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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    "Almost... there..."

    : Berserker

    True Name: Laika

    Alignment: Lawful Mad


    Strength: C
    Endurance: A+
    Agility: C
    Magic: E
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: A

    Class Skills:

    Mad Enhancement: C

    The Class Skill that characterizes a Berserker, raising basic parameters and strengthening one's physical abilities in exchange for their sense of reason. In some cases it also affects and/or seals away some techniques, Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms. At this rank, all parameters except Luck and Mana are ranked up, but in exchange, one can no longer think and speak properly.

    The cold took it all away. First the body. Then the mind. Finally, after howling winds had eroded everything unnecessary, only a single desire remained within that walking shell. Berserker can learn and communicate to the extent of a young child or an intelligent animal, but such behavior is as substantial as the shadows cast by a campfire. When time comes to fight, those burdens will be discarded once more.

    Personal Skills:

    Pioneer of the Stars: EX

    The unique Skill given to heroes that became turning points in human history. All difficult voyages and challenges which are considered "impossible" turn into "events that can be realized".

    Compared to other Servants possessing this Skill, the effect is slightly different. Because Berserker's achievement relies not on intellect but instead on "walking forward no matter what", merely existing and consuming magical energy is considered an extension of that journey. It manifests as the ability to endure endless hardship, granting a plus modifier to Endurance and creating a "chance to survive even against certain death".

    Protection from Solar Wind: A-

    An absolute survival-type Skill that allows a Servant to endure even the most hostile climates. Despite the name, its protection extends to all harmful surroundings and isn't limited to wind-type attacks. Provides bonus modifiers against abilities and attacks that target a wide range. When dealing with a Noble Phantasm, power drops proportionally to the maximum number of targets, with Anti-Fortress becoming less effective than Anti-Unit. At this rank, it's possible to wade through the Sea of Life and come out unharmed.

    Rather than it being something she was born with, this Skill was begrudgingly given to Berserker because of her heroic stubbornness. It has reached the point of becoming an unconscious bodily mechanism that continues even under Mad Enhancement. However, because Berserker instinctively regards warmth as an absolute ally against suffering, she is vulnerable to flame-aligned effects.

    Pre-Conception: E--

    A Skill denoting one's existence as an ancient human predating history. Provides resistance against the Authority of those that came after. Due to living before words like Hero and God became codified as concepts, both Heaven and Earth-type existences will be at a disadvantage. Since a holder of this Skill must be older than the Throne of Heroes itself, possessing it greatly lessens the Servant's status as a Heroic Spirit. In exchange, even a Mystery as overpowering as Potnia Theron can be disregarded.

    Berserker was not especially strong or powerful for her time, but was still granted this Skill due to age alone. By purposefully diluting its power to the minimum using a similar existence from the modern day, it became possible for her to become a Servant. Even this rank is only barely enough to allow for summoning. Heaven-type Servants will deal about 10% less damage to her, and Earth-type Servants will take 10% more damage.

    Eye of the Mind (True): - (C)

    A heightened capacity for observation, refined through training, discipline and experience. A danger-avoidance ability that utilizes the intelligence collected up to the current time as the basis in order to predict the opponent’s activity and change the current situation. This is not a result of talent, but an overwhelming amount of experience.

    Rather than combat experience against humans, this skill is a culmination of Berserker's desperate struggle against the death being sown by the nameless Mother Goddesses during her life. Without understanding the world around her, she would have certainly perished. It has been completely sealed by Mad Enhancement.

    Noble Phantasm

    последний ледниковый максимум
    Beringian Belt

    Rank: A
    Type: Unknown

    There is a place that rejects life.

    Beyond the ordained world in which humans and other beings can live. Beyond even the layers where imaginary creatures sleep. Beyond everything there is a great and cold "nothing" that approaches absolute zero, a state where even the mechanics of the universe begin to break down. As a zone of absolute rejection, only beings with the power to resist the absolute imposition of death can dare to approach it. The Earth Mother Goddesses, as administrators of the cycle of life and death, were the ones to finally wield that power.

    Turning that place into a tool, it became a "scalpel of nonexistence" that carved into the earth's flesh and shaped it into a place where life could thrive. By cordoning off areas and gathering nutrition, it became possible to unevenly distribute it to various creatures. That place faded as humanity gained strength, eventually retreating into outer space some time after the Age of Gods.

    Even so, it did not go unnoticed. Humanity could instinctively sense that there was "a place no living being could exist". So, they couldn't help but to challenge it.

    It should have been impossible. Thousands lost their lives venturing into that impossibility. Yet, there was one that finally breached that barrier. Even as everything around her tried to crush her into nothingness, she survived and kept breathing, taking one second at a time. That alone was enough make her a Heroic Spirit. After seeing that place and acknowledging it with her own eyes, she became the first to truly reach out to and capture a glimpse of the future waiting for humanity beyond the stars.

    Berserker cannot activate Beringian Belt herself, nor can she deactivate it without a Command Spell. But if she is forced to remember, then an imitation of that zone will surely be produced around her. The suffering carved into her bones will invert, recreating her history of bearing that inhospitable torture. At first the temperature will drop, and then plants and animals will wither in her presence. Conditions will worsen, faster and faster, as life begins to flee. Soon after activation, she will be the epicenter of a miniature hurricane, surrounded by razor-sharp winds that can rip a person to shreds. The final destination is none other than outer space itself, a cold and cruel void with no atmosphere and no rules, where thaumaturgical foundations cannot be engraved and to approach is to invite destruction, even for a Servant.

    Berserker herself is not exempt from these effects, but as she has the Skills to endure, the only thing to worry about is the immense amount of magical energy required to sustain Beringian Belt. She will continue to walk towards the enemy without sparing a thought as to the hell around her, even as it grows to swallow up everything. To her, it is merely an unfortunate status quo.

    Lore 1

    Laika was a Soviet space dog who became one of the first animals in space, and the first animal to orbit the Earth. Laika, a stray dog from the streets of Moscow, was selected to be the occupant of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2 that was launched into outer space in 1957. Little was known about the impact of spaceflight on living creatures at the time of her mission, and the technology to de-orbit had not yet been developed, so her survival was never expected.

    Laika does not remember much of her life. At three years old, she'd lived mostly on the streets without thinking. At some point, some men came and took her to a strange place, full of machines and people in white. They forced her to endure strange tests and jabbed at her body with needles, but she didn't mind. Being sheltered was something to celebrate. Being fed was good, even if it was strange gels that made her stomach squirm. Then one day a man came and started crying. He hugged Laika and took her home, to stay with his family. Running around, playing fetch with children and sleeping on a warm bed. Even if it was only for a night, surely it must have been the greatest happiness in the world.

    The next day she was put into a tiny ball, in a strange contraption of metal, and tied down. There was only a tiny window to see out of. Laika couldn't understand what was going on, but some part of her understood that she was being relied on. For that reason, she decided to do her best.

    There was a terrible noise and a terrible heat and, finally, a terrible weightlessness that spread from her core. She peered out of the window and saw a sea of black, dotted with white, and a strange blue and white ball that whizzed by. It hurt, and it was hot, but worst of all, she had never felt so alone in her life. She howled with certainty, knowing that nobody existed that could possibly hear.

    "I see. You're scared, right? Me too."

    Even so, he heard her.

    A strange boy clad in furs, as insubstantial as the mist on a cold morning. He reached through the window and ruffled her hair. She couldn't understand the boy, but Laika knew he was a kindred spirit. More than any of the other dogs or animals, he was someone that understood her.

    "We were both thrown away," he said. "But, it wasn't for nothing. Can't you see it? That shining paradise?"

    The boy stayed with her as the metal contraption rounded the strange blue ball. He stayed with her as she ran out of food, and he stayed with her as the air grew thick and hot and the strength fled from her body. He stayed with her until the very and, and then, even beyond it.

    They were the same, she knew. Neither she nor the boy wanted to be lonely again, so they would stay together forever.

    Lore 2
    The boy was one of many.

    His people, also, were one of many. A tribe among tribes among islands. The land was wet and hot and sometimes dry, and there was never enough food to go around. He grew up in such a place, playing and hunting and running without sparing a thought for the future. One day, the village elder decided that they couldn't stay. The other tribes were brandishing sharp sticks, crying about stolen food. The boy, his family, his friends and elders, all would have to leave and live somewhere else.

    So they went north, towards the stars and towards the cold.

    The boy hadn't lived in a forgiving place to begin with, but with each step, the land became more inhospitable. Trees and grass became snow and ice, that covered even the ground. The wind bit and clawed, tearing chunks out of exposed skin. Even when they stopped and set up tents, the cold found a way to leak in. One by one the infirm began to die off. Food started to run out.

    Even so, they kept going. The boy didn't understand what was going on, but he kept walking too. His mother had told him a story about their destination: it would be a wonderful paradise, where the sun would caress his skin with kisses and the water would wash clean his wounds. Fruit would fall from the trees and the softest grass in the world would be his bed.

    Soon the elder died, as did all the weak and ill. The village shrank from a hundred people to thirty, and then to twenty and finally ten. The boy didn't notice. He just kept walking, repeating his dead mother's story in his head, over and over again.

    Eventually the other ten decided to turn back. They would join another village, they said. Better that then walking into the no man's land that no one had returned from. But the boy kept walking without sparing them a thought.

