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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    Saber of the Coastal Cliffs

    Class: Saber
    Other Classes: Berserker, Avenger
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Place of Origin: Greece; Greek Mythology


    STR: B+
    END: B+
    AGI: D+
    MGI: B
    LCK: D
    NP: B+

    Height: 160 cm in Nymph Form (Can vary when her Morph skill and first NP are used)
    Weight: 53 kg in Nymph Form (Can vary when her Morph skill and first NP are used)
    Likes: Nothing in Particular
    Dislikes: Those who disturb her, Potions, Adventurers
    Talent: Finding the best rocks
    Natural Enemy: Circe, Odysseus, Heracles
    Attribute: Earth
    Traits: Humanoid, Female
    Armament: Cloak, Sword
    Catalyst: An ancient Denarius which is emblazoned with her likeness on one side

    ~~Class Skills~~
    Magic Resistance: B-
    At B rank, she cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected. As a servant from the Age of Gods, she boasts a good amount of magic resistance. However, she does not do as well against magic potions.
    “I am good against mages. My mother taught me well.”

    Territory Creation (Aquatic): B
    The skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus near shores, beachside cliffs, and over bodies of water. This skill can only be used in those specific places. She gains an Endurance and Agility boost from being inside the territory. She is also able to innately walk over water (similar to Saber from Fate/Zero).
    “I always liked the ocean. Even before my curse.”

    Divinity: C
    Since Saber was previously a Nymph and a daughter of the Gods, she naturally possesses the Divinity skill. However, due to what happened through her life, this Skill receives a downgrade, being C class instead of the higher level she used to possess.
    “I hope my parents never see me like this or worse.”

    ~~Personal Skills~~
    Terror of the Deep: C
    A unique Skill akin to Monstrous Strength that temporarily grants a rank-up to one's Strength and Agility parameters also long as they are near or in water; the rank determines how long this skill’s time limit lasts. It is borne from the holder's nature as a sea monster or aquatic Demonic Beast. Saber was cursed to be a Monstrous Beast that dwells near the sea, and thus gained this skill. However, to this both being one of her weaker classes and being a class that doesn’t focus on her bestial side as much as her other classes, this skill is of a low rank as a Saber.
    “The water is my domain. My father is of the sea. I hunt the best there.”

    Morph: B
    As a servant, she can shift between her more human-like Nymph form, and a form that looks more akin to how she was described by one Greek hero. She however stays about the size of a normal human in both forms. This is a skill she gains for the Saber class, and she instead naturally has a monstrous appearance when summoned in the Berserker or Avenger class.
    “I choose to appear as a Nymph. I do not want to scare others.”

    Weakness (Potions): B
    A skill which denotes one’s weakness towards potions. The effects of all potions used on Saber (whether positive or negative) are increased. While not having a particular weakness for potions in life, she has acquired one do to being known to have been cursed by one in her legend.
    “You are a mage Master? I do not make potions, do you?”

    ~~Noble Phantasms~~
    Scyllam et Glaűkos
    A Tragedy of Love and Jealousy

    “Havoc! See my tragedy! Scyllam et Glaűkos!”

    Type: Anti-Unti (Self)
    Rank: B+
    Range: -
    Max Targets: -

    This Noble Phantasm represents the tragedy that is Saber’s life. This is the embodiment of her transformation into the monster talked about by one greek hero adventurer and then slain by the hero of the twelve trials. Upon activating its true name, this Noble Phantasm turns her into a giant monster akin to her renditions on Greek artifacts, upon which she looses the ability to use her Morph skill. She gets both a tremendous Strength and Endurance increase, giving her grown tentacles an almost rocky feel to the touch. She grows in size until she is about the size of a ship. Once this is activated, she gains the traits of a Monstrous Beast, and loses her weakness to magic potions. She becomes more animalistic in nature and is much easier to anger. She prefers to avoid using this Noble Phantasm if she can because of the fact that it very much represents her curse, but if her back’s against the wall she will resort to using this NP.

    Evitata Charybdi in Scyllam Incidi
    The Rock Next to the Hard Place

    “Fall into me! Evitata Charybdi in Scyllam Incidi!”

