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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    Hmm, what kind of character do you need the faceclaim for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drangle View Post
    I have a great idea but i cannot find a faceclaim to save my life.
    Late to answer, but if you haven't noticed yet, there's the Faceclaim thread. You could always ask for help there.

    But anyways....

    Man these snippets are fun to write, even if they're not as "epic" as Scribe's. It's nice actually writing out not only my Servants, but everyone else's.

    This took a bit longer though cuz uh... Ah, if you're a Persona fan, you'd (probably) already know. Let's go!

    "Next up is...what the fuck?"

    "How many times are you going to be surprised at our guest list, you stupid, hothead?"

    "Shut the hell up! That's not it! Just look at this mess!" the paleontologist said to his rival, showing him the paper.

    "...okay, I concede this time. Why is there so many crossed out names on this sheet?"

    "Ah...that would be my fault," said the apparent culprit, the teacher sheepish. "I couldn't quite decide how to handle the categorization of them and hidden identities for a while and seems the draft slipped through nevertheless."

    "So where is the—"

    It was that moment a paper flew in Cope's direction and he plucked it up. If this were any other situation, one could argue the occurence was a minor form of "Deus Ex Machina"...and it would be right on some level as all three turned into the direction the paper had come from to see a sheepish death goddess waving in apology.

    "Ah. That explains the mix-up. Our sponsor took the guest list and forgot to return all the papers," Fröbel said.

    "Then I'll endeavor to make sure all the papers are in place," Marsh said as he grabbed a majority of the guest list, leaving about at least three to five for Cope to go through. "You can handle announcing by yourself, right?"

    "The fu—of course I can, you pompous dick. Now go already!"

    The man just rolled his eyes and left without a word, reading through the sheets while going towards their sponsor to check if she had more sheets misplaced to her designated area.

    Meanwhile, Cope cleared his throat and began at last.

    "Next up is 'Deoxyribonucleic acid', better known as simply 'DNA', manifesting through biochemist Johann Friedrich Miescher, fellow biochemist Albrecht Kossel, and molecular biologist Francis Crick as its vessels. By themselves, they do not have enough to manifest as a Servant on their own, whether it be that they only had one notable feat remembered in history, the recency of their achievment, or the fact that, of them is a building block of life. But as a together, just like its own nature, these blocks were enough to form our guests today. It is thanks to them, one after the other, that their discovery can not only manifest, but advance the understanding and study of life itself and assist in human endeavors, such DNA identification in crime investigations."

    With the introduction out of the way, Cope cleared his throat again, went up to the three, and said,

    "We welcome you to the conference. I hope you enjoy your stay."

    "Yes, thank you, Herr, uh..." the well dressed silver haired man squinted his eyes. "Who are you again...?"

    The purple eyed burnett groaned. "Herr Miescher! Not again...!"

    The paleontologist waved it off. "It's fine. I'm Edward Drinker Cope."

    ""Herr Cope. Thank you."

    The rather normal looking man, with black hair and brown eyes, was staggered back. "Wait, you're Edward Cope?!"

    "Yes, indeed. You've heard of me?" he said, smiling just the slight.

    But then Crick laughed and said, "So you're the one who put the Elasmosaurus head on its butt! Hahaha! I didn't think you'd be here in this conference!"

    To say Cope was twitching in barely restrained anger was like saying counting all the stars in sky was easy. "Oh. Really. Now."

    "Hey, if you're here, does that mean Othniel Marsh is too?"

    The paleontologist took a deep breath—

    —then yelped as the Kindergarten founder wrapped an arm around him and said,

    "Indeed, Mr. Marsh is here too. He is currently with our sponsor handling some technical issues, so you may meet him, but I cannot guarantee you will speak with him."

    "I'm going then," said Miescher who just "noped" out of there, already a good distance from the barely contained firecracker.

    "Aaand there he goes again," said an exasperated Kossel with a sigh. He turned to his fellow German sheepishly. "Sorry about that."

    "Oh it's fine. I'm used to such behaviors. And he'll be in good hands. Our sponsor happens to be a wonderful lady."

    The man seemed almost...surprised, like he didn't expect to find something familiar. "...okay. If you're sure."

    "Well I'm gonna be off talking with the others so we can get our Noble Phantasm running for the conference proper."

    "Ah, then I might suggest Dr. McClintock? She's a cytogeneticist. She would be that woman over there."

    "Wait, really?! Thank you, Mr. Fröbel! I'll do just that!"

    With that, Cope's source of irritation had left and he was able to properly defuse.

    Which Kossel noticed. "Sorry about Pr. Crick. He's...well, you've just seen how he's like."

    The paleontologist waved it off. "It's fine. My apologies for such boorish behavior. Especially as I need to announce the next guest."

    "I'll help Mr. Kossel, then," the teacher said.

    "All right."

    And so Cope moved on to do so.

    Meanwhile Fröbel said, "So is there anything you want to do in particular, Herr Kossel? Or would you like to join Pr. Crick?"

    ""...oh, yes, I will. It's reminded me of my old mentor, that I couldn't help but be startled. He was a good teacher, like you."

    The teacher brightened. "Oh is that so? Ha ha, I'm honored you would compare me favorably to someone you think well of. I'm not much of biochemist though, but I do love botany."

    ""Oh you do? Ah, wait, you named your education system 'kindergarten', of course you are."

    "Ah, that is a reasonable assumption. However, the funny thing is..."

    And so the two ended up chatting in the background.

    Back with Cope...

    Unfortunately for him, his eye was twitching again, because he recognized the name.

    "First that Potter lass, then that Crick fellow, now this man... Lady Luck is having a field day with me..."

    He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as he silently thanked God that at least he didn't have to deal with Marsh now. He knew he wouldn't be able to deal with "two" of him, for the next guest was even more like his rival than even Dr. Potter.

    "All right then..."

    "Next we have none other than Sir Richard Owen! A man who is not only known in the field of biology and comparative anatomy...but also in paleontology! For he is none other than the man who had named dinosaurs, dubbing them 'dinosauria'. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, he fell from fame during his life... But thankfully for him, his legacy still lives on as paleontology would flourish, with dinosaurs as a 'flagship' of the field."

    With thag introduction done, he repeated his actions earlier and walked up to the guest themself.

    "We welcome you to the conference, Sir Owen. I hope you enjoy your stay," said a gritting Cope.

    Which the naturalist doesn't seem to notice as he brightens and says, "Ah! Well if it isn't Edward Cope! I should've known you would be here. Would you mind terribly if I see you research fossils? I am acquainted myself and am curious as to your methods. In fact, I can show you my Iguanadon. I promise it's genuinely the first!"

    His smile strained. "Oh, I would be honored. It's always good to examine the earliest known bones of species."

    He wasn't. He reminded him too much of Marsh. And yourself. But it was for that same reason he was doing his best to keep up his gentleman manners.

    Before Sir Owen could do as he wished though—

    "Wait you're from another world?! I must take a sample from you! When am I ever going to examine DNA from another universe entirely?!"

    —Cope said, "Ah, excuse me, but it seems I need to handle the other guests before I have to announce the next one. If you would excuse me."

    And left before the namer of dinosaurs could answer.

    Yes, Cope knew the problem was minimal, but he wouldn't have lasted long in the Bone Wars if he couldn't make subtle getaways.

    "Kossel, Meischer, Crick": no deoxys fc smh /jk Props for managing to make a Servant out of DNA! I really like the idea, and I have no complaints on the technical side with skills and the NP, or at least things of note of them (other than I guess finding the imagery for the NP release really cool). My favorite part would actually have to be the intro paragraph. But I'm gonna have to agree with doncosaco. It feels a little but on the barebones side, even ignoring the fact that meant I had to extrapolate their personality from what little lines they had (which i hope i did okay... I DID MY BEST OK???). Though I do have a penchant for longer sheets, so take this with a grain of salt, but I felt like you could've at least given a bit more of the three "components" of Binder DNA.

    Richard Owen: Oh hey! Someone I do know! Well not a lot, comparitively to others in the paleontology field...but still. Hey! I'll admit, I couldn't help but think of my own Cope and Marsh sheet reading this one, not just because of well...them being the hosts and paleontologists. But because, like them, they were prominent in their field...but their own actions led to their downfall. And because of a "rivalry" too. Though in Owen's case it miiight be more one-sided than Cope and Marsh and didn't have the Bone Wars' "tragedy" (if you can even call it that) of former friends turning into bitter rivals. Overall, I really liked the sheet. The technical side complimented the personality and story and such that the I liked the whole than if I had considered them separately. I will say though, for the NP, since it was called "Dinosauria", I had expected that maybe you'd somehow incorporate the "a person or thing that is outdated or has become obsolete because of failure to adapt to changing circumstances" meaning of dinosaur because of a combination of Owen being opposed to Darwin's Natural Selection and that the meaning is kind of a "slander" version of dinosaurs, which is something he did. Though saying that, and seeing his NP, I just realized I'm not sure how that would work, and the actual NP is still really neat.
    Only one "complaint' though.
    And by that I mean it isn't really a complaint so much as well...
    Awwww, no Crystal Palace interaction? I was kinda expecting one with the mentions of Crystal Palace. Oh well...
    (Note: hopefully i can do more with him in later parts because ironically the sheet that was minimalistic it ended up having more screentime than the servant sheet that was longer)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DracoScribe View Post
    Richard Owen: Oh hey! Someone I do know! Well not a lot, comparitively to others in the paleontology field...but still. Hey! I'll admit, I couldn't help but think of my own Cope and Marsh sheet reading this one, not just because of well...them being the hosts and paleontologists. But because, like them, they were prominent in their field...but their own actions led to their downfall. And because of a "rivalry" too. Though in Owen's case it miiight be more one-sided than Cope and Marsh and didn't have the Bone Wars' "tragedy" (if you can even call it that) of former friends turning into bitter rivals. Overall, I really liked the sheet. The technical side complimented the personality and story and such that the I liked the whole than if I had considered them separately. I will say though, for the NP, since it was called "Dinosauria", I had expected that maybe you'd somehow incorporate the "a person or thing that is outdated or has become obsolete because of failure to adapt to changing circumstances" meaning of dinosaur because of a combination of Owen being opposed to Darwin's Natural Selection and that the meaning is kind of a "slander" version of dinosaurs, which is something he did. Though saying that, and seeing his NP, I just realized I'm not sure how that would work, and the actual NP is still really neat.
    Only one "complaint' though.
    And by that I mean it isn't really a complaint so much as well...
    Awwww, no Crystal Palace interaction? I was kinda expecting one with the mentions of Crystal Palace. Oh well...
    (Note: hopefully i can do more with him in later parts because ironically the sheet that was minimalistic it ended up having more screentime than the servant sheet that was longer)
    Thank you for your kind words. I didn't do much with the crystal palace simply because I think it would be more appropriate for Caster Owen rather than Avenger Owen. I definitely am motivated to make a caster variant... so I think I will and put it in CaS3. For my second entry... well dunno if I'll make it in time but I've been thinking of just doing Darwin. We'll see. I do have a secondary idea if someone else posts him before me XD
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    "Your basic practice shall be thus: condense the spirit, and regulate the breath."
    -Zhang Sanfeng
    "Through the halls of the Throne of Heroes and the deepest recesses of the afterlife, I have answered your call."

    "I am not as well-versed in the art of tai chi as my other Classes, but this Saint Graph is still capable of combat in and of itself."

    "...Oh dear. I seem to have forgotten to introduce myself. My apologies, Master."

    "I am Servant Caster. My TrueFalse Name is Zhang Sanfeng. May this meeting be auspicious, and your wishes be granted through virtue."


    Class: Caster

    Other Eligible Classes: Assassin, Boxer, Ruler

    True Name: Zhang Sanfeng

    Aliases: Father of Tai Chi, Tong Junbao, The Immortal Sage, Sanfengzi

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Attribute: Man

    Origin: Historical Fact

    Region: China (Yuan Dynasty)

    Height: 173 cm / 5'8''

    Weight: 74.8 kg / 165 lbs

    Traits: Male, Humanoid, Hominidae, Servant, Divine, Weak to Enuma Elish

    Catalyst: A copy of the Da Dao Lun, a book written by Sanfeng on ruminations of the universe and the primal nature of the world


    Talents: Tai Chi, Meditation, Teaching, Martial Arts, Swordplay

    Natural Enemies: Qin Shi Huang, Confucius

    Likes: High places, cereal, observing nature, travelling, Taoism

    Dislikes: Fame, wealth, squandered potential, Confucianism, cinnabar

    Personality: A wise and learned scholar, and a cool-headed yet fierce warrior on the field, Zhang Sanfeng is the embodiment of the Taoist endgoal. Rumored to have achieved immortality and lived throughout the centuries as a Zhenren, Zhang is said to be knowledgeable in all manner of topics related to nature, spending his days in the Wudang Mountains. Reliable and willing to educate anyone who asks him about any topic, he feels like the reliable teacher you'd see in extracurricular classes after school tutoring other people.

    ...However, there is something off about him. He seems to gather information with a manic fervor to match his ability to teach others, soaking in knowledge like a sponge. Rather than a 'reliable teacher' like he initially presents himself to be, this is more of a greedy info broker who would exchange knowledge and rumors for monetary gain. A far cry from the enlightened man that is Zhang Sanfeng.

    Wish for the Grail: "I have attained immortality and come to understand the world and existence. Even if I were to grow bored of my old bearings, I can simply mingle with the current humanity and enjoy some time learning new trends and entertainments. What could I possibly have to wish for?"

    Strength: C+
    Endurance: C+
    Agility: D
    Mana: E
    Luck: A
    NP: D+


    Bond DefaultIn the annals of history, there are certainly those who have inexplicably become connected to concepts and histories through sheer happenstance. Count Saint-Germaine, who clawed his way from the footnotes of the world into a famous
    unmatched by man. Scathach, who's martial prowess and pinnacle of skill and technique rendered her immortal by the disbelieving thoughts of the Gods and the World. Nikola Tesla, who inadvertently wrenched the power of the heavens from the gods' grasp and distributed it among humanity.

    This not as well-known as any of them. His connection is meager compared to theirs. His martial skill is not at the pinnacle, nor his teachings and his wisdom towards his fellow learned scholars. And yet, he stands here before you. An inconsequential man dwarfed by the powers of those both before and after him, but summoned all the same.


    Bond 1The history of Zhang Sanfeng is incredibly disputed. Records of his birth have been destroyed and lost to history, and what little we know of him can be called rumors and whispered folk tales at best. It is thought that he was born in the late Song Dynasty, in a small coastal village that would later become the heart of the Liaoning Province of China, as a boy named Tong, later known by his courtesy name Junbao as an adult. Records of his childhood have long since vanished into nonexistence, but it is said that even in his young age, he was incredibly intelligent. A learned scholar at heart, he was skilled in both Confucian and Daoist teachings, but clearly favored one over the other.

    When he reached the age of 20 and was granted his courtesy name, Junbao witnessed the end of the Song Dynasty soon after, and was nominated as a candidate to become the magistrate of the Boling County under the new emperor, Kublai Khan, eventually ascending to the seat and running the county for an undefined amount of time. As he toured the Shaanxi province on a routine diplomatic journey, aiming to speak with the Shaanxi magistrate over goodwill offerings he had sent to them, he witnessed the summits of three nearby mountains, as if an omen had revealed itself to him so suddenly.

    And thus, Zhang Sanfeng was born.


    Bond 2Class Skills:

    Item Construction C
    One of the Class Skills of a Caster, denoting the Servant's ability to manufacture magical items, though this Skill requires time to gather resources for manufacturing.

    In life, Caster was attributed to a series of Taoist texts and writings that were thought to be a core foundation of the beginnings of Chinese history and philosophy, as well as the basics of martial arts and music meant to aid readers in their pursuit to grow closer to immortality. As a Servant, Caster can construct books and manuals that are magical to a certain level, with the ability to imbue knowledge into the reader's mind and essentially implant guidance into their memories. However, because he has specialized in writing books, he cannot really create anything else with this Skill.

    Territory Creation B+
    One of the Class Skills of a Caster, denoting the Servant's ability to create a terrain that is advantageous to the user as a magus.

