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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinetree View Post
    Nails's Gunner — I guess going through all the entries right after news of the pre-school attack in Thailand is bad timing, but it only exemplifies what a bad idea it was to write this to begin with. Honestly, it's pretty revolting to do something like this and not frame and write it as a Servant sheet-shaped criticism to the social norms and intitutions that allow these atrocities to continue happening. I think even a stricly comedic dark-humor filled version would've been better.
    I really don't know if there was a right way to write this sheet, but making it an edgy guy with cool abilities and the fucking Beast attribute of all things isn't it.
    Gunner was very much written as a criticism of the social norms and institutions that allow such atrocities to keep happening, I would never have submitted him if that hadn't been my intent. His own NP pins the blame on American Gun Culture, his Skill where people in power don't respond appropriately to him is outright called 'Thoughts and Prayers', and his dialogue is written to make him look egotistical and pathetic

    I also only gave him the Beast attribute due to its association with villainous character, not the Beasts specifically

    That said, I do admit though that I could've done a better job though making my intent with him clear, and if asterism had allowed me to replace him with another Servant submission I would've

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    I didn't mean to ignore the criticism you did include into it, but I guess I didn't feel the it was strong enough to justify the sheet. The focus is still on the character of the personified school shooter rather than on the events themselves.
    You definitely placed the blame on gun culture during the NP, but at the end of the day it's still an action-type super-move with infinite guns. NPs kind of inherently are cool ultimates, which is why I'm not sure this idea could even have worked.
    Just making it clear that I'm not holding these criticisms against your person or anything, it's really just the sheet.

    That said
    Hey Asterism, considering the unfortunate coincidence with the attack on Thailand, I think you should let her replace it if she wants to.

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    "I'm the Queen's Poet / And everyone should know it!"

    Class: Caster
    True Name: William Topaz McGonagall
    Gender: Male
    Source: Historical Fact
    Region: Scotland, Great Britain
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Attribute: Man


    Strength: E
    Endurance: E
    Agility: D
    Mana: C
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: C+


    Item Construction: Rank E- - The ability to create magical items, for use in war and day to day life. A staple skill of Caster's class... and one that is just barely present. By writing his poems down on sheets of paper, he can then bind these pieces of paper into a sort of collection of poems called a 'book'. That's it.

    Territory Creation: Rank E- - A skill that denotes Caster’s ability to create an ‘advantageous terrain’ for his work. At this rank... A 'writing desk' may be established, allowing him to have a solid surface on which to put pen to paper. The possibilities are endless.


    Unassailable Rosy Glass: Rank A++ - A rare ability born of a unique mind, the kind that stubbornly refuses to 'face the reality of the world', to a degree that could be called 'frightening'. In life, Caster truly, truly believed in the outstanding quality of his work, and believed others felt the same. Any criticisms were effortly deflected, recontextualized, or downright ignored. Even while holding a job at a local circus where the audience was permitted to pelt him with eggs, fish, and produce while he recited his poetry... he never 'caught on' to the true public perception of his writing. From the moment he picked up his pen to the moment he was laid in his grave, he never once questioned his status as a poet.

    As a Servant, this has manifested in a downright supernatural level of obliviousness. A sort of mental pollution that blocks out any 'ill-will' directed towards him and his poetry. While in this spiritual vessel, this extends to an all-encompassing defense, rendering him completely and utterly immune to most attacks. It's not that he's particularly durable, and he certainly doesn't have a lot of HP. He simply... doesn't know. He cannot possibly concieve that anyone would think of him so negatively as to wish him harm. In simple terms... he doesn't realize he's taking damage, so he just doesn't.

    High-Speed Incantation: Rank D - A skill denoting one's swiftness in speaking magical words of power... usually. In the case of McGonagall, it's more like a skill denoting his ability to quickily write and recite poetry. Perhaps if he spent more time on his work, it'd be better...? Maybe not.


    Poetic Gems - My Greatest Work In All My Years, A Tasty Treat For Your Ears!
    Rank: C+
    Classification: Anti-Village

    Named for the recurring title of Caster's collected poetry, this Noble Phantasm goes beyond a simple 'collection of writings'. It is the very defining nature of his work, the underlying essence of William Topaz McGongall's poetry. Its undiluted truth...

    That is, of course, the fact that it is very, very bad.

    Poetry so childishly written but earnestly presented that it cannot help but draw one's attention. It evokes emotions in the listener, as all poetry should, but in the case of the Poetic Gems... these feelings tend to be those such as 'ridicule', 'irritation', and 'frustration'. And yet... the reactions they incite are real, pure, and potent enough that a 'poor writer' such as Caster is remembered for his work to this very day.

    This Noble Phantasm is triggered by the simple act of Caster speaking in rhyme. The very act of reciting poetry has been upgraded into a sort of mental attack, drawing the undivided attention of all those who hear it... as well as their ire. Even those of generally kind dispositions will find themselves compelled to harshly criticize Caster's poetry. Those with more violent tendencies, such as... many Herioc Spirits, will instead simply be driven to make the poetry stop by any means necessary (the necessary means are usually determined to be violence). The draw of this desire is so great that attacks already in motion and projectiles currently in flight will quickly redirect themselves towards Caster as long as he's reciting.

    Caster, of course, doesn't 'get it'. He simply gazes at the incoming attention with adoring eyes. 'To look at me such," he thinks, 'They must like it very much!'


    A generally exciteable, jovial individual... though one that could be considered 'socially inept'. He presents himself with grandeur that entirely does not befit his station, and is completely unaware of any and all negative impact his words or actions might have on others... or even himself. In his mind, he's a widely-beloved poet, he's having a grand ol' time, so what else matters?


    William Topaz McGonagall. A man considered 'the worst poet in the English-speaking world', though he himself never caught on to that particular opinion. His life was mostly spent as a weaver... but in his fifties, his world changed forever. Work was getting harder to find, and his family was racked by scandal as his oldest daughter had a child out of wedlock. In this low moment, McGonagall found himself struck by a fervent desire to write poetry... he couldn't shake the thought, and as he took up pen put words to page he found himself overcome with an immense joy. His first poem was addressed to Reverend George Gifillan, a similarly untrained and unskilled poet, who gave a glowing review. "Shakespeare never wrote anything like this."

    Spurred on by this success, McGonagall attempted to secure Queen Victoria as a patron. Though all he recieved in return was a rejection letter thanking him for his interest, he interpereted this as yet more praise for his work. Declaring himself "The Queen's Poet", he marched from his home in Dundee all the way to Balmoral Castle, through rough terrain and ill weather, with hopes of performing in front of Queen Victoria himself. When he presented himself to the guards, he was refused entry, and had to march back home.

    Miraculously, this didn't dampen McGonagall's enthusiasm for poetry, nor his self image, in any capacity. He continued to write for years, making money by reciting poems, selling them in the streets, or in one instance, performing at a circus whilst the audience pelted him with all manner of foodstuffs. Money was always an issue, and at separate points in his life he left to London and New York to find his fortune, only to return empty handed. However, donations from friends often kept him afloat just enough to continue doing what he did best (?); writing poetry. He died in 1902, with not a penny to his name, and was buried in an unmarked grave. In the year 1999, a memorial plaque was dedicated to him, reading:

    William McGonagall
    Poet and Tragedian

    "I am your gracious Majesty
    ever faithful to Thee,
    William McGonagall, the Poor Poet,
    That lives in Dundee."


    William Shakespeare - "Shakespeare / Will run in fear / When he hears / I am here!"

    Chevalier de Saint-Georges - "This gentleman is almost as good at Violins / As he is at Violence!"

    William Randolph Hearst - "Hearst sits up in his fancy castle / He thinks he is king but he's just an as--mmph!?"

    Nostradamus - "If I could see the future / I would win the lottery then grab my wife and smooch her"

    JFK - "It sets a very sad precedent / For people to shoot their president / But I must report with glee / Nobody would ever try and shoot me!"

    Heinrich Schliemann - "This old boy / Tried to find the lost city of ancient Troy / And though he didn't quite do it I must assume / He very much enjoyed the satisfying BOOM!"


    (( First timer! Please forgive my formatting, and also my artwork. ))

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinetree View Post
    Hey Asterism, considering the unfortunate coincidence with the attack on Thailand, I think you should let her replace it if she wants to.
    I thought she already had deleted it, but just to be clear, that entry is disqualified
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    I'd like to agree on your criticism towards gun culture and our universal condemnation towards unjustified shootings

    But making it as a sheet for competition, with over-the-top action style, I think it's a bad execution
    The right criticism for the wrong time, place, and occasion
    My Servants and plans to make

    Also You wanna see my budget Servant formatting?

    thanks for the Visit!