    Type: Anti-Unit, Anti-Army, Anti-Ship
    Rank: C
    Range: 1~20
    Max Targets: 99

    A Noble Phantasm based on the location where Saber once dwelled which made it so dangerous to approach her, a rocky cliff face which spelled trouble for sailors. This location and reputation takes the form of a stone sword, which looks more like a giant, sharpened slab of rock. It is fairly simplistic looking, but feels like being hit by a mountain when it is swung into someone. This Noble Phantasm itself is a magical weapon. Once its true name is spoken, the weapon shoots out a row of rocky spikes along the ground in straight line. If this is instead done while in created territory, she instead creates rock spikes on wherever there is ground in her created territory simultaneously, if a part of her territory is over water, she also does this starting from the floor of the body of water. No matter the case of where this is used, she can control the size, length, and amount of spikes she summons. It does however increase the mana cost if Saber were to increase the size and length (and if not present inside of her created territory, it also increases the mana cost if she increase the amount o spikes she summons). Additionally, both the normal hits and true name release of this Noble Phantasm deal increased to damage to ships and other aquatic mounts, due to her legend. This Noble Phantasm, for all intents and purposes, is her way of carrying her “fortress” with her. When not summoned in the Saber class, this Noble Phantasm loses its form as a weapon and instead becomes a defensive, counter-attack type Noble Phantasm.

    Saber’s true name is Scylla, the monstrous beast that lived by Strait of Messina across from Charybdis, her sea monster partner-in-crime. She was known gobble up sailors and destroy ships of any who steered to close the rocky coastal cliff of the straight. Due to her and Charybdis’ kill count, many sayings such as “Having avoid Charybdis, I've fallen into Scylla” which means to navigate or chose between the lesser of two evils, which later became simplified as “Between Scylla and Charybdis”. Today, this saying has been further simplified to “Between a rock and a hard place”, with Scylla being the rock.

    Scylla was a Sea Nymph and the daughter of Triton and Hecate, and thus was known for spending her time near the shore. Through this, she eventually met a merman named Glaucus, who himself was a man-turned-god. Glaucus was smitten by Scylla’s appearance at first sight and immediately confessed his love for her. Scylla on the other hand, did not find him appealing and continuously tried to avoid and even run away from. Discouraged but not defeated, Glaucus goes to the witch Circe to ask for a potion which can cause Scylla to fall in love with him. Circe on the other hand was infatuated with Glaucus, and as to prevent losing him to her, instead uses the potion on Glaucus so that he falls in love with her instead of Scylla. Circe’s plan works and Glaucus falls madly in love, following her every whim and fancy.

    In the meantime however, Scylla found herself slowly gaining feelings for Glaucus. At first she was perturbed at the idea growing to like him, but slowly she began to think of him more and more until she realized she began to love him. That despite his negative traits she first saw that he possessed, she began to find comfort in his other appealing qualities. Finally accepting her feeling she, knew there was only one thing she could do. She began to search for Glaucus again, so as to accept his previous offer of love. News of her searching for him eventually reached Circe, who laughed at the idea, for he was property of Circe now. However, upon hearing Scylla’s name, Glaucus was broken from the effects of Circe’s potion, and immediately rushed to find Scylla. Once the two met, they confessed to each other their love.

    Circe was absolutely livid, in a flying rage. She had claimed Glaucus for herself and that bimbo (Circe’s own words) took him from her? The one which she loved? She knew what she needed to do, and there would be no holds barred. She immediately contacted Hecate through a complicated ritual, and asked for help making a strong potion which cursed target with a terrible curse (though she “forgot” to mention that the target of the potion was one of Hecate’s daughters). After completing the potion, she immediately set out a trap for Scylla to spring. Meanwhile, Scylla and Glaucus were spending time together, and eventually made their way to where they first met. Scylla had been fearful of Circe during this time, for she was worried that Circe would try to do something horrible to her, however Glaucus reassured her and quelled her fears. They eventually came to the area of the town where the two first met, Glaucus pointing out how Scylla was by the fountain when he first laid eyes on her. Scylla looks towards the fountain in recognition, and suddenly a strong magic takes effect, for neither Scylla nor Glaucus knew that Circe’s trap was laid at the fountain. Before long, the potion’s poison causes her to change, much to the fear of Scylla. She immediately runs towards the sea, slowly turning into a monstrous creature as she swam deeper through the water. Scylla flees, for she can not bear to have Glaucus see her like this, meanwhile Glaucus is in anguish, for someone had curse Scylla and caused her to run away. At this, with what had happened, Glaucus himself left, for now that his true love was gone, there was no other reason to reside in that city. With that, Circe remained triumphant, yet alone.