    Perhaps because of his position as a former magistrate, Caster can reconstruct and manifest the office/courthouse he held office in in life. Taking the form of a large and semi-complex yamen, a walled building compound housing the local government and their families, Caster is capable of tracking anyone who intrudes on his Territory (though it doesn't boosts his combata capabilities at all), as well as store important documents and records from the outside world in the Territory. This Skill holds a (+) modifier due to it's large form.


    Bond 3Personal Skills:

    Chinese Martial Arts (Tai Chi) A+++

    A Skill denoting a Chinese rationality, measuring one's mastery of the martial arts that made becoming one with the universe as the endgoal. It is such a difficult Skill to learn that the lowest Rank where one can say that they have truly learned Chinese Martial Arts is Rank A.

    Having been rumored to have invented and perfected the concept of neijia, or 'internal martial arts' in wushu, and created Tai Chi in life, it can be said that Caster is a master among masters in the art of Tai Chi. Even if ancient documents point to the possibility that Tai Chi existed before his time, it can be said that he is the one who perfected it as a martial art and passed it on to the future. Because of this Skill, Caster possesses an instinctive understanding of the flow of prana around his surroundings and can use it to trace anomalies in the world around them that other people may nor see.

    Sphere Boundary B+++

    A Skill denoting a meditation-based technique where, by circulating one's Od with the natural prana around them, the user can perceive the conditions and state of their immediate surroundings, utilizing the perceptions of such to their own advantage and even modify other people's perception of themselves to appear invisible or imperceptible. Drops in effectiveness when attacking.

    Being the man who perfected Tai Chi, an internal martial art focused on the utilization of meditation and the sense of spiritual self, nature and Od to fight, Caster has inadvertently learned this Skill as mere part of his training routine, and utilizes it to potentially mask his presence when needed, acting as a psuedo-Presence Concealment. Being a master in the meager yet required art of prana circulation, Caster 's own insticts and knowledge only add to the effectiveness of this Skill. It is a Skill 'at the very cusp of mastery, yet not', hence it's Rank.

    Like The Snake Who Bites The Crane B

    A unique Skill combining Swordsmanship, Vitrification and Chinese Martial Arts (Shaolin Quan)), this is a Skill denoting the creation and maintenance of 72 forms of Tai Chi by Caster, who reportedly utilized his mastery of neigong upon a stroke of inspiration while meditation.

    It is said that during a routine meditative session, Caster saw a crane attacking a common snake, and was in awe of the snake's defensive tactics. Taking the form of a 'snake remaining calm in the face of onslaught', this set of movements allows for the user to exercise a coolheaded calm, dodging and blocking attacks with minimal effort and serpentine movements while scanning for weakpoints to target with piercing jabs and sharp blows. This Skill also gains two plus modifiers when used with a sword, symbolic of the snake's fangs.


    Bond 4Zhang Sanfeng's legend is, oddly enough, barren at best. Beyond being considered the man who either invented or perfected Tai Chi, and skilled in both martial arts and swordsmanship, there isn't much else to speak of for this legendary sage. He is a known alchemist who spearheaded the reconstruction and revival of the Wudang Mountain complexes, and a folk hero so skilled with defensive fighting that, at the time, Emperor Zhudi of Ming was desperate to add him to his army's ranks. However, the greatest achievement that can be said of Caster is the legend that he had become immortal somehow, possibly owning to his teachings.

    In Taoism, it is rumored that there is a single way to attain immortality and ascension. The path is grueling, limiting success to all but the most dedicated but guaranteeing absolute immortality and sainthood (or whatever it's Taoist equivalent is called) to those who manage to succeed. Of those impossible few who succeeded was Zhang Sanfeng, a man who was indifferent to fame and fortune, cutting away all notions of pleasure, anger, hatred, and desire in exchange for peace of mind and certainty in self. Soon after leaving office as the Boling County magistrate, Caster was reported to have given his property to his family and became a ascetic hermit, traversing Mount Hua for several years before moving to the Wudang Mountains, thereby beginning it's revival.

    Caster is a folk hero still well-known today in modern China, a wise madman who still channels his teachings to the world through spirit mediums, a known trickster of an immortal who has since mellowed out and fallen into the role of the wise man himself.


    Bond 5Noble Phantasm:

    Knowledge Channeled from Beyond the Afterlife
    Collected Works of Zhang Sanfeng

    Rank: D+
    Classification: Anti-Army (Self)
    Range: 5-50
    Maximum Targets: 60 People

    The translated works of Li Xiyue long after Caster's reported death, detailing a medley of topics that Caster's spirit seemingly communicated to him while being channeled. As a Servant he has gained these works as a Noble Phantasm thanks to his connection with them. At first glance, they appear to be a random collection of eight old books, something you merely read on a whim when you wish to. However, when this Noble Phantasm's True Name is invoked, the books will change at Caster's whims into anything he wishes that can be reasonably managed with enough prana.

    He can use his Noble Phantasm to act as act like a mobile database, connecting other people to it's contents and acting as a command center on the field as a temporary overwatch, or use the books like targeting systems and cast long-range support spells to aid his allies. Notably, as the books never touched upon combat and martial arts, this Noble Phantasm cannot harm others and is no use against enemies.

    At least, that's what he claims. But the interchangeability and versatile nature of this Noble Phantasm allow for reversing spells to do harm rather than exclusively help, and it is purported that of the texts channeled by Li Xiyue, basic knowledge on Tai Chi for combat was included, allowing for the possibility of harming enemies.


    Bond ExtraIt is a fact that Zhang Sanfeng became an enlightened sage during his lifetime. It is also a fact that by becoming a 'Xian', he became immortal. If he has become immortal, that means that 'Zhang Sanfeng has not entered the Throne of Heroes', as 'Zhang Sanfeng has not died'.

    Indeed, the sage known as Zhang Sanfeng has attained an undying body and mind, maintaining an existence that persists even to this day as a living being. It is not that Caster cannot die but that even if he were to, his soul has undergone being worn down and stretched to it's limit, like that of a certain silver-armed knight. By all means, there shouldn't have been anything to summon in the first place.

    He is a Caster, and yet he barely uses magic. He is a Caster, and yet he fights like an Assassin. He is a Caster, and yet his own Skills and his Noble Phantasm betray him so. The man before you is Zhang Sanfeng, yet not. He is an enlightened immortal sage, yet not. His wild mischief has cooled to an ice-cold calculation, and his wisdom shows none of the jovial kindness present in his legends.

    It is blatantly obvious that Caster is not who he claims he is. And yet, at the same time, there is no one else he could possibly be. What is going on...?


    RelationshipsLanling Wang: "Gao Changgong, the perfect warrior of loyalty who was betrayed in the end, and lived true to his own creed up until his last breath...I cannot imagine just what his views of loyalty must have shifted after his death. Only that those who conspired against him out of jealousy deserved no mercy whatsoever."

    Qin Liangyu: "Regrettably, I have not heard of her since I left the mainland long before the Ming Dynasty began to crumble. Yet, seeing her now and hearing of the great feats she committed in the name of her Emperor and her people, I can see why she had become a hero of humanity. "

    Jing Ke: Caster can often be found sharing a light drink with her, in a stark contrast to his ascetic lifestyle. He also occasionally plays go and other strategy games with her for fun every now and then.

    Zhang Jue: "A fellow Taoist sorcerer, you say? I admit, it is rare to see fellow learned mages like I, good sir. You were also a general before your rebellion, yes? Please, I would like to hear of your escapades. If only your rebellion had succeeded, perhaps our country may have currently become a better place."

    Xu Fu: Caster avoids Xu Fu with an oddly nervous look on his face. It's as if something about her presence repels him.

    Chen Gong: "Master, please don't let that man get near me again. He trapped me in a four-hour long game of Go and was grinning evilly the whole time. That man, he scares me."

    Ye Xian & Duan Chengshi: "That story of yours, where the king found you at last and returned to you your golden slipper. The heartwarming tale that ended on a golden note was one of my most favorite tales to read back when I still held office. To meet you two here truly is an honor."

    Zhang Sanfeng: "....I should leave, Master. That man, that 'other me'...There is something about him that makes u-me disgusted. My apologies. I will return to my quarters first."

    Related DialogueQin Shi Haung: "Greetings, Master. Please do not mind Us passing by, we sensed the presence of a scholar manifesting...No need to look so worried, Master. We have no grudge against them, merely a passing curiosity. Perhaps they might be able to entertain Us by telling Us of this...Neijia? Yes, neijia."

    Zhang Jue: "Oh, Master! Fancy seeing you here on this fine day. Quick question, will there be any chance that that Sanfeng fellow visits the study today? His discussion on the natural circulation of qi throughout the environment was very enlightening. I was hoping to speak with him on the possibilities of applying this to some of my own spells."

    Xu Fu: "Weeeeeh...I don't want to work anymore...Ah, Lady Yu's contractor. Is that shifty man your new Servant? I see, I see. Huh? Why do I think he's shifty? Well, for starters, when I had to get some cinnabar out for some potions he jumped back. Like, super far. He looked really scared of it too."

    Li Shuwen: "Truly? This man is a martial artist who specializes in Taijiquan? Hm. I wonder if he would be open to a friendly spar. I myself wish to see just how it fares in combat with my eyes instead of through written records."

    Xiang Yu: "Master, my Foresight has warned me of that man. A great impossibility surrounds him like a murky fog. Be warned. Whatever 'that man' appears to be, his true form will be shown very soon."


    A Routine Checkup with Nightingale"Madam Nightingale, is this truly a necessary procedure? I assure you, my body is at the cusp of peak condition. Nevermind that, being a fellow spiritual entity like you, I don't think I can actually get any diseases in the first place..."
    "It's better to be on the safer side. A while back, Chaldea had caught a supernatural fever of sorts, and there was no alternative means to keep the facility operating until it had passed. Because of this, we have agreed to do monthly routine examinations for the Servants when we are able."
    "Truly? Did they ever discover the source of this disease?"
    "From what I've heard from those who were involved in the incident, it seems to have been a curse spread by residual malice from...Nergal? Yes, Nergal. Now, please move your shirt aside and allow me to feel your heartbeat, sir."

    "It's quite odd, however. Talking about that incident has reminded me to, through supernatural means, it is very much possible for Servants to grow infected with afflictions. Diseases, infections and the like."
    "I see. And is there any reason why you are discussing this with me instead of a fellow medical-oriented Servant like...say, that Asclepius fellow? My expertise has nothing to do with medical knowledge at all, lest you consider my creation of neijia to be of aid to you."
    "Oh, no no, I have already spoken with Mr. Asclepius of the incident. He reportedly regrets not being able to examine the infected at the time. I merely wish to gain an outsider's perspective of the event. Especially since there are rumors that a similar incident has been springing up around Chaldea, recently."
    "A similar incident? You mean that Servants have grown afflicted with another supernatural disease?"
    "Not a disease. When their Saint Graphs were examined, foreign organisms were found to have invaded and burrowed beneath them. Somehow, their Spirit Origins have been infiltrated by what can only be called 'supernatural parasites'. Now, please hold still for a moment. I just need to scan you for a moment."

    "We looked into the infected patients eventually. They couldn't recall just what or when they had grown infected, and the patients were scattered among groups that barely had any connections with one another...besides, well, being in Chaldea and under Master's summoning, of course."
    "That's...fairly odd. Part of me wants to ask if it were in the water supply, but that clearly doesn't make sense, see as not everyone in Chaldea is currently infested. And I know for sure that implying the parasites were in the food would earn me a beheading from the chefs for sure."
    "I thought that as well. We were running out of leads as to what the infection factor was when Lady Xu Fu noticed something peculiar. Were it not for her Taoist beliefs, she might have never seen it at all. The parasites were numerous, but they all gathered exclusively in very specific areas: The center of the head, the heart, the stomach and the legs."
    "Those...those are where the dantian centers are located. Major internal energy pools in the human body that also dictate the physical state and mentality of other people."
    "Oh? You were knowledgeable of this affliction? I do not understand the inclusion of the occult-oriented beliefs, but any information helps very much."
    "Please do not dismiss such knowledge as 'occult-oriented'. This knowledge is rudimentary for the average Taoist scholar. The sources of powers in the human body are the utmost importance when it comes to attaining immortality. Had I never learned of their purpose I might never have become a Xian."
    "Is that so? How odd. I would think that you might have been one of the Servants infected by the parasites, seeing as your belief system was related to the source of this affliction."
    "I understand your viewpoint, but one of the required actions to attaining immortality was to expel any parasites from the body as soon as possible. Had I not done so I would not even be here today. 'Zhang Sanfeng the folk hero' would be a pipe dream at best."
    "Oh? And is it not perhaps because you might have infected the Chaldeans yourself?"
    "...What? How dare you?! Are you accusing me of infecting my fellow allies and comrades-in-arms?!!"

    "It was easy on afterwards, Caster. Once we discovered the true nature of this parasitic menace, we found that there were several connections between their infections that we had overlooked. Do you wish to hear what we found?"
    "I assume that is a yes, then."
    "There were three connections we found that, once the parasites had been identified, vastly improved both our means of treatment and our investigation, really."
    "The first was that all infected patients ate cereal on a regular basis. The parasites fed on grains and cereals for a diet. Having that source of food cut off would remove most other sources of nutrition of them and they would gradually grow weaker from starvation, hence the need for those who ate cereal on the regular to become unwilling hosts. Once we restricted the addition of grains from their diet, the parasites quickly weakened. And, well, you do enjoy your grains in your meals, despite your teachings."
    "The second connection was that all infected patients would display an almost instinctive phobia to what Lady Xu Fu referred to as weidan medications. They would be fine around normal antiparasitic medications like Albendazole or Metronidazole, but they would recoil before traditional Chinese elixirs. Pokewood root, All of which contained the same central ingredient: cinnabar. The same mineral you seem to hate so much."
    "...This does not prove how I could have infected any of them with these parasites, Miss Nightingale."
    "Oh, the scan results have finished. Now, the first two connections allowed us to identify the specific parasites that were infecting the others. It was the third connection that connected us to you. You see, we didn't notice it at first glance, but we eventually learned through testimonials from every infected patient. Every single one of them was hit by a support spell from your Noble Phantasm. Every single one, manifesting supernatural parasites from the moment you used your Noble Phantasm. Coincidentally, the parasites began to appear soon after you were summoned."
    "And from the scan results here, your body contains the same parasites that infiltrated the others. And yet you aren't nearly as affected by their presence. Not only that, but your infection seems deeper than the rest. One might even say that they have burrowed straight into your Spirit Origin, Caster."
    "Luckily, Miss Xu Fu has concocted a cure-all easily distributed to kill off the parasites, and the infection looks shallow enough that drinking it shouldn't affect you that much. All you have to drink this elixir.."

    She brings out a small, glowing flask. It emits a slightly reddish-brown tinge light, the faint smell of sulphur and medicinal lacquer emitting from it's open top. She watches the Caster with an expectant gaze, sliding the flask towards him as she waits.
    Zhang Sanfeng looks down at the flask with a discerning eye. He reluctantly picks it up, watching the glow shine over his face as he hesitates. There's a cold glare forming in his eyes.

    Something unnatural shifts, ever so slightly, underneath the skin of his face.

    Caster immediately blocks a sudden fist aimed at his head, Nightingale's visage gone from neutral to terrifyingly cold. It seems that she won't give him even the slightest chance to defend himself anymore.

    "I see. So you truly were responsible for the parasites infecting the other Servants, Caster. If that even is your true class."
    "As a nurse of Chaldea, I will not allow you to perpetuate such uncleanliness and poor hygiene among my patients. If you do not allow yourself to be treated, I will force treatment upon you, Unknown Servant. I will save your life...even if you lose your life in the process."


    Something changes about 'Zhang Sanfeng'. His white gi grows tar black, his bandana dripping with perpetual fresh blood from an unknown source as it stains a disgustingly bright red almost immediately. A malicious aura leaks out of his body, thick enough to be both visible and cloying to the untrained civilian. The feeling of something evil touches down, a demonic presence seeping into the walls.

