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Thread: Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest

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    Comte de Saint-Germaine: For some reason, maybe it's my French bias, maybe it's my love of colourful personalities, but I think this guy is amazing. The NP especially and his personal Magecraft just seem really cool. I just imagine him sword-fighting with a broom against another Heroic Spirit. I have only one question: Shouldn't he have one line or relationship related to Richard I? Seeming what happened in Fate/Strange-fake.

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    Thing that's worth pointing out: Saint-Germain is already a Fate character. He's a time traveller who served as Richard I's court magician for a time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    That is indeed true. I just like this interpretation of him though, since we don't know too much about the actual character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuramasaMachII View Post
    Comte de Saint-Germaine: For some reason, maybe it's my French bias, maybe it's my love of colourful personalities, but I think this guy is amazing. The NP especially and his personal Magecraft just seem really cool. I just imagine him sword-fighting with a broom against another Heroic Spirit. I have only one question: Shouldn't he have one line or relationship related to Richard I? Seeming what happened in Fate/Strange-fake.
    I thought I forgot something. I always do this. I get excited about an idea, I writie it out, and I completely miss some small detail that maybe doesn't ruin it but does make it hard to just leave it. I'll do some research on canon saint-germaine and see if I can add it to this sheet and how that impacts it.

    I can always use my go-to excuse of 'servants are aspects of the whole and this is just one and that'll be another'.

    Btw, shoutout to asterism for providing a link directly to it.
    Rookie Lorekeeper, Amateur Extraordinaire, and all around nasunoob.

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    With all the Morb talk, I'm surprised nobody's picked up on me giving Yoshitsugu a Skill literally called Vampirism (Living)

    <<Explaining the Joke>>Morbius's own title is 'The Living Vampire'

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    "Master, oh Master. Do you have need of me?"

    True Name: Jenny Lind
    Class: Alter Ego
    Alt. Class: Rider, Caster
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Source: Historical Fact
    Region: Sweden
    Likes: Singing, Fairy tales
    Dislikes: Obsession, Being taken advantage of
    Talents: Opera
    Natural Enemy: Hans Christian Andersen, P.T. Barnum

    Strength: E
    Endurance: E
    Agility: B
    Mana: A
    Luck: C

    Class Skills:

    Riding A+
    A class of the Saber and Rider class, denoting the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. At this rank, one is able to ride phantasmal beasts.

    "A white sleigh dragged through the air by snow borne avians. The idea itself is quite absurd but so is everything else that's happened to me. I suppose I should give a fair warning for I might just try to steal you away."

    Independent Action B
    The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from one's Master; the ability that allows for action even in the absence of the Master. Typically featured as a Class Skill of the Archer Class. It is possible for a Servant to stay in the world for two days without a Master.

    "I never recalled a time where I was lonely. How odd."

    Personal Skills:

    Evening Belle A
    The announcement of death through voice alone. A beautiful melody that begets the end. A skill that combines the essences of the Nightingale and the Angel to create a powerful mental interference that breaks downs one's nerves. Similar to the wail of a banshee, one could only guess if it truly predicts death.

    "My voice has always entranced others but now it's something that causes fear instead of awe. Should I be glad that I kept the most memorable part of me? Or should I despair that even it has changed."

    Snow Angel E (B)
    A still heart behind a face of the highest purity. A love born from the coldest reaches and warmest heights. A combination between the Angel and the Snow Queen to create a charismatic visage of inhuman beauty. However, Alter Ego holds back this skill.

    "The imprints of a snow angel embedded upon the white sheets of my soul. It is deep enough. I…this is not my love."

    Familiar (Snow Bird) C
    The summoning of a flurry of icy wings. The wing beats of a frozen silence. A combination of the essences of the Nightingale and the Snow Queen to call upon legions of animated snow statues of Nightingales. While not measuring up in terms of offensive ability, they are suitable to pull a sleigh.

    "Riding a sleigh is…not bad. It feels a tad lonely though."

    Noble Phantasm

    The Nightingale

    The Angel

    The Snow Queen

    Transient stories imparted onto my being!

    It is called

    Märchen Ihres Lebens: A Story Made For Me
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit
    The noble phantasm of Alter Ego. The union of the three stories that make up her spiritual origin now separated into their purest singular essences and uplifted. An ascended status that Alter Ego can achieve upon using this noble phantasm. If Märchen Meines Lebens would create a story that would bring someone to new heights then Märchen Ihres Lebens would provide someone an already completed story of themselves. In this for Alter Ego, it is the three stories made said to be inspired by her and the reason she is in the class to begin with.

    It is with this noble phantasm that Alter Ego is able to combine the essences of the three stories and perform a "crossover" as she terms it (though she would never admit it out loud) to create the skills she uses. However, the true function comes into play when she suppresses two essences temporarily and solely embodies one story. This would completely overturn her Saint Graph, slotting her in a new class with an appearance and ability to match the story.

    The Nightingale would have her gain the ability to turn into a bird. Additionally, it nets her the ability to sing away one's death, extending life as long as her song is heard. It is supportive in nature.

    The Angel has her be able to sprout a pair of wings and turn intangible to any attacks unless they are sacramental in nature. It is the most defensive form for her.

    The Snow Queen conjures a blizzard and gives the ability to impart numbness onto a target. It is the most dangerous of the three forms but also changes her appearance the most.


    A person who is truly genuine in her attempts to be kind. It is like second nature to her really. It can be something simple like asking how your day has been or just saying good morning. However charitable she may be, she has a strictness on how far kindness can be taken before it is abused.

    Moreover, she seems to have struggled regarding her self-identity that is linked to three stories she embodies. One would wonder why she manifested as she did.

    Bond CE

    The Stories Were For Me

    "My love is unmoving,
    My skin radiant and smooth,
    And my voice enchants all.

    Yet none of it is me.
    An inhuman heart,
    An inhuman face,
    An inhuman voice.

    All I want to ask, Hans.
    Is this what you saw in me?"

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    Humans are「Sheep」

    Then let me share my bleatings, and lead them to wisdom.
    a s s a s s i n
    prince of the tarnished page, assassin of war-wrought ink
    First Ascension
    Final Ascension

    “It’s that time again! Don’t touch that dial, make no attempt to adjust your headset, and keep that cursor where I can see it. On tonight’s show, we’ll be covering anything and everything They don’t want you to know. “Van Gogh didn’t kill herself,” “Grail mud can’t melt steel minds,” “they’re putting spiritrons in the leylines, making the frigging Servants girls!” All that and more here tonight with me, your host. Same Assassin time, same Assassin channel. ”

    Wealth, fame, adornments, Truth, America
    Thrift, rumours, negativity, Pulitzer, Europeans
    Chaotic Good (self-reported)
    Neutral Evil (actual)

    Nojima Kenji
    It's Good News Week / Snobbism

    Sherlock Holmes, "Pulitzer-senpai", William Thomas Stead

    « Parameters »Parameters
    TR E
    END E
    AGI E
    MAG D
    LUK A
    NP D

    « Lore »Lore
    William Randolph Hearst
    was an American businessman, politician, and publisher, primarily remembered for his work in newspapers. Born into wealth, he bought his way into the industry, managing through good business sense, wise hiring practices, and sheer bloody determination, to develop the multi-media company Hearst Communications, establishing himself among the world's first media moguls. Part businessman, part showman, his flashy style placed emphasis on human interest stories and other sources of sensationalism, finding a deep popularity among the working classes he took to championing. Over the course of his career, he built a long-term rivalry with fellow publisher Joseph Pulitzer, with the clashes between Hearst's New York Journal and Pulitzer's New York World forming the foundation for the term yellow journalism.

    This Servant Assassin, however... Well.

    « Class Skills »Class Skill
    Press-ence Concealment A
    The ability to conceal oneself, at a level surprisingly high for a spirit of the 19th century with no supernatural feats to his name.

