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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    Oh I wasn't offended, but yeah, most of the Servants I've made in the last year or so are giant walking Worm references.
    "We don't need martyrs right now. We need heroes. A hero would die for his country, but he'd much rather live for it." -Josiah Bartlet

    List of Servants I've made

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    I had what I felt was a reeeeeally good idea, and I was so sure of it, but I can't make it work at all.
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    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
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    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
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    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    Servant Class: Caster of Memphis

    Alternate Classes: Archer, Rider, Berserker

    True Name: Khaemweset, The Prince Who Preserves

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Place of Origin: Egypt (19th Dynasty)


    STR - D
    END - C
    AGI - C
    MGI - A+
    LUK - B (D)
    NP - A+

    “Ir Shti Shta-tu. Unravel the past, strive through adversity and be transformed.”


    Height/Weight: 178cm/62kg

    Likes: Antiquity, Architecture, Pursuit of knowledge

    Dislikes: Vandalism, Cats

    Talents: Grand rituals, Renovation

    Natural Enemy: The Scourge of God

    Attribute: Man

    Traits: Humanoid, Servant, Male

    Armaments: Scepter with the Was, Ankh and Djed symbol

    Catalyst: His Death Mask


    Class Skills:

    Item Construction - B+
    A Caster-Class Skill, specializing in the manufacturing of magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Also, this Skill requires time to gather components and manufacture items.

    Being a High Priest of Ptah, Caster is capable of creating powerful talismans, artifacts and Mystic Codes capable of realizing powerful thaumaturgical effects. One of his best works was the talisman used to free himself from the curses of restless spirits during his pursuit for the Book of Thoth. However, even that pales to the Magnum Opus that was Aai-Shefdew. Under the priesthood of Ptah, Caster is also proficient in the production of stone constructs.

    With Blessings of Ptah, Caster is now able to produce magical items at an unprecedented scale. Talismans are now mere child's play, and automated statues takes but half an hour to produce. Truly, it is the powers of the Creator-God at work.


    Territory Creation - (-)
    Another Caster-Class Skill, allowing the construction of a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana.

    Because of Caster's first Noble Phantasm, this Skill has been overwritten.

    Personal Skills:

    Blessings of Ptah - C
    A gift of those who serves the Creator-God, Lord of Craftsmen, Structure and Order itself. Amplifies creation-oriented abilities, ranging from Golemancy to mundane construction projects. To the user, such knowledge flows like water in their minds.

    Being the High Priest of Ptah, or the "Chief of Artificers," Caster is granted the power to create and repair stone constructs of all shapes and sizes. Differing from traditional Golemancy, the Egyptian foundation is to "Display the glory of the Divine." In other words, the craftsmen believed the quality of the constructs increases the more they resemble the Gods. As such, many of the stone guardians bore the visage of gods, sacred beasts and pharaohs of ages past. And because of their appearance, they are given a sliver of divine power thus allowing them to take on dozens of foes with relative ease. Normally, this Skill should be at A-rank, but the existence of the Crypt Delver Skill has decreased Blessings of Ptah by two ranks.

    A bizarre side effect of this Skill is the ability to communicate with animals -- specifically cows, for that matter. While direct communication is impossible, it is certain to understand the creatures' intentions. According to the other Egyptian Servants, it has something to do with the Apis Bull and the High Priests' duty...

    "Begone, Harlot-Queen! You sully the Creator-Avatar with your presence!"
    ~ In which Caster wards off Medb from the Divine Bull.


    Crypt Delver - B
    The Skill reserved for those that infiltrate places long forbidden by the others. From the evasion/disarming of traps to the ability to traverse labyrinthine hallways, one can truly be considered an expert in the field of exploring ancient complexes. But the higher the Skill's ranking, the more likely one is to suffer from misfortune and earn disfavor from the Gods.

    A rather unexpected Skill for Caster to possess, originating from his rash behavior during the restoration of ancient structures. Despite many warnings, Caster was known to be reckless enough to explore the depths of ancient tombs for the sake of repair or lost knowledge. It was even said that he had slept in tombs whilst in the process of renovating them. Although good intentioned, such blasphemous actions are what prevented him from being deified after death.

    "Fret not, for this has been around the three-hundredth time I've walked in halls such as these. Or was it the four-hundredth?"


    High-Speed Divine Words - A
    The power to activate thaumaturgy without the activation of magic circuits. The language of the Age of Gods, back when words played a heavy role in spellcasting. As such, it is a power lost to modern magi. At this rate, High-Thaumaturgy-level magecraft can be cast at the speed of a Single-Action spell.

    As magician and High Priest, it was natural for Caster to delve into such arcane teachings. Throughout his life, Caster studied ancient texts and secrets of all kinds, including the legendary Book of Thoth. Within the span of a decade, Caster was regarded as a magician and scribe surpassing all others in Egypt. Even pharaoh Ramesses II acknowledged the accomplishment, for it was he who chosen Caster to become High Priest.

    But compared to his beloved firstborn, the latter had surpassed even Caster in terms of magecraft.

    "Pay heed, for these are the language of Divinity that has graced your ears."

    Noble Phantasms

    Hwt Ka Pth
    Sands of Time, Uncover Remnants from the Old World

    Rank: A+

    “Although ravaged by the Ages, Kemet shall reawaken in glory once more! Shift, O sands; may ye reveal ancient splendor. Observe, Hwt Ka Pth!

    The memories and shells of an Age long gone. Driven by the will of a man who looks towards the past, they were brought back from the clutches of Nun's waters.

    In life, Caster had dedicated his life to not only in pursuit of wisdom and magic, but also the rediscovery, reconstruction and preservation of hundreds of temples, tombs and even pyramids of the Egyptian Empire. Often trekking the vast desert, Caster has restored creations from the likes of the Pyramid of Djoser to the Karnak Temple Complex. He had even left the names of the buildings’ original builders etched onto their walls, for all those in the future to know the noble souls who had constructed these vast wonders. Hwt Ka Pth is the recreation of this accomplishment, a testament to the completion of a seemingly impossible goal.

    With ancient Memphis as its namesake, the Noble Phantasm calls upon the Creator-God's authority. With the proper verses and a Grand Ritual given to Ptah, the sands of Egypt’s deserts will rise and sweep across the nation. The divine sandstorm picks up shattered blocks and fragments of paint, placing them back to their original position. The sand, solidifying into stone, will fill in the missing parts. Even buried structures will rise once more, lifted by the earth beneath them. In less than several minutes, the pride of the Old and Middle Kingdom stand proudly once more, restored to their former glory.

    Within each building resides a mix of magical and technological defenses, ranging from deadly traps to animated guardians. Never leaving their posts, these stone protectors will slay all who dared to enter sacred ground. There may be the occasional stone sphinxes, but the largest -- and strongest -- is the Great Sphinx of Giza. Although a mere replication of a Divine Beast, it is still capable of fighting against Servants on equal grounds.

    Aside from reviving ancient wonders, the sandstorm also serves as a pseudo-Bounded Field that doesn't weaken but rather amplifies Mystery. As the sands obscure the sight and reasoning of Man, ancient swords will become shining beacons and reenactment of legends are now worthy of epics. Meanwhile, works from the Age of Man will become weakened, eroded by the blessed sand of Ptah. In a way, this is similar to the mindset of Caster's; a man who treasured the wonders of the past, but lost sight to the future.

    For the optimal use of this Noble Phantasm, the best setting for activation is the Egyptian desert. While it is possible for to use it in an area without sand, the reawakening of ancient architecture will be impossible to accomplish. Even when used for its function as a Bounded Field, the sand will still require time to flow towards Caster's location. Speaking of the sands, it is possible to transport the stone guardians via the sandstorm, although it may take time for them to arrive.

    At first glance, while the resurfacing of ancient structures are awe-spiring, it seemed absolutely useless at a combat perspective. As Caster was never their original creator, he is unable to command their armies and defense systems. To ratify the problem, Caster had already prepared his second Noble Phantasm.


    Pseudo-Omnipresent Lexicon -- Master Controller

    Rank: C

    “Names have power, and ours are no different."

    Caster's greatest creation, pooling all his memories of knowledge and power within a single Mystic Code.

    It was said that after restoring the complexes to their former glory, Caster inscribed both his and Ramesses II’s name upon a part of their foundation. While it may seem to be a gesture of respect for both father and Pharaoh, the act allows them the authority to control their foundations. Similar to how Caster's father held dominion to all that Egypt had built, inscribing his own name onto the structures allowed Caster to hold some form of authority over them. In a way, it can be compared to "hacking" the authority of the original owners.

    Said authority is exercised in the form of a copper tablet, created after Caster's experience in the tomb of Neferkaptah. Upon finding the Book of Thoth in the magician's tomb, Neferkaptah's Akh warned Caster of the consequences on taking the book. Caster refused to listen, and barely escaped after losing three chess matches with the spirit. Although he had obtained the book, Caster was beset with frightful visions before returning the book several days later. Fortunately, Caster had managed to learn nearly all of the text's secrets and spells before then.

    At its core, this is merely an imitation of the Book of Thoth. As a spellbook, it works as a "Dictionary" of various spells -- conjuring storms, manipulation of the elements, summoning minor spirits, etc. However, the main use relates to the authority over the restored constructs. With the help of High-Speed Divine Words, speedy commands are given to the recovered; from directing the stone guardians or activating the artillery laser-strikes within each pyramids, namely the Red Pyramid of Dahshur and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Said strikes possess exceptionally long-ranged, capable of razing foes from across the globe.

    Should Caster face any of the buildings' original owners, their authority will override Caster's and the prince will lose control of the respective building. The destruction of Aai-Shefew can also work in removing Caster's authority. Another disability is whenever Caster calls upon the spells within, his Luck drops by two ranks -- perhaps a reminder of the forbidden knowledge he sought. ...Strangely, should the King of Kings be present, the buildings will automatically fuse with the Shining Great Temple Complex.


    All will eventually crumble and fade — even the wonders of Egypt are not exempt from this fact. No matter how grand the halls or how sturdy the foundations, the sands will reclaim all the once-proud structures.