    For a split second, there are massive gaping holes in the false Sanfeng's body. Otherworldly eyes of varying colors dart around the room in a frenzy from the center of 'his' head. Gnashing mouths filled with sharpened fangs for teeth screech and warble from a void centered right above 'his' heart'. Grasping arms, segmented and clad in bone-white carapace, grip at the edges of a black pit boring into the center of the abdomen as if attempting to pull the hole wider.

    And then, suddenly, just like that, the holes are gone. In their place stands a stoic 'man', 'his' expression clouded with exasperation and annoyance.

    "We really should have put more effort into the facade, in hindsight."

    "....Sterilizing patient."

    "Come, Nightingale. You will not win."

    Bond FinalBond Final?Error.Error to Spirit Origin Found. Revising Saint Graph.È̶͇̣̖̤̎̍̃͗̈́̎̆̿r̴̞̗͉͔͆́̔͋̈͑̿̿́͒̌̽͊͝͝ŕ̴̡̟̫͕̟̩̈́̽̿̋̓̂͋͛̎̓̆̕͝ó̷̥̮̫͚̠͍̺̺̉͜͜r̵͖͓͍̲̘̯͓̓͑̊̓̉ ̷̩̳̙͎̮̺̳̺͕̓̾̈́̆̐t̴̢̤̻͚͂̍̊ô̷̧͚̦͕͊̋͒̀͑̾͠ ̷͉͊̃́͛̂̈́͒̈̏͗͒͌̃̍̕Ş̶͍̹̟̱͇͉̯̮͉̀̅̉͝ͅp̵̡͕̦̺̗̲͎̬̬̀́̏̀̑͂̍̈́̿ḭ̴̢̛̜̪̳̥̪̰͙̓͋́͑͐͒̕̚̕̕r̶̙̻̲̯͗̿̂̐͊͆̽i̴̛̛̜̥̲̼͓͚͙̥̓̈́̿̾̉̅̂͝t̴̨̲̹̯̪̫̣̜̝̗͎͓̺͂̌͒ ̷̧̧̡̡̨̼̙̭̰̯̲̊̐͋͝O̶͕͒r̸̢̧̗̥̖̻̠̆̓̈͊̀͂ͅȋ̷͓̌͋͊̔̽͊͌͐̀̾͝ģ̸̛̲͈̙̹͈͙̠̙͔͙͉̰͗̌̒̃̀̑̇͐͑̇̚̚͜͝ͅi̵̙̠̣̦̦̖̲̖͓̮̲̣͒̈́̋̔̎̈́̚͜ǹ̵̡̧̛̛̦͕̩̜̼̙̲̺̰͚̣͈̃̐̽̌͛͗̌̌ ̸̢̛̻͙̗̜̗̙͔̭̗̲͆̀̀F̸̼͕͈̹͈͕̦̥̯̻̬͔̀̓͛̔̃̑͌͝ọ̸̢͇͓̪̤̻͇̜̔͐̿̽́ͅư̸̻͇̜̖̜͔̅̈́̌͆̂̚ń̵̡̙̜̳̜͚͍̘͓͇̆̉̀͐d̵̨̛͉͕̟͕͍̀̄͋̐̂́͗̂̒͑̕͜͝͝.̵͔͉̥̅͂̂́̈́͑̎̈́̒̊̓͐̅̏͘ ̵͚̯͔̼͐̓R̵̛͎͙̺̀̏̔e̷̬͎̝͈̰͓͇̭̭̙͔͚̞̔̃́̓͒͑́͠v̸̹͉̞̤̜͔̖͂͒͑́̅͊̀̈́i̵͕̖̻̘̞̱̱̊̏̓́̐̾̿̀̅͌͐͒͆͜͝s̵̨͙͕͉̓̓͆̉̓i̴͚͙̣̟̇ǹ̵̛̖̠͎̋͐͛̐̓̏̇̚g̶̨̨̺͙̜͔͖̦̥̍̈̃̊̃̒͋̆̈́̀͑̕͝ͅ ̶̡̰͙̝̟̫̼͎͖̼͎̊͐̊͑̊́̈́̑Ṣ̴̢̨̖̞̻͇̅͠a̴̧̛͍͎̤̻̜̲̗̺̩̜̳͒̉̋̃̕͘i̷̢̘̩̭̰̱͚͖̖̗̻̖͕̊͌̅̀̓͑͐̎̾̚̕̕͜n̷̢̺͓̩͙̰̲͂̇̄͛̎͌͋̑̕͝͝t̴̢̛̘̲̠̲̜̫̃̇̎̈́̍̊̅̌͝ ̴̡̰̘̝̱̪̥̂͂͋̄̈́̂́̉͊̚͠ͅĢ̷̭̝̞̜̳͙͖͕͚̦̬̍͛͗̂̔͜ͅr̶̢̢̮͉͔͓͍̬̺̿̀̓a̵̢̰̭̮̓͛̀͗̋̎͌̇̈́̑̐͘͘̚p̴̡̣̺̣̮͎̩͕̜̱̬̙̼̽̆̄̊͊͒̄̄͜͠ͅh̸̖̹̜̯͚̼̿͆̓̀̊̉́͜.̶̗̗̋"Humans are but inconsequential pests. Their evil shall spill forth and sully the heavens. Their cruelty drowns even the Cycle of Reincarnation."

    "Their greed tears the world asunder. Their hearts are fat with desire and wanton wrath."

    "Return to Us, O Gods. Hear the cruel misdeeds of your beloved humanity. Your departures were a mistake."

    [ T R U E N A M E P A R A S I T I S M ]

    "....You should have left well enough alone, Master."


    Class: Pretender

    Other Eligible Classes: Assassin, Boxer, Avenger, Alter Ego

    True Name: "Three Corpses"

    Aliases: Messengers of Destiny, Life-Eating Parasites, Demons of Knowing, Obstacles of Ascension, Péng Jū (彭琚), Péng Zhě (彭瓚) and Péng Jiǎo (彭矯)

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Attribute: Sky

    Origin: Taoist Mythology

    Region: China (Yuan Dynasty)

    Height: Impossible to measure, Pretender takes the form of whatever person they have invaded.

    Weight: Impossible to measure, Pretender takes the form of whatever person they have invaded.

    Traits: Genderless, Humanoid, Non-Hominidae Servant, Servant, Demonic, Weak to Enuma Elish

    Catalyst: A copy of the Da Dao Lun, a book written by Sanfeng on ruminations of the universe and the primal nature of the world


    Talents: Tai Chi, Information Gathering, Infiltration, Tormenting Humans, Martial Arts, Swordplay

    Natural Enemies: Florence Nightingale, Xu Fu, Asclepius

    Likes: Cereal, dark areas, divine beings, tormenting humans, sushi

    Dislikes: Cinnabar, dishonesty, humans, staying in one place for too long, wine

    Personality: Their True Name revealed and their disguise rendered obsolete, Pretender's true nature reveals itself. They can be best described as something akin to an information broker, trading in rumors and gossip around Chaldea as they work to satisfy the inherent urge to learn more in their minds. They constantly travel around the facility, occasionally eavesdropping as they train and listening in on anyone speaking nearby.

    Dealing in information both false and true, there's no one more well suited to be a rumormonger in Chaldea. Of course, even they have their own berserk button. Pretender constantly checks the validity of what they've learned to make sure they don't spread any misinformation, and utterly despises dishonesty from other people. Their job is to report to divine beings and speak of the humans they were assigned to. To include false information, EVEN UNKNOWINGLY, would be to spit on the task they have been assigned, after all.

    Wish for the Grail: "The Holy Grail? Perhaps there is something we have that it can No. Our wish cannot be brute forced by a magic trinket like that. They must come back of their own accord, lest their return mean nothing."

    Strength: D-
    Endurance: C+
    Agility: D
    Mana: A+
    Luck: E-
    NP: B++


    Bond DefaultIn Taoist mythology, there is a certain that the body is wracked by parasites sent from the heavens to monitor a human being. These supernatural worms dwell in the body's major dantian centers, blocking off the natural internal flow of qi and making it impossible to become a Xian. Their classification is varied, with some Taoists calling them evil gods, others calling them demons of the flesh, and yet more calling them an unholy mix of both materialized to torment humanity. Of course, in reality they may have been nothing more than ordinary parasites, but that no longer mattered. They were worms who grew fat on pure prana and od, mystery bolstering their existence and strengthening what meager abilities they had gained.

    In the dying dregs of the Age of Gods, inadvertently feasting upon the table scraps that true divine beings left behind, a half-divinity was born. A demigod crafted through concept rather than born naturally, viewing the world through the understanding of a lowly worm. Their name was 'Sanshi'. The 'Three Corpses' who barred man from enlightenment and robbed them of life.


    Bond 1The three components of the Servant known as 'Sanshi' are as follows:

    Péng Jū, the Upper Corpse Worm. It is through them that a person's head grows heavy with exhaustion and illness, and their senses are robbed. Their general domain is 'sense', and they deprive an infected of their five senses gradually. By eating away at the Muddy Pellet Palace, the dantian locus at the center of the head, thoughts grow muddled and senses go dim. It is said that continued exposure to this worm is what causes mental corruption and loss of morality.

    Péng Zhě, the Middle Corpse Worm. It is through them that a person experiences paranoia and melancholy, devouring affection and remembrance of love. Their general domain is 'emotion', and through their actions they cause peoples' hearts to either burn with unhealthy passion, or grow cold from apathy and depression. By eating away at the Red Palace, the dantian locus at the heart itself, the body grows weak and the mind grows diseased with hallucinations. It is said that given enough time, Péng Zhě will cause every organ in your body to grow rife with illness.

    Péng Jiǎo, the Lower Corpse Worm. It is through them that a person goes mad with impulsiveness, growing zealous and rebellious through it's corrosive presence. Their general domain is 'desire', and they cause a person to become unable to control themselves, plaguing their minds with evil thoughts and causing lust and wrath. By sabotaging a person's Ocean of Qi, a central prana storage a little below the navel, it disperses natural prana flow and causes one's prana and Od to leak out of the body and into the atmosphere. It is said that the presence of this worm is what causes the surfacing of wanton destruction and irrational hatred.


    Bond 2Class Skills:

    Anti-Human Order E+

    A Skill denoting the desire and ability to stop everything created by humanity, as well as the laws that rig the outcome in humanity's favor. Originally 'Authority of the Beast', a Beast-Class Class Skill.

    Pretender has an instinctive attachment of humanity due to originating from parasites, meaning that they don't wish to stop humanity's progress, more so that they will leech off of humanity's progress and cause it to gradually wither and rot into nothingness. Of course, their dislike for humanity has just barely fulfilled the conditions needed to manifest this Skill, albeit at an incredibly low Rank.

    Independent Action A+ (C-)

    A Skill denoting the ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from one's Master, as well as the ability that allows for action even in the absence of the Master. Normally a Class Skill of the Archer and Faker classes.

    For Pretender, this Skill is middling at best , only allowing for a litle under an hour of free action without a supply of mana. However, by infiltrating a human and leeching off of their innate magic circuits, Pretender can naturally bolster this Skill to an incredibly high Rank given enough time and prana and Od to add to their reserves.

    Territory Infringement (Body) EX

    A skill denoting the ability to bypass security measures, both mundane and supernatural, of territories, typically held by figures specialized in infiltration. This variant of Territory Infringement is focused exclusively on the infiltration of the bodies of living beings, whether they be supernatural or not.

    Born of parasites and parasites even in godhood, Pretender is less of a figure specializing in infiltration and more of an existence whos' entire purposes is to infiltrate. This is a Skill that allows Pretender to continuously infiltrate the
    of enemies and allies alike, hiding within the hearts and Spirit Origins of whoever they invade. As such, 'Three Corpses' is able to mask their true identity within the bodies of other beings on an unprecedented level, completely concealing themselves under the exterior of their hosts. Even if one were to look underneath the exterior, they would have to actively search for the ever-moving Pretender that burrows around into new areas of the body to conceal themselves, leaving no traces of their presence first glance, of course.


    Bond 3Personal Skills:

    Understanding of the Human Body A

    A Skill denoting the ability for one to have a grasp of the inner workings of the human body, like a piece of precision machinery. All actions intended to heal through Skills, Magecraft, etc. are improved (but this aspect is never used). One is able to target enemy vitals with extreme precision or perfectly trace an 'ideal path' to specific parts of the body, and all damage inflicted is increased. In addition, all damage received by the user is reduced.

    Due to Pretender's inherent nature as organisms that inhabit the human body, they can grasp and utilize the complete workings of the human body to such a degree that they can easily puppet a body so it seems like it is still alive. While the Skill itself is the same, the utilization can be called the antithesis of a certain nurse's.

    Consciousness Parasitism C++

    A Skill denoting a technique similar to that of Transference of Consciousness, where the user attaches and slowly integrates their consciousness into a host, acting as a sleeper agent until the time where they can strike and take over their hosts. In essence, it is a glorified form of body jumping, following a process eerily similar to a certain old monster 500 years deep in an unnatural obsession.

    Pretender can use this Skill to gradually integrate into those they have infected, creating a vast army of backup bodies to possess should they die in battle, noted only by the physical symptoms they cause. Should the parasites they've unleashed be killed off, however, that person is free from their potential control, and they will have to reinfect them, starting the entire process over from scratch. Works in tandem with Territory Infringement (Body).

    Demonic Divinity D-

    A sub-mutation of the Divinity Skill, itself a Skill denoting the measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. Pretender is an existence rumored to be an unholy mix of both a divine messenger and a demonic organism manifest. Hence, the two traits have blended together seamlessly to form this Skill. This Skill allows Pretender to be affected by both boons and curses targeting those with Divinity or the Divine trait, while not actually having either of them in his arsenal.

    Obstacles Who Bar Oneself From Immortality EX

    A unique Skill that denotes the Servant's status as a supernatural obstacle to enlightenment. It is the crystallization of the anecdote that 'The Three Corpses must be expelled in order to attain immortality' that comes from Pretender's legend. Pretender's very presence imposes the effect of 'Refraction of Longevity' within a 10 foot radius, nullifying the aspect of 'undying' that enemies may possess and causing all wounds inflicted in this radius to have to be healed naturally until they leave the Skill's area of effect.

    Essentially, Pretender is a living sidegrade of Harpe, capable of rendering gods mortal simply by sitting next to them but trading range and versatility for permanence and indiscriminate targetting. Pretender isn't very fond of using this Skill but will break it out if they need to.


    Bond 4Besides their main legend as supernatural parasites who rob humans of enlightenment, there is a second, lesser known aspect to the 'Three Corpses'. They are thought to be divine beings, messengers who answer to the Director of Destinies and report their host's misdeeds to the Director, causing their host to have a number of days deducted from their lifespan per misdeed, leading to a shortened timeline before their predestined end.

    Twice every month, while their human hosts sleep peacefully they will temporarily leave the host body, ascending to the heavens where they speak with the Director. Based on the context of the texts that depict such an event, it is assumed that the parasites, for all their nebulous power over the human body, are nothing more than mere subordinates to the Deified Judge of Life (yes, that is one of their titles).

    Of course, this doesn't change the fact that they are capable of shortening one's life simply by filing a report. It would not be remiss to call them a weaker rendition of the Greek Judges of the Dead.


    Bond 5Noble Phantasms:

    Report of Evils to the Director of Destinies
    Sīměng Bŕogŕo

    Rank: D-
    Classification: Anti-Unit
    Range: 2-5
    Maximum Targets: 1 Person

    The true form of the 'Collected Works of Zhang Sanfeng'. A collection of yellowed bamboo slips with ever-shifting calligraphy written on it. When Pretender activates this Noble Phantasm and marks an enemy of their choice, the enemy's life is laid bare before them. Each and every instance of an evil deed committed by the designated mark will be highlighted by the Noble Phantasm and compiled into a comprehensive list, the number of instances on said list then calculated to drain the enemy of their energy, power and even life force. As you can imagine, this works worse on those who have almost never done anything evil in their lives, and will probably devour criminals like Columbus or Moriarty in the span of two seconds.

    It is a simple and somewhat Noble Phantasm, but it's ability to almost instantaneously drain enemies of mana and power makes it invaluable in a fight, it's only weakness being it's inability to do much good against....well, against good.