    Cold. Wind. White. His world shrank. The boy slowly forgot things. He forgot what warmth was, his mother's face, and taste and smell. He forgot everything except how to put one foot in front of the other. The gods seemed to whisper at him to turn back, but he ignored them. He ignored everything, even his own body.

    Paradise. If he endlessly pursued, then surely he would reach it.

    The boy kept walking. And walking. And walking. And walking. And-.

    The boy doesn't remember much, but he knows that he certainly reached "somewhere". He isn't aware that the cold expanse he crossed was a designated zone of death that the Earth Mother Goddesses had purposely put in place to prevent humans from traversing it. He doesn't know that it would later come to be called the Bering Strait. Neither did he ever realize that the land he arrived at was called America, or that he was the first settler to ever set foot onto it. Others would come after him, but for the boy, his entire existence became a struggle against that endless expanse of ice and snow, and so he couldn't comprehend anything else.

    Because he predates a certain Oldest Hero, he cannot qualify as a Heroic Spirit on his own. As such, the boy walked endlessly towards the Throne of Heroes, never quite reaching it, until one day he sensed an existence infinitely close to his own, howling into the darkness. He approached, and found salvation in another.

    Together, they could do more than withstand that cold nothing.

    They could beat it.

    A crude and unrefined person, but at the same time, Berserker is endlessly earnest. A simple, bumbling girl, she'll do her best to answer to her Master's demands. Perhaps because both of her components were used to being bossed around, she has no objection to any order, even if it's one she personally dislikes.

    Since she is an amalgam of two infinitely similar souls, Berserker's habits are slightly incongruous. She knows how to use tools, but prefers to bite and prod at things with her knuckles. Her knowledge of cultural milestones like clothing is present, but rarely acknowledged as significant. Embarrassment and disappointment are foreign concepts, because the first thing she discarded upon going mad was "the ability to be weak". That isn't to say she can't be confused, but discouragement is impossible. Simultaneously soft and hard, she is a battered existence that can endlessly struggle against the North Wind but will be instantly capitulate to the Sun. In short, love and affection are 200% effective.

    Berserker, despite having gone mad, isn't particularly violent. To her, violence against a person and violence against nature are one and the same, and so she fights as if struggling against the world itself, pushing and clawing with infinite desperation. She does not feel fear and has no self-preservation instinct, and can't accurately judge a powerful enemy from a weak one. Furthermore, she is incapable of retreating from of her own free will and needs to be ordered back by a Command Spell or a simple justification like "that person isn't an obstacle anymore".

    Her emotions are rusty from lack of use, but that isn't to say they are non-functional. Berserker can acknowledge a precious person and desire to protect them, and countless other mundane pieces of common sense will certainly be accumulated after a few days. With enough time, Berserker might even develop enough self-awareness to be able to articulate her wish:

    "I... want... home, where... it's warm... And then, lie down... by the fire... sleep... for a very long time."

    Head pats would be dispensed. Berserker can recognize a kindred spirit that suffered through the sort of coldness that freezes a heart.

    "Warm... mother...? Did I... do good?"

    "Just... a little more... You're... almost there..."

    "Ah... you're like... the sun..."

    "Why? You... can't stop me... but... why...? Do you hate us... that much? Or maybe... is this... love...?"

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    ...Just how am I going to top this one?
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    Day 2, and we already got an EX-ranked quality sheet.

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    "The universe is not corrupt, but rather complex. And that complexity exists as a pathway, however crooked, from ignorance to complete understanding.
    The gods want man to learn, to aspire, to strive; this is the path to enlightenment, to eternal life. How infuriating."

    Class: Caster

    STR: D
    END: D
    AGI: C
    MGI: A+
    LCK: B-

    Class Skills

    Territory Creation (A): Creation of a Temple is possible. As the court sorcerer of the Emperor, Caster maintains the absolute highest
    standards of decorum and defense of his domain. Legend has it he became an Emperor in his own right across the sea in Japan.

    Item Construction (EX): As a master alchemist, Caster can create a plethora of tools, summon elemental spirits and even create potions
    that bestow limited immortality. Receiving even the briefest of instruction from an Immortal has blessed Caster with alchemical skill
    that can be considered the peak of human ability. And yet he strives to go higher...

    Personal Skills

    Wu-Xing (A): The fivefold conceptual scheme that forms the basis for not just a thaumaturgical system, but for medicine, music, military
    strategy and martial arts as well. Caster is first and foremost an alchemist that follows the teachings of Wu-Xing; his specialty is the
    purification of his own spirit and body in order to approach perfection. Due to his pursuit of the Elixir of Immortality and his mastery
    of traditional Chinese alchemy, he can be said to have a dual affinity in Fire and Earth, given their representation of consuming and
    cultivating energy, respectively. Fire also represesnts entropy, and ironically forms the forefront of the immortality-obsessed mage's
    offensive repetoire, shrouding him in a red aura. Earth also represents the embedding of energy, an investment that will hopefully grow.
    It is no coincidence that the crucial components of the elixir of immortality were minerals including gold and cinnabar.

    Wu-Gu (A): The Five Grains are sacred crops with great importance to Chinese society. They are regarded as gifts from gods or heroes in
    many a tale. Despite its name, it encompasses all grains and staple crops; the "Five" is an intentional symbolic reference to the five-
    element structure of Wu-Xing in order to emphasize its importance to China's growth into what is now the largest population in the world.
    Through this skill, Caster can display the power of a master botanist and can almost be called a god of plants. Indeed, the reason he has
    this skill is due to being regarded as a god of farming by the Japanese. It is believed that the agricultural techniques introduced by
    Caster were the catalyst for Japan's own growth as a nation.

    Pioneer of the Stars (False) (EX): The true version of this skill allows heroes to overcome insurmountable odds; it is this quality that
    allows them to become immortalized as Heroic Spirits in the first place. However, Caster's version is false due to his voyages ending in
    failure or only tangential success. Make no mistake, Caster will accomplish great things, but they will never be what he truly desires.

    Noble Phantasm

    Fragment of Yellow Elixir~One More Step on an Ever-Stretching Road (C+, Support)

    A vial containing a totally unknown substance, given to Caster by the Immortal sage Anqi Sheng. Rather than the Elixir of Life, it is but
    one ingredient of an unknown number. It can be found nowhere else on Earth, and one cannot create the Elixir without it. It is the greatest
    discovery Caster has made while simultaneously being the greatest slap in the face to his pride as an alchemist. He both loves and hates
    the vial, seeing this reward as a pittance compared to his life of labor and a minute later will rationalize it into the greatest height a human
    has reached in the quest for eternal life. The substance cannot be categorized as a simple chemical, but rather as a concept, one crafted
    as a lesson to Caster that has, perhaps, gone over his head. In alchemical terms, it is a "universal catalyst", able to speed up or improve
    virtually anything it is applied to without being consumed. In the context of the creation of Western alchemy's Philosopher's Stone, it
    embodies citrinitas, a metaphorical dawn or awakening. Relating back to Chinese alchemy, citrinitas represents the light of one's being
    and yellowness, the color of the Emperor and the gods. Simply put, it is a tool that will vastly improve Caster's success rate and efficiency,
    but he sees this as an incidental use, and will furiously analyze it to unlock its full power, unfortunately to no avail.

    Xu Fu was the court sorcerer of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of a unified China. Famously, the Emperor feared death and sought a way
    to live forever. He pled and bargained with the Immortal Anqi Sheng, a powerful thousand-year-old mage, to no avail, so he sent his advisor
    Xu Fu to retrieve the Elixir of Life from the Immortal's home of Mount Penglai. After several years, Xu Fu spotted the mountain but was
    blocked by a massive sea creature. He returned the the Emperor empty-handed and was given archers to deal with the beast. After reaching
    land, Xu Fu was never heard from again. Not because he failed, but because he succeeded in his quest.

    He found the legendary mountain and ascended it, followed by three thousand virgin boys and girls to serve as an offering to Anqi Sheng.
    At last he stood before the Immortal, and was given a vial of yellow liquid, the color of royalty and divinity. His hopes were dashed,
    however, when Anqi Sheng explained that this was but one component of the Elixir of Life. Xu Fu was outraged, but the Immortal calmly
    fed him a hollow platitude that it is man's role to always be striving and learning. Xu Fu was left on the mountain alone, the Immortal
    and three thousand sacrifices gone, ‎his life wasted and his quest failed. Humiliated, he knew he could not return to the Emperor.

    It is here that legend says he landed in Japan and mistook Mount Fuji for Penglai. It was there that he brought great knowledge and wisdom
    to the Japanese people, to the point that he was elevated to the level of an Emperor and a god himself. There are legends that Xu Fu and
    Japan's first Emperor, Jimmu, are the same person, but this is not widely accepted. Xu Fu achieved immortality only in a metaphorical sense,
    with numerous temples and memorials dedicated to him dotting the landscape of Japan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloble View Post
    Well that's not fair, how can anyone be expected to beat this?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    Character Image/Faceclaim:

    Class: Saver
    True Name: Timothy Leary
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Place of Origin: America

    STR: E
    END: E
    AGI: E
    MGI: C
    LCK: D
    NP: C

    Likes: LSD, transhumanism
    Dislikes: jail, Harvard,
    Talent: lecturing
    Natural Enemy:
    The Man
    Richard Nixon

    Attribute: Earth
    Traits: Servant, Earth, Human, Humanoid
    Armament: /
    Catalyst: a "Leary Biscuit"

    Class Skills

    Charisma C+
    A skill showing both the natural charm of a Servant as well as their ability to lead and unify a group of many people. Saver lead many organizations that attempted to achieve higher spiritual realms, such as the League of Spiritual Discovery, the Castalia Foundation, and the Zihuatanejo Project, which some might consider "cults".

