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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    This prompt also fits for those "holding the title of
    The Station of the Crown
    position" ... Interesting, a prompt that allows for Beasts and Grands alike is bound to have interesting relationships between the entries I guess
    We don't need sanity where we're going !

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    Ugh, I have sheet that's perfect for this, but it's way too similar to a sheet from way back in the pre-FGO days. Like, to the point where it would probably get called out for plagiarism (by me). Don't think I should post it.

    Might have to skip out on this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spelror View Post
    Oh goodness that's really tempting

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    “Cao Cao. Rider. I don’t feel like bothering with any courtesy shit, so don’t even think of calling me Mengde. Now, mind introducing yourself?”
    Cao Cao - The Hero of Chaos
    True Name:
    Cao Cao
    Chinese History
    Lawful Evil

    Strength: C
    Endurance: B+
    Agility: C
    Mana: C
    Noble Phantasm: A
    Luck: A+

    Class Skills
    Riding B
    It was often for generals of the Three Kingdoms period to lead their armies into battle themselves, and they often did this from horseback. Cao Cao often joined his forces on the battlefield (albeit not to the extent of the likes of Sun Ce or Lu Bu), so he possesses a high rank in this skill.

    Magic Resistance C
    While Riders typically possess reasonably admirable levels of magic resistance, due to Zhuge Liang’s use of magic contributing to many of Cao Cao’s defeats, Cao Cao’s rank in this skill is lowered. He can defend against all magic lesser than Greater Rituals, but cannot truly nullify it like those whose magic resistance is unhampered.

    Personal Skills
    Charisma A+
    Although he may not have been the greatest warrior, the greatest statesman, or the greatest strategist, Cao Cao was undoubtedly the greatest leader in the Three Kingdoms era, perhaps in all of Chinese history. His charisma borders on the supernatural, and all who fight for him will gain a great boost to their abilities.

    Tactics B
    Cao Cao was a great leader, and often directed his troops on the battlefield. He was deeply read on military strategy, so even if he was not as excellent a strategist as some of his contemporaries, he can still direct forces expertly.

    Hero of Chaos A

    A hero who excels in chaotic, unpredictable times. This acts as something akin to an “overcharged Instinct” skill. While it does not work as well as Instinct in a direct battle, in terms of managing his resources, positioning, and intuiting the capabilities, positions, and strategies of his opponents, Cao Cao is unmatched.

    In essence, this skill could be described as one that “allows the villain to remain one step ahead of the hero at every turn”.

    Noble Phantasms
    Cao Wei: Now Is The Time To Welcome Heroes
    Rank: EX

    Classification: Anti-Army
    Noble Phantasms such as [Ionioi Hetairoi: Army of the King] and [Athanaton Ten Thousand: Immortal Ten Thousand Soldiers] can be described as “Noble Phantasms that summon Armies”, [Cao Wei: Now Is The Time To Welcome Heroes] can be described as a “Noble Phantasm that builds an army”.
    Cao Cao’s army was infamous in the Three Kingdoms era. So large that not even Shu Han and Eastern Wu fielding their armies together could match it, so competent that it took a stratagem as ingenious as the Burning Ships to overcome it.

    Yet it was not merely size that made the army of Wei so formidable.
    Talented people flocked to Cao Cao’s banner, perhaps more so than any other in the Three Kingdoms. For every Zhou Yu, there was a Guo Jia flooding the city of Xiapi. For every Zhuge Liang, there was a Sima Yi matching the man wit for wit. For every Zhao Yun, there was a Dian Wei fighting so fiercely not even death could stop him from defending his lord. For every Guan Yu or Lu Bu, there was a Zhang Liao routing an army of 10,000 with a vanguard of 800. For every Sun Quan or Liu Bei there was one Cao Cao hovering over their shoulders like an invincible king of demons.

    And talented people continue to flock to Cao Cao. Those who accept his offer of camaraderie and accept him as their leader will gain all the benefits of being one of the men of talent working under the Lord of Wei. Servants will gain a rank in all parameters, and those who are not heroic spirits who agree to fight on Cao Cao’s behalf will gain the properties of one, their personal parameters being forcefully raised to a bare minimum of E. And should Cao Cao’s soldiers perform well, they will be rewarded, growing ever stronger.Needless to say, this Noble Phantasm is horrendously mana inefficient, yet, provided it is given the opportunity to build up power, it will become a nigh unstoppable force of victory.
    Such is the bare minimum expected from the greatest army in all the Three Kingdoms.


    A Demon.

    That is the reputation Cao Cao has developed since the Three Kingdoms era, and indeed, within it. But only two of those are definitely true.

    Cao Cao is certainly ruthless, and there is no denying his boundless ambition. But to call him evil would be a mistake. Certainly, Cao Cao is no righteous paladin or holy king, but he is not straightforwardly wicked either.

    Intelligent, witty, and determined, Cao Cao did not win talented men and women to his side merely through power. No, it was his iron will, charisma, and dreams that led them to him. Those with potential were always offered a chance by his side, even if they were his enemies.Heartless to his enemies yet always willing to make an ally of them. Knowing neither good nor evil, Cao Cao merely walked the path towards his goals until he could not anymore.

    Motive and Attitude towards Master
    Cao Cao treats his master roughly and as a partner rather than a superior. There is a sense that he sees himself as more deserving of the superior position, but is endeavoring to see you as an equal on purpose. This is something Cao Cao will try to maintain as long as possible, but should circumstances force his hand, it is likely he will try and take command rather than submitting to his master's will.Cao Cao keeps his reasons for fighting somewhat close to his chest. If pressed, he will answer with token sentiments such as “conquest” or “to assert my superiority”, but there is always the sense that the Hero of Chaos is hiding something.

    Historical Depiction
    The Hero of Chaos from Chinese History, and founder of the State of Cao Wei. One of the most - if not the most - successful generals in the Three Kingdoms Period, Cao Cao was born in Qiao County (modern day Bozhou) in late Han China. He was rowdy as a child. Cao Cao was noted to be companions with Yuan Shao, and the two often got into childish mischief alongside each other -- such as abducting a bride from her wedding (they returned her quickly enough).

    As he grew up, he entered into service both civilian and military, and once again, however, he frequently acted like a vigilante and shirked his duties, so few recognized his true talents. However, when Dong Zhou seized control of the capitol, that is when Cao Cao truly began to come into prominence. This initially manifested in an upfront and somewhat bullheaded assassination attempt, which failed, causing Cao Cao to flee the capital alongside a man known as Chen Gong.Eventually, Cao Cao joined up with the coalition that had united to dethrone Dong Zhou, and fought in many battles on their behalf.

    Soon after Dong Zhou was slain, Cao Cao allowed some surrendering Yellow Turbans to join his army, beginning to truly lay the groundwork for his future dominance.
    Soon after, Cao Cao would be the one the young Emperor Xian would fall into the hands of. Dong Zhou had rendered the meaning of the [the Crown of the Han] useless. It meant less than nothing. But as long as it was backed by Cao Cao's power, it had meaning again. Of course, even though Cao Cao treated Emperor Xian kindly enough, it was clear that all the power was his. Emperor Xian may have the crown, but it was Cao Cao that gave it meaning.

    Cao Cao would pick up momentum quickly thereafter, winning battles against Liu Bei, Lu Bu, and Yuan Shu in turn. He and his army would play a tantamount role in the final defeat of Lu Bu, especially his strategist Guo Jia. After the defeat of Lu Bu, Cao Cao would set his sights on his old friend Yuan Shao.Cao Cao’s conflict with Yuan Shao would culminate in the Battle of Guandu, where Cao Cao decimated his once friend, securing his position as the most powerful man in China at the time.

    However, Cao Cao’s string of successes would end at the Battle of Red Cliffs, where an ingenious stratagem would see the united forces of Liu Bei and Sun Quan overcome Cao Cao’s forces, forcing him to make a brutal retreat back up North.
    Crucially, however, not even the Battle of Red Cliffs was enough to dislodge Cao Cao, and he remained a giant threat looming over both Shu Han and Eastern Wu.

    In the year 215, Cao Cao finally dropped the pretense of working on behalf of the Han, and declared himself King of Wei. After all, the power that gave that crown meaning was Cao Cao's. It was about time that the masquerade ended and the Crown and its Power be properly joined again. Liu Bei and Sun Quan soon followed suit, crowning themselves the rulers of Shu Han and Eastern Wu. The Han Dynasty was well and truly dead, its crown holding no meaning, three having risen to take its place.

    Perhaps it had been like that for a while, but as long as Cao Cao acted in its name, some could at least pretend.

    But that era was truly over.

    For the next five years, Cao Cao ruled over Wei
    , keeping his armies in tip top shape and making sure that there was no strife nor chaos in his domain.

    Cao Cao died on March 15, 220A.D.

    Bond 1
    A man named Qiao Xuan once told Cao Cao, “Soon, All Under Heaven will fall into disarray, and only one with prowess like you will be able to fix it.”. Seeing as Cao Cao was still in the habit of shirking his duties, he only paid mind to the quote because it was a compliment.
    “Just the rambling of some old official.” The young man grumbled, before returning to watching a passing group of women, endowing the most attention onto the most endowed.

    That night, Cao Cao dreamed that he stood before a great sea of blood. It was churning as if it had just flooded, with its waves crashing like thunder. Cao Cao awoke from the dream with a cold sweat.

    But then came the failed assassination of Dong Zhou, and the ensuing flight from the capital. After fleeing, Cao Cao felt the bitter sting of failure in his chest for the first time. His first time attempting anything of real importance, and he had monumentally failed.
    That old official’s rambling burned in Cao Cao’s mind. The idea that someone had put their faith in Cao Cao and he had failed. It only grew worse as Dong Zhou burned Luoyang, as he and his armies looted, pillaged, and abducted women. In Cao Cao’s mind, these were all the products of his failure to kill Dong Zhou when he had the chance

    When next Cao Cao dreamt of the lake, it had risen to consume his ankles. Cao Cao awoke in a cold sweat, swearing that he would never fail again, that he would pursue the dream of a secure China flawlessly and without error.

    And the Hero of Chaos was born.

    Bond 2
    Cao Cao established an initial group of supporters. Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan, the powerful Dian Wei as a bodyguard, and Guo Jia to act as an advisor. His fortunes were high, and he even became the “guardian” of Emperor Xian. While Cao Cao mostly carried out his own schemes, he claimed to be acting on behalf of the emperor. The crown upon the emperor's head had some meaning, even if it was illusory.

    Around this time, Cao Cao took over Wenchang, and stayed there for a while with his bodyguard Dian Wei to accompany him. Dian Wei was perfect. Friendly, strong, and loyal above all. Loyal to Cao Cao and his dream. Zhang Xiu, who had previously held the province before surrendering to Cao Cao, rebelled suddenly, and Cao Cao was forced to flee the city.

    However, Dian Wei was forced to stay behind to hold off pursuing forces while Cao Cao ran, and while the man fought fiercely, he ultimately died. Cao Cao wept at Dian Wei’s funeral.
    However, soon enough dried his tears, and turned with a stern look in his eyes, “My only fault was that I did not earn the man’s loyalty immediately after his surrender. That is what led us to our current situation.” Cao Cao left before Dian Wei was buried, and his soldiers admired their leader's steely determination
    When next Cao Cao had the dream, he was striding forward into the churning waves, the blood now staining him up to his knees. Cao Cao tried his best to ignore the corpse of Dian Wei floating behind him, face down in the crimson liquid.

    Bond 3

    Cao Cao had become invincible. The strongest warrior in the Three Kingdoms, Lu Bu, fell to Guo Jia’s strategies. Yuan Shao fell to Cao Cao’s armies, and Cao Cao’s old friend was soon claimed by illness.
    Cao Cao neglected to mourn Yuan Shao. One should not mourn their enemies like they would their comrades after all. He secured his hold on the north with ruthless efficiency, and crushed any opponents within his territory. Zhang Liao, taken from Lu Bu’s armies, had replaced Dian Wei as Cao Cao’s strongest warrior. Guo Jia had passed from illness, regardless of Cao Cao’s efforts to save him, but it was fine -- for Cao Cao had more strategists than any other working under him.Not to mention, Cao Cao was a talented strategist himself.All that remained was to crush Liu Bei and Sun Quan, and finally China would be united. Finally, China would be at peace.

    Cao Cao had walked so far into the waves they were beating against his chest now. The Hero of Chaos was surrounded by as nearly as many corpses as he was blood. The corpse of Dian Wei was still recognizable, but it had been joined by the corpses of Yuan Shao and Guo Jia. They swirled among a new infinite mass of skeletons - skeletons of those who had fought for Cao Cao, fought against Cao Cao, those caught in the crossfire.

    Although their bones were still stark white, Cao Cao could only see the red bloods churning.

    Bond 4
    Cao Cao was not invincible. He had lost at Red Cliffs, and never bothered attempting to conquer Shu Han and Eastern Wu again. Better just to shore up his defenses and manage his state as best he could.

    Cao Cao finally ended the Han Dynasty. It had been his crown in practice for the longest time anyway. And now that Shu Han and Eastern Wu where effectivly states in their own right, there was no point in keeping up a paper-thin illusion. So Cao Cao crowned himself the King of Wei. And as his rivals followed suit, Cao Cao noted with bitter irony how easily the Han's crown, the very thing they had fought over for so long was so quickly thrown away.

    His sons competed for the title of heir (it was never in any doubt that Cao Pi would win). It would help that Cao Pi was close with Sima Yi, a rising star within Cao Cao’s ranks. Cao Cao saw the ambition in Sima Yi’s eyes, an ambition much like his own, and he knew the strategist would not be content to simply aid Cao Cao’s family.

    It mattered not though.

    Cao Cao simply continued to put the right people in the right places, doing everything to keep things as organized and efficient as possible. He made sure his officers were talented, he made sure his scholars never lazed about, and he made sure his army was the most well trained there was. For a brief period, for an amazing, brief period, Cao Cao could think he at least had brought “perfect peace” to his corner of China, even as the signs that it would not last built around him.

    But he could do nothing but maintain his peace while he could.

    The Hero of Chaos did all he could to maintain his peace until he couldn’t.

    Bond 5
    For one final time before everything turned black, Cao Cao found himself in the sea of blood. It was still and he was floating atop it. The countless skeletons floated around him. Although Cao Cao refused to turn his head, he could see Yuan Shao, Dian Wei, Guo Jia, Cao Ren, Xiahou Dun, and Xiahou Yuan floating alongside him, face down while he was face up. He knew that Sima Yi and Zhang Liao and Cao Pi were standing at the edge of the blood red sea. Some waded into it, some swam towards the center where Cao Cao lay.

    Cao Cao lazily lifted a hand towards the sky.

    Why would anyone be swimming towards him?

    His forces were not held together by brotherhood like Shu Han, nor by family like Eastern Wu. Cao Cao had always thought they were held together merely by the force of his dream.

    He had done all he could to ensure they would not need him.

    So it must not be him they’re attached to.

    It was not.

    They treasured the idea the Hero of Chaos espoused and the dedication he pursued it. They treasured the unwavering soul that won them battles, the almighty spirit that saw them through the chaos.

    Or perhaps they had valued Cao Cao.

    Perhaps they had seen him as more than just an ironclad dream worth fighting for.

    It didn’t matter.

    Because Cao Cao had only ever seen himself as an ironclad dream. And an ironclad dream can only see everything else as a vehicle to achieve itself.

    What a foolish man, this Hero of Chaos.

    What a foolish man, this Cao Cao.

    Cao Cao found himself no longer reaching towards the sky, but towards the bottom of the bloody sea.

    He was not merely face down like everyone else, but actively sinking.
    For the last time, Cao Cao smiled. A fitting fate if he could ever think of one.

    The Hero of Chaos laughed a bitter laugh as his fingertips brushed the pitch black seabed that began to engulf him.

    I think, only if just once, I’d like to live like that fool Xuande. I’d like to return the affection of those who fight with me honestly. I want to share my dream as a friend, not as a ruler.
    Yeah, dreams are best shared at dinner tables, not in feasting halls…


    A man Cao Cao gets along with as a fellow conqueror. However, they do not get along as well as one might expect. While Cao Cao claims it's just from the incompatibility that comes with each of them trying to convince the other to join their armies, a flash of jealousy can be seen in Cao Cao’s eyes whenever Iskandar speaks of his Noble Phantasm.

    Sima Yi/Reines
    Cao Cao is puzzled as to why Sima Yi chooses to manifest as a pseudo-servant, but has resolved to not press the issue too much. Instead, he has decided to take advantage of Sima Yi’s choice in vessels to tease them both in retribution for Sima Yi overthrowing Wei to replace it with Jin.

    Zhuge Liang/Lord El-Melloi II
    Cao Cao has nothing to say to Shu’s Top Strategist. Their states are long gone and their rivalry long rendered meaningless. That does not mean Cao Cao entertains being friendly with the strategist or his host, so he ignores them.

    Chen Gong
    Although Chen Gong’s dying words once shamed Cao Cao, Cao Cao enjoys taking digs at Chen Gong wherever he can, particularly regarding Chen Gong’s final defeat, and how much better utilized Zhang Liao was under Cao Cao than Chen Gong. Their verbal duels are mostly on even ground, but Cao Cao finds himself on the backfoot just often enough that he has to invoke the “Well, I won and you died” card more often than he’d like.