    Let Us Indulge In Whatever is Deleterious And Mischievous
    Yāoqǐng Sānchóng

    Rank: C+
    Classification: Anti-Army
    Range: 0-40
    Maximum Targets: 100 People

    The crystallization of one of the most prevalent actions Pretender takes to torment humanity. It is said that in order to cause the health of their host bodies to deteriorate, the Three Corpses cause one's surroundings to grow hazardous, inviting virulent and infectious agents into the body and instigating sicknesses both supernatural and mundane upon the host. This is to hasten the untimely death of the host body and accelerate their release.

    When Pretender activates this Noble Phantasm, the area is immediately flooded with toxicity and hostility within the effective range. Weapons rise into the hands of the owners, and Noble Phantasm effects activate even without the invocation of the True Name. Poisons, toxins, viruses and miasma manifest in the air, corroding away at those caught within and leaving a trail of toxic illness in it's wake. Human minds are incited into violence and rage, and additional weapons will manifest within the area for usage, those who pick them up only feeling the mental effects of Yāoqǐng Sānchóng strengthen. This is a forcibly imposed absolute conflict zone, which robs humans of their reasons, strength, and eventually, their life. It also greatly degrades and outright poisons the stamina and mana of selected targets.

    Resentment Born of the Corpse's Maggots
    Sānchóng Yuŕnhčn Jiŕnglín

    Rank: B++
    Classification: Anti-Unit (Self), Pseudo-Suicide
    Range: 0
    Maximum Targets: Themselves

    A last-resort Noble Phantasm that is automatically activated when Pretender's original host body perishes. Upon the death of their Spirit Origin, Pretender will fade into purple motes and leave behind a series of three incorporeal pitch black ghosts....except that they don't actually die.

    Within the legend of the Three Corpses, there is a small anecdote. It is considered a footnote at best, and an insignificant detail added as hearsay at worst, but it has managed to manifest as a legitimate Noble Phantasm in and of itself: 'When their human host dies, the Three Worms are freed from the body and become malevolent ghosts.' When the shell housing their Spirit Origin perishes, Pretender's Spirit Origin itself will persist, manifesting into a trio of blackish-purple malevolent wraithes that haunt the general area. Each ghost is as powerful as a D+ Rank Noble Phantasm, but beyond that they house no other special abilities. No Noble Phantasms, no ability to possess yet more people, nothing. Just regular ghosts, like the enemies you find in Singularities.

    Even then, they are incredibly powerful in terms of strength, and they still; maintain both a sophisticated form of intelligence and the means to communication with one another like a hive mind. If you underestimate their capabilities due to the image that their power has degraded, even you will be left for dead in the end.


    Bond ExtraThe reason as for why they have taken on the identity of 'Zhang Safeng', the answer is obvious: Just as every person houses instances of the Three Corpses since birth, so too did Zhang Sanfeng. The parasites that sat within Zhang Sanfeng's dantian centers traveled and learned alongside him, absorbing the same knowledge and experience he did while simultaneously building upon that knowledge with the worldview and thought process of common bugs. When Zhang Sanfeng became a Xian, it was they who were expelled from his body and left to die in the dirt as the now ascended immortal left them behind.

    They are 'Zhang Sanfeng' in that they know his mannerisms to a tee, and their home was the mystical points within his body. They are 'Zhang Sanfeng' in that they have seen through his eyes, felt the same things he felt, lived the same things he lived. When faceless worms synchronize with their host to such a perfect degree that even after death they play the role of 'Zhang Sanfeng' so perfectly, discovered only through the inability to fully emphasize with humanity but act the part sufficiently enough...who else could they be, but 'Zhang Sanfeng'?


    RelationshipsFlorence Nightingale: "That crazy nurse! When she spotted us eating in the cafeteria she immediately charged at us with a bonesaw yelling about 'sanitizing'! Where did she even get that bonesaw from?! We just wanted to enjoy some breakfast for once!"

    Asclepius: "We, er, understand that you wish to find a way to cure death again, but we're simply messengers to a minor god of life ourselves. We don't have much research potential in the realm of medical knowledge both in our mundane forms and our godly ones. We're of no help to you here, Lord Asclepius. Our apologies."

    Charles Henri-Sanson: "....Sir Sanson, your medbay colleagues are living menaces to health, and we are saying this as actual, literal menaces to health. They terrify us, Sir Sanson."

    Xu Fu: With the truth now revealed, Pretender spends their time watching Xu Fu whenever she is near with caution....well, they say it's with caution but with how much they tend to have their body hole ridden and staring at her specifically, it seems it's more for intimidation than for a cautious purpose.

    Chiyou is a Free Elf-: "Were it the simple act of excelling among the categories and trailblazing oneself as a new, unique existence, we would have had no problem. But to unravel the world itself for the sake of innate yet overwhelming individuality...we, a Spirit born of the collective and crafted by the 'group' will never understand. Come, Beast of Freedom, Unrivalled Under The Heavens. Even the gods shall not be exempt from the Director of Destinies' judgment. Even we worms have our pride."

    Barbatos: "Hm? We remind you of a man you were once contracted with? London? But why do you feel that sort of connection with him?....Crest Worms? The act of turning oneself into a swarm?!

    Oh. Oh. Oh dear."

    The Author's Favorite Animal: "We won't pretend that we can understand. Even we have some modicum of power behind our legend. But...from one vermin to the other, we're here if you ever want to vent about something. Ah, what do we want in exchange? Eeeer...w-well, can we pet your head? Please?"

    Edward Cope and Othniel Marsh: "As it turns out, we managed to somehow qualify for this contest under two loopholes. The first is that we're proficient in parasitology, considering....well, we're parasites. If we didn't know our own bodies, we'd probably be about as useful as a plank of wood in a forest fire. The second is that we are absolute masters of studying the human physiology. Our origins were from that of an ancient physiology chart and we quite literally know the human body inside out, after all. Do with that what you will, good sirs."

    Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel: "We admit, we don't have much in the realm of knowledge when it comes to learning, and being a human, we innately dislike him as a result. But his wish to simply have those who aided him in life be known as well, and his desire to teach more children for the future...that, we can respect at the very least."

    Zhang Sanfeng: "...Master, have you brought us to this man again as part of a sick joke? See to it that we do not meet him again...and tread carefully around him. He may be the immortal paragon to your eyes, but we knew his life. We knew every single action he had ever carried out in life down to the briefest, faintest memory buried deep within his mind."

    "And no human is without vice."

    Related DialogueFlorence Nightingale: "Must sanitize...must disinfect...ah. Aaaaaaah......! Get back here for proper sanitation, Pretendeeeerrrr!!!!"

    Asclepius: "Tsk. I had gotten my hopes up hearing about that Pretender's true identity, but they were a major disappointment in the end. Being parasites, and born of common parasites that have since been solved at that, there is no progress to be had if I were to attempt to cure them. Dammit, I was really eager for a second there too. Give me back my eagerness, you bastards!"

    Charles Henri-Sanson: "This is perhaps the first time I have ever had a known infected patient come to me for protection, of all things. Haah...very well. Miss Nightignale should not return until fifteen minutes later. In the meantime, would you like some tea? It's green tea with caramelized honey. Very soothing to the palate, I hear."

    Xu Fu: "Waaaah! Lady Yu! Please protect me from those evil parasite thingys in that man! They keep glaring and me, and one of them keeps mouthing 'in your sleep' when they see me looking back! Heck yeah, plan 'Get Lady Yu to Bodyguard Me' is a go!~"

    Consort Yu: "The 'Three Corpses'? Those things? Yeah, I heard about the concept back when Lord Xiang Yu was still campaigning, but I didn't actually think that it would gather enough traction that they could manifest as a legitimate Heroic Spirit. Ah, but it might have been because of that Sanfeng guy's own fame that they were able to manifest at all, really. Still, I'd watch them cautiously, Kouhai. They might have been something like a tulpa at first, just scraps of belief and imagination, but they became legitimate demons at some point, after all. And anyone who's got the ear of one of the biggest deities in the Chinese pantheon's gonna be a target of interest in my books."


    Bond FinalUnfinished Bamboo Report

    Name: Ritsuka Fujimaru

    Occupation: Last Master of Humanity

    Time of Filing: Liúyuč (Pomegranate Month) 22th, 2244th Year of Unity

    Assigned Host Body?: Negative, we have been expelled from our original host body and thus can no longer perform our task properly.
    If no, explain why: Our original host was able to dispose of us before we could properly finish our bi-monthly report in the 15th of the Plum Month, during the 1511th Year of Unity. However, we were summoned under the banner of Chaldea almost a millennium later. As per Section 45, under the Throne Summoning clause, we have taken it upon ourselves to conduct our bi-monthly reports as is detailed in the employee manual.

    Misdeeds Conducted By The Reported Human:

    A set of bamboo slips found in Pretender's room in the open, ink still drying for calligraphy. The bamboo looks brand new, despite both the state of the world and the fact that there were no bamboo shoots growing in Chaldea at the time. It looks to be an unfinished report on you.

    When you glance on the back of the report, you find some extra text.

    We know this is a futile attempt. We know that you will not receive this report no matter what we do.

    The Age of Gods has long since ended. Our duties have finished before we were even born. The heavens are empty, and the court of the Jade Emperor has passed into the Reverse Side long ago.

    But still, we write these reports. We have no other purpose than to do so. Us lowly worms, who were granted divinity by accident, must still thank you for your unintended gift, that allowed even a trio of parasites to understand the universe around them.

    So please. Venerated Director of Destinies. Our superior in the court of the afterlife and the progenitor of ourselves. Even if it's just for a minute, just for a second. Please come back.

    We don't know why. But we miss you.


    Art SourcesWhat if I said he was Ryu-But-Not Really?

    Zhang Sanfeng's faceclaim is from....I don't actually know, I found it on Pinterest linked to a fansite that never said the artist name, so if someone found it for me that would be great.

    ????'s faceclaim is fanart from hungry_clicker! Go check them out! Seriously, go give them a look-see, they do amazing work.

    The Bond CE picture is from an article on some ancient text being found in Yunan.

    NotesZhang Sanfeng was a legendary Taoist who was said to have invented or perfected the art of Taijiquan, and a renowned alchemist who rebuilt various important temples and monasteries in his time.

    This man is obviously not him. And yet....who could it be but him? We may know, we may not~ All I as the author can say, is that this profile is ve~ry closely attached to the concept of parasitology. That's all~

    Oh yeah, one more thing. Rats are the best animal. Smol chaos potatoes. Squimshy little mouse beans. Must protecc.
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    "Hm? Ah, shit."

    A man lifts his hand, placidly staring at the bug that appeared seemingly put of nowhere. With a flick of his wrist, he watches it sail off and disperse into magical energy.

    "Tsk, still appearing out of nowhere, how funny. I really hope no one notices. Ahh, I really need a drink."

    The man scratches the back of his head as he walks off to where he felt a call. A gathering of fellow scientist seems like it would be a grand occasion.

    True Name: Francesco Redi
    Class: Caster
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Region: Italy
    Source: Historical Fact
    Armament: Insects

    Strength: D
    Endurance: C
    Agility: E
    Mana: B
    Luck: A

    Class Skills:

    Territory Creation B
    A Caster-class Skill. It is the Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana. At this rank, the creation of a workshop is possible.

    "Eh, I was always pretty okay with anywhere that lets me do my experiments. A decent size is very preferable though."

    Item Construction B+
    A Caster-class Skill. It is the Skill to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Also, this Skill requires time to gather components and manufacture items. A graduate from the University of Pisa, Caster had gained a doctorate in medicine and served as head physician in the Medici Court apothecary.

    "Ah, that was a time in my life. I can try to work up some medicine in case people get sick though I've gotten better at handling poisons. Then again, medicine and poison are linked, right?"

    Personal Skills:

    Pioneer of the Stars EX
    The unique Skill given to heroes that became turning points in human history. All difficult voyages and challenges which are considered "impossible" turn into "events that can be realized". In Redi's case, not just being the origin of several fields of science but also as one who advanced the scientific method of experimentation to a new level.

    "...I was just a rationalist who wanted to pursue the truth and unmask the untruths I found in the world. If people want to congratulate me for my findings then props to them."

    Infested Body E~A+
    A skill developed by the presence of Caster's noble phantasm. Gained and exacerbated through the continual cultivation of parasitic organisms in one's body. The rank denotes not the strength of the skill but the measure of contamination within the body. Through his noble phantasm, Caster himself is unaffected by the presence of the parasites or any parasite he may be host to as he can be likened to a container than a true host.

    "Eh, try not to get too close to me. Hm, does it hurt? Well no, but the idea of having so many…things crawling around inside is…something that takes a while to get used to."

    Observation of Vipers B
    A skill representative of an undertaking to debunk the myths surrounding venomous snakes. In his study, Caster had dismissed multiple myths of his time concerning snakes such as being able to break glass, have their venom in the gallbladder, poison with a single bite, and drink wine. A rather niche skill that affects the capabilities of those with connections to snakes.

    "I was sorely disappointed when I found out snakes can't drink wine. Would've found a worthwhile drinking buddy."

    Noble Phantasm

    "Life springs forth from life. All things down to the most insignificant specks shall be born from one another. Omne Vivum Ex Vivo."

    Omne Vivum Ex Vivo: All Life Comes From Life
    Rank: B+
    Type: Anti-Unit

    The crystallization of his experiment to debunk the widespread theory of spontaneous generation that has gripped human rationality for close to two millennia. An experiment that served as proof that life does not pop into existence without warning but is there through the action of other life. An idea condensed into the phrase "Omne Vivum Ex Vivo", meaning "All life comes from life."

    Embodying this statement, Caster is able to contain and reproduce any form of life he has been in direct contact with. As the founder of modern parasitology, this noble phantasm extends best to hosting and producing swarms of insects and parasites with nary any cost in magical energy which is shown in the creation of Infested Body.

    He is able to create more kinds of life however, in proportion to his mass the creation is, the more magical energy it would take to produce it. Interestingly, at random points, some of the less mana intensive life he can create like insects can randomly generate without warning which irks Caster at times.

    "Eh a battlefield of my own? Nah, I'm not a warrior. I'm a scientist and scientists make experiments, not war."

    Controlled Experiment: The Variable of Consistency
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Army

    A method of eliminating erroneous results through the equalization of all equal variables barring one. The control is the factor that stays consistent within the experiment through all circumstances while the independent variable is the variable to be changed.

    It is this noble phantasm in which an odd precedent is set: the control is one being manipulated while the independent variable is set in stone. It is the deployment of a field where two or more organisms including Caster are subject to changing conditions from intense heat, high pressure, deep cold, and many other ambient variables can decide to include. He can even cut off the link between Master and Servant if he sees it as a condition.

    However, weaknesses are present within the skill. The one variable he cannot decide is subjects beside himself as the differences between the organisms would mark itself as the independent variable. Furthermore, as the control is variable that is consistent across subjects, Caster himself is also exposed to whatever condition he sets for himself however disadvantageous it may be.


    Caster's true name is Francesco Redi, an Italian born scientist who worked as a physician for the Medici court as well as a biologist, naturalist, and poet. Hailed as the founder for many paths of science such as experimental biology, modern parasitology, and toxicology, he was also one of the first scientists to make use of the experimental control which became a fixture in the experimental method of science in the future.

    Some of his marks in history are the debunking of the myths surrounding venomous snakes and the creation of Bacchus of Tuscany, a poem that deifies the wine in Italy. Most famously, Redi also contributed to refutation of spontaneous generation, a theory created by Aristotle and persisted for more than 2 millennia.

    A pretty affable sort of person. Easy to get along with as long you don't point out the occasional bug that spawns from his person. Half charismatic and half awkward, he sometimes stumbles to get his point across and it may have unintentional consequences but he is a reliable sort. An avid rationalist, he is distasteful of the idea of Mystery on principle but recent events have him make concessions. He also very much loves wine.

