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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    The Olympics are a time-honored tradition.

    Yet there are ancient roots in greece to them
    So I've been summoned... that can only mean one thing! I have been summoned to compete once more! Don't worry master, I will bring us glory and victory!

    Elian Train,
    EGGS, Typemoon.Fandom.Com

    True Name
    Milo of Croton


    Historical Fact & Greek Mythology


    Competing, Showing off, Spectacles, the Olympics, Discussing Philosophy

    Trees, Boredom, Tricks, Wolves

    Natural Talents
    Wrestling and Athletics

    Natural Enemies

    Other Classes

    Bones of the Bull he raised, Remnants of the Trunk that caught his hand

    Fists (B-rank)Club of Herakles (A-rank)

    Do not fear master! I may lack a proper weapon, but I, an Olympian, do not need them!
    No I'm not a god, why do you ask?


    Str: C End: C Agi: C
    Mna: D Lck: D NP: B

    Relax, master. My skills are enough to make up for what you see as weakness!


    An athlete from ancient greece. He is one of the most famous competers of their ancient games. After his ignoble end his hometown failed to produce an athlete that could even match him let alone outshine him. Not only was he an athlete however he is recorded as being an accomplished military leader, having led men in a fight against Sybarius at the behest of his mentor Pythagoras.

    This means that not only was he an accomplished athlete and military leader but he had a cunning mind, as he was mentored by the greek philosopher Pythagoras personally, who at the time lived near Croton, his hometown. Many myths surround the man and it is unknown how many are true. Even modern scientists cannot say with certainty that they are all false due to the fact that many involve perfectly possible feats.

    He is said to have personally raised a bull for four years and once it grew too old he lifted it onto his shoulders, took it to town, killed it, and then prepared it as part of a feast. Another feat states that he held an apple and challenged multiple athletes to remove it from his hand and no one could not only remove it but they couldn't make him break it.

    So renowned was he that an athlete that had made it to the final round against him bowed in respect, as he was a new athlete and looked up to Milo. The first time in history that the second place winner was remembered. Another instance remembered was the one time he lost, althought it was considered a stalemate by everyone else. An athlete wrestled him using akrocheirismos in order to delay and fatigue Milo, a tactic that ultimately resulted in a stalemate as he managed at the very end to bring the athlete into an embrace.

    Yet as with all famous figures in ancient greece he met an ignoble end. He was found mostly devoured with his hand stuck in the trunk of a tree. Many myths spawned from this on what could have happened but the truth of the matter was exactly as it appeared. The one time he needed true strength to free himself, he couldn't. He died from sheer exertion and was devoured by the wilds.

    He is recorded as having won the boys wrestling and then five men's wrestling titles. He won seven crowns at the Pythian Games. He also won ten crowns at the Isthmian Games and nine at the Nemean Games. So accomplished was he that he won the title Periodonikēs which was only given to those who won a particular competition during all four cycles of the year.

    Ah, master! Sorry is the environment too much? Sorry but a good feast is needed before battle!
    Me...? Ah I wanted to step out a moment. Sometimes its a bit much for even me, master. Let us return and feast, shall we?

    Class Skills

    Magic Resistance: C

    Having lived during the Age of Gods he no doubt faced some magical adversity. However it is either too little to be noteworthy or somehow didn't happen. As such he has this at a much lower rank than a Rider from his time would have it but more than a servant having no anecdotes about facing magic would normally have.

    At this rank he naturally cancels two-verse spells or weaker automatically. However while he can somewhat mitigate the effects of three-verse spells he cannot do anything against high thaumaturgy or greater rituals.

    Ha! Nice try, caster! You underestimated my strength didn't you!?
    Uh oh...

    Riding: C

    Despite having not legends of riding anything he still has this skill as a Rider. Rather he even qualifies due to owning a bull and his relation to animals. While he cannot ride phantasmal or divine animals and vehicles he can ride anything mundane. As it so happens the mount he can summon is the bull he raised for four years.

    Ischyrós! My trusty bull!
    Well then... if this is to be a fight and not a match... then let us have at it! Fight with my, Ischyrós!

    Personal Skills

    Divinity of Athleticism: B

    A very unique skill that belongs to the athletes of olympus. Due to particular rituals done by organizers athletes were often presented in a semi-divine fashion, only not claiming it due to not naming divine parents. In his case he was seen as a 'second coming' level of divinty due to the level of strength he beheld to the masses, once carrying a great bull from his hometown to athens for a feast.

    At this rank he not only gains the benefits of Divinity at D rank, its strength increases along with his parameters by a rank for every 100 people he amasses to cheer for him. Further so long as their morale remains high he also gains the benefits of Self-Replenishment (Mana) at the sae rank. Interestingly it does not nessicarily mean that the cheers need to be for his victory; Cheers for his defeat work just as well. So long as more and more people cheer for him and their spirits remain high his power grows and grows.

    Do you hear their cheers, Ischyrós?
    Our adoring fans believe in us to defeat a caster, from the age of gods, of all things
    We can't very well disappoint, can we?

    Feast of an Olympian: A

    A skill denoting the charitability and jovial festivals that tend to occur around the servant. Specifically those of olympian athletes. Of course not all that have this skill nessicarily need to have competed but need to have some connection; for example being the mentor to a famous athlete or sponsoring the event in question. He has this skill as not only did he randomly generate festivals in the public that at times he supplied the food for but he also was a competitor in the olympics themselves among other competitions.

    This skill allows him to create a protected area where any and all may join and feast. Within a mental interference prevents those within from feeling hostility or negative emotions while rejecting any that try to enter the area with such. While an enemy could force their way through, if they do so then he gains two full ranks and a plus modifier to all of his parameters for the ensuing fight.

    Further all the food brought in and present gains a minor healing effect as well as granting those that eat the benefits of having Self-Replenishment (Mana) at D-rank so long as they partake. If a fight breaks out then eating a piece of food grants this effect for a full minute.

    Hahaha! Come, feast, my fellows! For tomorrow I take this competition to Lancer next!
    You too, master. You're so thin, you clear need the meat! Oh, Ischyrós? He'll be fine come morning!

    Pankration: B

    While he had abundant strength he also was noted as being skilled. So skilled that he was practically undefeatable until faced with a style that was designed to counter his own, akrocheirismos, and even then due to his great strength he was able to reach a stalemate rather than defeat. Yet he is not noted as the best practitioner. Heroes more famous than he are generally regarded as masters, relegating him to this rank.

    Even still it effectively allows him to utilize his own fists as armaments equivalent to this skills rank and adds a plus modifier to his Strength so long as he fights an opponent one on one, losing it if others intervene. Masters do not count for this as they are considered part of both himself and his enemy.

    Heheheh, so this is Lancer! Well, no matter! You are fast, but I am mighty!
    Well. What a pickle
    This kind of fight is somewhat disadvantageous
    Well, I suppose I have no choice!
    Master, back me up!

    With this lion skin, these great crowns, and this club I hereby unleash the ancient rite... Theía Katochí Herakles!Battle Continuation: B

    A skill granted to servants who refused to stop fighting even while suffering greivous, fatal, or even deadly injuries. Herakles was notable as not dying even in the most dire circumstances and never giving in to his injuries. While Milo has no such feats and so is bringing the rank of this skill down he is invoking and emulating Herakles and so has it at a high rank.

    At this rank he can shrug off all wounds except killing blows. Even then however he can let out a final attack as he dies. All injuries otherwise cannot impede his movements or fighting style.

    Feh! These measly pokes are nothing! Taste my club, Lancer!

    Valor: B+

    A skill that denotes the brave feats one has displayed throughout their life. Herakles had many displays of bravery throughout his life, enough that even in madness this skill barely declined. However Milo had few such displays, bringing the overall rank down from its peak. Even so it is still a high rank thanks to him being possessed of Herakles.

    At this rank he still has immunity to fear, confusion, fascination, and mental interferences that prevent his bravery. Further it empowers all of his melee attacks.

    Tsk! Interrupted by Saber
    no matter! I will take all comes! Face me if you can, Saber and Lancer!

    Mind's Eye (Fake): C

    A skill that allows a servants experiences to grant them a sense for danger. Herakles' many adventures granted him this skill at a high rank and while Milo has a long career the amount of times he was actually in danger is low. As such he holds back the rank from being any higher than average for servants.

    Even so at this rank this skill grants them an extrasensory ability to detect danger directed at them. While area of effects will escape them they can still feel a bad omen that warns them of such danger.

    Too little, too little, too little! Lancer is defeated and you're next, Saber, unless you take this seriously!

    Divine Core Herakles: B

    A skill he has due to his noble phantasm. It is unknown if such a divine core actually exists. What is known is that upon activation of his noble phantasm this skill activates in full and when it fades away all traces of this skill vanish with it. It also is what allows him to emulate Herakles so well and utilize noble phantasms that emulate Herakles' own.

    This divine core holds no skills and instead, in addition to it allowing him to utilize skills and noble phantasms emulate Herakles' own, he has an authority called 'Olympia's Strongest' that grants him an effect akin to Ultimate One; it raises his parameters by a rank if he is faced with an opponent that is theoretically stronger than him, even granting 2 against a proper threat like an Evil of Humanity or a Beast of Gaia.

    So they retreat
    Hmph. Time's almost up... best to leave it at this.
    Right, master?


    Despite his immense fame he is quite a humble individual. He will happily boast of his own greatness and strength as well as party hard. Yet when he does party he ensures other partiers are enjoying themselves too, never letting himself get too wrapped up in his own enjoyment. Further despite his boasts he never looks down on another. He will treat anyone seeking athleticism the time of day, advice to grow, and even allow them to challenge him.

    However he may shock others when he shows shocking intellect. He is not on the level of accomplished scholars, unable to trade knowledge with philosophers, but he can keep up with college graduates and philosophers. While modern concepts escape him he will often study such so he may enjoy regular conversation of such things with others. Sometimes he will even engage philosophers from his ancient perspective so that he may shed light on thoughts of the time and also learn those modern concepts.

    Further he is a very chilvarous person. Whether it is due to events after his death or simply a secret part of his life is unknown but he holds chilvary in high regard. He will call out unfair conditions during a fight or competition, he will never let fear control his decisions, he will always be considerate when speaking and interacting, and he will always help others. This includes his vow of abstinence which he takes seriously and will deny any seeking his favor but in a gentle, considerate but firm way.

    Yet for all his virtues there is a chink in his moral armor. A pair of things that he will avoid due to being unable to stand them and will seek their removal at their sight. Wolves and tree stumps. The things that killed him. He has harsh feelings regarding his ignoble death. He feels it was a trick of the gods and wishes that they hadn't used such a trick to kill him, viewing it as cowardly.

    Rather he does not wish to avert his death. Instead he wishes to have his hand freed so he may fight for his life. He refuses to accept death by such cowardly tactics. Showing that like many greecian heroes he has pride.

    Master. What do you think this ritual is?
    Yes I am aware. I always was. Too many inconsistencies.
    Even so, I allied with you.
    In the end I trust you to see my wish
    Failing that, at the very least in this competition I can earn glory for my name.
    So apologies but no. I will not take this 'Seriously'
    Because I always have been. Competition is always a very serious matter. I am putting my pride and honor on the line. I expect the others are too
    If anything, master... are you?


    So this is chaldea... I wonder what sights await me!

    Grk! Our styles are practically the same, but your strength! Thanks to it, I am actually challenged! This is what I've craved my whole life!

    Frau Gauden
    A leader of the wild hunt? Interesting
    You might make for good competition! I have high hopes!

    Dewa Sri
    Rice? What's that?
    This is... not very filling or tasty
    Oh? Combine it with other foods?
    Hey! It kinda works! Thanks miss!

    Ismail Ibn Ibrahim
    What an interesting fella. He gives and gives just like me. He'd make for a great feasting buddy. Wonder if he's available?

    It's refreshing, you know. You are always so fascinating to talk to. Thank you for these chats

    King Momo
    Hahahaha! This man throws a mean party
    I can tell. He's kinda strong isn't he? I'd love to tackle him in the ring...!

    La Befana
    What a fascinating servant you are. I can't make heads or tails. Are you a demon or an angel?


    Tsk! What an annoying servant! I must remain strong! I will not break my vow!

    Henry VIII
    Eh? Who's he?
    What's he doing with master?

    Bento Gonçalves
    What a wonderful festival! Truthfully, you certainly know how to party!

