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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    Congrats Pine and to everyone who managed to participate!

    Am glad someone even voted for my first sheet.

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    EYYYYYYY, congrats Pine, excellent work to everyone

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    This was the closest I've ever gotten to being in the top 3.
    History has taught me I will never reach this point again. Congrats to the winners though. I was a bit off because of Arachne and not accounting for ancient Spamton, but 2 of 3 is also the expected result at this point.
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    Aaass I thought. I am so late. Curse my sickness. And the other stuff that happened. Like me being lazy over Servant thoughts. Idk. My Muse was being stubborn about it. So sorry, I'm just gonna do a cliffnotes version of my thoughts otherwise I'm never gonna get them out at this rate.

    Before I do that though, I'd like to say congrats pine! And my fellow podium places. I still don't expect to win in any way in these contests, so I'm still floored to have placed at all, and thank you for all those who voted who little ol' guitar lover Tárrga.
    Looking forward to the prompt, pine!

    Okay. Now my Servant thoughts.

    said servant thoughts
    Ea-Nasir: 0/10 needs more spamton
    I kid I kid. Mostly. Love the Spamton inspiration, but he draws so much I just end up going "i just want spamton". If I ignore that though, really hilarious sheet.

    Atlantean (Lily): I have no idea what I'm reading, as in it feels like it's referencing a non-Lily version I did not read, but feels interesting nonetheless. Mainly its way of thinking.

    "Viking of Stanford Bridge":* uh...not much to say...anyway... Just that I think it's cool you managed to make a sheet of his guy...and I agree with Del on the "reveal". What was the point of that?

    Frédéric Chopin: VERY happy to see you do Chopin cuz when I first found out about Tarrega, the guy in vid compared him to Chopin (im...still not entirely sure why tho), and I really love your musician sheets, so this felt like not only a delightful treat, but a fitting one too.

    Seiu Ito: You definitely nailed the "uh wait is he just a weird man who is sincere about his unique philosophy or is he just a perverted painter man?" vibe you later said you wanted. I just like how freely he talks about his interests, and how he follows them even if others think it's weird.

    Conotocaurius: I know he ain't a teenager but I can't help but think of this guy as the "awkward teenage stage summon of George Washington". Not in a bad way. In a "man I like this guy but it must feel so awkward for him knowing how he is perceived as a kid and as an adult".

    Arachne: Was really into the intro. Not as scary as the stuff that actually scared me but I was definitely in the "horror" mindset. Was really thrown off by the actual culprit despite the spider foreshadowing with those boxes...or maybe it was that foreshadowing that broke my immersion by the time I reached the actual sheet, which is a really interesting take on Arachne, and I had to take the time to reimmerse myself. I sure as hell can't tell if she's lying to herself that she doesn't actually have the urge to kill and wants to kill because her logic is twisted or if she really had them and is pitifully rationalizing her kills.

    Valentinian II: ouch. As someone working on her self worth and self confidence, I feel for this boy and I wanna him all the hugs. Mechanically a very unique Binder and I think the way you did it was really neat and creative.

    IBM 704: awwww. I don't know. I just find her attitude absolutely adorable. ...yeah not much else to say.

    Gregor Samsa: An Avenger of Disgust. Or rather, Outcast of Disgust. Interesting way to do an Avenger. ...yeah i don't got anything else.

    Noah Adamia: A sniper that's not Simo Hayha. I still don't get why that sniper was so popular here that lots of sheets were made for him but I digress... Neat. Not...much else to say. Sorry.

    Puyi Oh wow. I...really liked this one. I didn't expect to. I'm surprised I like it as much as I did. The way you told his story and presented his sheet was definitely more to my tastes and it felt very poignant. But I also feel like giving my respect for this man. Again, good shit.
    Aaaand lastly, the replies.
    those said replies
    Quote Originally Posted by Scotcheroos View Post
    I did say that minor and/or forgotten figures were allowed early on, so long as they were 'weak' in some way or form, which, even with the Noble Phantasm, you've managed to show off here. This man isn't a groundbreaking musician. He isn't a pioneer of the arts save for his lone instrument. Heck, even he gets that he isn't much of a Servant compared to others. But he's here all the same, playing for the people he wanted to play for, sharing his love for the guitar to those willing to listen. A weak, ordinary man who ascended through sheer love for the arts.