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    On another note, if it isn't McGonagall! Idk if you got the inspiration from me mentioning him in the womb a while back, but I love this guy. The whole "doesn't realize he's taking damage, so he just doesn't" Skill is genius, and that NP, while relatively simple, still goes well with his character. Solid first sheet.

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    McGonagall: I'd thought of doing a sheet for this guy ever since BnEl floated him in the Ideas thread, so your take is cool to see. Unassailable Rosy Glass is a fun Skill and well-named. Being able to block out most attacks just from sheer obliviousness seems a bit OP for such a minor figure but I guess it's balanced by the fact that his personality means he wouldn't really be interested in combat most of the time. Seems like in a Grail War he'd be mainly useful as a "meat-shield" drawing enemies to vainly attack him with his bad poetry. Combine that with a more martially-inclined Master and he could actually be pretty effective.

    Overall this sheet is well-done and hits all the beats I'd expect for his... distinctive legend. I do wonder if you could've given him a third Skill based on his self-declaration of being the Queen's Poet (possibly entwined with him being jokingly knighted by king Thibaw Min of Burma). Like maybe around royal-attributed Servants he can one-sidedly proclaim to be their vassal gaining some kind of benefits (while likely annoying the subject of his "devotion").

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    It's me again.
    Made my Lore section and NP section more meatier (I've been reading, Pinetree-senpai)
    Added a possible Third Ascension down with the drafts because yes.
    Still finding out the lyrics to Thest.
    Website I made in my middle-high/secondary school time

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    Source: Chirlley

    Class: Assassin
    Other Classes: Faker (sealed), Lover Lily
    True Name: Empress Wei of Tang
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Place of Origin: China (700s)
    Stars: 2/5


    STR: D
    END: D
    AGI: C
    MGI: C
    LCK: C
    NP: C

    Height: 181cm
    Weight: 100lbs
    Likes: Being known for her successes
    Dislikes: Emulation
    Talent: Trying to emulate empresses
    Natural Enemy: Wu Zetian
    Attribute: Man
    Traits: Female, Humanoid, Weak to Enuma Elish
    Armament: A long beaded curtain, a Chinese hand fan
    Catalyst: A poisoned Chinese pastry item

    Class Skills:

    Presence Concealment D: Not extremely adept at hiding her presence, she relied more on raw power.

    Personal Skills:

    Emulation of
    Wu Zetian
    A: Her attempts to emulate her mother-in-law Wu Zetian by taking control in and of herself sublimated into a skill. This allows her to borrow some of Wu Zetian's strengths, from her destruction of corruption to her techniques for torture to her Imperial Privilege.

    Princes to Fall C: She set up many of the princes to fall from power, framing them for misdeeds they had never comitted and convincing the emperor to exile them or execute them. As a skill, this enables her to spread negative messages about people, and have them, initially, accepted at face value, although this can be broken through.

    Behind the Bead Curtain C: She sat behind the bead curtain at court but was known by everyone as the power behind the throne. The capability to cause herself to hear and see occurences, without being acknowledged as having heard and seen, while in plain view.

    Noble Phantasm(s):

    Regnant Failure
    The Fall Of The One Mandated By Heaven

    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: C
    Range: 3 meters
    Max Targets: 1 Targets

    Her most famous deed which is hers alone, not something shared. The poisoning of her husband the Emperor with a poisoned pastry. This has been sublimated into her hand fan, which bears designs akin to a moon and a sun on cakes on them. When the true name is called, the designs begin to glow, enacting a poison on enemies who see it, enhancing against those who bear any form of divine chosen nature. Counted as Anti-Unit because it effects each target seperately.

    Lore: Empress Wei (d. 710) was a Tang dynasty empress, and the second wife of Emperor Zhongzong, who reigned twice. The first reign she didn't do anything special, but during the second she decided to try to emulate her mother-in-law Wu Zetian, who had previously exiled her, and began trying to take power. However, after she poisoned her husband, she quickly fell from power.

    Personality: A cunning person. She adores holding power and people knowing it but unable to do anything about it, which means she also ironically works far better with Good-aligned servants, especially those willing to let her hold some power. She abhors Wu Zetian and other manipulative rulers despite being one. her wish for the grail is to be only known for her earlier life, before the second tenure as empress.


    Wu Zetian: "You. How dare you exile us? And then just call us back like it was nothing?"

    Emperor Zhongzong: "...Get out of my sight..."

    Louis XI: "You created an entire network of roads and posts just to monitor your spies? A new level of insanity."

    Marie Antoinette: "Ohoho, seems I am holding the power here."

    Oda Nobunaga: "....."
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    Humanity are the ones that create evil on Earth

    It is the choices it makes that free or enslave our souls
    Hail, master. I, Avenger, will shelter you from the coming storm and together we will see this through to the end

    EGGS, Typemoon.Fandom.Com

    True Name
    the Mary Celeste


    Historical Fact


    Sailing, It's Family, Adventure, the Sea, Drinking, Songs, Valuables, Honesty

    Unscrupulous Merchants, Swindlers, Murderers, Mutiny, Fire, Mysteries

    Cursing Others and Long Voyages

    Natural Enemy
    Gilman Parker

    Other Classes
    Voyager, Shielder

    Decayed Remnants of the Ship, the Insurance Paperwork, A copy of J. Habakuk Jephson's Statement

    Cutlassess (E-rank)
    Pistols (D-rank)
    Cannons (C-rank)
    the Mary Celeste (B-rank)
    Kraken (A-rank)


    Str: D End: A Agi: C
    Mna: C Lck: A NP: B


    The Mary Celeste is a famous ship from the late 1800s. It was originally simply a quaint ship under the command of captain Benjamin Briggs. Yet a single voyage would erupt a mystery that would grapple the world even into the modern day. Veritably Jack the Ripper-esque in that even after a full investigation using at the time modern techniques the truth of what happened could not be found.

    Benjamin Briggs was doing routine travel from New York to Genoa, Italy carrying a cargo of various types of alcohol. He brought his 2-year old daughter and wife aboard thinking nothing serious would happen on the trip. Yet it did not arrive on time. Time passed and it was eventually found somewhat derelict.

    The rigging and sails were in poor condition when it was found adrift on a course for Dei Gratia. The captain of the ship that found her sent two men aboard to investigate finding the conditions suspect. His suspicions were confirmed when all that was found was a derelict ship, an incomplete captains log, and fire in the cargo hold. No bodies were ever found. The lifeboat, estimated to not have been enough for the crew, was missing as well.

    Naturally this caused quite a stir. An entire crew and family disappeared on the high seas. Yet no one could have predicted the mystery that would occur. When the salvage hearings eventually found nothing of value in their investigation, headed by Sir James Cochrane, he awarded the team a third of what would normally be awarded for the findings.

    Not helping matters were various speculations on what might have happened. Sea quakes, Water Spouts, Mutiny, Explosions, and even a Kraken attack were floated around. Not helping matters was the publishing by Arthur Conan Doyle a work penned by him named 'J. Habakuk Jephson's Statement'. While he did not mean for it to be taken seriously the public did.

    It was to the point that a supposed survivor emerged who claimed that the men died while they were having a swimming contest when the diving platform suddenly broke before he, the last one, could jump in and a school of sharks suddenly devoured the crew. That he only escaped because he used the lifeboat. Despite inconsistencies between Doyles work and the real facts such as Brigg's last name being Briggs and not Griggs the public believed it.

    Eventually the Mary Celeste went under new management. However captains kept dying prematurely until eventually the man named Gilman Parker took command of the ship for its new owner Wesley Gove, head of a bostonian group. This would be its last captain as he hatched a plot for riches.

    He loaded it with worthless cargo, misrepresented it as valuable, then insured it for $30,000. He then headed out for Port-au-Prince and on the way ran into the reef, rendering it irrepairable. Gilman sold what he could and collected the insurance money. If a ship could dye, this would be the moment its life passed. Though agurably its spirit passed with Briggs.

    ...Many however forget what sailors feel of their vessels. Ones that sail long enough will tell you they feel a special connection to it. That it has life. If that were true...? Even spiritually that is it is likely they would remember everything. The good times. The bad times. The adventures. The sailing...

    and their own murder

    Class Skills

    Avenger: B

    An avenger never forgets. An avenger never forgives. The class skill of the Avenger class container, naturally she has this. Yet she holds an intense hatred for her failures in life. She only wanted to protect any crew that called her home for any amount of time. Yet she failed. If this alone was the cause she would merely be berserker. Instead she tasted bitter betrayal and the hatred spawned in her heart by it causes her no end of grief.

    As a result she has this skill at a high rank.