    Huh! What a curious tradition. Still, not uneventful from the smiles I see

    Saint Walpurgia
    How... how can something so contradictory exist...?
    Really goes to show you how wonderful us humans can be!

    the Easter Bunny

    What a fascinating creature you are
    To think an entire holiday spawned from you!
    Or... perhaps... it's the other way around?

    Mari Lwyd
    Master! Stay in here and be quiet! I finally shook that pursuing Mari Lwyd! I lost Pwngco and now she wants my soul she says!
    Eh? That's only enemies...? Wait, you mean I misheard her?
    Well this is embarressing and awfully rude of me. I must hurry and make up to her!

    What a lively festival your assembling! Please, allow me to help! As you can see, I'm more than adequete!

    So you've traveled much then? By all means join us! Enjoy this fine bull and regale us with your tales of other lands! I, for one, am very curious!

    Therese of Bavaria
    A festival that involves a lot of drinking? Interesting... I wonder if Orphenites spread their influence... I'm curious I think I will partake if only to find out!

    Huh... what a peculiar woman. Still she adds color to this festival! I like it!

    Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
    Errr... sorry. Our vibes are totally different. I have my vow after all... still, you're bound to find someone if you keep looking!

    ... Hmmm. I wonder who that is, at the edge of the party... hmmm. Well, she'll join when she's ready I'm sure

    Noble Phantasm

    With this lion skin, these great crowns, and this club I hereby unleash the ancient rite
    Theía Katochí Herakles!



    A crystallization of a particular anecdote in his history. Perhaps the only accomplishment not related to athleticism. A true military accomplishment. His defense of those exiled from Sybaris by the dictator Telys in order to sieze their land and wealth. He led the charge against the Sybrarisian forces when they came to execute the exiles that Croton was convinced to defense by Pythagoreus through him, whom he was a pupil to.

    Yet an anecdote arose from that event that stuck to him after death and throughout his life. How he donned his crowns, a lion's pelt, took up a club and led the frontlines invoking the image of Herakles. While he did not single-handedly win the war this event inscribed the image of Herakles onto him. As the second coming of the Great God Herakles.

    It has no effect outside of a true name invocation. When invoked a lion's pelt manifests over his head and down his back, ten crowns rest on his biceps, head, waist, calves, thighs, and ankles, and a club appears in his hand. Then, after the full chant, his skin becomes rocky and brittle and his eyes glow red like the eyes of a fury. He becomes Herakles momentarily.

    This transformation proffers several effects. First it grants him the personal skills the servant Herakles would possess at the same ranks they would have. Secondly it grants him several noble phantasms; the Nemean Lion Pelt, the Club of Herakles, the Ten Crowns of Athleticism, and God Hand each at a rank lower than when wielded by Herakles (with the exception of the club). Finally he gains the personal skill Divine Core Herakles.

    The Nemean Lion Pelt grants him protection against all forms of damage except for crushing attacks and divine attacks. The Club of Herakles is not only an armament but grants him access to the Nine Lives fighting style so long as he uses it as a weapon. the Ten Crowns of Athleticism grant him EX rank Endurance so long as he wears them, preventing him from feeling fatigue or losing stamina at all, his muscles work at one hundred percent capacity perpetually without any wear or tear. God Hand is the ressurection noble phantasm held by Berserker Hercules and he now has it as well though he lacks its protective capabilities.

    However there is a downside to this noble phantasm. For as powerful as the invocation of Divine Spirit Herakles is he is merely human and cannot support such a transformation forever. He can maintain this noble phantasm strain free for 5 minutes. After this his Endurance drops to A rank. Then it dwindles rank by rank each minute he sustains the noble phantasm. Once he reaches F rank it deactivates fully, demanifesting the pelt, the club, the rocky skin, and the crowns.

    From there he must spend an hour per rank lost this way, requiring a full day if he allowed it to plummet to F rank. If he is cheered on he can temporarily continue fighting but utilizes the F-rank for bonuses from his own personal skills.

    Hmph! Well then
    a three on one is it? Assassin, Berserker, and Archer.
    Quite an disadvantageous fight
    Well. Shall we start?
    I won't hesitate this time!
    With this lion skin, these great crowns, and this club I hereby unleash the ancient rite... Theía Katochí Herakles!

    Now come, fellow servants! Let this battle, this match, ring out through the ages!!!!

    Not an easy servant to make. Sparse legend, not many incredible feats... but i managed to wrangle something. Here it is. A servant celebrating ancient olympics with a bit of a twist thanks to a particular anecdote in his tale.

    That said... small question. Would a jousting servant fit this prompt? I think it might but I want to make sure before entering it. If not, he'll just go in create-a-servant
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    The country for everyone, Brazil. A beautiful land, blessed by God to be full of nature and joy. A multi-cultural hotpot of ethnicities, joined together as one.

    A beautiful description, full of truths but shackled by its past. Brazil was not built by these groups as their new haven, rather, it was built by the orders of their opressors. It is the result of a humanity's greed, full of crime and sin. The cultural mix that defines Brazil was only possible because of this cycle of opression.

    And yet, how did such a joyous people emerge from that corrupted cradle?

    It's June and the country is once again coming together in widespread festivity, a mere 4 months after the Carnaval. Festa Junina — the june festival — is not a single party at all, but a collection of celebrations that span the latter half of the month, meant to honor popular saints. A christian celebration... but that's because it was brought by the Portuguese only after it had morphed from its origins as a celebration of fertility and nature gods. Not only that, but it has evolved further after being influenced by so many other traditions that were brought to this land.

    How did these people manage to become one? Portuguese, natives, numerous African ethnicities... and then Italians, Spanish, Japanese, German, and so many others... such diversity. Their meeting alone brought about tensions that last to this day, not to mention the suffering their descendants went through, living in a nation plagued by corruption and tragedy, how can it be called beautiful?

    "It's just how they are. It's what they inherited from those who built the country. To turn suffering into joy! To create beauty out of harship! Oh it's pure poetry!!"

    What festival could be more emblematic of that nature than the Boi-Bumbá? June 30th is its official day, but this celebration, part of the Festas Juninas, happens over many of the last days of Saint John's month. A dance and ritual protagonized by the titular Boi-Bumbá — the dancing bull — whose death and ressurrection are depicted through song and dance.
    A practice that unites Portuguese, Indigenous and African traditions and iconography, but nonetheless varies from region to region.
    Dancing Bull
    Bumba meu Boi
    Dance, my Bull
    Cavalo Marinho
    Sea Horse
    Boi Pintadinho
    Speckled Bull
    Boi de Mamão
    Papaya Bull
    Boi de Reis
    Bull of Kings
    Even beyond those, there are uncountable styles within each tradition. Can it even be called a single practice at all?

    "Of course it can! It's Brazilian isn't it?"

    Indeed, others have said that religion and tradition are the best windows into how a people think. Rituals are the essence of a culture, externalized in song and dance. When talking about a people that is a mix of so many others, it might be the only way to understand them.

    "So it's no surprise that we are who we are. You could call us Boi-Bumbá, but excluding all the other names is no good at all! How about you call us..."

    Aliases: O Jeitinho Brasileiro.
    Class: Ruler
    : 171 cm/153 cm
    Likes: River/Sea bathing.
    Dislikes: Cold people.
    Attribute: Earth.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good.
    Origin: Brazil, folklore.
    Natural Enemy: Each other.
    STR C
    END A
    AGI C
    MGI A
    LUC B
    NP EX

    Bumbá is a word derived from the verb bumbar, which can mean either 'to dance', 'to act quickly and decisively' or 'to hit someone'. A perfect name for these two who represent the Brazilians, these people who have to fight against adversity daily and yet exude enough warmth and joy to be seen as one of the happiest people in the world.

    "Hm, individual names? Oh dear, I guess there was no point in getting one name to include everyone."
    "This dunce was just wasting time, as always. Master, you can call me Caprichosa and he is the opposite."
    "Oh my, not even mentioning my name? We're taking this seriously I see! Call me Garantido, Master."


    The legend starts with a couple of slaves, Ma Catirina and Pa Francisco. Catirina is expecting and desperately wants to eat ox tongue, not any ox though, she wants it from the favorite bull of the farm owner. Francisco tries to get her to ask for something else, but she convinces him to abide her wishes by reminding him that if a pregnant woman doesn't get her desired food, the baby will come out looking like it.
    Not wanting a son who looks like an ox, Francisco cuts off the tongue of the beloved animal and hides its body from the farm owner. The man eventually notices his favorite bull is absent and sends his cowboy to find it.
    They find the bull dead and immediately begin searching for the culprit. Pa Francisco eventually confesses, but the owner continues despairing the death of his favorite bull and decides to call in an Indigenous pajé, an African healer and a Catholic priest. The three do their respective rituals and the bull is ressurected with new hide. The owner then forgives Pa Francisco and the entire town celebrates the miracle with song and dance.

    The tale can vary between the different traditions, sometimes bringind in new characters, such as the Little Lady, who loves to play with her Boi-Bumbá toy and represents the way this tradition is passed down not as a ritual, but as a game people start playing as children. Even experienced participants of the biggest Boi-Bumbá events call it "playing bull".

    The legend is an idealized representation of the cultural and ethnical mixing that'd lead to modern Brazil. Despite the cruelty of the time still being present in the slavery Ma and Pa suffer, the story ends with the owner also appealing to all main religious influences of the time, allowing them to work together to achieve a miracle that is celebrated by all, regardless of belief or social standing.

    It is the Brazilian spirit.

    Brasil-Bumbá are the idealized version of Brazil's national identiy. A country for everyone that manages to bring them together despite the adversity they have to face, ultimately achieving great things.

    Class Skills

    God's Resolution A.

    The priviledge of the class that is presiding over a Holy Grail War: The ability to use Command Spells against Servants. If summoned in the regular role of a Ruler, they'll each gain a single Command Spell for each Servant summoned.

    Even if they are not summoned in a regular Grail War, and therefore gain no Command Spells, they still wield authority over the Brazilian Heroic Spirits. It's not that their voice acts as a Command Spell on its own, they just have a deep understanding of how Brazilians think and act, so they know exactly what to say to convince them to do their bidding.

    "This is a scam dude. I want my tattos!"
    "Can you imagine if we could command each other, toots? Even I can see how that wouldn't work out."

    True Name Discernment D+.

    Status information such as one's identity, skills and parameters are automatically revealed to the owner of this skill when directly encountering a Servant.

    The Brazilian national identity that forms Brasil-Bumbá encompasses their deep reverence for religion and tradition, which includes figures who were syncretized into their culture and into festivities such as Boi-Bumbá. Consequently, they possess a massive amount of priviledged information on a variety of culture heroes and other foreign figures.
    While Rulers are supposed to be impartial, this duo finds it very difficult to not reveal the identity of Servants that are famous in Brazil. Brasil-Bumbá is essentially a manifestation of the Brazilian people, so it makes sense that they'd freak out.

    "Toooooots! You won't believe who I just met while you weren't there... I met Dandara, bitch!"
    "WHAT? And you didn't call me? Well screw you, I'm not telling you where to find the guy I just met."
    "Suuuure... and who was it?"
    "Don't you lie to m OH MY GOD!"

    Personal Skills

    Combination EX.

    Usually, a skill that displays how much one's combat power increases when on a united front with a specific person. An essential skill for Servants that only have fame as a group and the reason they qualify for the Ruler class. Putting aside saintly traits gained from the festival, what could be more impartial than two people who almost never agree with each other?

    In the case of Brasil-Bumbá, this skill represent the simultaneous summoning of the components necessary to manifest the Boi-Bumbá. In other words, this Servant is the legendary bull but also the celebration itself, since they are synonimous with each other. This means that their Saint Graph should include all the different practices and characters utilized in different traditions around the country.
    To manage this huge amount of information, their Saint Graph has taken the Paratins Folkloric Festival as its main facet, successfully splitting the information management needs into two entities.

    The Folkloric Festival is special even among the many Boi-Bumbá traditions. It is a contest that has expanded the celebration to include many other themes and rituals, specially relating to the Amazonian people. It's not a game like the others, but a competition. The contest between
    Boi Garantido
    Assured Bull
    Boi Caprichado
    Neat Bull
    is so fierce that it literally splits the city in half, with the communities, divided between the north and south of the city, refusing to even mention the other's name or to use their colors.

