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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    Once more, unto the breach.

    I'm not apologizing for the class.

    Father of Vaccination


    Class: Saver
    Source: Historical Fact
    Region: England
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Attribute: Man
    Natural Enemy: Pale Rider, Monji Gatou
    Armaments: Syringes

    Saver’s true name is Edward Jenner, the founder of immunology and creator of vaccination.

    The son of a reverend, Saver took to the medical space as a surgeon’s apprentice in his youth, going on to become a full-fledged doctor with a reasonable reputation in medical circles by adulthood. While he made waves in zoology, discovering things that even the later authority of Charles Darwin wrote off, his true reputation was in the human medical sciences.

    Going beyond the previous practice of variolation, Jenner created the science of vaccination with regards to smallpox, one of the greatest killers of the time. While others may have touched on the theory in the past, it was Jenner who synthesized and proved the basis of vaccination. After initial ridicule that was crushed under the weight of results, his findings spread like wildfire, and before long the practice had become widespread across Europe. Advancing and refining vaccination for the rest of his life, as well as continuing research in other scientific spaces, Saver was exalted as the father of immunology.

    As a Heroic Spirit, Saver is an eighteenth century hero who would seem to possess little mystery to his legend. Indeed, if anything, he would better be called an enemy of mystery, and ordinarily should be considered a low-ranking Heroic Spirit. If summoned in the Caster class, for instance, his abilities compared to the standard of the class would be called dismal at best.

    However, if the definition of a hero is “one who can save those fated to die”, then Saver loses out to no Heroic Spirit in the strength of his legend, save for perhaps that golden king who towers over all.

    Despite being a mere eighteenth-century hero, Saver is estimated to be the man whose contributions to society have saved the most human lives that would have otherwise met an early death, across human history. He is a pioneer and innovator who crafted and proved the theory of vaccination. For, in the end, far fewer men die to swords and arrows than to the true grim reaper of disease, and it is Saver who paved the way for the death of that very reaper.

    Manifested in the abnormal status of a Saver class Servant, then, he is alight, the class’s nature dredging out this aspect of him as a rescuer of lives. The cumulative blessings of the lives he has saved enrich his spiritual foundation, just as the readers who have love for an author might grant that author magical energy. Rather than a middling Caster, Saver has become a representation of the salvation of human life and the destruction of disease. Incidentally, this is also the reason for a certain outlier among his parameters.

    One might say that if Nikola Tesla is the modern era’s god of lightning and Carl von Clausewitz is the modern era’s god of war, then Saver is the modern era’s god of health.

    ...however, Saver is an utter pacifist. Unless against a truly reprehensible enemy, the notion of fighting is an impossible one to a man such as him, and indeed any Master who summons him must keep this in mind. While amicable, polite, and easy to speak to, there is a strength of will within Saver that cannot be easily cowed. He considers himself a healer and values the sanctity of human life, even for ghosts dredged out of a forgotten time, and so does not take to violence easily, even if it is for the sake of his wish. One could say that, beyond mere duty, this aspect of Saver has become an obsession that touches the border of a true mental pollution.

    Speaking of, Saver’s wish is for the “eradication of all illness”, a natural extension of his life’s work. It is a pity, though, that the one wish he himself is incapable of granting is his own.

    If one desires to have their own wish granted, though, then perhaps there could be no greater friend than Saver. If one were to supply him with sufficient magical energy, for instance, it could be possible to achieve an unquestioned “good end” for all involved parties.

    ...Of course, humans are rarely so reasonable. The very existence of Holy Grail Wars proves that much.

    STR: E
    CON: E
    AGI: E
    MGI: EX
    LCK: B

    Class Skills
    Charisma: C-

    A person's charm as well as the natural talent to command or unify an army or country. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. A rare talent.

    Saver lacks the capability to lead even an army and is an incompetent in military matters, but nonetheless served as the head of numerous medical societies, a justice of the peace, and the mayor of Berkeley for a time. While low for the Saver class, he does possess a certain presence that common men cannot deny.

    Counter Hero: B

    Reduces the parameters of enemies that are proper Heroic Spirits by two ranks. In the case of Anti-Heroes and similar beings, the reduction is lowered to one rank.

    Saver is a hero who denies the notion of heroism, as he is one who acts as a vehicle for anyone to become such a being. In some regard, Saver is the truest example of one who saved those who were fated to die, and is himself a testament to the notion that anyone can become a hero.

    The ideal of “the one and only” is an antiquated falsehood. With belief and will, anyone can achieve something beautiful.

    Personal Skills
    Immunology- Innovation: A

    A skill granted to heroes who brought about revolutions in their eras. For Saver, this is the creation of immunology and vaccination.

    The nature of vaccination has become imbued within Saver. Saver is a man who discovered and proved the process of immunity through exposure in a way that revolutionized the world. That is to say, this has manifested such that at the time when Saver is exposed to a form of extrinsic interference or phenomenon, he obtains an increased resistance to said class of phenomena for any later exposures, which could almost be called a genuine immunity. For instance, if one were to burn Saver, he would obtain a resistance to burning for later exposures. It is, however, worth noting that this does not apply to phenomena which originate from Saver himself, and that this is not a skill that can be disabled.

    It goes without saying that, while within Saver’s presence, the mystery of such phenomena after immunity has been obtained falls drastically. The basis for this is not unlike how knowledge of the human anatomical chart crippled the magecraft of crafting humanoid puppets, as the phenomena obtain the status of “have been vaccinated against”.

    Human Anatomical Understanding: A+

    A skill that allows one to have a grasp of the inner workings of the human body, like a piece of precision machinery.

    All actions intended to heal through skills, magecraft, and the like are improved. One is able to target enemy vitals with extreme precision, and all damage inflicted is increased. In addition, all damage received by the user is reduced.

    As one who invented a branch of anatomy, this can be called a nature that reaches beyond mere knowledge. However, he seldom makes use of this for offensive purposes, and so specializes in matters of defense. As a result, his “ability to survive” can be called first-rate among Servants, in spite of his apparent frailty.

    Poison Resistance: A

    The capacity to resist and invalidate poisons.

    Saver is the individual accredited with kickstarting the true destruction of diseases, and the reason for the eradication of smallpox. Poisons, diseases, and the like are meaningless before the face of his existence, and it is not an exaggeration to call Saver anathema to such things as the modern era’s god of health. Only such miracles as Aqua Vitae may claim superiority in this sphere.

    Natural Insight: C

    The ability to perceive the true nature of things. Saver is a pattern-finder by nature, and it is this aptitude that helped him towards the discovery of vaccination, the nature of the cuckoo, and so on. His eyes observe without fault, devising plans and theories unceasingly.

    In Saver’s case, rather than calculating the future through his insight, he devises theories of “weakness”, of how to overcome a problem from the broader strategic level, as opposed to danger avoidance skills which function on the tactical level.

    Of course, as with his life, there are times when his theories simply aren’t up to snuff.

    Noble Phantasm
    May No Man Die Helpless In Bed

    Rank: C
    Classification: Anti-Unit (Self), Anti-Purge
    Range: -
    Maximum Number of Targets: -

    Saver is one who took apart a problem that prevented human civilization and technology from progressing to the next stage, solving the problem using existing resources, and spreading the consequences of solving it to other human beings for it to become common sense to elevate humanity to the next level.