    Edward the Black Prince (Voikirium)
    Cao Cao pays the Black Prince no mind in the slightest. He sees Edward and is reminded solely of the all the nameless warlords he crushed. Those who seek the crown for the crowns sake, with no ambition or ideals behiend it. While Cao Cao expresses an interest in meeting the unmaddened version of the man, the Hero of Chaos is content to ignore Edward.

    Tam Lin King Arthur (DracoScribe)
    Tam Lin King Arthur reminds Cao Cao quite a bit of Xuande. A real idealistic sort. Cao Cao respects such commitment to ideals, but he maintains his opinion from back in the day, that if it came to a fight, his ambition would overcome any ideal. However, that's just the competitive spirit within Cao Cao talking. He's perfectly courteous to her otherwise.
    Although Cao Cao feels slighted by Titania not finding him particuarly impressive, he cannot fault her too much. After all, it is far from Cao Cao's place to dismiss a dream. For what is an amibition but a dream held so tightly it becomes a weapon?

    Sultan Baybars (Ismail2002)
    Ambition, talent, and drive. All factors Cao Cao respects, and thus the Sultan Baybars gets Cao Cao respect. Although Cao Cao may not go out of his way to befriend the Sultan, he would nonetheless treat him as a respectable ally. That being said, Sultan Baybars history of betrayal means that Cao Cao would not be true eager to fully trust him.

    Lugh (OddEyedDuelist)
    Upon first seeing the all-talented God, Cao Cao tried to recruit him to his army. While he was shot down, Cao Cao still nonetheless admires the talent possessed by the god.

    Doc Holliday (MorgVanDestro)
    Cao Cao grows oddly quiet around the gambler. He'll say his piece about how Holliday would have been the kind of man he'd have recruited back in the day, but it is done mostly out of obligation. Put more simply, Cao Cao is reminded too much of an old ally by the Gambler.

    Karolina Olsenn (Vance)
    To wake up from a perfect dream takes a powerful sense of will. While Cao Cao is not particularly intested in her, she's earned his respect.

    Laevatienn (BaronMagus)
    Cao Cao smiles hearing the Sword's impression of him. Laevatienn said only what was true, after all.

    Louis-Auguste (MurasamaMachII)
    Cao Cao pities the French King. He reminds him somewhat of Emperor Lie Xie. He does not bother to hide his pity, and remains clear of him for politness sake.

    "Mouselline" (BnEl15)
    Someone who suffered pointlessly. Although they are both heroic spirits, Cao Cao thinks that she deserves better than to associate with "A Hero of Chaos" such as he. Cao Cao also assumes that - of all the figures of her time - he would most likely remind her the most of Napoleon, and stays away.

    Nadar Shah Asfar (Scotcheroos)
    Seeing Nadar Shah Asfar reminds Cao Cao of facing Dong Zhou. Of coming across the burned remains of Luoyang. The Hero of Chaos will keep a close eye on Persia's Alexander the Great. A very close and watchful eye

    Olympia (RoydGolden)
    Cao Cao finds Watcher quite entertaining. If he had the chance, he would introduce her to numerous talented (and well-built) athletes among his former army.

    Odin (Baron Magus)
    The Hero of Chaos laughs off the God's Invitation to Valhalla. Why bother being a guest in in Valhalla when he can paint all of heaven the colors of Cao Wei.
    Rare Actual Dialouge for a Relationship Line
    "Hey, if you think the Gods don't need to vanish for mankind to prosper, why not put your money where your mouth is? If you think the Gods need not vanish, then surely men can stand among them, right? In return for your invitation to Valhalla, I open you an invitation to become my newest strategist. Think deeply on it."

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    Edward the Black Prince
    L’Homme Noir

    Artist: @thisuserisangry

    Class: Berserker (4 Star)

    -Edward the Black Prince, but not the truth. Edward as the French knew him. Edward as a murderous slayer of all things, Edward architect of the Great Chevauchee, Edward a base, conquering villain who to claim that crown would kill, and kill, and kill, no matter who dared to get in his way.

    That Edward the Black Prince, Edward who never ascended the crown in truth, marched upon France to claim its crown only to never claim the crown of France or the Crown of England, is historical truth. That he indulged in the bleak, warring business of conquest, forever and always a miserable, sullying affair, that too is truth. But Berserker is everything wrong with what was Edward the Black Prince, and exceedingly little of what was right with him, at best ignoring, at worst lying, about the man Edward was. There is little, if anything, of the cunning acumen that granted Edward victory at Poitier, victory at Crecy. Little of the charisma that would make him such an effective military leader, allowing him to hold together his force even as it was ravaged by dysentery. None of the pageantry of the avid jouster that he was in life. Only rage and arrogance and desire, desire to hold the crown of France as he saw as his birthright, no matter how many thousands would need to die, no matter that it would start a hundred years of war, no matter that in the end it would see a Saint slain to stop the bloodshed. An unthinking tyrant, demanding absolute, unwavering, unquestioned obedience and turning himself to violence, to slaughter, to murder if that is not provided. If he does have any redeeming features it is that the thrice-prince may demand loyalty, but offers it in return: for a maddened, slaying thing, a Master who holds to his oaths will in return find Edward a loyal servant, one who keeps to the promises he makes.

    Alternative Classes:

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Attribute: Man

    Strength: C+
    Endurance: D+
    Agility: B+
    Mana: D+
    Luck: D+
    Noble Phantasm: C+

    Class Skills:

    Madness Enhancement:

    -A madness not unlike that of Caenis. Edward may be a brutal tyrant, but he is, fundamentally, still a thinking, reasoning being most of the time. However, there is a possibility in battle or if defied that he would fall into a maddened, raging state, the Madness State. The odds become even greater should Edward be betrayed. The only person safe in such a state would be his Master, for Edward always was loyal to the King, to his Lord, unless his Master should prove to be the one who betrayed him: then none would be safe, and all would perish in his fury.

    Personal Skills:

    A Great Chevauchee:

    -To claim the crown of France, Edward rode from one end of France to the other, burning, looting, pillaging and destroying as he went, killing and leaving famine in his wake, and not as some dispassionate, expected military tactic but out of a desire to punish those who would defy him. Towns destroyed, the most famous Limoges; fields burned; people slaughtered both directly and indirectly. As a representation of the Chevauchee, this skill functions as Riding of the same rank. Furthermore, in burning, ravaged, and destroyed terrain Edward’s parameters are improved to varying amounts, representing the victories he claimed through such ruinous destruction.

    Golden Rule: E

    -Edward imposed considerable taxes on the nobles of Gascony and Aquitaine, ransomed the King of France, and was allowed to establish his own mint in the aforesaid territories where he was made prince, ensuring he had a massive revenue stream at all times. However, Edward—at least, this portion of Edward—had little love of money for its own sake or for its capacity to get him luxuries. Rather, Edward cared for money solely as a tool to fund his great military expeditions, and so the rank of this skill is at its lowest possible: easy come, easy go, after all.

    Innocent Monster:

    -Edward truly did do some heinous things while alive. However, the scale, the novelty, and the cruelty alike have been exaggerated over the years, and what was not evil ignored and sanded away the better to present a propaganda figure to be hated. At base, one could argue that Edward is evil, but if it is so then it is because the society he served was evil, and amplified the worst of his extant traits, rather than the monstrous tyrant that, for instance, John Froissart attempted to present him as in his description of the sack of Limoges: Modern scholarship suggests far fewer civilians were killed, perhaps as few as 300, and a recently discovered letter from Edward to the count of Foix mentions no civilian casualties at all. Of course, even in that best case scenario, where no civilian deaths were mentioned because none died and not, say, because such a thing would go without saying, he still kidnapped and ransomed some 200 people even if that was usual for war at the time, and carted off the wealth of the city, leaving it destitute.

    Noble Phantasms:

    The Heart of Fame
    The Black Burnished Armor

    An NP shared between all three forms of Edward, for in all cases does he bear the black armor; in all cases has it tied into his legend, his mythos. To wear it is to be revealed as Edward, first and foremost, and all will know that it is him. Furthermore, as the effigy of Edward in this armor is one of the more detailed and famous sources scholars have for armor of his era it offers a truly formidable defense, by speaking its true name Edward can make it take on the quality of the armor, becoming immune to all but the most absurd mundane attacks. It can only last a brief time however, perhaps a flurry of blows at most if conditions are perfect.

    A Most Melancholy Business
    The Sack of Limoges

    There are preconditions for Edward to use this Noble Phantasm. Two being met allow him to use it at about 50%; all three, however, are required for him to use its full strength. Firstly, he must be tactically on the offensive. Secondly, he must have been recently wounded. Thirdly, he must have entered into his Madness State. This Noble Phantasm is the crystallization of Edward’s desire for the crown of France and his will to rule all that he thought was his, his willingness to burn the world to claim all that he wanted. His blows become strong enough to carve through steel like butter, he grows fast as the wind itself, and his brutality and endurance become intertwined, allowing him to, for a brief moment, endure blows that should kill him, even as his body is wreathed in flame. However, Sack of Limoges has its weaknesses. Firstly, it lasts only a certain period, depending on the preconditions met, but in all cases much, much less than an hour. Secondly, once it is done functioning, Edward is left exhausted and spent, requiring a number of hours equal to the number of minutes spent in that state. Lastly, as Edward was both on a litter from illness and would die of that illness not long after the sacking. This leads many to believe it exacerbated the problem and killed him. Therefore Edward is incredibly vulnerable to those associated with illness during use, and less—but still notably so—afterwards. So he is loathe to wield it except in the most desperate of circumstances, when all else has failed.

    A villain of the truest sort—that is the only name for Edward the Berserker, Edward l’Homme Noir. He does not care for life, for innocence, or for who he has to trample under his sabatons to get what he wants. All he cares for is getting what he wants, what he desires, what he feels entitled to, no matter how much blood and ash that takes. When he was alive, that was the crown of France; now as a Servant it is the Holy Grail, the Holy Grail and his Wish. Wroth, brusque, disciplined, a soldier at heart with a fearsome, fiery temper. He does have a redeeming feature, however: he is loyal, and no Master who treats with him honestly needs fear that they shall be betrayed. As an extension of that, he generously rewards those who loyally and ably serve him as well as he is able.

    The Crown is his.

    All who would deny that are his foes.

    Background: The Prince that never became king. Edward the Black Prince, eldest son of Edward the III, was an innovator, a notable jouster, fond of plays, a symbol of chivalry and one of the last great flowers of English Knighthood, who innovated the field of military science. The Black Prince that served ably at Crecy and Poitier, and earned his spurs in those battles. But this is not that Edward. This is Edward, stripped of nearly all his benevolent qualities, of whatever was righteous, in the worst time of his life: as Aquitaine rebelled against English rule, as Limoges rebelled against him, as the King of France insulted him. This is Edward who burns the countryside, Edward who lets the Routiers loose upon the innocent folk of that kingdom, Edward who slaughters and kills all that rebel against him. Edward, decades after those victories, looking back upon them as a bitter old man. One who gave everything for the crown, but never gained it.


    Lancelot (Saber)

    “Trust a Frenchman to burn a kingdom for the sake of some wilted flower.”

    His grandmother, Isabella of France, cheated on, betrayed, and dethroned her husband, Edward II, for the sake of her lover Roger Mortimer, leaving his father, Edward III, king at the age of 14 until he managed to depose and imprison Isabella and executed Mortimer, all while Edward the Black Prince himself was still only an infant. From this Edward gained an intense loathing of adulterers and their lovers, and who is more famous for adultery than Lancelot?

    St. George

    “Honi soit qui mal y pense, indeed.”

    Berserker may not be the founder of the Order of the Garter in personality in this Spirit Origin, but he still loves the patron Saint of England, still honors the one who guards English soil, the warrior who slays a dragon.

    Mordred (Saber)

    “Baseborn traitor. Bane of the people. Curse upon the womb of your mother, shame upon the eyes of your father.”

    The knight of treachery. The traitor. The lord that plunged Camelot into ruin, not even for the sake of the crown but merely to try and earn the acclaim of her father. Edward’s contempt for her is like a great, endless pit that spews black bile, and she spews her hatred back in turn.


    “I am not worthy of the Crown? To emulate her? What would you know, you lustful, thoughtless, wretched thing!”

    Edward loathes Merlin, loathes him as one who knows that Merlin sees through him, sees his flaws, his failures, his pains, all his many, many regrets, the way one sees a bright star through a clear window pane. It is pain, pain like a knife through him.

    Robin Hood

    “Damnable Saxon, pay what you owe!”

    As a tyrant, as a member of the Anglo-Norman aristocracy that cast down the Saxons of old, and as a knight of sorts, on every level Edward detests Robin Hood and what he represents. The feeling is mutual between them.

    Louis XVI

    "See there stands the proof, that I am more worthy of the crown by rights."

    Edward sees Louis XVI as the most fundamental proof that his victory would have been for the better.

    Tim Lan Arthur

    "You are a slippery one, aren't you? Master may trust you...but I trust little, and less."

    Edward hates to be lied to, and cannot shake the feeling she is lying.

    "Hrng. Let it be out, liar, and traitor.

    After the truth is revealed, he is torn between loathing and pity, for he may be a falsehood but he is falsehood wrapped around truth, where she is all falsehood. Not that it makes him want to throttle her less for her betrayal.

    Sultan Baybars

    "A liar, and an oathbreaker, and you carried that with you as you ruled. I may have died young, but at least it was by the Reaper's sword and not my own people's poison."

    Liars, traitors, oathbreakers, Edward despises them all and Baybars is no exception.

    Wish On the Grail:

    “I imagine you think I want to hold the Crown of France within my hands, and finally claim the birthright that I am due. That I should take this, the victory earned in blood, and spend it on that desire, so heavily upon my heart. I am tempted.”

    That his eldest, Edward of Angoulme, did not die as a youth.

    Loyalty endures. Loyalty is everything. And so he loyally loves a son. And so he shall give to that boy born of him a chance to live. He deserves that.

    Author notes: An idea I've had wiggling around in my skull for a while, finally had a proper prompt for it.
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    Holy shit it’s da bat!

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    Cao Cao: He's a... he's a bit boring, ain't he?
    He's one of the most Iskander wannabes to ever Iskander, but lacks the charisma and, dare I say, originality of the original. Plus, the fact that his is NP is EX, and that at least Iskander had a famous thing to ride, it just rubs wrong.

    Edward the Black Prince: Good movie, but not the best FC.
    I question how low IM would be for his situation, especially considering he's further embodying those aspects in this Class iteration. The Sack also seems like it could've gone in a different direction, as it like a slightly more in situational risky form of the Armor, making me question its inclusion. It's a cool idea for an NP, but also having a slightly weaker but more spammable and usable version alongside it makes it somewhat redundant. The fact that he's so hesitant to use it because of its effects also lends to this, making it clear the first version in general is just kinda better in all but the most specific situations. The risk/reward is outweighed by the first's usability.
    He's okay overall, but I don't think I'd bother summoning him.
    Do you like jazz short stories? Do you want something to distract from making Servants? Do you wish the idea of Shirou Kotomine didn't immediately bring edgelords to mind? Well, I can't promise it's good, but some would disagree with me.
    Fate/Without Justice

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    1 Feels weird only having two sheets before mine.
    Also makes me even more self-conscious about what I made, which I was already nervous about, probably because I loved writing it.'ll probably figure out why.
    In the meantime: I hope you at least like this Saron.

    King Arthur.
    You all know the story by now, don't you?
    The Once and Future King.
    The King of Knights.
    The epitome of chivalry.
    The king had united Britain under one banner, formed the Knights of the Round Table, and brought the kingdom of Camelot to prosperity.
    Then it all came crashing down with Guinevere and Lancelot's affair, the deaths of Gareth setting off Gawain's wrath, and Mordred's treachery.
    All culminating in the Battle of Camlann
    And returning the Sword of Promised Victory back to the lake where it had been given to the king.
    And that was simply the broadstrokes of the figure.
    For countless other tales have been told across time since the king's demise, all inspired in the wake of the impact the king has left.

    "Yes, that's me," says the woman who has just been summoned. "My name is Tam Lin King Arthur. Now, I ask, are you my Master?"

    Fairy King of Camelot

    Class: Saber
    Other Eligible Classes: Lancer, Rider
    True Name: Tam Lin King Arthur
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Origin: Fiction - Arthurian myth
    Attribute: Earth
    Height: 6'1'' / 185 cm
    Weight: 139 lbs / 63 kg
    Traits: Female, Arthur, King, Hominidae, Humanoid, Fairy, Dragon, Weak to Enuma Elish
    Catalyst: Unknown

    Talent: Being unfailingly optimistic
    Natural Enemy: Vortigern, Merlin

    Likes: Her love, her home, happy endings
    Dislikes: nosy people, people dismissing dreams and stories

    END: B
    AGI: B
    MGI: A
    LCK: A+
    NP: A++

    BOND 0

    "Huh? I'm not the one you know? Hmm. But I really am King Arthur... Tam Lin King Arthur. Don't you have something to scan me for that? I know all those devices are supposed to help you. I'm sure one of them can confirm it."