    At her rank she cannot forget the horrid events that occurred. Even through the haze of Innocent Monster she can remember the names and faces of those she called family. She remembers their tragic ends.

    Most of all she remembers the name and face of her murderer
    Gilman Parker

    Oblivion Correction: A+

    the Mary Celeste never forgives, never forgets. Even when everyone else does she will always remember. Even when the Human Order tries to gaslight her into believing a non-truth, at her core she will never forget her family, never forget their end, and never forget who murdered her. A class skill of the Avenger class she has this and thanks to the existence, however hampered by Avenger, of Innocent Monster she has this at a high rank as well.

    In addition to dealing critical blows whenever an enemy forgets about her she has true and false conceptual weaknesses. So long as the enemy holds any doubt, even subconsciously, about their conceptual weakness she can exploit that to not only reduce the damage with this skill she can also make her counter attack far fiercer than this skill normally grants.

    Self-Replenishment (Mana): A+

    While she is not quite seeking revenge or any particular goal she cannot rid herself of hatred. So long as she has family to protect and hatred to vent she will continue to acquire and generate mana. As a ship it is simply routine to stop to acquire supplies. Only against specific persons and specific places does this skill ever degrade in the quality of mana that she can produce.

    At her rank she is capable of generating a miniscule amount of mana every moment of her existence. Effectively she could be counted as an incarnated existence so long as she does not fight or utilize her noble phantasms. Of course this would neccesitate picking her preferred existence.

    Personal Skills

    Innocent Monster: B

    It is not just that she is a ship. It is not just the mystery. It is the absence of truth to dispel the mysteries of the disappearance of the crew of the Mary Celeste on that fateful voyage embarked by Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs. Were the truth found this skill would be much less powerful and much less impactful. However it is so strong because of it.

    However due to the skill Avenger its power is not absolute. Unlike other servants with similar circumstances this skill forcibly overrides Innocent Monsters haze. She cannot forget her families. She cannot forget her masters. She cannot forget her murderer. She cannot remember the circumstances of her murder.

    Instead this skill fills in the blank details of her history with various contradictory false histories each overlapping her true history. Whatever the truth of the disappearance may be this skill fills those memories with ones of giant monsters, curses, sea quakes, and explosions. Even the death of her captains were ultimately, to this skills recollection, the result of a curse.

    Ghost Ship: C

    A skill that is given to either the captain of famous ghost ships or ghost ships themselves should they somehow take on a life of their own seperate from their captains. the Mary Celeste became much more famous than its own captain whose name had been forgotten even in its own time. Further it was found completely abandoned and no explanation has ever been given. It is only so low due to the lack of paranormal circumstances surrounding the ship itself.

    At this particular rank the crew it can summon as familiars to aid it in various tasks, such as sailing its ship form, are not quite as strong as heroic spirits but they are on the higher end of familiars possible. To compare one of the ghostly crew she can summon is equivalent in strength to Th Dead that a dead apostle can command.

    Additionally due to the hoaxes and speculations surrounding her mystery her true conceptual weakness to Reefs is obscured by fake conceptual weaknesses in layers, each based on an explanation the Human Order put forth for the disappearance of her first crew. The order is random both in the number of layers and the order in which they are layered. When struck the weakness disappears from her saint graph and rather than critical or fatal damage the strike will simply deal a bit more damage than an average strike.

    When paired with Oblivion Correction this skill makes her an extremely dangerous opponent.

    Voyage: EX

    A skill that normally replaces the 'Riding' skill for Rider class servants but also sometimes is given as a way to further empower them. This skill grants servants the ability to steer sea-bound ships. As a living ship she is a natural at steering ships. Being its master is as natural to her as breathing is for a human.

    At her extraordinary rank she can, with effort, steer multiple ships in her fleet if she has them. The quality of steering and control do not degrade until she extends past her personal limit of five ships. Further unlike the normal limitation of only being sailing ships she can extend this to anything that can conceivably sail the seas. Further their performances are greatly enhanced. Even a blimp only somewhat outfitted for sea travel will move as though it had the ideal conditions of a real sailing ship. However such a bonus to performance only apply while sailing on the sea and is lost once air, land, or spaceborne.


    the Mary Celeste, in this form, has lost her love. While she is cordial and supportive of her master she holds hate deep in her heart. As such she locks what love she might feel away. This of course colors her perception of her master. Normally they would be her captain but she refuses to acknowledge them as such. Instead she refers to them as Owner or Master.

    Generally she will act closed off as well focusing on protecting her master and accomplishing the goal of her summoning. While she feels hatred in her heart and will earnestly pursue the focus of her hate she will not risk her master for her revenge. From her perspective she has as long as her master lives to pursue the target of her hate. If he dies her hatred ends.

    This is if the object of her hatred is present. That being the murderer Gilman Parker. She blames him for everything though this is partly projection. The other parts are grief over losing another crew and captain, and pain from said captain and crew that she earnestly loved like any other betraying her. She shows intense hatred over it to the point that she seeks out the total erasure of Gilman Parker from the world's history in all its forms.

    To her she'd rather have an accident be her cause of death than betrayal by the captain she loved as family.

    This pain of betrayal also prevents her from truely connecting with her master. She fears he too will betray her. It will take a lot for them to convince her that it won't end up that way again. Additionally she is very vengeful in this summoning. Thanks to her class and class skills she remembers every slight and they smolder in her like an ember. What constitutes as a slight tends to be specific and mere words normally are not enough.

    However mentions of reefs, insurance, and crashing vehicles get her attention and she focuses intently on them. If she is the subject of abandonment her retribution is generally swift unless her master is refusing to. Then the one attempting to make her master betray her will meet her full fury. Meanwhile she will open up a bit more to her master and trust him slightly more.


    Owner. I understand that humans need social interaction and this war makes such hard... but please. Cease your questions. If you wish for talk, I suggest telling me of the modern world... I only have the information the grail wants me to have

    Yosana Akiko
    A poet from the orient. Your land is such a beautiful one. I only ever got to gaze from the shore... Then again you too were confined no?

    Johannes Kepler
    The moon is such a beautiful thing. Why must scientists always try to ruin its splendor? Can't it simply be a beautiful star watching over us, its children?

    Toriyama Seiken
    ... Owner. We must never meet one another. Me and that one. We are... too compatible. I fear we would... cause so much destruction together

    Charles & Othniel
    Fighting over bones. Boys will never cease to amaze me...........

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    How unfortunate. Cut down in your prime... Vengeance will taste so sweet.

    Heinrich Schliemann
    How dare you! What did those poor buildings ever do to you, huh!? Screw it, I'm getting revenge right now in their name! Fight me blackguard!

    Yoshitsugu Otani
    Illness is such a horrid thing... worse that for some it must be fought against constantly. If only our owners were allied I'd shelter you. I cannot however. We are not allies yet... and so you must die now, for my Owners sake.

    Christian Caldwell
    Hmph. Horrid. Murderers are always so horrible. We have nothing more to say. Die, Murderer!

    Jenny Lind
    ... go away... Go Away... GO AWAY!

    William Randolph Hearst
    ... You... YOU... You monster! You're why I keep forgetting! What happened! I have to put so much effort into remembering! Do you have anything to say for yourself!?

    A... seer...? Can... can you see the past? Please... I must know! How precisely he died!... That one... the only one I truly cannot remember because he fled... Did he truly die...?

    Felix von Luckner
    Another ca-... Owner eh? Not mine though. He commands another. Worry not master! I won't lose against his ship! I'm clearly the superior one!

    A devourer of gods...? By... by chance could you eat curses...? Just uh... asking.

    ... O-owner. You're staring at her... an awful lot. Is there, uh, something so appealing about her? No?.... Alright, Owner.

    Chevalier de Saint-Georges
    A figure of chilvary. That describes you best. Sadly... chilvary died in my era.

    W.T. Stead
    Any other servant would look at you and decide to walk away out of a sense of admiration or respect... but me... I am simply a machine for my owner. So here, now, you die.

    William Topaz McGonagall
    ... Owner. Let's kill him posthaste. His optimism is irritating me! How can he be insulted so and let it go! Grah! He pisses me off!

    Wei of Tang
    Tsk. Another poisoner. What a vile lot you are. I don't care why you are one, but for your crime of murder you will die!

    Sugawara no Takasue no Musume
    So you've made peace then. How wonderful... hold onto that resolution. No matter the cost.

    Fine mayor you would be. What you lack in wit you make up for in spades with heart... if only I could port in that city someday...

    ... P-please sir. Put a shirt on. It's indecent...

    Ismail al-Jazari
    Hatred... I have hatred only for one. Ah, basically it simply means my existence is contradictory to his... Gilman Parker.. I will never accept his existence.