    Saver is not a hero who killed, but a hero who saved. He is not one who killed monsters, or one who killed other humans. Rather, he is a hero who did nothing more than make other humans able to realize their dreams. In other words, one could call Saver a Holy Grail.

    It is for this reason that Napoleon called Saver one of mankind’s greatest benefactors who even he could not dare refuse, and why Saver is estimated to be one of those who saved the greatest number of human lives in all of human history, despite the relative recency of his legend.

    One who dies of disease does not die of honor or with their dreams fulfilled, but nonetheless, far more die from disease than anything else. Saver is an icon of rebellion against such trivial deaths, and as such, the lives and dreams of those saved by Saver dwell within him.

    To put it simply, as a self-created Holy Grail who charges forwards in the name of human dreams, the wishes of all those saved by Saver naturally become “something that Saver can accomplish” with sufficient resources, even if it is a contradiction to do so. Naturally, unless an abnormality such as being connected to the Holy Grail itself were to arise, the corresponding resource cost will be overwhelming in most cases. Moreover, this is, of course, limited to those who are saved by this specific manifestation of a Servant. In other words, an aptitude with excellent peak performance, but which will never be allowed to reach that level of performance.

    Rather than turning a zero into a one, it is turning a zero into a one (creating a miracle), and then converting that one into a one hundred (mundanizing that miracle to man). It could be called the final evolution of those heroes who call themselves Pioneers of the Stars.

    Because no matter how much of a pipe dream it is, there is nothing unachievable in the world of human imagination. This is the nature of his Noble Phantasm, and indeed, the nature of Saver himself.


    Incredible, truly incredible! The very picture of health!

    Aha, it’s certainly flattering that a hero of your stature defends himself through vaccination. Perhaps we could compare notes?

    Hassan of Serenity/Semiramis/Illyasviel von Einzbern’s Talking Stick
    Oi, Oi, what are you all doing?! Stop that, right this instant!

    Medea Lily
    A kindred spirit, I certainly hope that we might get along. And these pancakes are just scrumptious! What did you say was in them?

    Florence Nightingale
    ...I understand your perspective, but perhaps it is just a tad excessive.

    Ah, a sickness of a different breed. How troublesome, I will give this my full attention.

    Oh, you’re here as well, I see. I must thank you for your work last time. It is a pleasure to meet you face to face, at last.

    Li Shuwen
    This am I meant to vaccinate against that?!

    Pale Rider
    ...disgusting. Horribly disgusting. Transcendentally disgusting. There is no place for you in this world. The only prescription is death.

    Jeanne d’Arc
    I assure you, I follow the Lord as well, but please, trust me that prayer alone will not cure that young girl’s tuberculosis!

    Okita Souji

    Bond Craft Essence
    A Balloon Over Kingscote Park

    People are creatures of habit.

    Because of that, we are slow to change theories, even when there is proof otherwise. The world around us contains the proof for all the ideas we could ever dream up, but we are always slow to acknowledge it. We cling to the old, and set unreasonable expectations for the new.

    But, we must innovate. We must charge into the frontier and discover new things.

    Look at the system by which fire is made. Look at the depression in the bird’s back. Look at the resistances we gain to disease. The proof is already there, we must simply discover it.

    Even as they mock and deride what dreams I make, I can’t help but love humans.

    And that’s why, that’s precisely why I throw myself into this work.

    Find the threads that others have missed and tie them together. The world has already made these rules, so we need simply discover them. God’s grace will not save us if we do not strive, so as humans, we must save humanity.

    We must find an answer. They will call us obsessed, but that doesn’t matter. Every second wasted is another second trapped in an antiquated past, so we must strive endlessly. Every second wasted is another life snuffed out in vain, so we must work quickly. Faster, faster, faster-


    Ah, Catherine, if only I was just a hair faster.

    Creator Notes
    So, with the month’s prompt, my first thought was about how “a hero is someone who can save those that are fated to die”, and Jenner was one of the first to come up in my head. While there’s some debate over who’s saved the most lives in human history, synthetic fertilizer and such being big points of discussion there, if it’s the question of who saved the most people who were “fated to die” rather than just letting more people be born, Jenner’s the number one without much question, so I figured that I had to be able to do something with that.

    Originally, I toyed with the idea of an investigation-style Caster Jenner, but after rolling the idea around for a bit, I decided to scrap it. I still wanted to stick with Jenner, though, since I felt like there was something good there, and once the concept of “modern era’s god of health” came into my head, the rest of it flowed pretty easily. I swallowed some disgust, penned in “Saver” as the class, and took some cues from Hans, Herc, and Pioneer of the Stars.

    After I’d decided on that idea, the sheet itself took almost no time comparatively. If forced into a Grail War, Saver would be the sort of character that tries to lead everyone to a good end, but gets murdered by the midboss during the second volume. Then, when the protagonists are fighting the final boss, one of them would flash back to something inspirational Saver had said, which would help lead into a stunning reversal-...something like that.

    His abilities are based around survival, both for himself and for others, which makes him something of a pain to deal with if you’re careless in spite of his poor CON. Of course, surviving is pointless if there’s nothing else to it. While Herc has the ability to turn 99% of Servants into paste as the second half of his survival, Saver’s lynchpin is his Noble Phantasm, which ensures that with sufficient time and magical energy, he can achieve things well beyond the usual scope of the Fuyuki Grail system.

    With an intelligent Master and dire conditions, then, there could be a chance of Saver achieving something incredible, but really, we all know he’d die in an opening act.

    I'm still not apologizing for the class.

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    disgusting provax propaganda
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    okay covid

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    Glacáin: Cool sheet. Is the combo of Determination Of Steel and Single-Mindedness really necessary though? They feel a little redundant together, since both represent his resolve to dedicate himself to helping patients.
    Fair enough. I went and removed the Single-Mindedness skill.

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    Foreigner of Sunrise
    The Father of Impressionism


    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 97kg
    Likes: Nature.
    Dislikes: There’s no greater evil in this world than a sickness that takes away sight from an artist.
    Attribute: Man.
    Alignment: True Neutral.
    Region: France.
    Catalyst: One of his last paintings.

    ◙◙○○○ D
    END ◙◙○○○ D
    AGI ◙◙◙○○ C
    MGI ◙◙◙◙◙ A
    LUC ◙◙◙○○ C
    NP ◙◙◙◙◙ EX

    Foreigner’s true name is Claude Monet, the artist whose works sparked French Impressionism, an art movement that is characterized by free, visible brushstrokes and its focus on depicting the world as it is seen by the painter, with particular regard to the changing qualities of light and how it affects colors along the passage of time.
    Among his most famous paintings are Impression, soleil levant (Impression, Sunrise), the painting that sparked the impressionist movement and the The Water Lilies series, a series of paintings of the same scenery that he produced as he lost his vision to cataracts, the previously immaculate depiction of his own garden gradually changes color and loses its form, becoming darker and blurrier.

    Personality and History

    Oscar-Claude Monet is one of the greatest artists to ever live. His works depict relaxing and transient scenes, capturing us in that singular moment recorded on canvas. He often painted the same scenery repeatedly, depicting the changing colors of a landscape through the passage of hours, days, seasons... Each one being a unique, nostalgic look into the past.

    “When I look at nature I feel as if I’ll be able to paint it all and capture everything … then it vanishes.”