    While Hearst was as far from discrete as can be, ever maintaining his place in the public eye, he nonetheless represents the invisible influence of popular media, that pervasive presence that cannot be perceived nor interacted with, only observed through its effect on the human heart. Thus by self-imposing a vow of will not take offensive action and limiting himself to pure observation, Hearst has succeeded in elevating his nigh non-existent capacity for stealth into something far more practical. Undetectable to all but the keenest senses, Assassin and his prying eyes are able to slink in about anywhere.

    Only when disseminating his personal brand of news does it become possible for enemies to perceive him. After all, it is typical for the effects of Presence Concealment to expire once preparations to attack are made, and to Hearst is the world of news indistinct from a battlefield.


    Timestamp: 00:03
    "What's up, Masters? This is Servant Assassin, coming at you on fuYUkiTUBE, bringing you the latest and greatest updates on what's happening in this here little city.

    First major headline: Is it true that only one Servant in this Holy Grail war is
    based」and the other Servants are 「cringe?」According to our experts, all signs point to yes!

    As always, thanks for tuning in. Today I'll be teaching you how to be a professional Subcategory Holy Grail War streamer in under ten minutes -- that's right,
    ten minutes! All you have to do is subscribe to my channel, join my Dicksword group, follow my Tweester, and after all of that, if you watch the entire video from start to end, you can become a Grail War pro.

    Also! I hid a secret code in the video, so make sure you like, subscribe, hit the bell notification button, and comment down below so I can pick you out for a free Edison!"

    « Personal Skills »Personal Skills
    Yellow Journalism EX
    "Don't be afraid to make a mistake, your readers might like it." (Hearst)
    "The effect of the mass media is not to elicit belief but to maintain the apparatus of addiction." (Christopher Lasch)
    A pejorative term coined in America for low-quality press, it describes news that places less emphasis on verified facts and more on eye-catching headlines, in essence sales-chasing sensationalism.

    As it was the publication war between Hearst and his inspiration-turned-rival Pulitzer that helped inspire the expression, it should come as no shock that the rank defies measurement. Indeed, where Pulitzer might have recanted the yellowed page in his later years, Assassin Hearst openly embraces his role as part-educator, part-entertainer. Neutral journalism is an absurdity, after all; there is only advocacy journalism, as designed by the man who wrote his own editorials.

    A Skill that fiendishly intertwines Human Observation with Incitement, Yellow Journalism signifies Hearst’s mastery when it comes to spinning a story, such that directing the flow of public opinion is but a matter of course. Hyperbole, misattribution, forgery, understatement, disinclination to research, logical fallacy, emotional appeal, a wilful inclination to play fast and loose with the truth – all this and more makes up the hallmarks of Hearst’s personal style, passed down to the writers in his employ.

    In Hearst’s mind, there exists no better way to present the facts of a matter to the general populace than to make them appear interesting, regardless of how many layers of tawdry fiction they come couched in before seeing print. There is little to which Hearst can’t apply his spin, and often, retaining at least a small kernel of 「Truth guarantees the audience can never completely dismiss his words. What Hearst does, he does well, a task that would not be possible without a keen understanding of the human heart. To incite, after all, requires insight.

    “Thank you for the aoisupa! Let's give this a read... Hm, Wakame424 asks Isn't it pretty immoral, telling us things that might not be true?Well now, that is a wild accusation! Lemme give you my take on things first before you make your mind up, 'kay?

    Whatever my reputation, it never mattered one bit to me. Don’t let the moralising types fool you; “human interest” isn’t an insult, it’s them admitting the stuff I talk about is the kinda stuff humans are interested in.

    Good guys, bad guys, someone letting you know how you’re supposed to
    feel? C'mon guys, we all know that's what gets us going, no shame in it. That's just how we are, right? Not details, not numbers, but feeling. I shouldn’t deceive my viewers? Please! Did nobody ever think you guys sitting at home right now want to be deceived? My friends, Wakame-kun, I know good people like you out there don’t wanna be lectured by stuffy officials. Those jerks don't care about you the way I do. What all of you really want is quick, easy answers to all those difficult questions you keep hearing about.

    So I tell you there's opportunity out there to be seized, and you have the power to seize it. I tell you there's injustice out there to be fought, and you have the power to fight it. Deceive is such an ugly word, anyway. Laugh if you must, but I love you guys. You all want the world to make sense and by God, I'll give you what you want; more than anyone else, I give to people the kinda world they
    wished they lived in.”

    Media Mogul A
    "We must be alarmingly enterprising, and we must be startlingly original, and do new and striking things which constitute a revolution." (Hearst)
    "The speed of communications is wondrous to behold, it is also true that speed does multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue." (Edward Murrow)
    The trademark of a man who’d hardly limit himself to one paper when it came to expanding his reach.

    While he started with but a single lowly rag, Hearst’s ambition could never be so easily sated; from there he expanded, breaking out into the big leagues in New York, throwing his father’s wealth into buying newspapers, magazines, diversifying into radio and even adding his touch to the world of film, until his Hearst Communications had swallowed up so much it became a multi-media monster, the first of its kind.

    The extraction and dissemination of「Truth was an industry like any other, therefore to monopolise every possible aspect of said industry seemed in Hearst’s mind just good business.

    When summoned, Assassin will hold but a single piece of media to his name – a channel by which he entertains the masses. But as time goes on and his exposure increases, he will invariably acquire new outlets for his populist rhetoric. Newsletters, papers, comics, adverts, blogs, short films, radio segments, entire television channels, all moving under Assassin’s will. This is, after all, a man who not only wrote his own content, but stuck it on the front page of his papers and read it aloud on his own radio stations, on his own film reels.

    Media Mogul automatically provides the work of an entire empire, substituting for the array of staff such an institution would require; provided Hearst can envision an article, or a news segment, or a political strip, it will simply pop into being as if from nowhere. Even if one intends to investigate him, all they will find is signals with no apparent source, magazines that mysteriously show up on shelves when no-one is looking.

    As his engagement increases, mana is generated based on the emotional response evoked in his audience, providing a steady supply of fuel for constantly expanding his reach over the public.
    Eventually competitors are even bought out, rival media merely ceasing to be. From the point of his summoning, it is an inevitability that Assassin will come to completely control the flow of information.

    As he sustained himself on readers in life, Assassin Hearst lives by 「clicks」and「engagement」and「noombers.

    Though if summoned outside the context of a Holy Grail War, all this means is
    「whoopsie! there goes another account that said something mean about me (ノ≧ڡ≦)」
    becomes a regular sight on Servastagram.

    "I want full newspaper coverage, I want magazine stories, I want books, I want films, I want TV, I want radio, I want to be on the air 24 hours a day. This is my moment! And six billion people around this planet will watch it, hear it, and read about it, from William Randolph Hearst.
    There's no news like bad news."
    - Excerpt from 「The Newer Colossus」

    Collector A
    "I have the art fever terribly. Queer, isn't it? I never miss a gallery and I go and nosey about the pictures and statuary and wish they were mine." (Hearst)
    "The man was not a collector but a gigantic and voracious magpie."(William Constable)
    The 「talent」 to collect high quality goods—a 「luck」 that draws rare items into the possession of the Servant. As befitting a man who fancied himself a 「King」in all but name, Hearst fashioned for himself a 「Castle.」Hearst Castle, a work of the upcoming architect Julia Morgan, and a monument to Hearst’s vanity built over the course of his lifetime. And it was in that self-described palace that Hearst began putting together his collection.

    While the average man’s impression of an amateur「Collector」might equate to acquiring some ten or twenty portraits, that is because they lack Hearst’s ambition – or his ravenous greed. In his travels across the world Hearst found much that caught his eye, treasures he swiftly concluded the Old World unworthy of and set about establishing a new home for them in America, in the grubby hands of their new, rightful owner.