    Fittingly, Boi-Bumbá continues to encapsulate the Brazilian reality. Even if everything is in good faith and fun, that a celebration of unity and rebirth would transform into such a fierce competition is representative of the struggles Brazil still suffers today: unable to solve the tensions brought about by the mix and cooperation that are at the core of the country.

    In short, Brasil-Bumbá's combat power raises when fighting on a united front, but also when fighting each other.

    Affection of the Many Powers D.

    A skill indicating one who has gained favor with the entities of many different faiths. In the case of Brasil-Bumbá, they were granted the miracle of ressurrection by the union of (at least) three different powers: The grace of God through his Saints as well as the powers of an African faith and Indigenous spritual traditions. The specifics of the latter two vary depending on the region, so it is possible that the invoked deities actually come from more than three sources.

    Before playing Bumba Meu Boi, the bull costume is taken to a ritual in which it is blessed by the saints of the month of June such as Saint Anthony, Saint John and Saint Peter. This moment sometimes goes beyond Christianity and includes Umbandan rituals, in which the three saints are equated with orixás such as Exú and Xangô.
    This skill is a representation of all the blessings they receive from these divinities every year, as well as the veneration directed towards the bull itself during the game, and finally, the miracle performed by ressurrecting.

    As these blessings have been split between the two due to Combination EX, they don't possess a ressurrection effect, but rather a very strong regeneration skill capable of curing even major injuries in a short time. Something that is still in line with the versions of the tale in which the bull is cured before dying.

    Also, due to the aforementioned associations, it seems elemental attributes have been added to their Saint Graph. Garantido can use fire, while Caprichosa uses lightning.

    "Master. You have to control the dunce okay? He just tried to trip me on our way here."
    "Oh please, are you really going to cry to Master about that?"
    "I was carrying boiling hot coffee! This shit burns!"
    "You literally electrocuted me yesterday!"

    Gambiarra .

    A Brazilian term that refers to a quick improvised solution to a problem, usually involving the construction of effective but unstable contraptions with household items. This skill's effectiveness varies wildly from situation to situation, so it goes unranked.

    Language is representative of the people who use it, and new words only come about when a concept is important enough to a community to be codified as a separate term. That Brazil has terms such as "gambiarra" and "
    jeitinho brazileiro
    Brazilian knack
    " to codify their specific brand of ingenuity is proof of how widespread and important it is to them.

    It's nearly impossible to predict how Garantido and Caprichosa will act at any given moment, and they seem to always find a different solution than the one most people would come up with. In battle, this translates to a style that seems to be a haphazard mixture of typical dances and fighting styles that is impossible to become used to. One cannot predict what they'll do next because they themselves don't know, and only come up with it right before acting.
    There is also the interpretation that the jeitinho brasileiro is an unethical trait, describing how they always want to go around the rules.

    "Aw, it depends on how you use it, is all. Not everyone is a rascal."
    "Found you, Master! They're giving out these snacks at the cafeteria but it's only one per person, think you can convince Yan Qing to turn into a few people for me? Hey dunce, you get one for me too!"
    "Sweety, I got three already. No way I can get past the kitchen team a fourth time."

    Noble Phantasm

    Toada Fantástica
    May this dance be the future they described

    Type: Broadcasting
    Rank EX

    Mystical Boi-Bumbá Song. The realization of the wishes brought forward by the celebration of a people that chooses to laugh in the face of adversity. A song meant to reduce the friction between reality and ideals.

    One of Brazil's titles is 'The Country of the Future', referring to its unique position as a place free of natural disasters, blessed with wealth and formed by a variety of peoples. Coined during its economic emergence, it singles out the country as the one capable of reaching an ideal future of prosperity and joy.
    Sadly, these wishes often don't live up to reality, and people have taken to resignify that title. "Brazil is the country of the future, never of the present." This desired prosperity is reserved to that unreachable destinty, a future that'll never be.
    Brasil-Bumbá denies that. It brings the future to now by utilizing the past.

    Toada Fantástica manifests as a song and dance that invites everyone around it to participate. This is not a magical effect, their celebration is simply contagious, and anyone watching would want to take part.
    The real effect of this Noble Phantasm is the dissemination of the massive amount of information that has been condensed into their Saint Graphs. Since time immemorial, tradition is the way through which older generations are able to push their wishes and their experiences forward in the hope that it'll be useful to the new ones. It's what we call folklore.

    Their boi-bumbá game is a tool for broadcasting the wishes of those past. The information contained within them is not just a registry of practices and history, but a corpus of harmonious moments that proves to the world and to all around them that the future that is so talked about has already arrived, starting a celebration of culture and diversty.
    This is a wish that can only be made real if the people around them join in on the Boi-Bumbá. The information that shapes them is not infinite, and it is what they are made of, meaning that they're spending their own selves to send this message. If others participate in the celebration, then this Noble Phantasm can continue indefinitely as information from people past is replenished by people present.

    However, no matter how much they work to make these ideals into reality, the chances of enough people joining them to sustain this Noble Phantasm continuously is almost null. They'll inevitably spend their selves to the last, disappearing among the wishes of those left behind.

    But this is not a farewell. These ideals will never die.

    As people pray for this unreachable future to arrive, the boi-bumbá will eventually be revived by their faiths once again.


    Dewi Sri
    "Oh, it warms my heart that there are other places out in the world who appreciate rice as much as we do. This woman could be a Brazilian goddess and no one would bat an eye!"
    "Yeah, she needs to chill out a bit though. Rice on pizza?"
    "Really? You two had spaghetti with rice and beans yesterday..."
    "Hm? But that's great!"
    King Momo
    "What a man! I'm glad to have someone else sharing their joy with our country."
    "Our party is better bitch."
    "Toots, it's Carnaval! You can't say that."
    "This is our month Momo! Meet me in Paratins and let's see who makes more noise!"
    Bento Gonçalvez
    "This guy is the best."
    "He is cool, I suppose..."
    "He's modernizing! He has to inspire a new generation!"
    "I'm just saying he's basically a different person now, okay? Hard to see the Bento Golçalvez under the helmet."
    "You got shit taste, dunce. I'm out. Bento! Can you give this gal a ride?!"
    Saint Walpurga
    "Poor thing. I just want to tell her it's possible you know? Her two sides can coexist."
    "Let's not push things, okay? See, the gal's all happy now. No need to stirr up trouble."
    "What trouble? I'm sure she'll take it in good stride."
    "Just trust me, big boy. Hey, maybe seeing a happy end or happy attempt, I guess will help her out. C'mon, let's join her party, we have time until our own!"

    Image Sources:
    Granblue Fantasy

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    We were expecting a summer/santa alt contest. Then it turned out to be a Germans vs. Brazillians contest instead. Not complaining though. I love learning about all these new cultures I've never heard of before.

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    Brasil Bumba: I don't know what to say, really.

    Like, I love this. Absolutely love it to bits and think I have found my favorite for this month's contest. But at the same time just let me say again how much I appreciate the thought and character put into them and just how much joy and hope they carry as a representative of all peoples. Never mind the fact that their Noble Phantasm is the perfect complement to Momo's own Noble Phantasm. One creates the party, another leads the dance. I can't help but wonder whether its because they are both Party-Time servants. Or whether they are reaching for the same end result. Again, I love it. I absolutely love it!

    They are also funny as all get out.

    Indeed the conceptual manifestation of the Gambiarra!

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    "Worthless. Garbage with no meaning."

    Like that, she consigned the thing into nihilism without a second thought, turning her face away from the monitor.

    "...I'll try again," he grumbled, poising his hands over the keyboard.

    His fingers curled like a question as he silently interrogated his mind for something else he could try.

    "No," she interrupted.

    There was no permission to be given, but she withdrew it anyway.

    The death-coloured flowers brushed against her clothes as she stepped a little further into the field, standing at the eye of the circles within circles that the two had etched into the ground. Her reflection flashed against the polish of the countless iron stakes that stood like thunderbolts in the cold peat.

    "Garbage is ideal for me," she said.

    Her gaze was fixed on the shard of Magic that sat at the heart of the etchings.

    The stakes were not mere decoration, nor were they lynchpins, or even boundary markers. They were resources: both catalysts and fuel rods. Iron was associated with the planet Mars, and with the drawing down of Mars, she could get just slightly closer to the source of power that she was invoking. ███████████ was truly a difficult god to muster, but she would allow herself to tolerate it until the reification was complete.

    That would not be today. Right now, she had other plans.

    "This theory was designed for garbage."

    He didn't really understand what she was talking about, but he didn't really have to. He flexed his finger and got to work, ploughing through half a dozen non-fatal errors and uncaught exceptions.

    "You're the boss," he muttered.

    She was standing quite firmly within the cage of stakes by now, and he realised by the third time his eyes flicked up to her that he was getting anxious.

    The iron had a third function.

    "This is your first time doing Formalcraft - or, whatever it's called - with electricity, right?" he recalled. "Are you gonna be fine? It's dangerous, y'know..."

    Her neck seemed to contort as she looked over her shoulder, ruby gaze seeming to burn a hole into him with the mild displeasure of someone who had just been condescended to.

    It had not been ruby a moment ago.

    "I'm probably worrying too much," he shrugged, eager to get her eyes off him. "Just make sure that █████ ███ doesn't go overboard and eat our results."

    She clicked her tongue, irritated.

    "I swear... Count yourself lucky you're not a Magus," she said. "You're free to question my motives and my experience. But I'm not about to let you interrogate my ability. Clear?"

    He never pleanned on arguing with that.

    "Crystal," he replied. "So where are we sending this thing? Antarctica?"

    "Back to Chaldea? As what, a prank?" she raised her eyebrows. "Those amateurs can barely handle themselves, let alone me."

    "Kinda bold to be calling an institution populated by Heroic Spirits 'amateurs', isn't it?" he shot back.

    "Whose fault do you think it is that they even have the ability to call them in the first place? Considering the scale of what I had to do, bailing Animusphere out is the most thankless work I've ever done," she sighed.

    She mulled over her own words, palpable indecision in the air, and────

    "Why not, I suppose," she decided.

    He internally scrambled for her meaning. "Why not what?"

    "A prank on them. A stress test on her. A case study for us," she said. "Yes. I like that idea. But we can do better than just shipping it to them."

    He frowned. "When you say 'stress test'... Wait, their Rayshifting technology isn't done, or at least it wasn't when I left. You can't possibly be planning to lure out those guys with a... Are you even capable of making one?"

    "I told you..." she said, her acidic gaze seeming to fall upon his very soul───

    ───"...not to underestimate me."

    Errors encountered in class determination.
    "There's no way."

    That was one thing I was absolutely sure of, above all else.

    I don't even remember why or how I died. That was how little it mattered.

    What I cared about wasn't the circumstances. I had lived my life without a single regret.

    And yet, I was upset. Because there was no way I was going to survive another day.

    It wasn't as though I was unprepared. It wasn't as though there was anything left undone.

    I didn't have any wishes unfulfilled. Not until that moment.

    As I lay on my deathbed, I couldn't help but wish one last time.

    If possible... If someone, somewhere is listening... A god or a devil, I don't care...

    May I, please─────

    "Wake up! Hey, you, lazybones! C'mon, come join the fun! We're just getting started, you know, and I know a little someone it's missing!"

    Basic InformationBasic Information

    Alias: Queen of Egypt Classes: none
    True Name: Thaïs Source: Historical fact, Eunuchus
    Gender: Female Region: Greece
    Height/Weight: 160cm/59kg Attribute: Man
    Image colour: Pink Armament: Explosives







    King: According to the histories, after marrying Ptolemy I Soter, Thaïs became the first to hold the title of Queen of Egypt. Although it is not recorded what precisely happened during that time, she was clearly a greatly respected member of the court.
    Ionioi Hetairoi: Famously a companion of Iskandar during his conquests, although she has very low combat ability. There is more to life - even the life of a soldier - than battle, naturally!

    Class SkillsS̸̡̧͟c͘͢͞é͝n͞͡ą̴̛r͏į̛͝o̕͞

    Upon being summoned, the first thing she does is cry. There is no sorrow or mourning, no anguish that her reincarnation has brought nor inherited from her past life. She sobs and weeps because all she holds in her heart is joy. There are those who have been born into incredibly wealth and privilege, those who have had their lives of worthlessness turned upside down and enjoyed all kinds of ascensions, those who have seen sights that no human being had seen before nor ever will again. In this moment, all their good fortunes and smiles from fate are pocket change compared to how overwhelmingly lucky the girl feels.