    Despite that, his personality wasn’t as pleasant. Slave to his own love for painting, Monet gave little care for anything else and grew ill-tempered and unfriendly as the years went by. Like many of his fellows, for most of his life his artistic work wasn’t profitable enough to sustain his lifestyle, and he often begged his friends and family for money, growing bitter towards those that didn’t help him.

    “Once again I’ve had to reach out to people I barely know and receive snubs from them.”

    Even his wife, Camille, suffered his temper. His love for her was undeniable and Monet often used her as a model, even painting her as multiple characters in a single scene. Camille came to be ill with tuberculosis, and Monet often agonized over how weak she grew day after day, yet he still isolated himself from her and his children for days or weeks to paint. When she ultimately succumbed to the illness, the widower painted the woman in her deathbed, resulting in one of the most intense depictions of loss to date. He wasn’t blind to how deeply obsessed with color and art he was.

    “I one day found myself looking at my beloved wife's dead face and just systematically noting the colours according to an automatic reflex!”

    These self-doubts had followed him through life. Always a pessimist, Monet became specially depressed one year after the birth of his first son. His art wasn’t recognized, his monetary problems were worse than ever and his son was a sickly child. Monet attempted suicide by trying to drown himself in the Seine River.

    “I must have undoubtedly been born under an unlucky star. I’ve just been turned out without even a shirt on my back from the inn in which I was staying. My family refused to help me any more. I don’t know where I’ll sleep. I was so upset yesterday that I was stupid enough to hurl myself into the water. Fortunately no harm was done.”

    That may be so, because his unluckiness continued. At the height of his fame, Monet develop cataracts and slowly began to lose his sight. The Water Lilies series, which he painted during those years, shows his suffering clearly. The same scene becomes more and more blurry and unrecognizable as the series progresses. Monet became more depressed and desperate as the condition worsened. Finally, he agreed to surgery to his right eye, despite his fear of losing sight completely.

    “I prefer to make the most of my poor sight, and even give up painting if necessary, but at least be able to see a little of these things that I love.”

    Monet was a uncooperative patient and rendered the postoperative period a nightmare for himself and his surgeon. The surgery did solve the cataracts, but it changed the way he perceived colors forever. It is said that those who undergo this type of surgery sometimes become able to see ultraviolet light. Monet described how he felt about this new world he perceived:

    “The distortion and exaggerated colours that I see are quite terrifying.”


    Claude Monet was deeply unsettled by these changed colors he saw now, yet he continued his work, even going as far as changing earlier paintings and destroying some that he made while affected by the cataracts.
    As the days went by, Monet started having nightmares about those colors. As things warped around them and their mutated hue spread across his beloved garden.

    At his final moments, Oscar-Claude Monet dreamt once again.

    He dreamt of his garden. Of the trees moving even with no wind, reaching out to the heavens. Of the leaves drying, crumbling into grey ashes. Of the stench of rot coming from the now dark waters of the pond. Of the mutated animals, rolling masses of barely-alive flesh. Melting, living things with many eyes and heads and mouths. Sick beings crawling towards death.
    They are ill, the painter can feel it too. It’s a sickness that burns cold and wet from the inside.

    It is in the water but it comes from above. Not a who or a what but a which.

    A burning hue of cryptic poison.

    A cosmic and unrecognizable chromaticism.

    Oscar-Claude Monet believed that there was no greater evil than a sickness that took sight from an artist, yet here it is: a sickness that robs color.

    An iridescence that beckons grey.

    A dye that tinges in death.

    A Colour Out of Space.

    Class Skills

    Entity of the Outer Realm C.
    Denotes a being that descended from the void of outer space. Those that are both fictional creations from the dreams of a genius and observers from an abyss far away.

    Regardless of its origin, this is still the conflict that Monet struggled with his whole life: his art matters too much to him. Foreigner despises this thing that steals color and life, and would do anything to rid the world of it… but, as an artist, he wants to paint this vampiric thing. Register its phosphorous whims a hundred times. Enchanted by the evil hue, he possesses and wields part of the its power.

    Territory Creation EX.
    It is the skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself, such as for the purpose of collecting mana.

    The Colour Out of Space is fundamentally incompatible with its surroundings, but if it comes into contact with a body of water it can contaminate it with itself. The plant and wildlife that partake from that water will gradually change to display the same Colour, as well as mutate. Long-term exposure leads all plant-life to dry, grey and crumble. Humans only feel sluggish and tired at first, but start displaying signs of madness at this stage. Their, as well as animals’, mutations grow more and more debilitating as their bodies go through the same process and ultimately crumble as well.

    Personal Skills

    All Things That Light Touches A++.
    An observing eye capable of investigating the state of things as they change or endure through the passage of time.

    An eye capable of noticing even the most subtle change, it’s almost impossible to trick Foreigner even with illusions. His familiarity and knowledge about a place grow by observing it multiple times, in multiple situations. Perhaps because he served the army, this ability can also be used in combat. Each time he meets an enemy, he becomes more accustomed and can respond better to their mannerisms, techniques, personality and even fighting style.

    Soleil Couchant C.
    Some of Monet’s most iconic paintings are the ones in the The Water Lilies series, and mostly because of the way it changes as his vision worsened. It is a core part of his history and legend.

    His eyesight gets progressively worse as All Things That Light Touches’ rank goes down. This process ends 30 days after he is summoned, he doesn’t become blind, but his perception of colors is warped and his vision becomes devastatingly blurry.
    If he was summoned as a Caster, oblivious to the nightmare he saw on his deathbed, his wish for the Grail would surely be to get rid of this skill permanently but… unlucky as he is, there are more important things to worry about. He only hopes that the temptation of the Grail won’t make him forget the threat of the Colour.

    Six-Times Struck D.
    A peculiar magnetic quality of the body that attracts lightning. A side effect of
    Je Suis sa Météorite
    A Vessel With Which to Dye

    Monet is able to attract lightning to himself regardless of weather. He cannot control the electric current, so this can only be used as an attack if he is engaging the enemy physically. Being struck causes no harm to Monet but the incredible heat of the bolt agitates the Colour. As this may weaken his control over it, Foreigner tends to avoid using it, but he can’t do anything about it in case lightning happens naturally around him.

    Noble Phantasm(s)

    Je Suis sa Météorite
    A Vessel With Which to Dye
    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: EX

    "It comes down in the rock. Poisoning everything, changing everything, into something like the place it came from, into what it knows. They'll all drink the water, it'll get strong, feed itself on them. It comes from beyond the stars. Where things are too different.
    It's just a color, but it burns cold and wet... it sucks, and it burns."

    I am its meteorite. The Noble Phantasm born out of his connection to the Colour Out of Space.
    The Colour manifests itself out of a meteorite that doesn’t cool down and shrinks as it grows hotter, liberating the Colour as some kind of gaseous substance, but one that does not follow any physical laws known to us and appears to be alive. If it reaches water, it will use it to spread and consume the living in order to gather enough energy to leave the planet. It cannot, however completely separate itself from the water. A remnant of itself is left behind on the tainted place that nourished it, a remnant that seems to seek the same freedom…

    Monet is able to manifest those qualities, allowing the Colour to spread and escape. Of course, he would never allow that.
    Through the continuous use of his second Noble Phantasm he is able to utilize the Colour Out of Space’s physical characteristics with regular colors. In other words, Monet can paint physical things that then shrink and fade into gas after a while.