    The woman claims to be King Arthur, if being a bit more obvious she's a woman because, and quote, "It took a bit until I was sure when I could just reveal myself without worrying about things going down the drain, but after I did, I stayed that way. Besides, I don't have to hide it now that I'm a Servant, so might as well enjoy myself!" but even then, there seems to be many discrepencies between the Arthur in Chaldea's records, and this new Arthur that has been summoned that are...odd.

    She says that she knows of the ones Artoria knew in her life. She remembers Sir Ector, Merlin, Kay, Sir Lancelot, Guinevere, Mordred, Morgan le Fey, and even recognizes them when shown their faces, treating them as most would treat old friends: with warmth and joy. She says she has done much of what Proper Human History Artoria has done. She was adopted by Sir Ector, hid she was a woman, pulled Caliburn, fought the Saxons, united Britain, and so on...but then some of the details are different. She had met Guinevere, but did not ask for her hand and make her queen, instead acted as matchmaker between her and Lancelot. She knew of Morgan, and was actually close with her, even calling her "Big Sis", and would've given her the throne had Morgan herself told her to keep it. More and more details like that, of a life that was similar to Artoria's yet it seemed much more
    until it culminates to...abdicating the throne when she was merely a middle-aged woman, revealing that she was a woman, and gave it to her nephew, Mordred. And all of this, all of these choices, seemed to stem from the earliest point in Arthur's life that was different: falling in love with the ruler of the land of the fae before she drew the Sword of Selection. And that was where she went once she had done her duty to Britain, finally reuniting with the love of her life.

    In other words, Tam Lin King Arthur is a "what if" story, of an Artoria with a different temperament meeting someone that Artoria could've met but held no feelings for at all, while she fell head over heels...

    To put it in more "modern terms", her life seems to be "a fix-it fic" of Artoria of Proper Human History.

    Or seems to be that instead of summoning King Arthur, what was summoned was a "fictional King Arthur", the one from Edward Spenser's "The Faerie Queene", for like the Arthur in the poem, the biggest difference between the Arthur in life and the one in the story was that Arthur was deeply in love with the Fairy Queen, Gloriana. And that difference is further reinforced by the Tam Lin's profile and statistics. But as the events within "The Faerie Queene" did happen during Artoria's life but the actual Arthur shown in the poem was nothing like what happened within reality, it caused a strange mixture of fact and fiction to form an entirely new "King Arthur".

    "...oh. Hmm, well, I don't know anything about this, so I can't really help you about that, so I guess what you guys said must be true. But..." The new king looks uncomfortable. "I hope you don't treat me any less just because I'm 'fictional'. I mean, after all, a lot of you Heroic Spirits have some, if not all, of your powers because of how people remember you and stuff! Like that lightning man with a mechanical arm. Or that little girl serial killer who isn't always a little girl. So please treat me as you would any other Servant."

    BOND 1

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance A
    A skill which denotes the ability to cancel and/or resist spells and such.
    From both living in the last legs of the Age of Gods and having the affection of the fairy ruler, Saber's rank in this skill is high. Most modern magecraft, with a few exceptions, barely can do anything to her.

    Riding B
    A skill which denotes the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. The higher it is, the more powerful and/or complex beasts and machinery the user can ride. At high enough ranks, it can include Phantasmal Beasts. That doesn't include Dragons and the like however. A different skill is needed for that.
    Knights, by default, are well-versed with mounts, and thus have high ranks in this skill. Add in the fact that she is the King of Britain, and thus her own noticeably high, even though she isn't a Rider class.

    Personal Skills
    Fairy Knight of Magnificence A
    In "The Faerie Queene", the knights featured in the story each represented a virtue, and for Arthur, it wasn't a "single" virtue, it was Magnificence, or Magnanimity, the greatest of all virtues, for it was the one that was reached when all the others have been perfected. For Saber specifically, this skill is also granted due to her Affection of the Glorious Fairy skill.
    In terms of function, it acts similarly to Charisma, as was required for a great king, letting Saber able to take charge of large forces and boost the morale, and thus strength, of those under him or allied with him. As an icon to inspire virtuous behavior, a person exhibit said behaviors, and as a boon from her love, Saber has incredibly high resistance to mental interference, to the point of being immune to all but effects of EX rank, as well as granting allies resistance to mental interference as well. Though how much depends on their alignment. If they are Good or Neutral, than the boon is noticeable, but if the ally is Evil, it barely does anything, if at all.

    Dragon Reactor Core B
    A skill denoting the user bears the "heart" of a dragon, acting like an "engine". It is a specific variant of Mana Burst.
    Unsurprisingly, as the King of Britain, the land infamous for its dragons, and her lineage, Saber has the "heart of a dragon" within her body that grants her a high amount of magical energy. With it, she is able to focus and release it through various parts of her body or expelling it as highly concentrated magical energy attacks.

    Affection of the Glorious Fairy A
    A skill denoting the individual gaining the favor of a divine or otherwise supernatural being, the actual type varying depending on the one giving said favor.
    Beloved by the ruler of Fairyland, as such Saber has this variant of the skill. As such, it grants several effects, that being: a permanent rank up to her parameters, changing what would have been her Charisma skill, and through this skill an effect similar to Single-Mindedness (Love) to her. So long as she has her love for the fairy ruler in her mind, she can focus on just about anything without worry of it being broken. And considering how often she thinks of her love, that is (un)surprisingly often.

    BOND 2

    Noble Phantasm

    The Loyal Sword of Promised Victory
    Ardent Excalibur

    Rank: A++
    Type: Anti-Fortress

    The legendary sword itself. It needs little introduction, but that would do the sword disservice.

    A Divine Construct forged in the Inner Sea of the Planet to save the Earth from a foreign invader, many, many centuries later, it is given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake after she lost Caliburn when helping Una save her love, the Red Cross Knight. As such, it is not only an incredibly powerful and well-made sword, but a sword that has various effects. The first is that it grants a "partial" immortality, one that stops its wielder from aging. The second, one unique to this variant of the sword, is that even if it ends up in the hands of another somehow and used against Saber, it will not cause any harm to its owner, instead either "adjusting" the course of a blow to prevent injury, or straight up blow a burst of mana before the thief can do anything with it in the first place. Third, another unique trait, this particular variant is cloaked in a miniature "tempest", rendering it practically invisible to others, but is not considered a "separate" Noble Phantasm unlike Artoria and Invisible Air. And the last effect is through a True Name release, one which is the reason for its "Anti-Fortress designation". It releases the full might of the Divine Construct, a power more than enough to destroy even otherwordly threats, in the form a "storm" of concentrated light, made up of the hopes and wishes of the world.

    BOND 3

    At first, Saber seems more than a match to the actual King of Knights. A commanding presence doing her utmost to defend her Master and allies, incredibly stoic but not unkind, and a force on the battlefield. But then you find out that is when Saber is in battle, when she is serious, when she is "on the job", for when "off the job", she is...noticeably more carefree, and a lot more cheerful. Sure, she is generally more quiet about it than the other cheerful Servants, but there is a reason she gets along with the more energetic ones: she's not much better. She likes playing games and making jokes and having drinks and getting in both misadventures and trouble. She likes talking to people and reading books and playing pranks and facing competition. And she also gets upset and easily cries, sometimes because she lost, sometimes because of a good (or bad) story, and sometimes because she didn't think through something enough and got herself injured for it. But then she's smiling yet again. A small one, yes, but no less bright. And then you realize that, even when "on the job", you realize all of those qualities are still there. A friendly pat, an obvious somber expression, a frightful stormy look...whereas the King of Knights would do her utmost to keep such emotions under wraps, the Fairy King of Camelot has those leak out more than her. Or as she likes to put it, "Of course I'll act as a king should, but when I don't need to, I act as the human I am. I'm not an idiot who'll bottle up my emotions. After all, I wouldn't be here if not for them." So, in some ways, you could say that she's still like Artoria, an "ideal" king, just expressed in a different way: a "fairy-tale prince" who stayed as one even after rising to become king.

    "Hmm, if this was a normal Holy Grail War, I would say it would be after we win the Holy Grail, but seeing as this isn't normal... Well, either way, when our contract is done, and we gain some sort of Grail, I'll go back home to my love with it. Haha, don't worry. I'm sure I can figure out some way to bring the Holy Grail back as a souvenir!"

    BOND 4Relationships

    "Oh! Hiya Master! Do you need me for material farming today? Or do you just wanna hang out?"

    Artoria (Saber)
    "Oh wow. No wonder you didn't believe me. It's like night and day. Er, I hope she doesn't mind me though. I mean, if it were me, I wouldn't mind, but if our appearances are different...uh...actually, never mind. I am not finishing that sentence."

    "You better keep that idiot away from me, Master. Oh, no, I don't hate him. He's still a good friend to me. But that's all the more reason why I need to get him for all the trouble he's caused, all right? And I'm not one for holding back when I don't need to."
    (Saber is smiling, but it is anything but "happy")

    Knights of the Round Table
    "...they're like how I remember them, but they don't know me, so... Of course, they're nice enough when I talk to them, some of them especially's not the same. Not like in my memories. So...I don't hang out with them much, even though I want to. I'm not their King Arthur..."

    Tam Lin
    "On one hand, I really want to talk to them. They're fairies after all! And fairy knights too! On the other hand...they keep giving me funny looks when I mention I'm a Tam Lin too, and I... I already have trouble with just the regular Round Table Knights. How much more for them? When they're even more like me? So unless they go to me first, I try to avoid them. Cowardly? Haha, in some sense, probably. But what else would you have me do? ...they're not my Knights of the Round Table much as I want them here..."

    Morgan le Fey (Lostbelt)
    "...okay, I admit, I avoid her a lot. It's just so awkward, okay?! I adore my sister, so her being like that... It's just... Think of it like trying to be incredibly friendly to a stranger that happens to look like someone I'm close to. I want to do what I usually do, but it's...not welcome. I could try and not, well, do that, but... Unless we're in the middle of a battle, that's not easy for me. So I...stay away."

    "Oh, her? ... Sorry, Master. I just..."
    (The king closes her eyes as she collects herself, wiping away some her tears)
    "I can't stand being by her. Not because I hate her, no. It's because...ha... Her parents were dear friends to me. And I was her honorary aunt. hurts. And it''ll take a bit until it doesn't and I can talk to her. Just...tell her it's not her fault if she asks, okay?"

    Ywain (yours truly!)
    "...I'm glad he's here. Out of all the knights in Chaldea, he's one of the easiest for me to get along with. I chalk it up to him being a lot more used to knowing 'different versions of the same person' when he was alive. I don't... I don't have to worry about not being 'his' King Arthur' and just have fun with him and Maldwyn. Haha, yes, his nature helps as well. A ray of sunshine to be around, and like me, he loves the fae. So again, I'm very grateful."

    "Huh? Oberon? Oh, shut up, Master. I love a good joke, but this isn't one I think is taking it too far. ...why do I think you're joking? Well aren't you? Oberon's not here, so you telling me he's here must be a joke.'s... It's not...? Wait...he's here...? Oh. ...he probably doesn't want to see me... I mean, I'm... I'm fictional, a 'fake'. I wasn't real to him, or anyone here that I 'knew', even though for me, my memories of them are real. it'll... It'll take a while until I can talk to him. I hope you understand, Master."
    (If you didn't know any better...)
    (There was longing in her eyes)

    Xiang Yu
    "I've been meaning to ask, Master, if it's not so rude... I mean, yes, I could ask the man himself, but I'm sure it'd be awkward for both of us, but I digress. Why does he look like a robotic centaur with multiple arms? I know not everything in reality is recorded in history, but seems a lot. Ah, I see, he's from a Lostbelt! His wife from Proper Human History not only followed him to the Lostbelt, but also to the Throne?! I... I see..."
    (It was a flash could've sworn you saw envy in her eyes)
    "I'm... I'm impressed. I can't help but respect both him and his wife. I hope they can spend their time well here."

    Hank Morgan (Lancer) (FarewellToMrA)
    "Oh. She...huh. Ha... Haha... Hahaha!"
    (The king is laughing, but it is anything but "happy" with those tears and manic tone)
    "...sorry, sorry, it's just... I didn't think I'd meet someone who'd understand, you know? Sure, it might not be the same. She's real, while I'm... I'm not. But both of us consider the memories we have as real. So... Ha. I think I'll spend some time with her. I hope she won't mind or find it weird, seeing how she remembers Arthur."

    BOND 5BOND 5

    But the more you watch her, the more you spend time with her...the more you know something is not right.

    Bursts of wind instead of simply firing mana.

    No hint of the sword hidden behind the veil of air.

    And most of all...a question that you couldn't help but ask:

    ["Why don't you say the name of your fairy love?"]

    The wind picked up.

    "Huh?" The woman backpedaled, startled, while her expression furrowed in confusion. "What do you mean? Of course I do. It's Gloriana, remember? I already told you that was right."

    ["...but you only say it after being prompted. You never say it on your own."]

    Saber smiled in continued confusion but with a hint of sympathy, the kind given when one thought the other was crazy but they hardly blamed them for it. "I'm sorry, but I don't see how that's so stra—"

    ["And you never say she's a queen unless we say it first."]

    And then that smile was gone.

    The wind blew your hair, rushing past your ears.

    "...Master. Please stop."

    ["Why?"] you said.

    The breeze now fluctuated, one moment threatening to blow you off your feet, and the next back to a windy breeze.

    "Just... Just stop, please. I beg you."

    ["...But I can't just ignore this,"] you said. It wasn't the first time someone had hidden as an ally.

    And then the wind howled.

    "...I promise, Master, I... I promise I don't mean to hurt anyone. I truly don't."

    ["Then answer me!"] you shouted, standing your ground against the growing tempest in front of you.

    ["Is Oberon your fairy love?!"]

    "Yes," she said, without hesitation, without guile, without thought.

    And after she did, she realized her mistake.

    ["I knew it."]


    ["Then that means..."]




    she who borne an illusory crown
    T I T A N I A
    The Storybook Pretender


    Other Eligible Classes: None
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Origin: Fiction - "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
    Attribute: Earth
    Height: 6'1'' / 185 cm
    Weight: 139 lbs / 63 kg
    Traits: Female, King, Humanoid, Fairy, Weak to Enuma Elish
    Catalyst: The Tam Lin being summoned in Chaldea

    Talent: Being unrealistically optimistic
    Natural Enemy: Merlin

    Likes: Her love, her home, happy endings
    Dislikes: nosy people, people dismissing dreams and stories, being "fake"

    END: C
    AGI: C
    MGI: A
    LCK: E
    NP: A

    Lucidity Obtained; The Vessel of a Dream

    For a moment, the winds have stopped.

    For a moment, the Master of Chaldea relaxed.

    For a moment, the now-revealed Titania could only stare at her hand, her body no longer covered in the armor of the name she took on before now.

    And then the moment shattered and the dream began.

    "Senpai!" Mash shouted, skidding past a corner.

    The tempest came back full force, but her speed was enough that she made it just in time, blocking the worst of it with her shield. The kouhai was about to ask what to do next when the storm stopped. Mash was confused, wondering why, until she realized it hadn't stopped, it simply moved.

    "What's going on?"

    ["I'm sorry, I..."] you said, then recounted what happened.

    Mash turned to you, astonished. "Wait, Titania?"

    You nodded. ["Yes."]

    "But..." was that possible? which was left unsaid.

    But indeed, how?

    Titania, Queen of the Fairies.

    Yet another player in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

    And an existence that was fabricated.

    Oberon himself had said it. She is someone who "does not exist in Proper Human History", because his nature meant Shakespeare had to create "someone who loves Oberon". A Phantom Spirit. So she shouldn't be able to be summoned as a Heroic Spirit.

    But she was. She had come here as a Tam Lin. She had masqueraded as King Arthur. And now...

    ["Where's Holmes?"] you said in answer to your kouhai's silent question. you needed to calm her down and unravel the details behind the mystery.

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance A
    Nothing has changed in how it functions, just merely the source of its rank. It is high because, "fake" though she may be, she is still a fairy, and thus few magecrafts can affect her.

    Riding A
    The skill remains as it was, still allowing Titania to ride upon equines, but now also insects as well, for fairies are known to ride upon them.

    Divinity B
    Were Titania a "normal" fairy, she would not bear this skill. However, as she is composed from other fairies and divinities, such as Mab, Diana and Titans, she in turn has the essence of the divine as well, and at a relatively high rank to due to the number.

    Origin Elucidated; The Form of a Dream

    A Phantom Spirit.
    That was what she was; what Titania was.
    A fairy that could never be summoned, for she was a mere fiction known for one thing: being Oberon's Queen, caught up in a silly midsummer night.
    But it was because of that...
    ...that she had a desire: she didn't want to remain that way.
    For from that desire came a dream.

    She wanted to meet Oberon.
    She wanted to be by her king's side.
    She wanted to be real.

    But she was a Phantom Spirit.
    She didn't know how to make that dream come true, let alone chase it.
    And it would've remained that way.
    Just a single, fictional, fairy, dreaming and dreaming an endless dream.

    Then the Earth was Bleached
    The Lostbelts invaded
    And Chaldea fought back against them
    Each defeat not only meant their victory, but also more knowledge, improved equipment...and their forces bolstered with new Servants.

    Such as the Tam Lin.

    The fairy knights.
    Fairies that used the powers of the Knights of the Round Table.
    And most was merely a "gift" added "on top" of a fairy's nature; they could remain "themself".