    Even as the past fades away, something will be left behind; be it trinkets, artifacts or even entire structures. Although it is simple to disregard them as empty shells of a bygone age, these remnants offer a glimpse to the times before. Their wealth, glory, accomplishments and more; in a way, it isn’t far-fetched to say that these remains are a glimpse of a past world. For those who are taken by these wonders, some sought to preserve or restore them for the future — for others must bear witness to the legacies of Gods and Kings from long ago.

    Prince Khaemweset, or Setna, had also shared similar thoughts as he gazed upon the pyramids of the Giza Complex. The fourth son of Ramesses II had always been enamored with the remains of the Old and Middle Kingdoms, and the sights of dilapidated temples and tombs neglected by many had brought sorrow to his heart. Driven to save these relics of the past, Khaemweset left the path of Arms and embraced priesthood under Ptah. Harnessing ancient lore, the prince began to locate temples and tombs of old. Khaemweset dove into the remains of ancient Dynasties, uniformly restored and recorded these monuments’ inscriptions and owners. In doing so, he restored many funerary cults — reviving and preserving the memories of great monarchs.

    Within decades, Khaemweset had rebuilt hundreds of fallen structures and tombs — surpassing even the great Hatshepsut of the Eighteenth Dynasty. However - - -

    To wander into the tombs is forbidden, for it is treading upon the worlds the dead tailored as they await transition to the Afterlife. Nevertheless, Khaemweset continued to dive and and restore, incurring a slew of divine curses in exchange for their preservation and untold knowledge. Even when haunted by visions, he did not falter. Even when his firstborn had died, he did not falter. Even when aware of his impending death, he pursued his passion project with increased fervor.

    For the sake of preserving ancient wisdom and glory, such trivialities are an afterthought.

    Eventually, the prince passed away, the burden of so many curses overwhelming his spirit. Although he was the Crown-Prince at the time, Khaemweset was denied worship and Divinity — the ultimate price in intruding upon the resting place of the dead.

    Even so, the prince’s passion are still seen today; although fragmented, the Pyramids stood proud and the tombs remain even after millennia of erosion. It can be said that after an entire Age, Khaemweset had finally shared the glory of the past to the rest of the world.
    Truly, he has earned the titles of “The First Archeologist” and “The First Egyptologist.”


    Among his siblings, Khaemweset was shown to possess a sharp mentality. Driven to the core, the prince would always appear even-tempered and intense. With a proud manner of speaking to boot, he is quick to display his knowledge as magician/High Priest and eager to enforce the superiority of
    the Age of Gods
    . Aside from his reverence to the Gods, Khaemweset's mindset is similar to that of modern magi.

    In reality, it is more of a professional persona than anything else.

    Although a devotee of the Gods, the prince isn't pious enough to not trespass ancient tombs or even take the Book of Thoth. A High Priest/Crown Prince Khaemweset may be, but he styles himself as a scholar above all. The Caster believes to uncover the past is important for others to learn from them, and these curses are but a mere obstacle. As such, he is difficult to deter when faced with the prospects of uncovering hidden lore of the past. Even if his spirit were to be eaten away, the prince will gladly do it for the sake of recovering these precious memories.

    While appearing unwavering in his beliefs, Khaemweset is rather humble when it comes to correcting his misconceptions -- even when he appear to be flustered at the idea of him being incorrect. If anything, he is willing to learn from others if it means to gain a better grasp of lore and magic. The only exception are topics regarding the King of Kings, for Khaemweset is eternally faithful to the man who is both father and Chosen of Ra.

    Despite his levelheadedness, the prince displays a surprising lack of safety when the
    reveal themselves. Perhaps a product of his passions or his skill, Khaemweset never exhibits a hint of concern. Whether it be traps, curses or a nigh-invincible enemy, the prince would remain proud. ...However, this air of self-confidence disappears whenever he has no way out. Of course, this would be remedied whenever Khaemweset procured one of his talismans or called for help but it is highly unlikely he will even remember the dangers themselves. With some "positive influences," however, he may be able to learn from his mistakes.

    If there were a single regret in his life, it would be his inability to spend more time with his firstborn Se-Osiris. Because of his passions and the circumstances of fate, their time together was cut short. Years after Se-Osiris was sent into the afterlife, the prince never truly recovered. Even if it was against the will of the Gods and an affront to order, Khaemweset will do anything for this selfish wish.

    "The Holy Grail... If it were just for several more years, I would gladly see her again."


    (If Khaemweset is upset, he would divert his attention to work or his projects. After all, channeling the thoughts into a productive work is one of the main factors in how he was able to recover so many structures during his past life.)

    (Attracts negative attentions from cats. A product of the Gods' punishment for taking the Book to Thoth, one of Bast's priestesses harassed Khaemweset with terrifying dreams and nasty pranks. Even the sphinx cubs his father own will occasionally ponce him, much to the prince's dismay.)

    (While he isn't exactly hostile, Khaemweset isn't impressed with the condition of mankind from the Age of Man. Whether it is dissapointment of their lack of development or disregard for the past is unknown. However, his opinion may change should they appreciate the accomplishments of the past.)

    Craft Essence/Relations

    Quaint Mastaba

    Since ancient times, mankind has built tombs to house their own remains.
    While it is certainly to leave a reminder of their existence, these structures also serve a different purpose ---
    As the stage between the human body and the world thereafter, tombs serve as an intermediate.
    A self-styled Purgatory, the human soul would either wait for the afterlife or reside in their own 'World,' so to speak.

    In this case, it wouldn't be inaccurate to call those who explore them frontiersmen to 'The Worlds of the Dead.'

    But to simply walk into their halls -- no matter the reason -- would incur the wrath of their inhabitants.
    For these Worlds do not take kindly to the living.
    Nevertheless, many still desired to uncover these Worlds.
    Whether for gold, glory, or simple curiosity, these souls discovered ancient memories at their own peril.


    Within the dunes of Saqqara, there lies a tomb like any other.
    Therein rests a soul who descended into the past, in order to preserve the past itself.
    Even when losing nearly all that he treasured and ravaged by blights, he chased his passions to the very end.
    He was sealed in his own little World, awaiting the Eternal Land that will never come.

    ...It is a charming World, surrounded by memories of past and family.



    Se-Osiris: "My dear child, you've returned to me once again! Come here, so I may embrace you just like all those years ago. Haha, it has been so long... Thank you, Master."

    The apple of Caster's eye. The prodigious child surpassing even the father, who learned all there is to magic. However, the child's bright future was cut dreadfully short in the name of destiny. Since then, Caster had grieved and would always sent offerings to her grave to pay respects. Upon being reunited, both would spend a great deal of time together. Should it be seeking knowledge or merely teaching one another about something new. Although Se-Osiris inherited Caster's boundless curiosity, she is still reasonable enough to rein in her father's reckless pursuit to prevent him from running into danger. Although Caster's doting may seem overbearing at times, Se-Osiris never minded his father's affections. Best daughter ever.


    Avicebron: "'Replicating the Perfect Human,' what trite. No matter how 'flawless' humans might be, they shall never compare to the likes of Gods. If you like, I can show you what it means to etch the visage of Divinity into physical form."

    Caster disagrees with the Golem-Maker on two fronts. First is the idea of Golemancy being the "Replication of the Original Human," as Caster believes the Gods to be the perfect beings instead. To consider normal Man to be a flawless vessel is absurd, given Caster is a priest in the Age of Gods. On the second front, it is Avicebron's misanthropic perspective and the nature of his work. If one must truly craft the ultimate Man, an deep understanding in people is a required. Because Avicebron lacks this very understanding, Caster will never believe the Golem-Maker is truly capable of reaching "Perfection." Should Golem Keter Malkuth be activated, Caster will only treat "Adam" as a parody of Creation; a facsimile of life from a misanthrope's eyes.


    Ozymandias: "O King of Kings -- Life, Health and Strength be with you -- your humble servant returns to your service once more. If there are anything you wish, merely name it for your servant to fulfill. You wish to address your son? Very well, if this is what father wants, then may it be done."

    In life, Caster played a major role in his father's immortalization by inscribing his name onto every structure he restored. As such, it isn't a stretch to assume that Caster's true loyalty rests with Ozymandias. As priests are those who serve the Gods, Caster will naturally serve the incarnation of the Sun; be it declaring Ozymandias' presence, tending to his wishes or simply accompanying him around. Although he will hardly show it, but the Pharaoh is proud of his son and all that he has accomplished. It was also said that Ozymandias stepped forth from his throne to consoled Caster, who was lamenting the death of his child Se-Osiris. However, it doesn't stop him from admonishing Caster for the prince's occasional recklessness.

    "Y-yes, father, I won't be taking anything from the tombs. And yes, I've learned my lesson last time."


    Nitocris: "...Strange, I never found her tomb."

    As Nitocris is also a Pharaoh, Caster will take it upon himself to build some confidence in Nitocris. The incarnation of Horus must be respected, yes; but praise is easily given when they exude the majesty befitting of one. However, Caster is unsettled by the presence of the female Pharaoh. It all boils down to the fact that he had never heard of her before; having read through the records of the House of Life numerous times, there were no names that matches the one that is 'Nitocris.' ...Nevertheless, he would still serve; for it is the priest's duty to tend to the Gods themselves.


    Lancelot (Saber): "Ah, you are asking me for advice? ...I...Never knew it was that severe. Forgive me, but that is beyond my expertise."

    He was able to bond with the knight over their respective offsprings. Lancelot lost Galahad after he "ascended" with the Holy Grail, while Caster lost Se-Osiris after defeating the Ethopian mage. In spite of this, their relationship with their respective daughters couldn't be anymore different from the other. While Lancelot and "Galahad's" bond is... sorely lacking, Caster and Se-Osiris' is arguably the most stable by comparison. While Caster tries his best in mending the relationship between the two knights, he really doubts he's contributing that much. But hey, baby steps are a form of improvement.


    Nero: "...Dull. Just dull. The overuse of gold is criminal, to the point where they're no better than stone! The liberal use of red is no different, overloading the senses until they numb! In fact, the very existence of this structure makes me want to vomit- Ugh, cease your crying, woman, it's unbecoming of a ruler."