    Due to the need of using both of his Noble Phantasms in order to be able to fight effectively, Monet consumes quite a bit of magical energy in battle. He will always make sure to check if his Master is able to provide. Utilizing this NP alone is not an option, so if they are not, then the Servant will probably give up on winning the war immediately.

    Soleil Levant
    As a Single Scene Births Countless Impressions
    Type: Anti-World
    Rank: B

    Sunrise. Claude Monet’s own Noble Phantasm.
    To practice his talent to the fullest, Foreigner needs to be able to paint the same scene across different times of the day, seasons, years… Such a task is incompatible with the temporary existence that is a Servant. However, the manifestation of the Heroic Spirit Claude Monet should be able to perform his art at its highest level, it is the reason he was recorded on the Throne.

    This Noble Phantasm is the solution to that contradiction. Manifesting as a red sun that rises in the sky as if painted onto it, this ability allows Monet to completely alter the colors and lights of a scene. He cannot depict the impossible though, just any and all natural appearances a specific landscape could show.

    If needed he could make enough alterations to trick enemies into thinking they’re at a different place or a different time, but battle and trickery are not its main purpose, this is a facilitator to allow Monet to create paintings: his true gifts to the world.

    Since Monet insists on using the Noble Phantasm on himself during battle, during it his own appearance resembles that of one of his paintings, and one can always see the mysterious painted sun on the sky.


    Y'know... Usually I try to keep the biography of a Servant as concise as possible, but I couldn't bring myself to take anything out of this one, and once I got a quote for one of the paragraphs, I had to get it for the others too...
    Also, I stumbled upon a scene from the 2019 movie adaptation while researching. This is the one story I don't think would translate well to a visual medium because... well, it features a color that doesn't exist? But it was actually pretty good, maybe I'll watch the movie someday.

    Source for a lot of stuff and the places I got the quotes:

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    I'll LOVE to comment on all of these entries in two weeks from now if all of them keep having this level of quality that you guys are bringing to the table, is all I'm saying.

    © Reiinachi
    .check out my Servant sheets if you are interested.

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    Class: Rider
    Other Classes: Archer, Ruler
    True Name: Lugalbanda
    Nicknames: The Fierce King of Uruk, The Shepherd
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Place of Origin: Mesopotamian myth


    Likes:Running, his family, wide open spaces
    Dislikes:Standing still, dark & confined spaces
    Talents:Survival, Cosmetics
    Natural Enemy:?
    Traits:Male, Servant, Humanoid, Divine, Enuma Elish, Sky or Earth, Riding, Beloved, Sovereign
    Armament:A lavishly decorated axe.
    Catalysts:A strange feather, found near a mountain, bearing faint remnants of ancient cosmetics.


    STR: C
    END: B
    AGI: A
    MAG: B+
    LCK: C+
    NP: A+

    Class Skills

    Magic Resistance B
    An innate ability that grants protection against magical effects. Cancels spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High Thaumaturgy or Greater Rituals it is difficult for the Servant to be affected.

    A natural result of being a hero who originated in the earliest days of the world, when magical energy was plentiful beyond measure and spells were far more potent than they are now, as well as miscellaneous blessings from the gods.

    Riding A+
    The ability ride mounts and vehicles. The rank of "A" is sufficient to ride all vehicles and creatures, and the divine blessings which Lugalbanda was granted means even Phantasmal Beasts and Divine Beasts can be ridden. Does not apply to members of the Dragon Kind, however.

    As a Heroic Spirit most suited to the class of Rider, Lugalbanda possesses a very high rank. His mount, Anzu, can be considered a paragon of Divine Beasts in every way, possessing immense power as well as the ability to control storms.

    Personal Skills

    Survivalist B+
    That night, in the evening, he set off, hurrying through the mountains, a waste land in the moonlight. He was alone and, even to his sharp eyes, there was not a single person to be seen. With the provisions stocked in leather pails, provisions put in leather bags, his brothers and his friends had been able to bake bread on the ground, with some cold water.

    Lugalbanda had carried the things from the mountain cave. He set them beside the embers. He filled a bucket with water. In front of him he split what he had placed. He took hold of the stones. Repeatedly he struck them together. He laid the glowing coals on the open ground. The fine flintstone caused a spark. Its fire shone out for him over the waste land like the sun. Not knowing how to bake bread or a cake, not knowing an oven, with just seven coals he had baked giziecta dough. He garnished it with sweet date syrup.

    A skill noting an aptitude for surviving away from civilization in the wilderness. Like Independent Action, it allows the Servant to persist far longer when the Master's supply of Magical Energy is rejected or otherwise absent, but requires deliberate action for the Servant to survive in this state; merely passively existing is not sufficient.

    After his resurrection, Lugalbanda received knowledge of how to survive by himself in the mountains: which plants were edible, how to cook food and bake bread, and more. While the knowledge of those days is no longer directly applicable to most of the world, the mindset required to survive by oneself has remained very useful.

    Silver Tongue B
    Lugalbanda, partly from fright, partly from delight (...) flatters Anzud: "Bird with sparkling eyes, born in this district, Anzud with sparkling eyes, born in this district, you frolic as you bathe in a pool.

    Your grandfather, the prince of all patrimonies, placed heaven in your hand, set earth at your feet. Your wingspan extended is like a birdnet stretched out across the sky! On the ground your talons are like a trap laid for the wild bulls and wild cows of the mountains! Your spine is as straight as a scribe's! Your breast as you fly is like Niraḫ parting the waters! As for your back, you are a verdant palm garden, breathtaking to look upon. Yesterday I escaped safely to you, since then I have entrusted myself to your protection.

    Symbolizes a talent for convincing others as well as the masses to do one's bidding, whether by words, by actions, or both. When used against an individual it functions almost like a mental attack. Can be freely used in all manner of situations, social or otherwise.

    In his legend, Rider managed to sweettalk the mighty Anzu into offering him a boon of his choosing. Later, he convinced Enmerkar to let him be the messenger to Ishtar, and finally to cede the crown to him.

    Divine Resurrection EX
    "Utu, I greet you! Let me be ill no longer! Hero, Ningal's son, I greet you! Let me be ill no longer! Utu, you have let me come up into the mountains in the company of my brothers. In the mountain cave, the most dreadful spot on earth, let me be ill no longer! Here where there is no mother, there is no father, there is no acquaintance, no one whom I value, my mother is not here to say "Alas, my child!" My brother is not here to say "Alas, my brother!" My mother's neighbour who enters our house is not here to weep over me. If the male and female protective deities were standing by, the deity of neighbourliness would say, "A man should not perish". A lost dog is bad; a lost man is terrible. On the unknown way at the edge of the mountains, Utu, is a lost man, a man in an even more terrible situation.

    Don't make me flow away like water in a violent death! Don't make me eat saltpetre as if it were barley! Don't make me fall like a throwstick somewhere in the desert unknown to me! Afflicted with a name which excites my brothers' scorn, let me be ill no longer! Afflicted with the derision of my comrades, let me be ill no longer! Let me not come to an end in the mountains like a weakling!"

    A skill given to those who were on or beyond the brink of death, but were resurrected by the actions of deities and given (semi-)divine status.

    Rider received three main blessings from three gods. From Shamash, god of sun and justice, Rider received the blessing of the sun, allowing him to draw power and energy from sunlight. From Innanna, the divine prostitute, he received the blessing of her love, increasing his resistance to all mental attacks. From Suen, god of the moon and of shepherds, Rider received the blessing of the moon, allowing him to stand up whatever his circumstances, essentially granting him C-rank Battle Continuation.