    Sometimes, that's all you need, yeah?
    Quote Originally Posted by Scotcheroos View Post
    Francisco de Asís Tárrega Eixea: I love him. Wholesomeness. Fluff beyond measure. The glorious oasis of fluff in the desert of angst. The storytelling of his life, his journey's culmination in being remembered not as a pioneer, nor someone who was truly that famous, but a man who lived and died doing what he loved. It warms my heart.
    Awwww, thank you. I'm glad you feel that way! I admit, seeing the other entries made me tempted to go and try to think of a different Servant to do angst, but well, I finally had inspiration to write him, so I couldn't resist.

    Quote Originally Posted by TrueMrMultiverse View Post
    yeah! The sheet's well done Draco

    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey View Post
    That's a thumbs up from me, Draco. Im looking forward to writing my entry's relationship with him.
    yeeeaaaahhhh thank you so much i cant think of appropriate words to tell you how much it means to me that you liked it

    Quote Originally Posted by Morg van Destro View Post
    Also, Draco, I finished Daniel's response, and it's a doozy. Mostly because, while Beethoven exemplifies everything he hates about virtuosos, Francisco is the type of person he hates the most, because he's exactly who they wish they were. He doesn't even have any Skills that could be locked out by him, just being a man whose love of music broke through. It's also why he doesn't threaten at the end of his line.
    Oh woah. Did not expect that. I saw it and...
    Man, why am I imagining Tarrega gritting his teeth and giving his all to beat him in a thematic battle between a man who loves music and a man who used to love it...
    Ahem, either way, I don't know how else to describe how I feel except thank you, I'm honored that Tarrega went and inspired a line of Daniel for him.

    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteFrenzy View Post
    [CENTER]Francisco Tárrega: AHHHHHHHHGGGG DRACO YOU DID IT AGAIN. This one just has it all – it’s one of those entries that grabs you by the heart and you really can’t help but to love the character. And I’m not even speaking about his abilities as a Servant, that aren’t exactly noteworthy but definitely aren’t something you should skip either… I’m speaking of his personality. It’s so… You’d be a heartless bastard if you don’t love him by the end, Francisco just has this humble charisma that makes him so likable. He’s just… a dude. But it’s precisely because he’s just that, someone with so much love for an activity that it gave his whole life meaning, that’s he’s such a strong contender for this weakness prompt. Speaking of weakness, I WAS FEELING WEAK IN MY KNEES at the story at the beginning… What a heartfelt way to bridge our way to his sheet. It was really sweet, he’s such a sweet dude. His words are sweet. His music is sweet. My heart is full.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morg van Destro View Post
    Ea-Nasir: Wanna know a secret?
    [Hyperlink blocked]
    HOLY SHIT, Stupendium's Ad Infinitum??? Ah yeah, I love that song! Ahem. Anyways. Moving on. no but seriously i readily recommend it

    Quote Originally Posted by Axe View Post
    Francisco de Asís Tárrega Eixea: Oh, its Wilbur! Reminds me of the time I got into DreamSMP cause of Technoblade. His NP is good and honestly its fun to see someone wholesome and happy here in a competition whose theme is 'Weakness', lol. His Noble Phatasm is really intriguing too...

    Is this the 'Emiya' of musical servants?
    I'm glad you liked seeing a more wholesome sheet for the prompt. And that you thought the NP was intriguing.

    Also lol the EMIYA comparison... That actually hadn't come to mind at all. Probably because in my head, while in function they are similar, while EMIYA basically records what he saw and recreates it completely, Tarrega records what he hears and translate it into a guitar.

    Quote Originally Posted by pinetree View Post
    Francisco Tarrega: He has an endearing story, but I don't like the choice of class. He's too minor to be a Voyager, and even putting that aside, I don't really feel the impact of his journey or importance in his mechanics when his abilities end up translating to just copying others.
    I'll admit, that was an ouch for me, since I did my best to explain why...but I get it. I didn't know of Tarrega until recently, so the grand scheme of things, he's not really well known outside guitar circles, afaik. As for his abilities, a part of me wishes I could've done something to make his abilities basically not be a copier, but all he did was just spread the guitar, so he didn't have any revolutionary techniques or something and so that's what I came up with. ...or maybe I'm just not that creative with musician Servants yet compared to Del and others...idk.
    Oh well, I'll look on the bright side and take that at least you found him endearing despite the dislike over the class choice.

    Quote Originally Posted by FarewellToMrA View Post
    And glad to see even if I can't surpass her, I can still at least tie Draco after she's pulled off two consecutive wins >:3
    I still can't believe I ended up doing those two wins. Consecutively. Meanwhile, you're good at giving FEELS (at the very least, you do a good job at giving ME feels...). Hell I thought you were gonna win this prompt. So I'm mostly sure you're gonna win some day.
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    Congrats pinetree! I look forward to trying again next time.

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