    For someone who's enamored with the works of the Old and Middle Kingdoms, Caster finds any other forms of architecture to be inherently inferior to that of Egypt's. Setting sights on the Golden Theater would arguably be the worst experience of his life, as conflicts with all that Caster finds as "Aesthetically Pleasing." If given the opportunity, Caster would immediately dismantle the structures and rebuilt them to his ideal image. In fact, the only reason Caster isn't putting Chaldea under heavy renovation is his father's commands.
    ...On another note, he simply rates the Hanging Gardens to be a "6.5/10."


    The Necrotects sends their regards.

    The Tales of Setna is actually inspired by Khaemweset's exploits as he renovated the structures throughout Egypt, so I decided to conflate them into the same person. Besides, the prince was considered to be reckless before Setna's stories came about...

    A huge thanks to You's blog post on the nature of tombs, which was a major inspiration.

    And...Funder’s Khufu sheet may have rubbed off on me.
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    Remember everybody, you've got until the morning of the 23rd for submissions so keep at it!

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    I tried to make an Archer version of Marco Polo but I can't top my Rider one I did this time last year, that was perfect. I won't be able to make an 'Explorer' servant able to compete in the meantime, I'll stick with Franklin in the meantime.
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    whats the current roster now?
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    Servant Rider:

    A tall and slender, yet muscled, young woman with long green hair that fades into pale white at the ends and olive eyes that shine with fierce intellect. Appears clad in a silver cuirass cut low enough to bare some of her generous cleavage, a dark green armored kilt ending at the knees and a navy blue cloak draped across her shoulders.

    She wears light bronze greaves on her legs, cut at the bottom to expose her toes. For weapons, Rider carries a xiphos (Greek shortsword) strapped to her hip and a shield bearing the emblem of Athens, an olive branch and owl head. Both are not Noble Phantasms, but sturdy enough to hold up in clashes with them.

    True Name: Themistocles "King of Navies"

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Alternate Classes: Caster, Shielder

    Strength- D
    Agility- B
    Endurance- C
    Mana- B
    Luck- EX
    NP- B

    A "naval otaku" wholeheartedly infatuated with ships and sailing. Rider's broad-minded and adventurous demeanour bely the mind of a crafty politician and ruthless strategist, willing to use every advantage available to her in order to win. She is an optimist who refuses to accept that defeat can be decreed by fate, believing that victory is always within reach so long as one has the will and intellect to grasp it.

    Rider dislikes the excessive reverence of tradition, saying those unwilling to evolve with the times will inevitably be swept away in the tides of history. As such, she is quick to adapt when summoned to the modern age, trying out new clothes and food with the eagerness of an explorer traversing unchartered lands. She even takes a liking to video games, in particular naval strategy games like World Of Warships which she naturally excels at. In this regard, she'd probably get along well with a certain King of Conquerors.

    Rider harbors a simple yet grand wish on the Holy Grail; to insure the survival and endless progress of Western Civilization (and by extension, humankind as a whole). Recognizing that the new greatest threats to humanity are not likely to come from land or sea but rather space itself, Rider wishes to transform humanity into an "empire of the stars" powerful enough to repel any extraterrestrial invaders if and when they arrive.

    Likes: ships, freedom, Western Civilization
    Dislikes: complacency, fatalism, Persia
    Talents: naval warfare, outrageous plans that always pay off
    Natural Enemy: Xerxes, Minos I, Altera

    Class Skills:

    Riding- N/A
    The ability to ride animals. Due to her talent being in steering ships rather then mounts, this Skill has been sealed.

    Magic Resistance- C

    Spells with a chant below two verses are cancelled. Cannot cope with the likes of High Thaumaturgy or Greater Rituals.

    Personal Skills:

    Innovation: Thalassocracy- A

    A special Skill given to heroes who brought innovation to their respective eras. A conceptual revolution which subjugates the old to the new.

    Rider greatly strengthened Athens' navy, almost single-handedly transforming her city into a naval superpower to rival the legendary Persian Empire. Reflecting how Rider's navy changed the Greeks' favoring of land battles into naval ones, any opponent without Riding or a similar Skill will suffer a rank-down in Agility when fighting her.

    Revelation- D

    The ability to "hear the voice of the heavens" and divine the best course of action. Equivalent to Instinct; a sixth sense regarding battles, but Revelation accomodates all matters related to achieving a goal, such as choosing the swiftest path while sailing. Rider several times sought divine backing from the Oracle of Delphi to justify her naval campaigns. The most famous such prophecy, that a "wooden wall" would save Greece from destruction, she interpreted to mean the wooden ships of Athens' navy.

    Voyager Of The Storm- B

    The talent to sail vessels recognized as ships. As capability as a leader is also included, this Skill confers an equal rank in Charisma and Military Tactics. Despite being called the father of sea warfare, Rider never captained a ship herself. Her high rank instead symbolizes her role in spearheading the naval campaign against Persia.

    Vanguard Of The Stars- EX

    A unique Skill afforded to those heroes that valiantly defended turning points in human history. Differing from Pioneer Of The Stars, it regards those who fought to protect an existing order rather then forging a new one in the farthest horizon. All defensive battles and challenges considered "impossible" are turned into "events that can be realized". Exalted by the historian Plutarch as "the (wo)man most instrumental to achieving the salvation of Greece" from the Persian threat, Rider possesses an unparalleled EX-rank in this Skill. So long as she is fighting defensively, Rider can snatch decisive victory even in the face of impossible odds.

    Noble Phantasms
    Sotíras Elládas
    Last Hope Of The Helles

    Rank: B

    Type: Anti-Army

    A Noble Phantasm embodying how Rider's naval defense against the Persians secured the future of Western Civilization. It takes the form of a silver-plated trireme, a shining beacon and last ward against the barbarian invaders. Unlike most ship Noble Phantasms, it lacks any manner of ranged attack like cannons or ballista. Instead, it serves as a "Ram", charging and pulverizing enemies with the battering ram mounted on the ship's prow. Reflecting the famed defensive prowess of Athenian ships (which allowed them to prevail against the faster but more fragile Persian fleet), all attacks upon the trireme's heavily armored hull are ranked down by two.

    This Noble Phantasm offers both excellent offensive and defensive power, but its utter lack of ranged options demands that Rider get up close and personal to attack. The ship can only be summoned in a body of water large enough to accommodate it, automatically placing Rider at a disadvantage if the Grail War takes place on dry land.

    Níki Salamínas
    Sovereignty Of Earth And Sea

    Rank: A

    Type: Anti-Land, Anti-Army

    A crystallization of Rider's victory against the Persians at Salamis Pass. Despite being vastly outnumbered, Rider and her fellow Athenians managed to prevail thanks to the narrow conditions of the pass leaving the Persian army unable to properly maneuver their superior forces. It was a triumph owing just as much to the terrain as to the courage of Rider and her troops. As a Noble Phantasm, this allows Rider to manipulate the earth to her advantage, forming defensive walls to box in enemies and mud to lower their agility. Given enough time and concentration, Rider can even terraform the entire battlefield to one where she holds the absolute advantage.

    However, large-scale application of this Noble Phantasm demands intense concentration from Rider, leaving her mostly helpless to dodge incoming attacks. Invoking its full power on the front lines is unviable unless Rider has allies who can defend her while she concentrates. Simplistic applications such as raising crude walls of earth can be cast at the speed of Single-Action spells, while those powerful enough to reshape the entire geography require a full Ten-Counts to invoke.


    So I finally posted up my entry. I'm still not 100% satisfied with the writing in places, but it was clear I wasn't going to be able to improve it much before the dead-line. This was originally a submission I did for the Fate/Reclamation RP. After it was rejected, I then cleaned it up a bit, gave her a new Skill and changed up some of the rankings now that I didn't have to worry about the RP's points system.

    Also, much thanks to SleepMode for helping me with ideas for her first NP. As always, comments and critiques would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    "I boasted considerable popularity for my lectures, so I ask of you: would you like an hour-long explanation to understand how little I care about what you think?"

    Class: Caster

    True Name: William Buckland

    Alignment: Chaotic Good


    Strength: E
    Endurance: D
    Agility: D
    Mana: A
    Luck: A
    Noble Phantasm: B


    Class Skills:

    Item Construction: B+
    The skill to manufacture magical items. In this case, however, it's "lifeforms". Caster can create anything that can be categorised as "living beings that don't exist in the human world anymore", but in exchange he is unable to craft anything else. Not only extinct animals, but members of the Phantasmal Species can be recreated as well. However, something on the level of a Phantasmal Beast would require high-level materials, not to mention a Divine Beast. As the one who discovered the species most associated with the concept "extinction", Caster acquired this ability upon becoming a Heroic Spirit.

    Territory Creation: B
    The skill to build a territory that is advantageous to oneself as a magus. At this rank, it's possible to build a "Workshop" specialising in "extinct lifeforms".

    Personal Skills:

    Collector: C
    The talent to collect high-quality goods, a sort of luck that draws rare items into the Servant's possession. In this case, though, it's "specimens". Having been infamous in his life for "having eaten his way through the animal kingdom", Caster can easily find unique and uncommon samples for his creation. However, considering his quirks, an unique specimen he has never seen might end up in his stomach instead.

    Mental Disorder: E
    A skill that denotes one's mind that has fallen ill. A result of Caster's legend having been slightly distorted by slander and fake tales, although given his odd personality they could have been exaggerated rather than made up: teaching on a horse, serving roasted mice on toast to his guests, carrying skulls anywhere. Since it's merely a behaviour that makes others uncomfortable, the rank is extremely low; no mental resistance is provided, but a Luck check is required for any hostile mental interference assault to succeed.

    Noble Phantasm

    Antinomic World: Phantasmal Paradox
    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: B

    A Noble Phantasm whose origin lies in Caster's belief that "no human ever coexisted with any extinct species". However, it's not only a theory but also a natural and logical assumption: beings belonging to the past can't possibly coexist with the humans of the present.

    An Anti-Army which targets not enemy Servants, but Caster's own creations. The instant it's deployed, Caster's beasts gain the attribute "can't coexist with humans". Rather than being detrimental to the beasts, it actually manifests in each one of them as an aura which weakens and eventually destroys the foundations of the existence of all "humans" within a range of 5 meters.