    Creator's Note: I swear I had nothing to do with the previous sheet. This is literally coincidence and nothing more. Seriously. Though it is funny that a servant named Parasitism is followed by the Father of Modern Parasitology.
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    I cannot believe I have been ripped off already (this is a joke)

    I also cannot believe you used the funny bugman Gregor himself from Limbus Company for the faceclaim (this is not a joke)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotcheroos View Post
    I cannot believe I have been ripped off already (this is a joke)

    I also cannot believe you used the funny bugman Gregor himself from Limbus Company for the faceclaim (this is not a joke)
    It was too good to not pass up.

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    Oh shit, it's Mr. Metamorphosis himself.

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    The bug man has manifested. We gotta hide any Samsabucks in the vicinity.

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    Let me have a go. After all... Dendrology is too part of Biology.

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    ooh, a botany-based Servant does sound well fitting for this contest.

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    "Reading it is like entering a garden with all kinds of colors. It is also like entering a palace with all types of treasures. Like a crystal flask and a jade mirror, it clearly shows each detail. The contents are extensive, but not overabundant. They sum up the result of careful studies. It is more than just a medical book. It is a comprehensive work on the investigation of nature. It should be a work valued by both the Emperor and the people."

    - Wang Shizhen, Ming-dynasty poet, historian, literary analyst, preface to the first edition of the Compendium of Materia Medica ​(1596)

    Voyager of Chinese Medicine
    -- A Traveling Doctor's Oath of Remembrance --

    "So I have been called once again. After so many years behind the desk, I didn't think I'd get another chance to put my knowledge into practice. If my father could see me now... I wonder what he'd say? Ahem, in any case, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My True Name is Li Shizhen, a humble traveling doctor and author of the Compendium of Materia Medica. I don't know if my hands are as adept as they used to be, and I'm sure I've missed a few centuries' worth of medical advancements, but that is no cause for concern. It's just like back then. I'll familiarize myself with the current era's methods and revise my treatments accordingly."


    "The snake? Think nothing of it. According to western taxonomy, this one is called a Deinagkistrodon acutus, or in simpler terms, a Southeast Asian pit viper. Well, a variation of them native to my homeland, at least. I used to keep a few around for my treatments, and this little one must have decided to come along for whatever reason. Now, now, don't look so surprised, Master. More often than not, poison and medicine are two sides of the same coin. In this case, a tonic made of snake bile can be useful for treating cough, rheumatic pain, fever, hemorrhoids, and skin infection, among other things. Of course, this means I'm ready to squeeze the bile out of this one if it's ever needed."
    *The snake looks at him with a horrified expression on its face*
    "What? I can get another supply from the Throne, right? Isn't that how this whole Heroic Spirit thing works?"

    Class: Voyager
    Other Classes: Caster
    True Name: Li Shizhen
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Origin: China (16th century)


    STR: D
    END: C
    AGI: C
    MGI: C
    LCK: B
    NP: A+

    Likes: Helping others, gardening, finding new things, modern printing techniques
    Dislikes: Premature farewells, forgetting things, incomplete or outdated information, character limits
    Talent: Biology, pharmacology, botany, diagnostics, field research, organizing information
    Natural Enemy: -
    Armament: Medicinal tonics, herbs, plant and animal toxins
    Catalyst: One of the six original copies of the Compendium of Materia Medica

    Class Skills

    Independent Navigation (B)

    A Skill somewhat comparable to Independent Action, allowing Voyager to periodically generate mana for himself. As a traveling doctor, Voyager's journey takes place in both the physical and metaphysical realms. Physically, he traveled across the land to cure patients from all sorts of maladies. Metaphysically, he traveled across the borders of eras and culture to gather data required for his magnum opus. By learning from past techniques, refining incomplete information with new discoveries, and braving uncharted waters, it can be said that Voyager pioneered great advancements in the world of Chinese medicine, herbology, pharmacology, toxicology, and more. In time, his findings even made their way to the west, influencing biologists for centuries to come, including one Charles Darwin who cited the Compendium of Materia Medica in several of his works.

    "A doctor's work extends far beyond the theoretical realm. Before you dive deep into the intricacies of biology and medicine, you should first familiarize yourself with humans in general, because that's what you're primarily going to deal with. From their cultures to their day-to-day lives, including but not limited to occupations, diets, and personal habits. Learning all of those wouldn't necessarily give you all the information required to make a diagnosis, but if my own travels are anything to go by, it would make for a good starting point."


    Personal Skills

    Inherent Insight (Pharmacopoeia) (A++)

    A crystallization of more than a thousand years' worth of wisdom, gathered by more than 800 authors cited in the Compendium of Materia Medica, penned by Voyager's hands over 37 years. The compendium contains more than basic medical knowledge. It also includes detailed entries on pharmacology, physiology, herbology, acupuncture, botany, mineralogy, zoology, toxicology, and more. Not only does this allow Voyager to easily grasp the true nature of most things pertaining to natural sciences, he can also recall past knowledge and memories with relative ease thanks to his devotion to his craft. At this rank, his memory processing power borders on Oblivion Correction, albeit strictly limited to the fields of natural science. Voyager mainly uses this Skill for the purpose of diagnosis and field research, deducing a plant's medicinal properties or a patient's illness with a single glance.

    "A doctor should strive to become a beacon of hope for their patients, because at times, they're the only ones standing between these patients and certain death. That's what my father used to say. Once, I thought that meant I had to accomplish everything alone, and I mustn't show weakness in front of the patients, but I was mistaken. If anything, being a doctor is the furthest thing away from being alone. Every plant, every medicine, and every condition listed in my compendium... they hold a story. Of past doctors and researchers who studied them, and of patients who lost their lives to illness. I'm not usually the sentimental type, but I feel as though through my writings, a part of them still lives on to the present day, helping modern doctors in their eternal battle against disease. So yes, I believe I'm not the only one who deserves credit for this Skill."

    Standardized Taxonomy (B)

    One of Voyager's greatest contributions to the world of Chinese medicine. The standardized naming system of various plants, animals, and medicinal herbs. China is a large nation with many different cultures and ethnic groups. While some medicinal ingredients may grow all over the country, differences in dialect, accents, and naming systems still caused significant problems for medical practitioners everywhere. Within his compendium, Voyager wrote down standardized names for these ingredients, complete with regional names and etymological origins of said names. The compendium was only officially published a few years after Voyager's death, and while the Ming government initially ignored the work, it gradually circulated among the academia, the merchants, and eventually the common folk, revolutionizing the way medicine is studied, distributed, and applied in China for centuries to come. While the two are ultimately unrelated, in can be said that his method of classification is an unofficial predecessor to Carl Linnaeus' system of taxonomy.

    A Skill that allows Voyager to invoke a limited version of Unified Language within his surroundings. By successfully performing a luck check, he can briefly "standardize" all language in his vicinity, allowing him to comprehend foreign languages, incantations, and encrypted messages. While his lack of magic proficiency prevents him from replicating powerful magecraft from the Age of Gods, merely understanding these incantations grants him an opportunity to devise proper countermeasures. Furthermore, this "standardized language" also allows him to perform alterations or even outright cancel simpler magecrafts.

    "Ming soldiers stationed in the western borders treated their injuries using this cure-all herb called the san qi, or the three-seven root. The plant is very common and it serves a variety of purposes. For the soldiers, it could serve as painkillers and help stop bleeding as a hemostatic agent. For those less inclined for battle, it protects the cardiovascular system, helps with anxiety, strengthens the immune system, and improves the quality of sleep. Even so, for such a simple ingredient, different provinces had different names for the root. The soldiers in the west might call it san qi whenever they make an order, but if you ask for a fresh batch of san qi to a merchant in, say... Hunan, over to the south, at most they could only look at you with bewilderment in their eyes. And here we are only talking about a basic plant that can be found almost anywhere. Can you imagine how dire the consequences could be if such miscommunications were to occur in regards to more specific medicines or treatments? That's why standardization is important. Did you know that despite the benefits of the san qi practically being common knowledge for centuries, I was the first one to actually write it down with a name that everyone could recognize? I believe it's present official name is the Panax notoginseng. It goes well with tea or rice wine, if you're ever interested to give it a try."

    Revisions Behind that Candlelit Table (C-)

    Ironically, writing a massive treatise on medicine took a heavy toll on Voyager's health, at least during his final years. After 27 years of research and writing, he came across troubles pertaining to printing and publication. He eventually resolved this issue, but right before the original manuscript were to be sent to the publishing house, he suddenly stopped the couriers. He wanted to make sure one last time that all the information contained within the compendium are all correct, down to the smallest details. Thus, he began a long revision process that lasted an entire ten years. It was said that he remained indoors during this revision process, filled with sleepless nights in a dimly-lit room, with only a single candle to accompany him. Those outside his immediate family members and close attendants even had no clue whether he was alive or dead. When he finally left his house after those ten years, well into his seventies, he was heavily emaciated and frail. He passed away not long after, though not before he managed to get his revised manuscript into the publishing house.

    A particularly dangerous mix of Single-Mindedness and Territory Creation. By designating a single enclosed room as his "writing room", Voyager creates a powerful bounded field that is almost separated from the fabric of reality around it. So long as he remains there, his presence is gradually weakened, and his Inherent Insight (Pharmacopoeia) receives a rank-up for organizing information. From the outside, enemies attacking the room with Skills or Noble Phantasms ranked C or lower will find their attacks automatically reflected back to them. At first glance, this may seem like a powerful, nigh-impenetrable one-room fortress for Voyager to hunker down in, however, this Skill also comes with a potentially fatal demerit. It gives Voyager the effects of Weak Constitution, starting at rank E and making its way to A with every passing day spent inside the room. If his enemies can't get to him, sooner or later, his illness surely will. Thus, rather than using it to turtle through an ongoing conflict, this Skill is best used only to give Voyager a little breathing room and a temporary safe space to gather his thoughts.

    "Well, this is awkward. For a Voyager to have a Skill based on him being a shut-in... Haha, despite all that spiel about how doctors don't need to accomplish everything alone, you could say this is a bad habit of mine. Ever since I first made up my mind to become a doctor, my father spared no effort in hammering the importance of my work. So whether it's fieldwork, treating patients, or writing down my findings, I'm used to giving it my full 1000% in everything I do. Some may consider that an admirable work ethic, but the bad news is that once I... 'get into the groove', so to speak, I might devote all my focus and energy there while neglecting literally everything else. During those ten years I spent revising the compendium, the fact that I felt as though I was 99.9% done with my thirty-something year endeavor did not help matters. I stayed up late, always thinking 'just one more page' or 'one more entry'. Uh... I am working on this, but feel free to give me a scolding if you feel I'm starting to slip back into those old habits."


    Noble Phantasm

    Compendium of Materia Medica: Preservation of Life and Proliferation of Knowledge
    Bencao Gangmu

    "Let us begin treatment. Even if it may not be so obvious from the outset, there is always an answer. No disease is without its cure, and if such a thing truly does exist, then it falls to doctors of the future to engineer that path forward and liberate humanity from that sense of inevitability. This is my gift to you all, a culmination of over a thousand years of knowledge! Behold, the Compendium of Materia Medica! May your names be remembered forevermore..."

    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: A+
    Range: 1-50
    Max Targets: 10 people

    A manifestation of Voyager's inner world. A reality marble containing the essence of his 37-year endeavor, the Compendium of Materia Medica. The poet Wang Shizhen once compared it to "a garden of many colors" and "a palace of many treasures", so it is perhaps unsurprising for this Noble Phantasm to take the form of a small, yet ornate palace garden with a simple pavilion at its center. As dictated by Voyager's system of classification, surrounding the pavilion are sixteen large trees called
    with each sprouting numerous branches called
    . From each branch sprouts an array of multicolored flowers, each of them representing an entry or an ingredient listed within the compendium. These flowers can be periodically harvested, their shape transforming into these respective materials once they are plucked from the branches. From there, it becomes possible for Voyager to synthesize all manner of tonics, cures, and even poisons (though he is reluctant to do this in most cases) in the pavilion. Furthermore, this entire garden automatically updates itself based on Voyager's own observations. Once he has garnered enough understanding of a new material, it becomes possible for said material to be reproduced within this Noble Phantasm under the right branch.

    Despite its sheer versatility, there are still a number of flaws to this Noble Phantasm. The first is an obvious, yet significant one. At the end of the day, any material produced within this reality marble is just that; a replication based on Voyager's perception. They still exhibit qualities of the originals, but since they are effectively made of crystallized mana, their effectiveness is only a fraction of the real thing. For example, a medicine that could cure an illness in five doses might require ten through this Noble Phantasm. Furthermore, this Noble Phantasm cannot cure curses or similar supernatural conditions. It could technically cure "a spell that causes fever" by treating said fever, but it couldn't cure "a spell that causes cells to go into necrosis" without any tangible medical condition to its name.

    ...And yet, that is all right. The cures produced by this Noble Phantasm are far from perfect. There are no miracle drugs or magic cure-all potions. Even so, "curing illness" is but one half of the garden's true purpose. The other half is the act of compiling and passing on knowledge to the next generation. Through this Noble Phantasm, the knowledge that Voyager and so many other researchers had accumulated all those years ago lives on. Those with sufficient interest in the field will no doubt find the garden to be a massive boon for their studies. With enough time and effort, they might be able to reproduce Voyager's cures using the original materials, or even better, create new cures from the old. In a way, this Noble Phantasm might serve as a positive feedback loop; it influences researchers and medical practitioners of the future, and they in turn might influence the contents of the garden in Voyager's future manifestations (though he would still need to relearn all modern medical knowledge with every summoning to gain access to these new discoveries). All in all, such is the nature of the Compendium of Materia Medica; a massive undertaking that prioritizes not only the patients living in the present, but also the pioneers of the far future.


    Ascension 2


    "Ah, my usual travelling attire! This is more like it. How I've missed those days... Now let me check my inventory for any missing equipments... vials, syringes, scalpels, antibiotics, what else is there..."
    "All right, that's everything! Hopefully I can be of better help to you in your future journeys, Master. Hm? Am I overprepared, you ask? Nonsense. A doctor may not be able to save every patient alone, but they should strive to be self-sufficient as reasonably possible. Nature is wonderful, but you never know what could go wrong with them. Even a standard procedure could turn deadly if you're unprepared. That's why it helps to stay cautious at all times."



    A Ming-dynasty physician, naturalist, pharmacologist, herbalist, and writer who authored the Compendium of Materia Medica, a comprehensive gathering of medicine, natural history, and Chinese herbology. Within this compendium, he developed several methods for classifying herb components and medications for treating diseases.

    Li Shizhen was born in 1518 as the son of Li Yanwen, a traditional physician who operated in the countryside. As a child, he suffered from an eye disease, which his father supposedly treated. This was the beginning of his fascination with medicine. As the boy grew up, he repeatedly asked for his father to follow in his footsteps. At first, Yanwen denied his son's wish. Despite the heavy obligations that come with being a physician, the family was relatively low on the social scale at the time. Outside of the state-sanctioned doctors working for members of royalty or nobility, medicine was mostly a thankless job for the time. It hardly paid well, and physicians often had to go through considerable effort just to gather ingredients and treat their patients, especially in the countryside, where access to higher-quality materials and more complex treatments were much more limited. Li Yanwen instead persuaded his son to pursue a more prospective career as a government official. As a youth, the younger Li took the national civil service exam three times, but after failing each one, he returned to medicine. Li Yanwen grew worried for his son. Once again, he described that life as a doctor would be a difficult one. However, seeing the sincerity in his son's eyes, the father finally relented and began teaching him all he knew about medicine.

    "What, did you think these glasses were for nothing? I'm half-blind without it, and had I receive my father's treatment later than I did, things could have been much worse. Some say that a child's first and greatest hero is their father, and this sentiment is true, at least for me. He kept insisting that being a doctor was a difficult, thankless job. I knew that he just wanted a better future for me, but seeing that proud back of his as he toiled the night away in research and medical treatments, and the smiles of his patients as they left the clinic... the child me was blown away. Besides, in a manner of speaking, don't you think the difficulty that comes with being a doctor is actually a good thing? If someone still insists on becoming one despite knowing full well of the difficult life ahead of them, that person must be someone who truly, sincerely cares for the well-being of others."