    She had found her solution.
    ...and she knew just what name to choose.
    Thus, with the name of a king, the dream she held as she chased the Grail, and additions by taking from an Elizabethan poet's work,
    Tam Lin King Arthur was born.

    But now the dream had an end, and it was coming in sooner than she wanted.

    Personal Skills
    Queen of the Fairies A
    Her signature title, her most well known trait.
    Her illusory crown.
    While there were fairy queens in history, none of them bore the name Titania, and Titania was not made with one particular fairy queen in mind, rendering her a unique existence, but in turn making her very unlikely, if not completely unable, to be summoned as "herself" normally. For what is the weight of her false life against those who existed in reality for decades or centuries?
    Yet she is a queen nonetheless, as "Titania" cannot exist if she not also "Queen of the Fairies".
    Befitting of a queen, she has the charisma to command her allies and maintain their morale. Befitting of a fairy, she is capable of enchanting those allies as well, giving them "gifts" such as mental protection, boosted powers, and enhanced defenses. It's not much, in fact one might call it very basic, but all of these cost little magical energy to her, if at all, so at the very least it is very energy efficient. And befitting of both, her beauty is immense, the stuff to inspire songs and art, and it is rarely tarnished, bar grievous injuries, for anything less than such is either repelled or repaired.

    Thy Devotion To Thy Fairy King A
    Her purpose behind every action.
    Though there will be times when she might push or shove against her love, that love will never diminish.
    For Titania was made to be "Oberon's Queen", the only one who could possibly love such a twisted and whimsical existence, and so for her to not love him would mean she "is not Titania", and she is very much Titania.
    With him in her heart, her parameters are much higher than they would be without that fuel, and so long as he is in her mind as well, nothing can rattle her mind, whether it be magical means or mundane, and she can remain that way as long as she wishes, a "single-mindedness" befitting of a fairy that exists to love him. And as such, that can be a very long time.

    Fairy Eyes A+
    Fairies are said to be able to know when you lie, for they can see the truth behind your words. In reality, their eyes are simply able to "alter the world", and thus one of the effects just happens to being able to see truth, even though most do not know or care to tell the difference between good or evil.
    However, she is a queen and a fairy crafted by human hands, and so Titania is very well aware of the difference on the axis of human morality. As such, she takes advantage of her ability, using it primarily to ascertain how much others have seen through her façade. Whether she can act on the information appropriately is another matter entirely.
    But in the end, what matters the most to her about having this ability... that it lets her, quite literally, to see right through her beloved Oberon.

    Solution Formed; Dream To Thy Heart's Content

    "So that's how it happened..." said a concerned Knight of the Shield.

    "I say. I wish I knew how exactly we missed it... But first, we have this storm to deal with. I'll pinpoint her location and send whoever's closest," said the unparalleled genius.

    But then the detective said, "That won't be necessary."


    "We know exactly how to stop her with minimal damage. Don't you?" he said to you.

    Everyone else realized what he meant.

    ["Yeah,"] you said. ["Da Vinci?"]

    "On it!"

    ["And make sure to turn off as many of the cameras and sensors that you can without it being dangerous."]

    "Right right. Of course."

    A False Realm for a Fake Queen
    Hollow Avalon

    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)

    One day, one night.

    One play, one dream.

    One realm, one queen.

    Avalon, the final resting place of King Arthur, it is the picture of a natural paradise. Verdant fields, a clear blue sky, and seasons matching the time of day, it is one of the realms in which fairies reside.
    Fairyland, the realm which Titania rules, an enchanted forest no less lush than the ever distant utopia, it is the place that most humans refer to when they speak of "the land of the fae" or the time when some have stumbled into their home.
    It is no surprise that with using the Tam Lin name of King Arthur, the two have been tied together for the Noble Phantasm.

    But Titania was never real, and so this was never hers.

    The only thing that is "hers" is her existence.
    An existence tied to a play about a single night in the middle of summer.
    And so, like a dream, she will fade just like one.
    When the sun rises on the day after
    her True Name is revealed
    the spell of the Tam Lin is broken,
    Titania will return to what she once was, unable to keep up her existence as a Heroic Spirit any longer.
    But as she is a "dream"...
    ...until the time to wake passes, she can do whatever she wants.

    This is what Hollow Avalon is. Instead of summoning a domain where she is able to unleash her power, she is her domain, and so does not require a True Name release when she unleashes her power... However, there is a caveat about this, tied to what she was able to do in the play of her origin. While she is capable of creating a powerful tempest, flooding rivers, freeze areas, and spread pestilence through this, it is all tied to her emotions. And so while most of the time, she is able to control what she does, if she were to ever lose control of her emotions, well... It likely won't just be bad weather and a few illnesses that will have to be dealt with. Of course, that is also dependant on how much magical energy she has access to. The more she has, and the more distressed she is, the more destructive the phenomenon she will conjure.

    But it will be fine. After all...

    "If we shadows have offended, / Think but this and all is mended: / That you have but slumbered here
    While these visions did appear; / And this weak and idle theme, / no more yielding but a dream."

    A Dream Meets A Liar

    She could already feel it, her own being slowly but surely having less "substance", slowly "fading". With the reveal her actual True Name, she was crumbling, reverting back into a Phantom Spirit.

    No! she thought. The storm around her intensified.

    She couldn't let it end now. She had already made it this far. She got to feel what she had only known was pre-loaded into her mind. She got to see why King Arthur, the Name she took, adored her knights so much. She actually got to see Oberon.

    But she couldn't stay with him. Not as she wanted, and not like this. It wouldn't last, like the
    she held for so long. She would fade, and she may never get another chance to be summoned again. But that was simple enough to fix. She just needed a Grail. She just needed it to make her
    come true.

    But you didn't get enough time to find out if they had any stored, and if they did, where they kept them... a traitorous part of her thought.

    No! Another burst. Something boomed as steel snapped. I can still do this!

    She had to.

    She had to.


    "Ha... Of course something went wrong. Something always goes wrong in this damn place."


    She shouldn't look. She had to keep moving, before she was no more. She was doing it for him after all.

    And yet she still turned and said, "Oberon...?"

    "Indeed. Sorry to disappoint you again, but I'm sure you're used to that by now, right?"

    "I..." One part wanted to reassure him that she would never—could never—be disappointed in him, not truly. Another wanted him to go away, she didn't want him to see her like this. But most of her was too shocked to say anything more than, "What are you doing here?"

    "It is kind of hard to ignore the mess that you're making right now. What were you expecting? No one to notice?" he said, expression flat.

    "Of course not," she said, unable to completely wipe off her pout. "That's why I need to go and get a Grail."

    "Ehhh? A Holy Grail? What do you need that stupid cup for?"

    "To grant my wish to stay with you."

    Her love stilled, wide-eyed in shock. Then he laughed. "Me? You want to stay with me? Hahaha! Oh...I should've known..." he said. "But why would I? It's not like I'm the Oberon you know, so there was no way I would've guessed you'd do something stupid like this."

    Titanka blinked. You... She could've made a comment on his words, but instead settled on, "I know. And I don't mind. I still want to stay with you."

    Another harsh laugh. "You know and yet you're still doing it? You really are an idiot, aren't you? Ah, but you're stubborn, so of course you are." Then his mocking smile was replaced with a flat line. "Ha, but seriously. Stop this mess. You're going to fail no matter how hard you try, so just quit it, all right? I don't like cleaning up messes any more than you do, but I got no choice to, since it's not like I'm going anywhere with this contract of mine. So come on. Stop," he said as he grabbed her arm.

    She should've pulled herself out of his grip, even if was unyielding. His words had been harsh, and his treatment dismissive, and yet...

    His hold was as gentle as it was a vicegrip. His actions had been nothing but speech, with no actual attempts to harm her. And his words...

    She remembering what her eyes told her. "Okay... Okay," she said, the tempest finally settling down along with her heart.

    ...his words were what exactly she needed to hear.

    "Ha. You really are an idiot, you know?"

    Titania laughed. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

    And so, at the Master of Chaldea's request, the Fairy King calmed the Queen and so the disturbance, and possible disaster, in Chaldea was resolved as soon as it began, not unlike how a dream can shift from one setting to the next, jarring when reviewed from the future, but a seamless transition when in the present. Now with her calmed, they could confirm that, indeed, she was falling apart because half of her Spirit Origin was made up of "King Arthur" and that had been ripped from her when her True Name was revealed. But unlike Titania, who had thought this truly would be a brief dream, the Chaldeans were nowhere near as somber. On the contrary, they reassured her...she could come back. They already had her recorded. They could simply summon her again. And this time, without accidentally causing this whole mess.

    For one must wake from a dream come morning rise...
    ...but one may return to dream when night falls.

    The wind flutters as the fairy queen comes to speak to you after the mess.

    "Ha..., ahem. Hello, Master. Sorry for... Well, sorry for everything, really. I made...a really big mess, didn't I? If I just didn't panic when you found out, maybe you could've told me all about that sooner. I just... I didn't want it to end. It already felt like a once in a lifetime chance that I managed to get here despite what I am. So I...panicked and got desperate. And I'm sorry for that. I hope you understand. Huh? You do? Haha. Of course you do. You accepted my love, Oberon, after all. I shouldn't be surprised. Still, thank you. So...while I'm still here like this...and not as Tam Lin King Arthur...I'll do what I can with the time I have. Haha. Just make sure to let me spend time with Oberon the most though, okay?"

    The Essence of a Dream Without Filter; Bonds of a Nebulous Time

    Considering the nature of her existence and the nature of her husband, it wouldn't be surprising if the wife of the Liar was also a liar, especially with her Pretender class. And it's easy to think that. She doesn't behave that much different from when she was acting as a Tam Lin. Generally, she is quiet and calm when not doing anything in particular, but when interacting with others, she's cheerful and genial. She likes jokes and playing and drinks and so on, and should she be consuming media, she is easily emotional over anything that happens within the tale. When in the middle of a fight, she is every bit of the queen she is created to be, a stalwart presence that will lead others, even if she isn't as strong as some of the harder hitters among Servants. But she doesn't lose the warmth she has when dealing with allies, being encouraging as well as disciplinary. But then you realize she is acting differently.

    She more makes it more obvious the love of her life is Oberon. She won't talk about him all the time, but just his mere presence is usually more than enough to calm her down, even during the times she's bothered with him. If she was open about her feelings before, she's even more open about them now, and she...ends up being rather...whimsical. Sometimes she feels in the mood to act like a respectable queen, other times she acts like a vindictive bitch who absolutely wants to get back at whatever or whoever wronged her, on occasion she wants to prank up a storm, and there are even more times of her just accidentally making a mess because she was suddenly interested in something and did not think it through, saying she wanted to do it because "Oberon might like this." In other words, whenever she feels, she feels it strongly and openly. It also means that sometimes she, should she feel any sort of fear or anxiety, if nothing calms her down, will have a fullblown panic. And pair all of that with her Noble Phantasm acting like a "mood ring" for her emotions can be quite wild to be around her, though generally, unless she does panic, the radius of her "mood ring" is a small area around her.

    She is simple compared to her husband.

    Something that she is...actually insecure about. Not because she thinks being simple is bad in and of itself, but because being called "simple" is a reminder that she is not "real", that she is a fictional character, and not even a nuanced one. She is a flat character. The kind that most people discard. So, like her husband, she hates anyone who discards stories, and would absolutely hoard any she consumes, not wanting to throw them away just as she fears being thrown. It is also because of this insecurity that she tries out many things and attempt to interact with all sorts of people, in hopes of becoming more "nuanced" as her worldview grows, because she wants to be someone that Oberon for sure will love and won't throw away, and nobody would throw away a "naunced character". But that also...comes with the worry that she might change too much. Because if there is one thing she doesn't want to change about herself, no matter her insecurities or the thoughts of others, is the love she feels for Oberon. And if she changes too much...what if she loses that love in the process? But that doubt never lasts long. She is capable of still getting mad at him if he does something she doesn't like, or get upset because of him hurting her feelings, or make fun of him if he does something stupid, and yet she still hasn't lost that love. And that's more than enough to keep pushing forward.

    "Ah, I guess I can actually say my wish now, huh? Well, you probably know already, but I still wish to say it. I want to be able to stay by Oberon's side, no matter what."


    Residents of ChaldeaResidents of Chaldea

    "A part of me feels like asking someone else on what would be the perfect torture for him for what his influence did to Oberon...but I wouldn't be here if it weren't for him, so I'm mostly happy he wrote that play. Just keep him away from me when I'm with Oberon though. I can't guarantee I won't join in on his attempts to murder him."
    (Breezes that remind you of a crisp summer pass)

    Qin Shi Huang (Lostbelt)
    "Master. If you wish for there to be peace in Chaldea, may I kindly suggest you keep that bastard away from me? Why? Oh. Not much. Just thinking about all the stories we may never know because he fucking burned every trace of them. Are we clear? Good. Excuse me while I try to get cuddles from my husband."
    (The strong and hot gust and large stormcloud slowly lessen in strength as they trail after the fictional queen)

    Yu Mei-Ren, Brynhildr, and other happily married wives who are Heroic Spirits along with their respective husbands
    "I'm glad for them, truly, since I can understand, but...that's also why I'm tempted to get at them, you know? I can't help but envy them."
    (The small storm cloud with a rainbow thunders over her head)

    Knights of the Round Table
    " probably figured it out by now, but part of the reason I wanted to stay away was because I didn't want to risk them figuring it out. But like I said, part of the reason. The other well... It'd be awkward, you know? I was pretending to be their king. They nice enough, I know that. But I'd still rather not talk to them often..."
    (Mist seems to be attempting to fog your view of her, but you can still make out a blush on her face)

    Artoria Pendragon (Saber)
    "Ah...I probably should apologize to her about pretending to be 'a' her...but I don't regret it in regards to her, so it wouldn't be sincere."

    "Her, on the other hand... I'm sorry for pretending to be King Arthur. Or that I knew you personally. I had to keep up my act. But...I did mean it when I said I wanted to talk to you, but I couldn't yet. Now I can. So mind telling me of your adventures so far? I'd offer an exhange, but I'm afraid I have little adventures of my own to offer."

    Arthur Pendragon
    "Huh?! Wait, is that Arthur from 'The Faerie Queene'?! I thought the actual Artoria lived through the story so there wouldn't be a separate version! ...huh? He's not? He's from another universe? Oh. Huh. That makes more sense. ...yes, I realize the irony of what I said... I guess that's all the more proof my disguise isn't the best, huh?"

    Tam Lin
    "...okay, I'll admit, I don't really want to talk to them. I don't think they're bad, yes, including Sith. But... Come on. I'm a 'fake fairy' who is a 'queen'. I'd rather not know their thoughts on that, when they have Morgan as their queen."
    (A small and dark cloud thunders over her head)

    Morgan le Fey (Lostbelt)
    "Morgan herself? Ha... I don't even want to think about what she would do to me... Though, I don't really hate her. She reminds of Oberon with how her thoughts don't match her words or actions, so that's pretty funny."
    (A chill passes through the area, the kind that goes down your spine)
    "Ah. Don't tell her I said that. She's definitely going to kill me if you do."

    Artoria (Caster)
    "Her. I like her. Though anyone who manages to be good friends with Oberon is always going to have me like them, so take that as you will. Either way, I'd like to get to know her. And I think she won't mind. ...I hope."
    (Nice soft breezes with a slight sweet floral scent pass by)

    "Hmm? Yes I know it's not the Oberon of Proper Human History. But does it matter? I never existed, so I technically don't have an Oberon that's 'mine', so as far as I'm concerned, he's more than enough for me..."
    (The sunny glow she has is replaced with downcast grey clouds)
    "Haha... If anything, you should be asking him that question. I'm a fake, after all. I'm not real. Not yet anyway. But still he..."
    (A breeze with the scent of lavender flows)
    "Haha. I'm a very lucky woman, let's just say."

    Records of the ThroneRecords of the Throne

    Ywain (yours truly!)
    "...I think we'll get along fine. He burst into tears when I explained what happened and why I did it. Even promised to read the play I came from and will try to keep the copy for as long as possible. Haha... No wonder he's so fond of his mother. I doubt even Morgan le Fey can be cold-hearted against such sincere love."
    (A warm and comforting breeze surrounds the area)

    Hank Morgan (Lancer) (FarewellToMrA)
    " figured out why I broke a bit when I saw her while I was a Tam Lin, huh? ...yes, it's because I understand her situation. It's not exactly the same as mine, but still...the end result is the same: we both wish something that wasn't real is real. So if I find manage to become real...I'll go straight to telling her how I did it. I'd like her dream to come true as well."

    Sir Orfeo (BnEl15)
    Dialogue 1:
    "So you're the musician who managed to get your love back. Haha, I can't help but be happy for you. It's very inspiring to me, since I'm looking for a way to stay with my love. ...oh. You...took your love back from a fairy king? Ah...this is...a bit awkward...since I'm, uh...a fake fairy queen...but I meant what I said, if my words still have any weight for you. I need every bit of determination I can get to keep chasing my dream."
    Dialogue 2 (if both Orfeo and Oberon are summoned)
    "No fairy could ever have a powerful sense of purpose, huh...? I guess that's all the more proof I'm a fake one. But I don't ever want to let my feelings for Oberon go, so if that's how real fairies are, maybe I shouldn't..."
    (She shook her head and a gust of winds followed)
    "No. I'll still take the risk of becoming real. I want to stay with my love. And if you can break your fate and keep your love...then I'm sure I can become real and keep mine."