    Alfred Nobel
    I won't say I understand your pain. Only that I too know pain. If I can help you in your travels I will do my best as a fellow avenger.

    Si Pitung
    ... He reminds me so much of my first captain... more free-spirited though. It's... painful to watch...

    ... How... strange...

    Aimo Allan Koivunen
    ... How sad. You are such a free spirit. Truly you are admirable.

    Adolphus Rex Sueciae
    ... My, what a great man. You remind me of him... my first captain... oh my captain...

    Sir Christopher Lee
    ... What is an actor...?

    Otavia Maeda
    The strongest man...? Fascinating. I'm scared if I can protect my owner from you...

    Haru Urara
    ... A born loser...? I almost feel sorry. If not for my duty to my owner I would likely try to help them.

    Marie-Juliette Olga "Lili" Boulanger
    Oh you poor girl... what a tragic life. I wish I could help... sadly I am worse for your health so I shall leave. Good fortune, Lili.

    Marie-Therese Charlotte
    ... What a terrible period to live through... if you were alive, you could move on but dead... You have my sympathies...

    Noble Phantasm

    Oh captain my captain... why did you betray me when they did not...? Am I note... enough....? Does it really exist...?
    the Curse of the Mary Celeste

    Anti-Self to Anti-Army


    The Mary Celeste had many captains. It had many owners. It held many crews. All, in some way or another, fell prematurely; their life snuffed out before their predestined time. the Mary Celeste is a ship of tragedy ending in betrayal and death. Many attributed it to a curse haunting the ship the last words of the judge overseeing an insurance fraud claim stating merely paying back the insurance would be enough because 'If the court of man could not punish these men ... the curse that had devilled the ship since her first skipper Robert McLellan had died on her maiden voyage could reach beyond the vessel's watery grave and exact its own terrible retribution'.

    Yet the truth of the curse, while somewhat correct, is sadder. the Mary Celeste was specifically cursed. Rather its entire purpose in life was to sail and collect curses. The reasons for this have been debated by magus for centuries. Theories ranging from belonging to a prominent american magus family to it being a magic crest were shared. Regardless of the truth the fact was that it functioned perfectly. So much so that it gained life as a consenquence of being filled with curses.

    Yet it did not hate. It loved its crews and captains. It could only weep when each met their untimely fates. This is because its love could only abate the curses for so long before they claimed those that sailed upon her. Only once did she wish her curses to lash out. Naturally, they responded far stronger than ever before.

    After all she lashed out at her murderer, the only captain she ever hated

    This noble phantasm allows her to modify herself as a vessel. She can take on a more humanoid shape in order to blend in and walk aboard land. Additionally this applies to some concepts regarding her. In addition to being able to change the contents of her crew and inventory she can also access the very curses that plagued her life after finally accepting them.

    Specifically these curses take on the form of the speculation surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Briggs and the crew as well as the other deaths and strange happenings. For example she can utilize a curse that drives people mad through a physical medium of the person, she can curse a place and weaken the earth itself in that area, and she can even curse something to attract phantasmals in great numbers. Her most often used curse however is a curse of drowning that replicates the act of being thrown overboard and being abandoned to the waves. Even if water is nowhere in sight this curse will fill the targets lungs full of water even if they naturally lack them so long as they are prone.

    Yet these powers are merely facets of her true power. A reality marble she holds within. Of a rickety, derelict ship wandering a misty sea. When activated it recreates this mental image and her very saint graph changes outright into a spectre of death haunting the Mary Celeste. Within this reality marble she can recreate phenomenon attributed to the disappearance of the Briggs crew. She can summon a Kraken, she can cause a Sea Quake, she can even spawn a horde of pirates to assail the ship and her enemies.

    All familiars summoned within the reality marble act as proxies of her and are effectively B-rank armaments. The only exception is the Kraken which is summoned as a Divine Beast.

    When her enemies are dead, 9 internal days have passed, or the ship is entirely destroy the reality marble will melt away. the Mary Celeste afterwards will, for a time, be in bright spirits unless the third instance occurred in which she will incur a fatal injury. Not quite a killing blow but a blow that, short of instantaneous high-level healing, will eventually kill her.
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    Thanks for flagging this, I hadn't noticed. It is a small font, I think. I can tweak the size real quick.

    Probably should also read through all these new sheets, christ
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    Mary Celeste: in this house we are gar for gaylock

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    During the Heian period, Japanese literature was dominated by a certain class of aristocratic women who influenced and corresponded with one another through poem and prose. With one’s literacy being so important to their social standing in the Emperor’s court, the high-class gradually became a class of avid readers. However, with the duties of governance and other bureaucratic work being left to the men, women were the only ones who had the opportunity develop this reading passion into writing skills.

    Surprisingly, the tail end of this era also brought about intense spiritualism, and despite its popularity and widespread appeal, fiction was deemed a frivolous read that only distracted one from their religious duties and from the possibility of enlightenment and ascension. A contradictory belief that was still held by a lot of the aristocracy.

    Nonetheless, a certain little girl happened to love those stories.

    She was thirteen. It had been a few years since her father took her to the province he governed, leaving her mother in the capital to manage their assets. Her father brought along a step-mother to help take care of her and her sister alongside their respective nurses, and that step-mother happened to be the grandniece of the illustrious Murasaki Shikibu.
    The little girl, as it happened, was born in the exact year the masterpiece of Murasaki began circulating as a complete manuscript. Finding the coincidence amusing, and wanting to entertain the two sisters during the moonless evenings, her step-mother decided to tell them the stories of The Tale of Genji.

    Once I knew that such things as tales existed in the world, all I could think of over and over was how much I wanted to read them.” So she declared later on.

    The tales of her beloved step-mother could never satisfy her, for her hunger for the fantastic world created by Murasaki was much greater than anyone’s memory could handle.
    Once, she drew herself an image of the Healing Buddha in a secret room of her house and prostrated herself before it, wishing fervently that she’d go back to the capital, where tales such as these were distributed, so that she could read the entirety of the saga.

    She repeated this prayer, incongruous with the schism between fiction and religion, quite a few times in the coming months. By the power of Buddha, the time came when the family would go back to the capital.
    It was then that the little girl learned how much she hated partings. Walking through the already empty house, illuminated by the last full moon she’d see from there, she once again went to her secret room of prayer. Realizing she’d never set foot there again, she wept.

    Perhaps that was why she loved literature so much. These words, shared and transcribed between so many networks of friends and family, have managed to escape the ephemerality of life. She came to know the immortal power of writing. After all, one of her ancestors was as renowned as to be mentioned in the Tale of Genji itself, and her own aunt had attained quite a bit of fame with her published diary just a generation ago.
    Sadly, the same couldn’t be said about the people around her. She had already matured past the age in which children can believe in the eternal quality of relationships when she left her mom for the first time.

    During the travel to the capital, she parted ways with the nurse that had been with her as long as her own mother. The woman was pregnant and couldn't continue the journey. The little girl would remember vividly the pale moonlight that illuminated thair faces as they bid goodbye, when they promised they’d meet again.
    But the nurse died shortly after.

    When she arrived, her step-mother gave her own goodbyes. She promised to visit next spring, and the two of them continued exchanging letters for the rest of their life.
    But the visit never happened.

    She was now a young woman.

    At the very least, she finally had the chance to truly read the tales she so adored. Murasaki Shikibu’s Tale of Genji, Sei Shônagon’s Pillow Book, her aunt’s Kagero Diary… She immersed herself in literature of all kinds — many of them gifted by a relative named Lady Emon no Myôbu. Each day of her life was dedicated to reading these works and discussing them with her older sister. So enthralled she was by the fantastic nature of these tales that the young woman even started seeing the world in the same fantastical way.

    She had heard of a notorious noblewoman who died the same day her nurse died, and relating the two, had wept just as much for the unknown woman as she did for the beloved nurse.
    One night, her older sister revealed that she had had a dream. The noblewoman appeared in it to reveal that she felt the emotion the young woman showed by crying for her, and that she had reincarnated as the cat that frequently visited their house to pay them respect.

    The two sisters adopted the cat in secret. Taking care of it in their own rooms. Their moonlit evenings now consisted of reading, discussing and taking care of their pet.

    While looking at the moon and petting their cat, her sister once said: “How would you feel if I were to simply fly away and disappear right now?
    No. She couldn’t. Didn’t her sister read the same stories read the same stories she did? That wouldn’t be a very happy ending, it would be very anti-climatic instead. She should stop saying such things.
    Her sister laughed and changed subject, the two continued to chat through the night.

    A few days later, their house burned down. The cat died in the fire.
    The next year, her sister got pregnant and subsequently died during childbirth.