    Books, paintings, sculptures, antiquities of every variety, textiles, entire historical structures moved brick by individual brick, the collection of Hearst speaks in turn both to his voracious appetite and gaudy absence of taste. As several poor investments and the expensive lifestyle to which he’d accustomed himself cut into his bottom line, Hearst chose a slow slide into debt over the indignity of selling or surrendering a single part of the empire he’d built. For what greater shame could there be for a King to settle for life as someone 「ordinary?」

    Passively, inexorably, artefacts of note amass under Assassin’s control. Beginning with whatever might be available in the surrounding few miles, then objects relating to the history of the area, then the history of any present Heroic Spirits, anything and everything that isn’t nailed down – assuming Hearst doesn’t also lay claim to the nails – incorporated into the collection of a man who was, after all, known in his time as the「Great Accumulator.」

    Though in practice, nothing beyond the scope of the occasional Rank E Noble Phantasm will ever find its way into Hearst’s possession – and then then, as he is more a 「Collector」rather than an 「appreciator」of these relics, this does not come with the requisite knowledge of how to use them. Thus, quite like another collector of humanity’s treasures, the best he can do is toss them at people. Where the power of the press falls short, dropping a small cathedral on the enemy’s head often does the trick.

    (Just. A series of Servastagram posts displaying his collection.)
    (No, he won't comment on where he got them.)
    (No, that definitely isn't Carnwennan in the background.)
    (And even if it was, he's not giving it back now he's liberated it.)

    To the Top B
    “We have either got to go in and win, or we have got to go out of the business.”(Hearst)
    “Mr. Hearst doesn’t count on anything that may be said about him, one way or the other. He counts on himself and his own.” (Lincoln Steffens)
    Ambition, drive, the will to do whatever’s required to stand at the pinnacle. While it provides similar effects to other resolution-based skills such as Determination of Steel or Calm and Collected, blocking off mental interference, at this point it more resembles a curse. Or in short, a massive ego.

    An aggressive need for the world to conform to one’s unwarranted self-importance, as afflicted Hearst all his life. Indeed, that perfectionist drive was well-known in his lifetime, how he’d labour for hours revising his headlines, revising his work until the very last minute but for the possibility of squeezing out a few hundred more readers, obsessing over the printing technology he used with a fixation on having every page put out as crisp as possible as fast as possible.

    Projecting that aura of supremacy was everything. To make any concession is unthinkable. Such was his ambition, always needing more, always needing to be above.

    Campaigning against cannabis simply because the hemp industry might cut in on his work. Throwing his all into trying to destroy Welles for daring to depict him uncharitably in a film he never saw. Posturing as a progressive supporter of the working class whilst living it up, for having a cause made him feel important. A proud American, not because he was proud of America, but because being American gave him something to be proud of.

    Manifests as an effect similar to Mad Enhancement whenever Assassin feels he’s lacking in some way – or worse, that one of his lessers dares look down on him – temporarily increasing his parameters at the cost of reason… But because his parameters are nothing special to start with, it’s a wholly negative ability.

    Hearst cannot help but to invest every means at his disposal in annihilating anything that draws his ire. And even in the grip of this fervour, the average observer will see no change in his behaviour; as noted in one of his rare interviews with the reporter Steffens, Hearst’s fixation on absolute self-sufficiency only made him come off as cold. While his heart rages, he is all business, all the time, never a shred of sincerity when he can cajole his Master with platitudes.

    “No comment.”

    « Noble Phantasm »The Journal's War
    In Paper and Ink Witness Man Trade Ploughshare for Swor

    Newspapers form and express public opinion. They suggest and control legislation. They declare wars. They punish criminals, especially the powerful. They reward with approving publicity the good deeds of citizens everywhere. The newspapers control the nation...” (Hearst)
    “You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war.” (???)
    The Spanish-American War. An intervention in the Cuban struggle for independence, it exemplified the emerging idea of American imperialism and firmly established the idea of 「America, Defender of Democracy」 in the minds of the masses.

    And by some accounts, a war brought about by the papers.

    Even in the early days of the independence movement, Hearst’s Journal stoked the public imagination with fairy tales of Cuban heroics and startling sensational stories of Spanish tyranny spun from whole cloth. Driven by his hatred of Spain’s brutality, his ideal of America as a force against the Old World, and, in part, his own inflated ego, he brought public opinion to a fever pitch, even before the mysterious explosion of the USS Maine first sparked the first hostilities – complemented, of course, by Hearst’s unfounded claims of a phantom saboteur. And when war finally broke out, Hearst with his staff set out to Cuba to report on the conflict directly.

    “Not like it was much of a conflict in the end, between you and me, definitely not a war. Roosevelt has no idea how hard I had to work to make the bullcrap he and his cowboys got up to sound interesting – and after he spat on me, too! The Cubans gave me a medal after, you know. They sure appreciated what I did for them.”

    Naturally, the rivalry between Pullitzer and Hearst raged on, each pumping out their increasingly melodramatic accounts of the war just to keep up with each other. Between them, their clash laid the grounds for the power and prominence of yellow journalism in popular media.

    For his perceived part in the affair, Hearst called it 「The Journal’s War.」It is this that qualifies him as an Assassin, for what else could he be, having killed en masse and escaped unscathed?

    … And while modern perspectives may of course recognise the absurdity in holding one man and his papers accountable for the conflict, when has Assassin of all people – when has the likes of Hearst let a little thing like facts get in the way of 「Truth?」

    Rather than a crystalisation, The Journal’s War can be considered closer to a 「recognition」 of Hearst’s legend, an acknowledgement of his power as both diviner and dictator of public discourse. As such, it can only be activated after Hearst’s media has been allowed to disseminate among the masses; within each and every individual who reads Hearst’s reasoning, watches Hearst’s wisdom, hears Hearst’s hypotheses, this Noble Phantasm plants the tiniest seed. Even those who only engage with his work on a surface level, or out of curiosity are not immune, for they too ultimately have begun their descent down the rabbit hole of yellow journalism.

    At any time Hearst may switch his generic populist content over to a cause of his choosing – at which point it becomes the people’s cause, burning bright in the hearts of anyone his rhetoric has reached. With but the right application of force, the master of vox populi guides popular sentiment any which way he pleases.

    Regardless of their original affiiliation, even the most disparate of groups can be united under Hearst's banner, for every second they spent consuming his content has slowly inculcated and incubated them for this very moment. The intolerant, closed-minded bigot sees a call for arms against external threats. The naïve, bleeding-heart goody-two-shoes sees a call for arms against internal oppression. The same message, filtered and personalised to ensure Hearst's grip on his audience never wavers.

    "You have these, uh, Al Gore rhythms or whatever nowadays, right Master? Same principle, but a tad more refined. I soak up an idea of what the crowd wants to hear, and I make sure they do hear it, each and every one of them. It's much more personal that way, y'know! Every American's an individual, every little lamb out there has a certain cud they like to chew, kind of like that."

    His good is the public good.
    His enemy is the public enemy.
    His interest is the public interest.
    Eventually even other viewpoints can only define themselves in opposition to his own, as Hearst through his rhetoric destroys all notion of credibility and drags the level of discourse down to rock-bottom.
    His is the gavel in the court of public opinion, and that is the power to lead a country to war.

    "How's the saying go... Oh, yeah. Tell a lie enough times, and people will start believing it's true. It's so much more comforting for them to accept the lie, than imagine every paper and program and pathetic podcast under my sway's spouting lies at you. Lies are comforting, and Truth is so much more interesting than fiction."

    « Craft Essence »
    We’ll shelve the Roswell story for now. Can’t swing a cat these days without hitting another alien mech or some such. Gotta wait until the Foreigner craze dies down and the Faker boom starts up before we go to print.

    As for the Camelot special…… Not special yet. Interviews need spicing up for starters. Thank GOD I got a quote from Iskander to add some flavour. Advertising-wise… Social media route sounds good.
    Literally no-one:
    Tristan: tHE kiNg DOesN’t unDeRStaNd pEOplE’S hEArTS!

    Perfect. It’ll make all the right suckers mad. Thanks for the engagement, geniuses.

    Then for the new section on the sciences… Tesla didn’t specify the stuff he started fiddling with doesn’t give you cancer, so that one’s on him. I’ll take my cut of quartz from Edison later; that’ll be education to the both of them that there's no such thing as free press.