    As an aside, this skill is also what qualified Lugalbanda to father Gilgamesh and thereafter become a god. He has mixed feelings about this; while grateful for the opportunity to become immortal and divine, he wishes he didn't have to die first.

    Noble Phantasm

    O Bird with Sparkling Eyes, Come Forth

    Target: Anti-Army
    Rank: A+

    Now the splendid 'eagle'-tree of Enki on the summit of Inana's mountain of multicoloured cornelian stood fast on the earth like a tower, all shaggy like an aru. With its shade it covered the highest eminences of the mountains like a cloak, was spread out over them like a tunic. Its roots rested like saĝkal snakes in Utu's river of the seven mouths. Nearby, in the mountains where no cypresses grow, where no snake slithers, where no scorpion stings, in the midst of the mountains (...) nearby the Anzud bird had set his nest and settled therein his young. (...)

    When at daybreak the bird stretches himself, when at sunrise Anzud cries out, at his cry the ground quakes in the Lulubi mountains. He has a shark's teeth and an eagle's claws. In terror of him wild bulls run away into the foothills, stags run away into their mountains.

    A monstrous bird from Mesopotamian lore, conceived from the union between the Abzu (the primeval sea) and Ma (the Earth). It is the personification of southern wind and of the thunderclouds. It features in many tales, such as that of the Tablet of Destinies and the story of Ishtar/Innanna and the Huluppu Tree. During his life, Lugalbanda met and made a positive impression on this bird by first honouring its progeny, returning it to its rightful home in the nest, and then flattering Anzu itself. Due to this story, Lugalbanda has gained the ability to summon it and ride it, hence why he is qualified to be a Rider.

    With the body of a gargantuan bird and the head of a lion, the Anzu is an extremely imposing sight. Its wingspan is immense, and due to its nature as a storm divinity, it is constantly surrounded by storm clouds that spit thunder at its targets. It is fully sapient and is quite capable of engaging in conversation, though quite susceptible to flattery.

    Of course, since the Anzu is extremely obvious and requires large amounts of magical energy to manifest itself, Lugalbanda may occasionally wish to summon its eaglet instead. It isn't capable of the destruction its parent is, but it is a foe not to be underestimated. As a side bonus, it is also extremely cute.

    Let Me Reach Wherever My Heart Desires
    Karabu Anzim

    Target: Anti-Fortress
    Rank: EX

    "Let the power of running be in my thighs, let me never grow tired! Let there be strength in my arms, let me stretch my arms wide, let my arms never become weak! Moving like the sunlight, like Inana, like the seven storms, those of Iškur, let me leap like a flame, blaze like lightning! Let me go wherever I look to, set foot wherever I cast my glance, reach wherever my heart desires and let me loosen my shoes in whatever place my heart has named to me! When Utu lets me reach Kulaba my city, let him who curses me have no joy thereof; let him who wishes to strive with me never say "Just let him come!"

    This Noble Phantasm is the blessing Lugalbanda asked for from the Anzu: the ability go wherever he pleases, without anyone being able to impede him.

    Upon activation, Lugalbanda's Agility is increased to EX rank. Moreover, Lugalbanda is automatically given complete knowledge of the fastest route to go wherever he wants. While it does not allow for travel to completely abstract spaces, this Noble Phantasm allows Lugalbanda to easily ignore the normal difficulties of travelling past barriers or through inhospitable terrain. Given his extreme speed, even running through the air becomes possible.


    Lugalbanda was born as a citizen of Uruk, at the time when Enmerkar was king. The world was still young at this time, and still recovering from the flood: the Age of Gods was at a high point. Enmerkar warred with the lord of Aratta, a man named En-sughir-ana, and Lugalbanda became a soldier for Uruk together with his seven older brothers.

    However, he was soon struck with illness on the way to Aratta. His situation seemed hopeless, and death was a certainty. His brothers left him there, in a cave, and marched onwards, weeping all the while.

    As he lay dying, Lugalbanda prayed relentlessly to the deities of the Sumerian pantheon. Surprisingly, they responded, offering him divine encouragement, curing his illness, and transforming him into a fully-fledged demigod.

    When he emerged from his cave, Lugalbanda used his newfound strength to survive in the wilderness, capturing bulls and goats and sacrificing them to the gods who had given him a new lease on life.

    In a second tale, Lugalbanda came across the chick of the Anzu - a bird-like monster of immense power. Lugalbanda decided to return it to its father's nest, honoring it all the while.

    When the Anzu returned, it saw its young chirping merrily due to Lugalbanda's tender care, and repaid him by offering him one mystic power. Lugalbanda chose to ask for immense speed, and this wish having been granted, caught back up with the army of Enmerkar without delay.

    By this time, Enmerkar and his men had laid siege the city of Aratta for a year and more, unsuccessfully. Lugalbanda offered to ask Inanna for help and was taken up on this offer. He then made the journey over seven mountain ranges in a single day due to his fleetfootedness, and returned the next day with the goddess' advice.

    Because of his blessings and his service to the state, he was crowned the next king of Uruk, reigning for a full 1200 years. Eventually, he fathered Gilgamesh, and with his duty fulfilled he ascended and became a full deity.


    A jovial man, larger than life, who seems to mostly be interested in using his third chance at life to have fun. He tries to act like he did when he was a mere youth and a soldier, but 1200 years of kingship have left their mark on his personality.

    However, he is also claustrophobic (afraid of confined spaces) and frankly has too much energy for his own good. He can, and will, run full marathons for pleasure, even giving himself extra challenges to make sure he actually tires. Rather than staying with his Master continually, he prefers travelling around - with his abilities, there are very little distances that pose any issue to him, anyway.

    If there is a single "thorn" in his new life, it's Gilgamesh. He loves his son and is a proud father, but Gilgamesh's rejection of his own divinity is a rejection of his parentage - and therefore of Lugalbanda. While both recognize this as inevitable, Lugalbanda insists Gilgamesh clearly loves him like a son.


    Child Gilgamesh:
    "To think you'd take the form of a child again. I can't say I mind, actually. Want to go play for a while, kiddo?"

    "So you're my son's only friend, huh... Well, I can only really ask you to treat him well, please. Even if that's difficult sometimes."

    Linguistic Notes

    The second Noble Phantasm features what might be charitably called attempts at translation from English into Akkadian, using a bunch of sites (cited below). If someone can correct me, they're welcome to point out what I got wrong. For reference, my notes for the attempts to piece everything together, cleaned up a little.

    I was a little undecided on which language to use, Akkadian or Sumerian. Canon seems to use both interchangeably (in that Gil uses mostly Akkadian, Ishtar uses Sumerian, as does Ereshkigal). I went with Akkadian in the end for father/son symmetry.

    The original name I wanted to go with was "blessing of the Anzu" or something of the like. "Blessing" is karābu, Anzu is just Anzu. Mixing in the genitive gives Karabu Anzim. I think.

    Quotes come mainly from the following two sources: (Lugalbanda and the cave) and (Lugalbanda and the Anzu).