    Her delight is boundless. Her gratitude is bottomless. Everything is so bright and vibrant, stirring her soul so strongly that all she can do is scream and howl at the top of her lungs. She is no Berserker, for nothing is warped or broken within her. Quite the opposite; she is healed completely. Her emotions overflow because there are no cracks left to leak from. She knows that she is not supposed to be here. There is no way that she should have qualified to return in this manner, for she simply is not compatible with the concept of "lending power to the later generations". She has left nothing unfinished, and yet, simply by being here, her final and most unreasonable wish has been granted.

    So, in recognition of that luck, to share that joy with others, the Queen at the heart of this Singularity will do her utmost to put on the greatest show imaginable: the ultimate festival. And to that end, who better to ask than those who created the world's greatest festivals in the first place?

    "I know it's a tall order, but please!" she calls out. "Help me show everything you love to everyone in the whole world!"

    It is her core. It is her nature. It is her way of being. In the face of such purity, what reason is there to refuse an invitation to create the ultimate celebration?

    Shining Carnival Phantasm

    Copacabana, 1949 CE
    Rank E+

    Personal SkillsPersonal Skills

    Charisma A

    The talent of a leader who can command multitudes. Although this normally encompasses leading an army, Rank B and above is sufficient to even stand at the head of a nation. Despite her lowly origins, Thaïs's presence was on par with the King of Conquerors she stood besides as one of his closest companions. Her incredible wit and charm are primarily responsible for her rise from a humble hostess to the throne of a kingdom.
    Heart of Passion A

    Ultra-high class mental resistance, the crystallisation of Thaïs's resiliently optimistic mentality. It is similar in nature to Calm and Collected, but the actual states of mind involved are like night and day. No matter the kind of psychic attack or visceral horror she might encounter, she will be able to keep going as though using her abundant positivity as a shield, and this defence is shared with those affected by her Charisma. Theoretically, an exception would exist in the form of charm skills, since they elicit a positive feeling, but in practice there doesn't seem to be a difference whether she's charmed or not.
    Self-Replenishment (Mana) B

    A class skill ordinarily belonging to the Avenger class. Naturally, Thaïs does not qualify for Avenger, because there is not a single iota of hatred within her. However, it has been theorised that her most famous act was supposed to be an exacting of revenge for an act of violence in her hometown of Athens where a great wonder had been destroyed... but she'll simply shrug if quizzed on it, saying "that has nothing to do with me". Perhaps, if Iskandar truly was chosen by the gods, it is not impossible that she was also a similar chosen one whose destiny was to return a kind of karmic punishment... Or maybe it simply comes from theories about her motivations. Thaïs doesn't mind. Due to the power of this skill allowing her to recover a small amount of magical energy on a passive basis, this only helps her party until the morning light.
    Expert of Many Specialisations B

    An ability that allows access to all kinds of skills at Rank C, including Tactics, Rhetoric, Philosophy, Eye for Art, Medicine, Item Construction, and so forth. Unlike what one might imagine when presented to the word "prostitute", Thaïs is actually a hetaira, who were also tasked with gratifying their clients' intellectual urges as much as their sexual desires. Given how exceptional she is at this job, it comes as no surprise that Thaïs was actually one of the most intellectual women in Athens during her lifetime, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that she is something of a genius. However, there are of course no skills dealing in direct combat that she can draw out of her vast wealth of knowledge.

    Noble PhantasmNoble Phantasm

    Highest and Brightest

    Anti-Army Class
    Rank B

    Range: 5~99
    Max targets: 100 people

    The sublimation of Thaïs's most famous story. After Iskandar's victory at Persepolis, they held a great celebration in honour of their victory. At the height of the party, Thaïs stood up and delivered a speech that roused the hearts of the soldiers and the king, and led the party to the palace of their defeated foes. Accompanied by music and laughter, Thaïs led the charge into a new age in Persia, sending off the Achaemenid dynasty with a pyre of flames as the army burned the palace to the ground.

    As a Noble Phantasm, this takes the form of a torch that shines brightly with a vivid rainbow-coloured flame. As though like a magic wand, waving the torch allows Thaïs to conjure all kinds of festive explosives, allowing her to fight with a spray of fireworks. Most of the time, this has the same firepower as a Rank B skill, but the release of the True Name grants it the appropriate magnitude for an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm. It gains a slight bonus in effectiveness against kings and buildings, but it is on its own a decidedly average Noble Phantasm.

    However, it has the additional effect of increasing in Rank depending on how many people are currently benefitting from the effects of her Charisma. The "partygoers", even if they aren't Servants, can lend their strength to Thaïs, culminating in a shared Noble Phantasm used by everyone together in a breathtaking barrage of pyrotechnics that can reach as high as Rank EX.



    A bizarre artificial class composed of "junk data", not too far from the nature of an Alter Ego, and even closer to the idea of a classless Servant. All possible Servants can be summoned into the Stranger class, in theory - it contains that which is held by every class and by no class, but not in-between. For Thaïs who does not meet the qualifications of any class, she was judged to be a perfect proof-of-concept for the class's first member.


    Thaïs is one of the most famous hetaira of all time - a kind of entertainer who would provide both physical and mental stimulation. Growing up in Athens from a fairly humble background, she is known for some political finagling in her younger days that is recounted in the playwright Terence's beloved Eunuchus. However, her story truly began when she met the young Alexander.

    Appreciating her sharp wit and her delightful company, Thaïs was invited along on his conquest. She agreed, eager to see the world beyond her hometown - and besides, who in their right mind would have turned down such an offer from a man like Alexander? Thus, she became one of his companions, her name famed for her great charisma and boundless energy.

    After the various travels, including her famous burning of Persepolis, she got to know many of the Ionioi Hetairoi extremely well, and ultimately became the quasi-legal consort of Ptolemy I Soter, another of Iskandar's companions who would be crowned King of Egypt. Whether or not she was supposed to have been the queen, she became at the very least informally recognised as such by the state. It is unclear what happened to her after that, but it is safe to say that she most likely spent the rest of her days at the top of the world.


    Likes: Everything!
    Dislikes: Death
    Talents: Conversation on all kinds of topics, public speaking
    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Presented with the opportunity to gain her wildest dreams from a Holy Grail, Thaïs knows that she would wish for immortality in a heartbeat. In life, she ultimately gained everything she wanted, and in her last moments, she became greedy.

    I want to wake up tomorrow. I want to live just one more day.

    She does not fear death. She accepts in her rational mind that all things must end. Emotionally, she has no aversion to the idea of dying in and of itself. She barely even listens to her biological obligations to remain alive. Her reasoning is nothing so convoluted as that.

    She just loves being alive so much that she could cry.

    The world has so many amazing things in it - sights to see, cultures to experience, people to meet. It's impossible for anyone to ever see them all, because both the wonders and humans are so fleeting. Yet, at the same time, new things are being created every single moment. There is so much to love about life, and there always will be until the end of time. So, how could she possibly be anything other than overjoyed at being able to return to existing as a Servant? Although she sits at the Throne of Heroes, she does not fit into the standard framework to be summoned, and therefore her manifestation would be written off as an impossibility out of hand.

    And so, the Stranger class is, in a way, the answer to her final selfish pleading. Overwhelmed by this last stroke of fortune, this final blessing, she has every intention of making the most of it. She has made it her mission to spread the happiness of being alive with a suffering world that wishes for its own end, and inspire it with the joy to keep going, just for one more day. That is the observance she represents: a lauding of accomplishments, a congratulations on having made it this far, a nameless festival of life itself held by almost everyone around the world, whether with others or even alone.

    "Well done. We've achieved something. We're living our lives."


    Frau Gauden
    "Hunting? I've never done it, but I'd love to try some time! You'll have to show me the ropes, of course, but I like to think I know my way around a saddle even if I don't have a mount! Are there any rookie mistakes I should watch out for?"

    Dewi Sri
    "I know what you mean! Rice really is amazing! It's so fluffy, and tastes so pure that you can eat it with pretty much anything! Oh, you must have heard of kheer, haven't you? I discovered it when we reached India, and it was just delightful! Come to think of it, you must be better at preparing rice than anyone. Maybe I'll wrangle some of your secrets out of you some time?"

    Ismail Ibn Ibrahim
    "A fellow traveller! We actually took something of a similar route, I think. You must have so many interesting stories, our eras were so far apart! Not to mention how difficult it must have been, considering how many people I travelled with. I would've gone mad from loneliness! If we live long enough, I'd like to go on that kind of pilgrimage myself. It sounds like it'd be amazing in the modern day, don't you think?"

    "Well, I'm not strictly against a grown-up party, but keep it in moderation! It's important for everyone to have a good time, okay? No shady business from you!"

    Rei Momo
    "Nice moves, Your Majesty! Hey, I'll have to get you to show me how to dance like that some time! I only have a bit of, ehe, 'specialised' dancing from my time as a hetaira, y'see! I need to spruce up my act, so I'm counting on you as the life of the party! I mean, you get it more than anyone!"

    La Befana
    "Heyyy! You seem to be doing pretty well! That's great! I noticed you handing out treats to everyone, that's sweet of you. So, I got Valentine to help me make a king's cake to share with you to say thanks! I'm afraid it has to be chocolate-flavoured, since it's his speciality, but we somehow managed to come to an understanding, I think. Here, let's cut it together!"

    "And you! Here you go! I saved a little of the chocolate you helped me with, so I made these for you too. Since you're always making sure everyone gets along. Hehe, surprised? Don't underestimate my talents. Even if you try to make yourself scarce, I'm always on the lookout for sources of happiness and stuff to live for, y'know!"

    Henry VIII
    "I guess kings have always been a little weak to me, huh? Ehehe. But I'm really more of a mistress than a wife, y'know. Calm and patience, your highness. If you really have so much stamina, you can endure to wait a little while, right? Oh, and while you're waiting, help me put these decorations up with that deft artist's hand of yours. I was thinking that I wanted your opinion on how to complement the architecture!"

    Bento Gonçalves
    "Ohhhh, that's such a nice bike! I love the blending on the paint! Hey, you're the guy who's been riding around and doing some crazy stuff, right? Making sure everyone is getting along... That's super cool. That means you're basically a hero of justice, right? Like some kind of... calmin' Rider! Hm... I'll workshop that nickname, I think... Ehe... But I've been curious about how the insides of one of these babies looks. Don't suppose you could walk me through it?"

    "Ah, it's springtime! I'm so glad you could make it! I'm counting on your help to spice things up with plenty of flowers, okay? Oh, that reminds me, I wanted to ask how you'd feel about having a spot in the music line-up. What with your voice and how you've got all that presence... not to mention how cute you are! I think you'd make a great little idol to get everyone energised, right?"

    "Good morning, sister! It's a lovely day out today, isn't it? Ah, no need to worry about the paganism... How to say, we're all doing our best to show the things that are important to us. That's what your day is too, right? Especially the you who is... A-ah, don't mind me, never mind! Honestly, it's hard to explain anyway. Though maybe I really should do something before it gets out of hand, but what can I even..."

    "Aww, aren't you a cutie! I'm so pleased you could make it. Well, I say that, but isn't that special egg of yours at the heart of the Singularity? I'm grateful for all your help, so let me treat you to something! Dewi told me about this great way to cook egg-fried rice, so if I could just borrow that basket... Ehehe, I'm just messin' with you!"

    Mari Lwyd
    "A battle of songs, you say! Ahaha, that sounds like so much fun! Ah, but what kind of music shall I go with...? I could try something more classical, but I'm sure I can improvise a more modern groove too! Decisions, decisions..."
    Needless to say, Her Highness is not even slightly spooked by the unusual appearance of the guest, and invites her in like anyone else.

    "Goodness me, you've certainly thought through your philosophy. I'd love to have a longer chat about this sometime, if you'd let me! I'll bring tea. Is there any particular kind you like? Or maybe I should bring sweets? How about both, actually?"

    Milo of Croton
    "Seeing you here really gets me in a partying mood! Having a good time and enjoying everything at the table is what life is all about. I always thought you were pretty amazing while I was alive... O-oh, wow, I'm trying not to make it weird, but can I just say that I've... literally always been a huge fan?!"