    Now, who to put on page 3…

    « Relationships »
    “Pleasure to meet you, Master – and, uh, just a note on that, while we're getting introductions out of the way. I'll call you Master, so I'll be expecting a Sir from you till we get to know each other better, that alright? Just making sure we're both on the same page, respect-wise, nothing major. Now, this whole Holy Grail, history's gone wild, saving humanity thing? Beautiful stuff, let me tell you, absolute privilege to be here, exactly the kinda thing I wanna lend my name to. The Heroic Spirit part's the icing on the cake. I mean, finally, people got their heads out of their asses and remembered me as a hero! Would move any guy's heart, right? Anyhow, let's get started. My guess is there's a story out there waiting for us."

    @prosperousbeauty Hey :)
    @prosperousbeauty Hi there! Just letting you know, I sent you a DM about maybe doing a collab in the future? Making sure you saw it. :)
    (later deletes)

    Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras I
    L + get with the times grandpas + your fujobait game is weak + you literally need Jesus + ratio
    (deletes after failing to ratio)

    Nellie Bly
    “Yes, yes, lemme interrupt what I’m sure would’ve been a fascinating speech on journalistic integrity. I won’t be lectured on Truth by little girls who go chasing after story books.”

    Leonhard Euler
    (Doesn’t actually interact.)
    (Just quietly seethes whenever one of Euler’s posts gets more engagement.)
    (Absolutely doesn’t follow @SpoilerEuler on his side account.)
    (Their one-sided rivalry will be legendary.)

    "Mister President, please! Keep the truefacts quiet for now, you're doing all my work for me. Now before we begin on bringing the bastards who did this to you to justice, a quick word from our sponsors."

    Christian Caldwell
    "A witch hunt, you say... Outdated, but interesting. Here, lemme show you how to really stir up a crowd."

    Cope and Marsh

    "..................... I see absolutely no resemblance, Master. Just because they're rivals doesn't mean they're half the men me and senpai were. Besides, what are they even so upset about? Hey, geniuses, it doesn't matter if your reconstructed dinosaurs are bullshit, y'know? People like them inaccurate, because the Truth of them's more interesting this way. Don't slaughter a good design on the altar of scientific accuracy! What's next, you're gonna start sticking feathers on them?"

    Heinrich Schliemann
    "Pretty sure you just demolished what would've been a great addition to my collection just there. ... On the other hand, damn fine show. What say we sign you up for a spot on tonight's broadcast? I'm sure your (totally not controversial) methods will be a hit with the viewers. That's what matters, after all, the people at home - you think anyone except a couple eggheads gave half a damn about the stuff you blew up? Let's face it, it's you blasting it to kingdom come that makes it valuable, interesting in the first place."

    W.T. Stead

    "...................... You know..... I never do this, but... C'mon, take a seat and lemme pour you a drink. It's an honour, Sir."

    Alfred Nobel
    "And ladies and gentlemen and all-things-inbetween watching tonight, look who we have here! Tonight's special guest, Doctor Death himself, waltzing in straight off another war crime! C'mon, don't look so upset. We're both parents, you know? Parents with no control at all over our children, now they're out in the world - you can't put it back in the box, old man. I'm riding the wave I helped create, but you? This is just sad. Not many people get to be as famous as you, so why don't you quit struggling and just embrace the role the headlines gave you? You'll be much happier... Well, you'll be much more entertaining that way!"

    « Art Sources »Art Sources
    First Ascension and To the Top art by 85.
    Fourth Ascension and Yellow Journalism art by BUN.
    Collector and Press-ence Concealment art by aruku.
    Media Mogul art by Lithium.
    Noble Phantasm art by n72699389.
    Craft Essence art by osumared.
    Collapse art by delta.

    « Comments »
    Finally, he's done! And only a little while later than expected after his run through GaS. Hopefully he comes across as at least somewhat supremely punchable.

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    If you wanted a punchable character, you have succeeded in the best possible way.

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    Hearst: What's with this prompt and gravitating edgy bois? Seriously though this is a great sheet. I love his scummy yet strangely charismatic con-artist personality. The second Personal Skill is honestly pretty scary broadcasting signals without any apparent source, and of course his NP could sow terrifying havoc in any Grail War.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden View Post
    Hearst: What's with this prompt and gravitating edgy bois?
    I was about to protest that Yoshitsugu's not edgy at all... but then I remembered his Disease NP and pseudo-Vampire Skill.

    But I guess it's because, well, history's had a whole lotta douchebags and tragedies (granted, same with myth). Like I seriously considered submitting the Marquis de Sade for a while... but got too grossed out to write a sheet for him, which should tell you a lot about him given what some of my sheets are like

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    Faceclaim (Robed/Unrobed) - Sauce: 機械仕掛けの神 / ExtraSpikey

    General Information

    Alias: The Old Prophet
    Gender: Male
    H/W: 5’8, 72Kg
    Alignment: Lawful-Good
    Attribute: Man


    STR: E
    END: E
    AGL: E
    MAG: B
    LUK: A+

    Class skills

    Territory Creation: B The ability to create a territory advantageous to oneself, a staple skill for the Caster class. For Caster, the ability to create a personalized workshop in the form of a library is plausible. Fashioned with grimoires, apparatus’s, magical tools and other ritualistic items, a library is Casters homage. Please knock before entering, he is quite stingy to intruders.
    Item Construction: B+ The ability to create items out of magical energy, and for Caster, he can create a wide variety of tools for ritualistic and magical purposes. Most of his items are inscribed with star like patterns, representative of his knowledge in the field of Astrology, however a bonus is incurred for creating mystic codes that aid in divination. Charms that provide good luck, or cursed talismans that bring about bad times are also included.

    Personal Skills

    Magecraft: A A magus with ample aptitude in magecraft, particularly in the school of astrology. By weaving power from the constellations, Caster can cast offensive, defensive as well as healing spells. Though he prefers to be on the backlines casting as a support, should the need arise, dominating the front lines with his spells is mere child's play for him. Caster not only served as a court magus for Catherin De Medici, but also sired many apprentices, including Catherine’s children.
    Medical Techniques: A A skill encompassing medical techniques that surpass the times of old, where superstition was rampant by several levels. However, despite that fact, this skill is not determined by modern standards, but by standards of the era the servant lived in. A famous plague doctor active in his early days, running not only an apothecary but also his profession as a surgeon as well. In a nutshell, Caster’s knowledge in medical techniques was well recognized during his time.
    Human Anatomy Understanding: A A skill that allows one to grasp the inner workings of the human body, like that of a machine. All actions meant to heal through magecraft and skills etc are improved. One gains the ability to target others' vitals with extreme precision, on the contrary, all damage taken is reduced. Caster’s knowledge of the human anatomy is not just engraved in his mind but also in the instincts of his body.
    High Speed Incantation: B+ The ability to cast magecraft via aria chant at an accelerated speed. A top ranked magus in this regard, however, when it comes to spells in relation to astromancy, a noteworthy boost is incurred.

    Noble Phantasm

    Les Prophéties: A World Without Order

    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    Range: 100
    Max Targets: Variable

    Caster’s ultimate work, a Noble Phantasm derived from his work of Les Prophéties, from which it gains its name. In a nutshell, Les Prophéties weren’t merely prophetic predictions of future but rather, a magecraft spell that utilized information from the past and present to calculate the events of the future. By using astromancy to filter this information so to speak, Caster peered into the end of humanity.

    As a servant however, this has crystallized into a super clairvoyance, enchanting his eyes. Continuously active, it connects his eyes to the stars allowing him to see through them, meaning, under the night sky he can see far and wide without any issues. However, the most notable ability is to peer into the future to see an ‘outcome’, usually the death of something.

    In this way, Caster can not only determine the future accurately, but see through all the outcomes that lead to a target's death, whether that be of humanity’s or a specific individual. Against servants, he can immediately discover their weaknesses and exploit them, giving him an edge in battle. A man who sees into the end, can never truly grasp what he is perceiving, either way, even if for a moment, his eyes can see hope, he will continue to fight for humanity.

    Noble Phantasm

    L'Univers Dévoilé: Slicing Thy Destiny Open

    Rank: B+ (A+)
    Type: Anti-Mystery, Suicide
    Range: 1-99
    Max Targets: 1000

    “Your death is your own, I cannot prevent it, but you can pioneer your own destiny.