    Linguistic advice came mostly from supplemented with some extra googling.
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    Agoraphobia is the fear of wide open spaces, the fear of confined spaces is claustrophobia
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    Quote Originally Posted by asterism42 View Post
    Agoraphobia is the fear of wide open spaces, the fear of confined spaces is claustrophobia

    I expected language corrections, just not on my English.
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    Worth noting that Riding- A doesn't actually allow you to ride Phantasmal or Divine Beasts. That's A+. Might want to fix that. Great sheet otherwise though.

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    Author's notes
    I've decided to do something different this time, building this entire sheet as if it's a part of some Epic of Remnant, where the True Name system held so much importance, so first of all, a word of attention: there's a lot of collapsed text in this sheet. I think pretty much in every section there's at least one hidden information. It was so hard to get everything working properly, but I think I did it!

    Speaking of the character itself, at first I wanted to do a "cursed individual", but after two days of no ideas, I've decided to go back to the drawing board; instead, I tried to search for healers. After the Mary Seacole sheet, I thought I had some experience in how to mold one of these types anyway. After a whole lot of research, I came to the perfect candidate: this person. I hope you guys like her as much as I ended up liking her.

    Thank you, as always, for all of your support!

    “Greetings, Master, I am… Ah, no, no. It’s too early for you. You don’t deserve that honor, not yet. For now, why don’t you call me Alterego of Epidaurus? I look forward to witness your hardworking figure.”“Servant, Alterego. I am Epione, the healer, at your humble service. You’re such a hopeless Master, but I’ll take care of you anyway, don’t worry.”

    alterego of epidaurus

    Class: Alterego
    Other Classes: Caster, Rider
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Place of Origin: Greece

    Height: 164cm cm | 5'4''
    Weight: 50 kg | 110 lbs

    Natural Enemy: Her husband
    Attribute: Sky
    Traits: Humanoid, Female, Divine, Servant, Earth or Sky, Weak to Enuma Elish




    MANA: B

    LUCK: B


    Class Skills

    high servant: B

    Although her materialization can be regarded as similar to a Pseudo-Servant, the nature of her existence is a composite of mythological essences, a High-Servant.She houses the essences of Aceso, Aglaea, Hygeia, Iaso, Meditrina and Panacea. Furthermore, her rank is reduced from what originally is supposed to be (rank A), because of the sheer number of clashing essences inside of her. (It is said that she knew of the cons of housing too many personalities in one single Saint Graph, but still wanted to take all these spirits on her.) Even then, the dominant personality is still Epione’s.

    goddess' essence: B

    Because her circumstances are very similar to those of a Pseudo-Servant, the rank is only up to B. It still prevents the figure from change no matter how much calories are absorbed. (She absolutely insisted on having this effect, if nothing else.)

    item construction: A

    Although restricted to the manufacture of healing items, her painkillers have the ultimate performance. At this rank, with proper materials, even the creation of a potion of limited immortality is possible.

    riding: A+

    All vehicles and all creatures up to the level of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast can be used as mounts. However, that does not apply to members of the Dragon Kind.As the daughter that looked after the sacred cattle of the sun god Helios back when she lived in the island of Thrinakia, she has a natural affinity with this Skill.

    territory creation: A

    Creation of a “Temple”, which is superior to a “Workshop”, becomes possible.The Sanctuary of Asclepius, where he and his family were revered as healing deities, was a major cult site, such as the Sanctuary of Zeus in Olympia or the Sanctuary of Apollo in Delphis. As his wife, she is able to recreate that imposing atmosphere. (She even says she works better when inside its walls anyway. The whiteness of a nowadays doctor’s room is too much for her.)

    A beautiful woman of mature charms and a sadistic personality, her hands are miraculous performers, capable of healing and hurting in the same way. She vows to stay and watch over the Master, all the while lamenting the fact she is trapped with such a person by her side. (And yet, she never leaves.)
    Epione is the wife of the god of medicine, Asclepius. She reigns over the soothing properties of healing, such as the care needed for a patient’s recovery and the absence of pain. As his helper, it can be said that she is History’s first nurse. She is also the mother of two boys and six girls, all fathered by her husband: Machaon and Podalirius, two heroes of the Trojan War, and Aceso, Aglaea, Hygeia, Iaso, Meditrina and Panacea, all of them representing a part of Apollon’s arts and Asclepius’ powers.

    She was born as Lampetia, the shining lamp lady, daughter of a secret liaison between the sun god Helios and a nymph, Neiara. Taken in by her father, together with her sister Phaetusa they were tasked to guard his sacred cattle in the island of Thrinakia. They watched over 700 animals in total, including sheep, cows and other farm animals, living an idyllic and uneventful life surrounded by nature.

    One day, during his travel back to the island of Ithaca, Odysseus and his men got stranded on that island. Without a single breath of wind to sway their ship towards home, they could only wait; meanwhile, frightened by the strangers in their land and fearing for the worst, the two girls only hid theirselves, not offering any help. After a month of starvation―even when they knew of the consequences, thanks to the warnings from the witch Circe to not touch the sacred animals―they slaughtered some of the cattle for consumption. Lampetia, seeing the precious and ageless cattle meeting such an undignified end, then fled to her father’s side, where after knowing what happened back in the island of Thrinakia, demanded the gods to avenge the deaths of his cattle, threatening to bring sunlight to the underworld if the men were not punished. Without much choice, Zeus then sent a lightning bolt down and after that, a storm, killing all of Odysseus’ men.

    As the thunders ripped the sky apart in a beautiful light spectacle, killing the filthy heretics in her precious island, Lampetia thought that those were such beautiful lights…

    ――And yet, little did she knew that, the act that made her so happy there, would also bring her the utmost bitterness in the future.

    She grew up and married Asclepius, the son of Apollo, changing her name to Epione after that to symbolize her new life as a healing deity. She promised to dedicate the rest of her life to learn how to take care of people, just like him; how to take care of him, so he could perform his duties beautifully. Under his tutelage, she blossomed as a talented healer.

    From the very first day, she thought that he was a remarkable demigod, a man who used his knowledge only to heal, never to hurt; so different from everyone she knew until then. To say that she was very interest in the mystery that he represented was an understatement―― and yet, with time, she noticed that her married life wasn’t something to cause envy on anyone.

    You see, she found out far too late for her own heart that she was the second in his life. That, as much as she loved him, he’d never return her feelings in the same earnest way.

    After all― he was in love with his job.

    Long shifts away from home made the sweetness of the longing become a distant resentment. His erudite disposition became a reason for aggravation. His tendency of being a man of few and short words became the source of many fights. The love she once felt, one that could forgive everything, was tested again and again, and left each battle with more and more scars.

    And then, one day, everything ended…

    Asclepius loved his job, despite his complains. He loved to cure. It was in his blood, it was his destiny. And that was a destiny that took him farther and farther from her― instead, it took him directly to the hands of Gorgon, of Athena, and finally to the cold grip of death, when he broke the
    ultimate taboo
    , inciting the rage of the god of the underworld, Hades, who complained at Zeus about that indignity. The same thunder bolt that took the life of the boorish soldiers soiling the land of her father now took the life of her one true love, and she could only stood there and watch it unfold.

    Epione could have cried, as she watched the sky shine brightly with a new star. A beautiful constellation in the shape of a serpent.

    ――And yet, everything she felt as she looked at those twinkling dots, glimmering as if they were the tears that were on the verge of her eyes, was rage.