    Scylla eventually makes her way to the Straight of Messina, near where Charybdis resided, and hid herself underwater among the rocks of the coastal cliffs. Over the year, she began to loose he humanity and gave into an animalistic nature as the curse’s effects only continued to grow. Eventually, a hero by the name of Odysseus rode through the Straight of Messina on his ship, though wary due to the waring of the witch Circe, for she warned him of the danger Scylla and Charybdis. Odysseus however, drove to close to the coastal cliffs, and watched as couple of his men were eaten by the monstrous beast known as Scylla. Him his men were able to fight of the beast, and eventually successfully made their way through the straight. Later however, the hero Heracles was also passing through the area and was attacked by Scylla himself. As Scylla and Heracles battle, Scylla was quickly over powered by the greek hero and slain. She died and was recorded to the Throne of Heroes, for she would forever be remember as not only the great monstrous beast, but also a victim of jealousy.

    “Me? I prefer to be left alone.”“Me? I prefer to be left alone.”

    Scylla is usually very quiet and fairly apathetic, and usually is pessimistic during any event or Holy Grail War she is summoned into. She can eventually open up to her master or allies, but it usually takes a while as she has large trust issues. She uses as few words as possible and may shy away from personal questions. She does however have hatred towards those who have wronged her in life though, such as Circe, Odysseus, and Heracles. She is usually more aggressive towards those who contain the divinity of the Greek gods, and in turn, feels sorry for those who were cursed by them. She tends relies on the weight of her weapon combined with her pure strength to win fights, as she is not very fast on land, no matter which form she possesses. If possible, she prefers to fight near, on, or in the water, and will try and lead combatants there is she can. Her apathetic nature and features remain the same when fighting, however she will display anger if she fights someone she doesn’t like. She thoroughly hates the monster she was cursed to become (which is why she usually prefers being summoned in the saber class despite it being her weakest class) but, unlike those such as Medusa, has accepted the curse as a part of herself now and will use any benefits it gives her if she can. That being said, her wish for the grail is to be free from her curse. Through doing this, she hopes that she can once again be with her love, Glaucus.

    Circe (Caster):
    “Witch! I will eviscerate you!”

    Heracles (Berserker):
    “I request my revenge.”

    Oddyseus (Rider):
    “I remember you. You were with the witch. You will die.”

    Servants who were cursed by the Greek gods:
    “I sense a bond. We are alike.”

    Captain Nemo (Rider):
    “F-Father?! …I am sorry for what I have become…”

    Rudolf (Avenger/Voyager):
    “We both seek revenge. You do not like me though.”

    ~~Creator Notes~~
    Originally was planning to do another sheet for my 100th post, but I saw the prompt for this month and figured I’d just do a sheet for the contest as my 100th post. This is actually a concept for Scylla I’ve had for a while, but never got around to writing, I figured the contest was a perfect excuse to write up the sheet. I know Scylla isn’t exactly an uncommon servant to write, so I hope mine is unique enough to consider. Constructive criticism and tips are welcome and wanted, as I’m still learning the art of Servant creation. I hope you all enjoy.

    Art Sources:
    Art Source 1:
    Art Source 2:

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    Quote Originally Posted by NINE-lives View Post
    I wonder if anybody will do a famous culture hero for this prompt.
    Could always try and do one yourself

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    "Greetings, Master! I'm Sarama of the Voyager class, and this little one is Vihan. I hope we can get along!"

    Class: Voyager
    True Name: Sarama
    Gender: Female
    Height and Weight: 143 cm / 40 kg

    Source: Indian mythology
    Region: India
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Attribute: Sky

    Strength: D
    Constitution: C+
    Agility: A
    Magical Energy: C
    Luck: A
    Noble Phantasm: B

    She is always inexplicably summoned with one of the Sarameyas in tow.
    In Hindu mythology, Sarama is a being referred to as the female dog of the gods, or Deva-shuni. She is described as the mother of all dogs, in particular of the two four-eyed brindle dogs of the god Yama, and dogs are given the matronymic Sarameya ("offspring of Sarama"). One scripture further describes Sarama as the mother of all wild animals.