    Let’s see how you overcome these trials, flood open! L'Univers Dévoilé”

    To see the future, to peer into the end, what Caster saw wasn’t the flourishing hopes of the ones living on this planet. But rather, the despair with which they meet their end. At that moment, Caster realized, there was no way he could save the world, not by himself, not ever.

    So, at the end of his life, he released the secrets of humanity to the world. If he can’t protect them from their fate, then someone else will. However, only a fragment of his prophecies ever actually reached the public domain, as Caster was shut down by other unfavorable figures.

    A Noble Phantasm that unveils the knowledge seen through his eyes onto the world, a release that practically cleaves mystery. The more knowledge Nostradamus has, the stronger this Noble Phantasm becomes, against servants and their ilk, it causes massive debuffs equal to the rank of this Noble Phantasm onto their skills and other capabilities. Magi will inevitably be shaved off their powers.

    However, this Noble Phantasm does have its own backlash, every time Caster activates this, his own saint graph begins to dissipate, losing his status as a heroic spirit. Not only that, but his own magical capabilities tank as well.

    By giving up his own life, he gave the world a fragment of his visions, by doing the same once again, Caster can choose to end his life and inevitably unveil the secrets he has collected. And who is to say he can be stopped this time, eh?


    “I shall pave a path of light for this world, even if it is a small flicker in the grand scheme of things….”

    A man with a serious undertone when it comes to his work, as both a doctor and a magus. A man who takes his scholarly roots quite seriously, always peering into the depths of knowledge to increase his own well of information. He loves to study, particularly in his own workshop, disturbing him without a good reason usually results in a grumpy groan. However, outside of his studious nature, Caster is quite a humble man, always seeking to help those around him.

    In fact, from the moment he is summoned, he will peer into his master's fate, and immediately try whatever he can to stop any form of ill will coming towards them. Due to this, it may appear he is cold, but, in reality, he would rather not be the reason his own master perishes. Perhaps it is his own nature as a mere human, who is not well suited to be a magus, or his own foolish attempt to see humanity around him be preserved. Either way, Nostradamus takes great pride in himself to be called a ‘Hero’, even if at face value he does not consider himself to be such.


    A magus with little to no interest in the magecraft world. Though he was aware of the mystical world, he preferred a normal human life. Gaining an interest in medicine and becoming a doctor to fight the plague, Nostradamus was a well educated physician. However, his deeds into this life, made him wonder, “Are the lives of humans bound to always end in misery?”, that lingering thought rekindled his desire for magecraft. Turning his eyes towards astrology, Nostradamus soon became a renowned diviner and astrologer. Revered by many of his time, even to the point the French monarchy took an interest in him.

    Hired by Catherine De Medici as her court magus and physician Nostradamus, his expertise landed him quite the band of apprentices, particularly among the French royalty. It was around this time that Nostradamus created his ultimate work, the Les Prophéties, and what he saw through his own eyes, was the reality that he never wished to perceive. Every path to the end of the world was full of death, every path to salvation ended with humanity plunging into the very depths of despair.

    As such, Nostradamus made a decision, if he cannot save the world, he would let others do it for him, so he decided to unveil the knowledge he knew to the world. Unfortunately, this contracted interesting attention from other magi, as the discretion of magi was in jeopardy, thus Nostradamus was snuffed out, but not before he released a fragment of his research to the world. Even though it's mangled and muddy, his prophetic visions are revered to this day. That is the life of Nostradamus.


    A magus who fashions himself as the support of a team, with his eyes he peers into the future, guiding his allies and healing them on the side. His spells derive from the constellations themselves, encoding them into spells to fire off at his opponents. In this way, he has a large variety of spells, but despite all this his aptitude still lies in divination. If push comes to shove, Caster can predict the opponent's moves on the fly before they can even do anything.

    However, should he be at his workshop, and under the night sky, Caster connects his eyes to the stars, allowing him to see off in the far distance. But, another facet of this ability is that, he can also increase the range of his spells this way, making them reach greater distances.

    Though, the farther a target is, the more magical energy required to fire off a spell. His workshop also has its own trinkets lying within, the layout of which is fashioned after the heliocentric model of the universe, effectively his workshop acts as the cosmos itself, a microcosm of the world. In this way, magical energy regulation is increased drastically, giving Caster a boost in magecraft beyond compare. However, should Caster lose his magical prowess for whatever reason, he returns to his original trade as a doctor, utilizing traditional methods to support himself and his allies, though this makes him quite restrictive.

    Out of the two Noble Phantasms Caster possesses, Les Prophéties is the most utilized one, a clairvoyance enhanced beyond compare allows him to effectively be always a step ahead of his foes. However, his second Noble Phantasm, L'Univers Dévoilé is the riskiest of the two, by unveiling the mysteries of the world to those around him, magecraft and the like receive a debuff and servants grow weaker by the second. But the backlash received by Caster is equally high, his own body crumbles upon the usage of this Noble Phantasm each time, as such, it is important for Caster to activate it only during dire situations.


    John Dee: “A fellow scholar and crown’s advisor? Interesting, do you consider yourself above the ones you serve? Or are you merely throwing a tantrum against your benefactors, I wonder…”

    Johannes Keplar: “You charted the stars, I applaud you, would you like to exchange notes? I too have a heavy interest in the heavens above”

    Yamato Takeru: “I can’t help but feel bad for your poor poor wife, at least have some shame……swine”

    Edmond Dantes: “I see through those eyes, many will fall before you, but the remedy that heals you, gets drifted further away each time…”

    The Valkyries: “Maidens that weave fate, I would love to see your magic at work..!”

    Florence Nightingale: “A fellow practitioner of the medical arts, let's compare o-.....P-please let me have the patients under your care, I do not think they need to be butchered!!”

    Napoleon: “I saw your destiny, your fate, sadly you could not change it…ah well, let's work together so that others can thrive instead, eh?”

    Sherlock Holmes: “I’m getting a migraine just by looking at you…”

    Ashiya Douman: “A filled cauldron you are, brimming with curses, but you are merely one half of the whole. Stay your course and you will find the one you desire, soon…”

    Abe no Seimei: “Ashiya Douman can be found in the other room, please take care and have a good day!”

    John.F Kennedy: "I can see through your head...almost.."

    William Randolph Hearst: "If I pay you in gold, will you advance the propaganda of my prophecies?"

    Heinrich Schliemann: "You wish to know the future, eh? The Great King of Terror, well, that's something not even I can comprehend, I suppose you have to wait around and find out, you have the time don't you?"

    Authors Note

    I am not too good with formatting so please forgive me if anything is wrong...!
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    Oh hey, an actually upright personality-wise servant. We need more of these. I actually mistook the faceclaim to be the Doctor, or Dokutah, from Arknights.

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    Why are you asking?
    Quote Originally Posted by Legendary Hero of the Chain View Post
    Not decided just yet. I'm cutting down the list of options. Currently it sits at...

    14. Shit.
    Have you decided yet?

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    Dude, stop bothering him. Let him decide and write his entries in peace
    Behold! The works of a maniac!

    And my other contribution to this community!
    Advanced Formatting Guide
    Free FC Gallery
    Extra Class Comp

    Call me Formatting-sensei.

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    《 ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ 》

    Count Felix von Luckner once told me:
    'One cannot go out in search of adventure and always find it.
    Adventure will find you--if it comes at all.'
    I must confess that I disregarded this advice
    and went out to meet adventure half-way.

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ 》

    L A N C E R
    Of the Blockade

    《- Felix von Luckner -》

    "Reportin’ for duty, Sir. Ya must be my Cap’n for the time bein’. I hope ya don’t mind me callin’ ya Cap’n, just feels a li’l more natural than “Master”. Dunno if ya really got somethin’ to do ‘round here for an old seabear like myself, but I’d be happy to be of help anyway I can if ya do think o’ somthin’ I could do for ya. Oh, I almost forgot! I’m, o’ course, a Rider-class Serva-

    Whaddaya mean my class ain’t Rider?! LANCER!! What’s that supposed to mean? They made friggin Blackbeard a Rider, didn’t they? So why am I stuck in this damn class!?!"