    Upon seeing the moonlight, as bright as it was during that ominous night in the previous year, shining on the faces of her newly born nieces, the young woman shuddered in fear.
    Ephemerality had once again surprised her. She wasn’t part of the tales she so loved.

    She was now an adult.

    An adult, and yet unmarried. She spent her days reading and writing in her family’s home. Multiple opportunities for pilgrimages and other religious activities had been offered to her over the years, but she had become just as disillusioned with it as she had with the reality of her life.
    What was her life anyhow? Social gatherings and family duties were the only important activities to fill her days, yet she didn’t feel any importance in them. Would she live like this until the end? Seeing the days go by like her sister and nurse and all before them?
    Where was the excitement? Why was she the only one seemingly unsatisfied with the ordinary life all of them led?

    Desperately wishing for the extraordinary while experiencing only the opposite, the years went by.

    She eventually started working part-time as a lady-in-waiting for the princess, her first venture into the court that was the setting for so many of her favorite books.
    And yet, she was older now, too old to start pursuing a career there. She felt desperately alone in that place, surrounded by people who weren’t as exciting as the characters she loved, in rooms that didn’t feel as magical as they had been described.
    The woman wasn’t alone in this world. She had many friends with whom she shared correspondence over their favorite literatures, and yet, during the nights she slept at the castle, she felt truly alone. Wishing only to return to the comfort of her house and family.

    [Water birds] are just like me,
    awake until dawn, sleeping
    fitfully in the water,
    struggling to brush away
    the frost on their wings.

    So she eventually wrote. Like the reflective surface of a frozen lake, she laid there, in company but alone, in the place of her dreams after having them dashed. She was frozen, stuck to the trappings of an ordinary life in what she though was a place of the extraordinary. In that silent night, she found herself to be living a life so exciting as to be compared to a dreamless sleep.
    But someone heard her poem, and responded.

    Just try to imagine,
    even from your own transient sleep,
    on the water,
    how I struggle every night to
    brush the frost away.

    You might have to face the loneliness of this career once in a while, but I've always been here to suffer it.
    Of course she wasn’t alone. How many more sought something beyond their reality in the stories she so admired? How could she leave the cold night so that she might lead them there?
    If this poem managed to reach someone like that, maybe the diary itself was the answer.

    Years went by.

    She was married. She didn’t want the arrangement at first, and didn’t like her husband for quite a while, but the two eventually grew close and had three children.
    As she grew older, the tales she once read as a child grew more and more distant. She still read and wrote just as avidly, and still loved them just as passionately, but she had resigned herself to the mediocrity of real life. Her only hope was the diary, that it would carry her name way beyond her time, just like it did for her aunt and so many of her favorite authors.

    She had also started to take religion more seriously. Let down by the impossibility of escaping ordinary life through fiction, she grasped at the thoughts of a satisfying afterlife.
    Even then, the dissatisfaction brought about by the real world would never leave her.

    It happened that, during a pilgrimage, she almost died.
    How might my court service have turned out if I had only been able to devote myself to it single-mindedly?
    It happened that, after returning from a business trip, the husband she had come to love passed away.
    Long ago, rather than being infatuated with all those frivolous tales and poems, if I had only devoted myself to religious practice day and night, I wonder, would I have been spared this nightmarish fate?

    Between suffering the ordinary and seeking the divine, she had forgotten her true passions in fiction.
    Since I had ended up as one without one thing going as I had wished, I had drifted along without doing anything to accumulate merit.

    The woman was reminded of how much she hated partings. Grieving and despairing, she found no respite even in the tales she so loved. No meaning in the time she wasted on them.
    Over the years and months as I lay down and got up in meaningless activity, why had I not devoted myself to religious practices or pilgrimages? Ah, but the things I had hoped for, the things I had wished for, could they ever really happen in this world? […] Oh, how crazy I was and how foolish I came to feel. Such were the thoughts that had sunk in, and had I then carried on with my feet on the ground, maybe things would have been all right, but that just was not possible.

    In her last days — in the last pages of her diary — she recounted the poems she has recently recited to a nun.

    Mugwort growing
    ever ticker, sodden
    with dew;
    a voice sought by no one
    cries out all alone.

    In the mugwort of a
    dwelling in the everyday world,
    please imagine
    the dense grasses in the garden
    of final renouncement.

    Such were the last words she left to us, her readers.

    Then, darkness. She feels something, though she cannot understand what — or how. She feels.
    Her diary had been passed down, copied, studied, analyzed, and appreciated. Her poems were added to imperial collections. They had been recited, criticized, hated, loved, and respected. Her name — or part of it — was engraved in history.

    But it didn’t stop. Eras went by and yet her writings survived. Her name was repeated again and again. Her writings, read again and again. People praised her poetry and sympathized with her pains. She heard people saying she was on par with some of her favorite writers.
    Has she really heard that?!
    Wait— Had she… heard?

    She did. She heard and felt and saw. An infinite void of white spread over and under and around her. It seemed to go forever, yet she felt like she could touch the horizon if she just tried.
    The voices and feelings continued to surprise her, where did they come from?
    Gradually, she understood where she was — and what she was.
    The expanse of white becomes an infinite sky, its horizon extending way beyond her reach.
    It’s obvious that such a clear surface would be reflective, but what could it possibly be reflecting to show such a beautiful expanse. Had she ever seen such a blue sky? Ever looked at it?

    Only then she realized. Thinking back on it, it’s almost as if she was fleeing from the daylight. Happy, sad or otherwise, it’s always the light of the moon or the darkness of the night that seemed appropriate to color her writings. Never is the vast sky or the warmth of the sun mentioned.
    Even when she went in secret to pray to Amaterasu by the sacred mirror, she did so during the night, not bathed in the light of the goddess.

    Now, seeing the infinity beyond anything she could’ve imagined, she understands. If the surface she saw before became this sky by reflecting something, then there’s only one thing it could be reflecting.
    She sees infinite possibilities in the azure expanse. Fantasy and magic. It is extraordinary.
    And it is reflecting the only thing there: herself.

    Her laughter is so loud as to almost crack her voice, but she can’t contain herself. The thoughts and feeling of those who read her work continue to echo in the distance, but only one thought fills her mind.

    With a laugh and a hop, she dives into the water. Beyond the infinite reaches of this Throne reserved for the truly extraordinary ones, a light is calling for her.

    They deserve to see this too.

    Sugawara no Takasue no Musume

    Aliases: Takasue's Daughter, Lady Sarashina.
    Class: Gatekeeper.
    : 159 cm.
    Likes: Fanfiction.
    Dislikes: Daily life.
    Attribute: Human.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good.
    Origin: Japan.
    Natural Enemy: Aramitama-Amaterasu.
    STR E
    END D+
    AGI E
    MGI B
    LUC D
    NP C

    Takasue no Musume is a Japanese author that lived in the Heian era. She is most famous for the Sarashina Diary, a collection of anecdotes from her life, describing the years between 12 and 40. She stands as one of the six most notorious writers of the time alongside the likes of Sei Shônagon and Murasaki Shikibu, not only due to their writing ability and impactful poetry, but also due to the precious insight they give into the lifestyle of those in that era. It’s thanks to authors like them and the literature fans that handled their works later that we have so much knowledge about this era of ancient Japan.

    Despite covering such a vast swath of time, the Sarashina Diary omits several relevant events from Takasue’s life, including a lot relating to her marriage, to her daily life and even to her children. Many scholars have tried to understand what is the reason for such omissions, and a popular interpretation is that her objective was not to chronicle her life in its entirety, but rather tell the story of a bright eyed child as she matures by abandoning the naďve notions of passion and adventure she acquired by reading fiction, and how she then transitions into a woman who appropriately seeks religious enlightenment instead.

    Her works still revere fiction writers such as Murasaki Shikibu, whose Tale of Genji is prominently featured and referenced. However, alongside the reverence and respect for renowned authors such as her, there is also a prevalent feeling of embarrassment over enjoying them for their entertainment value, a feeling that only becomes apparent as she grows older. Most of all, there’s a sense of longing for the time when she could simply enjoy them. Perhaps that’s why there’s no mention of four other books who were also attributed to Takasue by historians. They are all fiction and would’ve been published after she was an adult... and yet they aren’t mentioned at all, lending credence to the belief that she didn’t want to be associated with neither reading nor writing fiction.