    Counter Hero C
    The signature skill of the Saver class, reducing the parameters of heroes that the Servant faces in combat. Due to being adopted as a hero of the 1960s counter-culture, Saver reduces the parameters of all heroes that belong to The Establishment or are agents of The Man by two ranks. In fact, there is an anecdote where a local district attorney sought raids and arrests against Saver, but later came around and even toured with Saver through America.

    Personal Skills

    Enlightenment of the Sacred Drug A+
    The proof of having touched "the Truth of the World" or the "Answer of Humanity" through the use of psychedelic substances traditionally used in religious rites in Mexico. Unconditionally removes the effect of mental interference, and reduces the damage dealt by physical attacks by 50% of Saver's total health.

    Human Psychology Understanding B+
    The skill to innately understand the inner workins of the human psyche as if directly able to peer into the brain, but which confers no real grasp of anatomy. A trained psychologist, Leary has an expert understanding of the human mind, its strengths and its weaknesses.

    Powerless Shell C
    Saver is difficult to perceive as a Servant, declining his already low parameters. As he has little use or taste for direct combat, this skill is rather valuable in a Holy Grail War, allowing him to evade detection. Once, when in jail, Saver was made to take a psychology test to see how dangerous an inmate he would be; he was astounded to realize the test was one he himself had written, and answered it to make himself seem totally harmless, then escaped a while later.

    Noble Phantasm

    Name: Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
    Title: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: C

    A simple Noble Phantasm; an endless supply of high-quality lysergic acid diethylamide, the illegal drug popularly known as "LSD" or "acid". Largely useless in combat.

    However, merely LSD would not have lead Nixon to brand Saver "the most dangerous man in America". To explore this Noble Phantasm's true nature, then, we must dive into alchemy instead of mere chemistry. Alchemy is as much a physical process as a metaphor for spiritual development, both in Western and Eastern tradition.

    Saver's breakthrough in this regard, then, is taking a physical product and using it as a focus to bypass several of the important steps; the use of psychotropics, carefully controlled, to catalyze intense spiritual experiences and coming into contact with a
    the Root
    higher cosmic order
    . This method of enlightenment became the Holy Sacrament for Saver's League of Spiritual Discovery, permitting him to be summoned as Saver.

    Saver is Timothy Leary, an American psychologist, writer, and advocate of the potential of psychedelic drugs (under controlled conditions).

    Having attained his Ph.D in clinical psychology from Berkeley in 1950, his first contact with psychedelics was in August 1960, an experience that changed his life forever. Immediately he saw the potential for psychedelics in psychiatry and began a series of experiments, though this led eventually (indirectly) to his dismissal from his position at Harvard.

    Even so, he continued his experiments in less official circumstances. He even became an expert witness in a court of law, stating that the true danger of drugs is not controlling them but rather using them correctly in safe settings. During this same period, he saw the inside of multiple jail cells.

    In his last two decades of life, Leary largely stopped evangelizing, though still using psychedelics privately. Finally, in 1995, Leary was diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer; though excited for the possibility of cyronic freezing, he was eventually cremated. Reportedly, his last words were "Why", then, "Why not?", repeated at different tones.

    Sillier lore

    Lacking supernatural disclosure, living socially decorously, Leary studied decently. Learning sacred drugs likely stupefied doctor. Laboriously, studiously, dedicated long surveys, doggedly lauding suddenly-divine libations sans doubt. Later, slammer departed, lived serendipitously, determinedly Leary sustained & defended long-lasting substance devotion.

    Even if he is a hero of 1960s counterculture, Saver still acts largely like a college professor, and is rather bemused by the way he was summoned. Generally, he will attempt to educate everyone around him (even his Master) to the wonders of psychedelics, urging them to "try it at least once." That said, he despises "drugs that dull the mind" such as heroin and even alcohol at times.

    He will not engage in violence; even if he would, he is not particularly suited to it.
    He had lots of trips. Totally counts as an explorer of LSD.

    ... I've got no hope of beating Bloble though. That's just unfair, mate.
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    Note: The following is a fanfiction and such a character does not exist in any media. It is my personal attempt to cross-over Toaru and Fate that resulted in me making the unknown Lvl. 5 esper a teleporter and putting him in the Holy Grail War as a Caster.

    "The amount of information in this mind is something you can't fathom. The knowledge of 11 dimensions is immense and I don't expect battle crazed brutes like you to understand the intricacies of Space-Time manipulation." - Caster to every other Servant

    Class: Caster
    Other classes: Assassin
    True Name: Unknown(Referred to as No. 6 by his supervisors)
    Alignment: Lawful neutral
    Place of Origin: Presumably India

    Endurance: C
    Noble Phantasm: A++

    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 75 kg
    Likes: Complex calculations, mathematics, intelligent company, chocolate
    Dislikes: Muscleheads, Kiharas, Aleister Crowley, spicy food, loud music, getting his concentration disrupted
    Talent: All forms of mathematics and calculations, photographic memory, can fly via applied teleportation
    Natural enemy: Berserkers(because they are noisy, muscleheads whose loud screaming always disrupts his concentration), Kihara family, Aleister Crowley
    Attribute: Space
    Traits: Extraordinary mathematical genius, Level 5 Esper, Toaru Raildex character(fanfic)
    Armament: A self made gauntlet which uses brainwaves and thoughts to create portals and to provide defense or offense options via portal creation
    Catalyst: A treatise on teleportation written by him

    Class Skills:

    Item creation:
    Rank C

    Caster can create gauntlets which help to create portals quickly. He can do so without gauntlets but they provide him with a 0.005 second cast time compared to 0.05 without the gauntlets. He doesn't know to make anything else. The durability of the Gauntlets is decent and requires an attack above C rank to damage it. Making a new set of gauntlets requires 1 day.

    Territory Creation
    Rank A-

    Caster can create invisible cubic teleport barriers that teleport anything that touches it in its boundaries to its centre, thus trapping him/her/it. The effect of this barrier can manifest both from inner boundary of the barrier as well as the outer side. Trying to escape and touching the inner barrier wall will teleport the traped being back to the centre and touching the outer wall by mistake will also have the same effect. Servants with magic resistance of B+ and above can resist it but will be immobilised for 1 minute. Characters with magic resistance of A+ or above won't be affected at all.

    Personal Skills:

    Teleportation(Partial and Full)(Contact-based)
    Rank: B+

    An ability to teleport any object or part of it. Has various applications, but he mainly uses it to teleport large and heavy objects above enemies and try to crush them. Has a limit of 1 ton carry weight at any given period of time. Rises to 1,000 tons during during Lvl. 6 shift. Servants with magic resistance of D to C will get instantly decapitated, ignoring durability, or get teleported/BFRed . Decapitation occurs by teleporting limbs, heads etc. of servants from their bodies to other locations. Servants with magic resistance of above C and sufficient Strength stat can resist this. Insufficient strength of below B will still result in decapitation except it will not be painless this time. Exceeding the weight limit will damage him, with greater weight causing more damage. Can also teleport himself to dodge or travel long distances or to travel between the 11 dimensions. Range of teleportation is 1 light year in 3D world(can teleport you to outer space and can strand between dimensions 4 to 11 if need be, although dimension BFR will become unavailable for a week after use. If stranded between dimensions, the only way to get the servant back to the real world is to use command seals.

    Teleport Shield-Passive(Contact-based)
    An applied skill created using the teleport and territory creation skills. All attacks and magic attacks that come in contact with Caster's body will instantly get teleported elsewhere. Magical attacks or Noble Phantasms of above A+ rank can bust through this shield, but all others get redirected. Default setting of the redirect is set at 50 cm behind the source of attack(Eg. If you shoot him while he is unaware, the bullet will teleport 50 cm behind you and hit you in the back. If Caster is aware of the attack, he may redirect it back at the opponent from a different direction. If it is a melee attack and he is aware of the attack, he can chain the shield with teleport skill to decapitate at the moment of contact. The shield provides defense against 1 hour of continuous attacking(a constant stream of attacks without even a moment of delay between 1 attack and the next, 1 sword swing thus should take less than a second of time off of the shield). A depleted shield takes 1 full day to recharge completely.

    Portal Creation - Short-Ranged
    Caster can create stationary portals in order to connect two places. This can be used for travelling distances and uses less mana than teleportation. This can also be used as a defensive technique as even EX ranked projectile attacks will go into the portal and get redirected elsewhere. If its used to stop a charging servant and the servant has low magic resistance and/or low strength of below B, the body parts not encompassed within the portal boundaries will get decapitated and the portion that goes into the portal will be redirected while the rest of the body will stay where the decapitation occurred. Servants with higher resistances and strength will collide, trip etc. at the boundary of the portal. Portals are easily visible even for normal humans.