    Ciabhán (WhiteFrenzy)
    "Oh, you...fell in love with a fairy queen? Er, uh, fae queen? Oh, wow, that's... I'm happy for him. Huh? Oh... ...hey, I... I know I'm a fake fairy, so I'm not really one to talk, but... Fiction is still inspired by reality, so I still think you should hear me out. Because...speaking as a fairy queen who loves her king with all my being, I can tell you that it didn't matter how it ended, or how you two lived. She was with you. And that's more than enough. So come on! Let's fucking go and get a Grail! Actually, no, two. One for me, so I can get my wish, and then another one so that I can make a wish for you, so that you don't have to worry about messing up at all! Because I just know she still wants to reunite with you! Now come on! Get!"
    (Someone might want to tell her that this particular Lancer is cursed when it comes to women, but it seems she is ignoring it despite likely noticing it with her fairy eyes)

    Queen Mavia (Saron)
    "...seems like the picture of a 'Blood Knight' I believe the trope is called. Not that I mind. Though I wonder what she's saying outside of my hearing... I sneeze around her quite often, you know, and I know what that means. I'm not dumb about that trope! So she must be saying something I should smack her on the head for."
    (It seems that, though being fictional means she's "easy to figure out", it also means she's some level of "Genre Savvy"... Keyword: some. Something happening in fction doesn't always mean the same in reality after all)

    Bearers of CrownsBearers of Crowns

    Cao Cao (OddEyedDuelist)
    "Hmm. I'm not particularly impressed, I just see a regular human that realized too late what he actually wanted, but I'm very biased when it comes to my preferences on kings."

    Edward the Black Prince (Voikirium)
    "...just like this. He's even worse than the last one. ...I don't particularly hate him though. After all...he's 'flat' like myself..."

    Sultan Baybars (Ismail2002)
    Talking about Berserker:
    "...another violent king? Ah. No...just someone chained by their past."
    In response to Berserker:
    "How do I see myself in the mirror? I look at it, of course. Is there any other way to look at yourself in the mirror?"
    (Her expression is flat and her tone even flatter)
    (As she continues, however, it is back to a dignified queen)
    "But of course I can see myself just fine even with the lies. I was fictional to begin with, a 'lie' you could say, so adding more makes no difference in how I see myself. Not when there's still truth, my truth, in all those lies. I doubt I can say the same for you, though, Enslaved King. I wouldn't be surprised if you can't recognize yourself when you look in the mirror."

    Lugh (OddEyedDuelist)
    Talking about Lancer:
    "I guess he's a 'jack of all trades', huh? Haha. Or in my case, he's a 'Johnny-do-all'. Ahem. But I guess that wouldn't be exactly right. He's a master at many things, but he still needs to learn it. So maybe it's better to say he's a learning genius? Wait...maybe I should learn from him then! If I can learn how to learn lots of things and be good at them, then I can be more 'round'!"
    (Thankfully, before she can run off and cause trouble by accident, you are able to remind her that that is not how it works; she is, unsurprisingly, disappointed)
    In response to Lancer:
    "Haha. I appreciate the sentiment, Lugh. And don't worry, I won't call you Lleu anymore, I promise. I just had to keep up my cover, is all. "

    John Henry “Doc” Holliday (Morg van Destro)
    "A dentist? And a doctor? Hmm. I guess it makes sense a wanderer like him would need to know that stuff to keep himself alive, since he travels alone. And all the more since he's sick. Still, I'm sure most wouldn't think he would know that with how skilled he is at shooting, or that he's sick in the first place. Ha. Though that's the thing about the façade. Sometimes it's not a lie, but the inside doesn't match it completely."

    Karolina Olsson (Vance)
    "...haha. She returned to reality despite being lost in a dream for so long... Good for her. I know people say reality is disappointing, and dreams are dreams because they aren't reality, but as someone who isn't real, I want to be real more than anything. So I get why she wanted to leave. A dream is all the more valuable if you can make it real."

    Laevateinn (Baron von Magnus)
    Talking about Grand Saber:
    (A brief gust, the kind that could make one stumble if their footing is uneven)
    "Eh? The sword of Surtr?! Wait, he's a Grand? ...oh. Okay. Um... ...yeesh. I mean, I know I'm not one to talk since the Oberon here is about as dangerous as him... But how he talks about burning the old to make for the new really scared me! Stories can only continue if they're passed on or recorded! If you didn't tell me his flames are made of love, I'd have... I'd have... ...ah..."
    (A mix of mist and a chill blew)
    "...I'd probably cause another natural disaster because I thought he'd burn everything..."
    (The mist still didn't successfully hide her blush of embarassment)
    In response to Grand Saber:
    "Huh? Oh, um... I...wasn't expecting that. Ahaha."
    (The breeze is reminiscent of a cool, cloudy day)
    "Ahem. Thank you for your kind words. If you say so of my dream, I can't help but feel already a little closer to making it come true. So yes, Grand Saber, you may dream alongside me."

    Louis-Auguste (MuramasaMachII)
    "A king that should have never ruled...while I am a queen who never was... Ha... I feel like I want to say something, but I can't quite put it into words... Ah. I have an idea. Wanna have a drink with me, Loius? I haven't tried any before."
    (The fake queen is obviously sympathetic to Stranger's life and predicament, but not exactly having a good way to show it)

    "Mousseline" (BnEl15)
    ""Oh...haha, yes, I am very familiar with the sentiment, milady. So I wish you all the luck. Actually, no, here. It might not be much, but I can give you some boons to help you. And if I happen to find the one you're looking for, I'll be sure to bring them straight to you! Um, until then though, uh... Do you wanna...hang out? Or something? Oh! How a out you teach me to knit? I might be able to make something cute for my husband."
    (Titania likes talking and having fun with the woman, encouraging her to chase after her dream...even if she keeps switching between terribly awkward, because of not being used to social interactions, and charismatically calm, because of her nature as "queen of the fairies")

    Nader Shah Afshar (Scotcheroos)
    " that man truly...real, Master? Oh, uh...that sounds odd, doesn't it? But well... Every single word. He is not a Pretender, and yet, every word he says is some form of lie. And not the kind most usually tell. He's... To me, he's pretending to have a dream because he doesn't know any other way to live. After all, even if he makes his ambition, his 'dream', come true...will he actually be satisfied when he gets there?"

    Olympia (RoydGolden)
    "The incarnation of the Olympics, huh? Haha. Another reminder of the sheer diversity of what can be recorded on the Throne. I wonder if I can get her to train me? Being more skilled and fit is never a bad thing, right? And I like her attitude more than some of the other hero senseis. Hmm. Though it seems my appearance is distracting her... Eh? My muscles? That's what's distracting her? But...I'm not that muscular... Why is still acting that way? You sure I shouldn't just change my clothes?"
    (...she seems to not realize that, thanks to her connection with Titans, she is actually stronger, and thus more "muscular", than her outward appearance would suggest; it doesn't help she doesn't completely understand Watcher's "Eye for Athleticism" skill)

    Odin (Baron Magnus)
    Talking about Beast V:
    "Oh, he... Haha. He's a lot like me, huh? He wants things to be a happy ending. I'd like that too. But well, like this... He's going to be causing more than a few 'bad endings' while trying for 'happy' ones."
    (A storm thunders above her, a tempest swirls around her, and the air get chilled before her, and yet it is all contained to simply around her as her gaze hardens with determination)
    "All the more reason to not hold back. I'm sure he'll understand why we need to stop him in the end, just as he believes that he's doing good even if he can't see when and where his own actions caused his own downfall. Yet another Shakespearean tragedy."
    In response to Beast V:
    "I appreciate the offer, All-Father, but there is only one king I wish to be bound to, one that I am already bound to, and you are not him."

    Temujin 「Conquest」 (fleshprism)
    "Oh, it's that guy. The 'Genghis Khan'. But wait...isn't he supposed to be that piece of the White Titan you have that's a Servant? Altera, I think, right? Oh, this is a different one? Fused with White Rider... Oh, I see. Okay."

    Yeonsangun (sutaa)
    "You! You...! Get that fucking son of a bitch awa—!"
    (The growing lightning, tempest and blizzard suddenly shrinks back to a small aura around her as she grimaces; it's hard to tell whether her face is wet from her storm or from tears threatening to fall)
    "No, I refuse to let that ass have me make a mess. ...Excuse me, Master. I'm going to find Oberon. So you better keep that bloody prat the hell away from me."
    (The natural disasters lessen as they trail after the fairy)
    (Unsurprisingly, she absolutely hates the king who wants to destroy scholarly pursuits and history, the medium in which her existence was encubated and is perpetuated through, and who loves to endlessly throw people into despair)

    Napoleon III (Frigix)
    "...this is what I mean when I want to br 'round', Master, to be real. He seems contradictory, right? Ruthless yet compassionate. Wise yet foolish. Restrictive yet liberating... Someone 'flat' like me can't ever be like that. Only someone real can be that way. Because while there is always a core to a person, they can always grow in ways no one expects, even themselves. They can be two, or three, or four, or even more things at once that shouldn't co-exist in one existence...and they do. While I... I remain the same. Always. He... He is what I hope I can be when I become real. Outside, I can be whatever I want to be, but on the inside, at my core...I'll still love Oberon.
    (What Titania doesn't seem to realize is that, if one goes with her definition, she is starting to act like the real existence she wishes to be. But you, as someone real yourself, knows that her not noticing can equally be attributed to being a flat character as it can to it not being easy to notice such things about yourself)

    The Antikythera Mechanism (gears)
    "...haha, thank you for your words, Antikythera. Er, if you don't mind me calling you that. Either way, I'm glad to be here... And I'm also glad to meet you! Do you mind if we hang out? I know I wouldn't have much to teach you in return, I'm but a dream after all, but... I would like to hear about constellations and such from you."
    (Does Titania realize what she's getting into with that request? Probably not, but that is unlikely to stop her)

    Francis I of France (Marethyu77)
    "...haha, I'm not surprised she's friends with Da Vinci-chan. Seems like she's the epitome of a 'rival', huh? A proper one too. An equal to her adversary in every way. Er, except in form I guess? Since she decided to be a woman in this form. Hmm? Who am I rooting for? Eh, I don't really care, admittedly, so may the best win! you think it'll last longer if I mess with them...?"
    (It seems the queen is currently in a trickster mood)

    Ronald Knox (WhiteFrenzy)
    "...oh, the she is, someone with the kind of power I would want, making fabrications as reality and reality as frabrications. And yet...I don't like her. As I said, ironic, huh? But I can't really bring myself to regret it. After all...she has all will to dream."

    Niccolò Paganini (Morg van Destro)
    "...somehow, he seems so...flat as well. But in a different way. This, thid devil. He only knows joy. But how can it truly be joy if he won't allow himself to feel anything else? Like sadness or anger. ...yes, I know, I know I'm one to talk. It's not as if I can properly compare my love for Oberon. But...haha, that's exactly what I mean. I'm a flat character. I'm 'one note', just as, ironically for the prince of three disharmonic tones, is 'one note' as well."

    Libeše of Bohemia (Vididii)
    Talking about Rider:
    " some ways, we are alike. We both have 'bad taste in men' as they say. But well...the difference between her and me is that I was made for him. So I cannot love anyone else but him. And he...haha, well, you know how it is, Master. I can't say more on that, otherwise his nature will mess with him. Either way... We differ because I don't want anyone else but him, while she choses to love whoever she desires in according to her taste. In other words...despite both of us having trouble, because of who and what I am...even if it's not easy, while she still seeks another she could love...I'm content with my 'bad taste in a man', in my husband, because I wouldn't want it any other way."
    In response to Rider (as Tam Lin Arthur, first time summoning)
    "I'm not sure what you mean... I stopped wearing a disguise now that I am a Servant. So I'm not sure what you mean by hiding...but, well... Yes, I do have someone that is, as you say, fated for me, but I know... I know I am incredibly lucky on that front. So I understand your envy. After all, even though I have a fated love, I couldn't be with my love for a long time, so I...can't help but be envious of all the couples who are both Heroic Spirits here."
    In response to Rider (as Tam Lin Arthur, second summoning onwards)
    "H-Hey! I know the disguise is not as good as I thought, and I don't have to keep up all aspects of it, especially who my love is, I can say it's Oberon all I want...but can you please not do anything that might de-summon please?! I still need my Tam Lin name! Ha..."
    (The flaring of her "sword sheath" settled down as she calms down...and regards Rider with a sympathetic and somber expression)
    "But seriously, sure, feel envious. I know you can't help it, but...I want to make one thing clear. I was made for him, buy I'm not...'fated to be with him'. If I was fated to be by his side...well..."
    (A wry smile)
    "...I wouldn't be 'no more yielding but a dream' now, would I? But I am. I'm just a mere dream of one night. So I can only stay longer if I take a longer dream, of a king dreaming of a ever distant utopia. So even if I love him with all my being and he...he loves me despite everything, I still need to chase after my dream to stay with him for good. So I would apprrciate if you didn't think my lot is easier...because I wish it was."

    Yinglong (Spelror)
    "You...! Ha... Yes. Defintely. You will find your love. If he's in a situation similar that is in any way similar to mine...then he is out there. Can you let me help you? I mean, it'll require two Grails, but I want to see your promise be realized! So let's get started!"

    The End of a Dream; The Start of a Dream

    Bond Craft Essence
    Therefore Is Winged Fairy Painted Blind

    Is what I feel for my king truly love?

    I was born already with this love in my heart, unlike all those who were real whose love grew over time, whether over a long period or a short one.
    In your eyes, I know that you think "what you're feeling isn't love."
    But, well...I would never know, since I have always been this way.

    I have never not been this way.
    So I will never experience falling in love.
    And I will never experience being "independant" from my love.

    I was created for him.
    And I'm fine with that.
    That's who I am.

    If I'm not in love with Oberon, than I am not Titania.

    Author's Notes (aka long ramblings of an anxiety filled writer
    i've done it.
    i've gone and made a pretender.

    I am prepared to be roasted! ...not. i am not prepared. again: low self esteem sucks ass; im still working on it But I am expecting to get something wrong with my first Pretender, a Class that I personally feel is very, very execution heavy, so I'm worried if I did that whole Pretender deal right. And not only am I worried about executing that part, I'm also worried if I made this crazy idea convincing or compelling. Because I feel like the moment I tie it with Oberon is the moment I set high expectations for this sheet. But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself...I don't wanna ramble. So have my thoughts as a list.

    • I double-checked with Saron to at least know if it counts for the contest. It does. Again, I hope you at least like this. 'Cause I'm worried how well I did. It's a Pretender for crying out loud. That shit don't look easy to me...
    • Why yes (PERSONA 5 ROYAL SPOILERS HERE) I picked that particular character for the Titania FC because the tie felt perfect.I picked Sumire as the FC because of her whole deal with Kasumi and pretending to be her. Titania from Fire Emblem (Path of Radiance & Radiant Dawn) was picked to "match" with her...but also a cheeky hint to what her identity is.
    • I purposefully made the Tam Lin part as short as possible without being ridiculously short. I thought it'd be better if it wasn't long so that readers won't be fatigued when they reach the Pretender reveal.
    • Meanwhile I tried to make it obvious something is off without making it look like a (completely) poor disguise for Titania so that you know there's still more but still make it clear after the reveal that there won't be anything more than that (aka no "surprise! It's even longer" moments). I can't tell if I succeeded...
    • Also worried if I succeeded. Making sure the technical part didn't interrupt the narrative... I wasn't in the mood to do what I did with Anti-Caster Erik and Boogeyman and wanted to go back to (mostly) my old format. I feel like it's fine overall, but I can't help but worry when a few parts are more like a fanfic than the "dramatic summary" for most of my other sheets.
    • Another 'nother thing I'm worried about: aforementioned story. Y'know. 'Cause it's tied to Oberon. So like. Expectations and shit. I feel like I might've made it too short but I didn't want it to be long, so I'm worried the story suffered as a result. Not to mention tone. I had originally wanted Titania to basically be a boss encounter, but like...I couldn't imagine it. Plus I thought Oberon would NOT stand for Chaldea beating her up. So yeah... Worried it's abrupt. The only thing consoling me at the moment is the "excuse" of "hey it's like a dream. It constantly switches without rhyme or reason, and I keep comparing Titania to a dream".
    • Speaking of her character. I'm worried that, compared to Oberon, Titania is very, very generic, and thus very, very boring, as a Pretender, and thus any attempts at paralleling the two would fall flat. But I decided to add that "bug" as a "feature" to her character when I realized that could be used as a trait that is "opposite" to Oberon. Oberon is a fully realized, nuanced, character, from being real, having a history, and the good writing that was in LB6. Meanwhile, this Titania is a dream, a flat character, the literal "character made solely to be the love interest" (at least that's how I interpreted it with the way Oberon talked about her) for Oberon. I don't know if that actually adds to her character or not, but I thought I might as well try to use the problem to my advantage.
    • I had originally meant for adding something about her being summoned again but I wasn't sure where to put it and how.
    • I am not overly familiar with "A Midsummer Night's Dream". I have only read through it/heard all of it at least once. Hence why I am worried about my characterization of this Titania.
    • I had trouble on decided what her "true" NP would be until I saw the read of the play (again) where Titania mentions the area/forest is a mess because of their argument, which I interpreted it as "the forest is tied to their moods", hence why it works that way for the NP.
    • It's named "Hollow" as in "without significance", since Titania is a "fake fairy queen" and a "dream"...and just so happens to also mean "having a hole or empty space inside" like the Vortigern part of Oberon.
    • I realized I basically Titania's "real" NP makes her like Pepa from Encanto with her emotions. ...yet another reason to keep it like that.
    • The part of her fake "Excalibur" NP where it would never hit her is based on The Faerie Queene Arthur's sword, which refused to hurt him. Note I have yet to actually properly read it (ive been meaning to but havent gotten to it damnit) so apologies for anything else about Arthur from the poem I could've used for the Tam Lin part.
    • I like to think that in FGO gameplay, her NP for her real form would inflict her with a demerit that would kill her in 3 turns but compensates with a card omnibuff.
    • Titania still has a high strength parameter because of her ties with Titans. But mostly because I thought it'd be funny.
    • For anyone wondering what was up in the Lugh line: apparently jack of all trades comes from "Iohannes fac totum"/"Johannes Factotum", a moniker Robert Greene gave to, purportedly, Shakespeare. I can't tell how accurate that is, but I thought it was neat, and even if it's false, that's what a lot of people think Greene was referring to, so of course Titania, a fiction made by Shakespeare, would use a "possible fiction" about him in turn.

