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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    Man, I didn't actually expect to win. Thanks to everyone who voted and especially everyone who reviewed! I'll do my best to come up with a good prompt for the next contest.
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    First of all, apologies for disappearing. Life has a way of kicking you in the butt when you’re not expecting. But anyway, I’M SPEECHLESS. Thank you very much for all these amazing entries, I loved each and every single one. ;-;

    On that note, congratulations Kamerad and Sutaa for your entries that were recognized as they should and another round of applauses for NMR-3 for winning this month’s contest! Your entry was very fun and deserving of all the votes!

    I wish I could give a huge essay on each sheet, but my time is short, so allow me to at least give some words of praise because ya’ll so deserve that.

    BnEl15’s Trung Sisters: These gals? *chef kiss* I want nothing but the best happening to them. Your hard work was amazing on this sheet, I could feel your tears while formatting all this text.

    Pythias & Damon: I want to watch an entire season worth of shenanigans between them, I seriously do. I love these shounen best friends pairings so this is right up my alley.

    Sylvester II & Meridiana: I love their kinky foreplay in front of other people (and I’m sure the others hate it as much as I loved). They’re so good.

    Twins of Nursia: Of course this prompt couldn’t go without a little of brocom and you’re the best for giving it to us unworthy mortals. I love this pair.

    Gabriel & George: Nice pick for the challenge, I liked them very much. Also, can you imagine the mess that is to deal with these two…

    Belle & Adam: I’m so taken aback by this entry and yet I love every line of it. OF COURSE these two could be perfect candidates. And OF COURSE you managed to make a great servant out of the tale.

    Hermes’ Trung Sisters: The fact that you managed to make something completely different despite them being the same historical character is amazing. You’re so talented I could cry. I always love the “blue & red”-personality type of characters, so of course I’d love these two!

    Dionysius II & Damocles: THIS CONCEPT SLAPS. The execution slaps. The character(s) slaps. You did amazing and you should be proud – this sword is “the quintessential Watcher,” as previously said.

    Triptolemus & Persephone: *whipes tears* I’m so ready to burst with love for these two. Please protect these siblings. (I’m sure Persephone is a good onee-chan and will do just that tho.)

    Raijin & Fuujin: Omg God, you even slightly tweaked your usual style of text format and added colors for this prompt, I’m so glad. Thank you! And I loved them (as expected, I’m a sucker for these “I’m the single braincell of this group” & “What’s a braincell?” interactions.)

    NMR-3’s Justinian & Theodora: BRB BUSTING MY GUT. This was too good and too ingenious and I want to slap a golden Meowth sticker on this sheet for good measure. I love their air of “being in their own world” and I’m sure everyone else hates it.

    Meir & Bruriah: I love tsundere girls & gentle boys duos so this entry is so *approving sounds*. This is such a nice sheet to read, they’re so cool. (ALSO BRURIAH PLS LET MEIR HUG YOU.)

    Mary Amelia Cecil (& Hellhound): This was such a captivating concept in itself and you managed to make it even more interesting with your magic. This woman is terrifying (and in a good way!) (/pets the doggo)

    TheLordOfAwesome’s Justinian & Theodora: I love how Theodora is that sort of person that always wants to drive the car pls stop touching the wheel. They’re so annoying (and I love her for that.) This whole sheet is just *chef kiss*

    Niulang & Zhinu: “A sickeningly lovey-dovey couple” aannnnnddddd I’m sold. I love this trope and I love these double Servants. Please never stop delivering. (They’re amazing. I love how they couldn’t care less about the War at all.)

    Demeter & Persephone: Ey Koga, this was amazing! Your take on this pair’s relationship was so good and everything, from the skills to the lore, flowed amazingly. You did good keep this going.

    Little Boy & Fat Man: Whoa this blew me away! (/RIMSHOT) Unexpected choice of servant, unexpected way of delivering the sheet, unexpectedly wholesome… Everything hit the perfect notes here, I’m so proud of you.

    Vikramaditya: Another unexpected pair and I loved this sheet for it! The idea of a talking sword in the same vein as a Kaleido Stick is amusing (even more if you consider this talking weapon in the hands of a dude like this one.) I loved them.

    Patty: I DON’T CARE IF YOU WERE LATE OR NOT I WANT TO PROTECT THIS WITH MY LIFE. What a great concept and an even better execution, with her being nothing but a NOBLE PHANTASM of these two dudes? Amazing. Groundbreaking. Perfect.

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    Thanks for waiting until the Tanabata day to review my Tanabata couple.

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