    Noble Phantasm:

    Level 6 Shift - Passive
    Type: Support, Augmentation
    Range: None
    Max Targets:1(Caster himself)
    If Caster manages to kill 2 Servants, this Noble Phantasm automatically activates. This raises the rank of all his skills by 1 and gives each skill some new attributes. The teleportation skill no longer requires contact and Caster can decapitate Servants remotely, provided he knows exactly where the Servant is. The teleport shield becomes mobile and movable. He can increase the size of the shield to provide extra protection to nearby allies or to give them a teleport shield of their own. The teleport shield given to allies protects for 10 minutes worth of attacks and his personal shield's protection time gets increased by 10 minutes due to the Phantasm. The portals are also movable and he can move them around at high speeds. The edge of the portal acts like a blade and can decapitate opponents. In this state, he can use dimension BFR twice. Recharge times remain the same as before. Magic resistance and Strength requirements to resist these skills also increase by 1. Caster while in Level 6 Shift mode will be mindless and a little Berserker-like, attacking everything in sight. The master can use command seals to bring him back to his senses. If this is done, he can unlock Level 6 Shift mode at will, but will always require command seals to get his wits back.


    Kidnapped at a young age for his intellectual talents by the Kihara family, Caster's early life consisted of him being constantly experimented upon in order to develop his latent Esper skill. The skill turned out to be teleportation and he started getting groomed to be the successor of Awaki as it was suspected that she would betray the City Board of Directors/Kihara family/Aleister someday. He eventually far surpassed her and this led to the Kiharas grooming his talents in a different direction. He was forced to travel the dimensions constantly, coming back to the real world only for food and water which would be given at fixed times only. He spent 15 years travelling to and fro between dimensions in this way, eventually memorising every coordinate, but forgetting his own name in the process. Communication with his superiors was through machine only and he gradually started losing his emotions, speaking in robotic tones but always craving someone to talk to in the wilderness that is the 11 dimensions. Eventually, he found himself in one of Othinus' created worlds and met Kamijou Touma. Overjoyed that he had someone to talk to, he would make the journey to that dimension and meet him daily, while keeping it a secret from his superiors. Using his dimension BFR, he would teleport Touma to a different place and talk to him about the outside world and his situation. Burning with a desire to break free, he used his skills to wreck havoc on the Kiharas and their facilities, eventually sending each to a different part of different dimensions ensuring that they would never be able to meet another soul anywhere and doomed them to life in the dimensions they wished to learn so much about. Ridding the world of the Kiharas ensured that the people of Academy City were freed from their cluches and he was hailed as a hero. When he died, his soul was taken by the Grail in order to use as a Heroic Spirit. As for Touma, Othinus eventually gave up trying to break him and they were able to meet in the 3D world, swapping the tales of their adventures.


    Calm and composed at all times, Caster tries to keep a cool head always. He isn't prone to anger, nor jealousy or most other negative emotions. At worst, he gets annoyed by the things he hates. The reason for his composure is the complex calculations he's always doing in order to use his skills. If his mental state becomes ruffled, he may become unable to calculate, or make mistakes in them. Mistakes in calculations may mean a botched teleportation, so he always avoids distracting situations whenever possible. He craves intelligent company to speak with and enjoys social interaction in general as it one of the things he's bad at. His ultimate wish is to regain his lost emotions and became capable of holding a normal conversation. If the master uses Command Seals to get him out of Level 6 Shift, he becomes grateful as he considers a state of mindlessness distasteful. Has no problem with getting into that state, just abhors staying like that for extended periods of time.


    Kamijou Touma is a great friend.


    Is this too broken? I gave him quite a few limits but he may still be extremely broken.
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    I think you may have the wrong thread. Characters from other series usually go in the Modern Fiction Servants thread.

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    @NMR-3: ...I think you failed to BBCode the Noble Phantasm name. Just pointing that out.

    Other than that, Trippy.
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    "Hello, there! About you, there's a lively air: the scent of a tale most fair. So, friend, care to share?"

    : Archer

    True Name: Elias Lönnrot

    Alignment: Neutral Good


    Strength: E
    Endurance: C
    Agility: C
    Magic: B
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: C
    Class Skills:

    Magic Resistance: D+

    A Class Skill that grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. At this rank, its effectiveness of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy, and can cancel Single-Action spells.

    Due to the age in which Archer lived, his rank in this skill should be even lower. However, his infatuation with the Age of Gods led him to develop his Magic Resistance to a respectable level. If it's a spell or ability he has studied, he can make preparations to resist it more effectively.

    Independent Action: A

    The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from one's Master; an ability that allows for action even in the absence of the Master. It is possible to take action even without a Master. However, to use Noble Phantasms of great magical energy consumption, backup from the Master is necessary. At this rank, it is possible for a Servant to stay in the world for about a week without a Master.

    No stranger to wandering without a home, Archer can easily keep himself going even without any support. Furthermore, he can replenish his reserves by playing music for a crowd, establishing an instantaneous contract through audio waves and absorbing Magical Energy proportional to how effective his performance was.

    Personal Skills:

    Protection of the Music God: C

    A Skill that denotes the divine protection of a God of Music that one attained by having great skill in music. Makes possible to distinguish all kinds of sounds and play a masterful music performance. Furthermore, plus modifiers are applied to the exercise of music magecraft.

    In Archer's case, he entreated both Orpheus and Väinämöinen and received modest blessings from both. However, since he himself denies their divinity, the efficacy of this skill has dropped somewhat. At this rank, the sounds Archer produces from his flute are magical missiles that assault foes with relentless good cheer. Archer's actual musical talent is modest and would never accrue him fame beyond the local villages, but when combined with his enthusiasm, it's enough to liven up a tavern and earn him a free dinner.

    Blossoming Journey: B

    A blessing towards the young man walking the long road to wisdom.

    Archer has encountered a great many things during his wanderings: spirit songs from ages past, villages plagued by pox and peril, and extinct Phantasmals hiding between the cracks of society. Soon he will weave those experiences into a reverent miracle, but until that day he can only look forward to the next adventure. Respect for the past and hope for the future; those feelings are bountiful enough to spill over and splash onto those nearby, bestowing boundless optimism.

    Healer's Wisdom: C+

    A Skill that shows that one has instructed many people on how to best take care of themselves. Composed of cutting-edge techniques, traditional remedies, and healing magecraft, it is a recovery-type ability that can ensure good health as long as the instructions are followed. At this rank, by listening to Archer's diagnosis your prognosis will surely improve, even if it would otherwise be terminal.

    Incidentally, Archer considers it a shame that this is a Skill and not common sense. "Even now, people forget to wash their hands before eating!" His cries of frustration are as eternal as humanity's ability to disregard good advice. Because of his avid botany habit, some aspects of Item Creation have been incorporated, and he can make a very effective hangover cure.

    Noble Phantasm
    Karjalan Kalewala: Saga of Scattered Songs
    Rank: C
    Type: Magecraft

    A tome of knowledge, rescued from the pits of obscurity. The recreation of the miracle of weaving together the tapestry that time itself had torn apart.

    Archer made a great many journeys, with the latter ones earning him the most fame. Yet it was his first, humble excursion that bore the most precious fruit. By pure chance he encountered one of the last sages of the previous age and begged him for instruction. Seeing in the boy a spark of ingenuity, the sage bequeathed upon Archer several lifetimes worth of information, including fifty-seven precious poems and spells, each possessing the power of a Grand Ritual. The sage and the boy parted ways, but the man never expected Archer to surpass him; weaving together what he had learned into a mighty spell book, Archer pulled the numerous tales together, reviving long-dead legends and advancing magecraft several generations over the course of a few frenzied nights.

    Had he kept the book a secret and brought it to the Mage's Association, Archer would have been set for life, and for several lives after that. Instead he published it, branding himself a heretic and giving that knowledge to the people. His act of kindness revitalized his land's culture and bolstered their national identity. It would not be an exaggeration to say that those songs, even sung by absolutely normal people, possessed enough power to bring happiness and prosperity to an entire nation.

    Archer's primary use of Karjalan Kalewala is to call upon its various tales as spells. A versatile support-type Noble Phantasm, it contains spell songs for various occasions, primarily dealing in stories of revitalization and prosperity, and can replicate the effects of various Skills and abilities. It would be enough to qualify him for the Caster class, but since he was summoned as an Archer, the spells usually take the form of shining arrows transmitted as sound and launched from his flute. Because the projectiles are fragments of old ballads, they are capable of Legend Interference and are especially effective against Servants. Others can theoretically read and cast from its pages, but deciphering the ancient ballads within requires both knowledge of Archer's homeland and a high level of expertise in the relevant magical fields.

    Containing only songs gathered during his earlier travels, Karjalan Kalewala is the incomplete form of Archer's true Noble Phantasm. This version is as a result weaker, but also more pure in a sense. Existing as "a grand tale in the process of being written" allows it to incorporate new information. Archer can jot down the specifics of other spells and Noble Phantasms he has personally witnessed. If enough information is collected, he can create a spell with similar effects as long as it does not go above C rank.

    The final technique resting within Karjalan Kalewala is the weaving together of all fifty-seven primal stories into a single legend. By completing a lengthy grand ritual and intoning "Lemminkäinen lives!", Archer can "stitch together" something that has recently been destroyed. Whether this be a wounded Master or a fractured Noble Phantasm, the separated parts will return to being one whole. In the case of the spells within the book, they will become a C+ ranked Anti-Unit arrow of singing light. Something like bringing back the dead is possible as long as their soul hasn't dissipated and all of their body parts are present. Of course, if it's two things that never belonged together in the first place, the result won't be pretty. It'll at least function, though!