    And...that's it. I think. If you've read my sheets before, you know how I am by now about my author's notes. But still gonna say it: will add more if I remember but that's unlikely.
    Last edited by DracoScribe; February 24th, 2024 at 09:42 AM. Reason: Added all the way up to Yinglong!
    Author of:
    Persona 5: Refraction (SV link; link)
    "You didn't have to fight for me, you know." "And you didn't have to curl your hair so we'll look even more alike." Ren stared before he softly chuckled, Akira joining him not long after. With one simple decision as a child, Ren Amamiya goes to Tokyo alongside his little sister, Akira. (P5R Sibling AU) (Ren/Ann, Akechi/Fem!Akira)
    Chapter 54 on: March 27, 2023 (GMT +8:00)
    Velvet Throne
    My list of my Servants! Still small for now.

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    Oh boy, my entry's no Fairy Queen, but with the themes she has, they'll definitely get along. Can't wait to write the relationship lines.

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    when I first saw the words "Tam Lin King Arthur" together I thought to myself "This better be a Pretender", and you FREAKING COOKED. It's just so sweet, I love your adorable Fairy Queen already

    even though my contest entry might have some mixed feelings...

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    Amazingly done Draco-cooked with some gas on this one

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    I love her so much.


    My thirst for Antonio grows by the second.


    I Make Servants, Some Of Which Are Tragedies

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    Draco, you cook so much, I'm jealous. Chef's kiss.
    My compendium is here:

    My fanfiction Fate/Roundabout is here:

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    Berserker of the Slave King

    Class: Berserker
    True Name: Sultan Baybars
    Origins: Egypt
    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Strength: A++
    Agility: B
    Endurance: EX
    Mana: B
    Luck: C
    NP: A

    LoreSultan Baybars, aka the Slave, Turn King, is a real rags-to-riches story as he was originally born in the Eurasian Steppe near Kazakhstan. He and his family were migrating toward the Second Bulgarian Empire when they were caught in a Mongol Raid, during which Baybars saw the massacre of his entire family before he was taken away to the slave markets in the Sultanate of Rum. He was then bought by a high-ranking noble of Egypt. But that didn’t last long, as the Sultan of Egypt arrested the noble, and his wealth, including Baybars, was taken. Then, Baybars became a part of the Sultan’s army. There, he made his name through the fear that emanated through the battles and massacres that he orchestrated and partook in his campaign against the Crusaders, like the one in the City of Al Mansurah, where he tricks the Templars into a sense of safety as they lead like lambs to slaughter as they are exterminated en masse by the army and the locals. The result is that of the 290 Templars that entered the city, only five lived through the massacre. After that, he became the High Ranking General in the Mamluk Sultanate. But that wasn’t enough for him, so he arranged the assassination of his sultans, and each one lay dead because of his scheme with the final death of Sultan Quztuz. Baybars grab the empty throne without much resistance. From there, he began his campaign across the Levant and the Middle East, cementing his full authority. However, this taint in his saint graph is a phantom pain that he can’t fully understand. That came from an Incident from the Incineration of Humanity. In the 6th Singularity, the Crusaders were desperate to use the Holy Grail to win their war. In doing so, they only have brought a more dangerous enemy in the Lion King and the Knights of the Round Table as their supernatural powers began ravaging the levant. Baibars, in a panic, does the unthinkable: transferring the demonic crest out of the templar corpses he had executed. With the help of the Altas Institute, he manages to have it done and forcefully extract the power from the crest. Though little does he know the price of that power, Halphas is delighted at Baibars seeing him as a wonderful pawn in the Incineration of Humanity as his goals were in line with Goetia’s, albeit unknowingly. His burning anger against the Lion King aligned with Goetia’s wish to deal with the last remnants of humanity before he could execute his plan. So Halphas starts to grant Baibars more of his power, but Baibars becomes increasingly reckless with it until he explodes with the mana. Ripping through his skin as blades, he laughs at his misery as his final battlefield becomes a ruined torch land as final defiance against the Knight of the Round.

    Personality His quite heated and can often trigger the slightest things. He can talk clearly, but communicating with him is hard since he easily lashes out at everything. Especially the things that remind him of that singularity. He has signs of PTSD and would fly into a rage at seeing them, so much so that people in Chaldea have compiled a list of key phrases that shouldn’t be said when near him. These include Lion, King, Knight, and Lance. There are others, but these 4 are the primary ones. Though he often finds solace with animals, particularly cats, he becomes much more relaxed whenever he is near one. Thus, he has a fondness for servants who exhibit cat-like features. For his master, he acts rather coldly, only seeing them as a means to an end. So he would play fast and loose with the rulings of his master just as he did of his masters in life. However he wouldn’t go so far as killing them since, in his own words, that just be a waste.

    Class SkillMadness Enhancement (EX Rank): A grim madness that plagues Baybars, for he sees the world that has been ravaged and burned all his life; he never found peace as he did in life for the Camelot Singularity has tainted his Saint Graph as the horrific events have been burn on to his soul forever haunting him till the end of his days. He can talk, but his guard is always up, building up in an almost narcissistic case of paranoia. Though the most damming of all is the nature of his PTSD, so much so that he rarely allows himself any rest or recreation, just mindlessly on guard for an attack that never happens. This Skill gave him a minor defense against being put to sleep, as his madness from paranoia had an insomniac effect on him.

    “Just leave me alone, would you? I will not rest until this pain within my soul rests. I would shut my eyes until I take down this dreadful nightmare.”

    Personal SkillSultan of the Broken Chains (EX Rank): A skill that increases the cost of using a command seal to control him for any actions. The more it goes against Baibar's wishes, the more command seal it costs to command him. But the inverse is true: if one uses the command seal to help Baibars in his goal, the effects will double in power.

    This skill manifests Baibar's meteoric rise in power from a slave to a sultan. His will and authority were hard to bend into others’ will. Even in chains and as a slave soldier, his authority burns bright. He was his own boss, and his presence would lead them to think so, as he is the one who pulls the strings of the puppeteer rather than the other way around.

    “You and I have a mutual contract, but that doesn’t make you the master of me; I have my boundaries, and it is very much in your prerogative to respect that boundary. As so many of my so-called “masters” would attest to,”

    Holy Knight’s Bane (A++ Rank): This skill increases the effectiveness of attacks towards Good Align Servants. He gains immunity to faith-based sacraments and skills. This skill manifested as a dark, looming aura that constantly bathed Baibars in dark flames that paralyzed his foes, particularly those with the Knight Affinity.

    This skill encompasses Baibar's bloody history in the West as the Bane dealt a lasting blow to the Crusaders. The great fear that the Western world, after his countless slaughters of the Knights. He is a ruthless and cunning conqueror who will do anything for his goal.

    “A knight, what ludicrous notion. All that nonsense babble about chivalry is all but gone at the sight of the blood and steel in the battlefield.”

    Grand Order ( A- Rank): The mark of a Beast, signifying one’s status as an Enemy of the Human Order. A curse embedded into the Magic Crest of 72 magus families by a being claiming to be King Solomon. It ensures that when their assigned time arrives, one of the seventy-two Demon God Pillars will take over their descendant’s body and carry out their plan of the Incineration of the Human Order.

    Baibars didn’t inherit the crest naturally through his heritage but transplanted it from one of the corpses of the Knights Templar at Castle Blanc and forcibly tapped into its powers, which is an extremely potent Projection Magecraft as expected of the Armorer of the Demon God Pillar. Though this skill cost his body too much pain because of the sudden and rushed nature of the transplant, the crest can power grew uncontrollably as his body tore itself apart by the weapons that burst out. This leads to his death in the 6th singularity, having to push his body to its absolute limits forcibly.

    “Yet, Another set of chains that binds me, though it burns of hell fire. I so what accustom to it, Master you know why we humans often bound ourselves to servitude.”

    Noble Phantasm
    Tomb of Calamity, Minat Al Jahim
    Type: Anti-City
    Rank: A

    A unique Noble Phantasm, some even call it a type of reverse Reality Marble, whereas a normal one projects the users' mental landscape onto the world. This Noble Phantasm does the opposite as it entraps a set area around the user to be dragged into their mental landscape. This mental landscape is that of the endless ruins of war. In this hellscape of a mental state, everything is a trap set to kill the target from the blades, even the air itself. This Noble Phantasm manifests the Calamity that Baybars wrought towards the Crusaders. This noble phantasm dealt extra damage to Good and Lawful Servants.

    “War, this is War master. No beauty lies within it like fanciful epics, just brutal killings to see which ones rise to the top.“

    Misc LinesLikes: I have a particular fondness for animals, especially cats. As I had built an entire garden for them during my rule

    Dislikes: So-called chosen ones, those who had their gifts handed to them by the whims of fate, had it easy. Unlike me, who started from the very bottom with no divine guarantee that all I have accomplished is from my drive alone

    Holy Grail: Take away that wretched cup from my sight, that thing has been nothing but trouble me from the start.

    Event: Yet, another feast is upon us; I am already getting sick and tired of this cherry atmosphere. So, I am just going to rest in my room.

    RelationshipsArtoria Pendragon (Saber): That irritating face, but I know you aren’t the one who broke me. In any other instance, we could have seen eye to eye. Or maybe not, since I already had a sour taste against ordinary lazy kings who get their titles from their parents. But people who get their crown handed to them by Fate are just revolting. SO STAY OUT OF MY SIGHT

    Artoria Pendragon (Lancer): You, with that cold look, come to look down upon me once again, unlike you lot that was given your crown by the whims of spirits. I pry mine with my own two hands. For what kind of king are you without that blasted lance? I WILL CUT YOU DOWN WHERE YOU STAND

    Gilgamesh: Yeah, keep yapping all you want, Golden Boy. Tell me to take away your treasure and what you have left. I am a mongrel, but it is better than being a pampered pet of those gods that got a little stuck up in the end.

    Knight of The Round: Behold the so-called chivalrous knights. What a joke. You guys might be the most hypocritical bunch I ever met. Tell me something, how long have you guys deluded yourself as righteous even through the deaths you wrought?

    Nero Claudius: Of all the Kings or emperors I met, you are by far the most delusional one I met. I almost pitied you. Like me, you're nothing but a puppet bound by the crown for your people or, rather, your mother. You may deluded yourself that what you always wanted the crown. Tell me oh emperor did you really sought out the crown in life.

    Charlemagne: What is this farce? You think you could wipe away the horrors of your rule by dressing it up all pretty in a fantasy tale. Even propaganda has its quirks. Oh, you are just a phantom of the real one. Well, that is even more depressing. Is it not your entire existence that is basically just propaganda, a fantasy, a lie?

    Jacques De Molay: and here lies bare the true face of the Templars. Tsk, tsk, tsk, have you already grown tired of the mask that you take off along with humanity? It’s about time, and I was getting sick and tired of those drivels you lot spouted when I drove you out of the Levant.

    Cao Cao: All the blood on that trails behind you as you ascend the mountain that is of Kingship. A dream that is what keeps you motivated. It would seem I have a kindred spirit in you, though I would ask you. When did you start dreaming of the crown in the first place, and what led to your disappointment?

    Edward The Black Prince: What was that you seek in the crown oh right birthright. It's such a shallow drive; yours is naught more than a child's temper tantrum. You are nothing more than a manchild who thinks of the crown as nothing but a shiny toy they never had.

    Tam Lin King Arthur (Tatainia): Tsk, to think someone has grown this desperate as to resort to this farce. False Queen of Fairies, those eyes that pierce the truth, thou. You have stolen a crown in the name of love. Tell me how well you seed yourself in the mirror with the myriad of lies reflected in you. Though I have qualms with the stolen crown, that qualm does not lie with you.

    Bond CEThe Chains of the Thorne

    Freedom is a chance to be free from these chains of life.

    For how long he desired to be free, for every blood he shed is to loosen the bond that tightened him.

    But they never get loose, only ever to grow tighter and tighter. They killed for so long that the chain started to rust and lock him up.

    When the opportunity arose to bore the crown, he thought he had it all once. A key to freedom that he lost as a child, but Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown.

    As it laid upon his head and Baibars sat upon the throne, these were yet another chains upon him.

    The Days, Months, and years go by as the chains keep pilling upon his throne. Is this truly the freedom that he sought after?

    As he saw his people thriving, he thought to himself that these chains were the price he paid for the throne.

    Freedom was an illusion. The only freedom we have is the freedom to choose our masters and to him. His Master is that of his people.

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    Lugh Samildanach
    Class: Lancer
    Title: Skilled in All Arts (Samildanach), The Long Handed (Lamfada)
    Gender: Male
    Source: Mythological Cycle (Irish Mythology)

    Region: Ireland
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Height: 185cm
    Weight: 75kg

    Strength: B
    Endurance: B
    Agility: A
    Mana: B
    Noble Phantasm: A
    Luck: B

    Class SkillsClass Skills
    Magic Resistance A
    Cancels spells that are A-Rank or below. As a Divine Spirit and a talented mage in his own right, Lugh’s Magic Resistance is such that he’d be untouchable to a modern mage.

    Personal Skills
    Personal Skills

    Divinity B+
    Lugh once served as the King of the Tuatha De Danann, and as such should have an exceptional rank in divinity. However, it seems as though it has been lowered for whatever reason.

    Eternal Arms Mastery A+
    A skill symbolizing unquestioned mastery of arms within one’s era. One of Lugh’s titles “Lamfada” (tl. Long-Arm) serves as a testament to his skill with weapons that can be cast, be they slings or spears. No mental interference can hamper Lugh’s skill in battle, and even if Lugh should lose his preferred armaments, his skill will not be found lacking.

    Magecraft B+
    The mark of a servant capable of using magecraft. It is, of course, among Lugh’s uncountable skills. While Lugh was able to use magecraft on a level that rivaled and even surpassed many of his fellow members of the Tuatha De Danann, because he is a servant of the Lancer Class, his prowess is lowered.

    Eye of the Mind (Fake) B
    A skill that denotes innate talent for predicting and avoiding danger. As “the most talented of the gods” Lugh’s natural aptitude for reading the nature of combat situations is unparalleled, and thus, he is in possession of this skill. No matter the situation’s intensity, Lugh shall be able to maintain a cool head.

    Noble PhantasmsNoble Phantasms
    Brionac: The Roaring Seven Stars
    Rank: B++

    Classification: Anti-Army

    Also known as Gae Assail

    One of the four treasures of the Tuatha De Danann. The five pronged spear wielded by the God of Light, it is an attack of unparalleled destructive ability. It is similar in form and power to [Gae Bolg: Soaring Spear That Strikes with Death], yet [Brionac: The Roaring Seven Stars] possesses an ability that manipulates causality much like [Gae Bolg: Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death].
    When [Brionac: The Roaring Seven Stars] is launched, it sets a simple rule, as if adding a program onto causality.
    [If this strike is not met in turn by an opponent’s strongest card, they will suffer a fatal wound].
    If the opponent does choose to counter Brionac, the clash between Noble Phantasms will simply play out as it would as if the opponent used their Noble Phantasm of their own accord. If the opponent is stronger, they will win. If Brionac is stronger, it will win. If the opponent takes any other course of action; dodging, retreating, answering with a “lesser” attack, their attempts will inevitably fail, and they will suffer a fatal wound.

    In many ways, [Brionac: The Five Roaring Stars] could be described as an inverse of [Fragarach: The Gouging Sword of the War God] - Brionac requires an opponent to answer with their trump card, while Fragarach can only be launched after an opponent uses their’s. If one were to wield them both (as Lugh temporarily did in his legend) they would prove to be an invincible combination. However, due to the restrictions of the class system, Lugh can only wield Brionac.

    Samildanach: A Hero, A Champion, A Poet, A Mage, A Smith
    Rank: A
    Classification: Learning
    A Noble Phantasm that borders on being [a skill] rather than a true noble phantasm. However, due to its weight as a part of Lugh’s legend, it manifests as a Noble Phantasm that affects Lugh both body and mind.