    Personal Skills

    familiar (serpent): A

    At this rank, her familiars can be directed by thought alone, without the need for a contract. Furthermore, they can even act as her avatar, taking away the need for her to be physically present in a battlefield.Lampetia, her maiden name, was described by a Greek poet as a “serpent slithering in emerald fields” when she fled to her father's side. She had been associated with this motif for a long time, and for the Greeks, snake venom was thought to be remedial; their skin-shedding was also viewed as a symbol of rebirth and renewal. At some point, perhaps thanks to
    that person’s
    assimilation of her myth, perhaps because since their marriage snakes were always by his side anyway, serpents started to be considered sacred to the followers of Asclepius, and they were always seen on his temple, being very tame with men.

    child of light: B+

    While under the sunlight, her power will always increase by a great amount.Where her husband reigns over the night as the Ophiucus constellation, Epione reigns over the day, as the child of the sun god, Helios, and the bearer of his sacred light. Even after shedding away her maiden name and her past, those blessings kept flowing in her blood. Unfortunately, she does not like the sun that much, preferring the gloomy interior of temples. “It’s hard to be a fan of the heat when you’re always in black,” she objects.

    apollon's arts (healing): EX

    Beyond the field of medicine, reserved for doctors (the treatment of disease through medication, medical procedure and sometimes surgery), Alterego, instead, is the best of the best when it comes to the formal expertise of a trained nurse (caring for the sick, with knowledge of both holistic and wellness-oriented programs, while also having knowledge of how to diagnose, treat and manage many common ailments.)Epione―the one who personifies the soothing of pain―and her five daughters are, in a sense, all facets of the god Apollon’s arts: Panacea is universal health, Hygieia is cleanliness and sanitization, Iaso is recuperation from illness, Aceso is the healing process and Aglaea is the splendor of health. While their father was directly associated with healing, they were associated with the support for the sick beyond that of pure medical diagnosis: in other words, “nursing.”

    pankration arts: B

    “I’m a healer, but...”

    It was said that the heroes Heracles and Theseus invented pankration, an ancient Greek martial art, as a result of using both wrestling and boxing in their confrontations with opponents. It is a ferocious style of fighting that allows for grappling, joint locks, chokeholds and a variety of takedowns.Needless to say, during her widowhood, she had plenty of time to learn some few new tricks, including this one. After all, how could she slap the everlasting life out of her husband the next time he appeared in front of her with his reckless and nerdy ass if she didn’t know the best way of inflicting pain on someone? Besides, he can heal himself later, right? So that’s fine! Furthermore, at rank B, although she is not a specialist and is not proficient in many of the style’s most difficult stunts, she is still able to at least gouge out an eye. Which is more than enough for her. (“Do you think he can heal that...? No? Excellent.”)

    Noble Phantasm

    . . .“Your limbs are frail and your words are insufficient. And yet, as long as there is the fragrance of a flower and the gust of the wind... Reach even higher, towards the sky, and cross the limits that even the gods are unable to. Such is the power of men. Such is your power――
    Aigios Asclepeion
    Threshold of Absolute Immunity

    Type: Anti-Army (Self)
    Range: 40m
    Max. number of targets: 10~25

    The “shinning lamp maiden” who became, by her own effort, “the soothing goddess”. Her miraculous hands were rumored to heal all painful ailments, taking away any pain the sick would feel as soon as they step inside of the Temple of Asclepius.

    A Noble Phantasm that replicates the Temple of Asclepius, but instead of deploying a huge Reality Marble that would imitate its interior, she utilizes it in a tinier scale, “in each and every one ally’s body.” After all, as the old saying goes, “a healthy body is like a sacred temple.” Since she is the strongest inside of its walls, in this situation, she can then utilize her ultimate invention: painkiller.

    The goddess who reigns over the sensation of pain can take it away as easily as one can imagine. As long as her Noble Phantasm is working, the afflicted allies become incapable of feeling pain, allowing them to think clearly and continue to move despite a grievous injury that would normally disable them in any other situation. This includes (but is not limited to) twisted limbs, loss of members, extreme torture, damage to internal organs, and any other sort of crippling injury. Furthermore, her range is not limited to the physical sense of injuries, also extending to other uncomfortable sensations on an ally’s body, such as itching, swelling, extreme body temperature alterations; and that, regardless of what is causing that reaction (poison, infection, allergic reaction, or even someone else’s powers.)

    Her powers, as benefic as they sound, are not curing any of the injuries an ally may take while under the effects of this ability―after all, this is a different sort of immunity than the ones granted by Fafnir’s blood or the runic blessings of Baldur―which may disable them without them even knowing why should they take a crippling injury they are unaware of.

    Likes: Her children, Soap operas, A mug with hot pipping tea and a blanket over her shoulders in a rainy day, H-her husband…
    Dislikes: Valentine events, Her husband, Cute couples, People dying inside of her workplace

    She can be described with one word: Tsundere. “H-hey! Who you’re calling a tsundere!?”She presents herself with cold and indifferent front, regarding her Master as if he was a particularly annoying patron full of unreasonable requests, before gradually showing a warmer and friendlier side. She houses a lot of passion inside of her body, unashamedly showing all of it on her duties and her hobbies, and nothing she does is ever devoid of heart or good intentions.

    For her, a woman who lived under the motto “all or nothing,” that love
    that person
    held for her was like an alien concept. She, who can only pour all of her love in whatever strikes her fancy, can’t understand that some people can love two or more things equally, regarding them with the same care, even if they never externalize that love with words or grand gestures. Because of that, in her eyes, she could not see how her symbol, the serpent, becoming
    that person’s
    symbol as well, held everything that could be said. Because of the fact she could only see her failure, she decided that “she had been cheated with work.” She could only silently pray for
    that person
    to get a papercut.

    Even after everything, she loves her job as a healing deity, as a nurse goddess. She loves helping people, loves to see their thankfulness reflected in their eyes; and she even came to understand why
    that person
    loved this so much as well. It only adds to her pain, to the difficulty of accepting that, indeed, she understands that “medicine is indeed so much better than her…”

    She understands the depths of her own heart, and absolutely refuses to allow it to contemplate its situation. If she ever allowed herself to shed all the tears she wanted to pour since she looked at the sky, to the shiny constellation in the shape of a serpent, she knows she’d be done as a Servant. “I have to hate something, you know? Or else I’ll cry to sleep.”

    She is Epione, and she doesn’t have time to be a maiden. Not anymore.

    dialogue quotes

    >>Level up<<Ah, this power… You’re pampering me, aren’t you?

    >>1st Ascencion<<Why am I wearing black clothes, if I’m a doctor? Oh, Master, Master… There are a lot of assumptions you are making there. I am good enough to not need bright clothes to determine whether I’m doing a good job or not.

    >>2nd Ascencion<<Nothing to report. Ah, but that doesn’t mean you can’t praise me a bit more. I’m so used to take a backstage when it comes to these things, from time to time, is nice to be the center of attention, you know?

    >>3rd Ascencion<<So? What do you think? This is a reminiscence of my old garments. I thought it would be nice to change the airs and try something new. ―Huh…!? D-do you think the brighter colors suit me? A-ah, you cheeky little…! Don’t go and praise me out of nowhere, let me prepare myself mentally first, at least!

    >>4th Ascencion<<I… I don’t think I remember the last time I felt like I was loved this much. Thank you, Master. I’ll say that just once, so make sure to pay attention, okay? I’ll support you in anything, anywhere, anytime. No questions, just say the word and I’ll be there. N-now! T-this whole thing made me want to try and brew some healing potions! Do you want learn a thing or two with me?

