The Two Infinities: things infinitely greater and lesser than oneself, the unknown past and the unknowable future, among others. As a sure-hit ego-breaker that displays absolute power over "humans of this common (pedestrian) era", it is possible to mitigate its effects by being an existence far removed from the modern era, or by possessing Skills that mark one as "not fully human", such as Divinity.

    Les Deux Infinis: Barrel-Breaking Paradox
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    Range: 3-100
    Maximum targets: 125 people

    An invocation to the God of Fire. An application of the principles gleaned from that which became the end of Blaise Pascal's scientific endeavors, and the beginning of his theological achievements: vacuums. It shares the same fundamental principles as the technique used by Assassin Blaise Pascal, but this version displays increased range and firepower shaped by years of experience and what can only be described as "divine intervention".

    Rather than any sort of glib persuasion, one would be better served to call this technique an "all-out assault" on the target's intellectual, moral, physical, and spiritual faculties; in other words, apologetics as it ought to be. As a bolus custom-made to be swallowed by the "vacuum" that lies within a particular person's heart, this attack is nigh-impossible to evade. Additionally, damage dealt dramatically increases the more incompatible the target's mental structure is to the information barrage. After all, free heart surgery is good news to one who knows he has a fatal heart disease, but not to one who denies it.

    Author's Notes

    One would be given to think that placing Blaise Pascal in an alternate class after exhausting all avenues in his Assassin incarnation would be akin to squeezing blood from a stone, and they would be right. Fortunately enough, Okitan exists, allowing me to engage in shenanigans to produce the profile you've just read. TBH I'm still not entirely sold on making Blaise Pascal a Servant, but I had to do something to work through the emotional damage inflicted by Lee's image song.

    Mechanically speaking I shifted the focus away from Pascal's scientific endeavors to his theological work because duh. Since I covered most of the pertinent bases with Assassin!Pascal I decided to go with Pascal's rather off-beat three levels of human existence for the Skills, once again proving that Descartes should lick ich seiner Arse. Hyperfluid Constitution is obviously a reference to the new Lee frame's designation "Hyperreal", and the Apology Blaster's new name is a PGR meme I don't feel like explaining. I left the NPs mostly intact, as well as considerable swathes of the Assassin profile not because I'm a procrastinator writing this like eight hours before the deadline, but because I found those specific passages conveyed my point too well to be done the indignity of being rephrased. Curse you past Nuclear for being such a good writer!

    Anyway. Ciao.
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