    When Lugh approached the House of the Tuatha De Danann, he asked to be let in. They told him that they would not let him in unless he was an expert in some kind of art. No matter what Lugh said he was good at, the Tuatha De Danann claimed that they already had someone who could do what Lugh said he could. Only when Lugh asked if they had someone who could do all of them like he could was he let in. Thus, Lugh was deemed “Samildanach” - One Skilled in All Arts.
    [Samildanach: A Hero, A Champion, A Poet, A Mage, A Smith] acts as an ever-increasing “upgrade” to Lugh’s Magecraft and Eternal Arms Mastery skills. If Lugh witnesses an act of magecraft, he will be able to intuit its fundamental principles and use it for himself. If Lugh witnesses how someone fights, he can inuit its fundamental principles and incorporate it into his own fighting style.
    While Lugh’s imitations will rarely be perfect copies of the original - as sword techniques copied by Okada Izo’s [Shimatsuken: Sword of Settlement] would be - as [Samildanach: A Hero, A Champion, A Poet, A Mage, A Smith] is based on Lugh “learning” an ability rather than copying it, this means it is possible for Lugh to repurpose a technique or even evolve a technique he’s learned for his own purposes.

    Truly, a Noble Phantasm of one regarded as “The Most Talented of the Tuatha De Danann”.

    Character - Personality, Motive and Attitude Towards Master, Historical DepictionPersonality
    In many ways, Lugh is not too dissimilar to his son, Cu Chulainn; both balance a rather savage character against a charming personality - with neither being false. Where his son could be described as having a “big brother” kind of temperament, Lugh could be described with the manner of a “beloved uncle” - laid-back, yet willing to enable exciting ideas a more responsible figure would never entertain.
    In spite of his status as both a king and his history as a divine spirit, Lugh conducts himself as a warrior, and quite a mercenary one at that. While certainly possessing more loyalty than a sellsword, Lugh is quite direct and selfish in terms of accomplishing his goals.

    Motive and Attitude Towards Master
    Lugh views his master as an ally. Not a friend, not a lord, nothing with any particular emotional weight. A master is an ally that Lugh cannot not abandon and nothing more.
    To use an example, if the odds were 50/50 in terms of saving his master from a trap in the midst of a Holy Grail War, Lugh would attempt to save them, trusting in his skill to win the day. If the odds were 95/5 in favor of Lugh failing, he would cut his losses and find a new master to avenge his old one rather than betting on the 5% chance.

    “It’s simple, right? You can accomplish more if you’re alive than if you’re dead. There’s no point in both me and my master dying without either of us accomplishing our goals.”
    Lugh’s reasons for fighting are equally mercenary. The Holy Grail is an object of great prestige, and Lugh would like to have such prestige. In a Holy Grail War, his attitude would actually grow less serious the closer to victory he got, as it is not actually the Grail itself he is after. While not as prestigious as winning the competition, being a “finalist” is still prestigious in its own way, so Lugh would fight less desperately than if the punishment for defeat was “being the first eliminated”.

    In short, he is someone who selfishly fights for the sake of his own self-satisfaction, yet can be counted on to fight reliably on the side he’s chosen.
    If questioned as to why a Divine Spirit who even achieved the position of “The King of Gods” is even summonable in a manner not at all dissimilar from a normal heroic spirit, Lugh will shrug it off.

    Historical Depiction
    The God of Light and the Sun in Irish Mythology. He possesses counterparts in Welsh and Gaulic legends under the name Lleu and Lug respectively.
    The grandson of the Formorian Balor, Lugh’s father Cian impregnated his mother Ethlenn after having snuck into the tower she was imprisoned in via crossdressing. It was an ideal affair, all things considered. Cian got to exploit the prophecy that Balor would be killed by his grandson, and Ethlenn got to have a night of passion with the man of her dreams (literally, in her case).
    When Lugh was born, Balor had the child seized and dumped into the sea to die. Miraculously, the young boy survived and was delivered to his father Cian, who promptly delivered him to the woman Tailtiu for fosterage.

    Lugh grew up to be an exceptionally talented and learned young man, and when he came of age, he went off to join his father’s people, the Tuatha De Danann.
    Arriving at the Hall of the Tuatha De, Lugh insisted they let him enter, but they would not allow him to until he proved he was exceptionally skilled in some particular area. Lugh listed off his many skills, all of which the Tuatha had. However, only Lugh possessed all of these skills, so he was permitted entry. Once inside, Lugh uses his skills to dazzle the Tuatha De Danann further, competing in a stone-throwing competition with the champion Ogma, and playing his harp with supreme expertise. The god Nuada, worried that the weakness he acquired from failing to adjust to his new hand would spell defeat for the Tuatha De Danann, ceded Lugh his throne, and thus Lugh became king of the Tuatha De Danann.
    During the Second Battle of Maige Tuired, Nuada would fall to Balor, and Lugh would finally fulfill the prophecy that led to his birth by slaying Balor.
    Sometime after the Second Battle of Maige Tuired, Lugh’s father Cian was slain by the Children of Turienn. Using his position as king, Lugh sent the Children of Turienn on a series of impossible tasks, which eventually led to their doom.

    A feud caused by an affair of Lugh’s wife eventually led to his death when he was speared through the foot and tossed in a lake to drown.
    After his death, Lugh would somehow become the father of Cu Chulainn and aid his son during the Tain Bo Cuailnge.

    Bond One - BalorBond 1
    Lugh’s grandfather, possessor of the “prototype” of the Mystic Eye of Death Perception. A singular eye so heavy it needed aid in opening, but once it was open, death came to whoever befell it.
    Unlike the modern Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Balor’s was something he was born with, something inherent to him, akin to a God’s [Authority].

    For an entity to be so steeped in death, it must have consequences for those who follow close in his bloodline, no?
    Maybe it was even responsible for the destiny linking Balor and his future grandson, a "shared line of death", as it were.

    Bond 2 - Eternal Arms Master A+, Magecraft B+, The Summoning of Heroic SpiritsBond 2
    Eternal Arms Mastery A+, Magecraft B+, The Summoning of Heroic Spirits
    Lugh cultivated his talent quickly while he was being raised by Tailtiu. In fact, Tailtiu likely had more influence on Lugh’s character than any other. How could she not? She knew at the core Lugh would be more similar to her than either Cian or Balor. It was she who provided tutors to nurture his talent, it was she who dictated his worldview.
    “Little Light, come here, there is something you must know. When you go to seek your father’s people, dispel any thoughts of grand reunion or high principles. Know that no matter where your loyalty falls, enemies will flock to you. Do not allow yourself to be swamped by principle, lest your enemies swarm you. But do not neglect principle entirely, lest you allies join the swarm. You are talented, Little Light. You will find the balance.

    Divine Spirits can not be summoned as a heroic spirit, not without a host body as a Pseudo-Servant or under exceptional circumstances. Yet the Lugh summoned appears to be the exact servant described in the legends surrounding the Second Battle of Maige Tuired. How is this a possibility?

    Bond Three - Father of Cu Chulainn, The Children of TuriennBond 3
    Father of Cu Chulainn, The Children of Turienn
    Perhaps what Lugh is most famous for in spite of his adventures among the Tuatha De Danann is his role as the father of Cu Chulainn. Something he could have only done long after he was said to have died. It is a blatant contradiction, one that has long been left up to scribal interpretation of legend long after the fact. For his part, Lugh is tight-lipped about the truth. No, it is more like the truth means so little to Lugh that he does not see it worthy of being revealed.

    For many, the title of King means something. A responsibility, a privilege, an enjoyment, a right. Lugh sees it as none of those things. Certainly, he accepts the responsibilities that come with the crown, it is said Ireland was quite prosperous during his reign, but Lugh never treated it with the same seriousness of a smith at work, the same seriousness a warrior treats battle. It was no different than anything else.

    Perhaps the best example of this attitude towards the crown is in the Tragic Tale of Children of Tuireann. After they killed his father, Lugh used his authority as King to order them on a series of impossible tasks, which eventually killed them. There was no political motive or ideological motive for this, no “deeper meaning”. If Lugh had not been king, he would have slaughtered them with his superior skill as a warrior. He simply chose to use the authority of the crown rather than the arms of a warrior or the spells of a mage.

    Yes, to Lugh Samildanach, “wearing the crown” was simply another job, simply another tool, simply another “art” he excelled at.

    Bond 4 - Samildanach: A Hero, A Champion, A Poet, A Mage, A SmithBond 4
    Samildanach: A Hero, A Champion, A Poet, A Mage, A Smith
    The God Lugh has no [Authority], the hallmark of a divine spirit. Although he was revered as a God of Light and the Sun, the abilities he demonstrates relating to such domains are simply byproducts of Lugh combining his skills in other areas.

    No, it would be more accurate to describe “Samildanach” itself as the “Authority” he possesses as a servant. That rather than possessing a God’s Authority, Lugh possesses Godly Talent. Provided with the proper education, Lugh can become a world class expert at anything, such an expert he can even rival Gods who themselves are experts in such fields. Lugh cannot be described as a “God Who Is Unparalleled” but rather a “God who Parallels All Others”.

    But it’s strange, isn’t it? A Divine Spirit who can be summoned as a Heroic Spirit with seemingly no issue, a Divine Spirit lacking authority. An impossibility on the surface, and impossibility even deeper.

    There is no way to rationalize it.


    Bond 5 - Divinity B+, King of the Tuatha De Danann, Slayer of BalorBond 5
    Divinity B+, King of the Tuatha De Danann, Slayer of Balor
    Of course the Lugh summoned as a Heroic Spirit lacks the divinity rank would expect of the King of the Irish Gods. Of course Lugh can only replicate the abilities of his “Authority” through imitating it with his variety of skills. Of course the Lugh summoned is seemingly identical to the one who killed Balor.

    Because the Lugh who killed Balor was never a Divine Spirit.

    Balor’s mysterious eye, the predecessor of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, “killed” the Divine Spirit Lugh before he was even born. The Lugh born of Cian and Ethlenn was impossibly a human, possessed of divine blood like a demigod, but not the divine spirit he should have been. While Balor failed to kill Lugh by throwing him into the ocean, he had “killed” Lugh’s chances of being a Divine Spirit before he was even born.

    Yet Lugh reached the level of the gods anyway. Thanks to the tutelage he received by living with Taitilu, Lugh managed to cultivate his potential into an array of skills which matched the Gods even before he was one of them. He slayed Balor, who no other warrior or sorcerer in the Tuatha could slay. He achieved the throne as a mortal and ruled just as prosperous as any of the Tuatha De Danann could, and even now ranks among their most famous members.

    It was only when Balor of the Evil Eye was long slain, and the Lugh that killed him dead to the hands of a feud was “Lugh the Divine Spirit” truly able to be born.

    It is now plain to see why Lugh treats the mystery of his godhood so frivolously, why he treats the crown of kingship like any other piece of apparel. They were nothing more than a few more “arts” on top of all the ones he was already an expert in.

    Bond Craft CE - The God of the SunBond Craft Essence
    The God of the Sun
    “Whenever Taitilu took me to see the sunrise, she always used it as a warning. ‘If you gaze too long at the sun, your eyes will be ruined’ and all of that. But she also told me to envisage it as Balor’s eye. That one day I would have to face that eye, just as we faced the sun right now. Facing it, yet not staring at it head on.”

    “But I always loved the sun.”
    “Unlike the moon, it did not need a thousand stars accompanying it. If anything, it needed clouds to dim its radiance. It stood apart from all others, magnificent, implacable, the center of attention no matter what.”
    “All I knew about myself was that I was supposed to kill Balor one day.”
    “But watching that sunrise I decided.”
    “No, by the time my life is over, Balor shall only be known as someone I killed.”
    “I would achieve such heights that none would shine as brightly as I did.”
    “Yes, at that moment I decided.”
    “I would be just like the sun.”

    (Credit For Image, Wikipedia:

    Cu Chulainn (Lancer)
    "Yep, that's my son all right. Its a bit strange to live with the knowledge that he eventually surpassed me with fame, and I'm certainly not happy about it...but it wouldn't be very class of me to be a sore loser. So, respect where its due kid."
    Lugh’s son, although the two do not often interact. They are cordial with each other, but seem to possess no desire to know each other deeper than that. It makes sense, most divine parents are not particularly close to their children, and Lugh was no exception. Both can count on the other to be reliable in battle, so at least they have that common ground to stand on.

    Manannan Mac Lir (Bazett Fraga McRemitz)
    "A fan, huh? Say, do you want to here some of the really crazy storiees, the ones to crazy to be chronicled? In my opinion, they're the most entertaining....why're ya lookin at me funny?"

    In terms of Bazett, Lugh finds her bewilderment over his ability to manifest without a pseudo-servant entertaining. He also takes advantage of her admiration of him and other Irish legends to tell her…”exaggerated” stories that where never chronicled.

    Manann rarely corroborates Lugh’s stories.

    "Oi, old man, I wanna talk to you. No, your choice of host won't save you from getting called that."

    That's the big guy from Greece, right? He was famous alright, even I heard of him eventually. Completed Twelve Labors, achieved godhood...yeah, I can definetly see why people couldn't stop talking about him."

    While Lugh cannot communicate with the Berserker, he can often be found musing that he feels something of a connection with the Greek Hero.

    Gilgamesh (Archer)
    “Come on! With my skill and your arsenal, we’d be an unstoppable team”
    -Lugh, right before dodging a rain of Noble Phantasms

    It would seem that Lugh has nearly gotten himself killed multiple times pestering the King of Heroes to let him dig through his treasury.

    Cao Cao (Odd-Eyed Duelist)
    "So, that's one of the east's great commanders, huh? He's not quite what I expected listening to that Chen Gong fellow, but I can tell his reputation isn't just for show."
    Lugh's rather ambivilent regarding the Hero of Chaos. While he respects the man's ambition, he has no desire to no him on a personal level.

    Edaward The Black Prince (Voikirium)
    "Could you like, chill out there bud. I can appreciate ruthlessness, but ruthlessness without sense is just cruelty. No wonder you never got that crown if you act like that."
    Lugh understands he does not have much ground to criticize Edward given his own ruthless acts in life, but he does find his attitude grating. As such, Lugh doesn't mind needling the man, even if could potentially escalate to violence.

    Tam Lin King Arthur (Titania) (Draco-Scribe)

    "The redhead? Yeah, she seems charming enough. Real night in shining armor type. Not my personal style, but whatever works, right? I should remind her not to call me Lleu, tho. That's a completly different guy."
    Post True Name Reveal "...Oi, no beatin around the bush about it, I feel for ya lass. But, you seem to be making the most of it, so I won't say any more. That'd just sound like pity. What I said before though still stands, even if you've got a different name. Don't call me Lleu."
    Issues like the one's surronding Titania and her exsistence go right over Lugh's head. That being said, he can at least understand that being a purely fictional being must be a rather rough situation, so he tries to treat her with some amount of gentleness.

    Sultan Baybars (Ismail2002)
    "Master, keep me away from that guy. I'll work with him if I have to, but I think talking to him would just be a drag."
    Lugh took one look at the Sultan and decided he would rather not have an extended conversation with him. He's like this with a lot of the "obsessive" Berserkers in general (barring ones he thinks he would get satisfaction out of bothering), and gets along much better with the rampaging type, so its nothing personal.


    The Tain Thomas Kinsella

    Myths and Legends of the Celts James MacKillop

    Oxford Dictionary of Celtic Mythology James MacKillop

    Celtic Mythology Proisinas MacCana

    Ancient Irish Tales edited by Tom Peete Cross and Clark Harris Slover (used for translations of The Second Battle of Maige Turied and The Children of Turienn)

    Gods and Fighting Men Lady Augusta Gregory

    Author's Notes
    First time submitting a second sheet for a contest. I got super excited when I saw the prompt, and seeing as I'm currently on a bit of a Three Kingdoms kick, Cao Cao immidiatly rushed to mind...keyword being rushed. Cao Cao definetly needed a bit more time in the oven (at least in my opinion), and I'm not satisfied enough with him to let him go as my sole response to this prompt, so I took the Lugh fanservant that's been kicking around in my head for a while, finally brought him up to date, and made a sheet for him. I'm much more satisfied with the end result this time around.
    Uhhhh, a two notes on Lugh on my way out
    - I chose to call his spear "Brionac" rather than "Gae Assail", both because it was refered to as such in FSN, and because I'm a fucking Yu-Gi-Oh nerd and couldn't miss the oppurtunity to reference a Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    - Speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh references, Brionac's blue and white coloring is a reference to the Dragon of the Ice Barrier, although the darker blue probably brings Trishula to mind more than Brionac.
    - Yes, his Bond CE is intentionall a heavy callback to Lancer's.

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    I watched Tombstone. I will explain no further.

    I’m your Huckleberry.

    Class: Archer
    Other Classes: Assassin
    True Name: John Henry “Doc” Holliday
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Place of Origin: Historical Fact
    Height: 182 cm.
    Weight: 87 kilo.
    Likes: Gambling. Dangerous situations. Beautiful women.
    Dislikes: "High and mighty moral types, pitiful and treacherous sons of bitches, and anyone that gets upset over a few hands of cards."
    Natural Enemy: Bat Masterson. Johnny Ringo.