    Class Lancer
    True Name Felix von Luckner
    Alias Seeteufel, Graf von Luckner, Phylax Lüdecke, Pirat des Kaises (Pirate of the Kaiser)
    Alternate Classes Rider
    Origin World War 1, Germany
    Alignment Chaotic Good
    Armaments A World War 1-era rifle
    Catalyst Pieces of the "Seeadler"
    Attribute Human
    Height/Weight 200 cm / 6’7”
    119 kg / 262 lbs

    C C D
    E B B

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Class Skills ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Class Skills ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    Magic Resistance D++
    The class ability of the Lancer class, denoting a Servant’s ability to resist and even cancel magecraft altogether. Although Lancer himself never truly had to deal with magecraft and, as such, has no true defence against it, the essence of his Noble Phantasm itself is strong enough to give him a low-ranking passive defence against magecraft.

    The ‘++’ modifier stems from his Noble Phantasm as well, which almost automatically dispels any barrier- or binding-like magecrafts used against Lancer.

    "That magics exists still won’t sit in my head quite right. Never thought I’d see the day I’d go up against wizards ‘n’ witches. But, seems there’s somethin’ keepin’ me afloat in these strange waters. Not quite sure what it is. Thankful for it all the same."

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Personal Skills ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Personal Skills ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    Camouflage A
    A skill that allows a Servant to hide and disguise their class and parameters. At this rank, Lancer is able to appear as an entirely different class, and make any of his parameters appear as though they were up to two ranks higher or lower than they truly are. He can even convincingly appear to be physically injured, when he is completely healthy.

    Lancer is granted this skill as his most successful strategy to break through the English sea blockade was to disguise himself, his men and his ship as a Norwegian merchant vessel, sometimes setting fake fires aboard the ship to lure the unsuspecting enemy right into their trap.

    He is even, with some focus, capable of briefly tricking skills such as True Name Discernment, that would reveal his true name and instead display a false name of his choosing. Though this is a conscious effort, meaning Lancer would have to know such a skill is currently being used against him.

    His favourite disguise is that of an incredibly weak Servant of the Assassin class, the true name he displays to the outside is usually “Seeteufel”, German meaning “Sea Devil”, incidentally it is also the term for a kind of angler fish.

    "‘Twas a mighty bit of fun, messin’ with the English like that, I tell ya! Shoulda seen their faces when they noticed that we weren’t no Norwegians, and that our ship wasn’t catching no fire. Once some English war ship, called Avenger or somethin’ like that, sent aboard an inspection party, but ‘cause all men aboard spoke Norwegian, we managed to keep foolin’ ‘em! Haha! I’d do that again any day!"
    Honour of Pirates A
    A skill that combines low ranking versions of the Battle Continuation, Mental Pollution, and Valour skills, granted to pirates for their peculiar set of virtues. This skill grants Lancer the bravery, or foolishness, to charge at an entire army of enemies for his men and the necessary skills to come out still breathing.

    Lancer gains this skill at such a high rank because of his habits never to sink ships before the crew could be completely and safely evacuated. Between 16 won sea battles and 14 sunken ships at the hands of Lancer and his crew, only a single death was recorded to have been caused by them. His largely stainless no-killing-streak is a great point of pride for Lancer.

    "Aye, I remember the poor lad we torched once. ‘twas an accident mind ya. Poor boy served on the Horngarth, ship from outta Cardiff I was told. See, a stray piece o’ shrapnel from a grenade hit the ships heater, and the hot vapour shootin’ out from that injured that sad sap so badly he died of his injuries. Wasn’t a pretty sight, I tell ya that. Coulda been avoided I reckon. Then again, so coulda been the entire war."
    Fernweh C
    German, meaning “Longing for the distant”. A skill given to restless souls that sought to be without worry and free at sea. This skill roughly approximates the effects of the Independent Navigation and Nature of a Rebellious Spirit skills. Lancer is able to stay manifested for about a day without an external mana source, and with some small focus, he can forcefully end or reject the effects of Charisma of Rank C or lower.

    Lancer was born into a rich, notorious family, and though they were strict, they were the image of a dream family for many children and even adults. Yet, Lancer hungered for something else, something more. So, by age 13 he ran away from home, and hired on the Russian ship “Niobe” under the false name “Phylax Lüdecke”. Even later in life, there were many orders he would not obey directly, instead looking for his own way of doing things.

    "Aye, I remember Niobe, like it was yesterday I do! Those dumbarses really asked some small 13-year-old whether he’d had experience sailin’ a ship before. Now, I wasn’t much smarter than ‘em, mind ya. ‘Cause without missin’ a beat I told ‘em that I did. A miracle I didn’t drown on that ship I tell ya."
    Subversive Activities D+
    A skill describing a Servant’s ability to weaken their opponent even before a battle begins, usually through the use of traps and the like. Lancer only rarely even engaged in combat unless he was able to somehow debilitate his opponent’s beforehand, even with this skill he is similar and often categorically refuses to attack if his trap is somehow noticed, avoided or disarmed.

    Though most of his trapping skills relate to ships and nautical combat, which grants this skill a boost when he actually is dealing with a foe at sea, he is quite capable on land as well, most of his traps are very simple, what he excels at is making it so they cannot be discovered easily. Only the most attentive of Servants can spot his traps, a fact Lancer seems rather disappointed about.

    "There was nothing more fun that seein’ an English ship run aground on a bank we’d found before, ‘cause they were too much in a hurry to get over to us ‘n’ help us with our fake fire! Sometimes, I really had to try not to start laughin’ at those idiot. The best part o’ the joke was that they kept fallin’ for it! Ya’d think after the fourth or fifth time they woulda learned their lesson, but nope!"
    Voyager of the Storm (Blockade) C
    A variant of the Voyager of the Storm skill. Describes a Servant’s ability to control vessels recognised as a ship, as well as the ability to command a ship’s crew, granting effects similar to the Charisma and Tactics skills.

    Lancer’s variation is unique in that it not only allows Lancer to traverse storms and similar dangerous occurrences with vessels that should have no right of braving them, but it also, somehow allows him, to steer vessels through solid obstacles that they should have no possibility of breaking through. For instance, instead of beaching himself if he were to sail too close to shore, it is much more likely that he would instead just somehow manage to power through the sand like it was just a slight rough patch in the sea itself. With enough speed he could cause the wooden front of an old sailboat to shatter stone with relative ease.

    "Hah! Sometimes the things we did to get some English warship to beach itself, or run aground on some bank we found, we got dangerously close to messin’ our boat up ourselves. ‘Course, the one time I decide to leave the damn ship our dipshit navigator runs her aground for us! … Well, did turn out fine in the end. Even if we had to lose Seeadler there."

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Noble Phantasm ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Noble Phantasm ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    Eagle of the Sea, see us home

    Anti-Unit | B

    “Seeadler” was the name of the auxiliary cruiser Lancer commanded and broke through the English sea blockade with. The Seeadler was a three master, with a hidden engine in the lower decks. It was the same kind of ship often used by merchants and so it was easy for Lancer to disguise the cruiser as a Norwegian merchant ship, all men aboard needed to be able to speak Norwegian to keep up the act should they be inspected. The disguise was so convincing that even when English ships sent inspection crews on board of the Seeadler, they could not notice the German ruse.

    As a Noble Phantasm, Lancer appears to be able to call upon the Seeadler at will, manifesting it close-by, wherever it can fit. While its true form is that of a three master auxiliary cruiser, due to having constantly been disguised when it existed, it seems that even the Holy Grail and the Throne of Heroes have difficulties discerning what Seeadler really was, allowing Lancer to make it manifest in the form of any vehicle or mount he wants it to. Because “Seeadler”, regardless of her current form is always identified as an auxiliary cruiser, Lancer does not require the Riding skill to be able to control Seeadler, he can naturally control Seeadler, regardless of what she looks like at the time.