    Li continued his father's work as a countryside doctor until age 38, where he successfully treated the son of a local noble. The grateful father offered him a government position as Assistant President of Beijing's Imperial Medical Institute. While he initially accepted the position, he felt that his work was more required in the countryside and retired just a year later, though he still maintained good relations with the institute. This granted him access to rare and imported medical treatises, which he frequently spent days browsing. It was also at around this time that he started noticing certain inaccuracies and incomplete information in works written decades or even centuries ago. At first, he corrected these errors, one entry at a time. However, he soon took notice of the bigger picture. These older works were much more limited in scope. These inaccuracies were one thing, but more than that, most of these works could only be understood by those from specific backgrounds, be it nobles lucky enough to receive high-quality education, or locals of a certain area who could understand the alternative/regional names used in the work. Either way, this inspired Li to write his future magnum opus; a medical work that could be understood not just by those of a certain social class or origin, but by every person in the nation.

    Over the next 27 years, Li traveled the country, working on the compendium and expanding his reach as a doctor. All in all, the compendium contained 1,892 entries, with details about more than 1,800 traditional Chinese medicines (374 which hasn't appeared in any previous works), including 1,160 illustrations and 11,000 prescriptions (8,000 which were not well known to the public before this work), many which he personally tested on himself. It also described the type, form, flavor, nature and application in disease treatments of 1,094 herbs.

    With every entry, he included:
    - Information concerning a previously false classification
    - Information on secondary names, including the sources of the names
    - Collected explanations, commentaries and quotes in chronological order, including origin of the material, appearance, time of collection, medicinally useful parts, similarities with other medicinal materials
    - Information concerning the preparation of the material
    - Explanation of doubtful points
    - Correction of mistakes
    - Taste and nature
    - Enumeration of main indications
    - Explanation of the effects
    - Enumeration of prescriptions in which the material is used, including form and dosage of the prescriptions

    Li completed to initial manuscript in his sixties, after which he immediately tried to get it published. However, he found one last obstacle in his way... not a single publishing house was willing to print, much less publish his work. The compendium was so thick that none of these publishing houses had enough ink and paper to print more than a few copies. Furthermore, even if a publishing house did have enough resources to mass-print the work, they were unwilling to spend so much time and effort to print a book that for all they knew might not even sell. Thus, the only two options available were to either heavily cut down on the length of the compendium, or accept that only less than a dozen copies could be published. Unwilling to accept either of these options, and feeling that he fell short just one step away from his dream, Li despaired... that is, until one of his colleagues came up with an idea.

    Over in Beijing, there lived a legendary poet, historian, and literary critic by the name of Wang Shizhen. His eye for literary talent was undeniable, and many niche or otherwise obscure works had become bestsellers after earning his approval. And so, this colleague proposed that if the doctor could persuade the literary master to write a preface for the compendium, showing support for the 27-year endeavor, dozens of publishing houses would be clamoring at the chance to publish the compendium which had earned the legendary Wang Shizhen's approval. With their resources pooled together, it might also be possible to mass-print the work.

    And so, Li Shizhen left the countryside and headed for Beijing alone, leaving his apprentices to handle his usual doctor work. Days later, he arrived at Wang Shizhen's estate... only to be ignored. Wang Shizhen was a busy man, and one old man claiming to have written a book on medicine was low on his list of priorities. The doctor continued to wait tirelessly in front of the gates until finally, the critic decided to give one chance to hear him out. At this, Li was at a loss. He was an accomplished doctor, but he was far from the most eloquent speaker or negotiator. The sheer scope of the compendium made it difficult for the doctor to properly describe it. It was here that a miracle supposedly happened.

    "This man saved my daughter."
    "I wouldn't be here if he hadn't prescribed those medicines back then."
    "My little brother is all better thanks to you!"
    "I thought I lost my husband! I-If you hadn't been there..."

    One by one, his patients appeared. News had spread of the travelling doctor trying to get his book published, and dozens of his former patients followed him to the capital to express their gratitude. For so long, he had shouldered the burdens of being a doctor alone. He was fully selfless in his work, treating every patient equally and to the best of his abilities, while expecting nothing in return. So, for these patients to arrive by the dozen in his time of need... Li Shizhen could only stand there in awe.

    With so many people to give testimonies on years of the doctors contributions to society, Wang Shizhen was finally convinced. He sent the doctor home, but not before promising to give the manuscript a read and write a fitting preface for it. Days later, a letter arrived at Li's doorstep. In there, Wang expressed that he had finished reading the manuscript, and he was greatly impressed by its contents. He also finished writing the preface and advertising the work to some of his colleagues who worked in publishing. All Li had to do was send the final manuscript to one of these publishing houses, and the compendium could be launched to the public in just a few weeks' time. The doctor was one step away from realizing his lifelong dream.

    Revising & Publishing
    And yet, at this very last second... Li hesitated. There was no doubt that the compendium would revolutionize the world of medicine forever, cementing his name among legends. However, it's exactly because of this promise of success that he hesitated. Being a doctor is serious work, and the slightest mistake could be the only thing that separates life from death. That was what his father had taught him all those years ago, and it was a value he intended to uphold until his final breath. Thus, he wrote a letter of apology to Wang Shizhen, asking for extra time to revise his work. Wang agreed, even offering himself to continue acting as Li's editor. Soon, weeks turned to months, and months turned to years. Ten years passed in a flash, with Li spending most of it indoors to correct inaccuracies, cut out irrelevant details, and simplify certain entries to make it more digestible to readers. After ten years of revisions and a total of 37 years writing, Li Shizhen finally finished his greatest work, the Compendium of Materia Medica. He passed away not long after with no regrets, after leaving an undeniable mark on the world of medicine, biology, naturalism, and more. The compendium was published a few months after his death, and while it was initially ignored by the Ming government of the time, it soon became a standard source of knowledge for practicing doctors and commoners alike.




    "I've always been quite the perfectionist. My father always did say I have a good work ethic, though he also warned me that if I took it too far, my patients would be the ones to outlive me... well, whatever the case, considering the importance of my work, I cannot tolerate mistakes. That's why I place the utmost importance on the constant research and revisions. You know, looking at it now, words cannot express how grateful I am to Mr. Wang back then. Becoming an editor for such a troublesome author like me must not have been easy."

    "One of the main critics I received from the publishers back then was that the compendium was too damn long, and that no one would be interested in reading such a thick book. But what were they expecting!? Knowledge doesn't come in oversimplified, one-sentence quips! Even more so when a single incomplete prescription could wind up killing someone! I did try to cut down on the length and simplify some entries in the end, but there's nothing I can't stand more than readers who would put down a major source of knowledge just because they're 'too long'. Especially if they dabble in fields as important as health and medicine."

    Bond 5
    "Whether you'd like to admit it or not, the life of a single doctor- of a single human- is limited. Even the finest doctors cannot overcome their own mortality, and it's not like we can operate on ourselves either if we ever get sick. So... what comes next? Saving people is just one half of a doctor's duty. The other half... is passing on their knowledge to the next generation. Make sure society would never run out of skilled practitioners to entrust themselves to in their moment of need. In the end, I think that's one of the main reasons I revised my work so much. Preserving knowledge is not enough. We have to make them accessible as well. Haha, to think I couldn't realize such an obvious thing until those people vouched for me at Mr. Wang's doorstep..."

    "Compared to what I've been saying before, this is a more selfish reason for me to write, but... I did not want my predecessors to be forgotten. Even with my patients, I was never good with farewells, and the thought that their names could be forgotten one day... it scares me. Now, every entry in the compendium contains a story. Of past researchers who dedicated their lives in pursuit of knowledge, and of my patients, some who put up a fierce fight against their conditions, and bravely greeted their ends once it was inevitable. By writing down their stories, it feels like... a part of them lives on. Like their experiences could still be of help to others in the far future. That way... their lives held undeniable meaning. They would never be truly forgotten. Yeah, if I could see each of them now, I'd like to tell them that."

    "As a doctor, my only wish is for my successors to keep passing on our knowledge to the next generations. Humanity will find new, world-changing breakthroughs one day, and knowing that my writings could contribute to these feats, no matter how small... it would be the greatest honor any doctor could have. Knowing you could still save people, even after long gone... well, that's one thing. For a more personal wish... I'd like to see my father one more time. He was the one who set me on this path, and the first person to believe in me all those years ago. Maybe it's just the child in me speaking, but I'd like to show him just how far I've gone."

    A quiet, yet well-mannered and professional doctor. Initially, Voyager may give off the impression of an introverted recluse; he's a bit awkward around new people, and he's far from the liveliest guy you'd meet at a party. Nonetheless, there is no denying the stars in his eyes whenever he starts talking about the topics that actually pique his interest. Besides, if anything, his reserved demeanor makes it easy for patients to open up to him, a skill that could be helpful for any doctor.

    Voyager is a man who takes his job very seriously. He treats all of his patients without bias and spares no effort to hear out and treat their complaints. Indeed, it would not be an exaggeration to call him "an ideal doctor", not just due to his knowledge, but also due to his attitude in front of patients. And yet, even an ideal doctor is not perfect. Voyager's dedication to his craft is a double-edged blade. He is fully invested in any and all patient he encounters. However, this also means that he takes his failures especially hard. In the worst-case scenario where he actually loses a patient to illness, he would be consumed by a powerful desire to "remember" them. That is, he would throw himself into research to eradicate the illness that took them, to make sure that "their deaths aren't for nothing". While his talent makes it quite plausible for him to actually come across several breakthroughs in this research, he is equally prone to neglecting himself in pursuit of a cure. To some extent, Voyager is aware of this potentially dangerous line of thinking. That said, he might still need occasional reminders that even the best doctors cannot save everyone, and the burden of failure does not always lie on his shoulders.


    Ascension 3


    "Ah, it's you, Master. With this, it seems I've regained most of my old vigor. Phew, I know I should be taking my own advice, but staying indoors for an entire decade really does a number to your health, I tell you! In any event, you have my thanks for taking me this far. Say, would you consider taking on a more permanent position as my assistant? Haha, just kidding. I know you have your own worries to prioritize at the moment. Well, that's all right. you'll always have my support."



    Cope & Marsh (DracoScribe):
    "You know, analyzing and sketching down the animals I observed in nature was one of my passions in life. I observed them directly, yet I still made my fair share of mistakes, such as that one time I thought otters were all female. Okay, in hindsight, that was a rather foolish mistake on my part. With that in mind, the fact that the two of you managed to more-or-less deduce the characteristics of beasts who walked the earth millions of years ago using only their bones and what limited technology was available to you is nothing short of incredible. If the two of you ever need a break from your usual quarrels, I'd love to hear you share more about your methods. It might just help me with my next project..."

    Friedrich Fröbel (DracoScribe):
    "A... kindergarten? Haha, I think my Noble Phantasm could also be called a 'garten' in your language, though I doubt the 'kinder' part is very applicable there. As a matter of fact, children seemed to have a natural aversion to me back then. I tried offering them candy or toys after every checkup, but most of the time, merely entering my office was enough to fill them with dread despite my best attempts... sigh, I know some of my medicines have that bitter taste that children aren't fond of, but what was I supposed to do?"

    Barbara McClintock (Jishara):
    "Ah, you mentioned corn? I was the first to depict that plant in detail back then, though we used to call it the yushushu there. I even wrote a recipe on how you can heat them up until they puff up like rice. Isn't there a snack similar to that nowadays? The one they call, uh... popped-corns, was it?"

    Ibn Washiyya (Ismail2002):
    "A scholar from an alien world... interesting. Say, is it possible to reproduce those Nabatean agriculture here? I'd like to study their properties closer."

    Helen Beatrix Potter (FarewellToMrA):
    "I know a fellow inquisitive mind when I see one. I'd love to hear more about your observations on mycology. Um, by the way, this is another topic entirely, but can I ask you a favor? Do you think if I stick a few posters or put a few dolls of that rabbit in my office, the child Servants might be more willing to undergo checkups there? I still blame the kind of parents who promise their children to go to the theme park, only to bring them to the local doctor instead, but maybe if I can show that doctors aren't so scary despite the shots and bitter medicine they give... well, you get the idea. So, can I trouble you with drawing a few illustrations for my office if you ever have the time?"

    Miescher, Kossel, & Crick (MuramasaMachII):
    "Our building blocks... fufu, I see! What a fascinating topic! You're telling me that so many aspects of ourselves, from physical appearances to bodily functions are shaped by this substance!? Then, I just have to see what else they can do! My friends, the three of you made truly wonderful contributions to the future of medicine, and for that you have my thanks."

    Richard Owen (Baron Magnus):
    "I know you can't always separate the two, but nothing good ever comes from mixing science with politics. That lady from the Royal Society taught me the same thing. Ahem, slander and accusations aside, your work on the dinosauria is an impressive one. I'd like to study the skeletons closer, but, um... is it possible to extinguish these 'flames of vengeance' for a little bit? Maybe I could douse them with water, or... no, no, that won't work. That might damage the specimen. Hmm..."

    "Zhang Sanfeng" (Scotcheroos):
    "I practiced acupuncture every now and then, so I know a bit about qi and pressure points. Still, to think you can use it in battle like that... oh, I could never. A humble doctor like me is ill-suited for the front lines."

    Francesco Redi (Vance):
    "Ooh, another scientist experienced in the ol' hands-on approach! I tested certain herbs and tonics on myself back in the day, but nowhere to the extent you did with those insects. By the way, I heard you also studied snakes? One of the points of interests of my research back then was how we could process snake bile and venom into medicine with the right dose. I'm interested to hear your opinion on this paper I wrote about the toxicology of Chinese pit vipers here..."

    The Three Corpses (Scotcheroos):
    "So that's how it is... you know, the more I look at you, the more I'm convinced that you are a disease to the mind rather than the body. Well, not that it matters. I've read works on Confucianism and daoism claiming that the mind and body are related, and what ails one part could also ail the other. As I recall, there's even a dedicated field of study for the mind now. I, no... we will cure you one day. Not today, not tomorrow, maybe not in a thousand years, but I sincerely believe that the day will arrive one day. For now, would you mind if I dissect you? I reckon examining your components in more detail ought to make for an interesting topic in this conference."

    Carl Tanzler (BnEl15):
    "A demon who enforces mortality upon humans, and a human who sought to shatter the boundaries of mortality entirely for the sake of his beloved... Chaldea certainly is a lively place. Anyway, Dr. Tanzler... I understand the sorrow of losing a loved one, and conquering death does seem like a logical step to take for doctors at some point down the line, but... aren't you jumping the gun here? I know it's painful to consider, but... what if she's actually gone? Even if that otherworldly being could bring her back through some miracle, would she still be the same person she was when she left this world? What of humanity? How many lives would you be willing to potentially condemn for the tiny chance of bringing her back?"

    Okita Rintaro (BnEl15):
    "...I know that feeling all too well. You have my sympathies."

    Sima Qian (BnEl15):
    "Sir Grand Historian! We may have worked in different fields, but I admire your methodology. Your writings felt truly... alive, as if I was right there amidst all the wars and political intrigue. I can only hope my descriptions of plants and animals were half as vivid as those events you wrote about."

    Count Yi (Spelror):
    "Fufu, your friends must be truly happy that you were there to remember them. The Travelogue of Mountains and Seas, yes? I recall reading reading about your story in the Institute. Unlike the Grand Historian, I lack the methods to gather past knowledge beyond reading old books written by our forefathers, but I think you just opened a new avenue on my research. So, may I have the honor of meeting your friends, one by one? Of course, I'll share stories of my travels as well in return."


    Final Ascension


    "What brings you here today, Master? Any complaints? No? You're just here to chat? Haha, that's fine too. A thought just occurred to me a while back. It might be a bit of a stretch, but your current job isn't so different from being a doctor, yes? It's just that you had the misfortune of having an entire ailing world as your patient. Or maybe this is closer to a resuscitation with you trying to bring this bleached world back to life? Well, even if you're not a doctor, you sure have the determination of one. That offer on being my personal assistant still stands, if you ever need something to do after this whole crisis is resolved..."