    "You two really do get along, don't you? Even when fighting each other, it's like you're working together... Fufu... N-no, not at all, I'm not scheming anything! I would never! Honestly, with how much the crowd has split down the middle, I was half hoping you'd be able to start a Parintins Festival with each side, but... That's not the spirit of things, right? And besides, like I could convince either of you to not play for your home country! That's why we're not gonna fight across cultural lines! I'd love to join in with your contest, but... Hm, red or blue..."

    Author's NoteAuthor's Note

    So you know when you have a great idea out of the blue and just ride the wave of serendipity all the way out into the sunset?

    Yeah, uh... No. The opposite of that, actually. This took me... so long...

    This girl actively resisted being made to the point where I had to invent a class before she was even on the menu in the first place. She has like one story and I had to do a crazy amount of research to even figure out how to write her skills and personality. And how the hell are you supposed to make "burned down a building with the lads one time" interesting mechanically?!

    All things considered, it just makes me all the more pleased with how she came out. Once the ball got rolling, I basically had to fill in the blanks as to what on earth was even happening to get her into the Stranger class in the first place, so I might have accidentally sorta written us into an event straight out of F/GO. I'm sure nobody will mind. At all.

    ...By the way, is "arco-íris" or "irisado" a more natural-sounding word to put in that title? My gut sent me toward the former, since I wanted to give an impression of shape as well, but, like, imagine speaking Portuguese.
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    "It looks like more guests have arrived, odd-looking ones at that."

    "As ironic as your words are, It matters little as long as they act like guests. The celebration shall go on."

    "Hmph, things may get rough for you, Therese."

    "Things have always been rough for me. But it shall not be like that for everyone else. Not at this time."

    "Oktoberfest shall continue unimpeded."

    True Name: [Queen] Therese of Bavaria
    Class: Watcher
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Source: Historical Fact
    Region: Bavaria

    Strength: D
    Endurance: D
    Agility: D
    Mana: B
    Luck: B

    Class Skills:

    Territory Creation A
    A Caster-class Skill. It is the Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana. Given enough time, she can recreate the field that was named Theresienwiese in her honor. A grand space like that is the perfect stage for her celebration.

    "The celebrations look like they're going well. If you'd go out and enjoy it too, it'd be better."


    Independent Action (Celeb) C
    A personalized version of Independent Action. It is currently suppressed due to the wishes of the holder.

    "This…is not for me."

    Personal Skills:

    Beautiful Waitress A
    The bombastic beer maiden of Oktoberfest, who delivers with haste when called for. Indomitable and stoic like a pillar, one would believe that it is she who oversees the entire event.

    "Cease those thoughts, I simply work here."


    Appreciation of Drinks C++
    A skill that denotes the owner as a consumer of alcohol. It allows the identification of any beverage, drink or cocktail. She holds a moderate amount of knowledge of general drinks like wine and spirits, and as such, can produce them. However, the specialty of Oktoberfest has always been its special beer. She can produce the many types of beer produced without any shift in her focus, and consume it down just as well.

    Celebration Continuation A+
    A further alteration of the Battle Continuation skill, originating from Performance Continuation. Taking the will to keep moving, to keep entertaining, to a bigger scale, Oktoberfest will not, shall not, end. No matter the damage to the world around her, the festivities will never die out easily.

    "Oktoberfest is for everyone's fortune."

    "That surely must include you as well?"


    Noble Phantasm

    "Ah, Therese! Hostiles are attacking the guests!"

    "Tsk, do not allow them to disrupt the festivities. Dispose of them."

    "Yes! Bavaria, moving out!"

    Bavaria d'Wiesn: Oh Modern Colossus, Watch Over This Festival
    Rank: B
    Rank: Anti-Unit, Anti-Self

    The noble phantasm of Watcher. The bronze statue that reigns as a personification of Bavaria itself. Being the first modern colossal statue built from that sort of material since Classical Antiquity, she is descended from the original colossal statues of that time, receiving traits from that connection.

    Bavaria is not Watcher's original noble phantasm but merely a byproduct of manifesting Oktoberfest. Not just representing the nation itself, Bavaria also stands as an eternal sentinel that presides over, and so she was summoned in that sort of state. Due to how freeform her summoning was as well as her descendance from statues like the Colossus of Rhodes and Athena Parthenos, she has taken on a different appearance.

    "They're all taken care of!"

    "Good, now the festival can go on."

    Oktoberfest: Let Us Celebrate Our Lives
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-City, Anti-Field
    The true noble phantasm of Watcher. The annual celebration of beer that turns up every autumn. The event commemorated the union between king Ludwig I and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen originally as a royal event but was transformed more and more into a public event for the enjoyment of everyone as years passed by.

    It is through this emphasis on Oktoberfest as something "everyone is allowed to enjoy" that leaves Watcher as a distant overseer and spectator, and suppresses her presence as a Servant. Many aspects of the festival are under her management and can be weaponized for her convenience such as the parade that consists of constructs resembling Munich Kildes and the Scarlachrennen, a revived horse racing event from the 15th century.


    Watcher is a silent person, a spectator that prefers to stay out of the limelight hence her current occupation as a mere beer maid. Nevertheless, as a former queen, she bears a distinction amongst the common folk that people can't simply overlook. As the overseer of the entire Oktoberfest festival, she is dutiful in her job, taking care of every aspect with ease. Though, spend around every other occupant of the festival long enough and one could easily spy the constant dour mood she is in.

    "Therese, are you...enjoying yourself?"

    "Do I enjoy myself? Am I supposed to?"

    Oktoberfest was originally held in celebration of her union with Ludwig I, a marriage that eventually went under with his repeated affairs and eventual abdication. Therese was looked upon more favorably than he was. She took care of the people, tried to enrich their lives, and was sympathized with. Now returning to continue a festival that bore the significance of reminding her of a failed union for the sake of the people who come from all parts of the world to participate in, she is simply continuing her duty albeit in different garbs.

    She sees no need to enjoy herself. No need to leave her role of spectator. Though, the one who truly watches over the festival would sincerely disagree.


    King Momo: "He enjoys himself." "I.."

    Saint Walpurga: "Her too, even if she needed a push!" "...Stop."

    Easter Bunny: "That one too! Need I say more!" "...I must go." "Fine, just think about it, please."

    Creator's Note: And another one goes to the German bros though I'm not sure why I even decided to make this sheet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Random
    ...By the way, is "arco-íris" or "irisado" a more natural-sounding word to put in that title? My gut sent me toward the former, since I wanted to give an impression of shape as well, but, like, imagine speaking Portuguese.
    I hadn't even heard of irisado until now, but it seems like it's just for color.
    If you're trying to say that there's a constellation shaped and colored like a rainbow then I think Constelação Arco-Íris sound better. Take out the 'do'.

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    Dammit Vance, Oktoberfest was my backup plan after Walpurgisnacht got tooken!

    Guess I need to go even sillier!

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    There are penis festivals across the globe~
    "Let's see the color of your coin, my friend."

    Behold the vault of Heroes.

    The King made the community prosper. Enjoy for free. Paid by your taxes.
    University of Formatting | Museum of Legends | Memorandum of Kings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mycielhasbroken View Post

    "Well hello there... What are you doing here in my monastery, little one?"
    The Saint looked around her surrounding for the white rabbit's potential owner and found none. Her gaze looked towards the nearby forest.
    "Did you find yourself lost? Oh my, you're shivering. Come into my arms."
    The Saint scooped up the animal into her cradling arms.
    "Warm food and bed will fix you in a jiffy. Maybe... we could afford to keep you if you're willing to stay."

    "Hey there little guy! I'm adopting you and no one can stop me! Aw... you're so adorable... Come here..."
    The Witch wrapped her arms around the boy like the delicate grasping of tree vines. Her hands patted down his ears and scuffled his hair.
    "You're always welcome to stay, my little bunny. It's always Springtime here in the Walpurgisnacht. And it's always Easter too! Any holiday and festival you can think of, it's that time of the year all the time here! Christian or not, it doesn't really matter to me anymore. What matters is that I can fill in that Eostre-shaped hole in your heart. I'm pretty sure we can find her if we looked at a right point in Time!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Morg van Destro View Post

    "Are... are my eyes deceiving me?"
    The Saint could not believe her eyes. Could it be? The beast that carried the Holy Mother?
    "But... this should not be possible. Could it be a miracle of the Lord?"
    A chill coursed through the Saint. A revelation.
    "An offering. A tithe. Yes. They must be awaiting the tithe."

    "Is it Yule Hour already? It must be with all the snow and tinsel everywhere."
    The Witch then noticed the rest of the Witches surrounding a single figure, held at arm's length by spectral familiars while more minor familiars played the ambiance. Songs upon songs can be heard in place of regular conversation
    "Oh, it's just Mari again. I guess it's her turn to entertain the crowd. Now that I think about it... She always seems to be at the Great Pillars that are all spent of Spring's Blessings. That's just what a Witch of Winter does, I guess. I should give thanks to her for doing her part in taking care of the Irminsuls during Wintertime."

    Quote Originally Posted by Menwearpink View Post

    "Welcome to my monas..."
    The Saint saw who stood at her gates. A whirlpool of emotions swirled within her. A count. One. Two. Three. And she regained her composure.
    "Welcome dear traveler. Are you here for a moment of respite? I can assure you that you are safe here. Though if I may impose... how long do you intend to stay? Payment? Oh no no. There is no need, but a story or two will suffice if you are to insist."
    The Saint grew quiet at the end of the Witch's story.
    "You may stay for as long as you'd like, sister."

    "It's Samhain hour! You know what that means! Pumpkins! Skeletons! Jack-O-Lanterns! Candy! So so much candy! Tlachtga, you made a beautiful holiday is what you did! A time for talking to the dead and saying goodbye to the departed! It's a shame about what it took for it to become what it is. But look at the bright side! The Heart's beating better than ever before! And hey, if you're up for it, how about a special concert at your hill? A little help with your big ritual! Sounds like a great idea, am I right? You're all for it? Awesome! We'll start the preparations right away! Starting with the Maypole! "

    Quote Originally Posted by Baron Magnus View Post

    "Ahem... Would you... please clothe yourself? Your... presence makes it difficult to focus on my duties."
    The Saint saw enough. She has seen everything and secretly... she enjoyed it.

    "Oh hey! It's the dude that got gobbled up by a tree! Hey man, how's it going? So uh about that. Demeter got a little finicky with Hades that year. Persephone and Spring and Winter and yadda yadda yadda. Wouldn't you know it, Persephone went back to Demeter early at the time! I couldn't really tell you what convinced the Shadow Lord to let his wife go early, but Demeter made Spring super green that year! And uh... made everything grow super quick too... So uh... Speaking as the Spring Maiden... Sorry about that! I'm pretty sure we can find the tree that ate you up so the two of you can talk it out- Or you can just punch them again. That works too! Aye! Frau! Get your dogs away from him! Ack!"

    Quote Originally Posted by pinetree View Post

    "D-dance? Me? I-I shouldn't. I-wha!?"
    The Saint found herself being dragged along by the arms into the crowd. The sheer energy that came from the Brazilian people was contagious. The Saint couldn't help but smile as her legs moved against her will. Soon, laughter escaped from her lips. She was enjoying herself so much that she didn't notice the rest of her sisters joining the festivities. For the Boi-Bumbá is always a celebration worth dancing for! The Rival Saints looked on in smug satisfaction before jumping in also.

    "I was wondering when the two of you were going to show up! Already started the party, huh? Guess you couldn't resist! The Heart's been beating the Brazilian beat ever since y'all arrived. It reminds me of the New World. I should visit there whenever I have the time and show your people what it means to Party in the Old World! In fact, why not let you two be my guides? It'll be great! Eh? Wait, don't argue over who's going to be the main guide! It's cool! It's cool! We have the time to go everywhere! Honest! I'll even throw in this bull I found in Iberia!"
    The Rival Saints wondered in the midst of their bickering. Both aspects of the woman before them share the common interest for the beautiful dance and thus a reasoning for syncretism. Perhaps an idea began to form, perhaps not. Either way, it is still party time!

    Quote Originally Posted by Random View Post

    "It is... no consequence of the... Pagan origins of your festivals. I understand the necessity of treasuring a culture's origins, but... Ah... never you mind. As long as there is no burning involved, then you can do as you wish. To Live for the sake of living is an admirable goal. That I cannot dispute. Though..."
    To Live for the sake of the Lord is the reason the Saint couldn't say. She has done her fair share of travelling and remembers her missionary work in Francia. She saw the many Pagan cultures of the tribesmen she and her brothers bore witness to and then tried to replace with the Love of God. Perhaps... just this once, she will decline from spreading the Word of God.