    STR: E
    END: D
    AGI: D (EX)
    MGI: E
    LCK: A+
    NP: -

    Class Skills:
    Rider (D):
    As a man out in the Wild West, it is expected that one would be able to handle a horse with relative ability. While not particularly notable, Archer can ride a horse or similar mode of transportation with a modicum of ability.

    Independent Action (A):
    A man known for going where he wants and often being forced out of entire states because of his actions, it is perfectly natural for Archer to be a wanderer, untethered and unreliant on others. One special bonus to Archer’s “Noble Phantasm” is that it doesn’t consume any more energy than a normal attack, allowing spammability that others couldn’t dream of without a Master.

    Magic Resistance (-):
    As a modern hero, Archer has the level of Magic Resistance one could expect from the typical modern man.

    Personal Skills:
    I’m Your Huckleberry (A):
    A widely used saying in his time, it was often used by Archer as a challenge and affirmation of his ability, becoming associated with him personally.

    This is a large composite Skill of Innocent Monster, Determination of Steel, Incitement, and Aptitude for Slaughter (Guns), the first and last Skill of the composite being born of the highly exaggerated and often fictitious accounts of the man, some of which he spread himself. While he was a rough man that took no guff, his reputation for killing and passionate temper were blown out of proportion. For a man that admitted, and all evidence points. to only killing around 7 men in his life, there are dozens of rumored deaths from the barrels of his guns and the end of his knife, which has affected his summons.

    Marksmanship (A):
    While his Marksmanship was not his most famous mark, it was undeniable that he always hit what he was aiming at. Combined with his quick draw abilities, Archer is easily one of the deadliest men in the West.

    Medicine (A+):
    Modern medicine that surpasses the medical technology of those times (in which transmission proliferated) by a few degrees. Still, this Skill does not make a comparison by modern standards, instead determining by the standards of the age in which the Servant lived.

    As not only a dentist but also a well known medical practitioner in general, Archer was just as skilled in blowing men apart as he was stitching them back up. However, there’s always the chance his Weak Constitution will act up when he performs procedures, which will lower this Skill by a rank and remove the modifier.

    Weak Constitution (C):
    By the time he was 22, Archer was diagnosed with tuberculosis, being given only a few months to live. Considering he lived for 13 more years, this didn’t seem to take, but the man was known to be perpetually sickly and weak, many saying that he looked as though he could keel over at any moment. Racked with pain and prone to coughing fits, Archer refused to let this dictate his life, taking it by the horns and pushing forward with spiteful fervor.

    It is because of this that all his physical Parameters are so low, with his Agility only somewhat escaping due to his “Noble Phantasm”, though its true rank effects everything but his hands. There's also a chance he will be seized by a coughing fit when he strains himself and will more often than not be resting whenever he is not in combat.

    Noble Phantasm:
    Lightning and Thunder: No Duty to Retreat (-)

    If you were to ask the biggest names of the West, the ones that lived only by their ability to wield a gun, who was the fastest with a gun, they would point to Doc Holliday. For a man so physically sickly and on the brink of death, there was nary a man, friend or foe, who could deny his speed and dexterity. A Skill far from natural, born of countless hours training the one part of his body that could surpass the effects of his condition.

    This ability that, while not quite a Noble Phantasm, is a technique similar to a certain swordsman that reaches that domain. One that derives from the popular reputation that “he could draw and fire in the same instant he holstered his guns”. As such, it is as simple for Archer to decide to fire that “the bullet has already been shot” A ringing shot, a flash of gunfire, but no movement from Archer himself. It becomes the ultimate quick draw technique, able to be used in quick succession so long as the gun is returned to its holster.

    Naturally, wanting to always benefit from this, Archer will always leave one of his two pistols holstered no matter the situation. Even in the face of a near instant attack, so long as Archer is able to make the assertion of “I will shoot” in his mind, the shot has already been fired.

    Of all the nonsensical guff which has been written around my life, there has been none more inaccurate or farfetched than that which has dealt with Doc Holliday. -Wyatt Earp

    John Henry Holliday is a very polarizing figure of his time, reports on his comings and goings rife with suspicions, rumors, and even some flat out lies. Depending on who you ask, the man was either a troublesome but tirelessly loyal gentleman or a raving madman who would shoot a man as soon as look at him.

    After losing his mother and brother to tuberculosis, Holliday was sent to become an educated man by his father, eventually gaining a degree in dentistry and pursuing the craft in Atlanta. Sadly, it was not long after that the very disease that took his mother and brother would come for him as well, and this is where the story of Doc Holliday truly begins.

    Having his life given a definite timer, Doc lost all semblance of concern for simply living a life of getting by. Moving out West, he soon found his coughing fits were ill suited for practicing dentistry, but he instead found he had a natural talent for gambling, something that would become his main source of income the rest of his life.

    After several cities and fights with those who didn’t much care for his luck, Doc would have a chance encounter with Wyatt Earp. After giving him information to help apprehend some criminals, they would meet a month later in Dodge City, where Holliday, recognizing the sheriff that had 24 armed gunman preparing to blow him away, intervened. By the time the situation was resolved, he and Earp were lifelong friends.

    After another year of gambling, shootouts, and forming a less than amicable rivalry with Bat Masterson, Doc would arrive in Tombstone alongside Wyatt and his family. It was here that the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, perhaps the most famous gunfight in the West, took place, Doc and the Earps right in the thick of it.

    Deputized, Holliday joined the Earps as they attempted to disarm a group of outlaws simply called the Cowboys. This resulted in a quick and deadly shootout, Holliday in the Earps barely making it out the other side relatively unharmed. Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of it, as only a month later the rest of the gang would declare war on them, starting by permanently maiming Wyatt’s older brother and killing his younger one.

    Wyatt deputized several gunman including Holliday and began a crusade, hunting down every member of the Cowboys and killing them without mercy. Ruthless and tirelessly motivated, they eliminated the entire gang that terrorized the area for years within a single month save for Johnny Ringo.

    It was here where things fell apart between Earp and Holliday. No one is entirely sure how it came up, but amid drunkenness while they were eating out together, Doc began making derisive comments about Wyatt’s wife and her Jewish heritage. These comments, and perhaps more things unspoken of, broke them apart, leaving a wound that was never fully mended.

    For the last 5 years of his life, Holliday did nothing spectacular with his time. Despite their breakup, Wyatt would help him several times to escape charges, even convincing Masterson to help on a few of them. Growing weaker by the day, gambling and getting in fights, Wyatt seemed unable to watch as the man he still considered a friend wasted away, becoming dependent on alcohol and laudanum.

    Almost a skeleton, graying and barely grasping at life, Holliday met his end Colorado, his last words being given as he started down at his woolen socks.

    “This is funny.”

    The only person there to hear it was a nurse.

    He was a dentist whom necessity had made a gambler; a gentleman whom disease had made a vagabond; a philosopher whom life had made a caustic wit; a long, lean blonde fellow nearly dead with consumption and at the same time the most skillful gambler and nerviest, speediest, deadliest man with a six-gun I ever knew.

    While he never did anything to entitle him to a Statue in the Hall of Fame, Doc Holliday was nevertheless a most picturesque character on the western border in those days when the pistol instead of law determined issues.... Holliday had a mean disposition and an ungovernable temper, and under the influence of liquor was a most dangerous man.

    A consummate gentleman with a broad vocabulary and a knowing smile. The kind of man that smiles politely as he takes your money, only a sardonic glint in his eye for a single blink. He is not one to raise his voice nor make a large showing, unless of course the situation itself calls for it or perhaps if he’s had one too many drinks.

    For most, this is where Doc Holliday begins and ends. Encountering him only once, one can easily draw away an educated scoundrel to remember, and it’s hard to disagree. Biting words spoken from a silver tongue, a poker face like none before, and the Devil’s luck all very much embody him. Spend enough time with him though, maybe even finding your way into his circle of friends, and you begin to see the differing shades.

    A man who knows he’s walking dead. One with a zeal for life and no qualms about living it. One who has lost people, and who never made many friends no matter how charismatic he appears. Someone who is either your fiercest ally or gravest enemy and would die fighting for you any day of the week. A closed heart that protects what’s inside like a wolf and its pup.

    A man who knows no other way to live than to die with his boots on.


    Wyatt Earp: Now, you know I won’t say this to just anyone, but… I’m sorry.

    Bat Masterson: Really now, Bat. Are you really gonna fuss over things like this even now? The cards are just not in your favor.

    Billy the Kid: Billy-Billy-Billy-boy. Fastest gun in the West. Now, I hardly think it’s appropriate for a rapscallion such as myself to suggest such a thing, but could that title perhaps be a bit… overblown?

    Wild Bill Hickok: King of the Wild West. I must say that it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

    Calamity Jane: A couple rounds of cards with a beautiful woman cheering on in the background. I dare say there are fewer things in this world worth enjoying.

    Sasaki Kojirou: A “cowboy of the East” I would say. Dueling a man with a poker that long is a recipe for trouble. Leaves me rather curious myself.

    Sinbad: Now here is a man that understands the finer points in life.

    Craft Essence

    This is Funny

    This was it. This was how he always imagined it.

    Gunfire wizzed over their heads, their cover barely tall enough even down on their asses. Every one of them knew this was how they'd die.

    But they weren't just gonna take it lying down.

    As he reloaded, he looked over at his friends for what would be the final time. Wyatt had just finished loading his shotgun, fierce determination in his eyes. Morgan looked like he'd eaten something that didn't agree with him. Virgil had the same look of resignation he always did when his brothers dragged him into something. Even Bat, that old bastard, was there, seeming to realize he couldn't talk his way out of this one.

    This was the only ending for people like them.

    Doc kneeled on his toes, ready to spring out and trade fire for hellfire, when something strange caught his eye.

    How in God's name did he forget to put on his boots?

    It was so crazy, he began chuckling to himself, but it didn't become laughter for some reason no matter how ludicrous it was. He turned back to tell the others.

    No one was there.

    He looked around, confused, at the empty room. One that no one had come to visit. Then he looked down at his feet, clad in socks, barely peeking out from under the sheet.

    "This is funny."

    Then he closed his eyes and let life have its last laugh at his expense.

    Dentists deal with teeth. Teeth have crowns. I will accept no questions.
    This was one of those I wanted to add so many things and details and little stories I found across the internet about him (I even had a little opening planned for the beginning), but just didn’t want to bloat the sheet. I also, while researching him, found it laughable that Billy’s NP is Thunderer, which is just the name of a type of pistol. Doc himself wields both a Thunderer and a Lightning type pistol, ones he apparently modified himself so they shot special caliber bullets he made, so the fact that Thunderer is proudly stamped as Billy’s NP is funny from my perspective.
    And yes, I chose Breath the Black as his theme because of his tuberculosis. I’m mean like that.
    Do you like jazz short stories? Do you want something to distract from making Servants? Do you wish the idea of Shirou Kotomine didn't immediately bring edgelords to mind? Well, I can't promise it's good, but some would disagree with me.
    Fate/Without Justice

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    you son of a gun, you've fucking done it.

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    The age of gods was ending. Deities could barely keep themselves together but it would be inevitable. They would degrade and maybe disappear forever.

    Some despaired, others raged. Some quietly accepted that times were changing. But for one…

    He was prepping for a long sleep. And when he finally slept and entered the world of dreams at the turn of the millennium, he found himself wandering and wandering.

    Walking and experiencing many worlds within that dream, he had gained many things and lost just as much. With a crown of poppies, all he could remember was a name: Hypnos.

    He wandered as a lonely existence for years, decades, centuries, maybe even a thousand years. But one day or night, he found a girl…


    (Foreigner stares at you with a blank but questioning awareness.)

    True Name: Karolina Olsson
    Class: Foreigner
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Region: Sweden
    Source: Historical Fact

    Strength: E
    Endurance: A
    Agility: E
    Mana: A
    Luck: A+

    Interlude I

    The girl was weak, confused, and afraid.

    Seeing her desperately praying to some distant entity, Hypnos felt pity but he was planning to move on until he felt It.

    A well of potential within her aroused his curiosity and interest.

    Despite being what he was, Hypnos was still a degraded being and found that he could not travel as deep into the dream as he wanted to. He needed a little more power. Power that he believed that the frail girl before him could cultivate.

    He would act as her guide and she, Karolina, would be his follower.

    All through their journey to the gate.

    Class Skills

    Existence Outside the Domain A-
    A skill that denotes one as a Foreigner. For the girl who managed to go well beyond the world, only the highest can be given. But for all that she managed to go, she turned back from the precipice of existence, before she became “something else”.


    (Foreigner idly mumbled it out as if that was all that needed to be said.)

    Divine Core of the Dream C
    A skill that denotes one as a perfected goddess from birth. A supremely unusual case that replaces the Divinity skill. Contrasting skill of the same kind, it does not have effect on Foreigner's body but is instead niched on preserving the purity of her mind. She is not a goddess and was never born as one yet through certain circumstances received the skill.


    (There is a flash of sorrow in Foreigner's eyes.)

    Personal Skills

    Prayer of Faith (Dream) C
    The conviction of the puritans that honored daily prayer and poverty. Reportedly, while she was sleeping, Karolina was heard mumbling the prayers of her childhood. Within the dream, Karolina was a lost existence who frequently tried to ground herself through the last holdings she ever had.

    “...Death is an extant form of sleep.”

    (Foreigner clasps her hand and mumbles out an absurd phrase. There is a flash of red in her hair.)

    Timeless Body A
    A skill similar to Natural Body in the aspect of representing the absoluteness of one's body. In this respect, however, it is in the idea of being independent of the effects of time upon a person.

    This grants a significantly delayed effect of actions that affect her person, with a notable example being the appearance of wounds and the pain that comes along. A constant reference to how her comatose body had appeared to not age much or physically change, no matter how much time had passed.

    “Left behind by the world…I wanted to catch up…despite what he said.”

    (Foreigner bitterly said as she rubbed her eyes. It was flowers.)

    Crown of Poppies A+
    The oneiric halo of flowers on her head. A blood colored symbol of sleep and death, these flowers were the symbols of Hypnos himself. They once belonged to him and now they find themselves with her. Overtime, these flowers continually sprout from her head, bringing a dreadful drowsiness to Foreigner and those around her. When Foreigner finally falls asleep then the dream can, at last, continue once more.

    “I tire of dreams…but I need…to see…it.”

    (Foreigner slumps over as many poppies bloom together to form a crown.)

    Interlude II

    The frail girl had flourished magnificently into a confident lady, growing in strength all the while.

    Barring a few instances where it seemed like little Karolina would finally wake from her long nap, she still remained locked in a dream.

    The two dreamers journeyed and witnessed many things, many worlds, many people, many monsters.

    However Karolina flourished under Hypnos’ guidance, it wasn't enough. She had something that she would never have in the waking world yet with all she had on the tip of her finger, she wished to wake up. Hypnos didn't understand, never could understand. Why wouldn't she let go?

    Noble Phantasm

    The two stood at a gate. What would be the edge of reality looked like a giant clump of mass. Yet it radiated a feeling of something…more. To a place where conceptions of life are tossed aside with the impunity of a bored child.

    Karolina Olsson looked towards the gate and…



    She woke up.

    Soverskan Hypnos: Guide of the Long Sleep
    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Unit

    The crystallization of the beginning of her journey. Karolina Olsson had, for unknown reasons, not just fallen into a long sleep but her very mind had gone beyond the reality created by the common sense of humanity and into Somewhere Else. She had fallen down, alone and confused for the scantest moments before meeting her guide. Through the Crown of Poppies that lay upon her head, those around her shall dream too. They will fall into her dream, alone and confused only for the scant moment before Foreigner comes upon. This is wherein paths differ depending on the individual.

    Regarding those who were not deemed threats or were simply in an inconvenient position, Foreigner will come upon them and bring them back to the waking world. Alternatively, she leaves them to their own device and lets their sleep run its course. It is different for those who are deemed threats.

    “Back to that old place where we once traveled. The gate where you lost your crown and I gained mine. Where we parted ways and woke up…”

    Without warning nor time to gather themselves, Olsson drags them down through the dream, down through worlds, down to the edge of reality, to a world with a single large clump of mass. Then she opens the gate once more…

    “Soverskan Hypnos.”

    For those who live through the experience, they wake up severely weakened and disorientated, vulnerable to attack. In the case of those who do not survive, whether it is a spirit or living being, a statue will be left of them in the last visage they had before death. Olsson loathes to use this Noble Phantasm for this simple reason.

    Interlude III

    “I want to wake up now. I want to go home.”

    Hypnos could only sigh sadly as she said those words. Even after all this time, he could not understand her wish. He had no wish for such a thing nor a home to go back to. But he wouldn't complain about it, not after all the help she gave.

    “I see. This is where we part ways then.”

    As Karolina moved to leave, he stopped her. Plucking a single poppy from his crown, he planted it in her hair.

    “A blessing from me. Hopefully, you'll gain a crown of your own someday. Well then, till we meet again.”

    “...Thank you.”

    The girl turned as he walked away and focused on herself, her power, reaching out to the path she started from. Just as she managed to step onto the path, a shock ripped through the air and a piercing scream followed soon after. All she could glimpse when she turned to the source was the sight of falling poppies before she finally exited her long sleep.

    Creator's Note: Here's little Karolina. A foreigner I made in the distant past. Well, she's getting somewhat of a reboot as well as some polishing. Tell me what you all think on your own time, you beautiful people.

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