    Spiritron Dress: Paging Dr. Li


    Bond CE

    Entrusted Papers


    What does it mean to be a doctor?
    My father used to go on and on about how it was a tiring, thankless job with heavy responsibilities and little future prospects.
    Not that I blame him. Back then, every family wanted their sons to work cushy, well-paying job as government officials, maybe get to know some important people and bring honor to the family name, you know how it is.
    But surprisingly, despite his initial cynicism, my father later taught me how doctors serve as a symbol of hope. How the smiles of his patients were enough to make everything worth it.
    It seems underneath his initial reluctance to teach me, he still held fond memories of the profession.

    Well, that was my father's answer.
    Being a doctor means being a source of hope.
    It was an answer that I learned to appreciate the more I worked in the field.

    But I have a different answer.
    To me, being a doctor means... being a part of a greater whole.
    The more I read about past doctors, the more I treated patients, and... the more I failed to save some of them, the more obvious this lesson felt.
    I was never alone.
    With every discovery I felt as though I was entrusted with their dreams and regrets. That it fell to me to accomplish what they could not.
    I'm sure there were doctors who bore similar sentiments about me after I passed.
    In the end, medicine- as many sciences tend to be- is a long, endless path.
    Yet we can't help but want to see through as much of it as we can.
    Once we grew too old and frail, we passed the baton to the next generation, and the journey continues.

    Which brings me to my main point.
    I would like to entrust you with my notes, prescriptions, and observations.
    It might feel surprising, receiving such an important object from someone you believe to be such an important figure to the field of medicine.
    Some of my writings might feel incomprehensible to you, and what you can comprehend, you might treat like gospel; a perfect, infallible prescription to treat disease.

    But that's a wrong way to look at it.
    A miracle cure is still beyond reach, even for someone like me.
    At the end of the day, these papers aren't answer keys; they're questions to be studied even further.
    Dissect it. Criticize it. Prove me wrong.

    ...And pass them on.

    Creator's notes
    Man, it's finally done. While I'm far from dissatisfied with how he turned out, I still feel like he's missing something compared to my usual sheets... oh well. Just goes to show how unfamiliar I am with this entire field, ig. I doubt I can come up with a second entry for this contest, but my next sheet in CaS3 will be something closer to my usual ballpark.
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    Super interestin Voyager, his np being more about passing on medical info to others is great.

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    Ughh, i wont make it in time due to more work.
    Binder Gregor Mendel is up for grabs
    "Let's see the color of your coin, my friend."

    Behold the vault of Heroes.

    The King made the community prosper. Enjoy for free. Paid by your taxes.
    University of Formatting | Museum of Legends | Memorandum of Kings

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    I'm almost throwing the towel too because I just can't find someone who fits my concept.

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    Theme here, listen if you like!

    MoonCancer of the Foreign Depths

    Charles Frederick Holder

    Other Classes: Caster
    True Name: Charles Frederick Holder
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Place of Origin: Massachusetts, USA


    STR: C
    END: D
    AGI: C
    MGI: B
    LCK: A

    Height: 158 cm
    Weight: 55.8 kg
    Likes: Fishing, Hunting, Sailing, Illicit substances
    Dislikes: Heavy Traffic
    Talent: Fishing, finding strange phenomena
    Natural Enemy: Tristan
    Attribute: Man
    Traits: Hominidae Servant, Humanoid, Immune to Pigify, Mechanical, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
    Armament: Fishing Line, fish hooks, fishing knife
    Catalyst: Pages describing her discovery of the Esperanza Stone, ripped from a copy of Charles Hoy Fort's The Book of the Damned


    Born in 1851 in Massachusetts to wealthy Zoologist Joseph Bassett Holder, Charlie grew up in a happy upper-class life, heading off to the US naval academy upon reaching adulthood. Instead of pursuing a career in the armed forces, he instead left upon graduation, becoming a curator for the Museum of Natural History, before moving to California in 1885. There, he would spend the rest of the years of his life becoming an accomplished writer, conservationist and marine zoologist, becoming widely recognized as the founder and driving force behind Sport-Fishing. An accomplished businessman as well, he would live largely, gaining a reputation as a philanthropist, and founded the Tuna Club of Avalon, a gentleman's club, and an international organization that called for proper management of all game fish.

    His work as a naturalist and writer marked him as a "finder and recorder of things"- thoroughly documenting marine life, and collecting data on bizarre oddities from around the world. Notably, he recognized and documented the sealife of the Mesopelagic zone, otherwise known as the Twilight zone in the ocean, which was not formally recognized scientifically until the 1940's. There was always an attraction to the strange with him- culminating on his discovery of the Esperanza Stone. A massive boulder, fallen from the sky in the middle of the Mexican countryside, covered in symbols. No locals had touched it, and when Charlie got to it, it was covered by not only Mayan symbols, but also Greek and Hindu ones. While he couldn't manage to get the Smithsonian to come get it, it was nonetheless a strange find notable in the beginnings of popular occultism.

    Two years later, he would die from being hit by a car while being on various substances after coming out of his Club.


    An absolute party girl. Naturally as a Caster, her male equivalent is already a quintessential Californian Surfer-Stoner type, goofy, easily excitable and emotional, but well-meaning. She as a MoonCancer however, has received a slightly altered nature, introducing an impulsive sense of mischief and inclination towards thrill seeking. Already one for excess, born to money and without true responsibility, she's now become the worst kind of person to get involved with at the back of a club: an instigator. Appearing reasonable, if rather rowdy at first, give her an inch, and she'll take a mile- a round of drink at the bar turns into a drinking contest, shot for shot. That turns into taking a tab of acid before turning to the dance floor, a haze of light and sound followed by awakening from your trance hours later, with no shirt or shoes in a mansion foreign to you, only for her to appear from down the hall with naught but a ski mask and a bath robe carrying duffel bags. Upon confessing that you have no recollection of the past hours, you find out that you and her started a club brawl, robbed a bank, eloped, broke into a billionaire's mansion after a police chase (where you are now), and your only choice is to sneak aboard a plane and move to a tropical island or South America to lie low for a few years. You know, that type of person.

    "Everyone has a buddy like that, right master?" she may ask with rhetorical intent, actually thinking such a statement to be true- which it is absolutely not, thank the gods. A master should be good for her, being able to reign her in- she gets that basic dynamic, and will go along with it, but there is simply an integral, inborne tendency to flirt with the odd and extreme. She's got a sailor's soul, in the sense that she can't quite ever feel settled at one port for too long- it is a necessity that she keeps moving, literally and figuratively. Despite the overwhelming devil-may-care attitude, if you can actually get her to ponder something for more than thirty seconds, she proves to be a solid storyteller and conversationalist. It's just an issue getting there, unless you indulge her wild tendencies and can keep up with them somewhat in order to get her to level with you. She's the type of person to go, "Damn bro, that's crazy, you should do cocaine about it." and be completely genuine in her saying as such.

    Class Skills:

    Magic Resistance: C
    Cancels spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level of greater magecraft and Greater Rituals.
    Charlie's been afforded the skill thanks to her connection to the Moon Cell, and due to her class.

    Item Creation: D+
    A caster-Class Skill used to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use.
    MoonCancer can only use it to create fishing supplies, though due to her extensive history as an angler in life, the quality of her fishing line allows her a positive modifier

    Angler: A
    A Skill denoting talent and knowledge of fishing gear and fishing skills. It is too niche to serve as a proper class container (currently), and thus it manifests as a class skill, replacing Territory Creation.

    "Y'know, this shit's kinda funny- I asked my bro Charles why he had it at A+, and he said its entirely because of the pun with him being in the Caster class- like a fishing rod, yeah? I can't even be mad-"

    Riding: C-
    One can flawlessly manage beasts and vehicles if they have received the proper training and adjustments. Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above average skill, however, one cannot ride the likes of Phantasmal Species such as Monstrous Beasts.
    Receiving it from a long history of hunting on horseback and fishing on boats, her own Familiars can be ridden at this rank, should she desire. MoonCancer can't seem to handle cars and trucks for some reason, despite being perfectly capable of doing so in life. Motorcycles and boats are fine though.

    Personal Skills:

    Marine Zoologist: A
    A skill denoting Charlie as being particularly knowledgeable about marine life. An avid fisherman and conservationist in life, she wrote many books on the biology, history, transportation, and lives of fish, as well as various animals on land commonly hunted. This allows her to passively create familiars of greater quality, quantity, intelligence, and staying power, through thorough knowledge of their workings.

    "I know I'm not like, a doctor or a professor or whatever like most of the people here, but like, when it comes to stuff in the sea, I gotchu, easy. I think it's the mystery of it, the stuff that's down there in trhe deep, that draws me to it all."

    Mystic Eyes of Disequilibration: D
    A set of low-grade mystic eyes possessed from birth, Holder's life was influenced by the subconscious ability presented by her eyes, being able to view and inherently identify 'states of stasis' and buildups of potential force. This lead to her collection, "A Frozen Dragon And Other Tales" regarding strange things discovered preserved in ice, her documentation of fish from the Mesopelagic zone, despite the false bottom created via plankton density, and her eventual discovery of The Esperanza stone. She utilizes them to better judge the movement of her lines during combat.

    Familiar (Phantom): C
    Through magecraft acquired via the Moon Cell Junk Data incorporated into her Saint Graph, Charlie is able to summon familiars consisting of spectral versions of sea creatures, able to swim through the air as if water. While she can hypothetically summon any variety of sea fauna, she seems to favor Tuna and Sunfish.

    "I just like 'em- tuna's great sport fishing, and the sunfish... huh, I don't really know where that comes from, I guess they're just on the brain."

    Noble Phantasm:

    Moon Cell Meteor
    Esperanza Stone

    Data Override-type Noble Phantasm
    Rank: D
    Range: Touch
    Max Targets: 1

    A chunk of mysterious rock found fallen from the heavens by Charlie and an accomplice down in Mexico. While it was already an odd find, being covered in Mayan symbols alongside Greek and Hindu ones, its effect became apparent once she became a servant- or rather, when he became a servant, as the stone is the reason for her current manifestation.

    The stone's origin was of course the moon cell- the equivalent of a flash drive filled with junk data. It was expunged from the surface of the lunar body, containing an outdated version of the selection program used for choosing candidates in the creation of Advanced AI. While it would not find the suitable candidate during her lifetime, upon being judged to enter the throne of heroes, a space outside the confines of time, it's finding would be considered one of her accomplishments in life, and thus part of her saint graph. Due to this, and the dead junk-program re-linking, it would result in the creation of a MoonCancer manifestation, and her alteration to fit the form.

    As her Noble Phantasm, the Stone has the singular ability to override data- specifically, the capability to add "traits that simply do not belong", much as the greek and hindu symbols were on the stone itself. Upon another servant, or anything with magical circuits for the reaction to take place, the stone will forcibly alter them, adding on traits and/or skills, the number of which being correspondent to their Mana Parameter. E is one addition, D is two, et cetera. It is a completely random process, though Charlie is able to skew the results to either be positive, negative, or neutral for the one who makes contact. Single use per-person.


    BB: "Ooooohhh, hey, you're like, the actual one! Yeah yeah yeah, nah, I'm cool with the new form dude, it's more funny than anything."

    Sir Tristan: "He gets to have unbreakable string? That's sick! Oh, I could catch sooo much stuff with that dude-"

    Jing Ke: "Yaaaaasssss girl, pass the tequila- I'm telling you, you're like, a sister from another mister, you just GET getting sloshed-"

    Sei Shoganon: "OMG, lingo bestie! Yah, she's like, got the same sorta deal I do- little more online, but it's a similar thing. Having a different lexicon than you did in life, that shit's pretty wild. It's good to have someone in a similar boat, that way you can sink together, ya feel?"

    Abigail Williams (Summer): "Th' hell's that? Is- d'you got like, a giant squid? In your head? Whatever I'm seeing sorta contained in there, that's craaaaaazy lil dude."

    Scatach-Skadi (Summer): "Yo, you got the same sorta swimmers with you I do, hell yeah!- Woah woah woah Mamasita, I don't like, really know anything about the whole summoning process, you're kinda losing me there- I just sorta do it."

    Sherlock Holmes: "Heyyyy Homu, you got the void dust, ri- no I didn't farm for it, it was your turn!"

    Watcher (Strange/Fake): "...Chaplin?????? The actual Hell bro, what are- hold on, you're not him, but you got something... are you making him?"

    Charles Frederick Holder (Caster): "Yo, that's my big bro right there! I mean, we're technically the same person, but like, I'm a version of him made after historical me was uploaded, sooooooo yeah. Big bro."

    Cope & Marsh: “Oh shiiiit man, y’all got summoned together? That’s mad wild, sorry to hear it- though, if you’re both gonna be hopping around before ceremonies, mind if I pick your brain on plesiosaurs? I know they’re probably all dead, but I always wanted to catch one, y’know?”

    Friederich Fröbel: “Shiiiit, you- you look like a teacher. I- man, I had tutors for a reason growing up, I’m gonna schmove on over to the buffet before I start driving you crazy. I- no, c’mon, don’t look at me so disappointed like that, you make me think of the naval academy-“

    Barbara McClintock: “Oh damn, you did all that based off of corn? That’s craaaazy bro, I thought it was just for good eating.”

    Ibn Wahshiyya: After hearing his tale, the MoonCancer would check the cache of opium pills in the case from her back pocket, as if to make sure she was not in a fugue.

    Helen Beatrix Potter: “Oh my god, these drawings are adorable! I know you’re here for the shroom stuff, which I uh, WILL be asking about in a bit for recreational reasons, but did you ever do any fish characters? I’m way too into those things not to ask.”

    DNA: “Aight, sorry Crick, but I’ve thought long and hard about this- Fuck Kossel, Marry Miescher, Kill you. It’s not personal, I’m just really into that ponytail Miesher’s got going, and- oh c’mon, you’re three guys in one graph, don’t tell me you haven’t had these conversations with people!”

    Richard Owen: “Damn, that’s crazy bro- here, have some more wine, you uhh, really need to take some weight off your shoulders.”

    ‘Zheng Sanfeng’: “…. Hey man, uh… why isn’t your heart beating? You got something going on there- I mean half of you is still… something I wanna know about? I know it ain’t the booze talking, I can see it clear as day.”

    Francesco Redi: “EEEEEEEWWWW, you can make a cockroach crawl outta your mouth? At will? Dude, that’s SOOOO gross, so it again!”

    Li Shizhen: “This writing room of yours… y’know, this is actually really nice man- I had to build summer homes and hunting shacks just to get this kind of peace for when I wanted to write stuff… like, it’s just got a really nice vibe to it… also, what’s your little snake buddy’s name? He’s gotta have one, right? You can’t just NOT name him something cute.”

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    Holder: So you actually wrote a sheet for that "so coked up he got run over by a car" biologist guy. Wasn't sure if you were joking about that. Pretty good profile all-around. When you mentioned the meteor my first thought was he caught some space bacteria and became an avatar for one of the Mesoamerican gods, so the Moon Cell angle you went with took me by surprise. Those Mystic Eyes are a creative extrapolation of her legend without being OP, and I can see a lot of fun utilizations for that ghostly fish summoning. Am I take the reason for the genderbend is he's become a Sakura-type?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden View Post
    Holder: So you actually wrote a sheet for that "so coked up he got run over by a car" biologist guy. Wasn't sure if you were joking about that. Pretty good profile all-around. When you mentioned the meteor my first thought was he caught some space bacteria and became an avatar for one of the Mesoamerican gods, so the Moon Cell angle you went with took me by surprise. Those Mystic Eyes are a creative extrapolation of her legend without being OP, and I can see a lot of fun utilizations for that ghostly fish summoning. Am I take the reason for the genderbend is he's become a Sakura-type?
    Eyy, thanks man- and yeah, pretty much! I've wanted to make a MoonCancer for a while now, and I figured that this was a fun way to do so with the weird shit on the rock. I think it was Skull maybe (probably wrong), a little while ago, that said something along the lines of, "A noble phantasm should sort of wrap around and encompass the rest of the sheet"- and with the Esparanza stone being made extra weird by the presence of Volutes and Swastikas in addition to the Mayan singles, I decided ultimately that, since it was the NP, that the servant herself should also have the presence of something foreign, this time of course being the swapped gender.