    "Alriiiight! A party with a good fire going! The Walpurgisnacht is also a celebration with a huge bonfire, don't you know! Fireworks! We need more fireworks too! Hey Thaïs! I'll fix us up some more flair and excitement in a jiffy! What's that? You want to see everything the World has to offer across all Time? Well of course you can do that! Just where do you think you are!? The Heart beats in every point in Time! Just open up the door and step on through to every party across space and time! Heck! We can even spend the rest of time at the same party at the same point in time in the same point in History! Not even Death can stop this Party!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Vance View Post

    "Do you require assistance in handling the orders, Queen Therese? If only to lighten your burdens."
    While not approving at the sheer amount of alcohol present, the Saint shall still endeavor to provide assistance wherever she can.
    "Hm? A statue...? It talks!"
    The Saint learns of the Queen's story.
    "Oh... I see..."
    The Saint and Statue looked on at the former Queen in silence. The former then rolled up her sleeves and thanked the statue for opening her eyes.

    "Oktoberfest is here? ALCOHOLLLLL! Set up the keg stands and pop open all the champagne bottles! We got a lot of party goers looking to get utterly sloshed!"
    The Witch then proceeded to chug a mug the size of her head down in a single gulp.
    "Pwah! That hits the spot!"
    The cup began to fill up by itself with more beer. The Witch almost began once again before a shadow laid over her.
    "Wha-? Ayyyy! Bavaria! How's my favorite colossus doing! Where's the Queen of the hour? Is she still hung up on that marriage? She is? Well that's no good! If she really wants to make this Oktoberfest last forever, she shouldn't be spending it all down in the dumps like a handmaid fretting over bedsheets blown away by the wind! I know you keep telling her, but by Flora's flower crown! She'll end up killing the atmosphere at this rate! Well, if it's an endless Oktoberfest she wants, then it's an endless Oktoberfest she'll get!"

    Annnnnd I have now finished the relationships for my Servant with everyone else's servant after her. I just need to add these to her sheet proper. At least until more entries pop in from the ether....

    I remember I have a second sheet lined up. Pain. Endless pain. But the interactions... they just beg to be written.

    This post is also an appreciation post to everyone's servants posted past Walpurga. You're doing wonderful, everyone! I love them!

    Thank you so much to Random and pinetree for the ideas! Random for creating custom avatars for my Servant and pinetree for the ingenious idea of using flipping TABLES for dialogue boxes! If only I know how to use them right without making the picture super duper small. I should ask DelRey for help again.
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    I actually found a solution only yesterday, do tables within tables.

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla eget dapibus turpis, in accumsan nunc. Duis finibus velit nisl, luctus porta dui rutrum eget. Sed ornare metus a venenatis sodales. Donec tristique, orci ut malesuada tempor, metus urna gravida eros, sed porttitor magna augue eu mi. Quisque turpis ante, mattis aliquam arcu ac, dignissim iaculis ante. Ut felis tortor, pulvinar eget fermentum in, finibus ac tortor. Maecenas ullamcorper quam sed mauris tempus, vitae dapibus sapien euismod. Integer sed tortor quis turpis tempus finibus ac vitae tellus. Quisque condimentum rhoncus augue, quis tristique sapien vestibulum vitae. Donec eu pharetra nisi, et luctus quam. Nam quis est venenatis, lacinia lacus quis, tempor turpis. Donec eget molestie tortor, nec ultricies tellus. Sed vel urna nec lacus dapibus tempus. Quisque ultrices eu nibh ac hendrerit. Morbi vitae nibh nunc. Vestibulum pulvinar enim risus, quis viverra magna malesuada sit amet. Mauris eleifend quam viverra lectus bibendum eleifend. Morbi sodales vulputate nisi, eget fermentum ante venenatis nec. Aenean ultrices dolor vel metus ullamcorper cursus. Nam mollis interdum odio, a egestas magna condimentum ut. Nunc bibendum condimentum risus nec cursus. Sed arcu arcu, hendrerit eu dignissim ac, pretium at odio. Mauris efficitur a massa eget fermentum.
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    Alright, managed to sit down and write comments on some of the Servants.

    Stranger Taïs: She is great. Like I said before, the prospect of Stranger being used to justify minor figures being made into Servants is still the part I like the least about you Class concept, but building her character around her appreciating the chance brought about by the weird class is a wonderful idea and immediately sold the sheet to me.
    Giving her Self-Replenishment (Mana) is a great idea (did you do it because of my suggestion to Volündr? ), specially because you managed to still tie it to the Avenger class while giving it a very fun use.
    The other skill choices are also really good, but I will say that for a nobody you had difficulty in coming up with skills for, having all A and B ranks is bizarre, Charisma especially feels wrong. She's a rank higher than Arthur and Carlos Magno. Iskandar is her boss and his entire character is his Charisma, yet you're giving her the same rank!
    Expert of Many Specializations also feels too high. There's a huge gap between B and A+, sure, but Hassan still split themselves up into dozens of different people to be able to achieve that.
    I also wasn't impressed by the Noble Phantasm. Shooting projectiles that can get stronger with allies make me feel like she should just have been an Archer. You start the NP by describing how the arson was in the name of celebrating their victory, full of music and laughter, so how come it's just an attack and not connected to the joy of being alive that you wrote to be a core of her character back then? Specially when you also included a sigularity solely for the sake of celebration at the start of the sheet.

    Also, speaking of the singularity and that introduction story... is that getting a follow up? I feel teased.

    Mari Lwyd: The presentation alone deserves a vote, just wonderful. The choice of skills is great and I really like how sinergistic her entire kit feels, but it did make her Noble Phantasm redundant at the end. Just doesn't feel like an ultimate move when it's something that's both already done by Territory Infringement and dependant on Pwngco.
    Still, great sheet. Manages to bring in a lot of character and story despite the shorter lore and character sections compared to others, and this type of conciseness is something I always look up to.

    Saint Walpurga: Like I said before, you're quickly becoming one of my favorites. You're a great writer, first of all, and the descriptions flow very well. The formattign with the invisible words is also appreciated, and manages to keep the reader on the edge through what would be a decent Servant sheet anyway. I also like how you then use the Crone to keep this aspect of the sheet going into its second half.
    The music choice is wonderful. The song is perfect for her and really enhances the reading experience a ton.
    The skills are fine, though I expected more out of the second half, but the descriptions make up for the choices. The constant mention of the old gods and of pagan practices matches the frantic tempo of the song and gives a feeling of desperation that fits really well with the erasure she suffered.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wyvern View Post
    Brasil Bumba
    Glad to know you enjoyed them! The fact that they fit so well with King Momo is fate.
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    s h i e l d e r
    advocate of heavenly love

    First Ascension

    source: 1qAki
    “It is a remarkable experience for me: the more proof I discover for my system and the more certain and clearer I become about it, all the more all my former bitterness about the wrongs done me melt away.” (Vier Briefe)
    Second Ascension

    source: zhumojian
    "I was full of hope for a long time, but there came a time I had no hope anymore. Now the memory of how strong the hope that gave me strength then was returns to me." (Alaudae)
    Third Ascension

    source: ナルサキ
    “The moral world order is not identical with the world order that you have made. You must first change your social establishment in a thousand places, if a moral order of things is to come out of it.” (Ara spei)
    Fourth Ascension

    source: Hiru2434
    "Until my death I will count it to my glory I found the courage to encounter eye to eye a thousand-year-old, many-thousand-headed, raging Hydra, which has truly for all too long spit poison and venom on me and my comrades-in-nature, driven many to suicide, and poisoned the life’s happiness of all. Yes, I am proud that I found the strength to thrust the first lance into the side of the Hydra of public condemnation." (Gladius furens)
    April Fools

    "An honour and a privilege to be summoned here, Master. In life, I cannot claim to have succeeded in protecting my fellow man - but if that is how the people recall me, then I shall bear the name of Servant Shielder with pride. That is the theme of the celebration I've been called to watch over, no? The proud? Then let me assure you, yes indeed. If you are looking for pride... I have it."

    Alternate Class: Ruler
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Image Song: So Be It & Born This Way & Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Natural Enemy: EMIYA, Mishima Yukio Lily

    STR: E
    AGI: B
    END: D
    MAG: A
    LCK: C
    NP: C

    Magic Resistance, Self-Field Defence, Riding (X)
    The typical class skills of Shielders, suppressed. Due to the effects of the Personal Skill Child of Uranus, Magic Resistance and Self-Field Defence have been determined redundant. The skill Riding, useless to Shielder, has been forcibly swapped with the Life Eater skill of another class.

    Life Eater (E+)
    “He embraced the boy with cold arms, kissed his cheeks and mouth, and laid his head on the soft breast. Har trembled. His heart began to pound at this intimate embrace, and Manor laid his head directly over the pounding heart. His lips sought the smoothly filled-out mound over the heart, which had been set into motion by its pounding.” (Matrosengeschichten)

    Class skill of Funny Vamp Servants, the power to drain vitality and the like from others, be it via blood or some other medium. Ulrichs is not of the Dead Apostle classification, therefore that he has a form of vampirism to begin with shouldn’t be possible. Only the flimsiest justification allows him to be acquire this skill, a short story titled Manor Ulrichs composed as part of a collection of sailor’s tales; a vampire narrative, Manor portrays the attraction between a fisherman's son and a boy named Manor, wherein the latter dies at sea only to be resurrected as a creature dependent on blood, that he might return to his beloved once more. Eventually the reborn Manor is slain, the fisherman’s son dies of heartbreak, and the two are buried side by side in the same grave. While hardly the first homoerotic depiction of vampirism, it was yet another story that cast the vampire as symbolic of the transgressor, shunned by society on account of his nature. By following the logic, then, that “vampire = representative of transgression” and “Ulrichs = representative of transgressors,” Life Eater is awkwardly integrated into his Saint Graph. As the vampire Manor only ever acted with the consent of his lover, Shielder is bound by the same restriction, able to take in minute amounts of life force from a willing target, preferably through drinking their blood. On a side note, as Ulrichs is able to manifest this skill by dint of his association with transgression and taboo, his rank is directly proportional to it; that is to say, the more Shielder and those like him are seen as reprehensible in the environment to which he’s summoned, the higher his rank in Life Eater becomes, and the more likely he is to develop additional vampiric traits.

    “Distasteful, isn’t it? I can hardly say I liked the idea of integrating this into myself, but all the same… given the occasion, l thought I should make an attempt to be at my strongest for it. But more importantly, to think the rank is so low! It moves my heart, Master, truly. Seeing that alone makes this all worthwhile… Ah, while we’re on this subject, is it true the subjects of Stoker’s and le Fanu’s writings are in Chaldea? I’d much prefer to meet the authors themselves, but this does sound like an opportunity to speak to them and– You’d advise against it? Well, if you’re certain.”

    Mannmännlichen Liebe (A)
    “There is no such thing as an unnatural love. Where true love is, there nature is also.” (Inclusa)

    Prior to Shielder’s work regarding the subject, scholarship rarely explored in depth love between men, typically dismissed merely as aberrant behaviour, deviancy to be punished within the full extent of the law. There were not men who experienced attraction to other men; rather, these were men who experienced attraction to women, only somehow distorted, perverted, by some mystery twisted from their natural state as God had ordained. Here entered Ulrichs with his writings covering “the riddle of manly-male love,” as he so put it, an attempt at classifying the man who loves men as a distinct existence from those born with a love of women, manly-male love not as behaviour, but as identity. As, effectively, an early pioneer of the very concept of a gay man, this skill bestows on Ulrichs recognition of his groundbreaking work in the formative field of sexology. Allies who fall under the category of “homosexual male” receive a boost to all parameters while in his presence. Furthermore, Shielder himself benefits as if under the effects of A-level Mad Enhancement when facing his two greatest foes: the prejudiced, afflicted with whatever sickness it is that drives one person to persecute another, and examples of the “depraved homosexual,” so great a barrier to Ulrichs’ efforts, whose depravity, he argued, is distinct from homosexual leanings……….. However, as Servants in the aforementioned categories are not exceptionally common to begin with, Shielder’s parameters are hardly impressive even when fortified, and to begin with he has a general distaste for combat, this skill provides little in the way of practical use. Perhaps as a pittance, then, Mannmännlichen Liebe furthermore incorporates a key element of Ulrichs’ work, the mindset that went into creating his theories; while his contributions to the study of sexuality are best remembered, Shielder was in his time both a capable orator and a man of great learning, well-educated on matters of history, archaeology, law, mathematics, astronomy, botany, classical languages, and biology. His interest in the natural world, if anything, is what laid the groundwork for his later writings. Squared right at the centre of Ulrichs’ writings on homoerotic love is a opposition to the idea such a man must be unnatural, for the unnatural does not exist. Provides protection against mental effects associated with ‘forbidden knowledge,’ through sheer stalwart belief that anything that exists, through an open mind, can be understood.