    An average Master would collapse and perish in a few seconds. Servants have their magical energy quickly drained and spending a minute within range is generally enough to empty their reserves, making close combat an extremely unwise choice. It's especially effective Saber, Lancer and Berserker.

    It targets humans and only humans. The Noble Phantasm's effects can't be dampened by Divinity, but possessing a monstrous nature can: although Gods are spawned by human imagination, monsters are a similar existence to Caster's creations.

    The base value of Antinomic World's potency is determined by the Heroic Spirit's age: starting from a minute, less time is required for those from the Age of Man and more for those from the Age of Gods.

    Lore and Background

    A British geologist and palaeontologist known for having been the first to discover the fossil bones of a dinosaur.

    Secretly, he was also a magus born within the prestigious Buckland clan, whose method of attaining the Root was "building a road" to it. Even as a child, William's attitude was abnormal enough that he found no problems in openly criticising the theory his parents, grandparents and ancestors had worked on for centuries.

    "That's so stupid. You are forcing human values on something so abstract. How did nobody realise this after seven generations?"

    This way, he alienated himself from them. As soon as he could, he left his home and began to attend prestigious institutes and colleges of both mundane and magical nature. He became a favourite of John Kidd, who was at the time head of the Department of Mineralogy at the Clock Tower, and later succeeded him.

    He quickly distinguished himself not only for his talent as botch magus and lecturer, but also for his odd teaching method. Perhaps because of his passion for the subject, he always delivered everything in an almost maniacal and dramatic manner, gesturing like an actor and making some students uncomfortable by pushing the rotting head of a Chimera in their faces.

    Of course, questioning what a Chimera had to do with Mineralogy would prompt him to shout "You know nothing! And because you are ignorant, you should stay a few more hours to understand it!"

    Before becoming a teacher, he was a priest and regularly travelled the world in search of fossils. Of course, although it was an ordinary occupation that had nothing to do with the Church, he was always looked at with gazes of "What the hell are you doing?". Perhaps it was due to a normal faith in God separate from his knowledge as a magus, perhaps he just enjoyed everyone's confusion.

    He married Mary Morland, a mundane woman whose intelligence charmed William. She just happened to share his same interests and calmly accepted his identity as a magus, accompanying him on his travels and researches. They had nine children, but four were killed by the Buckland clan. His parents detested the fact that he had "diluted their blood" with the genes of someone with no magical talent and thus aimed to kill them all, destroy William's mind and use him as a breeding animal for the next generation.

    The Buckland clan was utterly exterminated, their Magic Crest damaged and stolen from its disowned heir. However, perhaps due to a curse or perhaps due to an assassin hired by the Buckland clan just in case, William's health deteriorated over the next twenty years and he ultimately died.


    A magus that does not think like a magus. He does indeed act like one, but lacks the obsession for the craft that many of his colleagues are plagued by. Despite desiring to reach the Root like any other Mage, it's more akin to a convenient achievement rather than a goal he is striving for. He'd just say "It would be nice if I managed to."

    He was self-aware and clever enough to understand that this lackadaisical attitude would anger other practitioners of magecraft, but the fact that he always looked bored whenever they argued with him and openly declared his thoughts on the matter is a testament to his trait as someone who doesn't care.

    Even his theory to reach the Root was nothing but a by-product of the actual method: ancient lifeforms were physically and spiritually closer to the Origin; by finding their remains one could go further and further in the past until the reconstruction of "the original" could be achieved.

    Despite being a promising theory that has inspired many magi to this day, including a certain red-haired puppeteer, William cared more for the act of discovering and researching his specimens rather than advancing it. In a sense, he only became a magus because as a boy he had fun digging animal bones.

    He is essentially an individual who goes against the flow, ignoring traditions, rules and standards. He would casually help out a female magus whose theory is mocked by everyone "since there's no reason not to" and thoughtlessly annihilate his own clan "since they were the one who started it".

    He can be called good-natured, but it has little to do with morals. He can be extremely blunt and uncaring for the plight of others, but losing four of his children opened his mind a little and he is now unable to completely ignore someone's pain, even if it's a stranger.

    He is the type that becomes immersed in whatever he finds interesting and will passionately discuss it with anyone available.


    Helena Blavatsky: "Blavatsky? The Clock Tower had nothing but complaints for you. I suppose women like you and Mary never have it easy."
    They could have met each other, but their paths never crossed. She was quite infamous during William's stay at the Clock Tower and, even after her death, "What a Blavatsky!" was popularly used as a derogatory phrase for lies. In life he helped and eventually became close friends with a certain Mary Anning, whose research was ignored due to her gender and lack of connections, so he can't help but hang out with Blavatsky, who experienced similar problems. However, since their approach to magecraft is fundamentally different, they can get along only as long as they do so as individuals rather than mages.

    Astolfo: "The Hippogriff... An impossible existence... Excuse me, but would it be possible to get a sample...?"
    A duo of people who utterly ignore everything they find annoying and just act however they like. Unsurprisingly their compatibility is good, but since they have few points in common, there isn't much they can talk about. William's interest in Astolfo's Hippogriff fluctuates between gastronomic and scientific; even if Astolfo were to refuse William's request, it is likely that he would simply nod and then attempt to "borrow" it.

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    The most prominent Outer God that interacts with humanity in The Mlandoth Cycle. A goddess of many attributes such as prosperity, fertility, infinity, and death; but the most well-known, goddess of evolution.

    Born at the same time when the first life sprout on earth, she lived for untold ages without death, birth, and changes. However, despite being an Outer God, like other being born on the planet, unable to escape the cycle of life and death when the time comes. But she doesn't willing that to happen, she learned that she can adapt, survive the ultimatum by changing herself; and thus evolution was discovered.

    She is referred as Yidhra.


    Height/Weight: three-dimensionally 165 cm/55 kg; but her true nature
    as a multidimensional being can't be measured
    True Name: Yidhra
    Origin: Greater Cthulhu Mythos, Mlandoth Cycles,
    Where Yidhra Walks and Predator
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Attribute: Beast
    Gender: Female


    Her physical stats are using the same modifier as a normal Servant instead of a Beast. But her omnipresence causing such stat meaningless.

    Fundamentally speaking, Yidhra is not an evil entity, her motivation is driven by the world's continuation alone. As she is the evolution itself, it is by her very nature to consume those who frozen in time and walk together with changes. An eternal journey of improvement, that's is the only thing that kept her meaningful.

    A system that works for that purpose, naturally, oppose endings.

    Humans by nature desires ending, desires their hard work will be awarded, long for their struggle will birth fruition. A world that is so peaceful that there is no need for improvement, a world that is full of terror that the oppressed turned docile, such worlds no longer have a place for her to function and she will stop them to happens. That is why, a being that thrives changes for eternity and antagonizes human's dream of utopia, can be classified as another Evil of Mankind.


    Yidhra will manifest herself if there is no plausible way to continue earth's history, or a stagnant world where things locked at the same time, without showing any sign of significant change. But the most alarming is, she fully capable to summon herself to the surface. In the first place, she already presents on earth, as many of her followers hiding in the shadow, she only needs to choose any of them as her avatar(s), manifesting herself as a three-dimensional being.

    If the Grand Order failed to stop Beast I, or the utopia created by the Goddess of the Spear is realized, or the ultimate evil scheme was successful, she will materialize to continue the world to progress. But the history she speaks of refers to living being in general, not just mankind. If she deemed that human need to evolve into something else to survive, she too is a threat to human history and must be eliminated at once.

    A guardian that we walk together with, but will be dismissed once we reach our final destination. For her prideful act of looking down the gods of Earth, she ironically scared for the possibility that she serves the same purpose: she fears that she will be another victim of regression.

    second coming
    Beast II
    the second beast


    Class Skill:

    Authority of the Beast A-

    A Skill that is also referred to as Anti-Humanity. Demonstrates a special performance towards beings who undergo evolution, from the smallest microorganism to Divine Spirits. Beast II shares this Skill to every creature that has been affected by her Noble Phantasm, the closer the creature to her's body and soul, the more potent the authority they have.

    Independent Manifestation A+
    A Skill to materialize into the present world as an autonomous existence. Theoretically, she can summon herself in every living creature in the world, but the time spent to processing it varies based on their compatibility. But by choosing one of her groomed, favorite cult leaders, in this case: Yolanda Prentiss, Sylvia or Madam Yi; instantaneous summoning become possible.

    Because this Skill exemplifies the way of being of “already existing anywhere even in the spacetime continuum”, it will not only cancel time paradox attacks that utilize time travel, but it will also cancel all instant death attacks.

    Continuously evolving, assimilating other creature to become her, and that she can manifest whenever she wishes to, she has been restraining herself for millennia. And the final straw of anger that is yet to come, once been burn, will result on her mass-manifestations.

    Proteanic Shapeshift EX
    The one that stands above life.

    Replacing Self-Modification, it is no longer a Skill to change her appearance into chosen form but allows her to gain abilities that possessed by that appearance itself. Able to transform her body into other creature on earth like human, giant lizard, lion, shark, etc; partial transformation is also possible. Skills like Animal Dialogue, Charm, Monstrous Strength, Golden Rule and other Skills that bundled with a physical body can be acquired. It is also possible to cause physical deformation towards her victims if they already affected by her Noble Phantasm, or to share her powers towards 'lesser her.'

    It is the one that maintains her favorite appearance, as the hooded girl Yolanda Prentiss. A girl that can be described as 'her age peculiarly hard to judge, somewhere 18-28, a woman possessing a force of souls and irresistible glamour', emitting womanly Charisma that rivals beauty goddesses. Behind the hood, she always hides tentacular-bear like arms with enough strength to level buildings and durability to defend against B Rank attacks, waiting for a chance to reveal them; a strange and cruel hobby of her.

    Personal Skill:

    Hive Mind A
    A Skill in which multiple minds, or consciousnesses, are linked into a single, collective consciousness or intelligence. Perhaps by using ant's nature as supraorganism, she can be present in any living being so long they already affected by her NP. Shared consciousness with 'lesser her,' instant information gathering from all over the world, an omnipresence all-seeing eye. It also possible to induce illusion and hallucination via telepathy.