    >>Bond 1<<Ugh, stop smiling like an idiot, that’s so annoying. Don’t you go thinking that just because you have a pretty face, I’ll take easy on you. ―N-not that you actually have a pretty face, that was just an example, alright!

    >>Bond 2<<Master! …Well, we did started in the wrong way, so I humbly ask you to correct my terrible first impression. May I invite your esteemed person to a tea party? The sweets are exquisite and the tea, marvelous. I… …. …… ――I CAN’T! This is so bad, I feel like a phony talking like that! I’m so sorry, Master! But I still want for us to try again, alright?

    >>Bond 3<<Hmm? Why am I not interacting with the other healers in Chaldea, you ask? I’m not… Very found of medic procedures, actually. There are remedies that leaves a bitter aftertaste, right? It’s kind of the same for me… Except that it’s the whole thing… A-ah, but that’s a long story, one we shouldn’t discuss right now, anyway! I like it better when you smile. ―Was I too upfront? Ehehe, maybe I’m getting your disease…

    >>Bond 4<<One day, I want to say “I love you” and really mean it. I know that there’s a billion of other Servants that will want my head if I say that, but… You’re a good person. And I think I deserve better than what I was given, don’t you think? ―Yeah, I think so too! So… I’ll do my best! To get over myself! And sort my feelings! And… And… And maybe, I’ll stop looking at the stars, too. I… Think I should start living with my feet right here, in the ground…

    chaldea quotes

    >>Odysseus<<Eugh, Master, can we avoid that person for now? ―Well, it's not like I still hold a grudge over what happened in the island of Thrinakia or anything, it's just that... Penelope this, Penelope that... I don't think I'm strong enough to stand that sort of man...

    >>Chiron<<Oh… You are
    that person’s
    teacher, am I right? Should I call you “master” as well? So… How’s
    that person
    doing? Is he eating properly? He has this tendency of overworking himself, and there are so many Servants in Chaldea, I… ――W-who said I’m worried!? B-because I’m not! Could it be that stupidity is contagious!? You’re just as stupid as him!

    >>Paris<<Is that…
    …? What are you doing here in this form? ――Ah, wait, wait, I think it’s for the best if you don’t tell me. I don’t want to lose the already thinning respect I have for you…

    >>Florence Nightingale<<So, you are the rumored Angel of Crimea, the one who defined what a “nurse” is for modern humans? Yes… I can see why now… Not too shabby, not to shabby. Maybe there is a lot I could learn from you as well. But now, tell me, what do you think about teaching me how to fire those “firearms” you wield within your person?

    >>Murasaki Shikibu<<O-oh… G-good day, Master, how are you? If you excuse me, I have to… A-ah! What do you mean, what do I have behind my back? N-nothing at all!? Ahhh, maybe you’re sick… Look at you, even seeing things that don’t exist already, you poor thing! B-besides, even if I had something in my possession… Which I don’t… T-they’re most definitely not romantic books recommended by miss Murasaki herself to comfort me!

    >>After completing the Atlantis Lostbelt<<So, did you get Zeus? ―No? Tch, so that guy is still alive… Very well, wait right here! I’ll concoct the ultimate potion to restore your stamina. And after that, don’t you ever show your face here until you take that man down, okay?

    >>Asclepius<<[After seeing that he is very fine and healthy and alive, she can allow herself to shake with barely controlled rage]
    Y-you… You stupid… Imbecile… The worst… You’re an… An absolute… I-i-i-i… YOU IDIOT.
    [Proceds to run away and not be seen for an entire week after that]
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    Watcher of the Red


    Class: Watcher
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Region: ???
    Height: Varies
    Weight: Varies
    Likes: N/A
    Dislikes: N/A
    Talent: Bringing death
    Armaments: N/A
    Natural Enemy: Miss Blue


    Str: N/A
    End: N/A
    Agi: N/A
    Mna: EX
    Lck: N/A
    NP: EX


    class skills

    Magic Resistance(EX): Protection against magical effects. As a conceptual existence above the reach of Magecraft, Watcher cannot be affected by anything short of True Magic, if even that.

    Territory Infringement(A): The Skill to infiltrate any kind of territory without being noticed or suffering from punitive effects. At rank A, no bounded field can deter their entry and only something akin to a Divine Authority can prevent Watcher from reaching into a place.

    personal skills

    Independent Manifestation(A): A special Skill that permits unsupported manifestation into reality, without the necessity of energy cost or of summoning by a Master; effectively, the Skill serves as an enhanced version of Independent Action. Being that the skill holder is signified as a confirmed existence, the bearer gains a resistance towards instant-death effect attacks and attacks affected by time manipulation.

    Innocent World(EX): A Skill that pronouncedly reflects the imagery created by humanity's fear of death and disease. Since said images are so miscellaneous, mixed and disorganized, they get simplified when recalled, and their nature varies for each individual.

    Masquerade(A): A skill representing Watcher as something that the human cannot fully comprehend and as such, subconsciously chooses to ignore. Unlike with skills such as Presence Concealment, there is no actual attempt from the user to hide his presence and beings that are being observed by Watcher still faintly feel an indistinguishable something. This skill is sealed when this Servants Noble Phantasm is activated.

    Noble phantasm

    Strike the Ebony Clock
    Darkness and Decay

    rank: Anti-Life, EX

    A Noble Phantasm representing Watcher's own nature manifested into the world around them as something akin but different from a Reality Marble. Originally formless Nameless formless power, it was given this shape by the limitations of the Servant container.
    It takes the form of the collection of seven-colored rooms from the story who gives Watcher their name, they being: the Velvet Room, the Purple Room, the Green Room, the Orange Room, the White Room, the Violet Room and finally the Black Room, where it lies a grandiose ebony pendulum clock.
    In the beginning, Watcher will position themselves in the Velvet Room. After every hour, when the Clock strikes, he will move to the next and eventually reach the final room. After that, everyone inside the Noble Phantasm will die.
    Each room is essentially an isolated plane from the other, so those in one room cannot communicate with those in another. Furthermore, only one person may enter or exit the rooms at any given time, meaning any attempt to stop watcher must be made by either a single person or by an extremely coordinated group of people.


    Watcher is known by several names. However, in this specific summoning, they are identified as The Red Death from Edgar Allan Poe's The Masque of the Red Death.
    In the story, Prince Prospero attempts to avoid a dangerous plague by hiding in his abbey. He, along with many other wealthy nobles, hosts a masquerade ball within seven rooms of the abbey, each decorated with a different color. In the midst of their revelry, a mysterious figure disguised as a victim of the Plague enters and makes his way through each of the rooms. Prospero dies after confronting this stranger, whose "costume" proves to contain nothing tangible inside it; the guests also die in turn.
    In truth, this story is mostly a work of fiction. Watcher is actually an agent of the counter-force, in charge of dealing with those members of the human race who come too close to the origin of the world. The "Prospero" in the story was actually a Magus who, amidst attempting a complex ritual, ended up attracting this unwanted attention.


    Watcher doesn't have a personality or sense of self in the way most servants have. They are simply a mechanical being who exists solely for the purpose of completing the job he is in charge of. They do seem to have some sort of values, as they have been noted to have spared the lives of certain individuals before, but the reasons or specifics of these situations are not clear.

    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

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