    “Immorality is not native to the world. It is but a contrivance, conjured by the fearful and the ignorant, perpetuated by passivity and inertia. Still, I can hardly hide my surprise that this is all I have to show of my studies. While I only speculate, were I to be summoned as a Ruler… Well, I can only hope my efforts at restoring the Latin language to prominence would be represented somehow. Do not mistake me, however; it moves my heart to know that any part of my work was remembered by later generations. It's just as I'd hoped when I first put pen to paper. The greatest wealth a dead man can carry is knowing his life was worth something.”

    Child of Uranus
    Blessings from Aphrodite (False) (EX)

    “That when temple and gems are gone, and marble statues, Still a shining sign looks down from the heights of heaven: For our race a speech that tells of an earlier rapture, Longing relieves and awakes, Uranian love’s new witness, Till the earth dissolves and till the stars are fading.” (ara Spei)

    The other component of Shielder’s contribution to sexology. The term “urning,” or Uranian, referring to the homosexual male – the word homosexual itself would not enter popular use until some time later – invoking mythological imagery as its etymology. Even when establishing his scientific framework for the existence of the homosexual, Ulrichs complemented the search for a biological component with a spiritual touch. The Greek goddess Aphrodite comprises two aspects; the first, Aphrodite Pandemos, is the Aphrodite of the people, her earthly aspect, symbolic of carnal and physical affection. The second, Aphrodite Urania, is the Aphrodite who transcends, her heavenly aspect, symbolic of a higher, spiritual love. Which is not to imply the distinction Ulrichs drew was that homosexual love was in any way purer – the earthly Aphrodite was born of Zeus and Dione, while the heavenly Aphrodite sprung from the cast-off flesh of Uranus in the sea. Those touched by the first Aphrodite – the Dionaer – are imbued with the love of women. But the soul touched by heavenly Aphrodite – the Uranier, the urning – who lacks a feminine aspect from her mother, instead are imparted with the love of men. It was merely rhetoric, an addition to an otherwise scientific enquiry meant to properly ground the urning as a natural existence… And yet, it is enough. The terms “child of Uranus” or “Uranian love” or “touched by Urania” spread out, into arts, into culture, sufficient that even though a German writer of the 19th century has no business connecting himself with a Hellenic goddess, the link remains. When summoned as Shielder, then, as part of the June festivity, Ulrichs receives gift from his patron.

    That is,
    the Large-Scale Sapients Education Terminal’s atmospheric interference-type nanoprobes
    the heavenly sea foam from which Aphrodite Urania first arose
    . Even if it is but an old bauble bearing only a touch of divinity, and the EX rank more indicative of just how absurd it is Ulrichs can wield it than its actual strength. Appearing as a mass of sparkling dust under Shielder’s command, the foam can arrange itself into any number of shapes, tightly pack its own density, and most importantly, alter the properties of energy that passes through it. Physical attacks, then, can be deflected by what appear to be floating bubbles or jewels, while magical attacks are endlessly refracted back and forth in the mass of foam before losing all power. It is also possible to manipulate light as it passes through, creating imagery (which was, after all, the nanoprobes’ intended purpose as a sapients educational tool) and illusions. This skill compensates for the absence of
    Magic Resistance and Self-Field Defense that would be expected from a Shielder, while also allowing the use of what amounts to Mana Burst (Ancient Light) and Mana Burst (Sea).

    “I… must admit, to be blessed by an actual goddess, even unknowingly is… Not at all what I might have expected, I suppose. I will consider this but another honour placed upon me, as defender of the celebration. All the more reason that everyone enjoys the festivities! Make merry friends, strangers, oh peoples of remote posterity. You’ve all more than earned it.”

    Determination of Steel (B)
    “Only he gains his freedom and life, who must daily conquer them.” (Inclusa)

    The dynamism and overpowering force of will that propelled a man forward through the scorn of his peers, never abandoning the pursuit of justice, never once wavering from the path he had chosen. In an account of his great speech at the Odeon in 1867, Ulrichs once outlined all the doubts running through his mind; this was still early, when much of his writings had been published under another name, and the possibility of holding his tongue, backing out, and retaining some modicum of a peaceful life hung over him. Yet for all that hesitation and the sensation of his heart pounding in his chest, Ulrichs had already decided he could not retreat now. Not for himself, but others like him, for future generations, for the sake of what was right, he could not abandon so many innocent men to a life of misery, to persecution, to the threat of an early grave – his own well-being be damned. Ever in trouble and constantly on the move, Ulrichs traveled his German home campaigning for sexual reform, through it all staying firm to his ideals. Even as he retreated later in life to a self-imposed exile, living as a pauper, still he retained possession of his mind, of the knowledge he lived true to himself, of having accepted himself for who he was, and so even dying quietly from illness, his only regret was having not accomplished more. Having resolved himself already in life, Shielder remains unyielding as a Servant, guarded against all mental effects to the rank of B. Pain cannot deter him, nor fear take his heart, not when he has conquered both. Even more, as a man who covered a continent in his fight against injustice, Determination of Steel grants Shielder the power to move at incredible speeds, crossing the battlefield in an instant. As the appointed protector of the month’s festivities, he will permit no disturbance. Nothing will trample upon something so precious as this, a chance to celebrate all he never could while alive.

    “Struggle, were I to boil it down to one word, is a process. A process without an end, at that; regardless of a man’s achievements, the weight of what he hasn’t achieved is the hangman’s noose round his neck. It is easier, then, not to struggle at all. Nobler, even, perhaps. But I knew in life, as I still do in death… There are far many more than me struggling, against enemies I had the privilege not to face. There are far too many who don’t struggle, letting injustice pass them by. I won’t claim that I couldn’t be one of them, Master. What makes it so terrifying is knowing how easily I could.”

    Noble Phantasm“Now is the time! The culmination of what all who came after me fought for! As one among the first links in this great chain, let me give myself once more to the cause! For all who deserve to love, to be loved, to love themselves for who they truly are! You all have that right, and I’ll not allow nary a soul to deny it! Engrave the mark of my protection to the very skies, now….”

    Aphrodisia der Stolz
    Casting Hopes to the Sky, in Anticipation of what may Take Flight
    Rank C

    “My efforts were for naught. There’s one thing I can say, though: I spread the seeds. They fell on stones or under thorns, but one fell on a human heart. This has brought forth a sprout that bloomed and now grows with full force. This man’s fight will not be for naught. The ice is broken.” (Alaudae)

    Shielder’s ultimate technique, the symbol of the celebration, and his gift to the celebrants. Pouring every last inch of his mana into his foam, he scatters it across the surrounding atmosphere, refracting light broken down into seven colours until eventually, the entire horizon is transformed into the pattern of a rainbow.

    Truly the perfect backdrop to the annual
    Pride Parade
    procession of acceptance.

    With the capabilities pushed to the limit, Shielder’s nanoprobes will protect all who march under the heavens. Given they were intended for use in educating sapient life, it should come as no surprise that their sensors are able to detect hostile intent; when this happens, the probes immediately swarm the offender, increasing their density to the point they will feel as though they are moving through deep water, harshly dampening their potential for harm. Likewise will the probes attempt to disperse any magical attack made within the perimeter. For a Servant so close to the modern day with little in the way of legends about him, the scale of this wide-area defensive force truly beggars belief.

    But more than that, this seven-shaded banner is the mark of Ulrichs’ hope, his belief that his fight against social inequality would in turn inspire others to shake off the shackle of self-doubt. The faith he placed in future generations to liberate themelves of their crueller urges, where a man or a woman would be free to live and love as they choose. For as long as Shielder can maintain this Noble Phantasm, all who look up to the sky may feel assured that they are loved, that they are cared for. That they might carry themselves with pride, not just for the month of June, but all their lives.

    ProfileA 19th century lawyer, journalist, and a writer, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs is still best remembered today for his work in sexology, and for having pioneered the first modern gay rights movement in his home of Germany. For this reason, he is at times dubiously referred to as “the world’s first gay man.” Knowing he was different from other men at a young age, Ulrichs at first wrote under the name Numa Numantius, detailing his belief that far from an act of degeneracy, the practice of homosexuality was a natural, unique identity that could be explained biologically. Although much of his initial groundwork – such as the idea heterosexual and homosexual individuals were literally of different sexes – has not persisted to the modern day, his arguments against discrimination carved out a path for later reform, and his speech at the Odeon in Munich against anti-sodomy legislations remained a subject of much discussion in the following years, even as many among the audience called for his crucifixion. So ended any hope of a normal life for Ulrichs. Facing constant legal trouble and prejudice, he stayed true to his cause, eventually entering into a self-imposed exile when he felt he could accomplish no more. Even then, he became known as a man of strong character, passionate in his beliefs, and perhaps overly optimistic in his hope that world peace was within man’s ability to achieve.

    Though appearing calm and jovial at all times, there is at times the sense he may be suppressing the wilder elements of himself for the sake of the festivities, the fury that propelled him in the fight against discrimination. Shielder is an idealist at heart, assured beyond measure of his belief that all peoples are entitled to the pursuit of happiness, to love and be loved. That utopia is achievable if men are willing to build it, and knowing that, happy to offer himself to lead the way. Someone must bear the burden of improving the lot of the downtrodden and the discriminated-against. Rather it be him than have the duty forced on another. Despite the injustice he committed himself against, Ulrichs still wishes to see the best in mankind; man, he reasons, is fundamentally good. Only the poison of public opinion passed down through generations eventually twists him into enacting evil on his fellows.

    Incidentally, he also championed additional causes, notably the liberation of women, and the elevation of Latin to widespread use. The reality is that Ulrichs was mostly forgotten in the years following his death, only returning to prominence in the later years of the 20th century, where he was integrated into the growing LGBT movement. Perhaps this association is why he stands here now, as Shielder. Ready to protect something so precious, the celebration he would never have dreamed possible in his lifetime.

    NotesIs this cringe? Yes, but I killed the part of me that cringes. The moment celebrations was chosen for the theme in June, I knew a Pride Servant would be too much fun, so it was just about nailing down who to pick. I started with a seasonal alt for my Mishima Yukio (before it hit he would literally rather die than take part in the celebration), then wavered between Julie d'Aubigny and Ulrichs (or a four-person servant with d'Aubigny (L), Ulrichs (G), Andersen (B), and the Public Universal Friend (T)), before I settled on this gay. Also, another German in the thread!
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    Hell yes.

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    seems kinda gay if you ask me

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    Pine: Yeah. I almost gave her one relating more to her original goddess form mixed with Mari, but I couldn't. Not because it wasn't possible or wouldn't have been interesting, but because I really wanted the sheet to be more about Mari than who she was before. A celebration of the goofy yet disturbing singing horse rather than the twice degraded goddess I tied her to. Would've been a wave of horse-shaped shadows that ignore physical boundaries and attack a target's soul directly, seeking a grip to drag it to the afterlife. While still working, I just felt like it placed greater emphasis on the goddess rather than Mari, so I just gave her the ability to rampage and cause a scene in a more brutal fashion than the people that play her do.
    Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Writing things in cywydd was actually a lot of fun and gave the sheet a slight air of mystery like Mari herself.
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    Do you like jazz short stories? Do you want something to distract from making Servants? Do you wish the idea of Shirou Kotomine didn't immediately bring edgelords to mind? Well, I can't promise it's good, but some would disagree with me.
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    OOH I love it, you did amazingly.

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    OwO? What's this? Notices your contest

    How pretty...

    Those lights in the sky, they're kongmíng lanterns, for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Even now, I'm always surprised by how many there are...

    ...Oh? Are you not familiar? The Mid-Autumn Festival is a big deal here, you know! Ehe, I'm guessing that means you also haven't had a chance to try the mooncakes. If you don't hurry, there won't be any left for you!