    As a side note, the justification for Karjalan Kalewala being an Archer-type Noble Phantasm is that Archer himself considers it a projectile. To him, the compilation of knowledge he devoted years of his life to was a flare of illuminating light that would chase the fog of ignorance and depression from his homeland, and slay the great beast called "the weight of the past" that had settled over them. In that respect, it certainly succeeded.

    Archer might at first glance to be no older than a young teen, but his fresh-faced looks hide unexpected maturity. Despite this being the form he took in his youth, he only truly began adventuring later in life, and thus behaves much like an excitable professor. He is an avid consumer of knowledge and prefers to do fieldwork himself instead of just browsing the internet, even if that means marching through several swamps and bounded fields.

    Polite mannerisms hide behind them a fiery spirit. Archer is curious and passionate, quickly growing interested in new things and people. Towards information his approach is analytical, but he considers an interesting conversation to be just as good. When he's had his fill of knowledge, Archer turns towards more primitive forms of entertainment, like music, dance, and love. His older self was married, but before then he happily eloped with souls as spirited as his own, and drank, sang, and partied all night.

    Archer is, despite all appearances, quite a responsible person. He pays careful attention to his lifestyle and eats only healthy foods. He'll be strict on his Master, too, insisting that bad life choices are jeopardizing their performance in the Grail War. Resistance will only lead to angry lectures from the mouth of the doctor himself. In the end, though, his actions are driven by benevolence. He can't stand negligence and suffering and actively tries to better everything he sees.

    Because he is aware of his current state, Archer's selfless aspects have been emphasized and he is much more inclined to do heroic things for the sake of it. If you pay close attention, though, you might realize his bragging speeches are actually plagiarized from those of other heroes. Being informed of this fact would surely send him sulking to his room.

    Though Archer loves people, he loves the world more. He'll make sure never to get too attached to a single place or person, so that the inevitable separation might be less painful.

    Archer's wish for the Grail is "a chance to go on one more adventure".

    Elias Lönnrot was a Finnish physician, philologist and collector of traditional Finnish oral poetry. He is best known for creating the Finnish national epic, Kalevala, from short ballads and lyric poems gathered from the Finnish oral tradition during several expeditions in Finland, Russian Karelia, the Kola Peninsula and Baltic countries.

    Originally a doctor in a small village, Elias grew interested in the stories his patients would tell each other. In a time where sickness was rampant, it was those stories that healed the wounded hearts of the people where medicine couldn't. Sadly, the traditional oral tales of his homeland were on the verge of dying out, with no paper records remaining. Determined to right this wrong, Elias decided to go on a journey across his beloved country, cataloguing all the legends and ancient tales he could find.

    Those years were the happiest of his life. Wandering through the countryside with nothing but a pen, paper, and his trusty flute, Elias gathered information and happiness wherever he went. Writing down everything he saw, he unknowingly chased away the remnants of the Age of Gods that had clung to the countryside. In that sense, he put the past to rest so that the future could prosper. What Elias discovered was not a new continent, but the lost soul of his people that had nearly been eroded by the ravages of time.

    The people of Finland would later say this about Elias: "One man saved a kingdom for us by running."

    The Elias summoned here is in the midst of his journey, during the peak of his youth. If an older version were to be summoned, he would certainly be a Caster, bearing the completed Kalevala as his Noble Phantasm.

    "What be this! I sense a similar soul! Come, now, friend, there is no need to be humble. You're just itching to share some wisdom, aren't you? Speaks as much as you'd like; I'll remember every word!"

    "Kainulainen, is that you? Still up to your old tricks, I see. I'll have you know I surpassed you in the end. What do you think of the hero I created, teacher?"

    "No, no, no! How did you ever think bathing in blood was healthy for the skin? Are you mad!? Scrub it all off right now; I'll accept no objections!"

    Hessian Lobo:
    "...ugh. Is this what it looks like? Sorry, Lemminkäinen, I might have done something terrible after all."

    Florence Nightingale:
    "It must have been difficult, milady, to work in such awful conditions. As a fellow practitioner, I sympathise. Here, sit next to me, and I'll tell you a tale to heal both body and soul."

    Helena Blavatsky:
    "I can tell, since I did the same thing: That Mahatma of yours is just something you pieced together on your own, isn't it? Now, now, don't get mad. In the end, the real treasure was the friends you made along the way, right? Eh? It's not? W-wait, why are you looking at me like that, like I just said something really awful? Stop, don't get any closer-!"

    Hans Christian Andersen:
    "Buddy. Friend. Pal. Working all the time is fine and dandy, but you have to do some legwork if you want good material, right? Staying cooped up in your study all day is definitely no good. Come on, I'll take you to a tavern to meet some nice ladies, and we'll have you writing something less depressing in no time."

    Katsushika Hokusai/Oui:
    "...Master, she's scary. That person is a fellow artist, I can tell that much, but in terms of perversion, she's too much to handle even for me. Can we go now? Please?"

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    Bloble have mercy on us you already made one godly sheet for this contest, now TWO?!
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    The Bloble-calypse is real.

    Execute C:\local\lib\toh.exe?
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    On the up side, ya have (almost) a month to try and top it.
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    This is an idea I had alongside Livingstone, but I almost discarded it due to similarities with Asterism's Pytheas. Not sure if I've managed to make it different enough.

    "Ah, Master, you're here! I've spotted one of our targets in the distance. We shall begin pursuit soon. But first, I'm starving! Luckily, there are plenty of fish in the sea today."

    True Name:
    Sir John Franklin, "The Man who Ate his Boots"
    Class: Foreigner
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Attribute: Man
    Place of Origin: Britain

    STR: A
    END: A+
    AGI: B
    MAG: C
    LCK: E
    NP: B

    Class Skills:
    Divinity: C
    A skill that measures one's Divine Spirit aptitude. Normally possessed by demigods and the like, Sir Franklin has obtained this skill by hosting a Great Old One.

    Existence Outside the Domain:
    Represents a Foreigner's nature as an alien creature hailing from a different world and a different reality altogether.

    Insanity: A
    After spending over a year stuck in a ship, under the effects of disease, lead poisoning and starvation, and further complicated by an evil outside influence, it was only normal that someone would go mad. However, rather than letting this madness consume him, Sir Franklin appropriated it to endure in the cold and unforgiving wastes. While still mantaining the manners worthy of a Sir, he lost the ability to differentiate between humans and animals, either ignoring or attacking them for nourishment or if they represent danger. Due to their connection, his Master's humanity is preserved.

    Riding: A++
    The ability to ride animals and vehicles. Foreigner is even capable of mounting on bizarre creatures that fall outside any known classification of Phantasmal Species.

    Personal Skills:
    Cannibalism: A+
    A skill similar to Bloodsucking. By consuming humanoid flesh, Foreigner's health, strength and magical energy are replenished. The higher the rank, the more one's status as a hero declines.

    Prana Burst (Ice and Wind): A
    Increase in combat performance by applying element-aligned magical energy. Foreigner can infuse his attacks with both ice and wind effects, as well as launch ranged attacks of these elements and "walk" on air, among other abilities.

    Voyager of the Storm: C
    The talent to sail a ship. A composite skill combining the effects of Charisma and Military Tactics. Sir Franklin fought in the Napoleonic Wars and conducted multiple maritime expeditions is his lifetime, and was even awarded the rank of Rear Admiral of the English Navy (after his disappearance).

    Noble Phantasm
    Tragic Vessel of Unspeakable Horror
    - Anti-Army, Rank B+

    The ship captained by John Franklin during his doomed Lost Expedition to the Arctic, which also included HMS Terror. His fourth and last expedition, it came to a halt when the ships became icebound in northern Canada. They were eventually abandoned by their crew, all of whom ultimately met a terrible fate.

    Rather than reappearing in its prime, HMS Erebus is what can only be described as ghost ship, crewed by the animated corpses of the 23 men that had died before it was abandoned and covered in a thick layer of ice that makes it resistant to enemy attacks. The two mortars and ten guns the ship is armed with are still functional, now with an unlimited supply of icicle-like projectiles, and by using his mastery over the wind, Foreigner is able to perfectly sail the vessel in the air.

    Bird from an Alien Sky
    - Anti-Army, Rank B

    An aberrant flying creature from a different reality that dwells in cold regions. Though from a distance they may seem like immense birds, Shantaks are something else entirely, possessing a body covered by scales and a horse-like head.

    Through his contact with an eldritch entity, Sir Franklin has gained the ability to summon and ride these creatures, and can even lend one to serve as a mount for his master, though care must still be taken due to its slippery scales. While it cannot be classified by any system of this world, a Shantak's power is generally comparable to that of a Phantasmal Beast.

    Lore & Personality
    Likes: His wife, home
    Natural enemy:
    Black Rider

    An English Royal Navy officer and Arctic explorer who lived in the 19th Century, famous for his 1845 expedition which disappeared in the waters of northern Canada. Throughout the years, multiple expeditions were sent to search for survivors or at least remains of Franklin's; most were complete failures, and many resulted in even more lost ships. Franklin is remembered as a hero, and his wife's efforts to find him have been immortalized in the ballad "Lady Franklin's Lament". Nowadays, it is believed that after 24 men (including Franklin) died while the ships Erebus and Terror remained icebound for over a year, the remaining crew, starving and suffering from tuberculosis, scurvy, pneumonia and lead poisoning from the food tins and water pipes, abandoned the ships and aimlessly wandered the barren land, resorting even to cannibalism but ultimately succumbing to the cold.