    While Seeadler adopts the general movement capabilities of a mount it is mimicking, such as a cars ability to drive on land or a dragons ability to fly, it should be noted, that regardless of her form, the attacking power of Seeadler remains the same, meaning that while Lancer could theoretically make Seeadler appear like a dragon, she does not have the power of a true dragon. However, through cleverly employing his Camouflage, Lancer can feasibly make it appear as though Seeadler possesses such power. Similarly, he can make her appear as though she were completely harmless.

    A Noble Phantasm of similar Rank, or a very high ranking skill, could feasibly notify a Servant that Seeadler is not what she appears to be. However, due to Lancer’s high Camouflage, even the results returned by such abilities would likely be inconclusive and confusing.

    Lancer seems to have taken a liking to make Seeadler appear as an old, rusty pick-up truck when on land, outwardly making her look as weak as possible.

    "My Seeadler. She’s a beauty, isn’t she? With her, we can go wherever we so please! Name the place, her and I can bring ya there! Nobody seems to know what Seeadler really is. Well, if ya want my take, I think she’s just freedom manifested in the vessel of a wonderful boat. There don’t need to be anything more to her than that, far as I’m concerned. She is freedom, my freedom."
    Breaking the Blockade -
    Eagle of the Sea, break through the barricade!

    Anti-Fortress | C

    Though not her true form, this Noble Phantasm encompasses the true nature of the Seeadler. Seeadler, according to this Noble Phantasm, is a spear - or, more accurately a battering ram, that can smash through any blockade, any defence imaginable.

    Upon its true name being released, Seeadler reverts to its “true” form as an auxiliary cruiser, at which point, much like a thrown spear, Lancer gives it a direction to fly in and sends Seeadler off on her way.

    Technically, the damage she causes is much more comparable to an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm, however, due to her nature of being a battering ram that can smash through any structure, there is quite literally no structure that can stand against her, making the classification of this Noble Phantasm Anti-Fortress. Seeadler is even able to smash through defences created by other even higher ranking Noble Phantasms. Regardless if they are magical bounded fields or actual structures, so long as an object can, in any way be conceived of as a “barrier”, Seeadler can tear through it as though it was nothing.

    The nature of this Noble Phantasm that completely rejects and dispels barriers simply being in possession of Lancer is not only enough to change his Saint Graph so that he is summoned in the Lancer class, but also gives him passive protection and an increase to his offensive modifiers when dealing with barricades of any kind.

    "Hahaha! Never woulda thought that this power sleeps inside my Seeadler! We did use her to break the English's sea blockade, but trust me, we sure didn't do it like this. Not that it really matters, now, does it? Point me at their defences, Cap'n, let's see how well they really hold up in the face o' this beauty."

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Background ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Background ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    Felix Graf Luckner was born near Dresden on June 9, 1881. He therefore did not come from the immediate Harz region, but nevertheless had an important significance for the city of Halle an der Saale. Luckner grew up with his grandmother in Halle and left there at the age of 16 to go to sea. At first he signed on under the pseudonym Phylax Lüdecke on a Russian sailing ship.

    After a few years at sea, he earned his mate's license in 1903 and then served as a volunteer in the Imperial Navy. In 1907 he earned a captain's certificate and finally joined the Kaiserliche Marine in 1910, being promoted to officer at Prince Heinrich's behest. In December 1916, as a lieutenant captain, he was appointed in command of the auxiliary cruiser Seeadler, having previously participated in the Battle of Skagerrak as commander of a gun turret on the SMS Kronprinz.

    The auxiliary-engined sailing ship was the last active warship with sails of the First World War. Breaking through the English Channel on Christmas Day in 1916, the ship, disguised as a Norwegian, was boarded and searched by British naval forces. However, due to the excellent camouflage, the ship was allowed to pass.

    Luckner sank several Allied ships during his privateering, with only one sailor killed on the Allied ships when a shell hit a steam pipe. Coincidentally, Luckner also sank the British sailing ship Pinmore on which he had already sailed as a sailor. This sinking hit him particularly hard. In August 1917, the Seeadler - hit by a seaquake - wrecked on his anchorage on the island of Mopelia, which is now a French overseas department.

    A short time later, Luckner and some sailors set out in a small boat on a voyage across the open sea more than 2,000 nautical miles away. On Wakaya he was captured by New Zealand troops and interned on Motuihe Island. Luckner and his comrades managed to escape as early as December 13, 1917, and captured the island commander's ship. However, they were recaptured about 900 nautical miles away from Motuihe after boarding a the schooner MOA. In 1918 Luckner was released from captivity and returned to Germany. On the Allied side, Luckner was highly respected for his humane warfare.

    In 1921 he joined a Masonic lodge in Hamburg and published several books, although he had them largely written by a ghostwriter. In 1922 he resigned from the Reichsmarine as a corvette captain. In 1926 Luckner started a circumnavigation of the world to market his books, which he abandoned after two years. Luckner was very successful, especially in the USA, and was even made an honorary citizen of San Francisco.

    In 1933 Luckner returned to Germany, which had become National Socialist in the meantime, and adapted his behavior to the new political circumstances in order to secure financing for his lecture tours. However, he was not a convinced National Socialist and later there were rumors that Luckner saved a Jewish woman from a concentration camp. In 1939 he had to stand trial before a special court for incest and fornication with minors. However, since Hitler did not want to cause a stir, the former war hero had to withdraw from public life. Luckner justified this by saying that he did not want to return his honorary citizenship in America, as the Nazis demanded.

    In April 1945, Felix Graf Luckner was instrumental in saving the city of Halle an der Saale by riding with a major in the Wehrmacht to meet the American 104th Infantry Division - the legendary Timberwolves - under General Hodges and promising to surrender the city without a fight. Both also succeeded in convincing the city commander of Halle to do so. The latter thus acted against a direct order of Hitler and put himself in the greatest danger of his life. Count Luckner probably saved the people of Halle a lot by doing this, because the Timberwolves had evacuated the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp near Nordhausen only a few days earlier.

    The soldiers were deeply shocked by the misery they found there and the many dead prisoners, and since then they were also prepared to go to any extremes. After the Americans withdrew, Felix Graf von Luckner fled to the West Zone, where he continued to lecture and publish books. His memoirs reached a million copies in the USA and he was showered with awards and honors. He was awarded the Grand Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1953, but this was highly controversial due to his behavior during the Third Reich and his moral lapses.

    Count Luckner was married twice, first to Petra Schulz. In September 1924, he married the Swedish Ingeborg Engeström in Malmö. The count died in Malmö in April 1966 and was buried in the famous Olsdorf Cemetery in Hamburg.

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Description ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Description ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    "Well, the sea o’ ‘course! Most fellas love it for the wind, the air, the sound of the waves, the boundless freedom, ‘n’ don’t get me wrong, I do love it for those things as well, I truly do. But, there’s more than that. Feelin’ the wood of the wheel bite into ya skin in a storm, the feelin’ of sore muscles all over after a hard day’s work. There’s so many feelin’s ‘n’ sensations ya can only get on a boat! I think that makes it special to me too."

    "I’m an old sea bear, Cap’n, the number o’ things that set me off is so high I can’t even count it. But, well, let’s see here. I s’pose I’m a bit of a man’s man in the worst way possible. Can’t stand it when people don’t wanna do their work, sets me off right quick. Cowards, I dislike. Maybe ‘cause I’m a soldier. Ya got nothin’ to do on a battleship, even a disguised one if ya got no balls! Simple as that, I think. I ain’t very complicated Cap’n. I like simple things, and I dislike simple things."

    Wish for the Grail
    "Hmm… See, Cap’n in a way, I’ve already gotten my wish. I’m livin’ again, aren’t I? And I got my boat back as well. What more could I ask for? Well… point bein’ Cap’n, you take that wish for yerself, yeah? Much better young hopeful guy like you get their wish than some old coot like myself, y’know?"
    Bond 5

    "Hmm, ‘sides sailin’ ‘n’ the sea ya say? Well, sorry to disappoint, but I’m a seabear through ‘n’ through. I guess, I love me some good party, y’know. Happy mates, pretty women, good food ‘n’ cold beer. Aye, that’s a feelin’ that. ‘Specially if you’ve just gotten off a boat with the lads ‘round you. Home after a long voyage, emotions high, just kissed their wives hello and now we spoil ourselves with food as good as we all can afford. Yeah! That’s something I enjoy."