    Nega-Apocalypse A
    A variant of Nega-Genesis, which the necessity of Beast II. A skill that permits one to maintain a Conceptual Bounded Field that rejects deaths expressed within the proper continuity of the human history. All living being inside it will be rendered vitally immortal and constantly evolve to adapt to the situation. If a living being unable to withstand the situation they were in, their body or mind will forcefully undergo a natural selection, transforming them into a new creature that can adapt to it. If a creature can't stay alive in zero Oxygen environment, their body and mind will be mutated, the lung will either expand, duplicate, or create a new organ and inhale new substance to remain alive. At this point, however, a creature with a different biological system and physical appearance as the original is no longer can be considered as the same creature anymore, a fate worse than death.

    It is a conceptual Bounded Field that fully embraces the current evolutionary theory, and rejecting creationism in any way possible. Nullifies Noble Phantasms of Servants of myth and legend. Meaning that the Noble Phantasms of Servants with the attributes “Earth” and “Heaven.”

    Existence Outside the Domain E (EX)

    It is the Skill that possessed by alien creatures from a different set of world and reality, unable to be comprehended by common sense. But due to the nature of Yidhra, who choose to look as human as possible, this Skill only emitted as a simple Divinity Skill. It's only being used to full potential if Yidhra wanted to toy with her target by activating her Noble Phantasm.

    Noble Phantasm

    A hundred April winds disperse her fragrance.
    A thousand wet Octobers scour her footprints.
    The ruthless years assail the ancient memory of her presence, yet-
    where Yidhra walks, the hills do not forget.

    Where Yidhra Walks

    Rank EX
    Anti Populace

    The representative of biological evolution, which is the natural ability of a living being to adapt. Yidhra doesn't only govern slow and steady changes, but she can incite sudden and forceful transformations. By intertwining to every single biota on earth, she becomes biopolymer that links them all into a single point. That is why, Yidhra is the nucleic acid, the DNA that animal carries themselves, the true Origin of all living being on earth. That is the true nature of Yidhra's omnipresence.

    By showing her true form, be it from verbal revealization, physical deformation, or thought projection, the target discovered that their Origin is 'Yidhra' and therefore being dictated by their Origin, they can't help to strive for it and violently mutates themselves; from their outer skin, muscle tissue, skeletal structure and the brain and soul itself, to become Yidhra.

    The time spend for full transformation varies based on compatibility, it can range from years to hours. Those who still undergoes the transformation above but fully accept it, becomes a 'lesser Yidhra'. They usually changed into humanoid abominations, but one of the most compatible will form as gargantuan worm called "Xothra" or gigantic raven called "Y'hath". On the surface, they look likes minions to carry her mass assault, but that's a fatal misconception. They serve nobody because they were one, they are Yidhra herself, guided by her own consciousness to assault.

    Yidhra physical strength is tiny compared to her fellow Beast, but also infinite. Assuming someone finds a way to bypass immortality granted from Nega-Apocalypse, killing this Yidhra will not enough to put her down. Every creature that their Origin unlocked need to be exterminated to kill her completely, or she will infinitely reborn from them all. That is because a being that looks like her, think like her and have her soul is essentially Yidhra herself.

    And the most vulnerable and compatible, the most easily transformed creature into Yidhra is mankind. Because they possess sapient intelligence, and they able to comprehend truth, and the truth resulting in madness, and madness accelerate the process. Granting them the Skill: Loss of Sanity, each turn they need to roll Sanity Check, failing one will increase it by 1 rank and make them closer to insanity. Animals, however, will only evolve in slightly faster pace because they have been conditioned that another creature with higher might than them exist on earth, so natural selection are something they instinctively do in the first place.

    Naturally, Servants are immune to this Noble Phantasm of some short because they are crystalized legends, after all, a crystal is something that already reaches its final stage. However, the truth that their Yidhra Origin remains. Because the nature of evolution, clashed with the nature of crystallization, both will violently cancel each other out, causing intense bleeding and continuous pain for Servants. In other words, decrease the overall performance and deal continuous damage to the targetted Servants. By Turn 10, the Servants in question will be rendered as immobile from organ failures.

    Bond CE?
    Harrison's Report

    Is it possible that a protean macroorganism could have developed and survived from before the advent of reproduction and individual death?

    Fragmented organism linked by telepathy would explain the ability to manifest herself at cult centers throughout the world.

    Telepathically induced visions could explain appearances in animal and human form.

    Need for evolutionary adaptation satisfied by absorbing genetic material (nucleic acids?) from organisms that reproduce — could also develop intellectual capabilities in this way.



    Bigger ants.

    Earthly Gods
    Fishes in the pond.

    Charles Darwin and Walter C. DeBill
    My favorite playthings.

    Her cultists
    Beautiful. But boring.

    BB and her Alter Egos
    Beautiful. Very.

    Foreigners and their associated Outer Gods
    Pitiful. Indifferent.


    Beast II
    Very pitiful. Sympathetic.

    Random Human Host
    I am Yidhra, the infinity, the Dream Witch, th-... Huh? That's not right... Did it suppose to be Yyiedra? No, Yee-Tho-Rah? Uh, Yidurath? This is weird, there is supposed ■ between the i and ■■ should be audible between the ■ phonic... Huh? ■■■■■■??? I never get enough with the limit of a human anatomy, it's kinda fun. (talking to herself)


    Creator Notes: (Contains spoiler from faceclaim's original series)

    Trying to do something different than what I usually do, which trying to make it like something come out from Materials while maintaining my non-existent writing style. She is created because of the faceclaim, not the other way around. When I replay Sengoku Rance because I can't contain my hype for X, originally to make me remember the LP subplot from that game, then the scene where she froze Sill I goes like "Oh, the hood, the tentacle, the power level, the indifferent smile, she IS Yidhra".

    The direction I trying to do for this one is an ultra-intelligent Beast, unlike the mindless catastrophic kaiju like Tiamat. She is not the type that makes a complicated plan like Goetia either, she is more the type that can do indy ploy and doing unthinkable stuff because of her versatile skill set. Maybe like Dark Knight's the Joker kind of person? But to give a little insight of her character, the Bond CE (which a Beast shouldn't have one, but whatever) basically sum up everything. Hence why, I omitted the personality part, though you can guess what kind of deity she is scattered around the sheet.

    Thanks Little Princess for your awesome appearance in Sengoku, can't wait for X to release, which coincidentally, 23rd February. Gotta force myself to read kana and skip every time complicated words appears and act like I understand shit like I usually do. Thankfully TADA is not Nasu and co, so less flowery word, more straightforward dialogue (aka I can understand shit better). Thank you too for reading this long-ass rant.

    A goddess can discover something new for her too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4score7years View Post
    Remember everybody, you've got until the morning of the 23rd for submissions so keep at it!
    Wait, wait, wasn't last time it was until the morning of the 26th?
    or did I miss something
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    There’s usually a week for voting. The exact date varies though, I think...

    A collection of silly little Saint Graph fragments


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    I think it's been agreed at some point that 1 week voting period was too long, and the voting time was reduced to just 3 days.
    Though I'm maybe just misremembering things

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    "Now then, let's discover the secrets which lies beyond the heaven!"

    Class: Caster
    Identity: Edwin Powell Hubble
    Gender: Male
    Origin: North America
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Attribute: Star

    STR: D
    END: C
    AGL: E
    MGI: A
    LCK: D
    NP: A+

    Territory Creation: B
    A Caster-class Skill; it is the Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana. At this rank, the creation of an [Observatory] becomes possible. Because of the nature of this territory, it must be built on a high altitude area, an area where the act of [observation] becomes possible.

    Item Construction: B+
    A Caster-class Skill; it is the Skill to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Also, this Skill requires time to gather components and manufacture items.

    Caster's forte is [Ballistics]. Back in the days when he served the U.S. Army, he worked as the chief of the development of ballistic technologies, especially external ballistics, which deals with the [behavior of the projectile in flight]. The results of his studies were credited with greatly improving design, performance, and military effectiveness of bombs and rockets.

    As a Servant, this means that Caster can construct ballistic weapons loaded with projectiles with various properties and attributes. These projectiles may be powered or un-powered, guided or unguided, spin or fin stabilized, flying through an atmosphere or in the vacuum of space, it can also be enchanted to pierce through magical barriers or through extreme magical pressures.

    By the way, thanks to his Noble Phantasm which turns his body into a [walking mechanical telescope], these ballistic weapons can be mounted on his own body as well. Apparently, Caster was inspired to do so after watching a certain [Japanese cartoon]; of course, he would deny it if someone asked him about this.

    Pioneer of the Stars: EX
    "Often called a [pioneer of the distant stars], astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889–1953) played a pivotal role in deciphering the vast and complex nature of the universe. His meticulous studies of spiral nebulae proved the existence of galaxies other than our own Milky Way. Had he not died suddenly in 1953, Hubble would have won that year's Nobel Prize in Physics."
    --An American 41 cent stamp honoring Hubble

    A unique Skill given to heroes that became turning points in human history. All difficult voyages and challenges which are considered [impossible] turn into [events that can be realized]. By proving the existence of galaxies other than our own Milky Way and revealed that the universe is expanding, Caster made a revelation to Mankind just how vast and limitless this Universe truly is.

    Photograph: B
    A Skill which does not come from Caster’s talent or ability, but from his Noble Phantasm’s; normally, it is a very rare mnemonic ability which allows one to clearly recall memories in the form of [photographic images]. In Caster’s case, this is possible because of a built-in feature included with his Noble Phantasm which has been fused with his own body: an extremely high-definition camera which is of the same type used by the [Hubble Space Telescope].

    However, he possesses this Skill not for that sole reason, for in life Caster also developed a [high-speed clock camera], which made possible the study of the characteristics of bombs and low velocity projectiles in flight.

    Among other things expected from the usage of a camera, this Skill can also nullify the effect of servants with [Information Erasure] Skill with equal or lower rank. Combined with his other abilities, this Skill is mainly utilized to [lock the target on], whatever that means.

    Hubble Space Telescope
    The Eye which Saw Through the Distant Heavens

    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Distance
    The Space Telescope which is named after Caster himself. Although it is not the first space telescope ever launched, it is one of the largest, most versatile and most important Astronomy research tool for humanity. As the first person who discovered the existence of the [distant realms beyond our plane], Caster also received a Noble Phantasm which is made to [observe those realm for the sake of humanity].