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    Reminder to everyone that deadline's 23, about a week from now.

    Nooooo I am not saying that because I saw the date on my sig and then my calendar and went "WAIT IT'S ALMOST 21 ALREADY???". Noooooooo.
    Part 5 of Conference (aka "oh hey it actually got long enough i feel like i had to put it in a spoiler")
    Fortunately for Cope, despite the "issue" not taking too long to settle, it was long enough that Sir Owen decided to simply turn his attention elsewhere. And just in time as...

    "You're one of the hosts of this event, yes?"

    ...there was a genuine issue to handle now, as far as Cope was concerned.

    "Yes...? And you are...?"

    And they turned to find an unfamiliar man.

    "I am Zhang Sanfeng."

    A succint look. "...we don't have you on the list."

    An epiphany seemed to flash in the man's expression. "Ah, right... We forgot..." he said under his breath before he spoke aloud. "Apologies, a habit of ours. Especially on our way here. Give us a moment."

    Cope's stared as the man changed before his eyes.

    It wasn't drastic. It wasn't horrific. But it was unsettling nevertheless to witness for even him to witness, for even he could tell this wasn't something human and instead something against them even before it spoke.

    "We are, as most would know, the Three Corpses. Péng Jū, Péng Zhě, and Péng Jiǎo. And we have been invited here for your conference."

    "What the fuck?!"

    "And here I thought that you wouldn't do that again, as it would become excessive, but it seems I was hoping for too much," said a dissapointed Marsh.

    "Then tell me why the fuck did we just invite a parasite into the conference!"

    "Wooow...wait until the younger generation hears you using slurs."

    "Ugggh! You shut up and stop twisting my words!"

    "Well obviously they are a proper guest if they came here through an invitation."

    "But why?!"

    "As it turns out, we managed to somehow qualify for this conference under two loopholes."


    "The first is that we're proficient in parasitology, considering....well, we're parasites. If we didn't know our own bodies, we'd probably be about as useful as a plank of wood in a forest fire. The second is that we are absolute masters of studying the human physiology. Our origins were from that of an ancient physiology chart and we quite literally know the human body inside out, after all. Do with that what you will, good sirs."

    Cope gaped. Marsh, finally, joined in his incredulity as he stared wide-eyed at the man.

    "Are you kidding me?!" the former voiced for them both.

    "No, I am not kidding you, Cope," said a wild Fröbel, who continued unimpeded despite startling both paleontologusts. "The parameters are quite broad thanks to our sponsor on purpose to allow such loopholes as this."

    "Wait...Macaria wanted the loopholes to be exploited?!"

    "Well yes. As she told me when I asked in curiosity, 'It wouldn't be any fun if was just scientists', so you have nothing to worry about with the inclusion of the Three Corpses."

    A pause.

    "Well, besides them infecting the guests. But I trust you won't do that for the time being, yes?" Or Blessed Death herself will get rid of you for disturbing the gathering, went unsaid.

    Unsurprisingly, the Three Corpses were unbothered. "Yes, we understand. Now, will you excuse us? Or must we be announced before we proceed?"

    "Ugh... Okay, okay. Ahem." Once the paper was pulled, he began.

    "We have the Sanshi, the 'Three Corpses',
    Péng Jū
    Péng Zhě
    Péng Jiǎo
    he said, barely managing to pronounce their names correctly. "A concept in Taoism, founded by the man whose body they inhabit, Zhang Sanfeng, the man who had contriubuted to Tai Chi and is one of the few people to become immortal in Taoist teachings. The Three Corpses reside in the center of the head, the heart, and below the navel respectively. The Upper causes exhaustion and loss of senses and morality, the Middle causes irritable moods or apathetic demeanors and damage to internal organs and the mind, and the Lower causes prana and Od leakage and disrupted emotion regulation which leads to wanton and irrational behaviors. All of which is done through their incredible knowledge of the human body, in order to report their findings to the Director of Destinies."

    Finished, Cope leveled a glower at Fröbel and (mostly) Marsh and said,

    "There, satisfied? Even though they barely qualify?"

    The teacher said, "Yes," as he gave a look to the rival to not instigate things.

    Meanwhile the Corpses said, "Very well. Then excuse us..."

    And with that, the walking parasites leave to speak to listen in on all the conversations being had, for this was not just a gathering of knowledge, but also a gathering of murmurs and whispers and rumors.

    Meanwhile, the paleontologists watched them leave, Cope in particular with a noticeable tired and sour expression, on that he soon turned on the teacher.

    "Please tell me that is the last worrisome guests we'll get..."

    Fröbel was silent.

    Cope just sighed. "Of course."

    Marsh just rolled his eyes. "Come now. There are certainly worse than parasites that judge humanity. If anything, I'm sure our sponsor would appreciate a fellow judge of the soul."

    "Grr. I agree with that, but that doesn't mean we should lower our guard in case their nature to leads to infections."

    "What, like how you spread false information on me?"

    "YOU did it first!"

    "Uh...this a bad time, or...?"

    "Ah! No no! Of course not!" Cope said with a smile, straightening himself. Though not before giving Marsh a quick glare. "Here. Let me..."

    He looked through the papers, quickly said "Oh thank God it's not as weird or bad as the others..." under his breath, and lifted the correct one to read aloud.

    "Francesco Redi, the founder of many scientific disciplines, the most notable of which are experimental biology and parasitology! He had spent many years studying various fauna, from bugs to parasites to snakes, learning things such as the true location of the production of snake venom, identify earthworms as not a type of helminth, and even debunking a long perpetuating notion started by Plato: spontaneous germenation. But not only that...similarly to Miss Potter, he was an accomplished poet, with a variety of works under his name, most notably 'Bacchus in Tuscany'."

    "Ah...that was quite the grand announcement... It's kinda embarassing, but...uh...thanks, I guess? Yeah, thanks."

    "Not at all, Mr. Redi. Even if it wasn't part of the proceedings, your contributions were as influential as we are making it to be."

    "Ah, all right. If you insist."

    "Well, while you're here, is there anything or anyone that might interest you, Mr. Redi?" said the host of the venue. "Perhaps...our refreshments?"

    The father of parisitology perked up and stared at the teacher.

    " have alcohol?"

    "Of course." The German smiled with mischief. "Some of them called in as favors from our sponsor herself, made by...Dionysus himself, along with others in her pantheon involved with wine."

    " sure you want to serve that while we're here?"

    "We wouldn't be serving it if we weren't."

    "All right. Thanks. Uh... Should I call you 'Herr' or 'Mister'?"

    "Whichever is more comfortable for you, Mr. Redi."

    "Right right... Uh, Herr Fröbel then. Thanks. And uh, tell the sponsor thanks for me too."

    "Oh you don't have to. Our sponsor is, in fact, observing."

    The Italian blinked. "Really?"

    "Yes, really. Cope? Mind if you guide him?"

    The man raised a brow, being able to see that Fröbel was doing it to give him a break from announcing...and he had no reason to object.

    "Sure. This way, Mr. Redi. We'll get some of the wine and then you can talk with our sponsor."

    "Oh boy... All right all right. Lead the way."

    And with that they left.

    "So. Who's next?" Fröbel said to Marsh once they were well out of hearing range.

    "Hmm. Let's see..." he said as the next guest approached. "Ah yes."

    "Li Shizhen."

    "Li Shizhen?!"


    Marsh, for once, gave Fröbel a Look.

    The teacher coughed in embarassment. "Apologies. Go on."

    A moment's pause to make sure before he continued.

    "Li Shizhen, courtesy name Dongbi, was a Chinese physician during the Ming dynasty, and an accomplished one at that. But his largest mark in history didn't only influence medicine and health care in China eventually after his death, but how life was recorded and categorized, influencing even Charles Darwin many, many centuries later. And while he wasn't the one to establish today's taxonomy, a feat that Carl Linnaeus holds, the details in his work, the 'Bencao Gangmu', or the 'Compendium of Materia Medica', can be almost likened as a precursor to Linnaeus's system. From detailed descriptions of the subject to alternate names and their etymological origins to various details that would assist physician with using the materials for medicine thanks to knowing which parts could be used, the history of its use, and disproving any false or incorrect claims, among many other things. A book that truly is worth all the pages it uses."

    With a bow, Marsh finished with,

    "It is truly an honor to have you here, Mr. Li."

    "Haha. No, thank you. I don't get to be summoned, or rather invited, for more peaceful reasons nowadays."

    It was at this point a vibrating Fröbel said,

    "Ican'tbelieveitIcan'tbelieveitIcan'tbelieveit you'reyou'rehere—you're here!"


    As the teacher once again coughed in embarrassment.

    "Ah, my apologies Mr. Li. I just... I just couldn't hold my excitement!"

    "Ha. It's fine. It's not everyday I deal with someone so enthusiastic. Do you know of my work?"

    "Ah, Not exactly. I never got to read it in my time. Translations into German were done after after I passed... But that is exactly why I wish to speak with you! I've always loved botany, you see, ever since I was a child. I loved cataloguing flora and walking in nature, so I'm so happy and honored to meet you."

    "I see. I'm heartened to hear that even those outside my field are passionate of my work. What would you like to speak of?"


    Once again, the teacher was lost in conversation, but not only was he incredibly enthusiastic, but it was matched by his fellow cataloguer of flora. For even though their professions are vastly different, and their reasons for studying various plants, they were united through not only the subject, but of their wish to help future generations.

    Seeing as the venue host was busy, Marsh continued on his emcee duties.

    "Okay." he began, but then saw the person before him.

    He stared.

    She stared.

    He blinked.

    She smiled.

    "... Charles...Holder?"


    "Charles. Frederick. Holder."


    " seems I am being handed my retribution for being dismissive of Cope's reactions..." Marsh said under his breath.

    Which, understandably, the MoonCancer did not hear as she giggled and said, "Aw, did I blow you away, hon?"

    His eye twitched, but he still smiled nonetheless. "Not at all. I was merely confirming since you don't...match expectations. Expectations which I apologize for."

    "Ah, shucks, no prob. We cool we cool. Where the others at?"

    "Oh, I need to do an announcment before you may go."

    "Oh riiiiiiight. That little title intro thing you guys are doin'. Right right. Gotcha. I'll stay here...for a bit."

    Marsh pointedly ignored the words of the woman, glad that the paper included what the hell was going on with the sight before him.

    "Charles Frederick Holder. A man who isn't just known to the world of marine science, with his many recordings of many kinds of marine life, including ones that led to the acknowledgement of Mesopelagic zone. His passion for fishing led to the promotion, and outright founding, of Sports Fishing. And that in turn met with his good business sense to not only create the gentleman's club, Tuna Club of Avalon, but the regulation of game fish and such. But in life, he was a man. So why does he appear this way? Well, it is due to his discovery of the strange Esperanza Stone, a stone that was found in Mexico...yet had symbols not only of the Americas, but Europe and Asian ones. This mystery had stumped people for years, but we happen to know the truth thanks to the Throne and Chaldea. The stone was a piece of the Moon, and thus the influence on Charlie Holder's vessel."


    Another twitch and another smile. "Yes. I am. Thank you very much for coming."

    "Niiiice! Now—eh?"

    "My apologies for not meeting you right away. I had to ask to pause a conversation I was having," a slightly regretful Fröbel said.

    "Uh. Wait. You—You're a teacher, ain't ya?"

    He raised a brow in confusion, but still said surely, "Yes."

    "Uuuuuuhhh—yeah I'mma just scooch on over there—"

    "What? Why...?"

    "Hey! Don't look at me like that!"

    "Well what else am I supposed to feel when a famous naturalist such as yourself doesn't wish to speak to me? I was hoping to speak to you."

    The woman stared at him as if she had just rewritten him even though she hadn't yet.

    "Uh... You sure there, Teach? Like. I know I get under peeps like you, you dig? So I'm just savin' us the trouble."

    Fröbel didn't look too pleased. However, he nonetheless said, "...Well then, if you insist..."

    As rowdy as he had heard her nature being, the very fact she is acknowledging it and is making sure not to be in his presence meant to him she wasn't as bad as it could be. After all, even if it's likely because she didn't want to draw his ire, she could've simply decided to "not give a shit" and still bother him anyway. But she didn't.

    So he said, "Then at least let me suggest someone you could speak with. There is a Francesco Redi among the guests, and he is quite fond of wine."

    The woman seemed surprised at the gentle attitude towards her.

    "...for real?"

    He smiled. "For real."

    "...huh. You ain't as prissy as I thought you'd be."

    Marsh twitched yet again, bothered by the obvious insult at a host, but held back.

    For Fröbel laughed and said, "I believe in 'learning through play' for a reason, Ms. Holder. The fact that you are here is proof enough, I believe, that despite of and because of the wild aspects of youe nature, you are accomplished and knowledgeable." He gestured to general area where for the suggested company. "Now go. Enjoy yourself. That is what our sponsor wants with this gathering."

    She stared for a moment longer.

    Then grinned, bright and wide and with teeth.

    "Heh. Yeah, def not so bad after all." Then she winked and said, "I'll talk to ya later then, Teach! Smell ya later!"

    "See you later, Ms. Holder."

    The two waited for a few more moments, ensuring the MoonCancer really didn't cause trouble for the moment, before Fröbel then said,

    "Now excuse me. I have a conversation to return to."

    And returned to Li Shizhen, easily picking up where they left off. Meanwhile, in the distance, one could hear Charlie wrangling Francesco into drinking in excess before trying to have Cope bring out his Noble Phantasm mount when he tried to stop her. In the other side, Sir Owen's own Noble Phantasm was being shown to the two of the three vessels of DNA while a certain one was back to bugging Ibr for a sample tissue now that nobody was seemingly minding him, Ms. Potter and McClintock just enjoying a surprisingly pleasant chat with the Three Corpses.

    ...cliff notes version of thoughts on servants because i spent half the day on the above and am poofed but if i delay any longer i know i'm never gonna get it done soon (if im lucky i'll be inspired/in the mood for more detailed thoughts later...key words: "if im lucky") so apologies for any and all errors and being too impatient to not just wait before posting. i just really wanted to get this up before i end up procrastinating

    "Zhang Senfang"/Three Corpses: i already guessed it was gonna be a pretender or a faker the moment i began reading the sheet. Cuz like "no way does this qualify...and i know he proly knows that". Really cool to see a "parasite" like this servant. Rumormonger angle was especially interesting for me.

    Francesco Redi: note to self: reminder to get started on this series on my to-play list. Besides that...neat figure. Wine enjoyer and "half charistmatic and half awkard" aspects of personality stuck out the most. Hopefully I captured that. Favorite part of technical side is NPs, particularly the second one.

    Li Shizhen: Well I can't notice whatever might be that "missing thing" about this sheet. I love it. My gosh his compedium is impressive sounding and awe inspiring to me and I love his personality. Kinda for the same reason I wanted to make Fröbel: more cool reps of a field not many of its figures are made sheets of. No this love has nothing to do with how much of field day Fröbel is having with him noooo.

    Charles Fredrick Holder: confused at first at genderbend until NP and then go "oooohhhh that makes SENSE and is SO clever". Also fav part technical wise. Personality is an effin riot (that video link certainly helps"), lol. Nice design and little hint to genderbend cause with the hair, which I wouldn't have made the connection with.
    and also my shipping sense is being curious right now and going "hmmmmmmmmmm i wonder how she'd be like with fröbel in a relationship..."
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    Persona 5: Refraction (SV link; link)
    "You didn't have to fight for me, you know." "And you didn't have to curl your hair so we'll look even more alike." Ren stared before he softly chuckled, Akira joining him not long after. With one simple decision as a child, Ren Amamiya goes to Tokyo alongside his little sister, Akira. (P5R Sibling AU) (Ren/Ann, Akechi/Fem!Akira)
    Chapter 50 on: September 27, 2023 (GMT +8:00)
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    My list of my Servants! Still small for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DracoScribe View Post
    also my shipping sense is being curious right now and going "hmmmmmmmmmm i wonder how she'd be like with fröbel in a relationship..."
    God, he's such a nice man, he does NOT deserve this purple trainwreck- It would be cute as shit, but I would feel so bad for him, he's already dealt with enough people who behave like children already

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