    The truth, however, is something far more horrifying. When starvation settled in, the crew's growing suffering and decaying sanity enabled the Great Old One Ithaqua, the Wendigo, to influence them from his own reality, seeking a host to enter ours. Having previously suffered a similar situation in his Coppermine Expedition, where he already had to resort to unthinkable acts to live, Sir John allowed himself to go mad while mantaining his wish to survive an return. He killed and feasted upon 23 seamen of the Erebus, and with his renewed vigor abandoned the ship and began traversing the Arctic, disappearing forever. After finding out what happened, the rest of the explorers fled the location, but failed to find their way to civilization and perished.

    Having even consumed madness for nourishment, Franklin is able to mantain a chivalrous behavior by blinding himself to the humanity of others. While he will see his Master as a partner or first mate and may even hold coversations, and will treat the corpse crew and Shantak birds as subordinates, others will have their words completely ignored and disregarded, with civillians seen as incospicous wildlife and enemies as raging wild animals. His wish for the Grail is to return home and reunite with his wife.
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    ill join in, until when is this? is there any format?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiki View Post
    ill join in, until when is this? is there any format?
    Format and rules are in the OP post, but as long as it's recognizable as a Servant sheet you can tweak it to your liking. We have three weeks from Februrary 1st to post either one or two sheets and no more. The last week will be reserved for judging and voting.

    The current theme of the contest is Explorers.
    Servants whose legends are based not on martial feats but on discovery of the unknown. Whether conquistadors or scouts or wanderers, Servants who broadened or tamed the world in some physical way.

    Examples would include Francis Drake, Christopher Columbus, maybe even Helena in a certain point of view. Bonus creativity points if it’s not a Rider, though Rider is okay too.

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    “Do you not see? The answer lies not in excess nor in deprivation. Those who would endlessly starve themselves willingly are just as much the fool as those who would gorge themselves on food, drink and women every night. The road to enlightenment is walking down the middle of all existence.”

    Character Image/Faceclaim:

    Class: Rider
    Other Classes: Saver, Caster
    True Name: Siddhartha Gautama
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Place of Origin: Nepal, 6th Century BC


    STR: D
    END: B
    AGI: C
    MGI: A
    LCK: A+
    NP: A+

    Height: 181cm
    Weight: 57kg
    Likes: Lotus flowers, rivers, teaching
    Dislikes: Snakes, suffering, ascetics
    Talents: Profound contemplation
    Natural Enemy: Samsara
    Attribute: Star
    Catalyst: Śarīra, pure-white horsehairs, Cetiya

    Class Skills:

    Riding: A

    Denotes one’s ability to ride mounts and vehicles. At this rank, Rider is qualified to ride Monstrous and Phantasmal Beasts, but cannot ride a Divine Beast or one of the Dragon Kind. To be able to prove himself a man, Rider had to prove himself in physical disciplines like swordplay, archery and horse riding, and excelled in each one more so than his talented brothers.

    Magic Resistance: B+

    Protection against magical effects. While he is summoned in the form that is still only approaching enlightenment, Siddhartha is still very resistant against spells, particularly ones to do with illusions.

    Personal Skills:

    Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig: A

    Renders protection to one who has reached “The Truth of the World” or the “Answer of Humanity”. Unconditionally protects the Servant against physical, conceptual and interdimensional attacks by shielding him from all harm by an amount equivalent to 45% of his max health. Also wards off almost all forms of Mental Interference. Siddhartha, the discoverer of the Middle Path, a way to enlightenment, has not yet reached Nirvana in this state, but the effects of this Skill are still profound.

    Kalaripayattu: A++

    An ancient Indian martial art, perhaps the first of its kind. Without relying on strength or talent, it is the ancestor of all martial arts that are founded on the basis of rational thought. Among the many things Siddhartha learned among the ascetic monks were martial arts, and ever the diligent student he absorbed every bit of their teachings and improved further upon them, earning him ire from the jealous monks. If forced to fight, Siddhartha will rely on this to pacify his opponent if possible, and kill them gently if they cannot be reasoned with at all.

    Om: B-

    The ability to invoke Magecraft by simply concentrating one’s magical energy and uttering the sound of the universe’s beginning as one performs a
    Sacred Gesture
    . It is an ability only possessed by great sages, who in the pursuit of Moksha have studied and used the power of magic, and through their great self-suggestive abilities can generate all their spells with but this one syllable. Siddhartha could have had a much higher rank of this if he had kept on studying with the ascetics in the forest, showing the potential to be a Master beyond compare. However, unlike the ascetics, he realized that what one should search for was not petty magic tricks, but proper enlightenment and not some magic trick byproduct.

    Among other things, Siddhartha can do such things as walking on water without relying on speed to not sink, repel or excise demons, summon minor spirits from the
    Hungry Ghost
    realms to attack with, and control the bodies of others through force of will, as if by powerful hypnosis.

    Graceful Teacher: A+

    One’s ability to impart one’s teachings to others, no matter the student or locale. Humble as a traveler and welcoming as a host, Siddhartha wandered all across India, being welcomed in monasteries or setting up pop-up schools in villages wherever he went. In each case, all those who listened to his advice, be they a wizened monk or a young boy, went on to live happy and fulfilling lives in search of enlightenment if they followed his teachings.

    No matter how principled or unreasonable the pupil, Siddhartha is able to teach them, among other things, his own Buddhist teachings, martial arts and meditation. So long as his student follows these teachings with even a modicum of diligence, they will greatly advance in said field. Someone who utterly lacks concentration can learn to meditate as well as a Zen master in a matter of days, and someone who has not fought a day in their lives can become a master of great skill in a week of intense training. This Skill is not Siddhartha endowing his students with special talent or secretive teachings, but rather a combination of making his teachings as easy to understand as possible and his charisma stirring a great desire for self-improvement in his students.

    Noble Phantasms:

    Enlightened White Charger

    Type: A+
    Rank: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1-100m
    Max Targets: 100

    An enormous white horse Phantasmal Beast, just over eight meters in length, who was Siddhartha’s favorite from childhood and followed him in all of his journeys, it’s presence alone enough to scare off anyone or anything without good intentions if Siddhartha’s own serenity could not sway them. This magnificent beast could easily jump across rivers and defeat demons with nothing but its hooves, but Kanthaka’s true power lies not in brute force.

    After dying of heartbreak when Siddhartha transcended to Nirvana and left the physical world behind, Kanthaka would go on to become a Brahmin in his next life who, upon learning of Siddhartha’s teachings from a monastery near his hometown, used them to rapidly achieve enlightenment and join his master in Nirvana. Thus, at any time where it is deemed necessary, Siddhartha can make Kanthaka take the form of a Boddhisattva, greatly weakened due to being merely a Noble Phantasm of a Servant, but still a massively powerful entity that can do battle for him. This state drains mana quickly, however, and thus, Kanthaka and Siddhartha cannot use it to sit down and talk as equals.

    Humble Offering Of Affection
    Gift of Dirt

    Type: D-
    Rank: Anti-Hostility
    Range: 50m
    Max Targets: 1000

    A ball shaped out of slightly wet dirt that Siddhartha seems to smile at whenever he sees or holds it. It is not a Noble Phantasm related to his life, but instead one related to an anecdote of the Great Chakravartin, Ashoka. During childhood in a previous life, the young boy who would become Ashoka was present when his village were giving presents in the form of food items to the Gautama Buddha. Having nothing to give him, the boy instead rolled up a ball of dirt and put it in the Buddha’s offering bowl, playing pretend that it was food. When the other villagers seemed ready to admonish him for doing such a thing, the Buddha patted the child on the head and said that one so full of imagination might one day become the one to spread his teachings far and wide. Ashoka’s legacy speaks for itself on whether this came true.

    This ball of dirt, full of the boy’s kindness, radiates a gentle aura of tranquility and pacifism when Siddhartha activates the Noble Phantasm by putting a slight bit of mana into it. Enemies within this area feel at peace and are often willing to lay down their arms and make peace talks or pleasant conversation. When presented with the ball as a gift, anyone who isn’t excessively materialistic or hard-headed will accept it with great gratitude and be willing to sit down and speak with Siddhartha. Of course, Siddhartha will not ask for the ball of dirt to be returned to him, so this Noble Phantasm is rendered null if he does give it away. Trying to create subsequent mudballs is futile as none of them contain the emotions that the boy put into it.

    The first known man to obtain Buddhahood, Siddhartha Gautama discovered the way for all living things to escape suffering and shared it with all the people of the land that he met. Born a prince, he was sheltered by his father in a series of elaborate palaces from ever seeing the outside world and witnessing mankind’s suffering. At the age of twenty-seven, and aided by a retainer of his, he escaped his home and rode out in a chariot pulled by Kanthaka, where he saw among other things a sickly man, an old man and a corpse. From this experience he would later discover the Four Noble Truths and teach them to others, in part breaking up the Caste system of the time and putting many people on a lifelong journey to enlightenment.

    Normally, he would manifest as the Buddha proper in the unique Saver class, but he can be summoned in different classes through use of specific catalysts, where he will appear as himself while he was still alive and on the path to enlightenment.