    That’s all in the past though. Her efforts were rewarded and she did finally achieve something beyond the boredom of everyday life, reaching the extraordinary.
    All of this translates into a personality that is more akin to her earlier years. The bright eyed reader that can truly immerse herself in works of fiction and that cannot go a day without reading one. Someone who is always looking to discuss with others and create poetry alongside them. Takasue is a woman with drive, intent on helping any person who is just as done with ordinary ordinary life as she was. That said, she also gets depressed quite easily when things don’t go her way. The tragedies of her life haven’t been erased, after all, and the feeling that everything might go wrong at any moment ia a constant fear in the back of her mind.
    Even then, as a Gatekeeper, the class meant to impose obstacles so that their Master can evolve, she has fully embodied a mentor-like role and will hide such feelings away whenever they come up, using her regular cheery personality as a front. She’s not really suppressing her emotions by doing this, rather, it seems like she finally learned how to deal with her own feelings. Before, they took her over entirely, preventing her from doing anything else for long periods of time. Now, as her ideal self — realized — she has the strength of heart to deal with old traumas and new challenges.

    Fake 'til you make it, huh? Good saying, Master, but it’s missing a few verses.
    Really, I’m as sincere as the bright moon— Or should I say, as sincere as the shining rays of Amaterasu. Oh, it'll be so hard to adapt my repertoire to this theme...

    Her name means “The Daughter of Sugawara no Takasue”. Her first name was never recorded, as was tradition at the time. She doesn't mind going by the name of her renowned ancestor and her beloved father, but seeing some people are unconfortable not calling her by own name, she did choose a new title.

    Lady Sarashina no Emon, then? It’s my current job after all!

    Class Skills

    Gatekeeper E

    A class skill representing the state of a Gatekeeper as one that leads their Master through a series of trials so that they might become something more.

    Gatekeeper desires to help their Master break the shackles of regular life and enter the realm of fiction so they can live a fulfilling life. Accordingly, this Servant will never be summoned by a magus or anyone that is already aware that the supernatural world that exists hidden away. Rather, her Masters can only be those who share the feelings she once felt, and the very act of summoning her is already a “first trial” of sorts: a huge step towards a permanent change in their lives.
    This skill allows Lady Sarashina to alter the Luck stat of any student to give them trials. However, at such a low rank, all she can do is cause minor inconveniences that might deter the student from continuing on with a regular day. It’s to be expected, since she has no experience as a teacher or a mentor. Even the duty of introducing and preparing her nieces to a career in the court was performed reluctantly.
    Luckily, a hands-off approach seems reasonable if we consider her teaching objectives. Mainly, she intends to grant Independent Action and its role in detaching one from outside reliance to their Master. If that is the case, then it’s obvious which Class they’ll achieve at the end of her trials.

    Trial Defense

    It is the skill to guarantee the integrity of the trials as they are administered. It can manifest as either observation or manipulation of others. At high ranks, one might be able to manipulate the destiny of all those involved with their Master.

    This skill has been discarded in favor of both Winter Drizzle and I didn’t pay any mind. An obvious outcome, coming from a teacher that values theory over practice.

    Personal Skills

    I didnt pay any mind C

    Prophetic dreams like the ones she had throughout her life. Of course, not being a woman of superstitions, she never believed them. She never talked about them with others, consulted diviners or sought dream interpretation books. Really, recording each of them in her Diary was simply a flight of fancy.

    Lady Sarashina assures her Master they don’t need to worry about her dreams, but hindsight is 20/20. A smart Master will quickly become aware of the importance of asking what happened in those dreams.

    Without a Dewdrop B

    The crushing feeling of having one’s efforts being rendered meaningless, even though not much effort was expended at all. The melancholy of old hopes turned despair, even though they were barely a hope, really.

    Those who seek to change their lives often don’t put as much effort into it as they believe they do. And even though realizing this fact is difficult, increasing their efforts after that realization is all the more so.
    Gatekeeper is acutely aware of the incongruence between one’s desires and their actions, the pitfall of those dreamers who are too used to their comfort zone to dare go beyond it, even if it’s what their heart desires the most. She experienced similar feelings upon reluctantly entering service at the court, desiring to stay in the company of her parents and nieces instead… Then feeling disappointed and betrayed when her parents married her to Tachibana no Toshimichi, ending her career just as she was growing accustomed to it.

    How many thousand times
    have I plucked the field parsley
    from the water thus,
    without a dewdrop falling
    in the directions of my hopes.

    She knows how to motivate those who share the kind of desires she once had, pushing them out to the world, encouraging them to spend the necessary effort, and consoling them when those hopes are dashed. To those being aided, she’s as reliable as she is annoying, like a caring but strict older sister that won’t let you laze around.

    Winter Drizzle B

    Master, from which season is your favorite moon?

    A decisive moment in time that encapsulates one’s dreams. Like the night she shared with a friend and an unknown monk: a moment of fulfilled wishes and mysterious magic that only lasts a little while, before being dispelled by the realities of the world. A singular experience, irreplaceable, enduring only in memory. The preciousness of ephemerality.

    That night, it was as if she was in the Tale herself, and though all three involved wished to meet again, it never happened. May others find their way to their Master, so that they may experience a lucent green night of their own.

    Why, I wonder, should
    you remember that so well,
    since it was only
    the winter drizzle falling as
    it does on the leaves of trees?

    Master, from which season is your favorite moon?” She’ll be sure to repeat this question once their journey is over.

    Cedar of Good Omen A

    A skill that allows one to follow through on what they decided regardless of the opinion of others. The capacity to focus on the importance of one’s personal journey over what others deem more crucial.
    Its said that if one plants a cedar seedling from the Inari Shrine, and it grows, that one’s wishes will be granted.

    Takasue no Musume decided to make the pilgrimage to Hatsuse Temple, a journey her mother intended to send her on more than a decade prior. She made her way there amid the Great Festival of Thanksgiving that only occurred when a new Emperor was officially enthroned, baffling all those around her, who questioned why she’d choose such a date to leave the capital and miss the wonderful festivities.
    To her Master, she gifts a cedar she once saw in a dream. May they focus and be fortunate, and their journey, fruitful.

    Noble Phantasm

    Passed down from me to you; In the waves of reflected Aether

    Type: Poetic
    Rank: EX

    Sarashina Diary Anima Reflection.

    Life. Her diary was the one to cover the biggest amount of time among all Heian nikki. It was also the last, having the privilege of commenting and referencing all that came before.
    Death. Spread out before her was the Swirling Fount, the Akashic Records that housed the Throne upon which her soul would dwell forevermore.
    Servanthood. A Noble Phantasm, the crystallization of all that she was— No, of her conclusion.

    This ability is not another tool to shape her Master, rather, it’s the graduation gift to be granted after they find themselves truly driven to live the extraordinary. A final poem made to reward them once they acquire Independent Action.

    Once, her mom sent a mirror on a pilgrimage in her place. When the mirror arrived at the temple, Lady Sarashina no Emon dreamt of what it reflected: fortune and despair, the possibilities of her future life.
    But her book depicts much more than two. Embodying a reflective surface herself, Gatekeeper reflects the infinite
    that she saw so recently, the root from which all possibilities are born. Like a swirling ocean, it spreads, depicting the myriad journeys her Master could take. Almost like a tale in and of itself, it grants them the privilege of experiencing it all at that moment, submerged in its dreamlike waters.
    Of course, as the sea is not a perfect surface, it could never perfectly reflect the endless information contained in
    the sky
    . This is a lesser reflection, agitated by the waves of life’s turmoil, it can only show select moments of a single life. Like her own book, it’s not meant to be a comprehensive record of events, but rather, to impart a message that allows someone to understand her and themselves. To connect them through their shared struggles.

    It also carries the promise of Ascension. Like the cedar seedling that sprouts and grows into a huge tree to fulfill one's wishes, the Master too becomes something more by finally abandoning ordinary life and acquiring their Class.
    As Independent Action becomes Independent Navigation, they finally become Voyager.
    What other class could one mentored by Sugawara no Takasue no Musume become? It’s her original class, as one who underwent countless journeys and pilgrimages in her life, not to arrive at any one place, but to find an answer.
    However, how could a voyager hate partings so much? It’s clear now why she chose to be called Emon. Rather than a simple nickname derived from her class, it’s Lady Sarashina taking on the name of the relative who first lent her so many books as she arrived in the capital. “The princess told me to pass these down”, she had said back then.
    And I too shall pass it down. My journey came and went, may you voyage instead.

    Duty fulfilled, both of you must depart. Truly, she hates partings.
    But knowing she’d feel that way, the Master declares.

    On another occasion like the night of the winter drizzle, I would like to tell you all the tales I know.

    And then, nothing remains of the swirling ocean that was there.
    Only a cedar tree is left, engraved with a promise.
    In its leaves are the remaining droplets of water, slowly evaporating.
    From water to mist, and as mist, to the aether.

    Master, from which season is your favorite moon?
    She's sure they'll have their answer when they finally meet again.