    As with the telescope that bears his name, Caster transformed our understanding of the universe. His spirit of discovery lives on today in the Hubble Space Telescope, his Noble Phantasm. Because of this reasons, Caster’s Saint Graph ended up being fused with this Noble Phantasm. Now being one with Caster himself, this Noble Phantasm bestows Caster with an [eye which observes the distant planes].

    Put simply, this Noble Phantasm is a Mystic Eye which renders the concept of [distance] absolutely meaningless. Which means that no matter how far a place is, no matter how isolated that world is from Earth, Caster can always [observe and reach] that place. Be it the [Reverse Side of the World], a [Reality Marble], [World of Imaginary Numbers], or even a [place beyond the time and space], as long as it is something which exist within the concept of the [ever expanding-universe]—in which there’s no such thing as ‘outside’ of the universe—this Noble Phantasm can observe it, and thus Caster also can reach it.

    Edwin Hubble, for whom the Hubble Space Telescope is named, was one of the leading astronomers of the twentieth century. His discovery in the 1920s that countless galaxies exist beyond our own Milky Way galaxy revolutionized our understanding of the universe and our place within it.

    Hubble, a tall and athletic man who excelled at sports and even coached high school basketball for a short while, started his professional science career during one of the most exciting eras of astronomy. It was 1919, just a few years after Albert Einstein published his theory of general relativity, and bold, new ideas about the universe were fermenting. Hubble was offered a staff position at the Mount Wilson Observatory, which housed the newly commissioned 100-inch Hooker telescope, then the largest telescope in the world. Hubble, it seemed, had the universe placed in his lap.

    Most astronomers of Hubble's day thought that all of the universe — the planets, the stars seen with the naked eye and with powerful telescopes, and fuzzy objects called nebulae — was contained within the Milky Way galaxy. Our galaxy, it was thought, was synonymous with the universe.

    In 1923 Hubble trained the Hooker telescope on a hazy patch of sky called the Andromeda Nebula. He found that it contained stars just like the ones in our galaxy, only dimmer. One star he saw was a Cepheid variable, a type of star with a known, varying brightness that can be used to measure distances. From this Hubble deduced that the Andromeda Nebula was not a nearby star cluster but rather an entire other galaxy, now called the Andromeda galaxy.

    In the following years he made similar discoveries with other nebulae. By the end of the 1920s, most astronomers were convinced that our Milky Way galaxy was but one of millions in the universe. This was a shift in thought as profound as understanding the world was round and that it revolved around the sun.

    Hubble then went one step further. By the end of that decade he had discovered enough galaxies to compare to each other. He created a system for classifying galaxies into ellipticals, spirals and barred spirals — a system called the Hubble tuning fork diagram, used today in an evolved form.

    But the most astonishing discovery Hubble made resulted from his study of the spectra of 46 galaxies, and in particular of the Doppler velocities of those galaxies relative to our own Milky Way galaxy. What Hubble found was that the farther apart galaxies are from each other, the faster they move away from each other. Based on this observation, Hubble concluded that the universe expands uniformly. Several scientists had also posed this theory based on Einstein’s General Relativity, but Hubble's data, published in 1929, helped convince the scientific community.

    Hubble and his colleague at Mt. Wilson, Milton Humason (who started as a mule driver during the construction of the observatory, then janitor, then night assistant), estimated the expansion rate of the universe to be 500 kilometers per second per megaparsec. (A megaparsec, or a million parsecs, is a distance equal to about 3.26 million light-years; so a galaxy two megaparsecs away is receding from us twice as fast as a galaxy only one megaparsec away.) This estimate is called the Hubble Constant, and scientists have been fine-tuning it ever since.

    The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990, one of its major goals being to pin down the Hubble Constant. In 2001, a team studying supernovae with Hubble, along with ground-based optical telescopes, established a rate of 72 ± 8 km/sec/Mpc. In 2006, a team studying the cosmic microwave background with NASA's WMAP satellite tweaked this measurement to 70 km/sec/Mpc. Hubble, the telescope, also helped discover that not only is the universe expanding, the expansion is accelerating. The mysterious force causing this acceleration is dubbed dark energy.

    As with the telescope that bears his name, Edwin Hubble transformed our understanding of the universe. His spirit of discovery lives on today in the Hubble Space Telescope, his Noble Phantasm.

    Likes: Sport, science-fiction, discovery
    Dislikes: ‘Parallel universe’
    Talent: Astronomy, ballistic
    Natural Enemies: Manaka Sajyou, Velber

    Humble, observant and lively, even as he has been summoned into the form he is now, Caster retains the personality of himself when he was a young man; an athletic person who is obsessed with science and the stars and has a strong desire to [discover something].

    Depending on the Master, Caster may become a loyal and observant ally who would do everything he can to reach his Master’s wishes and desire, while also earn pleasure in discovering new things.

    He is a person who possesses a strong desire to [discover something big], a desire which he had already fulfilled in life, although back then he felt a slight disappointment that his achievement wasn’t truly recognized. However, upon gaining knowledge of the current era, that disappointment was inversed into satisfaction, and the wish to [become recognized] also disappears with it, replaced by a new desire to [discover more things].

    Caster enjoys discussing about science, especially astronomy. As a Heroic Spirit, he looks forward to one day meet great scientists who have inspired him, such as Nikola Tesla or Galileo Galilei. He is also interested in military fields, and would gladly share or demonstrate his knowledge on ballistic warfare with military generals throughout history, if they ever meet.

    Also, secretly he loves science-fiction, he especially enjoys those [Japanese robot animation thing], which is second only to his love for sport, particularly basketball and boxing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 34 View Post
    I think it's been agreed at some point that 1 week voting period was too long, and the voting time was reduced to just 3 days.
    Though I'm maybe just misremembering things
    I believe that particular instance was because we started later because of prompt delays or some such thing.

    I did say in the announcement that we were going until the 23rd, though I forgot to update the "Contest status" thing in the op. If people feel it's an issue we can always extend a bit, voting doesn't take that long usually anyway.
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    It's okay, just wanted to confirm.
    I already submitted all my entries anyway.

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    When is it specifically "Morning of Feb 23?" right after midnight or past 3am?
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    The Act of dozing off in the afternoon is a luxury indeed.
    Coffee would be nice, though.

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    ...not sure
    It's already 11:00 AM here where I live

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    Entries so far:

    Rider - Ferdinand Magellan, discovered Spice Trade Route by Spartacus
    Lancer - Benjamin Franklin, discovered the Lightning Rod by Bird of Hermes
    Foreigner - Pytheas of Massalia, discovered Hyperborea by asterism42
    Caster - Fritz Haber, discovered Chemical Warfare by Bylackbre
    Berserker - David Livingstone, discovered Victoria Falls by Zork Knight
    Berserker - Laika/Unknown, discovered "a place no living being could exist" by Bloble
    Caster - Xu Fu, discovered (fake) Elixir of Life by Funderfullness
    Saver - Timothy Leary, discovered Every LSD Known to Mankind by NMR-3
    Archer - Elias Lonrot, discovered the Kalewala by Bloble
    Foreigner - John Franklin, discovered Arctic Horrors by Zork Knight
    Rider - Siddhartha Gautama, discovered Enlightenment by ItsaRandomUsername
    Berserker - Henry Louis Grin, discovered Australian Bizarre Adventures by zikari8
    Saber - Hernan Cortes, discovered Aztec Treasures by 34
    Ruler - Ibn Battuta, discovered the Marvels of Travelling by JetKinen
    Assassin - Sir Richard Francis Burton, discovered the Secrets of Mecca by Bylackbre
    Caster - Mathurin Roze de Chantoiseau, discovered the Restaurant by You
    Caster - Marco Polo, discovered the Marvels of the World by Shiki
    Ruler - Saint Helena, discovered the True Cross by Funderfullness
    Caster - Khaemweset, discovered the Remnants from the Old World by SleepMode
    Rider - Themistocles, discovered Greek Thalassocracy by RoydGolden
    Caster - William Buckland, discovered the Fossil of Megalosaurus by Fabuzer
    Beast - Yidhra, discovered Phylogenesis by Spartacus
    Caster - Edwin Hubble, discovered Galaxies beyond Milky Way by 34
    Foreigner - Captain Nemo, discovered Y’ha-nthlei by SleepMode
    Saber - Heracles, discovered things FURTHER BEYOND by zikari8
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    Servant Class: Foreigner

    Alternate Classes: Rider, Berserker, Avenger

    True Name: Captain Nemo/Prince Dakkar, Reborn from the Deep

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Place of Origin: India (Literature)


    STR - B
    END - B
    AGI - C
    MAG - C
    LUK - D
    NP - A+

    It seems only the Master is capable of understand what he's saying.


    Height/Weight: 182cm/73kg

    Likes: The Sea, Reading

    Dislikes: Tyrants, Sperm whales

    Talents: Playing the organ, Marine biology

    Natural Enemy: Sailors, “Intruders”

    Attribute: Earth

    Traits: Humanoid, Male, Servant, Divine

    Armaments: “Electric Gun,” Dagger, Sabre

    Catalyst: Sodden flag


    Class Skills:

    Divinity - E
    The measure of whether the user has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. In the case of the Foreigner-Class Servants, this is largely dependent on the otherworldly being they’ve encountered.

    As for the low ranking, it can be contributed to two reasons. One being the unconventional nature of the eldritch beings Foreigner contacted with, while the other is Foreigner’s nature; as someone who will never bend the knee to a higher authority, he will never become “The Vessel of an God.” It can be argued that his opposition against these entities would’ve garnered attention from the Elder Gods, but Foreigner will reject them all the same.

    He is free as the oceans, and it will remain so until the end.


    Existence Outside the Domain - EX
    This skill represents a Foreigner who was not born on Earth, a being outside of reality and the known universe.

    Ever since the Age of Gods, very few dared to explore the depths of the sea. Even in modern times, only less than seven percent of world’s oceans have been discovered. In life, Foreigner explored all there is to the oceanic depths and made it his home; from the legendary Atlantis, fantastical sea-routes like the Arabian Tunnel and the underwater forests of Crespo.

    As such, it is no stretch of the imagination he had laid eyes upon numerous terrors that lurk within the deep.