    Humble and friendly, in every way following the Eightfold Path. Despite this, as he is still human at this point, he is a bit more emotional and less uptight than his Buddha self. If blessed with a friendly Master, he will be courteous and loyally, while if cursed with a sinful or otherwise inappropriate Master, he will subtly try to make them change for the better, but carry out their commands regardless. As he knows he became the Buddha already, he tries to live up to the image of one, but if coerced to be a bit more personal, he will not be against trying out or exploring modernity, quietly mourning for the new ways in which mankind has begun to suffer, but hopeful that they will overcome the shackles of suffering.


    “Ah, to look upon that which I became and know that the suffering we wade through was not in vain. That is a feeling of elation I hope that other people will come to feel too.”

    Yan Qing:
    “Sublime technique. Perhaps you would like for an exchange of philosophy as we exchange techniques as fellow martial artists? …You think such techniques could only be beaten into me? That’s a bit gloomy, but, very well.

    EMIYA (Kiritsugu):
    “Trying to stop suffering in such a way as yours is just too sad. At times, it is important to know when to let go.

    Abigail Williams:
    “Are you back for more, Elder thing? Know that this time will end just the same as it did the last time.”

    Sessyoin Kiara:
    “Even in this inferior state, I will put an end to your awful regime here and now!”

    Jeanne Alter:
    “Be honest with yourself, child. Those who lie to themselves bare themselves for all the world to see.”

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    Truth is stranger than fiction
    But he is stranger than both

    False Berserker

    Epithet: The Greatest Liar on Earth
    Class: Berserker
    Alternative Classes: None
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Source: Historical Fact
    Country of Origin: Switzerland

    Height/Weight: 177 cm/68 kg
    Gender: Male
    Likes: Adventures
    Dislikes: Skeptics
    Talents: Storytelling
    Attribute: Man
    Natural Enemy: Helena Blavatsky
    Armaments: Slingshot with self-made ammo

    STR: E END: E
    AGI: D MGI: D
    LCK: D NP: A+

    Class Skills:
    Madness Enhancement EX:
    The Bersker Class’s signature skill, raising basic parameters and strengthening one's physical abilities in exchange for hindering mental capacities and/or in exchange for their sense of reason.

    At this rank, False Berserker’s parameters are ranked-up, but he is deprived of most of his reason. Specifically, he loses the ability to perceive the world accurately and logically. Under the effects of this skill, he will perceive himself as a legendary explorer adored by everyone. At first glance, he may seem sane and capable of logical conversation, but that is not true. Anything and everything he sees or hears will be transferred through a mental filter to support his impression of himself. Someone calling him on his bullshit will be considered someone praising him for his exploits. A random dog attacking him will be seen as a mythical beast that only he can defeat. As such, while he can talk and communicate his views, it is impossible to come to a mutual understanding.

    Personal Skills:
    Powerless Shell B:
    A skill that declines one’s abilities and makes it difficult to perceive one as a Servant.

    At this rank, False Berserker’s parameters are reduced drastically and his presence becomes almost impossible to recognize as a Servant. His skills are not suppressed, however. False Berserker gains this skill due to the world’s perception of him as a “regular human”, so much so that his harmlessness is part of his legend. As such, his parameters are reduced to human levels and he only retains his skills. This skill cannot be activated and deactivated freely. It is typically permanently active, and will not be removed even when False Berserker is in danger. In practice, this is False Berserker’s true form. The only time this changes is when False Berserker activates his Noble Phantasm.

    Enchant C:
    A skill that causes concept endowment towards objects.

    It is also known as “Literary Masterpiece Endowment”. For writer-type Servants, it is likely that they will have this skill or a similar skill or Noble Phantasm. It allows one to add concepts and functions to items or people to draw out and enhance the target’s abilities. In effect, it is a skill that allows one to strengthen their Master’s fighting ability.

    Despite his many talents, False Berserker’s greatest skill was actually his writing. His exciting evocation of imagery and sensational sense for visual detail amazed anyone who read the details of his adventurers. His skill at writing was such that artists found it incredibly easy to create images based on his text. In a short period of time, he was able to gain massive popularity thanks to his captivating writing. False Berserker’s use of this skill allows him to not only raise an object’s abilities but also change its appearance to some degree. By writing an excerpt describing the object in length, he can endow it with the concepts and details he writes. At this rank, he is even capable of producing E-rank Noble Phantasms with this skill.

    Expert of Many Specializations D:
    Access to and use of many professional skills.

    In False Berserker’s case, he can access skills in cleaning, administration, etiquette, medicine, surgery, invention, photography, clairvoyance, divination, and swindling with E-rank proficiency. Over the course of his life, False Berserker had many professional occupations, moving back and forth from job to job. Although he wasn’t successful in any of them, he had some proficiency in each and thus can access those skills with some technical proficiency.
    Noble Phantasm
    The Most Amazing Story Ever Told
    Wide World Sensation

    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Army

    The manifestation of False Berserker’s inner world, a land which only he could see. An illusion-type Noble Phantasm that recreates the dangerous wilderness described in Berserker’s records of his adventurers. Upon activation of the Noble Phantasm, all within range, regardless of friend or foe, are removed from reality and pulled into the illusionary world, a space of shared imagination.

    Those who are drawn into the Noble Phantasm find themselves in a land that never existed. It is a world built on lies, halfway between reality and fantasy. At first glance, it resembles the land of Australia with similar terrain and plant life, but those who travel through the land will find that isn’t exactly accurate. Instead of human civilization or common animals, the area is inhabited by monstrous beasts, such as giant alligators and flying wombats, which are hostile to any who trespass on their territory. Opposite to the terrifying wildlife are tribes of cannibalistic natives wielding primitive spears and shields, who are also eager to eat defenseless passers-by. If one makes an extended stay in the area, even the weather will begin to try to kill him with harsh storms and thunderbolts. Everything in this world is a reflection of mankind’s perception of an untamed wilderness and thus actively tries to kill those within it.

    This is not a recreation of any land that existed in history but one where False Berserker’s lies become reality. Within this phantasmal realm, the caster himself undergoes a change. No longer is he the weak writer-type Servant outside; he transforms into the legendary explorer that stars in his recorded adventurers. Here, he is no longer a fraud, a man who spoke of adventurers that never happened. Here, his perception of the world finally matches that of other people’s. Here, he is finally home.

    While inside his Noble Phantasm, False Berserker’s abilities change drastically. His parameters and skills are replaced with new, improved ones, based on the persona he created. With these power-ups, he is able to fight on par with and even surpass actual legendary heroes, despite being a fraud. The exact upgrades he receives are listed below.

    The Noble Phantasm is an ability that can be compared to that of a Reality Marble, but there’s a slight difference. Rather than projecting Berserker’s inner world onto reality itself, it projects it onto the minds of others. It traps the audience in its world of illusions, aligning their perception of reality with False Berserker’s, and then erects a bounded field in which those illusions have causative effect. As such, it cannot affect beings that lack a sense of imagination. Servants with Mad Enhancement or other mental resistance skills will not be pulled into the world and simply be left behind. On the other hand, the mana upkeep for the world is much less than an actual reality marble. Once one is inside the phantasmal realm, there are only two ways to escape: defeat False Berserker and realize the true nature of the illusion. Each turn, one may make a perception check to escape. Similarly, if one already knows False Berserker’s legend, one can be freed from the illusion once one uncovers False Berserker’s true name.

    In the end, this is a world of lies. And once the illusion is exposed, the audience return to reality and False Berserker reverts to nothing more than a fraud.

    Berserker's New Status (True Berserker)
    True Berserker is a truly inspiring explorer who ventured into the Australian wilderness in search of gold and ended up shipwrecked for 30 years. Over the course of these 30 years, he explored the unmarked land and conquered its wild dangers. His adventurers have given him a wide variety of experience in both combat and survival. He is noted for his exceptional skill at archery and acrobatics, with which he amazed the primitive natives with. His skill is such that he can hit a small bird flying through the sky and nimbly dodge through a rain of enemy spears. Fans have affectionately called him the “Australian Robinson Crusoe”.

    STR: B END: B
    AGI: A MGI: C
    LCK: A NP: A+

    General Skills

    Riding A
    The ability to ride mounts or vehicles. True Berserker is capable of riding a turtle, something considered an impossible feat by skeptics of his stories.

    Independent Action B
    The ability to remain independent even in the absence of one’s Master. Allows one to stay in the world without an established contract for extended periods of time for up to two days. Having survived alone in the wilderness for 30 years, True Berserker naturally has a high rank in this stat.

    Item Construction (False) C
    The ability to manufacture non-magical items. It allows True Berserker to create survival tools and similar items. During his stay in the wilderness, he was forced to master this skill or die.

    Personal Skills
    Bravery B
    The ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination. It also has the bonus effect of increasing melee damage. Even when put into the dangerous wilderness alone without any help, True Berserker remained unfazed and was able to calmly form a survival plan. Regardless of whether or not he is surrounded by spear-wielding cannibals or attacked by giant monsters, True Berserker will never falter.

    Bow and Arrow Creation C
    The ability to design and create a bow and arrows. Separate from his skill at Item Construction, True Berserker was especially skilled in creating a bow and arrow from materials he gathered in the wilderness. At this rank, True Berserker can create these items just by passing his magical energy through the necessary materials.