    This one goes to BnEl for his suggestion back in the idea thread and to Comun for getting me interested in heian authors in the first place with his always-insightful comments and translations.
    The Sarashina Diary is a fascinating — and short! — book and I recommend it to everyone.

    The Sarashina Diary
    Fate/Stay Night
    Fate/Grand Order
    Untitled by 橙雛
    Mika Pikazo's 01 02 & 03

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    Lancer - Cacareco

    Okay, so I'm a little uncertain now whether or not I can submit another sheet to replace Gunner. asterism said you couldn't have a replacement sheet in a PM, and I can see why, given retracting a sheet to post another one is something I could see being abused. At the same time though, pinetree has vouched for me to have the chance to do another sheet, and asterism didn't restate the 'no backsies' rule when replying

    This got me in mind to submit Cacareco, because I figured if I can submit another sheet, then no problem. But if I can't and she's disqualified too, then it's quite fitting given her background, since she got disqualified from her own election in real life.

    Lancer of Sao Paulo

    “Campaign Manager, or Master if that’s what you’d prefer, we’ve got a long election coming up, but don’t worry, you’ve cast your vote for the best candidate there is!”

    (by VanGerren, Source. Maybe not the best image, but all other 'rhino girl' art I could find was, er, not exactly SFW)

    True Name:
    Aliases: ‘Rubbish’, Mayor of Sao Paulo (dismissed)
    Alt. Classes: Possibly Avenger, Shielder due to her natural armour
    Source: History
    Region: Brazil
    Catalyst: 1958 Sao Paulo ballots
    Armament: Her natural horn, qualifying her as Lancer

    “Citizens of our Fair City! As Mayor of the Holy Grail War, I promise you… er, I promise you-grass! A lot more grass to eat!”

    Cacareco, whose own name meant ‘rubbish’, was a female black rhino at the Sao Paulo Zoo back in the late 1950s, and reportedly not the smartest creature for a species mocked for having small brain-sizes. But destiny had strange happenings in store for her…

    The Sao Paulistanos, fed up with their city’s food shortages, high cost of living, and the inability of anyone on the city council to do anything about them, would launch a protest vote. Cacareco the rhinoceros would be entered into the council elections as a write-in candidate, and a breakout one too, becoming the winning candidate by far with 100,000 votes, while the highest-voted human candidate (out of 500) only received 10,000.

    Even though Cacareco was naturally disqualified for, obviously, not being human, the statement people made by voting for her was clear: that Brazilian politics needed to be improved if not overhauled, and that current politicians were so unsuited that a dim-witted rhino could still do their job better than them. That she was the Will of the People despite not even being ‘people’.
    Not that Brazilian politics were improved, with the subsequent rise of the junta they only got worse. But in this light, Cacareco's election could be seen as a protest not just against then-current Brazilian government, but also its future.

    Although as a Servant, she certainly now appears in a more humanoid form anyway, representing her nature as having become a ‘Spirit of Humanity’ despite her species. She naturally comes off as airheaded but still personable, and genuinely passionate about what she does. Feeling she must live up to the image of a politician, and mayor of a major world city no less (technically a council member, but their legend often has them as ‘mayor’), she is quick to become invested in causes whether she has any experience in them or not. Prime mayoral material or not, she still has good intentions behind everything she tries, which is still more than you can say for most of the politicians she ran against.

    She seems to have the impression that the Holy Grail war is an ‘election’ for the position of ‘mayor’ of the Holy Grail and the city the War takes place in. While having the strength, endurance, and ramming power of a rhino can make her dangerous in a fight, her seeing everything as an election means her go-to move against any other Servant would be to slander them, openly doubt their abilities and question why they think they’d ever be a deserving candidate of the Grail. Passionate for politics as she is, she’ll still admit they can be hard work, and her life was easier just lounging around at the zoo.

    Wherever she’s summoned, one of her first instincts in the modern world would be to immediately check-up on Sao Paulo. The moment she gets back she says, she’ll immediately start work fixing its traffic congestion and air pollution… even if she has no idea exactly how she’ll do that. It’s also possible a version of her would exist in a Reverse Side Lostbelt or Servantverse version of Brazil where she really did get to assume a mayoral term.

    Attribute: Man
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Likes: Being the people’s voice, funding Sao Paulo culture, azaleas, songs written for her
    Dislikes: Food shortages, high cost of living, human politicians, her own Noble Phantasm

    • Cope & Marsh: "Grr, whichever of you wins, you're not getting this horn on my head!"
    • Caldwell: "Fortunately Sao Paulo has nothing to fear from witches, for I know Candomble practitioners and they're honest, hard-working mages!"
    • Sorghaghtani: "Ooh, the Mongols ruling China had heaps of us animals under their rule, Hordes and Xanadu and stuff. Huh, but no horse ever got elected Khan."
    • McGonagall: "Sheer optimism, that's what'll win people over!"
    • Mary Celeste: "Hah, good luck getting past the Brazilian navy, the best in the world! ...Well, under Pedro II it was."
    • Christina: “You abdicated?! They never let me in government in the first place!”
    • Alfonso X: “Spain and Portugal? Oh yeah, I know, the bad guys in historical movies, right?”
    • Ataturk: “Look at all these reforms, I gotta take notes! Oh wait, they’re mostly in Turkish…”
    • Gardel: "Uh, whoops, think I just got you confused with Carlos Galhardo. Er, don't tell Argentina."
    • Bolivar: “Aha, don’t think I didn’t notice which country you didn’t even bother liberating! I mean, um, welcome Liberator, you’re an honoured guest in our city. Whew, just got Venezuela and co off my back.”
    • Harold Holt: “Wow, our countries are a lot alike. Green and gold, football, barbecue, cangaceiros and bushrangers. Though, er, kinda not exactly planning to open a R’lyeh embassy…”
    • Ozma: “Wait, so you’re not Australian? Well, your country still displays the Green and Yellow, so you’re good.”
    • Kuzunoha: “I could never take a human husband, I’m already married to my city!”

    Master: Ideally someone chosen as a Master not because of their ability, but because other potential Masters had even less ability. One people would think would be unable to last much of the War, let alone win.
    Natural Enemy: Tyrants, but particularly incompetent tyrants like John Lackland. Also animal abusers like Thomas Edison and Zaroff.
    Wish: To be elected and stay elected, making her city the best in the world. And that she’d attain all the political ability a landslide candidate should have.
    Rarity: 2/5


    • Strength: ***** C
    • Endurance: ***** C
    • Agility: ***** D
    • Magic: ***** E
    • Luck: ***** B
    • Noble Phantasm: ***** E-A

    Class Skills


    Capacity to generate resentment in oneself and others, allowing for Mana recovery while attacking and being attacked.

    • Rank D: While Lancer had no vengeful desires herself, she did become an unknowing champion for the people of Sao Paulo and avatar of their own resentment towards the government.

    “How could I have resentment? I only have love for the people of Sao Paulo! Well, except maybe for a few zookeepers I could name…”

    Magic Resistance

    Built-up immunity to magic.

    • Rank D: The rhinoceros’ status as a False Phantasmal Beast, mistaken for a unicorn, keeps this Skill from being its lowest in Rank, given the recent era Lancer is from. Provides protection on the level of an amulet.

    “I am proud of my Unicorn Heritage! Er, my distant, kinda-sorta Unicorn heritage… we’re a proud people, you hear!”

    Personal Skills

    Charisma of the Protest Candidate

    A popularity achieved not from one’s own charisma, but as a reaction to the sheer unpopularity of other leaders.

    • Rank C+: Popularity enough to be elected to the council of one of the world’s largest cities, having by far the most votes over the 500 human candidates. Lancer’s popularity is in turn boosted in the presence of anyone with a lower-ranked leadership Skill than her, which can include other forms of Charisma but also the likes of Military Tactics and Imperial Privilege.

    “Some basic political advice: Never vote for a Human Candidate! They’ve got a natural bias towards their own species, y’know?”

    Carnival Commemoration

    One who has become an icon of Brazilian Carnival. Has the effect of boosting Strength and Agility while dancing and increasing Endurance against sound and dance-based attacks.

    • Rank B: Lancer has become commemorated by the carnival song ‘Cacareco e o Maior’, which while not among the most famous Carnival songs, still achieved widespread fame in its day.

    “Of course I love Carnival, what politician from my country invested in cultural spending wouldn’t?!” *awkward pause*


    A Brazilian term referring to a knack for improvisation (originally with using household items) and coming up with on-the-spot solutions to problems. (Credit to pinetree for the Skill)

    • Rank -: In Lancer’s case, her on-the-fly abilities pertaining mainly to urban politics and statecraft, with quick solutions to budgeting, infrastructure, trade, and other council duties, given her own legend as an on-the-fly candidate.