    She first appears in one of Hinduism's earliest texts, the Rig Veda, in which she helps the king of the gods Indra to recover divine cows stolen by the Panis, a class of demons. In the legend, a group of asuras named Panis kidnap the cattle tended by the Angirasas – the ancestors of man, who were the sons of the sage Angiras. The Panis then hide the cows in a cave, until Sarama follows the tracks of the thieves and helps Indra to recover them. Sarama is described to have found the cows "by the path of truth" on Indra's behalf.

    Sarama is described to have found the milk of the cattle, which nourished humanity. This is interpreted as Sarama teaching man to milk cows and use the butter created from it for fire-sacrifices. Sarama also finds food for her own young in the robbers' hide-out. However, in the thanksgiving sacrifice the Angirasas hold for the gods after the recovery of the cattle, Sarama is neither given sacrifice nor invoked. This incident leads to Sarama's children, the Sarameyas, becoming physically and spiritually frail, unable to distinguish between Indra's worshippers and the robbers.

    Likes: Sarameyas, sunny places
    Dislikes: Forgetting things, being left out
    Talent: Hide-and-seek

    A kid detective-type Servant, complete with animal sidekick, who flawlessly retrieves things that are asked of her. Incidentally, this quality is what allows Sarama to qualify for the Voyager class.

    A precocious "good girl" whose idealistic view of the world has yet to come into contact with its unreasonableness. This purity of heart is what allows Sarama to pursue the path of truth towards her destination, just like in the legends. However, this way of life is eminently incompatible with that of the modern era, which prizes comfort even to the point of self-deception, so care must be taken in order to promote a harmonious relationship between Sarama and others.

    It should normally not be possible to summon a goddess like Sarama using the Servant system, but her legend is one of "a goddess who helps humans", so answer the summons she does. Even if humans forget her or revile her, Sarama will help humans, because it is aid such as this that transforms the human heart and prepares it to pursue the path of truth-- the same path that she walks on.

    That said, although Sarama's intentions for answering the summons of a Master are noble, her wish upon the Grail is surprisingly childish: "I want to know what milk tastes like".

    She will faithfully follow her Master's orders. That said, her mentality is that of a child, so if you don't spell out exactly what you want, she may bring back something completely unexpected.

    Hessian Lobo, Samuel Balto
    They have qualities of the Sarameyas, so of course Sarama loves them. In particular, she is very close to Lobo: a remarkable feat for a humanoid Servant.

    He was raised by wolves (Sarameyas), so Sarama dotes on him like he's her adoptive grandson. The Divine Founder doesn't seem to mind.

    Helena Blavatsky
    Fellow seekers after wisdom, they have excellent compatibility. Where Miss Blavatsky inquires into wisdom which may or may not exist, Sarama goes after things that definitely do.

    Though both intimately connected to Lord Indra, their relationship is mutually frosty. Sarama cannot understand why Arjuna hides his true feelings, and Arjuna dislikes Sarama's undeceivable nature as being too close to that of Karna.

    "Yup, yup, yup! Mr. Ash is a good person, so I'll let him have aaaall the milk he wants!"

    Self-Replenishment (Mana): D
    One's Magical Energy endlessly surges until their voyage is accomplished. Recovers a minuscule amount of magical energy every turn.

    Independent Action: E
    The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from one's Master. In this case, materialization is only possible for 30 turns. Sarama's personality is incompatible with this Skill, so its rank is very low.

    Divine Core of the Goddess: EX
    Skill that expresses one being a perfected goddess from birth. A composite Skill that comprises the Skill Divinity, preserves the absoluteness of the mind and the body, repels all mental interference, prevents the body from growth and prevents the figure from changing no matter how much calories are absorbed.

    Since Sarama is purely a Divided Spirit, and given that her current summoning does not involve possession of a human being, she attains an EX Rank in this Skill.

    Discernment of the Poor: B
    The insight to see through the opponent's character and attribute. May perform a Luck check to perfectly discern the opposite party's intentions and concerns. Although the incident of being passed over during the first fire-sacrifice of butter should have bestowed Sarama an A rank in this Skill, she has little practice in detecting non-verbal cues because of her childlike mindset.