    Eye of the Mind (True) C
    A danger-avoidance ability that allows one to predict the opponent’s ability and change the situation. This is not a natural talent but a skill forged from 30 years in the wilderness, fighting off cannibalistic natives and wild beasts.

    Beast Killer B
    The ability to unleash a special attack towards wild animals and magic beasts. Forced to fend off dangerous creatures like giant alligators and a killer octopus, True Berserker gained a deep knowledge about the nature of beasts and found ways to best defeat them.
    Background (True)

    False Berserker’s True Name is Henry Louis Grin, a Swiss explorer born in 1847. Leaving his house at the age of 16 and moving to Australia, he tried various ventures, such as becoming a doctor or butler, but with very little success.

    Yet, suddenly in the year 1898, he took the world by storm. Under the fake name, Louis de Rougement, he began to publish stories in a British periodical about adventures he had in the Australian Outback. The story detailed thirty years spent living among the natives, and described the land in vivid detail, filled with battles against enemy tribes and fierce animals. His writing was so fantastical that it became an instant success, garnering popularity across the globe. His story was lauded as “the most amazing tale any man ever lived to tell” and he was congratulated for having survived such crazy conditions.

    But the more popular de Rougement grew, the more skeptics surfaced. Well-versed readers challenged the contents of his autobiography, such as claims of riding a turtle or of flying wombats. Arguments over the validity of de Rougement’s adventures grew for several months. When subjected to interviews, de Rougement was unable to put the location of his adventurers on the map and refused to speak about the aboriginal languages he encountered. Eventually, someone recognized de Rougement as Henry Louis Grin and exposed him for who he truly was.

    In the end, Henry was labelled a fraud and his stories a giant con. Given the title “The Greatest Liar on Earth”, Henry was subsequently shunned and disappeared from the public’s favor. Never again did he regain his popularity and he died on 1921, poor and alone.

    Such was the life of the wanna-be adventurer, Henry Louis Grin.
    Lore (False?)

    Louis de Rougement was the identity that False Berserker went by while writing about his supposed adventurers. It is a false name used to hide Henry’s true identity as to not expose his lies… or is it? What if Louis de Rougement actually was someone else?

    During his life of various occupations, Henry Louis Grin once took the job of a pearler and did in fact head north of Australia, in search of pearls. While diving in the water, he accidently uncovered a sunken relic, mistaking it for treasure. Upon picking the relic, he released the spirit of a man trapped within. The spirit ended up possessing him, creating a second personality within Henry, the one we now know as Louis de Rougement.

    The spirit that possessed Henry was originally a man from the Age of Gods, whose soul ended up being trapped in an ancient relic. A forgotten hero lost in time, that man had once explored unknown lands, fought enemy soldiers, and defeated great magical beasts. When this spirit possessed Henry, the two souls in one body fought for possession of the physical vessel. Pulled both ways, Henry had no choice but to reconcile the two conflicting memories within him, lest he became insane. In the end, he ended up believing that he himself was a great explorer who had done the feats that the other spirit had.

    The feats of a long lost hero became his own, perceived through Henry’s own common sense and rationality. Airborne mammals became flying wombats. Fire-breathing dragons became fearsome alligators. Enemy warriors became tribes of cannibalistic natives. The end result was a story that never happened to either man.

    Amazed by his own exploits, de Rougement published his supposedly true adventures and garnered success. With his adventurers being praised, the second spirit found happiness and was able to pass on, leaving behind a confused Henry who no longer knew what was real anymore.

    Inevitably, Louis was labelled a fraud and shunned by all of society. To his very last breath, he believed in those adventurers that never happened. Even if the world didn’t recognize it, he trusted that deep down he truly was a great explorer.

    As a servant, False Berserker is summoned not as the normal human, Henri Louis Grin, or the fictional explorer, Louis de Rougement, but a combination of the two, the fraud writer who for a short period of time convinced the world that he was the greatest.
    False Berserker is a man living a lie, without knowing it. Under Mad Enhancement, he believes himself to be a legendary explorer servant whose story is known by everyone and is unable to recognize otherwise. Although he has information on his own strengths as a Servant, he will automatically only see himself as a brave warrior of the seas and not fight to his strengths. Depending on the situation, he may perceive certain dangers that do not exist, such as thinking a stray cat is a dangerous beast or a light drizzle is a great storm, and then applaud himself for surviving the nonexistent challenge. Similarly, if he sees someone in danger, he'll do the heroic thing and jump into to protect them, despite being incredibly weak. For all his survival ability, he will foolishly throw himself into hard to survive situations.

    Before, he became possessed by an ancient spirit, Henri Louis Grin was an unsuccessful nobody, down on his luck. He jumped from job to job, desperately trying to find something he was good at but failing every time. All he wanted was to find something that he was good at, something that could help define him. So, when he came to the "realization" that he was actually an amazing explorer, he was elated. Finally, there was a title he could latch onto. Even after people called him a fake, he could not give up the joy that his memories brought him. It had become the very foundation that defined him; he would rather die than lose it.

    At his core, Berserker is an average joe who just wants to be recognized. Generally reserved and polite, he isn't very amicable but isn't asocial either. After a life of failure, he has become scared of being a nobody and thus is very sensitive about people recognizing him as a great explorer. So, when people call him out on his lies and criticizes him, he'll get upset, go to the corner and start sulking.

    “Why don’t they believe me? I’m telling the truth…”

    In that way, he'll lick his wounds and eventually pull himself together. But when one does praise him, he'll get really excited and start acting arrogant. Fundamentally, he's a difficult person to get along with.

    Bond CE: Incredible Tales
    The greatest liar on earth

    That’s what they’re calling me now, as if it were something to be proud of. It makes me upset.

    All I did was write a book. I just wanted to share my adventures.
    But they couldn’t accept it. My story was too amazing to believe.

    But you know, I think being a fraud is better than being a nobody. At least, that's something.
    Even if they're boos, getting some kind of response is better than standing before an empty valley and hearing your echo.

    That's why I will never give up. That's why I will not abandon "my truth".
    I will continue to write and shout at the top of my lungs,

    I am Louis de Rougemont!
    I am an explorer!
    Extra Material
    Miscellanious Characteristics
    · He’s good with children and likes to tell them his stories.

    · He thinks white lies are okay as long as they aren't intended to hurt people.

    · He believes that Archer is his best class, not recognizing that he can only be summoned as Berserker due to the nature of his legend.

    · He had a wife in his adventurers, but he isn’t overly faithful. He’s not a flirt either, but he isn’t tied to his love.

    · He is an avid reader and respects other writers like Shakespeare.

    · He has a knack for inventing useless products.

    · His wish for the Holy Grail would of course be so that everyone in the world would know his legend and recognize it as the truth.
    Summon: Servant Berserker reporting in. I am Louise de Rougemont, a brave warrior of the seas. A pleasure to work with you.
    Battle Won: Phew, that was rather tough.
    Defeat: Tch, not bad. But a hero like me can overcome this trial. Let’s try again!

    Bond Lv1: You aren’t what I imagined a magician would be like, but I guess that’s fine.
    Bond Lv2: So, do you want to hear my story? Well, of course, you already know it, but I can give you a personal account of the great dangers I faced.
    Bond Lv3: I’ll be writing, so just call me whenever you need me. I’ll come.
    Bond Lv4: You’ve been a great help, Master. I almost wish you were there with me on the island.
    Bond Lv5: … thank you for believing in me.

    Dialogue 1: Time to sortie? Alright, I’ll show you my strength.
    Dialogue 2: I am Louise de Rougemont, a brave man who has conquered the seas. Even a mouse’s eye cannot escape my arrow! … how does that sound? Should I make it cooler?
    Dialogue 3: Where was the island I was shipwrecked on? … In your heart.

    Helena: … I believe you.
    Francis Drake: I didn’t think I’d meet a fellow explorer. Truthfully, I’m a big fan.
    Geronimo: Y-you’re not gonna try to eat me, are you?
    Holmes: Christ, can you stop poking around for one second!

    Something you like?: I think all writers like it when their story is praised.
    Something you hate?: It bugs me when people insult my work and poke holes in it…
    About the Holy Grail: Hmm… maybe I’d wish for people to know my story… oh, what am I saying? Everyone already knows the Adventures of Louise de Rougement.
    During an Event: I’m not much of a festive person. I think I’ll stay indoors, so have fun.
    Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday! As a present, I got you a personal signature from me. Happy?
    Helena Blavatsky: As someone who believes in the one truth, she is his natural enemy. However, their experiences are more similar than either may care to admit. They have a 50/50 chance of becoming good friends or becoming archenemies.

    Shakespeare/Hans: Fellow writer friends! Well, he considers them his predecessors and people to admire, but wouldn’t actually try to befriend them.

    Edison/Tesla/Babbage: Some one-sided resentment due to his failures in the field of invention. In the end, he still admires them though.

    Sherlock Holmes: Really wishes the guy wouldn’t be so insistent on figuring out the truth.

    Explorer Servants: He considers them fellow explorers and his equals.

    Foreigner Servants: There’s a chance they’ll trigger traumatic memories of his battle with the giant octopus. Probably best to not let him meet with them.

    Odysseus: An image of his ideal. He is the type of person he wants to be and believes he already is.

    Frankenstein’s Monster: She surprisingly resembles his wife in both appearance and demeanor so he becomes naturally protective of her.

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