    “How we fix this blight upon our city? Well, um, ah, it’s something we’re debating in council right now, we’ll totally come up with something!”

    Phantasmal Species (False)

    Status as a non-human creature from myths and fantasy. Or rather, as an animal misidentified by humans as being from myth and fantasy.

    • Rank C: Rhinoceroses were long conflated and mistaken with unicorns, an actual Phantasmal Species, throughout human history. Unicorn-like abilities can be imitated, like Lancer’s horn granting her a boosted healing factor on top of her natural armour-like skin. Phantasmal Beast imitation is limited though, with Lancer being from an era that was by then more than familiar with rhinoceroses.

    “Why does Scotland of all places get the unicorn as their national animal? It should clearly go to Brazil! Er, oops, I didn’t just cause an international incident… right?”

    Noble Phantasm

    Partido de Rinoceronte
    A City Beyond Human Repair

    Rank: E-A
    Type: Anti-City

    "Even far away, I suppose my city can never leave me, huh?"

    Lancer didn’t achieve a landslide win in just any election; she won due to the circumstances inflicting her city that made people vote for a rhinoceros over anyone else in the first place. This Noble Phantasm takes the form of a Bounded Field that activates the instant Lancer is summoned, with her having no control over it. While it starts small, over time it expands ever outwards up till its maximum area of the entire city a Grail War takes place in.

    As it exists to replicate the conditions Sao Paulo faced during Lancer’s election, food shortages and high cost of living most notably, the rate of any mana recovery within the Field is slowed to half-speed, while the mana cost of any Skill, Magecraft, or Noble Phantasm will be doubled. However, any Servant who is partly non-human, be it part Beast, Divine, or Demonic, will face a lowered effect of only x1.5 instead of the usual x2.

    How quickly the Bounded Field expands is proportional to the ‘faith in humanity’ in the affected city, the more people there doubt their fellows, especially anyone in a leadership position, the faster the Field grows. Given what tends to happen to cities that host the Holy Grail War, this is all too likely an occurrence.

    Lancer is not a fan of her own Noble Phantasm, given it manifests the exact conditions she swore to save Sao Paulo from. However, these were the exact conditions that also made people want to vote for a rhinoceros as mayor in the first place, and it precisely encapsulates what her public had seen their city become.

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    Welp time for a mass review! I've been keeping up with the sheets and I have to say very impressive showing! I'll be sharing my thoughts on each including if any caught my eye for voting. Also consider it an up-to-date chronicle of most entries!

    Yosana Akiko
    A very interesting servant that follows the same style of canon servants. The meat of the sheet is a bit lacking for my taste but that's just my taste. I'm sure it'll do fine in the voting stages.

    Johannes Kepler
    This was an excellent sheet. The lore you wove into the mans natural life. The way the skills work out. It's all just well done. It also helps that I enjoy Fate/Extra as a series. So I'll keep my eye on this one for voting.

    Toriyama Seiken
    I wondered on the origins of the Night Parade. Here it is. A wonderfully crafted servant and she has some interesting lore and skills too. I find it interesting she closes off from reality in her room. Regardless well done.

    Charles & Othniel
    This... is your first sheet? Are you certain? I'm tempted to call you a liar because the quality is excellent. The banter between them is excellent and the concept as a whole is absolutely wonderful. Seriously an outstanding servant that I will keep in mind come the end of this month.

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    Okay who invited sans to the contest? I mean good on him for picking an excellent figure to wear but still. Seriously its kinda hilarious. A discord group I'm with was talking about servant sans the day this servant was posted. Its uncanny. I absolutely love the concept sans that anyway.

    Heinrich Schliemann
    I love this servant event though its done nothing better than any servant before it. Its well written, as expected. It's clearly got thought put in. Yet what sets it above others and puts it on the level of Othniel and Charles is that it has a sinister tone to it. This guy sounds and seemingly acts like an out and out villain and I love it. Kudos!

    Yoshitsugu Otani
    This servant gave me deep vibes towards that one chapter in Okami with the emperor. Where you shrink down and fight a disease. Disregarding that I love the servant himself. A sickly, sweet boy that did his best to help his friend and somehow lucked into becoming a kinda bhudda and a real, legit samurai. Sincerely kudos to the amount of work you clearly put into writing the character. I sincerely loved it. I'll have this servant in mind when voting. If nothing else it'll get an honorable mention.

    Christian Caldwell
    I love this servant. Its a perfect villain servant. I can see their point of view. I can feel sorry for them and their position... but in the end I can't see a path of redemption. Rather I'm not sure they'd even accept redemption in the first place. I also like how you tastefully handled a controversial topic yet again. BL just has a way of doing controversial things and managing to not screw it up. Kudos to not just you but everyone for that.
    Extra kudos for a well written servant that will be getting at least an honorable mention.

    Comte de Saint-Germaine
    I have few comments about my servant other than I am pleased to find out my interpretation doesn't really conflict with canon yet. A pleasant surprise.

    Jenny Lind
    Sadly I can't say I liked this servant. I understand the idea and enjoy the concept but unfortunately, for me, the execution is lacking. If you get a chance try a rewrite. It can work, I'm certain of it.

    William Randolph Hearst
    Oh hey modern journalism personified. Didn't know it started with him but thanks for the history lesson. I love sheets that clearly explain the legend and lore of a servant. It also helps that while he does seem heavily villainous he's ultimately got this human aspect to him. Takes effort to write that. So kudos he's bare minimum getting an honorable mention for being a great villain!
    God forbid caldwell and him ever meet.

    I will admit fully that I dislike the formatting. I don't particularly know why but something about it sends me up a wall. However in spite of that I still love the sheet. You wrote an interesting and fascinating character. The skills and wonderfully explained as is her noble phantasm. The subtle story about her. All in all a wonderful sheet. I'll be keeping my eye on her for voting.

    Felix von Luckner
    Ah this old sea dog! Going to be honest this is the sheet that inspired my second entry, the Mary Celeste. Its because this guy was simply fascinating to me. Good luck in voting because he'll be on my mind during it!

    Based. I refuse to elaborate further.

    For someone with Hag in their name they certainly don't look like one. Great servant by the by. I liked the lore behind her and how you went about deciding their skills. As you say its a shame she doesn't have more sewing related skills but alas. Sometimes things don't work out.

    Chevalier de Saint-Georges
    Hey now who is this copycat of Saint-Germaine? Wait... would it be more accurate to call them his complete opposite? Anyway I absolutely loved this servant and am worried I may start searching for more servants with this sort of naming convention; title de saint name. Because of doing this I award you an honorable mention minimum with a chance of promotion.

    W.T. Stead
    Huh. So Hearst has an unknown natural enemy! Too bad the reverse works the same! Kudos to you for using that face and writing this character. It almost feels like that detective stepped out of Disco and into our past. I love it. He's definitely in mind for voting!

    William Topaz McGonagall
    I... I just have no words other than kudos. Art could use a bit of work but that's just me and I don't normally judge for arts.

    Wei of Tang
    What can I say other than the princess succeeded. Helps that you wrote a compelling character. That you wrote a compelling narrative. Kudos.

    the Mary Celeste
    Yet again my own servant so no comments really. That's for other people to make.

    Sugawara no Takasue no Musume
    An interesting figure. Sincerely. I haven't read the entry but I plan to. In fact I haven't quite finished reading it but I like what I see. Good job as always.

    I could talk about the last sheet here but I won't. Its been banned and hopefully your allowed a second entry because... well honestly I get it. If I wrote jesus, wasn't happy about it, I'd probably want a redo too. Instead lets talk about this one.

    I love your sheet. It has this quality of writing that I've not seen here. Not the best by any means but definitely way above average. Its got a certain rythme to it. You also go into the meat and potatoes of the legend itself and even the character. All in all I award you my eye for when voting comes.


    Alright! That's my review of all current servants! Lemme know if I got someone wrong and I'll reread them.
    Rookie Lorekeeper, Amateur Extraordinaire, and all around nasunoob.

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    A rhino girl mayor... what? Anyway, I just got my candidate for the 3 points

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baron Magnus View Post
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    Okay who invited sans to the contest? I mean good on him for picking an excellent figure to wear but still. Seriously its kinda hilarious. A discord group I'm with was talking about servant sans the day this servant was posted. Its uncanny. I absolutely love the concept sans that anyway.
    I read this 3 hours ago and cannot sleep. I hate you, for you are absolutely right, and the anguish is oozing from my pores for what I had created without realizing.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I am utterly infuriated with myself upon this unholy revelation.

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    Thank you for your comments Magnus!

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