    Why "mooncake"? The moon is what this festival is all about...!

    It's actually based on a legend. I'm honestly shocked you didn't know.

    This festival is dedicated to the lunar goddess ██████.

    Although... I've always thought that story was a̴̦̅ ̶̋͜l̸̺̚ỉ̶͍̗̀ť̴̩t̶̲̂͊l̵͕̮̎͋ë̷̡͇́̽ ̷̲̀͐s̶̝͚͠͝ā̶̗͖̀d̵̻̮͊...
    "A festival? It doesn't really have anything to do with me, Master. You have fun, though~"

    True Name: Fengmeng Classes: Archer, Berserker
    Gender: Female Region: China
    Height: 172cm Source: Mythology
    Weight: 63kg Attribute: Earth







    "One who surpasses the man that shot down nine suns? I suppose that would be me. Fufu... and I suppose that would make me the strongest of them all."

    Independent Action

    Magic Resistance


    Counter Hero (Archer)

    Reduces the parameters of "heroes" that the Servant faces in combat. Although it normally features as the Class Skill of the Saver Class, it has found its way into Archer's repertoire due to her being the nemesis of one of the most famous Heroic Spirits of China. In her case, as well as reducing all of the opponent's parameters by one rank, this skill also grants an extreme advantage in a clash of projectiles. When attempting to shoot down incoming projectile attacks, or when taking defensive action against an enemy's Noble Phantasm, their power drops by two ranks.

    ...Ignoring that it was usually her arrows which were struck down, this skill has generously been given the rank of A-.

    Bow and Arrow Creation (False)

    Not wisdom bestowed by a god, but instead a technique learned by Archer from one who was considered a "God of Archery". As such, there is a tiny difference in speed between this and the standard version of the skill. However, it is still possible to intermittently fire volleys of countless arrows using one's own magical energy as the material.

    Within the Sun's Shadow

    "Even if it takes a hundred seasons, I will kill that man..."

    A unique skill which represents single-minded determination, and a plan which persisted after countless failures. It is Archer's ability to focus her entire being on the task of killing a single target, no matter how many times she has to try. Functionally, it is a composite of Single-mindedness, Planning, Calm and Collected, and even Battle Continuation if need be. While Archer's overall combat effectiveness is reduced against most enemies, she is in the realm of a top level Servant when it comes to fighting a single, chosen target. In the event that all her plans fail, this skill provides additional bonuses akin to Madness Enhancement.

    It goes without saying that there is one Heroic Spirit who will automatically become the focus of this skill, should she ever encounter him.

    Noble Phantasms

    The Lights in the Sky are Stars
    Anti-Unit Class
    Rank C+

    The sublimation of Archer's attempts to kill Hou Yi, and the numerous feats of bowmanship she mastered in an attempt to do so. In essence, it is the Noble Phantasm which represents Archer as the student of Hou Yi, and as his nemesis.

    It is a Noble Phantasm which takes its name from the unique armaments wielded by Archer - which are themselves named in a mockery of her former teacher. Nine floating spheres made of mercury, used to reflect and alter the trajectory of Archer's arrows. In conjunction with this Noble Phantasm, the spheres are superheated and apply those heat values to each attack that ricochets off their surface. Alongside her Bow and Arrow Creation, multitudinous arrows split into omni-directional rays of heat that encircle the enemy.

    ...Of course, that was never enough. A Heroic Spirit like him could defend against even those kinds of attacks.

    The proper release of this Noble Phantasm fires a single arrow through all of the Nine Suns lined up in the arrow's path, building up heat and velocity without altering its trajectory. The heat is a conceptual property gained as a result of this Noble Phantasm embodying an "undoing of Hou Yi's greatest legend". As such, once the arrow has completed its course, it can be said to be in the realm of a miniature sun.

    Dancing Mirror's Light

    Anti-Army Class
    Rank A+

    A Noble Phantasm which calls down the wrath of the moon.

    Functionally, it is of a similar nature to the true power of the Sword of Mars. That is to say that it is not an attack aimed at the enemy, but one fired at Archer herself. A kind of orbital strike called down by taunting the moon, and the lunar goddess that bears a grudge against the traitorous Fengmeng.

    In many versions of the story,
    ██████ was forced to drink the elixir of immortality in order to prevent Fengmeng from stealing it. Moreso than that, however, it is because she loved and watched Hou Yi from the heavens that she bears such a cold hatred for his treacherous student.

    In most circumstances, it is a rather troublesome Noble Phantasm to use. The position and angle of the moon in relation to Archer is important, and it can't be used during the day. Likewise, she must have ample distance to leap towards the incoming attack. The light that is fired from the image of the moon is intercepted in the sky, and then redirected at her target, either with her hands or a mid-air kick, resulting in a devastating explosion.


    The treacherous student of China’s archer king, Hou Yi. The woman who slew a hero that felled nine suns. Naturally, hers is a legend of treason. Even though her name is not known throughout the world, the legend of killing Hou Yi is significant enough to grant her the status of anti-hero.

    Fengmeng is known for attempting to steal the Elixir of Immortality, which had been gifted to Hou Yi by the gods. Several years after this incident, they were also taken in as one of Hou Yi’s pupils. During this period, they made several attempts on Hou Yi’s life, but none were successful. Eventually, in a fit of jealousy, Fengmeng murdered Hou Yi through violent bludgeoning, unable to surpass their teacher in anything other than brute strength.

    Incidentally, there are two different legends regarding Hou Yi and the Elixir of Immortality. One claims he was a benevolent king who was given the elixir as a gift from the gods. Fenmeng attempted to steal the elixir, but the lunar goddess ██████ consumed it instead, becoming a Divine Spirit in the process. The other claims that Hou Yi was a tyrannical king, and in order to prevent him from becoming a god, she who held him most dear drank the elixir herself.

    It isn’t possible for both of these stories to be true. Hou Yi was either a tyrannical king, or a virtuous king. ██████ drank the elixir out of either love or fear.

    “That’s right, only one of those stories is true… in reality, it had nothing to do with me. That goddess took the elixir of her own accord. But the Hou Yi I remember … I wouldn’t call him a tyrant. In the end, it would seem we were both traitors.”

    So saying, she regards the full moon sombrely.


    Archer’s true identity is Chang’e, the wife of Hou Yi and the Chinese goddess of the moon. At the same time, it is also Fengmeng, the treacherous student that killed Hou Yi. Despite their name, they are not a merged existence, but instead a separated one. If Chang’e is Archer’s name as a goddess, then Fengmeng is what remained after the Elixir of Immortality was consumed; the leftover “human side” of the lunar deity. In another culture, this is what would be referred to as a “bunrei.”

    It was her duty to kill him, for he had become evil. Stealing the Elixir of Immortality, her remaining human self hid in the sun’s shadow, and conspired towards his death for several years.

    ...But it didn't seem right to her. That she could love a man who became evil. Or that she could kill the man she once loved. Perhaps the moon had simply never loved Hou Yi - perhaps such a woman as herself was not capable of love.

    It was too unfair. She could never rationalize that she had both loved and killed that man. So, let it be that she had never loved him. Let it be that she was Fengmeng, the villain that killed a benevolent king out of jealousy and malice. Let it be that Chang'e was remembered as the loving goddess that fled to the moon to watch over her husband.

    It was... probably a better story that way.


    It goes without saying that Archer's Noble Phantasms aren't what they appear to be. The data collected on them - most of which is provided by Archer herself - is largely falsified, explained from the perspective of the legend of Fengmeng rather than the legend of Chang'e (although, rather uniquely in her case, both legends seem to have a way of producing the same Noble Phantasms).

    The Lights in the Sky are Stars
    Nine Feathers, Soaring Arrow
    technique utilizes the power of the stars, which in some legends are believed to be the children of the moon, to generate the necessary heat values for her attack. The close ties between the moon and the sun allow Archer to imbue her arrows with solar properties. As for her second Noble Phantasm...

    The Hanging Moon is a Vow
    White Mirror, Heaven's Robe
    is ordinarily an EX-ranked Noble Phantasm based on the prayers and offerings made to Chang'e in the Mid-Autumn Festival. In particular, the light that is gathered by the moon is the light of millions of kongming lanterns that have been released to the sky over the years. Those prayers are converted into magical energy which bears numerous different properties based on the beliefs surrounding the festival itself.

    When used as an attack, it is particularly effective against spirits, due to the belief that lanterns were floated on rivers to help guide souls and ghosts of the drowned. However, most of its energy is wasted in an attempt to redirect the light and prevent it from affecting Archer herself, resulting in the Noble Phantasm being ranked down to A+. Its intended function is instead to alter Archer's Saint Graph entirely, through the symbolic association of the moon with rejuvenation, and through receiving the countless wishes and prayers directed at her true self. If she were to accept these prayers, and to allow herself to be wreathed in the pale light of the moon...

    Archer would be reborn as the goddess of the heavens


    The sort of girl who laughed and smiled. Amicable, if a bit sadistic and impish at times. More than capable of teasing. You would look at her and go-

    "How could this person be the one that..."

    She isn't very good at hiding her true self, in the end. Even if she can shut herself off and wear the face of a calculated killer. Even if she would like to pretend that her happy face is the one that is fake. She fights an uphill battle, always.

    She doesn't think she deserves to be happy. And she doesn't want to accept that she loved that man after all. It's easier to accept what she did if she acts like she's heartless. But, in spite of all that...

    The other Servants are all so noisy. Do they ever stop? Honestly, one can't bear to be near them.

    So saying, she regards the festivities with a hardly noticed smile.


    "The Endowed Hero? No... aren't you...?"
    "Oh, never mind. It's nothing. I got the wrong impression is all, so don't look at me like I've revealed some secret, fellow Archer~"

    "Knight of the sun... you... you're..."
    "...Would you turn it down? It's far too bright around you."

    Servants with the King trait
    "Oh, don't mind me. I like to gather information on these types. Think of it as a hobby, fufu..."

    "How irritating. So this, too, is a tyrant. You're nothing like him... your laughter is..."

    Qin Shi Huang
    "The Elixir? It seems to have had an... interesting effect on you, emperor."

    "The Elixir? Why would you ask... Don't look at me as if you know something, arrogant fool..."

    King Momo
    "L-loud. Sorry, this isn't really the kind of festival I'm used to. I'll watch from over here."

    "Love is! Not something I am interested in discussing right now! I'll watch from over here!!"

    Author's Notes

    I clearly don't understand formatting yet, but I'll figure it out eventually before I tear all my hair out. It can't be that complicated, right, haha, Orz

    Anyways! This one wasn't exactly... festive, but heavily tied to a festival in a way that is relevant to her character. I thought maybe a little sadge would be a nice contrast with some of the more boisterous ones here. Full disclosure, this character wasn't fully designed around this prompt (though this is basically a full rework of the prior idea) otherwise I might have made something a bit happier.

    Speaking of the other sheets, though. Waow. There sure are, uh, a lot of them! I really wanted to do a more expansive relationships list like a lot of other people did, and I do intend to return to that task at some point, but I'm finishing this sheet up at 3:42am and I've been fangling with the coding too long to look through all the sheets submitted here. They all look like a load of fun, though!

    I hope I did something to make this sheet... a little more visually engaging (and hopefully not obnoxious?) This is the best I could come up with for now, but I'd appreciate any thoughts on any aspect of the sheet or character~!

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    Fengmeng: Huh, I actually rather like her, a lot more than the other Fengmeng at least. Wait the Hou Yi situation is that he was good then became evil but she couldn't easily accept the idea that she once loved someone who was evil?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vance View Post
    Fengmeng: Huh, I actually rather like her, a lot more than the other Fengmeng at least. Wait the Hou Yi situation is that he was good then became evil but she couldn't easily accept the idea that she once loved someone who was evil?
    I waffled on this part of the lore a little bit because I was falling asleep Hou Yi is his own entire thing that will probably show up somewhere eventually, so it's a little more complicated than "becoming evil" as I put it. He was a benevolent hero who eventually become a tyrant, as per some versions of the Hou Yi legend. Archer is basically just trying to act like she never loved him as a coping mechanism. She thinks it's better than having to come to terms with the fact that she killed someone she actually cared about. Basically, she prefers to simpler, black and white "Hou Yi was killed because Fengmeng was a rat bastard and simply evil" over the messy grey area of "doing what needed to be done even if she once cared about that person."

    It's... not exactly healthy, as you can imagine!

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