    Insanity - B-
    A Mental Pollution-like skill gained from contacting an evil God that can easily erode the fragile common sense and morals of humans. However, the main qualification for the Foreigner class is to defy this erosion, either by maintaining their integrity as they descend into madness, or instead of being consumed by madness, they consume the madness itself.

    In Foreigner’s case, it is the former; he has shed human morals and values, therefore regarding himself beyond the shackles of human laws and sense. Turning his back on the civilization of the surface, Foreigner effectively gave up his life as a man. What is left is this person is the Captain, unflinching and enigmatic as the sea which he once roamed.

    “I am not what you call a civilized man! I have done with society entirely, for reasons which I alone have the right of appreciating. I do not, therefore, obey its laws!”

    But similar to his final fate on a certain island, Foreigner is destined to reconcile with humanity. No matter how much he can distance himself, his compassion will bring him to his senses.
    Should that time come, be prepared.

    Personal Skills:

    Arcana Beneath the Tides - EX
    Knowledge from the Deep Ones -- secrets of the shifting seas. Allows the manipulation/creation of various aquatic phenomena, from ocean steam to treacherous storms. This isn’t any form of thaumaturgy or a discharge of magical energy, but akin to the “logic” of a world beneath breaching the lands above. In Foreigner's case, he invokes them not in the language of the Deep but that of his own -- crafted for the outcasts of the world.

    While it is certainly a replication of eldritch machinations, this Skill had reached to phenomenal rankings due to Foreigner’s connections with the oceans itself. After living in the depths for so long, Foreigner has effectively became a native of the seas; hunting the lifeforms to live, harvesting resources to maintain the Nautilus, and so on. To the seas, the otherworldly nature of the Great Old Ones is akin to a malignant tumor that must be purged from existence. Acting as its will, Foreigner steeled himself to rid not only the influence of Man, but the Dominion of these otherworldly influences.


    Sodden Banner: Belonging to No One - B
    The torn standard wrapped around Foreigner’s waist like a sash, bearing the phrase ‘Mobilis in Mobili.’ As long as the banner is in display, all that is within the region’s leylines are considered “No One’s Land,” a land constantly under the Polar Night. Shadows gain a dark and viscous appearance, similar to the ocean's Abyssal zone. With this, Foreigner is capable of traversing terrain through the dark, making him a great danger during nightfall.

    On the year 1858, Foreigner had successfully trekked to the exact spot of the South Pole and claimed the southern hemisphere under his name - a name that is not a name, or Nobody. But because of the namesake, heroes without a ‘True’ name (i.e. EMIYA, Robin Hood, Sasaki Kojirō) receive the boons of this Skill.

    “Adieu, sun! Disappear, thou radiant orb! Rest beneath this open sea, and let a night of six months spread its shadows over my new domains!”


    Traverser of the Depths - A+
    Unlike Voyager of the Storm, this variant mainly focuses on the talent to sail vessels that submerge within the seas. But because the ability to manage a group is essential, Charisma and Military Tactics are also present. Interestingly, the property of the Skill Beast Slayer is also included -- although it seemed to be target creatures that man should never set eyes upon.

    Since abandoning the surface, Foreigner has been travelling all over the oceans -- through storms and sea creatures alike. For decades, the man is relentless in discovering all there is to Earth’s Final Frontier. On the account of one of the captives, several thousand leagues were covered within their stay as prisoners. And thanks to the existence of many submarine tunnels, Foreigner is able to navigate large portions of the sea with little effort.

    Noble Phantasm

    False Sea-Beast that Strikes with Haste

    Rank: B

    "My pride and joy, the former terror of the civilizations above. ...Hmph, if only you didn't resemble those accursed cachalots."

    Foreigner’s titular submarine, and his home base. With the length of 70m and width of 8m, it is capable of traveling the waters and cruise through dangerous terrain with little effort.

    According to author Jules Vernes, it has surpassed all submarines of its time. Not only was this silver vessel able to travel through all corners of the sea, it sank all forms of naval vessels that attempted to pursue it -- gaining a reputation as a feared sea-monster. Armed with only a ramming prow, the Nautilus is still capable of dealing severe damage onto any sea vessels. One of its defensive systems is the generation of an electric force field, shocking anyone from touching the hull. Because of its creator's history, it deals increased damage against enemies from Britain.

    Upon being summoned, Foreigner would immediately begin the conjuration of his beloved vessel. However, this requires an appropriate body of water in order for the summoning to occur. Although a terror in the seas, it is unable to touch air or earth, embodying the vow Foreigner made along with his declaration of vengeance. However, he is able to bypass this in some manner via the Skill Sodden Banner: Belonging to No One.

    However, the appearance of the submarine seems slightly off -- the hull appears carved with various runes, with the spaces between the plates pulsing. That said, the vessel’s ramming prow isn’t made of any sort of metal, but a bone-like material of some sort…

    Behold, the Eldritch Truth---

    Nautilus Atheron
    Subaqueous Armory of the Deep Insurgents

    Rank: A+

    "Disappear, aberrations; if you cannot be felled by human hands, then these altercations should suffice. Unleash your secrets, my beloved Nautilus- no, Nautilus Atheron!"

    The Nautilus reborn, one in which no human hands is capable of replicating. Beneath the outer shell of the submarine lays over a dozen Shoggoths acting as its mainframe. Used as workers and weapons of war, Foreigner managed to control them via a hypnotic system within the pilothouse. With a few tweaks, he was able to direct more complex commands to these creatures. Remodeled after numerous encounters with the Great Old Ones and the frozen ruins of the Elder Things in the Antarctic, the once-advanced submarine has ascended into something else entirely.

    An artificial sea-horror, the Nautilus’ Shoggoths are capable of changing shape, allowing the vessel to take form as various sea-monsters of multiple origins; be it massive krakens or feared hydras, the submarine is capable of adapting to any situation. The electric barrier around the vehicle goes into overdrive, arcing bolts of electricity towards any perceived enemy. Even the ramming prow becomes elongated and serrated with basalt, taken from Nyctelios' citadel.

    But perhaps the most powerful arsenal within the vessel is the "Space-Age" cannon that houses itself within the prow. Based upon the advanced weaponry of the Elder Things, Foreigner is capable of focusing the electric energy within the submarine to launch a blast of destructive energy. Not only will this attack annihilate any naval vessels, it deals increased damage to beings associated with otherworldly influences. However, in unleashing the attack, the Nautilus Atheron is immobile and defenseless from the lack of energy supporting its other functions.


    Second to the Count of Monte Cristo, the No-Named Captain of the Nautilus is a demonstration of the tragic path of a soul consumed by vengeance. Formerly the inquisitive son of an Indian Raja, the man desired the destruction of the British Empire after the Sepoy Uprising claimed his family and kingdom. Since then, he roamed the undersea, casting his humanity and embraced the sea. But upon realizing the hypocrisy within himself, the Captain drove his own vessel into a maelstrom in a fit of despair. Over a decade later, he would be found underneath a certain island, passing away from old age.

    Of course, there is more to the tale of Captain Nemo.

    The Nautilus survived the maelstrom, and continued to wander the seas. Soon, it was inevitable for the captain to encounter the undersea cities of the Deep Ones. Of course, the meetings are far from cordial -- for these aquatic dwellers despise humanity, and view the captain as no different. Nemo, on the other hand, only attacked in self-defense. After finding Y’ha-nthlei, however, the captain witnessed the horrors that are Father Dagon and Mother Hydra. After barely destroying their physical forms, the encounter has left Nemo with a startling revelation; the existence of these otherworldly creatures, slithering upon the earth and sea.

    For more than a decade, Nemo dedicated himself to the "purification of the ocean," hunting down every eldritch terror that lurks in the oceans while amassing the appropriate tools to strengthen himself. From the betrayer Nyctelios to the great Ghizguth, he had suppressed many abominations from a time long past. His campaign against the Deep Ones foiled their plan to invade the land for years. But with each encounter, Nemo gradually lost members of his crew; whether it be wounds, age or encroaching madness. Eventually, the captain was the lone inhabitant of the Nautilus.

    Nearing his end, Nemo managed to steer Nautilus into a submarine cavern that once served as the place where the very ship was built. For several years, the captain rested in his cabin -- awaiting the final rest, to be forgotten by the world. But after encountering five castaways, his sympathy for the weak sparked forth; and by witnessing their actions and aspirations did he fully reconcile with humanity. Finally casting his grudge away, Nemo died as Prince Dakkar; blessing the castaways with a safe journey back home.


    The Captain in his twilight years, not as the vengeful man against the British Empire, but the bane of the outer invaders.

    A sullen and taciturn soul, Nemo prefers to only speak when needed. Even when he speaks, the captain uses the self-made language only his Master is capable of understanding. This doesn't equate to him disliking normal communication, far from it; to only those he finds worthy of conversation, Nemo would be willing to speak in common tongue -- and with great amount of class, at that.

    In the throes of combat, however, his "passionate" side reemerges. Shouting his self-made language at the top of his lungs, he would sink his weapons deep into his foes. Less so against beasts, whereas he would only regard them as a pro fisherman would with a salmon. The only exception are the "malignant existences" of the outer realms, which the captain will dispatch them with any means necessary.

    Unlike his other incarnations, Nemo has accepted his hypocrisies regarding power. In turn, the captain has become neutral of those who wielded great power since he cannot truly condemn them for their exercise of authority. However, he still draws the line against despotic individuals who abused those below them; should he encounter those types of people, Nemo may explode into rage not dissimilar to his past self.

    In spite of the Insanity Skill, Nemo is torn regarding humanity. Although he ceased to wish for Britain's ruin, the captain still looks upon people with a distrustful light and thus keeps human contacts at a minimum. As such, Nemo still refuses to set foot on land. On the other hand, his compassion for the weak and oppressed is still present; reflecting his encounter with the five castaways, Nemo is even willing to break his own vow and assist.

    "My wish, it is a simple wish; to keep the seas pure from everything -- be it man or eldritch horrors, none shall lay a single hand upon the azure depths."