    Mother of the Sarameyas: A
    The unique Skill of Sarama, the dog of heaven who is the mother of all canines and wild beasts. May freely communicate with, ride, and use as familiars all beasts of prey, including those that are members of the Monstrous Beast class. Allied canine-type beings also receive attack and defense bonuses while she is in the vicinity.

    Kṣīrá Prájńāyāḥ: O Heavenly Bitch, Procure Knowledge
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Wisdom Noble Phantasm
    Range: -
    Max targets: 1 person

    The Milk of Wisdom that Sarama obtained from the cattle of the Angirasas. Extremely delicious and nutritious, it also slowly boosts the drinker's IQ when consumed. Don't drink too much, though, or you'll become as round as a heifer!

    Incidentally, Sarama possesses this Noble Phantasm by being the divinity who taught humans how to obtain cows' milk, both for sustenance and for sacrifice. However, during the first burnt offering of milk to the gods, the humans foolishly forgot to include Sarama in their invocations, resulting in her children, the Sarameyas, becoming extremely pale and feeble-minded. This incident, along with the simple truth that "you're not supposed to consume the things you're supposed to deliver", has been sublimated in Sarama's Saint Graph as a conceptual inability to drink milk.

    Súpadi Devaśunī: Remember Me, I am the Forerunner on the Path of Wisdom
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Wisdom Noble Phantasm
    Range: -
    Max targets: 1 person

    The Fair-Footed Heavenly Bitch. The ultimate expression of Sarama as "the goddess who guides others towards truth". Because of her untainted childlike mentality, Sarama has little understanding of the ways of the world (save what information is given to her by the Grail). However, her lack of insight is itself a source of insight for others. Engaging Sarama in dialogue has a drastically increased chance of generating new knowledge, especially when the other party is attempting to simplify concepts, phenomena, processes, etc. for her. Put bluntly, this is the concept of "E.L.I.5" crystallized into a Noble Phantasm.

    However, this Noble Phantasm is not without its demerits. In order to preserve Sarama's insight-giving lack of knowledge, all extraneous data must be purged. Upon invoking this Noble Phantasm's True Name, or every tenth day after her summoning, all of Sarama's current memories will be erased, and her mental state will be returned to what it was during the time of her summoning. Thankfully, this demerit is not as serious as it looks on paper: one only needs to keep a separate backup of data (e.g., by taking down notes) to help Sarama re-acquire the information lost.
    Miscellaneous Notes

    I'm quite busy this month, so I don't think I'll have the time to make a second entry. Also, for those unaware, the sheets with the Patxi and Gerda faceclaims may be found here.
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    I ask you this: Are you worthy to become my master?

    Ha! You thought it was Arthur, but it was me, Mordred!

    Well done, Master! You saw through the deception to find it was me all along! Ne...

    Haha... Please forgive the deception. I was just...

    Oh, c'mon! You didn't even let me...

    Really now! I think it's time...

    I don't suppose you'd believe...

    Alright! I admit it! I'm not Saber!
    Couldn't you have let me have this?

    Class: True God
    Other Classes: Berserker, Grand Saber (Please! How could I not be Saber?)
    True Name: Takashi Takeuchi
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Mad
    Place of Origin: Yachiyo, Chiba prefecture
    Height: 171 cm.
    Weight: ?
    Likes: Saberface. Maids.
    Natural Enemy: His bank account.

    STR: -
    END: -
    AGI: -
    MGI: EX
    LCK: B
    NP: EX

    Class Skills:
    Artistic License (A):
    The Class Skill of True God. This Skill represents one’s ability, nay, their right to modify all of existence as its creator.

    Despite the sheer omnipotence of this power, the only thing he uses it for is to modify other Servants to fit his exacting artistic standards. And, by that, he means Saberface.

    Counter Hero (EX):
    Greatly hampers anyone he battles to the fullest, reducing Parameters by three ranks and Skills by two. However, there is one obvious weakness, and I don’t think I need to say what it is.

    Divine Core of the Artist (EX)
    The sister Skill of Divine Core of the Writer, this Skill expresses his existence as the unequivocal perfect artist of reality. At least, in the Nasuverse. Unfortunately, much to his dismay, it does not prevent calorie absorption or growth.

    Personal Skills:
    Never Ending Influence (EX):
    The symbol of his influence on every Servant, human, and otherworldly creature within the Nasuverse. Even if he did not draw all of them, they were all taken and meshed with his style, and have all been touched by him one way or another. Long after he fades away, he will still hold influence over them all.