    "Ya wanna hear more ‘bout the things I don’t like? Sure, I’ll indulge ya, if ya insist. Let’s see… Ah. Would it surprise ya if I said I didn’t like killin’ people? Maybe not. Maybe it does, given my whole waxin’ about a guy with no balls havin’ no place on a battleship. But, see, the battle itself is fun. Yer hearts beaten in yer ears, yer breath is quick as can be, adrenaline pumpin’ through yer veins and all. Killin’ someone, that ain’t fun. Good soldier fights to protect his people at home, don’t he? So what fuckin’ right do I have to take him away from those people?"

    Wish for the Grail
    "So ya won’t let up on hearin’ my wish will ya? Aye, very well, ya shall hear it then. But, I tell ya, I’m a simple man, with simple wishes, it ain’t nothing big or special. I think, I’d wish for my wife, Inge, and myself to get a second chance in this world. It’s a fair bit more peaceful here now than it was when I was livin’, not completely peaceful, but just a li’l more than what I know. I think we’d both like a simple home life. She takin’ care of our kids, me goin’ out on ships, maybe as a fisherman or somthin’ like that. Though, I dunno if I got the patience for fishin’. And if she ain’t happy with that idea, we can look for somethin’ else. So long as I can be by the sea, I’m happy."

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ Relationships ~~ ★ ~~ 》《 ~~ ★ ~~ Relationships ~~ ★ ~~ 》
    Francis Drake
    "Hahaha! I like this one! Cap’n Drake is a sailor after my own heart. Carefree, livin’ in the moment, chasin’ that next high, until there’s no more to be had. Shame I wasn’t around when she was, woulda love to hire on her crew."
    Anne Bonny and Mary Read
    "Dear, dear. There’s days I wish I wasn’t married, I think those two can make a day like that happen anytime they want. Not that they’d ever settle from some calloused old sea bear like myself. Skills like theirs are once in a lifetime things to come by. I’d’ve loved to ‘ve had ‘em on my ship.

    Hm? If my guys would bothered ‘em? Ha! I reckon they coulda tried, but with how tough them both are, that wouldn’t get farther than that."
    Edward Teach
    "What a prick that one! What? You thought we’d get along did ya? Pah! This fuckin’ guy can crawl back to where he came from! Loves himself some killin’ and to top it off he's got no respect! Lucky for him he was a Cap’n, as a regular sailor, he woulda gotten thrown overboard before he could even think about fondling another woman!"
    Bartholomew Roberts
    "I like this one! He’s a proper gentleman, he is! I probably woulda turned out similar if I ever listened to what those stuck up teachers my parents hired said. He’s a fine man though, I showed him around on my Seeadler at his request. You shoulda seen that. Coulda thought he’d fallen in love with that old boat he treated her with so much care.t"
    Christopher Columbus
    "I gotta say, Cap’n, somethin’ don’t sit right with me. I like his style, in theory. Never givin’ up, plunderin’ whatever you can, indulging in life. All good that. Just… he seems a bit too vicious for that to be eveythin’ y’know?"
    Clifton Stockwell and Maximillian von Sinner
    "I heard about those two! Was great meetin’ ‘em. Soldiers in the great war, we have like a natural connection or somethin’ like that. Plus, none o’ the three o’ us really wants to kill people either, so we got a lot in common."
    Yosana Akiko
    "Hm. I tried writin’ a book once, y’know? Yeah, turns out I’m not that good a writer. Practically had a whole gaggle of people write the book for me. She’s much better than I am at writin’. Sad though, she was locked away so long. I’ll offer her a ride on Seeadler, wherever she wants. I think that’ll brighten her day."
    Johannes Kepler
    "Aye, I know of that man. Though, I haven’t the faintest what he actually did. Somethin’ fancy with the stars and planets and such. Y’know, that got me thinkin’. I think, with a bit o’ work, I can get Seeadler to travel up there to the stars. I think it’s worth a shot. Ya think he want to come with?"
    Cope and Marsh
    "Don’t quite know exactly what them two are always bickering about. Though, I must say, their discoveries are really fascinatin’. I’m no scholar, but man, lookin’ at those big skeletons really puts into perspective how small ya are. Hard to believe some of ‘em lived in the seas I sailed."
    Yoshitsugu Otani
    "Loyalty like that, I can only respect. Especially when he’s sick like he is. While I have some kinda allergy to following direct orders properly, I can appreciate an honest loyal man, and that he is. I do need to spend some more time with him. Dunno if he really does, but I think he’s happy for the company."
    Christian Caldwell
    "Surely don’t surprise you that I, a free spirited sailor who can’t follow orders, have a gripe or two with the church, eh? I mean, I’m baptised, I go to church every once in a while. Devotion like that, and expressed in that way? … My point, Cap’n: Man’s crazy. Gives me the creeps."
    Comte de Saint-Germaine
    "I can appreciate myself a good liar. After all, aren’t I one myself? Given that I do nothin’ better but make people think I’m somethin’ I really aren’t, I can respect his craft.

    If I know what he really is? Ha! I said I’m a liar, not a truth-seer or some bullshit like that. Even if I could see the truth behind his lies, I wouldn’t tell ya. No disrespect Cap’n, but between fellow liars, that’s very poor etiquette."
    William Randolph Hearst
    "I’m an old guy, I feel like I’m contractually required to misunderstand everythin’ he does. Aye, but I’ve seen guys like him. I lived through Nazi Germany. Smarmy guys like him, and worse, were everywhere. Got no love for him. But his work’s usefulness I can’t deny."

    Author's Note
    Initially I wanted to submit Klaus Störtebeker, probably the most well-known German pirate, but in my research I was reminded of this guy, and suddenly really wanted to make a sheet for him.

    I thought I would keep with my tradition of not making obvious Rider Servants actual Riders, and so I decided to make him a Lancer for, what I think, is a pretty neat reason.

    《 ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ ★ ~~ 》

    My Servant Compendium

    Recent Servants:

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    Quote Originally Posted by NINE-lives View Post
    Have you decided yet?
    For the love of everything holy Nine, I told you to stop.

    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey View Post
    Dude, stop bothering him. Let him decide and write his entries in peace
    Thank you. What he said Nine.
    To answer though, I'm down to six candidates: Sir Ernest Shackleton, Julie D’ Aubigny, William Adams, Fu Zhensong. Edward William Barton-Wright and Michael Faraday
    Gaze upon the Throne of Heroes!(Servant Compendium)

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    Why are you asking?
    I’d personally recommend fu zhensong because Chinese martial artists and how it relates to philosophy magecraft could be interesting and Michael faraday because I love scientist servants. You can go with any of these to be honest because these are all great candidates. Worth noting that Julie is a little overdone.

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    He literally just asked you to stop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NINE-lives View Post
    I’d personally recommend fu zhensong because Chinese martial artists and how it relates to philosophy magecraft could be interesting and Michael faraday because I love scientist servants. You can go with any of these to be honest because these are all great candidates. Worth noting that Julie is a little overdone.
    with the logic relating to philosophy magecraft wang xu is a suitable person as well if you think of it.
    he's this guy
    Still finding out the lyrics to Thest.
    Website I made in my middle-high/secondary school time

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    Caldwell: Hmm. For some reason, this sheet just feels a bit off to me. Which is definitely at least partially intentional; he's a very good crazy evil guy. I do appreciate an evil trans character that isn't either a stereotype or straight up transphobic.

    Saint-Germaine: Giving him Dreamlike Charisma is a cool out of the box choice. Otherwise, just a solid, straightforward take on the guy. I have to admit, I prefer the steampunk time machine version from canon.

    Jenny Lind: Feels like a kind of random concept, honestly. Not bad for what it is, but it didn't grip me.

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