    (In terms of Nemo's relations between his Master, they are treated as prisoners under his care. They may offer suggestions, but it is only he who gets the final say. Any attempts to use a Command Seal in order to force an order will end very poorly. If the Master is one who possessed boundless curiosities, perhaps Nemo is able to treat them more than just a mere prisoner but a valued crew member.)

    (Although subdued, Nemo still retains much of his love for marine life. With the exceptions of sharks and sperm whales, he is capable of sharing knowledge after a period of coaxing.)

    (Fundamentally speaking, Nemo is at a severe disadvantage when fighting other humans. Through fifteen years, he had fought various horrors that is far from the realm of humanity. Meanwhile, the closest he's combated against other humans is attacking ships and other naval vessels. As such, a Servant specializing in one-on-one combat is capable in besting Nemo.)

    Craft Essense/Relations


    - - The group of five who restored faith in one that abandoned all.

    The five that endured all manner of adversity to reach the deadbed of their benefactor.
    Never paragons, these five witnessed war, death, hopelessness, insanity.
    Yet throughout their stay they have displayed noble traits above those from the rest of humanity.

    Although tempted to leave them, he was compelled to observe them.
    By degrees, he was interested in their efforts, held on together by the ties of friendship.
    It was from them he had learned of world, which thrived and abolished the accursed act of slavery.
    It was these noble five who had reconciled him with what was humanity.

    He was their guardian spirit; saving them from the waters, revealed precious materials, and deterred myriad dangers.

    When confronted, the five never blamed but admired; for they cannot condemn an action which he believed to be right.

    With a gesture of gratitude, the five had freed him from the weights of his grudge.



    Naval Servants: "I've forgotten how many ship wrecks found themselves at the sea floors. What makes you think you will not become one of them?"

    Mild enmity. Some of their "brutish" natures reminded Nemo too much of a certain Canadian sailor. On the other side, many would find the ominous aura around the captain off-putting and would keep their distance from him. This is digression, but a certain conquistador would often find Nemo giving him a distasteful glare.

    Foreigner Servants: "To think there are those consumed by these malignant existences -- if they are to keep their lives, I suggest them to keep their distance. Lest I loose my blade and gun."

    A mix of distain and horror, especially regarding a certain Salemite. Upon finding those consumed by eldritch influences, Nemo would steel himself and end them quickly.

    Henry Jekyll: "Have a seat, sir; so, what shall we discuss on this fine afternoon? I've prepared coffee beforehand."

    Decent conversationalist. Despite never meeting one another, the two managed to bond over academia. Unknown to Jekyll, he reminds Nemo of a certain marine biologist in his idealistic nature. As long as they do not divulge into subjects regarding Goodness or Evil, the two will do just fine. Meanwhile, Nemo finds Hyde to be utterly repulsive.

    Edmond Dantes: "...Hmm."

    Understands one another. Despite that, both hardly interact beyond the general nods and occasional exchanges. Perhaps, it is the fact that Nemo has moved on from his old grudge?

    "To embrace his selfishness in order to cast away his hatred... Interesting!"


    Am I too late for submission?

    It was so easy to make him an Avenger, but this idea was too intriguing to pass up. With the outlandish events he goes through in the book, this isn’t really out of stretch. Honestly, I saw the guy to be more of a “I Serve No One” type, and would most likely flip off the Great Old Ones and will even try to kill them.

    I may or may have not turned the guy into Old Man Henderson.

    I know the chronological inconsistency between his canonized death in the novels, but I kept it this way as I found his development in The Mysterious Island too interesting.
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    The Act of dozing off in the afternoon is a luxury indeed.
    Coffee would be nice, though.

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    True Name: Herakles
    Master: Illyasviel von Einzbern
    Gender: Male
    Height: 253cm
    Weight: 311kg

    Image Color: Lead
    Origin: Greece
    Worst Enemy: Gilgamesh
    Armament: Golden Sword

    STR: A++ END: A++
    AGI: A++ MGI: A++
    LCK: A++ NP: A++

    Class Skills:
    Magic Resistance A:
    Cancel spells of A-Rank or below, no matter what High-Thaumaturgy it is. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi, so it would not be an exaggeration to title the Servant a 'Magus Killer'.

    Riding A:
    All vehicles and all creatures but those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be used as mounts.

    Personal Skills:
    Battle Continuation A:
    A skill that allows for the continuation of combat after sustaining mortal wounds. It will also reduce mortality rate from injury. Cú Chulainn’s Battle Continuation represents “never give up no matter what”, while Hercules’ represents the ability to survive.

    Eye of the Mind (True) A:
    A danger-avoidance ability that utilizes the intelligence collected up to the current time as the basis in order to predict the opponent’s activity and change the current situation. This is not a result of talent, but an overwhelming amount of combat experience. A weapon wielded by none other than a mortal, gained through tenacious training. So long there is even a 1% chance of a comeback, this ability greatly improves the chances of winning.

    Bravery A+:
    With his brave and daring spirit, Herakles is able to neutralize mental interference such as suppression, confusion and charm. However, under the influence of Mad Enhancement, this skill is unable to take effect. While operating correctly, Bravery also increases the damage inflicted upon the opponent during melee combat. This skill allowed Herakles to defeat several monsters empty-handed.

    Divinity A:
    Being a mixed-race child of the King of Gods Zeus and a human, and becoming a god after death, Herakles naturally possessed the highest level of the Divinity skill.

    Giant Beast Hunting A:
    An ability born from abundant combat experience against giant lifeforms. Across his many adventures, Herakles conquered and tamed countless giant monstrous beasts with his brawn and brain. The skill grants a modifier bonus against all giant lifeforms.
    Noble Phantasm
    “Hey, Hero, have you ever heard these words? Go beyond!”

    Pillars of Hercules
    Plus Ultra

    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)

    The quintessential ability of all explorers materialized as a Noble Phantasm. It is a manifestation of Herakles’s mindset as an explorer and hero. This Noble Phantasm is a continuously active ability that embodies the concept of “going further beyond”. In effect, it adds a double plus modifier to all of Saber’s parameters, which activate only when he is in a major crisis. Upon activation, he becomes able to fight at levels much higher than his typical limitations. Each and every attack is more than 100% of his max power. The source of this power is unknown but it is likely the result of an explorer’s will to surpass the limits of mankind.

    Pillars of Hercules
    All Might

    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Army

    The Pillars of Hercules, geographical landmarks that mark the extent of Herakles’s explorations. Traditionally in legend, they are considered as the boundary between the extent of mankind’s reach and the untamed unknown wilderness.

    As a Noble Phantasm, they exist as a conceptual weapon stored within Saber’s body. They carry the concept of Non Plus Ultra or “nothing further beyond”, symbolizing Herakles’s status as the pinnacle of mankind’s knowledge and strength. It is the idea that there is nothing beyond Herakles and that he is all mighty in all fields. As such, it automatically sets Saber’s base parameters and skills to the highest rank, A. Plus and minus modifiers are not affected by this effect. As a secondary effect, however, all of Saber’s identity information, parameters, and skills are automatically identified by other servants, as his fame precedes him.

    By invoking the Noble Phantasm’s true name, Saber can draw the Pillars out of his body and manifest them as two large columns. While the pillars are erected, the surrounding area is forced into a bounded field under which the ‘unknown’ does not have an effect. In practice, skills, abilities, and weapons which operate under the effects of intangible powers such as luck, fate, and destiny cannot be used. Similarly, all Servants’ luck stats are nulled.

    The columns are destructible and destroying them will revoke their effect. If Saber’s first noble phantasm were to ever activate, the pillars will be automatically destroyed as he himself would be breaking the limits the Pillars represent.

    Sealing a Hundred Heads
    Nine Lives

    Rank: B+
    Type: Anti-Unit

    Herakles’s famed technique, applicable to all forms of attack and weaponry. A battle technique that executes nine consecutive strikes at god-like speeds. It has all the same effects and power as it would normally, but with a single bonus. When used alongside Saber’s golden sword, a gift from Athena, the attacks become cloaked in a golden flame. All strikes dealt by the technique seal the target’s restorative abilities. It is an anti-immortality effect that negates any innate rejuvenation powers, such as a vampire’s curse of restoration. The ability stems from the legend of sealing the Hydra’s heads’ healing abilities.
    The man, the myth, the legend.

    The one named Herakles needs no introduction.

    Traditionally, Heracles isn’t seen as an explorer, but the term is applicable. Over many adventures, he ventured to far-off lands and tamed the wild beasts and terrifying hazards of the land, unrecorded to humanity. Where once such lands were mystic territories known only to gods and spirits, he triumphantly and bravely conquered them as one would expect from the great hero. It could be said that Heracles was one of humanity’s first legendary explorers. His legacy is an inspiration to all, both heroes and explorers alike.

    The Pillars of Hercules are geographical landmarks and a symbol in Herakles’s name. In Greek Mythology, they mark the westward extent of Herakles’s exploration. In his era, the pillars were considered the furthest point of mankind’s knowledge, as expanded by Herakles, and everything beyond it was effectively unknown. Popular mentions of the pillars include Atlantis existing beyond the pillars and Odysseus claiming to sail past the pillars in pursuit of the unknown in the Divine Comedy.

    Throughout the ages, the Pillars have stood as an icon for exploration. They were a symbol of the extent of mankind’s reach and the vast unknown that stretched beyond that. Renaissance tradition held that the words Non Plus Ultra were inscribed on the pillars, meaning “nothing further beyond” and existing as a warning to sailors not the press forward.

    But, in the 16th century, the meaning of the pillars was renewed. Featured in the Spanish Coat of Arms, the pillars then bore a new inscription: Plus Ultra, “further beyond”. Following the discovery of the New World by Columbus, these words became the national motto of Spain, emblematic of the kingdom’s vision of expanding into the vast unknown. Where once the Pillars were a warning to stay in the safety of known land, they from then on became a symbol of exploration, encouraging a generation of explorers to come.

    To this day, the Pillars of Hercules exist as a challenge to all. Representative of Herakles’s own attitude to life, it evokes a sense of adventure to those who see its form. Take risks. Strive higher. Surpass the limits of those before you. Like a torch passed down from generation to generation, it serves as an inspiration to the next line of explorers to come, as if the Demi-God himself were looking down from heaven and pointing towards the soon-to-be explorer with the words,

    “You’re next.”

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