    Self-Aware (A):
    This Skill only resides within a certain few. It is the most sacred and shattering of knowledges. Existence is false, and even the gods themselves all originate and answer to the whims of the writer. Most that learned would believe they could accept it, but, deep within their soul, it is something that they inherently reject and are unable to come to terms with. This Skill shows true acceptance within body and soul of this truth.

    While not on the level of his partner, a certain mushroom, True God is aware of his reality on a level that allows him to get away with things that should be impossible, if not completely ridiculous and absurd. The power of one of the creators.

    Saberface (EX):
    Does this even need to be explained?

    With this Skill, he is able to shift his appearance into the pinnacle of beauty he created. Doing so, he can even utilize their individual abilities and weapons. He doesn’t gain their memories or personality, but he still likes to play pretend.

    Obsession (A):
    Similar to another, this Skill is close to the Mad Enhancement that Berserkers usually possess, falling short of giving any beneficial properties and becoming purely a detriment.

    His reputation for Saberface and adoration for it (and maids secondarily) has affected his Saint Graph. This Skill brings his love for Saberface far beyond his actual feelings for it, making his entire being centered around its existence. Saberface is love. Saberface is life.

    Noble Phantasm

    I am the face of my Saber
    Form is my body, and ink is my blood
    I have created over a thousand CGs
    Unknown to Assassin
    Nor known to Berserker
    Have withstood sleep to create many waifus
    Yet, these hands will never cease drawing
    So I illustrate

    Unlimited King of Knights: Infinite Creation of Saber (EX)

    “The mind of a human who pursues the blonde-haired female knight he adores until the utmost limit. Employing all his skills, an infinite number of characters similar to Saber will be given life. A great delusion that erodes the stance of the company."

    It is the ultimate culmination of his being. The power to create as many Saberface as could ever exist and beyond. Unchecked, the entire universe, nay, the entire Nasuverse, would become Saber. Power beyond imagining in the form of a perfect face.

    The only limit on this Noble Phantasm is his bank account, He requires funding in order to create his dream, and his company has cut him off, leaving only what he himself possesses. Should he find an infinite source of money to match his drive, existence is doomed not by erasure, but by Saber.


    Originally a mildly successful mangaka, Takashi Takeuchi would finally find true success when he founded Type-Moon with his childhood friend Kinoko Nasu. It was here that he reached the pinnacle by crafting “Saberface”. As the main Artistic Director, he was able to unleash his preferences on the media they produced, giving several characters this god-like image while also being allowed to inject his own tastes into other aspects.

    To this day, he is still greatly involved in both running and designing for Type-Moon, becoming the face of the company alongside Nasu, and one of the first people thought of in the creation of the Nasuverse.


    A blunt yet whimsical man who typically acts as the straight man to his partner Nasu. This is not to say as he himself cannot play the part of the comedian, but moreso speaks to the presence his friend exudes when their together. By himself, he’s the sort to make a joke with a straight face before slowly smiling.

    He doesn’t actually take much seriously in this world, but not because he knows he basically has free reign with his power. The reason is that he knows how Nasu and the others write, and everything will turn out fine in the end. He’ll be a side-character the whole time, and not the type important enough to warrant a dramatic and heartbreaking death, but the type to stay back at Chaldea and just spend his time drawing.

    Of course, his obsession with Saberface must be addressed. The mere sight of one of the Saber-faced Servants is enough to send him into an excited frenzy, and those who dislike it or believe they themselves bear a higher form of beauty are likely to find something different and all too familiar staring them in the mirror. While it is doubtful the true Takashi Takeuchi is on this level, it can be assumed Nasu, and maybe even Takeuchi himself, decided to write him this way for comedy.


    Nasu: Be honest. You’ve been wanting this since day one.

    Saberface Servants: Ah! The true showing of God’s hand in this world. Wait, that’d be me, wouldn’t it? Hehehe~

    Arthur Pendragon: Just give me a few seconds. One or two adjustments, and you’ll be perfect.

    Merlin (either): Well, I’ll certainly oblige you. I’m glad you recognize true art.

    Saberface fans of Chaldea (Gilles, the Round Table, EMIYA, etc.): Don’t worry! Saber for everyone!

    What's more divine than one of the original creators?
    I'm far more proud of this than I should be.
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